Worst Day Of The Year: People Describe Their Valentine’s Day Disasters

January 20, 2021 | Mathew Burke

Worst Day Of The Year: People Describe Their Valentine’s Day Disasters

Valentine’s Day is a major highlight of the year for many people. It’s the one day when everything gets put on hold so that we can focus on the thing that really matters—love. But, as we all know, love is not exactly the easiest thing to come by in this world. For many people out there, Valentine’s Day can be just a painful reminder of what they’re missing out on—and sometimes in pretty ridiculous ways. From painful missed opportunities and mishaps to feelings of being forever alone, here are 50 stories about Valentine’s Days gone seriously wrong.

1. Swinging For The Fences

For Valentine’s Day this year, I made a big mistake. I made and gave a homemade card to someone who I’ve basically been very casually sleeping with for the last little while. I did it to show her that I’d be open to a little more of an emotional connection. Her response was devastating. She told me that she thought maybe we should be “just friends” from now on. So I ruined a pretty great casual gig trying to be a guy who has emotions…

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2. Smoke Show

As a safety precaution, my girlfriend had her fire alarm linked up to the fire department’s system. On Valentine’s Day, I accidentally set the alarm off while searing scallops for our romantic dinner. In the middle of dinner, we got the surprise of a lifetime. Five firemen violently interrupted our dinner by breaking through her front door. One of the firemen was wielding an ax. Both embarrassment and laughter ensued.

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3. Oscar The Grouch

This Valentine’s Day, I made a point to be extra sweet to my husband all day long. I was constantly sending him lots of texts and snaps. We had decided to not buy gifts or anything for each other, which was totally fine. We went out for a quick dinner with the kids too, so that I wouldn't have to cook. Sadly, he was super grumpy the whole time, snapping at me repeatedly and generally being a jerk.

We get home, I do the dishes, get the littlest showered, and generally clean up. He is still being grumpy, and I am just ignoring it and pretending it's fine. I then looked in the fridge and saw that my dad had bought me flowers, as he does every year no matter what. My husband didn't tell me that I had received these flowers, though, so they were just sitting in the fridge all night without water.

He remained super grumpy all day, and then just before he went to bed he texted me that he loves me and that I am the best wife ever. It was too little too late. I replied, "Who dis?"

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4. A Rose By Any Other Number

On my way to see my girlfriend for Valentine’s Days, I stopped off to get a rose, as per tradition. When I was paying, I found out that I could buy two for the price of one, so I thought hey why not! That turned out to be a bad move. Turns out in the country she is from, presenting someone with double roses is apparently something that is only done at funerals.

So, instead of a traditional romantic gesture as intended, I’d actually given her a death wish. Oops! Luckily, she saw the funny side of the situation after a few quizzical looks.

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5. Getting Your Beauty Sleep

My boyfriend made Valentine’s Day reservations at a nice steak place over a month in advance. Work that week has been kicking my behind, so we both agreed to leave work early to change and recharge before going to dinner. Except when I got home, I accidentally fell asleep. When I woke up, it was only 15 minutes before our reservation.

I started freaking out, and my boyfriend explained that he just couldn't bear to wake me up since he saw how tired I had been. So we just ordered Chinese and fell asleep together. And it was actually a lot of fun. Kinda worth the screwup, to be honest! On that day, I realized that spending time with my boyfriend was all that really mattered to me, whether or not we were out somewhere fancy.

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6. Not Part Of The Plan

I took a bath and was all done up in some fancy new lingerie. My hair and makeup were completely pristine. I had been casually drinking for the better part of an hour and started getting dinner ready. The dinner preparations were taking longer than expected, so naturally, I drank to pass the time. Finally, when it was ready, I gave my boyfriend his plate, and we excitedly started eating and cuddling up to each other.

We were super excited because we were totally going to have some intimate fun together afterward. But my body had other plans. All of a sudden, while we were enjoying our meal, all of the drinks that I had consumed seemed to hit my system at once and I projectile vomited for a few hours straight before finally passing out.

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7. Code Red

During the afternoon on Valentine’s Day, while I was still at work, I deployed some new computer code to a production program without doing as many preliminary preparations as I probably should have beforehand. It worked fine for about five hours, so I went home thinking that everything was running smoothly. Then, five minutes after my wife and I sit down for our romantic dinner, my phone blows up with complaints from work and I have to go into the office for a few hours.

Lesson learned.

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8. Great Expectations

This year for Valentine’s Day, I had low expectations. I made a nice dinner and had told my husband that I wanted him to pick up a really cheap gift. I wasn't trying to be bossy, but it's not something he'd ever do unless I asked. When the day came, he didn't get me anything. Anyway, I let it go. I made dinner and was hoping to spend some time with him, but he was happy to just watch YouTube videos all night.

After several hours of trying to get his attention, I finally gave up and watched a Netflix show on my own. Eventually, I asked him to clean up from dinner. Even though things had been going terribly, I was still hoping at this point that one thing could lead to another and that we could still end off the evening in a romantic fashion.

But it quickly became clear that he was too bummed out from working all day, so nothing happened. It was a huge disappointment for me.

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9. Beating Around The Bush

My Valentine’s Day dinner was great, definitely one to remember. But it was all downhill from there. My girlfriend and I were in such a good mood from dinner that we decided to do something fun and exciting. We started getting romantic outdoors, just behind some bushes. That turned out to be a big mistake. My you know what is currently completely covered in poison ivy…

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10. Card Shark

On Valentine’s Day, I was hanging out with this girl that I had really liked for a while. I was talking to her while she played poker with fake money online. I was trying to act silly and all, so I encouraged her to go all-in with her fake money in the game. She listened to me, and immediately lost everything on the first hand. She then left, and that was the end of my Valentine’s Day!

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11. Eye Love You

I got ready to go out to dinner with my fiancé. I got all dressed up, did my hair and makeup, and looked great. I grabbed my perfume at the last second before we walked out the door and proceeded to squirt it in a full-on direct hit to my eyeball. It burned so horribly. Of course, my makeup was not waterproof and I completely ruined it by doing this.

It was half gone from that eye and it was noticeably red and irritated for the entire rest of the night. I had to keep wiping my face over and over again during dinner because it was watering. It was pretty distracting from the celebration of our love, but the ramen and sushi really made up for it and my eye smelled like the breath of angels all night.

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12. Gotta Think Ten Steps Ahead

For Valentine’s Day last year, I went all out to give my significant other a good time. I prepared a big, delicious, romantic dinner, and she enjoyed it so much that she ate a massive portion. But then, my whole plan backfired. Afterward, she didn’t want to get intimate since she felt so bloated and gross from the amount of food she had just eaten.

And that’s the story of how I ruined my own Valentine’s Day!

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13. When Everything Seems To Go Wrong

Oh boy, I think I've got a good one. I've begun to loathe Valentine's Day these last few years. My significant other, who usually expects me to do everything for Valentine's Day, surprised me this year with a pair of tickets to a sports game a few weeks before the big day. It was for an event that I had really wanted to see. But we had a huge fight in the days leading up to the holiday.

I got upset when she joked that my Valentine's Day plan would probably be some sort of boring dinner, a gift of chocolate and flowers, and planned last minute. I had already been planning to take her on a nighttime cruise and then brunch the weekend after. We ended up fighting and I told her I wanted to cancel those plans, since she never seems to give me credit for the time I put into doing stuff for her.

When Valentine's Day actually arrived, we were both so exhausted by the afternoon that we passed out and woke up a half-hour before boarding began for the cruise. We had to rush to get ready. It took a while and we barely made it in time—but then it got worse. We then realized we had shown up at the wrong location. Once we Ubered to the right location, the cruise had already left.

She was furious at me. She would barely talk to me for the rest of the night. Eventually, she brought up how stupid she would look to her friends who she had told about the cruise. I had gotten us a nice bottle of her favorite drink, so we had a glass of that and she fell asleep. Man, I freaking hate Valentine's Day!

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14. Bet He Wasn’t Prepared For That Response

My now ex-boyfriend actually screwed up Valentine’s Day last year. I had planned a late dinner date about two weeks beforehand since we were only available in the late evening. I drove to his house and told him I was on my way. Yet, by the time I got there, he was still sitting in his bed in a t-shirt and shorts and said he was waiting for me.

I told him if he actually took the date and our relationship seriously then he would have already been ready. He then proceeded to argue about how it wasn’t his idea and that it shouldn’t be such a big deal that he wasn’t ready. At that moment, I decided that I’d had enough of him. So I got up, told him I was done, and left.

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15. Medical Attention

I accidentally ruined Valentine’s Day by being taken to the hospital for unexpected emergency surgery. My boyfriend was supportive, but could only visit me near the end of visiting hours. All of our plans for the day went completely out the window. We will eventually do something together to make up for it when I've recovered.

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16. Clean Humor

For Valentine’s Day, I bought and gave my girlfriend a promise ring. In return, she got me some cookies, which doesn’t sound like much but it was more than fine in my book. I came over to the apartment that she shares with her sister to spend three hours with her. Thanks to her sister threatening to throw a fit, I was forced to spend two of those hours cleaning the kitchen.

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17. Getting Down And Dirty

In high school, I went out for Valentine's Day one year with my then-boyfriend. We had been dating for almost a year at that point, but this was the first time that we ever really went anywhere. Typical high school relationship I guess. So we got dinner, and right before we left we exchanged presents. I was pretty excited about this.

I was going to a fine arts school at this point, so I had made him something in class that I was really proud of and hid a gift card to a store he loved inside. Meanwhile, he gave me one of those $5 stuffed animals from Walgreens and just kind of threw it at me, with no card or anything. After that, we were walking to the car and he was practically taking up the entire sidewalk.

So I'm trying to walk through the mushy grass in heels. It had been raining and I was trying to steer clear of the muddy parts as much as I could. But then, disaster struck. I fell in the mud, practically ruined my dress, and he laughed at me. The worst part was that he didn't even take the present I worked so hard to make for him. He "accidentally" left it at my house when he dropped me off.

I still have it to this day.

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18. A Sad Story

Back in fifth grade, I didn't receive a single Valentine's Day card in my cubby hole while everyone else in my class did. It was a pretty devastating experience for me emotionally. Even though I am obviously much older now, I still remember this experience and it still hurts me to this day. It ruined Valentine’s Day for me forever.

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19. Like Taking Candy From A Baby

My worst Valentine’s Day of all time was the one right after elementary school when I realized way too late that, in middle school, we no longer celebrate the occasion by distributing candy to all of our classmates. This was probably the only time in my life when giving people candy was met with a negative response. Oh well!

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20. Sparks Fly

A few days before Valentine’s Day, I turned around in class and semi-creepily asked the girl behind me if she wanted me to plug her laptop in for her. The previous Tuesday, she had asked me to do that since I sit next to the only working outlet in that classroom. When I asked her out of the blue, she just looked at me like I was a freak or something and said "...sure."

My intention had been for this move to lead us into a riveting conversation on the subject of grounded electrical sockets, because I had previously noted her that laptop charger had a ground pin despite the fact that this building was constructed before those were the norm—so they may have retrofitted the sockets without actually adding proper support for this.

Riveting, I know. I can’t believe this didn’t work out. I even had a few amusing anecdotes about the International Space Station’s electrical power system. Obviously, that was going to make her fall in love with me and be my Valentine because that’s totally how normal human conversations work. Yet, despite this elaborate plan of mine, somewhere in the gap between me finishing my question and her saying "...sure," I realized that this was a terrible idea…

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21. This Hits In The Feels

I was with a girl who was absolutely in love with me. She was already talking about marriage, pets, kids, etc. On our third Valentine’s Day together, during dinner, I looked at her and it hit me. I realized that I had lost any feelings I had for her. Nice girl, cute, treated me great, would've made a fantastic wife. I just lost those feelings.

It sucks to know it's not your fault the way you feel, but to also realize that this poor soul is going to be crushed. It's been five years and I still feel like garbage for that.

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22. A Good Run Of Bad Luck

When I was 17, my boyfriend of a year broke up with me over the phone while I was visiting my dad in another city. An hour later, my mother called me sobbing because she'd had a knock-down-drag-out fight with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, my stepmom had been yelling at me, and then called into work by her heinous boss even though it was a Saturday.

My poor shell-shocked father, dealing with three crying women, tried to make it better by taking my stepmom and me to a movie at the end of the day. But my stepmom was really late getting out of work, so we missed the movie we had wanted to see. Instead, we had to settle for something none of us really cared about seeing, just so we'd have something to do.

I thought it couldn’t get worse, but I was so, so wrong. After the movie ended, we went to dinner. My dad dropped my stepmom and me off in front of the restaurant and then pulled around the corner to park. In the process, he was hit by an oncoming car. He was fine, but the car was totaled. That was just the cherry on top of what was already an unforgettably awful day. It was by far the worst Valentine's Day ever.

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23. A Slight Change Of Plans

I would have to say that the worst Valentine’s Day that I’ve ever experienced was probably the one where my girlfriend stopped by a “friend's” house after dinner for “15 minutes” just to “say hi” and ended up completely ditching me and spending the night there. But don’t worry, she said. They were just friends. Yeah right…

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24. A Case Of Mistaken Identity

In sixth grade, I had a crush on a girl and I wanted to send her a rose. Rose deliveries were something that my school always had available as a tradition. However, I didn't want her to know that it was from me. My handwriting is incredibly distinguishable and I was really shy back then, so I paid one of my friends a dollar to write her name and "Happy Valentine’s Day, From Your Secret Admirer" on the card.

He went to the desk set up at lunch and turned in the card. Everyone at my lunch table watched as one of the teachers delivered the card to Lauren. We continued to watch as she received the card, then she smiled and giggled with her friends. She then jumped up and ran to the desk where they were selling the card and roses.

She wrote some stuff down and then ran back to her table. A few moments later, the teacher got up and walked over to my table. To my surprise, she gave a card to my friend, the one that I paid to write the note. It was from Lauren. She had recognized his handwriting and wanted to go on a date with him. He got up and went to her table to accept the offer.

Jerk. They went on a date, and were "dating" as much as sixth-graders can be for the rest of the year. She then moved to El Paso, Texas with her family at the end of the school year, never to be seen or heard from again by any of us. Unrequited love is a painful thing. And I haven't had a good Valentine’s Day ever since.

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25. The Big Sick

I had been dating this guy for almost a year and this was the first Valentine's Day where I wasn't single. He went to a different college than I did, and he lived about two hours away from me. I was planning on driving out there on Valentine's Day so that we could spend the day together. He came out to visit me the weekend before, but then I got violently ill.

I spent the whole weekend throwing up bile and, when I finally went to the hospital Saturday night, doctors made a disturbing discovery. I had diabetic ketoacidosis. I spent the rest of the weekend plus some of the week in the hospital. This delightful now-ex boyfriend grudgingly came out and visited me in the hospital after I whined at him for a while over the phone.

He didn't want to drive to Seattle to see me, because he was afraid of driving in the city and it was a pain in the butt for him. I was released the day before Valentine's Day, and he still expected me to drive out to him. Did I mention that I’d been missing both school and work, because I could barely walk without passing out? I needed time to recover.

We ended up getting into this huge fight because he was being such a selfish jerk. I'm still bitter about it three years later.

26. Will The Real Secret Admirer Please Stand Up?

My worst Valentine’s Day of all time was the one where I discovered that the Valentine’s cards that I had been receiving for years from “my secret admirer” came from a truly disturbing source. They were, in fact, from my parents. As much as I love my parents and appreciate this gesture from them, it was also crushing to realize that I didn’t actually have the secret admirer out there that I always thought I did.

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27. She Didn’t See The Light

I once asked a girl out on Valentine's Day with a gift that I had hand made. I built it with LED lights and a microcontroller. I then soldered it. The whole nine yards. Yet, despite all this effort that I had put in, I did not get to go out to dinner with her on Valentine’s Day in the end. I got rejected by her. And it still hurts to this day.

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28. Weighing The Consequences

Once, A female friend of mine just got a little shake weight from her boyfriend as her Valentine’s Day present. She was not happy. This was the only thing they did for Valentine’s Day. She really likes her boyfriend too, so she was pretty devastated that he wasn’t willing to do anything more.

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29. Wait, What Day Is This??

I had been with this one guy for at least two or three years at this point. First, I know he straight up forgot about Valentine's Day as he showed up at my house with a $5 gas station gift of a single fake flower and a pack of peanut butter cups. Now, before you call me shallow, you should know that the gas station was directly next to my apartment building.

I saw these exact flowers on sale there earlier the same day. I was pretty darn positive that he swung by there for gas on his way over, suddenly realized that it was Valentine’s Day, and then bought whatever he could find to try and compensate. He then tried to make it up to me by buying me an earring and necklace set. Yay, right? Wrong. My ears are not and never have been pierced.

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30. Food For Thought

This is not a joke, it’s a real case that I actually heard about in real life. Somebody’s boss gave his wife a cabbage as a Valentine's Day gift. He then showed it off to everyone in the office, and bragged that he had come up with an inexpensive gift that could be used practically for the sake of cooking. Meanwhile, his wife secretly complained to an employee over the phone about how much she hated it.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that this was not a good Valentine’s Day for that couple…

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31. It’s Getting Cold In Here

I work in a restaurant. The worst Valentine’s Day that I’ve ever encountered was this one year when we saw a horrible date happen in our restaurant between a beautiful woman and a very plain-looking man. For some unknown reason, the man simply would not stop talking about air conditioning repair. He fully refused to talk about anything else the entire evening.

It made the date unbearably awkward to watch. Any time that there was a pause in their conversation, he started right back up with the AC repair and installation facts. The woman would try to steer the conversation into things like movies, books, Mexican food, friends, etc. And he would just sit there and say nothing. It was soooo ridiculous to see. In fact, it hurt.

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32. The Fruits Of Your Labor

For Valentine’s Day, I bought her this fancy edible fruit arrangement last week because she said she’s always wanted an edible arrangement. I was in for the surprise of my life. She dumped me just a few hours later. I still don’t know why. I had spent the entire Valentine’s Day up to that point wondering what she was doing and fantasizing about her sending me a text saying that she was thinking about me.

I also contemplated leaving her flowers and a card at her door, just to show her how much I cared. But screw that, she didn’t even thank me for that edible arrangement. The whole experience was absolutely devastating, and it took me a very long time to recover. On the bright side, I've lost ten pounds since the breakup, so I guess I can choose to look at the glass half full instead of half empty!

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33. The Odd Woman Out

I'm a bouncer and I usually start working at 9:00 in the morning. On Valentine’s Day, I decided I would buy flowers for all the girls who work with me. Well, I didn't read my schedule right and thought that only five girls would be working at that time. It turned out there were actually six, and I didn't have enough flowers for all of the girls.

For the rest of the night, I could feel the resentment from the one girl who didn't get a flower…

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34. Pinch Hitter

I once accidentally screwed Valentine’s Day up for a co-worker’s boyfriend. I saw she was looking particularly down on that day and asked her what was up. She tells me that her boyfriend hadn't even sent her a Happy Valentine’s Day text. I felt pretty bad for her. So, during lunch, I got her a chocolate rose to try and cheer her up.

I just felt that a nice young lady should not have to go through Valentine's Day without even an acknowledgment of the holiday from her boyfriend. Well, I guess that was the push that she needed, because she finally dumped him. Obviously, the relationship was on the edge of the abyss already, but it appears that my buying her a two-dollar piece of chocolate was the tipping point for them.

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35. Dog Days

One year on Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be cute to take my dog along with me to a dinner date. We were on our way to the local Sonic, which was the only restaurant we had in our area. Sadly, while walking toward the restaurant, my dog got hit by a car. He was a really cool dog too, he just got a little excited. It was really sad.

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36. Bad Memories

My worst Valentine’s Day of all time was the one all the way back when I was in the eighth grade. The reason that it was so bad was that it was the day I found out that my crush didn’t like me back. Oh well. On the bright side, he’s behind bars now, so I’m kinda happy that I didn’t get too involved with him. But it still sucks to always have this holiday associated with such a painful memory!

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37. We Know How You Feel

I made an amazing dinner for my girlfriend, bought her flowers and chocolates, and then proceeded to let my depression get the better of me and spent most of the next few hours crying in bed. Existing hurts and I feel terrible for putting her through this drama over and over again. She stuck right by my side through all of it, which somehow just makes me feel even worse.

Struggling with depression is really hard, and it ruins everything. I’ve gotten a lot of support and encouragement from the people around me, which I appreciate. But it’s still so hard to deal with. I've talked to my girlfriend more about what happened, and it's still been nothing but love and support from her end. I don't know what I did to deserve this amazing girl, but with her help, I will keep moving forward one step at a time.

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38. Learning On The Job

The worst Valentine’s Day that I ever had by far was that time when I neglected to get my old girlfriend anything or do anything special with her for the entire day. She cried a lot. Things got pretty ugly. In hindsight, I probably should have been a better boyfriend and should have put more effort into the relationship. I can only hope that I am more mature now than I was back then.

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39. Not What You Were Hoping For

I got upset with my boyfriend because he said that my Valentine’s Day gift would come in a box, which made me think that it would be a ring and that he would be proposing. It turned out to be some other random gift. The gift wasn’t bad and I probably shouldn't have gotten upset with him over my own flawed assumptions. But man, I just want to marry him so bad!

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40. Never On A Wednesday

One year, my significant other and I agreed to celebrate Valentine's Day and exchange gifts on the weekend as opposed to on the holiday itself. We both just decided that this worked better for our schedules. So on the day of, I gave her the typical “Happy Valentine’s Day” text message, but that was it, since we had these other plans for the weekend.

Well, when we met up later that night, she seemed a little upset that I didn’t bring her any flowers and that I had come over kinda late. I had decided to get some work done before coming over so that we could hang out guilt-free and without distractions. Turns out she had bought us these fancy drinks and had planned to prepare a great meal, but I was under the assumption that it was just gonna be a regular Wednesday for us.

Let’s just say it was a pretty awkward evening for me…

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41. Sounds Like A Case Of Mixed Massages

A few years back, my girlfriend spent the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day talking about how she doesn't like Valentine's Day and gifts. She went on and on about how it made her upset because it brought back memories for her of a previous relationship that she didn’t care to remember. Because of this, I got her no present and just gave her a massage when the big day came.

Starting the very next morning, I was getting tons and tons of messages from her friends talking about how sad and angry she was that I didn't even get her a single flower…

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42. A Not So Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

The dude who lives in the apartment above me must have really screwed up Valentine’s Day this year. I can hear him and his girlfriend arguing up there at least once a week, and they can get pretty darn loud at times. Ironically enough, my own boyfriend had just called me for some over-the-phone intimate time, since we're long distance.


Usually, when I hear this couple arguing, the guy always has some rebuttal to scream back at her after she attacks him. But this time, I hardly heard a peep out of him.

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43. Just One Bad Decision After Another

My story is a whole cascade. A family friend who just so happened to be a matchmaker introduced me to someone a couple of weeks ago, but I was not really interested in pursuing it at the time. I was a little bit wary of dating in general, and on top of that, I was REALLY busy with lots of personal stuff. The thought that Valentine’s Day was coming up did not even cross my mind a single time.

Then, something made me realize that it was right around the corner, and I realized that I would probably be spending it alone. I started to regret not taking that date offer more seriously. As long as I had no plans, I figured that I might as well find something productive to do so I could make a few bucks and the day wouldn’t be a total waste.

So instead of being on the date I could have had, I spent Valentine’s Day driving Lyft. That turned out to be a big mistake. I was driving all these lovey-dovey couples in the back, and their behavior in my car served as a constant reminder of the fact that it was Valentine’s Day and that I was spending it completely alone, hard at work instead of doing something romantic.

I hate working on holidays to begin with, but this experience just rubbed it in. As uncomfortable as I was during this experience, I had to continue for the entire day because I needed the money since I had to take the next Friday off for a Chinese New Year feast. I'm part Asian and it's kinda like our version of Thanksgiving.

But Fridays and Saturdays are pretty much the busiest days of the week for Uber and Lyft, and therefore they’re the days when we make the most money as drivers. So, knowing I was going to miss out, I wanted to make up for it by driving more on other days. And that is how I ended up going through the most awkward and disappointing Valentine’s Day of all time.

What's the opposite of romantic serenading? Brutal heavy metal music. And that’s exactly what I had to blare out on the radio in between rides to keep my sanity and make it through that awful day. This was definitely not an experience that I ever hope to repeat. Next time I’ll just say yes when someone offers me a date. My life really sucks, doesn’t it?

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44. Sick As A Cat

Both me and my fiancé spent our entire Valentine’s Day down with the flu. Thankfully, it wasn’t truly horrible, but we still had to spend the whole day in pain and having a bunch of cranky sick people arguments. Also, I made a pretty chilling discovery. I found out the hard way that there's a chemical in some liquid cold medicines that will make you hallucinate in some pretty disturbing ways.

I didn't know that it did that. I also didn’t know that it doesn't agree with my body. Another hard lesson. Nothing like puking and then hallucinating every time my eyes are closed that there are a bunch of kittens blooming out of everything in my room! I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to spend the most romantic day of the year!

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45. Law And Orchid

This is a pretty funny story. I am not high maintenance, so I don't really care that much about Valentine’s Day. It’s honestly no big deal to me. As far as I’m concerned, it's the thought that counts. At the same time, my favorite flower is an orchid and my husband is well aware of that. So, for Christmas a few years back, he went out and got me one.

Don’t ask me how, but I somehow managed to kill the poor thing in less than a month. So I went out, bought myself a fake one, and put it on display in our living room, in the same spot the real one was. I was hoping that my husband wouldn’t notice. I felt terrible about messing up his gift. Anyway, a few months pass and Valentine's Day comes around.

In honor of the occasion, my husband goes out to the store again and buys me another orchid. I giggle, tell him thanks, and absentmindedly mention that I'll hopefully take better care of this one. Before either of us even has a chance to think, I accidentally blurt out that I will put it in the kitchen since we already have the fake one in the living room.

He responds with "What fake one?" At that moment, I was both embarrassed at myself for giving away my little secret, and also utterly confused and shocked that the flower had been there for several months and my husband had never even noticed it. It was cute though, I could not even be mad at him if I tried. Like I said at the outset, the thought is what really matters at the end of the day!

Valentine's messUnsplash

46. Too Tired For Tacos??

My husband and I went to our favorite taco place on Valentine’s Day. I had been sick for two solid weeks beforehand, but I thought I was better and well enough to go out for dinner. I turned out to be very wrong about that. At one point during the meal, I coughed for eight minutes straight. He immediately looked at me and said he was taking me home and putting me to bed.

I was asleep by 9:30. I'm going to make it up to him when I can. It was our first married Valentine's Day. I love this man very much.

Valentine's messUnsplash

47. Around The World

On Valentine’s Day, I found a box from Amazon on my front porch. I was wondering what it was because I hadn't ordered anything recently. Turns out it was a basket containing a bunch of Lindt Lindor truffles, and two solid chocolate bears from my best friend. They had sent it all the way from New Zealand. It was a really nice and thoughtful gift.

I immediately felt pretty horrible, though, as we hadn't really done any exchanges for Valentine's Day in quite some time, so I hadn’t gotten her anything. I kinda made up for it by following another friend of mine's lead and buying her some stuff from Bath & Body Works, as I can't remember seeing one there when I went to visit her last year.

I mailed it to her as soon as I got off of work that day. I wrote a note joking that it can be halfway between a Valentine's Day gift and a St. Paddy's day gift. Also, I made a Buffalo Bill reference since some of the items that I bought were lotions. I really hope she liked the gift and wasn’t upset that I didn’t get anything for her to begin with!

Valentine's messUnsplash

48. Returning The Favor, Or Not

My husband was wonderful and got me this really lovely bouquet with sunflowers and carnations. He also got a nice little heart balloon for our daughter. Aaaaaaand I caught the flu and couldn’t even scrape myself off the couch to make him a fancy dinner or do the intimate lovemaking thing that Valentine’s Day is usually all about. I felt so bad about it. On the bright side, I gave him an IOU!

Valentine's messUnsplash

49. Plan B

My worst Valentine’s Day ever was back in high school with my first boyfriend. We had been dating for eight months or so, and I told him a week before about how excited I was since this would be the first Valentine's day I'd had a boyfriend for. We also made plans to hang out at his place after school when the big day came.

So I got the recipe for his favorite cookies from his mom and made them. I also baked him brownies, got his favorite candy bars, and put them in a big heart-shaped box. On the outside of the box, I wrote a bunch of reasons as to why I liked him. On Valentine's Day, I gave him his present and he told me that he didn't get me anything. That’s when I learned the harsh truth.

Apparently, he had thought that I was joking about being excited for Valentine's Day. I thought that this was a pretty lame excuse, since I had clearly put a lot of effort in and I'm also known for being crazy excited over holidays. But whatever. He liked his present and I'd get to spend time with him that day, so I acted pretty chill about it.

After school, he wound up ditching class early to go play video games with his friends; and he completely forgot that I was supposed to hang out with him. I stood outside his last class like a fool waiting for him to come out, and he never did. His teacher let me come inside and use his phone to call my boyfriend's parents and ask if he was there.

He was, and they came and picked me up. But instead of taking me to their house, they took me home because my boyfriend wound up leaving right after I called to go to his friend’s house. I don't know why I didn't break up with him right then and there. If I could go back in time, I would definitely let my former self know that I could do better than that guy.

Valentine's messShutterstock

50. Let’s Get Down To Business

One year for Valentine’s Day, I was set up for a blind date by a friend. I arrived about 10 minutes early at the restaurant where we had planned to meet up. 40 minutes later, she strolls in, sits down, and says something so disturbing, it’s impossible to forget. Bluntly, she tells me: "I'll get straight to it. I don’t care who you are. I just need a father for my three kids." I immediately got up and walked out. Not exactly my idea of a romantic time!

Valentine's messUnsplash

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