Epic Rage Quits

July 6, 2023 | Laura Bergen

Epic Rage Quits

Imagine working a job and being treated like everyone’s servant, or having an epic PC game interrupted by a game of FarmVille in the other room. What would you do? These Redditors shared their greatest cases of rage quitting, from throwing controllers out the window to having full on temper tantrums.

1. Getting Smashed

My friends were having a Super Smash Brothers tourney in like 2003. Samus vs Samus match #7 winner take all. I am down three lives to one and the gods start sending me hearts that take away all damage. The people watching start whispering to my opponent that he's going to lose, he can't win, and the game hates him, etc.

Sure enough, I pull off an epic comeback. I wasn't prepared for his response. He stands up, slams the controller at my face, breaks my glasses, and runs out of his house. As I'm sitting there bleeding, he returns to the house 30 minutes later after a cool down to apologize. We proceed to bust his chops about being a wimp and a loser. He kicks us all out of his house.


2. Makin’ Bacon

I go to a math/science oriented university where you're lucky if a fellow peer looks you in the eye when they are talking to you. That being said, the class was "Intro to the History of Science". It met from 7-10 pm on Monday nights with 15 bored, disinterested students forced to take the class by university requirements.

They were always falling asleep while the professor went on and on about Bacon. Not the meat, that would have been awesome, but that Sir Francis guy. So I am sitting next to the professor, which means I am trying to stay attentive. I can see a kid named Robert across the table reading Calvin and Hobbes on his iPad.

All of a sudden, the funniest thing happens. Robert lets out an incredibly high-pitched, shrill laugh at a fairly high decibel level. The professor calls Robert out, and tells him to put the iPad away in a pretty calm manner. It was an innocent enough exchange, and I expected to go back to being bored to tears shortly.

Robert, however, would not go down without a fight. He screams, "NO! Who are you to tell me what to do? Why do you get all of the talking time”? Note: this is college. The professor, chill as can be, calmly replies, "Well, I seem to have a Phd in this field, do you”? At this point Robert loses his mind.

I do not remember the exact phrasing, but he screamed something about wanting to talk about his interests and how the professor was an egotistical maniac who would never let anyone else speak, and how he knew so much more than her and that this whole class was a waste of time. But it wasn't even over yet. Robert is now very red, and is huffing and puffing in his seat.

He jumps out of his seat, spikes his iPad on the ground, and runs three circles around the table, making the wussiest grunting noises that only a nerdy math major could make. He then gathers his things and acts like he is going to leave. Rather than heading to the door, though, Robert makes a beeline for the classroom's second story window.

Now as previously mentioned, Robert is a nerdy math major. He does not have the coordination to climb out of a window, but nonetheless, defenestration was his choice means of leaving the classroom. The professor, again chill as can be, says, "Robert, we have a perfectly fine door over here, there's no need to climb out the window".

To which Robert replied, (and this is an exact quote) "No, I have not made NEARLY enough of a disturbance to show how mad I am at you”! So while Robert is attempting to climb out of the window, the professor goes back to talking about Francis Bacon. Everyone in the class, apparently much more mature than I am, perks up and joins the discussion, while I am biting my tongue with all of my might in order to stop from cracking up.

There is a kid in my college class climbing out of a window because he's mad he can't read Calvin and Hobbes. Then came the cherry on top. After five minutes of failing to climb out the window due to his lack of coordination, Robert walked out of the door. Never to be seen again. And that, my friends, is how Robert rage quit HPS10.

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3. Like Magic

In high school, a friend of mine was notorious for raging. However, he was one of my closest friends so I overlooked it. We went through a phase where he'd come over to my place every night and we'd play a few games of Magic: The Gathering. One night I just couldn't lose. Everything just went my way.

After each game he complained and called everything that I did "cheap". Finally after several losses, he jut snapped. He sat there for a moment, staring at me before quietly packing up his stuff, getting up and just walking out without saying a word. He never brought it up afterwards.

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4. Take A Bite

I was three months pregnant with my first child and attempting to do the taxes online…it was our first year of doing taxes together. My husband had just made me a sandwich and I couldn't figure out what one of the questions was asking.

I asked my husband for help and he wouldn't answer me. I'm not proud of what I did. Out of frustration I picked up my sandwich and frisbee'd it towards him. It somehow managed to stay together and he snatched it out of midair and took a bite of it. I burst into tears and ran from the room, crying.

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5. Do The Research

I was working at a small company (fewer than ten employees) and the two lead developers were brothers. One day I walked into an office where the two brothers were arguing about how much oil and gas is actually in North America. The younger of the two brothers is getting angry that his brother won't believe him.

He says, "Why are you arguing with me? I've done the research". At this moment I quipped, "Well if you would've searched right the first time you wouldn't have to re-search". It was obviously the last straw. At that moment he jumps up from his chair, starts grabbing some of his books and storms out of the office, saying he's not putting up with this nonsense anymore.

Yeah he quit right then, on the spot. Everyone pretty much thought it was funny...but I felt pretty bad for being the catalyst that set him off.

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6. Wild Wii

My younger sister was playing the Wii and couldn't beat some part of Twilight Princess. She tried again and again and again before she stood up, let loose a barbarian scream, and threw the Wii-mote at the ground, shattering it. But she had way more up her sleeve. She then literally grabbed the Wii console and cracked it against the coffee table, permanently jamming the disc inside.

She realized what she had done and freaked out, running out the door. This all would have been hilarious if it had been her Wii...but it was mine.

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7. Blame It On The Bills

My mom rage quit a game of Monopoly. My significant other, a friend, my mom, and I were playing. She couldn't pay me. She threw all her bills and cars at me, screaming about how capitalism ruined the world, how society had corrupted her daughter, this game was horrible, and people are suffering from hunger. She was actually angry. Funny though.

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8. Bingo Was His Name-o

Keeping in mind that I'm a fairly petite woman, I was playing Bingo at our local fair. Most of the time I'm not super competitive, but the prizes were pretty great, and you could even win cash. I was playing with a friend, who happened to be very wealthy. She won four rounds in a row, and over $75.

As soon as she screamed "BINGO" after her fifth straight win, without saying a word, I stood up, flipped the table on its side, and proceeded to walk home. I have never been so filled with rage as I was that day.

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9. A Stitch In Time

One time, I started quilting a new blanket for my grandson. As I got halfway into the blanket I realized that I had been using an overlock needle instead of a topstitch needle THE WHOLE TIME! I became so enraged, I just started furiously quilting away! Not rage quitting…rage quilting. Nope, I’ll bet you’ve never seen that before.

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10. Car Troubles

A co-worker of mine was really bad about showing up to work without notice. He was about to get fired for it and then didn't show up for a few days. He apparently had been busted for driving while drinking for the third time and was locked up. When he did show up, the department head called him into her office.

Before he even got to her office, we heard, "I QUIT YOU DRIED UP OLD LADY" and he went out to sit in his car (that he wasn't supposed to be driving). But the manager got the last laugh. She called the authorities because she was worried he would do something crazy. He got busted for driving without a license on the spot and we never heard from him again.

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11. Getting Ripped

One of my buddies got so enraged playing Halo 2 back in the day. He wasn't doing too well that day and all of a sudden someone got a headshot off on him. He just screams "AAAAHHHHH" and rips his shirt in half. It was the funniest thing I had ever heard, just randomly screaming and fibers being ripped.

He had to go upstairs and explain to his mom why he started with a shirt on and why he didn't have one now.

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12. Out Of My Depth

I had a great one whilst fishing at a canal a few years ago. I'd been fishing for about three hours or so, and caught nothing but little tiddlers. This guy rocks up with all-matching camouflage gear: Seat, holdall, umbrella, rod rest, bait-box, the works. He must have taken about 30 minutes setting it all up before his hook even hits the water.

After he has finally got set up, and cast in, he leans forwards in his chair (which is precariously placed next to the edge of the canal) to reach some bait. That's when his chair leg suddenly tips him forward into the murky depths. Bear in mind this was north of England in February, so pretty cold.

One guy went across to help him out of the water, but was sworn off by this guy, who was absolutely irate. He spent the next ten minutes, freezing cold and dripping wet, swearing incoherently while he packed up his stuff, before heading off home. The best bit is he never bothered fishing out his chair, quite an expensive (if sodden) bit of kit.

About ten minutes after he went, a young lad went and fished it out with a landing net, and received a cheer and a round of applause from the rest of the fishermen. I've had bad days fishing before, but never that bad!

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13. Hotel Hero

Some kids were playing Guitar Hero in the hotel lobby while I was waiting for someone. The one kid got something like 47%, and his little brother pushes him aside, saying that he'd "show him how it's done". He cranked it up to the hardest difficulty.

Unfortunately, he was about a half second off in his timing, and promptly lost with a 0% on the song. He didn't throw a tantrum, and he didn't say a word. Just shoved the controller at his brother, and walked away. Silent rage.

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14. Like Magic

I used to play Magic: The Gathering tournaments. I never did especially well, but I played them every Friday and Sunday. I was about 15 and had just built a burn deck for the tourney, and a friend of mine let me use some really expensive cards.

I get paired against a 40+ year old man who also has a burn deck. I'd forgotten my 20-sided dice and he let me use one and with that we began. I never saw it coming. Flash forward 20 minutes, the 40+ year old man is now in tears that I've trumped him out of the tourney. He grabs the dice, yells "I LET YOU USE THIS" and throws his deck at the store owner while storming out.

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15. On The Farm

I was in an Onyxia's Lair raid group on World of Warcraft. We'd been grinding away for hours, constantly improving our strategy and technique. Finally, on the last run, everything came together. Onyxia was nearly done for when the tank healer froze.

You could hear this guy's voice shaking with rage when he yelled over the vent, "STUPID FARMVILLE"! Turns out his mom was using the house bandwidth to play, you guessed it, Farmville. He went into a screaming frenzy at his mom so awful that the rest of us could only listen in stunned silence.  It was the most epic rage quit I've ever witnessed.

For months after, the battle cry after a heartbreaking wipe was "STUPID FARMVILLE"!

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16. Out Of Practice

I was fighting an only child buddy, we'll call him Tony, in Street Fighter for Sega Genesis. I was not a "fighting game" guy, but he was. He would always close our gaming sessions at his house by pounding me mercilessly. We did that for about three years until we got older.

Flash forward 13 years, and as 27-year-olds we found an old Genesis and some games. So we go through our normal routine playing all the old favorites, then he wants to play Street Fighter. I try and beg off, saying I hadn't played since we used to play, but he says "Yeah, I haven't really either".

So we begin to play, and it's clear this jerk has been playing still. So I got my revenge. After about ten minutes, I paused the game, walked over to the Sega, pulled the game, walked out to my back deck, and threw that game as hard as I could. There was a freeway behind where I live and I live a couple stories up, so it was ever so satisfying to watch that game bounce about six times and then get smashed to bits by a semi.

I walked in and said that we wouldn't be playing it anymore. He just nods and says "cool". Calmest rage quit episode ever.

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17. B-Ball Blow Up

My best friend specializes in rage quitting, especially when it comes to athletic competitions of any sort. More often than not, his most absurd rage quits come from playing one-on-one basketball. Our games are generally well matched so we both win a fair amount of the time. With that said, when my friend loses, things get pretty funny.

Several times after he has lost, he has thrown his shoes, kicked his basketball into his neighbor's backyard, thrown a metal baseball bat, etc etc. My personal favorite instance of him rage quitting came from a rare game of one-on-one in which he got blown out.

I had gotten on a hot streak and I was hitting all sorts of absurd step-back and fadeaway jumpers, which infuriated him to no end. The game started pretty close and we were tied two to two at one point. From there on out, I started hitting my jumpers and I kept getting the ball back and adding to my lead.

At gamepoint, ten to two, I had the ball in my hands at the top of the key and decided I wanted to hit yet another fade-away jumper on him to further add to his rage. So I did just that and drove to the left, planted my feet, and with his momentum going backwards to defend the drive, created enough separation to start to fade-away, and I drained the jumper to win the game.

My friend was absolutely enraged at the fact that A) he had lost the game, and B) that my shots beat him, so he did the only logical thing he could think of and grabbed a metal lawn chair and chucked it across his backyard and into a tree.

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18. Hiring And Firing

I worked with a guy whose job it was to hang out in the basement of the restaurant, take takeout orders over the phone, put them in the computer, and sell six packs of brewskies. He was really new. On his third night he came up into the kitchen when we were really busy and said, "Screw you guys! I quit” and just left.

I ended up running into him months later where he was working the night shift in a grocery store. That's when he told me the whole story...and I nearly burst out laughing.  He told me he quit because someone had called and asked if we were still hiring for the takeout job, and this obviously meant that he was going to get fired, and that messed him up enough to make him quit.

Really, it was just that someone had a copy of the previous week's Sunday paper (the one that he had responded to) and called about the ad. SO, so stupid.

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19. Planes And Automobiles

Real life rage: I was a travel agent many years ago, and another agent (Bill) and I used some free passes to go from Minneapolis to San Diego. On the way back, the flights were pretty full and there were no travel agent stand-by's. So, we had to buy a ticket because we had to be back for some reason or another. Annoying, but not terribly so.

Anyway, we get back, and get to his truck that's been sitting in the parking lot for three days. It has a flat. It's frigid, and we had to change a flat in the parking lot. Then, he goes to start it. Rrrrrr--rrrr--rr--. Nope. He jumps out and, using the crow bar he just used to change the tire, he starts punching holes in the door and fender of his relatively new truck.

He's roaring something unintelligible. He finally flings the crow bar across the parking lot. About this point, I get out and walk to the little service shack and ask for some help. The guy drives a tow truck over and jumpstarts Bill's truck. Bill drives me home…in silence.

I see him at work the next day, and he seems a little embarrassed. His only comment about it was, "Pretty crazy, huh”? Yup, it was.

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20. Ups And Downs

I was on a poker run with some buddies. It is basically a 40 mile, off-road dirt bike race in which you pick up cards at check points and win by what hand you end up with as opposed to who actually finishes in the least amount of time. Typically the "race" consists of two types. Those who just enjoy participating and those who actually race. I actually race.

So for this race my two buddies and I started at the back on purpose to prove we were the "best" by overtaking everyone and maintaining the lead. We overtook the lead in about 20 miles (about 150 riders, half not actually trying to race). At one point we finally reach what I'll refer to as the hill of doom.

I hadn't been through this section before so I didn't have the momentum to make it up the hill. No big deal right? Wrong! I have a very competitive nature and a bit of a temper sometimes. Instead of coasting back to the bottom and making another run of it, I insisted on pushing my bike up the hill!!! So as not to lose ground of course!!!!

This wore me out. The rear tire was just spinning in the dirt and I was pushing 240 pounds of mass uphill. Finally, I made it after getting re-passed by ten guys in the process and with my two buddies at the top laughing their butts off. I was literally drenched in sweat at this point. It looked like I swam across the creek nearby.

So we continue on and I'm already angry at this point. Angry at myself for not just rerunning the hill climb. Angry at every rider that passed me. Angry at my friends for laughing at me (really at myself for giving them a reason to). I should not have been angry but I was being an jerk.

I also can't stop my goggles from fogging up due to the entire inside of my helmet being drenched in sweat as well as the foam around my goggles. I now can't catch up to the guys that passed us because I have to keep stopping to wipe the fog off of my eye protection. Then I crash. I get so frustrated that I ghost ride my bike into the woods and quit right there.

I sat there for an hour before I agreed to move. That was the only time I've ruined a ride like that, and they never fail to bring it up. The kicker is that I ended with the best hand and got the trophy, so I remember what a putz I was every time I walk into my garage.

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21. Rockin’

When I was in college, my girlfriend used to come over to my apartment to watch me play video games. She LOVED watching me play video games (yes, dream girl), but she wasn't very keen on playing them herself. So one day, I convinced her to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time, because it's cute and all.

She's going through the intro/tutorial part and actually having fun with it. Then there's a part of the intro where there's a rock rolling back and forth, and you have to get by it. Nothing fancy, just a rock. However, it hits her, she screams, throws the controller, jumps up, and turns off the N64.

Happy ending to the story though, she is now my wife, she did eventually get over her fear of actually playing games herself, and now she is more addicted to video games than I am.

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22. Check Mate

I was playing chess with my buddy. I guess he must have seen a move that I didn't because for no apparent reason, he flipped the board. Literally flipped the board. Pieces went everywhere. We were playing outside, and I think a squirrel stole one. He definitely had to buy me a new set of chessmen as I lost a lot of pawns, three queens, and a couple of minor pieces.

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23. Game Over

I was an avid Spyro the Dragon gamer when I was a wee little thing. I finished Spyro: Year of the Dragon after watching my father play and eventually playing it myself, for the better part of my short three years of life. Now, I couldn't remember a time before then when I didn't play that game.

I played that game from the time I could properly hold a controller. It was my starter game; the reason I got up at four in the morning every day just so I could play it before having to go to daycare. It was my happiness. As the credits rolled on the screen, I sat staring in rageful, bittersweet happiness.

I mean, I was feeling all kinds of feels that a kid at the age of three (almost four) should never have to experience. It took me almost a year and a half, but I had finished a game for the first time. I threw the controller into the nearby drywall (I put a dent in it), I threw myself onto the floor, and I screamed like a banshee.

I mean, my throat still kind of hurts to this day just thinking about the utter power and feels my scream contained. I tore it up. I used to sit for a good hour or so a day drawing Spyro, studying the art on the game's cover and from my own little three-year-old memory.

I got pretty good at it, in my opinion. I was in such a bittersweet rage that I grabbed the stack of Spyro drawings and just ripped them up whilst still screeching and crying. My mother and father just stood in the doorway, dumbfounded and disturbed, watching as I lay on the floor and beat it and screamed, until I finally grew tired and cried myself to sleep.

Never again have I raged so hard. Nor will I ever again.

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24. 52 Pickup

When I was in high school, senior year, me and a couple of my friends had a study the same period. So naturally, we would screw around and play cards. We would usually play this Palace/Scheisskopf hybrid. They're basically the same game, but there's a couple of differences, so we took the best rules of both.

Well, this one time, it's me and these two guys, Johnny and Nick. They decide that they are going to cheat and keep taking cards out of the discard pile. I eventually get so angry, I gather up the cards, ALL OF THEM, and whip them at Nick because he's a jerk in general, while screaming "get screwed".

The card all hit him in the face. But I wasn't finished with him. I then proceeded to make him pick them all up. I never played with him again, and made sure of it, since they were my cards. Yes, I rage quit. I also have some anger issues, but it was justified in this case. I hope.

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25. Taking A Risk

As a teenager I would play long games of Axis and Allies with my friends. If you've never played it, it is Risk on steroids. It takes about an hour to set up, and has hundreds of pieces. Well, after months of begging, I finally talked my dad into playing it with me.

Now, my dad is always good natured about playing games with me, sports, etc. I typically would not win, but we always had a great time. But not this time, today was mine! We set up the game on the dining room table at about ten in the morning, and we are playing by eleven.

I am the Axis, he is the Allies. After two hours, the game is tilting in my favor. Russia has fallen to the might of my Blitzkrieg rumbling through St Petersburg and pummeling eastern Asia with the mighty Japanese forces. My dad is growing increasingly frustrated at his dwindling forces.

I knew there was going to be trouble after I began moving transports to Alaska. He asked, "So, how do you end this game”? There was a tone that I had not heard from my dad before. I explained the two ways to win; either through resources or by taking over my capitals.

I admit I may have chuckled at the thought of him being able to beat me at that stage. He looked at me with a look of seething rage for a moment and said, "Here's another way". He stood up, flipped the board, and walked out. I sat there jaw dropped for a good five minutes looking around at the countless pieces all over the table and floor.

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26. Stranger Danger

I was with a friend at a local board game store. He had a new game he was going to teach me, and the only other person who was there at the time wanted to play with us as well. It was a card game with trolls I think, building an army and beating the other players for a point. This other guy had won the first round but wasn't doing well the second round.

We could tell he wasn't having fun, but learning a new game isn't always fun. We were just trying to get the rules down. Finally he says, "I'm not having fun anymore, and in my group of friends when one of us isn't having fun playing a game we stop and do something different".

Ok...we didn't really need him to keep playing, it didn't affect the game play much, so we just told him he could quit if he wanted to. He was being super dramatic about it and we just didn't care.

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27. Go For A Drive

My wife has a bad habit of insulting my driving. Every minute I'm driving I have to listen to: “You're such a bad driver. You need to pull over and let them pass. You're going too fast. You need to change lanes. You're scaring the heck out of me. My dad is a good driver...what is wrong with you”?

Well, she refuses to drive and I've gotten to the point where I just get fed up, get out of the car and walk home, and let her deal with driving the car. My biggest rage out was on the way back from Louisville, KY. She had nagged me non stop the entire way. We were headed to Springfield, MO and just passed through St Louis, three and half hours out from our destination.

I couldn't take it any more and got out and started walking down the side of the interstate. She followed me for a while and got annoyed and said “fine, if you want to walk, then walk”. I walked seventy miles and got a ride from a trucker. When I get home, I came to a disturbing realization. My wife isn't there. She should have been home hours before.

I finally give in and call her to find out where she is. She was still about thirty miles out of St. Louis. She had pulled into a truck stop to wait for me, figuring I would eventually call her to come pick me up. She was so angry, I felt vindicated. She arrived at the house three hours later and was livid beyond reason. I slept in the car that night because screw her, that's why.

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28. Power Down

When I was about 13, I used to bring my X-box over to my friends house, which was the social hub for most of the kids in the neighborhood. My friend, the guy who lived at the house, was the oldest at 15, and most of the other kids were about a year younger than me.

There was one, however, who was 11 years old, and had severe anger problems. So we're playing a jolly round of Halo and this guy, the 11 year old, is upset because he wants to play the Fuzion Frenzy demo present on the disc, and we're all pretty much set on targeting each other in the face.

He is sitting on a chair behind us as we play, fourth place swapping out for someone else every game. He begins to get more and more irate, whining that he wants to play Fusion Frenzy, us telling him no, and his whining eventually turning into angry demands. Suddenly he leaps up from his chair, and hits the power button on the console during our match.

For anyone who doesn't play video games, this would be the equivalent of unplugging the TV during the live broadcast of the moon landing. Him being the youngest, he was quickly hauled away from the console, screaming, and thrown into the corner of the room.

We go to set up the game again. Eventually he slowly works his way back towards the group, but he's now hyperventilating and screaming about how he doesn't like Halo, Halo is a horrible game, he wants to play Fuzion Frenzy, etc etc. We began to make fun of him and told him he was a cry baby, and we'd play it later.

Despite being told he could play it later, his breath rate only increased, and before I knew what happened he had leaped from his chair and wrapped himself around my head like some messed-up spider monkey, screeching, trying to work his 11-year-old fingers into my neck in an attempt to choke me into submission. It was completely ineffectual.

I began to laugh, not knowing what else to do, and everyone else slowly began laughing at him also. This only infuriated him more as I otherwise completely ignored him and carried on with my match of Halo. Once it was over, I stood up with him hanging off my back and removed him and threw him onto the mattress behind me.

He continued to scream and cry, his face crimson red with frustration and embarrassment, and he then ran out of the house and down the street screaming the whole way home. We never really invited him over to play video games after that.

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29. You Are Not The Champion

When we were around 15, my friend and I had a long-running game of Championship Manager 00/01. I was Celtic and he was Rangers (big rivals) and we had turned them into the two best teams in Europe, although I had done better than him, winning more league titles and Champions Leagues, and almost always seemed to beat him when we played each other.

This drove him into fits of unbelievable rage. During yet another all-night session we came up against each other in the Champions League final. He went up two to zero pretty early on and was absolutely dominating until I got one back around 60 minutes and equalized in stoppage time.

This angered him so much. He kept saying, "This game is rigged, how do you always come back? You're cheating”! All that sort of nonsense. So we went into extra time and it was pretty even until I got a man sent off and he went all-out on attack. He thought he'd scored and was celebrating like a mad man, but the goal was disallowed.

He began to lose it again but then with five minutes to go, he scored again to make it three to two. At this point he was ecstatic and he started rubbing it in my face as he began defending for his life. So, the game restarted after his goal and in what seemed like the last second of added time, I scored two in quick succession to win four to three.

He just stood up calmly and said "How can that happen”? He walked out of the room, down the stairs and out the front door. At 4:00 am.

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30. Raiders Gonna Rage

In one of our guild's very promising attempts at downing C'thun in World of Warcraft's AQ40, our guild leader saw a player facing the wrong way for a split second. Our leader, who was giving all 39 of us swift and timely instructions on what to do via a group voice chat, decided to flip everyone off and not only rage quit the raid, but began kicking people out of the guild, all the while swearing to us all. Just because of one guy facing the wrong way.

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31. Raging Role Play

A friend of mine threw a table from a second story window after a particularly intense D&D session. He always had a temper and didn't take it well when his character died. There was just one thing. It was his parents' house.

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32. Kicking And Screaming

I played FIFA 13 at a friend's house against him and I was losing the whole time, zero to one, until the last three minutes of the game. Then I somehow scored two goals and won the game. I should mention that I was a real noob at FIFA and my friend played every day.

He threw the controller at his TV, which was then broken, and then he threw me out. Today we always have a good laugh about it when one of us mentions it.

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33. Character Chaos

I was playing Smash Brothers with my best friend. I'm not bad at Smash, but he's one step better than me, and learns at the same rate I do. I beat him maybe 20% of the time, yet I get far in local tournaments. One day, I was feeling bored with Corrin and Bowser, my mains.

I had played Mewtwo for about a week prior and was feeling confident with him. It was almost the end of a long night and we were both a little buzzed. I kept losing to his Ike, the salt piles grew...I ended up slamming the controller down, covering my face with my hands, and yelling, "I just wanna BE GOOD WITH THIS CHARACTERRR", followed by a whimper.

I still don't know why I got so emotional. I don't play Mewtwo anymore.

Crowd EntertainedFlickr

34. The Conqueror

A few years back I was playing Conquer online, and two of the guys in the guild I was in were in some sort of feud that was going on for a couple of weeks now. One guy put a lot of money into his equipment, while the other guy struggled with his equipment, but was smart enough with words that he was grinding the other's gears.

An event began where it was sort of like a lottery where opening some boxes would give premium credits. One of the guys spent over 200 euros and got roughly 20,000 such credits, then opened almost 100 of the highest-paying boxes and failed most of them, earning him just a bit under 15,000 credits.

The other guy could not afford to pay money for this, but he had a few items and sold them for about 500 credits, the equivalent of five euros. He used those credits to buy five boxes, and the second box he opened gave him the jackpot of 100,000 premium credits, with the ones following it an additional 200, failing only one box out of five.

The guy who put in money and lost nearly half deleted his account with all of his gear and items he had bought. Members of the guild estimate that he spent little over 2,000 euros on the game. After sulking for over a week he got back, but it was too late to restore his deleted account so he quit again, this time permanently.

Best Friends For NeverShutterstock

35. Hostile Hockey

I'll admit it. I am a rage quitter. Three years ago I bought a PS3 that came with NHL 2010. I was new to the whole controller with more than two buttons, but that didn't stop me from inviting my friend over to play. We got hooked and after a while I bought NHL 2011.

A day later my friend got a PS3 with NHL 2011 and we started playing online against each other constantly. It did not take long for me to go through three PS3 controllers. A combination from me getting angry and throwing them or just getting mad and throttling the joystick.

My friend was much better than me and would constantly kick my butt. There were also plenty of times where I would get scored on and would press and hold the PS button, and just quit in the middle of a match. My friend would laugh and make fun of me. My girlfriend would also call me a “child" many times.

I swore I was going to throw my PS3 out. We are now on NHL13 and I have gotten a lot better. I will always play a full game and will play at least three matches before saying goodnight.

That customerUnsplash

36. Ball Buster

I was playing some football game on the Sega Genesis with my brother. At the time I kicked a lot of butt at that game and so did my brother. It was tied up 43-43 in the fourth quarter. I had three downs and about a 45 yard field goal attempt. I set up the play and kicked the ball...IT'S GOOD!!

My brother gets up and throws the controller at the Sega, dislodging the game and almost breaking it. He freaks out and I laugh really hard. He sees me laughing and tackles me in his rage. At this point I couldn’t care less and keep laughing until he punches me in my left leg, giving me a leg crusher, and he continues with the other leg...it hurts!.

My dad comes in and calmly breaks the fight. Ahh, good times.

Most Embarrassing InjuriesPexels

37. The Last Dash

My roommate and I were playing Mario Kart: Double Dash in the dorms, and I was in first for most of the race while my roommate was hovering around fifth. On the last lap, I was about 20 ft (meters?) from the finish line when my roommate (in third) blue shelled me and then hit me with two green shells...right before he passed me and won.

I then threw my controller so hard it broke our George Foreman grill and I had to leave the room for a bit before we could keep playing.

Childish Behavior From Adults factsPxHere

38. Time To Party

One time some friends and I were playing Mario Party 8. We had bonus stars enabled. One of my friends is notoriously good at video games, specifically Nintendo games, so he was in the lead the entire game, while my other friend was shortly behind him the whole way. When the end came around, they were almost exactly equal with the same number of stars, only ten to 20 coins away from each other.

When it was time for bonus stars to be announced, they both got two, but when the final star went to the friend who was the god of games, my other friend literally screeched like a banshee, threw his Wii-mote at the other friend's face, and ran down the stairs screaming how unfair the game was.

He got in his car and drove away. When we found him, he was at a Taco Bell ten miles away crunching angrily at some nachos. When he saw my other friend, he threw the remainder of the nachos on the floor and challenged him to a rematch.

Drive ThruWikimedia.Commons

39. Tap Out

My friend got insanely good at the UFC 2009 game overnight. He was literally unbeatable the next day we all played it. We were convinced he stayed up all night learning all the tricks to the game. He never lost to any of us or online. One day, a bunch of us were chilling at his house and he decided to play UFC online.

He wins the first two matches, and he plays with ease. The third match he starts gloating because he is playing against Tito Ortiz, who apparently he can beat really easily. That's not what happens. Within the first minute of the fight he gets slaughtered and is about to be tapped out.

Before Tito gets the chance to get him to tap out, he screams “NOOOOOO” and runs up and turns the X-box off with his toe. Not once has he ever played the game again.

Ultimate Fighting Champhionship, UFC. Stockhol, SwedenGetty Images

40. X Marks The Spot

Original Xbox, Halo 1. I had two roommates, John and Nick. John and I both had many hours under our belts. Nick joins the game for a match to the end. Nick starts to get frustrated because he hasn't had enough practice. He starts to get annoyed, and makes some comments about us cheating. Moments later, I run around a corner the same time Nick does.

I "accidentally" hit him at point blank range. Next thing I know, there is an Xbox controller protruding from the front of our 32" CRT screen. Nick pulled many of those over the years. It was the best/worst rage quit ever. He also didn't speak to me for a week after he claimed he was "unbeatable" on a game.

Frederic Chopin FactsFlickr,Commorancy

41. Hold ‘Em

I was at a poker table in Vegas with my brother. Bill's Gamblin Hall—and it was a super casual 50¢/$1 Hold ‘Em game. A large pot is maybe $80. My brother ends up heads up with this other guy, and wins with quad 9’s. Turns out there was some sort of bonus at the casino.

Win with quads or better, and your name is in a draw for extra cash that Sunday. You’ve got to be playing to win it, though. Then came the big issue. We won't be in Vegas by then. So myy brother says, "Anyone at the table going to be here Sunday”? The man he has just beaten says, "I will".

"Fair enough, here ya go, you basically bought it from me", and he hands the gentleman the comp ticket. A third party, this old man, LOSES HIS MIND, starts screaming about how he works all day for comps at this low limit table and starts threatening my brother and anyone who defends the decision.

In the next five hands he drops close to $500 trying to buy pots he feels it is his right to win, regardless of the odds. He leaves penniless within 20 minutes.

Pamela HarrimanUnsplash

42. Eye See You

My girlfriend had this one friend who used to rage quit a lot when playing video games. I remember one instance when they were playing a game where he was complaining about an eyelash. Not even five minutes later I hear this scream from across the room, "OH MY GOD THIS EYELASH" followed by a smashing sound, a crack, and some more screaming.

The kid apparently smashed his keyboard over having an eyelash stuck in his eye.

Memorable Patient Experiences factsPixabay

43. British Giant

A friend of mine has a reputation for rage quitting Call of Duty games. What makes it hilarious is that he, in the really real world, is a 6' 8" dude that's currently pushing about 375 lbs. The dude is a giant. And when he rage quits, it's usually the squeakiest people in the lobby of the game that have gotten to him.

He'll leave with a string of insults that are a monument to sailors and bikers everywhere (he does this with a British accent too on the account of his Britishness and all). My favorite instance was when he joined a lobby, heard the general lobby conversation, and raged out before the game ever started. He's the only person I know that rage quit a lobby.

Jason Statham FactsFlickr, Marco Verch Professional Photographer

44. Ship It

My favorite rage quit happened while playing a board game called Galaxy Truckers. Galaxy Truckers is a time-based ship building game that is pretty hilarious in its own right. Halfway through the second round, my friend who has been muttering, cursing, and failing the entire game just stands up, says "SCREW IT", flips his entire ship over in the middle of the table and walks off to get a brew.

Everyone is laughing their faces off. The end.

Best Friends For NeverShutterstock

45. Feeling Trapped

I was playing Mouse Trap on Christmas night when I was about four or five. I was doing awesome. The next thing I know, people are laughing and having a good time and I didn't know what happened. Turns out, my mouse had been trapped. I flipped out.

I flipped the entire board into the air and jumped on my older brother and just started punching him in the face and chest repeatedly. Screw that game. Also, this is on a recorded VHS somewhere.

These Neighbors Are MonstersShutterstock

46. Fight In The Streets

I used to play a lot of Street Fighter with my friend. He called me up excitedly telling me he just bought the new Panasonic 3DO and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Neither of us had cars so I had a mile to walk to his house, but I walked fast. When I turned onto his street I could hear him screaming his butt off.

When I got to the driveway I saw his 3DO laying in the driveway, smashed into bits. He told me that as soon as he got off the phone with me he continued the game of Street Fighter he was playing. He got to the end and Bison chewed the daylights out of him for almost an hour straight.

After finally winning a round and coming close to beating him, Bison kicked the heck out of him and still won. My friend then set his controller on the floor and punched it, breaking his hand. He then unhooked the 3DO and threw it out his second story bedroom window into the driveway. I never even got to try it.

Victorious Victims Share How They Snapped Back At Their BullyShutterstock

47. Give Him The Belt

I took tae-kwon-do from the age of seven to 15, and there was this one kid, Zach, who had some sort of anger issues. I could tell from the moment I met him he was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. hH had that same expression on his face that all people have when they hold emotions back.

It's like when you have to go number two really bad but there's no toilet for miles in any direction. It kind of freaked me and everyone else there out. Well, time goes on and by now he's about a month away from black belt (as was I) and it was a Wednesday, which is a sparring night.

I could tell something was up this day because he hadn't said a single word since he got there. By now we had started sparring (I was his sparring partner) and he looked like he was short circuiting or something. So one of the black belts came up to me and asked if he could step in. I agreed...and Zach just lost it. I'm talking battle cry and everything.

Everyone there stopped and just watched as this short little kid went crazy on the 6' 5” black belt. Bad idea. After he did this running jump attack thing, the black belt just bopped him on the head and he just passed out on the floor. His dad came in and carried him away, never to be seen again.

Gordon RamseyPixabay

48. Spoiler Alert

When I was in my early 20s, I worked overnights on a customer service gig with a bunch of other early-20s jerks, plus this one guy who was in his 40s who clearly didn't fit in with the first job morons like me that messed around and told jokes and had fun doing stupid stuff.

Because were on overnights, we were mostly unsupervised and got up to a number of shenanigans that clearly annoyed him.  His breaking point was one night when a buddy and I were talking loudly about some book we were both reading and we noticed that dude is sitting at his desk doing that angry nerd breathing.

That HUNNNNH HUNNNNH HUNNNNNH heavy breathing that angry nerds think is intimidating but really just sounds like wheezing. We ask him what's up and he whirls around and starts yelling at us. His words made my jaw drop. "SPOILERS"! "What"? "NO SPOILERS”!! "What"? "YOU TWO ARE SPOILING THAT BOOK FOR ME"!

"Oh, you're reading it now"? "NO"! "...you're reading it soon"? "NO"! "So I'm clear, the two of us can't talk about a book we're reading because you might want to read it some day"? "YES"! "Well, sorry, but the book is over 30 years old, dude, sometime in the preceding three decades, you could've read it..." "NO! NO SPOILERS EVER”!

"So we're not supposed to talk about anything you may want to read or watch in case one day you decide to read or watch it"? "YES"! "...well, that's not gonna happen, especially with stuff older than we are". He gets up from his chair, all red-faced, and starts bellowing. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”.

He tries staring me down. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. I just start laughing because here is a grown man having a temper tantrum. When he sees his attempt to scare me into silence doesn't work, he grabs the sides of his head and runs out the office and down the hall screaming.

We hear it fading away like in a cartoon. “AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”...(muffled by the elevator). Then we go to the window and see him running across the parking lot, and faintly but distinctly, we can still hear him screaming through the thick glass of the window until he gets into his car, lays out a long streak of rubber driving away, and tears off down the road.

We never saw him again and I had to explain to my boss that the guy quit because we were talking about a book he hadn't read and had no plans to read but might want to read someday.

Romaine Brooks FactsPexels

49. Falling Like Dominoes

I have the perfect story for this. A few years back I was dating this girl who was awful. I was young, I didn't know any better, blah blah blah. Anyway, she always had to put me down and be smarter, always had to be right, that kind of girl.

Well she was in her dorm and I was at home. We were playing a friendly game of Dominoes over the internet (I've never played before) and I beat her. I didn't rub it in, god knows I would never survive that. But still, she signs off, blocks me on AIM and Facebook, turns her phone off, disconnects the phone in her dorm and does not talk to me for three days.

I have no idea why I put up with that for so long.

Agrippina The Younger FactsShutterstock

50. Lunchtime Legend

I rage quit a job once and it was talked about for more than a year after. I was working at a Subway sandwich shop. I'd worked there for about four days and had quickly become everyone's gopher. When I wasn't making sandwiches, I was cleaning, when I wasn't cleaning I was doing prep.

God forbid I'd stand still for 30 seconds. If I did, I'd get screamed at by the manager to get to work. All the while I'm working my butt off while the other three people on my shift are literally standing still, talking non-stop. After a full shift of getting screamed at, I took the store owner aside and asked for a transfer to a store about a 1/2 mile down the road.

I explained that I couldn't work for the manager and needed to be moved. His reply infuriated me. The owner decides the manager and I just need to have a heart-to-heart. During the heart-to-heart, the owner and manager both start yelling at me for being lazy and trying to get out of hard work.

I took off my work shirt and threw it at the owner, screaming "SCREW YOU I QUIT" and I walked out. As I'm walking out, the owner yells, "Make sure to clock out before you leave". Almost a full year later, my friend Lisa introduced me to her friend Stacy. Stacy says, "Oh my God. Did you work at Subway"? Apparently, my story had become legend.

My Most Oblivious MomentShutterstock


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