Teachers Share the Weirdest Objects They Have Ever Confiscated from Students

Christine Tran

Remember when schoolroom “contraband” meant comic books, slingshots, and other relics of childhood mischief? These teachers wish students just smuggled toys into class.

Reddit asked educators to share the quirkiest and most surprising objects ever found on their pupils. From full-blown weapons to just downright weird images, these items pushed the limits of what is “appropriate for the classroom.” Sneak around to these wild stories of the weirdest objects that teachers have confiscated from their students.

1. A More Horrific Toy Story

As a principal, I once confiscated three voodoo dolls that I instantly recognized as three jerk students. They had been picking on this sophomore girl. And she decided to fight back with what she knew. And she wasn’t some innocent kid. She was as strange as three cans of chicken feed. I always wondered after that day if she ever made one of those things of me.


2. Too Little to Watch That

I teach little ones, so nothing nearly as risqué as some of the others in this thread. I’ve confiscated handcuffs, a wrench, baby bottles, and a variety of bugs and small animals the kiddos caught out at recess. A colleague confiscated an, um, adult movie from a five-year-old. The kid didn’t know what it was (didn’t even know that it was a videotape or anything about it).

It just “looked cool” (the tape itself; he didn’t know of the content).


3. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

I taught English in South Korea for a year. One time I caught a kid doing the old “comic book inside a textbook” routine. I was surprised. I didn’t know kids did that. After laughing I confiscated his comic book.


4. The Song That Never Stops

In music class, this kid pulls out a matchbox car and starts playing. Teacher takes it, turn around places it on piano, turns back. He’s already gotten the next one out of his pocket and it back to playing. So, she took it again. Rinse repeat. Funniest thing ever to an eight-year-old; we laughed so freaking hard.


5. A Seriously Cheesy Addiction

Didn’t confiscate anything, but I’m a sub. A few weeks ago, I was at a rough school and I heard one kid whisper to another kid, “Hey I’d like to place an order.” Shoot. So, I’m keeping an eye on him, and then another kid says, “Oh yeah, I need some too.” I ask them what they’re doing. The kid taking the orders says, “Pizza.” Sure…anyways, I continue to eavesdrop.

At one point, he’s on his iPad and I sneak behind him to see what he’s looking at. He is straight-up on the Domino’s website. I guess he had just gotten a job there and was using his discount or something, which I’m pretty sure his boss wouldn’t be happy with, but it wasn’t what I thought it was.


6. Looking for Love in the Wrong Places

I had to confiscate an 11th grader’s laptop because she was going to, ehm, mature-themed chatrooms during class. Specifically, ones for married men looking to chat with young girls. Yeeeeeah. Then, after she wasn’t allowed to bring her laptop or phone to school anymore, she later got banned from school Chromebooks for doing it again.

She was not very bright.


7. Clucking Off in Class

It wasn’t exactly a confiscation. Some of my students thought it would be a good idea to bring me two chickens. Two live chickens. They knew my daughter had a pet duck that had recently died, so this was their idea to help us get past the grief. I had to keep them in a carrier in my classroom closet in the dark just so they would be quiet (the chickens, not the kids).

By the end of the day, I found a kid with a grandmother who had a farm. She took the chickens home.


8. Show & Tell Is Going to be The Bomb

When teaching Pre-K, I had to confiscate a grenade. There was very serious confusion and terror when I saw him and told my aid that Timmy is holding a grenade. It went like this: “What do you have their buddy?” He tells me excitedly that it’s a grenade! I asked him where he got it and he said he found it in the trees by his house. You know, as you do in Midwest America, just find grenades in the trees. I made him give it to me immediately.

It turned out to be hollowed out and I believe it was a WWII pineapple grenade. His mom called maybe four hours later to tell us, “Uh hey, I forgot to mention, Timmy wanted to bring his grenade to school. You can just put it in his cubby.” She also explained that he just found it. I still can’t believe that happened. How do you just find a grenade?

Why do you let your child bring it to school? So many other questions.


9. You’re Shedding Me?

Not confiscated but actually given as a gift. A bag of her hair. A bag of every strand of hair she’s had cut since birth.


10. To Be or Not to Be? That is The Probably Legal Question

Not a teacher but a kid brought a human skull to school. I think the teacher just had a conversation with him about it. The skull was real. The kid was a baddie. His folks were more likely meth cooks than doctors. It didn’t get donated. The school in question was near a rural mountain area where a lot of people lived who wanted to be left alone.

The provenance of the skull was, at the most conservative, dubious.


11. You’ve Just Been Chopped

My father took a cleaver off a student. My dad was doing lunch duty and saw the kid open his jacket and motion his buddies to have a look. It turns out, there was going to be a fight after school. My dad knew the kid and asked him to step out into the hallway. He got the cleaver off the kid and took him to the principal’s office.

I’m not sure what his punishment was, but it was pre-Columbine so who knows…


12. Leave the Snow Outside

I’m not a teacher, but when I was in HS, one of the teachers saw a kid snorting coke off his desk. Came by slammed his hand on his desk and said “No!” Told him to stay after class. Instead of reporting him to the principal and messing up his life, he threw away what was left in the baggy and basically told the kid he shouldn’t do drugs and “Don’t ever bring this garbage into my classroom again.”


13. The Sweet Smell of Success

A can of Axe. Only because he sprayed another student with it. And to be fair to the student doing the spraying, the other student had gym class the previous period and had not changed out or showered. He did smell, in the words of the Axe-spraying student, “like a dead rotting moose.” But after the spraying, he smelled like a dead rotting moose that had been sprayed with Axe body spray. It was not an improvement.

This happened in the same the classroom where someone once optimistically hung up a green apple scented Wunderbaum. That also did not help.


Teacher Confiscated FactsPixabay

14. More Than Meets the Eye

The naked lady booby lighter!!! Kid was in the seventh or eighth grade in an alternative school setting. He was always sneaking stuff in his pockets and getting it taken up. We are walking to lunch and my assistant stops suddenly. He comes back with a metal naked woman torso in his hand…you could press one boob and the flame came out of the other.

It was FANTASTIC!!! It was super popular in the office for the few days until the kid’s mom came to pick it up. She was really glad to get “family heirloom” back…


15. One Way to Group Chat…

Not a teacher but someone who helps fifth graders adapting to their new school. We usually are a team of five or six older pupils who look after one class. Anyways, one day one of these kids wasn’t paying attention to us and constantly playing with something under his desk. I then took it and it was two phones tied together back to back with rubber bands.

To this day I don’t know what this construction was for.


16. This Prose is The Real Obscenity

When I was in school my English teacher confiscated 50 Shades of Grey off another pupil during our silent reading time. We would have been in grade seven or eight at the time. My classmate, who was the dumbass class clown, tried to kick off about it and asked the teacher why it being taken away and the teacher calmly said: “I’m *not* letting you read that, it’s terribly written. It’s as if it’s been written by someone on a train.”


17. He Really Went Fast (Outta There)

Student here. Not really confiscated, but it was pretty funny. This happened back in year seven (aged 10-11). One of my friends named Saim regularly printed off pictures of attractive women and Sonic the Hedgehog. He would take them home and do lord knows what with them. Anyway, it was lunchtime, so me and my friends went to the computer room. Saim decided to use this time to print off a picture of a very busty woman wearing a bikini. By the way, this classroom was very open. I do not know how he managed to not get caught.

Turns out, the assistant principal was standing next to the printer and noticed the picture. I remember we were quietly laughing and telling Saim he is so screwed. She held up the picture in front of the room and asked who printed the pic off. Everyone in the room began to snicker to the point where she too tried to hold back a laugh.

No one claimed responsibility, but eventually, a new rule was put up. Those who print off pictures of a sexual nature and are caught would have to do reception duty. Saim survived that event. Sadly, he disappeared in eighth grade. Never to be seen by me or my friends again. This was about 6-7 years ago.


18. A Star Is Born (and Snuffed)

My best friend in junior high decorated the inside of his locker with a ton of pentagrams, and when a teacher saw it she freaked out and pulled him into the office, got the principal and called his parents. My best friend was also kind of a chicken. We loved watching scary movies and reading horror novels and that kind of thing, but it was not without some consequences, like being awake for days and terrified of our own shadows for a while.

As everyone was grilling him, his mom says he just clammed up and refused to say a word. Eventually, that made the grown-ups even angrier, and they demanded that he explain himself. Was he trying to summon demons or worshipping the devil? They eventually broke him and he spilled it. He wanted to give the impression that he was edgy and cool and into dark magic, but he was too afraid that it would work by accident.

So instead of using pentagrams, he used a bunch of Star of Davids. Sure enough, the principal marched them all to his locker, the teacher calling him a liar the whole way. When they arrive and open the locker wide, they find not a shrine to the dark prince, but of the iconic Jewish Symbology. Everyone was too hysterical to really keep a stern tone, and he was let off the hook.

I think they still made him take it down though.


19. Plastic or It Didn’t Happen

There was a horrid smell coming from an area known as “the dungeon” (just rows of lockers), so the principal and two teachers (lucky me) had to do a locker inspection. All the students had to open their lockers so we could check them. We get to one locker and the kid is sweating bullets. He asks us not to inspect his but of course, we do. He opens his locker (looks normal), and after the other teacher rummages through it a bit, he pulls out a bag, looks inside and starts gagging.

The student (16 years old) had a shopping bag FULL of used condoms. He told us that he kept them as proof to show people that he had an active sex life. For the record, he never had a girlfriend and was pretty nerdy.


20. Let’s Call It Chekov’s Cosmetic Tool

Warning: Nail clippers with intent to stab. I teach fourth grade. My third year teaching, I had this girl in my class from Saudi Arabia. The first few months in my class, she was very quiet and reserved, but as the year went on, she opened up and quickly became one of my favorite students. She was funny and sarcastic, and she started playing with us at recess.

I always play football with my students. and she was great at juking kids out. She was great at making a quick cut and getting away from everybody and just burning them with her speed. So, one day we are out playing and there is a third-grade class out at recess. This one kid asks if he can play and I tell him sure. My Saudi Arabian girl jukes him out once and scores and it gets this third grader cheesed off.

I tell him to cool it and that we’re just playing for fun. Her team gets the ball again eventually and I throw it to her, she jukes the kid and scores again. He runs up to her and then she runs over to me and she looks horrified. She tells me that the little boy just pulled a knife on her and told her that if she juked him out again that he was going to stab her in the throat.

I am a male, but if anyone messes with my students, I go full on mama bear mode. So, I immediately yell “HEY!” and start marching over to this third grader. He takes off running over to the table where his jacket is and picks it up. His teacher is staring at me confused and I start interrogating him. He tells me that he didn’t tell her that, that she’s lying and that he doesn’t have anything. He empties his pockets for us and says he doesn’t have anything. I notice he’s holding his jacket pretty tight, so we tell him to give it us.

He starts bawling and hands his jacket to us. He had torn a hole in the interior lining and had hidden a pair of nail clippers. We showed them to my student, and she said that he had pulled out the filer that had a hook on the end and that is what he had threatened her with. Our SRO was called, and he got taken into custody and was expelled from school.

Blew my mind that this third grader was going to try to shank my student because she was faster than him. I miss that girl; she went back to Saudi Arabia at the end of the year. I think about her now and then and hope she’s doing okay.


21. Some Adult Content Is More Worth Observing Than Others

There was a girl in my English class who always drew big breasted anime girls in her notebook. I’d be grading essays and then open up her notebook, and BAM some random waifu would be popping out at me. One day I noticed she was distinctly shielding her notebook from my eyesight as I walked around the class. I figured she was drawing something dirty again and just decided to ignore it. I’d deal with it at the end of class.

The bell rang and I called her over and was going to talk to her about how it was inappropriate and that I had seen everything she had been doodling. Except for this time, it wasn’t a doodle. It was a suicide note. It was written to a bunch of random kids on Instagram, who were evidently her only friends. She had never even met them.

Well we had a long talk about how she mattered, and it was unfair to take herself away from those who cared about her. I pointed out that a boy in the class had an obvious crush on her. And that people thought she was cool because she always dressed goth and kept to herself. I referred her to the counselor. She ended up dating the boy who had a crush on her and passing my class.

Haven’t seen her in years but I hope she’s doing well.


22. Leave the Curiosity on Your Home Computer

Worked at a school with children with additional needs. All of the students had their own iPad that they took home with them to assist with communication and learning. One day, I was going through the iPad of a student with pretty severe needs. No connection to the world around them, non-verbal, very smart but disinterested in most things except playing games on the iPad and watching kids’ videos in Spanish (child’s family spoke English).

So I’m deleting old photos of their work to make room for new apps. Come across pictures of student’s older brother (11-13 yo) bent over spreading his ass cheeks to show a full close up view of his anus. They were very clearly selfies that he had taken using the timer (there were about 15 of the photos, obviously trying to get a clearer picture at a better angle).

It was decided with leadership to let the parents know, delete the images, and to lock the camera app in restrictions on the iPad so that photos couldn’t be taken. I can understand the child’s interest; just wanted to know what it looked like I guess. On a lighter note, the same day as I was deleting things, I found videos of the brother recording his own toy review videos and interviewing the other siblings about their favorite toys, which was pretty cute.


23. A Day in the Life Is Weird to Everyone Else

In grade school, I had two really close friends named Juan and Nick. The three of us were really close and bonded of our shared nerdy interests of reading, Star Wars, and The Simpsons. We also really enjoyed drawing. I don’t remember how it started exactly, but we ended up making this notebook that we passed back and forth between us.

It was a comic about a guy named Tom and his cat. We would each take turns doing a strip of a few panels and then hand it over. The comic was about the everyday life of Tom and it was extremely mundane. It was things like Tom tries to decide on a shirt or Tom dropped the cat food on the floor. It was really dumb stuff, but the three of us found it so hilarious because we were weird kids.

One day our teacher caught us with the notebook and confiscated it from us. She never said a word about it, but I bet when she looked through that thing, she probably thought it was the weirdest freaking thing ever, especially since we were laughing hysterically at it when she took it from us.


24. Metal Doesn’t Mix with Everything

My welding professor in high school nearly murdered our class after he found a water bottle full of vodka in the garbage after class. The kid had been drinking while welding and the teacher in the next class reported that the kid was beginning to appear drunk. Drinking in school is dumb. Drinking while operating dangerous equipment is just flat out stupid.


25. Ice, Ice Baby

Not a teacher, but in high school I needed dry ice for a project. I brought in a big block of it wrapped up in a paper bag. Apparently, a large, smoking object in the lunchroom is “concerning” and “potentially dangerous” and they confiscated it until I got to class.


26. Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

When I was in (Catholic) high school, I had a book on witchcraft confiscated from me. Not because it was about witchcraft, but because I was reading it during study hall and the teacher informed me, and a few others, that non-school books couldn’t be read during study hall. My wife, a teacher, once confiscated a volunteer fire department pager from a 14-year-old who had just signed up with his local VFD.

Good for him, of course. But he had no need for the thing during the day and it was the kind of pager that didn’t just beep but could play radio traffic. Had a voice feature. So randomly throughout the day, you’d hear this thing shriek followed by a dispatcher. Refused to turn it off. Refused to stop bringing it to school.

He was 14 years old. He wasn’t ever going to leave school for a fire emergency. He had no need for it there. Still, he dug in his heels that he needed it and that he was somehow legally entitled to it. Threatened my wife that the “fire police” were going to come and arrest her for her illegal seizure of official equipment.

In reality, he got some serious counseling from school and parents and the fire department took away his pager until he got older. For those not in the know, in my state, the “fire police” are a unit within (I believe only) volunteer fire departments. Their primary job is to direct traffic during emergencies. They have super limited peace officer authority (to allow them to direct traffic). I suppose in a weird situation where a person refused to stay back, one of these folks could arrest them.

In reality, fire police are very often the volunteer firefighters who cannot, often for physical reasons, actually fight fires. They don’t come charging into schools to arrest people for confiscating pagers from children. Also, and I cannot emphasize this enough, except in very rare exceptions volunteer fire companies are privately incorporated entities that contract with a municipality to provide fire service. They are very rarely government agencies themselves.

So, there is no “you stole gummint property” at play here.


27. It’s a Family Business

Teacher here. I confiscated weed during my first year of teaching which, admittedly, isn’t too terribly odd. The odd part was that it was in an old pill bottle with the words, “Weed. For Use By Student’s Name,” and then, under that, it was signed by his mom. We clearly brought the mom in to pick him up/deal with the paperwork and the police and she did confirm that she gave him the weed to “cool him down” during the school day.

She was selling the kid’s actual medication on the side and explained to us, the school officials and the officer, that “weed basically did the same thing as his drugs so, like, whatever.” It was one of the most surreal moments of my life because she just couldn’t understand what she had done wrong or why the officer was arresting her.


28. My First Catapult

I’m a student. Me and my friends thought it was a good idea to make a slingshot-type thing and shoot it at each other using it. It was made with a binder a rubber band and really sharp pencils. We even shot nails and other found items. We got found on lunch recess shooting at each other. Got it taken away and dismantled.

We just made more.


29. Don’t Forget to Pack Your Heat

My mum is British and back in the 70s, she did Camp USA, where she was a camp counselor in California. So, she’s setting up some kids in their cabin and she notices a toy gun in amongst some clothes. So, she picks it up and thinks, “Huh, that’s really heavy.” Yeah, not a toy. Real. First time my mum ever saw a gun. Apparently, she freaked out, but the councilors said it wasn’t loaded or anything, so they just confiscated it and gave it back at the end of the kid’s stay.

To this day I have no understanding of why you’d send a child to camp with a handgun in amongst their underwear.


30. The Cutting Edge of Interrogation Techniques

Back in middle school, eighth grade, we had a sub in US history, and he said do whatever you guys want; he won’t tell. Kid pulls out a knife and is doing tricks and throwing it until it got lodged in the chalkboard. Sub sees this and calls the main office. They arrive with police officers. No one is saying anything because where I lived you get beaten up or isolated from the rest for saying the truth.

It was a waiting game, but when the bell rang for lunchtime, as everyone was getting tense, one of the staffers saw me sitting in the back and said, “Hey, he’s my helper during lunch. I trust him, you can let him go.” I got to leave, but when lunch was over, I went to PE and the kid who had the knife wasn’t there. Apparently, near the end of lunch, everyone stayed quiet until the principal said that she would have to take everyone and charge them with possession of a weapon.

The kid who had the knife confessed and cops arrested him. They found matches, a lighter, weed, and a couple of tiny Jack Daniel’s bottles on him.


31. Way Happens at Home Stays at Home

I took a (14-year-old) student’s phone once because he had it out in class, violating our policy. I was planning on giving it back at the end of the day, but needed to not have it go off, so I looked to see if it was on. All that I saw was a reminder in all caps—with a bevy of salacious emojis—”DONT FORGET TO LICK [girl’s name] TOES NEXT TIME WE HOOK UP.”

I could barely look at him when I handed it back and asked him to turn it off. I have yet to forget. I probably never will. A small, oversexed, potty-mouthed, hyperactive little turd. The least respite would be if he had punctuated the reminder properly, but no luck. A week later, we were writing letters of gratitude. I saw his started with “Dear [girl’s name].” I congratulated him on deciding to write a letter to his girlfriend.

He said, “No. That’s to my sister.” Greater than my hope that he learns to use apostrophes properly, my hope is that he is just a pervy little liar. Otherwise, incest.


32. Just a Friendly Prick

Back in high school, this girl brought a needle to school and was walking around the halls poking people with it. It was confiscated, obviously, they were able to determine that it had not been used by her to inject herself, or anyone else, with anything. They did have to go around and find everyone that had been poked though, to make sure no one had any diseases.


33. Ink Should be Consensual

I remember when I was in middle school, a fellow eighth grader’s dad was a tattoo artist. Somehow, this kid had managed to bring his dad’s tattoo equipment to school. It was confiscated when he tried to tattoo another kid while his friends held the kid down. Petty sure it was going to be a forced tattoo, but a teacher was walking by and heard the screams and stopped it.


34. Their Revenge Went Up in Flames

My two female classmates had a nice idea to bring matches and rubbing alcohol to school in eighth grade. They had a plan to lure a bully girl to a secluded area outside the school, pour bottles of rubbing alcohol on her from a tree and light her on fire. The only reason they got caught is that instead of leaving their backpacks in their classroom for an assembly, they brought them to the assembly room and some kid tried going through them to steal from them.

They didn’t confess when they were caught; not until like two or three years later.


35. Can’t Contain This Kind of Trauma

Not my story, but my psychology teacher used to work with underprivileged kids. He says he was told when he started to never look up the kids he worked with, because very few times would he find a happy ending. One student, maybe 6-8 years old, really enjoyed his class and gave him a jar as a gift. What’s in the jar? Jelly? Jam? No.

The teacher noticed cuts all over the boy’s arms and slowly puts the jar down. It was full of old/new blood. Completely filled. He figures that the kid saw it as a part of him and probably saw it as something very symbolic and meaningful. The teacher’s a great person; I imagine he just got a counselor and had an ambulance check the kid out and dispose of the jar.

The kid’s mother was also a drug addict.


36. Excuse Me for Doing My Homework

A student came running to me during a break once and wanted to drag me to a class to show me something. I went along and once there, he directed me to a student’s desk. There was an open notebook lying on the desk, detailing my full name, birth date, address, license plate, and other insane stuff. We immediately took her to the office after she returned, police were called; they confiscated her phone.

She had an entire album titled “teachers” or “professors” (don’t remember), and quite literally every single teacher she had had was in there. I was in four pictures, some of which she took secretly in class. The others were really old pics from my old Facebook. Was a bit creeped out, to be honest.


37. This Excuse Holds No Water, But Your Mom Does

My dad (who is a teacher) has taken pepper spray away from a student. The stupid kid had sprayed it all over the boy’s restroom. Another thing that happened was the one kid who brought vodka in a water bottle. They called his mother; she came to school. They showed her the bottle and asked her if they should call the police.

She grabbed it, drank ALL of it, said, “You have nothing to prove now,” and left. Being a teacher must be nice.


38. It’s Completely Natural to Smell Curious

Camp counselor here. We have permission to go through bags to confiscate prohibited items like food and electronics and knives. One girl had a Tupperware full of what looked like the oldest peanut butter imaginable smeared all over it. I brought it to my coworkers, and we all tried to smell it, but it smelled different to all of us.

Literally no clue what this stuff was. Asked the girl about it one day and she goes “ummm thats my plant” like it’s obvious. Apparently, it was some kind of fungus or algae to apply to sunburns. It’s in the woods. They can’t keep food on them because of bears and other wildlife. We aren’t starving them, I promise.


39. Growing Up Too Fast

A bottle of passionfruit lube brought in by a four-year-old, making all her friends smell her “fruity hand cream.” Poor mama must have had a long night and mixed up her eczema cream. Also, not a confiscation, but when my four/five-year-olds were getting changed for PE, a little girl opened her bag and out fell a bunch of very sexy lingerie. 10 minutes later at the window, I have a very red Mum with the correct kit in hand saying she mixed up the dry cleaning with the daughters PE kit. I pretended I hadn’t seen.

Also, a brick decorated with hentai in the locker of a 14-year-old boy…he was very different that kid. When I asked him why he brought it in, he said: “For the skulls of my enemies.” He didn’t have friends, but not because he was odd (even the odd kids hated his guts). It was because he was horrible and obnoxious to everyone.

I worked on his social skills with him for a loooong time and allowed him to run a Manga club in my classroom Friday lunchtimes (whilst I was in there). He made friends in the end and had a much nicer life since that club. He’s a happy 18-year-old now with a girlfriend and kid 🙂 Having a kid at 16 was the norm in the deprived area we were in, so him having a family, his own place, and a job he enjoys is good.

He messages me on Facebook every now and then to check in and tell me how his life is…just because that’s not happiness to some of you, please do not dump on his.


40. Do You Like Red Ink?

When I was in middle school, we were forbidden to take writing utensils into the bathrooms because of a graffiti issue, so of course, we couldn’t take in our backpacks. Lucky me realized I had started my period in the middle of history. I very sneakily reached my hand in my bag, grabbed a tampon, and placed it in my pocket.

I walked to the back of the room to ask the teacher to go to the restroom and he laughed and said, “I saw you reaching in your bag. Hand over the marker and I’ll let you go.” After a moment of silence, I pull out the tampon and place it in his outstretched hand. He stares at it for a second before handing it back and quickly motioning towards the door.

I’ll never forget his face lol.


41. Not a Good Likeness

A drawing of me, laying on my back on the floor, with knives sticking out of my chest/stomach. Him standing over me with a couple classmates with smiles on their faces. Very clearly my classroom. That, paired with the “Kill Mrs. BasketballShooter Club” oath he’d written about killing me and “having no mercy.” Fun times.


42. The Spark is Mightier Than the Pen

It came to the staff’s attention that someone was selling fireworks to the pupils (secondary school so these kids were 12-18 years old) after some genius let one off in the playground. Naturally this was a tad concerning. We’d finally got a lead on a kid who we thought was doing it. So, we pulled the kid into the Pastoral Care base, where the form tutors basically live.

Since we had basically nothing to go on but rumors that it was this kid, we just plainly said, “We know what you’ve been doing.” This kid just erupts into tears. Like we’re talking hysterical sobbing, you would have thought he was being put to death. Through his sobs, he’s saying, “Sorry, it was me.” So, he chucks his bag onto the desk and unzips it.

Out rolls at least 30 clicker pens of varying colours, sizes and brands. So naturally, we all just stare at each other, confused as all hell. Apparently, this kid was buying pens from a local supermarket and selling them on at a marked-up price to the kids who always forgot their pens. Pretty smart if you ask me.

We never caught the kid who was selling the fireworks but funnily enough once people started getting pulled into offices, all the fireworks magically disappeared.


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Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s First Wife Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s First Wife

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