The Most Unprofessional Doctors Alive

October 26, 2023 | Violet Newbury

The Most Unprofessional Doctors Alive

Going to the doctor is never fun, but it’s even worse when having to deal with one who is unprofessional. From condescending comments to ridiculous recommendations, these poor patients had to deal with the most shocking unfit behavior from these so-called medical experts. No doubt, Hippocrates is rolling in his grave.

1. He Saw The Error Of His Ways

During my second week of treatment for an ectopic pregnancy, I was advised to go to the ER if I experienced severe pain. Sure enough, I did, so I proceeded to the hospital. As I was lying on the bed in excruciating pain, the ER doctor casually attempted to discuss possible pain medications with my HUSBAND.

My husband, perturbed, urged the doctor to pick a medicine and administer it quickly. The doctor finally conceded and gave me a pain pill. Instead of ordering an ultrasound, he simply did some bloodwork for record-keeping. Upon going home, I was provided with a prescription for additional pain meds. 

Even though I expressed my fears about a potential burst tube due to the severity of the pain, he dismissed it as normal miscarriage pain. Two days later, I saw my gynecologist. Upon seeing me, he turned pale—and swiftly ordered an emergency surgery. 

My tube had indeed burst, resulting in significant internal bleeding so severe that a general surgeon had to step in to help clean up my abdomen. It was a messy situation where my bowels were sticking to the ruptured tube and needed to be gently separated.

After the surgery, my doctor revealed how I dodged a danger, saying the ER doctor, who he referred to as an idiot, should have ordered an ultrasound just based on my reported pain. My bloodwork results were apparently quite concerning. A few months later, I had to return to the same ER for an IV.

The same inept ER doctor was there. Upon noticing my post-surgery scars, he commented about the recent operation I must have had. I responded, "Yes, an operation because you misdiagnosed my ruptured ectopic pregnancy. I had to get emergency surgery done at a different hospital". 

After my revelation, he was speechless. If I could afford it, I would have sued him.

Shocked doctor is looking at camera.

2. The Curiously Strong Hint

Growing up, my big sister suffered from serious gut problems for years. The kid's doctor just told our mom and dad that "tummy aches happen to kids" and to try giving her peppermint Altoids. Eventually, she had to undergo emergency surgery where her whole large intestine had to be taken out. 

It was infected tissue and riddled with tumors. By the time she was 14, she was living with a permanent colostomy bag. 

doctor in white lab coat and girl patientPavel Danilyuk, Pexels

3. All Roads Lead To Crohn’s

When I was 16 years old, I exhibited classic signs of Crohn's disease. However, my childhood doctor remained firm for months in his belief that I was suffering from diverticulitis, menstrual cramps, or potentially even cancer.

Eventually, I received a referral to a specialist in digestive disorders —a gastroenterologist. Upon meeting me, the specialist immediately arranged for a colonoscopy. The doctors made a chilling dicovery. Sadly, the ulcers in my small intestine were so severe, it was impossible to carry out the procedure using the scope.

I was truly fortunate because the first medication prescribed to me worked wonders. In just a short period of two weeks, I was putting on weight and could move around freely with no pain. It's been 12 years since then, and I still experience moments reminiscent of PTSD due to that ordeal.

Young Hispanic doctor man at waiting room pointing, Shutterstock

4. Cheating Around The Bush

Someone claimed that either my husband or I had been unfaithful, asserting that my severe cervical pain was a sure sign of chlamydia. However, the truth of my predicament was far more dire. I was dealing with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy which led to an urgent, life-saving operation.

My own OBGYN was present at the hospital that night. She personally broke the news to me. She then directed an incredibly stern gaze at that clueless doctor—the sternest I've ever seen in a workplace.

Angry female doctor looking awayInesBazdar, Shutterstock

5. Pawned-Off Prognosis

I remember taking my little 4-year-old girl to a kids' stomach specialist many years ago. First, he dismissed her symptoms as her being just overly dramatic. Next, he casually remarked, "Well, someday she'll tie the knot and become someone else's issue to deal with".

I can't believe that happened 25 years ago, it still takes me by surprise. It was later discovered she had a slight block in her intestine.

little girl and her mother at doctor's officeArlette Lopez, Shutterstock

6. Doing A Double-Take

I was in college and had spent half the day in bed either roasting or freezing. Finally, I pulled together enough energy to walk down to the campus clinic. There was no one in the waiting room and three nurses playing cards behind the window. They told me I couldn’t be seen without an appointment, and that I had to call to get an appointment.

I didn't have a cell phone yet—it was the early 2000s—so I trudged back to my dorm and called. I was told the next opening was in a week. In a week, I would either be fine or a goner. I got a friend to bring me to the ER, where I sat slightly delirious for two hours before being seen. 

After a bit, a nurse walked in and told me I was pregnant. I asked her to check again. She glanced at me, looked at her clipboard, then back at me. Finally, seeing the 20-year-old male with a goatee in front of her, she mumbled, “That's what it says. I’ll go check again”. Twenty minutes later, I found out I had the flu.

Angry doctor portraitMinerva Studio, Shutterstock

7. Left Shouldering The Pain

I visited my doctor due to discomfort in my left shoulder that consistently bothered me after long days of loading trucks. This had been a recurring issue for quite a few weeks before I decided to get it looked at. The doctor's response infuriated me.

He casually brushed it off, saying, "This is pretty common in your field. Don't sweat it, the pain will eventually settle". However, this idiot of a doctor didn't even properly check my shoulder, let alone order any necessary tests like X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs. Heck, he didn't even ask me to remove my shirt. 

Unsurprisingly, it was later discovered that I had a torn rotator cuff.

Doctor talking to mature male patientmangostock, Shutterstock

8. My Period Wasn’t The Problem

For several months, I was constantly throwing up. Out of the blue, I'd feel nauseous and have to dash out of classes and such. Eventually, I made a trip to a walk-in clinic to seek help. Astonishingly, the doctor suggested that this could just be a side effect of my monthly cycle.

I had already informed him that this had been happening for an entire four months. As if I wouldn't have noticed a four-month long cycle. Utterly ridiculous.

Middle age Indian man wearing doctor coat holding, Shutterstock

9. I Have A Cut, Not The Clap!

When I took a spill and cut my arm on an edger, the doctor at urgent care frustratingly chose not to address it right away. Instead, he decided to perform an unexpected check for STIs, getting a nurse to run a series of tests. Regardless of reminding him about the urgent issue on hand—the cut from my edger, he was dismissive.

An agonizing two hours of waiting went by while they carried out STI tests, and then this doctor nonchalantly walks in, grinning, to tell me all tests came out negative. After all that, they finally pay some attention to the actual wound, poking fun at how they underestimated the severity of the cut. But here's the worst part.

I ended up with a fungal infection from grass! It took three long weeks to get rid of. I've never been treated so poorly in all my 31 years. 

Shocked Man With GlassesKarolina Grabowska, Pexels

10. Under Pressure For Proper Treatment

I'm living with a medical condition where my brain experiences too much pressure, leading to temporary loss of vision, severe headaches, and symptoms similar to a stroke. My doctor recommended that during these flare-ups, I should undergo a procedure known as a lumbar puncture to help alleviate some of this pressure.

I actually had one of these flare-ups and ended up in the emergency room. Instead of immediate treatment, hospital staff referred to me as "the girl with the headache" and didn't provide the care I needed for 12 hours. During this time, I never saw a doctor. They only gave me aspirin and sent me home. 

After that, I decided to go to another hospital where I received a lumbar puncture, and they were able to relieve the highest pressure I've ever experienced.

Smiling Teenage girl patient in  HospitalMark_Kostich, Shutterstock

11. This Doctor Was Full Of It

About a month ago, my best friend began suffering from intense stomach pain, leading us to rush to the hospital. The physician at the ER made inquiries about her possibly being pregnant, which she wasn't. Her diagnosis initially was simple constipation, with the doctor advising her to increase her fiber intake. However, the actual problem was far more serious—a burst ovarian cyst.

The very next day, we returned to the hospital, encountering a different doctor who conducted several tests. These revealed that the cyst had indeed burst, causing internal bleeding. The cyst was sizeable, and its rupture inflicted significant harm.

The situation was so severe that my best friend had to undergo emergency surgery and unfortunately, she now only has one ovary.

Entrance to emergency roomRob Hainer, Shutterstock

12. Condescending Is Also A Big Word

I headed to the emergency care because of mastitis. I'd experienced it a couple of times before. It's not hard to figure out when part of your chest becomes inflamed, firm, and warm when you touch it. There was a guy there who wasn't officially a doctor yet, but he was getting some experience at the urgent care center.

When I mentioned that I had mastitis, he looked at me and said, "Wow! That's quite a fancy word! Where did you learn that?!" I was 30. Had I not been seriously ill at the time, I may have felt like giving him a piece of my mind.

Young doctor is laughing at camera on red background.RealPeopleStudio, Shutterstock

13. Get With The Times Doc!

When I was 23, I'd been living with my guy (who's now my husband) for about a year. I'd also been using birth control for a while, around five years. I had to switch doctors and came across this one, who happened to be the head of the gynecology department at a local hospital.

During my first visit, she stepped in the room and immediately began, "After reviewing your records, the first thing I want to let you know is that if you were my own daughter, I'd say you're too young to be sexually active". She went on, "Next, you really shouldn't be on birth control. It's awfully risky". 

Keep in mind, this was back in 2004. She looked like she was probably in her late 40s or early 50s. Maybe she had a daughter around my age, but seriously?

Charming female doctor giving advice to a female patientBranislav Nenin, Shutterstock

14. Burned Over Basic Math

Once upon a time when I was in college, I visited the campus health center about a health issue. I was studying at a highly respected university in the northeast region of the States. My doctor planned to prescribe a 5 mg medicine that I’d take every day. Before writing the prescription, he checked whether my insurance would cover it. 

"Apologies," he said, "your insurance limits this to 14 pills in a month. You either skip some days or pay extra". At this point, he just shrugged. I asked him if there were 10 mg pills of the same medication, and he said yes. I then inquired if the same insurance scheme would cover 14 of those a month. Again, he said yes. 

When I asked if the pills could be split in half, he confirmed that they could. Following this, I proposed, why not prescribe 14 of the 10 mg pills. This way, I could split each in half, ensuring I have a 5 mg dose every day. His reaction was disturbing. 

After a pause, he accused me of insurance deceit, and ordered me to leave his office at once. He even threatened that, were I to press the matter, he would report me to the insurance company, involve the relevant authorities, and recommend lawful action.

This experience puzzled me, but over time, as I shared it with various doctors, all agreed that I did nothing wrong. They felt the doctor was misguided and overreacted. Being a young and intimidated college student, I left without the necessary medication.

Male patient is talking with male doctor in his office.freepik, Freepik

15. Malpractice Of The Chart

While waiting at a clinic, I overheard the senior doctor brief the intern before they came in. He pointed out that my file showed that I had endometriosis and claimed this was probably causing anxiety. He said that the intern's job would be to do a quick examination and consolidate my concerns.

What the doctor added to my medical record incensed me. He stated I had "anxiety," without any basis or even consulting me. The truth was, at the time, I had recently been officially diagnosed with endometriosis through surgery. During a routine check, the OB/GYN discovered a lump. It caused quite a scare. 

Fighting cancer fears, an emergency surgery was done which thankfully dismissed the cancer suspicion. Never during any of my visits did I show signs of anxiety. However, the incorrect entry in my records threw my future healthcare off track. 

Every time I stated my symptoms, no doctor believed me because of my supposed "anxiety". Once I found out and got the mistake corrected, I was livid. Ironically, it took another doctor's intervention to set things right.

Doctor in white coat has consulting with older senior female patient in hospital.Ground Picture , Shutterstock

16. No Way Gout

I had a feeling I'd fractured a bone in my foot. I was sure of it, actually. I decided to see my doctor, and his diagnosis was unexpected—it was gout, not a fracture. I was taken aback. Gout wasn't something that was common for me and I didn't have any signs apart from the foot pain. He was hesitant to give me an X-ray, but I insisted on it.

An hour later, I was back in his office. Holding up my X-ray film, he confirmed my initial belief—it was indeed a fracture in my foot.

Doctor is looking at chart and walking in hospital hallway.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

17. Google It First

Our child's pediatrician and a speech therapist we'd consulted suggested they might have autism. This led us to take them to a centre more than an hour's drive away for an evaluation.

As the assessing doctor looked over our child, she turned to us with a stern expression and asked, "Did you two even think to search the internet for autism symptoms before bringing them here?"

The mocking tone in her voice was as if we were foolish for trusting the judgment of two medical professionals instead of attempting to diagnose our child by ourselves using online resources. Turns out they didn’t have autism, but I'll always remember how that doctor ridiculed us for seeking a professional evaluation.

Sad doctor is looking at book in hospital hallway.Gustavo Fring, Pexels

18. Fuming Granny Gave Him Some Hip Service

While at the doctor's office, he pointed out, "Many ladies who visit me would envy what you have". Confused, I inquired, "What exactly are you referring to?" He clarified, "You've got great hips for childbirth".

Feeling perplexed, I responded, "Alright...but the reason I'm here is that my stomach has been causing me severe pain for the past week, and today I woke up with a high fever". He glanced at my file, then smirked and commented, "Ah, and you're turning 18 in a few days! Are WE thinking about putting them to good use?" 

I was taken aback. I desperately wish I was fabricating this story, but unfortunately, I'm not. Thankfully, my grandma gave this man a piece of her mind while my dad sat there, obliviously unaware of the incident until my grandma filled him in during our car ride home.

She was fuming for the remainder of the day, while my dad failed to grasp why it was a problem. His lack of awareness was truly bewildering. He tried to justify the situation by insisting, "The doctor was merely giving you a compliment," and that grandma was overreacting.

The dispute continued until grandma exploded at him, "James, do you normally praise 17-year-old GIRLS for their childbearing hips? Do you also ask if these young GIRLS plan to utilize them? SHOULD I BE WORRIED, JAMES-EDWARD?!" Following this, dad retreated, keeping his distance for the rest of the day.

Nana, still fuming, flung her oven mitts at the door before prescribing me some comfort chocolate and directing me upstairs.

Young woman suffering from abdominal pain while sitting on sofa at homePhotoroyalty, Shutterstock

19. Hold Out For A Hubby

I once spoke to my doctor about having a hysterectomy when I was 25, as I was certain I didn't want kids. Throughout the years, I often came across responses like, "You are too young to make that decision, you'll reconsider!" 

Or my personal non-favorite, "You're not even married yet. Maybe hold off until after getting hitched and then see what your spouse feels about this?" So, after enduring over two decades of unbearable monthly periods and dealing with anemia, it wasn't until I hit 50 that I found a doc who truly heard me out. 

Interestingly, I've stayed single all these years, that too by choice.

Doctor pointing at his forehead in white uniform with shocked expressionMix and Match Studio, Shutterstock

20. Mocked Over My Mouth Misery

At the dentist's office, I was about to be given an antibiotic prescription. It seemed my root canal procedure I had earlier at their clinic wasn't healing properly. A solid month after the procedure, I was still experiencing consistent pain. They provided me with some medication, despite no signs of infection.

Out of the blue, the dentist asked if I had a boyfriend. When I said "yes," he asked me if I'd like him to prescribe some benzodiazepines for my boyfriend, to help him cope with me. By suggesting this, he subtly implied I had an intolerable personality.

From the first minute, I felt like he had a mocking attitude toward me. However, that particular comment was exceptionally distasteful.

Dentist wearing  face mask and glovesAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

21. Fat Chance I Was Wrong

I once shared with my doctor, "I think I might have hypothyroidism as I have many symptoms. Could we run a blood test?" My family doctor responded, "You're overweight, so you're searching for a medical reason? Your weight gain is due to overeating!"

Eventually, she gave in. I did the bloodwork, but she informed me the results were negative. A decade later, a new GP retested me. Not only was my hypothyroidism alarmingly severe, but they retrieved the original test result, which corroborated the severity. 

The first doctor deceived me to protect her reputation, and it profoundly impacted my life and obstructed my career choice. Once I got the proper medication, I was able to start my weight loss journey and have so far shed 70 pounds.

Shocked doctor is looking at, Shutterstock

22. Tugging At My Hooch Strings

At 23, I scheduled an appointment to replace my IUD. My doctor was so aggressive in trying to remove the old one, it felt like she was trying to yank-start a lawnmower. This rough approach resulted in the strings breaking off, leaving the rest of the IUD lodged in my uterus.

A month later, in an operating room, I was informed of a disturbing development—the IUD had adhered to some sort of growth. She presented me with the bits of string that had a piece of my actual bodily tissue attached from the harsh removal attempt. She then laid the blame on me, saying it was my fault for being "too nervous and tense". 

To make matters worse, she suggested installing the new IUD amidst the remaining fragments of the old one. Thankfully, despite the ensuing panic attack, I had enough clarity of mind to refuse. After this intense exchange, she sent me home in haste without even offering a tissue to clean myself up.

I had to seek help from an emergency gynecologist following the weekend who was shocked by my situation. The reality of her findings was terrifying. Apparently, the old IUD could have punctured my uterus, potentially leading to me bleeding out over the weekend.

Ultimately, the situation needed to be addressed in the hospital under general anesthesia, a highly distressing experience. Yet, to top this off, my doctor's response to all this was to suggest that I needed to undergo therapy for several months. Her incompetence was astounding.

Stressed  doctor holding his head sitting at his deskYuri A, Shutterstock

23. I Was Seeing Red

During my early twenties, I started constantly getting eye infections each time I used my contact lenses. So, I decided to see an eye doctor. Wanting to give me some advice before even knowing my situation, he said, "Here, let me demonstrate something for you," and began to wash his hands. 

"You should do this more often," he advised, then promptly ended our meeting. I was dumbfounded. I mean, I've been using contacts since I was sixteen, and I never had problems like this before. I was fairly certain I didn't just suddenly become messy. It turns out I had developed an allergy.

So, I made an appointment with the other ophthalmologist in town—who happened to be the first doctor's father—and he diagnosed my allergy. He recommended more breathable contact lenses and a better lens solution. Since then, I've had no issues at all.

ophthalmologist sitting at his officePavel Danilyuk, Pexels

24. The Belly-Grabbing Goober

I remember going to the doctor's office for yet another ear infection. He wanted me to tell him how the pain felt. So, I explained how I could hear my own heartbeat in my ear, and it sounded like a loud boom. All of a sudden, he touched my stomach and said, "This is the only thing that's booming! And this and this," as he went on poking and tweaking my belly. 

And mind you, I was just NINE years old at that time.

Mother holding her young son is talking with a young male doctor at his office.Dragana Gordic, Shutterstock

25. Look Past My Look Lady

I headed over to the VA for my yearly check-up. After providing my blood and urine samples, the doctor asked if I used substances like weed. I replied that I didn't. She gave me a dubious look, and in the most cynical tone, prodded, "Are you CERTAIN?"

I denied it one more time, but she repeated this question three more times until she succeeded in frustrating me. I pointed out she had my blood and urine reports right there. I warned her that if she continued with her unpleasant attitude, I would report her officially. 

She justified her insolence by saying that she was only ensuring my health due to my appearance. Hence, because I have a clean-shaven head (a holdover from my army days), a beard, several piercings and tattoos, and had my motorcycle helmet (given the weather was perfect for a ride), she stereotyped me as some kind of delinquent biker.

healthcare professional in white uniform with-stethoscope hanging on her neckThirdman, Pexels

26. Itching For A Quick Diagnosis, No Exam Required

I visited a doctor because of an uncomfortable itch in a personal area. Despite not physically examining me, asking for a sample, or running tests, he inquired if I had been unfaithful to my wife. Here's the confusing part—my wife and I had been happily married for years. 

She had only been with one other person before me, and I had never been with anyone else at all. The doctor became more suspicious when I mentioned that my wife occasionally experienced similar discomfort. 

Without further investigation, he diagnosed me with chlamydia and prescribed medication, which I never picked up. Remember, he didn't even conduct a thorough examination. After weeks of tracking my daily activities, I figured out the cause on my own.

I tend to sweat a lot, which led me to use baby powder. It seems that late-night romantic encounters, despite my thorough clean-up with a damp washcloth, weren't quite enough to remove all the powder.Once I stopped using the powder, both my wife and I noticed the issue disappeared. 

It was incredibly satisfying to hear a few years later that the same doctor was sentenced to ten years in behind bars for overprescribing opioids.

Doctor in uniform looking right from the cameraTima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

27. You’re Dismissed!

I found myself at the doctor's office, intending to undergo an ADHD test. As I arrived, the doctor, suspecting my motives, asked, "So, you're here with concerns about potential ADHD?" 

I confirmed his assumption, which led him to query, "What made you decide to explore this now, later in life? ADHD typically presents in childhood, so it's quite rare to diagnose it in adults".

Feeling pressured, as if he was nudging me towards the exit before my bottom had even grazed the chair, I confessed, "Growing up, my parents brushed off my oddities as just my personality".

When he inquired about my symptoms, I sputtered, " My focus often waivers, and I'm easily distracted," but before I could continue, he abruptly dismissed me with, "You don't show signs of ADHD. We're done here".

I shot back, "Hold on, doctor, I'm certain this is more than a hunch. Could you at least allow me a moment to gather my thoughts?" Reluctantly, he instructed, "Alright then. Draft a list and hand it in at the front desk whenever you're ready. Now, leave". I was stunned by his obvious lack of patience and bedside manner.

Throughout my experiences with healthcare providers, I've always been accorded ample time to fully articulate my worries or recollect my symptoms, regardless of forgetful moments. I'm positive that adults, like me, can be evaluated for ADHD. Therefore, his premature and dismissive attitude was quite disheartening.

A medical practitioner using electronic gadgets at workThirdman, Pexels

28. Faking A Fever?

When I was just 13, I felt this terrible pain in my belly and headed to the school nurse. My body was shaking, I had a fever soaring to 105, and to make matters worse, I began coughing up blood. In a hurry, I was whisked away to the hospital. 

After countless tests, the doctor speculated to my parents that I might just be playing hooky from school and that I would likely feel better in a couple of days. He even hinted that I was exaggerating my discomfort and symptoms.

Given my age, the next day saw me transferred to a children's hospital as my fever showed no signs of retreating and my pain remained. I underwent even more tests, leading to an emergency surgery. The truth was devastating.They had to remove my gallbladder and a piece of my spleen that had burst.

To my shock, it turned out that I was battling severe endometriosis that had spread across most of my organs and was even beginning to invade my lungs. The doctor who had earlier dismissed my pain never expressed any remorse.

In the years following, I was diagnosed with lupus and a host of other autoimmune conditions. The memory of that doctor's insensitive dismissal of my pain still rings in my mind.

Young woman patient looking shockedZoriana Zaitseva, Shutterstock

29. Nothing But A Pain In My Neck

After an accident, I ended up with whiplash. My initial doctor used X-rays to identify some freshly injured muscles in my neck. Just my luck, my insurance had switched and I got slapped with a whopping $1,700 bill. 

I decided to take my medical records to a new clinic that was covered under my insurance and they assigned me a doctor whose command of English wasn't the best. She kept arranging for me to have blood tests and no matter how much I tried to explain that I wanted to tackle my neck pain, I couldn't see how these tests were helping.

During my most recent visit, she confidently declared that I had subclinical hypothyroidism. Now that would mean seeing specialists and taking medications that my HSA insurance wouldn't cover. I tried to steer her back to my neck issue as it was still causing me discomfort. 

Her response was a smirk and a casual suggestion that I get a neck massage from my boyfriend.

Female doctor is check in female patient.Antoni Shkraba, Pexels

30. Bat’s What I Call A Misdiagnosis

On one particular Easter Sunday while I was off at university, my folks decided to pay me a visit. I'd been feeling pretty lousy, so mom had me make a beeline for urgent care. Once the doctor took a look at my throat, he recoiled, proclaiming "Eesh! Your throat resembles a bat-infested cave!" 

But that unpleasant surprise wasn't the only one that day. He also diagnosed me with an ear infection and promptly prescribed some antibiotics. Unfortunately, the real culprit was mono. Consequently, those antibiotics triggered an insufferable, persistently itchy rash all over my body.

emergency room at hospitalsfam_photo, Shutterstock

31. Dealing With Virgin Territory

When I turned sixteen, my mother accompanied me to a medical check-up to discuss some menstrual problems I was dealing with—intense cramps, exhaustion, heavy bleeding, and highly irregular cycles.

The moment I mentioned my irregular periods, the doctor's eyes widened in surprise and he asked when was the last time I had been intimate with someone.

But when I explained that I'd never been with anyone in my life, he responded with, "You don't need to play it safe because your mom is here. Should I ask her to leave?" Then he asked me to provide a urine sample, stating it was for "certain tests".

A few days passed and they reached out to my mom to inform her that the pregnancy test results were negative and no other exams were conducted. After that, I visited a friendly gynecologist in town who diagnosed me with endometriosis.

Black male doctor holding hands of female patientfizkes, Shutterstock

32. He Thought I Was A Junkie

Some time ago, I suffered a nasty car crash. Once at the hospital, the nurse aimed to set me up with an IV. Ever since I can remember, I've been told my veins are particularly small, so when an IV is needed, it's usually a kid-sized needle that's used.

I tried explaining this to the nurse, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. After about ten failed attempts, they finally managed to set the needle right. I visited the hospital again a week later for a follow-up and saw another doctor. The pain was unbearable—I'd been practically bed-ridden and needed assistance even to sit up. 

I expressed my discomfort to the doctor and enquired about painkillers. The doctor's eyes then fell on my arm, and he responded with a contemptuous sneer, "And where did you get THAT, eh?" I followed his gaze to my arm and noticed the large, colorful bruise that marked the nurse's failed IV attempts. 

His implication was clear—he thought I was an addict.

Worried Male Nurse in uniform looking leftMr.Nikon, Shutterstock

33. Parental Guidance Required

At the age of 19, I had a visit with a skin specialist for my acne problem. Surprisingly, she seemed uninterested and asked me about the whereabouts of my parents. Perplexed, I replied, "Well... they're at their jobs". Then, she entirely flipped out. She scolded, "You should bring a parent next time since young folks like you often forget my instructions".

I was mad. I just stormed right out of there without settling the bill. I was covered under my parents' insurance, so the invoice likely ended up with my dad, as I never laid eyes on it.

Blonde Doctor With Black GlassesAntoni Shkraba, Pexels

37. I Fled When She Went Full Tilt

I visited a new OB/GYN once, and during the exam I experienced an unusual feeling. It wasn't painful, just strange. I asked, "What are you doing?" and she responded, "I’m adjusting your uterus. Some women find this pleasurable". 

This left me feeling uncomfortable and questioning whether she had crossed a line, so I decided not to see her again. Over the last 15 years, including giving birth, no other doctor has ever done something like that.

Young woman is talking with a female doctor in hospital.MART PRODUCTION , Pexels

34. Beating The Odds

I ended up in the hospital dealing with a DVT and PE. My doctor gave me the sobering news, it was a coin toss in the initial hours—survival for some, not for others. There was another person there with my same issue. Fast forward two hours and a body, covered with a sheet, is being wheeled out on a stretcher.

Then my doctor calls out to me, "Seems like you're going to make it".

Doctor With A StethoscopeUsman Yousaf, Unsplash

35. Stay Skinny Sweetie

When I was around 15, my mom accompanied me on my visit to the gynecologist. The doctor had me step on the scale to measure my weight. After glancing at me from head to toe, he remarked, "You're a bit too thin, but it kind of works for you. You look very appealing, it's a good look for you".

During that period of my life, I was struggling with an eating disorder and intentionally not eating enough.

Cropped image of woman feet standing on weigh scaleVGstockstudio, Shutterstock

36. It’s All In Your Head

For months, I suffered from intense shoulder pain. Each time I raised my left arm, my shoulder would dislocate. The doctor brushed it off and told me it was all in my mind. Just my imagination at work, right?

I later visited an orthopedist for further consultation. Shockingly, he informed me that the issue wasn't just "in my head" but was, in fact, severe tendinitis paired with a torn rotator cuff.

After enduring months of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds (NSAIDs) and physical therapy, my shoulder showed improvement. Unfortunately, the damage is permanent—my arm now has limited mobility and sustained nerve damage.

Mature male doctor looking at clipboard and looking confusedG-Stock Studio, Shutterstock

37. Apology Not Accepted

My boy momentarily lost consciousness at one point. We anxiously rushed him to the emergency room in an ambulance. We suspect his aunt's cookie might've lodged in his throat, causing him to choke. Because of the excessive shaking he displayed during the incident, our ER doctor recommended that we see a specialist, ensuring his brain hadn't suffered any damage.

We took his advice and went to see the specialist, who kept us waiting for an hour and a half. When he finally emerged, his attitude was far from professional; he was downright rude. He perfunctorily assured us our son was perfectly fine. As we prepared to leave, his assistant made a polite apology for the unnecessary delay. 

The doctor, however, rebuked her, arrogantly declaring, "DON'T APOLOGIZE TO THEM. I'm the doctor; they must appreciate the fact that I turned up at all". 

A middle aged male doctor feeling angrySpectral-Design, Shutterstock

38. Talk To The Man

My wife and I were deepening our relationship when an unusual situation involving a male doctor took place. Life had been hectic with work, but we finally found an afternoon to devote to each other.

However, just as we were about to enjoy our day, she received a call from her doctor's office. They wished to move her appointment to a distant future date or she could choose to come in that afternoon for their last available slot.

With a need to see the doctor sooner, she decided to go that day. I reassured her I could kill time at a local pub while she attended to her medical needs. However, she insisted that I come along, feeling that I could offer a different insight to her ongoing issues.

Her health challenges related to hormonal imbalances and other reproductive issues; she genuinely wanted me to accompany her to help clarify her recurrent mood fluctuations to the doctor. Desiring to support her, I agreed. We reached the clinic and made our way into the consultation room. 

I sat modestly in a corner, attempting to be unobtrusive. After conversing with the doctor for a while, she invited me to share my observations, which I did succinctly hoping that was the end of my involvement. But it wasn’t. Unexpectedly, the doctor detached from his actual patient and seemed overly intrigued by my perspective.

Thereafter, he had a lengthy discussion with me about her diagnosis, treatment options, medications, etc. His approach was akin to that of a parent-child interaction at a pediatrician's office. This was baffling given that we're peers, and my wife had introduced me simply as her boyfriend.

Strangely so, he even queried me about which treatment plan he should pursue. My wife and I exchanged perplexed glances. I made every attempt to avoid giving any conclusive statements and tried, in vain, to steer the conversation back towards her.

Whenever she attempted to join in, he brushed her off and continued to engage primarily with me. Upon leaving, we spent a good 10 minutes in the car dissecting the peculiar experience and concluding that it was indeed odd. Unsurprisingly, she opted for a different gynecologist soon after.

Female Patient Being Reassured By NurseMonkey Business Images, Shutterstock

39. Incompetent And Insensitive Idiot

A few years ago, I took my then 4-year-old to a pediatric gut specialist. My daughter had been having difficulties with bowel control and clearly showed no sensation in that region. The seasoned doctor, with 20 years of experience, simply dismissed the issue. She firmly stated my daughter was seeking attention and that she just didn't want to use the restroom normally.

When my daughter expressed her genuine wish to solve this issue so she could attend day camp, the doctor harshly accused her of lying. This same individual was present when we finally had my daughter examined for bowel insensitivity. As it turns out, my daughter indeed lacked sensation in her bowels. 

Staring the doctor straight in the eyes, I challenged her, "Do you believe us now?" She could only avert her gaze.

Closeup portrait clueless young health care professional, female physician, family doctorpathdoc, Shutterstock

40. Take The Hint!

I tried to make a booking after hurting my back, but no one returned my call. Even after two follow-up calls over five days, I still got no response.

Finally, after my third attempt, I reached the receptionist. Rather than helping, she was so rude it made my blood boil. Her irresponsive attitude was clear: "We thought by not getting back to you, you'd get the hint. We won't help you. This matter isn't the doctor's responsibility," then she abruptly hung up.

For nearly ten years, this was my doctor's office. My in-laws were patients here too. It wasn't until he asked about us, only to find out we'd switched doctors due to the front desk rudeness, he realized he was losing loyal clients. As it turned out, I had a slipped disk in my back. 

So, remember, your healthcare is important, don't let anyone—even receptionists—dismiss it.

Young female receptionist talking on phone in clinicInside Creative House, Shutterstock

41. Gulp Gatorade To Get You Going

"You really ought to chug some Gatorade," was his so-called "prescription". This came after I shared how I'm always worn out for no explainable reason, especially following a virus I had just shook off. But he did not conduct any tests or check my physical health.

Much later on, I was told I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Had he done his part, my life could have been significantly different.

Doctor Treating Male Patient Suffering With DepressionMonkey Business Images, Shutterstock

42. Assuming The Worst

During a customary health check-up, I found myself in the examination room where a nurse recorded my vital signs and weight. Shortly, in quick succession, three separate nurses took multiple readings of both my blood pressure and glucose levels. But I didn't have a history of any related health problems.

Thus, puzzled, I asked the doctor, "My blood pressure has been monitored five times in the past 10 minutes. Can you explain why?" His response stunned me. "For a person of your build, high blood pressure and/or diabetes are usually issues," he explained. I asked about my actual blood pressure reading, he confirmed it was 112/70 - which is within the normal range.

Curious, I inquired about my A1C level, which he said was 5.2—this too was normal. Still puzzling, I asked, "Then, what's the problem?" His rather startling reply was, "Well, I guess nothing. However, someone of your size generally would have some medical issues". With that, I let him know he would no longer be my doctor and left.

Handsome bald doctor man pointing displeased and frustrated to the, Shutterstock

43. He Had A Latte Nerve

I had a tough time using the restroom after an emergency C-section. When I talked it over with my doctor, he said that these issues are common following childbirth and jokingly referred to it as “fancy coffee day". This situation persisted for two years before another doctor advised me to consult a specialist. Here, I found out that my pelvic floor was injured.

Close up of a caring doctor therapist touching upset frustrated female patient hand at medical appointmentfizkes, Shutterstock

44. Suffering Splinters! This Guy Was A Creep!

When I was just six or seven, I was playing with my toy dump truck on our back deck when I stumbled. To my horror, I realized the entire sole of my left foot was pierced with hundreds of splinters—with two being so large they needed to be surgically removed.

At the time, my dad was in the army, so my mom took me to a naval hospital initially. Their plan was simply to remove as many splinters as they could, right on the spot. The doctor didn't use any anaesthetic, which was alarming—and indeed, the pain was excruciating. 

As a precaution, they warned me and my mom that if I didn't stay still, they would need to strap me down to a board in order to proceed safely. We mutually agreed to this arrangement, but as soon as we did, the doctor ordered the nurse: “Strap him down".

Fear surged through me, and I found myself resisting, crying out in panic, tears streaming from my eyes, and I began to hyperventilate. My mom could only watch in distress as they began to ferociously remove the splinters from my foot, with me screaming and squirming while strapped down.

To our shock and dismay, the doctor turned to my mom and grinned eerily. Attempting to sound playful, he said, “Oh, I just LOVE hurting little boys”. My mom furiously responded, rushing to unstrap me from this nightmarish scene. Together we fled to the car, leaving the naval hospital behind. 

We sought help from a local doctor and filed a complaint about the previous experience. This new doctor soothed my fears, numbing my foot and carefully removing all the splinters—mostly pain-free, all in just a couple of hours.

Angry doctor with hand in front of him trying to grab somethingVelychko, Shutterstock

45. Suck It Up Buttercup

One night while I was at work, I suddenly found myself unable to type with my left hand. After work, I rushed to my nearby local hospital. The emergency room doctor there randomly tested me for illicit substances, and unsurprisingly, the result was negative.

To my shock, he simply told me to, "Suck it up sweetheart and go back to work". Disappointed with his response, I headed straight to a larger hospital in the next town. Upon arriving, I realized I had lost sensation in my entire left side. I needed help just to stand or walk. When called into the emergency room, I collapsed. 

The doctor merely watched as my dad hurried to help me into the examination room. By the time the doctor finally came to examine me, I had lost mobility in my entire left side. From there, I was urgently transported to the nearest large hospital two hours away. 

That's when they carried out a lumbar puncture at 1 am, in a shared room with five other people trying to rest. That's when I discovered that I had multiple sclerosis and this was how it was first making itself known. In less than 24 hours, I had gone from operating normally at work to being temporarily wheel-chair bound until I relearned to walk over the next two months.

I shudder to think what could have transpired had I not sought a second opinion and simply relied on the advice of the first doctor to go back to work.

female doctor talking to a patientYuri A, Shutterstock

46. Delivering A Blonde Moment

My wife and I were on pins and needles waiting for the arrival of our first baby. Admittedly, there was something off-putting about her doctor during our previous appointments, which had us feeling a bit apprehensive.

So, there we were in the delivery room, me holding my wife's hand as she was giving birth. Just as our beautiful baby girl's head started to appear, the doctor blurted out, "Well, if she's not a blonde, she sure isn't mine!"

Honestly, had the joy of welcoming our first child not been overwhelming, I would have been tempted to plant a bedpan somewhere the sun doesn't shine on this guy.

Mother and father waiting to see the baby after deliveryGorodenkoff, Shutterstock

47. No Pain, No Brain

I had to visit a pain management specialist due to some unexplainable pain that my regular doctor, who seemed clueless, could not figure out. The first words from the pain specialist sent my temper sky-high. She suggested that I was pretending to be in pain just for attention. 

She even insisted that she would break me down until I accused my father of assaulting me. Later on, I ended up having spinal surgery, and I now have a titanium plate holding everything in place.

Doctor is preparing for surgery in , Pexels

48. Her Advice Wasn’t Worth A Pretty Penny

I was dealing with pretty bad cystic acne and met with a strikingly beautiful, young female doctor who had perfect skin and always wore a full-face of makeup. Unfortunately, she outright dismissed my concerns and wouldn't give me a prescription. In fact, she gave me the absolute WORST advice I have ever received. 

She told me that I shouldn't worry about my acne because looks aren't everything, and personality is what truly matters. After many years, I finally found a doctor who took me seriously. They checked my hormone levels and started me on spiro. However, the encounter with that one female doctor still stings. 

After that visit, I went home and cried.

photo of a man with curly hair crying with tears looking at  the cameraPavel Danilyuk, Pexels

49. At Fault Fool

During my seventh week of expecting, I experienced some bleeding. So, I got an ultrasound, and the technician told me I'd had a miscarriage. When I met with the OB/GYN, she saw the ultrasound and blamed me, saying this happened because I didn't take proper care of myself.

This sent me into a flood of tears because my husband and I had eagerly planned for this little one. Hearing her say that it was all MY fault was absolutely heart-wrenching. Next, the OB/GYN advised I should take some medication to clear out any remaining tissues. However, I firmly decided NOT to take it. 

Deciding to seek another viewpoint, I went for a second opinion. As it turns out, I was carrying twins. Sadly, one didn't survive, but the other one was thriving. Had I taken the medication prescribed, I wouldn't be blessed with my delightful and incredible girl today.

Female Patient refusing to use medicationTero Vesalainen, Shutterstock

Sources: Reddit

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