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Troubled Facts About Anthony Michael Hall, The 80s Nerd

Anthony Michael Hall was everyone’s "lovable nerd" of the 80s. He chafed against his image, and he desperately wanted to grow up—but maybe he would have been better off staying lovable.

1. He Grew Up Around People Involved In Show Business

Anthony Michael Hall was born on April 14, 1968, to Larry and Mercedes Hall, whose marriage only lasted until he was six months old. From the start, he was destined for show business. After the divorce, he followed his blues-jazz singer mother, who remarried a show business manager, Thomas Chestaro.

They pushed Anthony to follow in their footsteps. If only they'd known what show business had in store for him.

anthony michael hall

2. He Prioritized Acting

At age seven, Hall made his TV debut as a "Honeycomb cereal kid" in commercials, but his actual acting career would follow a year later. He prioritized acting throughout high school and never went to college, though he claimed to self-educate by being an "avid reader". Not exactly the same as going to class, but it's hard to argue with results, and Hall saw results fast.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

3. He Became A Young Star

Hall became a very formidable acting prospect who even upstaged the famous Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vacation. The 13-year-old Hall was "very impressive", as the film’s screenwriter, John Hughes, admitted. Hall hit the ground running—but he was just getting started. And wouldn't you know it, Hughes had the perfect role for him.

Chevy Chase FactsShutterstock

4. He Added His Own Twist

Even though Hall was oozing success at such a young age, he got into true breakout status in 1984. Playing "The Geek" in the movie, Sixteen Candles, he put his own spin on the character. Never playing into the typical idea of a "geek" character, he worked instead on "playing it like a real kid". The movie became a smash hit, and it changed Hall's life forever—in more ways than one.

Brat Pack FactsSixteen Candles, Universal Pictures

5. He Got Close To A Cast-Mate

During his time on Sixteen Candles, Hall got really close to his co-star Molly Ringwald. It helped that the two connected from the get-go for the promotion of the film, with Hall landing on the promotional materials alongside Ringwald. However, they’d have to wait for a future project to take their connection to the next level.

Coming Of Age Films factsSixteen Candles (1984), Universal Pictures

6. He Formed A Special Bond With His Co-Star

After getting to know each other through Sixteen Candles, Hall worked alongside Ringwald once again a year later. This time in 1985 with The Breakfast Club, which brought Hall and Ringwald around each other a lot. Being the only actual teenagers in the cast at the time, they spent lots of hours together with their on-set tutor. It was only a matter of time before the two of them became more than friends.

Classic Films FactsSixteen Candles, ‎Universal Pictures

7. He Landed A Cult Classic

All signs pointed up for Hall, who proved it with his work on The Breakfast Club. The film became a cultural phenomenon, and turned each member of its iconic cast into a star, if they weren't one already. But the cast of The Breakfast Club were a lot more than just co-stars...

Molly Ringwald FactsThe Breakfast Club, Universal Pictures

8. He Made A Special Group Of Friends

Hall’s castmates in The Breakfast Club were no slouches. The star-studded group of youngsters included the likes of Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Emilio Estevez. In Hall’s words, they were a group of true friends "who were there for each other". That's good, because as the dark side of fame began to rear its ugly head, Hall would need all the help he could get.

Classic Films FactsThe Breakfast Club,‎Universal Pictures

9. He Dated Her

To no one’s surprise, Hall started dating Molly Ringwald after they completed The Breakfast Club. They were already close friends and had a strong relationship through their previous work together. According to Hall, it was "puppy love," pure and simple. But maybe getting together wasn't the best idea...

John HughesThe breakfast club, 1985, A&M Records

10. He Joined A Clique With A Special Name

Along with the rest of The Breakfast Club cast, Hall formed an essential part of the "Brat Pack," along with Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, and Andrew McCarthy. This group of hot young actors burned up both the box office and tabloid headlines in the 1980s—but all that attention brought problems. It should be little surprise, then, that Hall's love life started to stumble.

Brat Pack FactsGetty Images

11. He Split From His Star Girlfriend

For young fans of the Brat Pack, Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald seemed like the perfect couple—but the reality wasn't so simple. Whatever spark they felt wore off, and their relationship fizzled out almost as quickly as it began. But soon, that would be the least of Hall's problems.

Molly Ringwald FactsGetty Images

12. He Never Anticipated Success

Hall’s never anticipated he'd find such success in films like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. Later, he came to believe that the sudden superstardom he experienced was "too much, too soon". That's putting it lightly. But at the time, Hall basked in it—though he quickly grew frustrated with the "nerdy" persona that made him so famous.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

13. He Was Everyone’s Nerd

After Hall played yet another "nerdy" character in 1985’s Weird Science, he cemented himself as the "nerd-of-choice" in the 80s. The Los Angeles Times even labeled him "role model supreme", for his portrayals as a "nerd". It was clear that he was everyone’s top choice for these types of roles. But Hall was a teenage boy, after all—who wants to play the nerd all the time? Something needed to change.

John HughesWeird Science, 1985, Universal Pictures

14. He Was Outgrowing The Role

Although Hall benefited from the fame of his "nerdy" image, he also started to outgrow it. He desperately wanted to start landing different roles to change the way people looked at him. Unfortunately, that led to a series of bad decisions.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

15. He Tried His Hand On A Famous TV Show

In 1985, desperate to try something new, Anthony Michael Hall joined the Saturday Night Live cast as its youngest member. Producer Lorne Michaels wanted to revamp the show with some young new talent out of Hollywood. Hall was only 17 years old when he joined SNL, and later admitted that the show meant more than any other TV gig.

Unlike some of Hall’s other projects, there was a special reason why he was eager to join this one.

Austin Powers factsGetty Images

16. He Was A Genuine Fan

Hall was living the dream as the youngest SNL member in the program’s history. Growing up, he was a fan of the show, and the opportunity reportedly "meant so much" to him. The show’s "most famous players", including Bill Murray and Gilda Radner, inspired Hall as a kid. Unfortunately, being on SNL wasn't the dream that Hall expected. It was more like a nightmare.

Gilda Radner factsSaturday Night Live(1975– ), NBC

17. He Felt Intimidated

The pressure to perform well on a popular show became an enormous burden for Hall. He was terrified during filming and described feeling very tense during shoots. More specifically, he revealed that he would get so nervous and stiff on set that he would start "walking around like a mummy".

Fortunately, he had a friend who made his experience at least a little more tolerable.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

18. He Got His Friend A Job

During Hall’s time on SNL, he had the opportunity to work with a close buddy. He managed to get his good friend Robert Downey Jr. a job on SNL. According to Downey, it was their tight connection that helped him land the gig. But even though Hall had a familiar face on set to make things more enjoyable, as the weeks began to pass, his time on SNL just got worse and worse.

Robert Downey Jr. factsLess Than Zero (1987), Twentieth Century Fox

19. He Sucked

Lorne Michaels thought some young blood was what SNL needed. He was wrong. Youngsters Hall and Downey Jr. ended up being a disaster on the show that once featured legends like Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, and Chevy Chase. Hall's dream turned into a nightmare, and he only lasted a single, forgettable season on the show. But this misstep was just the beginning.

After Hall’s departure from SNL, an old mentor would try to reconnect with him.

Robert Downey Jr. factsSaturday Night Live, NBC

20. He Rejected Roles

Although Hall was eager to work in movies again after SNL, he wasn’t desperate enough to accept just any type of acting gig. Even John Hughes, the director responsible for Hall’s iconic "nerdy" image, tried to cast him in new projects to no avail. It was clear that Hall had simply outgrown his prior image and wanted to avoid being "typecast as a nerd".

As a result, Hall missed out on a massive opportunity.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

21. He Missed This Opportunity

While Hall kept avoiding work with John Hughes, he missed out on a pretty big project. John Hughes wanted him to come back for another film, this time about a slacker who takes a day off of school. Hall even admitted that he felt Hughes specifically wrote the lead part "with him in mind". But Hall said no, and the lead role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off went to Matthew Broderick. Hall later regretted saying no, but the damage was done.

Unfortunately, Hall’s relationship with Hughes got down to its final straw after that.

John HughesFerris Bueller’s Day Off, 1986, Paramount Pictures

22. He Never Worked With Him Again

After Hall turned down Hughes’ offer to play Ferris Bueller, their relationship was never the same. It didn’t take long for Hughes to realize that Hall wanted no involvement with him or his film projects anymore. Unfortunately, they developed a "strained relationship," and they never spoke again before Hughes' passing in 2009.

And Hall’s transition into more serious roles wouldn’t be smooth either.

Molly Ringwald FactsGetty Images

23. His Unsuccessful Transition

In the aftermath of cutting ties with John Hughes, Hall tried his hand at action movies to no real applause. In fact, the reaction was quite the opposite. He starred in Out of Bounds (1986), which proved disastrous and received lots of criticism. It was a film that not even Hall, the lovable nerd, could’ve reconciled.

But if he thought this was just a bump in the road, he was sorely mistaken.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

24. He Didn’t Convince Anyone

Hall’s portrayal of a high school football star in 1988’s Johnny Be Good didn’t prove any better than his previous film. His casting for the role was a strange sight for someone who made a name for being the "nerd-of-choice" at one point. Hall wanted to escape his old persona, but audiences just weren't having it—and that wasn't his only problem.

On top of that, Hall’s personal life was getting out of hand.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

25. He Had A Drinking Problem

By the time Hall was 17, his harmful drinking habits had gotten out of control. It became an addiction for him, as he reportedly drank "by the quart" on a daily basis. These issues ultimately led him to take a two-year hiatus from acting until 1990, and for good reason. He was quite an unpleasant person when under the influence.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

26. His Issues Led To Altercations

During Hall’s struggles with drinking, he was not the most pleasant person to be around…to say the least. He reportedly participated in all sorts of unruly behavior, and often "got into fights and punched people in the face".

Fortunately, however, Hall would eventually move on from his drinking addiction pretty quickly.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

27. He Resolved It

There was no dramatic rehab story for Hall. He confessed that he realized a lot of celebrities would usually "get messed up" because they thought they didn’t deserve their success. It was the opposite for him, as he admitted that his core issues stemmed from his unchecked ego. Luckily, he got clean by the early 90s, and he would try to restart his career from the bottom—but it wouldn't be easy.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

28. He Tried More Mature Roles

After Hall returned from his hiatus, he had yet another clean slate to start with. He wanted to "try and establish himself as an adult actor", and even settled for lower-budget projects to do so. Though not as glamorous as the blockbuster films he used to be in, Hall still provided lots of charm on screen.

In fact, he even had fans feeling a little nostalgic.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

29. He Never Lost His Goofy Side

Although Hall took on more serious, adult roles in his movies, he didn’t completely lose his goofy side. When Hall starred in 1992’s Into the Sun, he actually displayed a next-level upgrade to his comedic charms. For once, critics were on his side, and it looked like maybe—just maybe—Hall was going to be able to pull off this "adult actor" thing. So he kept pushing the envelope.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

30. He Played A Bold Role

Hall didn’t shy away from bold characters, and he pushed his boundaries to take on challenging roles. His portrayal of a gay man in 1993’s Six Degrees of Separation was not a simple task. The film ended up getting released during a time of heavy discrimination against the gay community, and Hall admitted that the part was the "hardest ever" for him to pull off.

It also didn’t help that he had a co-star who wouldn’t cooperate with him.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

31. He Didn’t Mesh With A Co-Star

Hall didn’t exactly mesh with his co-star Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation. The two of them lacked cohesion because Smith reportedly wouldn’t follow along. He refused to kiss Hall’s character (Trent Conway) on screen for fear of "hampering his career". Smith clearly didn't reciprocate Hall’s professionalism, but that didn’t stop Hall from getting out of his comfort zone.

Even onto his next notable project.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air FactsFlickr, El Hormiguero

32. He Played A Genius

In 1999, Hall took on another role that tested his limits when he had to portray a literal genius. He confessed that it was "a daunting challenge" to play a renowned figure like Bill Gates in the TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. Nevertheless, Hall was so dedicated to the role that he even had his own way of coming up with the character’s appearance.

Bill Gates factsGetty Images

33. He Prepared In A Unique Way

Hall studied very intricate physical details when he prepared to play Bill Gates. For instance, he’d mention how Gates’ main characteristic was "slumping over and creating a little gut". Hall even examined and copied Gates’ hairstyle and the types of clothing he wore.

His hard work and dedication wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Bill Gates factsGetty Images

34. His Work Paid Off

The hard work that Hall put into his preparation for Pirates of Silicon Valley paid off. He was "widely praised" for his efforts in a role he reportedly "fought for". The movie reaped good reviews, even earning an Emmy nomination in 1999.

After some shaky years, it seemed like Hall had finally ended up in a good place. Of course, that's right when the bottom fell out from beneath him.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

35. He Went On A Slump

Hall’s success from Pirates of Silicon Valley didn't really help him secure future roles—at least not immediately. Hall went on a cold streak, as he only took part in a series of low-budget films and shows that didn’t spark much interest. By the early 2000s, Hall's career was at its lowest point ever. He needed a life preserver—but luckily, one was on the way.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

36. He Snagged A Career-Reviving Role

After Hall went through another low point, he luckily landed a TV series that "transformed his career". He snagged the part of Johnny Smith in a show called The Dead Zone (2002). Though Pirates of Silicon Valley didn't fast-track Hall back to the A-list, at least someone appreciated his work as Bill Gates.

The director of The Dead Zone liked it enough that he decided to give him a call—and for once, hiring Anthony Michael Hall turned out to be the right decision.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

37. He Brought Back His Signature Humor

Even though Johnny Smith didn't seem quite like the "goofy nerd" character from Hall’s younger days, he still incorporated some humor into the role. But, even if he was digging into his old bag of tricks, this was a new Anthony Michael Hall—and now, he had some demons. While Hall could be funny when the cameras were rolling, his dark side started coming about behind the scenes.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

38. He Suffers From Bipolar Disorder

During one of the times that Hall was filming on the set of The Dead Zone, he got into a pretty concerning incident. According to Page Six, Hall suffered an episode of "bipolar affective disorder", which led to an outburst. Hall clearly needed some help—but it gets even worse. It turns out, the revelation of Hall's mental health issues was just the beginning.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

39. He Got Sued By Insurers

The insurers of The Dead Zone did not react well to Hall’s mental episode. In fact, they sued Hall for $612,000 because he hadn't informed them of his issues beforehand. He never disclosed his underlying mental health problems. But despite the mistrust from the show’s insurers, Hall continued to get more involved in the show.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

40. He Did It All

Hall’s involvement in The Dead Zone extended far beyond just acting. He served as an executive producer for the show’s later seasons and even directed an episode. But he didn’t take all the credit for himself. Hall claimed that his job was easy because he had "the best script to direct with".

However, the show would eventually run out the clock—and so would Hall himself.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

41. His Show Got Canceled

Although Hall had a successful run on The Dead Zone for multiple seasons, the sixth ended up being the last. The show had fans, but the audience had stopped growing, even as costs to produce the show ballooned. Eventually, the network decided to pull the plug—though they chose the worst time to do it. Unfortunately for everyone, the show ended on a cliffhanger with no real conclusion.

After the show’s ending, Hall’s career was up in the air too.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

42. He Plummeted Again

Hall’s career took another dive after The Dead Zone concluded. He had many difficulties getting notable roles in films or on shows in the years that followed. The only job offers Hall received were minor roles "here and there", along with the occasional guest appearance on TV.

Meanwhile, in his personal life, Hall just continued to spiral.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

43. He Lashed Out At A TV Host

While filming an episode of The Haunting Of, Hall got pretty menacing on set. The host of the TV show, Kim Russo, reportedly brought up Hall’s prior substance addiction issues to him, and let’s just say…he didn’t appreciate it. When Russo brought up the topic, it made him "flip out and storm off camera".

And this wasn’t the only time Hall got scary with others.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

44. He’s Not The Friendliest Neighbor

If there was ever an award for "worst neighbor", you could’ve probably put Hall as a nominee. He was quite the mean guy who didn’t shy away from altercations with his neighbors, and often intimidated them with his "menacing glares". According to TMZ, Hall frightened his neighbors so much that they considered arming themselves to stay safe from him.

But the reason for Hall’s neighbors' concern extended far beyond just his glares.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Anthony_Michael_Hall_%26_Boba_Phat.JPGWikimedia Commons

45. His Antics Were Over The Top

Hall’s aggressive behavior towards his neighbors included all types of intimidating actions. He would swear at them, spray them with his hose, and even challenge them to fights. One of his more bizarre antics included the time he ripped up the plants in his condo’s common area. His behavior got so bad that he was even detained  in 2011 for allegedly disturbing the peace.

But Hall still didn’t seem to learn his lesson even after that.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsWikimedia Commons

46. He Assaulted His Neighbor

Eventually, Hall’s erratic behavior went too far. In 2016, he reportedly assaulted his neighbor, Richard Samson, who tried to intervene while in an argument between Hall and another neighbor. Samson had tried to calm Hall down but instead got "shoved to the floor," ending up with a broken wrist.

The aftermath could’ve cost dearly for Hall.

Anthony_Michael_Hall_(34977377815)Wikimedia Commons

47. He Was Nearly Incarcerated

Hall’s assault on Samson almost led to the downfall of his entire career in 2017. A conviction would’ve meant seven years in prison for him, which he was lucky enough to avoid. He was instead sentenced to 40 hours of community service and three years of probation. It was a light penalty for Hall, who could’ve had much deeper consequences.

But would he learn to be a better person?

Anthony Michael Hall FactsShutterstock

48. He Got Into Even More Shenanigans

Unfortunately, Hall couldn’t avoid trouble even after his run-in with the law that nearly cost him his career. He displayed his behavioral issues again when he stayed as a guest at a hotel in 2020. According to People, he became "belligerent" towards other patrons in the hotel pool and even cursed at them in a rampage.

But he realized the trouble he had caused this time.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

49. He Apologized For His Actions

In a surprising manner, Hall showed remorse for his actions and admitted his faults in a public address. He expressed a formal apology to everyone involved in the hotel disturbance, which also included anyone who was a "witness to the incident". Clearly, Hall wanted to move on from his troublesome reputation.

And he finally started to focus on his acting career again.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

50. He Joined A Familiar Project

In an unexpected twist of events, Hall would join a reimagined version of The Breakfast Club. Yep. You heard that right—ironic for a guy who tried to dissociate himself from these types of films early on. If you recall, he had even cut ties with the man (John Hughes) who created the original film. He produced and acted in The Class (2022), and he also stated how "grateful" he was for the opportunity.

Hall’s career had finally come full circle.

Anthony Michael Hall FactsGetty Images

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