These Entitled Jerks Made Us Lose Faith In Humanity

June 21, 2023 | Miles Brucker

These Entitled Jerks Made Us Lose Faith In Humanity

Everyone has met people in their lives that they are unable to tolerate. Their selfish intentions, bad behavior, and closed-mindedness make them so unpleasant to deal with that all one can really do is leave them alone and hope they will choose the moral path.  From horrible bosses to backstabbing friends, here are some of the worst humans to ever exist:

1. Good Candy, Bad Candy

My dad used to keep two bowls of candy on Halloween—an expensive bowl and a cheap bowl. The reason for this was downright disturbing. The good candy in the expensive bowl went to white kids in nice costumes and the candy in the cheap bowl went to everyone else. Since he told me, I've never been able to look at him the same way.

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2.  Finders Keepers

I was probably nine years old when this happened. I was riding my bike on the road and my chain broke, so I walked back to my house to get my dad to help me fix it. We went back to the spot I left it at and we couldn't find it. We walked up and down the road multiple times, but still no luck. Sometime later, we finally saw it—in the back of a guy's truck.

I walked up to the door to let him know I was taking it. His response made me clench my fist. Long story short, he played finders keepers, berated me for being so loose with my possessions, and then showed me his pistol. Eventually, my dad came and got it. I hate that guy.

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3. Lock Him In

I went to school with this one guy who was a total creep. Almost every day, he would sneak into the girls' locker room and spy on the students while they changed. One day, we told a teacher what he was up to and instead of him admitting it, he blamed me and my friends. That's not even the worst part, either—the authorities were contacted, and every girl in the locker room had to testify against someone to the officers.

I don’t know how many years he got, but I hope he’s still rotting.


4.  Long Life Of Insulting

My current boss is an old, rich, divorcee who takes pleasure in insulting his employees. I, unfortunately, found myself in a situation where it appeared I was at fault for some error at work, yet I truly hadn't done anything wrong. I'll never forget what he said to me when he called me into his office that day: "You have a long life ahead of you...and it's going to be riddled with failures".

I can't wait for the day when karma gets back at him.


5. Finding God

I had a trashy roommate in college who would always park in the only handicap spot near our building. We had an older neighbor who moved in that was actually handicapped, so I kept telling her to not park there. One night, I got home from work and she was still parked in the handicap spot, so I called the non-emergency line. Her parents, who were both pastors, were informed.

They got the ticket and came over to the apartment—but they were in for quite a surprise. They knocked on the door when she was in the middle of doing something lewd. I came home from class to change before work and walked in on some intervention with Jesus.

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6. Reap What You Sow

My current stepdad is awful. He regularly initiates screaming matches with my mom. I almost punched the smirk off his face one night when he just kept calling my mom profanities over and over. I moved out the next day because I realized I was right on the cusp of actually ending the guy.  I'm not sure how to describe it, but when you live with someone that awful for so long, it breaks down all your mental barriers.

It tickles some primal part of your brain where you just imagine what it might be like and how good it might feel to physically hurt them. I know that makes me sound like a psycho, but you just don't know until you've lived with someone like that.  The screaming, the name calling...all of it. There was never a single trip out to dinner, to a relative's house, etc. that didn't end with him picking some kind of fight.

Every weekend like clockwork, he would start a fight. He also drove home from the bar completely hammered many, many times. He is such an awful person that his biological children refused to have anything to do with him for years. And, on top of being the vilest, evil person I know, he has somehow managed to outlive so many other people in my life that were so much better than him. It's like he survives on pure spite or something.

Take my grandfather for example—an all-around good dude who did a lot of charity work. He randomly got smacked with cancer and departed within two months of the diagnosis. My stepdad is just a constant reminder that the universe is unfair. That said, he is now living the life he deserves. His life of unhealthy bad habits has caught up to him and he's pretty much an invalid stuck on a couch.

He can barely walk two paces without getting winded or falling down. He's incontinent but won't use diapers, so the poor nurses at his PT end up having to clean up after him on the regular.  I keep trying to tell my mom to ditch him in hospice but I don't think she's ready to move on from that part of her life. I don’t know how I feel about the idea of karmic consequences, but I do know I don't feel bad for the man.  You reap the life you sow.

Despite all this, he still manages to pick fights with my mom, who is now his primary caretaker, on the regular. He constantly whines and moans that he supported so many people in his life, but now he has nobody except for my mom. Yeah, if you're at the end of your life and nobody cares enough to visit you when you fall down and end up in the hospital for the thousandth time, not even your own biological kids, that's on you bud.

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7. Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes

A jerk I used to work with was a skinny short guy with acne and glasses who was the biggest butt kisser I’ve ever met. Our boss encouraged us to call him by his first name. This jerk would call him boss. Like, “You got it boss” or, “I’m a massive tool, boss. Hope you still love me, boss”. Anyway, we both got in at 7 am and everyone else started at 8 am.

It was a slow morning, so we were both on our phones playing Hearthstone. At 7:55 am, our manager came in and I didn’t see him, but the jerk did. I got given a little heat for being on my phone, but it was nothing serious...that is until the jerk decided to open his mouth. “Sorry boss, I tried to tell him to not go on his phone but he wouldn’t listen.”

Are you trying to get punched?! Annoying jerk.

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8. Real Ones Stay

I was best friends for the entirety of my high school life with this one guy. He was cool, except for the fact that he constantly worried that I would abandon him and find a new group of friends. I promised him it wouldn't happen, but he didn't believe me. When Grade 12 came around, we hung out for about a week before he found himself a new group of friends.

He begged me to sit with them and I did. They were all male and I, a female, felt like I didn't fit in. At one point, they mocked me and asked why I was sitting there with them. He never stood up for me. Two weeks after that, I befriended his twin sister who had just moved down from another town. She and I hit it off and we became "sitting buddies".

I started to distance myself from her brother, but he would always find ways to insert himself into my life. In the middle of the year, he started to spread rumors that should never be burdened upon a teenage girl. I couldn’t handle it myself and the authorities had to get involved since the school administration failed to suppress his tall tales. I believe he made the rumors because he was jealous.

Years later, I still only have one friend since the rumors made others avoid me. That friend is his twin sister, and oh boy does he hates it. She knows that he’s making the rumors since he was dumb enough to tell her the truth.

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9. Mess With Someone Your Own Size

I lived with this old dude for five months. He is the worst person I have ever met. Housing is hard to come by in this town and he seemed nice enough when I first met him, but I did have a strange feeling about him. I should have gone with my instincts. He used to explode if I left a single hair in the sink or shower.

I tried explaining that I am a girl with long hair and that sometimes it falls out and I don't see. He needed to know if I was home every night, but it was fine when he disappeared for a week without saying anything. The only conversations he ever had with me were about how everyone else was an idiot. It was as if he never did anything wrong.

He once squared me up during a little argument—though, he is a very short guy, so I just kind of looked down at him and laughed. He said to me, "You’re just another Australian in this town." Despite feeling I could hold my own against him, the red flags were waving right in front of me.  The family living across from us found out I was living with him and they told me to get out of the house immediately.

Apparently, they had dealt with him before and they knew that he was just a horrible human. They let me stay with them until I found new housing.  He didn't even give me my bond back for the house and threatened to take me to court because, “as per our verbal agreement,” I had to give him two months' notice to move out.

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10. Not A Ladies Man

One of my roommates in my senior year of college is born and raised on Long Island, NY and his family is from a very conservative region in Pakistan. He embodied every single quality that Fox News presents Muslim people to be. He detested Jewish people, Hindu people, Christian people, and he especially hated all women.

It was so disheartening because my other roommate was Turkish and Muslim as well, yet he did not share the same hatred that my horrible roommate did. The Turkish roommate constantly called him out for giving Muslims a bad name, but it didn't do much to stop him. He strongly believed women were meant to serve men and stay in the kitchen.

One day, I decided enough was enough. I called him out on his behavior, and he accused me of attacking his culture and being brainwashed by progressive beliefs. He made all of my female friends extremely uncomfortable by making very subjugating or awkwardly inappropriate comments towards them. He is a genuinely bad person.

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11. Lone Child

Marcus Luttrell, the Marine that the movie Lone Survivor is about, is the biggest jerk I’ve ever met. He visited a hotel I worked at during football season once and he asked if there was a veteran's discount. I told him that during the game season we were not allowed to grant any sort of discount without the manager's approval.

The prices skyrocket during the game season and I definitely don't agree with that, but as a lowly desk worker, it was out of my hands. I didn't expect him to be as angry as he was. His reaction was totally uncalled for. He turned rude in an instant, calling me incompetent and disrespectful. Then came his disturbing final move: he let one rip at the counter, turned to the girl he is with, and says, "That'll teach her."

To this day, no adult has insulted me in such a degrading, childish way.

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12. Do Your Job

I was an EMT student at the time, and I was going to a friend's graduation. In the middle of it, two guys dragged a barely conscious girl over to where I was sitting. A few people got up and walked over to her, and I also went up to help. The girl's mom was sitting next to her, and I introduced myself as an EMT student. I asked if there was anything I could do to help.

At this point, the girl was awake and seemingly okay. I was able to get a pulse and the respiration count was normal. One of the people who got up to help turned out to be the school nurse who went to get some Gatorade and ice packs. After she came back, I asked if there was anything else I could do, and she said that she was good, so I headed back. This is when it gets super annoying.

I thought I handled it pretty well, but I guess the officer felt otherwise. I saw him inside after the ceremony was over, and he started glaring at me. He said that he saw the whole thing and accuse me of lying about my credentials. I wasn't thrilled with his reaction, but what makes me madder is that he saw the whole thing, believed I was messing up and didn't intervene in any way.

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13. Babysitting The Crybaby

I was sitting at a table with my friends at school during lunchtime. It was 2007, so cellphones were just becoming popular at that time, and every high-middle class student had one. One kid came over, sat down with us, and started making small talk. At one point, he complained that his parents didn’t allow him to bring electronic devices to school.

Everyone at the table shrugged, knowing that they couldn't do anything to help him, and he in turn got visibly annoyed and left. Then, five minutes later, he came back with a teacher. That's when everything changed. Apparently, his parents had a good standing with the school, and they did not like the idea of students having cell phones.

Eventually, they brought up their concerns with the school board and managed to get all phones banned during lunchtime. Our teachers said if we were caught with them, they would be confiscated. We would have to have a chat with the principal and serve a minimum punishment of detention, but it could go all the way to suspension if we resisted.

He sat next to us for a full year, telling us about his complaints and how we should care about his problems. It was like babysitting a grown-up baby. Thankfully, the principal eventually got tired of his constant complaining, and he reversed the cell phone decision. The next day, all phones were out in the lunchroom. It was like a plague had passed with our fourth-generation iPods.

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14. Master Of His Fate

I understand the plight of single-parent families, but I knew a guy who was raised by his mom, and his mom was definitely somewhere on the Cluster B Personality Disorder continuum. She imparted all of her pathological behavior to her son. This dude was very timid in person and has literally never thrown a punch in his life.

But he is the cruelest, most monstrous person in hidden ways. He would gossip, use passive-aggression, manipulation, triangulating, backstab, betrayal, and mind games to his favor. I would've literally finished him a few times if it wasn't for the small speck of pity I still have for him. I have noticed, though, that every five years or so, his antics come back and completely upend his life.

So his behavior is his own punishment.

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15. Sucks To Be You

A minor tornado hit our neighborhood around fifteen years ago, and my house took the biggest hit out of all the houses. After the storm ended, neighbors came over to check on us as a tree partially fell and landed on my house. One neighbor came over and looked my dad in the eyes. He made the most uncalled-for statement ever: "I am glad it happened to your house and not mine".

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16. Horrible Bosses

My boss is a horrible person. On my first day at work, the authorities were called in because an employee who had just quit tried to leave the office but she blocked him from doing so. She claimed the employee still owed her hours. My boss took me to her office later that day and instead of briefing me on my job, she complained about this employee, nicknaming her "Multiple Sclerosis" because her initials were M.S.

On the day I quit, several months later, I found her sitting in my chair. She very obviously pulled out a USB from my computer, and when I asked her what she was doing, she went into a fit. Her accusation against me made my jaw drop—she accused me of watching videos on the job and wasting company time, which I wasn't.

Then I remembered that on my first day of work, I was listening to music on YouTube while stuffing envelopes. I hadn't been able to read through the massive employee handbook that forbade that, as it was only my first day. I explained all of that to her, but she still proceeded to call me a liar. There she was, stealing a USB from my desk, yet  I was the problematic one. What a psycho.

I spent months observing how horribly she treated other employees, Now that I was her next target, I knew there was no hope for me. I knew it wasn't going to get any better, so I quit after that interaction.


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17. Bad Brother

I refuse to even call him my brother. My mom’s son is a narcissist and an absolute control freak who doesn't care about anyone's feelings but his own. He'll do a bunch of awful things, then buy you some expensive thing as if that somehow makes up for his bad behavior.   He talks about how much he hates family drama, yet every time there is tension in our family, he's somehow involved.

For example, my grandma departed about six years ago after being slowly eaten alive by Alzheimer's and after the funeral, he started whining and yelling at everybody because plans for the "afterparty" kept getting changed. He was especially upset because we were apparently supposed to leave the chapel in a limo. It was a total non-issue, yet that's all he could talk about for the rest of the day.

He even treats our mom like trash. she had cancer years ago and when she came to him asking for money for her treatments, his face turned blood red. He immediately started losing his cool and charging at her, saying, "Giving money to this family is like enabling an addict!" My mom is the only person who is patient enough to put up with him, and that's how he repays her.

The dude is morbidly obese because of how much junk food he eats and has bursitis because of it.

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18. Head In The Clouds

I had a friend I met through a mutual hobby in the 10th grade. We were friends until we finished high school and that was when I finally realized what a jerk she was. She came from a rich family and she liked bragging about it. Not because she was proud of her parents and their accomplishment,s but simply because she wanted all of her friends to feel jealous.

She had this nasty, high-pitched voice and she thought she was God's gift to men. She would constantly talk about how "all the men that wanted her" and how many times she got hit on at parties. When I met her at a club, that's when I saw her true colors. At some point that night, I told her I was looking for an occupation in my leap year before I left for college.

She then told me that she recently got a new job as an event girl and then she straight up said to me, "I could probably get you in, but the position requires a minimum of six hundred Facebook friends and you have to be pretty, so I don't know if you would qualify for it". We weren't even on bad terms or anything, this was just her usual way of talking to people.

I have since defriended her—I don't need that toxicity in my life.

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19. Self Reflection

My younger self was the biggest jerk I know. I was selfish, rude, and a liar. I cheated on my husband, which broke apart my family. I got addicted to substances while caring for my young children. I've had temper tantrums to put my children to shame when things didn't go my way. I have been a complete jerk.

But there is a rainbow after the rain. I've really been working on myself. I've been clean for two years, and I have been to a therapist to better myself. I think I am becoming a better person, slowly.

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20. No Place For Hate

My mom was diagnosed with triple-positive, stage 1 mammary cancer last year and we all went on a cancer walk and run in my hometown. My mom is close friends with the event's organizer who lost his wife to cancer several years ago and he made the event in her name to raise funds for cancer research. Me, my sister, my dad, and my mom were all dressed in hot pink shirts and sparkling rainbow tutus.

My mom was still undergoing aggressive chemo treatment so she couldn't participate even in the walk, so she hung out with the event organizer near the finish line for the runners. My dad was going to shoot pictures for the event organizer's website. My sister and I did the walk with several of my mom's coworkers while my dad hung around the finish line to get photos of the runners as they came in.

When I returned with my sister, I saw my dad taking pictures of several runners and walkers who were all dressed in pink and had pink facepaint on. One guy came up behind my dad, noticed the rainbow tutu he was wearing, and then made a blood-boiling comment: "Hey it's your song, buddy!" They were playing "Dancing Queen" on the loudspeakers by the finish line.

My dad isn't a confrontational person, but I am, especially when it comes to my family. My dad was ignoring him, but it was pretty obvious that he was getting frustrated with this guy. I walked over and the guy was still making comments to my dad, talking about the tutu and how he must have been shooing pictures of little boys, etc.

I came up behind this guy and yelled up at him. I'm a 5'3" woman and this was a very tall, bearded guy. "Look idiot, his wife is going through a lot right now and we all dressed this way to support her. Be thankful you don't have to walk in either of our shoes!" The guy was visibly shocked. "Oh...I didn't know about that."

I said, "Well maybe you shouldn't speak to people this way if you are so ignorant. This is a cancer walk and run. Do you really think this is the place to be so disrespectful?" The guy didn't say anything and just walked off. I talked to my dad afterward and it turned out this guy was basically troubling my dad since we left on the walk. Screw people like that.

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21. The Worst Guy

I can't remember if this guy started in junior or senior high, but every single day, he would search for me in the crowd as we were lined up waiting for something. The lunch line is the first to come to mind, but there were other queuing occasions where he would single me out as well. He would ask some asinine questions, typically anti-Semitic in nature, such as, "Do you hate Jews?"

Of course, I would say, "No, of course not!" Then he would recoil in feigned shock, and proceed to yell out to everyone else in the line, "Oh my god! Nealius hates Jews!" Obviously, that would annoy me, which would just encourage him. At one point, I decided enough was enough—so I started ignoring him. I would totally ignore his existence and he would still loudly proclaim some anti-Semitic filth that I neither said nor believe.

For God's sake, I have Jewish blood in me. Rinse and repeat. Every single day for four years he would keep doing the same. I'm 31 years old now. Six months ago, I had a dream about this jerk and I woke up, blood boiling, ready to tear my pillow into shreds. I wish I had socked that guy in the mouth when I was a freshman.

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22. Crazy Old Lady

The housekeeper I used to work with was a 75-year-old woman with dyed red hair who thinks that she knows everything. She doesn’t care about what she does. She has destroyed floors, messed up plants, and ruined carpets at the university I used to work at and she didn’t care when she was reprimanded for it. Then she crossed the line—she got me fired from the university.

I didn’t have anyone to watch my daughter and I had asked my boss before if I could bring her with me as long as she didn’t make a disturbance. She was sitting on her tablet quietly watching videos and playing games quietly, out of everyone’s way. This lady reported me and I was immediately told to leave. This woman has gotten someone else fired before because he was talking to another housekeeper who he was friends with and he apparently used a swear word.

Never mind the fact that she cusses like a sailor herself, around students and faculty no less, and has had complaints lodged against her for that. What a nuisance.

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23. Greedy Boyfriend

I was seventeen years old and my boyfriend at the time was twenty-four years old. He was perfect on paper—he graduated from a great college as a computer engineer and he worked for a well-known company, etc. But deep down, he was evil. Within the first few weeks of dating, he informed me that he gave me chlamydia because he had been sleeping with another girl.

I almost ended it but my mom convinced me to give him another chance. I ended up moving in with him pretty soon after that. He used me to get my parents to buy him expensive furniture for his place by making it seem like it was for us. He spent months telling me to work out and lose weight even though I had just gotten out of treatment for anorexia.

He would shove me into things and if anything broke, he'd blame me. I would cook meals and he would bad-mouth them the whole time. He'd also call me messy if I didn't clean up immediately after cooking. I would do his laundry and clean his house, but nothing was good enough. To him, I was always too clumsy, too messy, or too immature.

It gets even worse. If I got anything less than a hundred on a test or assignment, he would call me a failure. He told me that if I didn't get a good-paying job, he didn't want a future with me. He'd yell at me and call me a baby if I cried. If I got anything more than water when we went out to eat, I had to pay for the whole meal. I worked extremely hard to save up for an expensive watch for his birthday and to take him out to a really expensive restaurant for his birthday dinner.

The first thing he did when I gave him the watch was ask how much it was. He didn't think it was expensive or fancy enough, so he did the most awful thing—he took it out to his garage and smashed it with a hammer. We then went to the restaurant for dinner where he proceeded to ask the waiter what the most expensive thing on the menu was. He ordered it but didn't eat it. Instead, he ended up eating all of mine.

I got nothing. What did I get for my birthday? A used Pokemon game that I had to pay for and an old wire that he said was a bracelet. He literally pulled it out of his junk drawer and wrapped it around my wrist.

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24. You Got Change

When I was sixteen years old, I tried to buy a cake for my sister's birthday at a bakery that was part of a larger supermarket. I ordered the cake and was told to go pay at the supermarket's cash counters because something was wrong with the one at the bakery. I looked over, saw the long lines of people holding onto large shopping carts, sighed, and made my way there.

Twenty minutes later, the line had finally shortened to one person. I watched the cashier give her change, count out the notes left in the register, and wave them away. I had a 2000 rupees bill for a 400 rupees cake, which I handed to her. Looking at it in my hand, she uttered two words that almost made me lose it: "No change."

Really woman? I saw you count out the change in the register. And this was at Big Bazaar, not a small convenience store in the middle of the highway. I was so annoyed that I didn't bother saying anything and just walked out of the store. I really wish that I had gotten her name so that I could have reported her.

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25. Who’s The Dumb One Now?

This girl I knew in high school had a massive superiority complex. She refused to interact with people who she deemed "below" she and she would constantly brag about being in classes with seniors. I wouldn't be nearly as mad at her if she was actually as smart as she claimed to be. She also used her mother's cancer diagnosis to get whatever she wanted.

Like, "I can't help with the group project because my mom has cancer, so you can all do it for me and I'll take credit for it." But she'd later get what she deserved—she ended up graduating without any honors despite all her boasting. I have to say, it was satisfying to be wearing a bunch of regalia in front of her face.

I know it's petty, but she made my life miserable for years, so I don't really care about her feelings.

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26. Lesson Not Learnt

When I was 15 years old, I interned at a New York ad agency. There was this French art director who was incredibly arrogant. I hated him. Almost everyone there did. Because of this, the staff decided to pull a very elaborate prank on him. I was there for the preparations, but not the prank itself. It seemed like a good idea to blow off steam at the time, but things quickly got out of hand.

The whole office was into the McDonald’s Monopoly game, the one where you'd tear the game pieces off of the french fries carton. The piece you wanted to find was Boardwalk...that and Park Place. With those, you would win the grand prize of one million dollars. We had an incredible studio that made mechanicals. This was in 1995 before the digital mechanical process had taken over.

So the craftsmen in the studio made a perfect Boardwalk piece along with another random fake piece and adhered it to a pristine french fries carton, serrated edges and all. The next Friday when the whole office ordered McDonald’s, they made sure the French art director was given that carton with his order. As expected, he discovered that he had the winning game piece, flipped out, and went around boasting and bragging that he’d won a million dollars and how everyone can kiss his butt, etc.

The other art directors and account executives who came up with the prank let this go on until he had done a complete lap of the entire office. Once he made his way back to the area where everyone was gathered, they let him know his game piece is fake. His reaction was priceless. The extreme heartbreak, embarrassment, and humiliation blunted his arrogance for roughly a month or so, but he eventually got over it.

Though, he turned into an even bigger jerk after that. He was finally fired a few months later.

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27. Name Call

There was a guy who called me profanities repeatedly in class. I told him to stop, but he would NOT leave me alone. He was whispering it so the teacher didn't know. I tried to ignore him but eventually, when I got home one day, I just broke down into tears and cried. Luckily, a friend comforted me. I reported him after the sixth day and he got scolded in front of me.

The reason why it made me so upset was that I dealing with mental health issues and his teasing just made things worse for me.

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28. Leader Of The Worst Humans Ever

Have you ever met one of those militant hyper-feminists who give normal feminists a really bad name? I met their leader. It was about an hour-long group conversation that was basically her acting like she knew everything and calling people morons for disagreeing with her on things that she was very wrong about. She's someone you do NOT want to meet, ever.

She was just an awful human being who held her ridiculously polarized opinions so high above everyone else that there's no way she could ever be wrong. My friend told me I should "go easy on her" because she has issues and a few years ago attempted to end herself. But screw that stuff. Everybody has issues. That doesn't give you the right to be literally the worst human any of us had ever met.

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29. Special Treatment

I had a music teacher in the seventh grade who also taught my younger brother. The catch is my brother has Asperger Syndrome, which is a form of high-functioning autism. She basically treated him like dirt because of that one reason. And because I’m his little sister, she also treated me the same way.  My brother’s friend made up a couple of nicknames for her, the first of which was Miss Payne-in-the-butt when she wasn’t married.

When she did get married, however, she instantly became Mrs. Craven-All-The-Attention. And the worst part? Her husband was just as bad. He took my brother’s bandmate’s phone off him in class for no reason and he also went through all of his texts. After they got fired because so many students came forward, I later found out through my brother that they weren’t allowed to go on school camping trips because they were caught sleeping together in one of the student cabins.

Screw you both, Mr. and Mrs. Craven. Good God, I hate you both.

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30. Mean Mom

My mother was physically, verbally, and mentally abusive growing up. She left my dad when he joined the navy because she wanted the guy next door instead. She's tried to end me on many occasions growing up...and I'm not even joking. The reason why is even more shocking—she found out I needed leg braces as a kid and refused to get them for me because she didn't want an ugly kid.

She told me I took after my dad's side too much and that I would be pretty "if I just lost weight. Turns out, I have an endocrine disorder and it literally wasn't my fault. Later on in my life, when I became a mother myself., she told CPS I was abusive because I worked with kids and she wanted to ruin my job.  She's just awful. I've spent my entire life trying to figure out what's so wrong with me that even my own mother hates me. I still can't figure out why she doesn't love me.

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31. Rumor Has It

This lady tried to convince my mother to put me into special education for being autistic, even though there was no need. She also spread rumors about how I was violent and unhinged and shouldn't be near "normal" people. I was seven years old at the time...take that in. One of the rumors she spread involved me allegedly beating her daughter. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

She was my best friend, and the injury she got was from when she fell down one time. The second rumor was even worse—I had been a victim of a targeted incident by four older teen girls who burned me and held a dangerous object on me. I protected myself, ended up in the hospital with the object in my leg, and proceeded to brag that I survived one on four, because yeah I did!

But the lady told everyone in the whole school that I was the one who stalked and harmed girls. That's where she went too far—my parents ended up pursuing charges against her for slander, and they also got a restraining order on her. As a result, she eventually lost her shared custody and was banned from the school grounds. To this day, none of her kids are talking to her.

She also tried to pull her daughter out of school, but her ex-husband stopped her. She took him to court claiming that she had more rights as a mother and was promptly told that's not how shared custody works.

Karens Behaving BadlyShutterstock

32. Bad Aim

My neighbor threw a billiard ball at me just because I was wearing a dress. I dodged it, then commanded my dog to attack. The funny thing is the ball didn't hit me, but it hit the sheriff who was my uncle. The jerk ended up maimed by my dog, who was trained to protect me and my uncle. The authorities saw the CCTV video and saw that my dog was protecting me and my injured uncle and that my dog obeyed my command to release the guy and then sat beside my legs.

The officers even petted him. But the best part? My dog is a small dog just a little larger than a chihuahua. No charges were placed on me and the guy spent some years in the slammer, then moved. My dog was hailed a hero by our neighbors. Apparently, that guy was responsible for multiple cases of arson, graffiti, destruction of property, defecting in a neighbor’s yard, etc.

Dark Family SecretsShutterstock

33. Short Tempered

At work, I had to back into a handicapped parking spot at one of my deliveries. My truck is about 30 feet long. This disabled man pulled into the spot next to me and started shouting that he needed the spot. Okay sure, no problem. I got into the truck and he backed out of the spot next to me to prepare to take the handicapped parking spot, still pointing and shouting at me the entire time.

Well, the way he was positioned, he was blocking the only direction I could move my truck. I got out to let him know that he needed to move back into the spot so that I can move the truck,  and then he could take the handicapped parking spot after. That's when he lost it. He hopped out of his van, opened the sliding door, and gripped his wheelchair, shouting, “I’m in a wheelchair!”

I replied, “Dude, I can’t move with you stopped right there, you’re going to have to pull back into that spot so I can move for you". After a few minutes, he finally complied, so I moved across the lot to wait for him. He pulled into the handicapped parking spot, sat for a couple of minutes, then left. After moving my big truck again in this small and very busy lot, I went inside to give them their invoice and asked the lady if he ever went inside, just in case I didn’t see him go in.

She told me, no, and I explained what had happened Another cashier then told us that he has been problematic for a while now. He keyed cars that have parked there before and shouts at people for parking there. I understand that the spot is reserved for people like him but it’s often the only spot available in the lot and I have to park there for delivery. Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean that you’re not a jerk.

Snobbiest Behavior factsPxhere

34. Frenemy

My best friend from last year would always put me down, every day. He was a nuisance to everybody, always flashing money around and claiming that he had a "huge one" while saying everybody else had a "micro one." He also attempted to get with my girlfriend twice, even though he already had his "army of girlfriends". His Snapchat friends list is endless and full of girls.

He once had nine windows open on his computer with just a single tab in each, the Omegle website. He had all the windows arranged so he could see all of them at once. Then, one day, he got out of control. He just suddenly snapped, calling everyone names, including my girlfriend. But when he started making comments about my family, that's when I had enough.

He said it was a good thing that my father left when I was five because, according to him, he abused me, my brother, and my mother. But he doesn't know a single thing about my family. Since then, my girlfriend and I have not spoken to him. I would not cry if he perished. I would spit on his casket as they lowered his body and I'd take everything he owns.

I've saved his life multiple times and he's never done anything for me. He owes me his life at least three times over.

Nightmare FamiliesShutterstock

35. No Help At All

My previous psychiatrist was very dismissive and narcissistic. He treated me very much like a second-class citizen, only ever making eye contact while talking with my mom. He always tried to challenge my diagnosis, which I’ve had now for the last six years, a hereditary mental illness that is rampant throughout my family. He also belittled me, saying I was lying about suffering from child harassment as a kid from a teacher.

What he did to me left me a traumatic wreck. Sometimes, he’d spend appointments just ranting to my mom about how I’m a dangerous and psychotic menace, even though I have amazing grades and have never had a disciplinary issue. I follow rules and I’m actually pretty smart. He also belittled my intelligence without even taking the time to know me. Glad I never have to see that stupid jerk again.


36. Fake And Venomous

After admitting that we liked each other, I sort of kept my now ex-boyfriend on hold for another week to discuss some of my boundaries and mental issues with him. He seemed very accepting and supportive initially. But then the first few months went by and he already made me feel like I wasn't good enough. Stupid, gullible me stayed with him, as if I felt I had to prove that I was worthy enough to be with him.

He kept bringing up things he asked me to do that I did not feel comfortable with, such as sending him explicit photos of myself. I kept crossing my limits for him because otherwise, I felt unworthy. We were far away from where people were, but still, I didn't feel comfortable with the idea and I had never done that before. I ended up not doing it after I almost had a panic attack. He, on the other hand, just kept whining about it.

But the darkest moment I had with him was when I lost my virginity. It was one of the most painful physical experiences I have ever felt in my entire life. I didn't feel ready, and I told him that, but he just kept whining about it. At one point, he coerced me into submitting to it. He would say things like, "It's okay if you don't want to do it, we can hire someone to take your place". He was just an awful person.

In the meantime, I was also struggling with psychological issues. I barely got any support from him and he thought it was too much for him to handle. At one point, he told everyone he wanted to break up with me because he couldn't deal with me. After everyone knew our business because of his big mouth, he finally dumped me... through a pathetic text message.

I was devastated because I was still madly in love with him at the time. It took months to actually realize I was in a very bad relationship with him. For years, I felt unworthy of anything, even life. I felt so dirty, filthy...I eventually got treatment for my psychological issues and that helped a bit, but I truly believe my ex scarred me for life. I'm traumatized by this guy and I'm not sure if that will ever go away.

Annoying Roommates factsShutterstock

37. Worst Dad

For the first two years of my mom's marriage to my stepdad, he was an absolute gentleman. At first, he only punished us for reasonable offenses, but then it got worse. He would slam us and throw us around for not listening to him. If we didn't do what he wanted us to do right when he asked us to, we were grounded until further notice—just locked in our rooms and forced to do nothing but stare at a wall.

It gets even darker. Sometimes, he wouldn't even feed us. I remember one particular instance where I forgot to water the dogs, though there was still an inch of water in the bowl. I got locked in my room without anything to drink for about 16 hours, give or take. After three years, we were moving just out of town into the countryside where we thought he might relax and mellow out...but we were wrong.

During those years, we were forced out of the house into the several feet of snow that Oregon winters can yield. We had nothing but our thin coats and we were forbidden from going inside until the snot had frozen in our noses. Once he finally opened the door to us, we were promptly greeted with our first meal of the day: top ramen, dry and without flavoring.

Summers were worse. We were locked outside without water and told to pick up every piece of trash on our three-acre property. We were forced to clean up the fields of horse poop by the scoop full until we could barely move our limbs. The worst incident during this time was when we went hunting. It was just me, him, and my older brother.

I was hunting with this beautiful old 1911 when he grabbed it from my hands and proceeded to whack me upside the skull with it. It didn't hurt at first, but then I started to see red—my head bled uncontrollably, so much that I looked like a really dark red head. But no, that injury wasn't from him, it was from a "ricochet". These were also the years he found out that a leather riding crop tenderized young backs quite well.

The fifth and sixth years with him were the worst. The beatings were daily occurrences, and no one was spared. He loved slapping my mom around and I hated it, so I began taking the blame so that my mom wouldn't have to endure his wrath. He became a heavy drinker and often compared himself to God. At that point, we knew we had to get out.

We made plans to move to Kentucky and we went about selling the house. During that time, his temper was calculated. We were beaten constantly, but he did so carefully, so as to not leave a single bruise. I remember one time I dropped a mug and it broke, and he proceeded to throw me outside onto sharp gravel. I'll never forget that, ever.

Time passed and we eventually moved to Kentucky where we were confined to our rooms, just because. We were there for a week before me, my mother, and my sister lured him out to a range and left him, taking just what we needed to make it by. We left two days before the Fourth of July. I am sixteen years old and I lived with that man since I was 10.

He made my life miserable, but you know what, the only time I'm ever going to see him is when he's behind bars.

Brutally Terrible ParentsShutterstock

38. Two Faced

A current colleague of mine who everyone thinks is a nice, generous, and "woke" guy is actually a textbook sociopath behind closed doors. He furiously texts me profane names whenever I make small errors on the job. I do not work for him and we are equals, but he tries to treat me like his assistant. I would end up realizing the extent of his troubled nature in the worst ways.

He threatened to drive a car he was driving me in off the highway because he felt I wasn't listening to him when he told me a story. He threatened to end himself and blame me for his demise by writing a journal entry to his family about me driving him to insanity. He did that all because I refused to help him clean up his rental car after he called me "stupid" and "incompetent."

He constantly threatens to defame me by making up lies about me to people we know. He tries to take my clients and connections and even hacked into my computer for six months so he could spy on my activity. What gets me is how incredibly fake he is with other people and how people can't see through his manipulations. He's not even a good actor.

It's like a villain pretending to be nice, and yet people totally eat it up. I just don't get it, and it's made me lose respect for a lot of people. He is one of those people who is constantly proclaiming how honest he is, yet he lies pathologically, even casually about big and small things. I've never met a more dishonest person. I'm in the process of trying to extract myself from his orb, and I'm also seeking counseling at a trauma center for victims of workplace harassment.

I tried to tell one mutual client of ours about how he's treated me and her response chilled me—she just brushed me off and cut me out of our next project together. No one believes me because they think he's the nicest guy. It's so infuriating. He even has his therapists fully duped. They tell him that I'm the crazy one and he's perfectly normal. I'm pretty sure he just goes to them for validation.

It's rare that I haven't been able to find any positive sides in a person, but from years of knowing him, he has no genuine redeeming qualities. Any trace of humanity is just a carefully calculated act.  It would be such a relief if he just disappeared.


39. Just For The Money

I had this horrible client when I worked at an employment agency. He was professionally unemployed and he knew how to work the system. He would regularly threaten to end himself so he wouldn't have his dole cut off. He would come in with scabs that he would scratch in the waiting room and make bleed so he wouldn't have to attend appointments.

And his string of bad behavior didn't stop there—he tried to foster children so he wouldn't have to work and thank goodness it did not get approved. He would also beat his wife to a pulp and brag about it. She was one of our clients as well. She was disabled, but she came in voluntarily to find a job so she could leave him. He is a plague on society.

Hate Someone FactsShutterstock

40. Learn What You See

I used to have a friend in the sixth grade. He was manipulative and acted like the victim all the time. He also was a liar. He kept telling everyone that he was depressed or suicidal, but there were no signs of it. I knew him for a while and he never had any friends. But I think that was because he always envied people and had little to no etiquette or manners.

To be honest, we were never actually friends, we were just classmates. He liked making fun of me and other people all the time. He always tried to act sad. It confused me for years...I always tried being nice to him, but he never let me in. He was also quite hypocritical. Luckily, I never trusted him. No one did.  Then I met his parents at the school and things started to make sense.

They were, without a doubt, rude people. I’m not a detective or anything, but the only thing I can conclude is why he is like this is because of the way he was raised. He probably mimics the actions of his parents.

41. Not My Problem

A former colleague of mine constantly saw herself as the victim and spread the rumor that we were harassing her. At meetings, she laughed at other colleagues and talked down on them, even though we all had the same job and pay grade. She was really incompetent in her work and never really did anything. She just never did her job and when too much had accumulated on her plate, she'd mysteriously got sick for some weeks and we'd have to clear out her backlog.

At some point, it became too much and we decided we had enough. We collectively complained to management and she was transferred. But in the last year I worked with her, she made my days miserable. Since I was new, I tried to get along with her, which only made her criticize me over and over, yell at me in front of colleagues, and portray me as rude and incompetent when I tried to defend myself.

At one point, I thought she would hit me in front of everyone, but she didn't cross that line. I still get panic attacks when I see her today. I hate her, she is such a miserable tramp. Her new department also hates her, but now she is their problem.

Worst Co-Workers factsPixnio

42. Fake News

A prior coworker of mine was a total piece of work. The worst thing she ever did was, while we were arguing about something in the news, she randomly threatened to report to Child Protective Services that I was harassing my daughter. She was really shocked and surprised, that I reported this to our manager. When she was finally fired, I brought in cupcakes and cookies the next day for everyone.

HR NightmaresShutterstock

43. Keep Your Hands Off Her

I was at a family reunion when I was five years old. My uncle drinks a lot and has done some unmentionable things to my family members. I was wearing a bright yellow dress and I was following my mom to the balcony. He said hi to my mom who ignored him. The whole family pretty much didn’t talk to him, so he was sitting on a chair by himself against a wall.

He saw me and said hi, but I didn’t say anything. Then, I felt a chill up my spine. He grabbed the back of my dress and told me to kiss him on the cheek. I obliged because I didn’t know any better. He had a drink in one hand and a tight grip on my dress with the other. He made me kiss him on the lips twice. He went in for a third until my mom came back out, grabbed me, and wiped my entire face down with a wet wipe.

She had tears rolling down her face as she apologized to me. I didn’t understand why she was so upset at the time, but now I'm 18 years old, and knowing what he has done to my other family members, I am disgusted and shocked. I’m glad nobody talks to that piece of garbage.

Embarrassing momentPexels

44. He Just Don’t Care

I used to work for the sleaziest piece of trash ever. He ran a bar for well over 20 years and never gave anyone a raise. The bar manager told me he made three hundred dollars a week. When wages went up in my state, his reaction was appalling—he threw a massive hissy fit and refused to raise them. That was after I quit; I don't know if anyone reported him or whatever happened with that.

He would go to Europe three times a year while his kitchen staff lived under the poverty line. He lost his cool once because a waitress worked a thirteen-hour shift and was given a free meal by management. Total garbage human being. I could write 10 more paragraphs about his horrible behavior, including his driving while intoxicated, harassment toward the staff, blatant lies about everything, inappropriate and hurtful jokes, and his rank, nasty breath.

I knew there were bad people in the world before I met him, but it really shocked me how someone could be so relentlessly putrid in every way and still be able to go to sleep at night.

Could Care Less FactsShutterstock

45. Onto Better People

My grandpa has driven all of his kids away. He has beaten me and thrown me out of the house about a dozen times since I was nine years old. He also taunts my sister for being transgender, threatens our mom with divorce for all kinds of stuff, frequents dating sites, and blares the living room TV into my bedroom at night. But the final straw for me was when he flashed me intentionally. I just knew it would get worse from then on out.

I'm finally moving out if things work out with a friend and I'll be done with his old, pathetic butt.

Unnerving Last WordsShutterstock

46. Charlie Bit Me

This one kid bit my chest and also looked over the stall at me while I was peeing. This happened in first grade and my chest looks a little different now. I hate him.

Teacher disturbing studentPexels

47. Spell It Out

I was in the fifteen items or fewer lane at the store, and after I got all my stuff out of the cart, I realized I actually had maybe seventeen or eighteen items. I noticed the guy behind me was counting my items, so I turned to him and apologized for not estimating correctly. He then began lecturing me, telling me that I'm old enough to know better, and so on. When I realized he wasn't joking, I knew I had to put him in his place.

So I looked at him and I said, "You know, guys like you need to wear a warning sign across your chest that says 'JERK' in big bold letters." He was actually kind of stunned by my response. Good.

Lost crushesUnsplash

48. Road Rage

I was visiting my mom who lives in the US and everything was going well...until one day, she started feeling bad while driving. She took three additional seconds to go after the green light showed up. This guy yelled at my mom and he started following us. We thought he would stop after a while, but he never did. I really had a bad feeling about him, and unfortunately, I was right.

We stopped next to a pharmacy to buy some medicine, then he got out of his car and started yelling, saying lies like my mom was using her cellphone or something when she wasn’t, and that he was going to call the authorities. My mom and I are still learning English, and our English wasn’t good enough to explain why she took a few additional seconds. It broke my heart to see her cry.

Taxi overheardShutterstock

49. Repent Later

We were doing presentations in health class on eating disorders and some guy was assigned anorexia. He winged all of his presentations so I was expecting his to be bad, but I never expected him to say what he did. “If you starve yourself, you are an absolute moron.” The girl right next to me struggled with anorexia and bulimia. It wasn't the first time he was insensitive to others, either.

There were separate occasions when he hit on my friend who was out as a lesbian at the time, teased me with stuff that people had said about me, and flicked my neck for no reason. Eventually, he seemed sorry and embarrassed for his actions, but God I hated him for that solid year when he was acting out.

Cringe-Worthy Presentations factsShutterstock

50. Time For Another Profession

I took a co-op program in high school and I got placed in a regional office for a Parliament member. My boss was the absolute biggest loser alive. He hated me from day one and didn't hesitate one second to show it.  One of the worst things he did was insult me in front of the other co-op students. Keep in mind that this was supposed to be a learning experience.

He had asked if any of us knew "how to answer a client" and I raised my hand and answered to the best of my knowledge. In front of all other co-op students and other workers, he replied out loud: "No, and this is exactly why you aren't going to be trusted with anything. I don't even want you at the front of the office". Like, imagine being a 16-year-old and hearing those words at your first internship.

Disastrous Job Interviews factsShutterstock

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