Facts About Linkin Park

May 22, 2024 | Miles Brucker

Facts About Linkin Park

“You can't be afraid of people willing to hurt you, cause if you fear life, then you will never live". – Chester Bennington

Linkin Park is one of the most successful rock acts in the world. Since the release their debut album Hybrid Theory in 2000, they've sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, gone platinum, and won two Grammy awards.

Here are 47 Facts about Linkin Park.

1. The Beginning

They started out as a band called Xero in 1996. Formed in Los Angelos California, the original members were Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda, and Rob Bourdon. After Chester Bennington joined, they changed their name to “Hybrid Theory".

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2. What’s in a Name?

The band got into a minor court dispute about their name with another band, so they changed to “Lincoln Park". They had to change the spelling to “Linkin Park” so they could afford their own website. They used “Hybrid Theory” as the title to their first album.

Linkin Park facts Getty Images

3. Don’t Curse at Me

They don't swear in most of their songs because they feel there are better ways to get their message across.

Linkin Park FactsFlickr, Chris Parker

4. Smart Move, Brad

To protect his hearing, Brad Delson wears headphones when he plays at concerts.

Linkin Park factsWikimedia Commons

5. If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Linkin Park auditioned and were rejected for record deals 44 (yes, forty-four) times before finally being accepted by Warner Brothers and becoming one of the biggest musical acts of the past two decades. In fact, Warner Brothers had rejected Linkin Park three times before they finally signed them.

Linkin Park factsFlickr, Focka

6. It Worked Out In The End

Chester didn’t like “In The End". He thought fans would absolutely hate it. Instead, “In The End” has become one of—if not the most—iconic songs by Linkin Park. They play it a every live event, with very few exceptions.

Linkin Park factsWikipedia

7. A Brief Time Apart

Dave “Phoenix” Farrell, the original bassist of the band, left for some time after the departure of Mark Wakefield (vocalist of Xero).

Linkin Park FactsWikimedia Commons

8. Watch Them Rock

Linkin Park was the first rock band in history to achieve more than 1 billion YouTube views. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen them “New Divide” accounts for more than 10% of total views.

Linkin Park factsShutterstock

9. Inked in Union

When Chester married Samantha Marie Olit, they were too poor to afford rings. They got matching tattoos on their ring fingers instead.

Linkin Park factsGetty Images

10. Staying On Point

Rob Bourdon is a perfectionist. According to Brad, he never plays a part wrong, and is always the first to point out if something’s not up to standard.

Linkin Park FactsFlickr, Maria Nayef

11. Farewell, Mark

The only member of Linkin Park who left the band is Mark Wakefield, who was a Xero vocalist from 1996 to 1998.

Linkin Park FactsWikimedia Commons

12. A Few Records Sold

Linkin Park has sold over 50 million albums worldwide. Their debut album Hybrid Theory has sold more than 24 million copies worldwide.

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13. Decorated for Success

Over the years, Linkin Park have won 2 Grammy Awards and 21 MTV Awards in total.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

14. Thank you, MTV

The reason Linkin Park worked with Jay-Z was because MTV requested the collaboration.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

15. Leading the Charge

In 1996, three school friends—Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, and Brad Delson—recruited Joe Hahn, Dave "Phoenix" Farrell, and Mark Wakefield to record a 4-track demo tape in Shinoda’s makeshift bedroom studio. This tape is considered the first thing ever created by Linkin Park, who was still known as Xero at the time.

Linkin Park FactsWikipedia

16. Out of the Fryer and onto the Stage

Chester Bennington actually worked at a Burger King in 1996. Brad Delson, meanwhile, was a bouncer at The Roxy during the early days of the band.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

17. A Little Accident Prone

In 2001, while touring for Ozzfest, Chester was bitten by a recluse spider. He also pulled out his back picking up baggage, tore a ligament in his hand while playing basketball at Chuck E. Cheese, and broke a wrist during a stage dive in 2007.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

18. On the Film Reel

Chester has cameo roles in the Jason Statham action movies Crank  Crank: High Voltage.

Linkin Park factsCrank: High Voltage (2009), Lionsgate

19. Writing Chops

Mike Shinoda started writing for The Big Issue in September 2012 and was the publication's US election correspondent.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

20. Sweet Swag

Chester has his own line of clothes in conjunction with Porsche.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

21. Bringing Talent Together

In 2002, Linkin Park started Projekt Revolution, a tour made up of diverse acts like Cypress Hill, Korn, Snoop Dogg, and Chris Cornell. The tour ran annually until 2004 and started up again in 2007.

Linkin Park FactsWikimedia Commons

22. A Little Time on the Road

Joint tours with Family Values and the Project: Revolution Tour with Cypress Hill led the band to play a staggering 324 shows in 2001. They were the highest-selling music act that year.

Linkin Park factsGetty Images

23. Solid Advice

If you play “Announcement Service Public” backwards, you can hear Chester sing: "you should brush your teeth and you should wash your hands".

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

24. Art Theory

Mike Shinoda, a graphic designer by trade, designed the album cover of Hybrid Theory.

Linkin Park FactsFlickr, Peter Petrus

25. Total Pricks

Before forming Xero, Brad Delson's first instrument was the trumpet. Rather wonderfully, his first band was called The Pricks.

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26. A Little Inspiration

Rob Bourdon started to play the drums after watching an Aerosmith concert. His mother was friends with Aerosmith’s drummer, Joey Kramer, and Kramer actually gave Rob a kick pedal.

Aerosmith FatcsWikimedia Commons

27. Picking Favorites

Chester has cited “One Step Closer” as his least favourite Linkin Park song and also said that “Breaking the Habit” was his favourite.

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28. In Solemn Memory

On July 20th of 2017, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington took his own life at the age of 41. 

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29. Goodbye, My Friend

Bennington was close to Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, who also took his own life in a similar manner. Chester was actually godfather to one of Cornell’s children. Tragically, Bennington hung himself on what would have been Cornell’s birthday.

Musicians Who Died Too Young FactsGetty Images

30. Hallelujah

Bennington sung “Hallelujah” at Chris Cornell’s funeral on May 18, 2017 in Detroit. Bennington penned a heart-wrenching tribute to his lost friend on Twitter. Cornell was 52 when he died.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

31. Chester's Children

Chester leaves behind six children. At the time of his passing, Chester was married to second wife, Talinda Bentley, with whom he had three children: twin daughters named Lily and Lila and a son named Tyler. Chester had a child, a son named Jamie, with former girlfriend Elka Brand, and he adopted her son Isaiah. He also had a son named Draven Sebastian with his first wife, Samantha Marie Olit.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

32. Early Horrors

Chester spoke of suicide years before he took his life (2008). Chester revealed he suffered sexual abuse from an older male friend when he was seven years old. He said he was afraid to ask for help because he didn’t want people to think he was gay or lying. The abuse continued until the age of thirteen. The abuse, and struggles with his home life, affected him so much that he felt the urge to kill and run away. To comfort himself, he drew pictures and wrote poetry.

Linkin Park factsGetty Images

33. Untimely Release

Linkin Park released a new music video on the day of Bennington’s passing, before learning the tragic news.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

34. A Little Starlight on the Side

Mike Shinoda’s hip-hop side project only released one album, but The Rising Tied (2005) was a hit: “Where’d You Go” reached number four on the Billboard chart. Mike collaborated with Jay Z, John Legend and Common.

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35. Hackermania

Bennington and his Talinda were harassed by a cyber stalker named Devon Townsend (not the singer, Devin Townsend). Townsend was charged and found guilty of tampering with the couple’s email and sending threatening messages. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

36. A Few Trophies to Their Name

Linkin Park has been nominated for six Grammys and won two. Chester said their biggest Grammy moment was performing “Numb/Encore” with Jay Z at the 2006 ceremony.

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37. School of Hard Knocks

Chester was bullied in high school. “I was knocked around like a rag doll at school, for being skinny and looking different".

Linkin Park factsGetty Images

38. When Legends Collide

Linkin Park and Jay Z’s Collision Course record is one of the most famous collaborations in metal. Collision Course reached number one on the Billboard 200 in 2004. It sold around 7 million copies worldwide.

Linkin Park factsShutterstock

39. Living on Top

Their fifth album, Living Things, entered the Billboard 200 at number one. Mike Shinoda described the album as attempting to “bridge the gap between all the previous records. We wanted to bring some of the old fans into the new and some of the new fans into the old and mix it up".

Linkin Park FactsWikimedia Commons

40. May The Art Be With You

In 2015, Mike customized a life-size model of a stormtrooper for the Art Awakens Star Wars-themed exhibition in Hollywood for charity. It was valued at $15,000.

Princess Leia factsStar Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977), Twentieth Century Fox

41. “Falling Apart”

Chester Bennington only released one album, Out of Ashes, with his side-project, Dead By Sunrise. The album was deeply personal. He revealed in interview that “My life was falling apart… I was writing about [it] on this record in terms of getting divorced, in terms of diving very hard into alcohol and drugs". After his divorce, Bennington had started abusing marijuana, booze, opium, coke, methamphetamine, and L.S.D.

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42. Through the Darkness

Most Linkin Park fans know that Chester Bennington had struggles with addiction and depression, but lots of fans don’t realize that he actually overcame his drug addiction with the help of his band mates.

Mike Shinoda said, "When Chester had some problems, everybody jumped up to help him and tell him how supportive we wanted to be and how much it means to us that he was doing something positive. We're lucky to have a band full of guys who have their head screwed on straight. A lot of life experience goes into that, but we just support each other. We have each other's back. At the end of the day we love what we do. We're not willing to throw that away on anything".

Chester went on to denounce drug use in interviews.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

43. Technology Park

In 2015, Linkin Park started a venture capital company called s to invest in tech start-ups. Mike commented on the decision, saying, “To be around that kind of culture with people who are super cutting-edge thinkers who are so smart, that's inspiring to me. I feel like we're more at home there".

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44. With a Little Help from Your Friends

Linkin Park may not have landed their Warner Brothers contract without a little help from a guy named Jeff Blue. Previously a music journalist for Billboard, Jeff went on to become VP of A&R at Warner. Jeff had previously hired Brad Delson as an intern and helped Linkin Park secure their first deal.

Linkin Park FactsGetty Images

45. Guns and Words

In response to the 2011 Tucson shooting, Chester said, “There’s a non-violent way to express yourself and get your point across – regardless of what you’re saying or what your point is. In a free society, people have a right to believe whatever they want to believe. That’s their business and they can speak their mind… but nobody, even in a free society, has the right to take another person’s life. Ever. That’s something that we really need to move beyond".

The world is feeling the loss in the wake of Chester’s loss, with friends and family of the talented singer hurting most. One of Chester’s friends, Matt Pinfield said, “Chester was a lovely, positive guy. He cared about people, and all the success never went to his head. He was great to his fans. It is an incredible loss".

106.7 KROQ's 2003 Almost Acoustic Christmas - Day one.Getty Images

46. Popularity Un-Contested

Linkin Park is the most-liked band on Facebook, with over 62 million likes.

Linkin Park factsGetty Images

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