The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done

January 25, 2023 | Violet Newbury

The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done

We’ve all done things we regret—some actions haunt us for the rest of our days. When asked to divulge the worst things they’ve done, these Redditors didn’t disappoint. Read on to hear their tales of terrible conduct that have stuck with them through the years. Some have serious regrets, while others not so much.

1. Misplaced Judgment

When I was a teenager, my grandmother moved in with us and started to go senile. Our relationship quickly soured. Living with her was different from sending her letters and making phone calls, but it wasn't her fault. One changes when one starts to lose their mind, but honest to goodness, I couldn't stand her.

Everything was my fault. Every single thing she misplaced, I took—I must have. She couldn't accept that she just couldn't remember where she was putting things. The worst was when she had a meltdown over photos she'd misplaced and had my parents search my room while I shouted that I had never touched them.

I was a teenager. Why would I want her photos of the garden? I could just go outside if I wanted to see it, for goodness sake. One night, I woke up because she was shouting for me in that nasally shrill she always had that I'd grown to hate because of her constant theft accusations. She was in the bathroom across the hall from my room.

I didn't know what time it was. I figured it was early because she always got up at about 5am. I figured she was shouting for me because she misplaced something again and was happily accusing me of going into her private bathroom, which I never went near, and taking it.

I thought of some very angry choice words for her and pretended I didn't hear her. She cawed for me for thirty or so more minutes until it finally woke up my mom. I figured my mom could deal with her, and I could sleep. But when my mom went to check on her, she was greeted with a horrifying sight.

It turned out my grandmother's kidneys had shut down acutely. She was vomiting and excreting blood that whole time. She was yelling for me not to tell me I was a little thief again, but because she needed help. She was 85. That 30 minutes probably didn't make a difference, but she passed a few days later.

While I know it wasn't my fault, her extended suffering was. I'm sorry, Grandma.

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2. I Was Such A Blockhead

I’m a recovered addict, and I have a lot of stories of how terrible a person I used to be. One day, I was flat broke and on my last bag of dope. My "neighborhood pharmacist" had recently been taken into custody. Brainstorming, I came up with the idea to try and get some pills at the ER.

I still had medical insurance at the time, so I thought this was my best option. My buddy came by, and we were hanging out outside trying to figure out how to get hurt, just enough to get some pills but not enough to actually have permanent repercussions. There was this big cinderblock beside my garage, and I decided to drop it on my foot in hopes of just breaking a toe at most.

I stood outside on the concrete patio for about five minutes with the cinderblock, trying to hype myself up enough to drop it. I couldn’t do it; I psyched myself out too much. I told my friend that he would have to do it for me, and he said OK. He held it about waist high and dropped it on my foot.

I knew it didn’t do enough damage, so I told him that he needed to put it up higher and drop it again, which he did. I went to the hospital and told them that I was carrying boxes downstairs to the basement when I dropped them and slipped on the bottom step. I went back, got X-rays, and was in the waiting room.

The doctor came in and told me that I had torn numerous ligaments in my foot, and it probably would hurt less if I had just broken my foot. Hearing that, I was excited, thinking, "Yes! I just scored". I didn’t care about the pain at the moment; I was just happy that I had just potentially scored.

They released me and handed me a prescription. They wrote me a script for 800 mg of ibuprofen. I was defeated.

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3.  A Rotten Prank

I was the night manager at a fast food establishment during college. There was a bitter prank rivalry between our establishment and the Subway next to us.

After months of prank escalation, I crammed a rotting hamburger patty in the handle of the Subway manager's trunk lid, so he went knuckle-deep in the rotting burger when he went home. That was the end of the prank rivalry, and I've never forgiven myself for crossing the red line.

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4. Playing Favorites

During our parents’ divorce and custody battle, my sister and I were forced to sit in on family counseling sessions. I was 12, and she was eight years old. We thought our mom was acting funny and might have been banging the counselor on the side for her own personal testimonial interests. Therefore, we were mad because we loved both our mom and our dad.

It seemed like the counselor favored our mom over our dad, and it got rough sometimes watching him become ousted by the only two adult forces who didn’t love him in this world. So one day, my little sister and I were left alone in the counselor’s office. She decided she was gonna take a poo in his little trash can to assert dominance. It was asserted, and we never went back.

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5. Looking For A Place To Go

One night, my boyfriend, his family, and I got Chinese food from our favorite little place. For some reason, on that night, it didn’t sit well with me. An hour after eating, I felt worse than ever before. I got that intensely sick feeling, like you have to poop so bad that you want to throw up.

So, I went upstairs and destroyed the bathroom. There were two bathrooms upstairs and none downstairs. After I was sure my bowels were empty, I went back downstairs to lie in bed, as I thought I could nap it off. I couldn’t. About 30 seconds after lying down, I got the urge to go again.

I ran upstairs and, to my horror, both bathrooms were occupied. His sister was refusing to get out of the shower even though it was an emergency, and his dad was destroying the other toilet, presumably suffering a similar fate to mine. I begrudgingly went to sit in bed and contemplate my options as the bubbling in my gut was growing worse.

I thought about busting down the bathroom door and scaring his sister, making the 30-minute drive home, and even pooing my pants (against my will) and dealing with the embarrassment, but I didn’t want to subject my future in-laws to that. I begrudgingly realized my only option was to do something totally drastic: go outside as nature intended.

Their yard was very open, and it was a super bright moonlit night, so there was no place to do it without feeling extremely exposed, except for under the trampoline. My thought process was that no one had used the trampoline for years, and it was out of sight/walking range, so no one could accidentally step in it.

I did my business and got soaked in the process because it was slightly raining and the trampoline was POURING water on me. I cleaned up with napkins and wet wipes and went inside. I immediately threw up in the trash can from the shock/embarrassment/anxiety/sickness. I cleaned that up and immediately went to bed.

Everything was fine for a few days until my boyfriend's dad lightheartedly told me how he was late for work that morning because the dog had rolled in some poo and had to get a bath. I felt like throwing up all over again, but thankfully, everyone just suspected it was some type of animal poop.

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6.  The Sound Of Blunder

My hometown was generally pretty middle-class to poor. There were a bunch of rich people who lived in the woods, and one of them had a kid who went to our high school and was mean to the kids who weren't as wealthy. That kid grew up and bought a Camaro and removed the muffler so it would be the loudest thing in town.

On New Year’s Eve, he decided to ruin a town tradition. He lapped the town common with his car during the tree lighting ceremony while people were caroling and giving thanks. When summer came, a friend and I decided it was time to get revenge because nobody wanted to do anything about it.

My friend's dad owned a junkyard, and they recently got an old train horn from a busted diesel that ended up there. We spent a good week getting it set up in the back of his work truck and decided to wait on it for a little while. A month or so later, we found out he was having a party of some kind with other rich folks and his family, but we didn't know what it was about.

So, we carefully parked outside his house on the opposite side of his fence. Right as it was starting, we blasted the train horn and peeled out before anyone knew what happened. News got out later, and we found out the party we crashed was actually a wake for his late grandfather.

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7. Lights Out!

When I was about 15, a neighbor of ours stopped us on the road and chewed us out for riding our go-karts on the road. This was despite the fact that it was a dirt road in a rural area which was the perfect place for riding go-karts. He was a complete jerk about it too. I don’t know where I got the idea from, but I promptly went home and called the electric company.

I pretended to be the neighbor and told them I wanted my electricity turned off as we were moving. It was the 80s, so they just looked up the account by name and address and promptly entered my request in the system. I'm sure it was just a minor inconvenience for them, but they deserved it, in my opinion.

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8. Drinking, Not Thinking

The day before I stopped drinking altogether, I was in a really dark place for a number of reasons. One of the reasons I was in such a bad place emotionally was because my cousin was in decline due to glioblastoma. I was actively seeing this person, whom I loved dearly, lose his sense of self and the ability to understand conversations and situations. And he was young—just turned 50.

There was a lot of light in the beginning, but considering that glioblastoma is effectively a stage-less brain cancer, it was almost guaranteed he would lose the battle. It was a heartbreaking situation. The day that I stopped drinking altogether was the day that I was supposed to drive him to a research institute for his monthly treatment and check-in.

It was the only time I was asked to take on that level of responsibility, as his wife would normally take him. I helped in a bunch of different ways, like hanging out with him when he’d otherwise be alone, but this appointment was pretty big—and I messed it all up. I miserably drank myself into a stupor the night before and missed our meet-up time.

I said that I would be there no matter what, and I wasn’t. The appointment happened, and he "reassured me" everything was okay as he knew the battle was over anyway. But I will never forgive myself for that. I wish I had stopped drinking earlier.

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9. A Feeling Of Abandonment

When I was in my late teens, I worked for a care company that went into people’s homes to support them, mostly the elderly. I met a lot of sweet, interesting, and sometimes pretty mean people, but my favorite was Joyce. I was a pretty messed up kid with a bad home life, and Joyce was well into her 80s, but we just clicked.

She was a genuinely cool person to spend time with, and a friend. I would start to go around to her place during my breaks rather than just sit in my car, and her voice would light up through the buzzer when she knew it was me. I’d make her sandwiches and cups of tea, and she’d tell me stories about her late husband building their home and how she was a dressmaker who made dresses on the side for trans women or men who just wanted to wear dresses because, in her words, "Who cares if you’re not hurting anyone?"

She was awesome. She was often my last visit of the night, so I would just clock off when done, then stay late to do her hair. Joyce had daughters who lived close by but rarely visited. One time, I remember her saying it was nice of them to drop off some Christmas dinner in a Tupperware so it could be heated up in the microwave.

My only thought was, "why wasn’t she sat at your table?" There was also another caregiver I had never met but who she spoke highly of. It broke her heart when she found out he’d been taking things from her. Joyce would ask me if I was ever to quit the job to tell her first and not just leave her. I’d say, "Of course! And if I do, I’ll come and see you anyway!"

But I never did. I never saw her again! One night into a work shift, something happened, and I was rushed to the hospital and had to abandon my shift. I managed to notify work in time, but I was in the hospital for a while and then unable to work for months. I never saw Joyce again, and, in her eyes, I abandoned her. I guess I did, in a way.

I thought about her lots and about going up to visit, but there was always something. Then eventually, I wondered if she would still recognize me because it had been so long.  I also wondered if she was still alive. It was years ago, and it still gnaws at me from time to time.

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10. Mixed Messages

One time, a girl I had minimal interest in but had mutual friends with sent me a text basically saying, "I have feelings for you, and I’d like to explore where that takes us". I then typed up a message to my good friend saying, "Please kill me now, I think she wants a relationship". This girl was nice and all, but she just wasn’t my type.

I’m also a people pleaser, so the thought of having to turn down someone made me uncomfortable, and I dreaded having to tell her I wasn’t interested. I’ve been turned down before, and it sucks. I didn’t want to do that to someone else. I did not mean the statement I made to my friend as a knock on the girl as a person, but as an "I don’t want to be in this situation".

Unfortunately, I sent the text to the girl. After immediately realizing what I did, and thinking for about 30 seconds about how I could possibly talk my way out of not sounding like the biggest jerk in the entire world, I realized that there was no good way to spin that. I decided to just try my best to explain to her that it wasn’t meant to be mean and so forth. I also said that she didn’t deserve that, but it didn’t matter. I still cringe about it to this day.

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11. Playhouse Pooper

I was walking home from summer band practice and had explosive diarrhea really bad. It was in the middle of the summer in Texas. Most bushes were either cacti or dried up, and I was walking through a neighborhood. I then saw this tiny house. It was one of those plastic houses that little kids play in.

I went in there, closed the door, squatted down, and did my business in the corner. I sometimes wonder if the family tried to guess if a wild animal went into their little girl's playhouse and took a dump.

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12. Not Cool

When I was in the seventh grade, I made an unwarranted and nasty comment about one of my closest friends in an effort to seem cool—that was a big mistake. She was sitting right there across the room, heard it, went red in the face, and looked like she was about to cry.

I wanted to die right then and there, and I would have deserved it. I begged for her forgiveness, which I didn’t deserve, but she nevertheless gave me.  It was not a good thing to do, and it still haunts me.

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13.  A Real Tear-Jerker

My grandpa retired early due to disability and watched me during the day all summer until I was 11–12 and could chill alone after school. He spoiled me rotten. He took me to amusement parks, brought me to toy stores, and all sorts of stuff. My parents told him to dial it back because I was being an entitled brat to them when I was six or seven.

After that happened, one day, I told my grandpa I wanted to go to the amusement park. He told me that my parents said no, but maybe we could go the following week or the week after. I got incredibly upset. Being the manipulative kid I was, I put on the waterworks. He just said he was sorry and that he didn't want to upset my parents.

So, I looked at him and said, "You just don't love me anymore, do you"? He got really sad after I said that and told me that he loved me very much, but we couldn't go. So I just kept going, saying, "Why don't you love me"? Every time I said it, he got more and more distraught. Then he started to cry.

I made my 56-year-old grandfather cry. He was the sweetest man I've ever known. The image of him crying while saying, "Please don't say things like that", is so deeply seared in my mind. I think it was one of the most important moments in my childhood's emotional development.

At the time, I couldn't process it immediately. I didn't even apologize, I just went to my room. He didn't even tell my parents what happened. My mom said that around that time, it seemed like I matured a decade. I was quiet, polite, and incredibly well-behaved. I treated my grandpa much nicer from that point forward.

I couldn't bring myself to apologize for it until I was in my late teens when he was losing his life to cancer, and I found out that he wasn't even blood-related to me. He was my mom’s stepdad. He didn't remember what I was talking about when I brought it up. He was one of the best people humanity could offer, and I owed so much of who I've become to him.

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14. Computer Fiend

I took a laptop from my old job. It was a brand new MacBook that they ordered one too many of and just sat in a closet for the three years I worked for this huge corporation. I was IT, so I knew how and had the ability to wipe it from all the records.

I feel kind of bad about it because it’s worth a lot, and it was against the law. But they really didn’t even know it existed, and I needed a computer. I chalked it up to all the unpaid overtime I worked to make myself feel better.

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15. Up Yours With A Rubber Hose

When I was young, some people in my neighborhood always complained to the other children and me about everything. We couldn't play football in the street, we made too much noise, or we couldn’t hide behind their car while playing hide and seek, etc.

One day, we had enough of it and took their garden hose and stuck it in the mail slot that was an opening in their door.  We turned it on and ran away. I don't even want to know how much water damage they had because of that.

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16. An Inside Job

Many years ago, I lived in Japan where English school is a big business. A good friend of mine had put years of work into developing his own curriculum. I was his head teacher and helped develop several original educational textbooks for kids.

He was ready to launch his school, but he needed financial backing because trying to incorporate in Japan as a foreigner is close to impossible. He found a local businessman to help finance the operation. My friend put down $50,000, and the local businessman put down $51,000, giving him a controlling share.

The local businessman basically pulled out at the last minute and took the $50,000 from my friend, and there was nothing my friend could do. This man then took his shady antics to the next level. He decided to open up the school entirely on his own, using the material I had designed, and cut my friend out.

This local businessman had never met me and didn’t know that I existed, so my friend suggested that I reply to his advertisement in the newspaper looking for a head teacher, and try to get hired so we could bring the school down from the inside. I did, and I was hired as the head teacher.

I was put in charge of setting up all the classrooms, getting all the supplementary books and all of the toys and games, setting up the class schedules, and even setting up all the computers and software needed to run the business. Literally everything. I spent three months preparing to launch the school, building the curriculum, printing flyers, talking to kids’ parents, and signing them up for classes—the whole nine yards.

But, two days before the school was set to open, I got my revenge. I threw all the computers into the garbage bin—which was collected the next day—and changed all the passwords for all the cloud services. I then threw out my cell phone and disappeared. Because this guy was sketchy, he had always wanted to pay me in cash, so he didn’t have my bank information, didn’t have my actual mailing address, and I gave him a fake one to start.

So, when I disappeared, he literally had no way to know who I was or how to find me. I found out through the grapevine later that my stunt wound up costing him several hundred thousand dollars, as he needed to pull cash from his other businesses to refinance this one and basically start from scratch.

He missed the beginning of the school year, and all of the parents he had contracted with were angry and canceled. He was never able to recoup them as clients. Basically, I cost him an entire year. I don’t regret it for a second because this guy took $50,000 from my friend and basically took advantage of some young entrepreneurs who were just trying to get their business started.

He got what he deserved, and I now have a backstory as a corporate saboteur.

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17. Party Souvenirs?

I was at a club, and I met a girl. She was super trashed by the time the bar closed, and everyone got tossed out. I've been accosted before, so I took the initiative to get her home safely. Luckily, she was staying somewhere close, as I found out by using her phone to text someone who knew her.

I got her back to her expensive hotel room, where her friend was. I declined to party with them and went home. I was also sloshed, and the next day I found her earrings and a couple of hundred dollars in my purse. I definitely took that stuff from her. She certainly wasn't the type to miss it, but it was still wrong.

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18. Hit The Stack

When I was in eighth grade, it was the last week of school, and we had to turn in our end-of-the-year history assignment. I was very lazy with school stuff but would also get grounded if I got bad grades. I had procrastinated so badly to the point there wasn’t really a way out of it.

One day in class, our teacher told us he had a stack of history projects that were turned in that didn’t have a name on them. A lightbulb went off in my head. I went over to the stack and found a project on Civil War-era weaponry like cannons and stuff. The funny thing was, it actually did have a name on it.

It was just written in pencil on black paper and hard to see. I erased the name, put my name on it, and turned it in. I never got caught.

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19. Inside Scoop

My sister was five years older than me and had always been a bigger girl. She was the golden child and got everything she wanted. I was quiet and kept to myself a lot. She was a terrible person. For example, she would take my panties and have her period in them, then give them back to me stained.

I would complain to my parents, but they would just brush me off, give her a slap on the wrist, and ignore it otherwise. She kept taking my stuff, breaking it on purpose, and stretching out my clothes. When I was 13, I had finally had enough, but I didn't really know what to do to get back at her.

She had this cat. She loved this cat so darn much and took really good care of it. One day, she was scooping the litter box, and I was asking her to give me my stuff back; she just ignored me like usual. I was so furious I was seeing red. I don't know if my bowels were in agreement or if the planets had aligned just right, but as soon as she left the room, I looked down at that box and thought to myself, "I'm going to make her clean my [poo]".

I proceeded to have the biggest little kid dump in that box. It was one of those ones that looked like a 300-lb biker named Jim laid it. It was obviously not cat poop. I was freaked out when I saw it. I thought I would do a little poo, pass it off as the cat, and get my giggles knowing she scooped it.

However, I refused to back down, and my sister was going to scoop it. I waited days for the shoe to finally drop, and nothing. She didn’t say a word. There was no terrified scream from the laundry room and no vet visit for a cat's ruptured rear. I guess she had just scooped it out.

She didn't stop terrorizing me until she moved out five years later. But every time she did, I would always remember she scooped that poop, and it made it a little more bearable.

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20. Match Day

My buddy and I were around eight years old, and we were being "watched" by a neighbor. We somehow got our hands on several boxes of matchbooks, so we started building "rockets" out of aluminum foil filled with match heads. When we didn't have enough to build any more "rockets", we each took the last few packs of matches and started flinging them at each other.

We would rip off the match head and then fire it off of the striker on the matchbook cover. We were chasing each other around the yard and got near another neighbor's house. That's when things took a deadly turn. They had one of those roll-up wooden reed sunscreens, the ones they now make out of plastic. A match got wedged between the reeds and started burning.

Before we knew it, the flame was growing and it wouldn't go out. Pretty soon, the screen was burning from the bottom up, and soon, the house was going to catch fire. We ran and got a garden hose and somehow managed to extinguish it with only half of the screen burned.

We went back inside the house where we were supposed to be and turned on the TV. Then, the fire department showed up. Being eight, we tried to deny it until they pointed out our wet pant legs and the ashes still on our shoes. We got out of it, and the neighbor did not press charges, but my dad paid for the repairs and reamed me good.

The fact that we could have burned somebody's house down sharpened my sense of what was right and wrong, and that my actions could have an impact on other people.

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21. No Regrets

I had an absolutely terrible roommate who also happened to be a total clean freak and a complete germaphobe type. When I moved out, I left an empty tube of scabies cream in the bathroom, knowing that she would flip her entire house over it. I almost feel bad about it, but not quite.

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22. I Took A Downhill Turn

Back in the late 80s, during my preteen years, I was out skiing. I was out of control coming down the slope. Instead of falling backward, I decided to plow headfirst into the ski line at the bottom of the hill. I sent this lady flying for what seemed like a mile.

She ended up breaking her leg as a result. Somehow, no one saw me coming down, so I played it off that I was hit, too. It was not my finest moment.

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23. The Old Switcheroo

When I was married, my ex-wife and I went to a bar with a friend couple. They were more her friends than mine. The wife of the couple made it clear she didn't like me and spent the evening taking as many digs at me as possible. As she got tipsier, the insults became more frequent and meaner.

My attempts to fire back were stopped by her husband and my ex-wife. I was expected to take it but not give it. She went to the restroom, and as she got off of her chair, the chair leg broke, and she face-planted. My ex-wife and the woman went to the restroom, and the husband went to find the manager.

I swapped chairs with the table next to ours and told the manager that her injury—a broken nose—wasn't due to a broken chair but because she was trashed and fell over.

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24. It Was A Scrooge Thing To Do

I served a woman an eviction notice on Christmas Eve. She had just gotten out of the hospital and was bedridden on her couch while her husband slept the few hours he had between his three jobs. She was really nice, too. It was the worst thing I've ever done. I quit that job shortly thereafter.

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25. Cheesed Off

I left a party after eating two boxes of mac and cheese. Walking home, a local university girl started chatting me up. She then invited me to a different party. We partied for five minutes before she took me to her room, and we went to pound town. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I saw my clothes and shoes all neatly folded up beside the bed by her.

I thought, "That's really cute. Maybe in the morning, we can go to breakfast, and I’ll ask if this is a one-nighter or if she wants to go on a real date". Suddenly, I noticed a really bad smell. It smelled like vomit, but it wasn’t me, and there was no vomit on the floor. I looked at the girl and saw the disgusting truth.

She was covered in puke. I realized the barf chunks were shaped like mac and cheese. I engaged stealth mode. I got my clothes on and snuck to the door. As I opened the door, I heard, "What the—". I ran faster than Usain Bolt.  Needless to say, we didn’t have breakfast.

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26. Watering The Plants

I flew to Morocco for vacation a couple of years ago. One day, due to acclimatization issues, while in the swimming pool, I realized that in the extremely near future, I was going to have explosive diarrhea. I ran to my hotel room and almost made it to my room, but not quite.

Since there was nobody on the hotel floor because it was lunchtime, and I knew from the depths of my heart that I wouldn’t make it to my room, I unleashed a load of my liquid chocolate thunder into a huge flower container that was on the floor. Some poor hotel maid was definitely forced to clean that out, and I couldn’t even tip her.

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27. Taken For A Ride

Back when I was driving cabs, I picked up a couple from Target who had just gotten their tax refund. They had like ten bags full of electronics and clothes—regular mad money stuff. I dropped them off and moved on with my day. They called me about 45 minutes later and said they had left a bag with a Wii U in it. I pulled over, and it was in the trunk.

However, I told them it wasn't there. My son's birthday was in two days, and we had basically nothing because the hot water heater had gone out, and we had to replace it. I gave it to my son, and to this day, he talks about that special birthday. It makes me feel like the biggest piece of garbage on earth.

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28.  Steps Away From Big Trouble

Years ago at the Jersey Shore, I decided to sit on the steps of a building after a night of drinking and casually smoke a joint while my friends were across at a pizza shop getting food. Seemed like no big deal but there was one big problem.

It turned out I was sitting there blazing away on the steps of the local law enforcement station. None of my friends said anything as they thought I would surely be taken in. Thank God it was very late and an exceptionally sleepy town. I walked away from that with no harm and no foul other than my friends were mad I’d had a puff without them.

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29. He Could Taste My Revenge

When I was in college, my roommate was a jerk and had no respect for anyone. One day, I’d had enough and took his toothbrush and rubbed my ball sack on it. For days, I couldn't stop laughing when he brushed his teeth, which would only make him even more angry.

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30. Caught In The Act

I was down at the shore celebrating my 21st birthday, so naturally, I was trashed the entire day. I went to some of the piers on the boardwalk to go on some rides. As I was waiting in line, I suddenly really had to pee. There were a few different piers. I was on the third one, but in my altered state, I thought I was on the second one.

I knew where the bathroom was for the second pier, so I made off in that direction. I ended up walking into the closed-down water park section of the pier and was panicking because I didn’t see a bathroom anywhere, and I couldn’t hold it anymore. So, I did what anyone in that condition would do and peed directly into the lazy river.

I felt bad while I was doing it, but also thought at least no one would see me doing this, as it was night. Just then, one of the sky trolleys came by up ahead. It went by exactly where I was standing, and people were looking at me mid-stream. I felt like Henry Hill looking up at the helicopter.

I finished up and ran back to my group and tried to act all casual. Luckily, I wasn’t caught, though I do feel bad for the people who decided to go to the water park the next day.

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31. A New Pad For Her iPad

When I was a junior in college, I lived in a house with some of my sorority sisters. One of them was dating my boyfriend’s roommate. The four of us were inseparable for about a year and a half. The other couple had a very volatile on-and-off relationship, and sometimes, it got physical.

One night, after we had all been to a party, my friend came to my door and said to me she had just been taken into custody. Then she told me a horrifying story. She told me was that her boyfriend was beating her up and choking her. She punched him in self-defense and gave him a black eye.

They were outside of his frat house, so I guess someone saw them and called the authorities. She didn’t have visible injuries, so they only cuffed her. In the coming months, I supported her a million percent. I went to every court date, spoke as a character witness, and cut off all of my friends in my boyfriend's fraternity because they sided with the guy.

My boyfriend lost a lot of friends, as did I. His frat brothers vandalized our house, and I helped her file reports with the college; it was a huge thing. The following semester, they got back together, and I was livid. After everything I did to support her, it felt like a smack in the face. She was very mad that I was mad and basically said she made up the incident to get him in trouble.

After all that I went through for her lies, I was crushed. All our sorority sisters took her side and said I was being unreasonable. From there, things only went downhill for me. I was depressed and missed a lot of classes. Then, she and my housemates got into some bad stuff while I was studying to become a teacher. I was very freaked out that what they were doing was going to permanently mess up my life.

I worked on getting new housing, but it took a while. One day, I was home alone and saw her, which she had won at a fundraising event at school. I don’t know what came over me, but I took it and sold it on eBay for $300. She never found out. I never told anyone, either. I just felt like, in some way, I was getting myself some justice for what had happened.

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32. Fallout Friend

When I was 18, my friend and I got into an argument with another car of teen girls who we felt cut us off. We followed them, and they ended up stopping at a hotel. We waited until they went inside and then keyed their car and carved into the hood. They remembered my friend's license plate and reported it to the authorities.

I totally let her take the fall for it since it was her car. Initially, I told her that I would help her pay the fine, but then I ghosted her. It was definitely the most messed up thing I've done. I never destroyed someone else's property again.

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33. Reformed Ruffian

When I was in first grade, I did something completely deplorable: harassed a kid with autism and used to take his lunch. He left the school after that year. I met him again in fourth grade while grocery shopping with my mom. He was there with his dad. He rejoiced to see me after three years. He hugged me and offered me chocolate.

I cried like a baby and refused it. I thanked him and told him I couldn't accept it for some personal reasons, and apologized for it. To this day, I regret my actions back then. I wish I had also apologized for being mean to him when I met him again in fourth grade. I haven't seen him since then.

I wasn’t mean again to anyone else in my life. I don’t know why I did what I did back in first grade. I never hit him, but I used to tease him in front of others and broke his water bottle three times. It still haunts me sometimes, but I hope he has forgiven me and moved past the hurt my actions had caused him back then.

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34. Diapers For The Demon Queen?

In middle school, I spread a rumor that the mean popular girl wore Pull-Ups. To my surprise, people believed it and didn't trace the rumor back to me. I was like, "That...that actually worked? They bought that?"

I figured at least the demon queen of middle school got dethroned, but I was honestly scared I had done something evil and got away with it, so I never did anything like that again. I didn't think it would actually work; I was just joking around.

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35. A Game Of Chicken

My 16-year-old job was at KFC. I was a math wiz in school and loved money. I used to leave the drawer "cracked open" so I could skim money. I had the WHOLE menu memorized to the penny, tax included. When I worked the drive-thru, if a customer ordered, I would tell them the total from memory, then make and deliver the order myself.

When they paid in cash, I didn’t ring in the order. Instead, I would take the $40 and "changed" it in the drawer, giving the customer their $8.50 in change, and put the $31.50 in my pocket, so the drawer was never short. When people were paying with credit cards, I would just say, "Oh gosh, I forgot to ring it up. One second".

This went on for probably nine months or so. I was making three to four times the amount skimming rather than actually working, which made it harder to stop. The only reason I got caught was when they did the annual audit. They were about 450 heads of chicken short from our store.

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36. From Foul Play To Home Run

I cheated on my wife a month after our third son was born. It sucks that I can’t take that back. Eighteen years later, and I still don’t feel like I can ask for forgiveness. I moved out, we went through therapy, and we talked about the whys and the what-to-do-nows. I was over at our house with the kids and was watching baseball on TV while we played, and my wife was on the couch.

That was the year Boston came back to beat the Yankees. My wife was never a "baseball on television" person, but she really followed the Sox that postseason. After the World Series was finished, I was over, working in the yard, and the kids were playing outside. She came out with a box for me. Inside the box was a Red Sox hat.

Inside the hat was a note from my wife that said, "I figure if Boston can come back and beat the odds, so can we. I love you". I still have that note in my wallet as a reminder that the thrill of the chase isn’t as thrilling as finishing the race with the person I started it with.

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37. Pulling High Jinks On The Help

I used to be a very mischievous kid. Once, when I was about seven or eight years old, I thought it would be a good idea to prank my grandma's caretaker. Unfortunately, it all went horribly wrong. I went into her room, cut up her t-shirts, and put shampoo into her toothpaste.

I still remember how she screamed that night when she went to wash her teeth. I feel pretty bad about it now since I made her cry, and she is still taking care of my grandma to this day. Not to mention that she's the sweetest human I've ever met.

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38. I Wanted To Eat My Words

My mom was struggling with her weight and went on a diet. I had an eating disorder from some of her comments when I was younger and I was a teenager. So, when she kept asking me for bites of my vegetarian-safe foods—she wasn’t a vegetarian—I told her, "No wonder you can’t lose weight".

I’ll never forget the look on her face. We had our issues, but I really, truly hurt her.

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39. I Finally Saw The Light

When I was 17 or 18, and in high school, I used to have a bad drinking problem. I made some dangerous decisions that not only could have resulted in hurting myself but others, as well. It’s no excuse, but I was going through some bad stuff at home and struggling with PTSD, so I was self-medicating.

One time, I was driving in a parking lot while tipsy and backed into another SUV, breaking the headlight, and I just drove away. I told my parents someone hit me in a parking lot, and I popped out the dent in my car with hot water, so you couldn’t even tell. I am 25 now and doing a lot better, but it still eats me alive.

I wish I could somehow repay that person for the trouble I caused, but I don’t know them. I never drove tipsy again after high school and won’t even get behind the wheel after a single drink now. It was horribly immature, irresponsible, and awful. I feel very guilty, as I should.

The Worst Thing I’ve Ever DonePexels

40. Ratted Out The Rotten Roomies

I had some terrible roommates when my kid was little. They were a younger couple, and they ate two weeks-worth of my child's food in one day. They left me scrambling to figure out what to do about it, as I was on food stamps at the time and had no way to buy more food.

They did that several times, even after I talked to them about it. Then, I got the cable bill and found out they rented $300 dollars worth of movies. They lied about it, totally denying it. So, I found another friend to stay with and moved all my stuff out really early one morning.

Then, I called the rental company and ratted them out for having two other unauthorized roommates, a dog they weren't allowed to have, and that they were smoking in the house. They texted me the next day asking if they could come to stay with me at my friend's because they got a three-day eviction notice. I said no, and I didn't feel bad for them.

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41. I Showed Off My Bad Side

When I was seven or eight years old, I had a friend who was poor. I wasn't rich or anything, but for some reason, I wanted to show off in front of her. So, we went to the store, bought lots of toys, then went to her house. That's when I made a mistake that still makes me cringe.

I commented on how small their house was. I went to school the next day, and she avoided me and glared at me. I didn't understand why she hated me for a while. Life went on, and I forgot about it. A couple of years later, I remembered it, and the realization hit me. To this day, I can’t believe I did that.

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42. Don’t Diss My Date

About ten years ago, I was recently divorced and began dating this girl who was very attractive but very shy. We went to a really nice restaurant, and she was wearing a very short dress that could have passed for lingerie. There was this snobby couple who was sitting at the bar a little way down from us, and they kept looking, laughing, rolling their eyes at how risqué her outfit was.

She wasn't born in the US, so her standard for what was appropriate was less conservative than in Texas. It was becoming more and more obnoxious, and I felt horrible for my date as she went out on a limb to wear something nice and was being ridiculed for it. The bar had these really tall chairs, and the couple was sitting a little too far away from it, leaning over quite a bit to eat their food.

As we were leaving, I walked by them, hooked my leg around the leg of the guy’s chair, and forcefully pulled it out from under him, causing him to hit his chin on the bar and fall to the ground. A small ruckus ensued, and I kneeled down to "see if he was OK". As I knelt down next to him, all I did was stare.

His wife was yelling, and the restaurant manager came over. I was a regular there, so I addressed him by name and said I must have bumped into the chair by accident. I walked out, paid the valet, and went home with her to have a much-needed after-dinner drink.

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43. My Words Came True

My great-aunt—my grandma’s sister—was a narcissist and the attention constantly had to be on her. If she felt like she wasn’t getting enough, she would call my nana and say she was injured/sick/thought she was dying, etc., so that my nana and mom would rush over there.

Once they were there, she would either be absolutely fine, berate them for their life choices or not being at her beck and call, etc., or deliberately take meds to make her pass out. When I was in my early teens, my family had planned a big weeklong vacation to the beach. We were pretty poor, so this was a huge deal to us, as we had a vacation maybe once every few years.

Two days before we left, my great-aunt found out that we were going, and wanted us to be around to wait on her, so she decided to pull the same nonsense. My nana went over, and I was SO mad because she had ruined a ton of other activities and things we had planned before, and I knew she was faking again.

Therefore, I said to my mom, "I swear to God, for her to ruin this trip, she’d better be dying this time". It turns out, that time, she did. I felt so bad and still cringe to this day.

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44. Sentimental Stuffy

A girlfriend had given me her childhood stuffed frog when we dated before college to take with me. When I went home for Christmas break, I found out that she had cheated on me in the interim. I was upset. She was remorseful and wanted to move past it, but I just couldn't, so we broke up.

After Christmas break, I went back to school and saw the stuffed frog on my pillow. I thought for a second, then did something totally heartless: I tore its head off. In the years since, my significant other and I bought a stuffed bear as a housewarming thing, and he's legit a part of the family. It's dumb, but I don't care. I think stuffed animals are really important to kids, which certainly carries into adulthood.

My significant other was sent her childhood stuffed puppy this past Christmas, and seeing her emotional reaction to it made me feel horrible for taking that future joy from my ex, regardless if she was a cheater or not. It may sound stupid, but I regret it.

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45. Partying With Some Poultry

When I was in university, some friends and I rented a van and went on a road trip. We were based in Washington, DC, and headed out to West Virginia for a weekend of camping, bonfires, brews, and bongs. On the way back, we passed a chicken on the side of the road.

Still a bit high from the night before, we caught the chicken and decided it would be fun to get the chicken high. We hot-boxed the car, and the chicken just sat there, clucking away every five to ten seconds. One of us had the brilliant idea to stop at KFC for some chicken wings, so we did. Chickens will eat anything, including KFC.

So, we fed KFC to a high chicken. When we got back to DC, we let the chicken go in the backyard of one of our friend’s townhouses. It hung out for a day or so before flying away.

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46. Locked Out

One time, when I was in college, one of my roommates sublet her room for the summer. One day, I was doing a large load of laundry, and I had to constantly go up and down the stairs of the apartment building. Whenever anyone did laundry or was just going to be out for a quick second, we would leave the door unlocked.

It was pretty clear that I was doing laundry and was seen by the sublet roommate multiple times. In one of my rounds coming back to the apartment, the door was locked. I knocked and rang the doorbell constantly with no answer, and my keys were in my room. In order to have the door unlocked when you were locked out, you had to pay somewhere around $50 to $100, depending on if you lost your room key or house key fob.

I had to go to the main office and tell them I got locked out of my apartment and needed the fob, so $100 was out the window. I unlocked my apartment, went to my room to get my keys, and returned the borrowed ones to the main office. I was annoyed that the sublet locked me out and cost me my food money for the month, so I went to her room.

I found it unlocked and looked for the closest item I could find to take. I grabbed her iPod and sold it to make up for the money I lost and a little extra. I never received an apology for the locked door, nor did I ever hear her mention anything about missing an iPod.

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47. Window Of Opportunity

My friend had mentioned to only me how his family would leave a window behind some bushes unlocked just in case they forgot their keys. When I was about 14–15, I broke into my friend's house one day to watch a lewd video he had downloaded. Then, I nutted and went back home.

I thought it was funny, so I confessed to him what I did around a group of friends, and we all just laughed about it. About a week or two later, my friend's Xbox went missing, and it turned out that someone in the group had broken in and taken it. Luckily, we had an idea of who it was and got it back. I still feel stupid about it to this day.

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48. At My Wit’s End

When I was in high school, my band went on a trip to Europe. One of my fellow band members was a girl who had a reputation for being something of a village bicycle. She usually rode the other of the two buses our band had chartered. A bunch of us were on the bus one day, being teenage girls and joking about this and that.

One girl said something about being easy, and I chimed in, "Ha, just ask Janie"! Everyone went quiet, and I realized something was horribly wrong—she was right behind me. I quickly changed my face into a teasing grin and looked right at her. Naturally, she was looking at me with a very offended expression. I then teased her more, trying to pass it off as a joke, and tried very hard to convince her.

Eventually, she said she believed me, but I had my doubts. I still feel very bad about it because she was an adoptee with self-worth issues. Even though we weren't close, we were nominally friends, and I really had nothing against her. I just wanted to make a witty retort that people would laugh at, and I ended up being a total jerk. Ever since then, I try to make sure I don't say anything about anyone I wouldn't say to their face.

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49. A Face I Will Never Forget

I intercepted a note a kid I used to bother in high school was trying to pass to a girl. He had a crush on her, and I sat next to her in English class. I then read it out loud to my friends in the class and the girl. The guy was in my same grade level, but he was your typical frail nerdy kid. The look he gave me was one of both pure hatred and helplessness.

He wasn't a dumb kid, and, honestly, I wasn't either. He knew he couldn't do anything to stop me, but I could tell with every fiber of his being he wanted to jump up and slug me, but he didn't. He just sat there until I was done, then he turned and faced the front of the class, trying to mentally block out the laughter.

I still remember looking up at him and seeing his face after I had finished reading the note. I regret a lot of stuff during my childhood. Some of it I did, and some of it was done to me, but I will take that look on that guy's face to the grave.

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50. I Made Him Lose His Mind

There was a manager at my first job who would harass the young women constantly. He was a walking caricature of a Victorian factory boss. He was also the brother of a very wealthy and powerful politician. So, to get back at him, I came up with a brilliant idea for revenge.

I moved his things, took stuff, and left it in random places where he'd find it. I also created a whole fake project that he talked about in an important executive meeting. The shareholders had no idea what on earth he was talking about. I changed the dates and times on his digital devices and changed the details in his work diary.

I basically gaslit him into thinking he was losing his mind, knowing full well his family had a brutal history of dementia. The thing is that while he was in that state, which lasted about seven months, he wasn't harassing the women and he was too shaken to be mean.

It got so bad he had a minor mental breakdown and retired completely. I don't regret what I did. He was a monster through and through, and the world was better off once he was locked up in McMansion.

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