These Words Of Kindness Changed Lives

November 7, 2023 | Violet Newbury

These Words Of Kindness Changed Lives

People often underestimate the power of words, especially kind ones. Paying someone a compliment can not only lift their spirits but sometimes can even change their life. These people share some of the most heartwarming compliments they received that stayed with them for a long time to come.  Time to pull out the tissues; some are real tear-jerkers. 

1. Easy Peasy

A friend once said something to me that changed my entire perspective: "Introducing you is a breeze! You have a knack for making people feel like you're their closest buddy." That statement, going strong for a decade now, still uplifts me when I'm feeling a little off.

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2. Short And Sassy 

In my early twenties, I decided to go out with a few of my close friends. Breaking away from my usual style, I put on a daring outfit that was somewhat overwhelming. It was a short, flared white skirt—I typically prefer pants—paired with a matching top that slightly revealed my midsection. I felt quite self-aware about it.

Before we even entered the bar, we came across two women we hadn't met before right outside. I specifically remember one of the women taking a second look at me and totally flipping out. She showered me with compliments, excitedly saying how stunning I looked and how fabulous my outfit was. 

It was clear she had a bit to drink, but that didn't lessen the impact of her words. She completely transformed my evening, turning my insecurities into self-confidence; I suddenly felt like the most radiant woman alive. Years later, I still think of her cheering words when I need a little confidence boost in the morning. It's wonderful to find women who genuinely appreciate other women.

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3. Giving Is As Good As Receiving

My buddy and I emerged from a pub, both of us slightly buzzed. There was this trio of girls, and I was totally awestruck by their beauty. I didn't hold back in sharing my admiration with them either. 

I snapped a group photo of them on their phone and had them declare, "I'm pretty!" in place of the usual "Cheese." The following day, our designated driver—my friend's boyfriend—filled me in on my antics, which I'd totally forgotten.

Contrarily, he wasn’t all that impressed by the girls' looks. But I reminded him it wasn’t his place to judge. Funny enough, a few months down the line, I bumped into one of those girls. It turns out she was pals with my sister-in-law. They had that memorable photograph I took, printed and framed.

To this day, those girls remember my spontaneous words as the most authentic and meaningful compliment they've ever received. And even though I was the one dishing out the praise, knowing that my simple comment made their night—and they still cherish it—puts a smile on my face.

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4. Feeling Like A Golden Gal

Once, when I was hanging out with my grandmother at the store, this adorable little girl popped up out of nowhere. With wide-eyed enthusiasm, she asked my grandma the cutest question ever: "Are you one of the Golden Girls?!?!" Then, almost instantly, her mom rushed over to pick her up, apologizing for the intrusion. 

My grandmother frequently brings up that event, she truly relishes the funny memory and it continues to bring sunshine to her days.


5. She Got Legs

I've always been on the taller side, normal looking, and rarely receive compliments. However, when I was in my 20s, I had an unforgettable encounter while cycling to work in Washington, DC. I spotted this tiny, elderly man on a corner who seemed taken aback by my size, yelling out with amazement, "Incredible long legs!"

Whether his comment was a compliment or simply surprise, I could not determine. Nowadays, whenever I struggle biking uphill or am feeling underwhelmed with my body, I remind myself, "Incredible long legs". It gives me that additional bit of motivation. In truth, they are extraordinarily long legs, and I'm truly thankful for them!

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6. The Little Mamacita Who Could

My younger sister and I rented a two-seater bike for a spin, and we ended up facing a daunting hill. She was smaller and tired, not contributing much to the effort. Frankly, I seriously doubt I could have tackled the hill even on my own with no extra weight. I was mentally prepared to dismount and haul the bike up the hill.

As we moved closer, I told her to pedal as fast as possible until our momentum faded, then I'd get off and walk the bike the remainder of the way up. That's when a couple appeared behind us. The woman, with the most toned legs I’ve ever seen, began shouting words of encouragement to me, "Go, little mama! Keep going, Mamacita!! You can do this, mama! Go on, lil’ mama, don’t stop!"

She didn't take a breather from cheering me on the entire uphill climb. She could’ve easily sped past us while I hauled this double bike up slowly and painfully. Somehow, her faith in me motivated me, and I didn't want to disappoint her. Against all odds, I reached the top of this giant hill, which I wouldn’t have dared to challenge otherwise. She then continued her ride and disappeared.

It's hard to count how many times I’ve faced difficult tasks and found strength in remembering that woman and her voice cheering, "You can do this, lil’ mama!" I wish I could track her down and express my gratitude. It was an ordinary encounter, and she's probably going on with her life, totally unaware of the profound effect she had on me.

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7. It’s A Dog’s Life

My buddy is an animal doctor. After staying with me and my pooch over the weekend, she told me, "I wish I could return as Rex in my next life." She said this because Rex seemed so joyous, extremely pampered, and deeply adored. This came from a lady whose life is all about animals. 

She noticed how good my bond with Rex was and felt it was top notch. Honestly, I'm not sure I can receive a bigger compliment than that.

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8. Image Reset

I'm in the process of learning medical imaging, currently carrying out my clinical studies in a hospital. Every snapshot I took was under the watchful eyes of certified technicians, ready to correct me if I slipped up. So, you could say, my images were always up to mark with the technicians.

But my confidence received a big blow when I showed my work to a teacher. Bear in mind, I had been in the course just for a few months and had only started dealing with REAL patients less than a fortnight ago. 

Her critique had me feeling down and I found myself overly critical the following day. Even slightly imperfect images magnified into massive blunders in my eyes, and I was extremely hard on myself.

After enduring my self-deprecation for the umpteenth time, one of my mentors intervened—and in a big way. They nudged me back on track, starting with "Did you use the correct technique?" I agreed I had. They went on, "Does your image capture the right anatomy?” I replied that it did. They eventually queried, “Have any of your images ever been returned by a doctor due to inadequacy?”  My answer was, "No".

Navigating my doubts, they pointed out, “Then your images are fine". You can't imagine how much I needed to hear that. Tears gushed out in relief. Since my course began, no one had given me a pat on the back, even though I’ve been pushing myself. 

It felt good to have someone recognize my efforts. Of course, duty called, and I had to compose myself quickly before heading to the pediatric ward. But I'll never forget my mentor's words, especially since I was feeling particularly vulnerable at the time.

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9. Grammy’s Reflection

Getting compared to my wonderful great grandma never fails to warm my heart. She was the embodiment of kindness, love, and empathy, yet managed to be tough as nails. The local mayor once even referred to her as a living angel. He'd tell me whenever he saw me, he felt as though he was seeing her spirit reflected in me.

With tears streaming down my face, I’d respond saying if I could be even a fraction as wonderful as she was, I'd consider myself successful. He'd reassure me, saying she'd be beaming with pride looking at the woman I'd become, the mother I was, and the person I'd transformed into. I shared a very special bond with my great-grandma.

She moved on to her heavenly abode during my high school years. She had been not just a grandmother to me but also my best friend, my biggest fan, and my pillar of strength. Hearing such praise for her always hits me hard. When she passed away, the funeral house had to create an arrangement outdoors because it was overflowing with people on the inside.

People not just filled the room but also the yard and parking lot—standing everywhere. The love, kindness, and compassion she spread during her lifetime had touched so many hearts. That sight was truly incredible, as I hadn't quite grasped the depth of her affection until that point. In my eyes, she was my adorable granny, whom I loved dearly.

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10. A Survivor’s Skilled Advice

When I was 18, I was hired by a veteran from the Vietnam war to install hardwood floors. This tough old man had quite the history—he had made it through a mortar explosion. I spent a year and a half working and living with this man. 

When I decided to quit and head back to Florida, he had some blunt but honest words to share with me. “You may not be the most intelligent or the most powerful," he said, "but you've got guts, kid. That's going to take you places."

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11.  Lost In A Sea Of Sisters

I was shopping and noticed a woman surrounded by four endearing little ones—a boy around five years old and triplet girls that couldn't be more than a year or two old. They were identical and utterly charming. It's not an everyday sight, so people kept remarking on their cuteness and how full her hands must be, managing all those little girls!

As I strolled past them, I decided to give the boy some attention. I complimented him on his cool shirt and his eyes immediately sparkled with joy. It was clear that he cared deeply for his sisters, but he probably hadn't received a compliment exclusively about him in a while. 

His mom caught my eye, her expression filled with gratitude. She silently mouthed "Thank you" in return and planted a sweet kiss on his head.

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12. My Vegas Angels

I once visited Vegas and bought this beautiful dress that made me feel like a divine Grecian deity. It was a little low-cut given that I'm quite well-endowed and typically dress more modestly at home. I felt a tinge of anxiety as we headed to dinner; everywhere I looked, there seemed to be disapproving stares—mostly from older women.

As I was in the midst of telling my husband that maybe I should change, I was unexpectedly interrupted. Two stunningly beautiful women started SHOUTING, "Yes, girl! That's right! This is how we do it in Vegas!" 

They approached and embraced me—my nerves quickly faded. I confessed to them that I felt I was offending people with my attire. They responded emphatically, "Great! Let them be upset!"

Their words gave me a confidence boost that made me shine brighter than any fireworks show on the Fourth of July. What happened that night not only added to my self-confidence, but also inspired me to always compliment people, particularly other women. 

I consider these ladies as my Vegas angels. Their influence still lingers in my mind, and I'm forever grateful for that encounter.

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13. A Genuine Charmer

One day, after a long day at work and still in my sweaty gym outfit, I found myself sitting on a train. I was positioned right by the door with a clear view of the seats reserved for people with pushchairs. 

Among them was an adorable little boy, probably no older than three or four years old, with striking blue eyes and white hair, a classic Scandinavian look. As our eyes met, I gave him a friendly smile which made him giggle delightedly.

Soon, it was time for me to get off at my stop. As I stood up, I saw the boy again, this time with what seemed to be his grandmother. Just then, I heard him say, "When I grow up, I want to marry someone as pretty as her". I glanced back, locking eyes with the woman accompanying him. 

She let out a laugh, her face lighting up with a smile as she responded to him. As I turned away, my eyes welled up. That innocent and heartfelt statement was the most sincere compliment I'd ever received.


14. Showing Off One’s Potential

A few years back, I completed my M.Phil. During this time, my supervisor guided me in creating a project. Although it was pretty extensive, we managed to shape it into something meaningful. 

With his encouragement, I applied for and was granted funds to develop my project further, ensuring it was suitable for publication. Additionally, he involved me in five other research initiatives, offering me the chance to contribute as an author.

The experience was certainly demanding—many days lasted 18 hours and often I found myself catching a two-hour nap in my office as I waited for an experiment to conclude at some ungodly hour.

Because I had a 2.2 degree, I was worried about getting into a Ph.D. program. Aware of this, my supervisor assigned me a project that would typically be tackled by a Ph.D. student over three years, although the M.Phil program only lasted one year. He believed in my capabilities and wanted others to recognize my potential as well.

Before, I had struggled with education, often hearing from others that I might be better off pursuing a career as a builder. However, having someone genuinely put faith in me almost overwhelmed me. It was indeed a turning point in my life.


15. A Sign Of Things To Come

When I was in high school, I was part of the chamber choir. We held a concert where we collaborated with a local choir. We all performed our individual pieces, then at the very end, we came together to perform a joint piece. I actually had a solo in that song. 

After the concert, a man from the other choir who was an incredible bass singer approached me. He had a pen and a show program in his hands and asked for my autograph. He explained that he enjoys collecting autographs from people before they hit it big.

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16. Her Comment Left Me On The Floor

Roughly six years back, at our office Christmas celebration, the slightly tipsy wife of a past colleague approached me. I did not expect what she said to me: "You're a dead ringer for Jennifer Lopez!" To give you an idea, I am all of 5'2", have skin as white as a ghost, am sans a curvy backside, and at that point in time, I was significantly overweight. 

I chuckled and responded, "Thanks, but I really don't see that," which only prompted her to insist even more.

Interestingly, this strange encounter boosted my confidence for the rest of that evening, and to some extent, for my entire life moving forward. When I'm having a tough day or feeling less than great about myself, I recall that moment and smile. After all, to a slightly inebriated woman, I was her Jennifer Lopez.

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17. A Perilous Party Turned Into Praise

My husband and I took our two-year-old son to my husband's best friend’s birthday party, held at his mom's home. This home was practically a warehouse of objects that could easily harm my little boy. Despite this, we acted as a great team, guarding him well. I was pretty impressed, especially considering my husband was the only one present who was under 25.

A couple of weeks later, a note arrived for me in the post. It complimented our parenting skills. Apparently, the way my husband and I partnered up was strange, given the standard of husbands during her time, but she seemed to think we were extraordinary parents. This note left a lasting impression.

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18. Touching Words From A Soon-To-Be Ex

My soon-to-be ex-wife, who I am in the process of divorcing, shared these words with me during our brief attempt to reconcile. They hit me so powerfully, I feel confident I'll remember them for the rest of my life. She said to me: "Transformation is always a hard job, and that's a part of you I've always appreciated.

"You seem to just be naturally yourself, and you always have been. Doing the necessary work just seems inbuilt in you because you can't imagine doing anything differently. If there have been pauses or side routes, I didn't notice them. 

There are so many reasons why you're valuable, with your determination and empathy standing out among them. And I don't love you for your accomplishments. I love you for experiencing the journey with you".

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19. She Liked Me, She Really Liked Me

Earlier in my work journey, I held a behind-the-scenes role in the broadcasting industry. Part of this experience involved working under a supervisor who was remarkably skillful but extremely anxious, and who was often not easy to satisfy. This supervisor, now retired, ventured into consulting and reviewing as one of her post-retirement pursuits.

Despite the vast expanse of the professional world, it's interesting how it can also feel small. Much to my surprise, my present employer brought her onboard to share her expertise and insights via a workshop dedicated to reviewing our work methods. And it was during one of these workshop sessions that someone asked a question about my specific field of work.

In response, she stopped, pointed me out, and stated, "I see no issues. You have a globally competitive talent right here." Her validating comment nearly moved me to tears.

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20. Doing The Opposite Of Dad

While exiting a restaurant, an older group dining nearby decided to approach me. They had overheard my conversation with my children and commended me on my parenting skills. 

At that time, my kids were still little and maintaining composure was challenging. I confessed to them that I was brought up without a positive father figure, so I was pretty clueless about how to guide my kids.

Still, I found a genius method that worked—I would first imagine what my own father would do in that situation, and then intentionally do the exact opposite. They encouraged me to continue this approach, even expressing a wish that they had a father like me. 

It turned out, they were all siblings. Grateful for their words, I managed to hold back tears as I thanked them and continued on my way out.

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21. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Back in 2016, I decided to go for a dramatic change and shaved all my hair off. From there, I began the journey of growing it back, going through various stages from nearly bald, to sporting a pixie cut, rocking a 70's style mullet, and finally, a long bob style.

During the time it took me to grow my hair out, I was at college, studying until 2018. Throughout this period, there was this one girl in the same class as me who I'd always be seated across, though we never really talked.

But on the last day of college, something surprising happened. She approached me and said, "Watching your hair evolve over the years has been fascinating." I couldn't tell you why, but that comment really stuck with me. It felt good that a stranger actually liked my whirlwind hair journey.


22. Having Some Heart Helped My Case

I goofed up once when I bought an ounce in small bags and got busted. The police ended up detaining me for possession and selling. When my lawyer was running late, I decided to make peace with the officers by buying them some coffee and donuts. We ended up chatting about hockey. Eventually, after a few hours, my lawyer made it.

He urged me to confess, but just before the trial was about to kick off, the officers had a discreet conversation with my lawyer. We then walked into the courtroom, they had their attorney discussion, and the officers requested the judge to dismiss my case. They attested that I was a good person and it wouldn't be fair to mark me with a conviction. Hence, all the charges were dropped against me.

From that moment on, I have always tried to lead my life with kindness and do my best to uphold that standard. After all, love is more powerful and rewarding than hate.

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23. His Kind Words Knocked Me Out

When I was about 15 years old, I had a job cleaning an MMA gym. While others were goofing off and not doing their work, I was responsibly keeping things clean. Amidst this, a guy who frequented the gym for training walked in while I was busy mopping. He said to me, "Listen, buddy, I just wanted to say that you're doing a great job. If no one's told you recently, I want you to know that I am really proud of you."

I grew up without a father figure and my home situation was far from perfect. So, his words meant a lot to me, they really struck a chord. Since that day, I've taken great pride in every task I've undertaken. Even when nobody acknowledges my efforts, it doesn't matter. I do it for myself, to feel a sense of self-pride.

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24. An Old-Timer’s Tip

At my grandpa's gathering after his funeral, I was catching up with two of my female friends, right by the driveway. Then, an elderly man approached and enquired, "Was it you who gave the eulogy?" I responded, "Yes, that was me". He then turned to one of my friends, the most attractive one, and inquired, "Are you his spouse?"

She chuckled, "No, we’re just buddies". It was sort of awkward because we did have a past together. His next move made me laugh—the man warmly took my friend's hand between his own and stated, "Now, heed my advice. Once today's events are over, head over to this young man's parents' home, park yourself on their sofa, and announce that you've officially joined the family and aren’t planning on leaving!"

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25. A Wheeling Tribute

I've always been a big car enthusiast, especially when it comes to high-speed racing on racetracks. Around the age of 20, I had my first experience of driving my own car on a track day. At lunchtime, all the participants huddled together in a garage for a meal and a meeting.

The lead trainer took the chance to address everyone from a mini stage, standing before a podium. He shared updates about how the day was progressing, gave tips we should pay attention to, reminders to hydrate, and a few other things.

When the instructor was about to wrap up his chat, he asked, "By the way, whose black car is parked outside?"

Instantly, I thought, "Oops, what have I done wrong? Is he going to call me out in front of everyone here?" Fearfully, I stood up and admitted that it was my car.

Next, he tossed a comment my way that I'll remember as long as I live.

"You driving your car," he said, "is like watching a beautiful ballet performance." The crowd whirled around to clap and cheer for me. I was completely taken aback. Hearing such a compliment from a professional about something I'd always been passionate about was an unforgettable moment—one that meant the world to me then and continues to mean as much now.

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26.  Like Daughter, Like Mother

A few years back when I was still attending university, mum went to GNC for a bit of shopping. An unusual conversation happened when the cashier was checking her out. She looked at my mum and said, "This may sound odd, but I have to ask. 

You have a striking resemblance with this girl I know. Is there a chance that you could be [C]'s mother?" Now, people have often mentioned the uncanny resemblance between my mother and me, but a stranger picking up on that was completely left-field.

When mum returned home, she shared an interesting detail about this encounter. She mentioned, "For a random person to recognize that I am your mum is the biggest compliment I've ever gotten". It wasn't lauds about her intelligence, beauty, kindness, or humor that touched her. 

Rather, it was just the fact that someone could identify her as my mum. This unusual compliment left a lasting impression on me, highlighting how, for my mom, being recognized as my mother was the ultimate compliment.

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27. You Are My Sunshine

At this year's Pride event, a lady gifted me a vibrant yellow, elastic bead bracelet. Yellow, being my most loved color, made me absolutely ecstatic. I poured out my joy and thanked her for the yellow gift. 

She then explained that she picked out the yellow one for me because I reminded her of sunshine. I wasn't wearing anything yellow that day, so she was definitely referring to my personality. I've never been so touched by a compliment before.

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28. The Kindness Of Strangers

A while back, when I was managing a Quality Assurance team, we were on the lookout for a new team member. One candidate came in for an interview that went exceptionally well. We discussed topics like technology, the job description, and our philosophy on quality. 

We also engaged in casual talks to gauge if he would blend with our team. He seemed like a great fit and, in my mind, he was the one. The only complicated bit was when he asked about taking long breaks.

He clarified, saying he frequently visits Niger, his homeland, two or three times a year, each time for a month to lend a helping hand. I honestly didn't mind, but I also didn't want to make promises I wasn't sure I could keep. 

I informed him that it wasn't entirely my decision; I'd need to discuss his situation with the director. Our conversation ended amicably with a handshake, and he departed after I promised to get back to him.

Something remarkable happened about ten minutes later. He returned just to tell me, "You are a very kind man, and I thank you." These words from a complete stranger made my day and left an unforgettable impression. 

Of course, I never considered myself mean—well, not to most! But that heartfelt compliment from him meant a lot to me and remains etched in my memory.

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29. Sharing Good Vibes Saved This Soul

I was living in a military barracks and unexpectedly, they made me switch rooms. My new roommate seemed pretty cool, and we quickly became friends. Being a naturally uplifting and friendly guy, I included him in all the things I'd do, even if it was just leaving the base to get a burrito.

Fast forward a few years, we met up again and he revealed something to me that shook me to my core. Just before I moved into our shared room, he was on the brink of ending his own life. He admitted that my entry into his life, coupled with my positive demeanor in spite of my own struggles, caused him to reconsider and choose life instead.

He expressed his gratitude for unknowingly saving his life. To be honest, I would not have known unless he mentioned it, but it impacted me deeply to know I had been such a positive force in his life.

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30. Having The Energy To Listen

My hairdresser, a few years back, shared with me that my nonjudgmental aura is calming for others. This revelation was sparked after she offloaded her uncertainty about her future spouse onto me. 

I had received similar compliments from loved ones in the past, yet never saw myself as particularly non-judgmental. However, hearing it from someone outside my close-knit group made it seem more believable.

Last summer, an older Uber driver also gave me a similar compliment. After recognizing him from a previous ride, he felt comfortable opening up to me about his fresh cancer diagnosis. From time to time, folks just need someone to lend an ear, and if my "vibe" helps facilitate that, then that's a positive thing in my eyes.

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31. Out Of Touch With What Our Friendship Meant

My buddy and I drifted apart for no particular reason. Despite his consistent efforts over ten years to phone and email, I failed to respond. I received an invitation to his wedding but due to unforeseen circumstances, I missed the event. 

He reached out, but for some inexplicable reason, I didn't. It was subsequent to a long span of time, I then decided to reconnect and gave him a call at his workplace as I hadn't heard from him in a while.

His automated voice message indicated he was on an unlimited break. I wasn't sure what that implied. A month later when I tried calling him again, the result was the same. Eventually, I got the tragic news that he had succumbed to a tough battle with brain cancer. How foolish I was as a friend.

During his funereal ceremony, I greeted his parents and siblings who I was acquainted with. After expressing my sympathies, I moved towards his wife and young children, whom I hadn't met before. As I was about to introduce myself, his wife warmly recognized me by my name, as she had seen me in photographs her husband had shown her.

She mentioned he often spoke fondly of me. My heart ached upon hearing this. He was such a wonderful person. Now, I strive to never lose contact with any friends or acquaintances.

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32. Distracted By Ol’ Blue Eyes

I was out and about in the heart of my town when an older couple from Britain approached me, looking for directions. As I began guiding them, I noticed that the man seemed genuinely interested and attentive. The woman, however, had an odd expression on her face that gave me the impression she might be irritated.

My thought was, “Why are you annoyed, madam, when you were the one who asked for my help?" But something unexpected happened after I finished giving them directions. The woman gently stepped closer to me and totally surprised me: “You have the most beautiful eyes!”  she said.

It seems she'd been deeply studying my eyes, who knows why. But it was a reminder to be slower in interpreting other people's non-verbal cues. They might simply be finding something lovely about you.

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33. Worthy Of Love

In university, honestly, I wasn't the best version of myself, and coupled with that, I always felt quite alone and pretty down in the dumps. During one such lonely spell, I felt inspired to jot down on a sticky note a wish I had—'One day, I hope I mean something to someone'. I kept that note hidden in my wallet for the longest time.

While in college, my romantic life didn't sail smoothly, but oddly a year after graduation, things changed. It was then that I began seeing a girl. I had moved back in with my folks and was working my first proper job, all while trying to pay off my student loans. We'd often head out on road trips and explore local state parks together.

One time, we decided to venture to Lake of the Pines in East Texas. We planned to paddle across the lake to an island on a sizable inflatable raft. However, midway, our raft tore and we found ourselves being rescued by passing boaters. As we were packing our belongings, soggy but safe, she discovered the old wish note in my wallet and she kept it.

Then, a few days after, she passed me a note of her own. It read, "You mean the world to me." That girl became my wife. Now, eight years of being happily married and two beautiful kids later, that note she gave me still occupies a special place in my wallet.

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34. Good Job!

I once took up a job that was about 600 km north of where I live. The schedule was pretty tough—28 consecutive days of work, then just seven days off, all while putting in 10-hour workdays. 

After three months of working under these conditions, the project's mechanical engineer—the guy in charge—approached me. He shared that, in his opinion, I was the best person he had ever worked alongside. I was totally taken aback by his words.

Could it be that I'm a great tradesman and just didn't realize it? I love my work, that's for sure, but I never saw myself as being exceptional. There are so many skilled colleagues I work with every day. Who knows? Maybe he was just in a really good mood that day and I happened to be nearby.

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35. No More Half-Handed Thoughts

Ever since I was born, my hands have always been extremely wrinkly. It's like they're aged beyond their years or as if I've been continuously soaking them in water. Growing up, I felt self-conscious about them and used to hide them from others.

One day, I attended a clay sculpting workshop. After a while, I was washing my hands in the sink and the instructor noticed them. Her eyes widened in surprise and she said, "Incredible, your hands are so adept. That must be why you're so good at sculpting." From that day onwards, I started seeing my hands in a new light and my insecurity disappeared.

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36. Learning To Love Oneself

I've faced a lot of struggles in my life, especially individuals taking me for granted. This has been an ongoing issue. There was this guy I really liked, and we were in a friends-with-benefits situation for some time. I shared my feelings with him, prompting a serious chat where he wanted to end things. At that moment, I felt I might have done something wrong.

He clarified that he didn't want to be like others in the past who misused my trust. Considering my affection for him, he didn't want me to bear the pain of a relationship knowing he didn't share the same sentiments. He stressed, "I don't want to act like those insensitive people you've dealt with. I want you to discover self-love."

"I won't put you in a situation where you're still suffering. You're not at fault here; I did enjoy all the moments we shared. This decision is for me, and it's important to me that you don't blame yourself for expressing and being human. You're an amazing person and it's high time you treat yourself as such."

We've maintained our friendship over time, and he's become one of my greatest advocates. He's always upfront and honest but he genuinely cares about my well-being, and that holds a special place in my heart.

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37. She’s Got The Look

When I was in sixth grade, I didn't consider myself particularly popular or attractive. One day, our science class finished our assignment ahead of schedule, and as we had some extra time, our teacher decided to strike up a conversation with us about possible future careers. This led to a classmate bringing up the world of modeling, frankly seeking to garner some flattering comments.

Our science teacher unexpectedly said, "I see a potential model among you, but it might not be who you're thinking". This prompted eager shouts of "Who? Tell us!". To my surprise, she mentioned my name, complimenting my uniquely beautiful porcelain complexion and luscious long, thick, curling locks, which she opined might be favored by the modeling industry.

Instantly, the class reacted with a collective "Eww," as soon as my name sprang from her lips. However, that moment marked a significant shift in how I perceived myself; for the first time, I felt genuinely beautiful in a way I had never felt before and haven't felt since. This compassionate, unexpected compliment has continued to warm my heart and will forever be cherished. I'm profoundly grateful for it.

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38. Husband Material

During my late teens, around 18 to 20, I was the sole male working part-time in a hospital file room while attending school. I worked alongside women mostly in their 30s and 40s. My boss, Gloria, was a woman who took some time off for maternity leave. 

One day, she paid us a visit and brought her newborn daughter with her. When she presented me to her baby, she said, "And here we have Paul. I hope when you're grown, you'll marry someone just like him". That was three and a half decades ago, but this memory still touches me.

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39. Color Fades, Her Compliment Didn’t

My hair, once a bold red that has gradually dimmed with age, is something I've always been somewhat prideful about. I've always missed the vibrant hue it once had, mostly because of the numerous praises it used to fetch me. However, a chance encounter while leaving a grocery store changed my perspective.

There was this cute little girl, likely not over five years old, accompanied by her mother. Her eyes widened as she looked at me, breaking into an incredible, heartwarming smile. With pure excitement, she exclaimed, "I love your brown hair. It's really pretty".

Her zealous compliment, despite her mistaking my faded red hair as brown, struck me deeply. Her joyous expression while appreciating my hair is something I'll never be able to forget. That innocent interaction made me accept the faded state of my hair and appreciate it through a fresh pair of eyes. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with this wonderful little girl.

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40. A Designer’s Declaration Did It

I'm known as the funny, full-figured friend. Once, my friend, a model, and I decided to go shopping for dresses in Georgetown, DC. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of shopping; it often leaves me feeling rather down on myself. Nonetheless, we wandered into this adorable boutique, where a fantastic employee picked an amazing, yet slightly expensive, dress for me.

She urged me to try it on and then asked about my budget. When I told her, she caught me off-guard with her next move—she reduced the price just like that. She insisted I should get it, saying it highlighted my "beautiful green eyes". I thanked her, touched by the experience—the best I've ever had shopping. After leaving the store, my friend enquired if I recognized the woman who had helped us.

Of course, I had no clue. She revealed, "That was THE Betsey Johnson, the actual designer of your dress". I was honestly taken aback by her generosity displayed toward the "ordinary, curvy girl". It meant everything to me and each time I wore that dress I walked a little lighter.

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41. Measuring Up With The Best Of Them

During my final undergraduate year, I had the daunting task of attending two masters-level classes that were entirely based on discussions. I'm typically quite anxious, especially around individuals I view as being superior to me, for example, postgraduate students and our professor. Speaking to my professor during her office hours about our final assignment was a huge challenge for me.

As we engaged in dialogue around ideas, she created a conducive atmosphere that calmed my nerves, and astonishingly, she proclaimed one of my ideas as "mind-blowing". Here was a seasoned professor, who had taught this course for over a decade, applauding my unique idea as a first in her teaching history. 

I was so overwhelmed with self-pride after the encounter that I couldn't help shedding tears of joy in my car. From then on, I found my voice, albeit softly, in class discussions.

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42. Backcountry Stud

Two lively senior chaps in a pickup were on the brink of getting terribly disoriented in the wilderness when they chanced upon me, riding my mountain bike down the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico. 

I pointed them in the right direction. They quizzed me about my purpose in the woods and if I was on my own, which I indeed was. Both were utterly astonished to learn about my solitary mission, with one of them exclaiming, "You are a CHAMP, buddy!"

As someone who hadn't been particularly sporty in my younger years and had put in considerable effort training for this journey, this compliment was heartwarming. Weathered old fellows seldom dole out such praise, especially to other guys.


43.  Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery

In Italy, it's pretty usual for children aged 6-13 to attend a summer camp. This is a place where teenagers and young adults guide them through various arts and sports activities. In their spare time, they all play together. 

On the final day, there's a massive celebration where the kids perform different acts—like dancing, acting, singing—to showcase what they've learned to their parents. Points are awarded, and eventually, one team comes out as the winner. Every participant receives different prizes.

When I was 15, I found myself leading the blue team. Among my team was this extraordinary six or seven-year-old girl. She was such a bundle of joy that I often found myself spending time and playing with her. On the grand finale day, our team performed exceptionally well and came out victorious.

She approached me later during the kids' after-party with a gift. She instructed me to open it only when I got home. The gift turned out to be a handmade thank you card with an attached bracelet. The card said, "Thank you for playing with me". I was over the moon; it became a memory that brightened not just my day but also my week and month.

Fast-forward seven years, my mom bumped into her mom—an old friend. She asked about me, my adventures at university, among other things, as people usually do. My mom asked about her daughter in return. The girl, now grown up, declared her ambition to become one of those teenagers at the same summer camp, inspired by me.

She valued the companionship, the attention, the lessons she received from me. I was like the big brother she never had. Now, she wanted to pay it forward and replicate the same experience for the new kids at the camp. To say I was taken aback would be an understatement. I was lost for words, and it's something I still find hard to believe.

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44. A Show Of Strength

"You are the strongest person I know”. I received that compliment anonymously in an envelope with my name on it that was placed on my desk. It changed my life, especially considering my unique circumstances—I have a very painful condition that has severely impacted the quality of my life. 

It's a one step forward, 37 steps back kind of thing, but I keep trying to move forward. I had just spent four months using walking aids after the side effects of my condition deteriorated some bones in my foot. I’m not ashamed to say I ugly cried in my office.Bored Office worker sitting at a desk in the office not having something to dovoronaman, Shutterstock

45. Looks May Be Deceiving

In December, we held a weekly mini Secret Santa event in our class. The girl who was my Secret Santa seemed to see that I wasn't exactly Mr. Popular; I guess you could say my default face scared people away. But she left me a Post-it note that read, "Behind your tough exterior, I see a golden heart". 

It made me really happy. Looking back, she was consistently kind to me, even though we rarely spoke to each other. It ranks as one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received.

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46. My Esteem Rose A Leg Or Two

Two decades ago, I'd just wrapped up an informal soccer match on the school grounds and was heading to my car. There was this absolutely captivating, seemingly in her mid-thirties, lady who needed help finding her way. 

I tried explaining the route to her, but it was a bit complex. Since her direction was on my path, I decided to accompany her for a part of her journey.

The brief five-minute walk we shared was filled with warm, pleasant conversations before we went our separate ways.

After expressing her gratitude heartily, she was about to leave when she spun around to face me again. Bathed in the gentle glow of the evening sun, she looked at me with an intense gaze and softly said, "Nice legs". Then, she departed, not looking back.

At that time, I was a 19-year-old with a lot of self-doubts and had seldom been complimented on my looks. My legs, to me, were just hairy pillars supporting my upper body.

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47. His Eyes Said It All

During a live-streamed, 48-hour short film competition, I found myself helping various teams resolve last-minute glitches. Out of nowhere, a guy I hadn't crossed paths with approached me, already knowing my name. Turns out, another teammate, a person I had previously assisted, had pointed me out. "He's the guy with the beard and kind eyes," he had said.

Hearing that description warmed my heart. The fact that he could find me in a packed auditorium, on his first attempt, no less, was pretty impressive. Though who knows, I could've been the only bearded guy in the work crew.

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48. Unfound Humanity In Hospitality

My job was at a luxury hotel where we often had to bend over backwards to make the guests happy. One day, while waiting for the elevator, I held the door open for a guest, ready to let him exit first. I never thought he would make my day.

But he said, "No, you go ahead, youngster. I'm also working hard for my living, just like you." After spending my day dealing with demanding customers, his words meant the world to me. That changed my entire life—after hearing his kind words, I never took my hard work for granted again.

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49. Accolades In The Aisles

I remember this one time when a guy trailed me around a supermarket. Here I was, fresh out of the gym in my sweat-soaked outfit and a bare face. Then, he bravely approached me. "I have to tell you," he said, "you're the most stunning woman I've ever laid eyes on". His words left me surprised but pleasantly so.

Now, the interesting twist? This guy was a handsome thirty-something, and I just celebrated my 50th birthday. I thanked him, letting him know his words made my day. Fast forward to me being 60, that encounter was the final compliment I received from a man. It warms my heart to recall it. These days, this scenario might seem creepy, but back in the day, it was seen differently.

Cringey MemoriesFreepik, tonodiaz

50. Clone Him, Please!

At my company, I single-handedly managed the development of our technical sales team. During a client meeting, my boss, who is the global sales manager, introduced me. His words took me by surprise.

He pointed out some of the key achievements I've made, and then said to the client, "Just think about the possibilities if we had the resources to bring on board five more team members with his skills."

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