When Cheaters Get Caught

September 27, 2023 | Eul Basa

When Cheaters Get Caught

Getting cheated on is already bad enough, but actually catching them in the act? Well, that's a whole other kind of pain. From secret affairs with bosses to sleeping around during the honeymoon, these disturbing acts of infidelity make being single look not so bad after all...

1. Out Of My Hands

My grandfather told me this story about his first wife. He came home early ane day and the wife was getting it on with some other guy on their couch. My grandfather didn't do anything at first—he just kicked the guy out and told the wife to take a shower. But he had a devastating plan. He made dinner, which they later ate, and then he said: "Come on, get in the car, we'll go somewhere".

They got in the car and he drove her to her father's house. He kicked her out of his car, threw the ring into the bushes by her house, and told her father who was standing outside: "Here, take her back. I'm not dealing with...this".


2. Drive-By Evidence

He drove past me when he was supposed to be out of town overnight for work. I called him and he pretended he was still out of town, then I told him that I had just seen him pass by. He made some lame excuse about coming home to surprise me. But I'd caught him red-handed. The truth was coming out one way or another. Turns out he was cheating with someone in our friend group, who also knew we'd just had our second child.

They went on to be together for a few years, and he eventually cheated on her too. My kids haven’t seen him since he moved countries two years after the split.

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3. Doctor's Orders

I got tested for an STD. I brought my then-boyfriend with me to get my test results because I had developed symptoms. This was the second or third time I had symptoms after we slept together, and each time, I was blamed for it. Every time, my doctor told me that it probably came from him, but he always said she was lying. After she told me I had caught something yet AGAIN, he tried to say it was me. Her response was AMAZING.

Unexpectedly, she reached over the desk and smacked him with my file a few times, telling him to stop lying. I had never seen a doctor do that before. She was instrumental in us breaking up. She didn't let him blame me and eventually, he admitted it may be coming from him. Turns out, he was a serial cheater and he slept with anyone who was willing.

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4. Two Sides, One Coin

I had a feeling for a while, but he always denied it of course; directly and through a massive amount of gaslighting. Ultimately, the other woman was also married and her husband called me at work after he found me on LinkedIn. It took everything I had to walk to my car to cry in private. I later filed for divorce, and just to be clear, I didn’t get with the other woman’s husband. His main goal was to work things out with his wife. I’m not sure how that ended up.

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5. I'm Staying Put

The other woman had the audacity to knock on my front door and ask me to take my kid and leave so that she and my husband could be together. I have never been so shocked in my life. I told her she could have him, but they'd have to leave since I technically owned the house. I then told him he was free to go. He did not go, sadly. She'd been dropped off by her ex who she'd cheated on with my ex-husband. That was quite awkward.

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6. He Said, She Said

I was the third party in this situation. I was over at their house for drinks one night and at the end of the night, her boyfriend absolutely insisted on walking me to the bus stop. On the walk, he kept trying to hold my hand. It was awkward—but it was going to get worse. While waiting for the bus, he tried to forcefully kiss me. I told him he was a giant jerk, and luckily the bus came pretty quickly.

The next day, I got her alone to let her know what had happened and comforted her as she cried. A few days after that, she blocked me on social media and I found out that when she had talked to her boyfriend about it, he denied it and said I was the one trying to make out with him. She believed him and then two months later, she walked in on him getting it on with another girl.

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7. Bottle Cap Extrapolation

I found a single bottle cap on the stairs. I knew I didn’t drop it there, since I don’t drink upstairs and I hadn’t had a drink all week. I CSI’d the heck out of that little piece of evidence. She was supposed to be on a business trip, but she had actually been home while I was at work. I wasn't expecting her until Sunday at the earliest, and I found the cap on Friday afternoon.

I called her and I didn't get an answer, which wasn't unusual, as she often had signal problems at the plant site where she worked, which was out in the middle of nowhere. So I thought I would maybe check in with her mom, just in case. Her mom was initially confused, but I could tell something was wrong. She clearly started to get anxious not knowing how best to cover for her own daughter.

I got off the phone and a couple of minutes later, my wife finally called. I point blank asked her who she was with, and it was all downhill from there. They must have actually stopped at the house to pack for a little weekend getaway. Who knows what they did there while I was at work, but they had a couple of beers to get the weekend started early.

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8. Neighborhood Watch

I was away at school for three weeks and when I came back I hung out with our neighbors. Turns out, she slept with a guy in their house when they had a little get-together. But that wasn't even close to the worst part. The neighbors later told me they noticed her and the guy had been gone for an extended period of time while they were watching our then four-year-old son.

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9. Exclusive Listening Party

My girlfriend of two years invited me to grab coffee with her on my way home from work. When I arrived at the coffee shop, she was sitting with a guy. We chatted for a bit, and I wrongfully assumed he was an old friend or work colleague and they had run into each other. It felt a little awkward, but I didn't have time to dwell on it at the time because I had things to take care of at home.

Apparently, they were making plans to "listen to records" together. At the time, I didn't realize through context that they wanted to do that alone, as in, just the two of them. We had several friends who were music nerds and had large record collections. He would end up being the first of an unknown number of guys she would cheat on me within a very short period of time.

I still can't get past the brazen insanity of inviting us both to meet her for coffee at the same time. There were some underlying manic/depressive and self-destructive issues, but that one still gets me.

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10. Kiss Of Betrayal

I was early picking him up from work and I saw the other woman dropping him off. They made out for a minute before he ran inside. He came out a few minutes later, having changed into his work shirt, and immediately started complaining about his co-workers.

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11. Dodged A Bullet

The dude she cheated on me with had no idea I even existed. I was out of town visiting my dad in Boston when I got a message on Facebook. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It was this dude I'd never met before, telling me he was sorry and that he'd had a few too many that night. He woke up before her and when he used the bathroom, he saw my shaving kit. She said it was her roommate's, but it was a one-bedroom apartment. He did some snooping and found out she was dating me.

Real bro move. I had no anger towards him; actually the opposite. He even invited me to have some drinks with him and he offered to pay. I respectfully declined. Luckily, we only had six weeks left on our lease. It was the most painful and awkward six weeks of my life. She threw away a three-year relationship because she didn't want to go to Boston, but was mad that I still wanted to go without her.

Now I'm happily married to a wonderful woman. That experience taught me a lot, and it all worked out in the end.

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12. Cologne Clues

He only wore cologne for special events. I had just cleaned our bathroom cabinets and organized everything. A few days later, I noticed his cologne bottle had slightly moved. I dug out his clothes from the previous night and found makeup all over his shirt’s shoulder. I didn’t wear that kind of makeup. The cologne bottle never lies.

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13. Just A Feeling

I had a gut feeling. He was in nursing school and would routinely have classmates over to study. There was a younger girl in the mix and I got a weird feeling about her. I got out of work early one day and found her in my home, where my young children were. They were on the couch not doing, anything but I knew. He made up some nonsense story as to why she was there.

He said the alarm at his parents' house was going off and he called her to babysit. A few days later, I asked if we could meet up near where he was studying, just grab a quick coffee so we could catch up. He declined. A few days after that, he was home and showering. Then, his phone went off and he never locked it. I decided to look at his phone and there was a text from his friend, Andy.

At first, I was like, oh, I’m just paranoid maybe. But then I read the message, and it all suddenly made sense. It definitely wasn’t from his friend Andy. It was the girl from school. And the message clearly showed me he was cheating. He came downstairs and I simply said we should start the process for divorce. He said okay. They are married now. I’m in a good relationship. All worked out in the end. Never ever ignore your gut instinct.

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14. Roommate Revelations

We were watching a movie at his house when I got a phone call from his roommate’s girlfriend. She sounded upset and asked me to step outside so she could speak with me privately. Alarm bells started going off in my head. I didn’t even think to ask how she knew I was currently with my boyfriend. I went out to the front yard and she told me about how she and my boyfriend’s roommate (who was her boyfriend) were led to believe that we had an open relationship.

He was bringing girls home constantly whenever I was gone. Sometimes the same girls repeatedly. She and her boyfriend had only just realized that I had no idea what was going on. They felt awful and they made a plan to tell me. I was a little numb when she told me this—it was hard to believe I could be so oblivious. There were a lot of nights I was working late studying (I was in college) and a lot of nights when he said he had to work late and I never questioned him.

When I went back inside, my boyfriend wasn’t there. I found him in his roommate’s bedroom. My roommate had come out while I was on the phone and told him who I was talking to and why. He was sitting on the floor and couldn’t even look at me. I kept repeating how awful he was and it got annoying. So after a little while, I thanked his roommate profusely and left the room. A friend picked me up.

I maintained my composure as I went to gather my things, and I exited the house to get in the car. Then I put my head between my knees and sobbed. I broke up with him right after that. I had a weird week of him trying to get back into my good graces and I almost let him back in, but I had realized how immature and stagnant of a person he was.

He stalked me for a little bit and my own roommate threatened to call the authorities if he ever came on our property again. He was in his mid-twenties and I was 19 when we started dating...I didn’t realize how much of a red flag that was. I'm glad I only spent a year of my life on that bozo. I look back and cringe, but I was young and still figuring things out.

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15. A Heartbreaking Message

I suspected him of having a thing for my friend but he always gaslit me into thinking I was just insecure and paranoid. He had his phone connected to the Bluetooth in our (shared) vehicle. A text from my friend popped up and before he could stop me, I pressed "Read". The text message said, "I love you, can't wait for tomorrow".

That day ended a seven-year relationship.

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16. A Sign From Above

My dog woke me up one night to take her outside. I already had suspicions that my wife had been cheating on me, but I had no proof. Then, I found a digital video camera and some lingerie in a travel bag and she said she was planning something for me, which was so out of character for her. Plus, she had been out of town several times to "visit friends". There was no SD card in the digital camera either.

So after I took our dog back inside, I looked to my right and saw my wife's purse sitting on the washer, and the moonlight was perfectly centered shining on the purse. It was the closest thing to a "sign" that I could have ever asked for. I walked over to it and saw a zipper pocket inside the purse. Inside that was a container with an SD card. At that moment, I knew exactly what I had found. Still, I needed to be sure.

I took it out, put it on my laptop, and sure enough, there were like 20 different racy videos of her with other men. Each file was titled with a date and time that coincided with her visits out of town.

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17. The Pizza Hut Deception

My ex-boyfriend's phone had "Pizza Hut" texting him at 2 am asking if he was up. He was gone for weeks at a time and wouldn't answer my texts or calls. When I asked about it, he acted like I was being crazy and clingy to want to know where he was all the time. I eventually moved out while he was gone. It was almost a month before he noticed and contacted me asking where I was.

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18. The Turning Point

My husband of 15 years came up to me in the kitchen without warning and told me: “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore.” As I was trying to process that, he informed me that he was going to leave to hang out with his friends. Two days later, after much denial, he told me he “may have kissed someone else.”

He was in a full-blown affair. I kicked him out, and it completely blew apart our lives. To make matters worse, we have children together. That was 10 months ago. I will never forget the devastation and pain of that moment.

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19. A Trip Down Memory Lane

I found out later that she met someone while we were dating. After a really intense six-month relationship, she became a raging witch practically overnight, saying the meanest things imaginable. It was her way of getting me to break things off. Less than a year later, she popped up on my Facebook feed in the "Memories" section and I saw that she was married.

That kind of messed with my head, honestly, so I did a little digging. Apparently, she was on a website that gave relationship advice, and I knew her username, so I started looking through some of her answers. Sure enough, one of her answers was a story about how she met her current husband, and the details all lined up.

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20. Caught In A Lie

We were supposed to hang out after work but she bailed last minute with some bogus excuse, so I followed her. She lied about her plans and went back to her ex’s house. The next day when I saw her I just told her that I caught her in a lie, it’s a pretty bad one, and we’re done. She kept asking how I knew what she was doing and all I said was, “No, I’m not gonna help you be a better liar.”

She balled her little alligator eyes out.

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21. I Only Came For The Food

I didn't find out for sure until way after, but I knew. There was a shift in his behavior, and I just always had a terrible feeling that he was sleeping around behind my back. But he was pretty good at covering all his tracks and I found nothing. Fast forward several months later, we were already broken up because it was a tumultuous relationship all in all, and he was begging me to get back together in his car over some fast food.

I took that opportunity to pry as much information from him, claiming I just wanted the truth and a "fresh start". He admitted every detail, including her name and the fact that she too was cheating on her then-boyfriend. The funnier side of it (which, thinking of it now, it's crazy I heard nothing about this when it went down) is her side of it.

I guess they had taken a video of them getting it on and they carelessly left it in their Snapchat conversation...and while she was at HER OWN FAMILY'S EVENT with her boyfriend, he went through her phone while she got up from their table. He found the video and flipped out. They all knew what she did. After learning what I need to know, I laughed at him, took my free meal, and never saw him again.

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22. Wings And Things

I was taken out for wings with her best friend's husband and one of her guy friends. We hung out quite a bit, but they knew I was clueless about what was happening. I was told straight out by both of those dudes that she had been cheating on me. Simply put, they told me that she never stopped dating her ex. Solid move by them.

It sucked hard to hear, but after a bit of time, I really appreciated that they felt I was enough of a friend to let me know. It's been a few years since I've seen or talked to either of them. Good people those two guys are.

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23. Always Trust Your Gut

There was no hint, no changes, everything was as it always had been. But I had this strange feeling in my gut and I couldn't put a word to it. I waited three days for the feeling to go away. On the third night, I told myself, "I'll just sleep it off tonight, I'm probably just having a mood swing, no need to bother him...BUT if the feeling is still there tomorrow morning, I'll look at his phone when he's in the shower," a thing I never did to any of my exes and would never do again.

I ended up going through with it...and let's just say, my feeling was 100% right. Then, I broke up with him.

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24. Super Stalker Status

She asked to borrow my roommate's laptop, but then got called into work "for an emergency.” My roommate then opened the laptop to find like 10 different accounts of hers open with proof of her cheating. Some messages went back as far as seven years. When I got off work, she wasn’t home yet and my roommate showed it to me.

Everything clicked into place and I just felt numb. I packed her things and put them out on our first-floor balcony. She got home like two hours later and when I confronted her about it, she got mad at me for invading her privacy. It got really bad, really fast. She started screaming and breaking things, so I asked her if we could go somewhere else to have the argument.

Once we got to the front door, I opened it for her, she walked out, and I just closed it and walked back inside. I then proceeded to drop her stuff to her from the balcony while she completely lost it outside. Eventually, officers came and she got taken in. What followed was a six-month saga of her showing up at my job, the new place me and my roommate moved to, and 60+ nights of her camped out in her vehicle outside my apartment.

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25. Lunchtime Discovery

I had a feeling for a while, but nothing concrete. We only had one car, so she would drop me off at work and then go on to her work. We were supposed to have lunch together one day, but she called and said she couldn’t make it as she was tied up at work. My boss heard that I didn’t have lunch, so he gave me the company truck to go pick up something for the shop.

I drove to the fast food place my wife and I were supposed to have lunch at...and saw her sitting outside with a co-worker. They were holding hands and feeding each other. I went through the drive-thru, then honked at them. Her face went from confusion to shock and she tried to pull her hands away from the dude.

I found out she had told him I was her gay roommate.

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26. Know Your Worth

I was a freshman in college while my boyfriend was a sophomore. We lived in the same dorm two floors apart. One night, while I was studying in my room, my boyfriend's roommate came in, followed by his ex-girlfriend and her roommates. He asked if we could go somewhere to talk. We all went down to the floor's common room and they sat me down.

The ex-girlfriend, who I had only met once, took my hand while the roommate told me my boyfriend had gone out to a party that night. Apparently, she was just at the party and he came on to her. She turned him down. He then went up to another girl who also knew about me and turned him down. She left the party and immediately told his roommate.

His roommate was livid that he would pull that on me. He called my boyfriend and told him he needed to come back to the dorm and tell me what he did. My boyfriend said no. His roommate then told him that if he didn't tell me, then he was going to tell me himself. Bf called his bluff and lost. I was devastated. He was my first boyfriend, and I broke up with him the next day.

He came down, begging, pleading, and crying. He also put the blame on the girls saying they seduced him. I said no. He walked out bawling.

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27. Far, Far Away

I was deployed to Iraq, 7,000 miles away, and she said she needed space. I still had her MySpace password, so I logged in to check her messages. I found her playing 20 Questions with a bunch of guys and telling them how many partners she had been with, which apparently was like three while I was gone. I also found a bunch of messages about her meeting up with some dude she worked with.

So the next opportunity I had to call her at the internet cafe on base, I tried to confess that I felt bad for checking her MySpace, but before I could get the sentence out, she accused me of cheating on her when all she heard was "I need to confess". That's when I exploded on her and told her, "No, you jerk—YOU did, and how dare you to accuse me.".. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I was so upset and devastated. 2.5 years were gone, just like that. And I couldn't do a dang thing about it being that far away.

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28. Good Riddance

His commanding officer told me he was going to Hawaii on a two-week vacation. She wasn’t supposed to tell me but thought I should know since I guess he came off as secretive about getting the time off work. We lived outside of the U.S. at the time. I confronted him and he just said he needed to clear his head (away from me and our three children).

Looking through his social media profiles, I came across a friend of his that I’d never known, and I knew all of his friends since he and I have known each other since high school. I looked her up and her page was filled with love posts about a secret lover. When he left, he took all of our passports. She ended up posting pictures of her in his uniform, bragging about the vacation.

To put salt into the wound, he blogged about it as well and included pictures of the vacation. But at least I got revenge. Since he was so many hours behind in time, I was able to pretty much empty our bank account and leave him with nothing but $100 for the end days of his vacation.

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29. Excuses, Excuses

We were on the couch and a message popped up on his phone that was on the coffee table. I kind of glanced down and he acted very nervous—he grabbed the phone quickly and started talking about how it was just his work, blah blah blah—even though I didn't even ask or say anything. I did, however, notice that the icon in the top corner was for a known hookup app.

So the next day, I searched for men seeking women in our area. I found an ad that he had made (he had put his phone number in the ad), took a screenshot of it, and sent it to him. I told him to never talk to me again. We weren't living together, thankfully. He then sent me a string of messages that I never replied to. The first one was him denying it completely.

Then, he said that I was the one cheating, because why else would I be searching on that app. His next excuse was even better—he said he made that dating profile only so that he could "catch" me cheating. Eventually, he admitted that he was just insecure and wanted attention from other women, but totally wasn't going to do anything. In his last message, he finally admitted to it.

I got tested and luckily I hadn't caught anything. 0/10, wouldn't recommend.

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30. Cutting Loose

I noticed a stark change in his behavior. He started gambling and drinking 'til the wee hours five times a week. We separated and he decided to stay with his female best friend and her husband. We went to couples counseling during that time, and eventually, he moved back in. But things were different and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Eventually, I ended it for good and kicked him out. He went back to his female best friend's place and a week later her husband moved out.

I found out, through the husband, that they had been having an affair since he first moved there (whilst we were in counseling and trying to patch things up for the sake of our child). I didn’t bring it up to him—I didn’t get angry, or cry, or scream—I just ignored it. He finally came clean when they got engaged two months later. I couldn’t help but laugh in his face.

It sucked big time, but now his life is a total mess and I am flourishing. Karma.

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31. Twice In One Day

I was finishing residency with young twins. I have a great family, so it’s not like the kids were ever solely on him. He turned into this cold, indifferent person to all of us. He left his laptop open one day and it was flooded on Discord. The messages were from a private chat from a group he was in. I couldn't believe what I was reading. He was planning on cleaning out a bank account he contributed nothing to and moving to Ohio.

I didn’t want to scroll through the sensitive images,  so I reached out to the girl. She was 19 and he was 31, but that wasn't what I had an issue with. I just asked her how long it had been going on. She said over a year, and he was sending her my money. We had a great chat and he got dumped twice in one day. I got my degree, career, and two great kids. Last I heard, his dating pool is the freshmen at the community college in our hometown who don’t know any better.

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32. Taking Out The Trash

It was just after my birthday and I was five and a half months pregnant. We were engaged. I worked full time and supported us as he didn’t work. He just wanted to get tipsy and sleep with random women, I guess. Anyway, I had recently purchased an iPad Mini and wanted to play on it. I found that he had messaged 15 different women on a dating app that day, with sensitive pictures in his profile and everything, and a description that said: "My girlfriend works too much and I'm just looking for someone to get with".

It was truly a nightmare. But then I had a terrible, brilliant idea. I updated his profile for him to include the fact that his fiancé, who was five and a half months pregnant with our child, was working full time to support his junkie lifestyle. And if they wanted to pursue the offering he made, they could make room for him on their couch. He came into the living room where I was and asked why I was so upset.

I said, “Why don’t you tell me" while showing him his profile on the dating app. His face dropped. He knew he was busted. Today, he lives across the country, and through a court order, he is able to FaceTime our little one three times a week. We’re lucky if that happens once a month. Good riddance, B. You are the poster child of a deadbeat dad!!!

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33. The Three-Year Deception

I was working at the local bottle shop and a lady asked what I thought was the best champagne as her boyfriend just proposed to her and she wanted to celebrate. She showed me the ring and the video...and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was my fiancé, who is also the father of our children. I was kind of in shock, and my co-worker sent me home. I packed my things, waited until the kids got home from school, then took them to my parents.

He only got engaged to me because his family expected it. I did eventually tell the other woman, who was shattered also. I have no idea how he expected to be able to pull it off, but he did for three years. My friends joke around that the universe gave me a sign.

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34. A Double Life

I've worked all around the world and I would often travel for months at a time on business trips. My regular house cleaner of several years had passed, so I appointed a new one. It was just me and my boyfriend living together for the past five years. My new cleaner messaged me while I was away on a business trip.

“How many people live at your place?" she asked. “Just me and my boyfriend.” “Hmm, there are things going on that you don't know about.” I texted my younger sister to go over to the house and see if everything was okay. It was about 9 pm local time. This guy had taken all of my clothes and belongings and put them in storage. All the photos of me, in MY house which I owned, were replaced with him and this woman. There was a suitcase of a woman’s clothes in the bedroom.

He was pretending everything was his—the house, the cars, everything. I texted him immediately and told him to get the heck out of my house. He had the audacity to ask if he could go back and get his stuff. He eventually went back to New Zealand and took all of the gifts that I had bought him during our relationship. He didn't even reset the house this time, so when I came back, I came to a house with none of my clothes and none of my belongings.

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35. Sealing The Deal

She turned off the password on her cell phone and left it at home while she was at work. I was looking at pictures of our son. I saw texts from her to an ex-boyfriend that she had for about a year when we were apart. She texted him on Christmas and on my birthday, saying a whole bunch of horrible things about me. She also sent him extremely detailed messages regarding what she wanted to do with him.

Later, she asked me to bring the phone to her at work. Needless to say, it kind of sealed the deal on that.

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36. Honey, I'm Home

She became more and more distant with each passing day. Not just that, but also indifferent. She just stopped caring and it showed. I caught her because she claimed she was working overtime, but her pay never reflected it. One day, I got out of work early after a machine broke down in my department.

I didn't tell her. When I came home, I caught her red-handed with someone in our bed.

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37. Topsy Turvy

I came home from work early one day and she was with her boss in our bed. I had absolutely no idea she was cheating—we had been together for 10 years and had nine-year-old twins. We had a very happy family, we held hands in public, we slept with each other three times a week, we cuddled on the couch at night, we had no financial problems, and she always talked about how she wanted to grow old together in our house and watch our kids grow up.

Then, all of a sudden, she said she was leaving me and taking the kids. She had been living a double life for about a year. I was diagnosed with depression and PTSD three years later. Two years post-diagnosis, I’m better than I was, I but still have problems. I had a vasectomy so it’s over for me now, and I will never get to have my “own” family.

My kids have mental health problems now too...She caused a lot of damage to a lot of people.

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38. I Spy With My Little Eye

He worked the night shift at a fast food place and he didn’t have a car, so he would walk home or sometimes get a ride from a co-worker depending on who was on his shift. I had already suspected something was going on, so one night, I waited outside, 30 minutes before he usually got home, behind a stone wall that circled our apartment complex.

I watched him make out with his co-worker in the car for a good 15 minutes before getting out. He then made eye contact with me, realizing that I was right there watching. He had been telling her that he lived with me but that I was his ex and that we slept in separate rooms. I got ahold of her and invited her into our studio apartment where we shared a bed every night. That was some fun drama.

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39. Suspicions Confirmed

Things had been going poorly for a couple of weeks and I had been trying to figure out what was wrong. The usual "It's fine" answer came up every time, but I knew something was up. One night around 12 am, she walked through the living room on her way to bed just dumb smiling at her phone. You know the smile I'm talking about...we've all had it at least once or twice.

I knew exactly what she was looking at, so I went against my morals and breached her privacy. I waited an hour, checked her phone, and my suspicion was right—she was sending intimate texts to some guy. I woke her up and confronted her about it. In hindsight, I should have cooled off before doing so, but we split up officially and I moved away.

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40. "Flapping" In The Wind

I got home from a trip and he had removed all of the pictures of us from the walls. I found them under the bed. When I asked him why he hid them all away, he said he had opened the window and they were flapping in the wind. Apparently, only the ones with me in them were "flapping"...Yes, he was an idiot.

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41. Love Is A Fickle Thing

I found them on the floor of her office. In a fit of rage, I physically picked him up and threw him off of her. I asked her right then and there if she wanted a divorce—she said "yes," adding that she "loved me but was not in love" with me. I sat there in disbelief for 15 minutes before I went home. Then, I packed up the kids and went to a hotel.

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42. Potential Break Up Song

They were sleeping in bed as I got home in the morning after working all night. I grabbed a guitar, sat on the edge of the bed, and played a really bad country song that I made up on the spot. She was yelling at me. There I was, at the end of the bed, just singing really badly and really loudly. He had the cover over his head probably wondering if I was going to hit him over the head with the guitar.

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43. Already Doomed

We'd been together for over two years and had been out drinking quite heavily. As I sat in my friend's bar after hours, we suddenly realized we hadn't seen her or our other friend in a while. We tracked them down in the toilets. Her excuse was that she was tipsy and she doesn't actually remember doing anything. We broke up soon afterward. I didn't actually feel hurt...I think the relationship was over before it happened anyway.

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44. The Shaggy Defense

I once missed out on a party at my friend's house that my girlfriend was at. We had the same friends. Anyway, I just had the feeling that something was going on since she wouldn't text back or answer her phone. Then, my phone went off and it was my buddy. He sent me a disturbing video of my ex in the bedroom with some other guy.

My buddy had cracked the door and got like a full 15 seconds of it for evidence without her knowing. Her excuse was that it wasn't her. She cried when I sent her the video myself.

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45. Never Forgive A Liar

While we were at a party, she got tipsy and disappeared for a bit. I randomly walked around a corner and I saw her making out with some dude. I walked up, calmly told her we were done, and walked off. About an hour later, she found me and begged forgiveness, saying she got too tipsy. I drove her home, held her hair while she puked, got her water, and stayed up on the couch all night.

Then in the morning, when I decided I could forgive her, she dumped me.

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46. Hotel Hijinks

A family friend of mine suspected her husband of cheating. Her husband was staying at a hotel and she got the room number from downstairs. He knocked on his door, which he refused to open. So she ran downstairs frantically yelling for help because she said her husband was having a heart attack and couldn't make it to the door.

Security immediately rushed upstairs and opened the door—there he was, on full display with a woman half his age. Believe it or not, they're still married.

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47. A Repeating Pattern

This was seven or so years ago now. He was in the Armed Forces, so we were long-distance. The woman he was cheating on me with for like six months Facebook messaged me one day telling me everything. The reason WHY was infuriating. It wasn't because she suddenly felt guilty, but because she was upset he cheated on her and gave her chlamydia.

They ended up getting back together—they got married and had a kid like a year later—but shockingly, that didn’t work out and now they’re divorced.

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48. "Blocked" Number

He left his phone open to someone named “Blocked” texting him about her weird sunburn from her swimsuit straps. Funny thing is, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought if the contact name on the phone was actually something normal. "So-and-so from work?" Whatever, not a second thought. But titling a contact “Blocked” (who clearly isn’t blocked since they’re still able to message) is just a big red flag.

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49. The Loyalty Test

This happened with my first serious high school girlfriend. My best friend had been telling me he didn’t like her for months. He pointed out every time he thought she was being shady and how she was trying to isolate me from friends. I wouldn’t listen. I was home from university for a long weekend and my best friend and I were hanging out, just the two of us, for the first time in months.

We got pretty hammered. At one point, he looked me straight in the face and said, “I can’t prove who she’s been with or how many times, but I bet I can prove that she's up to no good. Give me thirty minutes and I bet I can get her to flirt with me through texts". My cheating ex-girlfriend came through in spades. It only took about twenty minutes of texting.

My buddy pulled me out of a bad situation that night and I’ve never forgotten it. I found out later that she had been with at least one of the other guys in our hometown that went to her school. We live and learn.

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50. Take Me Out To The Ball Game

As a sportswriter for a daily newspaper, I was assigned to cover high school football games across the region. I happened to be working a game in my hometown on a Friday night. My then-wife took her turn as a band booster mom working the concession stand at that same game. Because my schedule was so random, she had no clue I was there that night.

Sitting in the press box keeping stats for my story, I used binoculars to better see the game. Then I saw something that made my stomach drop. I spotted my wife in the visitors-side concession stand. Standing next to her was a local officer. When I saw them kiss, I knew. We eventually divorced. The officer divorced his wife of more than 30 years in order to marry my ex. They were married about a year, then divorced.

I've remarried and will celebrate my 9th wedding anniversary in May.

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