These Teachers Got Fired For Shocking Reasons

October 4, 2023 | Violet Newbury

These Teachers Got Fired For Shocking Reasons

Teachers are trusted professionals who are supposed to be respectable individuals. However, every school has THAT teacher. The one who is kinda creepy, unfairly mean, or just downright snaps. When they are finally exposed, what ensues is usually a scandalous dismissal.  Read on to hear some stories of how THAT teacher got fired.

1. It Was Nunsense

I went to a Catholic school taught by nuns. Our sophomore English teacher absolutely lost it one day because of the class's complete indifference to her Greek mythology lessons. There was only one person in the class who made a half-hearted attempt at her extra-credit assignment from the previous day. That was the start of her breakdown. 

The sister somewhat calmly asked that we pass our mythology textbooks to the front of the class. She then went on a seriously loud rant about us awful students while ripping the books down the spine and flinging them out an open window into the snow. We were all sitting there like dumbfounded angels when the principal, whose office was directly below the classroom, came charging into the room.

He had assumed that students were rioting…because why else would books be raining down outside his office window?  It took several moments before he recovered from the shock of seeing a nun continue raving on and tossing books out the window. He saw her out. We just sat there with low murmuring conversations until the next bell, not knowing what else to do.

We never saw her again, and a different teacher took over the next day.


2. A Teacher’s Salary Just Didn’t Cut It

In middle school, I had a teacher who took over $1,000 worth of stuff—mostly jewelry—from the department store Kohls. She was caught clear as day on the security cameras. It was one of those things where you would never have imagined her doing something like that, but after it happened, we really weren’t that surprised.

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3. His Courtesy Got Him Cut Loose

An English teacher in my high school accepted a much better-paying job at a nearby college. They decided to tell the school faculty so that they would have ample time to replace him for the next school year. His new job required him to leave the school a week earlier than school let out so that he could start his new job.

The school ended up firing him on the spot and told him not to bother coming back after the day was over. It was really sad. He spent the rest of the day giving away things from his classroom to his students.


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4. Say Cheese

We had a teacher at my school who replaced all the school lunches with only cheese sandwiches. Things got so progressively worse from there that my school had a sit-in. People were taken into custody, and the school had to hire a bunch of law enforcement agents to surround the building in case of a riot. Then everyone got sent home early.

She lasted only about a year at the school because she caused so much chaos. Her famous line was, "You get what you give". At the sit-in, someone retorted, "You get what you give, but I don't remember giving anyone a cheese sandwich!" The best thing that came out of that whole situation was that iconic line!

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5. The School Had A Bad Reaction

One of my middle school science teachers was a good teacher. However, he wasn't the friendliest guy, so most of us didn't like him very much. At some point, after I had graduated high school, he took his disabled, widowed mother in, listed her as his dependent, and added her to his very good, union-negotiated health insurance. What happened next was heartbreaking.

At some point, the district and/or the insurance company found out, and he was fired for misusing the insurance.

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6. Their Secret Was Out Of The Closet

A teacher at my school had a high school-aged child. Her kid hid his stash of illicit substances in her classroom closet. The kid was always a troublemaker and got expelled, and of course, she was fired. It was all hush-hush, but everyone knew what was really going on. The teacher even knew he was hiding stuff in there, and when it was found, she started crying. It was actually really sad.

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7. They Banded Together To Expose Him

A guy I went to school with ended up working at our old school as a music teacher after we graduated. He was the band director. He would have the girls who were in band change in and out of their uniforms in one of the classrooms while the boys changed in another. Apparently, the practice was pretty physically demanding as well. Therefore, many of the girls would change from regular bras into sports bras.

One day, a girl in the band made a disturbing discovery. She noticed a laptop on the desk open with a camera connected, pointing right to where they changed. Thinking it was odd, she notified another teacher, who contacted someone in IT to log into the laptop and make sure nothing fishy was going on. When they logged in, they found GBs upon GBs of video files of girls changing in that room…going back five years.

The guy ended up serving 19 years in a state prison.

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8. Partying With The Prof

We had a younger long-term substitute teacher while I was in high school. He was probably about 4–5 years older than most of the students. Someone thought it would be funny to invite him to a student party, and he actually showed up. The dude got intoxicated and tried to leave with a student in his car but got pulled over for a D.U.I. and got taken in.

He showed up to class on Monday to teach as if nothing had happened, and he was promptly told to leave. After that, the school had to go on damage control to make sure nothing else had happened at that party.

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9. Show And Tell Showdown

My teacher had advised all students that the following day there would be a "show and tell" of sorts, but the goal was to bring something the presenter was certain no one else had ever seen. I had no clue what I could bring. So, I asked my dad, who really appreciated historical things. He was excited to show me a grenade.

The object was a dud. It had been drilled out, and there was no fuse that existed, so the mechanism could not detonate. But, it had been, at one point, a very real grenade. I brought it to class. My teacher dragged me by my shirt collar to the principal's office while she held the grenade in the other hand. It was almost as though she was displaying it and also disgusted by it.

She paraded me, and the grenade, in front of many students. Then, panic ensued. So, suddenly, in my very small Canadian town, on a typically quiet street, at a primarily calm school, over a dozen service vehicles, a swat team no one knew existed, and a hybrid tank/battering ram vehicle thing that we're still not sure how the town procured, showed up.

They eventually identified the grenade as harmless, my teacher was discharged, and I was suspended for two days. However, my dad did go to bat for me.

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10. He Flew Out Of Sight

Mr. J seemed like an okay-ish teacher. He was a bit weird but seemed friendly enough. He told our class that he owned a light plane, and if anyone ever wanted to get their pilot’s license, he would let them fly it. One Friday, a friend in another class said he announced to their class that his side hustle was using the plane to fly smokes to an island and then fly them to the mainland to avoid import duty.

We thought that sounded pretty sketchy, but it must be legit; otherwise, why would he announce it to the class? The following Monday, my alarm clock woke me up with the top news story. My jaw dropped to the floor. It was about the arrest of a group who had been busted doing precisely that. When we got to school, Mr. J wasn't there. There were other theories as to his absence.

Some students suggested it was related to an incident the day before where he had made an attractive female student “feel uncomfortable” on the train. Either way, we never saw Mr. J again. The other teachers never told us what happened to him, although as a school administrator, I did see his name appear on the Department of Education's “Not To Be Employed List".

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11. Pillow Talk

When I went to school, I was one of the few víctims of the massive amounts of bullies that would usually surround and taunt me. One day, one of them had a pillow in which he had put sharp stones. He started hitting me with it. I ran to a teacher and asked for help. The teacher said it was just playful playing and took the pillow and smashed it hard across my whole body and face.

It caused my glasses to break and gave me wounds and cuts across my chest. I told the principal. She warned me that kids lying about teachers like that would get suspended from school since she “knew for a fact” that I didn't use glasses. The next day my parents came along and demanded video surveillance from where I said it happened.

It showed that I had told the truth. The teacher got fired, and the principal resigned. The rest of the teachers were tired of his complete negligence of the insane issues the school had.

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12. She Called Him Out And Got Fired

Every year for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the school called in a local man who was a former professional football athlete to talk about what it was like to grow up in the Deep South during segregation and the discrimination he experienced. This man was also a pastor and the founder of the two largest anti-LGBTQ hate groups in the state.

This teacher asked him during the Q&A portion of the assembly, “How can you go around talking about the horrors of racism while you operate these two discriminatory groups? Isn’t that hypocritical?” That question was never answered. It caused a total meltdown and scandal. There were protests outside the school for days, and she was forced to resign.

She was my favorite teacher before she asked that question. She was, even more, my favorite after.

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13. He Had A Calculated Plan

My math teacher would confiscate “illegal” calculators, meaning programmable, graphing, and basically, anything that cost more than five bucks, from students saying, "Come see me at the end of the term, and you can have them back". If they didn't come to get them, he would sell them on Craigslist or whatever equivalent there was.

To begin with, he wasn't even allowed to confiscate them at all.  The school eventually found out when someone who bought a calculator from him found a whole bunch of information about the previous owner somehow. They rightfully assumed the calculator was stolen and followed up.

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14. His Compassion Got Him Canned

We had this English and history teacher who was also a volleyball coach. He was the coolest best dude ever. He taught human compassion in his classes, and he genuinely believed that having empathy and showing care for other human beings was super important. He was that teacher that you could just go to for a hug or to talk about your day.

He would listen without any judgment. He loved his job, and his wife also worked at the school as a librarian. She was also fantastic. The principal decided he was being “too close” with the students because he was open to hugs, one-on-one conversations with students, etc. In reality, he was just being a wholesome guy, and everyone loved him.

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15. The Civics Teacher Got Stung

My sixth and seventh-grade civics/social studies teacher got busted for giving different grades to boys and girls. I always got good grades in school. I was a good test taker, and I always worked hard to make sure my GPA was as high as I could get it to be. However, her classes were like brick walls to me. I could never get better than a C.

By the time eighth grade rolled around, several other students, along with myself, made a chilling realization. We all had a feeling she was grading the girls differently than the boys. All the girls seemed to breeze through her classes while all the boys struggled. A couple of years later, a group of kids got suspicious as well and set her up in a sting on an essay assignment.

They all wrote the same essay but worded it differently. The girls got As, and the boys got Cs and Ds. The group reprinted their essays, took their names off the papers, and took them to the headmaster to grade them. He gave all the pieces either high Bs or low As, saying they were essentially the same essay with different phrasing.

They then showed him the original papers with their grades. She was asked to resign at the end of that term.

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16. The Writing Was On The Wall

There was this girl in the year above me who was doing GCSE music, and he was the head of music. At first, he just gave her one on one tutoring. Later, he sent her emails every day through her school email. Then, he asked for her phone number—she said no. He continued to email her and became angry when she didn't reply.

He sent her £40 on her birthday TO HER HOME ADDRESS, which she never told him. He got it from the school. After she left secondary school and was away from him, she told the authorities. He then left and was banned from teaching for three years. The whole school knew about it and graffitied his name and that he was a creep all over the walls.

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17. Kiss And Tell

The class was being disruptive and disrespectful. So, the teacher, who was a middle-aged man, made a disturbing threat. He threatened to kiss the next person that spoke out. A group of girls was talking and giggling, and he actually followed through with his threat. He walked up to one of the girls, sat on her lap, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

It was creepy how he singled her out, but I don’t think he intended it as anything more than an effective way to quiet the class down. The class was extremely quiet and awkward the rest of the day. Halfway through the next day, the principal removed the teacher from our class, and we had a new teacher for the rest of the year.

I would love to know why it took half of the next day to decide what to do with him.

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18. Whacked And Sacked

We had one phys ed teacher who liked to come to work inebriated. Once, there was this one bratty pupil who was getting on his nerves, so he whacked him. This was not out of character for him or anything unusual. Strangely enough, he would tell everyone that they could either get cuffed/slapped or get written down. Unfortunately, the kid was standing on the edge of the stairs.

When he got hit, he fell down and broke his arm. So, the teacher got fired.

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19. Social Media Situation

In high school, the best substitute teacher we had got into a situation. He was an old guy who was always happy and optimistic. He had a Twitter account, and some people found it. The problem was that he was following and interacting with some Twitter models and people saw that. It circulated around the school, and the principal had a talk with him.

He either left or was fired. Nobody knows for sure.

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20.  Tragic Teach

We had a teacher that was off her rocker. She would tell students that were kissing in the hallway to suck each other's faces off and shove their tongues down each other's throats. Most days, she would be hungover, would put a movie on, and tell us to shut up. Most of us didn't care because it was an easy class. After I had her, though, someone reported her.

They came to the room and found booze in her desk, and fired her. She was sloshed and started throwing stuff out the windows and threw a coffee mug at one of the other teachers. They finally saw her out of the building and had a family member pick her up. Unfortunately, she had some severe mental health issues.

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21. Mental Health Meltdown

I was in fifth-grade social studies when my teacher had a small break with reality caused by PTSD. A kid was playing with the chalkboard erasers at the back of the classroom and clapped them together HARD. It sounded like a shot, and the teacher thought so, too, apparently. He quickly jumped over his desk and hit the floor—but that’s not all.

He was screaming at the students to run before we all got hit. He then threw a stapler as if it were a grenade and screamed for about ten seconds straight. It took three school resource officers to get this guy to snap back. Needless to say, he got fired after a few days' leave.

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22. Their Response Was On Cue

A teacher was hired because he was the gym teacher's brother. There was no background check or anything done on him. A quick Google search of the teacher, and it was found out that he had been taken into custody for beating a guy with a pool ball that was placed in a sock. When Halloween came around, a student dressed up as the teacher's mugshot.

He went around with a tube sock stuffed with a pool ball smacking lockers all day. The admins pulled the student in, and the student basically said, “If you don’t want people to look up to their teachers, you should at least look into them a bit".

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23. We Cranked Out Some Karma

We had an auto mechanic instructor at community college who would randomly show up 15–30 minutes late, get all smiley and ignore the stares of daggers from some of us. However, he would flip out if one or few of us ever showed up late. At some point, he boasted and told us that he would beat one of us up. My ASL interpreter and I were pretty shocked by this statement.

Eventually, near the end of the semester, I left a scathing review/feedback about his behavior and how he treated us. The others in the class and I agreed on this and decided to give him some karma. The following semester, it was as if he didn’t exist anymore. Every single thing that was related to him or had his name on it was completely gone. We never had problems after that.

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24. Caught In The Act

Two teachers were caught getting busy during their prep period in the classroom during the school day. Students could have walked in because the door was unlocked. Unfortunately, the principal chose to step in and caught them without any clothing on, in the middle of the act, on a student's desk—and that’s not even the craziest part.

Both teachers were married to other people and were having an affair. Down in The Bible Belt, the affair alone was probably enough to ask them to leave, but since they were caught, in the classroom, during the school day while students were next door, they were both let go. It was all very sudden but not very shocking. Apparently, students had known for weeks about it and had a betting pool going.

It also turned out that some students had gotten photos of the two teachers in various states of undress.

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25. He Was Off And Finally Got Punted

We had a football coach/world history teacher who did all sorts of weird stuff. He would knock us over while we were at our desks as he walked by, punched us randomly, and made the girls do push-ups as punishment while he looked down their shirts. The class only consisted of watching the History Channel, copying out of the book, and answering the questions at the end of each chapter.

He would then have us take the test that was given in the teacher’s book. There was zero teaching effort given by him. When he wasn’t terrorizing us, he just sat at his desk and played on the computer. Rumor had it that he was looking at racy stuff. The football team hadn’t won a game in four years, so he ended up being fired for being a lousy coach.

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26. He Was Fulfilling His Duties Elsewhere

A math teacher and former co-worker of mine always had this habit of going missing whenever he was assigned to hall duty. The principal, acting on a tip from IT, found him in the faculty bathroom pleasuring himself to some lewd movies that he was watching on the school-issued laptop. He always struck me as a creepy fellow.

On his way out of the building, he came into my classroom and told me that he had been fired. He dropped off some lesson materials back from when he used to teach science on one of my lab benches. After hearing through the grapevine why he got fired, I donned goggles, gloves, and an apron before I deposited all of those materials in the trash.

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27. Designed For Disaster

Our middle/high school art teacher was away from class one day, and a substitute was in charge. That day, the students were working on computer-based art projects, and the sub's job was just to supervise. One student forgot his disk. He noticed a random disk lying around and asked the sub if he could use it. The sub said, “Sure".  Big mistake. 

When the student plugged it into the computer, he noticed the file system was already pretty filled out. He opened one of the files out of curiosity. It turned out to be the regular teacher's stash of adult materials. The teacher was fired the next day.

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28. My Teacher Showed Her True Colors

In middle school, I was the only person of color in my German class. Not to brag, but I was the best student, as I had always been good at learning different languages. The teacher was giving back some tests that we did. I hadn’t made one mistake, and a classmate asked me to see my test just to compare and see what he did wrong.

I handed it to him, just saying something like, "Sure, no worries, here, take a look". The teacher yelled at me in an impolite manner that I should be silent and quiet. She told me to “Shut up” and used a racial slur. I froze in place and called her a name right back. She sent me to the principal’s office, warning her that I was a problematic student and should pay more respect to my teachers.

I told the principal what happened, and we called my mom. She was just furious. That teacher got fired within the week but never apologized.

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29. He Finally Got Squeezed Out

There was a teacher who was selling weed to students who were mostly from lower socio-economic backgrounds and already had troubled home lives. He also tried seducing girls after school. He was in charge of detention and offered to halve their time if they did him some "favors" or else their detention report would be worse.

These kids were scared of being in more trouble and compiled as their prior school history was already in the red. It took four years before one of the kids got enough courage to approach her head of year and tell the story. Soon after, more came forward. The vulnerable ones who were on their last warnings from the school and who wouldn't blab were his favorites. At first, it was hard to prove.

The Dean believed the girls from the get-go, but the headteacher was dubious, as the instructor was well-liked and respected in the community. Then his neighbor's daughter, who was in university by then, and a straight-A student, came forward, and his whole lie came tumbling down. It was ugly and hushed up. There were at least twenty victims over many years.

Many more were groped "accidentally" as he squeezed past them in the small, jam-packed classrooms. No one questioned his authority to do so. I was lucky, as I was not his type.

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30. It Was A Bad Deal

Back in high school, we were in the middle of lunch when a teacher knifed a student in the cafeteria because the student had sold him some bad substances. And that’s not even the most terrifying part. We had an armed guard at the school because it was the ghetto, and we had a shooting every week. The guard blasted the teacher in the leg while a few of us tried to stop the bleeding.

I couldn't even finish my cold pizza because of that guy. The gym teacher had also come to school high out of his mind and got fired on the spot. However, they never sent anyone to replace him, so gym class was just an unsupervised free for all. Unfortunately, this kind of stuff happens every day in schools like the one I went to.

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31. Art Is Subjective

I was in art class. My best friend made a fake plant with papier mache bombs. The teacher destroyed the piece and failed her for the entire year because of her differing political views. The student’s parents came in and absolutely destroyed his career over it. I got to see the whole exchange. It was amazing.

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32. Put Up Your Dukes

A student was constantly being disruptive, and he had some words with the teacher. It got a little heated, and the teacher dared the student to hit her. The student said, "I don't hit people who wear glasses". The teacher’s reply was to brutal, it’s unforgettable. The teacher took her glasses off and dared him again. He quickly shut up.

She said, "That's what I thought". Unfortunately, she got fired after that.

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33. Her Diagnosis Was A Sham

A math teacher at my high school was diagnosed with mammary cancer. The whole community rallied around her. A bunch of students shaved their heads, teachers donated time off, and fundraisers were held—the works. This was at an affluent private school, so there was lots of money contributed. It turned out that she was faking it.

There was no cancer. She left during the year, and the administration swept all of it under the rug.

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34. What Legends Are Made Of

We had a legendary science teacher at my secondary school. He was really cool, and everyone loved him, but he was not the embodiment of a safe and responsible teacher at all. He was doing a thermite reaction and decided to go WAY bigger than was necessary. He decided that it would be safest to do it in the sink rather than on a desk. The consequences were brutal.

It went off and was way hotter than he thought it would be.  The sink in the science lab melted, and the whole building was evacuated. He didn't come back after the Christmas break. It seems as if there were loads of things leading up to his dismissal, and the sink was just the final straw. However, he became a legend that got passed down from year to year.

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35. He Looked Good On Paper

We all thought it was something major when one of our teachers very suddenly disappeared, but it wasn’t. It turned out he just never had any teaching qualifications. One day he simply decided to be a teacher and said on his CV that he was qualified. It took a whole year of terrible teaching before anyone actually thought to check.

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36.  He Was A Repeat Offender

When I was in high school, a student didn’t understand the directions to something. The teacher responded by saying, “What, are you on the spectrum or something?” It turned out the student was indeed on the spectrum. Surprisingly, the teacher wasn’t fired right away. Instead, he got sent over to teach at the middle school.

Not even a year later, the same teacher made fun of a student for smelling bad and wearing the same outfit two days in a row. As it so happened,  that student was living in a van with his mom and didn’t have access to a shower or laundry service every day. The teacher obviously got fired after that. It still blows my mind that he wasn’t fired the first time.

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37. The Joke Was On Him

We had an instructor who was an irredeemable prankster of the worst sort. While I'm a prankster, I know when to quit. He and I had an unspoken agreement that we would not prank each other, and everyone else in the department knew this. They would come to me for ideas on how to prank him, and I would give them as long as no one snitched.

A fellow instructor got a good prank in on Mr. Irredeemable and drew his ire because it was that good. So, Mr. Irredeemable made up a plan for revenge—and he went way too far. He went to the seedy part of town and hired a lady of the night to visit the campus.  He proceeded to take Polaroid pictures of her, sans clothes, in the target's office. She was draped across the office furniture in all sorts of poses, with the target's nameplate front-and-center on the desk.

He then left the Polaroids strewn all over the target's office. He was gone immediately after graduation.

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38. Her Scandals Finally Sent Her Away

Around the sixth grade, my native language teacher, who was also the teacher in charge of our class, kept belittling my friend who sat next to me because his parents didn't pay his tuition for that or the previous months. She kept going on for a few minutes, and the whole class stayed silent. The student was incredibly embarrassed. I got so mad I didn't even know what to say, so I just raised my middle finger to her.

She got insanely angry and walked me to the principal's office. At first, the principal was only told of what I did. But, after I explained why I did it, he let me off the hook and gave the teacher two weeks or so of unpaid "vacation". I'm sure that in a lot of schools, this teacher's behavior would have gone unpunished, but it was a private school that focused on a friendly environment.

During those two weeks or so of her being gone, she sent an email to the parents of every kid in my class about how I was a psychopath, didn't deserve to stay in the school, and so on. The principal let me choose if the teacher should stay working in the school or not. I forgave her, and she stayed for a few months until she got thrown out due to another scandal.

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39. It Was A Less Than Purrfect Situation

This teacher had a stuffed cat that was deceased. She had told her students that it was very precious to her. One day, a student was messing around and accidentally knocked over the cat and broke its head off. The teacher cried and didn't come in for a week. After, when she came into school, we found out she had a hit-and-run situation.

She had been on the news, and everyone saw it. The students kept calling her “Killer Miller,” which she hated. There was a teacher-student rival that did what they could to get on her nerves. But, one day, the teacher decided she had enough and hit one of the students. Later, the administration got involved, fired her, and suspended some of the students involved.

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40. She Was A Real Dope

In ninth grade science, our teacher thought everyone loved her and that she was “hip” and “dope". In reality, she was really cringey, and most people hated her. One day she was having a bad day and was acting super immature. Mid-class, she gave us back our tests, and one kid said, “Ugh, I did so bad! I’m going to off myself!” He was the class clown wannabe, so he was trying to be funny.

He and the teacher butted heads a lot. Trying to be funnier, the teacher said, “Yeah, maybe you should". Because she was having a bad day, everyone thought she was serious. She later explained that it was a joke and she was trying to add to what he said. But eventually, it caught the attention of the parents and faculty.

She only got suspended for two weeks, although I don’t remember her making it through the rest of the school year.

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41. His Temper Got The Best Of Him

There was a math teacher at my high school who was infamous for his terrible temper. I experienced this first hand even before he was my teacher senior year because I’d had him as a substitute before. Every single time, some minor perceived "disrespect" by a student would send him into a rage. His whole face would turn red, and he'd often yell at the student until they left the room.

Even though this was never directed at me, it made me and just about every other student dread having him in the room. This wasn't just "sensitive students'' as other teachers implied that he was not loved by them either. When he was my actual teacher, his behavior was similar, and each class was terrible. One day, though, he was out, and we had a substitute.

We didn't think much of it until we continued to have class with this exact substitute for upwards of a week. It eventually became clear that the substitute would likely be our teacher for the remainder of the year. We were told the reason was confidential. Because of this, the sub was given access to all the online lesson plans and grading records. That’s when he noticed something bizarre.

After making sure there wasn't some type of mistake, he told us the class average was 4.2%. The highest grade was somewhere in the 40s. Apparently, different categories of work, such as classwork, homework, tests, etc., were all weighted bizarrely and inconsistently. Most of us just assumed our original math teacher was placed on some kind of leave due to his apparent incompetence as a teacher.

However, it turned out the grading issues were only known after he was placed on leave for an unrelated reason. Apparently, the math teacher had been involved in an affair with a married teacher for a couple of years when she told him she wanted to break it off. He then approached her in the faculty parking lot, and they got into a serious argument that began to turn physical. This was strike one.

Later, he saw that teacher and another male teacher talking outside of their classrooms. Presumably out of jealousy, he waited until classes had started, then entered the male teacher's room and tried to fight him. This was strike two. He had to be led out by security. It was at this point that he was suspended. He was barred from entering the campus. But, of course, he didn’t stop there. 

Then he drove to the male teacher's house while he was working and told his wife that she was being cheated on. At no point during the school year was he actually fired. We later found out that due to some contractual obligations, he was still technically involved in the class. He was on video call throughout many of the days. I assume he eventually did get fired because he wasn’t teaching anymore after a while.

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42. Head Of The Class

I was in my freshman year.  My math teacher, this straight-laced Welcome Back Kotter-looking guy, made sure ALL the girls were at the front of the room. He would linger up there quite a bit, bending over to "help" them with their classwork. It didn’t take a detective to see what was going on. One day, on the way out of his classroom between periods, he dropped his briefcase and a whole bunch of adult magazines scattered in the hall.

However, he wasn’t fired. Instead, he was reassigned by the administration TO THE MIDDLE SCHOOL, where he ostensibly harassed even younger women.


43. She Paid The Price

I was taking an accounting class in high school. There was a test the class had to take for the state that was very important for some reason. It was highly confidential as well, as someone from the state came in to watch us take it. However, we never did anything in that class. We usually played Wii and listened to music, but for that test, we studied.

When the test day came, we took the exam.  After, our teacher had us come up to her and tell her everything that we could remember that was on it. I guess that was a big no-no, and she never came back to school after that. We found out that she was threatened to either retire or get fired, so she retired. Either way, she was gone.

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44. He Was A Real Dumbell

We had a PE teacher who was just a jerk. One day, one of his students, who had asthma, forgot her inhaler. So, she told the phys ed teacher that she couldn't take part in the lesson. However, he still insisted that she had to go running with the others. Of course, the student had an asthma spell and was lying on the ground gasping for air. His reply was brutal. 

Being the incompetent teacher he was, he told her to get up and continue running. The girl’s parents sued him, and after that, he got fired.

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45. It Was An Open And Shut Case

When I was in middle school, we had a substitute teacher. It was a really warm day, so one of my classmates asked if I could open the window next to me to bring in some cool air. So, I did. The teacher stopped what he was doing, came over, and yelled at me to close it. The window was jammed and wouldn’t close. So, he got angry and went to do it himself.

However, it was really stuck, and he couldn't close it. The class was laughing, but I said, “Sorry, it was a mistake".  He turned and said to me, “NO, YOU'RE A MISTAKE". Everyone got quiet. I sat down, the window still wouldn’t close, and he went back to teaching. I was so taken aback by what he said. I thought he probably couldn’t say that, so I got up and went to the principal.

I told them what happened and got to watch TV in the teachers' lounge that afternoon. The principal came back an hour later and said he would no longer be teaching at this school and I could go back to class.

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46. Got Milk?

We had an art teacher who was a total goth. Her name was even Ms. Black, in true goth fashion.  She played Lamb of God, let me do my makeup in class because she counted it as art, and she would let us do pretty much anything as long as it was creative. She was awesome. One day, some kid got in her face and she told him to “Back the heck up".

He snitched to the principal that she cursed at him, then when the principal confronted her, she threw a milk bottle at the principal’s head.

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47. Toppled Teacher

I had a teacher who passed out in the middle of class. A student ran to the office to get the principal, and when she came in, she couldn’t wake him. So, she called the paramedics. The principal then sniffed his coffee mug and started going through his desk. She pulled out a bottle of hooch. The teacher had passed out because he was sloshed—but that’s not the worst part. 

That teacher? Well, his daughter was a student at the school. As if having a teacher for a parent isn’t embarrassing enough…

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48. Home Ec Wreck

I had this one teacher who taught home economics. While studying childcare, she would demonstrate stuff for us, such as how to feed a baby, burp a baby, change their diaper, calm them down, etc. However, she demonstrated these things on one student instead of a doll. It was really bizarre—but then it got even more twisted.

At one point, she took the student in her lap and simulated breastfeeding her. The teacher had been doing this for a while, but this girl was the first to finally report her.

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49. It’s Always The Quiet Ones

The Spanish teacher at our high school was weird. She was quiet and would show up with random injuries like a missing finger or something. It turns out she and her husband had a “magic” mushroom farm going. They had millions in drug money and were busted by the government. I’m sure those injuries were most likely from shady characters, and it was basically a Breaking Bad moment.

They went to prison, and she was definitely fired.

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50. Rock ‘N Roll Was Here To Stay

A teacher at my high school went to a Metallica concert.  While there, she flashed her chest, and someone got a picture of it. They started passing copies of the photo around the school. As far as the teacher's reaction, she was neither ashamed nor embarrassed about the pictures. She even told all of her classes, one of which I was in, that she was sure we had ALL seen "A set of bare bosoms,"

She said that seeing hers, "Isn't a big deal to me and shouldn't be to any of you either". After that, she didn't talk about it. The following year, she was no longer teaching at my school.

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