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Ungrateful Jerks

Sure, spoiled brats are annoying, but there’s something extra irritating about those moments when you try and do something nice for someone only for them to throw it in your face. These Redditors came together to share their stories of the most ungrateful jerks they’ve ever had to deal with—and they’re so infuriating, they’re unforgettable.

1. Now You See It, Now You Don’t

My niece recently started college and it was her birthday, so I decided to surprise her with a laptop. As a student myself, I understand the financial constraints, yet I wanted to give her something special. I managed to find a well-kept Toshiba Satellite by selling my PSP and some other items. The moment came at her birthday dinner, as we excitedly unwrapped gifts. When she saw my present, her reaction left me stunned.

"Is this all? I expected a brand-new laptop!" I replied, "You know that's beyond my budget. This is the best I can offer." She declared loudly, "I wanted a brand new laptop, not this. This is the worst gift!" With that, she pushed the laptop and its box across the table, causing it to topple onto the floor. I quietly picked it up and excused myself from the room, assuring my concerned cousin, "I won’t be gifting her anything in the future."

In a surprising twist, she reached out later, asking for the laptop back. Apparently, due to her behavior, her parents had decided she must fend for herself now. Thankfully, a friend who had helped me choose the laptop offered to buy it, giving me a modest profit of ten bucks. But that’s not where it ends.

This morning, my niece called again, demanding the returned laptop for her college studies. No remorse or apologies, just demands. Her brother assumed I'd relent and provide her with the laptop, but that’s a solid 'no'. I've made up my mind—I’m not buying her any gifts in the future.

Spoiled Rotten Brats

2. If I Could Turn Back Time

I once had a pizza delivery at a low-income apartment complex. The pizza cost $18, so the lady handed me a $20 bill folded, saying the rest of it was for me. As I was heading down the stairs to the parking lot, I opened the folded bill to add it to the rest of my cash. However, I gasped in surprise as I saw what was inside.

Fast, I spun on my heel, hurried back, and knocked on her door. "I think you accidently put this inside your $20," I said, handing out the $100 bill towards her. But she just flipped out on me, screaming about how she didn't tip me a hundred bucks and threatening to involve the cops. She shut the door in my face, then rang up my pizza place to make a complaint.

I relayed the whole incident to my manager, and the outcome? Her number landed on the 'do-not-answer' list. Talk about a wild customer!

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3. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A few years back, a buddy and I were hauling mom's furniture across the nation in a sizeable moving truck. On our second last day, after around 18 hours on-the-road, we pulled over at a rest stop for a breather and to use the facilities. That's when a heartbreaking sight confronted us. A family with young kids hunkered down in their broken down car late in the night.

Believing it was the right thing to do, I checked with the dad about the problem. He mentioned they were out of fuel and needed a fill-up to reach the next town about 40 miles away. The sight of this stranded family pricked my conscience, so my friend and I hopped back into our truck and made our way to the next town. We bought gas, placed it in a can and retraced our steps back to the rest stop in our giant truck. This back-and-forth journey took us almost an hour and a half. By the time we returned to the rest stop, we were on the brink of exhaustion.

As we arrived, the family was still there waiting. I jumped out to offer them the much-needed gas. As the father received the gas can from me, he expressed his preference for money instead. This unexpected response flummoxed me because money would not move their car. It then hit me.

Suddenly I grasped that he never needed the gas, rather he was seeking cash, and seemingly exploiting his kids for the same. I was gutted for the mother, who appeared profoundly apologetic during the entire interaction. The dad's rejection of the gas we had driven over an hour to procure left me speechless. Quietly placing the gas can on the ground, I climbed back into the truck, leaving with a sense of being duped.

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4. Casting Pearls Before Swine

When we were kids, we didn't have much money. My sister was about to turn seven and her birthday was around the corner. We couldn't afford presents, but my mom found a small piece of white satin fabric and a handful of tiny pearl beads. She painstakingly crafted a gorgeous doll-sized wedding dress, staying up late into the night to meticulously sew each bead onto the fabric.

On her birthday, we gave my sister her gift. But her reaction wasn't what we expected at all—she tossed the dress and doll aside, disapprovingly remarking, "I don't want this, it's my old toy." The memory of the disappointment etched on my mom's face will always stay with me.

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5. Replacement Value

A gal from my school was given a second-hand car for her sweet 16. She wasn't thrilled about its three-year-old status, so she decided to wreck it on purpose. She figured that if she crashed this one, her folks would have no choice but to get her a brand new one. But life had a stern lesson in store for her—she didn't get another car, and instead, she had to take the bus.

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6. That Math Doesn’t Add Up

My big sister Amanda is INCREDIBLY pampered. Our dad basically treats her like a princess. But hey, she's nine years older than me, so naturally, she got to do a lot more stuff first. When I was just a little kid, from ages 5 to 8, I would assist my mom at her restaurant job every day. Because I was so small, customers would often tip me. Those tips accumulated, and at the end of my mom's shift, we'd stroll over to the bank next door to deposit my mini earnings.

By the time I'd turned 8, my savings had crossed the $800 mark. Then May came, and Amanda was about to turn 17. She wanted a birthday filled with fancy hair styling tools and makeup galore, but our dad had a different plan in mind. He persuaded me into "loaning" him my $800+ savings to combine with his own $500. With the combined funds, he bought an inexpensive car for $1,000 and used the rest for things like fancy seat covers, new tires and a cool new stereo.

May 5th rolls in, and we present Amanda with her car. She responds with a massive tantrum—she wanted nothing to do with this car! So, she ends up selling the car for $700. My dad got his $500 back, Amanda had $200 to splurge on her hair products, and I was left without a dime—just a long list of complaints from one unappreciative sibling.

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7. Money Can’t Buy You Love

Back on Valentine's Day, 2004. I never used to care about Valentine's Day, but for my girlfriend at the time, who was experiencing her first serious relationship, it meant a lot. So, I cheerfully decided to make it special for her. I went to the nursery I used to work at and picked up two dozen red roses and an extra delivery invoice.

Back then, I still had my old uniform – just a T-shirt and a hat, but enough to pass as a delivery guy. I then went all out, using my whole paycheck on her gifts, profound decorations, special dinner ingredients, and even some high-end gifts like an iPod and a new camera. After shopping, I gave her house a makeover, converting her living room and kitchen spaces into something that looked like a fancy store display.

Going all romantic, I thought scattering rose petals on the bed would set us up for an intimate evening. Next, I initiated my elaborate plan's highlight. I checked her class schedule, found out where she was, walked into her class pretending to be a delivery guy, and handed her the roses and a teddy bear publicly, even having her sign the faux invoice. Knowing it was her last class, I quickly left so that I could be home before her.

I hurried home, dressed casually, and started preparing dinner. I only beat her home by about 20 minutes, but everything was panning out perfectly. But when she walked in, she was upset. She asked why I hadn’t waited for her after her class. I explained that I wanted to start dinner and do some final decorating touches. Then she asked, "Can we go out to dinner?"

I explained that I planned a special home-cooked meal, and I had already begun preparing. She just sighed in disappointment, looking at the table full of gifts and decorated house. Then she said something that really stung: "I really wanted this to be a special Valentine's day, just this once. I was hoping we could have a special day together, but I guess not."

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8. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Back when I was a younger lad, I ran the night shift at a Blockbuster all on my own. One quiet night, a customer handed me a lady's wallet he'd found abandoned on the floor. Upon opening it, I found a membership card which allowed me to identify her and call her up. She had visited the store half an hour ago and threw in loads of gratitude when I told her I had her wallet.

In compliance with our store rules, I decided to keep her wallet in our safe until she could collect it. Just as I was getting back to my usual tasks, the woman arrived an hour later and wanted her wallet. Regrettably, our safe had a 15-minute time-lock. This was the beginning of many complications.

The woman seemed impatient and requested if I could somehow hasten the process. I regrettably declined, and continued to attend to other customers while she waited. Once the safe chimed, signaling that it was open, I promptly handed her wallet back. During all of this, I had a line of customers waiting as I wanted her to exit the store at the earliest.

Upon receiving the wallet, her first words were, "My money better be in here". To which I informed her that I was oblivious as I had barely opened the wallet because her membership card was in a front flap. The wallet was one of those larger versions that ladies carry around which is almost like a compact purse with multiple flaps and zippers.

I tried to continue with the next waiting customer—but a melodramatic scene unfolded. The woman began to shout loudly that her money was missing and accused me of theft. I found her accusations shocking considering she seemed like the run-of-the-mill soccer mom. 

I assured her that I had not tampered with her wallet, and she threatened to call the police. By this point, I was totally fine with ignoring her and she retreated to call the police. Meanwhile, many customers sympathized with me and found the woman to be rather rude.

Eventually, the more pressing line of customers ceased and the woman approached me again, smugly stating that the police would arrive shortly. "Alright," I shrugged. Even though she appeared victorious, she was far from it. An hour later, an officer arrived and paid little to no attention to her narration. His main interest was the football game being aired on our DirectTV kiosk. Once she was done with her tirade, the officer asked me flatly, "Did you take the money?"

"Absolutely not," I clarified. In response, he apologized to the woman for not being able to assist and requested her to leave if she had no other business. As she departed, I bid her farewell with a huge grin and a well-intentioned wish for the rest of her day.

Afterward, I treated myself to a pizza using her money. Only joking—as much as I wished I could add a wicked twist to this dramatic evening, I hadn't actually stolen her cash.

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9. From A Fuss Over Nothing To Nothing To Fuss Over

My mum's pal threw a huge birthday bash for his daughter. They're a pretty well-off family, so the party was a big one with lots of her friends attending, and she was showered with lovely gifts. The presents included dolls, a dollhouse, various toys, an actual horse complete with riding gear, and even horse riding lessons, along with anything else she could possibly need for her new pet horse.

So here was this kid receiving what tons of girls all around the country could only dream of, and can you guess what happened next? She totally lost it because the dollhouse wasn't the one she wanted! Just imagine, she was given a horse and yet, she was pitching a fit over a big dollhouse she wasn't happy with.

Here's where I diverge a bit to give you some backstory of her dad. He hails from Africa and moved to the US as a refugee, after tragically losing most of his friends and family. Despite his struggles, he competed in the Olympics and worked his tail off to become a doctor. As you might guess, he wasn't too pleased with his daughter's lack of gratitude for her fortunate lifestyle and decided it was time she learned a lesson.

So right then, he put an end to the party. Although the guests didn't leave empty-handed, enjoying their cake and taking home party favors. The dad tidied up all the unwrapped gifts and returned them to the store, including the much-anticipated horse. He also grounded his spoiled daughter royally, teaching her a valuable lesson.

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10. Sounding Like A Broken Record

My mum showered my younger sister with laptops, iPhones, and cameras, all on the premise that she would take care of them. But alas, everything was wrecked within a month or two. In spite of this, my mum gifted her a $900 digital SLR camera that I had had my eye on for years, after my sister said she would join a photography class in school. After receiving the camera, she complained about not receiving any other gifts, used it for a day, and then let it sit idle for half a year.

These days, she uses it only for blog photos and has openly admitted to our mum that she never planned on joining any photography course and only knows how to use the auto mode on the camera. For Easter, wanting to make her happy, I spent a few hundred bucks on a bunch of Hunger Games merchandise and other bits and pieces she might like, stuffing them into her Easter basket. I'd just grab whatever I thought she'd enjoy, collecting items over several months.

When she discovered that mum wasn't planning on continuing the Easter basket tradition because she was already 15, I thought my gifts would cheer her up. Boy, was I mistaken. She threw a fit because we didn't hide Easter eggs, or fill plastic eggs with cash for her, like her friends' parents did. Despite her being 15! Since then, I haven't given her any presents. I bought my mum a MacBook Air to show my gratitude for her years of care, and my sister had a major meltdown.

She tried to scratch mum's face and even attempted to take her car, arguing it was unfair for mum to receive something nice for once. My sister has "accidentally" destroyed her laptop since this happened, in hopes that I would replace it. However, that's never going to happen.

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11. A Friend In Need

Something happened to me at a cash machine recently. There was this dude who withdrew what appeared to be $400, but he then just walked off without taking the money. I didn't catch on immediately, so by the time it clicked, the guy had already left the shop. I picked up the cash, darted after him, and managed to find him in the car park.

I offered him the money and he snatched it from me a bit aggressively. He then kicked things up a notch. He began mouthing off, accusing me of attempting to steal his cash. His buddy chimed in at some point, pointing out that before I showed up, the guy was down $400, but thanks to me, he broke even. He even stood up for me, asking his mate, "What on earth is your problem"?

The guy never really thanked me, but at least his friend did.

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12. E-Class Vs. No Class

My partner once owned an older Mercedes E-class, around a 1995 model. We thought of gifting it to my young cousin as her parents didn't have the means to give her something similar. So, we handed the Mercedes keys over—but that quickly turned out to be a bad move. She started implying that because we could afford to replace the car, she should get a new one too.

This left us a bit stunned. And so, my partner promptly retrieved the keys from her and passed them to her elder brother, right there in front of her. We hadn't initially considered him as he had an old, self-funded Honda; nonetheless, it was nearing its end and required quite a bit of maintenance to ensure safety.

Then we decided to get petty—we offered to cover not just his auto insurance but even his initial college costs, all to show his younger sister a lesson. That felt undeniably satisfying. Over the last three years, we haven't gifted our younger cousin anything, not even a birthday card. We believe that those who don't show gratitude for given gifts don't deserve more.

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13. Riding The Gravy Train

When my little guy turned six, he developed a big fascination for trains. His favorite toy was this amazing wooden train set, jam-packed with flairs and gimmicks. We would lose ourselves for hours, arranging it differently each time and having heaps of fun. He, however, relentlessly pestered me for an electric train. My standard response was "Wait until you're eight."

Nevertheless, that Christmas, I decided to shock him with a present. I painstakingly assembled a petite electric train set on a 4 x 8 plywood panel. Given my budget constraints, I couldn't splurge a fortune, but managed to set up a pleasant oval track. It had a detour that ascended and descended over the primary trail. I squeezed in a couple of engines, a handful of carriages, basic trees, and a lighted crossing. Despite its simplicity, I poured my heart into setting it all up after tucking the kids into bed each night.

On Christmas morning, after all the presents were opened, I broke the news to my eldest about another surprise awaiting him downstairs. He dashed downstairs and his eyes sparkled at the sight of the train; he was beyond thrilled. After demonstrating the modus operandi, I excused myself for a short while to lend a hand upstairs. A mere 10 minutes later, I was on my way back to join him and noticed him ascending the stairs. His next words pierced my heart like an arrow.

Facing me, he declared, "It's sort of dull," and nonchalantly strolled past me. I won't lie...his words brought me to tears.

Adult Temper TantrumsUnsplash

14. Surprise Swap

Once upon a time, I was employed at a local car dealership. One day, a father and daughter duo approached me with interest in our most affordable car. Overflowing with joy, the daughter was thrilled with her soon-to-be 2000 Daewoo, priced at $3,000—it was what her dad could provide for her.

Simultaneously, within the same dealership, another salesman was in the process of selling a shiny, brand-new Explorer to a father as a gift for his daughter. Each process happening in tandem, I was handing over the humble Daewoo to its new owners as the other daughter entered to check out her surprise—the Explorer.

Suddenly, she pitched a full-blown tantrum, exclaiming stubbornly, "This isn’t what I asked for. I said I wanted an Expedition, not an Explorer!" Caught in this scene of ungratefulness, her father devised a flawless plan. Marching into the finance office, he made some alterations to the deal. He got in touch with the dad buying the Daewoo, and they agreed to swap the vehicles. The result was shocking. The girl who was shedding tears over her undesirable 'Explorer' was now the owner of the much more modest Daewoo, while the appreciative girl who was just happy to have a car suddenly found herself with a sleek, fully paid off Explorer.

If I hadn't been the salesperson in this story, I might have had a hard time believing it.

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15. Make Your Bed & Lie In It

I was requested to assist in moving by a kid I barely knew, as I have a reputation for being strong and able to lift heavy things like couches. Issue number one: his two friends, who were also supposed to help, were carrying items as light as a pack of gum on each trip up and down the stairs. In addition, after I disassembled his bed, his mom had the audacity to urge me to speed up because her truck rental was time-limited to three hours.

With raised eyebrows, I asked her if she'd like to pitch in and hurry it along; she chose to back off instead. At his new place, I not only moved things but also reassembled his bed. But that's when my patience wore thin. As I was packing up MY tools, he suggested, "Oh could you leave your tools here? I still have some stuff to build, and my friends will visit for dinner”.

To this, I packed my things, shared my piece of mind with him, and warned that I'd be spreading the word about his thoughtlessness around campus. I just had to let everyone know how unappreciative he was.

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16. Lesson Learned

This story always brings tears to my eyes. It takes me back to a regrettable incident from my childhood. Imagine, little six-year-old me, celebrating my birthday. My mom gifted me this adorable, wind-up, musical sculpture of a record player with dancing mice adorning it. I can still vividly recall the moment I unwrapped it; my eyes were just glued to it. My eyes then shifted to my twin brother's gift.

He had a brand new, remote-controlled Power Ranger Megazord. Bewildered, I questioned why my present wasn't like his. How could I play with a delicate musical figurine? And I didn't stop asking...I could still picture my mom's face to this day. It brings tears just thinking about it. She apologised to me, tears streaming down her face. I didn't fully comprehend the situation then, but I understood one thing—I was the reason for her tears.

Apologies kept pouring from my mouth, assuring her that I did love my gift. But to no avail; she simply instructed us to prepare to depart for our summer day camp, needing to drop us off hastily. Newly-divorced and a single mother, she was our sole caregiver as our dad and the rest of our relatives had full-day jobs and couldn't tend to us.

Even until now, that little statue still occupies a prime spot on my shelf. I plan to keep it there for the rest of my life. It serves as a constant reminder that careless words can often cause the most hurt.

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17. As Good As Gold

A colleague of mine complained about receiving a silver necklace from her grandmother for her birthday, saying, "She should know I only wear white gold!" I couldn't help but chuckle, telling her that during my grandparents' time, I only received birthday cards and that too stopped once I hit high school. However, instead of finding it funny, she grew more defensive, still trying to get me to understand her predicament.

Don't get me wrong, she's a wonderful individual. It's just that, equivalently, she's had a pretty sheltered life.

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18. Forgiven But Not Forgotten

I took it upon myself to create some Christmas stockings for my wife's pair of teenage children. I dedicated long hours sourcing little niche candies, miniature toys tailored to their interests, makeup, and the like. My aim was to craft exceptionally lovely stockings and despite my tight budget, I still splurged about 200 dollars joyfully on both of them.

The moment of truth arrived on Christmas morning. To my surprise, they barely acknowledged the stockings for more than a second or two, dismissively deeming them inadequate, and recklessly tossed them away. The story doesn't end there. The boy even trod on his stocking at one point, breaking one of the included toys without showing any remorse. I can't shake off the feeling that he deliberately did it, which kind of put a damper on my initial enthusiasm to make Christmas special for them.

Fast forward to present day, they're now adults, and the fact that I still recall that incident clearly tells you I do hold on to small issues a little too much.

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19. Odd One Out

Life was tough in recent years while I lived with my family. Despite everyone working and contributing towards the house mortgage and bills, it was a challenging period. We adopted many frugality measures, but we managed to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

One day, my dad contemplated defaulting on the mortgage. It led me to intensify my savings efforts, and I started allocating most of my weekly income for household expenses. I emphasized to him the need to eliminate unnecessary expenditures. My father had a habit of fulfilling all our desires, which made it difficult for him to accept changes like ending our $300 cable and internet subscription.

But, I was firm that we needed to make the adjustment. We had to let go of cable and resort to a significantly slower but affordable $20/month internet package. My twenty-year-old sister, who was jobless and typically didn't engage in household chores, barged in to express her discontent about the proposed change.

I patiently explained our financial constraints and the necessity of the change, but her resistance continued. Regardless of her objections, her input didn't change the decision. I took the initiative to return the cable boxes that day and shifted to the most affordable internet plan available.

A decade later, my sister's attitude hasn't changed a bit. Despite having a strict yet supportive father, a stern but loving mother, and two industrious brothers who manage their own expenses without debt, she oscillates between depending on welfare aid and living with our parents. She often grumbles and shows no signs of appreciation for all we've been through.

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20. I’m Not Lovin’ It

I hold down a job at McDonald's and not so long ago, I handled the drive-thru orders as well as payments all by myself. One lady drove through and requested two Big Macs, a couple of large fries, and two cokes. This summed up to nearly $21. During the short drive she took from the order box to the payment window, I slipped in an upgrade to large meals, saving her a few bucks. As she pulls up, I cheerfully let her know, "Your total today is $16, thank you."

She eyed me curiously while she searched for cash, and upon taking her change and her receipt, she quickly skimmed over her order. After what felt like forever, she exploded. She began to yell, insisting she never ordered meals, only the burgers, fries, and cokes.

This kind of mix-up happens quite often, as not every customer is familiar with the intricate menus of McDonald’s. Normally, a quick explanation of their order and how they've saved some money is appreciated. I began walking this lady through the usual spiel, explaining the contents of a meal and how she saved $5 while getting everything she requested.

As I stood, anticipating her realization of the money saved, she promptly launched into a tirade against me. There were phrases like "I ORDER THIS WEEKLY AND IT'S NEVER CHANGED, YOU INSOLENT LITTLE KID," and "HOW DARE YOU THINK I'M DUMB ENOUGH NOT TO KNOW HOW TO ORDER MY OWN FOOD."

I tried to soothe her, explaining that I wasn't implying she was foolish, but was simply aiming to offer customers the best deal. I also added an apology that nobody had done this for her before. Her response? She threw her change at me (around 60 cents) and dashed off. During all this, an unrelated lady just drove through to request a free water cup straight at the payment window. She unfortunately got a front-row seat to the spectacle.

The next customer approached, and it was clear I was still jittery from the uproar. I mean, dealing with upset customers comes with the territory when working the drive-thru—but this was beyond anything I've experienced. The lady told me she saw (and heard) everything, confirming that I was in the right. We chatted a bit and I discreetly slipped her a free coke, touched by her consideration for my wellbeing.

She eventually took off, leaving me to retreat to the changing rooms for a good cry.

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21. She Drove Him To It

This guy walked into our dealership with his 17-year-old daughter, here to buy her a birthday car. But remember, we don't sell Hondas, we're in the Porsche business. No matter how fantastic a student she is, a teen shouldn't be getting a Porsche for a birthday present. Yet, she had her heart set on a 2012 Porsche Panamera 4S, a powerhouse of a vehicle with a hefty $100,000 price tag, 400 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and a V8 engine.

Seeing the price, her father looking a bit crestfallen offered, "Darling, a brand new one’s out of my reach, but how about a pre-loved one? They're around $85-90K, almost like new, Porsche-certified with fewer miles and a solid warranty that matches a new car." Her response was rather harsh, "That’s your problem, dad, you just don't earn enough for us". But she was far from done.

She threatened, "Get me a new one or I’m cutting you off for good." What troubled me was seeing the hurt in the dad's eyes. It looked like he felt genuinely sorry for not earning more. If I weren't an employee, I'd have given her a piece of my mind. Instead, he just sighed and agreed, "Alright, we’ll go with the new one." He decided to lease it though, and she was none the wiser.

Upon their return from the test drive, the salesman filled me in on the rude behavior she displayed. Throughout the demo of the car features, she snapped at him with "I can figure it out, I’m not an idiot." During the actual drive, she hit speeds over 100 mph on the freeway and rudely told him to "shut it" when he asked her to slow down, genuinely fearing for his life.

Throughout this, her father stayed silent.

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22. Eggsplain Yourself

So, my wife was in a bit of a mood one Sunday morning. Out of nowhere, she announces she's tired and super hungry, so being a good spouse, I offered to fix her something to eat. She asked for fried eggs, specifically three, if you're counting. Now, anyone who has ever had the pleasure of frying eggs knows that the whites kinda merge together to form one big egg disc with three separate yolks—that's cooking 101.

So I present her with the eggs and she completely freaks out. I'm surprised, so I ask what could possibly be the problem. Apparently, her life mantra is: "I DON'T LIKE MY EGGS TO TOUCH". So I figured, 'Fine! No use crying over fried eggs', and just ate them myself.

But the thought stayed with me, so I decided to have a little fun. Later that day, when her friend popped over for a visit, I found myself skulking out of the kitchen, two uncooked eggs in hand. I stood in the doorway of our lounge and slowly brought the eggs together until they made contact. Then I started hollering like it was the end of the world. Inside? I was laughing my head off. Meanwhile, her friend just sat there, totally unsure of what was happening.

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23. Setting A Better Example

So, in August, my buddy's littlest one celebrated her fourth birthday with a Dora the Explorer theme. Naturally, I figured she was a fan. So when Christmas rolled around, I got her a pair of dolls—Dora’s baby brother and sister for around 30 bucks. That might seem steep for a child that isn't mine, but hey.

When she unwrapped the gift, however, she flipped out saying that it was meant for babies and she was too grown-up for Dora now. Her mom didn't let her carry the gift home, so I passed it on to my wee one who adored them. Yet, a couple of weeks later, when she visited, she burst into a massive tantrum. She decided that those dolls were still her property and took them back home.

Sure, I know kids aren't known for their social graces, but my children would never act like that, trust me. They've gotten all sorts of odd gifts from kin and they'd always say 'thank you' and fake a happy face until they're home.

But why did I let her snatch those dolls back? Honestly, it wasn't my choice. I attempted to explain that she had initially rejected the gift and my child cherished it. Her mom, her older sister, and I all confronted her, calling her actions out as unreasonable. However, she wouldn't budge and started to have an epic meltdown.

Seeing the chaos, my 18-month-old daughter who was witnessing the drama, handed over the dolls to the four-year-old. She wasn't upset about it—I'd say she was actually quite pleased with herself for ending the tearful tantrum. I replaced her dolls with a new set later that week.

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24. Grow Up

When I left home for college, my parents generously gave me a computer. They aren't wealthy and had to take out a small loan to afford it, which they only managed to pay off very recently. Despite their financial situation, they knew I needed the computer for my studies. My younger sister, who is a few years younger than me, has always tried to "outshine" me when it comes to possessions due to our age difference.

She had a complete meltdown when I was leavingand her behavior only got worse. When I pointed out her behavior, she retorted angrily about how I was getting a computer. As a result, my parents bought her a new PS3, which she rarely used, to make things fair. The next year, they got her an expensive laptop that she primarily uses for browsing Facebook instead of doing anything constructive.

That being said, she has started to show gratitude for the gifts I give her nowadays. There used to be a time when she would complain if my gift wasn't something she wanted, but fortunately, that has changed. I suppose some people just take a little longer to mature.

Passive -aggressive revengePexels

25. Everyone Has A Breaking Point

My pal was aware that she had to vacate her abode in a couple of months—no definitive deadline, but it was imminent. Around twilight, she buzzed me, panicking that she had to leave her place by the following afternoon or else face eviction by local officials. It's important to note she’s the mother of three.

Organising a move was not the major issue. Surprisingly, the real problem was she was yet to find a new home. It wasn't because of a shortage but rather a lack of her initiative to look. With a 12-hour deadline, I contacted an acquaintance, unbeknownst to her, if she could offer a temporary refuge until she found a new flat. Regrettably, this turned out to be a nightmarish decision.

Fast forward to a month later, it was clear she had taken liberty with my friends' generosity. She left them distraught—economically, due to her distasteful attitude, and her dishonesty. I felt a sense of guilt, so I apologized. She finally found her place to live but still was absolutely clueless about managing her life. Considering my friends had endured enough, I chose to assist with her move as I felt somewhat responsible for causing the commotion.

Then came the final blow. It was evident that she lacked a crib mattress for one of her little girls. I tendered mine, since my son had just upgraded to a regular bed. However, she lashed out, claiming it was hers, and even had the audacity to complain that none of her friends ever helped her out. Shocked, I paused for a moment, admonished her to never contact me again and promptly left the flat.

Arguments FactsShutterstock

26. Opening A Can Of Worms

One day, in the lunchroom, my close colleague started choking. I immediately reacted and performed the Heimlich maneuver—thankfully, it turned out okay. However, the very next day, her husband stormed into our office, furious with me for marking his wife's ribcage with a bruise. He threatened to drain me of all my possessions through a lawsuit, and then, physically harm me.

I faced him head-on and posed a simple question, with my voice low: would he have preferred it if she had passed? If he wanted any unfortunate incidents to look accidental, he should notify us beforehand so we don't intervene. He broke down into tears.

After this incident, I learned an unsettling fact. She revealed that her husband had suspected us of having an affair. He had mistaken the bruise, caused by the life-saving maneuver, for a result of rough physical intimacy.

Insensitive Questions factsShutterstock

27. The Grass Is Definitely Greener

I found myself talking with my colleague's sister at the office around 7 pm, as she waited for her brother to wrap up his workload. Truth be told, I stuck around only because she was quite attractive and unattached—but it quickly became a regrettable decision on my part.

In our conversation, she casually let slip about her father fully sponsoring her $100,000 tuition, car, and all living costs. Right after that, she began expressing her anger about her father's promise of 'merely' a $500,000 gift upon her graduation.

Against her expectations, she was hoping for an amount that ranged from around $750,000 to a straight million. She was perturbed, labeling her father a miser over his reluctance to raise the figure. It was clear that she'd switched her major more times than her dad cared for and was settling into a seemingly never-ending student-life.

Meanwhile, I, on the other hand, was grappling with repayment of my own hefty student loans while barely making ends meet, covering my rent and living expenses.

I Messed Up factsShutterstock

28. Put Him Back In The Car And Leave Him There

Late on a Friday night, my friend and I saw a shocking scene. A pickup truck sped through a red light and violently hit a white taxi van. The truck didn't stop or slow down; it just caused a massive collision. The impacted van spiraled several times before slamming into a light pole. It was an alarming moment, and since we were the only ones nearby, we hurried out of our truck to assist.

As we rushed toward the ravaged van, my friend dialed 911 while I noticed a fire igniting from beneath the crumpled hood. The driver was bleeding profusely, gravely injured, and trapped inside because his door was severely dented. Moreover, the passenger door was pinned against the light pole. As the fire quickly spread, warming up the area, we knew we had to act fast.

In efforts to protect my hand, I wrapped my shirt around it, then shattered the remaining glass on the driver's side door. My friend and I managed to extract the man and dragged him safely to the grass, away from the burning wreckage.

A couple of minutes after, the front of the van was engulfed in flames. Shortly after, the fire department arrived and extinguished the fire. I shared my contact details and narrative of the incident with the police. The man I rescued was extremely grateful, repeating his words of thanks. I thought I had done a good deed for the day—but a twist of events was on the horizon.

Just a week later, I was handed a lawsuit declaring that I had caused this man physical and psychological distress. His claim totaled $100,000. Fortunately, with the aid of an efficient public defender, three witnesses, and after four days in court, we made him lose his case.

lawsuitThe Blue Diamond Gallery

29. That’s A Big L

At Big W, comparable to Target for those in the U.S., a man was working the exit, inspecting customer bags. Suddenly, a small child knocked over an advertisement display. Dropping what he was doing, the employee rushed to set the stand back up. He gave a friendly grin to the child's mother as he moved past the incident. Yet, her reaction was unexpectedly harsh. She simply glared back at him, unsmiling, and continued to push her stroller forward. The poor guy was merely trying to be pleasant.


30. Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

This incident occurred while I was employed at a restaurant. A patron finished his meal and took a trip to the restroom, causing the bus boys to assume his departure and initiate cleaning his table. Upon return, he raised a ruckus, demanding to see a manager. He was convinced he left his cell phone on the table and accused the bus boys of having pilfered it, insisting that the manager search them.

But the manager refused point blank to search his staff. In response, the customer dialled up the local law enforcement. When they arrived, they sided with the restaurant, saying, "We're sorry, sir, but technically, that's considered abandoned property. What's to say another customer didn't pick it up?" The customer, feeling outnumbered, retreated in a huff.

HOA NightmaresShutterstock

31. It’s Not Just Ungrateful Kids

During the last holiday season, a gentleman decided to gift his wife a shiny new laptop. He thought it would be useful for her online shopping adventures and more. After exhaustive pondering, he chose to buy from us, settling on a sleek Samsung 13" Chromebook. A couple of days later, however, the wife insisted he come back to our store. The demand? Refund the previous purchase and get her a MacBook instead.

That's not all she did. She accused her husband of being clueless, claiming he didn't listen or comprehend her requirements. The phrase "open your ears" was uttered multiple times. This became quite vexing for me.

Speak to the Manager FactsShutterstock

32. Nothing’s Good Enough

During one episode at work, the company provided a complimentary meal for every staff member. It was a self-service setup, with food on display and all you needed to do was put together a plate. 

But, it seems that system wasn't user-friendly enough—it stirred up some unexpected frustration. A few of my colleagues became upset because they had to transition from one room to another to fetch their meal. They voiced a preference for the food to be delivered right to their workstations.

Nicest Thing They’ve Ever Done factsShutterstock

33. Ghosted

My spouse and I had just settled into our first solo space. About three months in, we get this emotional call from my wife's sister. Her family had been through the wringer — their house had burned down a year before, and they'd been living with generous friends since.

Luckily, we had a spare bedroom and we welcomed them to stay with us till they were back on track. Initially planned as a few weeks, this turned into an eight-month stay. They lived rent-free with us and we only asked them to chip in for the extra electricity cost each month, around $30 to $50.

I need to point out, we were going against our lease terms by hosting them. We managed to keep it under wraps initially, but our landlord eventually got wind of it. Thankfully, she empathised and allowed the arrangement to continue a bit longer. But, at the eight-month mark, she warned us directly — if they didn't vacate within a week, we'd be breaching our contract. Faced with no choice, we had to ask them to leave. Their response was absolutely heart-rending.

Shortly after leaving, they cut ties with us on social media and stopped talking to us altogether. When we tried to reconnect and understand what upset them, my wife's sister was livid over how we'd asked them to contribute to the electricity bill. She blamed this on their inability to buy tickets for a live show by A Perfect Circle.

It stung because we had purchased tickets for ourselves and even a ticket for my little sister who had never been to their gig before. But instead of being happy, they took offense at us for this.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

34. In The Name Of The Moon, I’d Punish her

One day, while housesitting for my uncle, I felt a wave of nostalgia and won't lie—I found myself watching an old episode of Sailor Moon on the web. My ten-year-old cousin joined in and quickly became hooked. Knowing her from all the times I’ve looked after her, I’m familiar with her over-the-top birthday wish-lists, coming up every year before her August birthday.

This year, she had her heart set on an all-out, attention-grabbing Sailor Moon costume for Halloween. It had to include everything—the red boots, a scepter, and even long, shimmering blond locks. My aunt committed herself to finding this elaborate outfit online. But let's face it, a high-end, tailored cosplay costume doesn’t come cheap—often raking up into the hundred dollar range.

So, my aunt took up the challenge herself. She painstakingly sewed the suit, crafted the wig, and added on dainty leg covers, all for this one special day. The result? It was surprisingly excellent, even surpassing some of the online offerings. But the real shocker came when she proudly unveiled it on Halloween. My cousin's response was a total stunner. She simply broke down, flung the costume to the floor, and began trampling on it. Sobbing, she berated her mom, announcing her disdain for the outfit and bemoaning its lack of accuracy.

Sailor Moon FactsFlickr

35. There’s No Pleasing Her

Last Christmas was a big deal. My family and I gathered for our first Christmas reunion in a decade. Imagine this – around 20 of us, all in one place, after such a long time! Being proud Sicilians, our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day revolve around glorious food. My mom's house was our meeting spot, and anticipating the surge of guests, she was getting a bit overwhelmed. So, I stepped in and handled all the cooking for the entire two days.

For Christmas Eve, I prepared the traditional fish feast, and of course, baked cookies and cannoli. On Christmas day, I put my culinary skills to use by roasting a prime rib and broiling lobster tails. Continue this for 20 people and you get the idea. Afterward, my family expressed their thanks, with one small exception – my mom. She was miffed over the messy kitchen resulting from my cooking extravaganza, but my brothers came to my rescue and cleaned it up.

Nasty FamiliesPexels

36. Return To Sender

The person who lived in my house before me still gets mail here sometimes. We both work at the same university in different departments. Usually, I just take his mail to his department's secretary, instead of writing "not at this address" on the envelope and putting it back in the mailbox.

One day, I handed in two pieces of his mail at once. It seems that was a big mistake. He thought I had been holding onto his mail, waiting for more to arrive before handing it over. I was just leaving his department's mail room when I heard him loudly complaining to his secretary about it. He seemed to think it was completely unacceptable that I hadn't given him his mail immediately.

I coughed a little louder than necessary to get his attention, then walked out without saying anything.

After that, all his mail got a "not at this address" written on the envelope.

Double livesShutterstock

37. Petty Revenge Is The Best Revenge

For quite some time, I was part of the mobile phones team at an electronics store. When the iPhone 4S was released, I experienced all sorts of astonishing customer behavior. Frequently, I'd have upset 16-year-olds on my hands because I couldn't alter their parent's contract or get them a new one.

One of the most unbelievable incidents involved a man and his daughter, who appeared to be around 14. She was fancily dressed in high-end fashion from head to foot. Her father approached me and told me she wanted a white 64GB iPhone 4S. I've always been skeptical of Apple products, and I could tell the price tag made him uncomfortable. Even with a fresh three-year contract, it would be around $300.

Beforehand, I warned him about warranty issues. For any work to be done, the iPhone would have to be sent away as we didn't have an Apple store nearby. I suggested the Samsung Galaxy S II, which was a new model at that time. It was faster, had a stronger screen, better internet, and so forth.

He invited his daughter to consider the Android phone, and things swiftly went sideways. She erupted, accusing me of duping her father into buying a "loser phone" to make her a social pariah.

Although I didn't make the sale that day, I did have the peculiar pleasure of seeing the girl escorted out by security. To my relief, the father apologized profusely for the chaos and gave me a crisp $20 note for my troubles.

Surrounded by Idiots FactsShutterstock

38. Sit Down & Shut Up

During my university years, I frequently used the city bus for my comings and goings between my flat and the university. This mode of transit was common among us students. Without exception, my bus rides often turned out to be busy, leading to each seat being occupied and the excess passengers standing. On one such ride, a young girl came aboard, struggling with a rather cumbersome box. As a habit of offering my seat to elders, I decided to offer my seat to her as well.

Unfortunately, I was taken aback by her response. After occupying my seat without extending a simple thank you, she accused me, saying, "You gave up your spot simply out of fear that I might tumble over onto you." To be honest, such instances do make me quite frustrated with people at times.

Brains on Autopilot factsShutterstock

39. Blinded By The Light

I devoted an insane number of hours to fixing up an elderly couple's home and garden without charge. They were too frail, and their property was seriously deteriorating. After school and every Sunday for about two months, I delved into everything from painting to intensive cleaning, tree removal, shrub uprooting, window repairing, door rehanging, carpet ripping, and switching out rusty, failing plumbing fixtures.

When I finished, they invited me over. I anticipated a thank you—boy, was I mistaken. They mustered up a request for me to offer prayers for the blessings they had received over the past two months. It struck me hard, and I exited their place without uttering a word.

Subsequently, I found myself at my grandparents' place, where I resided back then, feeling quite low. Spotting my demeanor, my great uncle, who happened to be a priest, got curious. Hearing my story, he explained that individuals like this elderly couple have been indoctrinated since childhood to believe that all forms of goodness are divine gifts or performed by instruments of the divine. Conversely, all calamities are perceived to be the devil's work. In their eyes, he said, I was a representative of God's benevolence. He reassured me not to take their reaction as unappreciative, because they simply couldn't comprehend differently.

His words were comforting, but they also left me feeling somewhat sorry for the couple.

Accidental jerkPexels

40. Karma Strikes Again

When I was only about six years old, my mom took us to celebrate New Year's Eve at one of her friend's houses. We were not as well-off as they were. They owned a luxurious house, complete with marble kitchen tops, a grand piano, and all sorts of high-class furnishings. The host was kind enough to offer gifts to us children.

I received a breathtaking domino doll. It had delicate porcelain hands and face, and a sophisticated silk dress. Looking back, my reaction still makes me cringe. With a blunt tone, I told her that I was too mature for dolls. I can only imagine how embarrassed my mom must have felt. 

After my thoughtless remark, I was ushered off to join the other kids in the playroom, where I started feeling unwell. As the night progressed, I got increasingly uncomfortable, ending up with an awful itchy feeling during our ride home.

My consequence for my rudeness? I came down with the chicken pox.

Self diagnosisShutterstock

41. Gone Fishin’

My 45-year-old sister, who stays with my parents, reacted like a child throwing a tantrum because my terminally ill dad accidentally woke her up early because he was preparing to go fishing and was a bit loud. She then subtly threatened my dad saying, "I won't be here to annoy you much longer," trying to make him feel miserable.

To compound matters, she casually mentioned that she swallowed a bunch of pills when I slipped inside to grab my cap. So, I called her out on her antics, donned my cap, and headed for our fishing trip. When we returned home, she was lounging on the sofa, still engrossed in the TV. Apparently, the pills hadn't done anything.

Cheated deathUnsplash

42. Now That’s A Twist

After she unwrapped about $500 worth of Christmas presents, my sister had a meltdown. She knocked over the Christmas tree, kicked everyone else's gifts, and broke into tears and tantrums. All because she didn't spot a Wii amongst her gifts. At that time, Wiis were really tough to snag. Funny thing is—she didn't know the full story and felt sheepish when she discovered the truth.

We did buy her a Wii, she just hadn't unwrapped it yet. In fact, I had taken up a temporary holiday gig at an online video game store just to secure it. Despite being a 24-year-old medical student, her reaction was quite the spectacle.

Dumbest QuestionsWikimedia Commons

43. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

My dad was a surgeon who never rejected a patient, often offering his services for free. When I was a teenager, I helped out in his office, dealing with insurance paperwork. I remember one lady who had a benign lump in her breast but no insurance coverage. To save her from a severe breast removal surgery, my dad did a lighter procedure. Sadly, when she came in for her checkup, my dad had been urgently called to the emergency room.

At this point, she let loose her anger. She criticized my dad to the staff for his insensitivity. As he walked into the office, she spotted him through the receiving window and started yelling. She accused him of wasting her time and announced that she was going to find a new doctor—all in front of other patients and the office staff. She claimed she was going to report him to the medical board, which she did. They had to look into every complaint.

Her issue was that he was abrupt and unkind. This resulted in an investigation a month later. After venting her frustration, she left the office and never came back. My dad didn't charge her for any of the surgery costs and continued to offer free medical aid, something that continues to make me proud to this day.

Lowest Point factsPixabay

44. Never Enough

My brother can be extremely challenging. It was one specific outburst that really pushed my buttons. He actually said to our mother, "What have you ever done for me? Looking after my kid doesn't count.” Excuse me? Our mom, who's over 50, is caring for his six-year-old daughter, despite wanting to enjoy her golden years, having already devoted so much of her life to us.

She's opened her home to his little girl, who happens to have a serious, time-consuming, and costly medical condition, just to provide a stable and happy environment. Regularly, she drives across town, an hour and a half in all, to fetch him. She'd hoped he'd help around the house, but instead, he demands payment. And he gets upset every time she refuses to give him money.

He doesn't even have a driver's license. Yet he yelled at our mom for two hours for not lending him money for a car. To date, he hasn't repaid any of his so-called 'borrowed' money. Despite ruining his teeth so badly they had to be extracted, after our grandma bought him full dentures, he complained because she wouldn't pay for implants instead.

And that's not the most outrageous part. Somehow, a fraudulent check for $5,000 ended up at our dad's place. Our dad, being the nice guy that he is, deposited the check and kindly handed over the cash (not realizing the scam). The check, unsurprisingly, bounced, landing my dad in hot water with the bank.

My grandparents ended up settling the bank debt to avoid legal action. But when they tried discussing a repayment plan with my brother, he threatened them, and he's puzzled why our dad's family can't tolerate him. He never threatened me, well not more than once, thanks to his best friend who's also my friend. I can't comprehend why she stays—he treats her poorly too.

She tipped me off before he could involve me in his scam, and since then, I've stopped giving him money or anything else. He's always calling me selfish and claiming I never help. But who steps up when our mom needs a babysitter for his daughter? Despite the major adjustments I have to make at work—getting up earlier, staying up later to ensure she has what she needs—I'm there.

I do it for him, for her, and for our mom. But apparently, his daughter doesn't count.

Relationships Gone WrongShutterstock

45. You Can’t Take It With You

I know a guy in his 50s. He's considering suing his parents, who are in their 80s, because they're spending their golden years traveling the globe in grand fashion. He's worried there won't be a substantial amount left for him to inherit. He's planned his life around the expectation of receiving a million-dollar inheritance when they pass away. His future retirement hinges on their wealth.

You want to know how he reacted when he found out they're taking out a reverse mortgage on their home? He had an absolute meltdown. Personally, I believe spending all your money before you die is doing it right.

Brutally Terrible ParentsShutterstock

46. Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Cartoons

When I was a youngster, there was a day I had to stay home from school because I was sick. My mom decided to treat me by renting a movie for me to pass the time. I assumed it would be one of the cartoons I so loved; they were pretty rare on television back then, so I was overjoyed.

But no, my mom came home with a live-action movie. Boy, was I let down. I was so upset, I cried and threw a tantrum, declaring I had no desire to watch that movie. Little did I know, I'd quickly take back those heated words.

Mom simply responded, "Alright, I'll just watch it myself then"! Although I initially acted as if I wasn't interested in watching the movie, I soon found myself unable to look away. And what do you know? That movie turned out to be the best I had ever seen. It was my gateway to a new appreciation for live-action films and sealed my belief that mom consistently knew what was right for me. The name of the movie? Back to the Future.

Back To The Future factsBack To The Future, Universal Pictures

47. Choke On It Then

When I was 15, I was attending a driver's ed class when a girl there started choking on a piece of candy. She turned red, stood up, and clutched her throat, unable to make a sound; her eyes looked wild. The room froze for a moment. I remember thinking, "This isn't good," and so I got up, made my way through a couple tables, and performed the Heimlich maneuver on her. With the second squeeze, the candy flew out, landing about 10 feet away—it was just like a scene from a movie. She then started breathing heavily and sobbing. She even thanked me, making it seem like quite an ordeal.

After that experience, I thought things would return to normal—but boy, was I wrong. The following day as parents came to pick us up from class, she approached me in the hallway, her mother in tow—a woman I'd never seen before. I was expecting some gratitude from the woman, but instead, she started launching accusations at me, loudly saying, "What were you thinking? You're not medically trained! You could've broken her ribs! Consider yourself lucky I'm not contacting a lawyer and suing your whole family! That's still not off the table!"

The Worst Helicopter ParentsPexels

48. That Act Of Kindness Fell Flat

I spotted a woman who was struggling with a flat tire on the roadside. So, I put a pause to my jog and went over to see if I could be of any help. I approached her calmly and offered to lend a hand. Although she agreed, she kept her distance. Despite that, I managed to change her tire and helped her get back on the road.

When I finished and offered a handshake, her response startled me. She warned, "Back off, I have 9-1-1 ready to dial on my phone”. I was confused. It wasn't clear if she thought I meant harm after helping her with her car or what, but it felt out of place for someone who just assisted you with a tire change. Left in shock, I dashed off and haven't bumped into that lady since.

I can't grasp what previous experiences made her so uncomfortable with receiving help from a stranger. Yet, if it was too terrifying for her, she could've politely declined my offer instead of letting me assist her and subsequently threatening to hit '9-1-1' on me.

These Neighbors Are MonstersShutterstock

49. Scarred For Life

Many years back, I happened to be on a trip to my friends' farm. There with me were my high school buddy, his significant other, and their sweet sixteen-year-old daughter. One day, tragedy struck when the daughter was busy saddling her horse. Unpredictably, she got kicked hard by the horse in her chest, causing a life-threatening situation. Her throat collapsed, and she was in dire need of immediate help as she could not pull air into her lungs. Luckily, I was able to perform an emergency tracheotomy on the spot, saving her life miraculously.

Twist in the tale, a couple of months post the incident, I received a letter from an attorney. Despite their initial thankfulness, they had decided to change their stance. They chose to sue me, not happy about the scar the life-saving tracheotomy left.

Strange lawUnsplash

50. Code Red

I have a job at an animal shop and a while back, we had a stunning scarlet macaw available for purchase. My task was to weigh this beauty, which we do as a routine to monitor their growth, right at the front of the shop.

On this particular day, a young girl — about 10 or so, old enough to know better— along with her grandpa walked in while I was busy with this. She immediately dashed towards the bird.

Such sudden movement wasn't good for the bird and what happened next was even worse. Understand, this bird was quite shy and establishing trust took time. It had already taken me a good 10 minutes to convince her to step out of her enclosure for weighing. So, when the young girl charged at me with the bird on my arm, the macaw got scared, jumped off my arm and, by stroke of luck, landed on the cashier counter which, fortunately, also had a scale.

In the gentlest manner possible, I asked the girl to step back as the bird was terrified. She was welcome to observe, but from a distance. She complied, albeit for a mere 10 seconds. Once I was done with weighing and had the bird back on my arm, I told the young girl that I had to return the bird to its cage and reward it with some treats for its cooperation.

This news did not sit well with the girl. After returning the bird, she kept insisting on petting it. It's important to note that scarlet macaws possess incredibly large and powerful beaks. If threatened, they use the beak for self-defence—with enough force to possibly take off a finger.

When she asked to pet the bird, I told her kindly that the bird wasn't fond of unfamiliar touches and might resort to biting which could be harmful. This only set off a tantrum with her yelling, "LET ME PET THE BIRD!". I chose to ignore her, especially since the bird was starting to peck at my arm. I just aimed to get her back in the cage and keep the girl at a safe distance. Meanwhile, her grandpa stood by, silently watching the spectacle unfold.

With the bird back safely in its cage, the girl attempted to reach in through its bars that earned her another caution from me. To my relief, she backed away. However, instead of diverting her attention to the hamsters or other pets, she turned to her granddad, yelling a demand to purchase the bird.

The surprising part was that he actually asked me about its price! I informed him that the bird costs $2,000, besides the cost of the cage, food and other supplies. And importantly, owning a bird like this is a long-term commitment with their life span in captivity easily stretching up to 50 years. This was no impulsively buy for a 10-year old.

For an excruciating 10 minutes, I had to convince him not to randomly splash out on a $2000 bird for a bawling 10-year old. It wasn't hard to see where the girl inherited her attitude from. Needless to say, this incident did make me lose a bit of my faith in mankind. Much to my relief, the duo eventually left the store though it was accompanied by the girl's loud protests. I haven't seen them since.

Gullible PeoplePeakpx

Sources:  Reddit,

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