Students Share Their Most Insane “Well That Happened” Moments

Dylan Fleury

Crazy things are bound to happen in school. Unless you were homeschooled, every student has experienced a moment during their education where they just shook their head and said, “well, that happened.” The following 44 stories from Reddit vary greatly, but they all take place in the same setting with the same general premise—something wild, stupid, crazy or unexplainable happened at their school.

1. Cheese It!

At my school we sometimes have drug dogs come and check the lockers. They always announce it like “Teachers, please do not let students leave the classroom for the next bit of time.” Everyone knows what it means and one kid in my class grabbed his bag and jumped over three desks and ran out of the classroom. Turns out he was an entrepreneur of sorts.


2. Lesson Learned in the Worst Way

I had a night class that was once a week and it began at five. Living far away from class and always running in between work and school I tended to make it to class right on time or a couple of minutes late. One evening, I was later than usual, about thirty minutes. As I walked in the teacher was just wrapping up a mock interview group project.

After the assignment was over the teacher asked, “What have you guys learned from these interviews?” One girl raised her hand, looked at me and said, “Well, I’ve learned that it’s important to show up on time.” All of the students—teacher included—looked at me and laughed.

Jemmia, Sophomore

3. You Saw Nothing

In high school physics, we were waiting for the teacher to show up, and another physics teacher from another class comes in with a bowling ball, and says, “Do you guys think I can dribble this?” Everyone just kind of looks at him incredulously, and he begins to repeatedly and heavily strong-arm the bowling ball into the floor hard enough for it to rebound high enough that he can keep the momentum going.

People start to laugh, but then after about five or six bounces, the ball splits in half as it hits the floor. He quickly scoops up the halves, holds a conspiratorial finger to his lips, and shuffles out the door. About 15 seconds later, our physics teacher comes in, looks at the few dusty chips of bowling ball on the floor, and asks, “What was all that noise? What’s this mess on the floor?”


4. Double Dare

In a full auditorium, a random guy from a higher year entered. He yelled “LADIES, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU,” and then proceeded to take off his shirt and trousers—his boxers still on luckily. He then flexed his biceps and did different poses in front of hundreds of students sitting there not knowing how to react. He then left, saying “sorry to bother you” to the lecturer. Oh well.

Apparently, his friends bet him to do this.


5. Unexpected Guests

So, at my high school graduation—all-girls school—two boys from the local boys’ school ran onto the stage in masks and trench coats, stripped to the blue speedos they were wearing, and shouted, “Welcome to the real world ladies!” then ran off stage. I only recognized one because he went shirtless at Ultimate Frisbee practice a lot, and he had a significant amount of chest hair.


6. Healthy Snack

There was a guy who sat in the front row of one of my classes when I was in community college. He would just bring in fresh vegetables and eat like squash and cauliflower raw during class.


7. Cheating Knows No Age

I was in a college class last semester. I’m in my early 30s so I definitely wasn’t the youngest student but I wasn’t the oldest either. There was a guy in his 60s in the class too. All semester he was super serious and studious. He always did like thrice the amount of work expected. He wrote a 15-page report when all that was expected was like five.

Finals roll around and during the test our professor steps out of the class for a minute. As soon as she’s gone, old dude gets up and starts asking people for answers on the test. It’s always the person you least expect.


8. Beautifully Gross

We had a kid in elementary school that could puke almost on demand, so one day he decided he wanted to throw up a rainbow. He ate an entire giant-sized bag of Skittles and we spun him around on the metal carousel thing until we saw his expression change. We all ran for cover, and a few seconds later, he did a glorious technicolor yawn that got that “ride” closed down for about a week.


9. Inappropriately Polite

Go into the bathroom and open the door. The professor is there on the toilet…We make eye contact and I freeze. He slowly reaches for the handle to close the door, so naturally, I shake his hand because I’m an idiot.


10. Everyone Has a Breaking Point

Back in eighth grade, we had this really cool and chill US History teacher. He never raised his voice and he was pretty laid back about class and work. He taught in a storytelling kind of manner, and I don’t remember ever annotating any document in his class. Well, we had that one kid. In this story, I’m gonna call him “Jim.”

Jim was always late to class and never turned stuff in. He was that one really cringey kid that everyone either hated or pitied. My teacher never got really fed up with him, but would always show his distaste for him in his facial expressions. My teacher normally would pull him aside to talk to him about his tardiness or missing assignments. Jim would say he would be earlier/do the assignments, but he of course never did.

One day, Jim walks in late again. My teacher is about to start teaching when he turns and sees Jim walking in. Well, this time, my teacher wasn’t so happy about it. It was the middle of the school year, and my teacher must have gotten so fed up with Jim at that point. My teacher yells Jim’s name at the top of his lungs.

He normally had a booming voice, but when he yelled it amplified a hundred times over. The ground literally shook when he yelled, and I’m sure they could hear him from downstairs at the other end of the school—our school wasn’t that small either. For the rest of the class period—about 30 minutes—it was literally dead silent. Everyone was still kind of shocked from it.


11. Just Play It Cool

Man, I had a ringtone for a girl and she blew me up in Finance class, so loud. It was Beyonce yelling “I’m a, I’m a-a diva (hey), I’m a, I’m a-a diva”. Super mortified, I tried to keep it cool—since my phone was in my little messenger bag—by acting like it wasn’t me, but it kept ringing and then the ENTIRE class, instructor included, turns towards me and maintained their stares as I pull out my phone in slow motion and killed the volume.

Well, I did learn that day that a Diva is a female version of a hustler.

Bee, Alumni

12. Caught Off Guard

Had a guy fall asleep in my philosophy class last semester. This guy was sitting in the row right in front of me. So our professor, who was a pretty funny guy, came and sat in the chair right next to the sleeping guy and continued the lecture. Eventually, the professor asked the sleeping kid for his thoughts on whatever the topic was before holding the mic to the kid’s face.

The laughter of the class woke the kid up and he goes “Oh, what the heck!”


13. Group Work

Back in secondary school, one of my classes got in trouble because other people wouldn’t stop clapping. I can’t remember why everyone started clapping, but either way, the teacher said that there was plenty of time to clap during our lunch break and issued detention to all of us. Come lunch break, we were all standing in the classroom clapping and laughing away. We still call it The Clappening to this day.


14. Heavy Sleeper

My history teacher in high school would keep lecturing and start drawing with the whiteboard marker on kids that fell asleep in his class. One time he managed to color half of a kid’s face before he woke up.


15. Clever but Crude

I took Business English my senior year of high school and we had to do a presentation on a made up business. Two kids did a presentation on a frozen yogurt place that was like a “make your own yogurt” thing. You would squeeze the flavors and stuff out of fake cow udders…”Straight from the Teet,” was the name of their business.

It was a long day.


16. Last Words

On the last day of school, the entire high school goes into the theater for an assembly. Then the entire grade presents the students that are leaving, and for every person that is leaving, a friend of theirs will walk up with a microphone and state why they will miss them, their achievements, etc. In our school year, this kid—let’s call him John—was a complete jerk.

John treated everyone badly and smoked in school, etc. Rumor has it that he was asked to leave at the end of the year and that he was pretty much expelled. But he was still presented by his friend in front of the whole high school. When his friend finished talking, he grabbed the microphone, pointed to our principal, and shouted in it, “I’m glad that I’m leaving this school, as I’ll never ever have to see your stupid face again.” Then he gave the mic to his friend and left via backstage.

Everyone was at this assembly, from Grade 9 to Grade 12. Every teacher, counselor, even the principal and the director of the school was there. There was a huge gasp and everyone was completely silent for the next 30 seconds. Then the next people who were leaving walked up to the stage. So, yeah, that happened.


17. Three Times the Fun

I went to a small college and our classroom sizes were very small—15 to 25 people—so we got to know everyone pretty well. There was this one guy who came in so stoned that he fell off his chair. Thankfully the prof was relatively chill so she let him go home. Not my story but my friend told me how on the first day of class, during introductions and icebreakers, this girl got up and ran toward the door.

She didn’t make it and threw up all over the place, looked around her and, completely horrified, left the class. She came back for her stuff later. Also, another time, my professor knew I was turning 21 the night before and when I came in the next morning, completely hungover and dead, he and the whole class applauded me. It was nice.


18. Fake Prop Gun

Reminds me when my school went into lockdown because a student was caught on camera carrying a shotgun. SWAT came in a few hours later and found the student hiding with everyone else, unaware that he was the reason for the lockdown. His shotgun was a photography tripod. We’re a school that specializes in media, known for our animation, photography, and film programs.


19. Knowledge From YouTube

Kids were messing with the math teacher, and they told her, “Miss, I watched a very interesting video, and it turns out the Earth is actually flat.” Teacher gets so mad she turns red and goes, “There are thousands of years of research proving otherwise, but you believe ONE dumb video?” So, the matter settles down, and she was talking to another kid about satellites and the moon when a guy at the back screams, “The moon landing was FAKE!”

The teacher screamed “SHUT UP!!” so loud, the class next door heard it.


20. Patriot Act

In the largest lecture hall on campus, there’s a large reproduction of George Washington crossing the Delaware hanging above a door. One afternoon during my class in said room, some guy dressed entirely in red, white, and blue with an eagle mask walked in, saluted the painting and exited.


21. Life Lesson From the Second Story

I remember being maybe in the second grade and this one kid in our class kept yelling stuff through the window at some 10th or 11th grader that was outside. Our window was easy to climb in and out of, as it wasn’t placed at a high level from the ground.

The dude that was standing outside got annoyed with him, I guess, and just JUMPED on the window stool—which was pretty wide—and said something along the lines of “you kids should not be saying things like this, I’m older and won’t do anything but someone in this life will at some point if you keep this behavior.”

Then he went back to his friends or whatever like nothing out of the ordinary happened. Our whole class of second graders was shocked.


22. In the Nick of Time

In high school this big—in size—metalhead was always late for the first class period of the day. The teacher was a real laid-back kind of guy and had a flowing sort of teaching style.

He really didn’t mind, but one day he got annoyed because he knew the reason. He told the girl to get to class on time. There was a little back and forth as this metalhead attempted to bluff/lie her way into some type of excuse. The teacher wasn’t having it and said that she had to get to class on time, once.

He said, “you have to do it once. If you don’t get to this class on time tomorrow, then you’re going to have to stay after school for detention.” There was more back and forth as the metalhead attempted to determine the seriousness of this threat. It seemed pretty serious. The teacher said he’d make the kid help clean the classroom.

The next morning we’re all in there, the bell rings and the teacher opens his mouth to speak. Suddenly, from the hallway is the thunderous sound of someone wearing heavy boots running down it towards the room. Accompanying this is a deep-throated scream, “Nooooooooo!” The teacher looks at the class in shock as the door flies open and there is one last thunderous clap from a boot being stomped as the metal head enters the room. Out of breath, this girl casually walks to her seat and says in her deep, raspy voice, “I don’t know what they’re screaming about out there.”

I doubt that anyone else in the school could have yelled like that.


23. Stinky Situation

Kid comes into science class in the morning not looking too good. Substitute teacher doesn’t care even when we tell her that he is literally going blue. Eventually, he throws up on the floor and the teacher goes to help him. He covers his mouth with his coat so he doesn’t throw up on her. He throws up and his vomit goes down his jacket sleeve and gets dumped on her shoes. Substitute teacher walks out of school with a trail of vomit footprints and says nothing.


24. Roast Battle

Freshman year of college, I had one professor who would randomly call on students in class and if they didn’t answer correctly, he would proceed to roast them in front of the whole class for their lack of knowledge on the subject material. I was in the class with a few of my good friends, as it was a prerequisite that we all needed to have.

Even though we got our fair share of roasting from him as well, we all thought it was funny, and knew it was his way of making sure the students are engaged in the lecture. About halfway through the semester, he called on one person, and after she incorrectly answered, he started to casually roast this student. At this point, another girl raised her hand to get the prof’s attention.

After he called on her, she proceeded to verbally berate him about how he was treating us all like children, as well as call him every vulgar word she could think of. At this point, he’s shouting back at her too, complete with all the same vulgarities that she used on him, and me and my friends are just sitting in the back, laughing under our breath while simultaneously being completely dumbfounded that this kind of stuff actually happens in college.

Finally, he yells at her to leave the lecture, she obliges, and as soon as she is out of the room, he proceeds to roast her EVEN MORE to the class. It was so odd to see something like this, especially since I had just come from high school a few months before. Man, college is wild.


25. Phrasing

When I was a sophomore in high school, there was this one day in my French class where we were going over the homework from the day before. The homework that comes from the book is divided into different sections by letter, so section A, section B and so forth. At one point while going over the assignment, no one was paying any attention to the teacher and we were just talking to the people around us. She wanted someone to read their answer from the next section and no one was listening to her. She was getting frustrated at this point, so she raised her voice and said, “I want the D.”

There were two seconds of silence followed by everyone bursting out laughing. One of those moments that I’ll never forget.


26. Weight Limit

I walked into school after being gone for a day and I saw the front desk broken perfectly in two. Apparently, the biggest kid in my grade, a kid named Fisher, had sat on the desk and broken it.


27. You Got Served

Had a professor get served divorce papers in the middle of a lecture. Luckily there were only 20 of us in the classroom and not hundreds in a lecture hall.


28. The Ballad of Dot

This is the story of Dot the Dog. My high school English teacher in my junior year was known for being fun and eccentric. She told wild stories and had odd habits. The oddest habit was bringing a large plaster Dalmatian dog to class on test days. We all pet it for good luck. It had been a tradition in her class for over twenty years, if I remember correctly.

This thing was UGLY. Terribly plastered, fading paint, weird proportions. The fact that it was the size of a real Dalmatian made it weirder. But it was important to her. So important that she chained it to desks to keep it from being stolen—because every year, someone would steal it. When I was in her class, Dot was stolen and held for ransom. Videos with a blindfolded Dot were sent to my teacher, detailing how Dot would be released if the test was canceled. This didn’t work, Dot was not returned, and test day was looming.

Students became upset that Dot was not there to comfort them. The dog-napper was found and he returned Dot. For a time. Later in the year, our playful feud with the physics department was made known. The test day comes, and there are physics symbols all over this poor plaster dog. So, since I had art supplies at home, I offered to repaint Dot. I was trustworthy and had no schemes in mind so my teacher agreed to let me.

She unchained the dog. And all hell broke loose. The previous dog thief quickly got up and snatched Dot. Turns out it was light enough to bolt out of the class and to the parking lot with. His accomplice ran with him. I ran after. It didn’t help that I was wearing heels that day. But by some divine intervention, I didn’t trip and was able to catch up halfway before they got to the parking lot.

But before I could take back the plaster pup, the first guy passed it to his cohort who then ran off. I tried to catch up to this next guy, but to no avail. I was blocked by the first. The second guy was in the clear. He would have gotten away with it…If he didn’t drop and break it. Dot was in pieces, we all had an “oh crap” look on our faces. The teacher and the rest of the class, hearing our distress, came out and saw the carnage. The dust from the plaster blew away in the wind.

Dot the Dog, a twenty odd year legacy, was gone forever. Our teacher wasn’t too mad. She replaced Dot with a golden plastic hippo. Wasn’t the same, though. She commended me for my effort. The school newspaper did a piece on the incident, but I was never mentioned. Still salty about that, to be honest. And that’s the story of Dot. Not many know it anymore, and there are so many comments here that I don’t know if anyone will see this, but I can’t live my life not telling this story.

Goodbye Dot. RIP literally in pieces.


29. Perfect Storm of Shame

Probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life right here. It was seventh grade English class and my crush—who was the first girl I ever made out with—was in the class. I don’t remember if we kissed before or after this happened, maybe after? Anyway, I let one rip, literally silent but deadly by definition.

It smelled so bad that the kids around me started freaking out and obviously my whole body begins turning red. It caused such a distraction in the class from people laughing that the teacher made me go in the hall while the stench dissipated. After five minutes I was allowed back in and had to perform the walk of shame past my crush back to my desk that was drowning in Febreeze.


30. Keep It Down

Freshman year I made the horrible mistake of taking Psych 101 at 8 AM. So, of course hungover, I made it to class, sat down, opened my notebook and promptly fell asleep. Woke up to the professor asking me a question. I answered it accurately—I had taken a similar class in high school. He glared at me and moved on. Then, I looked down at my notebook to find page after page of little notes and cartoons from the whole class. Mostly stuff like, “You snore loudly,” and “You look like an idiot with your mouth hanging open.”

The shame was strong with me that day.


31. I Believe I Can Fly

In first grade, this kid climbed on top of a bookshelf and screamed the Superman theme song, before declaring he was Superman. He then proceeded to jump off the bookshelf and collided with another kid.


32. Money Business

When I was in college, I was sitting in a geology lecture center when someone dressed in a banana costume crashes in, does a lap around the room, then gets chased out of the room by a guy in a gorilla suit who came in after him.


33. Still Intact

After a few minutes of arguing with a teacher over homework that wasn’t done, things settled down and everyone went back to their spot until the student proceeded to throw his math book at one of the windows and a whole chunk of glass just fell out, but it didn’t shatter or anything. No one was expecting it and it made the loudest noise.


34. Got Too Cocky

One of my classmates was skipping class and for some reason decided to call someone who was in class at the time—we’re not allowed to use phones in class. Our professor then snatches the phone and begins talking over it, only to find out who’s on the other end. Needless to say, the kid who skipped class was made to come back and attend.


35. When You Gotta Go

No longer a student but when I was a freshman in high school there was this guy I knew since middle school who would always get into trouble. Well, one day he told our math teacher that he needed to go to the restroom. Already familiar with his behavior and using the restroom excuse to ditch class, she refused to let him go.

He insisted that he had to go but she refused yet again. Minutes passed and he told the teacher that if she didn’t let him use the restroom that he was going to pee in the trash can. Trying to call his bluff she told him go for it in the trash can. Some of the students didn’t think he’d do it and egged him on to do it.

He got up from his desk and approached the trash can, which was at the corner right next to the classroom door. He was in the corner for a minute. Then he actually peed in the trash can. The teacher just sat there as it happened nonchalant like. I can’t remember if he left the class after he pulled it off since it was years ago. But yeah, it cracks me up thinking about that moment.

A bonus I should add about the guy. My best friend knew him as well and they were even good friends. He once told me that during our sophomore year the guy got expelled for breaking the door window of the security office. They chased him and caught up to him at a nearby mall.


36. Sales Pitch

Not my story, but my English teacher in high school told it. A little backstory, I went to an ALC center at this time, which is basically a high school for kids with mental problems and bad home life that makes regular high school impossible/extremely difficult. Ours happened to be situated in an old strip mall right next to the Pizza N Pasta.

Anyways, it was about 11 AM, and she was teaching her class when this man just walked in through the front door and into her classroom since it was closest to the front door. He looked around what was very obviously a classroom—a desk, a projector, bookcases, posters about grammar and learning, the whole shebang—and looked at the teacher and started asking her if she wanted to buy his steaks.

She asked him to please leave, as this was a classroom. He insisted that his steaks were high-quality and that they were a good price. She asked him again to leave since she was trying to teach. The man turns to the nearest student and starts asking him about buying his steaks. The student just stares at him, not knowing how to respond. My teacher calls in the principal.

Principal shows up, man pushes past him and runs out the door and down the street. Teacher just shrugged and went back to teaching. She was a really good teacher and made the kids enjoy being in the class so no one really wanted to continue talking about it until after class, so that they could continue the lesson. A few years after that and a few more incidents of people just walking in, we got a new door with security measures on it.

It’s still a joke around the school, as far as I know, to randomly say, “I got some high-quality meat” in a weird accent.


37. Took Long Enough

This guy who sat in the middle of the class was always on his phone and never took notes. Well, the first exam came around and he opened it up, looked down and yelled “crap, this isn’t BIO?!” got up to leave and never came back. The class was the final management class for business majors.


38. Does Anyone Speak Wookie?

Not nearly as exciting as the others, but definitely surreal. I was a junior in high school, and we were finishing up an assignment in English class, so we were all pretty quiet. Out of nowhere, one of the guys in my class put down his pencil, stood up in his chair and stretched his arms out wide. He then proceeded to make the most realistic Wookie sound that I’ve ever heard. Like, I’m pretty sure this guy could voice act for Chewbacca.

Of course, the whole class immediately stopped what they were doing and stared at him. Dude didn’t say a word, just quietly sat back down and got back to work. I’m pretty sure we all looked at the teacher in unison, just like 30 heads turning at once. We expected our teacher to eat him alive. Without even looking up from her desk, our teacher—who was one of the iciest people that I have ever met even to this day—just started slow clapping like the guy had given an Oscar-worthy performance. We were all so confused that we all joined in.

It was like a dream sequence.


39. Didn’t Check Any of the Boxes

I had a business class in college where we had to do a presentation. Here were the stipulations—Dress appropriately for a business setting. No cursing. Five to eight minutes, no more or less. This one Goth guy did a 21-minute speech on Insane Clown Posse with uncensored music in the background.


40. Unfortunate Misunderstanding

Second week of our first term, first year at university so no one really knew each other that well. We were in a child language acquisition class and our lecturer was telling us how she was half German, so she was fluent in both German and English. A Latvian guy, maybe 25—who was a bit strange—at my table then shouted, for no apparent reason, “Ah Sieg Heil!” Cue silence.

Pin dropping silence. Cue awkward looks to each other. Our lecturer then started asking what did he say, he said nothing, she asked again and asked why he would say that. He started going red and mumbled something like it was funny. Our lecturer then started getting angry, and took her cardigan off and started shouting at him, asking does he know what that means.

He admitted no, he thought it was a greeting. Our lecturer asked anyone in the class if they could explain why what he just said was so offensive. Thankfully, my friend came to the rescue and asked if we could just move on. The guy then Googled “Sieg Heil” and a look of horror appeared on his face. He genuinely assumed it was just a German greeting.


41. Failed Experiment

In a physics class in Community College, a professor was explaining conservation of angular momentum and had a kid sit on a tall chair that spins. He then had the kid hold two books out with extended arms and then spin as fast as he could before telling the kid to pull the books in close to his chest. Think of a figure skater and how they spin really fast.

The kid immediately turns into a blur and the stool/chair starts to tip slightly until it rockets from under him like it was shot from a slingshot. The kid slams into the floor as if he got choke slammed and his head hit the floor in a way that sounded like someone dropped an overly ripe melon. The look on the professor’s face said, “Well that was a good run. I guess I have to find a new career now.”

Kid turned out OK and everyone got a laugh but it genuinely looked like I had just witnessed a death.


42. There Are Easier Ways

So, in my high school chemistry class, my teacher tried to explain the movement of electrons by making an analogy involving students and class sizes. It started with something like, “Let’s say there’s a student who wants to get into a class, but a class is full. What has to happen for the student to get in?”

Now, in this class, there was this girl who was a little strange but really cool and funny. She was the type of person who wore full costumes every day in the month of October, except for Halloween itself. She was also in the improv club, so I guess that explains why she was funny. Anyway, this girl just raises her hand, the teacher calls on her, and she says in a very serious, low voice, “Someone has to die.”

The teacher just sort of stared at her with a blank face for about five seconds and then walked out of the classroom. For about half a minute, our class had processed what she just said and started laughing, but then the teacher suddenly comes back in and yells, “NO ONE HAS TO DIE!” And then just continued with the lesson.

The answer he was looking for was “someone would have to leave the class” so I suppose technically someone dying would’ve fit the bill too.


43. Slipped Out the Back

11th grade AP Bio class. One of my classmates was locally renowned for his nonsense. One day he decided he was gonna leave and so he walked to the back of the classroom and hopped out the first story window and left. In the middle of class. Same guy, same class, brought his banjo in one day and had a banjo jam session before class started.


44. Raining Blood

I was sitting in my physics class, trying to stay awake because it was one of the first classes of the day and I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I sat at a table in the back of the class by myself, while the table to my left had two of my friends and one other student sitting at it. I forget exactly what was being taught that day but I remember my friends suddenly saying things like, “Oh my god, are you alright?” and “Maybe you should go to the nurse.”

I looked over to see my friends grabbing tissues and giving them to the other student whose nose was bleeding, which wouldn’t be such a problem if there wasn’t so much blood pouring out from this guy’s nose. It was concerning, to say the least. Our teacher told him to go and see the nurse, he nodded, stood up, and then rode his Heelys out of the room.

It was probably the weirdest thing I have seen in a while.


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