When Nice People Finally Snap

October 26, 2023 | Luke Miles

When Nice People Finally Snap

There’s only so much a person can take before they lose their cool. Even the nicest people have their limits, and these Redditors learned that in real-time. They all knew kind folks who finally put their foot down and showed others that they were not to be trifled with. The results were both mind-blowing and terrifying.

1. Asked To Do The Impossible

So, there was this lady I worked with, Mary. Always happy, always greeting everybody in the cafeteria, and just generally liked. She'd been doing finance stuff for special jobs for 15 years and wanted to retire soon. Our boss started trying to get her to finish our yearly budget report quicker, but that thing was massive. Mary said she'd have it done in a couple of weeks, like she usually did.

But the boss insisted it was needed within a week for upper management. Mary said no way. That's when the boss made a HUGE mistake. He sent this email to Mary, along with others in our team and some assistant managers, basically calling Mary out for being lazy and making us look bad. Mary didn't stand for it, saying it was impossible to do the job any faster, and she didn't like being made a scapegoat.

So she decided to retire right then and there, leaving the boss with no one to do the report. She was the only one who could handle the budget report well—so our department was in deep trouble. Good on her, though.

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2. No Appreciation For The Favorite Teacher

Back in fifth grade, I lucked out with getting the most loved teacher in the school. But my class? Man, we were rowdy. One day before PE, she set us an assignment and wouldn't let anyone leave until they finished. The slowpoke that I was, I ended up being one of the last kids in the room. And then there was this total pest of a kid, the worst of the lot.

My teacher snapped. She covered her ears, yelled, "ENOUGH! QUIET! NOW! SHUT! THE! F! UP!" Then she stormed out, still yelling, leaving us all wide-eyed with shock. Some kids snuck off to PE while I stayed to finish the assignment.

Just minutes later, our principal walked in. She sent us remaining kids to PE, but kept Mr. Annoying back. After that, he got moved to a different fifth grade class. My teacher came back and everything went back to normal. The rest of the year went off without a hitch and she worked super hard to be amazing. But I can't deny, that day left its mark on me.

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3. Bitter Music

Once we had a music teacher who lost it. Kids joined her music class to skip other lessons, and she was too gentle for our tough school—she just couldn't handle the students. One day, she started crying at her desk mid-class, then left the room. We never saw her again. Shortly after, our principal stormed in and chewed us out big time. Still, the music teacher never returned.

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4. Wasn’t Worth The Trouble

Once upon a time, I worked tech support at a call center, dealing with some tough problems. There was this quiet, kind guy from my training class who only spoke if spoken to—real chill. Just as we finished training, the bosses changed loads of things in our work. They put a ton of pressure on us to finish paperwork faster, do quicker research, and meet more metrics.

What really sucked was that the bosses' favorites could take breaks whenever they wanted, but we'd pay the price to keep our average stats okay. This Nice Guy tried to do everything right—talked to his boss, their boss, HR, but it only got worse, and they made him work overtime.

One day, Nice Guy was stuck in a long, difficult call. The customer was being super mean and his bosses wouldn't let him end the call. They were basically shouting at him to fix the problem and move onto the next. But we couldn't hang up, only the customer could.

Out of nowhere, Nice Guy just stood up and climbed onto his desk. He threw down his headset and muttered something like, "Screw this". He looked around at everyone, especially those who took long breaks and the bosses.

Then he just left and no one ever saw him again. We all sat there in silence, too scared to even move. Still, gotta admit it was a pretty epic exit.

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5. That Wasn’t Something To Joke About

My buddy's mom tragically died months before our sophomore year. Somehow, he managed to pull it together for school, despite being an only child with no dad. His mom meant the world to him. One kid, who thought he was cool but just annoyed everyone, made a heartless joke about his mom's death. I'm not sure exactly what he said. I just remember that my buddy LOST it.

My friend threw him down and punched him in the face repeatedly, ending up breaking the kid's nose, fracturing his left eye socket and getting expelled from school. We were glad he'd set the kid straight, but it was a steep price to pay.

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6. Put In His Place

So, there was this assistant manager, a real sweet talker. During a bigwig meeting, one of the head-honchos—a grade A jerk—suggested that all stores should follow his management style. Suddenly, the assistant manager bursts out, "Your store has the worst staff retention rate, buddy. You can't seem to keep anyone around for more than six months. They all blame you. Maybe try following your own 'tips' for a change".

She quit job a couple days later. The manager she pounced on was shipped off to another spot outside the district. His old store bounced back and is now doing really great.

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7. A Star Player

So, my mate Darrel, he's this big, quiet guy who doesn't really cause any issues. He's a giant—6'5", 250 lbs, and he's loved by everyone at school since he plays football. Anyway, this one day in Spanish class, our class clown was at his usual stuff, talking too loud and insulting people. He singled out a girl, Nelly. He insulted her pretty bad, making a nasty comment about a birthmark on her neck.

Everyone was pretty upset and ready to give him a piece of their minds, but then Darrel got up. He strolled over to the dude and, believe it or not, lifted him up by his hair. He said plain and clear "If you don't zip it now, I'm gonna slam you into that wall". He then pointed at the closest wall.

He let the clown down and went back to his own business. The clown, however, didn't let it rest. Huge mistake. He tried to attack Darrel, but he reacted fast. He swung his elbow and sent him flying. Then he raced over, lifted him by the shoulder, and punched a hole in the drywall near the pest's head.

Of course, this attracted the attention of the security and both Darrel and the clown ended up getting arrested. Thankfully, they only got minor fines for the damages. I'm still impressed by the patched up hole in the wall. It's a stark reminder of that eventful day.

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8. Anger and Adrenaline

So, I had this buddy in middle school, let's call him Bob. He was a lot shorter than everyone else, standing maybe half-a-foot less than the average five feet. Despite his small build, Bob was awesome. He loved learning and video games, plus he was a fun hang around. Just a really cool guy.

But here’s a twist. It all went down in a gym class, right? Now our gym teacher was a total pain. He had a habit of assigning ridiculous nicknames and basically talking down to us all the time, instead of boosting our morale.

One horrible day, this jerk made a comment about Bob's mom. Now, it's important to know that she had fibromyalgia and other health problems, clearly struggling but definitely not by choice. Something just switched on in Bob that day. Despite his size, he stood up to our six-foot tall gym teacher and boy, that guy didn't stand a chance against furious Bob.

Luckily, they were separated before things escalated badly. In the aftermath, Bob had to switch schools while the nasty gym teacher got what he deserved—he was fired for his terrible behavior.

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9. Immediate Regret

For my big bro's wedding, things got wild. He's a great dude, sometimes too great. His ex-girlfriend was awful. He loved her, despite her telling him he was worthless. She demanded an expensive ring and a wedding. So that happened. The whole thing was high stress, and she was even worse than usual. She claimed the biggest piece of wedding cake, leaving none for him and had the guts to tell him to diet, even though he was on the skinny side.

That was it. He lost it.

He smacked her right in the fancy dress with cake, then dropped the divorce bomb. He let loose about how she pushed him into depression. He's much happier now, though. They cut ties and live continents apart.

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10. Epic Wedding

This one woman ended things with her husband...at her own wedding. She knew someone my buddy's mom was friends with. This bride had a close friend who was kinda broke. When it came to the wedding gift, most folks give cash, right? But her friend didn't have the funds, so she gifted a pretty cool piece of art instead. Not pricey, but definitely heartfelt. The bride dug it, but her hubby was a straight-up snob. He just laughed at the gift, and even bad-mouthed the friend to his and her folks, calling her too broke.

That's when stuff got wild. The bride had enough—she headed to their packed reception, grabbed the mic, called it quits on their marriage right then and there, and stormed off. Not forgetting THAT night any time soon.

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11. Breakfast Off The Floor

In high school, my group of six friends and I were having breakfast when some girls nearby started flicking food at us, aiming for M's unique spiky hair. Out of the blue, my typically chill friend K just...snapped. When one of the girls tossed an egg patty that landed near K, she stepped on it, picked it up, walked to their table, and stuffed it into the culprit's mouth!

It was a standout high school memory for me. K's reaction was totally unexpected. She faced consequences, but she had zero regrets.

These Nice People SnappedFlickr, Delaware Agriculture

12. There Could Have Been Justice

A former colleague of mine, a woman, endured constant abuse from an older coworker named Tom. The company did nothing about it. He even followed her home, forcing her to move. But he upped the ante by buying the house next door to hers. That's when she finally snapped, and it was crazy: She walked into work with a baseball bat, asking reception if Tom was around. When asked why, she simply stated that she was there to kill him.

Tom had fled though, as reception had warned him. So she took her frustrations out on his office instead. When the cops arrived, they didn't charge her. It was understood that her threat was a plea for help. Just as well they'd warned Tom—if she had found him, she would have made good on her threat. 

After a break, she came back to work. But the worst part? The company fell so short of their duty of protection that they put her on the same project as Tom...with him as her manager. Can you believe that?

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13. Bible Thumper

I've got this pal W, she's really nice, a little shy, doesn't really swear. Even if she does, it's nothing much. Important fact, she's Christian, I'm part of the LGBT+ community. We've been thick as thieves for 10 years and our differences have never been a problem. This one time, her now ex-boyfriend was being a right pain, going on about the Bible and how he sees it. Declaring his view as the only truth, saying it's "clear as day in the scripture". He even had the nerve to tell her to ignore my views about being LGBT since it’s "against the Bible".

I was there, witnessing the whole thing, quietly taking the hard hits. I was fuming inside, but I decided to hold it together for W's sake. She hates when people tell her she's wrong, but she was ready to let this slide. The moment he insulted me, I knew he'd fallen from grace. That's when I saw this fierce look cross W's eyes. She stared him down and said, "Think what you want about what I think. Everyone's entitled to their own beliefs."

She then rose from her seat, towering over her seated ex and said, "But mess with my friends, and that's that. We’re over, you jerk!". I couldn't have been more proud of her that day!

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14. Forbidden Video Games

I will always remember the day our chill librarian flipped out. She was always nice and cool, making her great to be around, even if you were shy. But there was this one kid gaming in the library, which was a big no-no. Despite her repeatedly telling him to shut down the game, he didn’t care at all. 

That's when she finally lost her cool and really laid into him. She even declared, “You think I can't get mad? Well, look at me now! I’m mad! Mad at you! Get lost!"

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15. The Price Of Ignoring People

My bestie and I noticed our group of friends always seemed to ignore her. They acted like she was just part of the package because she was my BFF. Being teens, I didn't want to lose our group, so I stayed quiet. I'd drop hints to them now and then, like, "Isn't it-a bummer when Bestie talks and nobody engages?" Some admitted it was wrong but claimed they were at a loss for words.

After a couple of months, my bestie blew a fuse. Once when she was talking, and another friend confessed they hadn’t been paying attention, she lost it. "That's the darn issue, you never listen to me!" she yelled. The best part was watching the others scramble to defend themselves. I called them out, reminding them of past conversations when they'd agreed they were ignoring her and questioning their sudden lies.

They didn't appreciate it. They were furious at me and my bestie for being "real". But, things are cool now. We found friends who genuinely care for my bestie and reciprocate her attention.

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16. That’s The Problem

The boss called a meeting and rambled on about boosting sales, telling everyone to do whatever it took. One of the more laid-back salesmen responded, "Well, that's our issue here. Neither of us cares," then walked out, cool as a cucumber.

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17. Please Don’t Mess This Up

I work at a university in Virginia doing research in a cardiac MRI lab under the main boss, or as I call her, the boss lady. In our lab, we have over 30 patients and it's critical for us to understand what we're doing fully. Any mess up reverberates, potentially ruining a month's worth of work.

The boss lady, she's a gem, super smart and patient and really nice. Never had any issue with her. But things got dicey when she brought a new girl onboard. This new girl, she'd nod along even if she had no clue what's happening, it was all a charade.

Two months in, we were about to submit our research to NIH and other bodies. A big deal. Then the newbie gave the boss lady our spreadsheet and the stats were all messed up somewhere along the line. It was a HUGE facepalm moment, really.

The boss lady, trying to keep her cool, picked through the errors. I've never seen her this way, it was scary. Despite trying to keep calm, her anger was seeping out. Now, it's been weeks since I've seen this new girl, makes me think something's gone down.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

18. Here’s What I’ll Do

My buddy is the sweetest person around who always knows how to help when you're down. She's super chill, never fights and usually talks things out when she disagrees with someone. One day at school, we had to run a mile for gym class. My friend isn't the sporty type, so she finished the mile in like 11 minutes.

Everyone was cool, except this track jock who began teasing her. She was having a tough day already, so didn't need this. She confronted him saying, "Don't be a jerk, nobody's perfect at everything". He continued to be mean, even making fun of her accent.

Now this wasn't the first time this guy irritated her. She'd always handled previous incidents respectfully, but he didn't get the message. She stood her ground, telling him, “I’ll do this". Then she socked him, right on the nose, sending him running for the nurse with a bloody nose. The shock on his face when it happened was priceless. She got suspended for a day, but the principal understood why she did what she did because he knew this guy could be an obnoxious pain.

She didn't apologize and now, he's genuinely afraid of her.

These Nice People SnappedFreepik,stockking

19. Ex Versus Football Star

My ex-boyfriend was a chill dude. We had recently split up during our junior year of high school and still had feelings for each other. I was new to the school and he was the only one I knew. He was super nice, always lending a hand even when no one asked. Everyone loved him and trusted him with pretty much anything. He was so knowledgeable he could've taught some of our classes.

So there I was in math, next to this cocky football star who just wouldn't stop bothering me. He constantly touched me and made me feel uncomfortable. One day, he crossed a line when he started making inappropriate comments about me. Suddenly, my ex sprang up. It was dead silent as he stared down the Football Star and declared, "Don’t talk about her like that".

It may not seem like a big deal, but you could see the anger in his gaze. If the Football Star had kept it up, I'm sure my ex, a soccer ace himself, would've levelled him. People couldn't stop chatting about how my ex looked like he was about to explode. There was this weird energy in the room.

The room was so silent you could hear a pin drop. I've never seen my non-confrontational ex show any signs of aggression, but I'm pretty confident he would've done whatever it took to give Football Star a wake-up call. The school let me switch seats to be next to my ex and I never had to deal with that harassment again.

These Nice People SnappedFreepik, master1305

20. A Big Waste

My boss is usually mellow and doesn't curse. But we had a big issue recently—our store was losing dough for months. Turns out, someone forgot a whole U-boat of frozen goods in a warm backroom. My boss was like, "What's this?" Then, we opened it and he shouted, "Are you effing serious!? Who left this here!?"

I'd never heard him that angry or even cursing before. He rang security right away, asked them to note the camera he was under, and mentioned he'd review the footage later. He chilled later, but someone definitely got kicked out the next day.

These Nice People SnappedFlickr, U.S. Department of Agriculture

21. A Lesson On Boundaries

So, I had this pretty shy friend, let's call her T. She had a mate named G who basically ran all over her. G always did bizarre stuff, like sitting on T's lap during Chemistry or telling her terrible things, and T just let her.

We, stupid teenagers, never checked to see if T was comfy with this. Then one day during lunch, G crossed a line. She got up, circled the table and started pestering T, touching her head and swatting her. T kept telling her to quit, but G didn't listen.

Suddenly, T lost it. She burst out from her seat, fuming, spun around and yelled, "When I say stop touching me, STOP TOUCHING ME!" Everything went quiet. After a bit, things got back to normal, but we were all astonished to see quiet T lose her temper. I guess she had reached her limit. After that, G never messed with T again.

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22. A Waste Of Time

He was doing a technical phone interview and at the end of the call, he slamed the phone down so hard I thought he broke it. I heard him mutter, “What an idiotic waste of time". We were all stunned.

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23. Corporal Punishment

I was in sixth-grade when this happened. I was headed to the washroom when I saw Mrs. Brown smack my buddy who already had it tough at home. So, I decided to intervene, bravely informed her I was taking my friend to the office and she couldn't stop me. Her pale face was a sight to behold.

Next, I took my buddy to the principal's office, bypassing the startled secretary. The principal was on the call. I pointed to my friend's marked face and told her to end the call. She did.

I made it clear—she had to call his mom, my mom, and then the cops, otherwise I would. The look on her face said it all. The cherry on top was watching Mrs. Brown being escorted away in handcuffs by the police. I didn't feel a bit sorry. I've never been scared to speak up when something's not right. Except for that, I try to be friendly with everyone I meet.

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24. Exposing The Other Side

My girlfriend's super nice, so I was blown away when her ex stirred up drama. The day we got together, her ex posted all this personal stuff from their past relationship on her Instagram story, saying how our relationship's not going to last. My girlfriend nearly cried when she saw it. Worst part? This was just the icing on the cake from what her ex did while they were dating.

We bumped into her ex after first period. She snidely commented on how dumb we look holding hands. That did it- my girlfriend lost it. She confronted her about the Instagram post, nearly crying as she mentioned all the crap her ex pulled during their relationship. But she stood her ground. I've never seen my girl that mad; it's the first and only time I've seen her like that.

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25. Quiet To Loud

Back in middle school, I had this super cool teacher who was great at handling issues. But one day, while I was in reading class, clear across the school, I heard a loud, "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" It was my teacher—no joke. It was hard to believe because she was usually so chill. Turns out, a couple of classroom troublemakers had pushed her too far by snapping a pencil right in front of her. Guess that was the last straw.

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26. Are You Sure About That?

So, senior year English class, right? The nicest kid who'd shared my desk space for three years was pushed to his limit by this total tool. This guy thought it was funny to joke about hooking up with the nice kid’s sister. He didn't know she was just a five-year-old.

Well, the nice kid got the perfect payback without throwing a punch. The next day, he showed a slideshow of his little sis’s zoo trip. At the end, he reminded the class of the toolbag’s comment. Awkward, right?

The tool got ticked off and shoved the nice kid. When he walked back to his seat, the nice kid got him back. He grabbed the guy by the head and slammed him on the desk.

Our teacher sent the guy to the nurse, and made sure he'd be spending time in In-School Suspension afterward. The nice kid? He got off scot-free. Everyone was on his side.

Later, the tool got expelled for using drugs. Meanwhile, the nice kid graduated as valedictorian. Talk about karma.

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27. Band Rehearsal

A few days back during band practice, a senior clarinetist ragged on me hard about a mistake I made with the squad arrangement. He had this domineering tone I didn't like. Despite being just a sophomore, I stood my ground, saying "Hey, I'm not fond of your vibe. I'm not dumb–everyone screws up. Even your squad's kinda off."

I carried on, "You might be a senior and I'm a sophomore, but if I'm not getting respect, don't expect any from me. Period. Now, scoot over and let me deal with this." He closed up shop, kept his thoughts to himself for the rest of the long rehearsal. Turns out he's always been this way according to my girlfriend, who marches alongside him. My take? "Man, what a pain in the neck".

These Nice People SnappedFlickr, Gresham College

28. Teaching The Boyfriend A Lesson

I've got a bunch of aunts and uncles, they're all awesome. There was this one time, one of my aunts was dating a real bad egg. When my uncles found out this guy was hurting their sister, they stormed his place, dragged him out, and threw him in the back of their car. They drove him to some middle-of-nowhere spot and they left him there. No clue what ended up happening to the guy.

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29. The Flying Nun

Man, middle school students are something else—they've got the power to wear down anyone! Even good teachers and fill-ins are not safe. One time, we had a nun come in as a sub who had a bit of an embarrassing fart situation. After that, the kids gallingly dubbed her “the flying nun” and who knows what else. 

She made an attempt to pull back control by acting tough, but she just didn't have the nerve for it. Last I saw her, she was hiding her face in her hands and walking out of the classroom, poor lady.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

30. Keep Her Name Out Of Your Mouth

This dude at my college, let's call him "T", pulled me into an argument happening between his friends and my pals on WhatsApp. The jerk threw all these nasty names my way, and all this with about 120 classmates witnessing it in the chat. I was at my dorm reading those nasty comments about me, then all of a sudden, they stopped. I had no clue why. When I learned the truth, I couldn't help but smile.

Turns out, my buddy, N, confronted this T guy, told him to say sorry and delete the messages. T didn't back down, so N socked him one, causing T's face to puff up and turn red. Cops got involved, but N got off with a warning. Now, N is one of the kindest guys I know. He generally avoids drama and is super considerate. 

But man, he's scary when he's mad. I've seen him like this twice in the four years I've known him, including this time. He’s definitely not someone to mess with.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

31. Lunchbox

A kid I've known since grade one was a pretty cool guy. We weren't super close, but hanging out was never a hassle. One day during lunch, there were some chicks at the table next to ours. This unsuspecting dude was minding his business, chowing down on a sandwich from his lunchbox. He had his back to them. These girls thought it'd be fun to snatch his lunchbox while he tossed his trash.

Not sure what's the deep connection between this kid and his lunchbox, but man, he blew a fuse. He started shrieking and throwing everything he could get his hands on at these girls. It scared the heck out of everyone then, but oh man, it's a crack-up now looking back.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

32. Can’t Deny It

Once in high school, we went on a science trip to a nature center. I end up in a group with the soon-to-be valedictorian. Unfortunately, the weather was awful that day, and our group decided to bail, leaving just me and the valedictorian to do the entire project.

I came back from collecting some samples to see the valedictorian seething. He ranted about the group, the weather, and pretty much everything else, got tired, and threw his water bottle down a hill. That was the first and only time I heard him curse or get loud.

One of the girls in our group who didn’t do anything for the project, confronted him on the bus, based on what she heard from another group about his rant, particularly about her not being useful.

The valedictorian just stares at her with a snarky expression and asks, "Are you going to deny it?" That kept her quiet.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

33. Double Trouble

My Geo teacher is a pretty chill dude but he has lost it just twice. The first episode was last year in class. Some girls wouldn't pipe down and after shrugging off his warning, he lost his cool. He chucked the marker he was holding, stomped, and banged the door shut. After calming down a bit, he came back in and carried on teaching. A year later, he lost it again and it was more intense than the first time.

Oh, did I mention that he's also our school's soccer coach? So, he's typically having a blast.

But one day, as the principal was addressing us, my Geo teacher came out of nowhere, shouting at all of us. Now he's the only Geo teacher, so everyone knows him. He's a kind dude, so seeing him blow a gasket was both strange and freaky.

Turns out he was upset because of an incident during soccer practice when a kid almost choked another over an argument. My teacher stepped in and checked on the almost choked kid an hour later. He was still terrified, which just made the teacher even angrier. He shouted at us about how bullying isn't right and how somebody should address it.

So the principal had to try his hand at calming him down. It took a couple of minutes, and then when he was done, everyone realized they needed to straighten up.

These Nice People SnappedFlickr, Lawrence G. Miller

34. You Were Warned

During my second high school year, I attended an engineering-focused school and was part of an aerospace class. I absolutely loved the teacher—the best I've ever had. He was cool, funny, and treated us to snacks during tests. Towards year-end, we created water bottle rockets that we'd pressurize and launch.

One day a student acted dumb and ran on the field to catch a rocket, even after our teacher had repeatedly warned against it. These rockets can shoot hundreds of feet—if one lands on you it's bad news. The teacher flipped out, chased the student, and genuinely lost it - even hurling his clipboard after them.

We all sat quietly, taken aback, letting the teacher regain his calm. After he did, he sincerely apologized. Honestly, I can't blame the teacher for reacting. The student was completely reckless, ignoring clear warnings. The teacher must have felt extremely frustrated. Thankfully, I never saw him that angry again. He truly valued us as students and I'm thankful for the chance to learn from him.

These Nice People SnappedFreepik, luis_molinero

35. That’s "Kate" To You

Matt, my friend, is a cool guy. I still remember one incident with a troublemaker girl named Kate, whom Matt called "Kaitlyn". Normally, Matt was the gentlest person, so seeing his sudden rage was shocking. He retaliated when she hit him on the head, stepped on her chips, and even threatened her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was part of our group too, and we anticipated a fight. But the guy totally understood Matt's reaction and supported him. It was a relief when they broke up.

That episode highlighted a different side of Matt. It was surprising and impressive how someone so relaxed could get so fired up so quickly.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

36. I Miss You

My pal Emily was genuinely one of a kind! Over the eight years we were friends, she was the kindest soul I ever met. I remember this one time, a few years ago, where her mom's annoying, loud-mouth coworker came over. As we hung out on the porch while the coworker plowed through a 24-pack, Emily tried her best to play nice.

But the woman just couldn't lay off, pushing Emily around verbally and just being downright aggressive. Then, actually surprising us all, Emily snapped back! In a complete departure from her gentle nature, she snatched one of the coworker's beers, told her off using a choice F-word, and stormed off.

The coworker tried to guilt-trip Emily’s mom, saying she should teach Emily to be more respectful. Emily’s mom was too nice to retort, though. She just stayed quiet. I felt terrible and grabbed my own beer without a word to anyone, in solidarity.

Emily and I ended up in her room, sipping our unasked-for beers, and just laughing at the insanity of it all and that coworker's stunned face. Man, I miss Emily.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

37. Stalking Doesn’t Work

My friend was super nice to everyone—so chill, folks never tried to take advantage. Until this one guy who had feelings for her decided he could ignore all her boundaries. Things went from bad to worse, but she kept avoiding him, trying not to hurt his feelings. But when his stalking escalated, she'd had enough.

I can't recall what the guy said when she was walking off, but she whirled around with a look in her eyes that would scare anyone. Then she decked him. One solid punch that sent him flying against the wall. We rushed in to hold her back before she did more damage. Despite being angry, she didn't lash out at us, focusing only on the jerk sprawled on the floor bleeding.

We were 13 back then. I'm still amazed by her power, but wasn't shocked when he got suspended and she got praised. Weirdly enough, the guy never bothered her again.

These Nice People SnappedKamranAydinov

38. Art Class Drama

In my art class, there was this quiet but pretty likable dude who mostly kept to himself. One day, we were busy getting our Picasso on when some dork "accidentally" messed up a painting that the guy had been slaving over for weeks. He was uderstandably mad—but the dude lost it and knocked the dork's head into the table so hard, it resulted in a bloody accident that had him rushing to the ER. 

Surprisingly, the guy didn't get kicked out of school because it was completely out of character for him. He just ended up with a week-long suspension.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

39. Something Snapped

There was this dude in my bro's class, well-known as one of the brightest in our school. He was pretty cool and friendly, but damn shy too—hardly ever spoke back. So one day we're riding home on the bus and this notorious bully starts hassling him. Halfway through the trip, something just flipped. 

This guy stood up, ablaze with anger, and let loose the craziest uppercut I've ever seen. The bully ended up face-first on the floor, but it didn't stop there. This dude starts wailing on the bully with his shoe until the guy's sobbing. The whole bus didn't make a peep all the way home after that.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

40. Are You Kidding Me?

We had this English teacher who was a super chill dude. Everyone dug him. I'm talking, laid-back, easy-going, the whole nine yards. He ducks outta class for a sec to sort out a brawl between some knuckleheads, right? And man, the minute he's out the door, things get wild. 

This one chick hops up on a table and starts dancing and hollering. Champ of a teacher walks back in, sees this, and barks, "Are you muppets effing serious?!" But no one told on him, cause we kinda felt for him, you know? He stays being a rad dude.

These Nice People SnappedFreepik, stockking

41. A Helping Hand

My first year of teaching was pretty rocky and there was this one class that was a real nightmare. The guys in it were just wild. The girls were awesome though, especially this one who joined halfway from South America—a total gem.

Then came a day when this boy was being incessantly disruptive and finally, the girl had it. She spun round, yelled, "You're such an IDIOT!", and really let loose on him about his constant rude behavior. The kid was totally thrown, couldn't get a word in without her shutting him down.

Eventually, things settled down and I picked up the lesson again. At the end, she came up to me, apologizing for the drama she caused. I was like, "No way, don't say sorry! That was amazing. Big thank you for having my back there. I should've dealt with him better, so I'm sorry you had to step in. But seriously, never apologize for helping me out".

These Nice People SnappedPexels

42. It’s Getting Too Loud In Here

In high school, the class favorite flipped out in music because two dudes were chatting behind him. He yelled at them, stormed out and slammed the door. We were all shook—never thought he'd lose it like that.

Later, he mentioned he had sound sensitivity, but my memory's a bit shaky,

These Nice People SnappedFreepik, wayhomestudio

43. At Eye Level

This one time in middle school, my super tall and chill buddy, who is seriously the best dude on earth, got mocked about his mom by this short popular kid. Without missing a beat, my pal picked him up by his shirt, glued him to a locker keeping him eye level, and said, "Don't you dare disrespect my mom like that". That moment will always crack me up when I think about him.

These Nice People SnappedFreepik, tonodiaz

44. Decorum Out The Door

My dad was a total sweetheart towards his family, but sadly, they tended to take him for granted. Still, he held his cool until his sis dragged him to court, accusing him of elder abuse of their mom. Now, I’ve been known to use less than savory language about his family, yet when he started doing it, it was clear he'd finally lost it.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

45. The Self-Consumed Friend

My pal really went out on a limb for her longtime BFF. She devoted her whole life to helping her pal stay on the straight and narrow. But that friend was dang grumpy, whining non-stop about her tough situation, to a degree where she became self-absorbed. She was on a loop about how unfair everything was and how much self-doubt she had.

One day, this grumpy friend decided to ditch everyone for the "cool kids," who were honestly just weird, loner type gamers. But she thought she was fitting in because she prided herself on being "different" from other girls. My friend, as sweet and quiet as she is, finally hit her limit. When her ex-BFF predictably came begging to return, she gave her the cold shoulder and then had a good laugh about the whole thing to me. It was the first time I'd seen her truly riled up and displaying anything other than her usual cool.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

46. No Gratitude

My mom's an absolute angel, patient and caring—unless you're my sibling or dad, you'd never see her lose her cool. My 16-year-old niece, not a familiar face in our family, got the boot from her mom in Vermont. So, my mom brought her in, saving her from foster care, and got nothing but a spoiled attitude in return.

One night, as we piled into the car, she cussed out my mom. Mom told her to step out, but she wouldn't. Big mistake! Mom lost it. She climbed into the car, yanked my niece out by her hair, and gave her the thrashing of her life—much needed, if you ask me. I just watched my soft-hearted mom handle this girl—the greatest sight ever.

These Nice People SnappedFreepik, freepik

47. Trapped At Work

I despised my job, the boss always kept me late for no reason. Also, I had no ride home. The gig was in customer service, so I often dealt with nasty folks and I'm prone to anxiety attacks. I had a panic episode at work once, it was pretty intense.

My off time was supposed to be 9 p.m, yet the boss wouldn't let me go, sermonizing me about not shedding tears due to customers, especially when one of them was an older man hassling a teenager. I always vented to my boyfriend about this issue. One day he decided to intervene. While picking me up, and unable to wait for long, he dealt with my stubborn manager.

I had to continuously answer calls and my boyfriend, to support me, kept on lifting the phone and disconnecting it, causing all calls to go to voicemail. My boss was certainly peeved but he allowed me to leave. Soon after, I resigned and moved to a more gracious workplace.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

48. Remember The Mission Statement

Back when I was younger, I had a gig at Goodwill. Part of my job was mentoring adults with high-functioning autism. One day, our regional manager popped in for some tweaks.

One adult I was helping had trichophagia, or a hair-eating disorder, which left her with a bald spot she hid with a pink hair extension. The manager insisted she go home to dye her hair a natural color, saying she was breaking dress code.

She got upset, so I told her to hang on, I'd deal with this. I tried explaining her situation to the boss, but he was having none of it. Thankfully, my store manager stepped up and really let him have it. She held up our mission of giving job opportunities to people with special needs, pointed out his old habits of smoking on the job, and slammed him for his climb on the Goodwill corporate ladder.

She finished with a dig at his name, Jaret, saying it wasn't even real. After all that, we let our girl off early and punched her out at her normal shift end.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

49. This Teddy Bear Has Claws

Dad didn't seem the type, but man, he lost it once. He's the youngest of four, with two sisters and a brother. Even as the baby of the family, he always looked out for his siblings. Their husbands were a reckless, extravagant bunch who couldn't keep out of debt. Dad would always bail them out to keep our granddad's name clean. His own brother even stole his wallet while he was in the hospital taking care of our grandparents, by himself no less.

Then, everything went south. They tried to boot my mum from my grandpa's place because she wasn't "part of the family". That set Dad off. The guy's a real gentle giant but he got fired up. He tore up all the cheques he'd written for them the day before, repossessed the cars he'd gifted, and barred them from any family property. He publicly disowned them in the local paper to boot. A few weeks later, them and their families tucked tail and disappeared from town while still owing folks money.

In the end, they bolted overseas. Last I heard, the sisters are somewhere in Canada and the brother's driving taxis in Australia.

These Nice People SnappedPexels

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