These Coincidences Are One-In-A-Million

October 17, 2023 | Violet Newbury

These Coincidences Are One-In-A-Million

The odds always seem to be stacked against us. However, there are those times when someone hits that one-in-a-million chance. Though it might seem as if those moments are rare, these unbelievable stories from real people suggest otherwise. Who knows who might be next?  

1.  One For The History Books

My husband and I recently took a trip down memory lane, visiting our old hometown and stopping by our old favorite used bookstore. Picking up a book that brought back many memories, I made a discovery that left me awestruck. I was surprised to see a high school ID card tucked inside—it belonged to my husband! 

Turns out, his mom had donated a bunch of books to that store years before we moved away. He had probably used his ID card as a bookmark and left it behind unwittingly. What's unbelievable is that the book had been sitting in the store for nearly ten years, waiting for me to stumble upon it. So strange!

A Couple Browsing A BookstoreTHIS IS ZUN, Pexels

2. An Unexpected Encounter

A friend of mine used to work as a merchant mariner. On one of his trips, we knew he was heading towards Dubai, but we didn't know his next destination. He disappeared for a stretch of four months without any contact. During this time, his neighbor, who happened to be a friend of mine, got married and flew to Thailand for his honeymoon.

One day, this guy sent me a text that jolted me out of my chair: "You'll never believe who I found."

Apparently, he asked a local Thai resident for a recommendation on where to eat, away from the usual tourist spots. The local guided him to a remote restaurant that appeared so suspicious from the outside that he feared for his safety.

Despite his fear, he ventured in and realized that it was indeed, a legitimate restaurant. The real shocker came when he walked into the bathroom—my supposedly lost friend had just strolled out of it! He snapped a photo to confirm the surprising encounter and sent it to me. What a relief to know he was alright!

A Man In Sunglasses Poses For The CameraDaniel Xavier, Pexels

3. Heading Over The Edge

As a youngster, I was cruising along a bustling fishing dock on my bike. Suddenly, I lost my grip. There was a steep 20-foot fall to the jagged rocks below and it was low tide. I tried to stop my descent by digging my heels into the dock edge, not forgetting the weight of my bike. 

Surprisingly, the bike halted midway, leaning dangerously over the edge at a 45-degree tilt. The saddle was dug into my lower back and blocked my escape. Despite my efforts, I couldn't move the bike back to safety. A nearby fisherman saw my struggle and dashed over to help. 

We agreed that he would drag me away while I let the bike fall. With a firm pull and a leap from me, he got me back onto the dock successfully. But my bike was still precariously balanced over the edge, not moving an inch.

Curious, I took a closer look at the situation. A piece of bent rebar sticking out from the dock edge had pierced my front tire spokes diagonally, anchoring my bike in an unusual stalemate. This was the only piece of rebar on the entire 300-foot dock, and it had caught my bike just in time.

I can say without a doubt, it wasn't me who stopped my bike's fall.

A Kid Riding A BikePexels LATAM, Pexels

4. Some Lucky Lake Trash

A while ago, my best pal and I decided to take a dip in a lake. He was incredibly eager to jump into the water and in his haste, he forgot his phone and wallet were still in his pocket. As a result, both items got lost in the depths of the lake. The lake had a quick drop off and was bogged down with mud at the bottom. 

We tried our best to retrieve them, but the water was simply too deep. After a month had passed, we found ourselves swimming in the same lake.

Being the prankster that I am, I decided to dive deep to pick up some discarded rubbish from the lake bed, then convince him that it was his lost wallet. But then came an unexpected turn of events.

There I was, moving around underwater, using my feet in an attempt to scrounge up something from the lake floor. The act of touching unknown objects underwater is indeed a tad bit eerie, but I was committed to my jest.

Feeling something at my feet, I quickly snatched it up with my toes and passed it to my hand. Surfacing slowly, I held the "trash" aloft, hoping it would set the stage perfectly for my prank. 

As my head breached the surface, I heard my friend asking incredulously, "Are you messing with me?" Glancing at my raised hand, I was stunned to find myself clutching my friend's lost wallet in victory.

Woman Swimming In A LakeMaksim Goncharenok, Pexels

5. A Billion To One Bite

One summer, I signed up for an organic chemistry course that ran every weekday for a month, took a short three-week pause and then continued for the following month. After this break, I reached for my textbook, which I had stored in a box in my closet and felt a sharp prick on my pinky finger.

However, I didn't pay it any attention as I was rushing to class. That's when things started to go downhill. Daytime brought sweat and nausea, escalating to vomiting, diarrhea, and swollen glands at night. The next day, I ended up in the ER, where they ran multiple tests. Two days later, I was back, struggling to breathe.

Upon examination, doctors found swelling in my heart, lungs, and kidneys. They kept me under observation running various tests. After two days, once things seemed to be improving, they discharged me. Next, I experienced a strange symptom—I started passing a white pasty substance. Also, my tongue and mouth developed a purplish hue.

Around this time, I noticed a red line extending from my pinky to my bicep. A return trip to the ER lead to a suspicion—maybe a venomous creature had bitten me. Recalling back to when the symptoms had begun, I checked the box I had reached into. To my surprise, I discovered a small black spider.

Intrigued, I brought the spider to my professor, who directed me to the county Health Department's entomology office. The specialist there identified the spider as a harmless grass spider. 

He explained that normally, these spiders couldn't harm humans due to their curved, soft mandibles and venom which didn't affect humans due to the interference of platelets in the human bloodstream.

I showed him the site of the bite, which had marked a red path up my arm. As it turns out, the spider had bitten me right at the tender area of my cuticle, a possible site for a successful penetration. He inquired if I had a blood platelet disorder. Coincidentally, I had donated platelets the day before the spider bit me.

This realization alarmed the specialist who began to breathlessly ask a swarm of questions. He was in disbelief, calling this a once-in-a-billion event. After getting my permission, he documented my unusual case for scientific research.

That strange white paste? Turns out that was my entire digestive tract's epithelial lining, expelled as individual cells. By the end of the month, all my symptoms had cleared up, making it feel like it never even happened.

Big SpiderJimmy Chan, Pexels

6. The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

A good while back, I had one of those days that just went from bad to worse. First, my girlfriend at the time and I decided to call it off. Next, I completely flopped on a big final exam for one of my college courses, and then somehow managed to misplace my wallet too.

But the icing on the cake? On my melancholy trudge home—just like Charlie Brown—a branch from a tree I was passing chose that exact moment to break off. Can you believe it? It landed squarely on my shoulder, sending me tumbling to the ground.

At that point, the absurdity of it all was just too much. I couldn't help but laugh.

Discouraged ManAhmet Polat, Pexels

7. Identity Crisis

There was a bizarre incident when I was nearly a casualty due to being mistaken for someone else. A man wildly pursued my vehicle on the freeway, brandishing a gun out of his window. Eventually, he maneuvered his car in front of mine, blocking my path, before coming to a stop.

Exiting his vehicle, he approached my car, came right up to my window, and aimed his weapon directly at me. We locked eyes for a moment before he said, "Sorry. Wrong person."

Afterwards, he returned to his vehicle and sped off. To this day, I’m clueless about his identity and who the "right person" could possibly be.

Unrecognizable man reaching hand in roomLucas Pezeta, Pexels

8. Crazier Than The Average Bear

Once upon a time, while I was camping up in the mountains, a young bear decided to investigate our site. Just as my buddies were off answering nature's call, one friend left her fanny pack, and this wasn't an ordinary pack—it housed her insulin and glucose meter—inside her tent. 

Then, the unexpected happened! The curious bear decided to have a little rummage, made a hole in her tent, snatched the pack, and bolted. Not thinking twice, I dashed after the bear.

Hard to believe, but I found myself kindly asking the bear to let go of the bag. Would you believe it, the bear actually listened, leaving both of us utterly flabbergasted. Shifting gears, I came up with a barter deal. I offered the bear a stick in exchange for the stolen loot. 

I utilized this opportunity to distract it, grabbing the bag while it got busy with its new toy. Lucky me, I escaped unscathed, retrieving the bag while slowly and carefully backing away.

Once back safe and sound, I handed my friend her slightly gnawed-on pack, complete with her life-saving medicine. We thought we'd dodged a trip to the hospital—until an unexpected twist revealed itself. 

Apparently, my friend had a severe allergy to black bear saliva! So, in a surprising turn of events, we wound up in the emergency room regardless.

A Bear In NatureGregory Rogers, Pexels

9.  Life On The Most Wanted List

I got a call from the FBI about a man on their "Most Wanted List". It seemed our lives had so many overlapping points that they believed I must know his whereabouts. They questioned me for hours, but I genuinely didn't know the guy. It was quite surprising.

We were childhood neighbors, attending the same schools right up until high school, and were part of the same church. Our three-year age difference meant we didn't really cross paths in school, and we attended different church services. We also both studied French in college.

As foreign language instructors, we shared an office, a boss, and a general phone line. Thanks to our age gap, we never met, and by the time I made it to college, he had switched majors to business. We both served as church missionaries in the same part of France and even lived at the same addresses twice over.

Our French missions didn't overlap, the mission flats were frequently getting new occupants every few months. Back in Salt Lake, we unknowingly lived in the same apartment building. He pulled off a daring armored truck heist outside a movie theater one Monday morning, making off with a large amount of cash and injuring the driver.

On that fateful morning, I was wrapping up an overnight shift at a grocery store that shared a parking lot with the theater. The FBI touches base with me about every six months or so.

Serious Man In A Suitcottonbro studio, Pexels

10. Say Whaaat?

I had a surgery known as a stapedectomy with the aim of bettering the severe hearing loss in my better ear. However, the outcome was total deafness. My surgeon who specializes in ear, nose, and throat, mentioned that this was an extremely rare occurrence, only happening to five other people across the entire US. 

I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it seems I won the unlucky lottery.

Man Listening To A CupAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

11.  A Date With Destiny

For the last couple of years of my father's life, I became his caregiver. He was battling Alzheimer's, pulmonary fibrosis, and a few other conditions, which meant our good days were few and far between. In the summer of 2019, I decided to take him out on a "date" to a charming old pharmacy known for their incredible milkshakes—something he truly enjoyed.

That day turned out to be one of his increasingly rare brighter days. He was happily reminiscing about many old memories, and for a fleeting moment, it felt like I got my old dad back. We had such a marvelous time that I planned on taking him there again. However, that visit to the pharmacy turned out to be our last "date".

His health deteriorated sharply in the following months, and our outings became limited to short groceries shopping or medical visits. Then came 2020, the year of the pandemic, and sadly, my father passed away in early 2021.

The day we spent at the pharmacy in 2019 became our final happy day together, and it was his last outing. The story doesn't end there, though. Three months after his passing, I met a wonderful man online, and we planned our first date.

Although he lived three hours away, he insisted on making the trip to ensure my comfort. He researched online and suggested a superb restaurant – the very same historic pharmacy. We went on a busy day and had to wait quite a bit for a table.

Remarkably, the waitress led us to the exact table I shared with my dad almost two years ago. I even found myself in the same seat. Just three months later, we celebrated our engagement in that same pharmacy.

Black And White Photo Of An Old Maneberhard grossgasteiger, Pexels

12. A Jewel In The Mud

While I was diving in a high-altitude stream, one of my earrings fell out. I spotted the area where it had slipped off and eagerly announced to my girlfriend, "Check this out", before taking a deep plunge about 10 feet down to the riverbed. 

Desperately, I scooped up several small pebbles from the creek floor, made my way back to the surface, and proudly raised my closed hand.

Upon reaching my girlfriend, I slowly unclasped my hand—and my jaw dropped.

Amazingly, there it was, mingled with the pebbles!

Handful Of StonesElle Hughes, Pexels

13. Without A Hitch

Back in my teenage years, I once gave a hitchhiker a lift. A couple of years down the line, in a turn of events, the same person ended up giving me a ride when my car ran out of gas and I had no choice but to walk. Curiously enough, those were the only two times our paths intersected.

Hitchhiker With A SuitcasePixabay, Pexels

14. What Happened Was Truly Nuts!

I underwent a vasectomy. Just two hours post-procedure, trouble ensued, despite strictly adhering to aftercare instruction. I'd been sensing an odd pulling feeling while resting in bed, which prompted me to set my tablet aside and take a closer look. T

he doctor had warned about potential swelling, but the sight I came across was beyond my expectation. My scrotum had swelled to the size of an orange, with my lower abdomen following suit. An expanding black and blue bruise was visible trailing down my leg and up into my abdomen. 

We quickly called the doctor while I tried to find answers online. There was some back and forth before we finally got the on-call doctor on the line and he claimed it was all normal.

Despite my best efforts to remain calm, my nerves were frayed. An hour later, I noticed that the swelling had progressed to the size of a small cantaloupe. My genitalia now resembled something grotesque, adding anxiety to my already heightened nerves. The stress triggered my very first panic attack.

As numbness spread through my arm and my surroundings began to whirl, a sense of impending doom washed over me. My heart pounded in my chest, convincing me that my life was in danger. 

We urgently called for medical help and by the time the EMS crew arrived, I'd managed to regain some composure so we decided it best for my wife to drive me to the hospital.

At the ER, they confirmed the complication with my vasectomy. They administered morphine post-sonogram. But in the midst of the chaos, I neglected to mention that I'd already self-medicated with pain relievers. The combination left me nauseated and disoriented. And yet, it got even worse.

There was a wait for surgery and I was given antibiotics as a preemptive measure. Only after receiving the antibiotics, I learned I was allergic to sulfa drugs, leading to a male yeast infection. The doctor speculated the odds of initial complications were as low as 0.001%, not even considering the subsequent ordeals I faced.

Sad Hospital PatientTima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

15. Zapped

I experienced a close call with lightning, albeit indirectly. You won't believe this, but one day whilst I was washing dishes, a bolt of lightning smashed into a tree near our water source. 

This lightning strike had quite the impact—it blew up the tree, completely destroyed the well, and sent a pretty sharp shock my way. It was so intense that it heated my metal dental fillings to the point where they singed my tongue. Apart from that shocker, I came out of it unscathed.

Lightning Above A CityTsvetoslav Hristov, Pexels

16. Déjà View

My ex-wife and I moved into our first apartment together. Despite being a bit aged—built in the 70s—and somewhat worn down, it was ours and we loved it. We were on the third floor with only a couple of small flights of stairs, and had a gorgeous view of the lake.

Both our jobs required us to work overnight shifts, meaning we'd sleep during the daylight hours. One afternoon while I was catching up on rest, I was startled awake by an extremely loud crashing sound. With five cats around the apartment, I instantly feared they'd knocked over our brand new 55-inch plasma TV. 

But what I found was much worse—the living room ceiling had caved in. With my heart racing, I called for my wife while desperately looking for all our cats. To my relief, all five were safe.

We demanded that the apartment management move us immediately. To our surprise, they shifted us quickly into a refurbished unit on the ground floor of another building with an equally stunning lake view.

Christmas was just around the corner, and amidst the holiday season with all its festive decorations, snow, and fierce storms, we did our best to make our new place feel homey. However, we were still understandably on edge, especially with the fierce weather outside on Christmas Eve.

My wife recommended we bring all our cats, presents, and the tree into our bedroom for safety. I agreed. About an hour later, a familiar sound rang out that gave me chills—the prelude to a collapsing ceiling. As I saw the ceiling sagging ominously, I warned my wife that history was repeating itself and we needed to quickly evacuate.

And so we did, leaving me dumbfounded that this could happen not once, but twice.

Shocked Man With GlassesKarolina Grabowska, Pexels

17. That’s What I Like    

I spotted a text-to-win competition on a Pepsi display at my local supermarket promising a chance to see Beyoncé live in concert. I thought, why not give it a shot, so I sent a text and entered the contest. To my surprise, a few weeks after, a text popped up on my phone from the same number, informing me that I was the grand prize winner!

The bounty was two tickets to Beyoncé’s spectacular The Mrs Carter Show World Tour, set to take place in Brooklyn, along with $500 on a Visa gift card.

I put the $500 to great use by purchasing bus tickets and booking a nearby hotel close to Barclays. Our seats at the concert were simply fantastic, quite a memory that will never fade away!

Girl With Glasses TextingAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

18. Yas Queen

I remember a family road trip from the 80s with my cousins. One cousin had a habit of replaying the same song repeatedly—rewinding the tape and hitting play multiple times. The song? "Another One Bites The Dust." After the third time in a row, the person driving couldn't take it anymore. 

They grabbed the tape, stated firmly, "Enough," then opted for the radio. To their frustration, it was that very song that was on the radio at that moment!

Man Holding The Steering Wheel While DrivingTobi, Pexels

19. Double Whammy

My buddy had something quite special happen two times in a row—they had, not one, but two pairs of the most uncommon type of twins. These are known as monochorionic-monoamniotic twins, but in simpler terms, we call them "Mono-Mono" or "MoMo" twins. 

Now, what makes these twins so special is that they not only share the same womb, but also the same nutrient supplier, the placenta. But here's the kicker—these MoMo twins only represent about 1% of all identical twin pregnancies and less than 0.1% of total pregnancies.

Twin Girls EmbracingPixabay, Pexels

20. Grandpa Was Almost A Goner

A few weeks before my grandfather's 93rd birthday, he was wrapping up a busy day of tending his farm. Unfortunately, he stumbled while dismounting the lawnmower which ended up toppling onto him—thankfully, the blades were off.

Trapped beneath the heavy machine for an uncomfortable period, he was close to the point of extreme self-harm to escape his predicament, rather than enduring a freezing night under the lawnmower. 

Just as he was considering this drastic step, the universe sent him a sign—he spotted a crowbar that he had previously dropped nearby, which happened to be within his reach, and he managed to pick it up.

With considerable effort, he used the crowbar to lift the lawnmower off him. After freeing himself from the awkward position, though injured, he determinedly crawled back onto the mower, rode it back to the house, painstakingly climbed up the stairs, managed to get hold of his phone and rang my dad. 

With a tone of understatement he simply said, "I need a ride to the hospital. I think I've injured myself."

Old Man Mowing The Lawnhermaion, Pexels

21. It Came Through In The Clutch

When I was just a little one, someone swiped my mom's car. By the following day, dad and I spotted her car in the car park at our local chemist. She drove a manual transmission car, and it appears the crooks couldn't figure out how to handle the clutch, so they didn't make any headway. 

Sadly, the inside of the car was completely wrecked, including the clutch.

Photo of Porsche Cayenne on Parking LotJimmy Chan, Pexels

22. A Fateful Friendship

A buddy of mine in my hometown introduced me to one of his pals. The three of us hung out and I left feeling like I'd really like to pursue a deeper connection with her. When I mentioned this to my friend, he agreed and thought we'd get along really well. 

Fast forward about a month, my husband was given a work trip to Paris which included a luxurious hotel stay and enough funds for meals for both of us, so I naturally jumped at the opportunity.

On his off day from work, we planned a trip to the Louvre, strolling from the Petit Palais. Just as we were about to cross a road, I suddenly noticed a familiar face—it was her, my friend's buddy, heading our way as she was about to cross the road too! 

Strangely enough, she had no clue she'd be in Paris either! I often ponder about the incredible coincidence.

The Louvre At Golden HourPixabay, Pexels

23. Hometown Happenings

Back in 2006, I packed my bags in Ohio and headed for Texas to be with the woman who is now my wife. I was trying to land my first real career job, and during the interview, I found a surprising connection. One of the people interviewing me was an Ohio native, just like me! 

Even more surprising, she also graduated from the same university I did. But the biggest coincidence? She had attended the same high school as both my parents. This was particularly astonishing since that high school was located a good two-hour drive away from our university.

A Woman Interviewing a ManTima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

24. Who’s Who?

Once, I was asked to lend a hand in resolving an issue with some medical records. Funny enough, two individuals from the same tiny neighborhood shared identical names and birthdates, and coincidentally landed in the hospital on the very same day! 

But here's where it gets even crazier—Despite both hailed from the same country and bearing a rather unique name not commonly found there, these two had never crossed paths.

Woman Reading A FileRDNE Stock project, Pexels

25. A Supersized Surprise

Once, I bumped into a fella who was born on the exact same day and at the same hospital as me. Interestingly, our birth names were quite similar. We later discovered that we had been born just minutes apart and shared the same birth weight. To top it off, we were both six weeks premature and had identical hair and eye color.

Our moms were colleagues at the local Walmart, which is how our paths crossed.

Two Men Pointing At Each OtherJorge Alvarez Lecaros, Pexels

26. I Haven’t Got A Shoe

One day at work, a colleague's spouse had mistakenly purchased shoes of the wrong size, and strangely enough, they couldn't exchange them. So they asked if I was interested in buying the shoes. It was the only time in my life that I was offered to buy footwear at my place of work. 

Then, a few hours after that, the bottom of my shoe fell apart. So yes, I ended up buying those shoes.

Man Tying His Shoes On Some StepsAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

27. Like Mother, Like Daughter

My mom went into labor out of the blue when she was 37 weeks and six days pregnant with me. I was positioned breech, so she had to have a C-section, and I was born at 9:48 in the morning. But here's the strange coincidence.

I was thrown into unexpected labor when I was 37 weeks and six days pregnant with my daughter. Just like my mom, I had to have a C-section because my little girl was breech, and interestingly, she entered the world at exactly 9:48 AM—just like I did.

Pregnant Woman In The ForestHelena Lopes, Pexels

28. I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

I'd been enjoying a swim, around 20 yards from the shore and in a spot where the water was about 15 feet deep at Lake Erie, while wearing my glasses. Suddenly, a jet ski whizzed by and its wake dislodged my glasses. I made a few attempts to dive and find them, even using landmarks to remember the spot and then I swam back to the shore.

I explained my predicament to the people there, asking if anyone had a pair of goggles or a mask that I could borrow.

Luckily, a kind soul lent me their goggles. Armed with my new tool, I swam back out to my marked spot and dove down around 20 times. I was ready to give up, thinking I'd have to make the drive back to Chicago practically blind. But I decided not to quit—and I gave it one last shot.

On one of my final dives, I noticed a bass swimming below me. I'd never seen one up close except while fishing, so on a whim, I decided to go after it. As fate would have it, it swam right over my glasses.

Victorious, I surfaced, glasses in hand.

Unrecognizable man swimming with mask in seaSerinus, Pexels

29. All In The Family

On my 23rd birthday, I finally met my two half-brothers who share the same father as me. They proudly presented a photo of themselves grinning alongside our dad, and there was something quite peculiar in their smiles; all three were missing one of the top front teeth. 

Astonishingly, I remembered that when I was just seven, I also lost one of my front upper teeth. With that, I realized all four of us shared the same unique smile.

Girl in White Top SmilingRDNE Stock project, Pexels

30.  The Accidental Hero

My son happened to be in the right place at the right time twice, both times within a span of three months. He used a headrest to shatter car windows in order to rescue three kids trapped in two different vehicular accidents. Both vehicles were being steered by women.

Just a day prior to the first incident, he had participated in a 'Stop the Bleed' training provided by a nearby hospital. The first car mishap was a result of high speed driving. An SUV flipped and settled on its roof right in front of my son. He managed to get the mother as well as the kids out safely.

The second unfortunate incident involved a man who dozed off at the wheel after working the night shift. He drifted over the double yellow line and ended up directly crashing into a woman who was on her way to drop her kids off at school.

This car crash was so severe that the woman had to be freed using a hydraulic tool known as the 'jaws of life'. After ensuring her children were safe, my son went back to check on the man that had caused it. He comforted him by holding his hand, staying with him till emergency medical technicians arrived.

Car CrashAleksandr Neplokhov, Pexels

31. Trading Places

Roughly one year following my divorce, I entered a new relationship with a woman. After we'd been together for around four months, it came to my attention that the man my former spouse was seeing bore the same surname as my girlfriend. This was a mere coincidence, as their last names weren't common and they weren't related.

 Interestingly, in the end, both my ex-wife and I ended up marrying our respective partners. So, in a way, it's like my former wife and present wife essentially traded last names.

Man And Woman KissingEmma Bauso, Pexels

32. Catch Of The Day

While at a My Chemical Romance concert a dozen years back, a guitar pick just happened to land in my hand. I was simply standing, hand by my side, fingers half-clenched. Out of nowhere, I felt a small impact on my hand. 

I looked down and I couldn't believe it—I found the very pick, just resting there. This happened at the Bonner Springs Amphitheater in KS, so it wasn't exactly an intimate gathering.

Audience At A Concertanna-m. w., Pexels

33. Some Eerie Errands

During a trip to Woodman's grocery store in the expansive northwest Chicago area, we coincidentally ran into a family we know. This wasn't overly surprising. However, the oddity began when we saw the same family at Aldi, a store I had been particularly interested in for a unique product.

Things started feeling eerie when we visited Lowe's next. Lo and behold, the very same family was also shopping there! All of these encounters happened within a four-hour span, which surely made the day quite intriguing!

Two Women ShoppingRon Lach, Pexels

34. The Luck Of The Irish

My buddy invited me to accompany her to Ireland to meet her relatives for the first time, and we had a blast! We met her aunts and uncles, took in stunning views, and more. On our final evening, her family arranged a grand dinner.

Her traveling cousin popped in with her partner to say a quick hello and goodbye, before dashing off to catch their flight to NYC. After a good night's rest, we got up early at 4 AM to catch our own NYC flight. I had a job interview queued up in NYC two days later.

Seeing it as the perfect place to wait, I strolled leisurely around the bookstore looking for a seat. The first floor was crowded, so I headed upstairs. Midway up the escalator, I locked eyes with a familiar young couple descending.

It was my friend's cousin and her boyfriend! We all marveled at the staggering coincidence. This "right place, right time" scenario filled me with such optimism and confidence that I aced the job interview later on!

A Couple On An EscalatorRDNE Stock project, Pexels

35. The Moroccan Moirai

My buddy and I were hanging out in Tangier, Morocco when we bumped into a guy that used to live in my friend's apartment complex back in Portland, Oregon. This guy had retired and moved out of the U.S. about two years ago, spent some time traveling around Asia, before landing up in this obscure corner of North Africa that we just happened to be in!

Even if we'd been in the same town, there was a good chance we wouldn't have bumped into him. But, there we were, on this hidden little street in an unexpected city, within a totally unexpected country. Crazy, isn't it?

Man Using BinocularsAndrea Piacquadio, Pexles

36. Bad Luck Befell Us Both

I was on my way to my friend's place when an enormous tree suddenly collapsed onto the street. My vehicle had a close shave, narrowly escaping the falling tree. As soon as it was safe, I phoned for emergency assistance and texted my friend to inform him about the delay. However, what I didn't realize at the time would surprise me later.

Upon reaching his house, I discovered that my friend's girlfriend's mother had been driving right behind me when the tree came down. The tree landed on her car, which was startling news. Thankfully, she only sustained minor injuries, but it was a chilling realization that one tree nearly caused harm to both of us.

Road Leading Through ForestPetr Ganaj, Pexels

37. A Mouth Full Of Poo

A bird relieved itself right into my mouth. Picture this—I had our car door slightly ajar while my boyfriend was refueling our car. I was in the middle of a chat when a bird swooped under the canopy, perfectly timed its flight and released its package. 

The package, unfortunately made its way through the narrow gap of the slightly open door and directly into my mouth. Disgusting!

Gray and White PigeonCreapattern, Pexels

38. Coast To Coast Chaos

While I was in Baltimore, a significant earthquake hit the East Coast, causing damage to the Washington Monument. This event grabbed a lot of attention because earthquakes are not common on the East Coast, and even less often big enough to cause disturbances. At the time, I was packing up my stuff for a trip back home to the Bay Area on the west coast.

I arrived back at my folks' place around 11:30 PM. As we sat around, sipping drinks and catching up, we felt a tremor of about magnitude 3.0 to 4.0. This is pretty standard for the Bay Area. Ascertain, I might be among the few people to experience an earthquake on both coasts of the United States within the same day.

Cracked Road After An EarthquakeWilson Malone, Pexels

39. A Springtime Revelation

I misplaced a diminutive pearl earring in the snow nearby my boyfriend's place. When I was straightening my scarf, it shot from my ear. It made me upset since the earrings were a gift from my grandmother. The subsequent spring, my boyfriend tossed a cigarette into the forest.

Worried that it wasn't entirely extinguished, he scurried to snuff it out. And lo and behold, at that very moment, he stumbled upon a surprise. Right there, alongside his foot, was the missing earring.

Hands Holding EarringsDmitry Zvolskiy, Pexels

40. European Adventure

In my early 20s, I embarked on a backpacking journey through Europe, and I distinctly remember an unforgettable night in Prague, Czechia. I was putting up at a college dorm and had been exploring the city with a local pal since my phone had conked off due to incompatible adapter.

My new friend showed me around his city, eventually leading us to a rustic, underground pub. We spent the evening there, lost in chatter and laughter, sipping local beers until suddenly, he had to rush off to grab his last bus home. This was a big problem for me.

That left me utterly confused and directionless, not knowing how to get back and not even recognizing where I was. We had walked around the city for so long that I could hardly remember the route. 

The thought of spending the night sleeping on the streets was terrifying. I barely remember him saying his quick goodbyes, leaving me slightly tipsy on the sidewalk, before a bus turned the corner.

I saw a familiar word on the bus and seized the opportunity, hoping that it might lead me back to the dorm. Miraculously, it did. The bus dropped me right off at my temporary home for the night. It's an event I count amongst the most miraculous in my life.

Old trolleybus riding on night streetТамара Левченко, Pexels

41. Head-On Collision

My coworker and I often engaged in playful Nerf gun battles at work. On one particular day, I quietly sidled around a corner, perfectly lined him up, only for him to turn and shoot at the exact moment I did too. Incredible as it was, our Nerf darts collided smack-dab in the middle of the space dividing us. 

Unfortunately, there was no one else there to witness the spectacular show.

People Sitting In Front of Computer cottonbro studio, Pexels

42. It Was Flippin’ Crazy!

I watched a pickup truck collide with the freeway's center divider, rocketing into the air, swiftly spinning almost a full circle, and flipping over. It then landed back on its left side tires, traveling at a tilt for about 50 feet before realigning onto all four tires, off it drove as if nothing unusual just happened. This entire spectacle played out in roughly five seconds at a speed of 80 mph.

The truck, having missed its merge from the central freeway, journeyed through the demarcated middle area of the road. Unable to maintain required speed, the truck's right side snagged the divider wall at just the right spot, causing it to somersault mid-air before landing back on its tires.

From my front-row view in traffic, I had the chance to witness this extraordinary scene unfold. I was on the brink of dialing for assistance when, to my surprise, the truck restarted and resumed its travel.

Back Of A Truck On A HighwayCraig Adderley, Pexels

43. Nature At Its Best

I was out on a lake in a boat, trying my best to fish, but luck didn't seem to be on my side. Unexpectedly, an osprey burst from a nearby tree, plunging into the lake. Reemerging, it had a fish clenched in its talons and began to fly off. 

Suddenly, a bald eagle swooped down from a different tree, engaging with the osprey mid-air. Overwhelmed, the osprey let go of its catch and the eagle didn't waste time to attack the flustered osprey.

Out of nowhere, an enormous raven emerged from a third tree. Effortlessly, it scooped up the free-falling fish mid-air, then flew away. It was quite the sight; an occurrence I'll probably never witness again.

Bald Eagle FlyingStephen Meyers, Pexels

44. Jackpot!

My little boy stumbled upon a token lying on the floor. He used it in one of those games, you know the ones with a ramp and a spinning wheel at the end? You've got to aim to get the chip into a slot. And guess what? He nailed the grand prize. He was showered with over 8,000 tickets and mind you, he was just three years old.

We enjoyed a few more games, then he pointed at the enormous wheel of fortune game. He wished to give that a go. Astonishingly, on his very first attempt, he won another jackpot. This time, it was a 10,000 ticket bounty that he traded for a Disneyland ticket. His mom and I chipped in for two more tickets, then off we went on our adventure.

Disneyland CastleCraig Adderley, Pexels

45. It Was Picture Perfect

I once accepted a job in a relatively isolated region in northeast China. My roommates included an American and a Canadian. We were amongst the few non-Chinese in a population of around two million locals. Fast forward ten years, I'm back in America, seeing this girl who decided to take an all-girls vacation to Mexico. 

One night, she and her friends hit a local bar and got chatting with another group of people there. One of the guys in the group began sharing pictures from his world travels and, surprise surprise, there was a photo of me. Turns out, this guy was my former roommate from China—the same one from ten years prior. It really is a small world, isn't it?

A Group of People Sitting on Rocks with a Cameracottonbro studio, Pexels

46. That’s The Ticket!

So here's a neat story. My wife and I purchased a home in a quaint Ohio town, roughly two hours away from Columbus. One day, we thought it'd be fun to experience an Ohio State game in person—we've never been to one before. So, we snagged some tickets from StubHub. 

As odd as it sounds, we ended up seated right next to the very folks who sold us our house.

Football Game FansTembela Bohle, Pexels

47. Secrets Revealed

My brother-in-law, who was enrolled in courses at a local community college, happened to bump into a fellow classmate who was also from the same hometown he, my sister, and my parents once lived in. As they conversed further, the conversation took an odd turn.

He discovered that her mother and stepdad were colleagues of our own father. Mentioning our dad's name to her, she responded with, "That's strange, that's also my stepdad's name." This was the moment we stumbled upon the secret of my father's infidelity and his hidden family.

Portrait Of A Loving FamilyElina Fairytale, Pexels

48. Vacation Vibes

In 2006, I snapped up a second-hand Costa Rica travel guide to get ready for a forthcoming holiday. The real surprise was tucked within the pages of the book—an old shipping receipt from the person who had bought the book online a couple of years prior to me.

I did a surprise double-check when I glanced at the receipt's shipping address—and I was left totally shook.

Unbelievably, the earlier owner of the guide had not only lived at my same exact address but actually in MY ACTUAL APARTMENT! It appears they too probably used the guide for their Costa Rica escape.

Man Reading In A Bookstorecottonbro studio, Pexels

49. Medical Mixup

While seeking medical care, my doctor's office did a pharmacy report on my prescriptions and medical history. My critically ill brother, who has a full name almost identical to mine and lives at the same address and shares my phone number, was on many strong painkillers at the time. 

His report emerged from their search and they mistakenly concluded it was mine. Without hearing my explanation, they accused me of substance-seeking and kicked me out of the clinic. They wouldn't believe me when I insisted the report was about my sibling, not me, leading to severe distress. 

I finally reached out to the pharmacy board, which contacted the doctor to clarify that when two individuals have the same address, phone number, and highly similar names, a search by social security number is required.

Regretting the misunderstanding, the doctor offered me complimentary treatment and even uses our story as an anecdote at the professional conferences he attends. An utterly wild experience.

Doctor With A StethoscopeUsman Yousaf, Unsplash

50. The Odds Were Against Him

I was hanging out with my friend at the mall, we were there to catch the first screening of Star Trek 3. While we were killing time, my buddy queued up to buy a lottery ticket from a kiosk that sold magazines. I caught his attention with an interesting magazine cover and he stepped out of line to check it out. When he went back to his place, there was an additional person in the queue ahead of him.

Funny enough, the person who jumped in line right before him scratched off an "instant win" lottery ticket with a prize of $1,000. Can you believe the luck?

Lottery TicketsWaldemar, PexelsSources: Reddit,

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