No Filter: These Dramatic Facebook Statuses Let It All Hang Out

March 7, 2023 | Dylan Fleury

No Filter: These Dramatic Facebook Statuses Let It All Hang Out

As social media becomes more prevalent in today’s world, people feel the need to share every single detail of their life with everyone...and it's not always good. These people often just want the wrong kind of attention—but oh boy, do they get it. People on Reddit shared the drama they’ve been following on their Facebook feed, and the best ones we've got the juiciest ones here.

1. Takes One To Know One

This person I’m friends with on Facebook posted, “In 24 hours I will be deleting Facebook! My real friends will know how to contact me. I'm so sick of all the attention-seeking and drama-filled behavior on here. I've tried everything, but this is the only way. Inbox me for my number, but only if you’re a true friend! Peace, FB fam. It's been real.” But there's a twist. That was three days ago…and they're still online.


2. Avert Your Gaze!

A while back, a guy accidentally posted a video on Facebook. Its contents were horrifying. It was footage of himself playing with, well, himself. It took almost a full day before he realized it, so for days, there were tons of posts from his various family members telling him how disappointed in him they were, how his grandmother had seen it, etc.

That’s probably the greatest actual Facebook drama I've experienced.

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3. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

She desperately wants to get married but, at 38 years old, she’s never even had a boyfriend. She’s had a few suitors over the years, but there's one bizarre thing that drives them away. She insists her dates must have attended at least two colleges. As for her, she's a kindergarten teacher who is very religious and posts daily quotes from deceased priests.

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4. You Talkin’ To Me?

I love the “You know who you are” posts, because they never involve me and I know it. However, I've come up with an ingenious plan to deal with them. I like to post a response anyway, getting all defensive and acting like I think it's about me. They then get mad and tell me to screw off because it's none of my business.

I then snidely remark how, “I guess it isn't very clear who the people you're referring to are, now is it?" In other news, I'm apparently a total jerk on Facebook.

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5. Switcheroo

Friends is a strong word, as they are more like Facebook acquaintances, but one twin just slept with the other twin’s boyfriend.

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6. Take A Hint

One girl keeps posting screencaps of the amount she's owed in unpaid child support and tagging the kids father in the post. Actually kind of a boss move.

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7. Some People Never Learn

She dates guys for a couple of months, and they always end up breaking up with her pretty quickly. She then spends a couple of weeks posting things like, "blindsided again" and "I need someone to make me happy." She then finds another sucker, and immediately posts about how that relationship is the best she has ever felt with someone. Rinse and repeat.

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8. Some People Have It Rough

She constantly posts about how she has to wait in line to get her food stamps renewed and how she hates that they waste her time in that office. Instead, according to her, she needs to be home sleeping. She can sleep all day because she has no job, nor does she want one or have any plans of getting one any time soon. On top of that, she has two kids.

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9. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Last week, an old co-worker of mine broke up and got back with the same guy more times than there are days in the week. Her Facebook is absolute entertainment to read.

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10. Never Enough

He is very sad because people don't like his selfies enough. He posts like seven times a day on Facebook, it's always a selfie, and if it doesn't get enough likes, he posts another mopey one.

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11. Unhealthy Attitude

He posts about how he changed his lifestyle, and now he's better than everyone because he eats healthy and lost about 30 kg—about 66 lbs. He also posts pictures of healthy food six to seven times a day.

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12. Flip Flop

I’m Facebook friends with a woman who is in her mid-50s and single. It's a never-ending cycle of, "I don't need anyone to complete me" and "Oh my god, I'm going to pass alone” posts.

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13. Somethings Never Change

My 91-year-old grandmother is calling out every family member on Facebook who uses the "F" word in their posts and is shaming them. She's also threatening to wash their mouths out with soap like she did when they were kids. It's adorable.

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14. If Everyone’s Doing It

Someone keeps reporting this guy’s photos as inappropriate on Facebook. The more he complains about it, the more likely I am to start joining in.

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15. High School Drama

Someone put together a 10-year high school reunion group and has added everyone who graduated that year. The fact that everyone can talk to each other but not be face-to-face has created some toxic conversations. This includes gems like re-opening 10-year-old arguments and wounds, and posting mugshots and news articles about graduates.

Also, everyone having their own opinion about when and where the reunion should take place has turned the group into the most entertaining aspect of Facebook I have experienced in years. I love it greatly.

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16. We All Have Our Moments

I have a friend who doesn't normally share drama on Facebook. She's one of the most sensible and collected people I know. Until she broke in the worst way. Last night, she had a bad breakup, and the first depressing breakup music video she posted was Nicki Minaj. It completely surprised me and must have been a bad breakup situation to turn a 30-something mother into a teenage girl for a night.

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17. We Get It!

She got involved with some diet and supplement MLM company, and all she's been posting lately is how much weight she's lost—she hasn't—how high quality these supplements are, and what a great company she's working for. I actually finally unfollowed her yesterday. The last straw was a pic of her posing in front of a backdrop splattered with the MLM company's logo. Enough!

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18. That’ll Teach Him

She has been posting about how her baby daddy has been texting other women. The texts revealed an incredible story. Cue screenshots of these texts revealing that he is trying to get a motel with these women in Ohio. But that's fine, because she's not giving their unborn child his last name and he's definitely not signing the birth certificate. It just goes on and on.

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19. It’s A Surprise

She’s been posting about how she is getting married in three weeks, except there’s an enormous catch. The groom hasn't even asked her to marry him yet, or vice versa. In fact, he's in basic training for the Navy, so he doesn't even know she thinks they're getting married in three weeks. She even bought a dress! Honestly, some people.

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20. When In Doubt, Poop It Out

My friend was having back problems, then he took a huge poop, and he's no longer having back problems. This is how exciting my feed is. This crazy, oversharing friend unfriended me a while back, or I unfriended him or he deleted his account or something, so I haven’t been informed on any poop-related incidents since. Thank God for that.

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21. Not The Time Or Place

My uncle is no longer with us as of yesterday. This means that it was down to the immediate family to inform friends and family. Of course, the respectable thing to do was to call everybody, but one cousin decided to post his farewells to Facebook before anyone had heard anything, leading to a lot of confusion and anger directed at him from the rest of the family.

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22. Marital Woes

I'm Facebook friends with a girl I went to high school with who always posts the most negative things about her husband! She even made a post basically calling out all his friends for being on his side during a fight. She posts about how she can't wait to divorce him, and in between all of this are pictures of her child that she named after an Adventure Time character.

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23. Work Is Too Much Work

She posts about how she is both broke and poor. Also, she is mad that her debit card transactions don't post immediately, as she is unable to track her own spending against her account balance. Let’s not forget how she’s so glad she’s quitting her job soon and taking a much-needed vacation because she deserves it and no one can tell her otherwise!

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24. A Bit Much

All my Facebook friends appear to be going vegan at the same time, so my wall is flooded with woefully unscientific facts on the nature of protein, pictures comparing the use of animal-derived products to the Holocaust, and angry posts calling anyone who isn't like them a horrible person. These posts are starting to get really old fast.

To all the vegans who don't do the whole “holier than thou” thing—you are a rare breed and you have my eternal love and respect.

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25. Hate To Love It

One of my Facebook friends is a huge red piller. He is constantly posting about men's rights and making inappropriate jokes related to gender. He has also been ranting and raving about people who have treated him poorly. I actually unfriended him at one point after he commented on something I had said about going to the gym.

I only added him back to continue watching the trainwreck happen in slow motion.

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26. Careful What You Wish For

My friend is reposting every single spam post he comes across. “Find the letter “I” and your crush will ask you out!” It's all for a disturbing reason. He'd been trying to get the love of his life to notice him, and it eventually worked...but not in the way he wanted. Unfortunately, his crush commented on the post, “Dude, shut up with these posts. None of them work, you idiot.” That crushed his dreams forever.

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27. How Did We Get Here?

Well, a friend couple—husband and wife—must be going through some stuff. Jen posted last night that she needs a place to stay because she needs to get out of the house. Then, her husband Joe started posting all these weird touchy-feely memes about screwing up life and making mistakes and stuff. I still haven't gotten to the root of what happened.

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28. Unrealistic Expectations

My mother is the worst on Facebook. Don't even get me started on the group messages she sends to the whole family saying, "Well fine, don't come to my party because you obviously don't care enough to cancel the plans you already have.” I'm like, "Mom, I live across the country, I'm not going to take off work to come to your three-hour-long Memorial Day party."

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29. Someone Must Be Listening

They're having a really tough time accepting the Caitlyn Jenner situation and are constantly posting about it. They are arguing that there needs to be a third restroom. Well, I guess they aren't technically arguing because nobody is commenting on the posts, but still, that doesn’t stop them from continuing to voice their opinion.

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30. Sending Mixed Messages

This guy posted about how his girlfriend of three years was cheating on him. Oh, but it got so much worse. He displayed a picture of the guy she was with, tagged his girlfriend, and held super personal discussions on this post. No more than two hours later, he says that people need to leave him alone, that him and his girlfriend will figure it out on their own and that these matters are personal.

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31. Relationship Status

I’m friends with this girl from high school on Facebook, let's call her Sammi. Sammi's entire tumultuous relationship has been aired out for the world to see since it began. She randomly joined the Marines after her first year of college, married someone else who graduated from our high school who was also a Marine, and then was suddenly pregnant within like three weeks.

Then we see her saga of moving back home, which is across the country, while her husband stays on post. Then we see lots of whiny statuses, then baby statuses, then about how her husband is basically a piece of garbage. Then she gives us a play-by-play of their divorce proceedings, including about how amazing her new boyfriend is.

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32. New Favorite Show

This guy who I was Facebook friends with and his girlfriend who I wasn't Facebook friends with would start an argument in real life, unfriend each other on Facebook, then continue arguing via public status updates. It was annoying, until I got sucked in like an episode of General Hospital. After that, all I wanted to do was keep up with the fight.

I would continuously switch back and forth between profiles and get annoyed when one of them would stop responding for a few hours.

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33. Hope For Us All

She used to only post about desperately wanting to be a married woman and a mom, as well as about her depression, her money issues, and her cats. She's got a whole brood of cats. She just found a litter of stray kittens and is choosing to find other homes for them instead of adding them to her herd. But this story has a surprise happy ending.

She recently found a boyfriend who seems to genuinely care about her, and she seems a lot better. She's dramatic, but a really nice girl. I hope everything works out with him.

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34. Uncalled For

She's going on some snidely elitist rant about how her art is clearly so much better than that fake, basic stuff that everyone else posts, all while ripping on this poor girl's new tattoo that she was very excited about. Yes, a dreamcatcher could be seen as a tad basic, but come on woman, it's what she wants, so mind your own business.

It's something she put time and effort into planning out with her tattoo artist. It's also a well-done tattoo, just kind of simplistic in design.

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35. Asking Too Much

My mom won't act ugly on Facebook, it's what she does after that's the worst. She'll post something and call me later and say, "Did you see what I posted? Well, why didn't you like it? You should have liked it if you saw it." There's also, "I'm going to be heartbroken if you don't wish me a happy Mother's Day on Facebook."

She’ll even organize family events solely for the purpose of gathering pictures for Facebook. I’m not kidding. She will say, "I want to get pictures to post."

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36. Life Is Tough

These posts have slowed down a little, but I was really into reading this girl's drama about how her baby daddy keeps getting in trouble for assaulting people. Her posts usually fall into one of three categories. There are the revelatory posts about the crazy things going on in her life, usually involving her or her baby daddy.

She talks about them not being able to find jobs, or getting fired, or quitting their jobs. There are also issues with her baby daddy's assault charges, lack of money, just general life problems. There are egotistical, condescending posts about how happy she is, how wonderful life is, pictures of the baby, and bragging about the baby. And finally, the "Back off haters! Get out of my business" posts.

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37. Worthy Of Maury Povich

This one girl who went to my middle school made a video of her and her niece dancing to a song called "Bless the bottle," and celebrating that she got the results of a paternity test back, and the father is a dude who is married. They were dancing and singing along with baby bottles in their hands and throwing unused diapers in the air like it was cash. The reason why was even more messed up.

Apparently, this guy's wife works at a well-paying county job like the DMV or something, so they figured this baby is going to be an 18-year payday.

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38. One For Each Day Of The Week

They called CPS on her, again, but she “Ain't gonna let nuttin' get her down.” She is also due any day now, with baby number seven, and her baby daddy doesn't get out from behind bars until September. She posts about how she is a good mom to those six kids and it doesn't matter that they have seven different daddies. She is a good mom!

She always ends every Facebook rant with “cells goodie!” In all seriousness, she is the reason I even look at Facebook. My friends and I like to play a game called "What is she saying?" So far, I am the champion of said game. It's fun.

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39. Oil, Oil Everywhere

She posts about her essential oils business and how the FDA is corrupt because they won't let her and her oil buddies make medical claims, how Big Pharma doesn't want people to find out about the miracle elixir that is essential oils because it's all about the money, and how the FDA wanting to regulate the oils would be, “like, the worst thing ever!”

Also, how oil consultants are being oppressed because they can't say that their oils will cure cancer and how these oils changed her life. But the best part is her name for herself. She calls herself "Dr. Mom." I get invited to online classes about these essential oils every single day. Please, make it stop. Send help!

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40. In Case Anyone Was Wondering

Every single day, this woman will post a running commentary on her life. “Just woke up, gonna get little legs ready and have a cup of tea.” “Taking little legs to the park.” "Making tea for my babe, then gonna watch TV, then put little legs to bed and have a cheeky glass of vino." "Little legs is in bed, now time for a glass of vino and cuddles with my boy! #longday"

I don't understand why she thinks people care about her day-to-day routines. Oh, and just to give some more information on this wonderful lady, her Facebook occupation is "yummy mummy."

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41. May I Ask Who Is Speaking?

I think my favorite is the couple who shares a Facebook account and has arguments via Facebook, where they are both commenting from the same account with their crew of concerned friends butting in to yell at whichever party they aren't immediate friends with. These arguments are so embarrassing that they seem to delete them days later.

They have one child and another on the way, and most recently the husband/fiancé/boyfriend—it’s an unclear relationship—has been incarcerated for who knows what. I'd be lying if I said I keep them on my friends list for anything other than entertainment.

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42. Groundhog Day

This high school friend of mine—I'm 42 now and so is she—meets the man of her dreams on Tuesday and posts on Facebook, “OMG! I've just met the one!” On Thursday, he is at her house cooking for her, and she posts, “Romantic dinner at home with my man! I love you, babe!” and tops it off with pictures of a basic pasta dish.

The weekend is spent taking her 10-year-old daughter from another marriage to Disneyland or the beach or some other cool outing, and post, “Look at Mr. X and my little girl bonding. He is father material for sure! Lol!” By Monday, it went downhill fast. She posts, “Once again, I guess you can never really know someone.”

She continues with, “Thanks again, men, for being such jerks! I guess I'm just a forever alone type of girl.” Then two weeks later, it’s the same thing with a different guy. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. And every second of it plays out on her wall for the whole world to see. It's an absolute train wreck and I can't stop watching! But the best was yet to come.

Last Tuesday, this same girl posted a picture of a guy she was having dinner with. The caption read, "Love of My Life!" On Saturday, she posted that she is now engaged, along with photos of her engagement ring. She has known him for six days! The saga continues.

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43. Try And Keep Track

So, this guy, Mike, dips out, leaves his wife, and bangs a super hot 20-something. But the plot thickens. This girl, Kayla, is my ex-wife's nemesis. She had worked for me at a bar as a waitress, was always flirting with everyone, etc. My ex-wife was convinced I was banging her for awhile, until she found out about Mike's big mistake.

While still hating her, my ex-wife finally believes me. So, time passes, we move, and Mike and Kayla are together for about two years. I get divorced, my ex-wife moves back home, and actually starts dating the new manager of the bar I used to manage, Cole. He's a really good guy and friend, and he even called and talked to me about it first.

We used to go fishing together, were drinking buddies in our early 20s, etc. Mike and him are super great buddies nowadays. I guess they just started hanging out with each other a lot after I left. This has led to an absolute hot mess on FB recently. See, both Kayla and my ex-wife think the other is hooking up with their man.

I never thought Kayla was the jealous type, and my ex-wife was fairly cool up to the point when she started cheating on me. Then she got all paranoid that I was out getting some too, apparently. Now, every time Mike or Cole go out, a battle erupts in the comments between both women. I've noticed a trend that whoever posts first is apparently the liar.

"Stop posting on my man’s profile, you jerk," stuff like that. A few of the best parts have been when Mike leaves town, which he does frequently, then hooks up with some other 20-something, comes home, gets busted, and it all goes down on Facebook. Their darkest secrets are on display. She's got albums still labeled, “Mikes a lying jerk!” which are full of the texts that she screenshots and sends to herself.

Yet, about five times a day, she also posts, “I love my baby so much.” Then you have Cole, who is a full-blown alcoholic. He crushes an 18-pack a day then tops it off with a bottle of Sailor Jerry. He also cheats on a fairly regular basis, every six months, with the girl I dated before my ex-wife. That is, if he's not on one of his 30-day cleanses for probationary reasons.

I know this because my brother still lives there and goes fishing with Mike and Cole all the time. I keep telling my brother to get a picture of them all together, just so he can post it up on Facebook and tag every friend he has in that town in it, but he hasn't given in to the dark side quite yet. I can wait: Kayla is super hot and it's bikini season, so there will be selfies all day long.

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44. Asking A Lot But Giving Little

She thinks everyone should show sympathy to the Duggars, and says we should all be praying for them instead of judging them. "We all make mistakes," she says, "but all we can do is pray and forgive. People can change." Then one of her—apparently former—friends got on there and started going off about how she doesn’t practice what she preaches.

This former friend was judged by the lady who posted that and yet she says she will never forgive her for what happened after she said she will always be there. There ended up being over 60 comments on the status. After about 65 comments, the status-lady states she doesn't think this is a public matter and it's inappropriate to put it all over Facebook where everyone can see. This is when the bottom dropped out.

Status-lady is a single mom and wants everyone to know it. She is constantly complaining about not having enough money, time, or resources to help her girls. She does nothing but ask for handouts. One year around Christmas time, she put on Facebook that her family is coming into town but, “I don’t have a car big enough so does anyone have a van I can borrow?”

“Oh, and also, can someone maybe come put some lights on my house? But you have to bring the lights because I can't afford them. Also, does anyone have any gift cards to anywhere fun? Because I would hate for them to have to sit at home the whole time without anything to do.” There’s also the typical, "My random item broke, does anyone know someplace that doesn't charge an arm and a leg to fix it?"

But instead of wanting to know some place that's cheap, she wants someone to offer to fix it for her for free, because when someone comments and says, “This place and that place are good," she says, "I probably won't be able to afford it," or something of that nature. I would 100% be her friend again for the endless entertainment.

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45. The Neverending Sad Story

I’ve been following the drama with my former coworker's daughter. I deleted her off my page awhile back, but for some reason, she tags her mother in all her posts, so they show up on my wall. Guys, buckle up for this one. “I love my man, screw all those women trying to take him from me. I caught him texting other girls but he swears it's him being pursued, not the other way around.”

“My man and I are moving. Who wants to help?” Then they got evicted. Again. "My man and I are taking some time away from each other.” She's moved back in with her parents, who won't let him move in. “I hurt myself at work and they fired me! I'm gonna sue!” She's been working there less than a week and she's called in sick more times than she’s shown up.

She fell on a slick floor...that she dumped laundry soap on and neglected to clean up and instead ignored it and waited for someone else to clean it up. “We're back together! I love my man!” Some gullible idiot has let them move in with them, not knowing their history of screwing folks over. Then came the big reveal. "We're engaged!"

She announced this at her big sister's wedding. Way to take away from the bride's day. “Is anyone hiring? My job sucks.” Her boyfriend and her have already got fired and are out of smokes. "We're pregnant!" Oh no. Please no. Her mother is going to get stuck raising this kid because neither can keep a job, let alone a home to raise a kid. Once more, a horrific twist.

"Prayers please. I'm at the ER." This was two days after she announced her pregnancy and she's barely five weeks along. "Lost the baby." Pity me, I didn't get enough attention with the pregnancy announcement. "Heard the baby's heartbeat today! So excited!” Wait? What! Didn't you just say you lost it? “At the ER again. Ectopic pregnancy. RIP little guy."

And they had already given it a name and they didn't even know what the gender was. But then again, there was no proof the baby even existed. So yeah, this girl is a trainwreck.

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46. He Needs All The Help He Can Get

My friend is likely a paranoid schizophrenic. I am not a doctor and am not qualified to diagnose him, but clearly, something is wrong. It all started fairly innocently. He posted a lot, mostly links, but also ramblings and YouTube videos, but he would link these things together. For example, he'd post something about the Rockefellers, a Wiki link to a conspiracy, a personal anecdote, and a few songs, all on one thread.

This had been happening five or six times a day, and sometimes even more. Then he started tagging people and talking about substance use, which he has a bit of a history of. At this point, his parents became concerned, and he spent three weeks in the hospital refusing treatment. He got out, and that's when things got really crazy.

First, he posted all of his court documents and medical records from his trial on Facebook, which talked about how they were trying to force him to take meds. He lost, but as far as I can tell, he's still refusing treatment. All I will say is that they were not flattering. At this point, many people started cutting off contact with him. Then he took it up a notch.

He started harassing women. The restraining orders started piling up. We know because he posted these, too, along with a "woe is me" post, and several posts dragging these girls' names through the mud. "Don't you understand what I'm going through?" This set my roommate and I off. We told him off, cut off contact, and told him to get help.

He continues to post stuff like that to this day. Often, he will post links to leaked or recently declassified government documents, and challenge the NSA to detain him. He claims he is going to change the world with his work on warp drives and time travel. He alternates between calling himself a national security threat, and a genius doing good work for all of mankind.

He has delusions of grandeur and clearly suffers from a God complex. He insists he was mistreated in the hospital because they gave him an injection in his bum, which is actually a common way to administer sedatives or other meds to unruly patients.

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47. Slippery Slope

This guy I used to work with, let's call him Jim, has been going off on Facebook. First, his dog lost his life and he was going after his vet for it. He also tried to start a GoFundMe to raise money in honor of his dog. Then, Jim made a dark discovery. He found out his wife was cheating on him with some guy from Craigslist. You can bet all heck broke loose.

He posted a lot of screenshots of their conversations and a selfie of him crying. Then Jim's wife was maybe pregnant and trying to join the army? But that turned out to be a hoax, possibly. Jim became worried he would never find someone again. He felt very ugly and still loved his wife, but signed up for three online dating sites anyway.

A day later, he posted that everyone in the online dating world expected him to be Brad Pitt. Then he makes a date with a woman, but says a few days later that he can't go through with it because he's still married and that means something to him. All this within maybe two months. He also posted a lot about how even though his wife cheated on him, he still believes in fairies. No idea how those two things are connected.

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48. Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children!

I unfollowed a friend because she insisted on putting her young daughter through child beauty pageants. She takes 87 million photos of her, which garners her a lot of attention on Facebook. She’s also a serial hashtag user. She has dogs and follows up each one of their Instagram pictures with 45 hashtags, a third of which don't actually make any sense. But the final straw was yet to come.

When a bat got into her kid's room, she flipped the heck out and insisted on taking her kid for rabies shots, even though she hadn't been bitten or even come close to it. Rabies shots are painful and drawn-out, and you better believe each hospital visit was fully documented, with play-by-play status updates and floods of photos.

Of course, her legion of Facebook friends fawned over every single one, acting like her daughter was going through a series of cancer treatments or something. I really felt like she was putting her poor child through this for sympathy and attention on Facebook, and I just couldn't watch it anymore, so I had to unfriend her.

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49. How Not To Get Rich Quick

This guy I’m friends with on Facebook announced a couple of months ago that he was going to do a challenge where he would double his net worth every month until he reached a million. He would constantly post about how motivated he was, how on track he felt, and how he had meetings to pitch a game-changing idea to some of the biggest companies.

Of course, he was always very vague and would flat out refuse to tell anyone what his methods or ideas even related to because he thought someone would take them. Apparently, his ideas were that powerful. So naturally, this guy kept posting things several times a day, started adding in photos of himself on yachts with girls in bikinis, etc.

Then, he apparently ended up doubling his worth for the first month by selling some things he owned. By this point, even people that didn't know the guy were following his updates. Then one day, the influx of posts suddenly ended. The only thing he has said about it is that he hasn't doubled his net worth anymore since.

He seems super bitter about it all, although he's still trying to do the whole "my life is amazing anyway" routine.

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Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but few people know her even darker history.

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