I Just Found Out My Friends Are Monsters

October 6, 2023 | Miles Brucker

I Just Found Out My Friends Are Monsters

Best friends forever? Not when you realize that the person you thought was a friend was actually a true monster. These people were in for a rude awakening when they realized what their "friends" were really like.

1. Best Buds No More

This guy at work started at the same time I did and we become buds. We hang out, play some Xbox, the whole nine yards. We worked together for two and a half years at this store and eventually were the two most senior associates.

A promotion comes up to become a Director's Assistant and basically get an automatic pay-rate bump plus full-time. We are both interviewed, and we agreed that we would put our best foot forward and not hold any regrets.

The dude beat me out in the end, and I congratulated him on his victory. He acts a little off but tells me it was a close run, and he knew I was a good candidate. Then I discovered his brutal betrayal. A week after the promotion, the store director calls me in for a serious sit-down.

He says, "I hear you have been cheating the time clock, possibly stealing, and giving discounts to friends". I deny, deny, deny that and ask for proof, or I was going to sue. I’m given a "forced three days off" while it is investigated by corporate.

I’m called in a week after suspension for a sit-down with the big shot. They apologized and promoted me to the DA position. They tell me that my buddy was caught on tape several times stealing, his electronic journal showed consistent unwarranted discounts, and other activities—even though he had “tipped” them off to my supposed activities.

When they confronted him, he broke down, apologized, and returned some stuff he planned to swipe after his shift. This jerk tried to frame me to get ahead.

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2. Oh Dear, Diary…

Everyone I invited to my first sleepover laughed while reading my diary entries about how my dad had been hurting me (I'd left the room and one had gone snooping). It was worse when they wouldn't stop or give it back when I burst in and pleaded with them to, then everyone laughed even harder. That was the first and last time I wrote anything real like that in a diary.

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3. Know-Nothing

I went out to a bar with some friends for a birthday party for my ex-girlfriend. She really messed me up when she left me, like really bad, but I was trying to be nice since she invited me. I figured I’d go out and be there for a drink or two. So, a mutual friend who had been broken up with a few days before was there.

As I made the rounds I talked to her and tried to do whatever I could to let her know it would be okay. I’m no therapist, but I did my best, ya know? I knew what a bad breakup felt like, as I was also going through one, so I tried to help. Anyways, after I left the table I overheard her talking to my ex at the bar about me trying to give her advice.

She said, “Well nobody has ever loved him so what does he know about any of this”? and they started laughing like it was hilarious. I don’t think they know I heard, but I grabbed my coat immediately and took a long walk home. I don’t need people like that in my life, haven’t willingly seen either of them since.

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4. The Feeling Is Mutual

When my girlfriend, who had become part of the group, started cheating on me with a friend from the group, everyone just said they "didn’t want to choose sides". Yeah, I don’t want to choose any of you either.

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5. A Grim Look Into The Future

Years ago had a roommate. We were pretty good friends before rooming. I walk into the living room and he's on the phone. Says, "I miss you man; I love you too," and gets off. Immediately turns to me and says, "Man that guy is such a loser". It was his best childhood friend who was going through a rough time and apparently was kind of mentally impaired.

He called because people tease him at his warehouse job and just wanted someone to talk to.

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6. Silence Isn’t Golden

I was at an event and 20 of my "friends" couldn't come up with one special memory or funny story about me. Instead, they treated me to one minute of silence with all of them staring at me awkwardly. It only ended when one of them got uncomfortable and made up a fake story about me. Despite me telling them it was a fake story, they decided to move on.

We had been friends for three years, seeing many of them daily and others at least once a week. I don't hate them, but I can never really trust them. So I cut all ties with them. And five years later, I have zero regrets about that decision.

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7. Just A Couple Bucks

My maid of honor threatened to quit my wedding and alienate me from her friends because I refused to pay $600 to fly her daughter home for the big day. I politely [initially] said no, that wasn't possible. She persisted and listed all her money problems (she and her husband make at least $160 grand a year, have two kids and are JUST FINE) that included paying for the new car they just bought her aforementioned daughter.

I less than politely refused and said I didn't appreciate the guilt trip. She exploded and "couldn't believe I was saying no to her". SCREW THAT nonsense. So much for mature, meaningful relationships. I never knew she was that shallow or manipulative.

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8. New Laugh, Who Dis?

When I was in middle school art class something funny happened and I let out a loud laugh. I then overheard one of my childhood best friends whisper to another person, “God I hate [her] laugh”. I immediately looked at him and said, “What”? and he just looked down at the table like he didn’t hear me. This actually made me change my laugh. It’s completely different from what it used to be.

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9. Three Is Not Company

When I was 12, I was online friends with these girls, let's call them Maisie and Maya. We'd discussed meeting again, planned to have sleepovers, just generally have fun. The first day we met up went really well! We all had a good time; I thought it went brilliantly. Then a few weeks later, I found out they were carrying out all the plans without me.

They still have sleepovers to this day when Maya is back from university, and I'm just left out. I don't speak to either of them anymore. It hurt.

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10. Fateful Nightcap

My husband and I had some visitors one night. It was getting late, so I went to bed, and left my husband and my best friend downstairs drinking. I went down to say one last goodnight, and they were in the backyard. I opened the back door, and they fell on top of me, clothes in the process of being removed, her lipstick all over his face and neck.

My "BFF" and I are no longer speaking. My husband and I are mid-divorce.

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11. Busted

I walked into my apartment that I shared with a roommate. Right as I walk in he had his girlfriend pinned down on the floor and her shirt was ripped. She’s crying and they both look up at me. She gets up and takes off running out the door and he goes to his room. Not a word was spoken. I evicted him the next day. Law enforcement took a report from me but nothing came of it. Either way, no regrets about booting him out. I saw more than enough that day.

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12. A History Of Bad Overhearings

I heard two of my only friends at the time planning to go out later making sure to “ditch the red head”. That’s me. They had been my only friends since I could remember. In another instance, I let my mom know I was dating a girl she knew and really approved of, I heard my mom talking on the phone immediately to a friend of hers that she was disappointed in the girl’s choice, and hoped she would try dating other people.

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13. Takes One To Know One

I had an online "friend" who catfished me. Always bragged about how he lost a bunch of weight and then looked like the before pictures he posted. Not that I personally cared, but he got A LOT of online attention from girls because of this. Also, he made fun of me for being "poor,” i.e. having a beat-up car, eating cheap food, etc. What a jerk.

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14. Start Spreading The News

After my significant other passed on, a "friend" of mine who would hit on me constantly, and knew my significant other, messaged me within a day or so of his passing to ask me if I had heard the news about my own boyfriend dying. He then began to pester me as if we were best friends, so that he could find an in to hit on me again. The final straw was when he told me a week after my boyfriend passing that I needed to move on, and "get my act together". I haven't spoken to him after that statement.

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15. Read Any Good Books Lately?

When I was a young girl in my early 20s, I shared an office with an older man (40s-50s). He traveled most of the time so it was easy to share the space. One time he left me a copy of a book he thought I'd like. It was an very, very racy novel. I wasn't as friendly with him after that.

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16. Get Better Looking

I accidentally saw messages popping up on my old friend's iPad as she was texting her sister about how I used to be attractive, that I was now fat, and that my boyfriend was basically a saint for still being with me. It broke my heart, to be honest. What a nightmare.

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17. With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

I’m a commercial photographer and my best friend since childhood asked me to photograph his twin sister's wedding because they didn't have the budget for an expensive wedding photographer. So I figure out my costs and tell them I'll do it for a break-even fee of $400—about 1/4 of what they'd pay otherwise. They agree to it.

On the wedding day, the bride starts panicking because she doesn't have her checkbook. She promises to pay cash later instead. I follow them around from 9:30 AM to 1 AM, hearing from both the bride and groom that they got enough cash as gifts to pay me later on. They never did. A week later, I'm about 10 hours into what would become 30 hours of editing 250 final photos and still no money, bills from my expenses coming due.

Text them, no reply. Turns out they took off on a month-long honeymoon in Europe. I had to call up her dad and get him to pay me instead. No one ever even bothered to thank me for doing them this favor. My buddy and I now have a strained relationship as a result of this whole ordeal. I don't shoot weddings or offer friend discounts anymore, with no exceptions.

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18. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I used to play Dungeons and Dragons in high school with a group of friends. There was this really uptight guy who would always be very excited about the prospect. I was the DM and convinced my friends to try him out for a few sessions. Turns out he was just socially awkward due to very mild autism.

He was hilarious at the meetings and we all enjoyed having him around. Although he had a huge crush on my cousin who played, and was very socially awkward about it. My cousin found him attractive and actually dated him for a while and slept with him. On Halloween we are having a game and my cousin is dressed as a zombie.

He was acting very weird and behaving very strangely the entire game. We all noticed it and my cousin was quite concerned when he looked like he was going to just explode on us in anger. She walked around over to him and he freaked out and she just said "OH my god"! She looked at us and said, "He is touching himself under the table".

He freaked out and stood up without zipping...walked out into the bathroom and came back trying to act all normal and wanted to continue the game. He legitimately did not understand the severity of what he just did. Removing him from group after that was the saddest thing I ever did. He legit did not understand why we wanted him gone.


19. Everybody Wins

I was at a sleepover with my three best friends and was woken by something in the night. While trying to get back to sleep I heard my name, so I obviously listened in. Two of my “friends” were discussing how to phase me out of the group. It felt like they talked for hours about it, how weird I was, how boring I was, how much of a chore I was...it was gutting.

On the positive side, I found a new group of friends, told them about it all, and my previous friends were pretty much ignored by everyone outside of their little group. So, they got what they wanted and I got what I didn't know I desperately needed. All in all, I would consider that a win-win situation, wouldn’t you?

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20. Dogs > People

When my "friends" threw a rock at my dog, everything ended right there. He called me a few months later to hang. I said, “Nah, don’t ever contact me again bro”.

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21. He Didn’t Guard Every Life Equally

I was a lifeguard at a water park when I was 20 and, being older, I didn't hang out with the high school kids. Most of the people I hung out with were supervisors as they had been there for several years. I was never a fan of one of them in particular though, he was a little odd and aggressive in every interaction as if he always felt like he had to prove something.

I know he was one of the weirder kids in high school until he started lifting weights, which apparently made him overly obsessed with himself. Every photo of him on his social media is of him flexing in the mirror. I always assumed he was just an idiot. Turns out the dude has crazy anger issues, and he flew off the handle with us over some girl not wanting to come over because she wasn't feeling good. I stopped talking with him after that. I found out a few weeks ago that he was just detained for the assault of a 70-year-old homeless woman. You think you know a guy.

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22. Creepy Larry

Creepy Larry (not his real name). Holy cow. My friend was dating this guy who had a pretty weird background. Parents did cult-y things, no one really knew where he came from, etc. I've never seen the warning signs of something really bad so clearly exhibited. The dude would find roadkill, finish them off, and then hoist their bodies from trees until the flesh was gone so he could turn their bones into jewelry.

I only met him once, and I'm not especially good at reading people, but I'm not an idiot. The dude made all the hair on my neck stand up. He had a really flat affect and didn't really seem to understand how to interact with anyone. Just sat in the middle of a party silently drawing a picture. I think it was some sort of face, but the features were all wrong and distorted.

At one point in the party he brought out wooden swords and hit a kid so hard he passed out, and then didn't tell anyone what happened. Just left him there on the ground and went back to the party to keep fighting with people. He's not with my friend anymore but works at my local grocery store and has the coldest stare I've ever seen.

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23. Thinking With The Wrong Head

I had a male bestie for more than 10 years. One night, I was upset and crying because I witnessed my friends die at the beach a few weeks earlier. He stays over to comfort me and suggests he sleepover so I wouldn't be alone. He promised he wouldn't do anything. I believed him. So, he held me while I cried myself to sleep. I wake up to him touching me...without my consent, obviously.

I lost my mind. And told him off and kicked him out of my house...he came back a few days later to apologize but I was so disgusted with him I told him to frig off and never talk to me again. I blocked him. I felt so disgusted and betrayed...

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24. One Up, One Down

The guy was (probably) a pathological liar who always, always, ALWAYS felt the need to one-up everyone. It got to the point where he even tried to one-up negative things, it was ridiculous. If you were into some sport, he was a world-class athlete. If you were into writing, he wrote a book for which he was complimented by several important and famous people. If you had the flu, he had friggin’ cancer (not making this up, he actually lied about having cancer).

I was gullible at first, then I realized he was full of garbage, but I decided to try to ignore all the idiocy and still be his friend. But finally, I snapped. I got sick of the constant humble and not so humble bragging. Sometimes I feel bad about it, because in hindsight he clearly wasn't doing well if he craved attention and praise that desperately, but then I remember how bloody irritating being around him was during the last few weeks.

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25. How To Stay Miserable

A really close friend of mine posted this long rant about how miserable she was with her life. Being one of her best friends I leave her message letting her know that I'm always there if she wants to talk or something. Two days later she answers with; "I'd rather gouge my own eyes out with a spoon. Screw off". Okay, what? I ask her if I had done something to tick her off and she tells me, "No, my problems are my own, just screw off". Don't have to tell me twice! Haven't spoken to her since.

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26. What…You Don’t Cosby?

I had a friend in college from some classes. Didn't know him too well, but I started dating a new girl and they were friends. So, one night, the three of us went out for drinks with three other girls. The four girls all went to use the restroom together (Women...) and he and I stayed at the table. He broke out a little plastic baggie of pills and dropped one in the drink of one of the girls.

He didn't even bother trying to hide what he was doing from me; he just kind of grinned. When the girls got back, I poured the drink out and loudly announced what he had done. I never saw that guy again.

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27. Leave The Swords In The Game

Met a girl I really liked on World of Warcraft, but she lived in another country. After a couple of vacations there, it turned into a relationship. Made the decision to move and start a new life there with her. After living there for four months, I slowly realized she was crazy as heck. Huge mood swings paired with a lot of aggression. I was unexpectedly injured in the side by her while I was asleep.

Needless to say, after getting out of the hospital I took the first plane back home. She's still in a psychiatric hospital.

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28. Confessions of a Serial Thief

My next door neighbor in college. I wasn't really friends with him, but he was an OK guy I talked to a couple of times a week. Strange, but nice enough to have a conversation. Then towards the end of the year, he confided in a friend on our dorm floor that he discreetly acquired girls' panties from the laundry room downstairs without permission.

Not just anyone's, but specific girls’. He even showed him the collection. This friend told the RA and after about two weeks he was kicked out of the dorm. It took them two weeks because they didn't have proof, but all of the girls this guy said he'd taken from mentioned they were missing panties. He came to me and asked if I'd put in a good word—naw dude, we're not cool anymore.

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29. The Beat of Your Own Drum

"He acts like people actually like him! Someone needs to tell him; we only hang out with him because he will do almost anything you tell him to. He's a sad little puppet". This was said by a girl I had a major thing for. Granted, any time someone said something starting with things like, "Wonder what would happen if"... and "$20 says you wouldn't/couldn't do " I would jump on it and do it (attempt it).

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30. Stalking Is An Understatement

I had a "friend" who was so jealous of me and the person I was dating that she messaged him under a fake alias (pretending to be a Chinese female student when she was not), and told him via email that I was using him to advance myself. This high level of stalking and harassment was like nothing I had ever seen before, considering we were undergraduate students and not in high school.

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31. The Predator In Your Inbox

Turns out my internet friend was a registered offender. He was a former high school teacher who was hooking up with one of his 15-year-old students. I thought the guy seemed a bit odd, but when I saw the headline in the newspaper a lot about his strange reclusive lifestyle started making sense. We are no longer friends.

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32. Ghosted

I was standing in a store checking out an item in a glass case. I could hear a familiar voice in the store, and while I was thinking of turning around to say hello, I caught the reflection of my two friends in the glass case. I could hear one of them whispering "is that_____"? and something struck me as odd. So instead of turning around, I pretended to keep looking at the item in the case.

That way, I could watch their reflection behind me without being obvious. I then saw my other friend make the "shush" motion and they both hid their faces and turned and left. I was so choked. But here's the worst part. One of the friends was my maid of honor only two months prior. I thought we had a great friendship. We’d been friends for nine years.

All that made me re-evaluate that friendship. Luckily, a week later, she let me know she was moving 700 km away. I blocked her out of my online life after that.

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33. Do You Have To Let It Linger?

I recently invited a friend over to watch the election results roll in. Nerdy I know, but it is a bit of a tradition we have had for over 20 years. He spent the whole night playing two poker tournaments on his mobile phone, making almost no conversation. He crashed at my place that night, and I told him that I needed to start work at 10am the next morning, because he has a bit of a reputation for being hard to get rid of.

The next morning, I made us breakfast at 9 am, and then at 10 he decided he needed to use the bathroom, took his phone in there, and didn't come out for 40 minutes. Then I reminded him that I needed to start work. He took 30 minutes to put his shoes on, all the while repeatedly checking his phone. It didn’t even end there.

Once he had his shoes on, he then told me he was just going to have a couple of smokes before leaving. He sat outside in my courtyard for another 30 minutes, and then just walked away. No Thanks for having me over, or Thanks for breakfast, or Good to see you, or even Goodbye. Just walked away. Then he sat in his car across the street, indulging in a certain habit.

This was the same guy who a few years back was three hours late to come over for dinner, partly because he stopped for a freaking burger en route. And the same guy who showed up six hours late to my daughter's second birthday party. And just didn't show at all to my 40th birthday. I reflected on it afterwards and realized that he's not really one of my oldest friends, he's just some jerk I've known for a long time.

Needless to say, he'll be receiving no more invitations from me.

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34. A Blast From The Past

I just got out of the Navy and I was taking a few classes at a community college. I'm there for maybe a week or two when I get an email on my student email from a guy who says "Hey, you went to X School for first and second grade, right? We used to hang out". I see the name. I remember being friends with a kid with that first name back then, but last name? Who knows. Do you remember the last names of everyone from your second grade class?

But hey, cool, I tell him I'm at the library, come by and say hello. Dude walks up and I instantly recognize him. He's totally a guy I went to grade school with for a year or so. But he has this stoic, creepy demeanor. We exchange pleasantries but I begin noticing that he is generally parroting back to me whatever I say.

Him: "What have you been up to"?
Me: "Oh, I was in the Navy for six years, just got out. You"?
Him: "I just got out of the Navy, too".
Me: "Cool, how long were you in"?
Him: "Six years".
Me: "What was your rate"?
Him: "I don't remember". (Note to Civilians: This is a way we tell when someone is lying about being in the Navy)

All in all, just a creepy and weird interaction all around. Then I get home and I really think about it, was this guy just sitting at a computer near, but not in, the library punching in the names of everyone he knew throughout his life? He didn't pull my name off of a new student list. He found it by searching the directory. Never saw him again. Never really cared to seek him out. But definitely one of the strangest encounters I've had with someone.

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35. Ah, Childhood

This seems super small and weird, but my best friend growing up recently found her old hard drive from when we were in like grade 6/7, and we were going through it together. The secrets I discovered should have stayed buried. She was letting me go through whatever because it was all so old (I'm 20 now) so it didn't really seem to matter. I found a lot of old MSN chat logs (throwback) where she and other people from my middle school class were just ripping me to shreds, calling me ugly, annoying, fat, all that good stuff.

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36. The Party’s Over

My friend had her sister and her sister’s boyfriend and child move in with her. My friend’s house was the party house since she and her girlfriend had their own place while we were still in high school. Anyway, we were aware that the boyfriend had recently been released from confinement for what we believed was his participation in a prohibited bank incident, and we were highly impressed by this individual. We were still in our too-cool, Scarface phases and thought he was just the coolest dude.

Turns out, he behind bars for inappropriately touching a child—never mind the fact that he was living with his newborn son. We were all quite surprised when we heard that, and my group of friends collectively stopped hanging out over there, at least until they both faced consequences in accordance with the law and the child was placed under the care of the state.

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37. That Personal Touch

I knew it was over when a friend I was very close with texted me for the first time after several months of nothing. The text? It was about a pyramid scheme he was trying to recruit more people for. I was one of a dozen or so on the text.

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38. All In The Family

My cousin always told me if we weren't related he would totally date me and that he's lucky that he has such a hot cousin. He would follow me around family functions, and would find any excuse to hug and poke me. Started bring my serious boyfriend around so he could meet family, and my cousin was obviously jealous.

He told my boyfriend that if he hurt me, he would stab him (thankfully my boyfriend is sassy and can handle himself). If he saw my boyfriend put his arm around me, or be near me in general, he would quickly walk away and wait for his next chance to be near me. Now he avoids me because I always bring my boyfriend around, and I'm sassier towards him.

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39. Well, You Did Throw The Bouquet…

My "best friend" flew in town to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. And she decided to cheat on her husband with one of the groomsmen and blame me for that. Because it was my wedding, so that clearly makes it my fault that she was unfaithful.

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40. The Ol’ Switcheroo

I lived in an apartment with my best friend. It was going fine for almost a year, no fights or anything. One day, his dad had a stroke. He could no longer work or pay his bills so he needed a place to stay and my friend was adamant that his dad moves into the apartment, meaning I would have to leave. After some arguments (I was trying to make the case that I shouldn't be the one to move out because it wasn't fair on me—he should find a place with his dad) I finally decided to be the bigger person and move back in with my parents so that his dad could move into the apartment.

Weeks later, I learn the truth. I see a Facebook post about how happy he is that his girlfriend is moving in with him. The whole thing was a lie to get me to leave so his girlfriend could move in. The stroke was real, and I think his dad was struggling to find a place, but in the end, he found somewhere to stay. My friend just decided to keep the lie going so that I'd leave.

Haven't talked to him since.

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41. Party For Two

My bachelorette party is this weekend. I invited over 10 people. About five said for sure they were coming. All of them canceled this week, apart from my maid of honor. Now I’m having a party with one person.

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42. Denial Won’t Get Her Anywhere

A girl I know likes to make people cry. Just that, she enjoys watching someone cry and she is trying constantly to lead people into it. I talked to her about it after a mutual friend lost his father in a car accident and she would start the conversation about it just to make him cry. She said she didn't think it was a bad thing and that "everyone does it". I told her she should get some help about it but she says it's something she enjoys so it doesn't need to be taken care of.

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43. Don’t Be Sensitive Bro, It’s Just Your Ex-Girlfriend

My core group of high school friends had an entire night while I was working late where the running joke was how they could screw with my life because my reactions to chaos were "funny". I don't mean pranks. I'm talking, "Who should sleep with his ex"? "Should one of the women here date him and have it be really dramatic so he's stressed out"?

All sorts of scenarios about doing real damage to my life in serious ways and cackling. This was also the same crew who, when one of the dudes slept with said ex six hours after we broke up, called me immature for being hurt. When I asked them about it individually, they each said that my feelings being hurt by the conversation meant I needed to learn to take a joke.

I walked away from them entirely pretty much on the spot and didn't look back. Two decades later, I hear things occasionally about them through random connections or social media. Most of them are professionally mediocre social train wrecks. Really drove home that the best revenge is living a better life than the people who did you wrong.

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44. Amateur Ghosting

I have a story where I lost all respect for three people at once. Late high school years. A “friend” in our group had invited everyone to hang out at his parent’s house. We were supposed to agree on a time the day of, but people weren’t answering my calls or messages or were really vague. It was almost 7:00 pm, which was a couple of hours later than I’d figured, so I decided to drive over. When I realized what happening, it broke my heart.

I sent one guy a message saying no one’s really answering so I’ll just go ring the “friend’s” doorbell. So, all of a sudden, the “friend” calls me and says he was caught up in something and the whole thing might be off, he’ll let me know. Thing is, he called me when I was just parking in front of his house and had a clear view of almost everyone in my group in his house.

I let the call go on for several minutes watching him motion people to be quiet, doing the talking hand “yadda yadda” gesture etc. without letting him know I was watching him, until the dude finally spotted my car. He then—very obviously—told everyone to hide because he thought I’d just pulled up, and one guy who also pretended to be my friend actually hit the ground together with his girlfriend to avoid being seen from the window.

So those three people—two “friends” and the gf of one—I have absolutely zero respect for. Also, I have nothing to do with any of them anymore, so that’s nice. Then again, I also very clearly saw one real friend tell the “friend” off. He also called me immediately and said to wait up, he’d rather hang out with me than those jerks.

20 years later we’re still very close and effectively formed a new group of friends. So big silver lining.

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45. Odd Man Out

I tried to invite my friends to an event I go to every year, but they said no. The day of, I went by myself—only to find out weeks later that they went as a group without me.

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46. A Thief In Our Midst

Had a really great friend in high school. He was cool but he’d always be trying to sell stuff to people in the hallways, like video games or pocketknives or sunglasses. After over a year of being friends with him he came over to my house to hang out and when he left a bunch of my favorite video games were missing.

I realized what was happening, and I had plans on forgiving him if he just fessed up and apologized. Instead, he got super defensive and angry, and I instantly lost any respect I had for the guy.

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47. BFF Stands For “Big Freaking Fake-Down”

It was my friend "Kate," who befriended this girl, "Jessica,” who allowed us to come and stay with her when we traveled to the US. Jessica was rude to me instantly and kept my friend away from me. I'd go upstairs, and she'd find a reason for them to go downstairs. She had Kate share her bedroom, and she'd lock the door for hours, and so I'd just go off and do my own thing.

We met her two (odd) friends and they both ignored me. When it was time for Kate and I to move on to another state, Jessica insisted on coming with us. The lady we stayed with in another state, "Robin," took no BS and called Jessica out on her strange behavior. Jessica proceeded to lock herself in a room and demanded Kate stay in there with her.

They were in there all day and eventually, Kate came out and said to me that there's something wrong with Jessica and she's actually scared. We (Kate and I) had plans to stay with another online friend, "Matt,” in another state and Jessica demanded we cancel because she doesn't like or trust Matt. We said no, this is our holiday and we've paid for flights, and Jessica said then she will come with us, but we can't meet up with Matt.

We said no, she cried, we left. Kate blocked her on everything. Kate's mother called us not long after saying Jessica contacted her crying, saying Kate is in danger and we abandoned Jessica, and she's so concerned for my friend's safety. As a I recall, she claimed to be concerned about Matt and basically wanted Kate's mum to tell us to stay with Jessica.

It was actually incredibly scary. Kate found out later from another girl—they all knew each other from a forum—that Jessica had been telling everyone they were in love and had even slept together. I don't know how much of that is true, but I've known Kate for 20 years now and she's never identified as anything but straight. She denied it 100%.

Jessica was just obsessed with her, and months later Kate heard Jessica was telling everyone she was saving money to come to our country to find Kate. She never did, thankfully. Other than the time spent with this girl, we had a great holiday and made some good friends.

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48. Wanna Chill?

I had a very close friend I’ve known for 10+ years. He was always in a bit of a depressive state about his life and I often was the person he could talk to about it all. Spent countless evenings listening, being supportive, etc. He was not full-time depressed, we also shared a lot of laughs and simple-minded/happy moments.

Then for the first time in ten years...it was me who got depressed. Went through a very emotionally abusive relationship and got lied to about a fake pregnancy for weeks (because she didn't want to lose me). The experience sent me into an existential crisis and a deep depression...but somehow, it was about to get even worse. When I tried to talk about it with this friend of ten years... after five minutes, his words were: "Shut the eff up, you're annoying"!

He went on to say good night and left. A week later he wrote a message: "Wanna chill"? I told him to find a new best friend. Never heard from him again.

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49. Always Keep The Receipts

Best friend in college for about four years. We were roommates. When her fiancé came home from basic, he moved in with us. They had a joint bank account. When I paid my half of the rent, I just made the check out to him (per her request). Yeah...he was cashing my checks and not telling my friend I had paid. This made her more than a little hostile towards me and wouldn't even speak to me.

I had no idea what was going on until I came home to an eviction notice and ALL of my stuff was put into black trash bags and sitting by the door. When I confronted her she accused me of never paying for rent/utilities and mooching off of them. Shut that down really quick with the copies I had of the checks written. She stood there with her jaw on the floor while I put my stuff in my car.

Tried to apologize months later and wanted to be friends again. Told her I forgave her but didn't need "friends" like her in my life and to have a good one.

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50. Betrayed Two Ways

My partner and I were on the rocks after four years together. Mostly because he was lazy and couldn't hold down a job. We finally got sick of each other, broke it off, and he was FINALLY gonna move out. I relied heavily on our mutual friend, who “took my side” in the break-up. She took me out for drinks, we were working out together, and basically doing the post-breakup girl stuff.

Then my ex finally had the guts to tell me to stop hanging out with her. It turned out that my best friend had been sleeping with my partner for months while we were still dating. Not great to have my trust betrayed by two people. But, I was honestly more upset at her being two-faced, because I had already decided that he was garbage and wouldn’t waste any more tears on him.

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51. Maid Of Dishonor

I am supposed to be a maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding, but she told me that since I'm ugly, she won't let me be in any pictures. I’ve never been so insulted in all my life.

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52. Super Disappointed

I decided to throw a Super Bowl party a few years ago. I went out and bought a brand new grill and mounted an extra TV in the kitchen for any people who wanted to hang out in there and snack while watching the game. I had tons of food and brews ready. Just about 30 minutes before kickoff, I got a text that made my blood run cold. 

The whole group decided to go to someone else’s house and that I should bring all my food and drinks over there. Needless to say, I didn’t go, and I haven’t thrown a party at my house since.

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53. Unsweet Vindication

I once overheard my friend's mom telling her son, who was my partner in our canoe trip, that the reason I was complaining about leg pain all day was that I was just wimpy and complain a lot. A few weeks later I found out I had a bone tumor on my leg. So, I was pretty vindicated by that, but then again, I did have cancer. All's well now though!

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54. Bon Voyage!

A month into a new job, I went on a vacation with my boyfriend. An older man I had spoken to just a few times made me a scrap box filled with gifts about my vacation. I distanced myself immediately because I found it so strange that someone I barely knew would make me a gift for going on vacation. Why does going on vacation warrant a gift? Now that I’ve worked there for years I’ve learned he is known as the office creep and asks all the new female interns if he can take their pictures.

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55. Wherever You Are, I Won’t Be

The girl I was friends with was going crazy. She would break into her ex-boyfriends’ houses in the middle of the night and watch them sleep. She’d throw a brick through their car windows. I knew she would turn on me if anything happened. I moved away and never told her.

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56. Til The End

My high school best friend tried to convince me to make a dangerous agreement with her so we could be together forever. She was really emo and constantly talked about how great it would be if we "went out" together. Because of other things he'd said, I distanced myself from him slowly. She legit scared me. Honestly, she still kind of scares me even though I moved thousands of miles away and it's been years since we saw each other. She has got some serious issues.

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57. Not The Best Pickup Line Ever Heard

I was acquaintances with a guy who developed feelings for me. I told him from the beginning that I didn’t feel the same and everything seemed fine until he told me that he liked to cut out body parts of women from magazines and put them together into what he figured I looked like without my clothes on and would talk to it at night as if he was having a conversation with me. He actually told me this as if I was going to be flattered or impressed. I immediately got right out of that friendship.

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58. Taking The Hint

I’ve always struggled with social anxiety and I finally felt like I was getting a good handle on it. I texted one of these girls where we would be meeting as I was on my way to her apartment. Before I could knock, I overheard her. I wish I hadn't. She said, “Oh my god. She is so annoying, why couldn’t she just get the freaking hint”?

What followed was just a good few minutes of all these people, who said that they will never judge me and that we were family, just smack talking me for absolutely no reason at all. All the progress I had made towards my social anxiety slid all the way back down the hill. I did get satisfaction when she tried to invite me to her wedding and I didn’t bother to return her messages.

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59. The Notebook

A girl I was starting to be friends with at uni had some weird mannerisms, but I didn’t really care. Then she started talking all about how pretty I was and how different I was from all the other girls she knew (I think she was in love with me). I didn’t mind, but I’m not gay so I didn’t fuel it. Then I heard from somebody else that she started saying she wanted to grope me.

That was creepy enough, but then things got even worse. One day she sat behind me and left her notebook open. Another colleague read it and called me. On it was written a diary-like entry (?) addressed to God, saying that she feels so sinful for touching herself and describing how she wanted to end her own life. She also wrote that it was my fault and that I was leading her to "damnation". Like what the heck. Me and my colleague agreed to be quiet about it and just distance ourselves from her. I think she must have left the notebook open on purpose, because that was just too bizarre.

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60. The Great Protector

My wife had a falling out with some friends of mine that she met through me. We had known them a long time but I had known them for much longer. I was upset with her one night, because they were always asking why she never came around anymore, but she absolutely refused to see them. I always thought it was because of this little side business project they went into together that didn't work out.

So, I'm driving my wife somewhere, and I just start getting upset with her that she won't make up with them and move past it like they did, and it sucks that she never comes with when I go over there. So, she finally broke and told me the painful truth. Every time she went over there without me, they would talk smack about me, putting down my personality, my humor, and much more.

I guess they thought she would be okay with it, like a joking, "Haha my husband can be such a [insert something], right"? But she wasn't okay with it. She's not a confrontational person, so she never really spoke up, but she was disgusted by the way they spoke about me behind my back, and refused to have anything to do with them.

She had been letting me think it was all her fault and she took it because she knew the truth would hurt my feelings. And it did.

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61. Stay Away From My Baby

I have a weird story about a woman I met online and eventually IRL. For reference, I’m a bi girl. We started talking after I made a comment on a lesbian forum about being a single lesbian mom. I still didn’t know if I was bi or a lesbian at the time. We started messaging a lot. Hundreds of texts a day. This included sending racy messages.

But she was always obsessed with my daughter. Like almost demanding pictures of her and updates on her. Eventually we arranged to meet up. When we finally see each other in person she looks shocked and asks where my daughter was. I said she was being babysat by mom so we can have a date. I could tell this threw her off a bit.

After our date, we start hooking up at my place. Even then she was still asking about her. “After this can I meet her”? “Would you let me babysit”? “Do you think she’ll start calling me mommy”? I was like chill, she’s a toddler. This combined with her being obsessed with my daughter’s stuff including stealing a pacifier, a dirty onesie, and going through the diaper pail.

I decided this lady is crazy. She ended up stalking me for a while, but I was moving back in with my mom anyway, so I managed to escape.

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62. Do NOT Mess With The Dog

My friend volunteered to house-sit and watch our dog while we went overseas on vacation. What she actually did was leave him locked in the house for days because she was too busy "working" to bother letting him out or give him water. Our house was easily 30 minutes closer to her job than her place was. We no longer talk and still have the dog.

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63. The End Of A Friendship

I was heartbroken when my father passed on, but soon after, I experienced another crushing hit. NONE of my friends showed up to the funeral. It was an hour and a half away, so when they made up excuses not to come I said I understood. I didn't. Surprisingly, two of my neighbors who I barely knew at the time showed up. I'm friends with them now.

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64. Last Ride

Last Friday my friend, riding in the passenger seat, wanted me to drop her off at her boyfriend’s so she could live there...while her husband was in the backseat with their child literally crying because he is genuinely scared he will be unable to provide for their baby. Like I had to give him 20 bucks for food because this chick did not care what happened...

The mother did not care as she was heading off to get with her new boyfriend.

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65. What Would I Do Without You…And Your Car

I was grounded for a while, and when I was finally able to leave, they said the cruelest thing to me: "We’re so glad to see you again...we had to walk around everywhere". I was the only one with a car at the time.

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66. A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Hurts

It was the end of term, so around 40-45 classmates agreed we would go to town after school, eat, take pictures, etc. It wasn’t strictly “invites only” or anything, yet the boys who I thought were my closest friends there were somehow surprised that I came. Eventually, we split. Some went to McDonald’s, others Burger King, etc.

We then regrouped for a group photo. At this point, another 10 students who weren’t initially going ended up coming, making around 50-55 people there. So one popular guy prepared to take a picture. Then some others were like “Why is HE (me) in it? Let him take it”. This picture literally had 70% of my so-called friends.

I didn’t feel good at all. No one offered to swap and no, it was not because I’m a great photographer.

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67. Catty Behavior

I started a new job recently and a few of my coworkers have asked me about myself and gotten to know me. In a meeting last week, two girls asked if I had any animals. I let them know I had a cat and they asked if they could see a picture. The meeting hadn’t started just yet, so I quickly went to my desk and got my phone.

I came back and it was still just us in the room. I showed them the picture and put my phone in my pocket afterward. Fast forward, and I recently had my 30-day review and was told that me being on my phone during meetings was unprofessional and that I had offended someone in the office. When I asked which meeting my boss was referring to, I was stunned. He said it was the one from that week.

They were the only ones there at the time it happened, and I didn’t get out my phone again so it must have been them. Really bad way to start a job.

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68. Good Thing You Stayed Away

A dude a year younger than me in my sophomore gym class came out as gay and was basically ostracised. He was quirky and didn't have the best hygiene, of course, he was to be avoided. I decided to be nice to him and offered to be his gym partner because I have also been picked on for being different. After a few weeks, he turns into a nice guy and starts hitting on me hard.

Gave off really intense vibes. It was very weird and he admitted he lied about being gay to get sympathy. I avoided him like the plague. Next year, I'm in a trade school for my junior year. The entire school goes into lockdown due to an individual committing a violent act, injuring his mother multiple times, and having intentions to bring harm to others at the high school.

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69. Ahead Of Their Age

I stopped hanging out with a guy when it finally dawned on me that all of his “friends” were teenagers, most of them girls, and that I wasn’t just “so mature” for my age that a man in his early 20s found me exceptionally fun to hang out with. I tried to discuss this with some of my girlfriends that he was “friends” with, but none of them saw the issue.

I remember saying “What would a 21-year-old guy be getting from hanging out with a bunch of 13-15-year-olds”? and feeling like the answer was just so obvious, how could they not see it? And they were all so offended at the concept that maybe we weren’t just the coolest people alive. Amber even said, “Because we’re more mature than normal 14-year-olds”. But we’re still 14, Amber! Why is he not hanging out with people from his college?

So I just stopped going out with them when he was around. They eventually stopped hanging out with him after he “dated” and subsequently broke up with a few of them. Stuff like that makes my skin crawl now as an adult. If I ever have kids I don’t know how I’m gonna feel comfortable letting them ever leave the house alone.

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70. Vengeful Neighbor

I was friends with a weird girl in college. Our friendship ended when I learned that she was purposely keeping her case of chlamydia untreated for months just to try and infect all of the guys that wronged her during her undergrad. I noped outta that relationship real fast.

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71. Best Foes Forever?

I'm seventeen years old, graduating from high school in two weeks, and I hate my best friend. She's the single most annoying person I know. She acts stupid on purpose so that no one will take her seriously, but then she blames people for not taking her seriously. She never gives proper advice when I have to talk to her about my problems, but she is constantly talking about her problems.

Her problems usually consist solely of things like: "Two boys like me, which one should I choose"? There's this guy in our group of friends who likes her, and she knows that. She always invites him out to hang out with us. She shows him her Spotify playlists and the stuff she posts on her "private" Tumblr site about her emotions.

Then, she gets upset and thinks he's creepy for always hanging out with us. She complains about how he listens to her Spotify playlists and browses through her Tumblr blog. You know, the ones she told him to look at. She complains about some girls in our grade jumping from guy to guy, whereas she has been in a terrible on and off relationship for over a year. Oh, but it gets worse.

She's constantly trying to both become me and one-up me at the same time. If I buy an item of clothing, she'll go out and buy the same thing. If I mention I like a certain thing, she'll suddenly like that thing too. She's a snitch too. Whenever I confide anything in her, it should be known that it's between us. So imagine my surprise when her boyfriend confronts me about things I told her in confidence.

The real kicker, though, is that we aren't really best friends.I never tell her anything important about my life anymore. I've known her for ten years now, and we've never once hugged each other because she "doesn't like affection". Somehow, she has no problem showing affection towards the other people in our group of friends.

I'm still the only person she's even mildly close with in school, though. Because, if I'm being honest on behalf of my friends, I'm the only one who can stand her. I've never brought any of this up to her, obviously. Even though it's messed up, I can't just stop being her friend because she suffers from anxiety and I refuse to "seem" like the jerk in this situation, even though I know I'm not.

This September, I'll be moving three hours away for university and I have decided that I won't be the one to keep this friendship going if she isn't willing to make the effort to. If we fall out of touch over time, that's completely on her. I've dealt with this long enough. It’s caused me enough stress throughout high school. I don’t want it following me into the next chapter of my life.

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72. Selfish: An Ugly Color

Girl I was besties with for nearly ten years. I kinda knew that she was one of those emotionally needy types, but I just didn't really think it would end up aimed at me, I guess. She got laid off from her job around the same time my husband's annual checkup indicated possible prostate cancer. I posted on my journal about my worries and fears for him.

My friend replies to my post with a long public comment tearing me several new holes for being so selfish and self-absorbed, and how I only talk about me, me, me on my journal, and I'm not being there for her when she's going through the struggle of being laid off. I lose my mind and stop speaking to her (my husband turned out not to have cancer).

About a year later I get an email from her confessing that she realizes how insensitive and inappropriate her reaction was, we cautiously take up being friendly with one another again. A few months down the road, her brother-in-law's GF is pregnant and they make a painful decision to give the baby up for adoption for various family reasons.

She posts on her own journal boasting about how she tore the GF several new orifices because her and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for a few months, and the GF was so selfish and self-absorbed that she made these arrangements for her child's adoption without first consulting friend and friend's husband to see if they'd like to adopt the child themselves.

After a few more incidents like this I just kind of realized this woman was not the person I thought she was, and I distanced myself. When she realized what was going on, she lambasted me verbally and disconnected from the friendship. Thank god.

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73. Pranked!

One summer back in high school years, I had a crush on this girl, and we'd hang out when we weren't working together. A friend of mine would keep insisting that I should just ask her out. So, I mustered my courage and asked her out. Yeah—it was a glorious fail. I still remember when she smiled and told me the brutal truth.

That was when I found out that they had been secretly dating for a year and thought it would be a "lark" to just screw with me. 100 to 0 in a few words and a vicious smile.

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74. Money Walks

I was in a serious car wreck and was hospitalized for a month when I was 19. During this time I had given my 27-year-old sister my bills and debit card so she could pay them since I was unable to (my parents were too consumed with looking after me to be able to handle my finances at the time). She decided to help herself to about $1,000 of my hard-earned money...money that I'd saved up for college by working full-time...while I was bedridden in a hospital and unaware of whether I'd walk again.

She might still be my sister, but I definitely don't consider her my friend anymore.

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75. Weird Sympathy Move, But Okay

Friend at a bar tells some people we just met how her mother passed on, later in the night I express my sympathy—now she's without parents. She'd told me to be hush-hush a few years prior about how her father had passed. Then she said something incredibly disturbing: "Wait did I tell you back then my dad passed? I thought I told you it was my mum! No, both my parents are still alive; when we were in university I just read in a book that telling people a parent has passed is a good way to get sympathy. Ha ha"!

Freaking sociopath.

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76. There’s No Place Like Home

In college, I was getting to know a classmate. He was awkward and twitchy, but I saw no reason not to be kind. We would arrive outside the classroom at about the same time, so we would chat for a bit. Maybe the fourth or fifth time, he was asking about where I'm from. I told him. I described it as an especially small town.

He seemed skeptical of how small I'd said the town was, so he grabs his tablet, opens Google maps, and brings up my town (several states away from our university, mind you). When he brought the town up, I saw my house. Being an idiot, I pointed it out. So quietly I almost didn't hear, he whispered, "Gotcha"! as he bookmarked my house's location. I honestly didn't know what to do and I went out of my way to never speak to that guy again.

Navy SEAL QuizPicryl

77. Bang Bang

It was when they almost shot me in the head. They were about to drive me home—we were teenagers, just able to drive—and I saw them messing around in his dad's room as I was getting ready. We get in his parents’ car. I'm in the passenger seat, he's driving, the other is behind me. Then in an instant, everything changed. It felt like my ears popped and there was just a loud high pitched ringing that wouldn't stop.

Right in front of me in the dashboard was a hole that wasn't there before, just an inch or so to my left. I looked back and saw him holding a piece, which I guess they took from his dad's room to play around with and look cool. When I started freaking out, they started getting angry at me to be quiet because his dad might notice.

He was mowing the grass by us, but had those giant headphones on. They forced me to sit calmly for the ride and made me swear not to tell anyone. I was pretty shaken and also sort of afraid of them, so I never did.

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78. Leaving Without Stutter

I have a severe stutter and it’s always hard for me to make friends because if it. Luckily, I had a really good friend. She never got impatient or mocked me, right? Wrong. I'm normally very quiet and when in a group of people, it’s easy for people to forget I'm there. My friend (we'll call her Julie) had a small get together at her house.

During dinner, conversation was going on and someone asked my opinion on some random topic and I gave it, despite my stutter making it hard for me to say what I wanted. Later in the evening, I was sitting in the living room, sipping my scotch while Julie and some other guests were mingling in the kitchen. That's when I heard it—I could barely contain my tears. Someone casually mentions me in conversation, and Julie said, "Ugh, why did you ask her that question? I can't stand it when she stutters everything. Like, just shut up and let the normal people t-t-t-t-talk".

I sat there and listened to them laugh and make Porky Pig jokes and grew more and more hurt and angry. Someone said something alluding to my stutter meaning I was less intelligent and how Julie was such a good person for tolerating me. I got up, walked into the kitchen and they stood there with a look of horror on their faces.

Julie softly said, "Oh god, I thought you left". I left immediately and haven't spoken to her since.

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79. Just Sugar Baby Things

Once I had a friend named Ashley; two of my friends dated her. She kept telling her boyfriend at the time (my friend Jon) that she had to go out of town on business trips. He would take her and drop her off and pick her up from the airport like any good man would do for his girl. After months of this routine, another mutual friend of ours joined a website called sugardaddies.com and was looking for a chick to get with on there—but he couldn't believe who he found on there.

Turned out that Ashley was on the website, the so-called business trips turned out to be trips out of town to sell herself for money and gifts, while dating my friend the whole time! I have never spoken to her after finding this out, it disgusted me and wrecked my good friend for a long time.

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80. Three Strikes And You’re Out

I used to be friends with someone who was legitimately delusional about a sports celebrity figure, to the point where I was so creeped out that I couldn't stand being around her anymore. She resorted to deception to acquire tens of thousands of dollars in order to relocate to the city where he resides and plays, with the intention of attending every game.

She started learning another language so that they could communicate (he's not a native English speaker), etc. She even went so far as to live her life around the uniform number he wears (for example, the temperature is only ever set at that number, because it's his number...thankfully it's something vaguely reasonable).

She once held up a sign at a game and he saw it, and she was 100% convinced that he'd remember her forever. The sports figure is also married (to a supermodel, of course) and she was obsessed with the wife too. There were other awful behaviors, but she was so obsessed that I literally couldn't stand to be around her.

People Distance From Someone FactsWikimedia Commons

81. Taking Advantage

I had a friend at the time who forced himself upon an intoxicated girl. We were around 17 and at a camping party. Inebriated, of course. A girl he was digging passed out early and, as far as I know, he only put his hands on her once. But, it was enough for me to say something and he backed off. But, the look on his face was enough for me to instantly go cold. It ate at me until I got home. I promptly told my mom and called his mom and, later, I told her. They all just blew it off with a shoulder shrug. I haven't spoken to him since that night.

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82. Social Conventions Exist For A Reason...

We weren't friends, but more like acquaintances. Anyway, I used to know this guy who would often get inebriated and strip down to his briefs at social gatherings. He's currently awaiting trial for trafficking inappropriate images of children.

Trashiest Holiday factsPixabay

83. Joey Fakename

A few years ago I was in the passenger's seat of my friend's car when he hit someone in a crosswalk. He didn't want to stop, but I yelled at him till he eventually pulled over. When we went back to see if the guy was okay, the guy said he thought he should go to a hospital. I took my cell out and called an ambulance while my friend was talking to the guy.

When the guy asked what my friend's name was, he looked at me, looked back at the guy and gave him a false freaking name. Right after I called the ambulance, I also called the authorities. I never spoke to him again after that incident.

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84. The Hate Club

When I was in the fifth grade, one of my friends accidentally invited me to an online chatroom called the "I hate llCloudIXll" chat room. When someone realized I was in the chat they unloaded on me, pointing out every flaw I had and why no one in school liked me. The rest of the chat room followed suit and said some pretty awful things to me. Some of those horrible things are burned in my brain forever.

They included how I should kill myself and how no one would miss me. A few of my closest friends even chimed in at this point and agreed with everything being said. I started to self-mutilate and pretty much went the rest of middle school and high school without friends, unable to trust people or get close to people. To this day I can pretty much count how many true friends I have on one hand. Kids can be freaking awful.

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85. The Old Double Cross

I had a best friend for a while, we'll call her Charlie. One summer, Charlie introduced me to my ex-boyfriend after begging me to go "save" her from this party she didn’t want to go to. Everything was going great, that boyfriend and I were super in love, always spending time together, as new couples do—but this drove Charlie crazy.

I didn't really notice anything was bothering her at first, until we agreed she move into my (dad's) place for summer so she could see how being "on her own" was. I'm never home because I'm with my boyfriend, she's constantly calling and texting and coming to hang out with us because she "has no one else". As all of this was happening, she's wearing my clothes, sleeping in my bed, calling my pets her pets, etc.

She moves out in August, things are great, she finds herself a little boyfriend, and I stop seeing her as much as I used to—think four or five times a week as opposed to every day. Charlie and her boyfriend break up sometime in during that period, but frankly I don't really remember because she was always crying about something.

Flash forward to June of the following year. Things go south with my boyfriend and we break up. I find myself someone new and move on. Charlie though, my best friend in the entire world at this point, takes it upon herself to start sleeping with my ex-boyfriend and casually forgets to tell me, until—and she darn well knew—I found out my new boyfriend was cheating on me.

She sends me a cute text saying "Oh. I slept with your ex-boyfriend on Friday. I forgot to tell you". So at first I'm like you know what? Cool. Good for him. Glad he's found someone to be happy with again. But then the reality of it all set in and the more I thought about it, the more I remembered her always trying to be around, inviting herself over to his place all the time.

It did not sit well with me.

Queen Zenobia FactsShutterstock

86. Caught With Your Hands On The Joystick

I actually worked with this lady at the time. She was good-looking and very flirtatious. Most importantly: we both played World of Warcraft at its prime. She ended up inviting me to join her server and being a lonely 20-something, I, of course, joined up. We played for a time and had a good PVP group going—her regulars.

Of course, she was still flirty with me in game and I was flirty back, all in group chat. Either way, we had some great times together slaying players in PVP. Summer comes and it’s a company BBQ, I find out she is bringing one of our PVP partners to the event. Cool! It was her husband. A cop. I’ve been sending her racy messages in the game in front of him for at least three months.

Online Friends FactsShutterstock

87. Daddy’s Never-Ending Money

A group of friends I had loved to go out to lunch, yoga, bars, etc. Everything they did required spending (their parents') money. I frequently turned down their invitations to go out since my budget could not handle that kind of spending. Plus, I was trying to pay my own way through school.

Well, one day, they sat me down and said that I should stop spending so much money on food and get my parents to pay for things. I was also told to try harder at picking up another job so I could afford their lifestyle. I already had two part-time jobs and went to college full time. They stopped speaking to me not too long after.

Worst Guests factsShutterstock

88. Rubbernecking To The Extreme

I had this friend who absolutely loved misery. I was driving her to work (she lived on my couch) and she was sobbing hysterically in the passenger seat, she really hated her job and was an unbalanced person. We come across a horrible wreck, her tears dry up instantly and she gets this huge smile, I’ve never seen her so happy. I ask what caused the sudden change and she starts laughing like a lunatic—side-splitting giggles.

She says that it looks like there were some fatalities due to the wreck and seeing it just made her day. I was pretty disgusted/creeped out. She was absolutely chipper for the next two days.

Sane People ExperienceShutterstock

89. Witness For The Prosecution

I met my ex-best friend, who I shall refer to as Jason, in 4th grade, and our friendship officially ended in 11th. From around the start of 7th or 8th grade he started acting real weird around me. I don’t remember which of the inappropriate things occurred first but the earliest memory I have is when myself and another friend were at Jason’s house.

We were playing Twisted Metal and some other games. At some point, we stopped and just started talking and throwing around action figures or something. At this point it was dark outside, so the only source of light was the overhead fan. Jason got up and turned the light out, which myself and our other friend found annoying.

We both started telling him to turn it back on. I suddenly hear someone approach me and feel their hand intrude into my shorts, reaching into my boxers and inappropriately touching my private area. I naturally freak out and start swinging. I hit him a few times, he runs back over to the light and then turns it on and acts like nothing happened.

I leave and we don’t talk for a while. Being young boys who did a lot of stupid stuff (none of which was inappropriate before that), I end up forgiving him and chalking it up to his stupidity and to just trying to get a reaction out of myself and others. Fast forward to high school (10th grade) and we sit together during lunch. Every chance he would get, he would reach over and grab my junk.

I’d yell at him to get people to notice, but no one ever caught him doing it and therefore no one ever believed me. The teachers I told also didn’t believe me (super messed up now that I look back on it). One day a friend of the girl I’m dating is sitting to right of me, Jason is on my left. I had told her to look out for my signal. I know it’s coming so I move my chair back a bit and crouch over the table and give my friend on the right a look.

When I see his hand coming over I lean back and he once again grabs me. This time I have a witness and she gladly starts yelling that Jason is grabbing my you know what. That finally put an end to him doing that. Unfortunately for me, the real nightmare was just beginning. At that point, I had already made new friends and was trying to get as much distance from him as possible.

When he saw me starting to mainly hang out with other people he went psychotic. He became friends with my ex and attempted to make me feel envious. In his frustration, he directed his anger towards my other close friend whom he already disliked, engaging in disrespectful behavior such as urinating on his truck and other foolish acts. To mitigate the situation, he resorted to damage control by falsely claiming that I was constantly engaging in inappropriate physical contact with him.

I haven’t spoken to him since our junior year of high school, over 17 years ago. I did see him years later at college. We were on the same sidewalk about 200 feet apart, headed right towards each other. When he realized it was me he made a mad dash to his right toward an empty field just to avoid me. From everyone I’ve spoken to about him over the years it was clear he had feelings towards me and didn’t know how to express them.

He never ended up dating any guys, as far as I know. However, from the stories I was told, he was very abusive to the girls he dated over the years.

How Cheaters Got Caught FactsShutterstock

90. Who Wants A Cashless Card?

I have a friend who is known to be stingy. You can't split a bill with her at a restaurant because any way you do it, it's wrong. She bought her girlfriend a pair of sunglasses, and when she gave them to her she said, "I only got you these because they're buy one get one free and I got one for myself". (Don't ask me why they're still together.)

She has a well-paying job, a car, and her parents paid for college. There is no absolutely necessary reason for her to be this way, she just is. But even then, I had no clue how much of a real piece of garbage she truly was. Eventually, I found out that, for her entire college career, she scammed her parents into both paying for her apartment so she could pocket the extra money.

Her parents are divorced. She would call her mom up and ask for that month's rent money plus some other expenses. Then she'd call her dad and do the exact same thing. She knew they did not communicate with each other about her college expenses because she would ask when she needed money. Her parents are financially sound but not "rich" by any means, but they provide for their family.

I have no respect for that friend anymore. Side story: Her mom sent her a hallmark card for Halloween with a nice note, and her exact words after reading it were, "I'm going to have to call her, there's no money in this card".

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

91. Room-Hate

I had just moved into my dorm for my second year of college. My roommate was my best friend since ninth grade. My stuff hadn't arrived yet, and it was my time to register, so I asked him if I could use his computer. He said sure. I sat down, and he had AIM open to a conversation with another good friend of ours.

I didn't scroll up, but from what was just visible on screen, they were talking about how weird I was and how awful it would be rooming with me. I closed it so he wouldn't realize later I'd seen it, registered, and left. We still lived together that year, but we didn't hang out at all. We just cohabited. I never asked him to hang out as friends, he never asked me.

Move-out day that year was the last time we spoke. That was over ten years ago. We chatted every day for six years, then haven't spoken since. I still don't know if I did or said something to flip how he felt about me, or if he never really liked me to begin with. The possibility of the latter really screws up your future friendships. Heck, the former does, too, knowing apparently you're capable of unknowingly saying or doing something to throw away a five-year friendship.

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

92. More Isn’t Always Merrier

My friends and I had this online friend who lived in a bordering state that we played games with all the time. He found out we were planning a big LAN party and asked if he could take the train down and come. We all thought it'd be cool, and I agreed to let him stay with me at my mom's place. The guy was 6' tall, 400+ pounds, and I don't think showered often.

In the four days he was there, didn't take a shower. Now, I'm not trying to rag on him, he was a nice guy and fun to play with, but it just goes with the story. He ended up falling asleep on my bed at one point, which was next to the window. We lived in basically the desert and it's about 100 every day during summer. The blinds happened to be open and he literally was roasting in the sun.

The sweat had completely soaked the mattress—I so wish I was kidding—and the smell wouldn't go away no matter how much we washed or scrubbed. Sadly, had to get rid of the mattress.

Worst Thing Found in Hotel FactsShutterstock

93. When In Doubt, Spam

A guy that I was close with told me one night when we were inebriated that he had a photo album on his phone just dedicated to me, like hundreds of photos of me. I noticed he'd been screenshotting my Snapchats then giving excuses when I called him up about it. I then found a post from his old page that was paragraphs long about me and he made up quite a few lies on it and said he was in love with me and he put a lot of my personal feelings on this post. Then when I distanced myself he started spamming me with messages and stalking me online, not good.

shutterstock_330353657 man surprised looking at mobileShutterstock

94. Lookers Only

I was once at a club with a guy I had known for about six months at college, and our respective girlfriends. We were quite a close group and he seemed like the most genuine guy you could know. Anyway, he gets into an argument with his girl and they both go outside to settle it in privacy, kinda ruined the mood but I thought little of it.

He came back to say that his girlfriend had gone home in a bad mood and they had essentially broken up. I remember he slyly said something like, "She lost her looks now anyway". A few days later I ran into his girlfriend—and I couldn't believe what he'd done to her. She had a swollen lip and a black eye. Never talked to that garbage human again.

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

95. Room Service

For a full year, my college roommate secretly slept with my boyfriend while I was in class. I routinely took more than a full course load and was in math and science classes or study groups every morning. One day, I walked in to see a horrifying sight. They were just fully in the act after I came back early from a canceled class.

I moved out. I was more angry at her than heartbroken. I also lost most of my friends through the breakup, and they stuck together for a good while. Fast forward five years later. Those two throw a crazy expensive engagement party at the guy's parents' beach house, which was attended by some still-mutual friends who told me everything.

At the party, she caught him sleeping with one of the waitresses from the catering company in a bathroom. They still got married. I feel a little bad for her despite the karma balance. She feels like she can't do better than being with a cheater.

Delayed karmaUnsplash

96. There’s Something Between Us

A year ago, I went to a convention with my boyfriend and my childhood best friend. After we saw enough booths, we all went to a local restaurant were my friend proceeded to get inebriated and drunkenly tell me and my boyfriend that he wished we weren't together, so he could sleep with me. It was very awkward, and he's lucky my boyfriend—now husband—is a patient man.

Online Friends FactsShutterstock

97. Have Your Wedding Cake And Eat It Too

One of my best friends, Carla, is getting married soon. It’s only meant to be a small backyard type of wedding but they’ve been planning it for a few months now and originally it was supposed to be on my property. They wanted it because it’s private, has lots of open space for the reception, a nice view and the house could be used for them to get ready and stuff.

Of course, I said yes, she and her fiancé Rick were very happy. Thing is, Carla and I do have a history. We went out on and off in college but decided to stay friends. Then I met my wife, we got married, Carla met Rick and now here they are. My wife knows I went out with Carla back in college and she didn’t care. Carla still went to our wedding and everything.

I never knew if Rick was told or not, it’s not my relationship and therefore not my business to say anything, so I never did. Well, Rick found out recently—and it went BADLY. What I heard from friends is that one mutual friend told him (no idea why) that we used to date. Not only that, but apparently Carla said a couple of years ago she was still in love with me when she was already dating Rick.

I don’t have actual confirmation if that’s exactly what he was told. All Carla’s told me is that Rick was told about our past and he’s angry at her for never saying anything. It became quite a drama and I didn’t hear from her for over a month until now. She told me they’re going to couples counseling and that the wedding is still on, but Rick requested that I not attend.

It sucks but I totally get why he wouldn’t be comfortable. But I had one question: Where are they going to hold the wedding, then? To my surprise, she said they still want it at our place. Rick said so to and in my mind I’m going “He doesn’t want the guy who dated his fiancée years ago at the wedding, but still wants the wedding at his house”.

My wife and I are expected to just...not be at our home that weekend, And I told Carla no. They’re going to have to find someplace else since we’re not going to simply leave our home to them for the weekend. Not only for safety reasons but it just doesn’t make sense. Rick doesn’t want me around because he’s not comfortable but is comfortable enough to have their wedding at my house?

They really want their wedding here though and because of that, I’ve been bugged by not only her but also Rick and some friends who think I’m being a petty jerk for not letting them have the wedding here anymore. Honestly don’t think that I am, it just doesn’t make sense at all to have to leave our own place for a wedding we’re no longer welcome to and leaving our home totally vulnerable.

Still, I’m being accused of sabotaging their wedding and Rick believes it’s the least I can do after “everything”. But like, what did I do?

Irene Of Athens FactsShutterstock

98. It’ll Take A Lot To Kill This Pain

I had a friend in college who I thought was just a friend. Always thought she was so cool because she’d do anything for anyone. Turns out it was just me and most of the stories were lies. She was prescribed painkillers for something and had no problems sharing them as we hung out and smoked often.

We’d drive outside of campus through the cornfields and get high, listening to music and talking. One day she picks me up at my dorm and offers me a drink. Cool, but it’s already open. At first, I really thought nothing of it but then I take a sip and think something is definitely off. I taste the painkillers. Oooookay, maybe I’m paranoid?

I ask her to take me home and she asks if we can stop by her place first. Ok, but I think it’s a bit strange. We walk in and it’s literally trashed, dishes piled up, a few bags of trash laying around. She starts GOING OFF about how much she cleans and her roommates just trash the place, how she just “did the dishes yesterday and took out the trash” (I’m seeing food dried to plates, trying hard to understand how four girls can make three bags of trash in 24 hours, no freaking way she was telling the truth).

Then I realized how she was cleaning—dropping it low, thong showing, flirtatious talking—and now I realize I’m starting to feel the effects of the painkillers; with every new bout of blurred vision and itchy skin I realize need to get the heck out of there NOW. Texted my brother to meet me in the middle of campus and to keep heading towards her place if I didn’t show up.

The last thing that I remember is hugging my brother and then waking up the next day. She never tried to speak to me again but made sure to ask everyone we knew why I was mad at her to see if I told anyone. You’re lucky I didn’t, JESSICA! If a girl is obsessed with horses, run far, run fast and don’t look back.

People Distance From Someone FactsFlickr

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