Dark Secrets Unleashed

October 1, 2023 | Violet Newbury

Dark Secrets Unleashed

Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Some are minor tidbits about one’s past; others are deep, dark, looming secrets that can become burdensome on one’s soul. Put a kettle on, because Redditors spill the tea and share some of the darkest secrets they have carried over the years. Their stories will put any confessional to shame.

1. The Cosmos Crushed My Dreams

My partner was sick and developed brain damage after a sudden illness. It was random and out of the blue. Most days, he is his old self, but some days he is a stranger to me. He's angry, confused, and doesn't know me. He gets into a rage, and I have to calm him. I have to remind him of the 13 years we've shared together and break his heart, reminding him that his dad is gone.

He seems totally fine to people on the outside, just a bit quieter than usual....they don't know what happens behind closed doors. They don't see him when he's confused or wondering who I am. It's hard. I'm burning out between work, studying, caring for him, volunteering, and moving because of his mobility issues. I adore him and won’t leave him, but it's made me realize that the life we had planned is not going to happen. But the devastation doesn't end there.

We were planning to have a baby, but I've had to accept that it likely won't happen. I also can’t bring myself to tell him that I don't think it'll happen. I'm angry, heartbroken, and sad. I've never felt such hatred for whatever cosmic force there may be out there that did this, but I wake up from what little sleep I get, begging whatever is out there to leave us alone.

I want my old life back, my old partner, and our future back. I get so mad because people keep telling me I should be grateful he isn't worse, but I should be allowed my feelings.


2. Hard Act To Follow

My friend goes on and on about how many Twitch followers he has and how he’s getting so big as a streamer, etc. But there's something he doesn't know.

Most of his followers/viewers are me. He was so depressed that nobody was tuning in that I used a Google Workspace account and a ton of aliases to spawn Twitch accounts to follow and watch him.

However, it’s gotten out of control, and he keeps trying to brag about how many viewers and subscribers he has. I’m not sure how to proceed because he was pretty depressed before I created all the followers, and I am worried he’ll get depressed again if I slowly stop doing it.

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3. I Wasn’t Playing It Safe

As a kid, I took an interest in learning how to pick locks. One time around age 10 or 11, I opened my father's safe in the bedroom and found a disassembled 9mm, and a box of ammo. Stupid me thought it would be a good challenge to try and assemble it. I got it together, and suddenly, a friend stopped by to play. We went out in the woods intending to hunt birds and such. It was a recipe for disaster.

At one point, the piece didn't fire. We thought it was out of ammo. My friend was looking at it, with the barrel pointed at him and me at various times. He said we must have used up all the rounds and gave it back to me. During the exchange, a loud bang shattered the silence.

The piece discharged into the ground. One of us could have lost our lives or been hurt miles from anywhere. I have been terrified of arms ever since. I got caught using the piece because I scratched it, trying to get leverage to assemble it. I took the punishment with no issue and considered myself and my friend lucky.

My father was a good man; he did what was right with it. Once he knew I could gain access, he got rid of it, saving me a few years later. I went to get it to take my life, and it was nowhere to be found. I have been that thankful for that ever since.

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4. More Than Meets The Eye

When I was about six or seven years old, I took a Transformer toy from a mom-and-pop store. This was back in the 80s in France. My mom would just drop me off at the store while she ran some errands. It was not considered bad parenting back then—everyone would leave kids unattended in cars or stores.

I had noticed this Transformer for a while and had really wanted it because they were all the rage back then. We were not poor, but my parents wouldn’t get me new toys for no reason. It was only for Christmas, birthdays, or if my school report card was good. So I knew my mom wouldn’t buy it even if I begged; I had tried before.

I noticed that there was almost nobody in the store and that the owner was behind the register. There was no one near me, and since I was only four-feet tall, no one had a direct line of sight over the aisles. That's when the devil on my shoulder won.

I decided I was going to take it. I had never taken anything before—maybe a crayon from school, but that was it. This was something around $8 or $10, which was a lot back then, especially for a seven-year-old. It was winter, and I was wearing a big puffy coat. However, the toy was in a box, not just a blistered cardboard back like most action figures.

I couldn’t just shove it inside my jacket; it was too big. Plus, it was a small store, they only had one or two units of each toy, so if one went missing, they would notice immediately, or at least that was what my young mind thought. So, I opened the box very quietly with my tiny fingers, and I was able to get it out. I was constantly checking if anyone was coming over.

My heart was beating as if I was committing the biggest heist. I slowly put it inside my jacket pocket. The toy was actually pretty big; I had to make sure nothing was poking out. I put the box back on the racks, hiding it behind other toys. The whole thing probably lasted 30 seconds, but it felt like an hour. Then I couldn’t just walk out.

I had to wait for my mom to pick me up, and I had no idea how long she would be. I had to stay at the scene. I randomly walked around the store, avoiding eye contact with anyone, staying away from the boys’ section, and suddenly pretending I was interested in Barbies. I was sweating.

I knew it was there in my pocket, but I couldn’t reach for it because I didn’t want to bring any attention to it. I didn’t even want to look down. Then, I saw some other kid going towards the Transformers. I thought he was going to find the empty box, but luckily he looked at other stuff. My mom finally walked in the door. I wanted to rush outside, but I had to act cool.

She started asking me questions, “I wasn’t too long? Did you see anything you like?" While I would normally drag her to show the stuff I wanted, this time, I was like, “Nah, we can go”. I was finally outside, and no one was running after me—victory! I put my hands in my pockets, and I could feel it, but it wasn’t over yet.

I had to wait until we got home. Once we got home, she put my coat on the hanger, so I had to go retrieve it later when she was busy and not paying attention. I locked myself in my room and played with it all day. I would then hide it at the bottom of my toy crate when I was done. I did that for a few days then I became less cautious.

My dad once saw me playing with it and asked where it came from because he didn’t remember buying it. I made up some story about trading it with a friend from school, and he was like, “Oh, OK”. He didn’t really care. I avoided going back to the store for almost a year after that. I told my mom I’d rather stay with her when she went to the farmers market, which made her happy.

My big childhood secret haunted me for months.

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5. Sorry, Not For Me

I told my fiancée on our first date that I didn’t want or like children. I kept saying it for five years, then the worst happened.

She got pregnant and decided to keep it. Now she doesn't clean, cook, or play with the kid because she is tired, and I'm stuck with all of it. She won't even teach him to sleep without diapers because she doesn't want to wake up in the middle of the night, so I have to deal with that as well.

I love my son and would give my life for him, but my dark secret is that this life is not for me. Every day I wish for the end so I can rest and have peace.

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6. The Cat Got My Tongue

When I was eight, I made the most disturbing discovery. I walked in on my 13-year-old cousin choking a small kitten with both hands. He just stood there with an unmoving expression. When he noticed me, he threatened to do the same to my mother if I didn't find him more animals to "play with". So, out of fear, I complied.

For two months, I would get him frogs, hamsters, and even my grandmother's pet bunny at one point.

Basically, any small animal just to get him to leave me alone. The ordeal stopped when he was sent to the hospital for an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts and was gone for two weeks. I never told anyone. He's 22 now and seemingly normal. He's engaged to a pleasant woman who owns three cats, though I fear for their safety.

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7. No More Chances

A few people are aware that someone I was very close to took their life. He was the kindest man who would travel two hours by train just to meet me for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. He was someone so consistently there for me. I never considered the possibility of him one day being gone because he seemed really happy. But there's something I've never told anybody.

In the few days leading up to his departure, I had several missed calls from him. I watched one of the calls ring without answering it and received a message from him, pleading that I call him when I had the chance. I had many chances, but I didn't pick up the phone. I woke up later that week to a message that, once pasted onto a Word document, took me two days to read.

He wrote to me about his life, how insignificant he felt, and how wonderful I was, and ended it with an apology. I then received an email from his mother, informing me he had jumped in front of a moving train. I've always been a caring person, and I try to do the right thing. However, for the last eight years, I've stopped keeping kind thoughts to myself.

The sole reason I check in on everyone and answer my phone is so I can keep a piece of him alive.

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8. Granny’s Final Days

I told my grandmother that I would be back to see her in the morning, but I slept through my alarm and didn't make it to see her in the hospital. By the time I was done work, I had passed out in my car in the driveway of her house. I'll regret this forever.

The next morning she had no more brain function. I beat myself up every day, thinking I didn't get to spend those last few days with her, even though I knew nothing I could have done would have stopped her from going.

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9. Karma Is A Coming

I’ve planned out the demise of both my mother and stepfather in my head since I was at least 13. I’d never actually go through with it, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t play through in my head daily. They hurt me in multiple ways since I was in pre-school, and my stepdad accosted me from 14–17. They both have bad karma coming their way if it hasn’t already.

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10. A Friendly Goodbye

I hate my friends, and I think I've always hated some aspects of them. I've tried so hard to change my views and my ways because they don't deserve that, but I can't stand people. Their quirks and their laughs grate on my ears, and their needs are too heavy for me to want to be burdened. I find no interest in the things they like or the foods they enjoy.

The jokes they find funny seem stupid to me, and I'm exhausted from pretending to enjoy my time with them. I'm going to be moving out after being very close with all of them for the past two years, and I couldn't be happier. I'm better off keeping this weight away from people who don't deserve it.

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11. College Dreams

I used to fantasize about hooking up with the rich college guy who rented a room at my family’s house. He was a varsity player on my grandpa’s football college team, and his mom had moved to Australia, so he needed a place to stay. About a year or two ago, I found out from my uncle that he moved to Australia as well, shortly after he was caught using steroids by one of my uncles.

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12. A Last Wish

My girlfriend had a long battle with cancer. I had been sleeping anywhere I could for a week, and in my haze, I never noticed just how close she was to the end. That's when I made a horrifying mistake. 

I thought I could go home, recharge, and come back. I woke up to her family in tears, telling me she had gone during the night. The only thing she wanted when she passed was to have me there. Instead, I wanted to sleep. It is easily my biggest regret.

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13. Hidden Pain

When I was a young child, I hid in a hideaway sofa and watched—scared and crying—shaking with fear—as my young friend was hurt within an inch of her life by her parent. She told me to hide and stay quiet because I wasn't supposed to be in the house. If they found out, they would end her.

As soon as her dad stopped and went out of the room, and I knew he wasn't coming back, I got out. I ran up to her—and couldn't believe my eyes.

She wasn't really breathing and was very bloody. To this day, the image of her brings me to tears and has me trembling in fear and trauma. I called for help and ran to a nearby neighbor’s house. I'm sure I scared them, as I was covered with her blood and stammered to get any words out. They called the authorities and made me wait there.

They brought her out in a black bag on a bed. I didn't know what that meant as a child. I found out when the officer told me.

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14. Living A Lie

I grew up in a cult. My grandmother took and alienated children from their parents, making them completely dependent on her. She’s been doing this for 45 years, and despite her advanced age, she’s still doing it. She’ll befriend a young woman with any sort of problem and allow that woman and her child to live in her home.

They give 90% of the money they make to her to “pay the bills”, and eventually, they get sick of it and go to a woman’s shelter or stay with a friend, taking their child. Then, my grandmother calls them, begging them to think about how that lifestyle will impact their child.

They usually end up letting the kid stay with her, and they typically go back to the harmful lifestyle they were living before they met her. CPS is always involved, and they’ll usually open a case on the mother. The consequences are heartbreaking. This frequently ends up with my grandmother getting full custody of the child.

When I was three, my parents had just moved out of her house in Texas and left for Ohio. We were staying in a motel, and my father had a job as a maintenance guy at the motel to pay the fees. One day, he had a friend over and needed to use the pay phone outside to order a pizza. He left me with this friend while he went to do that.

This friend wanted my father’s job and decided to call the authorities for child abandonment to get him apprehended. My father was at the pay phone about a minute’s walk away, with a direct line of sight to the motel room door. Officers took me from my loving parents, and because my grandmother was my closest blood relative, I was placed with her.

I was raised until the age of fifteen to believe that my parents never loved me and that I was incurably mentally ill to the point where I had to take medication far above the safe doses for a child my age. At age 10, I was taught to cook and clean; at age 11, there were two new kids I was responsible for looking after.

In the end, I found an old letter that accidentally fell behind the filing cabinet. It had a woman’s name on it, one I didn’t know. Something inside me told me to read that letter, so I did. It was from a woman whose child my grandmother had custody of. I continued to read.

The woman was begging my grandmother to let her see her child, even just once. It had been a year. I continued reading, and it hit me like a punch. I saw my own name right there. I had never known my parents’ names, and I finally had a clue. After figuring out that my mother not loving me was a lie, I began wondering what else was a lie.

I messaged my mom on Facebook, and now, five years and six days after that fateful day, I’m living with her and my father. My entire life up until five years ago was a lie, and I still can’t wrap my head around it.

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15. An Emotional Wreck

Growing up, my single mother would physically take out her frustrations on her children. So, I spent time with four weekend foster families, two full-time foster families, two years at a boarding school, a couple of weeks at my dad's place, and a couple of years at something called an "efterskole", a type of boarding school specifically for finishing up what is essentially high school.

While all of that was bad enough, I moved to the neighboring country for a few years following my coming of age to live with my then-girlfriend. When she broke up with me, I broke.

It's been 14 years, and I still haven't been able to create a relationship—platonic or otherwise—with a woman. Whenever a bond is being formed, it simply snaps as I subconsciously retreat out of self-preservation.

After seeing a therapist, it turns out I have rejection PTSD from not only my mother but from most of the female authority figures I've had throughout my life. I don't hate women. I just can't trust them because I'm emotionally scarred.

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16. He Finally Got Exed Out

I'm happy my mom’s ex is no longer alive. The dude was a menace. He frequently had outbursts where he would destroy our apartment and threaten my siblings or my mom. His family and friends all thought he was harmless but didn't want to deal with him. One day, he was having another meltdown, and my mom and siblings were hiding in my room.

I was holding the door shut while he was trying to get in, so I called the authorities. The guy blamed me for years after that and targeted me often. One day, some neighborhood boys tried to hurt me, and when I mentioned it, he convinced himself that I must've led those boys on and kept inviting them over. But that wasn't all.

I also had to take care of him when he shattered the bones in his arm and hand, and traveling nurses refused to come to our house to flush his IV. I imagine he was terrible to them too.

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17. The STI And Me

I was admitted to the hospital for a positive syphilis test. I went to a clinic to get treated and was told to go to the ER because I saw flashers in my vision, which could be a sign of neurosyphilis. I have been telling friends and colleagues that I have a bad staph infection. My whole family works in the medical field, and I have been too ashamed to tell them.

I couldn’t lie about having a staph infection to them because they would figure it out. So, I told them I had Covid and that they probably wouldn’t see me for about a week. My whole family had Covid recently, except for me, so it was a good excuse. This was the first time I’d ever been admitted to the hospital, and I didn’t know they would admit me when I went in.

I thought it would be a quick outpatient thing with some more penicillin—but I was SO wrong. The neurology team got involved. I was so scared, and all I could think about was that I wished I could talk to my sister, who is a doctor. But with the problem being an STI, my family doesn’t talk about stuff like that.

My symptoms were a minor annoyance at worst, but since it affected my vision, it was being taken very seriously.

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18. Too Little Too Late

My grandmother passed of dementia, but that took five years of progression. I was 16 when it all started, and I had never lost anyone before. I was so scared that I avoided her at all costs. This was a woman who lived 10 minutes from us growing up, who babysat me constantly, and was over every Sunday for dinner. I moved away to college and didn’t think about her much until her last month.

I visited twice ever, and that was in hospice. At that point, I was 21 years old. The first time I saw her, she was slowly deteriorating—not eating or drinking, and just a shell of a person. I walked in, sat on her bed, and took her hand. The only semblance of human interaction I saw from her was that her face got flushed when she saw me, and she gripped my hand.

The second time I saw her, I was only in her room for a few minutes. My mother looked at me, and it clicked. My grandmother was going to pass that day. I panicked and said, “I don’t know if I can be here for this”, and my mother understood. I nearly ran out of the building.

Fifteen minutes down the road, I got a call from my mom saying my grandmother was gone. I am so guilty I ignored that saint of a woman for five years and only showed up the week she passed. I will always carry it with me.

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19. Something’s Buggy

My friends, roommates, and family know that I’m scared of bugs, but they don’t know that I’m downright horrified by them, to the point where it’s probably an actual phobia. A few weeks ago, a mosquito was trapped in my room for a few days. I saw it multiple times, and it would bite me in my sleep. Despite knowing better, I haven’t been able to sleep, thinking I have bedbugs which I don’t.

Even so, my reaction was over the top. I’ve been vacuuming my mattress, constantly washing my sheets, doing exhaustingly thorough inspections nonstop, and worst of all, when I’m tired, I can feel bugs crawling on me that I know aren’t there. It’s honestly been tormenting, and it’s negatively impacting my ability to function in daily life.

I’m rational enough to see the evidence for myself and finally convinced myself there are no bedbugs around. I’m ashamed to share it with anyone, worrying they’d think I’m crazy when I’m definitely not. I sometimes have anxiety, and I think bugs just trigger the worst of it in me.

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20. Cult Off From Mom And Dad

I grew up in a charismatic evangelical cult. I was physically hurt by the pastor and several churchgoers in an "exorcism" to cure my depression and thoughts of ending it all. It didn't work. When I was 16 or 17, I was spiraling and made a horrible decision.

I tried to take my life. After my failed attempt, I spent weeks and weeks crying on the phone to the helplines at night. I often begged them not to call the authorities and just to let me cry to them, as it would just make things worse for me if they did.

My sister, who was 14–15 at the time, found me one night because I cried so hard that I puked. She asked if I was OK and comforted me. I remember her kindness, and she has always been my biggest support. Six years later, we both escaped our parents and the cult. I went no contact with them while my sister still talked to them, maintaining firm boundaries.

I'm 22 now and had my first birthday without them. My sister made me a cake, got me a present, and we had a get-together, but I didn't tell her I was pretty sad the whole day. I didn’t get a single birthday wish from any of my family, and while I wanted it that way and there's really no way for any of them to get in touch with me, I miss my parents.

I'm still just a scared kid who wants his mommy and daddy. I want my dad to tell me he's proud of me, and I want my mom to tell me I'm perfect the way I am and that she will love me no matter what. I was a heavy user but have been clean and sober for months, but when I remember everything, I start craving again. I am thankful I don’t know any dealers.

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21. Missing Mom

I miss my mom—a lot. She is still alive but is barely in my life because she was extremely terrible for my entire childhood. I ended up moving in with my dad after she tossed me out, and I had no contact with her for about a year. I’m talking to her again because it’s easier now that she has moved to another state, but it’s not enough.

I just want her to hug me, even knowing there will be a metaphorical knife in my back if I do. I have many memories about her as a kid that were mostly bad, but there were a few that weren’t, and I miss that.

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22. The Never-Ending Cycle

I reject invitations to go places and see people, then hate myself for always feeling alone. I’m normally OK once I’m out and about, but the thought of going to see people—or the build-up to it—messes with my head, and I don’t know why.

For example, I love to climb and go climbing at the gym regularly. However, every time I am getting ready to go, I just get filled with anxiety. I make myself go, then after 10 minutes, I love it and can’t wait to go back. Then, the cycle repeats itself time and time again.

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23. Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I have had the same best friend since I was 16; we met in high school. When we turned 19, she met her husband. I quickly became closer to him than my best friend. We developed a deep brother-sister-type bond. My best friend had cognitive disabilities and anxiety, so I would vent to him because he was just easier to talk to. Then her husband lost his life to leukemia.

I stepped up and helped my best friend through the transition. I planned a memorial service, paid for the cremation, and was basically a rock, but I was completely gutted internally. I do not trust easily, and her husband was one of the few people I felt I could say anything to.

The loss was hard for me, and I had nowhere to go with the pain because the one person I would talk to about it was him, and he was gone. It was a complicated mix to deal with.

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24. My Plan Backfired

During a manic episode, I did the unthinkable. I was filled with so much rage and sorrow that I let a homeless man take me into a ditch behind a church in hopes that he would take my life. He didn't. He just snorted some crank, showed me pictures of his girlfriends, and made pleasant conversation. I guess he was just lonely.

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25. Forget About It!

I have terrible memory issues, and no matter what I do to keep things on track—meds, planners, reminders, alarms—things still slip through the cracks. It makes me feel terrible because I hate the disappointed or even frustrated look I get when I ask a question and should know the answer. It’s especially difficult when people end up thinking that I don’t care.

I often hear, “If you cared, then you’d remember," when in reality, I care so much. I never want to ask again what we planned for tomorrow or when your birthday is. It is really hard to juggle everything all the time.

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26. Glad He’s Gone

I hate to admit it, but I felt relieved when my dad took his life. While he had a lot of mental health issues, he was also not a very nice person and put my family and me through a lot of pain for many years. I now have conflicting feelings all the time.

I am sad that someone suffered and inflicted so much pain on others, but I am also relieved that it is over, and I honestly don’t miss him at all.

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27. Not Much Time With Nan

My nana was 101. She was hilarious, kind, had all her faculties, was the best support, and everything you would want in a nan. With her age, I knew time was short, but I didn’t prioritize her as much as I should have. I saw her the night before she passed and told her I was sorry. She accepted it and forgave me, but you could tell she was sad I hadn’t spent more time with her.

The next time I saw her, she was gone. I regret it every day of my life.

Dark Secrets UnleashedUnsplash, Todd Cravens

28. A Bad Mix

I absolutely hate that I mixed my friend groups together. It was one of the worst things I have ever done.

There was so much drama that happened as a result, and now I feel like I don't belong in either crowd. I can’t plan things with one group without people from the other feeling like I’m purposefully excluding them, nor can I talk about things that happen to me because they're all basically one big weird bunch now. It’s really suffocating, and I feel lost.

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29. It Was All In My Head

I suffered from HORRIFIC intrusive thoughts due to OCD, and for 28 years, I thought something was wrong with me. I thought I might end up being a predator or psycho, even though all those thoughts made me physically sick.

I was genuinely scared to babysit my two-year-old nephew alone because “What if I accidentally threw him down the stairs?" I finally opened up to my therapist, and she helped me work through it all. I'm no longer triggered and can finally live peacefully.

Dark Secrets UnleashedUnsplash, Alexandra Gorn

30. It Was All Smoke And Mirrors

I’ve smoked for almost 40 years—and it's my greatest secret. I rarely indulge in public and never at work, so only my husband knows I've used a pack a day for almost my entire life. I just quit, and the cravings are brutal at times, but I feel so much better. It was a vice that was so embarrassing to me. I thought it was stupid and unnecessary, yet I kept on doing it for way too many years.

Dark Secrets Unleashed

31. Material Motivation

I don't feel the want to do anything. I feel no excitement for future dates or events. I don’t get excited or look forward to anything except greedy stuff like obtaining money or objects. I'm not even materialistic; it's just like my brain is looking for shortcuts to make me feel some sort of excitement, so it looks for objects that I want. This makes me feel horrible.

My girlfriend asks me to play video games or hang out with her, and I always do, but I never look forward to it until we actually do it. I always enjoy my time with her, but I can't get hyped up to do anything. I've heard of this happening with older people, but I'm only 18, and I'm horrified. I need motivation.

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32. Who Let The Cat Out?

We lost our family cat when I was a kid. She was an indoor cat and couldn’t be let out. Even though she was microchipped, we didn’t find her until months later. By then, she was dehydrated and unwell. She lost her life shortly after that while at the vet. But here's my secret.

Unfortunately, I was the one who let her out.

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33. The Favorite Daughter

I have a sister who was adopted. I am always going to resent my parents for loving her more than they loved me. She was adopted before I was born, and while I was growing up, they would constantly ask me why I couldn't be more like her. All my life, she has always been the favored one.

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34. Into The Woods

Some days I want to build a cabin in the middle of nowhere and just vanish. Nobody ragging on me for my looks, nobody complaining that the job they're underpaying me for isn't done as fast as they want, no more tormenting myself with impossible dreams of a better life, a wife and kids, and a dog and two cars in the garage. Just me, in the woods, alone.

And no more people saying, "It's God's will" whenever something bad happens. It's all so exhausting.

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35. Guilt Trip

I don’t have as strong of an attachment to my parents as I feel I should. They allowed me to live with my maternal grandmother for most of my formative years, through high school and college. I miss my grandma terribly, as she was more of a parent to me than my actual parents. Any time I currently spend visiting my folks and helping them around the farm is generally out of guilt.


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36. I Burned Him Bad

When I was 15 or 16 years old, I almost took someone's life. I lit my friend on fire. He had to go to the hospital with third-degree burns. He was a homie and never told anyone it was me who burned him. He just told people he was goofing around with fire and that it was an accident, but I did it to him.

Dark Secrets Unleashed

37. Spoiled Rotten

Because of my autism, I was sheltered and spoiled my whole life by my mom. Now that I’m an adult, I struggle to perform normal everyday tasks and feel no motivation to do them. I know it’s not too late to change, but it’s really difficult. I love my mom dearly, but I can’t help but feel that she let me down in the long run.

Perhaps when I move out and I’m forced to do those things, I’ll feel a bit better about it.

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38. Daddy’s Little Girl

When my dad passed, I felt nothing. It was like someone I never knew passed on. I went to his funeral, which was out of state, to be with my mom, who I am very close with. My dad was occasionally physically and mentally harmful to me—a female—but not to my brothers. I always considered myself the daughter he never wanted.

Not long after he was gone, my mom told me how excited he was when I was born because he had a daughter. He had a terrible way of showing it.

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39. I Need A Diagnosis Now!

I think I have undiagnosed ADHD, and it’s ruining my life. I feel like I have Swiss cheese for brains and have to set alarms throughout the day to avoid forgetting anything. My to-do list for work is over ten pages long because if I don’t write down every action, I’ll forget.

Many times, I’ve left the house with my makeup unfinished because I was distracted and didn’t get a visual clue to finish. If something doesn’t interest me, I can’t do it. It’s not that I don’t want to; it’s that I physically cannot make myself break away from the things that do give me dopamine to do important stuff.

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40. Knives Out

A guy broke into my house while I was cutting some meat. I acted on instinct. The first thing I did was throw a knife at his leg. I'm a great blade thrower; now he can't walk because I hit a nerve. He didn't even have a weapon; it was purely my reaction.

The event disturbed me to the point where I don't make dinner anymore because it reminds me of the fact that I messed someone's life up forever. I know what he did was wrong, but I can't help but feel that I went too far.

Dark Secrets Unleashed

41. Time For A Change?

I don’t know if I really want to be with my partner for the rest of my life, and since I don’t know, it scares me to no end. We have been together for almost a decade, and he has been an incredibly stable person in my life. He helped me through college, and he assisted me whenever I needed it. We went through a rough patch when we moved in together because we were very young and moved to a city we had never been to before.

I was extremely depressed, and our relationship cooled off for a while. That was years ago, and now, we have both let ourselves go a bit. My taste in men has changed considerably, and his sitting at his computer for hours irritates me. To be fair, I doubt he’s attracted to me anymore either, and I get why he wouldn’t be. We don’t do anything.

We don’t go on dates anymore; I can’t even tell you the last time we went to a movie or dinner. I haven’t had a climax in months, he doesn’t kiss me when we do get busy, and his life goals are non-existent. Our love languages are completely incompatible as well. I don’t really know how he even shows love, to be honest. I need physical and verbal affection, and I don’t receive those anymore.

I think we are both guilty of staying with each other out of convenience, but it’s tough to see my life without him. Even so, it’s hard to say I can commit myself to feeling like this permanently. There are times when I love him completely and never want to be away from him, and there are times when I think I want to love him for what I want him to be and not who he is, which is confusing.

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42. Still In The Closet

I haven’t told my mother that I am gay, and when I do, I know that it’s going to be a nightmare. My dad is extremely loving and supportive of my boyfriend and me; however, my mom is not. She is openly disapproving of persons with my lifestyle and has no issues calling people derogatory names of any sort.

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43. Career Coaching

I’m part of management for a company. I encourage and coach any employee who gets a better job offer first to use it to get a raise if they’re semi-interested in staying. I tell them what I make so they have an idea of what a reasonable raise would be. If they’re not, and their other job offer has better pay and benefits, I encourage them to leave.

Our company has little room for upward movement because our employee base is in the hundreds, and our management is only about 20 people, most of who are content like me. I’m sure my employer would be mad because three of the people I’ve cheered on were incredible members of the management team.

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44. Leave Well Enough Alone

I'm 25 years old and never had a really good friend. I spent most of my life at home alone, playing video games or watching Anime. Last year, I finally found someone and knew she was my soul mate. I began to live my life for the first time. She lived six hours away, but we made sure to see each other often and made plans for the future.

Then, she told me she wanted to have a child. But I wasn't happy. Instead of being excited, it broke my heart because if she gets pregnant, we won’t be able to do everything we planned. I'm angry with myself for being so selfish.

Dark Secrets UnleashedUnsplash, Ayo Ogunseinde

45. I Finally Let It Out

When I was 22, I got my girlfriend—who was 19 at the time—pregnant—twice. We both made a choice that it wasn’t a good time to have children at the time, so I helped her carry out both abortions. It is the thing that I most regret in my entire life, and it haunts me every day. Thirteen years later, I ran into her at a local marketplace in another city.

She introduced me to her husband and her children. The next day, we agreed to meet and catch up over coffee. We talked for hours, went over our mistakes, cried, hugged, and parted ways. I had never told anyone about it and kept it inside for 13 years. It was a relief to let it out, and it was the closure I needed.

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46. Oh Brother, What Art Thou?

I don’t know where to begin, but I think my older brother—who I love and was our caregiver while we were growing up in a neglectful home—might be a predator. I never want to tell anyone because I don't want it to be true. However, at the same time, I'm totally weirded out to be around him alone or to let him be near my kids.

Dark Secrets UnleashedUnsplash, Allef Vinicius

47. He Fell For It

When I was six or seven, a neighborhood boy about my age came to my house. I didn’t care much for him. He was sitting on the railing of our porch about eight feet off the ground. I went up to him to play the “don’t fall” trick, where you pretend to push someone but grab them instead. However, I didn’t grab him. Instead, a nightmare ensued.

I straight up shoved him off the railing and said, “Don’t fall”, as he plummeted to the ground below and hit his head on a big rock. He bled everywhere and was crying. I don’t know why I did it; it was intentional and malicious. Forty years later, I still feel bad.

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48. Let’s Get Physical

When I was eight years old, I was at a friend’s sleepover. I've never told anyone what happened that horrifying night. 

My friend was the same age as me, and an older boy was also there who asked me to take off my clothes and lay on my friend. After saying no multiple times, I was persuaded to do it. I don't recall much more of that night; I guess my brain said, “Let’s forget that”.

I still know how the room looked, what games we played, and how the bed and the carpet looked. I’m 20 now, and I think because of that night, I had a lot of trouble accepting physical touch and intimacy.

Dark Secrets UnleashedUnsplash, Jonathan Cosens Photography

49. The Burning Bed

When I was seven, I was home alone. I called emergency services because a house fire consumed half of the house, and they found me outside. My mother, who was at work, was told by the fire department that it was an electrical fire. But that's not actually what happened.

In truth, I had a lighter and was fascinated by fire. I was burning the little tassels at the end of my blanket and putting them out before the whole blanket caught fire. That is until I wasn't able to, and the whole bed caught fire.

An electrical outlet shorted out from the heat, which made the firefighters think that was the cause. I'm 40 now, and my mother still doesn't know the truth. To this day, I vividly remember it, complete with the heat on my face as I tried in vain to put out the flames on the bed.

Dark Secrets Unleashed

50. Secret Bedfellows

I got busy with my best friend's little sister. My buddy and I shared an apartment, and he was away for the weekend. I got a knock on the door, and there she was. I was so confused as she knew her brother was away. She came in and started crying. She told me about how her boyfriend cheated on her, and they broke up. I just let her vent and gave her a hug. Then I got the shock of a lifetime.

She tried to kiss me, but I pulled away. I was like, “No way”. After saying “No” a bunch of times, she took off her shorts and shirt. She said she had come there to bed me and that no one would ever know. In a moment of weakness and immaturity, I caved in. When I tell you it was good, it is still—to this day—the best nookie I ever had.

We are still best friends, and he has no idea. It was a one-time thing; she used me. She ended up getting married to that same guy, and they have three kids. I am married with two college-aged kids. I saw her at her grandfather's funeral, and she gave me a wry little smile. No one will ever know, but we'll never forget.

Dark Secrets UnleashedPexels

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