People Share Stories So Crazy That No One Would Believe Them 

October 30, 2019 | Simon B.

People Share Stories So Crazy That No One Would Believe Them 

We all knew that one kid on the playground who had the most unbelievable stories. You know, the ones that they absolutely had to be making up. There’s no way your dad is a fighter pilot, and the president’s best friend, bud. But what if they were actually telling the truth, and the facts were simply so outrageous we chose not to believe them?

Put down your skeptic’s glasses for a moment as we dive into these experiences that are so crazy, people choose not to tell them, because they fear nobody would believe them.

1. I’m Blue

I used to sweat blue, for a few months. My clothes, nails, and phone cover all got stained blue. It went away after a while on its own, which was good because the doctors couldn’t figure it out.

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2. Make a Wish

One day, completely out of the blue, my daughter (eight years old) started telling me she wanted to look out the window to see shooting stars. I told her it’s very rare to see any shooting stars where we live (Yonkers, NY). She was really adamant that we should look and try to see one anyway, so I walk with her over to our living room window and look out with her.

I swear not 10 seconds had passed before a meteor went streaking by, closer than any I had ever seen. You could see the trail it left in the sky, and it glowed bright red. She got so excited, and ran to tell my wife that she saw one. My wife does not believe that me or my daughter saw a meteor that quickly, but I swear on my life it happened.

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3. Guardian Angel

When I was younger, I worked at a popular theme park in the UK as a ride assistant. One of the rides I worked on was the River Rapids. Two young lads (who had obviously been drinking) got on for a ride, and it was clear they were going to be a pain in the butt. As their raft came towards the end, they were both running around the edges of it. The raft hits the wall, and they both fell in the water. This is near the lift section of the ride, which means if they'd been snagged, the machinery would have torn them up badly.

I ran down and god knows how, managed to pull them both out. They were both swiftly escorted to the medical center, and I'm assuming off the park. The same day after I finish work, I went to go and see a friend for a few hours. On my way home, I follow a car that is driving all over the place. My jaw nearly hit the floor.

Whoever was driving was a total mess. They were swerving all over the place until the car hits a curb and flips onto its roof. I stop my car, run across, yank the doors open, and pull both of the occupants out. It was the same two lads I'd pulled out of the water at work, earlier in the day.

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4. Sticks and Stones

I was around 12-years-old, and playing with my dog in the back yard. He suddenly stopped, and just looked at my leg. There was a piece of wood in my leg. It was around eight centimeters long, and in a 90-degree angle in my leg. It didn't hurt. I didn't feel anything. To this day I'm still wondering how this stick found its way into my leg.

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5. Acclaimed Ancestry

My father was adopted, and he died when I was a toddler. It was a closed adoption, but my grandparents who adopted him were told some things about his birth parents (occupation, the country they were from, etc.). The occupations sounded made up to me, and I always thought my grandpa was just trying to make my dad feel better about the people who gave him up.

Earlier this year, my aunt (also adopted, but from another family) and cousins were doing Ancestry DNA kits. So, I decided to google the occupation and country of origin that my grandparents had been told about, and within 45 seconds I found a man who looked exactly like my father.

My entire family was floored. Turns out he is famous in his country, and won some very well-known awards. I messaged him on LinkedIn, and he confirmed that his child was put up for adoption without his consent. The dates matched, and the resemblance to my father was uncanny. He always thought that his son would come looking for him, due to his fame.

We talked for a month or so, but now we don't. He has other children, and I don’t think his wife liked the idea of a random grandchild coming out of the woodwork. I really just wanted to meet him, as I don't have any memories of my father, and have always had questions about my heritage. He seemed very sweet, and was devastated that my father had passed away so tragically.

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6. A Twilight Drive

When I was a teenager, I almost got run over by Robert Pattinson in my hometown. It’s a smaller city between Bruges and Ghent. He was driving a Mercedes, probably on his way from Brussels to the hotel he was staying in on the coast. I’m 100% sure it was him, as he was in Brussels for a premiere for the latest Twilight movie at the time. I only told my dad.

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7. Bird Etiquette

I like watching wild birds at my work. I once watched a young magpie steal bread off of a raven. The magpie’s family then attacked the young magpie, took the bread, and gave it back to the raven. They were bird yelling at the young magpie. Then they called to the young magpie, and kind of forced it to the front of the pack, facing the raven.

The adult magpies gently pecked at the young magpie until it sung at the raven. Then the magpies all waddled away, and went back to hunting for bugs. I feel like I watched some sort of family magpie discipline, to prevent an interspecies bird war.

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8. Schrodinger's Sandwich

One time after school, I was emptying my bag on my bed. I had a sandwich wrapped in cling-wrap from lunch, that I hadn’t eaten. I dropped the sandwich on the floor, and I went to pick it up. I couldn't find it anywhere. I checked under my bed, in my bag, all over the floor and under any items. I never found that sandwich.

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9. Crabby Accident

Once when I was eight years old, I was climbing out of the bathtub after showering, and since I was wet my mom wrapped me up in a towel so both my hands were wrapped as well. I ended up tripping over the edge of the bathtub, and face planting onto the ground, where I just laid kind of comatose for a second. I tried to get up, with blood flowing down my face from a cut in my head and my nose, when my bucket of crabs nearby (this was a seaside resort) toppled over and went all over me.

They were in a sort of blood frenzy or something, because they pinched me all over. So, I started rolling on the ground (It was a lovely experience by the way). My family kind of just stared at me. I bled from my nose for three hours after being rescued from the crabs and got sent to hospital, where my nose actually wasn't broken. My family refuses to acknowledge it ever happened, even though I have a hospital bracelet with that date. It was the oddest thing ever.

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10. Phone-Fearing Poltergeist

I once left my phone in the kitchen, and went to lay down on my roommate’s couch. He and I were alone at home, and he is a very active gamer and was basically gaming throughout my nap. When I woke up, I wanted to get my phone, but when I went and got it, I felt a chill run down my spine. Something wasn't right. It had the signal for "SIM not connected" on it. So, I open up the phone to look at my SIM, just to find the metal part of the SIM card completely scratched and utterly destroyed.

Of course, I asked my roommate what he did to my phone, but he just said he was gaming the whole time and was just as astounded as I was. To this day we are completely flabbergasted, and do not know what happened, but I am pretty positive that we have a Poltergeist in our flat.

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11. When Birds Bite Back

I heard a bird war outside, so freaking loud. So, I went to go see what was happening, and my dog was being attacked by birds of all kinds. She was on the side of the house, and I swear to god there were pigeons, finches, brown and gray birds - I mean all kinds. She was corned by the fence. I went to grab her, and saw a dead bird behind her. I’ve seen her grab birds out of the sky before. She was a super high jumper, and would just pluck them out of flight.

Today they rebelled. They were swooping and screaming at her. Crazy as heck! She didn’t learn her lesson.

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12. Big Fish, Little Bunny

When I was about ten, my brother and I were fishing. A bunny came along and was getting a drink from the lake just down from where we were sitting. Then we heard this enormous crashing sound. We turned around to see a huge catfish jump up and pull the poor little bunny into the pond. I totally froze, but my brother jumped in the pond and managed to save the bunny from the catfish.

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13. Party Boat

My friend and I once missed the last train home after a gig, and wandered around a nearby harbor killing time until the trains started up again. A drunk man (around 50-years-old, around 30 years older than us at the time) stumbled out of a building, and invited us onto his boat. We sat with him drinking rum for a few hours, while he regaled us with stories about all the, er, intimate parties he'd hosted on this boat.

I didn't believe him, but I was warm and had a drink in hand, so I humored him. He eventually pulled a lever near the front. It opened a secret door. I wish I hadn't seen what was inside. It was a dungeon, filled with all kinds of bondage gear and private time toys. We then added each other on Facebook, and my friend and I quickly left to catch our train back to London.

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14. It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, it’s Space-X

When I was much younger, I was outside watching shooting stars (it was that time of year where you can see lots of comets fly by). It was the middle of the night, and I was laying in the grass just enjoying the stars and comets. My older step-sister had just gone inside to grab a drink. Out of nowhere, the entire night sky lit up bright blue for a nanosecond. All that was left when it faded, was a blue streak across the sky, and what looked kind of like a ship at the front of the streak.

I didn't know what I was seeing, but it looked like it was rotating slowly. It eventually disappeared, but the trail was still in the sky. Immediately, I rushed inside to try and get people out to see it. By the time they got outside, it had faded completely. Nobody believed me. I found out later it was just a Space-X launch, but I thought I had seen a genuine UFO for years. I know I saw it, but I didn't tell anyone because I'd sound crazy.

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15. Wormy Memory

I saw a girl who contracted a rare African parasite. It was utterly horrific. Basically, it caused tiny worms to crawl out of the hole in her arm, and from the corners of her eyes. It happened. I'm sure it did. I saw the worms. She held one up and said, "See, I told you, this is what they look like." I threw it on the floor and burned it with a lighter. I wasn't even on drugs, because I had a drug test for probation in the morning—it’s like my own brain is trying to convince me it didn't happen, but I'm sure of it....

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16. Hole in the Sole

When I was nine, I was walking around in our flat, and wondering what was itching below my foot. So, I looked, and I had a thumbtack sticking all the way inside my heel. I have no clue why, but it didn't hurt at all. I had a huge shock though. It was also interesting to note that the hole is still there 12 years later.

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17. Can’t Take the Heat

I was crossing the border at the golden triangle, from Thailand into Myanmar. I had heatstroke due to dehydration, and passed out in the middle of the street right after the passport control. I woke up to a terrifying sight: five armed soldiers pointing rifles in my face. Don't speak a word of Thai, or any other Asian language. I signed, "I need to drink water" with my hands, and they gave me a Coca-Cola and helped me sit down in a nearby chair.

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18. Pardon Moi?

I fell asleep listening to a CD one day. A little bit later, I woke up to it still playing, and at a part where they did a skit before a song. The skit was kind of funny but there was one part I couldn't hear, so I got out of bed to rewind it, and when it played back it was entirely in French. I don't speak French, but I could understand what they were saying clear as day a minute earlier. I don't know what happened.

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19. Baffling Bedroom Beings

When I was 21, I was going through a really lost and stressful time in my life. I'm not religious, and don't really believe in spirituality or the paranormal, but I kept having sleep paralysis episodes that seemed so real. The hallucinations, the panic, everything was very much real and right in front of me. An old lady next door heard from my mother that this was happening to me, so she had me call this guy who apparently was like a guru with paranormal experiences like that.

He told me that every day before going to bed, I should tell whatever it was that was causing these episodes that it wasn't welcome. So, I decided to humor him in hopes that it would make it stop. After doing this a few times, I sleep in and notice something very strange: I can't move. I look up and there are these two beings in my room talking to each other in this strange, like, clicking language.

They notice that I'm awake, and one of them slowly comes over to me on my bed and says to me, "If you would like, we can show you your past, present, and future." Except it didn't "say" it out loud, like in words. It forced this sentence into my mind, and I could "hear" it without hearing it (I know that is very vague, but it's the only way I can describe it). I’m barely able to shake my head and let out a very weak and scared "No thank you.”

They both leave my room, and I have never had another experience like that again.

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20. A Wrinkle in Time

On my first day of school, in what I think was social studies, I had a sudden feeling of content knowledge that I knew everyone. That kind of feeling you get when you've been there for a while. Which didn't make any sense, as it was the first day of school, and I knew I didn't know any of these other kids. Then the feeling went away as I questioned it, and I shrugged it off.

Until during the last week of school, in the same class, bored and ready to go, I suddenly felt mildly panicked that I didn't know anyone, as if it was the first day again. Then I remembered how I felt on the first day. I think I experienced a time swap.

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21. Butt Flute

For one week when I got the flu, my farts would whistle no matter what position I was in. My dog kept thinking I was calling him.

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22. 16-pound football

It happened when I was 11. My aunt was visiting our house (I lived with my sisters, mom, and other aunt). Both my aunts were catching up, and her son (my six-month-old cousin) was getting fussy. I offered to take him, and brought him back to my room to lay him on the bed and play with him. He was fine for a while, but got fussy again so I went to take him back to his mother.

In the hallway closet, on the way out to the living room and kitchen, was our washer/dryer. Someone had taken out clothes from the dryer and left the basket in front of it. I ended up tripping on the basket, and my cousin fell out of my arms and into the air. This all happened in slow motion for me, but I remember catching myself, and leaping forward to catch my cousin just before he hit the floor. Suddenly it's really quiet.

My youngest sister was staring from the living room couch, and my aunts were staring, jaws dropped, from the kitchen table. The baby starts screaming and my aunt rushes over to pick him up. We told this story to my cousin years later, and he just doesn't believe us. We haven't shared it since, but my aunt made a joke about it when I was holding my own child, and tripped a little over an area rug saying, "You're clumsy, but I know you won't let that kid hit the floor."

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23. You Must be Yoking

I got an entire carton of double-yoked eggs a while back. Blew my freaking mind.

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24. A Brush with Scientology

Back in high school a few years ago, I had a photography class with my best friend, and we went to New York City to take pictures for an assignment. We were walking through Times Square, and there’s always people trying to hand out flyers or comedy club promos, bus tours, etc... This pretty girl got our attention, and she was talking to us about a book, I can’t remember the name.

Anyway, she’s explaining this book to us, and suddenly she’s like, “I have someone who can talk to you about this book in more detail, come with me!” She grabbed my friend and I by the arm, and starts walking us somewhere down like 42nd avenue if I remember correctly. It ends up being a Scientology church. At the time I had no idea about Scientology, and was just curious what the heck was going on.

So, she walks us through the door, and immediately a small group of people approaches us. She tells them that we want to join, and their eyes light up. One of the leaders I’m guessing, comes over, and the girl basically hands us off to him. He leads us down a hallway and says something along the lines of, “We have a special movie for you!” So, we’re brought into a small theater and leaves closing the door behind him. After two seconds my buddy and I go “What the heck” and head for the door. Turns out it’s locked.

We looked around the room for any other door, but it was dark except for the light from the screen. I was so freaked out, and with this video about how we all have untapped super powers, the whole thing was so absurd. When the video ended, they opened the doors and asked us to fill out a contact form. Nope. We got out immediately.

So yeah, kidnap might be a strong word, but that was my one and only brush with Scientology.

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25. Fever Dream

I was the oldest of two kids to a single mom. There was a nasty bug going around, maybe it was the flu. I don't remember, but I do remember my brother got it first. Mom ended up using all her sick leave and vacation time to nurse first my brother, and then herself through it. I remained healthy - until my mom had to go back to work, of course. She had two jobs, no health insurance, two kids, bills to pay, and no choice. She left 12-year-old me home alone.

"Stay in bed, drink lots of fluids, CALL ME if you need anything" and off she went.

While I was sleeping, I heard someone knocking on the apartment's front door. I don't answer the door when I'm home alone, so I roll over and try to go back to sleep. But I hear the door slowly creak open, and someone call my name. I hear my bedroom door open next, and then feel someone sit on the bed next to me, still saying my name over and over. I thought maybe my mom asked our neighbor to check on me, but the neighbor wouldn't have had a key.

The voice gets louder, shouting "Call your mom. Get up, call your mom. CALL YOUR MOM!" I rolled over and there's a woman I don't recognize in my room. I stumble down the hall to the house phone. I called my mom. My mom says I called her speaking gibberish. I had a very high fever. She lost her job, because she walked out to take me to the hospital. She never left me home alone while sick again. But she never asked a neighbor to check on me either.

A few weeks later, my mom got a package in the mail from her cousins. It was a framed photo and a few family heirlooms. I recognized the woman in the black and white photograph as the woman who woke me up. It was my great-grandmother's wedding photo. From 1912. She was 16. And she came back from the grave to save her favorite granddaughter's kid. Or I had one heck of an unexplainable hallucination, considering I only met my great-grandmother when I was a baby and she was 94.

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26. A Glitch in the Matrix

When I was around 14-years-old, I was making myself a cup of coffee or tea - can't quite remember, but I had a teaspoon placed in my mug. As I was turning, I kind of hit/pushed the top of the spoon with my left hand and it landed on the floor like two feet away from me. I picked it up, turned around, and the teaspoon was still in the mug; now I had two teaspoons. To this day I'm not sure if I had two teaspoons that were stuck with one another in that mug, or did I do some weird item-doubling magic?

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27. Time Slip

One night I was coming back from a friend's house to my house. It was 7 pm when I left, and after a 20-minute walk I arrived home. I thought it was a normal night, until I realized the eerie truth. Somehow I arrived home at 7 am next morning. The lighting was the same, and I didn't ever notice a change in the amount of daylight. The only reason I noticed something was off, is because upon arriving home, my dad was leaving for work.

He asked me why I had returned so early. Completely confused, I asked what he meant and he showed me his watch. I was taken aback, and he noticed something was wrong. He asked what was wrong, and I told him. He looked me dead in the eye, and started laughing. He said we spoke at 10pm and I told him that I would be staying the night at my friend’s house. But my friend confirmed that I left at 7 pm, which leaves us with a 12-hour gap, in which I have no idea what was I doing.

My dad didn't believe me, and thought I was pranking him. Thankfully, nothing like that has happened since. Still gives me the chills.

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28. Lightspeed

I was driving home about eight years ago, at night along my usual route. It's an arrow-straight road, that has no streetlights, but is reasonably busy even at night. I'm listening to music and contemplating, well, nothing when I notice there's a light in the sky following me. There's a tiny runway near my old house used mainly by crop dusters, so I assume it's a small plane. Then I notice another, then another and another until there's at least ten lights all following me as I drive down this road.

They're not in any kind of formation, and there's not a single sound except the sound of my engine. I pull over and they slow down and hover as I get out of the car. I'm the only one on the road at this point. As I reach back into my car to get my phone to take some video, they suddenly all move at incredible speed into a single, straight line, and zoom off into the distance.

I stood there stunned for at least five minutes, knowing that no one would ever believe me.

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29. A Kind Stranger

One day in my freshman year of college, I biked to subway. Around halfway through my ride there, my chain fell off. I was on campus, and it was crowded, so I just walked my bike the rest of the way and figured I’d fix it later. I got my sandwich, and came out to go eat it back at my dorm. I couldn't believe my eyes. My chain was completely fixed, and was perfect. I was in there for less than five minutes; I don’t know how it was fixed. My guess is some kind person noticed the chains were broken, and just fixed them on the spot. I was thrilled, but not without massive curiosity. This isn’t very extreme, just wanted to say it

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30. Even Death Makes Mistakes

Granny next door was pronounced dead, early one winter morning. By noon, relatives and neighbors had gathered to offer condolences, and that’s when she just got up. When the craziness settled down, we asked her what happened. She said that men in black robes came to fetch her late at night, and said it was her time. They took her to their master, who looked at her and shook his head.

He said there was a mistake, and that they got the wrong person. He nudged her shoulder back, and that’s when she got up. People were creeped out, but still relieved that the lady was alright. That was until we learned that two streets down, a much younger lady by the same name, had passed away of natural causes just around that time.

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31. Ear Problem

When I was in high school, a bully punched me in the face. My mom thought he broke my orbital bone, so she took me to the ER. The ER doctor sent me to an eye specialist just to be safe. The eye doctor did an exam, and said my eye and socket were fine, but that I "Really need to get that mass behind your jaw looked at!"

Seven years prior to this, an orthodontist gave me splints to wear at night, because the lump the eye doc was referring to, was thought to be TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) at the time. I was then referred to a neurologist, and went in for emergency surgery the next day. When they showed me the mass, I nearly lost it. They excised a two-inch tall, one-inch long, egg-shaped mass. Benign, thankfully. It was a freaking fully formed ear.

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32. Caught With his Pants Down

I once fired my rifle in a firefight in Afghanistan, while holding the arm of my colleague, while my pants were around my ankles. I was doing this, because I had to take a poop, and I was hanging my butt over an edge of a cliff, while my buddy was turned facing the other direction (because I can't poop with people watching). Well, mid push, we started taking fire, and I was holding his trigger hand. I unslung my rifle, flipped the safety, and began shooting off to my right while still pooping.

None of our guys were hurt that day, but I did hold a ceremony for my lost tighty-whities.

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33. Glass Lake

I was rowing through the middle of a nearby lake, coming home from fishing. The lake is flat as glass, not a single wave. It was about 11 am. I stopped for a second, because one of the oars popped out of its socket, and it was a pain to fix. Suddenly something bumped the boat from below, hard enough that I fell on my butt and the boat started rotating in place, until it was backwards.

After three seconds, there was the same dead stillness again, not a single wave. The only non-creepy explanation I can think of, is that there were divers in the lake who decided to mess with me.

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34. Jackpot

I was at a video slot casino, playing video blackjack, and this old man next to me hit the ‘Lucky Ladies Jackpot’ for $9,000! His face turned even whiter than it already was, and he turned to me and literally BEGGED me to claim it for him, saying that NOBODY is supposed to know he is here. He said he would split it with me. I asked a few questions, taxes, yada-yada. I claimed it, deducted the $3,000 tax, and he gave me $1,700 cash for the favor.

But he couldn't have realized how much that day changed my life. I had actually gotten fired that day. I was totally distraught. Thanks to the money he split with me, I was able to purchase a laptop, get into graphic design work, and move back home to be close to my parents. In the end, I landed a good job and am so much happier now. All thanks to that man and his "Lucky Ladies Jackpot."

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35. The Horrors of War

During a trip to Williamsburg, I woke up in the middle of the night to either a civil or revolutionary war soldier (too dark and scared to tell) sitting on the foot of my bed. He got up and turned around. I swear it was a boy no older than 15 or 16. He had a ragged bullet hole wound just below his neck. I’ll remember that image on my deathbed.

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36. Chill Cops

I had taken a cab back from a work party, and I was pretty drunk. My friend and I had just moved to this new apartment, so I accidentally gave the cab driver the wrong address. I ended up on a block that looked very similar to mine, and a building that looked like mine. There were two doors before getting to my apartment door, which was on the first floor. Like in my apartment building, they left the first door unlocked and locked the second door. I kept trying my keys to open it, but I couldn't and was confused. I went outside to look for my car and it wasn't parked there. That's when I realized I was on the wrong block.

I started walking in the direction I thought my apartment was, when a cop car pulls up. They ask me what I'm doing and I tell them, "I'm really drunk, and I just want to go home" which was the honest truth. They told me they got a call about someone trying to get into an apartment building. I guess the people in that apartment building woke up and thought I was trying to break in. They were super suspicious of me at first, but eventually it became clear I was just some drunk idiot, and not a burglar. They ran me through the system to make sure I didn't have warrants or anything, and when I checked out, they offered me a ride home.

The ride back was hilarious because when we were getting to my apartment, I tried telling them that it was a bit complicated to get to because of all the one-way streets. The officer driving was like, "Who do you think you're with?" and then turned on the lights and went the wrong way down the street to get me home faster. It honestly felt like I was with the two cops from Superbad.

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37. Unbreakable

I fell off a 35-foot bridge onto concrete and barely even hurt myself. The most I got was a badly bruised thigh, and a pretty bad graze on my elbow. Whenever I tell this story to people, they all call me out, but it's true.

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38. Inadvertent Infiltration

I was in Washington D.C. for a vacation. The hotel we were staying in had a conference going on that weekend, and the lobby, as well as the elevators, were packed. My cousin and I, bringing in our bags, decided we'd skip the elevator lines and just use the stairs. We didn't realize that the doors in the stairwells are only supposed to let you out on the ground floor. For whatever reason the door on our floor was open, so we dropped off our bags in the room, and went back down the stairs to make a second trip for the rest of our stuff. When we returned however, the door to our floor in the stairwell was now locked. We went down, floor by floor, trying each door with the same results. When we got to the bottom even the ground floor door was locked.

That's when we started to panic. We were locked in a stairwell with no cell reception and we had no way to tell anyone that we were in trouble. At ground level, there was a door (the only unlocked door in the entire stairwell) and an ominous set of stairs behind that door, that led into a level below, with a sign marked "Staff Only".

Out of options, we ignored the sign and went down in search of an exit. The stairs led to a corridor, which 100 feet later turned into another stairwell going up. We again tried each door on each floor until one opened on the seventh floor. When we walked out the scenery had completely changed. We weren't in a hotel, but a bunch of office cubicles with phones ringing all over the place.

Understandably, we ducked back into the stairwell, went up a floor, and saw the same thing. When we reached the ninth floor and saw the same thing, we figured we'd investigate. When we went further into the office area, I turned to my left to see a 10-foot-tall portrait of George W. Bush (This was circa 2005) and above it, a sign that said "U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Immigration Services." Now we started to really panic, and figured we'd just find the first person we can, and explain what happened.

That first person happened to be a large African American bodyguard who, when he saw two 16-year-olds in street clothes, was visibly shocked and took a step back. I look at him and I said, "I think we're lost" and he said, "You absolutely are." He told us to come with him, and he led us to another elevator that required a fingerprint, code, and key card to open, and another guard in it at all times. They took us down to the ground floor where there is a guard outside the elevator, and a security checkpoint at the entrance similar to what you have at an airport.

This guard freaked out as well, and they took us to a room to question us on how we had gotten into the building. After two hours of us telling them every detail of the escapade, they let us go (I personally think they were embarrassed that two kids had subverted homeland security, and didn't want their superiors to know once they knew we were harmless). When we left, we asked where the hotel was, and the guard pointed halfway down the block on the other side of the street (that subterranean tunnel took us farther than we thought). My grandparents were rather upset, and thought we were lying when we finally met up with them.

So Crazy, No One Believes FactsPixabay

39. The Physics of Mustard

I opened the fridge, and a jar of mustard came falling down. It hit the ground and I automatically thought, “Great, now I have to clean all of it up.” But there was something off about the whole thing: I genuinely didn’t hear it hitting the ground. And when I looked down, there was nothing to see. No glass shards, mustard, nothing.

I looked around for a good five minutes questioning my reality. Turns out, it kind of repelled off the ground, and landed in the wine shelf (next to the fridge, like a foot above the floor). Upright. Standing. It straight up did a bottle flip off the floor. It dropped a solid 6 feet on hard ground, and just bounced. Still questioning the laws of physics to this date.

Confused Woman Looking In Open RefrigeratorGetty Images

40. Unexpected Stunt-Man

When I was eight or nine, my buddies and I were racing our BMX bikes to school. It was a cold night and the cars had splashed water all over the sidewalk until it froze into this slick skating rink. I was the lead bike, and as I tried to round the corner, I wiped out on the ice and slid right across the highway. But that's not even the scary part. I didn't just slide across an empty highway. I slid right under a freaking semi-truck. Popped out the other side unscathed, with the front tire of my bike completely smashed. The truck rolled right over the tire, and completely missed me.

So Crazy, No One Believes FactsPiqsels

41. The Chain of Serendipity

I was on a train that had one of those chains which you pull in case of an emergency, which stops the train. If you pull it for no reason, you can face up to two years in prison and a huge fine. So, I was just in my seat when I decided to get up to go to the washroom. I got kind of stuck, so I used the nearest thing to help me get up, and what I ended up pulling was the chain. Suddenly the train stopped, and I was like, “Okay, here I go to prison.”

Suddenly people started running out of the train (the train had no doors—you would understand if you know what an average local Indian train looks like), and that's when I realized the awful truth: a compartment of the train was on fire. So... That's how I survived almost going to prison, by accidentally saving the train. I told this story to a friend but he would not believe me, so I just let it go.

So Crazy, No One Believes FactsPxHere

Sources: Reddit

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