People Reveal Their Insane Stories That No One Believes—But Are 100% True

March 8, 2021 | Mathew Burke

People Reveal Their Insane Stories That No One Believes—But Are 100% True

What is it like trying to convince somebody to believe something that they never ordinarily would? And what kind of story does it take to put someone into that situation? To shed some light on these questions, here are 50 stories about people’s true experiences that they just can’t seem to get anyone to believe them about!

1. Wake Up And Catch The Coffee

One time, a few years back, I accidentally knocked a cup of coffee off of my countertop. The cup was filled to the brim with hot coffee. Yet somehow, I caught the cup as it was falling past me and no coffee spilled out of it. Not a single drop. I have no idea how I was able to do that, and could not possibly repeat the feat if I tried. Needless to say, no one believes this story when I tell them about it.

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2. Owl Time Rock And Roll

What does no one believe me about? The owls. When my grandpa passed in November of 2008, I was at my dad's house. The front yard is almost entirely enclosed by pine trees. I kept hearing weird noises, so I decided to go outside and see what was going on. We shined a light on the trees and were greeted by many, many pairs of eyes.

There had to be at least twenty owls just hanging out in the trees. My grandpa had an interesting way with birds and we had a very close bond. That was the only time the owls had ever been to our house. I thought that was pretty weird, but then things got even weirder. When my dog passed last year, almost twelve years later, I was home alone brushing my teeth.

All of a sudden, I heard the familiar sound. I thought I was going crazy, but no. There they were, owls in the trees. A completely different time of year, twelve years later. The owls keep watch.

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3. Deal Or No Deal

I once left my house wearing nothing but a t-shirt and sweatpants. I was in a manic-depressive state and was contemplating taking my own life. I bought a pack of smokes and told the universe that if it couldn't give me a good reason not to take my own life by the time I finished the pack, then I'd go through with doing it.

I ended up seeing Daniel Radcliffe smoking a rollie outside of a Starbucks. I had no clue, but the actual Harry Potter was about to change my life forever. I offered him a "real smoke," pretending to have no idea who he was. "Oh, no thank you," he said. "I much prefer the ritual of rolling my own." What I could have said was, “Well ya, that makes sense seeing as how you’re a wizard.” But what I did say was, “Hi, nice to meet you. What's your name?”

Given my pact with the universe and the fact that I had nothing left to lose, I unloaded all of my emotional baggage on him right there. We ended up talking on the curb for half an hour. He asked me about my tattoos and listened to me recite Shakespeare. Eventually, he touched my shoulder, looked me in the eyes, and said, "I know there's no good way to say this, but please don't end your life."

He asked me to list some reasons why I might want to go on living. "Well, my cat, my mom, my brother—" He interrupted and said: "Right, well, I'm glad the cat came first!" Totally charming. Finally, he announced that he was going to "wander off that way." I'd left my house without my phone due to the nature of my pact with the universe. Having nothing but what I was smoking on me to distract me from my angst was part of the deal.

Because of this, I made no attempt to follow him or to get his number. I went back to that Starbucks several times over the following weeks, but to no avail. I still don't regret not trying to give him my number, though, as it would have violated the spirit of the pact. You can't get selfish with a gift from the universe like that. Bipolar people may understand what I mean.

In any case, acknowledging his fame or getting all stalky would have broken the spell. Literally just a month later, I saw a newspaper headline saying that Daniel Radcliffe had come to the aid of a mugging victim. Clearly, that man is on a mission. This happened many years ago, and I haven't thought about taking my life in the same way since.

Yet no one believes this story ever happened...

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4. A Game Of Chicken

My story that no one believes is that my grandad raised a crocodile in my mum’s backyard pool on an island while she was growing up. Every so often, they would take him out to sea and try to release him, but a few days later he would come crawling back up the local boat ramp, heading back towards their house. He devoured the neighbors’ chickens a few times. They didn't like him so much.

When he was taken into care at a crocodile park, they flew him out on a plane to the mainland. He is one of the top five biggest crocs at his wildlife park.

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5. All That Jazz

One time, I was at a local jazz club and bar. After enjoying a few cocktails, I suddenly have the urge to use the ladies’ room. So I walk in and plop my butt down on the toilet, when suddenly...a large woman bursts into the room, proceeds to pull down her pants, and pees right there on the freaking ground! I kid you not, that is what she did! It was horrifying—but I couldn't look away.

Now, keep in mind this was not a bathroom with a whole bunch of stalls. It was a single-person bathroom. So this woman is doing what she did all while making eye contact with me and all while my own pee is still in the process of coming out. I was in complete shock. And all she said was, "Oh girl, I just couldn't hold it any longer!" It was so surreal. I just walked out.

Didn't even wipe and didn't wash my hands. I was too shaken to the core.  If I remember correctly, I had locked the door when I came in, but if you jiggled the knob enough then it would open. It all happened so fast and I had already had a few drinks, so some of the details are blurry in my memory. This was about three years ago.

And no one believes me when I tell them that this happened to me!

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6. The Birds

I saw a bird unscrew a lightbulb once. The short version of the story: birds and sockets don't mix. The long version of the story: I was five years old and we had just moved to a new house. My mom had sent me outside to play while she unpacked stuff. The house had recessed can lighting under the eavestrough on the outside.

I spotted a bird in one of the light fixtures trying to unscrew a bulb, presumably to build a nest or something. Although, it was in the fall, so I’m not 100% sure what it was up to. It was using its wings, feet, and body pressure to work the bulb around. I went inside like five times trying to get my mom to come outside and look.

I guess I wanted her to help me scare off the bird, help the bird, or whatever. I was constantly met with the response of "Birds can't unscrew lightbulbs, just go back outside and play." It eventually got the bulb unscrewed, but the bulb flipped upside down and blocked the hole on the light fixture. Unfortunately, Birdy electrocuted itself.

I went inside and told my mom, "Well, it got it out." Then I went back out to play. She laughed it off, assuming it was just part of a make-believe story or something like that. My dad came home, and I pointed it out to him. He got the ladder, fixed the bulb, and removed the body of the deceased bird. Both of my parents were sad that they missed their chance to witness a bird unscrew a lightbulb.

It never happened again in the 15 years that we lived at that house. But it forever changed my perspective on kids. As a result, whenever my four-year-old tells me I need to see something cool, I drop whatever I’m doing and go look. Just in case it's a bird unscrewing a lightbulb or something like that.

For what it's worth, we had just moved four states away and our moving truck, which had arrived a couple days late, had just unloaded everything the evening before. My dad basically had to hit the ground with his feet running at his new job and was gone during the day. My mom was left dealing with a lonely five-year-old and a surly pre-teen who had just moved away from their close-knit neighborhood with a lot of friends to the middle of the country in a new state with no other kids nearby.

It was a super stressful time for her I'm sure, as she had also moved away from her friends and support system. As a parent now, I can't imagine how that must have felt for her. Plus, "Birds can't unscrew lightbulbs," right? We all laugh about it now. She's also really quick to drop whatever she’s doing and check out things that her grandkids think are cool. Even if it's just a clump of lint that literally looks like a dust bunny.

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7. And On That Farm He Had A Goat

I was once doing a service call at an equestrian farm. I went to the bathroom in the barn to take a leak. The door was slightly ajar and the light was off. I pushed open the door and hit the light, only to see a goat dressed in a fleece vest eating toilet paper off the roll. He gave me this look as if to say, “What the heck are you looking at?” I immediately turned off the light and left.

And not a single person believes that this really happened to me when I tell them about it!

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8. I Believe I Can Fly

I once threw the inside of a pen at least nine feet, clear across a room, and directly skewered a fly that had been annoying me. I legitimately felt like I was a ninja after that. Yet I have no way to prove to anyone that this even took place. Not gonna lie, that moment was probably my life’s peak, and it's all been downhill ever since.

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9. Driving You Crazy

I was doing everything right. Slowing down for the turn. Being very attentive to the road. Extra careful of the rain. Yet, my brakes suddenly gave out on me. I spun out of control and flipped my car upside down, down the hill. I have no explanation for why my car started spinning on its own, and no one actually believes me when I say that I was doing everything right.

Also, despite the fact that my car was totaled, I walked away without even being sore the next day.

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10. Spider-Man

I was lying in bed watching a movie and too lazy to move. All of a sudden, I saw a small, harmless spider drop down from a thread on the ceiling. It was obviously heading for the far side of my bed. Even if it wasn't venomous, I didn't want to share my bed with it. But I also didn't want to move. Not thinking it would actually do anything, I reached out my arm towards it but still quite a few feet away.

I started waving my fingers at it in annoyance from this distance. To my absolute surprise, it immediately stopped its descent and actually retracted back up its line while I was sitting there in surprise. Took me a couple of seconds to realize that my hand must have looked like the most giant freaking spider he had ever seen standing on its back legs and waving the front five in the "Get out or I'll wreck you" dance.

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11. Time On Your Hands

I started out in the normal math class until my teacher realized I should switch to the advanced class because I got perfect scores on everything. We were just about to start the chapter about telling time when I made the switch. The advanced math class already knew how to tell time. I had all digital clocks at my house. As a result, despite being an advanced math student, I didn’t actually learn how to tell time until I was about to start high school and thought I should probably learn.

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12. Pool Shark

One time, when I was a teenager, I was playing pool with friends. The pizza arrived or whatever and I took one last shot just as everyone was leaving to grab their food. Of course, I sank like five balls with that shot. It was the single best move I have ever made in any game I have ever played. But no one saw it and there was no way to take credit for it without sounding like a liar.

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13. Family Feud

My shocking but true thing is about my family. Quick back story. I was adopted at birth, then those adoptive parents passed and I was adopted again by a different family when I was eleven. I was cut off from my first adoptive family after the parents passed, and I eventually got back in contact with some of that family in 2018. All of this next information, I learned from them.

Apparently, my parents were second cousins. My mom hired her brother to shoot and kill my dad when I was a baby, except he was unsuccessful in doing so and my dad lived with a bullet in his chest until the day he passed ten years later. I felt the bullet when I hugged him. You could easily feel it, and it was gross. He passed from an insulin overdose, and I’m almost positive that my mom was responsible for it.

My uncle who shot my dad? Behind bars until his passing. Not for shooting my dad, but for taking a man’s life “accidentally” as he put it, then putting the body in a truck and abandoning it. My aunt is also a lady of questionable practices. She once embezzled $500,000 from the hospital she worked at. Obviously, she got time behind bars for it.

I have no reason for anyone to believe me when I talk about my family history. I have no proof, and trust me I was in shock when my cousins were telling me all this for the first time.


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14. It’s A Small World After All

My ex is American, and I met him in the United States. My other ex is Dutch, and I met him three years later in Argentina. Yet, somehow, they both now work together at the same office in Amsterdam. They are colleagues. I found out because I saw a Facebook post in which they were at the same office, two years after me and Dutchie broke up. And I still live in Argentina!

Also, some years ago, I was in a relationship with a guy. We lived together in a tiny apartment. The relationship ended in a terrible way. Four years later, I started dating another guy. He takes me to his house. His house turned out to be the very apartment that I used to share with my ex. And let me tell you, Buenos Aires is a huge city!

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15. Buzzing Around

I once saw a eat a piece of cheese. Yes, a regular, ordinary bumblebee and a regular, ordinary piece of cheese. It was both a confusing and horrifying thing to have witnessed. I didn’t know that this was even possible, but it happened right in front of my very eyes. Of course, no one ever believes me when I try and talk about it.

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16. Rain Man

I once held a stick straight up in the air while pretending to be a magical creature, and then it immediately started raining heavily.

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17. Down On The Farm

I grew up in a haunted farmhouse. There was a lot of weird stuff that went down in that house over the years. One time, I saw an old man’s ghost walking down a corridor before disappearing into a room at the end of the hall. About four other people saw this same ghost over the years. Sometimes, you'd hear a baby crying really badly, despite the fact that there were no babies or small children in the house.

The crying would always sound like it was coming from a certain old bedroom, but as soon as you got close to the room, the crying would suddenly stop. I also saw loads of weird sparkling light-entity-type things chasing each other across the floor in the cellar once. They were like flying sparklers, and emitted a good vibe. But as soon as I turned on the light, they disappeared.

Another time, I was pushed down the cellar stairs even though nobody was around. Sometimes, at night, you would hear a car drive up the gravel driveway and wait outside the house. But when you looked outside, there was no car to be seen. Sometimes, you would hear the sound of a car speeding off the driveway, but equally no car to be seen.

We lived in the middle of nowhere. One time, my nanny was sitting by the window as I got ready for bed when, suddenly, we heard the noise of the car. As she peeked out the window curtains, she suddenly froze. She looked very intently, the car noise drove off, and when she turned to face me she looked as white as a sheet and refused to say what she had seen.

One time, I actually managed to see the car before it disappeared. It looked just like my dad’s old car. But my dad had passed years earlier. And when I saw the car, it was just parked on the driveway with no driver inside. There was just an aura of darkness inside the car. I looked away for a moment and, when I looked back, the car had disappeared.

My dad lost his life in a cold case that was never solved. I’ve always wondered if this had something to do with why our house was haunted. Sometimes, you'd even hear a ghost walking around the house at night. I forgot all about this until years later, when my brother had to house-sit the place with his girlfriend and she got so freaked out by all the paranormal activity in the house.

After spending two weekends there, she refused to spend a night in the place ever again. My brother wondered if my dad’s soul had become trapped in the house as a restless spirit ghost because of his unsolved case. As crazy as it sounds, I wonder if he is right. There's more stories, but these will do for now. Needless to say, when I talk about this stuff to anyone who never experienced it directly, they do not believe me for even a second.

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18. Biker Gang

I once watched a tiny little kid on his bike get violently run over by a car in the middle of the street. Then, immediately after, he just somehow got up and brushed it off, before getting back on his bike and riding off like it was nothing. People think I’m crazy and don’t believe me when I tell them that I saw this, but I definitely know what I saw!

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19. The Crown Jewels

My dog and I were on a walk on our local college campus one weekend when he nosed a lilac bush that was apparently full of little butterflies. They all took off into the wind, and then proceeded to do a perfect little spiral around me. I was so dumbfounded by them that I was spinning in circles trying to see them all, which probably contributed to them doing a spiral.

I was making air currents with my dress. But then it culminated with them landing on my head like a crown, presumably because of the sweat. Butterflies are weird like that. My dog, by this time, is sitting nearby and waiting for me to get over it and keep walking, looking majestic as heck with his own little smattering of butterflies hovering around his face.

The situation was already wild enough on its own. But then I hear this shuffling and vague gasping sound, and I look in time to see that there was some guy walking by a ways away who had apparently tripped over his own feet from staring at us. From his perspective, it must have been surreal. I was wearing this fluffy, billowy red dress because I'd just gotten back from church.

And I always walked my dog barefoot to make sure I never took him on surfaces that were too hot during the warm weather. My dog was this enormous wolf-looking husky mix, and at the time I had long-ish hair. So for all this guy knew, he walks out of the library and sees a legit Disney Princess in a cloud of butterflies with a giant wolf standing guard.

It was the most ethereal and fancy I've ever felt, even without knowing there was a witness. I mean, a cloud of butterflies materialized from a lilac bush to form a living crown?? It was breathtaking.

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20. Ring Of Fire

My wife has an artifact embedded in her lower left rib cage between the bone and fatty tissue. The artifact is a reflective metallic nose ring-looking object. It was discovered after an MRI for an unrelated issue. None of us have any idea how it could have got there. And people never believe us when we say that she has a nose ring lodged inside her rib cage. But she does!

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21. Maybe Money Does Grow On Trees!

I legit found a $100 bill lying on the ground outside my house one day. I couldn't believe it myself, but I took it straight to the ATM and it was accepted. Thanks, universe!

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22. Gimme Shelter

One day, I was walking by a bus stop with a shelter early on a fall evening. Beside the bus shelter was a street lamp. It was on. And where the light shone onto the sidewalk, it was raining. But it wasn't raining anywhere else. Just a two-foot-wide circle of rain. The light made the rain sparkle to some extent. So I walked all the way around the rain, marveling at what I was seeing.

I have no idea how it was raining in just one spot. I then stared up at the sky. There were no clouds. I put my hand out. Yup, rain. No one else was seeing this. So I walked around the rain again. Dry sidewalks everywhere else. Funny thing was a guy sitting in the shelter just a few feet away, staring in the other direction and waiting for the bus.

I was desperate for him to look at me and confirm that I was not losing my mind. It was dusk. He never did. So I left.

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23. Changing His Tune

When I was a kid, I was home alone one time. There was a knock at the door. I had literally just watched a bunch of "Stranger Danger" videos and learned that everyone knocking on my door while I was home alone was there to do something bad to me. So I go to the door and yell, "Who is it?!" The man behind the door answered.

"Spider-Man." So immediately, I'm thinking, “This is definitely some weirdo creep trying to trick kids into opening the door because they think Spider-Man is real and what not,” but since I was twelve I was too smart for that. But just in case I misheard, I asked him again who it was. He repeated, "Spider-Man." I'm silent. Not sure what to do. Then he starts singing.

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can." I freaking bolt. First, I make sure the front door is locked. Then, I run downstairs and make sure the basement door and the sliding door in my parents’ bedroom are locked too. Then I run upstairs and get the upper sliding door off the back of the deck. Finally, once all of that was secure, I run to my room and hide under the bed until my mom and brother get home.

They get home and my mom asks why the door was locked. I told her what happened and she was immediately dismissive of it. "Oh, you didn't hear him right. That was the Schwann man." As in a delivery man for a food company. Okay mom. First off, "Schwann" doesn't sound anything like "Spider." And second, why did he sing the Spider-Man theme song?!?!?

To this day, nobody believes that I was almost kidnapped by a psycho pretending to be Spider-Man.

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24. A Wink And A Nod

I once saw the actor Orlando Bloom, and he winked at me once when I was walking past him! I’m a dude. I know for fact that it was him and that he did this. But no one ever believes me when I tell them about it! I guess it sounds like a very outlandish and unexpected claim, so I’m not surprised that people don’t believe me. But I know what I saw!

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25. Infiltrating The Government

I snuck into the Canadian Parliament building at around 1:30 AM on June 27th, 1998. I just walked around for about fifteen minutes and tried to open a bunch of doors, which were all locked. There was major construction happening on the west side of the building at the time. They were digging large holes around the foundation and the surrounding areas.

They had built a small temporary enclosure around one of the doors. My three buddies and I had just graduated from high school and decided to wander around downtown Ottawa, under the false hope that only 18-year-olds can muster, dreaming that doing so would somehow get us laid. We climbed up a dark stairway on the hill at the back of the Parliament building.

We reached the rod iron fence with a locked gate at the top. We could see two security guards. Actually, upon reflection, they were probably RMCP who were doing rounds of the entire construction area, since it basically left the side of the Parliament building open. My one buddy dared someone to try and sneak in.

I was easily the timidest of the group. I couldn't even bring myself to speak to girls on most days. But for some reason, that night, I gave zero hoots and just hopped over the fence while my buddies loudly whisper-hissed for me to come back. I ran between the various CAT construction equipment, trying to stay in the dark patches, pausing to watch and memorize the route the two security guys were taking.

The temporary door to the small enclosure was unlocked. I had seen one of the guards open it from our hiding spot behind the fence. I sprinted the last fifteen yards or so, which were illuminated by construction floodlights and in the open. I was certain that I'd be caught, but I made it into the door without making a sound. The actual door to Parliament on the inside was open, so I just went inside. My heart was pounding, but I couldn't stop now.

The harder part was sneaking back out. I had to retrace my route and, because I had been inside in the light for so long, my eyes had adjusted so I couldn't see anything once I made it back to the darkness of the construction equipment. I nearly tripped a half dozen times on my way back to the gate. My buddies had bailed on me within five minutes, assuming I'd been caught and wanting to put as much distance as possible between me and them.

I eventually found them at the base of the hill near the river, where I was met with a mixture of high fives and questions about my intelligence. None of us got laid. And to this day, no one believes the story.

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26. A Dark Past

I discovered that my boss has a brand on his arm from an infamous cult. I saw it when she reached up to get something and panicked, because it just seems rude to point out the branded skin on another person. I immediately recognized the symbol and it was surreal. I was immersed in podcasts and stuff about that group at the time.

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27. Time To Say Goodbye

This is pretty sad, but the night my mom passed, I was asleep and I suddenly woke up to a cold sinking feeling. I lived in the same house as her at the time, and she had been sleeping down the hall. I went into my living room to check on my mom and she took her final breath soon after. There was no way my body could have known, as I couldn't hear nor see her from my room.

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28. Thinking Inside The Box

When I was a kid, I got a shoebox and filled it with some sand, a pile of sugar, and a few ants. When I say a few, I mean like three or four. I brought that box into the house and put it in my cabinet. I then forgot about the box for like two days. I eventually went to check on the box, thinking that the ants might be stuck and needed to be let out.

Instead, I saw something that still seems insane to me. But I know what I saw. A military-style formation of ants, in a large rectangle, sorted by sizes, with the smallest ones in front. Like two or four big ones in front of the others, facing the formation. The large ones were facing away from the cabinet doors. The ants remained still for like two or three seconds, then scattered off in every direction.

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29. Book Worms

When I was a kid, maybe about ten years old, I went to the library with my sister, who was twelve, and my mom. My sister and I were doing the usual walking up and down the rows of books, finding whatever. Eventually, we split ways. A little while later, I found my mom and asked her where my sister was. She hadn’t seen her.

So we go looking in the last area I had seen her in. She wasn’t there. We go to another section. Nope. The next section? Nothing. We go to the other side of the library. Nothing. We check the bathrooms, outside the doors, and do another lap around the library. Nothing. We asked the library staff if they had seen her and they all hadn’t, but they agreed to start looking.

About thirty or so minutes had passed at this point and we were starting to panic. We continued searching every last corner of that library, and now we have started shouting her name. Others are searching and shouting for her as well. I’d say an hour into it, my stepdad was called and he was on his way over. He had even begun stopping cars as they left the library parking lot.

This whole time, there were at least fifteen people looking for her and shouting her name. If she was in that library, she would have heard us. My mom was at the front desk and she had just picked up the phone to call the authorities, when my sister suddenly comes walking towards her from the kids section. She was completely unaware of what had happened.

She said she had been sitting in the kids section reading a book on skateboarding the whole time. We asked her how long she had been there and she said maybe fifteen minutes. It had been over an hour since we had last seen her. I don’t know what happened that day, but she was absolutely not in that library. We never went back.

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30. Morning Routine

My sister and I shared a room back in high school, and we would get ready together most mornings without saying a word as we would just be too tired to interact. I was sitting at the vanity one morning and she was on the bed, when I had a sudden urge to flick my scrunchie. All I said was "watch this," and released the hairband across the room.

I don't know how to explain this, but the scrunchie went right around the post of the bed which was a sphere the size of a big fist. What can I tell you? LOGICALLY THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! We didn't even celebrate. All we could do was stare at each other, totally puzzled. The silence was then broken as my dad walked in.

I can only imagine how insane we looked as we tried to explain to him what had just happened. Honestly, it's not that serious or even that interesting a story to most people who didn’t witness it, but I still think about this a lot to this day…

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31. Opposites Attract

No one believes that I, a totally average nerdy teenager, hooked up with a famous blonde sitcom star a few years older than me in a New York City nightclub back in the late '80s. But it happened. I wasn't even old enough to be permitted in the club according to the law. Yet, I somehow got in and ended up having my one and only one-night stand.

Given the way that both of us looked at the time, it's not worth telling anyone that I know it happened because she was certain that no one would never believe it. The one good friend I told back when I was in college, instead of responding with any sort of disbelief or claiming I was lying, instead said, “I never really thought she was that hot.”

Do I detect a hint of jealousy?

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32. Putting On A Show

I was once in an auto parts store when all of a sudden some guy in the stock shelves calls out "Charrlllieeee!" Then, someone starts talking about Charlie the Unicorn, those weird old viral videos. One customer starts quietly singing the Candy Mountain song. I start in with magical liopleurodon talk and quoting the show, and we're all having an awesome time.

Except this one other customer. He has no clue what the heck is happening. He sets down the box of something or other that he was holding, and slowly backs away to the exit, trying not to let any of us out of his sight as he makes his escape. He must have thought we were all insane, and I can only imagine what people think when he tries to tell them what he witnessed…

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33. Car Trouble

My friend and I were just sitting outside a 7-11 with some drinks and a packed hash pipe on Saint Patrick’s Day back in like '09 or '08. We were pretty loaded, when this Ford Explorer came tearing around the corner like a bat outta you-know-where. I swear to god, what happened next felt like a movie. He sideswiped a whole row of parked cars right in front of our eyes, which tore his bumper and a bunch of other stuff off of his car.

The dude stumbled out of his car, picked up as many of his broken parts as he could, and stuck it in the back before getting back into his car and taking off as fast as he could. We were standing there, totally blown away, when less than a minute later an officer came tearing around the same corner. He asked us if we had seen what happened, and we said yeah.

He then asked us to come with him to the station to ID the guy. So we grabbed our drinks and the hash pipe and hopped in the back of the cruiser. I asked the officer if I could smoke in the car, and he said I could. So then I told him that because of a certain health condition, I was permitted to smoke cannabis anywhere I could smoke a cig.

Without questioning it, he just cracked the windows down a bit as we hauled absolute speed down the main boulevard. I was literally using my substances in the officer’s car the whole way down to the station. The Ford Explorer was pulled over a couple miles away. The officer pulled over beside it and we all got out. Still smoking the hash, we give our statements between puffs and swigs.

They confirm the story, since the guy still had his bumper in the back like we had explained, and the paint transfer and everything matched the story we gave. The officer dropped us back off at 7-11, at which point we had to buy some more drinks and pack another hash bowl. That was an absolutely crazy night. And no one believes any part of it when we try and recall it.

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34. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

I live in Belfast, Ireland. One day, I was walking to work with my earphones in listening to the band Fozzy, when I turned a corner and, suddenly, standing right in front of me, there was the lead singer of the band, Chris Jericho! He also happened to be a WWE superstar. He was by far the most famous person that I had ever met.

I had a whole conversation with him and even showed him my phone, and that I was halfway through a song of his so that he didn't think I was just making my interest in him up. Anyway, we spoke for about thirty minutes. I taught him some Irish Gaelic phrases and took some photos with him. He even posted a pic of me on his Instagram!

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35. Timing Is Everything

No one believes that I once accidentally stuck my fingers all the way into a client’s mouth. She was holding her dog while I clipped its nails. When I was done, she bent down to kiss his head at the same time that I was going to pet the top of his head. Pop went my fingers! All the way into this old lady’s mouth! Everyone thinks I’m exaggerating the story.

Unfortunately for me, I am not.

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36. Could Have Been A Ruff Day

I was at a friend's off-the-grid cottage with our combined sixteen dogs. It is a 1,200-acre property with over two kilometers of basically off-roading to get to the cottage itself. With very poor cell reception. We were out for a romp in the woods to take out a problem beaver dam. It diverted a river from draining into the lake and was flooding the road instead.

The dam was absolutely massive. Like a good twenty-foot drop on one side. So we finally get through enough that water started pouring through, and my friend then realizes that her key fob is missing. Cue massive panic. The other key fob is over a three-hour drive away. Before we even have a chance to fully process the situation, one of her dogs that was up on the dam with us stuck his head into the moving water and pulled out the key fob.

Had we not both witnessed it, we would never have believed each other. And trying to tell other people what happened, even with both of us able to tell the same story, it is still always met with disbelief.

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37. The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

A lady I work with wanted me to mow her lawn over the weekend, and said she wouldn’t be home. She gave me directions and said there was a green mower underneath her porch with a full gas can. When I got there, it was empty. So I went to fill it up, came back, and mowed her yard. The grass was about six inches high and looked like it hadn’t been properly taken care of in years.

It took me hours to get through, because I pretty much had to go over everything multiple times. Monday morning, she asked me why I didn’t mow her lawn. I was very confused as to what she meant. Turns out that people won’t stop a person who’s accidentally mowing the wrong lawn! Naturally, no one believes that this happened!

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38. Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

When my autistic brother was in the fifth grade, he would bike to school every day. He’s got that thing where he’s bad at simple stuff, but amazing at weird other things. One day, he asks my mom if he can skip school. She says no. Without her knowing, he goes downstairs and switches his school bag with his camping bag. He then gets on his bike and dips.

That afternoon, my mom got a call from the school saying that he was absent. She puts two and two together and goes off looking for him. Eventually, hours later, she found him in the local ravine, shirtless, with a tent set up, eating a fish he’d just caught from the river, cleaned, and cooked over a fire he started. And he couldn’t understand why my mom was upset.

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39. Fey Accomplis

My fun experience that no one believes is that Tina Fey visits my hometown every few years because her husband's family lives here. Just a tiny town in Ohio. I was in high school when I first became aware of this, because a few classmates worked at Dairy Queen and she would come in almost every day during her visit.

Although most people I tell this to don’t believe me, I mentioned it to my best friend recently and my bestie tells me that her grandmother is actually close friends with Tina Fey's in-laws.

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40. End Scene

One very late summer night a few years ago, my girlfriend and I were biking home from the beach and taking back alleys when we suddenly stumbled upon a spray of white powder all over the concrete. Like a ton of it. In the center of it all was one of those plastic wrap casings, like you see in the movies. A switchblade had apparently cut along the belly of the plastic.

You'd expect a scene like that to have more action around it, but it was dead silent. No one around whatsoever. No officers investigating, no crooks fleeing the scene, no victims. Just a very surreal-looking crime scene. We got creeped out and left. Who knows what that stuff was or how it got there. No one believes us when we try to describe what we saw.

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41. A Hair-Raising Tale

I was doing a study abroad program for college in Germany and decided to grow out my beard. We’re talking pretty much two solid months of no shaving, so it got pretty wild and bushy. Which was enough to convince this one random guy that I was a member of Al-Qaeda. No one else I knew was with me, so no one else can back this story up. I’m a blue-eyed white guy, by the way.

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42. First Glass

I was tending bar at a restaurant and, behind the bar, we had these mini flasks that we served drinks out of. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's basically a small cylinder-type vessel with an inverse arch at the top that makes it easy to pour liquid out of. Anyways, I had just gotten done washing a round of dishes in the three sinks and was polishing some of these flasks when I dropped one.

Oh no. That’s bad, right? But, to my utter shock and disbelief, the thing bounced right back up essentially into my hand. No damage to the glass whatsoever. I couldn't believe it. Now that I've tended bar for about another decade since this incident, I have come to understand that glass just sometimes has a mind of its own…

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43. Someone’s Got Beef

I work for an airline and, like all other passengers, we are not allowed to bring raw meat into countries that we enter. If you get caught smuggling, it's an official warning, plus a note in your dossier. Second time means losing your job. One time, I flew back home from Brazil, carrying this beautiful 1.5 kilo Picanha steak and 1.5 kilo Alcatra beef for a nice BBQ.

When we arrived at the airport, customs was waiting for us at the crew checkpoint. I wasn't the only one carrying beef. I stuffed the beef in my carry-on suitcase and the co-pilot had his beef in his flight bag. The co-pilot walked up to the customs officer and the officer asked: "Do you have anything to declare?" Stone cold, the co-pilot told him "No."

Nevertheless, the officer said, "Please put your suitcase through the x-ray machine, sir." The co-pilot put his suitcase in the x-ray machine, but held onto his flight bag. He walked around the machine and picked up his suitcase. He then thanked the officer and walked on. He didn't get caught because he didn't put his flight bag in the machine.

My turn! "Where do you come from and do you have anything to declare, sir?" "I arrived from Sao Paulo and have nothing to declare." "Okay, please put your luggage in the machine." At this point, I thought that I could get away with it. The co-pilot did not have to put his flight bag in the machine, so I figured I wouldn’t have to put my carry-on in either.

I put my suitcase in the machine and started to walk around the machine. "Sir, did your carry-on come from another destination? No? Then, put it in the machine as well." I knew I was screwed right then and there. Three kilos of beef smuggled into the country? That would be an official reprimand plus a note on my dossier. It was too late to tell them I had beef in my carry-on at this point.

I put my carry-on in the machine and walked around where the officer was watching the x-ray monitor. There I was, waiting to see the three kilos of beef appear on the screen and get caught. I was doomed—or so I thought. At that moment, I hear a vibration sound go off once, twice, and then three times. The officer reaches into his pocket and opens up his Whatsapp.

At that same moment, my carry-on scrolls across the screen, clearly showing the beef. The officer opens up a video on his Whatsapp and doesn't even look up once at the screen. He starts laughing and says: "You're good, have a nice day." I took my suitcase and carry-on and walked away slowly until I reached the corner and started to half run into the crew area, where I quickly said my goodbyes to the crew and went home.

It was the best BBQ beef I have ever had in my whole life!!!

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44. The Electric Company

I once held an electric pole wire in my hand. I got shocked, obviously, and while I don't really remember what happened after that, I survived with no effects on me whatsoever. Wish me luck in trying to convince anyone else this actually happened!

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45. That’s Entertainment

I drove up to the NBC studios in Burbank to try out for a TV game show. Sadly, I was not picked. After the audition, I was wandering around and came upon the "Tonight Show" studio. There was no one around, so I went up to the stage and sat in the host's chair. Like I said, there was no one around, so I did not get a picture of it. I have no way of proving that I really did this.

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46. Ants In Their Pants

I once watched an ant pick up its injured friend with its two front legs and run away on its last two legs like a human would. Yes, I’m aware that ants have six legs. I can’t exactly remember what the middle two legs were doing, but I want to believe that they were just flailing around while the ant ran. It was a pretty amazing thing to watch!

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47. Three Ring Circus

I once saw David Wenham, the actor who played Faramir in Lord of the Rings, while at a cafe downtown in my city. He was just walking by with someone that I assume must have been a friend or partner of his. You just don't get celebrities where I live very often. I told one of my mates about this, and he didn't believe me. But it definitely was him.

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48. A Dog On A Mission

I had a shih tzu that really wanted to see out of the lower window of the front door. The door was in a mudroom, behind an interior door as well. One day, I see the dog running in circles in the living room. Each time, he'd pick up speed and ram the interior door. Eventually, the laminate started cracking from all of this impact.

I come home another day, open the interior door, and the dog greets me, fully soaked. I don't pay too much attention to anything and run to see if he had jumped in the toilet. Everything looks fine and dry, but then I look at the carpet in the living room and see wood pieces all over the floor from the interior door. I thought dogs didn't sweat from their skin, but I couldn't explain why the dog was wet after having worked all day to destroy the door.

He gets reprimanded and the behavior stops. Until I come home another day to a wet dog. I immediately check the floor and don't find any wood. I check the bathroom and it was fine. I close the door and see more destruction, at which point I notice the carpet isn't lying flat. I lift it and find the wood pieces from the door under it.

Yes, you read that right. My dog moved the carpet, destroyed more of the door, then put the carpet back to cover it all up!!! Dog gets reprimanded again. But then, a few days later, he greets me at the front window. An entire foot of the bottom of the door has now been systematically destroyed, and now the dog was finally happy.

I don’t even know how to begin to tell people about this!

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49. The Last Thing Anyone Wants To See

I worked with a volunteer ambulance team here. I was the new guy, so I got all the grunt work. One time, I was at an accident scene for a head-on collision between a truck and a car. The man in the car was still in his seat, despite having no seat belt on. I thought that was pretty weird. I couldn’t figure out what could have kept his body in place.

Then, my boss hands me a flag and tells me to go walk in those bushes “till you find it.” “Find what?” I ask, afraid. “You’ll know,” he says. So I go walking in there and I very quickly stumble upon something. Turns out, there was a female passenger who’d had her head in his lap, and when the accident happened her body went out the windshield and her head went out the side window.

I puked before informing my boss that I had found it. Gross day. Very gross day.

Nobody will believeUnsplash

50. Out And About

When I was eight years old and my sister was seven, we both had the same dream one night and ended up sleepwalking together in the night out into the middle of the road. Let me give you some backstory. Earlier that day, we had new neighbors move into the house behind us. They had two daughters around our age who we quickly made friends with.

Well, that night, my sister and I both dreamed that we were running in a field full of sunflowers, picking them for our new friends. I felt so happy and carefree in the dream, and I could see my little sister running alongside me, also picking sunflowers. Well, when we woke up, my mom and our neighbors were there telling us that we had both been sleepwalking around outside together, holding hands. It must have been absolutely terrifying.

Apparently, we had been about to walk into the middle of the street when my neighbors spotted us and intervened. These were different neighbors, not the ones that we had just met, and they had just so happened to be coming home late from somewhere that night. The wife ran to grab us, while the husband ran inside his house to get his weapon before going into our house to check on my mom.

Because we had left the front door wide open, they thought there might have been a break-in. My mom is hard of hearing. She is completely deaf in one ear and only has about 15% of her hearing in her other ear. She wears a hearing aid, but takes it off at night to sleep, which is why she never heard us go out the front door.

Anyways, after we realized what had happened, we talked about everything and literally recalled all of the same details about the dream, and even remembered seeing each other in our dreams. It's now been twenty years since the incident, and we still remember everything the same and stick by our memories of that night.

We have no explanation for what happened. I'm just grateful to our neighbors, because who knows what would have happened if they didn't notice us.

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