Got $1,000? Consider These 7 Financial Moves Today

January 23, 2024 | Jamie Hayes

Got $1,000? Consider These 7 Financial Moves Today

The Best Ways To Invest $1,000

You don't need massive savings to generate wealth. With $1,000 in your bank account, you can start making moves that can secure your financial future.

The landscape of investing has changed radically in the last 10 years. There are now companies specifically designed to help small-time investors out-perform the stock market. There are easy-to-launch strategies that can help you generate wealth. Let's check out some of the best. 

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Invest In Fortune 500 Companies For As Little As $1

What does pretty much every millionaire have in common? They probably invest in companies.

Investing can make your money grow—but it can be hard to get started. After all, a single share of many household companies can cost more than $100.

But now we have Stash, and it's never been easier to start building a financial portfolio.

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How To Use Stash

Stash lets you invest in massive players like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and other big companies for as little as $1. It may sound like a small start, but if these companies grow, so can your investment.

Stash can make it a snap for you to start investing on any scale that you want. Signing up is easy, and they'll even give you $5 after you deposit your first $5 into your new invest account*. From there, you can start investing and earning dividends.

Sign Up for Stash

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Stop Paying Too Much For Car Insurance

For a lot of people, car insurance is a massive monthly expense, but unfortunately, it's a necessity. You can't just drive around without insurance, so most of us just grit our teeth and sign up for the first deal we find.

But there's a better way.

Gabi is a completely free website that will compare insurance rates across the entire industry. It just takes a couple clicks, and the savings are remarkable. On average, Gabi users save $961 every year.

It couldn't be easier. Just put in your current insurance plan and Gabi will compare the coverage that you can get from 40+ companies.

Many drivers would love to use a service like Gabi to save $961 per year, but are afraid that cancelling their existing plan will be a hassle. Gabi can help you cancel your old policy and even get a refund when you switch. Once Gabi finds you a better insurance price, you can usually just switch over without even waiting for your next renewal.

Use Gabi To Find Savings

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Leave $1 Million To Your Loved Ones 

Not everyone can inherit millions from a wealthy old uncle—but you don't have to be rich to make sure your family is taken care of. With Bestow, you could get a life insurance policy worth up to $1 million without paying an arm and a leg.

Bestow has rates that start as low as $8 a month. That's a deal you can't get from any of the old-fashioned providers.

Getting a life insurance policy now will save money in the long term. The longer you wait, the more expensive rates become.

Bestow can give you a free quote in minutes and offer you a policy that can ensure your loved ones inherit $1 million.

Get a Bestow Quote Now

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Don't Let A Low Credit Score Scare You

Credit Scores. Just those two words are enough to cause most of us stress and anxiety. They're hard to really grasp, but we all know they're extremely important. But don't worry—there's help.

Think of your credit score as your financial fingerprint. A lot of different factors make up everyone's score, and no two are exactly alike. Unfortunately, that can make understanding your unique credit score even more daunting. 

This is where Credit Sesame comes in.

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How Can Credit Sesame Help Me? 

Credit Sesame can demystify your credit score and give you the exact steps you need to take to improve it.

The testimonials speak for themselves. Credit Sesame helped James Cooper improve his score from a 524 to an 801. They also helped Salome Buitureria identify an error on her credit score that was costing her almost 200 points.

If bad credit has been holding you back, don't let a confusing credit score stop you from making progress.

Sign up for Credit Sesame

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Stop Paying Insane Interest On Credit Card Debt

Debt. It's the elephant in the room for so many of us. Credit card debt can hold you back from achieving your goals—and the weight of it can be crushing. But there's an easy way to get rid of debt and start living your life.

If your high-interest credit cards are building up, check out AmOne, a financial service that can help you wipe them out.

AmOne can match all of your credit card debt with a loan at a fraction of the interest rate. Your credit cards are probably charging you 20% or more on your debt—AmOne can reduce your interest rate as low as 3.49%.

AmOne has an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and they boast over 20 years of experience in the industry, so you can feel safe and secure with them. Sign up, and in minutes you can see if you're eligible for up to $50,000.

Get a Low Interest Loan Now

Make Your Money Go Further

If you don't have an Aspiration debit card, you're leaving cash on the table every time you make a purchase.

An Aspiration debit card can instantly start giving you to 10% cashback on all of your purchases. The big banks can't offer even a fraction of that.

Now, all of your everyday purchases can actually start earning you money—you literally start making money by spending money.

man holding his empty walletYingzaa_ST, Shutterstock

How Does It Work? 

Plus, with Aspiration, you can feel good about your financial services. They offer increased cash-back for supporting green companies, and every time you use your Aspiration debit card, they'll plant a tree.

Starting making money and help the planet? There's never been a better deal than that. Start by depositing $100 into an Aspiration account today and stop letting your spending money go to waste.

And no need to worry about security: All Aspiration accounts are protected by army-grade inscription and insured by the FDIC. Basically, that means your money is safe with Aspiration.

Get an Aspiration Debit Card Now

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Invest In The Right Places

Traditionally, investing in real estate has been extremely complicated and required tons of cash. Thanks to DiversyFund, that's no longer the case.

DiversyFund invests your money in commercial real estate projects, and you can get started for as little as $500.

Investing in the stock market yields average returns of 7 to 8%. But real estate is often a safer and more lucrative place to invest your money. Since its inception, DiversyFund has seen annual returns of 17 to 18%.

Get Started With DiversyFund

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