Nightmare Sleepovers

August 18, 2023 | Mae Stanley

Nightmare Sleepovers

For most of us, attending sleepovers is synonymous with childhood fun. But for these poor Redditors, their sleepover experiences have been anything but. Whether it’s the guests acting out or the hosts enforcing weird rules, these stories of sleepover nightmares will make you think twice about leaving the comfort of your own bed.

1. Prank Gone Wrong

I was in the bathroom. I could overhear whispers, so I knew they were going to play a prank on me. I thought the prank would be that they would unexpectedly break the door open while I was in there. So, to counter-surprise them, I decided to only pretend I was on the toilet, instead, holding the door shut by pushing against it with both palms.

However, that was not their intended prank. They thought I was on the toilet, far from the door. So their idea was to have a sword thrust unexpectedly through the door. I'll never forget the horror that ensued. The sword went through the door and then straight through the palm of my right hand as well. Blood went everywhere. The sword went in and out quickly.

I have vague memories of turning the sink on and wrapping my hand with hand towels even while blood spurted throughout the room. I don't remember getting in the car, but apparently, I was driven to the emergency room.


2. A Flood Of Embarrassment

I clogged the toilet at a friend's house in the middle of the night. It started to overflow and there was no plunger in sight. I woke up my friend, who then woke his parents. Turned out that the water that had overflowed had soaked through the floor and was dripping into the kitchen. His mom started trying to collect the dripping water downstairs while his dad was on clog duty.

I never saw a plunger that night. What I did see was my friend's dad elbow deep in the water pulling out a ball of waste and toilet paper. The floor was covered. We had to get that cleaned up. More water overflowed. By this time his sister was awake and came to investigate. For that friendship, my toilet disaster was the the last straw: I haven't talked to them in over 20 years.

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3. Burning Sense Of Shame

I was staying with my aunt and uncle, my cousin and I were lighting matches in the kitchen and throwing them in the sink to put them out. The head of one flew off and landed in the shelving unit by the sink, still letting off fumes. But when we looked for it, we couldn't find it. Hours later, we were awakened by my aunt telling us to get out of the house because it was on fire.

I watched their house burn to the ground and was terrified to tell them what we'd been doing earlier. I just knew we'd done it. I carried that guilt for years. When I was around 15, which was many years later, I finally told my aunt. She started laughing and after realizing I'd been thinking this the whole time, hugged me and explained it had been the wiring in the back bedroom.

I was an adult before I finally understood, after learning about how fire marshals investigate fires that it wasn't just an assumption they'd made and could let go of that guilt. So I guess, technically, the most screwed-up thing I did at a sleepover was torment myself for years over something that was never my fault.

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4. For The Love Of Cheese

We found Kraft Singles in the fridge and put one over the nose and mouth of a friend of ours who fell asleep on the couch before everyone else. And then the unthinkable happened. It immediately softened and molded into a cheesy seal over his face, and he stopped breathing. We all freaked out for a solid 10 seconds, very quietly, until we heard him make a chewing sound.

This legend smelled cheese and took immediate action despite being unable to breathe. He just straight up ate a mouth-sized hole into the cheese unconsciously. We then proceeded to plaster the entire package onto his face one at a time and watch him hoover up the cheese slices in order to not perish by suffocation.

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5. A Spicy Sleepover

We were all young girls and everyone else had fallen asleep except for me, so I decided I would play a prank on them. I got up and shook a good amount of black pepper into my hand and went to several of the girls and held it under their noses. What I was thinking would happen was they would wake up sneezing and be like, “Hey! That was silly!” I was horribly mistaken.

Instead, they ended up waking up crying because they inhaled pepper, and turns out, black pepper being inhaled into a sensitive orifice can really sting. The girls cried so hard that my parents woke up and I had to explain the whole innocent idea behind my scheme.

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6. A Recipe For Disaster

I was invited to a birthday sleepover party for a kid in my class when I was in third grade. I barely knew the kid, but my mom said it would be nice if I went because he didn't have many friends. I was about to find out why. When I arrived at the house, the enclosed front porch was full of excrement. To be honest, I'm not sure it was a dog's or a human's.

The smell immediately made me sick, and I asked the kid's mother if she could call my mom to come pick me up because I felt sick. She refused and said, "I'm not going to do that, you just got here. That would be ridiculous". The next thing I know, me and the other kids are sitting on the floor of the kitchen eating pizza. We were required to finish three large pizzas because the mom spent all day making them.

It was immediately followed by cake and ice cream. Afterward, I again asked the kid's mom if she would call my mom to pick me up. She refused. We were then told to go outside to go sledding while she watched movies. We were not allowed to come back in until about 10:00 pm. When we finally came back inside, my stomach was quite upset about being force-fed pizza and sweets, followed by being repeatedly sent down a large hill in the dark.

When I proceeded to throw up in the house's only toilet, I was yelled at for messing up the mother's night and throwing up in her toilet.

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7. A Scary Situation

I was around 13 years old when me and some others went to a friend’s farmhouse for a sleepover weekend. The farm was huge but at night it was pretty scary. Anyways we go to bed, and, a few hours later, someone wakes me up telling me to stay quiet. I look up and see one of my friends under the moonlight standing still holding a sharp object.

After a while he says, “Give me my toy back, James". He was using a child’s voice straight out of horror movies and we were all paralyzed with fear. He wasn’t pointing the sharp object at any of us but just the combination of the scene made us freak out. He was clearly sleepwalking and after a few moments went back to bed. We took the object and hid it.

The morning after, we told him what happened and asked who was James and he says, “Oh yeah, I sleepwalk sometimes. James was a mean guy at my old school that completely destroyed me and I hate that dude". We’re still friends to this day but he was never invited again for a single sleepover.

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8. It’s Like Waving

My childhood best friend had two younger sisters, their ages each two years apart. So we were 11, the middle sister was nine, the youngest sister was seven. We snuck into the youngest sister's room (who was a notoriously heavy sleeper), and loosely tied a string around her wrist, then tied the other end to the ceiling fan. We then turned the fan on low.

Her arm was slowly helicoptering in circles while she slept. Their mom made the rounds to check on all of us kids a few minutes later and started cracking up when she saw. She told us to make sure we took it back down before too long, and we assured her we planned to. She went back to bed, and must have told her husband...who most certainly did NOT find the humor in it.

We both got grounded for months.

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9. Unwanted Wake-Up Call

So, I have a history of sleep talking and walking issues, and they’re especially heightened when I’m stressed. I don’t like being away from home so sleepovers are a recipe for disaster for me. Lo and behold, I woke up one morning after my first sleepover to the horrifying news from my friend that I had started sleepwalking in the middle of the night.

I also yelled “KARATE CHOP” over and over and proceeded to ruthlessly swing my arms into my friend's stomach, effectively waking her up out of sound sleep. We were eight, this was the first time I slept over at her house, and I had never told her about my sleepwalking problems. She still makes fun of me about it to this day.

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10. Unsightly Finger Painting

When I was around 10 years old, I was staying over at a friend’s house. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom and on the way, I stepped in a big pile of dog poo. They had a new puppy and it wasn’t yet potty-trained I guess. Anyways, in my still half-asleep zombie state, I reached down and removed the poop from my foot and I wiped some off on the wall.

Again I was still half asleep. I make it to the restroom and wash up then stumble back to bed. The next morning, we are awoken by my friend’s mom screaming, “Who made this mess? Who wiped it on the wall?!” Of course, I don’t say a word and my buddy yelled that it wasn’t him. The mother assumed we were innocent because we were old enough to know better.

When my friend’s little brother walked in she immediately accused him. She then starts yelling at him. I will never forget his cries of “I can’t even reach that high!” falling on deaf ears while getting wrecked by his mom.

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11. Wrong Time, Wrong Place

I was around 10 at the time at a fourth of July cookout at my uncle's house. Everyone’s having a good time, fireworks, grill going, all the good fourth of July stuff. So my cousin breaks out a bag of marshmallows for us to start roasting and obviously nothing capitalizes on a cookout like making s’mores, though we never ended up eating any.

No sooner than we get the marshmallows on the sticks, we hear an ominous sound. All sorts of sirens start blaring. So, three of us, ages between 10-15 go running through the woods towards his neighbor’s house to discover that it is, in fact, on fire. I have no idea how the fire started or really anything that happened in regards to that family or their possessions.

But what I will never forget is, what I assume to have been, the woman who lived there look mortified when she saw three young boys standing next to her burning home holding marshmallows on sticks.

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12. A Brief Lapse In Judgment

I was at a friend's house with a few kids for a birthday party and sleepover. We were going to eat some burgers then eat cake and play Nintendo games. We all ate burgers and chips in the living room while watching a movie and were having a good time. I went into the kitchen to get some more soda and when I opened the fridge, I saw that it wasn't a cake, but cupcakes. That's when I completely lost it.

I have no idea what came over me, but I grabbed the tray of cupcakes, opened it, and just stood there eating them. I had to have eaten like 20 of them, I swear. Realizing what I had done, and also realizing that they were probably wondering where I was, I took the empty tray and just left with it. I got on my bike and went home.

As soon as I got home, I threw up…probably because I'd just eaten 10,000 calories of chocolate and pure sugar. My mom asked me why I was home and I just said, "I didn't feel good". My friend never mentioned it and we didn't speak of it for the remaining years we stayed in contact. I have since resolved that if I ever see him again the first thing I'm going to say is, "Jake, I ate the cupcakes".

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13. A Failed Heist

My parents hosted a sleepover party for my tenth birthday. In classic 90s kid fashion, we had spent the evening comparing our Pokémon card collections and showing off our best cards. Then we played video games, ate pizza, and watched movies until we all passed out in sleeping bags strewn about the living room. It would have been a solid time, except that, when I woke up, I noticed something troubling.

My Pokémon card binder wasn't where I had left it. I eventually found it, and as the other kids all woke up and started munching their breakfast donuts, I freaked out flipping through the binder finding that all of my favorite cards had seemingly vanished. Kangaskhan? Gone. Double Colorless Energy? Missing. Holographic Charizard? Nowhere to be seen.

Bare plastic sleeves remained in place of my treasured possessions, and I was devastated. My mom noticed me panicking, and when I showed her my looted binder, she went full mama bear. She got this crazy look in her eyes as she stared down all of my friends. She started angrily scouring the house, tossing aside pizza boxes, flipping sleeping bags, digging under couch cushions, the whole nine yards.

Eventually, while moving one of the sleeping bags, she sees a handful of cards fall out from inside. She takes a closer look, and, what do you know, it's every single card I had lost. She did the proper mom thing and announced to the whole lot of us that someone had tried to take something from the house, but that if the attempted thief came forward to her in private to apologize, their parents wouldn't have to know.

The little rogue must have done just that, as no more was mentioned of it that day.

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14. The Sticky Consequences

The birthday girl was the sweetest thing you'd ever meet. Someone had given her a little plastic tube of gum and she left it in her room for later. I was alone when I found it. I was a little meanie at the time, and I put one of the gumballs in my mouth. Then another, and another, and suddenly the thing was practically empty.

From another room, I heard her ask her friend if she wanted some gum and they came bouncing in. I hid under my sleeping bag, pretending to be asleep and covering my mouth, which was now obviously loaded with gum. That poor girl opened her tube, gasped, and was so upset that I would have cried from guilt. I didn't though, because I was a nasty brat with no soul.

Bedtime comes, and I thought I'd gotten away with it—but my greediness came back to haunt me in the worst way. We all go to sleep, me with gum still in my mouth. In the morning there is an enormous chunk of gum sticking my hair to the pillow. Everyone knew. I was caught. My friend's mom spent like half an hour trying to get it out with peanut butter. I was not invited back to their house.

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15. Is This A Thing People Do?

I was spending the night at my best friend’s house in ninth grade, and her other best friend was there too. I was friends with the other girl as well, but not best friends. Well, the two of them liked to get into some crazy things together that I wasn’t into because I was a fairly tame teenager at this point in time. We all spent the night doing normal fun sleepover things until my bestie and the other girl came up with a "great" idea.

They wanted to dress up in giant sweatshirts, ruffle their hair, and rub dirt all over their faces, before sneaking out her window and standing on a corner down the street to pretend to be homeless and collect money. I refused and spent the next couple of hours hanging out with my best friend’s older brother and his pet snake. We stayed friends for a bit longer but I didn’t spend the night at her house anymore.

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16. The Makings Of A Ritual Sacrifice

My friend's neighbor was mean to my friend and his family, so one night, a bunch of us decided to go into his yard and disassemble this target practice deer he had. We proceeded to put the pieces of the fake deer in different corners of his property, but the star of the show was the head, which we stuck in front of his door.

When he opened it, the fake deer face would be staring right at him. After that, we took some old beanie babies and set them on fire in the neighbor's backyard, and hung a few from trees.

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17. A Mean Streak

We got tipsy and went skinny dipping on the beach at night. We were all guys and it just seemed like the thing to do. One of my friends couldn’t find his clothes after returning from the ocean but had a change of clothes at our friend’s house. We left him on the pitch-black beach and vowed we would return and find him with his clothes. Well, we had to mess with him, it’s what grade school guys did.

So we waited a couple of hours at the house and then ventured out to find him. The guy was raging mad. Turns out, he had encountered multiple midnight walkers and had to retreat into the ocean to avoid being seen.

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18. A Chance In The Dark

My friend and I were probably both around the age of ten. We were inseparable. If he wasn't sleeping over at my house, I was sleeping over at his. One night we were in his bedroom looking for anything to do besides sleep and, for whatever reason, we both decided it would be fun to chuck things at each other in the dark.

We did this until we ran out of things to throw at each other and then we would turn on the lights and survey what was thrown and look for any signs of damage. Not an inch from my head—stuck solidly into the wall behind where I was sitting—was a protractor. My friend was more concerned with the damage to the wall than how close he came to hitting me with it.

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19. Getting Friendly

I had my two best friends sleeping over at my house and we fell asleep in my living room. I woke up in the middle of the night to find one of my friends wasn’t sleeping and I could see the bathroom light was off so I knew she wasn’t in there. I thought maybe she went to go sleep in my room so I got up to check. That's when I stumbled upon the ultimate betrayal.

I heard her giggling and my brother's laughter coming from the computer room. I was horrified, but we were all over the age of eighteen. I pretended to be asleep as they walked out of the computer room and she laid back down and went to sleep. I never said anything to either of them but they dated for a few months until she cheated on him.

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20. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

My two friends and I borrowed my grandmother's SUV while at a sleepover during high school. We took it in the middle of the night to go to the dried-up river in the desert to party. We intended to return it before morning, but disaster struck. The engine blew out. We weren't even doing anything dangerous with it, just used it for transportation.

We were stranded in the middle of the desert and had to call more friends to bring out a truck to tow the SUV home in the middle of the pitch-dark night, no lights, four miles on a paved road back to his grandma's house. The truck also broke about a quarter-mile from the house and we pushed both vehicles the rest of the way.

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21. Expected Consequences

I was a bedwetter until middle school. I didn't hang out with people that much as a kid but got invited to a sleepover at one of my classmates' houses that I was sort of friends with but we still weren’t that close. I decided to go because my best friend was going, but she decided not to go at the last minute and I didn't know until I got there.

It was kind of awkward for me because I didn't really know that many people there and guessed it, I wet the bed. I was mortified and woke up the host's mom because I didn't know what to do. She helped me clean it up and I was so embarrassed, I just left and walked home.

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22. Midnight Snack

When I was in second grade, I had my first sleepover with my best friend. My sister, who was three years older than me was also having a sleepover with her friend in the other room. My sister’s friend showed me her folding lipstick thing that had a mirror on it. She let me use it and I noticed that it smelled really good. That's when I came up with the most messed-up idea.

I snuck into their room in the middle of the night, while everyone was asleep, took it, and started eating the lipstick. I then took the remainder and somehow she never noticed.

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23. At Least He Apologized

In high school, our group of friends would get together and have a sleepover on Halloween—every Halloween. Well one day, while we were around 17-19 we decided to add booze to the mix. Most of us could handle drinking, but one guy was sitting on the floor and just staring at his hands. He then proceeded to vomit all over himself and the floor out of nowhere.

He looked up at the guy who owned the house and said, “Sorry man,” and then kept looking at his hands.

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24. Spy In Training

My best friend at the time had a slumber party and invited five girls including me and her cousin. I didn’t know any of the other girls but they all knew each other. I had never met her cousin before. I hadn’t ever even talked to her before but she had all the other girls in the bathroom talking about something. My friend came out and I asked what was going on and she told me her cousin didn’t like me.

I was already a kid that didn’t have a lot of friends and just wasn’t very outgoing. Thankfully I wasn’t bothered by this so much as I was super confused, because, again, I had never met the cousin before. Instead of revenge though, I did something creepier. All night, any time anyone left the living room, I would excuse myself and follow them, attempting to remain unseen.

If they said anything on their errand out of the room, I wrote it down in a journal I had brought.

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25. The Graceful Sleeper

I was probably 10 years old and was invited to sleep over with the popular girls which was not a thing that normally happened for me but since my friend was friends with them, it just kind of happened this night. They were all so pretty and skinny and feminine and elegant. When we went to sleep, I was placed right next to the girl I thought was the prettiest, nicest girl.

She literally slept like some kind of weird feminine goddess. I’ve never to this day seen someone sleep so elegantly. Once everyone went to sleep I just cried all night like a baby while having to basically stare at this poor girl in the face because I felt so ugly around them. In the morning, I was so exhausted from crying all night that I guess I slept in a bit later than everyone else.

By the time I got to the table for breakfast with them, all the other girls had taken all the donuts and not left me one. Her parents gave me some cereal and everyone just kind of sat there and watched me eat, it was an awful experience.

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26. Fiction Becomes Reality

I was going to sleep over with some friends of mine when I was in my teens. Unknown to me, they were watching The Ring when I showed up a bit late. At the time, I had long straight hair and was wearing my favorite white jacket. As I got closer, I remembered that they were watching a movie, so I thought I would be considerate. Well, instead, I gave them a scare of a lifetime.

Instead of doing what I usually do and enter the door downstairs, I opted to use the door next to the TV, with big windows next to it, so they could just let me in without missing the movie. I walked up, saw they didn't see me, as there was almost no light outside, and knocked carefully at the glass door while peering in. The girls screamed and then scared the ones next to them to the point where one peed herself and one started crying.

We laugh about it now, but at the time it was a bit messed up.

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27. Playing With Fire

I slept over at my buddy's house and brought fireworks and a slingshot. There was a huge field behind his house and, on the other side of the field, was another house that had a party going on. The plan was to shoot firecrackers and flashers at them and watch their reaction. He fired the first one off and it only made it about halfway across the field.

I fired a flasher, confident I could clear the field but fell short. We got scared and ran back inside the house and shut off all the lights. Minutes later there were massive flames that could be seen rising into the air. I had set the field on fire. We panicked and tried to cover things up by waking his parents and saying there was a huge fire outside.

The authorities and the fire department showed up and put the fire out. They immediately knew we had set the fire, but his parents backed us up. We went down to the burn spot the next morning and it was a perfect circle maybe 20 feet across. Decades later I admitted to my parents that we had done it because they never believed our story. They were so disappointed in me.

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28. A Saucy Prank

I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling mischievous. I don't know why, but I'm guessing some demon took over my body. I walked into my friend's bathroom, grabbed a few Q-tips, and then went into the kitchen to grab some habanero hot sauce. I poured hot sauce onto these Q-tips and then inserted them into my friends' ears while they were still asleep.

It took only 20-30 seconds for them to wake up in agonizing pain as they rushed to the bathroom to figure out what was going on. They found out what I did when they saw the Q-tips and were more than infuriated with me. But what's more messed up than that is them deciding to still be my friend after that incident.

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29. Unplanned Streaking

When I was a kid, I had both the tendency to take my clothes off in my sleep when I was hot and to sleepwalk. Until I was around 14 I had never sleepwalked at a friend’s house but had taken my clothes off in my sleep. I would just wake up and get dressed again, no problem. However, things would change when I entered my teenage years.

When I was 14 I sleepwalked for the first time ever at a friend’s house and stripped my clothes off in the same night. I woke up completely unclothed, laying on my friend's kitchen table to his dad coming up from the basement, yelling, “Jesus Christ!” and slamming the door closed to go back downstairs. His yelling and slamming the door caused everyone to wake up.

I ran to get back to my friend’s room, his mom caught a glimpse of me running unclothed through the house. Luckily his younger siblings didn’t see me and nobody was upset with me after I told them about the situation.

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30. The Omniscient Football Fan

So, me and my friends went out to a small town to our buddy’s uncle’s house to celebrate his high school graduation. There were about 10 of us at least and we were all basically packed into this small basement. Someone brought a bunch of mind-altering substances and we all took some and just tripped out all night.

The uncle of our friend, who none of us had ever met nor knew the name of, was soundly asleep upstairs while we were giggling and goofing around. He had a bunch of football decorations in the basement, but not for any particular team. Just like actual footballs and stuff. We coined him “the football fan". Not a fan of any certain team, just loves a hard-fought game.

We started tripping really hard and for some reason, we got the feeling that he knew what was going on and was just waiting outside of the basement door. The legend of the football fan grew and we kept adding different elements to what his personality might be like, and we started to fear him. We were all afraid to go upstairs and use the bathroom.

We were deep in the bottles that night and ate whatever snacks we could find in the basement. In the morning, we hid all of the filled bottles and the snack packages behind some cans of paint and just left the next morning, afraid to gaze into the eyes of the football fan for fear of him knowing what we did.

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31. A Lesson In Road Safety

I had a sleepover with a friend when I was 10, and we decided to hide on the side of the road and throw firecrackers at cars as they drove by. Eventually, we got bored and tried to step it up. Logically, the next best idea was to light one of those ropes of firecrackers and try our luck. The next car coming down the road had its window open.

I seized my opportunity. We lit it and tossed the whole thing in the window and booked it through the woods. Maybe a second or two after it landed in the car, the car came to a screeching stop and the guy got out of the car yelling. We were already too far gone by then to be caught. We made it back home and no one had any idea.

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32. Eggstra Tasty

After prom, a big group of 10 of us stayed over at my best friend’s house. In the morning her parents cooked up a storm of pancakes and hash browns, bacon, and eggs. It was the eggs that got me. I happened to walk in and her mom handed me a big delicious bowl of scrambled eggs. I took them into the living room, thinking they were just for me. NOPE.

I thought that the others would soon get their bowls so I ate all the fluffy, scrambled goodness. Then found out that was supposed to be for everyone and there were no more eggs left. I’d eaten about a dozen scrambled eggs worth. I don’t know how. Maybe I danced too much the night before. Either way, I was ashamed and my friends were left wanting.

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33. Hidden Shame

My mom and I were visiting some family friends out of state, with another family that had two brothers in my age group. I’m ashamed to say that, at the time, I was going through a weird kleptomaniac phase. If there was something that I wanted, and I thought I could get away with it, I’d go for it. So, these brothers had some toys that I was really envious of.

I don’t remember why I was the only one around at some point, but I took that time and took their stuff. I’m hazy on the details but apparently, my mom and I went home before they came back, because no one noticed until I was already back home, states away. Their parents called mine and asked if I had “accidentally gone home with any extra things".

It was the nicest way possible of asking if I had swiped their stuff. Having stashed those things away already, I said no. Looking back on it, I’m pretty sure that it must have been obvious, but there wasn’t any evidence and I stuck to my lie, so I was never caught or punished for anything.

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34. Cashing In

When I was in sixth grade, I was friends with a girl who was very materialistic and not humble whatsoever. She was also really wealthy and spoiled. She invited me and a few other girls to a sleepover for her birthday. When I went to her closet to change into my pajamas, I noticed there were a lot of fancy designer bags. Considering how young we were, that was very surprising.

I remember opening one of them and finding a small stack of cash, so I took some of it. Probably about 50 dollars in total. She obviously never noticed but I still feel a little bad about it.

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35. All’s Well That Ends Well

I was about eight and at my very first sleepover. I couldn’t sleep because I really don’t like not being in my own bed. At about three in the morning or so, I packed my stuff and crawled out from under the garage door that they left cracked open without saying a word to anyone. I walked up a huge hill in my neighborhood, and towards home a few houses down.

I saw headlights coming down the road towards me, so I hid behind my next-door neighbor’s mailbox. It was my dad coming home from work, who was really confused as to why a small child was trying to hide behind a mailbox in the middle of the night. He came over, saw it was me, then grilled me on what I was doing. When I explained, he nodded then carried me the rest of the way home and got me to bed. I love my dad.

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36. Breakfast For One

I was 11 years old when I went rogue at this church lock-in. I found myself on the other end of the building, at the concession stand. There was tomorrow’s breakfast for the unlocking service. There were six boxes of assorted donuts and multiple cases of juice. I made a point to only eat the strawberry glazed donuts. I wasn’t able to eat them all, but I made a huge dent. But that wasn't the worst part.

I even wrapped some in paper towels and hid them around the back offices to pick up in the morning before I left. There was a huge fiasco about it the next morning and everyone accused these brothers who were always fighting. Eventually, someone went out to buy more. However, the brothers weren’t allowed to have and had to sit there hungry through no fault of their own. I’m so sorry guys.

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37. Sounds Like Fun

In elementary school, I had a really good friend of about a year at the time. I went over to his house for a sleepover and we were having a lot of fun. All of a sudden, his parents come up to us and say it is time for bed at 8:00 pm. This was on a Friday where even in elementary school, my bedtime on a school day would be at the earliest 9:00 pm.

They gave us two choices: go to bed now, or sit in bed without talking for an hour. They proceeded to leave the door open and basically sit in the hall so that even if we let out a peep they would come in and tell us to be quiet.

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38. A Really Comfy Bench

During one of my high school classmate’s birthday celebrations, I ended up being heavily intoxicated. The place that we were drinking at was beside a gym so around the end of the night I apparently went to sleep on one of their benches. When my friends found me they assisted me back to their place so I could sleep on a bed. The funny part is, apparently, I woke up and walked back to the bench that I was found at and proceeded to sleep there again.

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39. A Terrible Gift

I slept over at a friend’s house on New Year’s Eve. Sometime after midnight, everyone else is asleep, and I'm out in the backyard enjoying the night air. I notice a Christmas tree discarded in the bushes. So I get a brilliant idea and grab the tree. As I'm dragging it into the house, another friend wakes up on the couch, looks at me and this tree, and says "I don't want any part of this".

The tree is dewy wet by the way. So I'm dragging this full Christmas tree up the carpeted stairs, leaving a trail of water and needles all the way up. I get into my friend’s room while he's sleeping, shimmying the tree right into his walk-in closet full of clothes. I left first thing in the morning and went to sleep at home.

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40. Odd Family Dynamic

We were playing with GI Joes and, going through them, I picked up Dr. Mindbender and proclaimed, “I don’t like this guy, he’s dumb". The kid jumped out of his room and ran to his mom to inform her I called an action figure dumb. She came barging into the room yelling at me about how we don’t use language like that in this house.

My fault, I apologized and moved on. At dinner I had accidentally dropped a piece of green bean on the floor which their dog ate, he snitched on me again and said I was feeding the dog. The mother again ripped into me about how “we don’t feed the dog people food in this house". After the verbal lashing, I got upset and asked to call my grandma to pick me up.

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41. Praying For Rain

I was at a week-long day camp. On the last full day, we had to build a fort for the one overnighter at the end of the week. We were sleeping in the woods with a tarp over a makeshift fort. In the middle of the night, I wake up, having to pee. It’s middle of the woods and pitch-black, but I, unfortunately, didn’t bring a flashlight.

Not wanting to wake anyone else up, I walked what I thought was far enough away and went pee. I instantly heard the sound of liquid hitting sleeping bags, but it was too late so I just kept going. The next morning a couple of the others asked if it rained last night because their bags were all wet. I never told and I never will, I'm still friends with one of them.

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42. Not-So-Merry Christmas

My high school friends lived in a rich neighborhood. At Christmas time, we would dress up in all black and stealthily roam the neighborhood. I’m talking like staying in the shadows and ground rolling; we thought we were in a spy movie. All these rich folks had huge blowup decorations so we would run the neighborhood with our pocket knives just slicing every inflatable we passed.

The next morning, we’d see them patched with duct tape and blown up again. As a kid who didn’t live in a rich neighborhood, I thought I was getting back at them and that it was okay because they were so rich they could just replace it with no issues.

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43. Ill-Mannered Guests

When I was younger, I hit an age that was arbitrarily important to my community; it wasn't just a normal birthday so I wanted it to be really special and planned and paid for everything myself. Any way to keep a long story short, the day resulted in all my friends ignoring me and hanging out with each other, and then at the sleepover afterward, I was in tears.

I was begging them to go to sleep because I was exhausted and even despite my parents getting involved, they kept being loud and threatened to leave. It was pretty upsetting at the time.

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44. Barricade Fun

I was really young so my memory is hazy, but I was at this kid’s house and one of us had the idea of taking every object in his room and blocking the door with it. I don’t know if I brought it up but I certainly encouraged it. For an hour we stacked a huge pile of anything we could move right in front of his door until his mom eventually tried to come in and couldn’t open the door.

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45. Art Is Subjective

On Halloween night about six of my friends crashed in my basement. I, the last one awake, crept around each of them with a black sharpie and drew male appendages on their faces. I'd never done it before and was surprised when none of them woke up. It’s a classic prank for a reason.

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46. Not There To Work

I once visited a friend’s house and we just went to his room which was a complete mess. Anyway, I'm there for five minutes tops and his dad comes in and says, "Clean up this mess and go outside". I denied this order saying how I just got there and didn't make any of the mess. I just walked out and never went back.

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47. It’s All About Grip Strength

In Boy Scouts, I was the morning cook, meaning I woke up before anyone else to chop wood, make fire, and get water boiling. I grab the hatchet and start splitting a log into little splinters for kindling. It was cold and dewy and my hands were wet—a recipe for disaster. The hatchet slipped from my hand mid-swing and went flying towards the tent circle.

It seriously flew 10-15 yards and fell straight down through the roof of a tent, where four scouts were sound asleep. I’m not sure how long I waited to hear someone start screaming. I probably sat there in terrified anticipation for over a minute. Then I was worried someone might be hurt so I crawled over to the tent where the hatchet had landed.

I super quietly unzipped the flap, and saw it landed in a bag of clothes very close to some kid's head. I snuck in, grabbed the hatchet, left the tent, zipped it back up, and finished breakfast. I heard them at breakfast complaining that “the raccoons” had ruined their perfectly nice tent by clawing a hole in it. I thank my lucky stars every day.

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48. Painful Makeover

I was at my best friend's sleepover. She was a year younger than me, and I didn't know any of her other friends. They said the first person to go to sleep would get their face painted unless it was the birthday girl. My friend went to sleep, and I fell asleep after her. When I woke up the next morning, I made a horrifying discovery. My entire face was covered in nail polish. Not paint. Nail polish.

I was able to painfully pick it off in the kitchen. When I confronted my friend about it later, she said she had woken up after I went to sleep and her other friends had done it to me. I'm pretty sure she just watched them do it. She guilted me into sleeping over at her house the next year too, but after that, I was done. We haven't talked since she moved away.

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49. Cruel And Unusual

My niece went to a sleepover with a bunch of her girlfriends. The host girl fell asleep first. My niece and the other girls did her so dirty—it's unforgettable. They shaved one of her eyebrows completely off. The next morning, the host girl woke up first and upon discovering her shaved eyebrow, went screaming to her mom. The mom promptly called everyone’s parents, woke the girls, and sent everyone home.

While my sister was raging at my niece, I had to ask why shave only one. My niece said so she’d be forced to shave the other one herself. We later learned that she did in fact shave her other eyebrow. Girls can be brutal but truth be told this cracked me up.

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50. Incredibly Uncomfortable

I didn't know the host or her friends too well so I ended up chilling with this nerdier girl who I had a lot in common with. All was fine until she ended up convincing me into coming to play in the nursery where she wanted me to treat her like a baby. She found a pacifier and a bottle from god knows where and told me I was the mom. Then it got even more twisted.

She even climbed into the crib which belonged to the birthday girl's baby brother. I was too shy to say no and went along with it for a while but had to get out of there when she wanted to roleplay a diaper change and refused to talk in English.

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