"The Incident": The Dark Moments None Of These Students Will Ever Forget

February 28, 2020 | Phillip Hamilton

"The Incident": The Dark Moments None Of These Students Will Ever Forget

There’s always an incident that defines every school career. Whether it’s a teacher reaching their breaking point, a student who takes things too far, or an unfortunate accident, these incidents will never leave the minds of those who witnessed them. The Redditors below witnessed some of the most bizarre and outrageous incidents to ever go down on school grounds. Their stories are hilarious, tragic, and ultimately unforgettable. You thought your school experience was strange? Think again.

1. Only on Thursdays

A kid on the football team claimed to have been hazed by getting a broomstick shoved up his you-know-where. It made news all over the place. Coaches were fired, there was a huge investigation and everything. But that wasn’t even the craziest part. Eventually, they found out the kid made it all up just to spite some of the people he accused.

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2. F-

There was a white kid who had a black baby mannequin to take care of for a week for some project to see if he would be a responsible parent. He hung the baby on a tree outside of the school. Not only was he expelled, but it also made the local paper.

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3. Merry Christmas

Some boys in the saxophone section of the marching band made a Christmas card featuring them naked except for Santa hats—and their saxophones covering their sacs. They distributed them to the whole band, which at our school was a pretty large number of people. School tried to confiscate them for being lewd, but of course, they couldn't get them all. Besides, people had camera phones and Facebook.

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4. Moose on the Loose

This happened in grade school, but a moose escaped a local zoo and somehow made its way to our schoolyard during our recess. We were all rushed inside and the school was put into a lockdown situation until the moose left the yard. You’ve got one guess what country I’m from.

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5. Two Wrongs

This happened in my sophomore year of high school so I wasn’t there to see it happen. Apparently some kid walked into a class and shouted, “What crap are we learning today!?!?” The teacher’s reaction was bone-chilling: she backhanded him right across his face. After that, she was forced to retire early.

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6. Love the Smell of Cabbage in the Morning

Two guys in my year decided to bring about 50 cabbages into school and start a cabbage fight in the science corridor. Madness ensued, cabbage leaves everywhere. About 100 students joined in.

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7. Busting Out

These kids took a bust of the guy who donated the new gym to our school. They would take pictures of him around the "world," with obviously fake scenic backgrounds from places like Hawaii and Mount Rushmore. They would all say, “Wish you were here.” But then the school made a bizarre threat. During the morning announcements, they brought it up and said that they’d involve the FBI.

The kids returned the bust to the principal’s parking spot the next day.

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8. Like Taking Candy From a Baby

When I was in middle school, over 14 years ago, our principal got apprehended in school for stealing kids’ Adderall and Ritalin. This was back when if you took medicine, you had to go to the office to have it given to you. Parents were wondering why their kids’ meds were running out before the script ended when it was being given to their kids by the staff.

They installed cameras without his knowledge and caught him.

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9. The Hive Mind Speaks

The principal found weed in the boys’ bathroom. He called an assembly and told us we had to vote for who we thought the owner of the weed was. I think the principal’s son got like 98% of the votes. Suddenly, the voting system wasn't valid. We didn't even coordinate it; everyone had the same idea at once and it was glorious.

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10. What a Gas

Someone decided to let off a canister of pepper spray. Me and a group of friends discovered it had been set off in a stairway where we used to hang at break time because we were choking and coughing nonstop. Alerted staff, but it wasn't until lunchtime when we came back from the gym that there were police, ambulances, and helicopters all over the school.

They didn't know what the gas was and suddenly everyone needed to be seen by a doctor and was kept inside the classrooms. Parents were turning up and creating a mob outside. Two dads got into a fight near the authorities’ helicopter that had landed in our field and got locked up. News crews turned up and everything.

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11. You Win This Time

I went to a private school where you weren't allowed to have your phone on you. One day the vice principal bursts into a classroom and says in a panic, "Quick, I need to use someone's phone!" 10 kids got detention and their phones confiscated. Screw you, Mr. Kiefer.

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12. What Do You Expect?

My high school did a “block lunch” where everyone ate lunch at the same time instead of separating them into A, B, C lunches. Because our cafeteria couldn’t fit the entire student body, it was normal for kids to be eating in the hallway, on the floor, or at tables all throughout the school. One day during lunch, unbeknownst to the staff and student body, our assistant principal decided to hold a lockdown drill.

He got on the intercom and told everyone there was an active shooter in the cafeteria in order to see how kids would react had it been a real shooting. It turned into pure anarchy. Kids calling 9-1-1, running out of school and not returning to class after the drill was over, kids having anxiety attacks while hiding in classrooms, dying calls from students to parents. It was pretty bad.

But that wasn’t the worst part. Did I mention this was several days after the Parkland Shooting?

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13. Coming Together

We had someone a couple of years above me who died by suicide. The next day was pretty horrible. We were all taken into assemblies and told about what happened, and told to speak to the staff if we needed anyone to talk to. There were also councilors walking around the school for a couple of weeks in case anyone needed them. They actually handled the situation really well if I'm honest.

There were a lot of fundraising events in the guys’ name after the event, in particular a student vs. teacher football match where his family was invited as guests.

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14. Scheduled Anarchy

The biggest incident was when my school decided to get rid of block scheduling. It was basically taking four classes for the first part of the year and then four different classes in the second part so a total of eight classes per school year. When the school district decided to get rid of block scheduling and go to traditional six classes per day all year the students protested.

This text went around to almost every student in the school. Almost the entire student body gathered in the middle of the school for a "peaceful protest." It ended up with kids running wildly from the authorities who were fully suited up in riot gear, and kids getting hit with a Taser. It was definitely an event.

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15. Serial Cheater

I’m out of school now, but in high school, it was discovered that a student had attempted to print the statistics exam to study before the test. This was found out in the morning when the teachers went into the math office, put more paper in the printer, and out came the exam that the stats teacher did not print. Now, cheating at my high school was punishable by expulsion so the teachers all flipped out.

This was fall exams, so we had a whole year of school assemblies where we all got talked to. I was a sophomore at the time and only seniors took stats, but they were basically trying to get anyone who knew something to talk. No one ever said a word. Not one guy got in trouble. Nothing. We even talked about it after the seniors graduated and no one knew anything.

So either someone is amazing at keeping secrets, or the stats teach printed it by accident and didn’t realize and found out in the morning because the printer ran out of paper.

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16. The Best Sort of Incident

Once a dog got inside and it was running up and down the corridors and everyone was petting it. Can you tell that I went to a very small school in a very rural area? I was in year five so it would've been in like 2001 or 2002. I was nine at the time. The dog breed, as far as I can remember, was some kinda miniature Shetland sheepdog. It looked basically like a miniature lassie dog.

At secondary school, our headteacher ran over her laptop in her car. This happened when I was in year eight, so it would've been about 2006. Apparently, it was an accident, but we never did get the full story on that one.

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17. Garfield Goes to School

In elementary school, we got put on lockdown because someone thought there was a rabid fox on the field. It was a fat orange cat.

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18. Money Talks

So, on the day ahead of a huge event that was going to happen in the auditorium of our school, someone peed on the audio equipment in the auditorium of our school. It didn’t work anymore. The principal announced that anyone who was a witness and who could tell them who the culprit is would receive 500€ from the school. Turns out it was someone from our neighboring class and probably 8-10 guys from that class went into the principal’s office to rat him out and receive the money.

The only thing is the majority of them who went there were just claiming to have witnessed it to receive the money. The guy got expelled from school and had to pay for new audio equipment which was probably at least around 3,000-4,000€. I still don’t know whether everyone who ratted him out ended up receiving the 500€ or not.

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19. The Mass Call-In

Dozens of students and numerous teachers started feeling bad, with some getting violently ill, all within the space of a few hours. The authorities showed up and quarantined the school and took a bunch of the sick ones to the hospital. There was never a diagnosis made. They never found anything like a virus or poison or bacterial infection or anything else that could explain the rapid onset of symptoms.

Eventually, like weeks later, they gave up trying to find the cause and just said it was a case of sympathetic psychosomatic symptoms manifesting throughout the school. School was never so much fun. As an added bonus, free ambulance ride!

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20. Britain’s Worst Schools

The first thing that comes to mind? This guy took a massive dump off the top floor of a massive stairwell. Later, in the same stairwell, someone dropped a pressurized can of soda, cracking open a teacher’s skull. Another time, someone brought in a decommissioned WWI authentic stick grenade. The entire school was evacuated onto one yard for four hours while the explosive squad came to check it out.

Our school’s councilor, who took kids out of lessons to help with low self-esteem, ended his own life. That one's a bit sad. Also, our drama teacher got sent to the slammer for convincing two 14-year-old students to hook up while he watched. He still works there. And a music teacher got sacked for coming in drunk, not once, but twice. I love lower class Britain.

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21. Hush-Hush

This happened in the early 90s, before the internet. There was a student-teacher (an education major from university doing her practicum in the classroom) in her early 20s that some of the seniors ran into at the bar one night. The drinking age is 18 where I live. Lots of drinking happened, and she went back to a party afterward and got photographed hooking up with two of the students.

Photocopies of the Polaroid flooded the school. She was gone pretty much immediately, the administration swept it all under the rug. Anyone caught with a copy of the Polaroid was threatened with expulsion.

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22. With Great Power

A football player with the last name “Parham” got punished for something and was no longer allowed to walk the stage for graduation. One day, a friend of his pulled up in a truck outside of the cafeteria during lunch, slammed on the brakes, jumped out, and proceeded to sprint inside. He streaked through half the cafeteria with a Spider-Man mask on and “Free Parham” painted on his bare butt.

Staff tried to grab him and stop him, and despite him literally slipping on a piece of food and falling, he escaped valiantly—as any hero should. Eventually, Parham was once again allowed to walk the stage, although I’m sure the stunt wasn’t the only reason for it.

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23. You Didn’t See Anything

In senior year, we received our yearbooks the week of graduation. To our surprise, the full-page action shot for men's soccer showcased our player jumping up and lifting one leg to trap and control the ball. Unfortunately, he forgot to wear underwear that game, and the tip of his wiener was fully visible sticking out of the bottom of his shorts. Our school had over 4,000 students. Their hilarious—and stupid—solution?

We were required to bring our yearbook into security to have the offending part of the image sharpied over, or we would not be allowed to walk at graduation.

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24. T-Shirt-Worthy

Over Christmas break of my sophomore year in high school, our principal was pulled over with more than twice the authorized BAC. Instead of being immediately taken to the slammer as he should have been, he was escorted home. Over the next week, he was on almost every local news station, and even got a minute or two segment on CNN. Needless to say, the faculty didn't think it was a laughing matter, but the students found it hilarious.

They spent the remaining weeks of break having t-shirts made saying things like, "I partied with Dr. S and lived." Good times...

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25. Not a Drill

It was the last day for the senior class. There were only two significant pranks that day. The principal's office was filled with balloons and glitter, and the main hallway entrance was saran-wrapped. About an hour before the day ended, the principal came over the loudspeaker and said that anyone caught participating in a prank would not walk at the graduation ceremony.

About a minute after he said this, the fire alarm went off. A guy who was near the principal said that he got angry and said out loud, "Someone’s not walking," before storming off. He was so, so wrong. An entire wing of the school was hazy and smoke was pouring out of a classroom. Turns out the science teacher was doing a laser experiment for his class and created too much smoke with a smoke machine. The alarm was totally justified.

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26. The Best Kind of Mistake

In middle school, someone wanted to burn the whole place down. They started a fire in the men’s bathroom, in the sink. It was a porcelain sink, in a tile enclosed bathroom. I was walking back from a counselor meeting and saw the smoke, told my teacher, and we evacuated. The kid responsible for it all confessed in about 15 minutes.

The second incident involves getting finals canceled my junior year. They were cleaning out every old mercury thermometer from the school and someone dropped a box. Code red was issued, full lock-down, hazmat comes in. It took them two days to sanitize the area, those were supposed to be the first two days of the four-day-long finals.

They told us anyone who wants to take a final is more than welcome, otherwise, they were 100% optional. That was a start to a great summer...

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27. Out of Control

There were quite a few. None of them are as nearly as big as some of the things already in this thread. Aside from the obvious naked pics being sent around school. The following things happened while I was at school. There was a week-long string of explosive threats. It probably would’ve continued but the administration threatened to tack on extra school days to make up for all the times we had to go home early.

There was the time a student beat the choir teacher with a chair. Another time, a student hunted a deer, shoved it in a hockey bag, and dumped the carcass in a stairwell. Finally, the school administration threatened to strip tenure and fire a teacher for "not controlling the classroom" after attempting to have students permanently removed from her class. We were on the news for this.

Many didn't participate (including myself) but throughout the day, fire alarms were being pulled. Glass was being broken. The situation almost caused a riot. Some students of hers went to her hearing to give their side of the story and stick up for the teacher. I'm sure I'm missing quite a few, but these are the ones I remember.

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28. Large Double-Double, Please

At the end of the day, there was an officer’s car at the front of the school. Someone said they saw a kid get apprehended when they went to the washroom. At the end of the day, a cop and the principal were standing at both back-passenger windows talking to someone inside. We all just assumed that someone was getting apprehended for selling illegal substances or something.

The next day my homeroom teacher told us between third and fourth periods, a former student who was about 20 years old blended in with students and snuck into the school hallways. He wandered through the hallways stealing from unlocked lockers and actually took about 10 laptops from teachers’ classrooms somehow. They ended up catching him at the Tim Horton’s down the road.

Not sure what’s gonna happen to him, but someone said his mom was his getaway vehicle a couple of blocks down the road. He just had to stop at Timmy’s first. Only in Canada do people have to stop for a coffee and a donut mid-crime spree.

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29. Setting a Precedent

This was back in the 70s. In seventh grade some girl just started groping the boys. If you got close to her she would immediately grab your parts, whichever was closest. Sometimes she would grab both at the same time. Of course, the boys started groping her back. It turned into a common thing to do and she let it happen. The boys then started groping other girls.

Some went along with it and thought it was funny. Others got upset and told teachers and the principal. The principal called a big assembly and read the riot act. The weirdest part? The girl that started it all acted shocked and outraged, but the adults knew she was the one that started the whole thing.

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30. An Ear for Many

I didn't transfer in until after it happened, but I had a classmate who was in the room when it happened. In our ninth-grade year (1989-1990), one of the guys in the theater/drama class had been threatening self-harm and to hurt friends and classmates. My classmate and all her friends went to the teacher and principal but were told they could do nothing because he had no "history" and therefore, he had to "do something" first.

He did. He walked in mid-class, took the entire room (including my classmate and her friends who had reported his threats) hostage, brandished a piece around repeatedly, then shot one of their mutual friends who was trying to talk him down. The kid lost his ear, but not his life, thankfully. My classmate was still giving depositions two years later when I met her, which is how I heard the story.

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31. The Cobra Charmer

When I was in high school, our hick town school had a “gang” called the Cobras who would spray paint “Cobras” on school property, write it on desks, in the bathrooms, basically everywhere. It’s was dumb and many of the students had a good idea who was a part of this “gang,” but the teachers didn’t. Anyway, for the yearbook every year, the principal would use the announcement system to call for individual groups like the sports teams or drama club to have their group pics taken. This happened throughout the year.

One day, they called down the Cobras for a school photo for the yearbook, to try and figure out who they were. They caught almost half the students who were defacing school property because they actually were dumb enough to show up for the “group photo.”

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32. The Cover-Up

To run for student office, you had to get a petition signed by a certain number of people. There was a kid running who was liked pretty well among the school and was the only returning cabinet member. He was considered the overwhelming favorite for ASB president. However, the teacher in charge of overseeing ASB disqualified his candidacy because some of his signatures weren’t legible. This was the first time something like this had happened.

The girl he was supposed to run against was that teacher’s favorite student. I ended up writing an article for the school paper about the situation and several other similar situations that this teacher was involved in. It was blocked from being published.

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33. Changing Everything

Two interconnected incidents. I was in high school at the time that Hong Kong transferred back to China. If you had come to my high school three or four years before the transfer, you would have seen maybe a 5% Chinese student population. But it jumped suddenly, like, up to about 50% in my junior year, and stayed that way. We had all these Chinese students, all from Hong Kong, suddenly transfer to my high school, in a suburb of Toronto.

I'd say about half of those kids were there without their parents, living with other families. Their parents were expected to come later, probably after the transfer back to China had been completed. For some reason that I never fully understood, it was a known thing that these kids usually had cash on them. Like, a lot of cash. I never really checked personally, but we used to talk about how they would have at least $1,000 in their wallets every day.

Anyway, the first incident was that a kid from another school came into our school one day and found the first Chinese student he saw and beat him with a pipe and took his wallet. The reason I think of this as "the incident," is that it was the reason our school suddenly started locking the doors, and you had to get in before a certain time otherwise you couldn't get into the school without buzzing in and the office knowing you were late.

We had security guards walking around all of a sudden. It totally changed the atmosphere of the school. The second incident happened the year after I graduated from high school. I was back home for vacation and all our little suburbia was talking about was the principal of my high school being investigated for exploitation. Apparently, she had been taking regular trips to Hong Kong, and somehow convincing parents there to pay her insane amounts of money and she would make sure their kids got into her school.

It was a public school! All you needed to do to get in was live in the right neighborhood and be of school age. No one should be paying to go to a public school—beyond any regular taxes, anyway. I'm honestly not entirely sure of what kind of lies she told these poor people, and I'm not sure if it had anything to do with why their kids were there without their parents and why they had so much cash on them all the time.

Regardless—she exploited a whole bunch of people. It was pretty big news.

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34. Worse Than Expected

This kid was doing pull-ups on a door frame in our woodshop and some of his friends thought it would be funny to place a pipe bender under his butt. When he finished his pull-ups and dropped off the frame, the pipe bender went straight up his butt and tore his rectum open. The kid didn't graduate because he spent so much time in the ER. Now he has to poop in a bag.

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35. Keeping Secrets

First, there was the German teacher (who was extremely hot) at my high school. He was married to an English teacher and decided to cheat. He decided to cheat with the cheerleading coach, who was also a teacher at the same school. Most teachers had student assistants, and the assistants very much liked German teacher. He had his computer connected to his phone.

The assistant to the German teacher saw risqué pics and text from the cheerleading coach, and she even took screenshots. The whole school knew before the English teacher. She found out in the middle of a class when she found a printout of the text. The teachers got divorced and the cheer coach also got dumped by her boyfriend. All three still work at the same school.

The second story involves a senior. There was a rumor circulating that she was pregnant. Well, she had clearly gained weight, but she didn't look pregnant. Her ex-boyfriend's mom brought it to the attention of the school, and she was able to provide a letter from a doctor stating she was not pregnant. The letter was actually required because she was supposed to go on a trip with her school choir group to Russia.

Lo and behold, once in Russia, she went to the doctor due to stomach pain. The stomach pain turned out to be full-blown labor, that resulted in a baby boy. It was a big mess. Her parents refused to fly out and our principal actually had to fly out to Russia since the rest of the group was supposed to fly out the day after she had given birth. It turns out the letter that she turned into school had been falsified by her mother, who was aware that her daughter was indeed pregnant.

The principal had to stay there with her and the baby until both were able to fly back and get the appropriate paperwork. Upon returning to school she was expelled, and the principal sued her and her parents for all expenses. Her mom's reasoning was that she was a senior and she wasn't going to miss the most important days of her life just because she was pregnant.

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36. Kisses! -A.

Super weird story, but some random Facebook account popped up threatening to attack the school if this one girl didn't fess up for something she had done. No one knew who it was, and the girl allegedly had no idea what she was supposed to fess up about. The threats continued, and the Facebook account started posting naughty videos/pictures they had taken, censoring the nakedness, but giving people an idea that there had been intimate contact with the girl.

The school ended up going on Christmas break like three days early while the school district tried to figure out how to move forward. There was a town hall meeting that a parent brought a piece to, which created quite a stir. Feds kept looking into it. Accusations were made, but each student was released on lack of evidence. The Facebook account progressed into basically taunting authorities that they couldn't catch him.

But then, it got even crazier. My wife and I were at Red Robin one night and the account posted that it heard the girl was at the mall across the street, and that a lot of people were about to lose their lives. From Red Robin, we watched the authorities converge onto the mall. The girl wasn't there, and neither was a guy with arms of any sort.

The Facebook account ceased activity at a certain point after an admission that he was some guy in Minnesota or something that just picked a random school, girl, and town to screw with. A few months ago, an arrest was finally made, and it was some dude in California. But man...it took forever for them to crack that case.

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37. The Mad Pooper Strikes

Someone took a massive poop in the boy’s bathroom. Like huge. Like so big that there is still a debate about whether or not the poop was actually human or if it was snuck in somehow. It was so notable that everyone from my consumer economics class got up individually to go to the bathroom and drop their jaw in awe at the absolute spectacle that was this poop.

Multiple jokes were made about it at school events, and to this day no one knows who did the poop.

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38. Theory Versus Practice

My school had a segregation day. We had a uniform that allowed red, white, or blue shirts. One day we get there and are told that blue shirts are for the privileged class, and everyone else was not to wear them. We had been told this was coming, but how until the day of. Blues got a better lunch, easier assignments, more free time, etc. Everyone else did not. I think they labeled water fountains and everything.

Anyone who complained enough got sent to detention, which had been made into Revolution Central. End of the day everyone in detention got to do a "march", basically parade around the school with signs and stuff. The parents were NOT pleased with all this. Especially the parents of the dozen or so kids who got beaten up over their color. Suffice to say, the experiment was not repeated.

There was also the time we made the news because every day one bus would literally block the main road the school was on to make it easier for the other buses to pull out.

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39. Caught Red Handed

When I was a sophomore at an all-girls boarding school, someone had taken my package from the school post office in a string of package thefts over the course of a week or so. My package was full of knitting supplies that I needed for a class to finish my final project. One day, I saw this notoriously weird girl knitting in the hallway. At first, I actually thought it was cool she picked up knitting.

But then I made a chilling realization. They were the same needles and yarn I had ordered. I went to her room and knocked on the door. The doors had fogged windows and old school latches without locks. It was typical to tap the latch and lean your head into each other’s rooms. As I looked in, I saw another project with the other yarn I ordered!

I came back later and she was there. I simply said, "Hey, look, I know you took my package. I really need it for class so if you give it back, I won't tell anyone you took it." She burst into tears and asked how dare I accuse her and that some friend sent her those knitting supplies. So, I said I'd have to report her and left.

During study hall that night, one of the dorm parents came to my room. She told me I was in trouble for accusing the girl of stealing and that I should be ashamed and apologize. I told her I was sure she had been responsible for stealing all the packages. I put together all my order info with photos and told them I saw her with all of it.

The next day, we were called to an all-school emergency assembly. The school dean announced that right then, while everyone was accounted for, they were doing "random" room searches. They searched her room first and found EVERYTHING. I mean every single thing that people were missing for the two years she was there.

She was hauled off to a locked room in the health center and sent away. The faculty had to pack her things and try to recover taken items, but most of it got thrown out. She had a collection of “toys” that she’d taken. One of the most remarkable finds was the credit card that belonged to another girl’s dad. She’d lifted it from his wallet over parents’ weekend.

She even took my Reuben sandwich from the hall fridge one time—this still ticks me off. She had a lot of compulsive disorders, apparently. Her roommate mysteriously left the school over Thanksgiving break and no one ever heard from her again. I'm pretty sure we know why now.

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40. The Last Straw

I was a teacher and a very good kid just got pushed to his limit by a mean teacher. He had been teased by this teacher for a couple of years; never did find out what was up with that. So the mean teacher says something to the kid, and the kid runs out to his car, grabs a crowbar, and comes in smashing all the glass he encountered. It was safety glass, but there were lots of shards anyway.

The kid tries to go after the teacher to end his life. He got trapped in the library (the classroom was located in a small classroom off the library) and I was right next door, keeping kids in their seats and unable to go to the bathroom for about 90 minutes. Authorities began arriving from all directions since we were right off two state highways.

State authorities, canine units, etc. The kid destroyed all this beautiful 1940s oak shelving, the teacher's desk, and anything that would break. His mom shows up and disarms him. The kid gets slammed on a stretcher and hauled off to the nearby AFB, where his dad worked. Not sure exactly what all happened there, but he got a lifetime ban from being at the high school and a serious restraining order from ever contacting or being near the mean teacher.

I liked the kid, never had one tiny bit of trouble with him. I saw him a couple of months later and asked him to please tell me if he was ever mad at me. He laughed. The kid was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder. He went on to be a good adult. He'd just kind of lost it that day.

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41. One With the Fish

There was this one kid who, I forget if it was during a class or not, started taking off all his clothes and then dove into the pool. A teacher saw him, got really mad, and started chasing him through the hallways—he’d gotten out of the pool once he realized a teacher was there. The guy slips, cuts his toe open, and continues to run through the hallways bleeding.

He gets caught in the office, and he was suspended for like two days.

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42. Hot for Teacher

One of the English teachers had been hooking up with a few select students every year. Most were football players. It got really weird. When I had her class, it wouldn’t be out of place if a student from another class asked to go to the bathroom and just went to her room to see her. One day some kid brought her a drink from McDonald’s because he was late to school and got breakfast.

It only came out because there was this one girl who was in an argument with her for some reason and said something along the lines of, “That’s why you screw your students!” The whole incident got brought up to the office and they interviewed everyone. They found out she’d done it with multiple students for the past few years.

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43. Le Boo

The French teacher kicked a girl that didn't leave his classroom fast enough. I was in the class during the incident. About two weeks after, and nothing was seemingly happening. Students were questioned, and a warning was given, but not much else. But one faithful day, the French teacher entered the lunch hall and some kids started booing him.

Quickly, others started to pitch in, and soon enough he had 1,400 high school kids booing him and throwing stuff at him. It was almost like the ending of Matilda, but even more grand. He quit shortly after.

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44. The Tiger Incident

We had several. The first was a girl who went to take her senior pictures with a tiger and ended up getting mauled. She ended up passing from the wounds, I think the tiger gauged her femoral artery. We live in a rural part of the Midwest, so the tiger thing was way out of left field. A few years later a Spanish class went to Costa Rica with the Spanish teacher for a senior trip and got caught up in an undertow.

I don't remember how many didn't make it back to shore, but at least two students drowned and the teacher lost his life trying to save one of them. We also had an explosive scare once, but it turned out to be a fake. For a rural school with only 500 students, these events really took their toll on the place.

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45. Banana Man Who?

Banana man. Literally a guy ran across the field during the middle of the homecoming football game in a banana suit. The fallout—and I’m not making a word of this stuff up—was a “Zero tolerance policy” for talking about the event, bananas themselves, and a ban on the color yellow altogether. It was the most glorious insanity I have ever witnessed.

High School Incident FactsWikimedia Commons, Derek Bridges

46. Briefs Off

A kid took a bunch of magic mushrooms and ran around the halls at lunch in his undies. A horde of campus security and coaches were chasing him until they cornered him on the bed of someone's truck. They were at a standoff and the kid was yelling, "Come any closer and the briefs come off.” A coach managed to sneak behind the kid from another parked truck and tackled him off.

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47. These Ain’t Pringles

A kid in the year above me decided, mid ICT lesson, that he needed to “drop the kids off at the pool.” The teacher wouldn’t let him go, so he decided to move to the back of the classroom and poop in an empty Pringles can. After dropping the log, he went around offering out “Pringles” to people. One kid stuck his hand in blind and got a handful of poop.

Somehow, it got worse. The kid was unsurprisingly ticked off, and threw the handful of poop at the kid who had the can. There was a whole fight and poop was thrown over the whole room. It all had to be industrially cleaned, and even after that, it still stank in there.

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48. Juuls are for Fools

From what I know, a package containing a bunch of fake IDs that were ordered by and to be distributed to dozens of students at our school was intercepted somehow. Our school was notified; two of the ringleaders (the people our classmates were ordering fake IDs through) were expelled, and various others were suspended.

Any students who offered to turn themselves in early were given a "lighter sentence" than the other students who waited for the administration to track them down. For some, it was a very frightening couple of weeks, but for us non-alcohol-drinking never-been-invited-to-a-party super-mega-virgins, it was quite the spectacle.

The other relevant incident happened more recently—this year, in fact. In the past couple of months, probably due to recent headlines, the administration has been cracking down hard on vaping on campus. All bathrooms (popular Juuling spots), for example, were fitted with frosted glass doors before the school year began, so teachers could spot smoke/any signs of suspicious activity from outside.

That didn't seem to deter very many people, though, and numerous students have already been suspended after being caught taking hits in bathrooms/practice rooms/wherever; some have even been expelled due to being repeat offenders. Honestly, it's one thing to slip up once, but getting caught on two separate occasions? I don't have much sympathy for those people.

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49. Can’t Take the Heat

One time this kid I was friends with brought this hot sauce called Da Bomb (1.5million Scoville units, hotter than oblivion) to high school and let a bunch of kids try it during lunch. I mean, at least 30 kids. Some kids really started freaking out because that stuff is ridiculously hot, like you’re supposed to add one or two drops to a big batch of chili to make it spicy.

Some were trying to show off. They took a swig of it and ended up vomiting everywhere from the heat/panic. Multiple kids had to go to the nurse and be sent home because they way overdid it, although I think most just really had no idea what a Scoville unit was or that they made hot sauce that was that ridiculously hot. It was chaos. I tried it as well, a dime-size amount, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything but chugging milk.

And I’m really good with spicy foods! Finally, the principal came on the intercom and said, “Whoever brought the hot sauce, please. Just stop.” My friend got into some pretty big trouble for that one.

High School Incident FactsFlickr

50. A Sad Waste

At my high school, seniors had to do a senior project. It can be anything really. Just plan it out and follow through. A very popular and well-liked senior made an end of day announcement that the next morning he'd be in the student parking lot working on it and needs as many other folks there as possible. The next day he drives into the student parking lot, sets up a tripod and a camera.

A large crowd gathered round, just about 30 minutes before the first bell. He hit record and thanked everyone for showing. Then he reached into his car, pulled out a piece, and ended his life before anyone could react. No one knows why. He was a great guy with a bright future. Never know what struggles others are going through. I think about it frequently and take that into consideration to try and be nice to others with random acts of kindness.

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51. If These Walls Could Talk

When I was in middle school one of my brothers’ friends that lived down the street went missing. She had an older boyfriend who also lived on the same street. He was allegedly the last person to see her and the story was that she had left his house late at night to walk home, and he never got the usual phone call that she got home safe.

After 24 hours of not hearing from her, he and her family filed a missing person. Eventually, the search parties stopped, the missing posters were taken down, and she was deemed as lost. Fast forward to a couple years later. The boyfriend had been moved out of the house for a while now, a new family moves in. The kids are playing in the woods behind the house, and they find her bones.

The skull was totally bashed in and a disturbing amount of her bones were broken. She was beaten to death. The worst part was the remains were no more than 6 feet from the house. I have no idea why the cops hadn't found them, but it really sparked a debate in our town about how serious our police force is.

Worst Thing to Happen in Hometown factsThe Guardian Nigeria

52. Post-Secondary Disappearance

A little over 10 years ago, a HS senior in my town went missing, they've never found him. Apparently, he was at a party just before graduation, got into a fight with his girlfriend, and left to walk home. They've extensively checked all the nearby woods, dredged the rivers and lakes, it even caught the attention of some TV "psychic." They found his car, abandoned, but no other sign of him.

The creepiest part is how everyone in my hometown still talks about it; My psych teacher in high school used his disappearance as an example when we discussed dissociative fugue states; the town is still plastered in MISSING signs; every year they go out and search again. I always wonder if it was suicide, an accident, foul play, or if he just took off across the country.

Worst Thing to Happen in Hometown factsCanal3

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