The Truth Is Out: People Are Confessing Their Most Embarrassing Moments

March 7, 2023 | Dylan Fleury

The Truth Is Out: People Are Confessing Their Most Embarrassing Moments

f someone does something embarrassing but no one is around to see it, was it actually embarrassing? The answer is yes, especially if that person decides to share that experience with the world on Reddit. Get ready to laugh, cry, and most of all cringe at the humiliating moments that these people were too afraid to admit—until now!

1. Precautionary Measure

I was approaching a male friend from behind. He was sitting at his desk and as I walked toward him, I noticed a big black spider on his neck with huge legs. I immediately slapped his neck hard in an attempt to save his life. I was mortified to find out that it wasn’t a spider. It was a friggin' huge mole—and the spider legs? Hairs growing out of the mole. Brutal.


2. Nobody Look

I stepped out of the fitting room in the men's department, not realizing that I hadn't put on my pants before doing so. Good times.

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3. Sign Language

I started a new job a few years back. First day, I walked into the bathroom and noticed there were two stalls but no urinals. I think to myself, "huh, that's odd." As I enter a stall and close the door, it hits me why there's no urinals in this bathroom. I walk out and notice the sign on the door of the woman wearing the dress. No one saw me, so we're good.

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4. One Leads To The Other

I was in the library when I succumbed to an incredibly violent sneeze. The back pressure of it caused me to let one rip. By the grace of god, the sneeze was so much louder than the toot that no one even noticed. Although he was a boisterous fellow, he was quite friendly, and did not stink, allowing me to get away with it.

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5. Joke's On Me

I was making myself a milkshake to drink outside on the deck while reading, and saw my dog run into the glass sliding door while I was doing it. I laughed, then picked up my milkshake, got distracted trying not to spill it, and promptly walked face first into the same glass sliding door. Karma is for real, my friends.

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6. Digging For Buried Treasure

Well, one person noticed. I had a crush on this guy Jason in high school, and was walking down the hallway when a friend waved at me. I threw up a quick wave, and my hand went back too far, so I ended up getting my pinky finger caught in Jason's nose. He was super sweet about it and laughed, but I was absolutely mortified.

On top of that, as a redhead, I flush easily, so I am sure my face was like a tomato. No one else seemed to notice. Worse, he was in my next class with me, and his desk was right next to mine.

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7. Off By One

I actually misspelled my own name the other day. My name contains a single L and my daughter's name contains a double L so I blame it on that. I wrote the L in my name and then wrote another L and stared at it for a minute, thinking something seemed off. I finally clued in and just shook my head like what in the world am I doing?

Booing Me FactsFlickr, Jesper Sehested

8. Who Caddyshacked The Pool?

In the third grade, we went to an indoor pool that had a sweet water slide. I'm in the pool on the edge sitting when I have this horrible sudden urge to go number two. As the class leaves to catch the bus, I get up. Cue an explosion in my shorts. Thankfully, everyone was gone so no one noticed...or so I thought. A week later my class is called to the auditorium. It turns out they had to close the pool down for a week. The principal wanted the kid who went to the bathroom in the pool to fess up. Thank god I was able to hold it long enough for no one to see it was me.

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9. Color Coordinated

One time when I had a UTI, I wet the bed. That was bad enough (I was in my twenties at the time), but the worst part was that my pee was bright orange from the medication I was taking, so it was more visible than usual. I changed my sheets in the middle of the night and washed them the next morning. I'm just glad my boyfriend wasn't there that night.

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10. Too Strong For Your Own Good

I was doing leg press at the gym and I forgot to wear proper compression shorts. So, I slightly pulled on my shorts to keep my junk from making a guest appearance, but with my legs straight up on the machine I pulled too hard, yanking my shorts right off. Being in that position, it took me time to fumble and get my shorts back up.

There were a few people around but somehow no one looked over and noticed.

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11. Right Place, Wrong Spot

I stepped in dog poop at my aunt's house. I wiped it on a small towel in the bathroom and hid it behind a picture on the counter, then left. To be fair, I was 17 at the time, so my decision-making skills were not what they are today. I never heard anything about it, but I assume they blamed it on one of my cousin's children.

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12. Out Of Options

I bailed hard on my longboard going down a hill at my campus. I was approaching a T-intersection and had way too much speed to stop. I chose the closest grass spot and the second my longboard hit the grass, I flew off and slid headfirst 15 feet. I got up, brushed myself off, checked to see if anyone saw and carried on my merry way.

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13. Pen Fight

I got a pen stuck in my hair at work. I was itching my head with the hand that was holding the pen, and the little clip thing got tangled in my hair. It took me a solid 30 seconds to get it loose. I looked around to see if anyone witnessed my struggle but somehow the customer in the aisle with me never even noticed, I think.

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14. Unfortunate Spot

I literally wear the same pants so often that there always ends up being a hole right in the crotch from simple wear and tear. It takes me at least a week to notice, and unless I'm spread eagle, no one else ever notices. Then again, it is possible some people notice but no one wants to tell that they do.

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15. Close Enough

Yesterday during a phone interview I tried to say C-sharp but actually said C-shart. I don't think my interviewer noticed.

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16. Under Where?

At school, yesterday's underwear was still in my jeans. I only noticed when I saw it laying under my desk. No one else saw.

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17. Treasure Hunting

Sleepwalker here. I had a dream one night I was pushing my hand into the earth and pulling out gold coins. I came to and realized I was about 12 blocks from home, in downtown Austin, at 4 AM, under someone's truck, digging in the engine for gold. I returned home and put my oil covered clothes in the washer and took a shower.

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18. 50/50 Chance

One time at work I accidentally threw my keys into the trash. I had my keys in one hand and an empty cup in my other when I pulled the wrong lever in my brain and I tossed the wrong item into the trash. A bunch of my coworkers were nearby, but no one noticed. Unfortunately, I walked about ten feet away before even I realized it.

I quickly stepped back to the trash, fished my keys out, muttered, "I have to go to the bathroom" to my boss, and cleaned them off in the bathroom before getting back to work.

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19. Aim And Fire

I was creating masks for theater class in high school. I was using glitter glue but the bottle was not squeezing any glitter glue out so I squeezed it so hard while aiming it at my face. Sure enough, it flung out all over my face and hair. I’m the type of person that doesn't attract much attention, so I just quietly walked out without anyone noticing.

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20. Whoops!

One time when I was in the third grade, I was taking my snow pants off after recess when they got caught on my regular pants and I ended up pulling them down too. Fortunately for me, everyone else was lined up facing the opposite direction and about to walk out the door so I was able to pull my pants back up before anyone noticed.

Humiliating ExperiencePixabay

21. Virtually Identical

Today, as I was getting into my economy car after work, a corvette started up and I mimicked the sound by producing a tooting noise out of my mouth. I quickly looked around and noticed, by some miracle, that no one knew where the noise came from. Before they could figure it out, I jumped into the car lightning-fast and fled the scene!

Their Biggest Workplace Mistakes factsFlickr, Alexandre Prévot

22. Fashion Statement

I got away with wearing two different types of shoes one day in high school.

Humiliating ExperienceWikimedia Commons

23. In And Out

I was at my work Christmas BBQ, in the courtyard of the office building, when I came down with some horrible stomach bug/flu thing. I staggered back into the building, and just made it into the toilets before spraying projectile vomit all over the walls and floor. I was too tired and sick to clean it up, so I just left it there and staggered home.

Everyone ended up just blaming it on some guy who had too much to drink.

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24. We’ve All Been There

I got away with picking my nose. I have no idea how we all get away with it all the time.

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25. Waiting Game

In college I took mining engineering. As you can guess, the male to female ratio in my classes was like 30:1. One of our field trips was to a lame mining town and we booked out the only motel in the town for a day. The male showers were backed up and I didn’t feel like waiting so I secretly went into the female one.

There were only two women in the class and as I was finishing my shower they came in. I overheard them talking to each other, wondering who the third girl in the bathroom was. It took me over an hour before I could escape my cubicle and get away unnoticed. That was the day I learned that girls take way too long to shower.

Humiliating ExperiencePixabay

26. What Are The Odds

Senior year of high school I fell off the stage during a play. "How in the world does no one notice that?" you ask. This is how. We had a 1,500 seat auditorium, but this wasn't one big play, it was four different one act plays that were short, about 30 minutes each. These also drew smaller crowds than the big fall play or spring musical.

Because of this, we reversed the normal set up. The audience was on the stage, while we used the auditorium space. Also, there were two blackouts when crew would rearrange the stage. I always hid behind a chair to give the crew room. It always worked—until one night. Someone must have shifted the chair so it was wobbling just off the stage. As I tried to hide behind it, I stepped on air and went crashing off the stage. It was a good three foot drop at least.

Even so, I guess people assumed the crash was from the stage being rearranged or something. It's a miracle I didn't break or at least sprain anything.

Humiliating ExperienceFlickr

27. Perfect Timing

In grade six, we had one of those assemblies where a group comes in and gives a cringey presentation about something. During one of these assemblies, I had to toot. I clenched my butt cheeks as some overly enthusiastic stoner shouted at us about something or another but the gas was growing and I couldn't hold it anymore.

I tried to let it out, hoping for a silent but deadly one. Instead, it was one of those cheek-clapping, floor-vibrating toots. Luckily for me, the assembly was so loud that the sound magically faded into the background. There must have been a smell though, as someone made an offhand comment about someone tooting—but hey! No one pinned it on me.

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28. Any Means Necessary

Try forgetting to buy tampons, and having a very heavy flow. Oh and also you're at work, and you only work with men, so borrowing one is not happening. I managed to sneak to the toilet and had to throw away my undies for obvious reasons. Have you ever walked around with toilet paper up your front pocket? Not ideal, but it worked.

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29. Too Close For Comfort

I wore a dress without underwear to the opening night of a play. Afterward, I gathered for drinks during a cast and crew meet and greet. The director pulled me onto the dance floor to swing dance, and my skirt was twirling up. I am quite short, and the skirt didn't break the equator line, so I don't think anyone saw, but it was very close.

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30. No Plan Is Perfect

When I was in the fifth grade I had a slumber party, and in the middle of the night I had to go to the bathroom. I ended up dropping a huge deuce and I was so terrified that it would clog the toilet that I just didn't flush. Instead, I decided I would deal with it after everyone left the next morning and no one would be the wiser.

Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake. I didn't think about people needing to use the toilet after they woke up. A couple girls had left already so the blame was put on one of them and I went along with it. There are still times that some of my friends are like, "Remember when Lisa took that major dump at your slumber party and didn't flush? So gross!"

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31. Wet And Wild

When I was in eighth grade, I was in the middle of a baseball game playing in center field when suddenly I had the urge to pee REALLY bad. It came out of nowhere. I started panicking because we had no outs and it didn't look like that was going to change soon. After about five minutes of me holding it in with everything I had, I gave up and peed myself.

I began thinking about how awful the rest of this game was going to be, but then we suddenly get three outs. As we headed to the dugout, I got a brilliant idea. I ran to get my water and "accidentally" spilled it all over the front of my pants. Everyone points and laughs while I'm just standing there like, "You caught me, I'm such an idiot! Jokes on me guys." In reality, the joke was on them. Those jerks will never know the truth and I'll die before I share it anywhere but here!

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32. That’s One Way To Learn

I was working my first internship out of law school. It rained then froze the night before, leaving a sheet of black ice covering the street in front of the courthouse. I didn't have any trouble with the roads on the way there, but when I left my car to walk across the street and inside, my luck ultimately ran out.

As soon as I reached the center stripe of the road, my feet lost all traction. I slowly slid into what must have been the most graceful unintentional split. I nervously looked over at this group of senior attorneys that were standing nearby. They were in a ring chatting mere feet from where I was slowly sinking onto the pavement. I didn't even know I was capable of doing the splits, yet there I found myself with one leg splayed out perfectly straight on each side like a dang gymnast.

Now able to touch the ground with both hands, I slowly stood myself up and brushed myself off. I walked inside the building and past the group of attorneys who were none the wiser to the amazing feat I had just performed in the middle of the street.

Humiliating ExperiencePixabay

33. Last One In

One time at work, I was super constipated and took a brain-busting, stroke inducing, super-sized dump. I felt AMAZING. Then everything went wrong. I flushed and it didn't move. I flushed a few more times and it went down enough to go out of sight. Obviously, the toilet was clogged and all sorts of messed up. I left the bathroom without being seen.

The thing is, the manager used the bathroom next and of course he came out mad, saying someone clogged the toilet. Well, nobody believes him and they put the blame squarely on him. They ended up having to call Doctor Drain to fix the toilet. We were all standing around and joking about how the manager doesn't get enough fiber in his diet.

It was hilarious, and nobody realized why I was laughing so hard. They thought I was laughing at what the manager did to the toilet. Good times.

Jim Carrey Films FactsLiar Liar, Universal Pictures

34. Broken Routine

I bike to work, so I bring a change of clothes in a backpack and change in the bathroom. One day I walked, so I just walked in my uniform pants and a tank top with my uniform shirt in my backpack. I got off work later and walked into the back room, which was only hidden by a swinging door that led straight to the kitchen.

I took my uniform top off, followed by my pants. I was on autopilot changing into leggings but then my brain woke up off autopilot when I realized my leggings weren't in my backpack and I WASN'T IN THE BATHROOM. I never put my pants back on so fast. Thankfully, I managed to get away unnoticed and not flash anyone either.

Yep, they're crazy FactsFlickr worak

35. Did It Look Cool?

The first week I bought my motorcycle the guys at work convinced me to ride it into work. I wasn't afraid to ride it, but our work had a gravel parking lot and that terrified me. I didn’t want them to know that though, so I took it to work. Anyway, I ride down the long gravel driveway and park it with no issues. Success!

Then I decided I should probably move it from where I parked because the ground looked too soft for the kickstand. As I'm walking the bike literally two feet, I hit the front brakes and the wheel locks, causing it to slide on the gravel. WHAM! I drop the bike on its side. The handlebars, engine side and pegs are all scratched.

I pick it up lightning fast, realize no one was outside, and act like nothing happened. Later on, a co-worker points out the scratches and I just blame them on the previous idiot owner who dropped it in his driveway. “What an idiot! I can't believe that guy did that…” But I knew the truth. It was me. I was the idiot.

Dumbest Arguments Lost FactsPxHere

36. A Weight Has Been Lifted

My freshman year I was in the university library trying to find a book for research. I was looking on the lower shelves and bent forward, forgetting about my heavy backpack. Due to the weight shift, I basically just face planted on the floor. It made a loud sound and I instantly rolled over so that my head was on my backpack.

In this position, by the time a person looked around the shelves, it just looked like I was chilling randomly in the library like any other university student. After playing it off long enough, I abandoned my book hunt and ran home. By the time I got there, I had a nice developing bruise on my forehead and chin, but not on my ego.

Bookworms Would Know factsPixabay

37. That’s Using Your Head

My friend Ryan and I both had history class with this one teacher who had the most boring monotone voice you could ever imagine. It also didn’t help that his class was during first period. I had trouble staying awake during his class and so did Ryan. One day during class, as he is giving us our homework, we hear a loud slam.

This was followed by Ryan shouting out in anger. The teacher stopped mid-sentence and the class went silent. He looked at Ryan, and asked, "Do you have a problem with the assignment?" Ryan paused for a second and then responded, "No, sorry, I just remembered I forgot something for another class." The teacher kind of scoffed at him and then continued.

Later on, I asked Ryan about it and he explained that he had actually fallen asleep with his hand holding up his head. His head slipped and slammed down onto the desk, which was the sound we heard, followed by his reaction to the fact that he just slammed his face onto the desk. He was just able to pop up and play it off.

High School Incidents FactsPxHere

38. When You Gotta Go

I was vacationing with my family one year, and I had been very, very sick for a week or so before we left on the vacation. I’m talking like a super bad stomach/intestinal bug where you literally have to live off of pepto. It was also a two-week-long trip, at the beach, and far away from any doctors or well-stocked pharmacies.

Anyway, my family knew I was feeling sick and wanted me to feel better, so they brought me to an amusement park, and got me all the greasy foods. Unfortunately, I knew nothing about where the bathrooms were. So there I was, standing there waiting for my cousin to get off a ride so we could head home when I felt my gut fall.

I then felt a very steady warm stream down the back of my leg, and I knew that the worst had happened. I asked my grandmother to drive me back to the house since I felt really sick. She never noticed what happened since it was like 7 PM in the summer. I asked her to wait outside for a bit because I felt like I might throw up.

I then took the opportunity to throw out both my shorts and hopped in the shower. No one in my family knows about it to this day.

Theme Parks FactsPexels

39. Saved By The Sew

I was at work once during winter and it was freezing cold in the office. My morning coffee bathroom break was brewing and bubbling inside me so I ran to the toilet wearing my long coat to keep warm in these ice cold conditions. Long story short, the back end of my jacket went into the toilet and I got poop all over it.

Once I realized, I had a five minute Macgyver moment, looking around the cubicle for things to help me get out of this sticky situation. Seeing as I had the whole day of work ahead of me, I hit panic mode. I squeezed the jacket into the toilet tank,went to the sink, filled up both my hands with soap and poured it into the tank with the coat.

My train of thought was that the soap would somehow clean the jacket. I went back to my desk with the plan to pick up my coat at the end of the day once everyone had left. Fast forward two hours, I'm sitting at my desk feeling blessed no one knew of my disgusting disaster when a colleague runs out of the bathroom screaming "the toilet is going cray cray!"

The toilet started to overflow after he flushed it and water was pouring out everywhere. At this point, I thought I was done for, as the maintenance man pulled out my jacket from the brown watery pit and held it out with a plunger while asking in disgust, "whose is this?" I tried to keep my cool, but knew I’d have to fess up.

Eventually someone would notice I had no jacket on in this weather and would put two and two together. That is, until I remembered that the jacket was passed down to me from my girlfriend’s uncle and his late mom liked to sew his name into everything he owned. The maintenance man saw the name and asked, “Is there a Lawrence here?"

Thinking on my feet I said, "There is a guy in HR called Lawrence." Then, to cover my tracks, I called my girlfriend and asked her to bring me a jacket on my lunch break so no one would suspect me later on, and thankfully no one did. And that, my friends, is how I got away with going to the bathroom on my jacket at work.

Left at the Altar factsCanva

40. Saving That For Later

One time in grade eight, my friends and I went to a kid’s birthday party that happened to have a buffet. We were young and stupid back then, and all the guys wanted to impress the girls by eating the most. A few plates later, I was at my limit, but that didn’t stop me. I felt like the girls weren’t impressed enough so I decided to show them what I was made of. This was...a very bad idea.

I must have been really desperate for attention at the time because I was secretly filling my pockets when no one was looking with the food from my plate, then dumping it out in the trash or toilet. The thing is, I forgot to unload my pockets near the end of the meal because the cake came, and I had to stay to sing along. I've tried to rewrite my memory, but I can't shake the feeling of food juices dripping down my legs when one of my friend’s parents came to pick us up.

Luckily no one mentioned the greasy odor emanating from my pants in the car ride home.

Dieting FactsWikipedia

41. When It Rains It Pours

It was the first day of seventh grade. I was in Geography class, and my teacher was a legend for being a real jerk. Anyway, I had a massive sneezing fit during work time where I sneezed seven times. Immediately after, my nose starts running, and I don't have any kleenex so I try to discreetly wipe my nose on my sleeve. I was...unsuccessful. 

The snot just kept coming. I held my hands over my nose and tried to look around for a tissue box, but I couldn't see any. If it were any other class, I would have just gone to the bathroom, but I'd heard other kids complain about this teacher not allowing bathroom breaks. I didn't want him to have it out for me from the first day so I tried to hide it and make it look like I just had my face pressed to my notebook, like I was really into my work.

In reality, I was a mess. So I start worrying about what I'm gonna do to get out of class. I don't want my classmates to see what's happened. As everyone else gets up to leave, I stay put, with my head and hands hiding the mess. After everyone is gone, the teacher comes up to me, taps me on the shoulder, and says nicely, "Hey, you gotta wake up. Class is over."

I started to cry as I lifted my face from the desk, strings of snot connecting me to the desk like a bunch of wet glue. I tried to tell him what happened and he asked why I didn't just go to the bathroom. My response changed everything. I told him I was afraid to ask. He ended up bringing me a ton of tissues and helped me clean up my gigantic, snotty mess. That teacher ended up being one of the best and coolest I ever had. And thankfully, I never had another snot disaster of that magnitude ever again.

Unreal Zingers factsUnsplash

42. One Thing Leads To Another

I once walked backwards into a trench drain while cleaning up the deli I used to work in. It caused me to lose my balance and I took three or four steps backward, all while looking like a complete idiot desperately trying to grab anything I could reach to regain balance. Unfortunately for me, I didn't grab anything but air. The events that followed were truly humiliating.

I fell backwards into the shelf where we kept all of the utensils and containers, causing everything on the shelf to fall on top of me. On top of that, the reason I was walking backwards was because I was pressure washing the floor. During my descent, the hose somehow landed facing me, spraying me with glorious moisture.

I was soaked on most of my right side and hit the back of my head but somehow got a bruise on my thigh. It was literally a scene from the worst slapstick movie ever made. I sprang up from the ground and checked out the windows to see if anyone was laughing at me. Miraculously, somehow nearing close on a busy Saturday at Costco, not a single soul saw me.

Level Of Stupid factsUnsplash

43. Good Idea At The Time

I was wearing a romper out at a bar one night and the more I drank, the more I had to go to the bathroom. It was one of those annoying rompers where you had to unzip it from the very top of your back and then all the way down my buttcrack, so it was always tedious if I had no one to help me. Things got even worse when I had a few drinks.

Well, if I felt confident, I could position myself well enough to pee out of one of the leg holes without taking the entire thing off. That night, I felt like I could still do it. I learned that I was deeply wrong. I ended up peeing all over myself. I immediately sobered up once I realized what had happened.

I was frantically thinking of a plan to get out of there without anyone noticing. My pants were soaked no matter how much toilet paper I used and the line of girls waiting for the toilet grew and grew. Seconds literally felt like hours. I ended up just leaving and running to my friends exclaiming I was very sick and had to leave now.

In the cab on the way home I kept telling my friends how I sat in someone else's pee which was everywhere and had no way of avoiding it. I would have been making up different stories all night. Luckily for me, they had drank just as much as me so they didn't notice any of my poor attempts to cover myself and still don't know!

Humiliating ExperiencePxFuel

44. Scapegoat

My friend hosted a huge reunion for our friend group at his house after we all went off to our first year of college. I ended up getting way too trashed and threw up in one of the bathroom sinks. I then somehow managed to find the couch in the living room and immediately passed out on it. The next day, when everyone was recuperating and reminiscing about the night, another one of my friends brought up that someone puked in one of the sinks.

Someone then pointed out that they saw Matt throwing up in there. Everyone believed the friend and agreed that it wasn’t a big deal but Matt refused to believe it was him. I'm, of course, sitting there with the knowledge that it was me but everyone is blaming Matt. I never came clean and  I don't really feel guilty about it, but Matt, if you're reading this, sorry bro.

Humiliating ExperiencePixabay

45. Puke And Rally

As a kid, I had just moved and didn't really have any friends. I was really excited when I started hanging out with a girl in my neighborhood, who eventually introduced me to another. We all ended up having a sleepover at the second girl's house the night we met, and it was so much fun. The next morning however, everything changed.

I woke up not feeling well. In fact, I felt so sick that even though I lived just down the street, I begged my parents to come get me. As I went to get into my dad’s car, it hit. There was no place to puke. The ditch was the only viable option. Thankfully, no one saw.

Humiliating ExperienceFlickr

46. Silent But Deadly

I was 18 years old and working at McDonald's. It was late at night, probably around 2:30 AM. A family came through with a huge order, around five meals, along with ice cream. Before my coworker went on break, he opened up the window to talk with the family, so I assumed they had already paid. I packed up their food, ice cream, and beverages and handed it out the window to them one by one. The father, who was driving the car, was completely silent.

I thought it was a bit odd, but I said, "have a good night sir!" and they pulled away. When the next car pulls up, I look on the screen to tap the next order and that’s when I see that the family never paid for their food. That’s why they didn't say anything. They were nervous I'd catch on. I internally freaked out and said the family paid with cash on the screen. No one ever talked to me about it. I got away with it.

Random FactsPxfuel

47. Always Have A Spare

Once when I was in junior high, I forgot to bring extra pads, and my period was particularly heavy flowing that day. I thought I could make it through the day with the one, mostly because I was too shy and awkward to ask a friend if they had an extra one. I ended up leaking through the pad and my pants, and left a mess on the lab stool.

Luckily I was sitting right next to the door and the bathroom was right next to the classroom. When I noticed the mess, my friend told me to go to the washroom and she'd let the teacher know. I got it all sorted out and had a change of pants and clean pad given to me. One kid did notice, but he thought I’d peed myself. He tried to tell everyone but the teacher shut that down immediately and I got off without another word about it.

Humiliating ExperiencePixabay

48. Add Some Color

Back in grade 12 drama class, my buddy and I would always use the backroom to do our work and just hang out. One time we were in there getting ready to leave class when I found a glow stick. Obviously, I played with it for a bit. Not once did I turn off the lights to see if it glowed because I assumed it was already used.

I'm the last to leave the backroom, and before I go I turn off the lights. All of a sudden, I had traveled to space. There were little glow stick specks everywhere. I shut the door, turned around and came face to face with my teacher. I thought I was busted, but instead she hands me the keys and asks me to lock the door. I did and then ran.

Humiliating ExperienceFlickr

49. Poor Guy

My girlfriend and I were doing long distance for a while and every now and then she would find it humorous to stuff a pair of her underwear in my backpack before I departed for me to find later. On one of these occasions, she stuffed them in the laptop compartment of my pack, which I’d have to remove while going through airport security.

Sure enough, out pops a frilly hot pink thong onto the floor in front of me. Nobody noticed and I quickly moved along to the metal detector. While getting scanned I hear, "Sir, are these yours?" Thinking I'd been busted, I look back to see a TSA officer addressing not me, but the chubby Korean businessman who had been behind me.

He was unfortunate enough to have gotten the thong wrapped around his shoe while unpacking his own laptop. Everyone in the area fixed their gaze on him. Then, the TSA officer laughed, the onlookers laughed, the businessman looked horrified, and I walked to my gate while holding back a smirk. His expression of confusion and embarrassment will be forever etched into my mind.

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50. One Or The Other

I was going to visit my girlfriend at a local college campus. When I got there, before I went to see her, I stopped off in the bathroom to take a leak. There was no power in the bathroom so it was totally dark. When I finished and pushed the door to get out, it would not open. I should mention that this happened during a holiday weekend.

The thought of being locked in a dark bathroom for days totally freaked me out. I started throwing myself against the door to try to break it down but had no luck. Eventually, I laid on the ground and started yelling for help under the door. Nobody came. I noticed there were slats on the door so I thought I would try and break them off.

When I pulled on the slats, the door opened. Apparently, I am an idiot. I wasn't locked in. I just needed to pull the door to get out, instead of pushing on it. Even though no one saw, I was mortified. I stayed in the bathroom for a while until I was sure nobody was around that heard me yelling for help. Then I shamefully slunk away.

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