Unhinged Exes

July 15, 2022 | Scott Mazza

Unhinged Exes

Everyone’s dated someone who wasn’t quite…normal. Whether they exhibited the most unhinged behavior during the relationship or saved it for the break-up, it’s always a wild ride—but these people had it worse than most. They share the stories of relationships and splits gone wrong, and they’ll make even your craziest ex look boring.

1. Hunk Of Burning Love

In a nutshell, I decided to end things with my ex-boyfriend for several reasons: My academic pursuits needed my full attention and he was diverting it. We didn't share fundamental compatibilities for a long-term relationship. 

On top of it all, even though he was evidently in love with me, I just couldn't develop the same feelings for him. I was fond of him but I just didn't find myself falling for him. So, I did what I thought was best for both of us—I decided to let him go in the kindest manner I could.

I attempted to handle the breakup with sensitivity as he hadn't done anything wrong throughout our relationship, but he took it rather badly. He was incessant, unable to comprehend why I felt we weren't well suited. 

He proposed working through our differences, but I insisted I didn't wish to compromise on my fundamental beliefs and life objectives. He then pledged to be the one to change, but I shut down that thought because I believe it's wrong for anyone to alter their core principles for someone else.

Furthermore, he struggled to come to terms with the fact that I just didn't love him. Noticeably, I had never proclaimed my love for him, even asserting on many occasions that we weren't in a serious relationship—we didn't date for long—but somehow he developed strong feelings. 

A few months flew by and one day, he messaged me, seeking a conversation to understand why we broke up. I agreed, assuming he was seeking closure. In retrospect, I definitely should have been more cautious.

Not long after, he sent me a horrifying message: “Just to let you know, I would set myself on fire for you". Needless to say, I decided not to engage in any chat with him post that.

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2. Imposter Syndrome

About three years ago, when my ex and I were newly together, a strange Instagram account surfaced. I won't mention the name, but it's the same as my brother's. Suddenly, it messaged me, "Hey, it's me. I'm back". My heart soared with joy and hope as I thought my long-lost brother had returned.

We chatted daily and it was a cherished period for me. I also let my ex in on these exchanges, eager for him to experience the bond I shared with my brother. However, I noticed some irregularities over time.

For instance, my brother used to refer to me by a unique pet name, but this account rarely used it. Plus, it also flubbed the details of shared memories. It started feeling like a catfish scenario, but I dismissed it since the person never asked for anything. The initial reference to my childhood pet name had convinced me—but I should have known better.

Talking about my brother, who used to be my hero, had always been difficult due to some unspoken family rules. Hence, the idea of his return filled me with joy despite the curious circumstances. 

Dismayed at the inconsistencies, I confronted the account, only to get a heartbreaking response and the account subsequently vanished. But, it left me with hope, believing my brother was alive somewhere.

Fast forward a few years, my ex sat me down for a significant conversation. He confessed to hiring a private investigator to search for my brother out of the blue. I thought he had found him, and our upcoming surprise vacation was to reunite us. 

However, he shattered me by revealing my brother's death in 2016. Post-vacation, we broke up, and I went through a horrific period involving hospitalization, horrible treatment of my cat by my ex, and psychological abuse.

Recently, while discussing my brother's upcoming funeral, my friend revealed that she had received texts from the mysterious Instagram account a few years ago. That wasn't possible since my brother had passed away in 2016. I reached out to my old contacts, who had also received similar messages from the account. Suddenly, it all fell into place.

My ex-boyfriend was behind the account. I was devastated and couldn't fathom why he imitated my brother and sabotaged my relationships. I had also never wanted a PI, but he went ahead against my wishes. I held onto the comforting illusion that my brother might be alive, thanks mainly to my childhood bond with him. But my ex cruelly shattered that illusion.

His actions led to a terrible downward spiral on my part. I was barely functioning. He also accused me of stalking him through fake profiles post-breakup. I could only surmise his guilt from such accusations. The so-called "conversations with my brother" about our issues would lead to my ex turning frosty and indifferent, which made me suspicious.

My loving and supportive brother would never have messaged people in an aggressive manner, nor would he have assigned blame to me or asked me to put up with things. So, the character behind the account was truly my ex-boyfriend. 

Although my brother passed away in 2016, I still plan to hold a funeral this year since I wasn't present at his original one (if there was any). Despite all the pain, I am determined to take steps against my ex for his actions which have left me scarred. Meanwhile, remembering my brother brings tears to my eyes and a longing for a simpler, happier time.

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3. Paranoia, Paranoia, Everybody’s Coming To Get Me

Between 16 and 21, I was with a guy who mistreated me terribly. It's been 14 years since I last saw or spoke with him. He dropped me like a hot potato, leaving me drowning in unpaid bills and rent, just so he could zoom off across the country. He blamed me for ruining his life. 

But once he left, I found the strength to pull myself out of the hole I was in, even though I was all alone. He had made sure I was cut off from all family and friends.

I had to quit high school to make ends meet for us. Fast forward 14 years, and you'll find me now happily married to an amazing man and well on my way to earning my doctorate. Unfortunately, I still have to deal with my ex. He keeps trying to reenter my life wanting to be friends and even apologizing. Each time, I've disregarded him.

When he first reached out after we split, I gave him a piece of my mind, telling him to stay away. But he didn’t listen, descending into seriously disturbing behavior. He started stalking me online and at my work for a year after that. 

Since then, I've checked on his social media profiles sporadically, just to ensure my own safety. This revealed that he's still floundering in life.

Actually, his situation has worsened big time. The bizarre quirks he displayed while we dated—which I didn't register as warning signs because I was emotionally vulnerable—have blown up. He suspected me of poisoning his food, often making me switch our plates multiple times before eating. If he felt even a bit off afterward, he would turn nasty.

Oddly, he was obsessed with his IQ to the point of constantly testing it online and making me do the same, just so he could brag about his supposed superior intelligence. I've come to conclude that these traits were early indicators of paranoia and narcissism. Now, his behavior seems to point to a severe delusional disorder.

He believes in far-fetched ideas such as being targeted by a cartel who are after his food and cigarettes. He theorizes his mom was kidnapped and a clone was left in her place, and even disowned her because she refused a DNA test. 

He's convinced he has a double in the cartel trying to steal his identity, leading him to spend the last year or so homeless trying to escape this imaginary cartel and working on proving they exist. The most disturbing part?

My name crops up intermittently in his social media posts. I initially thought it was his way of reminiscing about his better days. He has cooked up a distorted version of our past relationship, even claiming he never wanted to break up—all lies. 

Initially, seeing my name in those posts was unnerving, but I try to remember that he's not in a healthy mental state and I just need to stay vigilant. Things took a nastier turn when, recently, he mentioned my husband's name in his post.

Now, get this—I met my husband several years after breaking up with him, and they've never crossed paths. But he's spun a story where my husband is his doppelgänger from the cartel, and that I'm the mastermind behind his so-called misfortunes. 

He even thinks that I'm with my husband because he resembles him, but they don't resemble at all, and they're of different ethnic backgrounds. This highlights his delusions and narcissism, and it's honestly freaky. Thankfully, I relocated a few years ago, so I'm physically safer than I would've been in my home state.

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4. Overselling The Story

Approximately six months ago, I ended a relationship that had slowly devolved into a pit of deception. My ex, who I had been deeply committed to, had developed an unnerving tendency to weave intricate webs of lies. Even the most insignificant details about his mundane daily commute from work became incredibly twisted stories wrought with false facts. 

The nail in the coffin, however, was when he crafted an elaborate, fraudulent narrative about being discharged from the military. His disregard for truth seemed to know no bounds, and this was when I realized it was time to make my exit—I could no longer put up with the constant deception.

In the aftermath of our split, it took me around a month to recover enough to consider re-entering the dating scene. With a hopeful heart, albeit a little scarred, I started seeing someone new. It was a much-needed breath of fresh air. Meanwhile, my ex, clouded by his disillusioned perception, had convinced himself that I had cheated on him. 

As a result, he began spreading a poisonous rumor that our relationship of two years—a significant length of time in which I remained faithful—was essentially built on nothing but untruths and deception. His claims were far from reality. Three long months after our tumultuous breakup, my ex decided to message me. 

The content of the message startled me. He spoke about his overwhelming sense of loneliness, his unsuccessful attempts at finding a new partner, and even mentioned his decision to enroll in school. He elaborated how all these steps were part of him turning over a new leaf in his life. 

I wished him well, intending solely to put him at ease, and moved forward with my life. My ex, however, seemed to have taken a drastically different route since our split. About five months after our breakup, I received another message from him. 

In it, he revealed a total shocker—that he was now a parent. Not biologically, though, he was becoming a stepparent. The surprise didn't stop there. He dropped another bombshell: barely five months post our split, he was engaged to be married. My mind was cast into a whirlpool of confusion that soon morphed into an outright disbelief. 

Was this all a charade, or was he truly serious about it? Regardless, not wanting to show any disdain, I extended my congratulations to him. In the months that followed, I received periodic updates from him, mostly expressing his newfound joy and satisfaction with his partner. 

Yet, something seemed off. Despite his proclamations of love, there was surprising silence on the social media front. What's more, our mutual friends were equally oblivious about his mysterious partner. Six months post our breakup, I received a rather unexpected message. It was from his alleged fiancé. 

Her extensive note, albeit disturbing, seemed to be a test to confirm whether I was still lingering in their lives. Considering the situation, I chose to be cordial. She delved into the tumultuous details of her past, recounting tales of her wild ex-partner and her ongoing probation. 

She painted my ex as her white knight, who had heroically rescued her from the dreary mess that was her life. Mortified at the drama but intrigued to know where this was leading, I feigned interest and kept the conversation going. Then, a few days later, the unexpected happened. 

My ex and a handful of our common friends had a casual get-together. After losing themselves in a few drinks, my ex, in a state of impaired judgment, made a disrespectful proposition to one of my female friends. This out-of-line comment snowballed into a public spectacle at a local Target store, ending with my ex forgetting his worn-out phone on a shelf. 

Upon inspection of the orphaned phone, a glaring inconsistency came under scrutiny: his ‘fiancé's’ contact was curiously missing from his device. My friends, finding this suspicious, decided to return his phone to his truck and enlisted me to break this news to his so-called fiancé. 

Relaying the evening's irresponsible actions to her seemed to have severely caught her off-guard. She was flabbergasted, and blatantly denied any engagement rumors, much less an actual engagement. Armed with incriminating screenshots proving his claims, I left them in a state of speechless disbelief. 

The drama continued to unfold with her blocking me across all mediums. As it turned out, she was in the dark about her own 'engagement' to my ex. This revelation offered an insight into the life my ex had been leading. Contrary to his tales of newfound responsibility, his claimed academic journey was nothing but an illusion. 

In reality, he was still stuck in the same low-paying job he had held during our relationship. What a masterful liar he had turned out to be! His web of lies and deception seemed to know no end.

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5. Beaten To The Punch

Many moons ago, I began dating this gal. She would eventually wreak havoc in my life. We kicked off things my senior year, and she was my first in many ways—first girlfriend, love, and deep connection. 

Guess I was naive then. My buddies tried to alert me; there were clear red flags too. She'd openly flirt with other dudes in my presence and manipulate me using our intimate connection.

She'd ridicule me constantly, and if I dared speak up, she'd shout at me and demand immediate apologies. It took me a while to stop apologizing for every little thing after we broke up. Not saying I was innocent. I've always struggled with temper issues, thanks to my dad. Often, I'd lost control and said awful things—things I regret.

One day, I hit my breaking point. The details are fuzzy, but I knew our relationship was done for good. At least, that's what I believed. A mere two days later, she paid me a surprise visit to "get her belongings." She confessed to sleeping with my old wrestling buddy—the one who had shown me the ropes.

This debacle transformed me into something I never wanted to be—the stereotypical crazy ex. I created fictional Facebook profiles, showed up at her place uninvited—I admit these were mistakes. 

I was battling depression and anxiety, which doesn't justify, but explains my actions. She had dictated my self-worth for so long that it was difficult to break free.

Fast forward a year, and I had moved on with a new girlfriend and a new job. That's when the bombshell dropped. My boss was my ex's father. I expected minimal interactions given their strained relationship. 

But one day my girlfriend informed me about a text from my ex, which included fabricated chat screenshots implying a connection between us. My girlfriend was unable to see the truth and took a drastic step. She got drunk at a party and kissed another guy. The consequences were brutal—I lost my job after that.

My best friend suggested filing a restraining order against my ex to put an end to her text shenanigans. I was on board until I saw her at the courthouse—she already had plans to file a restraining order against me. I

 dropped my case on legal advice, and unsurprisingly, I lost. She was granted a restraining order for a year. Mercifully, the judge didn't record it, which was a small consolation.

More than a year has passed since then. My subsequent relationship never recovered, I've been unable to secure another job, and the fear of bumping into her still haunts me. She was the catalyst to my downfall, but I feel like I can't speak about it because it's considered past and done.

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6. God Complex

Here's my "nutty ex" saga, following a peaceful period recovery and now, a happy, long-lasting relationship. This narrative spans from when I was 19 to 23, and now, at 26, I feel far removed. My ex, four years my senior, was 24 to 28 during the incidents of this tale. 

Around the time we began dating, I was a student at a small Christian Bible College, identifying as a Mennonite, Protestant Christian. After three semesters, I transferred to a large university and pursued a degree in my current field. While at Bible School, my faith was continuously under scrutiny, and within a year of exiting Bible School, I identified as an agnostic. 

This revelation came about a few months post our breakup. While breaking up precipitated my deconversion, I don't attribute it as the sole cause, as it would've probably happened regardless of our relationship. 

One vital thing I want to clarify: this story isn't an attack on Christians but solely focuses on my misguided ex. We crossed paths in a fitness class when I was 19 and entirely new to dating.

I gathered enough bravery to express my interest in him, making him ask me out, which quickly transitioned us into a relationship. Looking back, I realise I hardly knew him; I was young, eager and thrilled to have a boyfriend.

Initially, everything was smooth. With frequent hangouts at his off-campus house, numerous walks, video game nights, movie marathons and fitness activities, our time together was enjoyable. I introduced him to my group of friends, and we started having a weekly board game night at his house. Admittedly, despite everything, some great memories were made.

During our peaceful walks, we would delve into the intricacies of being a couple and the roles men and women should play within a relationship. During these chats, I learned something shocking about him. He intended to have his first kiss on his wedding day. Though religious myself then, I found this extreme but chose to respect his stance.

He professed belief in a biblically structured marriage, where the man leads, taking his wife's view into consideration as he loved her. Warmly agreeing, I remember feeling elated at having found a providing man for myself. Contrarily, his actions did not pair up with his claims.

Our relationship took a physical turn, and we lost our virginities to each other. He manipulated me into feeling guilty about it, even though our decision was mutual. He was domineering, cancelling outings if I offered to pay, yet borrowing money from his parents for utilities while boasting about his work hours and paycheck. He was hell-bent on marrying me, regardless of my lack of readiness at 20.

Despite my pleas and attempts to keep our shared faith alive, he wouldn't allow me to initiate Bible studies or prayer, deeming it "the man's job to be spiritual leader". 

Additional red flags appeared: he had no personal friendships, thinking he was superior due to his gender and age. Relocating to university further escalated the issues through our long-distance dynamic. An acquaintance labelled him accurately, as possessing a superiority complex.

After enduring 13 rigorous months, I decided I deserved better and ended it. He begged for time to arrange a trip and "prove his worthiness". I rejected his proposal, and we split permanently. After two months of separation while I was working a lonely summer job in a National Park, I regretfully messaged him, which he declined. That marked a complete halt to our communication.

Around this time, I deviated from my Christian life and explored partying, new companions, alternate ideologies. We remained Facebook friends. A year post-breakup, he messaged me out of nowhere, suggesting a meet-up, which I declined. An unexpected response arrived two months later when he congratulated me for my new relationship on a Facebook post. I let it slide and didn't respond.

A month later, he announced his new relationship on social media. His overtly social media-active girlfriend tagged him in everything, filtering all the information onto my feed. By October, they were engaged, pet owners and having a December wedding, all within six months of meeting. In early November, his young, freshman fiancée messaged me with an inquiry about whether we had been intimate.

She mentioned rumors circulating about our physical relationship, causing people to brand her a "harlot”. Such a brazen query to a stranger about their past intimacy with her current fiancé demonstrated my ex's unchanged lying behaviour and blamed his past actions for her current social status.

My firm reply stated my private life was none of her business and she should cynically approach my ex for answers. Her response was that he wouldn't disclose the truth, which deeply resonated with me, as I found myself in her shoes two years back.

A week before their December wedding, a casual "Hey" popped up from my ex. Sensing something amiss, I demanded an explanation. He apologized for taking my virginity and initiating the breakup without any prior signs, before breaking all contact. 

I firmly reminded him that I had broken up with him, virginity was a worn-out social concept, and I bore no regrets as I genuinely believed I loved him back then.

He highlighted his spiritual relationship with Jesus and His revelations about his wrongdoings. Disinterested, I declared my indifference about his renewed faith. 

His shocking response was a proposition to get physically intimate again, which rattled me. Questioning whether it had links with his fiancée contacting me, he disclosed they had broken off the engagement a day before due to her "personality disorder".

Boiling with rage, I questioned his audacity of ending his engagement a week before the wedding and blaming her mental health. He confessed to daily prayers asking for God's guidance to treat women respectfully. 

I retaliated, branding him a vile human unable to respect women on his own but requiring divine intervention. Despite agreeing with my opinion, he assured me of his redemption through Christ and his commitment to pray for my well-being, which I dismissed.

This resulted in total disconnection from each other on social media. Despite myself, I occasionally monitored his public profiles, enjoying the amusement his steadily regressing, religious, narrow-minded posts brought me. After calling off his December wedding, he declared another engagement the following August, guiding me straight into my prying mode.

His new fiancée, older than him, was a widowed housewife with two home-schooled children. Left perplexed, my concerns for her and her family grew but I had to hope for the best. Shortly after their marriage, they welcomed a baby girl and all his posts revolved around his newborn.

My worries extended to his treatment of his stepchildren, too. Through further digging, I discovered his wife's blog about her late husband's battle with cancer and the aftermath, consisting of her faith and budding relationship with my ex.

Baffled by how a woman as well-spoken and intelligent as she appeared from her blogging could end up with someone like my ex, I realized that their courtship started a mere six weeks after our Facebook argument, and about a month after his called-off wedding. 

Their marriage took place the following August. Her blog also confirmed my initial suspicions about her desperation, relocation, and struggles as a young widow.

One specific post from my ex talked mostly about their matching theologies. Provided my ex hasn't dramatically transformed, I believe those were false promises from their relationship's "honeymoon phase". 

It gets worse. A mutual friend informed me that my ex was duped into loving and financially supporting a fraudulent overseas girlfriend. This scam led him to liquidate his motorbike and house.

Recently, his now-wife's blog hasn't been updated for over a year and their social media accounts show barely any activity, due to either less frequent usage or enhanced privacy settings.

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7. Makin’ Believe

Looking back over the past few years, one episode from my life stands out for its strangeness. It started with an odd, but at the time, harmless choice that ended up affecting me in ways I never could've expected. I'd started using Tinder not because I was desperately looking for romance, but out of curiosity about online dating and whether it could lead to real-life connections. 

This was how I met an intriguing med school student from Canada who seemed to be in his early thirties. We rarely messaged each other, mostly only every few weeks or so. When we di

d, he would often use kisses emojis. And I would respond in kind, mostly for fun and thinking nothing serious of it. Over two years, we managed to meet in person only three times and shared a single, lone kiss. However, life moved on and I found myself in a new, wonderful relationship—this time, one that didn't start on a screen. 

Feeling over the moon, I posted about my new relationship on Reddit. This innocent act, however, brought on a storm I didn't see coming. My part-time chat buddy from Canada, who used to send lots of kiss emojis, started stalking me obsessively online. 

He found my post on Reddit, latched onto the mention of my new boyfriend, and confronted me with accusations of cheating. He behaved as if we were in a committed relationship even when we were really just casual acquaintances. 

I attempted to soothe his hurt feelings with an apology, although I was at a loss as to what we actually needed to apologize for. But it only seemed to encourage him. He started watching my Instagram account obsessively, keeping tabs on anyone "male" I might interact with. He's been at it for nearly a year now. 

His actions have turned my peaceful social media into a battleground. He created multiple accounts to silently observe me, looking for 'proof' of an imagined betrayal. His latest move is following me on email, insisting that he's spent 10,000 hours thinking about us. 

Shockingly, he claimed he even quit medicine, all because of how he imagined I'd influenced his life. This was a dramatic allegation, given that our real-life relationship was just a single shared kiss. Eventually, I found out he was a member of a group called the "Proud Boys", who hold practices I find quite odd. 

Seeing this, it dawned upon me how dangerously fixated he'd become, blaming me for ruining his life. His behavior left me feeling guilty and also somewhat scared. I felt bad if I'd upset him accidentally. But also, increasingly, I felt uncomfortable and alarmed by his relentless behavior. 

This made me question his reasons. Was he truly hurt, or simply looking to manipulate my guilt for his attention?

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8. Baby Wars

We've been together for six years, starting when I was just a thirteen-year-old kid. Before we began dating, he already had some history with his ex-girlfriend. She was two years older than him—she was sixteen while he was only fourteen. 

Their relationship lasted four months, and they stayed somewhat friendly while we were dating on and off. Fast-forward to today. We're both excited and nervous as we await the birth of our first child. Yet, we're dealing with family conflicts and insecurities about our living situation. 

But the bigger drama? His ex-girlfriend is also pregnant. This is particularly significant as she previously lost a baby at birth. Despite our rocky past, I truly wish her the best. But she's visibly affected by the fact that her due date is just a week apart from mine. She appears to compensate for this by drawing more attention to her upcoming motherhood.

 Her behaviour is childish and sometimes annoys me, causing my patience to wane. I prefer keeping my pregnancy more private, while she publicizes hers on every platform we both use. What's more disturbing is when she copies my infrequent posts or makes apparent indirect digs at me in her posts. 

As we have mutual friends, her refusal to step out of the spotlight can be exhausting. Even though I always congratulate her on her brave journey as a mother-to-be, especially considering her past, she continues to make passive-aggressive comments. 

But this is the worst part—our mutual friends tell me she has openly declared her desire to get back with my boyfriend. Her longing baffles me—their relationship was brief and we've had limited interaction with her. I've never done anything to warrant hostility from her. 

I understand her need for attention—after all, she's also going to be a mother. However, I'm expecting a baby too and have my own emotional struggles. All I really ask is to experience the joy of becoming a mother, enveloped by the love and positivity of my close-knit circle, without any unnecessary drama.

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9. Do You Do Voodoo?

Once upon a time, in a story filled with heartache, a five-year relationship crumbled. It wasn't an ordinary breakup, though – it turned into something strange and hard to understand. 

The main characters in this tale were a couple who split because of lies, unfaithfulness, and problems with alcohol. The story began last summer when they decided to go their separate ways, and what happened next was like a series of events that didn't make much sense.

In the midst of the wreckage of their broken love, the person telling the story, having gone through a tough end to a once-close connection, chose to be a good friend. Even though there were lies, unfaithfulness, and alcohol issues in their past, this friend stuck around to support the other person. 

The reason? To make sure the kids didn't feel too sad about the breakup – a kind thing that got overshadowed by a weird turn of events into a world of anger and strange rituals.

Then, something unexpected happened. The ex-girlfriend found comfort in the arms of a friend who had liked her for a long time. It seemed like this new relationship might give them some distance and a chance to heal. But things took a strange turn, and the resentment from the ex-girlfriend got even stronger.

The peace the friend hoped for shattered when they started getting mean messages and threats. It was like adding salt to the wound of a breakup. The ex-girlfriend even said she was putting a curse on the friend for them to suffer forever. The decision was clear—cut off all ties and stay far away from this angry force. So, the friend decided to stop talking to the ex-girlfriend completely.

Months went by, but the mean messages kept coming. The bitterness and anger stayed like an unwanted ghost. Then, something shocking happened – a photo that showed something really mean. The ex-girlfriend had set up a strange altar in her room with candles and other things, and the friend's picture was right in the middle. It was like she was making a big show of putting a curse on them.

The ex-girlfriend, not giving up even after all this time, kept being mean. The curses continued, echoing through the silence, showing how much she resented the friend. The weirdest part was the presence of her current boyfriend. How did he fit into this crazy drama? It was a question that confused the friend even more.

The friend couldn't believe how much energy and determination the ex-girlfriend put into being mean. The reasons behind her actions were a mystery, something that didn't make sense. Why spend so much effort on a past relationship, especially when she had someone new in her life?

As the friend tried to make sense of all this, the strange nature of the situation became more and more obvious. It was a story that went beyond the usual heartbreak, turning into a strange tale of curses and weird altars. The emotions from a failed relationship took a turn into a place where reason and reality seemed to mix up.

Behind the scenes, the current boyfriend was unknowingly part of this dark drama. He probably didn't know about the mean things and curses the ex-girlfriend was doing to the friend. He became a pawn in a game of emotions that didn't make much sense. The ex-girlfriend's actions were happening behind his back, like a secret play of anger and curses.

In the middle of this confusing storm, the friend tried to understand how all of this could happen. How do you make sense of love turning bad and a breakup becoming a dark story of curses and altars? The pain from the ex-girlfriend's actions was now even stranger than the weird things she was doing.

As time kept moving forward, the friend found themselves at a point where they had to make a choice. Should they get involved in this weird drama or just cut off all connections and move on with a broken heart? The ex-girlfriend's curse felt like a dark shadow, a constant reminder of a love that turned into something really bad.

Finally, the friend had to face a big truth – the ex-girlfriend's actions, as strange and mean as they were, couldn't decide what came next. The curses, the altars, and all the weird hate were just echoes of a past that needed to be left behind. It was time to let go, to move forward from a relationship that turned into something really mean, and start a journey towards healing.

So, with a heavy heart and the weird curses gone, the friend decided to move forward. The current boyfriend, still stuck in the ex-girlfriend's strange web, stayed as an unknowing part of this story of love gone bad. The curses, not echoing in the silence anymore, faded into memories, leaving the friend to build a new life among the pieces of a once-whole heart.

As this strange chapter came to an end, the friend embraced the unknown future. The scars from a relationship filled with lies and unfaithfulness were reminders of strength. The road ahead promised healing, growth, and a chance to love again, without the shadows of curses and weird altars.

This strange story, even though it left its mark on the friend's past, became a stepping stone instead of a big problem. The ex-girlfriend's actions, driven by anger and a weird desire for revenge, became part of the strange and absurd. The current boyfriend, an unknowing character in this odd drama, faded away as the friend moved ahead, leaving curses and altars behind in the wake of a future that was uncertain but full of hope.

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10. Let’s Split The Bill

Once upon a time in my love story, there was a girl named Candy. She seemed sweet at first, but later, I discovered she wasn't quite what she seemed. Back then, I was young and didn't notice the signs of her being a bit unstable until later on.

After we broke up, I started dating another girl named Cassie, who eventually became the mother of my child. Candy didn't take the news well. Instead of handling it gracefully, she started spreading rumors about me to Cassie. 

Candy said I was only dating Cassie to make her jealous and even claimed I was secretly seeing her behind Cassie's back. We tried to reassure Cassie, but things took a darker turn when Candy vandalized Cassie's car.

Candy didn't think about the consequences and left her mark in a Walmart parking lot, where security cameras caught everything. Dealing with Walmart's security and management was stressful, but we hoped to move on. Little did we know, the consequences were far from over.

A few days later, Cassie got the repair estimate for her car's damages. She asked me to pass the financial burden to Candy. When I handed the estimate to Candy, she surprised me with her audacious response. Without any remorse, she said, "This wouldn't have happened if you'd stayed with me." 

Then she tried to apologize to me and asked me to pass her apology to Cassie. When we discussed covering the repair costs, Candy suggested splitting the bill. Her reasoning was absurd—since she vandalized the car because of me, I should pay for her part too. I was so shocked that I just walked away without saying anything.

Little did I know, this weird incident was just the beginning of a story filled with strange events, audacity, and unexpected turns. As I look back on those confusing times, I feel the need to understand the complexities of the human heart and the lengths some people go to manipulate emotions in relationships.

Day by day, it became clear that the story of Candy, Cassie, and me was destined to be defined by its peculiarities. The aftermath of the vandalism and repair estimates marked the beginning of a story that left a lasting impact on my understanding of love, betrayal, and the complex dynamics of the human heart.

As time passed, the echoes of Candy's audacious proposal echoed in my thoughts. How could someone, blinded by resentment and a desire for revenge, come up with such a ridiculous idea? The idea that I should pay for her destructive actions because I moved on with my life showed the depth of her delusion.

In the midst of the romantic chaos, I found myself dealing not only with the practicalities of car repairs but also with the emotional toll of a relationship gone wrong. The dynamics between Candy, Cassie, and me became a puzzle of conflicting emotions with missing pieces that refused to fit.

Cassie, burdened by the aftermath and repair costs, struggled with a sense of betrayal and disbelief. Candy's breach of trust cast a shadow over the budding romance between Cassie and me. Yet, in the chaos, a resilience emerged – a determination to overcome the absurdities and build a future untainted by the echoes of a tumultuous past.

As we navigated the journey of repairing a damaged car and healing emotional wounds from Candy's audacious act, a newfound understanding blossomed between Cassie and me. Our shared experiences brought us closer, creating a connection that transcended the peculiarities of our romantic history.

Candy's audacious proposal became a stepping stone for personal growth, a catalyst for introspection, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. It taught me that love, though complicated and full of surprises, has the power to endure, evolve, and emerge stronger after trials.

In the grand tapestry of my romantic history, the chapter featuring Candy's audacious proposal remains a vivid thread, woven into the fabric of lessons learned and experiences gained. It serves as a reminder that even in the face of absurdity, the human heart has the capacity to heal, forgive, and transcend the tumultuous echoes of a bygone era.

As the wheels of time continued turning, I found solace in the understanding that the saga of Candy, Cassie, and me wasn't the end of my romantic journey but just a chapter in a story still unfolding. The absurdities, audacities, and unexpected twists became the raw material for resilience, growth, and the pursuit of genuine love.

Standing at the threshold of unwritten chapters, I carry the lessons from the audacious proposal and the tumultuous aftermath with me. In the realm of love, where emotions are as unpredictable as the tides, I navigate with newfound wisdom and a heart fortified by the belief that every experience, no matter how absurd, contributes to the intricate mosaic of a life richly lived.

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11. A Not-So-Merry Christmas

So, here's the skinny. I was once in this super committed relationship with this fantastic woman who I believed was the one. However, as with most things in life, we changed and found ourselves wanting different things. 

While it hurt, we went ahead and did the adult thing—we amicably ended things and remained good friends. During this time, we were in the process of sorting out who got the house.

Since being back on the market, I decided to hop onto online dating. Now, I'm gonna be real, things weren't going great, but let's be honest, that dating world isn't for the faint-hearted. In the early morning after dancing the night away, I found myself scanning a dating site. That's when I stumbled across her—my dream woman! 

A childfree rock chick who was independent and confident. As I stared at her profile, little did I know, my life was about to take a crazy ride.

Sending a message to her felt like I was shooting my shot in the dark, but hell, why not, right? To my surprise, she responded, and we hit it off immediately. We chatted and video called for hours on end. We went on a spectacular first date, and before you knew it, we were practically inseparable. But that's when things started getting a bit rocky.

She moved in with me temporarily, but things took a nose-dive fast. Fights, breakdowns, emotional distress—it was like living in a never-ending rollercoaster. One night, she intimidated to harm herself, which resulted in a trip to the hospital.

Despite the rocky road, I still had hope. But things didn’t get any better. Over the course of the next few days, our relationship spiraled. She attacked me physically and emotionally, accusing me of things I didn’t do. After another episode, she ended up back at the hospital, this time in the psychiatric unit.

I was heartbroken. But even in my despair, my close friends rallied around me. That's when I discovered that she had a history of such incidents, and I was not the first one to experience it. That was a wake-up call.

The following days were tough. But I found the strength to end things with her, cutting off all contact. It took weeks of healing from the emotional and physical abuse, with the help of my family and friends.

Now, I'm a bit more careful when it comes to relationships. It's been over a year, and while I've healed, there's still a bit of that paranoia. I found some nasty messages she sent after I blocked her, but I choose not to dwell on them. I wish her the best and hope she gets the help she so desperately needs. 

Through it all, I'm grateful for the lesson, as painful as it was. I've grown stronger and learned about my resilience, and for that, I'm grateful.

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12. Discomfort Food

I'd been seeing this lady for half a year. Most of it was great, yet she had a fault—she was quite keen on her liquor. When she drank, she'd switch from calm to chaotic in an instant.

Blinded by love, I put up with it, until one incident changed everything. Here's the backstory: my best friend, whom I'd known for 25 years and was like a sister to me, was hospitalized with a potential brain tumor.

I called a few mutual pals and arranged to stay with them while checking on her. I drove from the West Country to London that day—a late December Wednesday. I couldn't see her until Friday due to her undergoing intense surgery.

After a short visit, I had to head back home for some reasons not vital to the story. On my ride home late Friday, I got a message. I pulled over to check it, and that's when trouble struck.

The back tire slipped on a diesel patch, shooting me into the middle of the road. Despite my gear and precautions, a fast-driving woman didn't spot me and hit me, sending me through her windshield and back.

The medics airlifted me with two broken legs and a busted shoulder. After two months in hospital over Christmas, undergoing surgeries, my lady (now ex) came to see me often. Next comes the messy part.

On my release day, with my wheelchair and casts, I asked her to visit the next day so I could rest. A friend had adjusted my home to accommodate my wheelchair. But my ex insisted on coming and was already tipsy when she arrived.

She tried to navigate my wheelchair, but her passiveness got on my nerves. Panic started to kick in when she insisted on cooking dinner, despite my plan to order takeaway. Helpless, I watched her set off for the supermarket.

She was a disaster in the kitchen, burning everything and setting smoke alarms off. In full panic, I called a friend to come over and control the situation.

This triggered an outrageous reaction from my ex. She verbally abused me over the accident and started hitting me. In fear, I climbed the stairs and locked myself in the bathroom.

I remember a heated argument downstairs, followed by a knock at the door—the cops, called by my friend. I refused to open the door until my ex was out. Even after she was removed, it was a while before I could exit. That incident was the end of our relationship!

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13. A Match Made In Heaven

Just to give some background, my ex and I had been an item for seven years. Fast forward to last August, I moved back home to aid my mom as she was recovering from surgery. Thus, I left my then-boyfriend's place and relocated to my mom's. By late November, I was back living with him.

My guess is, while we were apart, he started seeing someone else as she would constantly message him. I insisted that he clarify our intention to mend our relationship to her but he chose to disregard it, forcing me to take the initiative. I sent her a message saying "Hi, you may not know me but the guy you're interested in and I have had an on-off relationship for about seven years. Let's chat, can you call me?"

She replied almost instantly, affirming she'd call. Little did I know what was in store for me. She opened the call by venting about her issues that apparently started when Joe Biden took office, asked me if I practiced witchcraft and spoke of the many lies she had caught my ex in. I took a break and asked her, "How did you and my ex cross paths?"

Her response left me startled. "In heaven, he abducted me there. We both have identical marks on our left hand—I think it’s something you can't comprehend”. I couldn't help but think, "She's dead serious...this is nuts". I casually mentioned my needing to fix the front of my car after my ex banged it up in an accident and didn’t bother repairing it.

Her response intrigued me. "Don't you mean your ex's car?" I clarified that he doesn’t own a car but she insisted, saying that he has been driving a silver SUV—yep, my car! Just as this leaves me fuming, my ex enters the room and inquires about my conversation partner. She then quiets me and asks if he knows she's on the call, to which I say no.

What she says next almost stops my heart. She utters, "Great, I’m en route". Panicked, I hang up, and my now ex-boyfriend insists on knowing who I spoke to. When he finds out she's on her way, he loses it, demanding we leave. He convinces me to follow suit (though my feeling was that we should hear her out).

We escape to a hotel in the next town but it was fully booked, prompting us to head on to another nearby. As I'm about to exit the vehicle, she cracks open the door! Honestly, I had no idea how she tracked us down. I instinctively shut the door—I was in no mood for confrontation, and I hit the road. She tails me for an apocalyptic two hours!

At 2 am I finally stop, ordering my ex to step out. I watch in terror as he dashes out and she darts after him from her parked car. Roughly fifteen minutes later, my ex rings and instructs me on where to pick him up.

She later slipped a lengthy, insanely erratic letter to me. What a character!

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14. Lovesick

One day, I received a surprising text from my friend's ex-girlfriend, and she was giving me compliments, something I hadn't experienced much. Interested in her sincerity, we started having detailed conversations, marking the beginning of a unique connection. 

Little did I know, this seemingly harmless interaction would lead me down a complicated and emotionally challenging path. As time passed, our conversations deepened, and I found myself growing fond of her. Then came the shocking revelation—she shared that she was dealing with stage three cancer. 

The weight of her confession hit me hard, and I felt genuinely sad for her situation. Trying to provide comfort and support, I found myself staying up late, consoling her over the phone during her moments of fear and vulnerability.

Her condition meant frequent hospital visits, intensifying the depth of our connection. I became the person she confided in, seeking solace amid the harsh reality of her diagnosis. 

It was during one of our casual hangouts at a mini-mall that she dropped another bombshell—her cancer had progressed to stage four, and the prognosis gave her approximately two weeks to live. 

The news shattered me, and the fear of losing her pushed me to make a decision that, looking back, would prove to be both heartbreaking and eye-opening.

In a moment of desperation and a desire to make the most of the limited time she seemingly had left, I asked her out. Our relationship, born out of shared pain and the impending loss of a loved one, began. However, as the days unfolded, cracks started to appear in the narrative she had woven.

My parents, having a friend who was a cancer survivor, began questioning the authenticity of her claims. They pointed out a significant discrepancy—the treatment facility she mentioned didn't cater to individuals under the age of 18. It was a red flag that prompted further investigation. 

Unraveling the truth, we discovered that her tales of undergoing chemotherapy at that particular place were nothing but fabrications. Armed with this revelation, I confronted her, a task made even more challenging by my own teenage struggles and tribulations at the tender age of 16. 

The unraveling of her deceit became a painful process, leading to the inevitable decision to end our brief but intense romantic involvement. In retrospect, I couldn't help but acknowledge the warning from my friend, who had previously dated her and cautioned me about her penchant for spinning tall tales—a warning that, at the time, I chose to overlook.

Breaking things off with her didn't bring closure to the situation. Despite our romantic involvement lasting a mere three days, she continued to reach out, confessing her love. The admission that I had dropped the "L" word first added another layer of complexity to the aftermath. 

I had uttered those words, driven by the gravity of her "cancer" situation and the possibility that it might be my last chance to express such sentiments.

The aftermath of this emotionally charged episode left me grappling with a myriad of emotions. Betrayal, confusion, and a lingering sense of sympathy for her circumstances intertwined, creating a tapestry of experiences that would shape my understanding of relationships, trust, and the complexity of human emotions.

As I navigated through the aftermath, I couldn't help but reflect on the lessons learned. The blurred lines between genuine emotions and manipulated narratives became apparent. The impact of her fabricated story, intertwined with my own vulnerability and naivety, underscored the need for discernment in matters of the heart.

The narrative unfolded not only as a story of personal struggle but also as a cautionary tale about the importance of skepticism, even in the face of heart-wrenching stories. The complexities of teenage emotions, coupled with the intricate dynamics of a fabricated relationship, added layers of difficulty to an already challenging period of my life.

The aftermath of our brief romance forced me to confront the fragility of trust and the consequences of overlooking red flags. It prompted introspection on my part, urging me to cultivate a discerning mindset when navigating the unpredictable terrain of relationships. 

The scars left by this episode became a roadmap for personal growth, a reminder that the journey of self-discovery often involves navigating through the labyrinth of deception and emotional turmoil.

As the waves of time rolled on, the echoes of that brief but intense relationship lingered. Her sporadic confessions of love, despite the brevity of our romantic entanglement, served as a constant reminder of the emotional impact of that tumultuous period. 

Each message reopened wounds and forced me to revisit a chapter of my past that I was eager to leave behind. In the years that followed, I found solace in the resilience that emerged from the ashes of that ill-fated romance. 

The ability to discern truth from fiction, coupled with a newfound awareness of the complexities of human relationships, became invaluable lessons. The scars, once a source of pain, transformed into badges of resilience and wisdom earned through the crucible of experience.

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15. Lost A Few Battles But Won The War

I ran into my boyfriend in 2017, and by 2018, we were officially dating. When we first crossed paths, I had a hint that he was possibly seeing someone. This deterred me from pursuing him further as not to disrupt what they had going on. Three months later to my surprise, he reached out to me for a coffee date, but I declined.

There were two reasons for my hesitation. Firstly, I wasn't sure of his relationship status, and secondly, he had become my client at the large corporation I worked for. My job agreement clearly outlined that all relationships with clients should maintain strict professionalism. 

Eventually, we began seeing each other in an informal capacity and things turned official in January 2018, once his client contract was over. That is when we got our first taste of the trouble his ex would bring.

Instantly, the day after we confirmed our relationship, I woke up to an Instagram follow request from an unknown woman. On a closer look, the woman turned out to be my boyfriend's ex.

 It appeared she was just curiously probing to find out about my new relationship with her ex. I decided to let it slide and maintain the peace by not discussing it with my boyfriend.

Unexpectedly, my boyfriend invited me for a weekend trip, and it turned out to be his ex-girlfriend's hometown, a fact that kept me on my toes a bit. Once we returned home, his ex-girlfriend started to create issues. 

She was constantly liking posts of my boyfriend and me and every single scenic photograph I clicked at her hometown. It was clear that she was angry with me, though I wasn't sure why.

I decided to handle it privately instead of bothering my boyfriend with it while he was away. In the meantime, multiple fake profiles began following me on Instagram, clearly created by her to keep tabs on me. 

She even took this far enough to tag me in her Instagram posts, editing them to show that she was spending time with my boyfriend. Unnerved by her antics, I still chose to keep quiet and not confront her.

During all this, I started questioning how she was managing to obtain all this information about us. Worryingly, curious incidents of attempts to hack into our social media accounts began occurring. The question that naturally crossed my mind was: were they living together?

After some investigation, I found out that they indeed were still sharing the same space during the initial months of our relationship. It infuriated me that he had been hiding this fact and that his ex-girlfriend was taking advantage of the situation to interfere with our relationship. 

My trust in him faltered, and our relationship was quite strained for a few months. But in 2019, things seemed to take a positive turn. My boyfriend and I managed to reconnect and enjoyed a peaceful year together. 

Then one day, I received a shocking message from my roommate about his ex spreading hate posts about me and my boyfriend on different social media platforms. Disgusted, fed up, and worn out by her relentless interference, we put our foot down and insisted he cut her off entirely, which he did.

The loss of contact with him seemed to push her further into obsession and harmless stalking of his social connections. As time passed, her posts became increasingly depressive, indicating mental health issues and I couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

And then came the final straw. One day while visiting his place, I discovered stuffed toys that belonged to her, strategically placed in a way to drive me to believe that they were sleeping together. Pushed to the edge, I decided to play the game back. 

In the end, after three lengthy years of dealing with her disruptive influence, she finally receded. She erased their digital memories and the hateful posts about us and things seem to have calmed down since then.

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16. Rosemary’s Hoodie

So, last August, I ended a tumultuous relationship after being cheated on by a girl who we'll refer to as J. The first time I spoke to her was just after my previous relationship had ended, though we'd worked together for quite a while. At that point, I was studying in college and sharing a house with a group of guys. 

They often talked about the beautiful cashier at a local restaurant, that was J. They each had their own tale of how they'd tried to ask her out and been rejected. 

J, however, used information she'd gathered from my close friends about my mental struggles to win me over. It even boosted my confidence to bring her around my guy friends who she'd previously rebuffed. We were in a relationship for a few months until I discovered she was still seeing her ex. 

As I was planning to leave school anyway, I let her ex know about the situation and moved on. I thought that was the end of the story, that was until her mother texted me.

From her Facebook profile, I gathered that her mother was religious and seemed like a kind person, despite never having met her in person. She wanted to discuss what had transpired between J and me because of her concern about J lapsing back into her self-destructive patterns. 

I was candid about my feelings and how deeply hurt I was by J's actions. Her mother shared some terrifying details about her past and expressed relief that I'd ended the relationship with J. To her, I seemed like a "good Christian boy." Evidently, J had been giving her adoptive parents a hard time.

With scant information about her biological background and traumatic episodes in church since the age of 13, J's life had been problematic. She was part of a church where members often spoke in tongues. 

One woman from the church, who often spoke in tongues, consistently felt disconcerted whenever J was present, insisting that J had "Satan in her eyes." After hearing this story, I couldn't help but sense something unsettling about J. Strangely, she also had a peculiar habit of collecting hoodies from each of her exes, mine included. 

Her mum had found her, on several occasions, sitting on her bed, zoning out while humming and draped in one of these hoodies. To this day, on my worst days, I have these eerie daydreams that J might be using my hoodie for some kind of ritual.

With no interaction since last August and her now being visibly pregnant—thankfully not with my child—my concern still remains. If the woman from her church is correct and there is something alarming about J's peculiarity with these hoodies, who knows what the future might bring.

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17. Now That’s A Wake-Up Call

Once upon a time, there was a part of my life filled with unusual and spooky movies, a quirky sense of humor, and a girl I used to date. We both enjoyed the mysterious and weird things, making us feel like we had a special connection. Who wouldn't like a good scare or a joke that's a bit different, right? 

But little did I know, underneath our seemingly normal relationship, there were some strange things about her that slowly became more noticeable.

We spent time together watching scary movies on lazy afternoons, enjoying the excitement of not knowing what would happen next. Our shared love for dark and eerie films made us feel like we had something unique. Even though she seemed a bit troubled at times, I thought it was just a small quirk in our connection.

The big moment happened on a regular day while we were watching an especially scary movie. The bad guy, a character who liked violence, became the main focus. I was surprised when my girlfriend not only liked this character but also defended the bad things he did. 

The worst part was when the female lead had a tragic ending in a dramatic scene, and instead of feeling shocked, my girlfriend turned to me and said, "What a way to die, so dramatic and passionate." That moment was a big warning sign.

After that weird movie experience, I felt uneasy. Like a sailor in unfamiliar waters, I didn't understand what was happening but chose to ignore it, thinking it was just a strange event in our otherwise normal relationship. But looking back, that should have been a sign of the strange things to come.

As time passed, her quirks and odd behaviors became more apparent. Every day seemed to reveal a new side of her that I couldn't understand. The girl I thought I knew was turning into someone mysterious, and I found myself trying to make sense of her strange habits.

One thing that stood out was her fascination with dark and unusual things. Our shared love for unique horror films, which I thought was just a common interest, turned into something deeper for her. She started exploring the stranger and scarier side of movies, watching films that were more avant-garde and disturbing. 

While I appreciated the creativity in these films, her intense interest went beyond entertainment, making me uncomfortable with her increasingly unusual tastes.

The strange movie incident wasn't a one-time thing. It was a glimpse into her mindset that found beauty in the unusual and unsettling. As our relationship continued, so did her habit of defending characters with questionable morals. 

The line between fiction and reality started to blur, and our movie talks turned into discussions about her changing views on what's right and wrong.

One memorable moment involved a true crime documentary. Instead of being horrified by the real tragedy, she detachedly analyzed the motives of the criminals. Her ability to understand and empathize with people who did terrible things made me question her sense of morality.

Dealing with her eccentricities became a delicate dance between accepting her unique perspective and dealing with the discomfort it brought me. I started to realize her troubled past went deeper than I thought, and understanding her became a journey into unexplored territory.

As our relationship progressed, her strange behaviors became more concerning. What I once thought were harmless quirks turned into something darker. She started expressing a disturbing fascination with death and explored themes that went beyond what I considered normal. 

Our conversations changed from laughter and fun to exploring the eerie and morbid, leaving me both curious and unsettled. One evening, as we walked through a dimly lit park, she shared her thoughts on the temporary nature of life and the allure of death. 

The shadows of the trees mirrored the complexity of her musings, creating an eerie atmosphere that matched the intensity of her words. Her fascination with death wasn't just philosophical; it became a tangible part of her, and I struggled to understand what it meant for our relationship.

These moments made me question the foundation of our connection. The girl who once enjoyed quirky horror films with me now seemed obsessed with the macabre. The discomforting undertones of her thoughts created internal conflict as I tried to reconcile the person I knew with the mysterious figure unfolding before me.

The turning point came when her eccentricities took a supernatural turn. She started delving into occult practices, exploring rituals and beliefs that were far from normal. This departure from our shared interests marked a descent into a world where reality and fantasy blended in strange ways.

I found myself in a situation that challenged my comfort zone. Her interest in the occult went beyond curiosity, turning into active participation. Rituals, symbols, and practices that were considered unusual became a regular part of her life. 

The girl I knew for our shared love of quirky horror films was now exploring a realm where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blurred, leaving me to navigate through uncertainty.

Our relationship, once filled with shared laughter and common interests, transformed into a philosophical exploration of existence, the afterlife, and mysteries that went beyond normal understanding. Her newfound interests influenced every aspect of our interaction, turning casual outings into journeys into the unknown.

Her increasingly unconventional pursuits didn't just affect our personal space. Friends and family, who used to see her as a quirky person with a unique sense of humor, now raised concerns about her fascination with the supernatural. Their whispers of worry echoed my internal conflict, torn between loyalty to the person I knew and discomfort caused by her strange interests.

To understand what was happening, I began introspecting and searching for the roots of her troubled psyche. I wanted to uncover the motivations behind her drift toward societal fringes. This quest for understanding became a journey to connect the girl I thought I knew with the mysterious figure she was becoming.

Delving into her past, I discovered layers of trauma and emotional turmoil hidden beneath the surface. What I initially considered as quirks were actually manifestations of deeper wounds that hadn't healed. She was a product of her experiences, shaped by a history marked by pain, loss, and a relentless search for meaning in the face of existential uncertainty.

The awareness of her troubled past added a new layer to my understanding of her eccentricities. It was like solving a complex puzzle, revealing a person struggling with emotional scars. The girl who seemed mysterious and unpredictable was now someone burdened by her past, and I found myself navigating the delicate terrain of compassion and empathy.

Equipped with knowledge about her history, I approached the challenges posed by her evolving eccentricities with a different perspective. Her interests in the supernatural, morbidity, and the esoteric were no longer mere quirks but expressions of a deeper struggle for identity and meaning. 

Understanding her eccentricities became a journey of empathy, acknowledging the complexities that shaped the person in front of me. Despite this newfound understanding, challenges persisted. Our relationship, once based on shared interests, now faced conflicts as our paths diverged. 

While I tried to comprehend the roots of her eccentricities, she delved deeper into realms that pushed the boundaries of my comfort. It became a delicate balance between accepting her transformation and dealing with the person she was becoming.

The turning point arrived when her fascination with the supernatural took a darker turn. She began participating in occult rituals and practices that surpassed conventional understanding. 

The shadows cast by her newfound interests became more pronounced, overshadowing the remains of our shared connection. It was a departure from familiarity into the unknown, testing the limits of our relationship.

The girl I once dated, who shared my love for quirky horror films and had a slightly oddball sense of humor, now inhabited a space where reality and fantasy intertwined in unsettling ways. The boundaries between our worlds blurred, and I found myself navigating through uncertainty and discomfort. 

Balancing acceptance and self-preservation turned into a tightrope walk, a test of resilience as our relationship seemed to slip away into the shadows.

In an attempt to salvage our connection, I engaged in open and honest conversations with her. We delved into the motivations behind her newfound interests, the depths of her existential quest, and the impact of her troubled past on her current self. It became a vulnerable exploration into the intricacies of our shared story, an attempt to bridge the widening gap between the familiar and the unfamiliar.

As our conversations unfolded, it became clear that her journey into the supernatural was more than just an intellectual pursuit; it was a coping mechanism for unresolved pain. The rituals, symbols, and practices provided a semblance of control in a world that felt chaotic and unpredictable. This revelation humanized her eccentricities, transforming them into a poignant expression of vulnerability and the relentless pursuit of solace.

The challenges posed by her evolving eccentricities became an opportunity for mutual growth. The girl I once saw through the lens of shared interests and an oddball sense of humor emerged as a complex individual with layers of trauma and a profound need for healing. Our relationship, once threatened by the shadows of the unknown, became a crucible for understanding, compassion, and the transformative power of empathy.

Together, we navigated the intricacies of her journey, confronting the darkness that once seemed insurmountable. The rituals that initially unsettled me became a source of shared exploration, forming a bridge between our worlds that allowed for mutual understanding. The boundaries that once threatened to sever our connection became porous, fostering a sense of unity in the face of adversity.

The narrative of our relationship took on a new chapter, marked by resilience, understanding, and the acceptance of each other's complexities. The quirks and eccentricities that once tested the limits of our connection became threads woven into the tapestry of our shared history. 

The girl I once dated, with whom I shared a love for quirky horror films, now stood before me as a testament to the transformative power of empathy and the capacity for growth within the realm of relationships.

As time continued its inexorable march forward, our relationship evolved into a narrative defined by the richness of shared experiences. The quirks that once seemed peculiar became endearing, and the shadows that threatened to engulf us transformed into opportunities for mutual support and understanding.

The girl who once fascinated me with her oddball sense of humor and shared love for horror films now embodied the resilience of the human spirit in the face of challenges.

The journey through the labyrinth of her eccentricities became a metaphor for the broader tapestry of life—a tapestry woven with threads of joy, pain, growth, and the ever-present possibility of transformation. 

Our relationship, once teetering on the brink of uncertainty, emerged as a testament to the power of compassion, communication, and the willingness to embrace the complexities inherent in the human experience.

In the grand tapestry of our shared history, the chapter marked by her eccentricities became a vibrant thread, intricately woven into the fabric of our connection. The lessons learned, the challenges overcome, and the mutual growth became the foundation for a relationship that transcended the boundaries of ordinary narratives. 

The girl I once dated, with whom I navigated the shadows of eccentricity, now stood as a testament to the resilience of love and the transformative potential within the complexities of human relationships.

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18. The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Recently, I discovered something bizarre my ex-boyfriend had done and I'm not quite sure if I should be amused or puzzled. This ex-boyfriend, who I'll call "S", became my companion a few weeks before my 18th birthday. 

He was my friend's soon-to-be brother-in-law, a 23-year-old who lived in a neighboring town. Nothing remotely romantic happened between us until I turned 18, around which time I made a trip to stay with him.

Skipping over some details...we broke up, with him getting what he wanted. I was young and inexperienced, sincerely heartbroken. I sought an explanation, asked what was wrong with me but his excuse was unexpected—he revealed himself as a furry and expressed doubts about my ability to understand his lifestyle. 

A period of two weeks of sadness followed before he reached out again. I welcomed this, naively thrilled. Strangely enough, he ended things once more after we got back together. I reacted with poor judgment, seeking consolation among friends, which led to a series of casual encounters. 

I had been deeply hurt for the first time and admittedly didn't handle it well, although I never disturbed him again. Eventually, I moved to live with relatives in a different state. Half a year later, I had my own place and was preparing to begin a traveling job.

Appropriately timed on the night before I left for my job trip, he texted me messages of regret and longing. However, along with professing to having changed and become wiser, he also declared, bizarrely, "I do parkour". Though I wasn't interested, I politely brushed it off and laughed. He reminded me that should I ever need a friend or assistance, to just give him a call.

A fortnight after that, I found myself in a frightening situation. While traveling for work and living with my coworkers, I began dating a new guy. A male "friend" didn't take this well, expressing jealousy which led to a fierce physical fight between them. 

Terrified by this violence, I desperately wanted to escape but was reluctant to worry my family with the news. With no friends awake at that hour, I remembered S's offer of help and decided to reach out to him.

However, his response was wholly unexpected and deeply distressing. He did not answer my call initially, only to call back a few minutes later, yelling at me angrily due to his paranoid girlfriend's jealousy. When did he get a girlfriend? 

He had been trying to reconcile with me not too long ago. In that moment, all I could do was shrug it off and distract myself. I knew he'd likely badmouth me as a hysterical ex.

That was a turning point in my life when I mustered the courage to carry on. I stayed at my job for three more years during which I experienced worse situations. In retrospect, I'm glad S wasn't around to purportedly 'support' me. Apparently, he later married that girlfriend, as I learned on a visit to see L, our mutual friend who married S’s brother.

Fast forward seven years: I've returned to my hometown, now the owner of a lovely house, happily married with a child. S is nothing more than a distant memory. L continues to be a close friend fighting her own battles. During a conversation, she informed me that she'd run out of gas in S's town sometime back and he'd assisted her.

In return, she'd invited him over for lunch. Subsequently, he inquired about me and oddly knew that I was back in town. He rambled on about how I was a difficult person. L ended the uncomfortable lunch on a quick note and they went their separate ways. 

When relaying all this, L also revealed his wife had left him for someone else. Ever since, S had been making advances on L, even moving closer to his parents where she visited often with her kids.

S became increasingly creepy towards L, making her suspicious of his intentions. In an open display of unacceptable behavior, he once ogled and brushed against her inappropriately in public, in front of her kids. 

She's now on her guard, choosing to take the kids elsewhere rather than his parents' place. However, he installed an above-ground pool to attract everyone, especially her kids, to his place.

I hope L manages to extricate herself soon from the undesirable circumstances brought on by her partner and his eccentric family. What's amusing is that for the past seven years, S has been tarnishing my reputation, calling me crazy, in spite of his appalling behavior and my indifference towards him.

I ponder—is it his guilt for exploiting me? Or is he overshooting to portray himself as the innocent party given his advances on my friend? I'm uncertain. But oddly, I draw satisfaction from these revelations. It's nice to know I was unforgettable.

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19. The Cold Shoulder

I met my ex-girlfriend on Tinder. At the start, we clicked even though she was about to go see a friend. Despite the distance, we kept up with each other through texts and calls—often exciting, sometimes exhausting. 

She enjoyed her trip poorly and was reluctant to wait for her scheduled flight. And, attempting to be supportive, I offered to get her an early ticket home, on top of picking her up.

Her place was a considerable distance from mine—an hour from my house, an hour and a half from work. I tricked my mom into believing I was working while fetching her from the airport, a mini-roadtrip that included brief pits stops at her sister’s, at a restaurant, and at her dad’s. 

Thereafter, we, including her sisters, went to a park to unwind. Simply playing tag ended up being a memorable first date. I felt a natural comfort with her that thrilled me—I was eager to explore where we could go together. Often, I’d drive for an hour just to spend time with her. 

She didn’t have a car, so planning outings were mainly my responsibility. On a particularly sweet note, she made our relationship official on Valentine's Day, after teasingly making me wait.

I felt elated. I seriously considered falling for her. I can still clearly recall our last date. I had filled the back of my car with cushions and blankets, picked up Chick-fil-A meals, and parked by the beach to enjoy the view. We cuddled, ate, and listened to music in my adorably decorated trunk, even as it began raining lightly. Blissful perfection.

Upon leaving her house, she confessed her love to me, and I reciprocated. Those were beautiful days as she showered me with affection. However, this happiness was short-lived when she called me up the very next night to break up. Alluding to discontentment with herself and the desire to improve for my sake, she ended things abruptly.

I never saw it coming—our relations were harmonious with no fights or significant issues. I interpreted her reason to mean that I should stick around and support her, which proved a grave misunderstanding. 

She stopped responding to my messages, though she remained active on social media. She occasionally flaunted gifts from me, but never disclosed why she broke up. Out of the blue, one day, she asked to hang out.

Upon arriving at her place, her explicit affection surprised me. She was physically very attentive, but not emotionally forthcoming. It felt like she was using me for her comfort. Still, I savored the attention and hoped we could reconcile. 

Foolishly, I fell for it. After a sweet goodbye kiss, she asked me to text once I got home—which I did, but she didn’t reply for days, and then blocked me on social media.

I decided I had stooped low enough and blocked her too. To my astonishment, I saw a picture of her on Instagram with a girl I recognized from Tinder—an acquaintance I had added before dating my ex. The post hinted at a romantic relationship between them, which left me infuriated and humiliated.

Concerned, I messaged the girl to caution her, without intending to provoke her—though, she interpreted it as a challenge and even asked to face me. I blocked her, but she invaded my privacy by reaching out via Snapchat.

 Then, my ex's best friend also attempted to contact me—though, far from being supportive, she asked for my address, forcing me to block her as well. Luckily, the harassment stopped there.

This hurtful episode revealed my ex's true colors and her complete disregard for me. She readily instigated her girlfriend and best friend against me perhaps even intending to join them. Stirring up such hostility was an obvious signal that I meant nothing to her.

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20. The Greatest Hits

When I was just 13, I began a romantic relationship with a guy who was 15—not the best choice, but hey, I was just a naive teenager. The relationship lasted for a long five years. 

Here's a glimpse of how our dating life was: He had astonishing rules, like accusing me of infidelity if I ever engaged in self-touch. One time, he actually got annoyed with me for the stupidest reason—because I jokingly mentioned to him that zombies didn't exist.

His jealousy bordered on the extreme, feeling threatened even if I merely chatted with other boys. In fact, his resentment extended to my best friend, who he caused me to distance from. Another unnerving moment was when I was 16 and he expressed longing for how I was at 13. 

Shocking, to say the least. Once during his sister's graduation party, he planned a make-out session in his room, disregarding the presence of his family just beyond the door. When he discovered I was menstruating, he threw a fit and proceeded to actually kick me off the bed.

When I shared my intention of getting a paper route to make some money, his response was demeaning: "But you hate mornings," he taunted. Despite acknowledging this truth, I emphasized that I was willing to do it for some cash.

 His reply was shocking: "Sometimes you're so stupid, I just wanna..." and he pantomimed strangling me. So, by the time I was 18, and he was on a trip abroad, I felt a sense of freedom that was so refreshing, it felt like release from prison.

This was the turning point—I decided to end the toxic relationship. Shortly after he arrived home, I broke up with him. He didn't give much of a reaction apart from remarks like, "It was so hard to get you as a girlfriend. How am I ever going to find a new one?" and "Are you breaking up with me because you think I'm overweight?"

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21. No Receipts, No Chance

My relationship with my boyfriend is now one and a half years strong. When we first met, he was just coming out of a breakup, although I was oblivious to this fact. We held off on our first date until it was clear that his prior relationship was unquestionably over—his ex had moved away and all ties were severed. 

Our early dating phase was tumultuous due to the persistent intrusion of his long-term ex-girlfriend, despite her relocation to another state.

Unyieldingly, she kept reaching out to him with calls, voicemails, and texts, asserting that he would never find any woman superior to her. My boyfriend responded by blocking her across all contact points. 

A year and a half later, due to a new phone and a forgotten number, she managed to get through to him again a couple of nights ago. I was the one who picked up the call. She insisted that my boyfriend had been in touch with her. I declared my disbelief.

She alleged that she had a whole string of texts to prove her point. I challenged her to send me the screenshots. Silence greeted my demand. I requested her to let my boyfriend be, calling out her pathetic desperation, and wished her luck in overcoming her issues. 

She retorted saying she needed closure and that my boyfriend had pleaded for her return, even ready to relocate to Florida. My boyfriend denied these allegations and too challenged her to send the incriminating screenshots. Again, we heard nothing. 

More than anything, we want this unfortunate girl to move on and leave us in peace. A part of me even feels sorry for her.

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22. Swimming With The Shark

In 2010, I got to know a carnival worker, let's call him "Shark," after a day at the carnival. My friend "V" was enamored with Shark's younger brother, who was also working at the carnival. These two guys invited us to join them at their next stop, promising free rides. Being 112 miles away didn't deter V from wanting to follow her crush, so we drove to the next carnival.

After a fun day, we both ended up romantically linked with the brothers and headed home, assuming that was the end of it. But two days later, Shark showed up at my door having hitchhiked over 100 miles. I felt a bit charmed by his effort and let him crash on my couch, not anticipating he would overstay his welcome by two months.

My tolerance ran out after finding out Shark was coordinating with friends to bring his stuff to my apartment while I was at work. I decided to put an end to his freeloading and told him I would drive him back to his mother's house.

 His aggressive reaction to this news left me scared, but I had one ace up my sleeve—my fearless, former bodybuilder mother who stepped in to handle the situation.

She was eager to put Shark in his place and, along with a truckload of intimidating farmers and cowboys from my mom's work, helped ensure Shark was out of my apartment by 5:15 pm. The ride to his mom's was silent, but Shark broke down begging for another chance. I was firm and told him to stay out of my life.

Curiously, I found some of Shark's things in my apartment after we'd dropped him off. When I called, he pleaded with me not to throw them out, and I agreed to his friend picking them up. But that wasn't the end. A couple of days later, Shark showed up at my door, drunk, in an operational 1970s Jeep, trying to win me back.

Despite his friends, including my neighbor V's new boyfriend, egging him on, I refused to let him back into my life. Out of concern, my friend JD agreed to stay over. Yet Shark, fuelled by alcohol and his friends, proceeded to slam his Jeep into my apartment.

Unfortunately, when law enforcement arrived, their biased perspective led to leniency for Shark and the potential for penalizing me for "disturbing the peace." This was even despite the evidence of property damage that they shrugged off as pre-existing.

In the aftermath of the incident, Shark and his friends' continued alcohol-induced intimidation prompted JD and me to stay up the whole night in fear. The next day, I took the day off work, and JD and I torched Shark's belongings that had been left at my apartment.

For a while after that, Shark mysteriously sent texts to my female contacts, leading to confusion and discomfort among my group of friends. However, the last contact was a birthday message which I disregarded by blocking him.

Later that year, my life took a turn for the better when I met my now husband. Truly, life has greatly improved since then. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for oneself and being aware of the potentially damaging consequences of impulsivity and bad decisions.

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23. Scared Of A Feeling

I'm absolutely dumbfounded. My ex and I officially ended things in September, and I moved out in October. Around that same time, I got the gut-wrenching update that my brother had sadly passed away. This sent me into a tailspin, and I found myself in the unfamiliar territory of inpatient care for the first time ever.

 What was originally intended to be a three-day stay, inexplicably turned into a 10-day confinement —and the reason behind it is beyond shocking.

My ex, to my dismay, called the hospital, fed them a pack of lies about me, thus ensuring I had to stay longer. It was a gut punch. While I was away, since we had been living together, he was to look after my beloved cat as I had no means for boarding, and no one else could take her. 

Unfortunately, he neglected my trust and failed to care for her properly. A couple of months down the line, her health went rapidly downhill, and her organs failed. I was beside myself with grief. I never imagined he was capable of such callousness.

The day after my precious cat died, he had the gall to reach out wanting his Xbox games back —which I didn't have. I confronted him about my cat's dire health condition and how it deteriorated during his watch. 

Rather than provide some reassurance that he had cared for her, he coldly told me to 'enjoy my life.' I immediately blocked him on all platforms. Zero contact, nothing.

I avoid crossing his path at all costs, whether it's avoiding his neighborhood or dodging photos of him —I want absolutely no contact with him. However, here's where things really take a surreal twist. Now, he's spreading untrue stories on social media about how I'm supposedly stalking him and that he fears for his own safety and his pet's.

He's managed to portray himself as the victim to his friends, claiming that he desperately needs a restraining order against me. He's even contended that I used my hospital admission as a ploy to guilt-trip him into financially supporting me —which couldn't be further from the truth. 

Moreover, let's just be clear about the ridiculousness of him being threatened by me as I barely stand 5’4” tall and weigh just 90 lbs. When his friends have queried about the basis for his melodramatic plea for a protection order, his only response has been, "I sense she's going to do something." That's it. 

That's his entire case, not a shred of evidence to back up this outlandish claim, just his baseless hunch. I had a chat with one of his exes, and it turns out, she went through a bizarrely similar ordeal. He seems to have a knack for playing this "I'm threatened they're mad" card every single time. And somehow, they always end up swallowing his story.

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24. Some People Never Grow Up

My mom and I have been caught in a whirlwind of emotions and trouble recently. My mom, now in her 60s, called it quits with her boyfriend, which he didn't handle well. She had her suspicions he installed a tracking app on her phone, accusing her of infidelity if she made the slightest change to her daily routine like visiting me or taking a different route back home.

Fed up with his baseless allegations, she asked him to move out of her house—a house that she owned long before ever crossing paths with him. Despite not living in a state where common-law marriage is recognized, he protested that they were in one. To put it frankly, he's a total jerk. Feeling threatened, my mom came to live with me until he vacated her home.

Things escalated when he began displaying disturbing behavior. We found a tracking gadget on her car. He even had the audacity to attempt a rental of her house without her consent. 

He verbally abused her, committed check fraud in her name, and defaced her property with graffiti—bot inside and out. He reasoned that by her leaving, she effectively abandoned the house, making it his to do as he pleased.

Throughout this ordeal, my mom had to switch her number multiple times for fear of incessant harassment. He continued his unpleasant antics by leaving horrible things at her workplace and roping his adult daughter into pretending to be a court clerk to deliver bogus paperwork.

At her wits' end, my mom finally sought legal action and filed a restraining order against him, leading to him spending a night in jail when he violated it.

I advised my mom to stay away from the property until we ensured he had actually left and surveillance cameras installed. In the interim, he collected his belongings—an action he later accused us of. However, he didn't stop there. He stole her mail to open illicit credit card accounts and started writing bad checks from her account.

He went as far as accusing me of lying about my place of residence as his warped proof of my mom's infidelity. The laughable part was that he got the wrong person. But his harassment didn't stop—he persisted in stalking my mom, driving past her house incessantly, and littering her driveway with nails and trash. 

Adding insult to injury, he decided to sue us for the tools he alleged we had stolen. The most shocking part? This irrational and reckless individual is 63 years old.

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25. Get Over It

A considerable span of time, roughly a year, has passed since the tumultuous chapter of my life where my former partner betrayed my trust, cast me aside, and promptly replaced me with a new girlfriend. 

Today, I find myself basking in the glow of thriving and happiness, having weathered the storm of heartbreak. Despite the emotional turbulence of that experience, I've not only managed to find love again but have also walked down the aisle, sealing the bond with my wonderful husband. 

To add a delightful touch to our lives, we've welcomed a charming little cat into our home. Yet, amid the tranquil landscape of my newfound joy, an unexpected twist has unfurled—a subplot that adds an element of unpredictability to my journey. Enter the new girlfriend of my ex, a character in this unfolding drama who has developed an inexplicable fixation on me. 

In the aftermath of our breakup, her presence, with its unsettling nature, began to infiltrate my workplace. She would casually wander around or shadow my movements—it was an odd and discomforting spectacle.

In time, as her intrusive behavior reached a crescendo, I found myself at a breaking point. Fueled by the need for peace and sanity, I felt compelled to seek intervention from my ex. The aim was clear—to ensure that she maintained a respectful distance from my workplace. However, her response took a different route. 

Instead of heeding the call for civility, she took to Facebook, bombarding me with accusatory messages. One such allegation involved me supposedly calling my ex's child's school—a claim utterly devoid of truth.

The surreal nature of her actions didn't end there. In a peculiar attempt to provoke jealousy, she inundated me with photos of her engagement ring and ultrasound, celebrating her newfound pregnancy. It was a series of bizarre maneuvers, and I found myself grappling with the perplexity of her motivations.

Summoning the strength to maintain my composure, I chose to brush off her antics. After all, I was already immersed in a loving relationship with my now-husband. With the sincere desire for a drama-free existence, I turned to my ex, urging him to address the situation and have his girlfriend cease her intrusive behavior. 

Strangely, this plea seemed to ignite a newfound determination in her to antagonize me, now through novel and more widespread channels. The next chapter unfolded with a deluge of friend and follow requests flooding in on various social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and even TikTok. 

What was particularly glaring was the fact that these requests came from recently-created, unmistakably fake accounts, each bearing her first name. It became increasingly evident that she was orchestrating this campaign of virtual intrusion, blurring the lines between reality and the digital realm.

Crucially, it's worth noting that she refrained from directly messaging me or making overtly malicious attempts. Nonetheless, the situation became undeniably absurd, especially when considering that she and my ex are now married with a child. As for me, I have happily moved on and am now married, leading a life untethered from the past.

The motivations behind her relentless actions remain shrouded in uncertainty. Does she perceive me as a threat, or has she simply become consumed by an unhealthy obsession with my life? Regardless of the underlying motivation, the situation has escalated to an overwhelming degree, and I fervently wish for its resolution.

In the midst of my newfound happiness and stability, the persistent intrusion from my past has metamorphosed into an unwelcome and perplexing enigma. As I continue to navigate this peculiar situation, I can't help but reflect on the resilience of the human spirit. 

It's a testament to our ability to overcome challenges, even when they manifest from unexpected quarters. The unwarranted intrusion becomes not just a subplot in the narrative of my life but a poignant reminder of the strength that lies within, ready to confront and conquer the unforeseen adversities that may arise.

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26. Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

About two and a half years ago, I ended a relationship with her. Yet, she keeps tarnishing my reputation online, which is quite upsetting. Many friends who were once close to me now avoid me, as she can be very persuasive in her deceitful ways and masteful distortions of the truth. 

Our paths first crossed in 7th grade as our names happened to coincide, leading to us usually being seated near each other due to the alphabetical seating order in classes.

We stayed friends until our freshman year, during which time I began to question my sexual orientation, eventually starting a relationship with her. Our bond seemed solid to begin with, but over time I noticed that most of my buddies would mistreat her when I wasn't around. 

It struck me as odd, but I brushed it off as them being a bit bigoted, given that our school was situated in a rural part of the country notorious for its harshness.

Despite the red flags, I remained supportive and tried to be the best girlfriend I could be. Her past relationships had been rocky, and I endeavored to be the best person for her. We were like two peas in a pod, with our phones buzzing nonstop with over a thousand texts daily, and sleepovers followed by a shared ride to school the next morning.

People thought we bore a resemblance: both of us had long brown hair, pale skin, and skinny figures with generous chests, although mine was larger which seemed to bother her. We were among the alternative crowd in school, and showcased our style through band tees, ripped jeans, and colorful hair. She began to insist on my wearing her clothes and vice versa.

Initially, I didn't find her demand strange because I liked her outfits, but when I wanted to wear my own clothes, she'd throw a fit until I agreed to wear hers. She also made me stay at her grandparent's place instead of my own house. 

She lived with her grandparents in order to avoid sharing a cramped room with her sister, their only options were a treehouse or a cluttered basement with a bed squeezed in.

Often, we were left unsupervised as her grandparent was frequently away with a new partner. If I desired to sleep at my own home, she'd bombard my phone with messages or pelt rocks at my window. After enduring a year of her constant name-calling and learning of her infidelity, I decided to break up with her.

Among other bizarre incidents, she masqueraded as another person threatening her by sending abusive texts to herself, and then pleading with me to stop. When her initial attempts failed to sway me, she began to harass me from a new number and then through a fresh Facebook account.

On Messenger, she left threatening voice notes targeting me, my family, my boyfriend, and even my pets. She has since constructed numerous lies about me, and I've had multiple encounters with people shocked at finding me in good health, contrary to the portraits she painted of me. She disseminates rumors such as me being addicted to drugs, my boyfriend being a notorious drug lord, and so on.

While I have since blocked her, a concerned friend forwarded me her inflammatory posts. She currently makes false claims across social media platforms, alleging that I am scheming to harm her and that she heard me voice this. Though she lives over an hour away and I have not seen her for more than a year.

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27. Ticking Timebomb

My ex-partner and I, after being together about two years, called it quits in June. We tried to reconcile for a couple of months, but he made it clear that he didn't want to communicate anymore, especially since I might be relocating.

 Our relationship was fraught with emotional abuse and manipulation. Although he repeatedly vowed to change, it never truly happened. Our communication ended in August, but I wasn't quite free from the drama yet.

Unexpectedly, two days following our cessation of contact, he appeared at my workplace. Leaving his own job early without informing anyone, he perched outside my office for half an hour. When I came out, he was taken aback by my cold reception. 

He began questioning if he was bothering me while alarming me with his boisterous behavior in the car park. As this episode unfolded, my colleagues, including multiple superiors, watched anxiously from inside.

His aggressive demeanor, including shouting, pacing, and wild gesticulation, made them worry about the situation escalating—it seemed like he was on the verge of a meltdown. 

He asserted that he was a changed man and tried to convince me to move back in with him. Once he understood I was steadfast, he departed, leaving me with a dramatic kiss and an I-love-you.

His mother reached out to me on two separate occasions to discuss our financial entanglements. I had to clarify my discomfort and refusal to engage in such conversations. 

A week post this incident, he emailed me questioning a notification about an address modification on our shared Verizon account. He was already in the loop about my address change a month prior, so I ignored the message.

This past Thursday, not long after arriving at work, I received a disturbing call from a friend who works alongside my ex. He recounted witnessing my ex shouting into his phone and gesturing wildly. 

Apparently, my ex told his employer he needed some hours off as he wasn’t coping well. Sensing he might show up at my workplace, I informed my boss (who had also seen his previous outburst).

The management strategized, had me conceal my car and arranged for someone to accompany me post-shift. Fortunately, he didn’t turn up, as far as I could tell. Possibilities include him noticing my absent car and leaving, or being warned about jeopardizing his job. 

He returned to his workplace two hours after his departure. Although my mom is relocating, I've decided to stay back. I refuse to let him rob me of my autonomy.

My job has obliged me with an exciting advancement opportunity. But, given the recent developments, I'm anxious about my safety alone. I've contemplated moving in with a friend, but I'm unsure if doing so would provoke him further.

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28. Factitious Disorder

Once upon a time, back in my past, there was a part of my life filled with weird stuff my ex did. He got super into following me around after school and hanging out in the hallways.

 One time, he even went as far as messing with my phone to get my attention! This guy was really good at making up stories, especially about having mental issues, like autism.

Now, I knew he was just making all that up because even his parents said he was lying about having autism. He used this story as an excuse whenever he messed up, saying it was because of an "autism induced blackout" that made him do things he normally wouldn't.

Let me tell you, this guy loved telling lies. Take the "borrowing" incident, for example, where he ended up keeping my phone and wouldn't give it back. Since I had saved my passwords on it, he decided to mess with my phone and even changed some of my passwords.

And there's more to his weirdness. He liked talking behind my back when I wasn't around, making up stories to his friends about me begging him to get back together. It's like he couldn't resist making things up.

But here's the strangest part—he went to the extreme of hacking into my phone. He wanted my attention so badly that he invaded my privacy. It made me feel really surprised and uncomfortable, making me wonder how far he would go to stay connected. This incident showed just how obsessed he had become.

To make things even more confusing, he had this habit of creating made-up stories about having mental problems, especially autism. But it turned out, it was all a lie. Even his parents confirmed he was just making it up. This whole "autism induced blackout" thing was just his way of avoiding responsibility for his mistakes.

The craziness didn't stop there. There was this weird moment, the "borrowing" episode, where he took my phone and refused to give it back. He took advantage of the situation to mess with my phone even more, using the passwords I had saved to get into my private stuff. It was a serious invasion of my digital privacy—and it made the whole mess even more complicated.

He took his lying to a whole new level by talking behind my back to his friends. He spun these crazy stories about me, like I was begging him to be together again. It was just another example of how he twisted reality to fit his own story.

After dealing with all this strange stuff, I found myself stuck in a tricky situation filled with lies and manipulation. The guy I used to know had turned into someone obsessed and always making up stories. Looking back on this part of my life, it's clear how much his behavior strayed from what a healthy relationship should be like.

The big question is why he acted so strangely and lied so much. Was it a desperate attempt to control things, or maybe he was just really insecure? I still don't have all the answers, and it's a puzzle that's hard to solve, hidden in the complexities of human behavior and our shared history.

Moving on from this chaotic chapter required a lot of self-discovery and healing. Dealing with the invasion of my privacy and the weight of his lies meant I had to face these issues head-on. It was important to untangle the web of deception, not just for closure but to understand why he did these troubling things.

As I dug into the layers of this story, I came to a serious realization. It became clear that his actions were signs of deeper problems. Making up a mental health condition, hacking into my phone, and telling lies revealed a troubled mind struggling with the complexities of relationships. The story of deception and obsession unfolded against a backdrop of unresolved issues, emphasizing the need to address the root causes behind his behavior.

Looking back now, I find comfort in knowing that the chapter of deception and obsession is behind me. The lessons learned from navigating this complex story have become tools for understanding what a healthy relationship should look like and recognizing warning signs of potential problems. 

The scars left behind serve as reminders of resilience and the ability to come out stronger from challenging experiences.

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29. ISO: A Time Machine

Our story is long and complicated. Five years before we became a couple, I knew this girl, B. We took our relationship from friends to more over the internet since we lived in different states. When I turned 18 and B was nearly 17, she literally attended my prom to force a proposal out of me. Fearful of loneliness, I accepted, further straining my family ties.

Fast forward to my first job at a local restaurant where my colleagues got a sense of my unhappiness. It didn't take long given my constant communication with B, who persistently threatened self-harm if I didn't relocate to her state pronto.

To make her happy, I saved up for a better vehicle to move. Ironically, I lost my job just before making the move. Before Valentine's Day, I bought a one-way ticket, packed my life into a bag, and moved to B's house. This was a colossal step for me, leaving my family for the first time.

Moving into her family's home, I got the basement bedroom—B's old room, still filled with her stuff. My routine felt like living out of a suitcase. Tragically, her dog had to be put down within a week and I struggled to be there for her.

From this point, I knew I had to support her in every possible way. We went on many "dates," and I burnt my savings, almost $5,000 on buying a car. I landed my first job as a deli clerk which wasn't pleasant, but helped pay bills. B held a major portion of my earnings, spent on grocery shopping or her gaming needs.

Gaslighting became a regular thing—B often insisted I had promised to buy her games. Soon, I was left with just enough for gas to get to work. Reaching my limit, I told B I wasn't ready to get married which led to confronting her family, who were shocked at my change of heart. We rescheduled the wedding but our relationship was on thin ice.

In a misguided attempt to ignite intimacy, B often seduced me. Unfortunately, it felt forced which didn't do us any good. Disturbingly, she found my misery appealing and used it against me. As expected, resentment filled me when she desired affection.

Under pressure, I got baptized so we could wed—a wedding I wasn't keen on. The guilt of deceiving the most honest person—the Pastor troubled me gravely. Shortly before the wedding, B decided to move with me to my home state but became apprehensive about leaving her familiar surroundings.

Leading up to our wedding, I pulled extra hours at work while B conveniently got ill. Our relationship started to crack as B distanced herself and sought solace in role-playing on Instagram, a desperate attempt at pushing me away. Regardless, we got married and returned to my home state. Even during our honeymoon, B chose role-playing over me.

One day, she moved an important file on my PC to provoke me. Her plan backfired when I experienced a panic attack rather than an angry surge. She unexpectedly announced she was leaving, only to return the next day with allegations of physical abuse and forceful marriage.

Caught off-guard and heavily manipulated, I was unsure of the truth until a heart-to-heart ensued. Our accounts synchronized but the story changed for everyone else: I was the villain. We existed in painful silence before her departure. In her final attempt at provocation, B flirted loudly on a call within my earshot.

Instead of me, my father intervened. His rage led her to a sincere apology, admitting to blowing things out of proportion. The next day, she left for good and my family celebrated my new beginnings.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of our saga. Unmentioned incidents include physical assault, blitzing speed drives due to tantrums, her numerous false alarms on pregnancy, B accusing me of playing victim when I voiced confusion over her departure and lastly, unleashing her friends on me when she found out about my new date.

B was nothing short of a nightmare, costing me friendships, finances, mental peace, my first sexual experience, and bachelorhood. Only god would know her intentions. However, I've cut off those who believe her narrative and have moved on from this ordeal. I am Zack Netherlord and this is my story.

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30. How To Lose An Ex In One Day

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Micah, who used to be my girlfriend. We were each other's first loves, like in those typical stories about young hearts figuring out relationships. I was her first boyfriend, and she was my first girlfriend. Our love story had its ups and downs, just like many stories about young love.

In the year 2014, things took a turn, and our paths went in different directions. Micah thought that I was too weighed down by the struggles of feeling sad all the time, which she believed was a good reason for us to break up. 

Even though it was tough emotionally, I decided to move forward. One thing I did was block her on all the social media platforms I used, trying to create some distance between us.

Surprisingly, Micah found a way to get through these digital walls. Just a week ago, she created new profiles on Facebook and Instagram, wanting to reconnect. She sent messages about missing my "strong, warm, and gentle embrace," bringing back memories of our time together.

Since I'd been through something similar before, I knew how to handle it. Instead of getting caught up in the emotions, I decided to guide the conversation towards dealing with my current situation. 

I told her that if she really wanted to meet, she should treat me to a meal, especially since I was going through a tough time financially. I even mentioned that I needed around $200 for some essential things.

Ironically, the situation flipped, and now Micah was the one blocking me. She thought I was only interested in her money. It's important to note that this kind of approach may not work for everyone, and the outcome is uncertain. I saw it as an experiment, a way to test the waters of our changed relationship. 

Even though Micah blocked me based on what she thought were my motives, the whole experience makes me think about the complicated nature of post-breakup interactions.

This story is like a mirror reflecting on how relationships change, take unexpected turns, and how people try to navigate life after a breakup. Micah's persistence in reaching out, despite the barriers I set, adds an interesting twist to the story. It hints at the threads that still connect us to our past, even after we try to move on.

As I try to make sense of these unexpected turns, I wonder about the reasons that drive people to reconnect with their exes. Is it a longing for the comfort of what used to be, or is it an attempt to address emotions that were left unresolved? 

The answers are hard to find, hidden in the complexity of human feelings and our shared history.
In the bigger picture, this chapter in the story of relationships shows that closure is not always straightforward.

Even with the best intentions, closure can happen in unusual ways, leading to unexpected encounters and conversations that challenge what we think we know.

As I navigate the challenges that come after a breakup, I carry the lessons from this experience with me. The experiment, though a bit unusual, taught me about how connections and communication change in the digital age. 

It reminds me that the lines between the past and present, love and detachment, are flexible and can be redefined as we explore life.

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31. A Tangled Web

We broke up, and a few months later, she proposed a casual relationship. Still caring for her, I foolishly agreed. But there was a harsh truth I wasn't aware of: she was also intimate with my brother. I was kept in the dark about this for half a year. The twist? My brother had also been seeing her best friend, and he got her pregnant. 

This threw my ex for a loop. She went on a rampage trying to destroy my brother's relationship with her former best friend and succeeded, shattering any possibility for a positive family environment. Still not content, she even threatened her now pregnant former friend. 

Yet, when I confronted her for being with my brother and me simultaneously, I was labeled as the crazy one.

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32. Inescapable

So, I'm seeing this guy and things are super great. We're actually getting hitched in a couple of years! The thing is, he's got this ex-girlfriend who is genuinely off the rails. We're talking 11 different Instagram profiles and four Facebook accounts worth of crazy. And that's not all.

She's always sliding into our DMs with negative comments, saying I'm not good enough for him, or trying to make us feel bad for their breakup. She's even started following my family and friends!

To top it off, she's got at least three different phone numbers. We block one, she's back with a new one. Her texts are pretty harsh too, lots of vile stuff like wishing I'd get AIDs, claiming him as her ex and stuff like that. 

This has been going for almost three years now, and I have all the texts and fake accounts screenshotted. Sometimes I think about sharing it on social media to show what she's like, but I'm reluctant as I don't really want to ruin her life.

The worst part? I tried talking to the police about it but got nowhere. Even tried to talk some sense into her myself, but that didn't work either. Remember, they'd been split up for two years before my boyfriend and I even met. When will this end?

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33. Where’s The Panic Room

This time last year, I matched with a girl on Tinder. It seemed like a dream—too good to be true. And, as it turned out, it was. She was lovely to look at, but her problems ran deeper than I ever could have guessed. 

Since I don't own a car, I usually walk to my campus classes from an apartment that's just a brisk 10-minute stroll away. It's a nice walk; I appreciate the exercise. But then, this girl practically moved into my place on and off for days at a time.

Initially, my roommate didn't mind, but as her true personality began to emerge, it became evident that she was more than just a troubled 19-year-old dealer. She started being unkind to anyone and everyone, provided she thought that they couldn't hear her. 

She made offensive comments about my sibling, who is non-binary, and made fun of various aspects of my family, even though she knew it was hurtful to me.

Whenever she visited, I felt used—for physical affection and as a potential customer. Apart from alcohol and pot, I'd been clean for years, and I was proud of it. Late-night calls became a routine—she'd call to vent about personal problems that she could have easily avoided if she'd taken more care or been less high all the time.

She'd use drugs while driving, claiming it improved her driving—although she wasn't a good driver to start with. Calls about car accidents became frequent. She once called me after running into someone's car in a parking lot. 

She never exchanged insurance information with anyone involved in accidents, nor did she confess these incidents to her family, pretending her insurance issues were under control.

She often mentioned her ex-boyfriend and would spend entire evenings checking up on him on social media while she was hanging out with me. 

When the guy got a new girlfriend, she went to the extent of messaging and threatening her. This ended up involving the girl's mother, and to date, I'm unsure whether she has a restraining order out on her.

Despite our differences--I'm 24 and immersed in academia, while she's a 19-year-old dealer living with her grandmother--we couldn't find common grounds. She wouldn't listen to a word of criticism or advice. 

Since last November, all our conversations were one-sided, often revolving around petty issues that could have been sorted with a little courtesy and understanding.

Her jibes left me too self-conscious or fearful to confide in her. She'd comment on me being 'unmanly' for carrying a satchel to school, or appreciating musical theatre. As a straight male comfortable with his masculinity, I felt I had nothing to prove but she constantly tried to tear me down.

University cost, rent, and living expenses left me too broke to afford a car. Yet, she'd taunt me for it. Despite these trying times, I felt positive about the progress I had made academically and mentally. Regrettably, all I achieved was a subject for her ridicule and I was made to feel as if I had no say in it.

She treated me poorly, was outrightly rude, and saw me as a mere plaything. Fortunately, my close friends constantly reassured me that I deserved better. One particular friend had been urging me to break it off with her since October. I regretted not heeding their advice.

She would berate me for minor snags like breaking a Snapchat streak, or for not responding to her messages swiftly because I was in class or simply busy with something. This situation has led me to where I am now.

As I write this, my roommate is out and I am alone. I've been dodging her for three days. Her last message to me was asking for her belongings. So, there I was, playing pretend on a Sunday: leaving her stuff in a box outside my door, keeping the lights switched off, staying away from the windows despite being on the second floor. 

I used natural light and turned off my thermostat to give the impression that I was not home—all this to avoid a confrontation with her.

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34. Living In A Dream World

A few months ago, I went out for a casual brunch with a really decent guy. Although I enjoyed our conversation, I didn't see any romantic spark between us. At 30, I've reached a stage in life where I'm keen on having meaningful relationships that can lead somewhere serious. An hour after the date, my brunch buddy called me up, expressing his interest to take this forward.

I gently declined, explaining that the romantic connection was missing for me. He requested that we maintain contact, merely as friends, citing his lack of a social circle as the reason. 

I agreed, but not without making it clear that it'll be nothing beyond platonic. For some time, our chats were occasional and casual. I never really initiated any conversation, and the exchanges were brief enough for him to slip off my mind.

One day, he texted me about this girl he was dating. After reciprocating with news of my own love life, I thought that would be the end of our interactions. Surprisingly, he reaches out a few days later, with a declaration about wanting kids. I trod carefully, wishing him and his girlfriend the best. 

But he dropped a bombshell next, expressing his desire for me to become the mother of his kids because he found me more attractive. Understandably shocked, I told him it was inappropriate and asked him to cease all communication. He brushed it off as a joke, and I suggested that we focus on our respective love lives. 

Just days later, another text arrived. It read, “I can't stop thinking about our conversation about kids the other day. I’m really looking forward to the family we will create”. I didn't even respond this time, but he kept pestering me, accusing me of leading him on.

I clarified that I never gave him such an impression. It came to light that he's been imagining a whole relationship with me. The so-called girlfriend was just a figment of his imagination intended to make me jealous. 

I reiterated my lack of interest in him, asked him not to contact me anymore, and suggested that he seeks professional help. Now, my boyfriend is worried that this guy is turning into a stalker. It's so frustrating.

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35. The Blame Shame Game

Six months into her marriage with Jake, Emma found herself entangled in a web of obsession spun by Jake's ex-girlfriend. The aftermath of their breakup had seen the ex-girlfriend clinging to resentment, blaming Jake for the demise of their relationship. 

The constant communication had evolved into a toxic mix of blame and self-pity, further exacerbated by the ex's revelation that she was consulting with a psychiatrist. The situation escalated when Emma and Jake announced their engagement. 

Instead of well-wishes, the ex-girlfriend adopted the victim role, insisting that Emma and Jake were the reason behind her suffering.  As the wedding approached, false rumors surfaced among mutual acquaintances, suggesting that Jake had married Emma because she was supposedly pregnant—a baseless claim that tarnished what should have been a joyous occasion. 

Despite the sacred vows exchanged during their wedding, the ex's presence lingered like a ghost. She resorted to a new tactic, posting throwback pictures of her and Jake from their past, complete with captions that suggested an ongoing relationship. The narrative she wove was delusional, a desperate attempt to rewrite history. When the pregnancy rumors failed to stick, the ex-girlfriend took her grievances public. 

A disparaging post about Jake appeared on her blog, blaming him for all the tragedy in her life. According to her, she had offered him the world, and he callously failed to recognize and appreciate her offerings. The boundaries of sanity blurred further as the ex-girlfriend intruded into Emma and Jake's social circles.

Friend requests and messages flooded in, not just to Emma, but also to Jake's male friends via Tinder and other social media platforms. The ex's stalking extended to Emma's accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Strangers questioned her relationship status, making the intrusion unbearable. 

Amid this chaos, Emma found herself receiving messages from random people, asking, "Hey beautiful, are you single?" The ex-girlfriend's behavior oscillated between blaming Jake one day and making contradictory statements the next, leaving Emma on edge. 

Six months into their marriage, Emma reached her breaking point. The relentless stalking had worn down her patience and mental well-being. It was time for the ex-girlfriend to grow up, accept reality, and move on. Emma, in a moment of frustration and exhaustion, confronted the abnormality of a 35-year-old woman clinging onto a past that no longer belonged to her.

The cycle of relentless drama had persisted for a year, and it was time for resolution. Emma was determined to put an end to the unnecessary stalking and drama that had become an unwelcome shadow in her married life. Despite Jake's attempts to disengage, the ex-girlfriend's persistence was fueled by his indifference. 

People don't leave happy and functional relationships. This was the truth that Emma clung to as a lifeline amid the storm of chaos surrounding her. The ex-girlfriend needed to come to terms with the fact that Jake was now happily married to someone else, and nothing was going to change that reality. 

Emma longed for a respite from the incessant drama that had become an unwanted companion in her life. She yearned for the ex-girlfriend to find the strength to move on, to free herself from the chains of an expired relationship. Yet, the ex's actions defied reason, and the cycle persisted. 

In a bid to reclaim their peace, Emma and Jake decided to confront the past. They laid bare the impact of the ex-girlfriend's actions on their relationship and Emma's peace of mind. Determined to protect the sanctity of their marriage, they began drawing clear boundaries. 

Legal measures were explored to restrict the ex-girlfriend's unwarranted intrusions. A unified front was presented to their social circles, enlightening mutual acquaintances about the truth behind the lies. Slowly but surely, the power of unity proved stronger than the venomous words and stalking tactics. 

The ex-girlfriend found herself isolated, her influence waning. The relentless pursuit yielded no results, and the ex began to fade into the background. The drama that had once consumed Emma and Jake's lives began to lose its grip, and a semblance of normalcy returned. 

As the echoes of the past faded away, Emma and Jake focused on rebuilding their lives. Therapy became a tool for healing the scars left by the relentless drama. Their love, tested by external forces, stood resilient. The scars remained, but they served as a testament to their unwavering commitment to each other. 

The lessons learned from this tumultuous experience strengthened their bond, teaching them the importance of communication, trust, and resilience in the face of adversity. The sun set on the chapter of the relentless ex, and Emma and Jake looked toward the future with gratitude for the love that had weathered the storm. 

With the ex-girlfriend's influence waning, Emma and Jake moved forward, leaving the specter of obsession behind. The scars became a roadmap of their journey, and as they embraced the opportunity for a new beginning, they did so with the knowledge that their love had triumphed over the chaos. 

The echoes of the past were replaced by the promise of a brighter future, a future where the specter of obsession was nothing more than a distant memory.

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36. Still Mad, 30 Years Later

In the beautiful mountains of Colorado, my grown-up son celebrated a special moment of love and commitment. The weekend turned into a festive occasion as he got married in a stunning location. 

Our family, including my dad, grown-up daughter, and twin grandkids, gathered to share in the joy. However, amidst the happiness, it also meant seeing my ex-wife after more than 30 years.

The wedding ceremony began, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Colorado. It was a perfect setting for the union of two souls. My ex-wife and I, who had kept our distance for many years, found ourselves sharing space on this significant day. The air was filled with a mix of fond memories and the promise of new beginnings.

The ceremony, a tribute to enduring love, ended with a call to capture moments through photographs. It was the first time in three decades that my ex-wife and I would be in a picture together. Despite our shared history, we chose to stay apart, respecting the importance of the day and the joy of the newlyweds.

As we posed for pictures, my aging father, gracefully growing older, needed to return to our hotel, an hour's drive away. I informed my son about our departure, but he insisted, saying, "NO! Dad, I need one more picture with you." Without any hesitation, I agreed, understanding the significance of such moments in the big picture of life.

To my surprise, my son expressed a heartfelt desire for a picture with both his parents by his side. It was a simple and sincere request, a wish to capture a moment of unity and shared love. Little did we know that this innocent request would lead to unexpected drama.

The next day unfolded with news that my ex-wife was deeply upset by the seemingly innocent request. In a dramatic turn, she rushed to her hotel room, slammed the door, and turned off her phone. The echoes of her emotional turmoil spread, casting a shadow over the joy that should have followed her son's wedding.

I found it bewildering – how could a genuine and harmless request for a family photograph lead to such a strong reaction? The celebration was meant to focus on the happy couple, a celebration of love and shared dreams. Instead, it became a stage for the unexpected drama created by my ex-wife.

The revelation left me thinking about the complexity of human emotions, the mixed feelings and memories of the past. It was a stark reminder that even during happy occasions, the scars of the past could resurface, disrupting the harmony that should prevail.

Afterwards, a sense of unease hung in the air. The joyful atmosphere of the wedding was dampened by the unfolding drama, as guests whispered about the incident. The shared joy of witnessing a union now had an undercurrent of tension, showing that family dynamics could be intricate and fragile.

As I reflected on the weekend's events, I couldn't help but wonder about the reasons behind my ex-wife's reaction. Was it a display of deeper, unresolved emotions, a reminder of the challenges in our shared history? Or was it a momentary lapse, an unforeseen burst of emotion that momentarily overshadowed the happiness of the occasion?

The days that followed were filled with a delicate dance of emotions. Conversations carefully avoided the incident, with everyone navigating the unspoken tension. The happiness of the newlyweds, the main reason for the celebration, became a guiding light amid the emotional turbulence.

In an attempt to mend things, I reached out to my ex-wife, seeking understanding and resolution. Our conversation unearthed layers of history and untold stories, revealing that the photograph request had touched a nerve, bringing up emotions buried beneath the surface.

The incident led to collective reflection on the intricacies of family dynamics, the enduring scars, and the strength needed to navigate the complex web of relationships. It served as a reminder that even during celebrations, the echoes of the past could resurface, demanding acknowledgment and understanding.

As weeks passed, the emotional ripples gradually settled. Conversations became more measured, and a semblance of normalcy returned to family dynamics. The newlyweds, strong in their love, became an inspiration, showing the transformative power of unity and understanding.

The incident, though initially casting a shadow, became a catalyst for open dialogue and introspection. It prompted a collective acknowledgment of the complexities inherent in familial relationships, encouraging each member to confront their roles and responsibilities within the intricate web of shared history.

In the broader story of life, the wedding weekend became a chapter marked by unexpected twists, emotional turbulence, and the resilience of familial bonds. It underscored the reality that even in the most joyous moments, the past could cast its shadow. Yet, it also revealed the potential for healing, growth, and the strength derived from navigating the complexities of human connections.

As seasons changed and life continued, the echoes of that weekend lingered as a reminder of the fragility and strength woven into the fabric of familial relationships. The photograph that sparked tumultuous emotions became a symbol, not of discord, but of the potential for understanding, forgiveness, and the enduring power of love in all its intricate forms.

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37. Turning On A Dime

In 2017, a friend of mine introduced me to my future ex-partner. While he enjoyed a few drinks, he was never a bad person. We even managed well through his drinking, instead opting for cozy nights in. 

Year after year, despite a few minor hiccups, we continued our relationship, although my insecurities started impacting us. I literally fell for him! He was kind, understanding, and made sharing any feeling easy.

Being with him felt safe and comforting, we shared every bit of our lives. He always made me feel special, like I was the only woman he saw, especially during our dates. Everything between us was an open book. And when we fought, we never let it linger, instead always talked it out. 

His daily confession of love, looking me straight in the eye, was something I cherished. Aware of my struggles with depression and insecurities, I chose to share these feelings with him, cocooned in the belief that we could work through it.

To my surprise, he became increasingly distant. The man once transparent started hiding facts, stopped answering my calls and avoided leaving his tablet unattended. Alongside this puzzling behavior, we decided to limit our screen time (his suggestion). As he promised to stop being forgetful, I thought we were regaining our old bond.

But, merely a week later, a new torment, gaslighting, began. I was accused of fabricating stories, my words were twisted to fit his narrative and he instigated unnecessary fights only to throw me out a few days later. He only added to the pain by spreading rumors about me and belittling our relationship. 

Not once did he accept his faults or the part he played in any problems we faced. Instead, he boasted of sobering up and indulging in activities that were once shuffled under 'things we'll do together’. And to make matters worse, he not only held on to my belongings but sent me photos of other women wearing them. 

Despite living just a mile apart, he evaded me for an entire year. Just when you'd think there's an end in sight, we bumped into each other and reconnected, only he was a vastly different person.

I assisted him when he fell ill and we were on somewhat amicable terms. However, his actions were strange; he frequently scratched his arm, rolled his eyes when I spoke to him and despite taking long baths, he never appeared clean. Moreover, his sentences were a flurry of paradoxical statements and he barely met my gaze while speaking. I could sense something wasn't quite right.

Fed up with his behavior, I decided to prioritize myself and left him. That was several months ago. Since then, we've tried communicating a few times, but it always concluded with absurd reasons why we couldn't be friends. 

He cited our differing musical tastes, TV preferences, and even my driving skills as hindrances. Thankfully, self-worth came to my rescue, and I realized that we indeed can't be friends.

I barely escaped from a potentially disastrous situation and I have to be grateful that he only caused me mental pain during the last couple of months. Despite everything, I genuinely loved him and I miss him dearly, at least the version of him that doesn't exist anymore.

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38. I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me…

Once upon a time, in a busy workplace where everyone was focused on their jobs, a young woman named Sarah faced a tricky situation. She and her ex-boyfriend, Mark, both worked in the same place, and this created some challenges that Sarah didn't expect. Their story involved secret photos, discomfort, and Sarah's search for a fresh start.

After ending their romantic relationship two months ago, Sarah and Mark found themselves sharing the same workplace. Even though they decided to part ways romantically, the memories of their past still lingered in the office. 

During their renewed interactions at work, Sarah noticed something odd about Mark. He had a habit of taking pictures of her without her knowing and then sending them to her, claiming he was "always keeping an eye on her."

At first, Sarah didn't think much of this behavior. In the context of their past relationship, it seemed like a quirky, harmless thing. There were times when she caught him looking at her, not saying anything until she greeted him. She thought it was just a leftover dynamic from their past romantic connection.

However, as time passed, the discomfort grew. Even though their romantic relationship was over, Sarah felt like Mark was watching her all the time. It was as if he was hiding in the shadows, appearing unexpectedly around corners or behind her. This feeling of being watched made the workplace uncomfortable for her.

In an attempt to set boundaries and make things feel normal again, Sarah decided to keep her distance from Mark at work. She tried to position herself to avoid unnecessary interactions with him. 

Despite her efforts, she couldn't shake off the feeling of being observed. There were instances when she noticed Mark giggling to himself after she moved away, and this raised more concerns about his intentions.

One day, the tension reached a breaking point when one of Sarah's colleagues noticed Mark laughing by himself and asked about it. This unexpected moment forced Sarah to confront the uncomfortable reality of her ex-boyfriend's behavior. 

She downplayed the situation, not wanting to share the complexities of their past relationship, but this incident made her rethink the dynamics in the workplace.

As the discomfort increased and Sarah felt uneasy at work, she started thinking about making a change. The idea of finding a new job became a potential solution to leave behind the shadows of her past relationship and begin anew. 

The decision to leave the familiar environment brought a mix of emotions—relief at the thought of freedom and apprehension about the uncertainties ahead.

As Sarah explored new job opportunities, she reflected on the impact of personal relationships in the workplace. The blurred lines between personal and professional life had made her work life difficult, making her reconsider the importance of clear boundaries and the potential problems of mixing personal and professional spheres.

The process of looking for a new job became a metaphorical journey for freedom—a chance to free herself from the watchful eyes of the past and create a space where her professional identity could grow independently. Each job application and interview became steps toward breaking free from the old workplace haunted by the remnants of a past relationship.

The journey toward a fresh start was not without its challenges. Sarah faced moments of doubt and uncertainty, fearing the unknown. Leaving her current workplace meant embracing change and the possibility of facing new challenges in a different setting.

Yet, with each passing day, Sarah felt a growing belief that finding a new job was the key to a future untethered from the past. The discomfort and surveillance of her previous workplace would become distant memories, replaced by the excitement of a professional environment where boundaries were respected, and personal growth could flourish.

The transition to a new job brought its own set of lessons and self-discovery. Sarah learned the importance of setting boundaries and advocating for a workplace culture that values mutual respect and professionalism. The experience also made her more aware of the delicate balance required to navigate relationships in a professional setting.

Finally, the day came when Sarah landed a position in a new workplace – a fresh start full of possibilities. This transition marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, a story of strength, empowerment, and the pursuit of a professional identity free from the shadows of the past.

In her new workplace, Sarah found a sense of freedom and the space to pursue her professional goals. The lessons from her past experiences guided her interactions with colleagues and shaped her approach to workplace dynamics. The scars of the past became reminders of her resilience, creating a narrative of growth and transformation.

As Sarah embraced the opportunities in her new job, she discovered the beauty of a workplace where professionalism and personal boundaries were respected. The discomfort and surveillance that defined her previous experiences were replaced by a sense of independence and the freedom to focus on her career.

Sarah's workplace journey became a story of transformation and resilience. It emphasized the importance of recognizing when to let go of the old and embrace new beginnings for personal and professional fulfillment. 

The shadows of a past relationship no longer held sway over her professional pursuits; instead, they became stepping stones toward a brighter and more empowered future.

And so, in the tapestry of Sarah's professional narrative, the threads of discomfort and surveillance were woven into a story of resilience, growth, and the unwavering pursuit of a workplace where the echoes of the past had no power.

 As she navigated the challenges and triumphs of her new career, Sarah emerged as a symbol of strength, reminding herself and others that the journey toward a fulfilling professional life often involves embracing change and moving forward, unburdened by the shadows of yesterday.

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39. The Warning Signs Were All There…

My ex and I first crossed paths at school. Fresh to the city and honestly not looking for love or anything like it, I entered school with a plan: one year of schooling, land a job, then poof! I'm gone. But life had a twist for me. 

A month after starting the program, I surprisingly found myself intrigued by a classmate who was three years younger. He was hardworking and talented—traits that I couldn't help but admire.

We had common interests in music and fashion, among others. After a few months, we gradually drifted into a relationship. He'd told me earlier, "I'm quite mad, but if you're up for that, I'm game". I should have realized he was serious. Battling came into the picture just a month into our relationship.

Misunderstandings that we initially solved through talking soon started feeling like manipulation. He brilliantly turned everything around to blame me. Apparently, I wasn't as "smart" as him and the misunderstandings were all on my part. Worse still, he attributed it to the fact that I was a "weaker" female and that I couldn't match up to his "superior" male strength. Typical.

The relationship steadily declined over time, marked by frequent public arguments. As much as I wanted to leave, he would guilt me into staying, endlessly claiming that he was making an effort. However, he maintained it was challenging to be kind to someone like me—a strong-minded individual who knew when to say no and where to draw the line.

Unfortunately, he gradually wore me down and stole my sense of self. I allowed it, believing we were genuinely in love. He constantly insinuated that leaving him would ruin his life and career. I started believing it, and the fear of leaving him crept in. He had this irrational belief that everyone was trying to bring him down. It gets even more worrying.

He lived in fear that the country he knew, supposedly run by "white men," was losing that essence. Whenever we were in public, he'd get irritable, remarking on the absence of people who looked like him—blonde, blue-eyed, and pale-skinned. It was strange considering I'm Asian.

The last straw was when he threatened to cheat on me when I wasn't in the mood for intimacy. He'd conditioned me to believe that withholding intimacy was grounds for breaking up. Expressing my dissatisfaction was met with labels of being a horrible girlfriend. 

He had painted an image of a selfish girl who couldn't satisfy his needs while he sacrificed everything for her. Regrettably, I believe he cheated because he could. After two years, and after confessing I didn't love him anymore, we broke up. I wished him to call it quits because it was the only way I saw a path to my freedom.

Upon breaking up, I was kicked out of our shared apartment. Thankfully, I found solace in a rented Airbnb and with a gracious friend who let me stay over. I was flooded with up to 15 calls each night, not to mention voice messages and texts of varying coherence. However, I chose to ignore everything.

It was the same old song and dance about wanting me back and promising to improve. But I was set on preserving my newfound freedom. A few months in, I was happier than I ever was with my ex, now happily committed to my current partner. 

And then out of nowhere, my ex resurfaces and tries to follow me home. Luckily, he stopped, settling for watching me walk away. The following day, he started messaging me at our shared place of work. We luckily work in different departments. 

Responding to him, wishing he was alright was a mistake that opened another wave of irritating messages. He hovered around my workplace, gazing at me through the window next to my desk.

His messages varied from professions of undying love to hurling accusations of malice my way. Choosing to ignore him again, I moved on. I recently celebrated my first year with my partner, and my happiness has not waned since.

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40. No Cinderella Story

Once in a little town during my senior year of high school, there was a girl named Emma. She was a bright and lively student who loved trying out different activities. One day, the school announced auditions for the Cinderella musical, and Emma couldn't help but feel excited about being part of such a big production.

As the news spread in school, students were buzzing with excitement, eager to show off their talents and maybe get a role in the magical world of Cinderella. For Emma, this was a perfect chance to let her hidden talent for performing arts shine.

But there was one person who didn't share Emma's excitement—her boyfriend, Jake. He was a bit possessive and didn't like the idea of Emma being affectionate with the Prince on stage if she got the Cinderella role. When he found out about Emma's plan to audition, he got upset, telling her not to go through with it.

Emma, surprised by Jake's reaction, tried to calm him down and explain her decision. She told him that auditions were more about singing and how the director saw the performers, not about aiming for a specific role. 

Emma also mentioned that she didn't have the same training as some others, making it unlikely for her to get the Cinderella role. But Jake insisted that if she got the part, she should turn it down. The idea of Emma showing affection on stage with someone else bothered him, and he wanted her to save those moments for him.

Emma and Jake had only been dating for two months, and it was a bit strange for Jake to declare her as the love of his life so soon. He said it would hurt him to see Emma pretend-kissing a guy in front of a big audience. Emma tried to make Jake understand that if she did get the Cinderella role, she couldn't just ignore the script.

Their different opinions led to a talk where Emma tried to make Jake see things from her side. She explained how acting worked, the commitment to the script, and the difference between fiction and reality. But Jake would not budge—he was more focused on how the situation made him feel. He thought Emma was risking their relationship over what he saw as a "silly school play."

Feeling pressured and wanting to keep peace in her relationship, Emma reluctantly agreed to Jake's demands. She promised him that if she got the Cinderella role, she would turn it down to make him feel better. In the end, Emma didn't get picked for the role, but the promise weighed on her mind.

As the school musical preparations happened without Emma in the lead role, she felt a sense of regret. The magic of the Cinderella musical swept through the school, leaving Emma watching from the sidelines as her peers brought the fairy tale to life. She wondered what it would have been like to wear the glass slipper and dance with the Prince on that magical stage.

Months went by, but the memory of the Cinderella musical auditions stayed with Emma. She thought about the choices she made, questioning if she gave up a special opportunity for a new relationship. Emma's love for the arts remained, but the compromise she made left her uneasy.

One day, while walking through the school's drama department, Emma found a poster for an upcoming play. The theme resonated with her—a modern twist on classic fairy tales, including Cinderella. This time, Emma felt determined. She decided to audition, excited to showcase her talents without compromising her love for theater.

As the audition day neared, Emma felt a mix of nerves and excitement. This time, there was no Jake limiting her dreams. She met other aspiring actors, shared stories, and got lost in the creative process. The audition room buzzed with energy as each performer brought their unique take on the characters.

To Emma's joy, she got a significant role in the play—not as Cinderella, but as a quirky and charming character with her own captivating story. Rehearsals became a haven for Emma, letting her express her artistic side without the weight of past promises.

The play's opening night arrived, and Emma stood backstage in her character's costume. The familiar thrill of anticipation ran through her as she prepared to step onto the stage. As the curtains rose, she felt a rush of fulfillment. The audience's applause echoed in her ears. That was the most important moment for Emma—knew she had made the right choice.

After the performance, Emma received praise for her role and felt a renewed sense of purpose. The experience not only reignited her passion for theater but also taught her a valuable lesson about staying true to herself. She realized that compromising her dreams for a relationship could lead to a sense of loss and missed opportunities.

As Emma continued through high school and beyond, she carried the lessons from the Cinderella musical saga. Relationships, she understood, should support individual dreams instead of limiting them. The stage became Emma's canvas, a place where she could paint stories without sacrificing her dreams.

In the end, the memory of Jake's discomfort over a high school musical faded, replaced by Emma's vibrant artistic pursuits. The modern twist on her own fairy tale taught her that compromises should never come at the cost of one's passions and dreams. 

With each curtain call filled with applause, Emma stepped into a future where her love for the arts was proudly woven into her journey of self-discovery.

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41. Got Yourself Into Quite A Pickle

The Skype incident was like a big fuss over a small thing, a problem that popped up from a harmless comment and turned into a big mess. Video chatting, usually a regular thing, suddenly became a place where we argued, and it left me confused and unsure about our relationship.

It all began when I casually talked about a night out with friends at a restaurant. We had a good time with laughter, good food, and enjoying each other's company. While sharing stories about the night, I mentioned how one friend didn't like the pickles, so he gave me his share. 

Trying to be funny, I said, "Hehe, he let me eat his pickle... you get it." In our relationship, we often joked around like this, so I thought he'd laugh along at the innocent joke.

But instead of laughing, he got really mad, accusing me of making a bad joke involving another guy. The change from having fun to arguing happened so quickly, and it was confusing. I was surprised, and my attempt at being funny turned into a mix of unexpected emotions.

I tried to explain, saying, "Hold on, that's not where I was going; it was the phrasing that was funnier to me." Despite my efforts to calm things down, he responded with annoyance, asking, "What's so funny about another man's private parts?" I got even more confused, trying to navigate through feelings I didn't see coming.

I kept trying to explain that the joke was innocent, and I said sorry a lot, not because I thought I did something wrong, but because I wanted to fix any unintentional discomfort caused. However, my attempts were met with more criticism, and the situation got worse as he kept talking over me, getting louder in frustration.

Feeling frustrated by the tension that wouldn't go away, I made the tough choice to end the call. It was a moment of being really frustrated, just trying to stop a conversation that felt like it was getting out of control.

But my decision to end the call made things even more complicated. He sent a lot of angry text messages, saying it was rude of me to hang up on him and accusing me of being disrespectful. The accusations of rudeness made the emotional turmoil even more intense.

Even with all those messages, I tried again to explain that the joke was harmless. I repeated that it wasn't meant to make fun of or disrespect anyone. However, the communication was still tense. The whole situation left me feeling confused, trying to understand how a small comment turned into such a big conflict.

Feeling sorry about the unexpected mess, I apologized again. I acknowledged that it caused discomfort and promised not to make such comments in the future. But he kept criticizing my reasons for making the joke in the first place.

 When I assured him I wouldn't say it again, he turned things around, saying I was suggesting he was controlling. Looking back, I can see that he was, but at that moment, I didn't realize it.

The argument, starting from a simple joke, lasted for more than half an hour, making both of us feel drained and bewildered. The next day, he said "sorry," but with some conditions. 

He asked me to explain things to my friends, making it seem like he wanted to avoid them misunderstanding what happened. But it felt like he was trying to hide his not-so-nice side.

This request for clarification showed a bit of control, wanting to shape how others saw the situation and making sure his side looked better. It seemed like a move to control not just our argument but also how others perceived it. It was like he was planning to control what people thought, making sure the blame and discomfort didn't come back to him.

As the whole story played out, I found myself in a mix of emotions, thinking about how complicated communication can be in relationships. A simple Skype conversation turned into something much more complex, showing the hidden tensions beneath the surface. The aftermath involved a careful balance of saying sorry, giving reassurances, and trying to salvage whatever was left of our connection.

In the following days, the incident hung in the air during our conversations. The unease and tension changed the playful banter in our relationship. Things were different, and every time we talked, there was a sense of caution.

The incident pushed me to think about how we communicate in relationships. I didn't just consider the argument itself but also the bigger picture it painted. It made me question how we talk to each other, the importance of setting boundaries, and the subtle power struggles that can happen in relationships. 

A simple joke had opened up a world of complexities that needed careful thought. With time, the emotional wounds started to heal, even though it took a while. The incident became a moment of reflection, making me reevaluate the foundations of our relationship. 

The scars, both visible and hidden, became reminders of my strength and an awareness of the intricacies that come with connecting with others. Looking back, that seemingly normal Skype conversation turned into a turning point. 

It led to exploring the deeper layers of relationships, marked by unexpected twists and emotional ups and downs. While the echoes of the disagreement lingered, they also paved the way for growth, resilience, and a better understanding of the subtleties that shape our interactions with others.

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42. Hands Off

It was during my friend's birthday party, and everyone was happy and having a good time. But then something happened that made me feel really uncomfortable.

In the middle of all the fun, a person I thought was my friend did something not okay. He touched my backside in a way that made me feel weird. We were around a bunch of people, including my friends and their parents. I didn't like it, so I asked him nicely not to do that, especially in front of everyone.

Instead of saying sorry or understanding, he got mad and didn't talk to me for about 15 minutes. It was my friend's special day, so I tried to stay calm, but his silence was bothering me a lot. It was frustrating, and I couldn't help but get a bit upset.

Finally, he said he was sorry, but it didn't feel like a real apology. He tried to explain why he did it, saying he was tired from not sleeping well the night before. I went to the bathroom to let out my tears, and when I came back, he acted like nothing happened.

The rest of the party was kind of strange. We continued with the birthday celebration, but I couldn't forget what happened. The way he ignored what he did made everything feel weird between us.

After that night, I had to figure out what to do. Should I talk about it and try to make things better, or should I just move on and forget about it? Both choices seemed difficult.

This incident made me think about how important it is to set boundaries in relationships and stand up for myself. The apology, if you can even call it that, didn't really make things right. I started questioning our friendship and wondering if it was worth dealing with all the complicated feelings.

As I talked to friends and thought about the situation, I realized that I needed to prioritize my own feelings and well-being. It took time, but slowly the emotional pain started to heal. The incident became a turning point for me, helping me grow and understand what I deserve in relationships.

It wasn't an easy journey. Every attempt to talk about it was met with him avoiding the topic and not wanting to have a real conversation. I realized that getting to a resolution wouldn't be simple. There were challenges and emotional hurdles to overcome.

This incident also got me thinking about how society expects people to act in uncomfortable situations. Sometimes, there's pressure to keep things harmonious and not speak up, fearing being labeled as too sensitive. Finding a balance between asserting my boundaries and dealing with societal expectations became part of my healing process.

As weeks and months went by, I found comfort in the support of friends who understood what I was going through. Their encouragement gave me the strength to prioritize my well-being and set boundaries that reflected my self-worth.

With time, the emotional wounds started to heal, even though it took a while. This incident became a catalyst for my personal growth, helping me reassess my relationships and understand the importance of standing up for myself. The scars, both visible and hidden, became a symbol of my strength and resilience in the face of difficulties.

Looking back, that challenging night at the birthday celebration became a significant moment for me. It led to a reevaluation of what I find acceptable in my interactions with others. It was a journey of self-discovery, filled with self-reflection, tough conversations, and a commitment to prioritize my own well-being.

While the effects of that incident may still linger, they are now accompanied by a sense of empowerment and newfound strength that came from navigating the complexities of personal boundaries. The experience served as a reminder that healing isn't always a straightforward path, but with time, self-reflection, and the support of empathetic friends, it's possible to emerge stronger and more resilient.

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43. No Escape

Heading to my old pal's birthday bash, I hadn't anticipated the surprise invitee—my ex. I'd asked around to see who was on the guest list weeks in advance, but nobody, including the birthday girl, seemed to have a clue. After arriving and engaging in random chit-chat with the birthday girl, we wandered downstairs, preparing for the influx of guests.

Once folks started trickling in, I mingled with some familiar faces. And then I spotted her, my ex. Her presence took me aback, but I played it cool. She saw me and flung herself at me with a bear hug, which was a bit too much, considering my dislike for physical contact. 

This was something she should've known from our time together. Pretending to brush it off, I acknowledged that we hadn't seen each other for quite some time.

Then, the party continued in typical fashion, with present-opening, food gorging and cake slicing. Amidst all this, my ex decided to steal me away for a private chat. Automating a nod in response, I followed her, thinking nothing of it. Us being alone turned into a confession of her residual feelings for me, accompanied by an unanticipated kiss.

Her continual praises of my looks and lament over our breakup caught me off guard, and I decided to abruptly exit the conversation. Navigating my way back amongst the throng of party-goers, a few acquaintances could tell I was off-balance but no one intervened.

As if relentless, she tailed me for the rest of the evening. Once the party settled into a movie session, I decided to escape upstairs only to be cornered again in the bathroom. Her incessant compliments and physical advances started to get under my skin. Before I knew it, she'd pinned me against the door in an attempt for another kiss.

To avoid it, I turned my face aside. She seemed shocked by my resistance but I was beyond caring. I struggled to free myself and leave, she continued to pester me with questions about my emotional past and pleas for a second chance. Responding curtly that my personal life was my own, I finally broke through the door and retreated to the crowded room.

Even a crowd couldn't deter her attempts to get close to me, though. She'd nonchalantly touch my face, encircle me with her arm, or caress my thigh, making me more and more uncomfortable. Finally, I'd had enough. I decided to leave the once enjoyable party turned nightmare.

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44. New Friends Vs. Old Girlfriend

Near the end of dating, we planned for him to visit me at my campus. We were enduring a long-distance romance, separated by a six-hour journey, making this visit momentous. His primary motives for this meetup were attending a nearby concert by a band he fancied and the approaching Valentine's day, providing an opportunity for us to see each other.

He went to the concert solo—we decided that as the music wasn't my cup of tea. There, he socialized with a few strangers, including several females, and arranged to meet them the following day. 

Socializing with new acquaintances was his usual thing that he took delight in. I accompanied him visiting the newcomers at their nearby campus, and they seemed to be decent people.

However, I couldn't help but be troubled by his instant connection with them, considering they'd only met once. Something just felt off. After our visit, one of them texted him past midnight saying he'd forgotten his scarf at their place. 

He promptly let them know he'd come to reclaim it, and despite my request to accompany him, he chose to go alone, promising to return shortly. An hour passed, and he remained absent.

His explanation was that they'd invited him to stay over, pacifying me by saying he'd soon return so we could cuddle up and sleep. When 3 am came around and he still wasn't back, my patience wore thin, and I decided to retire to bed, my phone set to alert me if he called to enter the dorm. I woke to numerous missed calls and texts from him requesting entrance.

When I let him in, we had a significant dispute; I initially pointed him to the couch for the night—but he ended up beside me in tears. It was a usual tactic of his making me feel guilt when he was in the wrong. Essentially, he took a six-hour drive to visit me only to spend time with people he barely knew.

A matter of weeks later, during his spring break, he expressed a wish to visit again. I was hesitant, feeling the need for space after the previous visit's events. Despite his packing preparations and a strong desire to see me and the friends he'd made at the concert, I voiced my discomfort and asked for a postponement. However, that Saturday, I received a text from him announcing his arrival and an offer to hang out. His unexpected presence, despite my requests for solitude, startled me.

When I questioned him, he explained he'd journeyed up primarily to see his newfound friends, mentioning me as an afterthought if I decided to join them. I was left baffled and shocked; either he was attempting to sway me into spending time with him or deciding to cover six hours to mingle with once-met acquaintances.

Both situations felt absurd. After discussing this with my friend circle via video chat, their advice was to end the relationship. I agreed and broke up with him in person, which didn't seem to affect him much—perhaps he thought it wouldn't last, given our past. However, after an unsuccessful plan to stay over at one of his new friends, he began calling me desperately.

Fortunately, he ended up on my friend's couch. The next day's events had him kicked out of a party hosted by these friends, intoxicated and behaving erratically. They booked an Uber for him, but his phone died, sparking his frantic calls on an Apple watch. After understanding the severity of his circumstance, I made a final conversation where I apologized for any perceived hostility, and we said our goodbyes.

I iterated my need for independence and self-discovery, suggesting a six-month no-contact period unless he was in dire need. Spoiler alert: I eventually blocked him, and thankfully, he's entirely removed from my life.

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45. Sometimes Crazy Begets Crazy

Alright folks, time for me to share a compelling story. After chatting with this guy for about a month, things seemed to be moving along nicely. He confessed about his recent break-up, how he'd tossed his girlfriend out due to her infidelity, and for treating him poorly. This all came out before our conversation took a serious turn.

I was planning to visit him this weekend because we live quite a distance apart. Unfortunately, he had to work. So I suggested visiting him next weekend instead, which actually works out well as I have my weekends free and it's my birthday. He apologized, with a bunch of sweet words.

We kept in touch as usual, everything seemed normal. That night he was telling me about his plans for the weekend, which included a trip to Sam's club and a haircut. I should have been suspicious, given that he was supposed to be working till 8 pm and these places close early on Saturdays.

However, my naive mind brushed off this inconsistency and carried on. It was one in the morning, not an ideal time to interrogate. After falling asleep and waking up a few hours later, I saw a shocking text on my phone. It was from his girlfriend. She revealed that they were still together and that she was expecting their second child.

She also expressed her undying love for him and her determination to make their relationship work. Furious, I texted him asking him to explain this. I also left him a voicemail, but he didn't respond.

Impatient for answers, I rallied a friend to help me out. She called him, but his phone only rang twice before going to voicemail. In a desperate attempt, I turned to Facebook. We hadn't added each other but I managed to find his profile, where he had a different last name than he had told me. His real last name wasn't "Whitman" but "Whitmarsh".

I found both him and his girlfriend on Facebook. I reached out to them. To her, I revealed his claim of her infidelity. To him, I expressed my disappointment, saying that if this was their idea of fun, they needed to find a new hobby.

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46. One Last Scare

It's eerily like a scene taken straight from the spookiest horror movie—my unpredictable ex making a sudden appearance to add a little more drama to my life. But let's rewind a bit first. Our paths first intertwined back in 2014, in the place that I've always called home. 

Fast forward a year, I gathered up the courage to take a massive leap of faith. I packed up my life, said goodbyes to the people that mattered, and undertook a long and unfamiliar journey across several states, all to be with her. Yet, all I got in return was a new location, marking the start of an ordeal filled with hurtful words. 

To heap on the agony, I started gaining weight due to my antidepressant medication, sparking a wave of body shaming. Being far from family and friends, constantly dealing with stress at work, she seemed unhindered by it all, and in fact, she thrived amidst our disagreements. 

She wouldn't shy away from starting arguments, then leaving me to clear up her mess or, more heartbreakingly, she'd nag relentlessly if I held back. This ordeal, akin to grappling with the devil himself, became an unbearable fact of life for four taxing years. But there came a day where I felt like I was on the edge of breaking down. 

I had endured enough. So, I gathered the remnants of my strength and bolted. This decision sparked a tumultuous wave of verbal assaults over the next couple of weeks. 

My inbox was flooded with scorching messages on Facebook, denouncing me as the worst person to walk the earth, with insults that reduced me to nothing more than trash. Although the storm settled when she quickly moved onto her next relationship, the damage was done. 

For a peaceful three-year span, life was quiet until, unexpectedly, she reached out to me on Instagram one day. Her message was brief but blindingly surprising—"Hey, can I get your advice on something?" The satisfaction of leaving that message unresponded was more than I'd expected. 

We had a stormy past (and believe me, I'm only skimming the surface here), so it's quite shocking to see her audacity. Though I strive not to let it rile me up, the urge is strong to firmly suggest she takes a long stroll off a very short pier.

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47. Gaslighting 101

Back when I was younger and not as wise, I dated someone who later became my ex. I can't tell if it was just my ignorance or my emotional blindness that held me back from realizing his penchant for lying about his exchanges with other women. He manipulated not just about the serious aspects of his life, but even the most simple, daily occurrences too. 

One vivid memory that sticks with me is when he lied about his activities on Snapchat. He spun a tale leading me to believe he had moved to a new Snapchat account and wasn't chatting there. He let me browse through his new phone, trying to convince me with his feigned innocence. 

He even suggested I add myself on this seemingly unused account. But as I accidentally clicked on his chat window, a whole world of mysterious conversations with numerous unnamed women flashed before me on the vibrant screen. Although he tried to cover up his secretive chats, his attempts were as blatant and clumsy as his active chat window. 

At a quick glance, there was no trace of suspicious activities. But as I delved deeper into Snapchat's search bar, a pile of hidden chats revealed his dishonesty. He instantly grabbed his phone back, anxiously ensuring I didn’t expose any of his “secret” chats. This stirred a wave of worry in me. I immediately thought he was cheating on me.

 After all, why would he lie about harmless conversations if there were no ulterior motives? To my surprise, he hadn't been having any romantic affairs with any of these women I suspected. But he didn't stop there, he continued his deceit by spreading false stories among our mutual friends. 

He portrayed me as a paranoid lover, snooping into his private conversations. His motive was to weaken my genuine curiosity and worry about the secret chats he seemed desperate to hide. Fed up with the chase, I decided to get to the bottom of it. Despite his false accusations, I managed to reach out to these women. 

Their combined versions had no traces of flirting between them. This discovery shocked me, showing me a harsh reality that I never expected. The actual truth was far from what I had imagined. A month after I first stumbled upon his deceit, I discovered his big secret.

During our short six-month romance, my ex had been dating another girl, much longer than he had been with me. Undoubtedly, this news was much more heartbreaking and devastating than any of the scenarios I had previously suspected.

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48. Putting The Cart Before The Horse

So, a few years back, my ex-husband (let's just name him A) left me for another woman (B). Now, B happened to be training with a top-notch jousting company, quite famous at the Renaissance festival. One day A and B ended up at a horse breeder/trainer (C), known for his expert jousting horses, and bought a stunning white Andalusian stallion trained for jousting.

Since B was connected to a well-regarded jousting company and A has the gift of gab, they convinced C to agree to a payment plan instead of an upfront payment for the horse. The condition was that C would hold onto the horse's breeding papers until the payments were completed. Then the pandemic struck, and A and B stopped paying for the horse, which started worrying C. This is when things got interesting...

C only had a phone number which A and B weren't answering, and couldn't decipher B's scribblish handwriting to find her on Google. As time went on, C got increasingly worried about the horse. After a bit of Google investigation based on anything C knew about A and B, she found an old address of A's, which, guess what, is across the country—my address!

Coincidentally, a friend of C's, T, lives on the same block. T happens to run the stables for our local Renaissance festival because, as it turns out, the jousting community is pretty tight-knit. C gave the lowdown to T who messaged me asking, “Is this your ex?” Crazy, isn't it? I provided C with the contact info I had from the divorce paperwork so she could get her horse back.

And that's when I discovered horse repossession is a thing! Over time, A and B had mastered the art of ducking their creditors. C was at her wit’s ends trying to sue them to retrieve her horse. She even considered flying to my city when A was supposed to pick up his remaining stuff, hoping to serve him the papers.

Later, a shocking revelation came to light. C started receiving complaints from owners of mares with baby foals lacking pedigree papers. It appears A and B had begun selling stud services with their stolen horse promising his lineage papers which they didn't possess and taking money upfront. When the mare owners demanded the foal’s lineage papers, they were pointed to C.

And that’s how I got to know about the sketchy world of black market horse breeding fraud! Thankfully, the horse is safe and sound with C now. A and B ceased paying for his upkeep, so the stable owner managed to get in touch with C to arrange for his return. He's expected to make a full recovery with loads of love, care, and attention.

Signed, Hekate_Web

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49. Sisters Know Best

I was involved with a guy for four years who, looking back, really didn't treat me well. While I was in it, the mistreatment was so sneaky and gradual, I hardly noticed it until the relationship ended. It's difficult to describe because there were random acts of kindness thrown into the mix, complicating the whole situation.

There were highlights, but sadly, what I remember most vividly —what sent me to therapy —is the emotionally abusive parts. These multiply over time, even with sprinkles of good that don't cancel out the pain. I've often asked myself whether he was a narcissist or merely a self-centered, paranoid jerk?

Here's my story: It started in 2013 when I dated this guy, let's call him Jonathan, it's not his real name. Things started off great; we were smitten with each other. He was intriguing, with a successful career in music and photography, which added to his cool aura. Despite him being eight years older than me, I was drawn in by his artistic talents.

There was this period when I was practically starstruck by Jonathan. Soon after we started seeing each other, he left for a nine-week tour. Everyday during the tour, I received a handwritten postcard from him, sounds like a romantic movie, right? But no.

I was so infatuated with Jonathan at the time, I didn't see this intensity as a potent warning signal. When the tour ended in Vegas, he labored to create a perfect romantic setting, flying me down to see his final show and spend some time together.

As time went by, my sister met Jonathan and immediately didn't like him. We had quite an argument about that. Despite her concerns, I didn't stop seeing him. She saw his egocentric side that I'd overlooked. Moral of the story —listen to your siblings.

The initial years were quite good. I even moved into his loft after dating for a year. However, I couldn't overlook odd behaviors, including occasional outbursts and manipulation. When upset, Jonathan would become cold, cutting off affection as if trying to control the situation.

There were instances when he seemingly didn't love himself, craving validation while rejecting compliments. He had this way of asserting his likes and dislikes that often influenced me. If Jonathan had short hair, I felt compelled to cut mine similarly.

Living together, I happened to read one of his text messages that revealed an unsettling fact: he had shared a bed with a girl he had a thing for before we started dating. This led us to discuss trust and promise not to snoop into each other's private spaces.

Throughout our relationship, I observed increasing jealousy. He was suspicious of my every move and rude to every man who interacted with me. Meanwhile, he spent plenty of time photographing glamorous, lightly dressed women —I was expected to curb my jealousy. 

Over time, I found myself spending less time with my friends because Jonathan had issues with almost all of them. Even family visits began to dwindle as he distanced himself from my family, making no effort to connect. I felt like his possession and he made sure to let me know he was my boyfriend.

However, there were more hurtful actions. He didn’t let me share in decorating our home, and wouldn't let me get a Christmas tree or pets. He had no interest in teaching me photography, despite knowing my curiosity. His negative attitude was affecting my mental health, but I kept blaming my nerves and kept trying to improve our relationship in hopes that it would get better.

Over time, I lost my spirit and started feeling depressed and void of emotions. Jonathan then crossed a line by standing between me and the door when I was about to leave the house. He didn't get physical, but this was a wake-up call. 

From there, things started unravelling, and I discovered he'd been gathering my phone records secretly. He accused me of using him, of having "emotional affairs," and various other untrue claims.

We broke up, and despite attempting to remain friends, the bad outweighed the good, leaving me feeling manipulated. I decided to cut him off completely and, since then, I've seen incredible progress in my life. 

Now, my life is rich with a fulfilling career, a loving partner, stronger relationships with my friends and family, and a dog. And yes, I do have a blush pink Christmas tree that I keep up for a very long time.

This experience was a harsh lesson, but it taught me to stand up for myself and not let anyone else control my life.


50. Playing The Victim

Call it a twist of fate or simple bad timing, but I found myself plucked away from a work assignment that my ex-partner and I had agreed to undertake. This specific task wasn't exactly a picnic in the park, to say the least; it was more a taxing, laborious chore. 

Regardless, we had willingly registered ourselves for this duty, nourishing a shared belief that it would brighten our prospects for being preferred for a more gratifying assignment later down the line. Agony's clock turned its hands to strike at the most inconvenient hour, the moment that we decided to part ways, and our once united front crumbled into two separate entities. 

Adding to the challenge, my phone rang, displaying my father's number. The call turned out to be a tide of sorrowful news. My sweet grandmother, who had spent her life spreading joy and warmth, had been struck with a heart attack back in my hometown. 

Devastatingly, the incident had taken place a few days earlier, and the glimmer of hope for her recovery was slowly but surely dwindling. Withdrawing myself from the work assignment without a moment's delay, I found myself plunged into organizing an emergency trip back home. 

The day that I received the nerve-racking news about my grandmother's health was a roller-coaster of emotions. Just fresh off the painful sting of a personal relationship breakdown, I'm thrust headlong into this grim scenario. At work, I was quiet, virtually invisible, submerged in my thoughts. 

When my ex took it upon herself to ask about the situation, I conveyed to her—and to the rest of my curious coworkers with a firm resolve—that I'd rather not go down the conversation's path. Luckily, my lunch break arrived, providing me with a breather and the opportunity to clarify to her that my authorizing myself absent from the unattractive work journey was not a move manufactured out of our recent split.

It's possible it might have appeared that way, but it was far from reality. Once we were off the clock, we rendezvoused at her apartment. And, before I could even begin to explain, the blame game started from her end.

 According to her blistering accusations, I was abandoning her in a challenging situation, harboring selfish intentions, and essentially messing up at every possible turn. In my defense, I tried to level with her by revealing that my beloved grandmother was precariously hanging on life's edge. 

Her subsequent reaction was downright disheartening. There was no wavering in her intolerably self-involved demeanor. She persisted with her paranoia, asserting blame on me, as though I'd intentionally sought to bring upon inconveniences on her—making her responsible for the work trip. 

All the while, my frail grandmother succumbed to her condition a mere half-hour into my desperate race towards the airport. The bitter cherry on top? My ex has never once extended an apology for her cruel behavior during this testing time.

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