Weddings Gone Haywire

October 31, 2023 | Derek Choi

Weddings Gone Haywire

A wedding day is supposed to be the most beautiful and romantic time of one's life. The perfect ceremony, cake, food, and speeches are all anyone envisions. But sometimes, the perfect day can go horribly wrong. Whether these were the fault of the bride and groom, terrible family members, or just unpredictable weather, these people share stories of weddings that didn’t end happily ever after. 

1. Sleeping In

I did know a couple who, the night before their city hall wedding, both had separate big parties. They paid for the consequences of their partying BIG time—they both slept through the wedding. 

They didn't realize it until city hall called asking where they were, and they decided to do it later. They did eventually get married, and still are, as far as I know, over 20 years later. Wedding Red Flags factsShutterstock

2. Not So Picturesque

In the past, I was employed at a venue which hosted weddings. On one occasion, while the newlyweds were being chauffeured to the property's on-site log cabin, we were hit by a serious storm. This storm resulted in several trees being knocked over. 

The following day, the pond adjacent to the cabin overflowed, causing the single-lane driveway leading to the cabin to be washed away. By the next morning, the need arose to bring in the couple. The task had to be accomplished with the assistance of a farmer, who used an old, dilapidated Land Rover to rescue them. 

I found out the next day from the driver that the bride had been deeply frightened during the ride to the cabin.

Hurricane just startingLeonard the food guy, Shutterstock

3. Called Off?

My buddy canceled his wedding on the morning of, but carried on with the evening reception. It seemed the bride's family didn't give their blessing, so they decided not to proceed with the wedding. However, only the handful of people invited to the intimate ceremony knew about this turn of events, leaving many at the reception clueless. 

Guests heartily congratulated the couple who, in turn, played along as if they were officially married. Interestingly, four months down the line, they secretly tied the knot. Unsurprisingly, for those in the know, the reception atmosphere felt quite uncomfortable.

Wedding planner bridezillaUnsplash

4. Left Unsaid

So, there was this couple I know who got hitched. But then I saw the bride in a car with another guy, and I was baffled. I asked my pal what was happening, and he informed me that the guy was taking her to their honeymoon destination because she wasn't fond of her hubby's driving skills.

A couple of days after, a shocking discovery was made. When my buddy arrived at their honeymoon cabin, he stumbled upon his wife in the shower with the guy from the car. She admitted she only tied the knot to appease her parents. In fact, she couldn't stand him and had decided to spend the week with the other guy. 

She planned to inform everyone that things didn’t work out and get the marriage annulled once back home. This broke my friend's heart, and honestly, he hasn't been the same since.

Groom in suit cryingPirat Pirat, Shutterstock

5. Only Half-Cancelled

My boyfriend knew a fellow who was set to tie the knot abroad. Roughly 50 guests had arranged flights and lodgings. However, the evening before departure, the couple abruptly canceled the wedding but encouraged everyone to still make the trip, considering most had planned their holiday around it. 

The bride and groom ended up really overdoing it on the plane, which was an odd spectacle for all involved. Rather than a wedding, they spent their would-be special day just having dinner. Their relationship status has been fluctuating ever since, but they've never actually gotten married. 

In a delightful twist, despite all the drama, everyone seemed to enjoy their vacation!

Bride and groom dancing on waterLikuliku Lagoon Resort

6. We’re That Bad?

At this one wedding I performed at, the moment we kicked off our music set, everyone suddenly darted outside. For the rest of the night, no one returned. I initially thought that our music wasn't to their liking. 

However, the bride explained later that a big argument had broken out which included several family members from both sides. Consequently, everyone left the venue either upset, hurt, or took off in a vehicle.

We had to continue performing because we were paid to do so and that was our responsibility. The only audience we had left was an uncle, who was dancing alone and making requests for songs that we weren't familiar with.

Bride makes strange face to wedding guestIVASHstudio, Shutterstock

7. An Unclear Situation

My parents hadn't welcomed me into the world just yet when they decided to throw their wedding reception on the observation deck of the Hancock Building in Boston. Back then, it was the city's tallest skyscraper, boasting a stunning panoramic view. 

My dad, ever the planner, meticulously studied historical weather data to predict the day that would ideally be bathed in sunshine. When the anticipated wedding day finally dawned, the city was shrouded in an unusually dense fog. The beautiful view they hoped to enjoy from the room they had chosen was completely obscured.

Their wedding ceremony was held in the renowned King’s Chapel, a historic church nestled in downtown Boston, which is also a popular magnet for tourists. Although it sounds extravagant, it was surprisingly affordable to book the church for a weekend afternoon. 

The clusters of tourists waiting outside, itching for their turn to explore the church, thought otherwise. The whispering began and soon enough, someone had spread the unfounded rumor that my parents were extravagantly wealthy, possibly even members of the legendary Kennedy family.

Consequently, when mom and dad made their exit post-ceremony, they were met with an unexpected swarm of paparazzi snapping their pictures. One can't help but wonder if these camera-toting tourists ever discovered that my parents were, in fact, not famous or swimming in riches.

Family and guests congratulating bride and groom with presents and flowers.Bogdan Sonjachnyj , Shutterstock

8. The Sketchy Speech

An English man was set to marry an Irish woman in a charming location in Ireland. The guest list was filled mostly with her relatives, who hailed from different parts of Ireland, and a sprinkle of his English acquaintances and family. Everything was picturesque and heartwarming during the wedding ceremony, it couldn't have been more romantic.

However, the warmth quickly evaporated when it was time for speeches at the reception. The spotlight turned to the best man – a rosy-cheeked Englishman known for his staunch support of Brexit.

He started his speech with what can only be described as greatly inappropriate and offensive humor. He joked about reestablishing English rule in Ireland by marrying Irish women one by one. 

He also humorous compared the severity of their pre-wedding party hangover to Ireland's infamous Bloody Sunday incident. He wrapped up his unsavoury speech with a poorly-timed remark about the lengthy speeches feeling like a hunger strike.

To my surprise, the joke landed well with the English groom and his English companions. They burst out laughing, thinking it all was just harmless jest. However, the Irish relatives were far from impressed. 

As a guest accompanying the bride's cousin to the wedding, I witnessed the deep discomfort that filled the room. Many of her cousins and uncles were so upset, they avoided interacting with the groom's family for the rest of the reception.

It's worth mentioning that I lost touch with my plus-one after the wedding, so I can't tell how the couple's life turned out after that incident.

However, I must say that the bride was genuinely sweet, and despite the inappropriate speech, the groom otherwise seemed like a decent person.

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9. A Single Day

My father served as the best man for his close buddy many years ago. After the wedding ceremony, followed by the celebration, the bride left, never to return. The married life didn't even last a day, and he found himself alone back at their shared home.

He's a truly good man. For roughly 30 years, he's been with a wonderful woman, but they've never tied the knot. I always ponder whether it's because he technically remains married to his first wife or if the thought of experiencing another wedding day is just unbearable for him.

Wedding guest ready to make a speech at a weddingAlexanderLipko, Shutterstock

10. A Chilly Reception

Over my career, I've catered numerous weddings, each with its unique quirks. Invited guest brawls, toppling wedding cakes, or dresses stained by spilt drinks...I've seen quite a bit. The event seared into my memory, however, was a full-day affair featuring a cozy ceremony and an elaborate reception. 

This was a venue that could hold all segments of the wedding day—small gathering of loved ones for the ceremony and the vast party later full of sumptuous food and open bar.

The couple had excitedly booked for an estimated 250 guests to grace their evening festivities. However, in stark contrast to expectations, only around 30 people made an appearance. 

It tugged at my heartstrings to see this—the lovely couple, a massive and splendidly decorated barn, endless food and drink, lively music playing, yet largely unpopulated. By 10pm (the venue had clearance until 11pm) the plentiful buffet spread remained largely untouched.

Concerned, I approached the bride's mother. I suggested storing and chilling the uneaten food for the couple to enjoy later. However, her response, optimistic that more guests were yet to arrive, left me feeling a little awkward. Sadly, her expectations were not to be met as no additional guests arrived.

Around 10:30pm, car headlights pierced the darkness in the distance. The bride's face lit up, anticipating more guests. Sadly, it was only the taxis arriving to take the existing ones home. It was the first time I hadn't had to usher people out of a venue.

By 11pm, the place was deserted. From what I gather, guests had initially accepted the invitation, but majority later chose to skip the event, assuming their absence wouldn't be noticed.

Table decorated for wedding receptionJonathan Borba, Pexels

11. It’s All Falling Apart

There was a time when I was working in the catering business. One memorable day, my boss assigned me to a job in an isolated place, out in the forest by a lovely river. Right before we loaded the truck, my boss let me know that he wouldn't be joining us and I’d be leading in his absence. 

He comforted me by saying that everything was prepared and ready to go. Imagine my shock arriving at this beautiful, but secluded spot, and realizing that nothing was set up at all. Given we were about an hour early, I frantically started arranging what we needed. 

Items, like extension cords to make coffee and tea, tables to place the food on, were nowhere to be seen. Despite these odds, I managed to cobble together what we needed. Just as the bride and groom were starting to arrive, the power blew, causing the entire area to descend into darkness. 

We reset it once, adjusted some things, and then it blew again. This precarious balancing act continued throughout the event – speeches, first dance, everything. Perhaps the most frustrating part was at the end, when we discovered that every time we'd blown the fuses, it had also affected the water pump. 

Trying to clean our dishes became a nightmare. Eventually, I threw in the towel, deciding we'd haul the dirty dishes home and clean them there. It took several more hours after our already long journey.

That day, I ended up working a non-stop 15-hour shift and, to my dismay, still managed to mess up the wedding. It should come as no surprise, but I decided to quit that job afterwards.

wedding party in yardRuslan_127, Shutterstock

12. Lovey Dovey

I played the role of best man at my sister-in-law's wedding. Throughout a year of meticulous planning, all she dreamt of was a dove release during the recitation of their personally-written vows. The wedding was destined to be an intimate, non-religious affair.

The big day arrived in the early summer, yet something felt amiss with the dove experts. They arrived somewhat late, seeking assistance from the wedding attendees to sort out the preparations. For the vow ceremony, I cooperated with the bird handler to transport the cage full of doves to the makeshift altar where the couple stood.

As the vows were reaching their end, the dove handler signaled to me to open the cage. Opening it, I was totally shocked—I discovered 20 to 30 lifeless doves inside! I instantly shut it, hoping to conceal the unfortunate mishap, but it was too late. My sister-in-law's horrified expression revealed everything. 

The ensuing hours were filled with attempts to uplift everyone's spirits, but to no avail. By the time the reception ended, all the guests had come together to lodge a complaint against the bird handler. The incident became the sole talking point, unfortunately shadowing the wedding.

Best man in suit  giving toastTero Vesalainen, Shutterstock

13. The Missing Minister

This story is about my folks' wedding. I've caught the event on their wedding film a bunch of times, and listened to their narrative of the day over and over. So, here's what happened; they planned a traditional Jewish ceremony but the Rabbi never appeared. 

Many folks thought he might have had a terrible accident, however, his whereabouts remained unknown since he was unreachable. As time went on, my parents accepted that he wasn't turning up. Unexpectedly, my mother's aunt saved the day. 

You see, she was a certified minister in an unconventional religious group and was authorized to perform marriage ceremonies. Even though she was a bit clueless about what she should do, they worked it out in the end and still got married, albeit quite differently from their initial plans.

Years later, my mother bumped into the Rabbi and questioned him about his no-show. What did he say? Just simply, "Forgive and forget." I have to say, that wasn't cool of him.

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14. Rising Temperatures

The dad of the bride was quite tardy, showing up a good 45 minutes late to escort his daughter down the aisle. Meanwhile, we waited around in a venue where the air conditioner had given up the ghost. The mercury outside had soared past 100 degrees, with sky-high humidity to match. 

The venue was packed to the rafters—getting around without jostling into someone was near impossible and made all the more uncomfortable due to the sweltering heat. To add insult to injury, it seemed like the AC issue had messed with the fridge too, leading to most of the food going off. 

All that was left on the buffet was a smattering of salad, spaghetti, and some dinner rolls—definitely not enough to satisfy the hunger of even half the guests present. After the opening dance, the majority of guests headed for the exits. Two of the bride's aunts succumbed to the heat and fainted. Both the bride and the wedding planner were spotted in tears by the end.

Sad bride in wedding dress sitting on bedMonkey Business Images, Shutterstock

15. Such An Amateur

My buddy's mom recently tied the knot again in a lavish, stunning wedding. Oddly enough, she didn't opt for a DJ. Just when the event was about to roll, she handed over the responsibility of controlling the CDs to me, complete with a playlist and on-the-spot instructions. 

I tried to explain that I was having trouble understanding, but she reassured me, believing I could handle it. For as long as she could recall, she'd dreamt of a particular song playing as she walked down the aisle. Yet, I found myself failing to pinpoint the exact tune. 

They had to time the walk with a sunset, so she had to start her walk while I scrambled through a slew of wrong songs, much to the shock and delight of the assembled guests. Even after a few years, whenever I'd ring my friend's place and her stepdad would pick up, he'd tease, "Is this the dude who botched my wedding? What's up?"

wedding dj playing musicwideonet, Shutterstock

16. The Dream Golf Club

I'm employed at a historic golf course, where we often double as a wedding venue. We usually host receptions inside our clubhouse, while the ceremonies take place outside, near our iconic water fountain and sizable pond. 

The day of this particular event, we encountered our first challenge: the weather. I live in a high desert region, and we were dealing with a blistering heat of 90 degrees that day, and strong winds to boot. Everyone was forced to remain outside, with no cover from the heat.

The following hiccup, and probably the most severe, was the golf cart fiasco. The newlyweds had this romantic notion of jetting off into the sunset on one of our golf carts, enjoying a quick joy ride around the lovely golf course. I have to admit, the scenery is breathtaking at sunset. 

Unfortunately, things quickly went downhill. The cart had picked up a nail somewhere along the way, causing a flat tire. The battery of the cart went haywire due to the flat and the cart came to an abrupt halt.

The result was completely disastrous. The cart came rocketing to a stop, the wheels and machinery almost completely froze up. Both the bride and groom were toppled over, rolling a few times before coming to a stop. Aside from a couple of minor bruises and maybe a dent to their pride, they were fine.

The final snag for the day was inside the clubhouse. Due to the high winds, the power supply was cut off meaning no after-party. Only the wedding cake saw any action, with very few food offerings for the guests. To say the least, it was far from an ideal workday, especially since I was covering for a colleague on my day off.

Wedding planner bridezillaShutterstock

17. A Surprising Twist

Once the ceremony concluded and the reception kicked off, the photographer started capturing shots of the bride and her bridesmaids mid-jump, all clad in heels. Unfortunately, the bride ended up dislocating her knee when she landed and then blacked out, only to keep fluctuating between being conscious and unconscious. 

An ambulance came to the scene, fixed her knee, but she insisted on carrying on with her special day. Later, she ate the first dish of the meal, but ended up vomiting on her dress, and spent the rest of the evening in a separate room with her mom while others continued to dance. It was really heartbreaking to see her spend her own wedding night in tears.

Passed out bride at a weddingShutterstock

18. I Want A Discount

I attended a wedding where the happy couple found a great deal for their wedding package on Groupon. After all, who says you need to break the bank for a single day's celebration? However, it seemed like the venue decided they too could save a bit of cash. 

We were unfortunately seated in a room that reeked of cat pee, so much so that a few guests left right away. Instead of a full bar, the only beverages available were from a vending machine. And the location? Right beside an airport—so during the ceremony, each time a plane took off, we had to pause because it was so loud. 

To top it off, the day following the celebration, everyone ended up getting food poisoning.

Passed out bride at a weddingShutterstock

19. Swapping Partners

This event took place nearly two decades ago. Originating from India, I was arranged to marry a guy who had been a long-time family friend. He was a pleasant individual, but on our wedding day, he eloped with my younger sister.

Believe it or not, he took off with my sibling. As you can imagine, this upset my entire family. So, as a form of "payback", they decided I would marry his younger brother instead. Consequently, I ended up tying the knot with him.

Our marriage has been nothing short of superb—it's truly like one of those ideal marriages you see portrayed on television, albeit it happened quite by accident.

bride and groom holding handsOleksandr Yakoniuk, Shutterstock

20. The Deserter

During my law school days, I used to work evenings as a process server, where my job involved managing summons and delivering divorce papers. Quite often, I didn't have the time to go through the complaints, but I remember a time when I was struggling to locate a husband I needed to serve divorce papers to. 

The man had gone AWOL from the Navy, so I thought looking through the papers might yield a tip on where to find him. The complaint I read made me gasp: "...he had abandoned his own wedding reception with a bridesmaid. Consequently, his wife decided that their marriage was done..." Clearly, this guy had a habit of absconding.

Groom's father helping the groom to get ready for weddingpyrozhenka, Shutterstock

21. Disapproval

As a wedding minister in Japan, I've presided over more than 500 weddings. There were a handful where I sincerely doubted they would actually occur subsequent to the rehearsals. Oftentimes, it's a cocky or distracted groom lacking awareness of his surroundings. Other times, the father has reservations about the man his daughter chose to wed.

For instance, a few weeks ago at a rehearsal, I found myself in the position of asking the parents for their blessing. This is akin to the classic 'giving away the bride' tradition but involves both parties. The father’s response left room for concern. 

He only agreed after a nudging from his wife and while staring at the floor. Meanwhile, the oblivious groom failed to register the tension. To be frank, he came across as rather dim-witted. This situation made the room cringe in discomfort.

Fast forward to the day of the ceremony; the father responded more promptly as expected, but kept his gaze fixed onto the floor. Then, much to everyone's surprise, he broke down in tears.

Wedding sad bride cryingPoznyakov, Shutterstock

22. Cake Conundrums

I once had a chat with a DJ who shared a story about a wedding he worked at. Everything was going smoothly until it was time for the cake cutting. The groom, in a playful yet misguided move, smashed the cake into the bride's face. She didn't find it amusing. 

Her face turned red, she yelled at him and delivered a slap that echoed through the banquet hall. The crowd gasped and fell silent. She then stormed away. After some time had passed, the bride's father approached the DJ and gives him $500. He said, "This wedding is finished. She's literally left the venue. 

But this is a party I've paid for and all our loved ones are here. I need you to play on, make it a tight night, and don't refer to the couple again till the party ends." He obliged and everybody ended up having a jolly good time.

Blonde bride crying at her weddingfreepic.diller , Freepik

23. Not Who She Thought

Once upon a time, I worked alongside a woman called Ashley. Her desk was just a few spots down from mine in the office. The word around the water cooler suggested she was betrothed to a man I'd never met, apparently, he was a frequent flyer due to work commitments. 

Ashley and I ended up building a pretty solid friendship, and I was among the few from the office who scored an invite to the wedding. We even organized a pre-wedding bash for her the weekend prior, which turned out to be quite the party. Little did I know, a major plot twist was about to unfold.

Just a few days shy of the main event, an alarming buzz spread across the office floor. Eavesdropping onto the lively chatter, I discovered Ashley had pulled the plug on the wedding. The twist in the tale was that many of her loved ones had already jetted in from Utah to attend the event.

Why the sudden change? Well, it turns out Mr. Fiancé wasn't the prince charming we all thought. He was unemployed, thieving from Ashley no less, which led her to reconsider the whole "I do" thing.

Woman Saying No To A ProposalNicoleta Ionescu, Shutterstock

24. Some Steep Steps

I work as a wedding photographer and a few years back, I found myself at a rather upscale outdoor wedding situated in a remote, classy location. This venue boasted a grand concrete staircase, adorned on both sides by water fountains, which would beautifully showcase the bride's descent to the altar, as though she were emerging from the heavens.

As the ceremony commenced, the members of the bridal party gracefully descended the staircase and assumed their positions. Then came the bride, accompanied by her father. This is when things went downhill.

After taking just three to four steps down the reinforced concrete staircase, her shoe gave way. The bride ended up falling a significant distance—at least 12 feet—and horrifyingly, she lost most of her front teeth in the fall.

Considering the remote location of the wedding venue, it took an ambulance quite a while—around 40 minutes—to reach. The bride suffered intense pain until help arrived. Luckily, she ultimately recovered, and weeks later I received an email rescheduling the wedding. Unsurprisingly, at the new location, there wasn't a staircase in sight.

Wedding photographer in black suit taking photos at wedding.al1962 , Shutterstock

25. A Campy Wedding

I once did a catering gig for a wedding in upstate New York, set in a countryside summer camp. Picture this: the couple exchanged their vows by a tranquil lake, and the wedding party later convened in a space much like a cafeteria for the reception.

 This was held in September, likely a money-making venture for the camp following the departure of the summer children. The wedding ceremony was perfect. However, the reception was a different story. Chaos reigned when the camp owners discovered a raging fire engulfing a historical 19th-century building on the opposite banks of the lake.

Amid this pandemonium, the bride's father had a nasty fall on the dance floor, injuring his head. He was promptly whisked away by an ambulance that was called to the scene, and ultimately had to get a few stitches.

The place quickly descended into chaos, filled with fire trucks and ambulances. Tensions intensified when the bride and groom had a heated argument. To compound the situation, the DJ abruptly packed and headed out around 8:30, bringing an unexpected end to the wedding festivities.

Wedding disastersShutterstock

26. That Time Of Month

Unfortunately, the bride began her period on her wedding day, causing her immense discomfort and pain. Her stomach was in knots the whole day, preventing her from enjoying any of the delicious buffet food. Every attempt at eating just resulted in her feeling sick and being unable to keep the food down. 

Her cramps were so severe that it was a challenge to even stand upright, so she opted to remain seated most of the day. As a direct result of her feeling so unwell, most of her wedding photos present her with a pained expression rather than a joyful smile.

Wedding disastersShutterstock

27. I’d Rather Be Elsewhere

Growing up, my dad was really into collecting and restoring old cars. Sometimes, he'd even use them for wedding ceremonies. I have clear memories of helping him clean out the confetti from the cars after the wedding receptions. But, there was this one peculiar week, when he came back and there was absolutely no confetti to clean up...

As it turned out, on their way to the church, the bride had a sudden change of heart. Her favourite place in the world was the local zoo, and she decided she'd much rather spend her day there. So, they requested my dad to drop them off at the zoo, all dressed up in wedding finery!

So that's exactly what he did. They planned to call a taxi once they had their fair share of fun. You can imagine the surprise at the church, especially since this was before the era of cell phones! I recently asked my dad about this incident, and it seems the bride was marrying only because she was pregnant and felt obligated to.

Wedding disastersUnsplash

28. The Right Time

My buddy works as a wedding photographer. While everyone was lined up at the altar, the best man revealed, humorously it seemed, that the groom had just come out as gay, leading to the wedding's cancellation. 

The audience burst into laughter, taking it as a typical best man jest, but the truth was far from funny. Unaware, the bride was en route in her limo, and obviously, she was none too pleased. The attendees patiently waited as the couple ironed out their unexpected predicament.

Eventually, they converted the banquet hall into two separate sections, each for the families of the bride and groom, where they had their separate meals. As you might guess, they didn't end up needing any of the wedding photos.

Sad groom sitting on a chair in suit holding his headchristinarosepix, Shutterstock

29. A Bit Too Long

This story's from a Christian wedding where the minister wouldn't say, "You may now kiss the bride." The bride knew about this but was hopeful that he'd change his mind and eventually say those words. But no, he didn't utter the phrase at the conclusion of the ceremony. 

Having had a couple of drinks before the processional, the bride boldly grabbed her new spouse's face and they shared a passionate, lengthy kiss. Initially, everyone reacted with enthusiastic applause and settled cheer. 

But soon enough, the applause dissolved and a palpable silence took over as the couple continued their intense make-out session before a crowd of 300 spectators. As a groomsman, I got a front-row seat to the spectators' wide-eyed response. The elders and notably her grandparents were conspicuously uncomfortable with the situation.

Angry bride and groom looking at each otherAndrii Medvediuk, Shutterstock

30. Granny’s Review

The grandmother of my former wife, who was in her 90s and bound to a wheelchair, became particularly vocal about the state of the flowers during our time at the altar. She voiced her concerns rather loudly, despite being in a crowded setting. With an absence of discretion and seemingly oblivious to her surroundings, her volume kept escalating.

"They seem so withered!!" she cried out suddenly. In response, one of the cousins, balancing respect and gravity of the situation, silently rose, started pushing her wheelchair and began steering her outside. "Where are we headed?!?" she shouted, causing a bout of laughter to ripple through the crowd. However, we soon regained our composure and proceeded with the ceremony.

Plot Twist FactsFlickr,Matt Janicki

31. Everything At Once

My pal tied the knot at a scenic tree farm, where the bride was expected to arrive in a horse-drawn carriage against the backdrop of a gorgeous waterfall and rolling landscapes. Yet, right from the get-go, it started pouring. I'm talking torrential rain, the kind that could've filled Noah's Ark. 

The ceremony had to be shuffled indoors, to the same pavilion planned for the reception. The majestic white horses pulling the bride's ride struggled as they skidded and slushed around, ending up splattered with mud.

Meanwhile, one of the groomsmen got his hands on a hefty bottle of Crazy Horse, gulped it down, and decided it was time to duke it out with one of my buddies. During the picture-taking, he managed to flip my friend over, toppling a large flower arrangement in the process. 

The next thing we knew, he was somersaulting down a muddy slope in his tux, strolled into a stranger's home, and promptly dozed off on their sofa. Amid all this chaos, my friend, the same one who was almost in a brawl, had to deal with an ex-girlfriend. 

She was at the wedding with her new boyfriend, who was also his friend, and out of the blue, she publicly confessed that she was still in love with him. It was indeed a chain of unwelcome events. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the newlyweds. To top it all, right before the ceremony, the groom's uncle approached him. 

He casually mentioned that he had left his car parked outside. What's more, he revealed that the keys were in the ignition, his passport, and $2,000 cash in the glove compartment—a just-in-case escape kit if the groom decided to call it quits!

Bridezillas factsPixnio

32. At The Altar

My mom used to play organ at church and consequently went to a lot of weddings. One of her memorable stories is about a bride who, when prompted with the question "Do you take this man...?" completely fell apart. Her declaration was heartbreaking: "No, I can't. I don't love him". 

She then sprinted out of the church, leaving everyone astonished. Given we lived in a relatively small town, news spread that she'd unexpectedly fallen head over heels for another man.

Heartbroken People Divorce ExperienceShutterstock

33. The Big Day Brawl

During the lighting of the candles at the wedding, the bride's mother suddenly fainted on stage, igniting a brawl, right there in the church. The bride's parents had been vehemently against the marriage given that the groom, a 58-year-old man, was marrying their daughter—a 23-year-old woman who also happened to be his employee. 

Added to the complexity, the groom had been her kung fu instructor as well as the father's when she was a teenager. The parents had initially been not invited to the wedding just a day before, only to be invited again on the wedding day. The mother, a part of the traditional candle lighting ritual, carried a stern, somber expression before she passed out on stage. 

This prompted the groom to accuse her of trying to ruin the wedding—a charge she was visibly unconscious to respond to. This triggered her husband, who outraged, dashed up the stage to punch the groom square in the face. And there I was, a mere guest at this intense wedding, breathing a sigh of relief.

Angry groom holding his headAlexandru Logel, Shutterstock

34. The Main Characters

Last year, I attended a rather strange wedding. The bride and groom had special meals and free-flowing champagne, while the guests had to buy drinks with cash-only drink tickets—there were no ATMs around either. 

The venue had a shortage of tables, and even the food was not adequate. Some guests dominated the buffet, helping themselves to third helpings before others got their first.

The couple seemed rather aloof, spending the majority of their evening posing for a photographer. Matters got worse when a quarrel surfaced between the two families, escalating to the point where we needed to call the police. 

At this point, we opted to head out, grab a pizza, and retreat to our hotel. Much to our surprise, we found an unconscious person occupying our bed.

Angry groom at wedding looking at his phoneCressida studio, Shutterstock

35. All From Scratch

I once witnessed a bride single-handedly wreck her own wedding. I showed up for the evening part, along with a group of others, thinking we'd walk in on some dance party post-speeches. But, a surprise awaited us. No one had gotten around to eating. 

The whole scene got messed up because the wrong meal had been served, and the bride demanded the venue to start cooking the correct meal from the start for nearly eighty guests. After a lot of back-and-forth, the hotel complied. To make it quick, they dished out meals as soon as they were ready. 

Therefore, when we made our entrance, which was hours after the main crowd had settled down, a mixed scenario greeted us: some had finished their meal, some had just started eating, and others were still waiting. The speeches hadn't started at all.

The evening turned into a booze-and-wait gig for us, as we hung around the bar, intermittently peeking into the dining hall to check the progress. Barely squeezing in time for the speeches and what I think was the bride and groom's waltz, the whole event scrambled to a close, with people heading home. Predictably, that marriage didn't survive.

Shortest-Lived Marriages FactsShutterstock

36. The BEST Best Man

My girlfriend and I attended a friend's wedding recently. We found ourselves sitting and waiting for half an hour or more, only to then be informed that the wedding was cancelled. Turns out, a shocking revelation was made just prior to the announcement—the groom and his best man were caught in a somewhat compromising situation. 

Apparently, the groom was tying the knot just to appease his devout Catholic family. Overwhelmed with humiliation, the bride bolted overseas and we've not heard a word from her since. These days, the ex-groom and the best man are happily married themselves, even managing a quaint Bed and Breakfast in the Lake District.

Best man  with mic giving speech at a weddingnadtochiy, Shutterstock

37. A Sudden Stop

In my previous job as a caterer, I catered at least one wedding a week for around 18 months. Out of all those weddings, there was only one instance where the celebration had to be abruptly stopped. This happened when the bride's little girl choked on a decorative light she had popped in her mouth while playing with the other children at the wedding.

All of a sudden, a crowd clustered around her, desperately trying to help her cough up the object. At the same time, we were dialing 911 and the DJ had vanished, leaving his loud music still reverberating around the venue. 

I moved to turn off the music, hoping to spare the poor child from choking with the booming sound of Cupid Shuffle in the backdrop. This appeared to rouse the DJ from wherever he was, returning just in time to get upset about me touching his cherished equipment.

Luckily, after what felt like a long time, the girl managed to cough up the light, thanks to a guest who performed the Heimlich maneuver on her, and she was fine. As anyone would expect, the bride was deeply shaken by the incident and chose to call off the party.

Beautiful gorgeous brunet bride cryingBasilio Dovgun, Shutterstock

38. Whose Party Is This?

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds opted to sneak away for a "quick photoshoot." However, they ended up being away for a whopping five hours! During this period, we all waited patiently at the venue. With no updates from the couple, all activities were temporarily halted—the buffet was untouched, and the DJ wasn't spinning any tunes.

After a couple of hours of waiting, most guests decided to pool together some money. With these funds, we managed to persuade the venue's manager to start serving the food and cue the DJ to kickstart the music.

So, without the star couple, we initiated the celebrations. You can imagine their surprise when they eventually returned to find that most of the food was consumed, the dance floor was buzzing, and it almost seemed as if everyone had forgotten it was their wedding...

bride and groom at a wedding in nature having photos takenstockfilms88, Shutterstock

39. Work Of The Devil

After college, I found myself working at a catering company. There's one night, which I refer to as Bedlam at the Head Table, that will forever be etched in my memory. The night was progressing smoothly, everything was on track.

As the event captain, during the speeches by the best man and maid of honor, I positioned myself just outside the kitchen doors. Up comes the best man to give his toast and starts talking about how the bride completely turned her life around to win over the groom. He highlighted that she went through a lot to become who she is now. 

I found it odd, but shrugged it off when the speech concluded and folks hit the dance floor. Back in the kitchen we began plating dinner, but when I reemerged, I was met with a massive crowd surrounding the head table. I was cluefully lost until I noticed punches were flying, with the best man at the epicenter.

My manager, along with a couple of guests, managed to hoist up the best man and hustle him through the lobby doors, while family members held back those who had attacked him. A quarter-hour later, the groom took center stage on the dance floor, gripping his new bride’s hand, and declared it was bound to happen. 

It turned out the best man had some grievances with the bride on account of her past relationships. Upping the ante, the groom summoned his uncle, a reverend of all things, to say a blessing or what appeared to be perform an exorcism! The whole, "begone devil, leave this wedding in peace!" bit was totally surreal.

The bride just wanted everything to wrap up, so we served the cake and closed shop two hours early. The staff was thrilled to knock off early, though, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the bride. The night was botched, friendships tarnished, and a moment that should've been special was utterly dampened.

Portrait of the bride crying.Viacheslav Boiko  , Shutterstock

40. Country Chaos

I was part of the bridal party, with the bride's family being quite the country folks. There's absolutely no issues with it—in fact, they were a hoot all weekend! The wedding took place outdoors at the country club owned by the groom's family. The bride's brother had the honor of walking her down the aisle. 

Unfortunately, he had a few too many drinks before 10am and decided he couldn't wait until the wedding ceremony wrapped up to go to the restroom. He thought he was successfully hiding behind the large floral arrangement at the altar, but he didn't quite make it behind cover. 

My top pick for the wedding photo is one with the bride delivering her vows amidst giggles, while in the backdrop you can see her brother, his backside exposed, taking a leak.

A sad groom waiting for the brideJuice Flair, Shutterstock

41. The Messy Kid

When I was a little eight-year-old, my dad decided to tie the knot again, and I had the opportunity to take part in his wedding. Since my dad was my single parent, I was thrilled about having a mom figure again. I played the role of a ring bearer on their big day. 

A parade of emotions flooded me as I walked down the aisle. To contain my laughter or to block the surprising tears, I held an intense, serious expression, even in every wedding photograph.

However, the reception didn't exactly go as planned. In the thick of the wedding ceremony's festivities, just when they were announcing my new stepmom, I unfortunately had an "accident" in my smart little tuxedo. It was an unwelcome surprise, quite noisy and, well, not very pleasant at all. 

As if that wasn't enough, I also managed to throw up a bit, and sadly, some splattered on my new mom's dress's hem. And the cherry on top? All of this got recorded!

In a funny turn of events, that particular video, as well as my unintended reputation as the "diarrhea disaster kid", managed to survive past the length of that marriage.

Cute flower girl and ring bearer, children in a weddingHolly Mazour, Shutterstock

42. Stuck In Red Tape

We held our wedding in the US, and everything was smooth sailing. The day following our vows, we headed to the government agency downtown to complete the necessary official documents. The worker assisting us wasn't familiar with how to handle our Canadian proofs of identity, so the department bigwig stepped in. 

After filling out all the paperwork, signing everywhere required, and providing our address, we flew back home a few days afterwards. After waiting over a month to receive our paperwork through the mail and it never arriving, I contacted the government office. 

After being given the runaround for about twenty minutes, I eventually learned that they had no record of me or my husband, let alone our identification or paperwork. When I asked about possible solutions from overseas, they came up empty.

It seems we're heading towards a second wedding ceremony, even though I'd prefer not to have it in this town. Oddly enough, I never envisioned myself getting married, and now that it's supposed to happen, it’s not.

Bride and groom at their wedding on a farmJarad Lee, Unsplash

43. A Sudden Turn

One of my friends invited me to accompany her to her cousin's wedding. The bride, her cousin, was about to tie the knot. The ceremony was progressing quite well, despite the groom's unnerving jitteriness, frequent scanning of the room, and his somewhat aggressive facial expressions. It seemed peculiar, but I chalked it up to pre-wedding jitters. 

They exchanged traditional Protestant Christian vows, including a glass-stomping ritual. As soon as the priest began the "I now pronounce you..." bit, the groom hastily spun the bride around to face the guests, even before he was told to "kiss the bride". 

Then, with a surprising boldness, he shouted at the bride's side of the room, claiming exclusive rights over his newlywed wife and warned them to abandon any hopes of seeing her again.

The bride tried to either reason with him or soothe his anger—I couldn't quite tell. However, when she attempted to say something, he smacked her so hard that she stumbled off the stage. This shocking sight left the crowd in stunned silence.

Just when we were about to intervene, the priest landed a clean, hard punch on the groom's face, leaving his nose audibly crushed. The groom collapsed amidst the yells and commotion from the audience. Amidst the chaos, the priest calmly shredded what was presumably the marriage certificate into minuscule pieces.

My friend, along with a few other guests, hustled to get the bride out safely. I did my best to shield them, ensuring no one interfered, despite not knowing who was allied with whom. Once we made it outside, we quickly got the bride, her mom, and my friend into a car to drive off. I immediately rushed to my own car afterward.

A few days later, I discovered that the groom was arrested for attempting to break into the bride's house. Thankfully, the wedding wasn't officially recorded, sparing the bride the complication of filing for a divorce. Needless to say, I declined any upcoming wedding invites for a while after that.

Scared groomiofoto , Shutterstock

44. The Cake Tells A Story

So, there's this guy I know who makes wedding cakes on the side. One day, a woman he sort of knows rings him up and asks if he can whip up a cake for her impending nuptials that very weekend. He agrees to it. The bride requests quite an unconventional design. 

She wants a cake with a bride and groom on top, but with an extra twist—another woman, clearly pregnant, sitting off to one side. The bride was insistent on the details, especially the hair color of this mysterious third figure.

The wedding day arrives. The ceremony happens. The reception is in full swing. And then comes the moment to unveil the cake… the crowd gathers. Soon enough, they notice the unusual trio of figurines decorating the cake. 

Sensing the growing curiosity, the bride clears her throat, points to the cake, and she drops a total bombshell: "That's me, that's my groom, and over here is the lady he impregnated six months ago." Without another word, she exits the scene.

It's probably the wackiest story I've ever come across. It truly shows the lengths people will go to stir up some drama. If you can believe it, the latest update from the cake maker is this: despite everything, the couple are still somehow hitched!

Outrageous Reasons for Divorce factsShutterstock

45. Stood Up

So, there I was, all set and waiting when my soon-to-be wife messaged me. She wasn't feeling well and needed to head to the hospital. I found it weird when I realized her family hadn't shown up. 

It turns out, they didn't bother with their part of the invite list or to inform me about a major detail—there wasn't going to be a wedding. So, imagine me alongside my family and buddies, hanging out at a wedding that was never going to be.

emergency  in hospitalGround Picture, Shutterstock

46. The Party Goes On!

I spent a part of my career on a yacht that mainly hosted weddings. Over time, I've participated in around 300 weddings. These events were usually planned way ahead, with the yacht booked for the evening and the deposit was pretty much not refundable.

But there was this one time, when the engaged couple called it off about a month before the big day. The groom, in consideration of the people who had traveled a long way, and the significant money he'd already spent on the yacht, food, and drinks, opted to just throw a big party. 

So, there he was, the groom, his best buddies, and an assortment of family members, throwing a bash to rival a frat house for four hours. It was actually a refreshing change getting to work that day, and shifting gears from a wedding bartender to a lively nightclub mixologist.

Robert Wagner FactsShutterstock

47. We’re Staying Anyways

Back in the early 90s, I attended a wedding in Torrance, CA. The bride and groom were relatives of my then-girlfriend. The wedding ceremony was happening in a small, quaint church while the reception was planned at Alpine Village. At the venue, around one hundred guests, including us, were seated and ready. 

However, there was a delay, and the ceremony didn't start on time. Suddenly, we heard a burst of heated arguments. It rattled on for a few minutes until a representative emerged and announced that the wedding was canceled, leaving us confused and with no further explanation.

Even though we didn't know what had gone wrong, we remembered that there was an open bar at the reception, all prepaid. So, we decided to go anyway. To our surprise, some other guests had also made the same journey to enjoy free drinks.

About an hour into the reception, the couple turned up after all, insisting they'd tied the knot despite the earlier announcement. Few guests had made it to the reception, probably forgetting about the open bar, resulting in a lower turnout than expected. But hey, that just left more drinks for the rest of us.

wedding bar and waiter preparing drinkseremeevdv, Shutterstock

48. The Official Commentary

I went to a wedding party and my seat was not that far from the guy filming everything. My aunt, who happened to be sat even closer to the camera, dedicated her whole evening to making comments and dishing out gossip about pretty much everyone. 

And guess what? A lot of it ended up on the recording—including a secret about the couple's past. She was saying how her niece, the bride, almost left her groom for another man.

The camera guy was quite skilled though; he made two versions—one that was neatly edited and another where absolutely nothing was left out...Let me tell you, the raw, uncut one has become legendary.

Videographer recording wedding ceremony.Phakorn Kasikij , Shutterstock

49. It’s All In A Name

My big brother tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend, they'd been dating for a decade. During his reception, all hell broke loose. The unpleasant truth came out when the best man grabbed the mic—in his speech, he said she'd been having an affair with some other guy and had schemed to marry my big brother only to divorce him soon after, hoping to seize our family home.

Unfortunately for her, she didn't realize the house was registered in the name of our father, not my brother, even though they share the same name! So, she didn't have any rights to claim the house. As far as I know, she's now on her own—abandoned by her family and the man she cheated with.

sad and worried bride cryingBoryana Manzurova, Shutterstock

50. The Runaway

The groom ran away on the morning of his wedding day. He contacted his family after two days and told them he was in another country and didn’t wanna get married yet. 

Apparently, his family pressured him into marrying a woman who he'd only known for two weeks. The bride was very upset, but she and her family understood the situation and moved on.

Serious groom in tuxedo at weddingDepiction Images, Shutterstock

Sources:  Reddit,

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