Wedding Disasters Caught On Camera

August 25, 2023 | Nur Karageldi

Wedding Disasters Caught On Camera

Weddings are already unforgettable, but with a simple touch of chaos and a camera, they turn into scenes from absurd comedies, horror pictures, or even documentaries.

Check out these unforgettable moments that made the final cut:

1. Little Girl Or Not

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 10 years. About a year and a half ago, I was at this beautiful wedding in Scotland taking pictures during the reception. Everything was going really well, and I was getting some great candid shots.

I try to find out who the "important" people in the weddings are, such as bridesmaids, groomsmen, and important family members. I was taking a few pictures of the father of the groom who was standing off in the corner talking to this little girl whom I hadn't noticed before.

That's when I captured the most hilarious moment of my night.

The father of the groom looked angry, which at first, I didn't understand. Out of nowhere, he starts screaming at this little girl, saying "Get lost, monster!" 

At first, I was completely shocked, but it was about that time I realized this little girl was actually a 30-foot-tall crustacean from the Paleolithic Era.

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2. Bride And Groom Looking Forward For The Afterparty

I've filmed dozens of weddings. I put a wireless microphone on the groom in a lot of cases, so I get everything he mutters before, during, and after the ceremony. 

Most of my cutting was audio-related. Lots of guys buddies telling them they have a chance to run, series and not.

My favorite, though, was walking down the aisle after the ceremony, the groom whispered to the bride "We're getting it on as soon as we leave this church" and the bride gave him this hilarious look and was basically jogging out of the church.

And everything the guests filmed on the video guestbook was delivered, good or bad.

We definitely had a tipsy aunt go on a 15-minute rant once, and lots of raunchy stories from other tipsy friends of the bride and groom, but nothing that stands out.

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3. Watch Out!

This didn’t happen to me, but my buddy was the videographer for a wedding.

During the ceremony, they had candles lining the aisle and the mother of the bride decided to get closer so she could get a better picture. While she was taking pictures, she started walking backwards.

Well, she walked backwards right into one of the candle holders and knocked it over right into someone's lap. Commence chaos! Guy jumps up trying to put out the fire that's now in his lap, and the guy's wife starts screaming at the woman.

It took about 20 minutes to get everything calmed down. The marriage went off without a hitch afterwards.

And yes, it was all caught on camera. The bride insisted it be cut out of the final video. So, my buddy put it on a separate tape for us all to laugh at later.

I now understand "Rest in peace inbox". For clarification, they did get married. "Without a hitch" may have been the wrong terminology but we'll just go with it.

 I texted my buddy this morning to see if he still has the clip somewhere. This happened about six years ago, and he now owns his own production company now, so it's probably long gone.

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4. Little Boy’s Thoughts About Marriage

It was my wedding, and we didn't have it removed, nor would we have, but the camera didn't pick up the audio.

So, when you look at the video, you see us making our vows, then the whole wedding party laughing. When it continues, a sliver of audio can be heard—and it was a knee-slapper. What happened was the ring bearer, a little boy about 3 or 4, blurted something out during the vows.

"Senior, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" asked the priest. The kid then says, not quietly: "You mean he doesn't have to marry her?"

It just blew his mind that a guy would willingly marry a girl!

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5. Cake Monster

My dad used to videotape and photograph weddings when I was a kid, including my cousin's wedding.

My cousin and I have an age gap—I was 3 at his wedding. My dad was photographing things, my mom acting as his assistant, and no one was watching me...

So naturally, I found my way to the pretty cake, and (very uncharacteristically of me, even as a small child, I walked right up and swiped a fistful of it before it was cut.

My mom was frantically trying to cover it up, and when my cousin saw it, he was a good sport about it. Didn't really matter in the end anyway, my cousin was a Marine at the time and one of his superiors was the one to cut the cake... 

He sliced it in half with a big tool. So, no one cared about my side swipe in the end.

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6. A Surprise On The Background

I helped edit a wedding video someone else shot. The wedding was on a beach, and at the part where the couple is exchanging rings and vows, there are two middle aged fat dudes in the background, about 100 metres away, skinny-dipping.

It framed perfectly between the marrying couple.

One of the dudes saw the camera so of course he jumped up and started shaking his thing around.

I couldn't edit it out because it was at such a pivotal moment of the ceremony, so that couple will always have those “undressed nudies” in their video.

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7. How To Ruin A Romantic Moment

I didn't film it and wished I had to this date.

My friend got married to a woman with a young son. She was nearing the end of her visa and suddenly fell madly in love with him.

He was blindly in love with her and at the wedding instead of standard vows they wrote their own. He went on and on about her and them and love and all that. Everyone turned to her, and she said, "I share the same sentiment ". That was it.

My husband and I still say this to each other after one of us is particularly sappy.

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8. Let’s Take A Selfie

One of my relatives' weddings was going along smoothly, no big troubles, food was eaten, and people began to drink. Later in the evening, after midnight, I went out to catch a breath—the whole thing was held at a castle-like restaurant and hotel—and the bride came along. 

We had a nice chat and decided to have a selfie in front of said building. I didn't check the picture; I just supposed it was good enough and went back inside with her. 

When I looked over the picture later, my jaw dropped. I went over some small details of the picture, like the guy taking a wee next to the building, the lovely lady holding her friend's hair while she pukes her soul out, and someone's body who passed out on the driveway.

The thing that this much beauty could fit into a small little selfie still amazes me to this day.

Bride makes strange face to wedding guestIVASHstudio, Shutterstock

9. Dads Are Always Right

I was recording my parents just before my brother's wedding. I asked what they thought about him getting married? My mother said all the usual nice things; she's a lovely girl, I hope they're very happy, etc.

On the other hand, my father didn't bat an eye, "Not the first mistake he's ever made". My mother immediately started chastising him. I started laughing uncontrollably.

My brother is now divorced, not because of my dad's comment. Also, he's never seen the video.

Bride is laughing at wedding reception seating next to groom looking surprised.Steve Ikeguchi , Shutterstock

10. Watch Your Language, Minister!

I used to film a few weddings for extra cash as a side job. The very religious minister performing the ceremony went on and on and on about the consummation.

Like ridiculously inflammatory language. "And then the woman opens like a flower, and the husband cometh into her". Stuff like that. It actually drew some gasps and laughs, and he actually told the crowd to be quiet.

Groom asked me to edit it out. It was surreal.

Groom in suit cryingPirat Pirat, Shutterstock

11. Gossip Caught On Video

Kind of the reverse, but story time! My wife's dad and stepmom arrived late to a wedding, quietly slipped into the back row, and proceeded to whisper back and forth talking stuff about the groom, whose family they've known for years.

They talked about the groom's family, the bride's appearance, and anyone else they recognized in the seats. Turns out they were sitting inches from one of the microphones for the film crew recording the ceremony.

Years later, they mentioned to the groom's parents that they never saw a thank you note after the wedding, and the parents told them off for ruining the ceremony video.

Wedding photographer holding cameraJulia Avamotive, Pexels

12. Cameraman Got Hurt

I'm late to the party but felt like I needed to add my story.

A while back a tradition came up where all the male cousins in my family play ball tag. For those who don't know, a ball tag is where you surprise someone by hitting them below the belt. 

It got so bad that during family pictures we all stood with our hands covering our parts. We're Indian, so there's like a thousand ceremonies over seven days.

When my cousin got married, I was helping out by filming one of these ceremonies. During filming I recorded one of my cousins emerging from the crowd. What ensued was an embarrassing moment that would be caught on tape.

Shank style, he tagged me so hard that I fell to the floor. 

I dropped the camera and covered my parts in pain. The camera, still filming, caught the aftermath as it recorded me, close up, in the fetal position. It even made it onto the DVD.

About two days later, I got him back by convincing a younger cousin to ask him for a piggyback. When he began to support my little cousin on his back and looped his arms around his legs I emerged from the closet, where I was hiding, and returned the favor.

Ball tag has been banned from our events now.

Professional wedding photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom in gardenVolodymyr_Shtun, Shutterstock

13. What’s With The Face?

First wedding I filmed, I never did many, I'm not fantastic with my camerawork and a wedding is the last thing I want to ruin filming.

So, we were doing a panning shot of the bridal party, and just as we get to the bride and groom on the right side of the screen, he kisses her on the shoulder. 

He then makes a face like he just smelt dog poop and takes a giant swig of his drink. I watched it a zillion times laughing like crazy then left it in the final video.

Happy, newly wed couple are seating with guests at their wedding meal and smiling.DGLimages , Shutterstock

14. You Really Shouldn’t Say “I Do”

I run a wedding photo/video company, so I have seen my fair share of things. Some funny/embarrassing stuff like the fathers’ pants falling to his ankles before starting the father-daughter dance, failed bouquet tosses and passed out patrons, grooms who got way too tipsy, stuff like that.

But by far, the worst thing I see is when friends/family insist on me recording them tell the bride or groom how big of a mistake they made. Bridesmaids saying, "Sorry I wasn't at the ceremony, but I'll be there for your next marriage", an uncle saying, "You messed up, shouldn't have married her", etc.

It happens a lot more than people realize, and I obviously never include those things so who knows what kind of things have been said or not after that. I could ruin a couple of relationships pretty fast if those slipped through the editing process.

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15. Dress Code Needs To Be Revisited

Looks like all the comments so far are mostly about photography. I was a photographer at a wedding and this young girl caught the bouquet. 

I get ready to take photos of the garter at the bouquet catcher ceremony when her mom comes up and asks if I can make sure to take the photos from the side.

I said, "Why?"

"Because she's not wearing any undergarments" I was told.

To which I wondered, “Why did she catch the flowers, then?” Because some random dude ended up all up in her dress without her wearing undies. 

But people are weird about this whole thing—at one of my weddings, the wife and I had two because the family was on opposite ends of the country. 

The guy who caught the garter was cousins with the girl who caught the flowers. And I was like, "Why did you catch the garter then?"

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16. Taking Care Of The Guests Is Not My Job

It was a reception with a lot of drinks...the bride gave a stepdad lap dance. The maid of honor gave the mother of the bride a lap dance. They all expected me to photograph it.

It’s still in my files. End of the night, they wanted me to drive their car because they were too intoxicated to drive...Did not do that and luckily my time was up so I packed up gear and started to leave.

Bride starts getting angry at me, saying she paid me to be there until midnight—contract stated otherwise.

Still, I haven't received an apology for that as the groom's dad is an acquaintance of my family.

This was the bonus: the preacher's kid was the groom.

Group of people and bride are dancing at wedding party.Владимир Васильев , Pexels

17. Kids Shouldn’t Be Allowed At Weddings

I have a handful from my eight-year-old! My favorite time was when the ring bear released gas while the groom was saying his vows and it stopped the ceremony as everyone burst into laughter. 

The ring bearer started crying.

In other weddings, twice during the ceremony, the rings went missing causing a fury of organized subtle chaos. Both times the brides were upset and in almost tears.

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18. An Ugly Bride

My brother was once an altar boy at a wedding, and he was standing there with another altar boy in this big, packed church in Chicago where we grew up.

So, the bride was coming down the aisle, and the organ was playing, and all the pews were filled, and the bride got all the way to the altar, and the groom lifted the veil off of the bride, and right at that moment the other altar boy said: "Aw, she's ugly". 

And then they looked, and they were right next to the video camera.

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19. Sorry, Wrong Sister

Not actually me filming, but it was on tape. At my girlfriend's oldest sister's wedding, I got into an argument with my girlfriend. She wanted to dance but I couldn't consider I was recovering from an ACL injury and was barely able to walk without a cane.

Yes, I was using a cane, the bride told me I couldn't have my right crutch because it would look terrible with the suit I was wearing, I agreed because who wouldn't want to have a cane?

My girlfriend stormed off and asked her sister to dance, there were four including my girlfriend. The eldest and the triplets, who my girlfriend is a part of, who were the bridesmaids and maid of honour.

I walked away to get a Coca Cola in class because I couldn't drink other stuff. I drink it and go outside, when I come back in later, I see my girlfriend standing at the edge of the dance floor, I walk up behind her and turn her very suddenly and kiss her, while kissing her I feel a metal stud on her lip. 

"Weird" is what went through my head.

I pull away and at that moment my actual girlfriend kicks away my cane which I was leaning on. She had been behind me the entire time; I was kissing her younger sister who looks almost identical except for a stud she has on her lip.

It was all on tape and now every time my oldest sister watches the wedding tape, she sends me a series of pictures of me falling down frame by frame.

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20. Chaos On Camera

My wife and I did the super low-key justice of the peace/courthouse wedding, but our friends were like, “No no no, you guys are great, we'll each do something for the wedding, and it will be cool”.

So, my wife's bestie “CZ”, who is an amazing baker, baked us this amazing cake, drove it all the way to Seattle for the wedding. Wife's buddy "Bob”, who is Japanese, did this amazing funny sushi making show at the reception.

My buddies brought a ton of drinks, and got my tea-totaller in-laws, who I'd never met before the wedding, absolutely smashed. It was a blast. My buddy "Tony" who was a film student filmed the wedding etc.

So, everyone is lit at the reception, and Tony says he wants everyone to come with him one at a time to give a message to my wife and I on the wedding video. That's when things got super awkward.

So, CZ does this sobbing confession of love for me, her bestie's husband. Bob breaks down in these quiet sobs confessing his true love for my wife.

My best man "Mich" and my father-in-law break down arm in arm saying how they are each losing the person most important to them. 

And my mother-in-law, who has been involuntarily institutionalized, for being crazy, stares at the camera without blinking and goes into this monologue about how marriage is terrible and only makes people unhappy.

Do I win?

Serious groom in tuxedo at weddingDepiction Images, Shutterstock

21. Holy What?

This happened at my niece's wedding five years ago. She was kind of estranged from the family and still is. It turned out to be an ultra-hard core right wing religious conservative wedding, and we are middle of the road but lean liberal.

Formerly she was a liberal until she met this control freak. Anyway, Catholic mass wedding. Priest had handed over the chalice and must have said, “Holy, Holy, Holy, etc.” at least fifteen times, every time giving each individual “Holy” some deep meaning.

Like the more repetitions and with deep meaning the better. Now I am sitting in the first pew. About Holy number 10 I say, “Holy Darn” My son in law, sitting next to me, shot snot out his nose, others snickered.

The priest glanced towards us. We think he heard it too. We got it on tape but not too clearly. My wife is still upset. The sons-in-law think I’m all right. A legend to some of their friends.

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22. Don’t Try To Cheer Us Up

I haven't filmed a wedding, but I was an interpreter at one. A Russian married an American girl in Kazakhstan. There are a lot of Russians in Kazakhstan and that's where he's from.

First of all, imagine two different cultures, and they collide, but in the terms of the one where guests prevail. So basically, half of the wedding I was explaining Russian wedding traditions to a couple of Americans.

And the wedding was really weird, but the worst part, grandma's wife passed before the wedding, so she had a reserved spot with a framed writing on it. 

Ceremony goes well, it’s open air, with a tiny bit of rain, after we go to a restaurant, but before that, taking pictures with a Russian photographer.

Oh boy. So, the wife decides to take photos with framed writing, in memory of her "nana". It was kind of a sad moment. And the photographer didn't understand why wife wasn't smiling on the photoshoot, so he said "Why so sad? Whoo!"

He said that before because it was easy to warm up people for photos.

The wife was in tears for half an hour, and I explained to the photographer what he did, he later said sorry, and everything was okay. For the most part.


23. Smackdown

I was a photographer for a wedding.

So, there was tension between the groom's and bride's family, right at the end when the bride was getting in the car, something was said which ignited an all-out brawl which resulted in the groom throwing punches at his own dad and the bride getting knocked over trying to stop it.

Best and worst part is as I had my camera out, I filmed the whole thing, bad thing is I was threatened to delete the footage after it all calmed down.

I never did, but if I ever post it and it gets back to the groom, they are ending me, I'm literally sitting on viral gold, and I can't share it.

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24. Oh Father

I was at a wedding where the only time the father of the groom mentioned the bride in his long speech was to tell her that the best thing, she ever did was marry his son.

Angry woman with red sweater is looking at camera.Pavel Danilyuk ,Pexels

25. They Are Related!

I was at my younger female cousin's wedding sitting next to my dad. As the bride is walking down the aisle and while they are making their vows, my dad is telling me a story. He is also filming the wedding on his phone. Just to be nice, not paid/asked to do so.

So, the story goes that two days prior, the two families finally get together to meet each other. Specifically, the brides’ grandfather, and mine, and the groom's grandfather.

After pleasantries, the two elder gentlemen began to talk and get to know one another. As they are speaking, they start to discover common friends...then common relatives.

As it turns out, the grandfathers are cousins, not immediate, and after some quick math on my part, I realize the bride and groom are fourth or fifth cousins.

Distant, but close enough for me to start laughing. Apparently after discussion, they decide to get married anyway. I compose myself just enough to realize my dad is still holding his phone up, recording.

The last bit on the recording went something like this: “Dad, are you still recording?” He brought the phone down and immediately deleted the file. Which made me laugh more.

Grandfather sitting on a couchSteshka Willems, Pexels

26. Domino Effect

I wasn't recording it, but it was being recorded. This one kid wandered off and knocked over this super expensive candle, which domino effected into a lamp that was also expensive.

This all happened during the ring part, so I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been.

Bride and groom holding a white candle together.Nikolay Mint , Shutterstock

27. This Is For Marrying My Daughter

This was not really the worst thing per say, but kind of an unusual candid human moment. I was filming the bride, groom, and the father of the bride on a detail or zoom lens from afar when I caught the father of the bride pull out a bunch of bills and try to hand it to the groom.

Groom is shaking his head and the bride is obviously embarrassed. I stopped filming shortly after. Other than that, one time I got a ridiculously artistic shot of a best man doing a keg stand.

Woman giving  money to someone on  a streetlzf, Shutterstock

28. Mic’d Up

My cousin is a professional videographer, and he did my wedding. I don't think he cut any of the audio because there is definitely a conversation about my husband and father going on a raid with some dogs after the wedding, they are both accountants and no one has a dog.

But there was one unforeseen side effect of having him mic'd up—you could hear every conversation we had in our receiving line. I really love that part because a whole bunch of people passed shortly after our wedding and that was the last time we saw them.

Young bride and her sister in law with a microphone trying to be in the imagekravik93,  Shutterstock

29. Bride And Groom Has The Worst Friends

I was helping a friend film a wedding since his normal assistant was sick. I left a camera sitting and a hungover groomsman took it to record a message for the happy couple but ended up puking while recording.

Another time we were looking for a room to do interviews with family/friends, upon the bride’s request, and caught a bridesmaid doing the deed with the best man.

Sad groom sitting on a chair in suit holding his headchristinarosepix, Shutterstock

30. That’s Not How You Do It

A number of years ago in my early 20s, I went to my cousin's wedding. My father asked me to dance, and it was going quite well until he asked to dip me. I said no, I was pretty big at the time and figured he couldn't support my weight and would drop me. He was rather disappointed, and the dance ended soon after.

About three dances later, I hear him calling my name across the dance floor. I look up and he is gleefully dancing with my mother and shouts "Hey! This is how you dip someone!" and promptly dips my mother and drops her straight onto the floor. 

All proudly caught on video and still referenced at every family wedding to this day.

Weddings FactsPxfuel

31. Almost Worst Day Ever

Darn…it's funny we just received the video. We had to call the ambulance because my grandmother fainted in the middle of a song. My sister was interpreting a song with lots of passion, and she said that the emotions got to her.

I remember when it happened that I crossed my grandfather's eyes, I couldn't see my grandma, when it happened... I instantly knew that he was desperate for help.

The ambulance/firefighter came quickly. It was so weird to imagine my own mother having her mother going to the hospital when her first son is getting married. Also, at the time we didn't know that she simply fainted.

We were so worried about her getting a stroke, she had one a few years ago. Anyway, props to the dude who married us. He handled that like nobody could have.

One of my aunts is a nurse so she followed her to the hospital and kept us updated. God bless that my grandma survived that day... how sad would it have been otherwise!

Ambulance crew standing next to an ambulance outside.Pavel Danilyuk , Pexels

32. Loud Comments

The father of the groom was making his speech and he got to a touching part about his wife, mother of the groom, who had passed recently.

I was filming from the back but got his sound okay. It was meant to be one of the most heartwarming clips of my video—until it got ruined in an instant.

There were a bunch of little kids near me playing quietly until one of them yelled "God darn it!” right as the father was tearing up.

Nobody seemed to notice but it was plain as day on the tape, so I had to do a lot of delicate chopping on that one.

Odd Parenting Practices factsPxHere

33. You’ve Just Missed The Best Part

My aunt had a camera floating around for anyone to use at her wedding. While my dad was filming, one of the bridesmaids spilled a bottle of red the center table of the room. It knocked a bunch of stuff off the table as well as making the white tablecloth red.

Well, my father was facing the wrong way. So, when you watch the video there is a crashing sound then my father spins around and says very clearly "Darn it, I missed it" as the bridesmaids are scrambling to stop the chaos. Funniest part of that video by far.

Terrible Customer ServiceShutterstock

34. Ice Cream Truck

This was at my own wedding. We got married in a dear friend's front garden I had helped put together as a teenager. Just as we got to the vows, you can hear people sniffling, just about to cry, when the tell-tale sound of an ice cream van starts to build.

It gets louder and louder until it abruptly stops. The driver obviously noticed what they were approaching and shut off the music at what was essentially the property line to the next-door neighbor.

Silence as they creeped by the house. Then, as soon as they hit the next house full blast again "Do your ears hang low..." Everyone burst out laughing. Should have come back in ten minutes… It would have made a lot of money.

Harry Potter Actors FactsWikimedia Commons, Famartin

35. Busted

My sister-in-law was trying to use the wedding photographer as a personal photographer or something to take pictures of her family. 

She absolutely denied it for four months until we watched the video from the videographer that caught her literally saying: "The bride said that she wants you to take pictures of families".

So, our photographer missed a good 20 minutes of the reception to take pictures of her and her family and then came to us and was like "Hey, we didn't discuss this" and told me what the sister-in-law said.

I go to her, and she denies it all and says "Oh, the photographer told us that she wanted to take pictures of the family members " although it was only her and her family, which we weren't on good terms with, they weren't even invited.

So, months later we are sitting around watching footage, and just like a scene from the office, you see and hear with perfect clarity "Oh, the bride wants you to take pictures of the families, not the reception. We are ready when you are".

The sister-in-law is sitting in the corner of the room, so she stomps her way to the door and slams it as she leaves.

Shut It Down Behemoth ExperienceShutterstock

36. Bummer

At a friend's wedding, the videographer was filming a beautiful moment where the bride, bride's sister, brother, and mother were dancing together. 

Near the end of the dance, her father came and stood behind the videographer. The videographer had some shocking words: "This would be a beautiful picture if that woman wasn't in it."

Him and the bride's mother weren't on the best of terms after their divorce.

Bridezillas factsShutterstock

37. A Man’s Struggle Caught On Video

I'm not a photographer, but I saw the funniest thing get caught on camera during a wedding.

We were in Jamaica and a couple was getting married on a crowded resort beach. A large guy wades into the water and goes directly behind the bride and groom like ten feet back. 

He keeps trying to get on one of those floating things anchored in the water and falling off again and again.

The guests and people around are just watching this guy try to hold his drink, falling all over the place, floating was hilarious and also really embarrassing to watch.

Man sleeping  on beachwavebreakmedia, Shutterstock

38. Fire In The House

This was my friend's wedding video. They had hand-made the decorations around their unity candle, and after they lit it and went back to the ceremony, the decorations like the paper, now with melty wax, and adjacent to a flame, went up in flames making a huge pillar of fire in the background that the bride, groom, and officiant couldn't see due to their positions.

Funny incidental: None of the guests, a good number of whom are firefighters, have a panic over the situation or even seem to care. Then, the local fire chief walks up onstage to extinguish the candle in the middle of the ceremony, about two minutes later.

My Guilty Past Still Haunts MeShutterstock

39. Chain Of Chaotic Events

I heard about a lot of stories from other photographers about crazy things.

The groom was doing the deed with a bridesmaid at a wedding, and the bride found out and called off the wedding at the reception.

The limo driver threw up on the bride's dress right before she was going to walk down the aisle and threw up all over the back of her dress. The limo driver I heard had the flu.

Someone at a wedding had a heart attack, and there was a doctor at the wedding, and he took cut into a man's chest to massage his heart so he would survive.

The family's words, not mine. The family of the groom was very mad he married this bride because she was very ugly. I was at this wedding, and I heard them saying this. I was the assistant at this wedding.

The bride was mad that her band sucked. Her father hired his friends at some club he was a member at. I was at this wedding, and they put some music on because the band was so bad. I was the assistant at this wedding.

One wedding I was an assistant with a female lead photographer. The bride was pregnant three months, and she was talking to the lead photographer, and I guess forgot I was in the room talking about how her chest looks. 

I did not say a word, just pretended I did not hear anything.

One wedding I was going to go to as an assistant they had rehearsal. The bride made a final decision to get rid of one of the groomsmen. The guy got mad and pulled out a dangerous tool and started shooting at the ceiling inside of the restaurant.

I ran into a few idiot videographers. One groomsman kicked the videographer in the back when the videographer turned around. There were ten groomsmen, and he did not know who did it.

Another videographer wanted to take control when my boss was posing. The videographer, when my boss said I'm not done, he started saying bad things and all other crazy stuff. 

This videographer was banned from his local camera store, and he was 50 years old living at home with his mom. The guy was really crazy. Not saying videographers are bad people but if you have a lot of weddings you will run into a few crazy people.

Back in the VHS days, a videographer I know had this crazy person of a bride that wanted her wedding on one tape. The wedding was over four hours long and he told her there would be a drop in image quality if he did that. 

She was mad and he had to explain they don't make VHS tapes that long that can record in SP lover two hours. Some tapes came out that were 2 hours and 40 minutes, and I think BASF had a tape that was three hours in SP. I think they made the tape thinner or something.

Upset bride and groomAlexey Tsibin , Shutterstock

40. A Fan

I wish I could see the video from this one wedding I worked on.

My marching band is frequently booked on weddings of alumni and whatnot. For weddings, birthdays, etc. we're generally supposed to be a surprise for the guests.

On this particular gig, the wedding was on a beach and near the end of the ceremony we were instructed to get set up behind the guests to play while the bride and groom led everyone to the reception area behind us.

As we get our cue to set up, a car drives by. The driver sees us walking up to the wedding, rolls down his window, and shouts "Yeah! Go USC!" This was annoying behavior—but he made things even worse.

We signal at him to be quiet and not attract attention to us so what does he do? He yells, even louder, "I hate UCLA!" this was pretty much during the couple's vows, so I'm really curious if the videographer found a way to cut the yelling from this spirited passerby.

Wedding Objections factsPixabay

41. The Horse

Many years later I still laugh every time I tell this story.

I filmed the wedding of a pretty high-profile fashion designer down in Central America many years ago. His soon to be wife wanted the picture-perfect wedding and when I tell you it was amazing... It was beyond amazing.

Without getting into too much detail, they purchased a piece of land which contained a factory/facility, gardens, and even a church that was probably a few hundred years old. All these structures were restored and repurposed for the event as families from the entire world were flown in.

So, the shooting partner and I set up to film her grand entrance into this beautiful property, complete with a white horse and carriage. Something is wrong. She is super late, I mean late. Everyone starts to get worried, but right as some people start to give up hope she pulls in!

White horse, white carriage, beautiful bride... with a broken ankle. The horse got spooked on the way in, hit a drainage ditch and almost flipped the carriage. 

Bride goes flying out causing the injury. From what I understand, an ambulance showed up, she refused to head to the ER, so they did their best to patch her up and sent her on the way.

This made for a beautiful wedding, groom carrying the bride out of the carriage, family helping walk her down the aisle, and the groom physically picking her up for their first dance. Magical really.

Now, the wedding is over, and my partner and I are on a plane back to the states. He takes out his camera and starts watching some of the footage we have, which then leads to an outburst of laughter so loud that half the plane turns around staring at him. 

He handed the camera to me, and I lost my mind.

The white horse had a full thing swinging three foot you-know-what. Literally every angle, shot, frame included this beautiful, majestic horse with a full “hard on”. We probably watched the tape 100 times and laughed harder each time.

There was nothing we could do. Worst part was she even mentioned how she couldn't wait to see the video as her husband made her fairy tale entrance come true. Three feet hard on, no joke.

Oh, also I used the urinal right next to John Cena in the airport. It was the weirdest thing, I couldn't figure out why John Cena would be in South America, this country isn't a typical vacation spot.


white horse on brown grass fieldHelena Lopes, Pexels

42. A Mirror Can Change Everything

A recent couple of mine thought it would be cool to have an owl fly down the aisle with the ring tied to its foot. Lovely! The only thing they overlooked was the massive mirror at the ceremony side of the room which to the bird just looked like more room.

So, the groom is standing there with the leather glove on his hand waiting for the owl to deliver the ring. The owl flies past him at speed and like a Wile E Coyote cartoon, splats against the mirror and starts to slide down towards a bunch of lit candles.

“Oh dear” I think, expecting my last shot to be of a burning bird flying around the room.

Luckily it missed the candles but did then proceed to fly around the room for about ten minutes with all in attendance head's moving in unison watching it and the poor groom standing there with the leather glove still held up waiting for this poor creature to land with the ring.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone FactsMax Pixel

43. Here Comes The Trouble

Two sisters had weddings a few months apart. At the second sister’s wedding, the dad and daughter danced to the same song as the previous wedding’s bride and groom song.

The groom broke up the dance and started screaming at the dad, and then got hauled outside. Later that night, he beat the dad pretty badly at an after party, was subdued, then returned later and started hurling drinks at everybody. He was then taken away by the officers.

Angry groom holding his headAlexandru Logel, Shutterstock

44. Best Time To Give Birth

One time, I had a bridesmaid go into labor during photos before the ceremony. She stayed for the ceremony, albeit sitting in the back, and then she took off for the hospital.

The craziest part? The baby was born before the cake was cut!

Pregnant woman in white dressLeah Kelley, Pexels

45. Chaos Everywhere

The bride was being hauled off the dance floor because she started grinding on best man and they were both totally into it. For the record, both were nearly passed out, and the best man is also married, and his wife was one of the bridesmaids.

The groom did not react probably because he didn't see anything, but I have it on the video.

The father of the groom and brother of the groom got into fist fight, because father wanted "one more drink" after the wedding was over and he started disturbing the female bartender.

The groom's brother told him "Why do you always have to ruin everything" and father threw a fist at him. The kid didn't even skip the beat and they got into the fight. The officers were called, and they left before the officers arrived.

The videographer and guest got into a physical confrontation because the guest brought his daughter, maybe seven or ten years old, into the men's bathroom and the videographer told him to take her out.

Not really a destination wedding, but it was far enough where everyone actually had to sleep in the hotel rather than going home the same night. 

So, the photographer was flirting with the groom's first cousin during the wedding and ending up sleeping with her after the wedding.

First cousin was/is married, and the next morning was rather complicated because everyone was staying at the same hotel. Her husband was not at the wedding and the photographer in the end did not get paid for the job.

The father of the groom had a mild heart attack about 10-15 min before introductions. Ambulance was called, and everything was running late by an hour. In the end he was alright, but everyone was kind of down so the wedding ended about an hour early. I really felt bad for everyone involved.

Wedding party with blurred guestsValeria Boltneva, Pexels

46. The Crazy Ex

My uncle just had a wedding, and it was a very nice wedding. Towards the end of the night, before they had their final dance, his ex-girlfriend walked into the wedding with her two-year-old son in her arms.

She pulled my uncle by the ear and started slapping him in front of all the guests. She even went to the extent of saying they were still married; he was never married to her.

After it was all said and done, his ex-girlfriend got dragged out by my family. All of it was recorded on video, I'm pretty sure the guy who recorded it, still has all of this on video.

Instant Karma factsShutterstock

47. We Need A Little Photoshop Here

Bride here, not the photographer. My photographer had a fantastic action shot of people jumping for my bouquet.

But there was one problem—one of my friends' skirts had blown completely up, so you could see her shapewear, undergarments, rolls, everything. 

Thankfully I caught it and the photographer photoshopped her skirt back down before anything was publicly posted.

Two girls are running to catch bridal bouquet.Josh Withers , Pexels

48. Groomsmen Were Out Of Control

I was filming the groomsmen as they arrived at the reception area which was at a golf course. They were already super tipsy and somehow, they got a hold of golf carts and were riding around all over the putting greens, which basically was thousands of dollars of damage.

I followed them around a little bit on my own golf cart, then a totally unexpected moment occurred—the groom ran a golf cart into a large pond. They ran away from the scene and told me to keep that part out.

During the reception the golf course owner called the officers. The officers came in walking into the reception room and had to pull groomsmen out one by one for questioning. This basically ruined the reception and people thought it was over, so guests left randomly.

The bride was so upset and tipsy and was infuriated at her new husband and was crying for the rest of the night. One of the groomsmen got a huge fine and was almost taken down to the hospital for being tipsy and disorderly.

Groom With Best Man And Groomsmen At Weddingoliveromg, Shutterstock

49. Keep The Godfather Away

I did interviews of a bunch of the family during the reception to include in the final video. The godfather of the bride’s interview was almost entirely cut out—and the reason why was truly disturbing.

He had gotten tipsy and kept making creepy comments on the bride’s body, from when she was a little girl to now.

It made me sad because she was put-off by the fact he was hardly in the final video.

I refused to add more of him in. They paid me good money for a video that was meant to commemorate their big day. I offered her the uncut footage of all the interviews, but she declined. Guess she’ll never know her godfather is a creepy old man.

Creepy Moments Shutterstock

50. The Wedding Casanova

My great-uncle took over filming at the reception of my parents' wedding. Halfway through, the footage cuts to inside the kitchen—and the scene is super cringe. He’s filming and hitting on the waitress getting the cake ready. It’s both of my parents' favorite moments from the tape.

Crowd EntertainedPickpik

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