From Crush To Disgust In One Brutal Moment

October 15, 2023 | Violet Newbury

From Crush To Disgust In One Brutal Moment

Everyone knows the feeling of butterflies when they have a crush on someone. All seems to be coming up roses, and that person is the light of their life. That is until their crush does something so bad that any sense of enchantment vanishes forever. These Redditors share their experiences of how that lovin’ feeling took a nosedive and sent them from crush to disgust. Breaking up was never so easy.

1. The Door Closed On That Relationship

I went on a few dates with this chick. There were no crazy intense sparks yet, but we also enjoyed the previous dates we had with each other, so we wanted to keep getting to know one another. We got to our spot to have dinner and some drinks on this patio. This place was always packed because the service was good, the food was great, and the atmosphere was excellent.

We got out of the car and headed inside. We already spotted a table being vacated for us to grab while making our way in. I then realized I had left my wallet in the car. I said, "I just need to grab my wallet. If you're cool with grabbing the table we spotted, I'll be right behind you". She said no problem, and I took off to get it.

I went into the car, but I also looked up to see how she was making out. This cute elderly couple was practically helping one another walk, and they heading to the patio doors at the same time that my date was. What I saw made my blood run cold. She entered the doors first and didn't hold the door for them. I could clearly see that she had seen them. It absolutely rubbed me the wrong way.

I got out of the car and made my way up to the same entrance, and the same elderly couple was still there. I said hello, and we exchanged pleasantries. I went to open the door and realized it was not as easy to open as one would think due to the cylinder on the top. The gentleman said, "Good thing you were going in. I couldn't gather the strength to open it"!

I was then even more mortified by what I had just witnessed prior. I held the door for them, and we headed in. That was the last date I went on with her. I know it's a minor issue to have, but it really bothered me.

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2. Her Words Turned Ugly

When I was 17, during my first year at university, I made friends with a girl in my year. It wasn't an instant crush, but she was funny, and I grew to like her. One day we were going home after classes together, chatting and joking. At one moment, she said, "I really like talking to you just about anything. I would have jumped you right now if you weren't so ugly".

I was a really awkward teenager who was severely underweight, had skin problems, and had some other complexes. On top of that, I was very introverted, so it outright destroyed my remaining self-esteem. The thing is that she actually didn't realize the effect of her words. It was like a passing comment to her and wasn't said with malicious intent. That fact actually made those words even more hurtful.

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3. Familial Relations

She mentioned her last name, and I recognized it, which was probably a good thing. We were on a double date sort of deal with her friend and my friend. We found out pretty early in the night that her grandmother was my grandfather's older sister. It worked out OK, though. We literally laughed our heads off for 15 minutes, making inappropriate jokes and trading dates. I ended up dating her friend for about four years.

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4. There Was No Curbing Her Enthusiasm

She took pride in "saying what was on her mind", which was kind of cute at first—but then I made a disturbing realization. She had absolutely no filter. Every thought in her head spewed out of her mouth, no matter who could hear it. Not a day went by when she didn't get into an argument with someone over some insensitive or insulting comment that she had made. She was the female embodiment of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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5. Ain’t No Man Worth The Trouble

I figured out he was dating two other girls and me and playing each other against us. One night at a party, one of the other girls wanted to get into it. Honestly, I was tipsy and tired and was getting in my friend’s car to leave when she tried to start an argument with me over him. I just said, “Tell your friends we got in a fight, and you won. Also, you can have him”. I got in the car and went home to bed. That was the day I decided I would never battle over a guy. If he wants to be with me, he will be with me.

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6. Don’t Spurn My Sibling

He was rude and dismissive to my little brother. I know little brothers can be annoying, but my brother, who was 13, wasn't being nosy or disrespectful. He just wanted to know if my crush liked video games. I'm also really close to my siblings and wanted them to be included. The next boyfriend I had, who later became my husband, spent hours teaching my little brother to play old-school StarCraft. To this day, six years later, they still play video games together at least once a week.

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7. Book Banned

I was in a really new relationship. She came over to my house and saw my full bookshelf. Her reaction was seriously deranged. She went on a long rant about how reading and books were pointless. Not just the books I picked, which maybe I could have been fine with as opinions differ, but she thought that every single book was worthless and I was wasting my time reading. I broke up with her right then and there. She said, "You're really breaking up with me over books"? I replied, “Absolutely".

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8. Three Was A Crowd

I noticed an attractive woman a few times at a local hangout spot. One evening, we struck up a conversation, which led to a series of casual hookups. We'd usually meet somewhere that kept it light and casual. One night she invited me to her place. Pretty quickly, I realized that this was the home of a married couple because there were couple pictures, etc.

So, I asked if she was married, and she said yes, but it was OK because he was out of town on a fishing trip. I'm not a saint, but it really bothered me because I didn't consent to have an affair with a married woman. I noped out of there and didn't look back.

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9. He Drove My Feelings Away

I was totally infatuated with this older guy in high school. I later heard that he and a couple of other guys, including my autistic friend, were going to go to McDonald's after school one day. When I found out what they’d done to him, I was furious. 

The guy and his friends did the thing where every time my autistic friend got close to the car door handle, they'd drive away a little bit, eventually leaving him entirely.

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10. Car Troubles

I was dating someone briefly several years ago; I had a red flag moment and walked away. We had only gone on a few dates and hadn't become intimate yet. He came to my house when I had JUST bought my first car, and he sat on the hood. I asked him not to do that, and he just laughed. After a few more times of asking and him blatantly ignoring and mocking me, I dropped him. If he couldn't even manage to respect such a small boundary, I wasn't interested in giving him a chance not to respect others.

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11. This Relationship Needed A Reboot

I started seeing a girl who worked in the same industry as I did and hadn't dated in some time. Initially, there were no red flags at all, and things were going great. I felt like everything in life was breaking my way for once. A few months later, and completely out of nowhere, she accused me of hacking into her devices.

She then believed that a speaker that I gave her when I was cleaning out some of my old stuff was listening in on her. I realized she had some serious paranoid delusions and mental health issues. I took that into account and chose to be friends with her still because I knew she needed some good people in her life. I knew she couldn’t help the way she was, and I really didn’t want to just cut her off because of mental health issues she couldn’t control. But I was faced with a major plot twist moment. 

I got a call from the local authorities. She had reported me for stalking, breaking and entering, and cyber harassment. I had literally not been to her apartment in several weeks at that point. So, I explained the situation to the officer who called me and told them she needed to seek some mental health treatment. I haven't made any attempts to contact her since and will be filing a restraining order against her if she continues to try to disrupt my life.

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12. No Day At The Beach

A girl I liked told me she liked me back and asked for my number. She led me on for months and had all her friends there every time we wrote. Eventually, the whole class was in on it, but nobody told me because I had no friends. Even teachers knew about it but didn't want to get involved because it was a school for snobs, and my parents were the only poor ones.

My sister was in the school, too, but she didn't want to get harassed, so she kept her head down. This girl led me on for half a year. She told me I was a sweet guy, made me spend hundreds on SMS costs while I was a teenager, and made me get yelled at by my parents because I couldn't give up texting the one person who "liked" me.

She invited me to the beach for a date after I told her I hated beaches. I sat there for about four hours with flowers in hand. I knew it was all over after half an hour, but I just couldn't go home knowing I'd been made a fool of. I finally left that school and eventually made better choices. At the time, it hurt terribly, but it made me a better man.

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13. Sisters Before Misters

There was this guy I had been crushing on for years. I flirted with him every time I saw him, which pretty much made it really clear I was interested. He flirted back enough that I figured sooner or later he would ask me out, but then I learned the devastating truth. Instead, he asked me if I thought my sister liked him and if I would give him her phone number.

He proceeded to make a comment about how "hot" my sister still was for a woman over 40 with four kids—she was a widow. That made it pretty clear to me that he wasn't attracted to me at all. I cried over it for days, then realized he wasn't worth it, and that was the end of it. I was glad my sister wasn't interested in him, though. It would have been hard to deal with had she ended up getting involved with him.

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14. She Was All Tricks, No Treats

My date and I had made plans for Halloween; we were supposed to go to a club and meet some friends. She ended up saying she was sick and stayed home. About a week later, I was going to drop her off at her house, and she told me what she really did on Halloween. She had gone to a different club with HER friends, not ours.

There were plenty of other issues in the relationship, but that one truth is what made me snap. I just dropped her off without saying anything, and a few days later broke up with her. I don't think she even cheated on me; there was just too much lying and manipulation.

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15. In Need Of A Vocabulary Lesson

I was 18, and there was this guy who was four years older and was very into me. I was into him as well. We had met months before, but we never really talked because he was seeing someone else. When they broke things off, he messaged me on Instagram. We started talking, and he asked me to go to the movie theater together. I asked him when and he said, “Quando vuoi tu, a tua discrezione”, which means, “Whenever you want, at your discretion”.

I had a past full of older guys trying to hide me from the outside world because they thought I was too young, and I thought that “at your discretion” meant “be discreet”. I didn’t want to deal with that nonsense anymore, so I completely ghosted him. I found out what “at your discretion” actually meant four years later. I felt so bad that I reached out to him and told him the whole story. He laughed it off and said it was no big deal. I still feel like a complete idiot when I think about it.

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16. Communication Situation

We talked for months, then suddenly, an opportunity for a date was in sight. I took it, and she agreed. The day before the date, she ghosted me. There was not even a "sorry, not interested in a date" or "I don't want to give you mixed signals" or anything. Later, she didn't even reply to the usual texts we talked about. I just stopped trying. I didn’t want a person in my life who couldn’t even communicate like an adult.

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17. Siding With The Cool Kid

She invited the entire class, except for another kid and me, to her birthday party. Then, she publicly stated, "Yeah, I just don't know you that well", as an excuse when she realized we found out. This was after we had been in the same class since kindergarten, and her brother was a good friend. Later, through a mutual friend, I found out the dark truth. It turn out that one of the cool kids hated me, so she decided not to invite me. That was quite rough to go through as a 14-year-old.

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18. A Woman Of Too Few Words

When I confessed I was the one leaving love poems in her locker, all she said was, “Oh”. That crushed me, and I stopped. Two decades later, I found out from someone that she probably said that because she knew it was me already. It turned out she loved them and had been reading them to the other girls, who were all jealous.

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19. No More Backup BAE

We were friends and had talked for years. He didn't want a relationship when I told him I had feelings for him, but one night things got kind of hot between us. Then, he randomly dropped out on some plans because—I assume—perhaps it was getting to be too much for him. I tried to play it cool, but he ended up dating another girl. I dipped out, decided I couldn't make it to a hang-out that night, and disappeared.

I was kind of mad, but I was mostly just tired of it. Eventually, he came back and said he wanted to hang out again, and the girlfriend seemed to be out of the picture. Things were good for a year, but then he told me he went on another date. That’s when it finally dawned on me. I was probably some form of validation or safety net between girls he would rather take more seriously.

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20. Ditching Her Was The Moral Thing To Do

My crush back in 8th grade asked why I don't just ending people since I don't share her Christian morals, as I had recently told her I was an atheist. I stammered out that morality isn't tied to the church, and then I looked at her and saw the intense hatred in her eyes. That face was the ugliest face I had ever seen, and that moment cleared up any misconceptions I had about that particular person.

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21. She Should Have Stayed In The Past

I loved my high school girlfriend. We broke up in grade 12, and I missed her ever since. Seven years later, I messaged her to say Happy Birthday and that I hoped she was well. Her reply was, "Thank you. I finally got away from an abusive ex, but now I have to live in a shelter". Stupid me said, "I have a spare room. Come stay with me until you save up and get on your feet". It was a massive mistake. 

It turned out she had a severe drinking problem and squatted at my place for two and a half years, flaming and drinking with no initiative for anything. One day, she decided to have a bath, and started the water, then passed out trashed while I was at work. My apartment became severely flooded. I got evicted and had to go live with my parents.

My lease agreement was $1,200 a month for a three-bedroom apartment with all utilities included in Toronto. I'll never get that again.

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22. My Desire Went Hurling Out The Door

I had a huge crush on a girl throughout my time at school. I finally got my moment with her at a beach bonfire, and we walked off. I thought, “it's finally happening, my first time with my crush ON THE BEACH”! We headed into the darkness, and she looked at me. I looked at her. I leaned in, and she leaned in. Then, she vomited everywhere. We walked back to the fire, and that was that.


23. Don’t Bad Mouth Your Baby Mama

Years ago, I reconnected with my first love. I went to hang out with him, and he got trashed and started insulting his child’s mother. He even referred to her in a derogatory manner on his phone. They had two incredible sons together. I asked if she was good to them, and he said yes, so I couldn’t understand the hatred towards her.

Hence, I did not stay long. Hatred for an ex and trashing your child’s other parent is a huge red flag for me. Years later, I was set up with my husband, and he had positive things to say about his child’s mother. I loved that.

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24. Hot For Teacher’s Son

Back when I was in elementary school, I liked this dude a lot. He was the teacher's son, and everyone wanted to be with him. Twelve years passed. I was in my second semester in college, and there he was. We talked for a bit about normal boring stuff, and a couple of days later, he asked me out. I said yes, and it was the most horrible date I've ever had.

He took me to get something to eat, and after that, he said he needed to go to buy something from the grocery store. He left me in the car, waiting. He came back with absolutely nothing and drove us to an abandoned parking lot. We started to kiss, and he sucked at it. I don't know why I thought he would be an incredible kisser. I had waited for that moment for over a decade. Then I realized he just wanted to bed me right there. I was so disappointed and asked him to take me home.

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25. Who Says Size Doesn’t Matter?

I had a crush on this gorgeous girl who sort of orbited my friend group. I eventually worked up the nerve to ask her out. We went on a few dates, and after spending a little time with her, I realized she had zero brain-to-mouth filter, and she verbalized literally everything that went through her head. After the third-ish date, we slept together.

Afterward, we were lying there, and she started up. She said, "That was great. Really, really great. It's been a few months for me. After I broke up with my last boyfriend, I didn't think I was ever going to get it like that again". I asked her what she meant, and she told me that her last boyfriend’s junk was massive.

She went on saying, “He could get it totally hard in like three seconds. He really spoiled me with it. I was sorta worried when I saw you had a regular-sized [one] because I thought there was no way I was going to get off on it after my ex. But I did! I'm not saying yours is small. I mean, it's small compared to HIS, but everyone's is. It's like the size of my arm.

“But, no, don't get weird. You have a totally normal, average-sized weiner, and you know what you're doing with it”. All I could say was, "Cool. Weeeeelllllllllllllllp, This was a lot of fun". She asked me if I was upset, and I replied, "I mean, how would you feel if the first thing I told you after was that my ex was tighter than you? Sorta lousy, right"? She then said, "Would it make you feel any better if I told you that your balls are bigger than his? And like WAY longer"? I replied, "Not particularly, no".

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26. One-Way Ticket To Splitsville

I was an unemployed student in a long-distance relationship. He was a few years older than me and had two sources of income; one from a corporate job and one from a university job where he was employed as part of his doctorate. Our dates would take place in his city 90% of the time. When I said I couldn’t afford to commute on a weekly basis to see him, his answer was, “Earn money then”! It wasn’t unreasonable to recommend I get a job, but it did hurt to hear that he wouldn’t even consider the commute to be able to see me.

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27. I Wasn’t Playing That Game

I had a long-time crush on a family friend. It was one of those crushes that I always found myself thinking about when I wasn’t actively crushing on someone else. I had known him since I was about eight, and he was ten. However, we were never super close, so I never tried to make it a thing and just let it stay as a crush that came and went.

When the pandemic hit, I had just gone through a bad breakup. I reconnected with this friend through online video games while I waited for the school year to end, quarantined in my dorm. The crush was coming back, but I knew he was dating someone at the time, so I didn’t say anything. I just enjoyed our online games, sometimes with his friends joining, too.

Then one night, when it was just us on the call, we finished gaming and were just chatting, and he said that he liked me. I was like, “Huh? Aren’t you dating someone”? His reply was chilling. He said, “Yeah, but I’ve been wanting to break up with her for a bit”. I was so flabbergasted. I was like, “Dude, just break up with her then.

“Don’t hold on for no reason and then tell another girl you like her while you’re still dating someone”. If he had just broken up with her first and then told me, maybe we’d be dating now. It was such a turn-off that he’d say that while still in a relationship that I haven’t thought about him in a positive way since.

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28. She Was A Real Pill

I was infatuated with this woman in college. We both got married and went our separate ways. We both divorced a decade later and started chatting. She had three children at the time, and I didn’t have any. We started talking, and I was still infatuated. Eventually, we slept together. However, only immediately after did she voice her opinions on abortion.

She told me that she was 100% against it in all circumstances and never used birth control and that she wanted to get pregnant with my kid—immediately, that night. She then started calling me pro-child slaying when I said that I was pro-birth control. I’ve never become more immediately unattracted to someone than I did at that moment.

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29. Going Ape Over Religion

I thought I had found a fellow like-minded progressive and liberal kind of guy who I could really let my guard down with. He turned out to be so progressive and liberal that he had a truly weird and serious issue with my being Jewish. It didn't matter that—like him—I was an atheist. He couldn't separate out the “ethno” from the religious part of "ethno-religion". And that wasn’t even the weirdest part. 

He also had a weird angry tattoo that he based his whole personality around. It was of an ape sitting on a toilet formed by a broken cross, Torah scroll complete with the Star of David, Buddha, Confucius, etc. He said if my Orthodox stepfather or anyone else was bothered by it, that was THEIR problem for "being unable to discuss art". The guy was 42 years old, not a 20-something edgelord. It was a no from me.

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30. A Mess At The Movies

We went on a date to the cinema. As we were about to leave, I noticed they had left a huge mess of popcorn, spilled their drink, and all their trash was across the seat and floor. As I encouraged them to come back so we could clean it up, they huffed and very half-heartedly picked up one thing before walking towards the exit. After that, I took every person I dated to the cinema and made sure we had snacks and drinks, just to see what they would do. With my now long term-partner, the seat and floor are spotless.

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31. Just Say No

When I was a teenager, I had two similar experiences with two different crushes within a space of a year or so. After I asked the first one out, their response was that the thought of the idea of going on a date with me was gross. When I asked the second person out, their response was also disgust. However, to add icing to the cake that time around, their brother also threatened to beat me up if I didn't leave their sister alone.

By that stage, I was pretty hurt by my crush’s comments, and I didn't want to speak to or have anything to do with them anymore anyway. Nothing ruins an infatuation more than being told by the people you were interested in that you are disgusting and have threats made against you for liking them. A simple no would have been more than enough.

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32. A Matter Of Convenience

This girl knew I was crushing hard on her, and we both talked about dating. However, she "wasn't sure", but she said she liked me. We lived a bit of a distance from each other—about an hour away—and said how if I lived closer, then we could date. I continued courting her, and then she told me she was interested, but she just had some personal hurdles to overcome. About two years went by, and during that time, she dated this one guy in her area. That’s when it hit me. 

I realized I was the one always starting conversations, that I was the one who would send small gifts or something. It finally understood that she just liked my courting her. Once I slowed down, she got upset, insulted me, and blocked me on everything. It made me realize that she liked the nice things I was doing but didn't care much for me. I was convenient, and that made my crush on her drop.

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33. A Fool And Her Money

My crush got caught up in a cult-like organization that promised to bring her long-term happiness and wealth. What really drew her in was the thought of them being a non-profit organization. She offered me a chance to go to one of their seminars, and I did in order to see what she was so interested in. I noped out of there when the speakers began talking about only having to work six hours a week and making a million annually.

It was all garbage. All they would talk about was how lavish a lifestyle they could have if they followed these extremely vague instructions. There was no actual data, no clear directions, and nothing of tangible value. She was stuck in that system for three years and was blindly following them. From what I could see on her social media, she didn’t have a life of her own.

She lived daily with her "business partners" and went to every event they had. It seems like she doesn't have a permanent place to call her home. If she's happy, good for her, but I feel bad for her. When this thing collapses in on itself, and she's left with nothing, all I can tell her is I told you so. She dropped me the second I told her it wasn't for me.

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34. Stepping Into A Rebound

We were hanging out at her parents' house, and she gave me a tour and highlights. Her bed was in a room over the detached garage. She had four mattresses on her bed, and she really liked me because I looked like her stepbrother. Apparently, I was just there as a stand-in for her crush on her stepbrother. I found out later that she had also just broken up with her boyfriend, and I was a rebound.

I was trying to muster up the courage to break it off, but she beat me to it by sleeping with her ex and deciding to try again with him. She tried to set me up with her best friend, but I didn’t want to be anywhere near her. She was a walking disaster.

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35. Children Are Not Fair Game

We were walking at a street fair together on date number three or so, and he saw a drawing of a character he really liked on a street sign. A kid who was about seven years old was sitting on the ground, partially blocking the character. This kid was minding his own business, not in the way of foot traffic, and not obstructing any important part of the sign. I’ll never forget what happened next. 

Without so much as an “excuse me” or “could you move so I could grab a pic of that”, my date went over to the kid and pushed him out of the way. It wasn’t rough enough to hurt the child, but it shouldn’t have happened AT ALL. The kid was fine and wobbled a bit as he got his balance back. The poor guy mostly looked confused as to why a GROWN MAN was shoving him around like they were on a playground. That was the last time we hung out.

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36. Superficial Sweetheart

I had given up on dating, and those words ended up coming out of my mouth to someone who ended up piquing my interest. He was funny, and I felt like we had a lot in common. We met at work, and I ended up reading him entirely wrong. After I confessed to liking him more than I should, he then confided that he was still trying to find himself again.

It was great for him as he had just gone through a work burnout. However, after looking back, I realized he spoke to everyone superficially. He was never personal to me or anyone else. It is a big turn-off when you realize they have no interest in you.

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37. My Crush Went Up In Smoke

I had been nursing a small crush on this girl I went to college with for about a month or so. It was inconvenient because I always thought that dating classmates was as bad an idea as dating work colleagues was. I wanted just to be friends, but sometimes the heart gets in the way. One day, she came back into class from a smoke break, and I got hit by this wave of smoke.

It suddenly crossed my mind that if we ever dated, that smell was all I would ever be able to smell. It would be in my clothes, my home, on her breath when we kissed, etc. The crush vanished instantly. It was like a switch flicked in my brain from "potential partner" to "just friends", which finally allowed me to get her out of my head.

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38. Get A Mind Of Your Own!

I was in college and was crushing on a girl. Once we started talking, I realized that she didn’t

seem to have a real opinion about anything; it was all based on what social media thinks. It also didn’t seem like she had made any decisions on her own and was carrying along with what her parents chose. She had no interests, passions, hobbies, or any kind of plans for the future.

I dug deep and found there was nothing we could connect on, but I continued dating her anyway, thinking that it was maybe my fault. Then one day, she spoke badly—from a career perspective— about her highly-accomplished dad, who I looked up to. I was done that day.

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39. There Was No Sugar Coating Her Ignorance

I was in 5th grade and had a huge crush on this girl. I have had type 1 diabetes my whole life, and most people in my class knew this. We were in science class when my crush gave her report on her assigned topic, which was diabetes. What she said next was seriously twisted. She claimed that people with diabetes do it to themselves, and she thought that it was gross how you eat so much that you get a disease.

One of my buddies half-jokingly asked her if she would ever date someone with diabetes, and she said, "No, they are really gross". My 10-year-old heart was broken into 20 different pieces.

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40. Don’t Judge!

There was a girl at our school who was black but also an albino. So, obviously, she looked pretty unique. She walked by us one time, and my date made a joke to me about her appearance. I burst into tears in the middle of the street, and we had a huge argument over it later. He could NOT understand why I cared so much, considering I didn't even know the girl.

I thought it was terribly mean that he would mock someone who was probably already very insecure about their appearance and could do nothing about it. He didn’t get it. It also made me feel like my appearance was being judged. It really changed my opinion of him and planted a lot of fears about what kind of person he was.

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41. User? Lose Her!

I had a crush on Robyn for YEARS. The summer before she moved away to college, she flirted with me ENDLESSLY. I wasn't able to move for school for almost a full semester after her. She had been there for a few months ahead of me, and when I moved out there, it was great. We hung out all the time and did stuff like our grocery shopping together; it was what I wanted it to be.

Eventually, I made a disturbing realization. The same flirting and attention she was giving me was going to ALMOST every guy in her eye line. She would play it up; she was getting gifts and going on dates for free meals. She was using the guys and, once they left the room, would almost immediately say, "Thank God that [jerk] left". It got me thinking, "Why wouldn’t she do the same with me"? I instantly moved on.

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42. Gobsmacked By His Behavior

I was ridiculously infatuated with my friend for ages, almost a year. That is until he decided to repeatedly smack my neuro-divergent friend on the rear repeatedly, despite my friend telling him he really did not like it, that it made him uncomfortable, and to stop. The last time he did that, my friend got really mad—probably also had a sensory overload—and lashed out at him.

I persuaded him to stop hitting said friend, and he quickly walked away. My crush then proceeded to say how he did nothing, that it wasn’t his fault, and that he didn’t start it. I went full-on friend-protection mode and firmly told him how stupid he was, etc. That was it. It tends to be a deal breaker when they're an irresponsible child who takes no responsibility for their actions.

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43. Glad That Was Over!

I invited her out for drinks with my friends and me after her shift ended. She said yes and met us at another place where my friends and I regularly hung out. I thought it would be a nice way to get to know her in a low-commitment scenario. She went over the top and out of the way to talk about her boyfriend constantly.

I also discovered that I had almost nothing in common with a 21-year-old at that point in my life. After one drink and about an hour of the worst conversation I've ever had, she excused herself, to my relief. Even my buddy, who overheard most of the conversation, looked at me after she left and said, "Woah, that was rough".

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44. His Temper Tantrum Was A Turn-Off

Back when I was in high school, my crush would walk me home sometimes. Once when he was walking me home, he wanted to know if he could come in and finish watching this movie with me that we had started a few days prior. I told him that my mom wasn’t home, but I would ask her and see if she was okay with me bringing him in. So, I texted my mom, and she told me that she wasn’t comfortable with him coming in without a parent being present.

At that time, we were already halfway down the street. When I told him my mom’s answer, his reaction was brutal. He decided to have a temper tantrum and broke a toy candy cane that we had picked up from the neighbor's yard and proceeded to make a scene. I asked him, “Are you serious”? He thought it was nonsense and said, ”I’m practically already here”!

His sudden outburst took me by surprise, and I told him to go home because he was acting like a child. Then, I went into the house and didn’t talk to him for the rest of the school year. I don’t know why he thought that it was okay for him to react that way, but I completely lost all interest in him after that.

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45. Real-Life Mean Girls

I’ve never really had full-on crushes, but there was this one girl who I did like a bit. One time when I was at school, I was with my friends, and one of them tripped over and was crying because she had done something to her ankle. Then, we noticed that the girl who I sort of liked and all her friends who were with her were laughing their heads off while my friend was on the ground with tears streaming down her face.

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46. Jilted By His Jokes

When I was 14, I met this boy who had a crush on me. He was extremely nice and really knew how to compliment a girl. I had fun with him, and he made good jokes; I started to get a crush on him too. Then after a while, he suddenly started making not-so-funny jokes about me, my appearance, and women in general. Like "go make me a sandwich" type of stuff. I immediately lost interest and turned him down. Years later, our mutual friends told me he was a control freak. I'm glad I dodged that one.

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47. Ain’t No Such Thing As “Free Food”

When I was in high school, I took a date out to eat, and she lost her phone, so I was calling it in hopes we could hear it ring. I heard it, found it, and discovered my contact name in her phone was “Free Food”. I ate my food, enjoyed dessert, and then “went to the bathroom”. In actuality, I skipped out on her. The following week, I got lambasted through text about how much of a terrible individual I was.

Her dad even showed up at my house and tried to manhandle me. I told him to ask his daughter why my name in her phone was “Free Food”. I told him I thought I would teach her a lesson and that I have a name and I don’t deserve to be called a name like that.

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48. She Took Me On A Wild Ride

We worked at an amusement park together; I was a freshman in college, and she was a senior in high school. We had about an eight-month difference in age. I asked her out on a date, and she said, "Yes"! It was great. I'd never had a crush before. We went out, had a nice time, and a very nice kiss at the end of the night. I was going to see her at work the next day.

I was in early to pick up my gear from the office to manage my ride unit for the day and saw her walking up to the gate. I said, "Hi". She smiled and said it back, and then she asked if we could talk for a few minutes. I checked my watch, and I had time, so she proceeded to tell me that she liked me but didn't “like-like” me. I was thinking, "Well, OK, that sucks, but whatever. There are hundreds or thousands more girls working the park with me. If I really want a date, I've got one".

I told her that was alright and that maybe I would see her around. I walked to my ride, thinking that it was all over. It was not optimal, but that is how dating goes. A few hours later, I was the only person from my shift that day who was certified on the panel for my ride, so I was stuck, not going anywhere. I got a call, and it was my crush, asking if we could go to lunch together.

I told her how stuck I was. She paused and then said, "What's happening here? Are you breaking up with me"? I was stunned. For starters, we weren't going out; we had been on one date. Then, she told me that it was a no-go, so I said as much back to her. She started screaming at me that I couldn't break up with her, that she is the one who breaks up with people.

I told her that I didn’t have time to talk and that I had to mind my panel, and I hung up the phone. But my nightmare wasn’t over yet. About 10 or 15 minutes later, some dude called the ride and asked for me. I answered, and he asked me, "Dude, why did you break up with Melinda? Is it because she's fat"? I shouldn't have responded at all, but I did. I said, "There was nothing to break up. She's not fat. Goodbye".

About five minutes later, he called back. Before he could finish his sentence, I told him never to call again or that I would take it up with his supervisor. Then, my crush called me back an hour later, crying into the phone, begging to have me back. I did not sign up for that.

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49. He Flipped His Burger

We had been going out for a few weeks, and on the way home from a party, we went to get McDonald's, and he paid for me. I have an allergy, and they got my order wrong. I informed them, and it wasn't a problem. They made me a new burger and told me to keep the incorrect one as they couldn't resell it, so I offered it to him.

He didn't want it, so I told him I would just bring it home and give it to my housemate so it wouldn't go to waste. He was completely fine with that. Then, a homeless guy came in and started asking at the tables for change. I offered him the burger, and he took it. That’s when everything went haywire. My date went crazy when I gave away the burger that he had paid for to the homeless man, even though he was okay with me giving it to my housemate.

He followed the homeless man, shouting at him to give it back, and got the guy booted out of the restaurant. It was terrifying. He went from easy-going and charming to furious in a split second. When he sat down again, he acted like everything was normal and asked me if I wanted to go home with him! It was a side of him I hadn't seen before. I'm glad he showed his true colors early.

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50. Appearances Were Deceiving

We were workmates, and I fell in love with her immediately. She had one of those smiles that melted you. We started chatting more at work and started hanging out more at group functions.

One day, a bunch of us were going to meet up for dinner after work. I asked her if she was going, and she said no because she needed to go home first, and it would take too long by bus.

So, I offered to give her a ride for the night. She asked me to come up and wait while she did her thing. I have never in my life—before or since—seen such a messy, disgusting living space. It was like an explosive went off at the garbage dump, and it didn't smell much better. And she barely acknowledged it. At one point, she was rooting through the mess, looking for keys or her purse or something, and she was just throwing trash and junk from one pile to another.

Things were flying across the room into still more piles. There was no "Sorry, my place is messy" or anything like that. She just treated it all like that's exactly how it was supposed to be.

That was an instant turn-off for me. I tried to work past it, but I couldn't. She otherwise seemed so well put together; I couldn’t understand how she could stand living like that.

Our relationship didn't change or anything, but I tapped the brakes on my escalating feelings for a little while. I figured maybe she was just going through some things. Then she started dating a guy from a different department about a month later and then found another job sometime after, so that was that.

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