Paranormal Pandemonium: Spooked People Share Their Strangest Experiences


Paranormal occurrences and entities seem to make themselves noticeable in all sorts of ways. From paralyzing fear and panic to curiosity, amusement, and even relief, these Redditors share their strangest—and most disturbing—paranormal stories. These tales will make even the most skeptical begin to question reality.

1. Violent Vision

I started getting a really heavy, eerie feeling in my bedroom when we were living in an old house. I could feel some kind of energy coming distinctly from one corner of my room. I don’t know how long it was there, but eventually, I got used to it. I figured that maybe I was just scaring myself. Then, one night, I lay down and closed my eyes and after a little bit, as I was starting to drift off, my body tensed.

I started to panic. I couldn’t move or open my eyes, and that feeling from the corner of my room got stronger and stronger. I felt a dip in the bed at my side and then, for a moment, nothing happened. I thought that maybe if I pretended to be asleep, whatever it was would go away. And then suddenly, the feeling of hands around my throat made me cold with fear.

I couldn’t breathe, but I also couldn’t move. My lungs burned, tears were rolling down my face, and I could feel myself starting to pass out. And then, just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. I didn’t move a muscle until I finally fell asleep. The next day when I looked in the mirror, there was bruising all around the front and sides of my neck.


2. Time Keeps On Slipping, Slipping, Slipping….

When I was about 12, I was swimming at a public pool and my grandparents had told me to be back at their house in an hour or two. I checked the time, and it was 2:37. I still had some time left, so I continued swimming. What felt like about an hour later, I decided to check the time again; I asked a lifeguard, and he said it was 2:37. It was impossible; time had to have passed, a lot of time!

This is where it gets creepier; he gave me the most nerve-wracking smirk I’ve ever seen after telling me the time. It felt like he was saying that he knew something that I didn’t. I shrugged it off as a weird event…until I asked him the same question what I estimated was about 20 minutes later. He gave me the same response.

I thought he had to be messing with me, so I went in the change room and checked the time myself; it was 2:37. Just as I thought I was losing my mind, my digital watch switched to 2:38. Then time continued as normal.


3. The Hum

I was going out for a smoke around 8 pm during the winter, so it was already very dark. I saw a shooting star and was delighted—but then the entire sky flashed blue. A split second later, I covered my ears in pain as a loud, vibrating hum began and persisted for a solid minute afterward. I live in a small area in the middle of nowhere; we rarely even get planes flying over.

I have no idea what it was.


4. Blinded By The Light

I was very small, around four, and we were on holiday in Italy. My Mom was sitting behind me on the steps, and I remember thinking the sun from behind her was really bright because I could see a sharp shadow in front of me. But then I thought that that couldn’t be right; the sun was in front of me. I looked back and there was a figure standing behind my Mom, person-sized, but the outline of the body was kind of blurred.

Its face was pure yellow light, and looking at it was like looking into the sun. It was such a strange and surreal experience, and I remember it vividly even now that I’m almost 30. At the time, I just said, “There’s someone behind you,” and when my Mom looked back, it was gone.


5. Eye-Phone

My grandma called one day. She said, “Did you just call me a minute ago?” My mom hadn’t. Grandma then continued to explain how she had just gotten a call from us, and when she answered, nobody was on the other end of the line. However, she could hear everything that was happening in the house. My dad was watching TV, my mother was vacuuming the rug in front of him, and they were arguing over something at the same time.

She could also hear me playing whatever computer game I was into at the time. On top of all this, she said that she heard a sound “like paper being folded” right next to the phone. The strangest part of all this is that it just happened to occur on the exact same day that my Mom’s aunt died.


6. Maybe Ghosts Are Afraid of the Dark?

I lived in a 200-year-old house. One night, my mom made sure all of the lights were off before she left the house—only to glance in the rear-view mirror as she drove away and see that the house was ablaze with light. Every single fixture in the interior and exterior was turned on. She also noticed a very strong smell of cigar smoke in my room occasionally, but never saw anyone outside smoking one.

It was strong enough that they repainted in case it was coming from the walls, but that didn’t help. One day, while talking to someone at her church, she learned that a previous owner—who smoked cigars—had died in the house.


7. Dragonfly Directive

I once had a dragonfly communicate with me. At least, that’s what it seemed like. I was out in the swamp on my friend’s boat while we looked for salvage. We took a break and were just sort of sitting dead in the water and enjoying the view when a big blue dragonfly zoomed up right in front of my face and hovered there.

At that moment, I felt the words “stay there” somehow pushed into my head. It definitely didn’t feel like my own thought. Immediately, the dragonfly zoomed at my face and I felt a sharp pain on my cheek. I looked down, and the dragonfly had come to rest on the lifejacket on the seat next to me—with a biting fly in his little grabbers.

The dragonfly told me to stay still and grabbed the fly off my face right as it bit me, and then sat next to me for lunch. It was absolutely surreal.


8. A Technical Ghost

One night, when my brother was just watching Youtube videos on his computer in his room, he decided to go downstairs to grab a glass of water. He says that he remembers specifically what he was watching and it was apparently some videos about waterslides. He swore that the search bar said: “the world’s longest waterslides.”

He went downstairs to the kitchen, got himself some water and headed back upstairs. However, when he got back in his room, his blood ran cold. He looked at his computer, and the video about waterslides that he had originally clicked on was gone. Instead, there was a video playing of some ghost stuff and the search bar now said: “creepiest ghosts caught on camera.”


9. Cleaning House

My mom and her sister always got bad vibes from one room in our house, so they decided to clean it out. Once the room was clean the uneasy feeling was still there though, so my mom brought out holy water and sprinkled some in the room. Just then, a horrible smell emanated from the walls and a bunch of tall, skinny shadows flashed around and then disappeared.

The music box that belonged to my mom’s mom started playing after the shadows were gone, even though it hasn’t worked in years. After that, the negative feeling was gone.


10. Indoor Storm

Back in college, four of us remained to chat after class one night, sitting on top of the first row of desks. It was some time between 10:30 and 11 when we heard what sounded like scratching and tapping in the upper right-hand corner of the hall. There was a door up there that was usually locked from the outside, so we figured it was someone on the other side, maybe trying to get in.

Well, the sound didn’t stop. It kept on going and it seemed to move along the back wall, and we all started to get this very strange feeling, like the air was being sucked out of the room. Two of us decided to go up and check out that corner. We got about halfway up the stairs when the air in the room changed again.

It’s difficult for me to describe, especially since it was so long ago, but it sort of felt the way it does right before a storm, like there’s static and pressure and tension. We froze. I heard one of the two who’d stayed down at the front let out a yelp, and then the tension broke, and this wave of…something crashed over us. It made my stomach drop.

We turned and ran back down the stairs; the others had scrambled off the desks and backed up to the door, and we all rushed out of the room together, completely spooked. Once outside, they told us they’d seen streaks of light shooting out of the corner right before the “wave” hit. No clue what it could have been. Maybe some sort of electrical discharge, I don’t know. But it’s the closest thing I’ve had to an honest-to-goodness paranormal experience.


11. Friendly Ghost

My brother and I were home alone one night watching TV. My mother was working a night shift and my father was out. When he came home, he pushed the door ajar and poked his head through to say hello. We both turned around and said hello back, then he closed the door. 30 seconds after that, another man opened the door to say hello.

He was pale and had bright white hair; we assumed a friend of my father had come back to the house too. We both turned around again and said hello back, and the man closed the door. About five minutes later, I headed into the kitchen where my father was making dinner. I was expecting to see his friend again, but I saw that he was alone making dinner and assumed his friend was upstairs in the bathroom.

I asked my father who his friend was. “What friend?” I mentioned the man we had seen. He looked at me like I was crazy. He said, “I came back home on my own.”


12. Grandpa’s Doppelgänger

My sister and I were playing on the family computer on the second floor, which happens to be right next to the stairs. We saw my grandpa go down the stairs, and we said hello to him, but he ignored us and kept walking. We thought it was weird, because he always greeted us. Then, five seconds later, we heard the bathroom toilet on our level flush and saw my grandpa walk out of the bathroom.

We asked him how he had gone back up the stairs without us seeing him. He replied that he had not yet been downstairs that day.


13. Flying Flatware

Two years ago, my town was hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Civil War murder mystery. I had volunteered to help as an actor for the event, and to wash dishes. After the event, I was in the kitchen with the cook, who was a family friend. I turned and asked her how her day had gone, but before I could even finish the question, plates suddenly went flying off the shelves across the room as if someone had thrown them and landed on the floor with an enormous crash.

I won’t lie and say it didn’t startle me because quite frankly it did; I’ve had other paranormal experiences, but this is one that I can’t figure out.


14. Feline Astral Projection?

A few weeks ago I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep. I could hear the cat walking around our bedroom and on the upstairs landing, just the soft padding of his feet on the hardwood. I listened to him for a few minutes, smiling and wondering what he was doing. It sounded like he was just calmly walking laps.

He was getting old and senile, so I figured this was related. I rolled over in bed—and screamed as I heard a yowl. I had nearly smothered him! He’d been sleeping next to the dog and I the whole time! I have no idea what I heard to this day.


15. Grandma’s Terrace

My grandmother’s sister stayed with our family during her final years. She always sat on the terrace of our house, overlooking the garden and streets. She loved staying there, as she could watch the people go by. She died when my little brother was only three or four. Nobody really went up to the terrace after she passed away.

A year later, my little brother and I decided to go up. Halfway through the hallway, he stopped, staring out the window at the terrace. He pointed at where our grandma’s sister had always sat, and asked me, “Who’s that? Is that one of our grandmas?” There was nobody there.


16. Dancing By Herself

When I was eight or nine, my family volunteered for a company that basically purchased historical buildings and set them up like huge outdoor showrooms. All the volunteers were dressed up in period clothing appropriate for the buildings they staffed, so it was like getting shot straight back to the pioneer days, full immersion.

There were seven or eight kids out there most weeks, and not a lot of supervision, so it became a bit of a Lord of the Flies situation. One day, we all wandered out into the open land between the show areas, to a field that had an enormous old oak tree in the middle of it. I was walking beside another girl who stopped suddenly and froze.

I asked her what was wrong, and she just pointed and said, “Look!” There was a beautiful woman beside the oak who neither of us had ever seen before. She was dressed in a purple Victorian dress, and she was dancing by herself. It took us a second to process, and in that time, she completely faded away. We all ran back to the main building.

Nobody had any explanation, and she wasn’t a volunteer as far as anyone knows.


17. Stand Your Ground

I worked at a haunted house. Once, when looking down the hall, I saw a figure. It was an all-black, somewhat transparent silhouette of a human, standing motionless in front of me. I stayed at the hall entrance, called my boss over, and asked her to look down the hall. I didn’t give any indication that I saw anything so that I wouldn’t give her a false impression.

I wanted to figure out if I was crazy or not. When she looked, her expression turned into pure, cold fear. “Who the heck is that?! I can see through him!” And before I could say anything more, it came full sprint at us. My boss screamed and ran away, but I was curious about what it would do, so I stayed. It got right up to my face and just stopped, inches away from my nose, and then suddenly dissipated into thin air.

I still occasionally see my boss, and she confirms every time that we saw the same thing, and thinks I was an idiot for staying.


18. Echoes From The Past

My family went out for the day and as we got back, the neighbor waved us over to talk. She asked why my baby sister had been laughing so much. My mother asked what she meant, and the neighbor said, “Natalie was laughing really loud earlier, and for quite a while. I was laughing at her laughing!” My mother then told her that we had been out all day and that the house was empty.

I began researching the house, and it turns out that the land the house stands on used to be an old children’s home, which was closed due to negligence and lack of care for the children. That might explain the little girl’s laugh…I was always skeptical about the paranormal until I moved into that house.

I am now a 100% firm believer. I never want to go back in that house again.


19. Remote Hog?

My sister and I were alone in the house when we heard a thud from upstairs. We went into the room where the thud seemed to have originated, and it was freezing cold. Then out of nowhere, the TV remote flew off the sideboard and hit the wall! The back of it came off and the batteries flew in different directions when it smashed.

My sister and I ran downstairs, terrified. Later, after building up some courage for a while, we decided to go back up. We got into the room—and the remote was back on the sideboard, completely fixed.


20. A Murder of Crows

My mother used to work part-time as a substitute lunch monitor at a school that was near our house. She used to commute to the school by walking nearly the entire length of a massive cemetery. She would travel from its Northeast corner to the school near its Southwest corner. During one of her commutes, she found the entire ground completely covered with crows.

They were everywhere, as far as she could see. My mom didn’t think too much of it, as they mostly just hopped out of her way as she walked down the path. What she didn’t think about until later was the fact that not a single one of them was making a sound.


21. Virtual Vision

I was having a Skype call in my room with a friend and at some point, I left the room with the video chat still on, facing a somewhat shiny section of my bed frame. When I came back, my friend looked shaken. I asked him what had happened—and he explained that he’d seen a face pass by in the reflection on my bedframe while I was gone.

We checked to see if there was any way to move the camera to an angle that might have reflected his own face back to him, but we couldn’t find one. Didn’t sleep well that night.


22. Mother-Daughter Bond

Back in 1984 when I was ten years old, I was out shopping with my mother when she suddenly collapsed. Some people and I helped her to a nearby seat, and after a few seconds she turned to me and said, “Your grandmother has died.” We went home, and upon arrival, she learned that her mother had indeed died half an hour earlier.

To this day, it’s the only inexplicable thing I’ve ever witnessed, but I have no doubt in my mind that there was some sort of link between the two of them that was broken that day.


23. Neat Freak

I always had an off feeling about one of the houses we lived in. We heard strange noises, but I never thought much of it because I don’t believe in ghosts. However, one night I had my girlfriend staying over for the night, and it was just us in the house. We both witnessed everything suddenly being thrown off of the very crowded and messy coffee table in front of us, as if invisible hands had pushed it all off.

Then, the TV switched itself on and the light in the corner of the room switched itself off simultaneously. We were both freaked out, but just put everything back in place, neatly, and haven’t talked about it since.


24. Preview of the Beyond

A few days before I had my daughter, my grandmother had emergency surgery and didn’t wake up from it until a week later. She never really recovered from it, but did tell some of my cousins that she had momentarily died when my daughter was born, and said she had seen us driving home from the hospital. She knew details about that drive that she couldn’t possibly have known. She died a month later.


25. Soothing Specter

I was at a beach house with my family when I was a kid, sharing a room with my siblings. My big brother (already in his late teens) got the top bunk, and I got the bottom one. I went to sleep while he was still out with his friends and my mom was watching movies in the living room. I had a horrible nightmare. I woke up gasping, in a cold sweat and shivering, scared out of my mind.

My brother evidently noticed it from the top bunk and climbed down to calm me down. I distinctly remember him hugging me and telling me that it would be ok and that it was just a dream. In the morning, I went to thank him for not making fun of me for being scared of a dream, and he was very confused. He said he didn’t come home until the early morning, and since he was so late getting home, he had slept in the other room so as not to wake me.


26. Purple Haze

I went to Salem, MA and visited this extremely old graveyard where actual pilgrims of the Mayflower are buried. I was with my friend, and we both didn’t believe in the paranormal. As soon as we stepped past the gate into the graveyard, we saw this purple-grayish haze wash over the graveyard from the other side toward us.

It was almost like being able to see the wind, and it was blowing in our direction. We both looked at each other in confusion and unease, but nothing else happened. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one to see it.


27. Moving On

My maternal grandmother was dying in the hospital. She had a DNR, but my grandpa wouldn’t let her go. I was at school in the journalism room when suddenly, I was overcome with a suffocating sadness. I HEARD my grandmother tell me she needed grandpa to tell her he would be ok so she could finally pass. I called my Mom at the facility and relayed the message.

My mom was silent for a few seconds but then agreed to pass on what I had said. An hour later, I got the call that grandma had died. At her funeral, I was devastated by grief and guilt; I was convinced that I had killed her by relaying the message. As I sobbed, I felt two hands gently press on my shoulders from behind me.

Again, I HEARD my grandma; she said she was grateful, and thanked me for helping her move on. I immediately stopped crying and the guilt lifted.


28. Phantom Footsteps

We lived in a house for a few years that definitely had something paranormal going on, and my mother knew it. My dad, however, was skeptical. However, this changed one night when all of us kids were out of town, and my parents heard the distinct sound of footsteps upstairs. By instinct, he yelled, “Go to bed!” and then realized none of us were home!

He rushed upstairs to a whole lot of nothing, and this repeated through the night. He believed us after that.


29. Little Girl Lost

My son left to spend the night at a friend’s house. Later that night, I went into his room to turn off the lights. I walked in, looked to the left—and there was a long-haired, slender child, possibly 8 to 10 years old, wearing a sleeveless gown. She slowly floated backward through the exterior wall behind her as I stared.

I looked around to see if she had been some kind of reflection or something, but there was nothing. We had recently purchased an antique mirrored vanity and put it in his room, and I had a feeling that this girl was attached to it. So, we removed the mirrored vanity within days of the occurrence, and nothing like that ever happened again.


30. Grandpa Making Amends

When I was about 11, I woke up in the middle of the night because my blanket had slid off of me. I looked to the side of my bed to grab the blanket—and an old man was sitting there, wearing a nice coat and a hat. He smiled at me and pulled the covers back over me. I felt cozy and somehow wasn’t scared. I fell back asleep.

When I woke up, I told my Mom what happened, and she asked me to describe the man in detail. She told me he sounded just like my grandfather, who I’d never met. She was way more disturbed by it than I was, as the caring feeling I had was not at all the experience she had growing up, unfortunately.


31. Remembering Red Shoes

My grandfather died six months before I was born. When my mom was giving birth to me, she told me she saw my granddad in the room watching. She passed out after I was born, and she said she saw him sitting next to her during that time. She had a full 10-15 minute conversation with him, in which he told her what he and my grandmother did on their first date, something she’d never been told before.

When my grandmother came to visit, my mom told her about the conversation she’d had with grandpa—and every detail was right, from the old mission Church the town dance was being held in right down to her shiny red dancing shoes.


32. Going In Circles

My mother often sleeps on the living room couch. The living room is situated in such a way that my bedroom and the spare room are off of one wall and the doorway to the rest of the house, including the bathroom, is on the other. One night, my mother heard me walking across the living room, presumably to go to the bathroom.

However, she didn’t hear me walk across the room; instead, she said it sounded like I was going in circles around the rocking chair that’s near the entrance to the hallway. My mother called my name, asking what I was doing, but got no answer. She kept calling my name, becoming increasingly frustrated with me because I wasn’t saying anything.

Eventually, she turned on the light and went to check—and nothing was there. She checked on me; I was asleep, and had been the whole time.


33. The Laughing Ghost

My sister and I shared a room when we were younger, and we both swore that it was haunted. We’d hear strange sounds and see weird stuff out of the corners of our eyes. There was also a heavy feeling of something very wrong once the sun went down. Eventually, my sister refused to sleep in the room. Mom, of course, didn’t think there was any possible way we had ghosts and thought the whole thing was ridiculous…until we went away to summer camp.

We came home to this story from our mom: We had been gone for a couple of nights. Our dad was working graveyard, so Mom had had the house to herself. She was getting ready for bed when she heard laughter from our room. She heard it a few times before it struck her that we weren’t there. Mom checked the room and the lights were on, but nobody was in there.

Mom tried to convince herself that she was imagining things and turned the lights off. She heard the laughter again and she went to check again—the lights were back on. Mom instinctively just said, “You kids go to bed!” They must have listened, because she didn’t hear them anymore after that.


34. Across Time Zones

I was at work one night, worrying about my mom, who had pancreatic cancer. I’d seen her the week before and was flying back up the following day. As I clocked out for the day, I felt like I should make a mental note of the time for some reason. It was 11:07 pm. All of a sudden, I had a feeling that my mom had passed. I told myself I was being foolish, ignored it, went home, and went to bed.

5 am rolled around, and my stepdad called and told me that my Mom had indeed passed away the prior evening…at 10:07 their time. I was one hour ahead due to living in Denver.


35. Crisis Averted

I fell off of my bike on the way home one night. I was just cycling my way home when suddenly my mind drifted off, and I saw myself and my mum (who was with me) as if I were looking down from above. For a second, it was like I could see things from a whole other perspective—and then I lost focus and started losing control of the bike. I fell—but when I was three inches above the ground, I stopped.

It was like I hovered above the pavement for a spilt second, and then gently lowered until I was just lying there in the grass. It was a weird night.


36. Hygienic Haunt

I like to do my makeup in front of a mirror above my mantle. Usually, I keep tweezers in the middle of the mantle with my makeup all to one side. One morning, I went to do some tweezing and couldn’t for the life of me find the tweezers. Not on the mantle, not on the ground, not in my makeup case. I kept a spare pair in the bathroom, so I got them, did some tweezing, and left these spare tweezers on my mantle.

At the end of the day, I came back home and went to look in the mirror—and both sets of tweezers were sitting side-by-side on the mantle. I just stood staring at them for a bit in complete confusion. At the time, no one lived with me, and I even asked my parents if they had let themselves in that day; they hadn’t.


37. Slender-Cow?

About a year ago, I was in a car coming home from a concert. It was about 1 am, and I live in the UK. Everyone else in the car except for the driver was inebriated, but I was sober and in the back left seat of the car. I was looking out at the fields—and suddenly, I saw a tall creature. Eerily, it walked on all fours despite being about nine feet tall; it was very thin, but it had a human-like face.

I don’t know why, but I never mentioned it to anyone else in the car. I thought they would just think it was a cow.


38. Monstrous Mongrels

I was sleeping in my grandparents’ house when suddenly, I woke up and heard growling. I opened my eyes and saw two dogs with red eyes staring at me through the darkness of my room. My own dog was on top of me, growling back. At first, I thought I was dreaming—until one of the demon dogs lunged and bit me! I started screaming and my dog jumped off, barking and snarling at them.

My mom came running in, saw my hand was bleeding, and asked what had happened. I told her, and then realized that my dog had chased them away, out of the room. We found her in the basement, growling at something under the steps.


39. Easy, Cowboy

When I was seven years old, I was playing a video game when the controller suddenly died. My dad was in the garage at that time, so I thought, “I’ll just go out to him for some new batteries.” That’s when I felt like I was not alone anymore. Now, I knew I should have been alone in my house, as my dad was in the garage and my mom was at work at the time. I turned around—and there was a six-foot-tall man wearing a cowboy hat walking from my bedroom to the bathroom.

I got scared and turned back to the TV. When I finally got the courage to turn back around, he was gone. I got so scared that I ran to the garage and didn’t leave my dad for the rest of the day.


40. Last Call

We were visiting my grandmother when she got a phone call from my uncle. She got off the phone looking a little shocked and said that he was acting out of character. He had called simply to thank her and say that he loved her. My uncle rarely expressed his emotions, so she thought it was strange. Not even 30 minutes later, two policemen came to the door to say that my uncle had passed away in a motorcycle accident that had happened close to two hours previously.

My grandmother said that it was impossible since she had just spoken to him on the phone, but it was true.


41. Lost Knight

I was about to go to sleep, sitting in bed brushing my hair. I put down the brush, turned off the lights, put my head on the pillow—and in that exact moment, I heard the name “Shirley” spoken in a powerful, masculine voice. I opened my eyes and saw a cloaked man, all in black, on a black horse, next to my bed. I had just turned off the lights, so I wasn’t used to the darkness yet, but I could still see him, darker than pitch black.

He stared at me, but I couldn’t see his face because of the hood he was wearing. Then, he urged his horse forward and disappeared. My name is not Shirley and I don’t think there is a single person with that name in my country. The poor guy was really lost!


42. History Lesson

Once, my friend and I were biking through a forest near our town. It was nighttime, and my friend didn’t have a lamp on his bike, so I was going first with my lamp. Suddenly, a shadow came towards me next to the path. I swerved, and after it disappeared behind me, my lamp just went out. We had to slow right down, but we made it out eventually.

After we left the forest, I asked my friend about the shadow, but he told me that he hadn’t seen anything, just me swerving. A few weeks later, my grandmother gave me a book about our town. When I was reading it, I realized that the part of the forest that we gone trough was used as a WWII graveyard.


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43. Thanks, Doctor!

When I was around 15, I woke up one night with terrible pain from cramps. While tossing and turning and crying in bed, I suddenly saw a figure of a man out in the hallway. He was dressed in black with a fedora hat and a doctor’s bag, outlined in the doorway of the bathroom. I blinked a few times—and he was suddenly standing over me with his hand raised, palm flat…and all of a sudden, the pain was gone!!!


44. Seeing Double

I was 15 and on my way to school with a bunch of friends. The school was directly down a steep hill, and we were all walking behind a college student with a very bright colored scarf that was whipping in the wind. It was just past seven in the morning and even though it was early and I was tired, I was alert. People were chatting around me as we continued to walk behind the college student. Everything was normal.

Then, all of a sudden, the student hesitated for a second—and then there were TWO of her. They were exactly alike down to the finest detail. One veered left to cross the road to the bus stop, while the other continued down the street as she had been doing before. The colorful scarf whipped in the wind from both copies. Her hair moved exactly as though it were being windswept.

I stopped dead and felt the blood drain from my face as the two mirror images continued along their paths. I was shaken out of it by a friend who grabbed my shoulder. When I glanced back, the image of the student walking in front was gone, and only the one by the bus stop remained. Never seen anything like that before or since.


45. Beyond the Veil

I died when I was seven years old for about two minutes. I guess technically, it was a near-death experience. Even though I was lying in a hospital bed, I remember sitting down at a dining table with my uncle, who had passed away when I was two. He gave me a glass of milk and said, “Not today.” I survived, obviously, but I will never forget that moment.


46. A Picky Phantom

I live in my family’s ancestral house. There were lots of weird occurrences, but one of the most interesting ones happened to my sister. She said when she played certain kinds of music, Elvis specifically, she always heard lots of noise, like someone was hitting the wall or stomping around, even though nobody else was home.

It always stopped as soon as she stopped playing the music. I later found out that my great uncle hated Elvis, and would throw a fit when anyone tried to play it!


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47. Phantom Feline

When I was about 12, I randomly woke up one night around 3 am. The room was fairly dark, but I was able to see the outline of a cat sitting on the floor, facing away from me. I also noticed my door was still closed and found it odd that my cat, who was named Mew, could have been in there, as she hadn’t been in my room when I’d gone to sleep.

I reached out to pet her—but instead of soft fur, my hand met empty air. The cat was gone, and my hand went straight to my carpet. It only happened one time, and I never saw the ghostly cat again. Mew was sleeping with my parents the whole time!


48. Spectral Shove

While looking for a game I’d lost, I went up into the “bonus room” of our house. It was a room above the garage, disconnected from the rest of the house except via the narrow laundry room. I hated going up there. In most cases I refused, because it gave me the most horrible feeling. Some of my friends said even just going into the laundry room made them uncomfortable.

My Mom sent me up there one day for something though, so I had no choice. I skittered through the laundry room, up the stairs, and into the bonus room, feeling goosebumps all over my skin. After searching for a few minutes, I lost my nerve and turned to head back down the stairs and get out of there. As I was heading down the stairs I froze, an icy feeling in my gut, and started to turn around, absolutely certain that there was somebody behind me.

Before I could, I felt the distinct impression of hands on my back, shoving me forward. I just barely caught the handrail before I went tumbling down the stairs. I ran out of there and have not entered the room since.


49. Grim Precognition

My great uncle used to have dreams that made him certain that he was going to die before his junior year of high school—but that wasn’t the most disturbing part. For some reason, he was sure it would be a family member who killed him. Then, the summer before his junior year, he and his older brothers were out for a summer drive, in a convertible, in the 50s, with no seatbelts in the back of the car. His older brother took a turn too hard and too fast and rolled the car.

They all lived—except the youngest brother. Then, when they were going through his notebooks after his funeral, they found drawings of the church where the funeral had been held. This church was several towns over, and he had never been there, so there was no way he could have drawn a picture of it. He not only knew he would die and that a family member would kill him, he even knew the Church where his funeral would be held.


50. Peeping Goddess

I was sitting on the toilet facing a huge statue of a Greek goddess in my grandma’s house. My cousin was looking in the mirror applying make-up, and we were just chatting—when all of a sudden the statue started moving. The sound of it getting dragged across the floor was terrifying, and we froze. It was impossible for it to move because it was so heavy, and yet it turned around so that it looked straight at me.

Needless to say, we ran out of the room without even flushing or taking our stuff.


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