These Unsettling Experiences Sent Us Running The Other Way

What’s more terrifying than the unexplained? For these people, their mysterious experiences shook them down to their very core. Grab a blanket, turn off the lights, and get ready. These stories will send goosebumps going up your arm.

1. Monsters Under The Bed

When I was 12, I woke up in the middle of the night to loud breathing under my bed. I was convinced there was a demon or cryptid or something that was going to eat me. I finally decided to risk it and run up to my mom’s room to sleep in her bed. I made it safely without being dragged under the bed. My mom was convinced I just had a nightmare, but the next night, I heard it again.

Since it was only around 9 at night, I called my mom so she could hear it. She was about 10 feet away and could hear the breathing clear as day. There was nothing under my bed. Over the next couple of months I kept hearing it, although not nightly. It slowly started to sound more like purring than breathing. My brother came home from college, and checked under my bed and made me lift my hands to double-check that I wasn’t playing a prank. We never found out what was breathing under my bed.


2. A Ghostly Encounter

When I was between 12 and 15 years old, I lived in this old house. My mom had a friend who claimed to be able to see those who had passed. She eventually started saying there was a man in the house trying to get our attention, but couldn’t. I was on the phone with her one night, when she said, “He’s sitting on the dresser to your right.” I looked and waved at the dresser. Without being able to see me or the room, she then said, “He’s waving at you now.”


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3. Just A Coincidence, Right?

I was driving down the highway and happened to look to my right. I saw a woman with a bun, staring at me with a terrified expression from the car next to me. Before I really figured out how to react, the car pulled off at the next exit. About half an hour, later a different car with a different driver pulled alongside me, with the same woman in the passenger seat.

By then, I planned to pull into the next service station to report it. The car disappeared before I could get any details, and I thought there was no point calling the authorities with no details, so I carried on driving. Literally about four hours later, yet another car pulled alongside me, with the same woman, except this time I took one look at her and went white as a sheet. She appeared to be SCREAMING at me through the window.

I pulled over and called the authorities. Apparently, they had received three other calls about the same woman and car in the same area in the last few minutes. I never heard anything more about it, but I didn’t see her again, and although I kept an eye on the news, I didn’t see anything about it. Hopefully, it was just a giant coincidence. Who knows.


4. A Nightly Visitor

About ten years ago, I was sitting in my room when I heard my doorknob slowly turning. I thought it was my dad seeing if I was napping, and he was trying to be quiet. I watched the knob turn and heard the springs in the mechanism squeaking, and then the sound of the latch slide off the metal plate as it was pushed open a bit.

I sat up to greet my dad and ask what he needed, except I didn’t see anyone. Then, the door moved like it was pushed again, and it opened a little more. Through the door, I clearly saw my dad in the living room, sitting on the couch. I just couldn’t explain it. The door was shut all the way and latched properly.

To make things worse, I also frequently saw a shadow figure peer around my door frame. The figure was about six feet tall, solid black, and the side it peeked from was about three inches from door frame to wall. No one could fit in there, and it would just stare at me in my bed. The figure would also keep leaning in and out of view.


5. A Heartstopping Phone Call

Me and my sister were home alone during the very early 90s. The phone in the kitchen had an “extension in use” light on when another phone in the house was being used. That night, the light was on. We were alone, so my sister picked it up and we both listened. A very young child said, “Mommy? Mommy, where are you?” We freaked out and ran to my bestie’s house until my parents got home.


6. A Road Trip Of Horrors

My family and I were on a trip from Mexico City to Acapulco. Suddenly, during the middle of the night, the car broke down, and a squad car quickly came to our help. There were three officers in the car, and the chief offered to take me to the nearest gas station, where I could find a mechanic and told the other two officers to stay with our car.

They seemed absolutely not pleased with the order, until the chief told them, “Don’t worry, there’s a woman and two children.” That seemed to calm the two officers. While driving to the gas station in the squad car, I asked the chief what that was all that about—but I wasn’t prepared for his answer. The chief told me that there had been many accidents in that part of the road. But it wasn’t just that.

All of the accidents involved young men traveling without a female or child. Those who had survived, said that they crashed because they could see a very beautiful woman next to the road, but once they came close to her, she turned out to be just a rotting corpse staring at them, and they crashed because they were paralyzed by fear.


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7. Not As Alone As You Thought

I was parked at a dirt turnout in the Arizona desert between Cameron and Page for the night. This is out in Navajo country, I believe. At about 2 AM, I woke up to scratching at the window of my truck, which went on for about 15 minutes. I was sitting there in the dark, scared, wondering what was happening, with my Bowie Knife in my hand.

After it ended, I waited another 15 minutes or so before I opened my curtain and looked out the windows. I couldn’t see anything outside, and I was still the only one parked there. I got out the next morning, and all I found were some footprints coming to the truck and eventually walking back into the desert.


8. A Dark Premonition

When I was 13, I had a weird nightmare of me kneeling on asphalt and holding my hand to my mouth, in the worst pain of my life. I told my mom about the dream because it scared me so much. Two years later, I was hit by a car while crossing the street and ended up in that exact position, kneeling on asphalt, holding my mouth while blood poured out.

My head had apparently bounced off the rearview mirror, and that had knocked my two front teeth back into my soft palate. I didn’t remember the dream, but my mom did, and it really messed with her. I don’t believe in premonitions, but I often wonder if maybe traumatic events can echo somehow through time.


9. A Driver’s Nightmare

I live in a small mountain town. It takes three hours to get to the nearest city. I make that drive two to three times a month, and have done it for ten years. I have the trip committed to memory. One night, I was making the drive at 2 AM to catch an early flight. I went through a big sweeping curve to the left… and all of a sudden, I was driving on a straight road. I KNEW there wasn’t a straight section on that highway for another 30 miles. I looked around, trying to figure out where I am.

There wasn’t a single highway sign on the side of the road. My phone had no service, so I couldn’t check my location. I looked out the window and realized the high desert scrub trees have been replaced with a thick forest. That’s something that we don’t have here. I kept looking at the clock for the next 15 minutes I was driving.

For some reason, I was on a straight road through this ominous dark forest, when I should’ve been on a curvy mountain pass in the desert. Right about the time I started to have a full-on panic attack, a sweeping left curve appeared, and I was finally out of the forest, back in the scrub. I chalked it up to drowsy driving and an overactive imagination, until IT HAPPENED AGAIN!

It happened two years later, at the same spot, except this time I wasn’t alone. I had my brother riding beside me on a similar airport run, when all of a sudden I was on that straight, forested road. This time, we were on that road for about five minutes. After about five minutes of driving down that dark, heavily forested road, my brother looked around, and finally asked, “Where are we?” As soon as he asked that, cue the sweeping left curve appearing, and after taking it, we were suddenly back in the desert. Even though I can’t explain it, I’m at least grateful I had a witness.


10. The Haunted House

I had just bought my first home a few months back. The house was built in the 1940s. About a month after we settled in, I had a baking sheet fly through the house and land in the middle of the sitting room floor. It couldn’t have fallen off the counter, since it was in the sink, and to get to my sitting room, you have to come around a corner from the kitchen. Somehow, my cookie sheet ended up in the middle of the floor, in a completely different room from where it started.


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11. Ignorance Is Bliss

When I was about 17 or 18 years old, my friend Wendy and I worked at the Elks bingo hall every Thursday night. As my grandma lived close to the hall and to our high school, we would spend every Thursday night at my grandma’s house after work. We would be at the Elks pretty late, not getting back to my grandma’s until around 10-11pm. So, one Thursday night, Wendy and I were chilling. I opened the fridge in the kitchen to see what’s good, with Wendy standing directly behind me.

As I opened the fridge, I heard a very stern female voice coming from the living room say, “Can I ask you a question?” Wendy and I went about getting our snacks without mentioning it. We sat down at the kitchen table, and Wendy said: “So, when you opened the fridge a minute ago, did you hear a voice coming from the living room?”

The TV was not on, nor was the radio or anything else. Wendy said that she had heard an older female voice, but she could not make out what it had said. I said what I thought I heard, and we agreed that it was too scary to think about. We just agreed that it happened, and then pretended it didn’t. We had to spend the night in the house, after all.


12. Night Of The Doppelganger

I had just graduated from university, and a friend and I took an all-inclusive trip to Cuba. We shared a room, and had beds that were spaced about two feet apart. We’ll call my friend “Anna.” On the first night, around 1 AM, she woke me up by saying, “What are you doing?” I sat up and looked over at her. She was sitting up and staring at the foot of her bed, looking stunned.

She looked over at me, and then back at the foot of her bed. She paused and said “I… thought I saw you at the foot of my bed.” I convinced her she had been dreaming, and eventually we fell back asleep. The next day was normal. The following night was not. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I knew something was wrong right away.

It wasn’t fear, just…something was wrong, different. I looked up and Anna was standing at the foot of my bed. She was in her pjs, and her hair was down, just like she had been when we tucked in. When I looked at Anna’s bed, she was there, fast asleep. I sat up and stared at the “Anna” at the foot of my bed, then quickly glanced over to the “Anna” asleep in her bed. I did this several times, to confirm I was really awake. “Anna?” I whispered.

The version of her in her bed stirred and groggily said, “What?” “Are you in bed right now?” I asked. At this point, the Anna that was at the foot of my bed turned around and started walking across the room away from me. “Yeah,” the version of Anna in her bed said. “I see you at the foot of my bed,” I said. There was a silence from the “Anna” in her bed.

The other Anna continued walking away. “I’m going to turn on the lights,” I said. I reached out for the switch beside my bed. At that moment, the Anna walking away turned back and looked at me. She faded away about two seconds before I turned on the lights. For the rest of our trip we slept with the lights on.


13. They Watch You Sleep

One night, while me and my partner were spending some time at his parent’s home, I was trying to sleep and couldn’t get comfy. I woke up at one point feeling like something was standing by the door and walking across the room towards the bed. I turned my phone light on and shone it around the room, but nobody was there.

I rolled over quickly and cuddled up to my partner. I hid almost under the covers. After what felt like an eternity, I felt like I was overreacting, so I pulled the covers lower and stopped holding my partner as tight. Suddenly, a chill hit me. It was this wave of unease and terror. I felt a pressure on the bed, as if somebody was sitting on the edge of the bed.

The covers began reacting like they were being sat on and pulled. I felt the bed move, and my body tip like it would when somebody sits next to you on the bed. It was like whatever it was had sat close to my lower back, and was facing the wall away from us. I was about to freak out when I felt the pressure on the bed go and the presence leave the room.

The next morning, I told my partner and we joked a bit about it being one of the relatives from the two urns downstairs. We went down for some breakfast, and my partner told his mom how I got a bit of fright last night. After hearing about what happened, she actually went pale. My partner, who was expecting her to joke about it, asked what was up.

She said she was feeling uneasy because the same thing happened to her last night. She said she had woken up and felt like someone was by the door. She had tried to forget it by putting it down to a trick of the mind, but then felt somebody standing over her. She turned the light on by her bedside, and nothing was there.

She turned the light off, but then felt something sit next to her, the same way as I had felt. She said it sat facing away, and then got up a few minutes later before leaving the room. My partner’s mom might joke about stuff, but she wasn’t joking that day. She’s not the type to make jokes at your expense or to further freak you out.


14. A Spiritual Visitor

My grandma was in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes. She heard a noise and turned around. Someone was walking through the kitchen, not focused on anything around them. She went out into the living room and said to my grandpa, “I think I just saw a monk…” The internet did exist back then, so they looked it up. It turned out that below their house, right underneath where the kitchen is, there used to be tunnels for monks to travel through to the local church.


15. A Visitor In The Dark

I live with my parents, and my room is on the other side of the house. One night, around 3 AM, I randomly woke up. Then, I heard somebody knock on my door. I thought it was my parents, so I just said, “Come in,” loudly. Nobody came in. I assumed they felt bad because they woke me. Then, I heard another door open and assumed it was just my dad.

About 15 or 20 minutes later, both my parents came down the hall talking, opened my door, and asked me what was wrong. I said, “Nothing. What are you talking about?” They then told me, “We just saw you in the hallway. We called out, but you turned and walked away.” Creeped out, I said, “I’ve been in bed this whole time. Is this why you knocked on my door 20 minutes ago?”

Then they told me, “We didn’t knock on your door.” We combed the house, thinking we had a burglar or something, but there was no one. Also, we have an alarm and it was still armed, so it seemed unlikely that somebody broke in. My dad stayed up for an hour or two and went back to bed. The dogs started barking at something around 6 AM, but again, there was nothing.

Dogs barking at nothing is not usual, but it was spooky considering what just happened. We had lived in the house over 15 years without any weird happenings or ghost stories. My mom, after the fact, decided it was her brother Chuck, who passed a few years back. I look a bit like him apparently, so she thinks his ghost pranked us or something.


16. One Life For Another

In the mid-30s, my granddad’s son fell and cracked his skull. He held him while his wife drove them to the hospital. On the way, he said his son grabbed his arm and looked right at him. He said, “Mom has cancer in her liver. It can be fixed, but you have to tell the doctor when we get there.” Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

Granddad forgot about the warning till the funeral. Later, when grandma went to the doctor, they found a tumor. The doctors ended up removing half of her liver, and she survived. After a few years, my father was born, and then a pile of other kids. It’s creepy to think that without that warning, none of us would even exist


17. An Unwelcome House Guest

My mum would, from time to time, mention that she’d heard “someone” coming up the stairs at night when everyone was in bed. She would say that she could hear footsteps on the stairs which stopped when they reached the top. Neither my dad, younger brother, nor I ever heard anything like this, but my younger sister did…and experienced other things.

We used to share a room and she would tell me that she would also feel a presence sitting on her bed, tugging her duvet and sometimes scrabbling about underneath her bed. The family dog would also react, staring at a fixed spot, hackles up and growling. She told me that this mostly happened when I was away from the house.

However, one particular incident occurred when I was at home. I had done some studying and gone to bed. My sister told me that she came into our room at bedtime, only to be stopped dead in her tracks. She found me sitting, upright, staring directly at her with a huge rictus grin on my face. She described the grin as being “demonic,” as though my face was being stretched.

She said my name twice. Apparently,  I didn’t respond or move. I just kept staring at her. She closed the door quickly, before reopening it and switching on the bedroom light to find that I was sleeping normally. My sister was terrified and got no sleep. She kept looking over at my bed for the whole night. I have no memory of this at all, and was only told about it some years later.


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18. Scaring The Ghosts

My great grandmother was talking in her sleep, or so I thought. I went into her room, and there was a butt-print on top of the covers. She was angry and said, “You made him leave!” She even remembered it the next day. I still don’t know who she was talking to or why they left a butt-print. I didn’t think ghosts did that.


19. An Unexplained Miracle

One day when I was about seven years old, I tried to get out of bed, but found that I couldn’t walk. I didn’t receive any injury that could have caused this sudden phenomenon; it just happened for seemingly no apparent reason. My parents rushed me to the hospital, where we waited all night until the doctor finally ushered us in.

He told me that my condition was completely unexplainable, gave me some crutches, then sent me on my way. Once I got back to my house, my dad told me to stay upstairs because I didn’t know how to walk down the stairs on crutches. Obviously, because I was seven, I didn’t listen to him and decided to go down the stairs in crutches.

I launched myself off the top step and crashed face-first into the wall at the bottom of the stairwell. Immediately after the impact, I got right back up and started walking like nothing ever happened. Nobody has any explanation as to what happened to me that day.


20. A Night Of Terror

One night, about a year or two ago, I was in my room, trying to sleep. It was around midnight, and I was on the edge of falling asleep. My parents were down the hall, watching TV. Suddenly, there were two loud bangs on my door. I got up and opened it. Nobody was there. I asked my parents if they had knocked on my door, or if our dog was banging her head on the door.

They said that neither of them had gotten up, and our dog was completely asleep on her bed. I shrugged it off and went back to my room. I figured maybe the house was settling, or something like that. I laid back down on my bed for a few minutes. I was laying completely still when my coat, which had been laying in the middle of my bed, was PULLED down the bed.

I wasn’t moving. It didn’t slide because of gravity. It looked like it had been PULLED. I don’t live on a hill. It wasn’t possible for it to have moved on its own. When I finally fell asleep, I had a weird dream. I was being chased down a never-ending hall by a black shadow figure that was wearing the coat that had moved on its own.

I still have no idea what happened that night. Other weird things have happened to me before. I would hear things like what sounded like footsteps in my room one time when I was home alone. I swear I could hear unexplained breathing in the house as well. But none of those events were like this one. And nothing like this has happened since.


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21. Not Quite Done Living Yet

I work for a funeral company. One afternoon, I did a viewing for a man who was having his funeral the next day. Usually, we put the bodies back in the fridge, but we’d been really busy, and we only had a very small fridge that was already full. On occasions like this, if they’ve been embalmed, we’d leave them in the chapel with the air conditioner cranked up.

So the next morning, I was the first one in, and I walked into the chapel, only to be greeted by a horrifying sight. The man who was embalmed was somehow out of his coffin, laying face down on the floor. Not sprawled, but perfectly neat, like he’d floated up out of his coffin, turned face down, and floated down to the ground. Obviously, I nearly had a heart attack.

My first thought was that someone had broken in and had done this. Maybe staff members were playing a prank? It was a very sackable prank, and I couldn’t imagine any of our staff doing that for any reason. And what’s more was that we had security cameras and motion detectors and swipe cards so you can see who had come and gone, but there was NOTHING!


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22. Not So Easy To Get Rid Of

I was helping my mom clean out her garage, and we ended up coming across this old teddy bear that belonged to my great-grandma. She told me to take it down to the dumpster and throw it away. So I did. Later that night, we were digging through the garage a little more, and there it was. The teddy bear that I had thrown away earlier that day. Neither me nor my mom knew how it got back there.


23. Careful What You Wish For

When I was about nine or ten, my dad took my brother, sister, mum, and me for a random drive on a quiet Sunday afternoon. We’d been out for a while when our parents said it was time to go home, but us kids didn’t want to. So we kept chanting, “Break down, break down,” so we didn’t have to go home. This evolved into us holding hands, closing our eyes, and continuing to chant.

All of a sudden, the car lost power. The car had a full tank of gas, and there was no reason why it should break down. We had to call for a company to come check the car, and they couldn’t identify why the car wasn’t working either. The car had to be towed to our house. Upon trying the car later that day, it worked as normal.


24. A Surprise In The Basement

I was a junior in college. Me and five other guys rented the upstairs of a college house. There were two separate apartments on the first floor, and the basement was communal with a washer and dryer and a bunch of rooms which were boarded up. The landlord said it was because they needed work, and he didn’t have the time or money.

Anyways, I knew the downstairs occupants. Some I had classes with, and one I worked with. My coworker went up to me one day and asked, “Do you ever hear anything…weird in the basement?” Come to mention it, I, and my roommates, had been hearing odd sounds. My coworker said he just heard it again and thought it may be a person.

I snuck down. Sure enough, I heard movement in a room. The boards were removed. Now I was sketched out—but I had no idea what was coming. I threw open the door and this man, in his mid-30s, who I had never seen before, casually turned around. He was in a nice, three-piece, dark blue suit. He smiled and said, “Well, hello there, fine day today, isn’t it?”

Honestly, I was so caught off guard by his demeanor. “Who are you? How did you get in here? And why?” I asked him. “Ah, yes, I bet this seems odd. I used to stay here. I just…I just like to stop back from time to time. Tell [landlord’s name] I said hi.” He then swung his jacket over his shoulder, said excuse me, and walked past.

I know I should have grabbed his name or called the authorities, but he knew my landlord’s first name, which wasn’t listed on the property. I called the landlord, and asked who this guy was and why he was there. The landlord was speechless. He replied, “Those rooms are boarded up for a reason. I’ll have to secure that again, now.”

“What about the guy?” I asked him. The landlord just hung up on me. Every time someone asked him about it, he just left, hung up, or changed the subject.


25. Divine Intervention

I was sleeping in my dorm room in college in 1988. Suddenly, I heard a voice clearly telling me to go to the roof, where we often went as kind of a macho tough guy thing. My friend Eddie was sobbing on the edge of the roof. I went swiftly over to him and caught him by the collar, just as he jumped. I pulled him back from thin air. It felt like he didn’t weigh anything at all.


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26. A Helpful Ghost?

Ten years old, I was in Maine with some friends. We decided to get “lost” in the woods. This wasn’t actually possible, because the road went around in a circle. Somehow, we got into a swampy area, and couldn’t find our way out of the woods. We started screaming for help, and finally we saw someone picking blackberries.

He gave us directions and told us the way out. As I turned around after we passed him, he was gone. It was super weird. My sister later told me that the cabin we were staying in was actually haunted.


27. The Ballroom Of Horror

I used to work in hotels. This one particular hotel was well known in the area for its paranormal events, but once you’d been there a while you’d get used to it. The events were rarely frightening. When I was hired, another employee had told me that our large ballroom was haunted, but I was just like, “Yeah, whatever.”

So we’d had a week of wedding receptions. The ballroom in this hotel was large enough that it could hold two or three smaller parties at a time. Every night for that week, we’d had at least one party going in the evenings. On Saturday night, this one reception was plagued by issues. Lightbulbs were blowing out, breakers were tripping, equipment was malfunctioning.

I felt bad for the bride and groom because of all the issues. Soon, Sunday rolled around. The hotel was quiet, and there were no events scheduled. I headed over to lock up the ballroom, and that included making sure all the lights were turned off. To get to some of the switches, I would have to cross the room to the opposite side.

I walked in the door and just stopped. It sounds like a cliche, but all the hairs on my arms and neck stood up. The atmosphere in there just felt really, really tense. I felt like I was intruding, and I just hastily backed out and closed the door. The two guys who set up audio and visual gear then showed up to set up part of the ballroom for a meeting the following day.

They went into the ballroom. Just as quickly, they promptly come right back out. One of them said it felt like something was physically stopping them from going any further. The other said he heard something or someone growl something, but couldn’t make out any words. I believed the stories about the ballroom after that.


28. Heed His Warning…

While visiting a theme park when I was younger, I ran into a dude that looked just like me. He warned me that I would lose my money today, and to watch my pockets. Later that day, I noticed my money had fallen out of my pocket, but luckily, it was on the ground nearby. I wouldn’t have noticed if that dude’s comment hadn’t been stuck in my mind.


29. More Than Just Imagination

I found out only a few months ago that my parent’s friend, who was deaf and always visiting us when I was very young, didn’t exist. They apparently don’t have a deaf friend. It might seem like I had an imaginary friend, and that would be the end of it. However, I remember learning how to speak a bit with my hands from him.

I really don’t know how I learned what I did from this person that supposedly never existed. How did I imagine the knowledge and ability to sign  from someone that existed only in my head? It really weirded me out when I found out my parents didn’t have a deaf friend, because he was a big part of my memories from that time.


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30. Listen To Your Kids…

When I was a toddler, probably about three, my mom, siblings, and I had just gotten home from a trip to the store. She was busy with my younger brother, so she didn’t notice when I waddled upstairs to my room. A few minutes passed, and I came downstairs and stood in the kitchen doorway with a “weird expression” on my face.

She asked me what was up, and I said, “The man upstairs told me to come back down.” My dad was at work, and there was no one else staying with us. My mom was freaked out and we immediately left to stay at a family friend’s house until my dad could come home to scope out the house. Nothing was missing, no signs of entry, nothing. We still don’t know what I saw.


31. A Guardian Angel

I grew up in a very old family home way out in the country. I was quite a responsible child and my parents would allow me to stay home from a very young age. They always figured I was safe enough with our big dogs, and we were off the main road and behind a gate. One Saturday afternoon, when I was about 9, they ran into town to do some errands and left me alone.

I remember it was summer, so I was out in the yard reading a book with my dogs, Roscoe and Lady Sara, on the lawn next to me. All of a sudden, the dogs both quietly stood up and moved in front of me with their hackles up. The two of them were very protective and would never allow someone they didn’t know to come close to me.

A minute later, a man came walking up our driveway. He was quite polite and doffed his hat and asked if the lady of the house was home. I explained that they had run into town but would be home soon. He was dressed in clean, but dated clothing, and he had a sharp beard and a small gold pocket watch that he fiddled with as he talked.

He was polite and well-spoken, and never once did I feel frightened. That was a tad strange because I was a shy, untrusting child who didn’t cotton to strangers. All this time, my dogs had been standing in front of me but not growling. They were just watchful. He looked down at them and said their names, except he called our girl “Sara.”

Now, this was where it started getting really weird. We only ever called her by her first name, “Lady.” As soon as he said their names, they cocked their heads, sniffed him over, then whined and wagged their tails before lying back down. I figured he was friends with my folks and didn’t think much of it. My mother had raised me to be very polite so I asked him if I could offer any refreshments.

He said he’d be glad of some water and he would bide out on the porch for a bit. So I bustled into the house and made up lemonade and put some lace cookies on one of mom’s pretty rose plates with a cloth napkin. He didn’t talk much, but just sat back, rocked for a bit, smoked a pipe, then thanked me for the refreshments and said he must be on his way.

He started across the yard, and my dogs walked on either side of him to the driveway as calm as you please. He knelt down and gave each one a pat and lifted a hand in farewell, and faded into the dusk. I went in and laid down for a bit and when next I woke up my folks were home. I forgot to mention any of this to my mom until we were headed to church the next day. She didn’t think much of it.

Now, every Sunday, the dogs would ride with us to the church and wait in the back of the truck. Afterward we would all go down and have a picnic at the lake while my dad did a little fishing, and my mom read in the shade. The dogs and I would wade in the shallows and hunt for lizards. This time Roscoe wouldn’t come when we called. He just sat on the porch and whined.

When we got home that afternoon, the sheriff was waiting there, and he had a big man in cuffs. The man had several deep bites on his hand and leg. Roscoe was shut up in the garage and angry, with a pretty deep gash on his side, some broken teeth, and a knot on his head. The sheriff told us someone had happened to see this man turn into our drive and called it in.

It turned out that this man had been robbing rural houses in the area. He was caught with pillowcases full of my mom’s silver. When the sheriff questioned him, the man said he had snuck up the drive to the treeline the evening before, but had seen a man sitting on the porch, so he left and came back when he saw us leave for church.

Dad questioned the neighbors about who had called it in, and also who had stopped over, but no one ever admitted to either the call or the visit. My parents chalked it all up as a very lucky coincidence, and we went on with our lives, but with better locks on the doors and instructions to me to be more wary of strangers.

Some years later, we were at an elderly relative’s home for a visit. She and my mom were flipping through an old photo album and reminiscing about the family, when I looked over and very excitedly told my mother that the man in the photo was the same man who visited back when we were robbed. My mom went white as a sheet.

She explained that it couldn’t possibly have been the same man, because that was her great uncle Hap, and he had passed when she was nine years old. That picture was the last picture taken of him. In the picture, you could see our family home, with two dogs laying on the porch. On the back of the picture, in faded pencil were the words, “Hap and Essie with Roscoe and Sara at grandma’s.”


32. A Glitch In The Matrix

I saw a guy accidentally drop a 16-inch concrete drill bit from shoulder height. It never hit the ground. It’s like it stopped existing on its way to the floor. No sound of it hitting the floor, nowhere to be seen, just gone. Three witnesses all saw the same thing. This happened in a completely empty newly constructed building.


33. A Real-Life Horror Movie

I was driving in rural areas in New England. It was late, and there was fog. It was extremely dense fog, and I was driving on back roads. Suddenly, things started going wrong. First, my headlight just up and went out. Next, the car started making noises, and the check engine light came on. So, I pulled over, with nothing much around except fields and fog and dark.

I looked at the engine and did what I could, but the car now wouldn’t start. My cell phone had no service as well. It was like one big cliché, but I was not stupid enough to go wandering the roads right now.  So I reclined my seat and decided to take a nap for a couple hours until the sun came up. When I woke up, the sun was coming up.

Slowly, the fog was going away…and I was on the main street of a tiny town, parked in front of a motel. There were houses everywhere. I was sure I was just off the woods. There was a service station 50 yards up the road. I walked up to it and talked to the guy there. He walked over to look at the car, asked me to try to start it…and it did. And…BOTH headlights were working. I drove on, but never got the name of the little village, and I couldn’t find it on a map. I always felt like I was in this big setup for a horror movie that just didn’t pan out.


34. Never Truly Alone

I worked in a building with keypad locked doors. On video, at least five doors were violently thrown open in the same hallway, seconds apart. There were cameras on both sides, and neither showed anyone there. I 100% cannot explain what I saw, even today, but I ended up working nights in the building, alone. I did, on occasion, got the feeling I was being watched.


35. The Nightmares Are Real

My wife and I lived in a small apartment. I got up one night and just had a creepy feeling while I was standing in the bathroom. I shook it off, and got back to bed. The next morning, my wife told me she had a terrible dream about a demon that was watching her. I didn’t tell her about my feelings because it would have scared her even more.


36. A Message Unheeded

This happened to me and my sister. It was summer break in the 90s and my mom needed my sister to take our van to get new tires put on. My mom managed a finance office and did not like taking time off work because everyone always depended heavily on her.  My sister took me along with her and her boyfriend, now husband, to get the tires put on.

When we were done, we took her boyfriend home and headed back to our place. The highway we took to get home from her boyfriend’s was known to be pretty dangerous. There were a lot of bends and curves. When rounding a particularly bad curve, a truck swerved into our lane. Before we knew it, the truck had flipped our van over and into a ditch.

After the impact, the first thing I remember was looking over and seeing my sister bloodied from the face to her stomach. She was trying to unbuckle my seatbelt to help me out, but she couldn’t even hold her head up. First responders found me in the back of the van trying to get out and screaming for help. They used the jaws of life to get my sister out.

I was taken to a local hospital for observation, and my sister was airlifted by a helicopter. The family in the truck was moving house, and a little boy holding a lamp had the lamp puncture into his neck when it broke. Now for the creepy part. The night before the accident, my mom hadn’t slept well at all, for a very eerie reason.

She had woken up to the sound of chanting at the side of her room. She said it sounded like three voices all talking in unison, saying, “Take a floater and do it yourself.” At her job, a floater was someone who came in during the week if someone took a day off. Hearing the voices scared her, and she didn’t really understand the meaning of what she was being told.

When she woke up the next day, she felt sick to her stomach all day and had a massive migraine to boot. Around 4 o’clock, she called my aunt to come and pick her up from work because she couldn’t function any longer and her illness was worsening. She called my dad before she left her office and asked if we were home yet.

When he told her that we had not arrived, she told him he needed to leave now and go look for us. As he pulled up to the highway, he noticed that everything was blocked off and there were first responders everywhere. He rushed up to the sheriff and told him that it was his girls in the wreck. They hadn’t identified us yet and were still working on the scene. They turned him away.

A few minutes later the sheriff came over, telling my dad that it was us, and gave him an update on our condition. It took my mom a long time to forgive herself for not understanding that message. If she would’ve taken a floater that day, we would not have been on that highway. The boy in the truck may have lived, and my sister would not have spent three weeks in the ICU.


37. A Ghostly Dine And Dash

I was doing some prep work early in the morning in a completely empty restaurant. I went to the washroom, and while in there, I clearly heard the sounds of the patio door open and close. No one was supposed to be in the restaurant, so I bolted up and out the washroom. No one was out there, so I checked the security cams.

I saw myself walk into the bathroom, and then the screens went all white and fuzzy for a few minutes. Then it clicked back on, and the footage captured only caught me running out of the bathroom. Very eerie.


38. The Song That Never Ends

When I was 12 years old, I joined a rock band with my friend, who was 14. His dad had a PA system and all other types of musical equipment, so we had band practice in his basement. One day, we were goofing around, listening to weird cassette tapes his dad had. We put in Kermit’s Rainbow Connection and started swaying around like idiots.

We were playing the music through the PA system, which had the music coming out of two huge loudspeakers. He stopped the tape midway through the song, and was about to put something else in…Except the song was faintly still playing out of the speakers. We looked at the tape. It was stopped. Yet the SONG WAS STILL GOING.

As you know, this song has a dreamy quality to it, which made it REALLY CREEPY. He took the tape out. The song was still going. The song was quiet, but definitely audible. We started freaking out a little. He unplugged the entire PA system at the power strip. THE SONG WAS STILL GOING. We just sat there frozen, with our mouths hanging open.

We kept on listening and kept on looking around. After a few, very long seconds, we couldn’t hear the song anymore, but it wasn’t as if it suddenly cut off. It was almost like it faded away so slowly that we couldn’t perceive it. We tried to recreate it several times with that song, and other songs, but it never happened again.


Creepy storiesUnsplash

39. A Coincidence, Or Something More?

The guy I was dating in college started having terrible stomach issues. I went with him to the GI doctor, who decided to do some extensive and unusual testing for a fairly rare digestive cancer that was very uncommon in young people. It turned out he didn’t have it, but 6 weeks later, I was rushed to the ER with sudden gastric distress.

They took me into emergency surgery to remove my appendix, and when I woke up, they told me they had discovered the exact semi-rare, uncommon-in-young-people cancer that my boyfriend was just tested for. A part of me believes that the doctor has some sort of extrasensory perception, and he was just off on who had the tumor.


40. Back For Revenge

When I was maybe 10 or 12, I went to visit my grandparents’ house to spend the night. I woke up in the middle of the night and needed to use the bathroom, so I went down a hallway that led to the bathroom, which had a screen door leading to the back porch. When I went down the hallway, I stopped to look out the screen door.

In the distance was a figure in the field behind the house. When I looked at the figure again, the figure turned, facing me. Our closest neighbor was at least two miles away. Later I learned that the farmhouse was built on a slave plantation.


41. Get Out!

My hubby traveled to another city for work which wasn’t that far from where we lived. He was staying at his uncle’s condo. My hubby is the type who tries to power through everything, so when he called me and said he needed me, I went. I arrived at the condo and found him in the living room asleep. I went to gently wake him up and let him know I arrived.

He got up rather quickly and, with his eyes closed, began to talk. He said “they” don’t like him and “they’ve” been hurting him. I asked him, “Who are they?” and he said, “The ones that stay here.” I didn’t know why or how he’s talking to me because he’s not awake, and it’s starting to freak me out. So I asked again, “Who are they?” and he said, “The ghosts.”

I said, “There’s no such thing as ghosts,” but then he got excited and said, “They’re here.” Before I could ask another question, he told me that the lights will go off, letting us know they aren’t happy with me there. Sure enough, the lights in the living room turned off, as well everywhere downstairs. My hubby then laid back down and started sleeping.

I stayed the night with him, and he talked on and off again without opening his eyes, saying that they pushed him down the stairs, and made his clothes fly out the closet. I tried to sleep but kept having weird dreams of an Asian family looking at me from the stairs. Finally, morning came. My hubby woke up and asked me what I was doing there.

He said he didn’t remember calling me, or the conversations he was having.


Creepy storiesShutterstock

42. Lost In Time

I had a doctor’s appointment and took my dad with me. It was in another town about an hour away, and since the appointment was for 11 AM, I left at 9:30 to give us plenty of time. We pulled into the parking lot at 10:30. I remembered checking the clock in the car when we arrived, and remarking to my dad that we made good time.

We went into the office, and the receptionist pointed out that we were a little late, but that it was okay because the doctor was running behind. I told her that we had an 11 o’clock appointment, and that we were actually a half-hour early. She pointed to the clock on the waiting room wall…which said 11:15.

My dad checked his watch. 11:15. I ran out and checked the clock in the car. 11:15. Somehow, in the few dozen steps from the car to the office, we lost 45 minutes.


Creepy stories

43. The Ghost In The Closet

When I was about 12 years old, I spent a night with a shadow person in my room. Every time I looked at the gap between the foot of my bed and the dresser on the opposite wall, I could see an eight feet tall shadow in the shape of a man just standing there. I was too scared to move and too scared to fall asleep. I just huddled under my blankets.

Eventually, I must have just passed out from exhaustion, and woke up the next morning, fine but rattled. I slept with my closet light on for like two months after that.


44. Nowhere To Run

So this girl who I was seeing at the time and I needed to have a talk, and we decided that we would go to our local college town’s statue to do so. Many kids that go to our college went there to hang out, take pictures, or climb on the statue. This statue was 30 minutes away in the middle of farmland. It’s a popular and safe place.

So we decided to head out and it was probably around 1 AM at that point. You could see the stars and all of that; it was pitch black outside. When we got there, I got a really creepy feeling, but we wanted to take a look at the statue, so we got out of my car and proceeded to walk to the statue. We took a look and decided to get back in my car because it was dark and cold outside.

About 10 minutes into our conversation, I saw a large, white SUV drive past us. I didn’t think anything of it, but it was the only other car we had seen all night. The car drove maybe a quarter mile down the road, and suddenly did a 3 point turn. He then came back towards us and took a right onto a side road that sat directly in front of us.

About a quarter-mile down this side road, the SUV did another 3 point turn, and stopped a hundred feet or so in front of us with its headlights glaring down my car. At this point, I was thinking of getting out of here. Suddenly, the car drove straight ahead into our gravel lot, partially blocking off the only way in or out.

At this point, all of my spidey senses were in full gear and I was ready to book it. The girl with me was like, “No, we need to finish talking. He’s just being weird.” I decided to leave anyway, and as soon as I squeezed my car out of the lot onto the road, the SUV was tailing me. I told the girl to call the authorities, but of course, in the middle of nowhere, there was no service.

I started to push my car and was going over 120 mph on this small country road, surrounded by nothing. And of course, the SUV is right on us.  Once we finally started to reach civilization, there was an intersection with other cars. I finally gave a sigh of relief and thought this guy would leave us alone, so just to test him, I turned on my left turn signal and got ready to turn.

I turned my wheel enough so that it would look like I was going to turn, then quickly put my entire weight on my gas and went straight. He followed me exactly. With the turn signal, turning, accelerating, everything. A couple of miles later, we finally got reception and called the authorities. As we were on the phone with them, a brightly lit gas station appeared, and we turned into it.

I figured, if this guy was going to kill or kidnap us, he was going to have to do it where other people can see. As soon as I turned into that gas station, he booked it to wherever he was going. We gave a description and what happened to us to the dispatcher. To this day, I don’t know what that person wanted or what their objective was, but I’m glad I didn’t find out.


45. Too Close For Comfort

I was driving through New England. I came around this one bend in the road and saw this car just stopped, kind of off to the side, with the horn blaring. There was someone passed out on the steering wheel. I wanted to stop and help. I slowed next to the car, but something inside me made me book it. In my rearview mirror, I suddenly saw a large group of people staring at my car as I drove away, including the guy that was at the wheel.


Creepy storiesUnsplash

46. A Dream Come True?

I recently dreamt about the people who adopted me. I do not like those two, at all, and we hadn’t spoken in literal years. I woke up in a pretty bad mood, and got a phone call from a social worker later that day about the people who adopted me. I simply told her that I couldn’t care less about those two, and that unless one of them had passed, I really didn’t need to know anything about their shenanigans. Turns out one of them HAD passed.


47. The Cabin In The Woods

My uncle used to have a cabin in the woods near Winter, Wisconsin. I used to spend time there in the summer tearing through the woods with my two cousins. One extremely early morning, when I was about ten, my uncle woke us up roughly and told us it was time to go fishing. It was still super early and we were all confused because it was pitch dark.

He hustled us down to the dock where he kept his little fishing boat and quickly launched us into the water and away from the house. At this point we were all getting a little freaked out—but this was just the beginning. My uncle wasn’t talking. We just sat, shivering under a blanket at the bow of the boat, while my uncle stared wild-eyed at the shoreline and waved a flashlight furtively ahead of us.

We eventually arrived at my uncle’s friend’s cabin across the lake and tumbled into his house. Our uncle sent us to the loft to sleep. He and his buddy locked the doors and left, not returning until well after sunrise. Eventually, our uncle showed up with the truck and trailer already packed with all of our gear, and he told us it was time to go home.

Many years later, my uncle confided to me that the reason he’d hustled us home was because he’d woken up around 3 AM to a strange “Thok! Thok! Thok!” sound from outside the cabin. He’d gone out to investigate, when a massive jack pine fell directly across the narrow driveway, blocking us in. Startled by the noise, he swept his flashlight along the tree line.

Just in time, my uncle saw a man, holding an axe. The man slinked away into the dark of the trees and woods. He and his buddy returned to his cabin later, and had to take turns chainsawing the tree that fell across our narrow driveway apart, while the other stood watch with a rifle. He never found the man, and he never found the axe.


48. The Disappearing Child

My dad and my stepmother got married when I was ten years old at a countryside estate, which was now a wedding venue. All of the other kids and I were playing hide and seek in this massive house, when my sister started chasing my younger cousin, who had long blonde hair and was wearing a blue dress, down a long hallway.

Halfway down the hallway, my younger cousin dipped into this old, blocked-off, spiral staircase. My sister jumped around the corner and shouted, “Gotcha!” Except NOBODY was in this blocked staircase. She ran back to my dad crying, saying that our cousin disappeared through a wall. Everyone laughed it off, because said cousin was right next to her.

Fast forward five years. I was 15, and I got a job as a waiter at the same wedding venue. The estate had an orangery, which is where they hold the ceremonies, and I notice a small stained glass window depicting a blonde-haired girl wearing a blue dress, with the dates 1931-1937 underneath her. Naturally, I’m dumbfounded, so I asked about the stained glass window.

The venue manager told me that, after being sold by the original owner, the estate was a boarding school for girls. She told me that a young girl fell out of a top-floor window. The hallway that my sister chased “my cousin” down was an old servant’s hallway. The staircase was the central staircase that leads directly up to the old girls’ dormitories on the top floor.


49. The Mysterious Radio

My husband was sleeping in the back of our truck, and I was starting to get super tired while driving. I heard another trucker on the radio, and started chatting with him. He helped me stay awake until I stopped off at a truck stop, where my husband could take over. The next morning, I told my husband what happened. He told her the radio was broken, and that what happened was impossible.


50. A Beastly Encounter

When I was very young, we had a particularly nasty snowstorm that wiped out power for days. We lived in New England, in the middle of farmland, so while our neighbors were within walking distance, it was a short hike to get to them. I don’t recall exactly what led to this, but my mother needed to visit a neighbor to lend them something while my father got the generator running.

I wanted to go with her, so she put me on my snowsled and pulled me along that way. It was dark out, and everything was covered in snow. When we hit the midpoint of the walk back, we both heard this horrifying howl like something out of a monster movie, which echoed through the forest. My mother picked me up out of the sled and ran home. We both described the sound to my father, who didn’t believe us…And then we found something terrifying the next week.

We found a bunch of deer that had been torn apart just 30 feet into a wooded path near our house, and not by poachers or hunters. I’ve been around coyotes my whole life, and they definitely didn’t do this either. Coyotes will pick apart their prey and run off with pieces. This was four or five full-sized deer with large chunks missing.


Sources: 1, 2

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