If Spilling The Tea Was A Class, These Students Would Get An “A”

October 14, 2020 | Samantha Henman

If Spilling The Tea Was A Class, These Students Would Get An “A”

Parties. Pranks. Breakups. High school—and high schoolers—can get a little crazy, and every school has its own share of crazy stories. Some are utterly hilarious, while others are truly disturbing. These Redditors came together to share their jaw-dropping stories from high school, and they're proof that there's no drama like high school drama.

1. Off the Grid

My junior year English teacher loved my high school more than anything. He made it his whole life. After I graduated, our new president/principal combo went through and fired almost all the teachers that students loved, including him. After that, he went missing. His favorite book to teach was Into the Wild and I just know he pulled one of those. He was last spotted leaving church.

Then, a duffel bag with his wallet and phone were found abandoned on a beach two hours from where we lived. He was never heard from again.

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2. The Distraction

A gang made a threat against our school. The school remained open, but with a battalion of guards on hand. However, there was a twist. It was in the gang's plan, and it worked: they were trying to keep the authorities busy while they robbed a different location.

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3. Some Things Never Change

There was a teacher at my school who got fired for misconduct with a student. This occurred at the school itself. The kicker? The teacher's wife also taught at the school. She was a former student of his.

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4. Spanks for Nothing

In eighth grade, our woodworking teacher bent a girl over his knee and spanked her. He had spanked others before but not to this extent. The principal went on to defend him. Luckily a student recorded everything and both the principal and the teacher were fired. Became headline news for a week, but I think the teacher is back on the job now.

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5. Post-Secondary Disappearance

A little over 10 years ago, a popular kid from my school went missing, they've never found him. Apparently, he was at a party just before graduation, got into a fight with his girlfriend, and left to walk home. They've extensively checked all the nearby woods, dredged the rivers and lakes, it even caught the attention of some TV "psychic." They found his car, abandoned, but no other sign of him.

The creepiest part is how everyone in my hometown still talks about it; My psych teacher in high school used his disappearance as an example when we discussed dissociative fugue states; the town is still plastered in MISSING signs; every year they go out and search again. I always wonder if it was suicide, an accident, foul play, or if he just took off across the country.

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6. Thirteenth Time’s the Charm

We had one student that called in 12 threats in the span of a year and a half. The FBI showed up at our school. They said they didn’t catch him for that long because he was using a VPN.

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7. Meet the Parents

I always knew my girlfriend’s parents were teachers, but we go to different schools. Anyway, last week I met them for the first time. When I walked into their house, my blood ran cold. Not only is her dad my science teacher—he 100% hates me with a pure passion. That dinner was awkward.

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8. Behind Closed Doors

I had a girl in my class as a sub that was a complete nightmare. She basically told me that she wouldn't do work, she didn't care, etc. She was oppositional to everything I said for no reason and at one point she was up writing on the whiteboard and wouldn't sit down. The whole lesson was her distracting other students, just generally being a jerk, and enjoying that she had a sub she could infuriate.

I gave her detention for lunchtime the next day and she just laughed and said, “As if I'm going to come.” For some reason, she got to me more than students usually do—last period on a Friday, probably. I was stupidly angry at her, mostly internally. After class finished I went to add a behavior incident for her on the school system we use for disciplinary things.

The way it works is you can see the student’s history of incidents and refer your incident to head teacher, welfare teacher, deputy etc. When I found out what was happening to her, I was stunned. It turns out she had recently had a bad breakup and her ex was now harassing her, her family, and her friends. This includes turning up at her house with a gang in the middle of the night and threatening her with various things. Law enforcement were even involved.

I honestly just closed the classroom door and cried at the hopelessness of the whole thing and I didn't even end up writing the incident. I felt guilty for being so angry, completely lost that this was a reality for a 15-year-old kid, and terrified for what the future is going to hold for this girl. It's depressingly likely that she will end up a domestic violence statistic and there is nothing I can do to intervene.

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9. What’s the Buzz?

When I was in my first year of school, we all heard rumors that our French teacher had dropped an adult toy out of her bag one day walking into class. From that moment on, all it took was one student to hum buzzzzzz before the whole class would erupt sounding like a beehive. I think the poor woman retired a few years after we left, although I spent six years in that school and the joke never wore off.

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10. Battle of the Genders?

The tampon and condom fight. We had a Walmart and a CVS right next to our school, and there's no age restrictions to buy condoms in my state. When the freshmen figured this out, they went crazy. Actual children were pelting unused tampons at each other, some kids filled condoms with lotion and flung them across the halls.

I remember, someone had defecated in a condom and left it on one of the busiest stairways, where someone merely feet in front of me stomped on it. It got so out of hand that even the upperclassmen were angry. The fight went on for an entire semester until the school had an assembly about throwing things in the hallway.

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11. He Just Loved School So Much

Some kid who was suspended showed up to school while strung out, demanding to be let in. He threw a table, shattering the glass door, then tried to fight a security guard with a fire extinguisher.

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12. Some People Don’t Know When to Give Up

I went to a small high school, graduating class of about 60. In school, I had two close guy friends, and one of them had a drama queen ex-girlfriend named Stacia. She was convinced that the problems in her relationship weren’t her fault, they were mine. She tried to call the authorities and say that me and my guy friends smelled like weed.

They didn’t really care, so she tried the same lie on the vice principal. Well, the thing is, the vice principal is my cousin. So he kind of just forgot about my name, but he still had to search my friends’ cars, and he actually found some pot. They were instantly suspended. I was stuck alone at school with Stacia the Psychopath.

I’m in the cafeteria one day, and my hair is up in a high messy bun. I heard her talking behind me, but I tell myself to ignore her. When I think of what happened next, I still can’t believe it. I could tell she was right behind me, and all of a sudden, I felt a weight on my head. The friend who I was talking to changes his expression. His eyes widen and he mouths “ASSSSSS” to me.

All of a sudden, I scream out the vice principal’s name and yell “Could you kind ask Stacia to get her butt of my hair?” He spins around, confused, and makes eye contact with her. Stacia very slowly moves forward, until her poo-caked-behind is no longer resting on my messy bun. Unfortunately, Stacia was not finished with her reign of terror, not even after being hauled to the office and subsequently sent home for “assault” of my person.

The very moment Stacia arrived at her home, she made a phone call to law enforcement, alleging that myself and my two guy friends, both of whom were home on suspension themselves, I might remind you, had followed her grandfather's Buick from the school to her house, flashing the headlights and honking.

Then, we allegedly did some mean Dukes of Hazzard moves to slide down her driveway and block her entrance to her house. Then we threw rocks at her. Then the guys attacked her and I spit on her. Then we threw rocks at her again, and left. When she mentioned the alleged assault, the authorities sprang into action.

Less than 90 minutes after the original altercation where she put her butt on my head, law enforcement showed up at the school to interrogate me. Well, I was more than happy to share what I know: my friend Alex's parents had confiscated his CAR BATTERY (more effective than taking keys) when he got busted. So he couldn’t have been at Stacia’s.

As for my friend David? He had no access to a vehicle and was under house arrest 22 miles from Stacia's house. The outcome was incredible. Stacia was charged with filing a false report and the backlash against her for lying was so severe from the rest of the school, that she only lasted three days before transferring when she returned.

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13. Watch Your Step

Somebody defecated in the halls or the staircase because our principal only allowed one boy to enter restrooms at a time. I guess he really had to go.

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14. Snakes in a School

A biology teacher kept a large boa constrictor in a cage at school. One day everyone comes in and finds that the snake is not its cage. Nobody knows where it is. Word gets out that the snake is loose in the school and the whole school is on edge every minute of every day. Three weeks later, the snake is still missing and everyone has pretty much forgotten about it—but it was just biding its time...

Then one day in a quiet moment in the middle of a class in a room in another part of the school, the snake comes crashing down through a ceiling panel and lands on a girl. The screams of horror from the people in that room were so blood-curdling that people in the neighboring classrooms immediately assumed it was an active shooter.

Now the whole school is on lockdown while the principal is on the PA saying, “LOCKDOWN THIS IS NOT A DRILL” and the SWAT team canvases the entire school hall-by-hall. This is its own kind of trauma, as several of my students legitimately thought they were going to die. Meanwhile, the people in the snake room did not catch the snake. The snake eventually found its way back into the ductwork via a radiator and disappeared AGAIN.

Another three weeks go by with everyone terrorized. Then one day it was announced that the snake had been found by a janitor the night before and taken out of the school. They never said who found it exactly and some people were skeptical as to whether this was true. But that was the end of it, nobody ever saw the snake again.

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15. Class Act

We went into lockdown my junior year of high school because some kid's mom was hopped up and started stripping in the quad. I was on the other side of campus when teachers started yelling at us to go into classrooms. Everyone thought it was a shooter, but they gave us no info until after the fact. They then changed lockdown policy for “immediate threats” and “low-level threats” so people wouldn't freak out again.

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16. A Load of…

When my crush and I were dissecting a frog and he told me he liked my best friend. As a result, I squeezed the frog’s poop bag by accident. Worst day ever.

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17. Holding Out for a Hero

There was a teacher at my high school who was having relationship problems with his wife. So he hired/convinced some students to break into his house and bind up his wife while he was out for a walk. The idea was that he would arrive home and be the hero of the situation. He ended up going to the slammer.

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18. Coffee Break

One day there was a cop car at the front of the school. Someone said they saw a kid get taken into custody when they went to the washroom. At the end of the day, law enforcement and the principal were standing at both back passenger-side windows, talking to someone inside. We all just assumed that someone was getting picked up for something.

The next day my homeroom teacher told us between third and fourth period, a former student (who was about 20 years old) blended in with students and snuck into the school hallways. He wandered through the hallways breaking into unlocked lockers and actually made off with about 10 laptops from teachers’ classrooms somehow.

They ended up catching him at the Tim Horton’s down the road. Not sure what’s going to happen to him but someone said his mom was his getaway vehicle a couple of blocks down the road, he just had to stop at Timmy’s first. Only in Canada do people have to stop for a coffee and a donut mid-theft.

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19. Oh Deer

Somebody somehow managed to sneak in a dismembered deer carcass and scattered various parts around the school hallways. Turn a corner and bam! a severed deer head staring right at you.

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20. Heads Up!

A girl performed an inappropriate act on her boyfriend right in the middle of the crowded cafeteria. But that's not even the craziest part. A teacher noticed and started yelling at them. The dude must have panicked because he pushed her head down and she ended up throwing up all over him.

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21. Journalistic Responsibility

One of our teachers was sending spicy texts to a student and had a photo of her on his phone—she was 18. One student took his phone and saw the photo and reported it. The high school was in a high class area, so everything had to be perfect and without blemish on their reputation. This was a pretty darn big blemish.

The teacher got notified by one of his buddies that he was under review, and he left that night. He drove to his hometown and told his parents about what had happened. By this time, his face was already published and that he was on the run. The details of what he did with his parents aren't there, but he shot himself a few hours later.

Law enforcement and some other school security came to the school and kept all of the girls in the class after school for questioning. Now here's where it gets pretty crazy, and this is from my point of view. I was the "video anchor" for our schools’ announcements. We had a news-like setup, so reporting the news was something I have been doing for at least two years before then.

I saw everyone was sharing the link to news articles, but I decided to take it a step further. Since the articles were all over the place and you didn't know which ones were legit, I put the legit ones in one Facebook post and also put a summary of the article under each post. I kept updating the post and it became the central source for information.

Then all of a sudden, to everyone else, it just disappeared. I got called down to the room where we recorded the news, and my teacher, all of the principles, and the campus security all were there telling me what I was doing was "immoral" and "unethical" and "what if the family sees it." I replied with "If [family name] messages me I will remove it." I had done my research and found out who the girl was.

This went on and on. In the end, I was basically forced to delete my post, which was replaced with this one: "Sorry to everyone I offended with my post. I didn't mean to cause harm. The post was taken down by request of [school name here]." I think it was a nice passive aggressive response. And that was that.

I had said teacher’s class next, so I followed her to the room and she gave a very passive aggressive speech about not talking about what happened in class or we will get sent to the assistant principal. The entire time she didn't glance at me once, but most of the class knew it was about me.

I want to reiterate that this was the teacher who was teaching me to become a news anchor as my career, who reports on worse things daily. She later quit her intern news anchor job because she didn't want to report a dog dying. Fun days. So glad it's over.

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22. It’s All Fun and Games…

Two girls were fighting over a boy. They were in the bathroom, in the same stall. While they were fighting one of the girls took out a pair of scissors and injured the other in the eye. The girl with the scissors was expelled and the other girl turned out to be just fine and went back to school like everything was normal. The creepy part was my classroom was the closest one to the bathroom and we didn't hear anything. We just saw the authorities. It creeps me out to think it happened a couple of feet away from me.

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23. The Principal Vanishes

We got a new principal. Everyone loved him, he was one of the best things that happened to the school, then one day he just dropped off the face of the earth. No joke. No one knew what happened to him for A YEAR. Then, when my grade graduated, we were told that he passed and we weren’t to tell the younger grades.

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24. I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

A teacher got walked out by admin yesterday and put on leave. It happened right after his car got taken by two students who had walked around his desk and grabbed his keys during class. I raised an eyebrow, because why would anyone be put on administrative leave for that? Then I found out the dark truth. It turns out that he had installed surveillance software on his computer and set up a camera to record his room.

When he found out his car had been taken, he went all vigilante tracking down and threatening the kid who he thought did it.

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25. Sweet Revenge

Last year, a kid shoved a lollipop into some other kid's ear. Not a big deal, right? Well, it busted his eardrum as it started bleeding and supposedly he couldn't hear properly for the rest of the semester.

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26. Mess Around and Find Out

This was something I witnessed in my grade 10 art class. These two kids enrolled in my school midway through the semester, they both had reputations that followed them. They also made reputations for themselves at this school just doing things that make you disliked. Trash-talking the jocks because they're jocks, messing around with girls, thinking they're cool/better than people, etc.

So they were both in my art class. We sat in a U-shape and I was directly across from them at the ends of the U. One of them is running his mouth like usual when the art teacher gets up from his desk. He's a big dude, 6'2” tall, I'm thinking 200-220lbs. He skulks around his desk and makes his way towards the end of the U-shape.

Then, mid-sentence, he grabs the guy talking trash in a headlock, pulls him over his chair, then plants him on his back and then yells "BOOM THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE!" and walks away. Everyone in the room is just staring speechless at each other and then laughter erupts.


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27. Fake News

A student took his own life in our school. He had been picked on a lot. His parents and friends reported it to the teachers for a long time, but the school failed to act. So, when the news crew arrived, the school went into full damage control and threatened kids to not talk to the press otherwise they would get a detention.

At the same time, the school started doing this awareness week, putting up posters, and trying to create this illusion that this was a happy and safe school. A few months later, another student did the same thing.

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28. Collect Call

I went to a private school where you weren't allowed to have your phone on you. One day the vice-principal bursts into a classroom and says in a panic, “Quick, I need to use someone's phone!” Ten kids got detention and had their phones confiscated.

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29. Just Say No

A kid at my high school overdosed on the bathroom while the rest of the class was watching a video about the dangers of substance use.

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30. Rumors

Two male teachers had relationships with multiple underage female students. They decided to have a party with these girls and some other students, which the school administration found out about. Teachers were given the old “resign or be fired” choice. They both resigned. Now, for some reason, the school administration decided to announce the resignations to the whole school, instead of just letting them go quietly. That's when the rumors started…

The rumor that emerges is that the teachers were actually gay lovers and the girls were only a coverup. One of the teachers, the rumor says, is dying of AIDS and they both resigned so they can be together in his final days. The rumor swirls for a couple weeks and culminates in a student trying to set up a GoFundMe page for medical expenses.

The administration had to go around the school and explain, class by class, that these rumors were not true and the teachers had resigned for other personal reasons. That didn’t really help, but the rumor eventually faded away on its own.

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31. How the Tables Turn

At my former high school, the vice principal recently got fired for breaking into people's houses and stealing prescription pills. The worst part? Every time I got in trouble in high school he said that I should look up to him because he was a respectable adult with a good job.

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32. Does This Count as Performance Art?

I’m a speech therapist. For the past two to three months, we’ve had a serial poop artist. Some kid will go down to the bathrooms and take a huge dump, then fish it out and leave it on display. So far, they've created five masterpieces. I'm 28, and I cry-laugh every time.

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33. Brings New Meaning to Dress Rehearsal

I remember at our school, to promote the plays the drama club put on, all of the actors had to come to school dressed in costume on the premiere day. When we did The Diary of Anne Frank, we had two embarrassed kids walking around the halls in full SS uniforms that day. I don't know why our program thought that would be a good idea.

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34. Scary Stories

My high school had an annual Halloween dance. We had other dances throughout the year, but this was the major party one. Security is always booked to guard the doors, check student IDs, and to send away anyone who is visibly intoxicated or has illicit beverages with them, but they don’t really care that much and kids always find a way to outsmart them.

This year, a whole bunch of grade 9 girls show up with drinks in water bottles. They were already absolutely hammered and, because ninth-graders don’t know their limits at all yet, they lose their minds. Our main hallway when you first walk into the school is this huge open lane with fake trees, benches, and some big lampposts. Picture what would be on an old-timey street in a British movie or something.

This hallway is where the dances are held because the gym can’t hold enough people. They usually put the DJ up on the open staircase balcony, which was pretty cool. Anyways, so these blasted ninth-grade girls decide to start using the lampposts as stripper poles. Most of the older students just ignored them, and there was such a crowd that the teachers on duty couldn’t tell what was going on until too late.

One girl (who was clearly a dancer or a gymnast or something) wanted to cause a scene, so she climbs up higher and starts doing tricks. Before the teachers could get close enough to get her down, the whole lamppost comes crashing down on the crowd of students. It was chaos. One kid ended up concussed, that girl and a few others got kicked out of the dance, there was a lot of screaming.

Somehow, that was not the end of the shenanigans. A whole group of them went into the bathroom to drink even MORE of the drinks they’d snuck in, and they all ended up throwing up in the girls’ bathroom. One of them even had to go to the hospital to get her stomach pumped. I think a dozen kids got expelled the next day, and as far as I know they still haven’t fixed that lamppost five years later.

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35. A Threat to Herself

Our long-time high school vice-principal (who was married to my old middle school science teacher) was having an affair with the married high school security guard. When he tried to cut it off, she started sending violent threats to herself over the course of months, saying they were from students and maybe his wife. Local authorities uncovered everything. She was picked up at the high school after students had gone home.

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36. Sounds Fishy

There was a tradition of playing water balloons on the last day of school in my high school, some upperclassman thought it was a smart idea to replace water with fish sauce. There are no water balloons fight in my school anymore.

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37. Bottle Service

In grade 10, the principal made up a new rule that you could only go to the bathroom once a day. This rule was heavily enforced by every teacher in the school and every single student hated it. Students started to protest against this rule by using bottles. If a teacher caught you doing this, you would get a three-day suspension.

I think there was at least 15 suspensions given out in the time this rule was enforced. One student took it too far by filling up a bottle and drenching everything on the teacher's desk with it before the teacher came to class. This rule was lifted after students started leaving school property to go to the bathroom. We didn't see that principal next year.

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38. What Lies Beneath

Just last year, I had a girl in my 11th-grade class. Very bright, studious, had two other girls she usually was with, but overall not very noticeable. The thing is, she was absent a lot, to the point where she was only at school for a day a week or less. It was quite troublesome, as her parents didn’t ever send a mail or write a note for why she had been gone from school, but as stated earlier, she was pretty smart, so her grades didn't suffer that much.

I used to talk to her after classes to ask her what was going on, but she would usually just apologize politely and promise she would do better. Fast forward to around Christmas time and she hadn’t been to school for two weeks. That month was exam month, and she was missing out on a lot of prep days she needed to be present at. Fed up, I marched to the principal's office and told him her absence was really ruining for her, and that I should call the parents and inform them of the consequences, as is the norm in the situation.

To my surprise, the principal was completely against it. That’s when he told me the dark truth. As it turns out, her parents had arranged for the girl to be married away to a man from her homeland against her will. The reason she had been gone those two weeks was that she had been picked up by child services and had been moved to a safe location. Shortly after it was revealed she had been absent all those days because her parents wanted her to stay home and take care of them, not because she was sick.

She was abused by her parents, and she was constantly monitored so she couldn't stay at school after hours or do other activities like hang out with friends. She didn't realize any of this was wrong until her friends at school talked to her about it. So this wasn't really drama, but it was quite a shock for me and all her teachers when we were told.

It’s been a year now and she's doing great. She got a restraining order against her parents and she got a little dog she saved from a shelter. But it's safe to say that she'll never have the life a normal 16-year-old is supposed to have, and that makes my blood boil, but she is very grateful for her new life it seems and she's safe, and that's all that matters.

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39. A Black and White Issue

I went to a small high school—like, about 60 people in each class small. So everyone knew everyone's business. Anyway, I played football and at the end of each season you could purchase your jersey if you wanted. The one guy, Mike, bought both the home jersey (black) and away (white). Sometimes the girls would wear their boyfriend’s jersey.

This always caused some awesome drama‚ but one year was the craziest by far. One Friday were allowed to dress down. Two girls showed up, both wearing Mike's jersey. One had the black jersey, the other girl had the white one. There was always the talk about which one he was dating because he bounced between the two.

They both knew about the other, but drama always ensued about who the "main" girl was. Well, jersey day settled it. At lunch, the girl in the white jersey fought the girl in the black jersey, because she got to wear the home jersey—apparently it meant more.

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40. Flipper

There were many rumors floating around about me in high school. No idea why. But my absolute favorite had to be that I had webbed toes. Of all the things to lie about honestly I have no idea what that person was thinking when they made it up. At first, I attempted to dispel it by showing people who asked, but after while I decided to let people think whatever they want about my feet.

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41. Occam’s Razor

We had a teacher just disappear one day. Like, all his stuff was removed from the classroom and they had a sub ready to replace him. Leading theories included disastrous divorce, that he took his own life, and cancer. You know, all the stupid bizarre theories that kids come up with when something like this happens. Later, the dark truth came out.

What had actually happened was that he had an inappropriate relationship with a student. He was respected enough that they let him quietly "resign" instead of making a big deal out of it. He was a really good teacher, wouldn't be surprised if he got another job right quick.

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42. Hitting Every Possible Phase

In seventh grade there was this girl who apparently couldn't feel pain, so she was pretty successful as our goalie during our soccer unit in gym class. Just a few weeks later, she started to tell everyone she was pregnant. I'm not exactly sure how, but within a few days everyone found out she was lying about it.

The day after the truth broke out, she returned to school with part of her head shaved and part dyed blue, refusing to talk to anyone. If anyone approached her she'd respond by threatening to be their "worst nightmare."

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43. Off and Running

My school has a jogging session at 6 am every Friday. After jogging, 600+ students from three grades have to change clothes. The restrooms are really small and can only fit so many people, so most of us change in the classrooms (boys and girls separated of course). One day it was revealed that some boys had worked together to buy a camera system and recorded videos of the girls changing.

What happened to those responsible? Nothing significant. They weren't expelled.

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44. Mama Drama

A girl in her final year got pregnant and was hiding it from her parents. She was 18 at the time. She went to the counselor (a qualified clinical psychologist) who was helping her through it. The counselor walked her through all of her options and did what she was supposed to do. The girl (I think possibly in denial) carried the baby to quite far along but then wanted out. She was also starving herself.

I can't remember all the exact details, but she apparently went to a dodgy clinic where she convinced them she was much earlier in the pregnancy. I’m guessing they did no tests because they gave her pills. She started profusely bleeding in class the next day and was rushed to hospital. The baby survived for about 4 hours.

Obviously, by his point her parents were there. During questioning. she named our school counselor and said that the counselor had forced her to do it. The whole case went to court. Our poor school counselor could not say anything or defend herself publicly until the case was done. We had reporters outside our school gates for ages.

It all came out at the end that the girl had lied and the counselor was completely innocent and had just done what she was supposed to do and had offered the girl all the information and advice for her to make an informed decision. I was amazed at how professional the counselor was and how she did everything by the book when it came to speaking about her client.

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45. Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Bullets were found on campus, but not the weapon. Our school was in code yellow lockdown every day for the last two weeks of school while they searched lockers, brought in metal detectors, and searched everyone's backpack daily. Multiple knives and illicit substances were found, but to my knowledge, nothing was ever discovered related to the event.

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46. Sock It to Me!

A major fight that happened where girls from a rival school got into ours and beat another girl with a lock-in-a-sock. She nearly lost her life. Our school went into lockdown while they had to literally clean blood off the walls.

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47. Breathless

My friend complained that he could not breathe, and thought he needed to leave. He was sent to a teacher, then the nurse's office, then the vice-principal. When he was finally allowed to leave, he was taken to the hospital and the doctors saw that he had a partially collapsed lung. Air escaping from his lung had created an air bubble dangerously close to his heart: he probably would not have lasted more than a couple of hours.

Even though both of his parents were teachers at the school, neither was called during this whole incident.

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48. Candid Camera

The high school rowing coach was caught with images of students. It was discovered he drilled holes in the wall of the girls’ locker room and put cameras there. He had been recording for who knows how long.

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49. Cocktail Hour

Two dudes got intoxicated my senior year and threw two Molotov cocktails through an administrator's window before school one day. We woke up to “Fire attack at local high school! Classes will be held as normal.” They both got caught hiding at one of their houses. One cleaned up his act and is actually a pretty decent guy now, but the main one who instigated the situation became an addict and ended up passing away at the age of 24.

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50. Straight from the Sauce

One time this kid I was friends with brought this special hot sauce to high school and let a bunch of kids try it during lunch. It is 1.5 million scoville units. At least 30 kids tried it. Some kids really started freaking out because it is ridiculously hot. You’re supposed to add one or two drops to a big batch of chili to make it spicy.

Some were trying to show off and took a swig of it and ended up vomiting everywhere from the heat/panic. Multiple kids had to go to the nurse and be sent home because they way overdid it, although I think most just really had no idea what a scoville unit was or that they made hot sauce that was that ridiculously hot. It was chaos.

I tried it as well, a dime-sized amount. I couldn’t concentrate on anything but chugging milk—and I’m really good with spicy foods! Finally, the principal came on the intercom and said, “Whoever brought the hot sauce, please, just stop.” My friend got into some pretty big trouble for that one.

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51. Life’s a Beach

A female student in my class had a teacher whom she really didn’t like for whatever reason. One day when the teacher entered the classroom, she had her feet on her desk, so he said something like, “Get you feet down, you're not at the beach.” That girl took advantage and complained to the school principal that this teacher implied he wanted to see her in a bathing suit.

The teacher obviously denied it, but the girl doubled down and got the parents union involved. There was a massive outcry. The girl’s parents organized a protest outside the school gate one morning and the local newspaper reported the story. The teacher got fired eventually. The thing is, there were plenty of witnesses to what happened that could say the teacher did nothing wrong, but she was one of the popular girls, so everybody kind of just…decided to not get involved.

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52. The Fall Guy

The smallest kid in 12th grade climbed through the roof and padded the inside of our hated history teacher’s classroom with towels before being handed the hose from outside the panel he'd climbed through. He left the hose leaking into the classroom and made his way back. Or tried to. A few steps before he got out, he fell through the roof, onto a railing, and down two flights of stairs. He crawled away unscathed, and, despite getting into a lot of trouble, was still allowed to write his final exams and attend the farewell dinner and dance.

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53. It’s Raining Chairs, Hallelujah

My school has a huge blacktop, and the second floor overlooks the whole blacktop. One day two girls were arguing. One of the girls was on the second floor, and the other was on the blacktop. I’m not sure what they were arguing about, I think it was Facebook beef over a boyfriend or something. In the middle of the argument, the girl on the second floor paused and went into the nearest classroom and grabbed a chair.

She then chucked the chair over the second-floor railing, aiming for the girl she was arguing with, but things quickly spun out of control. She missed and hit some guy walking by instead. I heard the guy who got hit had to go to the hospital and ended up suing the school. As for the two girls, they were expelled.

For months afterward, there was a lot of rainy weather, and everyone made jokes about bringing an umbrella to school to avoid falling chairs.

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54. Call the Exorcist

One time a girl's head suddenly fell back over while we were watching a movie. She was growling half loud, but we couldn't make it out because of the movie. I saw it first but brushed it off as her doing a "whatever" roll with her head—but then I realized something was horribly wrong. Her head didn't go back to a normal position.

It just stayed there. None of the other girls sitting next to her noticed. Her eyes and mouth were open and staring, but somehow focused at nothing. Her moans/growls got louder and now everyone else noticed. I even got scared and stood up, so my chair backed out with a loud screech. Of course, being my immature self I knew just sitting and staring wouldn't help, but I didn’t know what else to do.

The teacher "took" her out of class and the teacher’s aide told us to stay seated and watch the movie, that all was under control. I know now that was garbage, but I just accepted it and let the day go on. Later they brushed it off as her not eating/drinking enough. I find it difficult to believe as she didn't pass out. She was awake, eyes moving but without anyone being home. She said she doesn't remember anything, as if she just fell asleep and woke up later on.

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55. Mixed Nuts

My best friend in high school was very conservative Christian girl but I was also fairly close friends with a gay dude. I was bi and at the time, was out to my guy friend but no one else in the school. Well anyway, this dude lets it spill to some friends that I'm bi and have a crush on a girl named Alicia. Most people didn't care, but it got back to my best friend and she freaked out about me hiding it from her—while claiming I wasn't going to get into heaven.

She was hysterically asking about who Alicia was and why didn't I tell her about it, etc. But the twist is, there was no Alicia. When I questioned my guy friend about it, he swore I'd confessed my feelings for a girl named Alicia and that he remembered it clearly, then got mad at me for "lying" by denying that I was in love with this girl, while my best friend kept harassing me about it too but in a prejudiced way. Both of these two friends of mine also hated each other. What a mess.

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56. Create a Diversion!

Our prom turned into a huge debacle. One girl took a pregnancy test at the dance and was confirmed pregnant. She then screamed at her sister for telling everyone and they got into a huge cat fight on the dance floor—but that's just the beginning of the insanity. During the fight, one of the tweakers goes through everyone's purses and jackets and steals credit cards and phones, flushing the SIM cards down the toilet.

No one would've noticed if he hadn't stopped right outside the door and started lighting up on school property. The principal called the authorities on him and they searched him. The dance ended early with a lot of angry parents and one pregnant girl.


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57. The Mixologist

I had a friend in high school who was convinced he was the first person to ever think of pretending vodka was water, and that it was impossible for him to be caught doing this. He got caught the first day he did it because he filled the bottle up to the top with vodka. He waited until lunch for some reason, bought a carton of orange juice and made an incredibly disgusting screwdriver with it, at like a 10:1 vodka to OJ ratio.

He then chugged the entire thing during lunch, puked everywhere, and passed out. So, yeah. He definitely got caught.

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58. Teen Privilege

My class's valedictorian got away with everything. She had a public relationship with a teacher, cheated on math tests, and was a drunk driver on the weekends when she was a minor. She dropped out of college after the "free" year and shacked up with the teacher, but left him after he became abusive. She's back home with her crazy mom, taking night classes. The years of partying make her look 42 instead of 22.


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59. Forgiven and Forgotten

The high school I used to go to has made the newspaper for something bad nearly every year since it opened. The craziest story was about one of the teachers, who we’ll call Ted, getting caught for repeatedly hooking up with one of his students. Ted was a young very attractive guy. He coached cross country, taught the highest level math, and was loved by pretty much everyone. Long story short, he was incarcerated and the girl transferred—but the story doesn’t end there.

Fast forward three years, I'm at a concert with a big group, including these college girls. Everyone got drunk but me, and I started talking to the college girls. Apparently, one of the girls was actually engaged to Ted. She told me that she had forgiven Ted for hooking up with a student “because he was high at the time.” The reason he wasn’t at the concert with us? He was incarcerated for possession of illicit substances. What a winner.

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60. Democracy Inaction

The principal found illicit substances in the boys’ bathroom. He called an assembly and told us we had to vote for who we think it was—but his plan backfired horribly. I think the principal’s son got like 98% of the votes. Suddenly the voting system wasn't valid. We didn't even coordinate it, everyone had the same idea at once and it was glorious.

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61. It’s a Gas

One moron who graduated the previous year popped off a government-grade tear gas grenade in the school's back hallway. It got picked up by the ventilation system and spread throughout the subschool. When the fire alarms were activated, I walked out of biology class right into an invisible waft of the stuff. It felt like having pins poked into every mucous membrane in my nose and throat. Instant huge gasping spasms.

It wore off gradually after I was outside for about 20 minutes. This was in the late 70s, when it was ok to send you back to class if you were able to stand up. If I remember correctly about 40 people got a good dose of it. I felt like garbage for a couple of days afterward.

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62. Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

We had a little gallery in our high school and some prominent local artists decided to do a show in the gallery for educational purposes. One of the pieces of art was some sort of vase with the artist’s father’s ashes in it. The teacher who organized the gallery begged the artist not to put the real ashes in vase just in case, but they insisted that the ashes are what made the piece so meaningful.

First day of the gallery someone “kidnapped” the ashes. Unfortunately, this was before we had cameras. We never really had anything important besides student art in the gallery anyway. Thankfully, it was only a portion of the dad’s ashes. There were flyers posted all around the school begging the thief to put the ashes back before cameras were put up with no consequences. They were never returned.

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63. Back from the Dead

We were all called to an emergency assembly and told a student had passed on. Her friends were distraught and even the people who didn't know her went quiet. I think I remember a group of students putting together a type of memorial card. The whole morning was morbid...until the “dead girl” arrived at school and wanted to know what was going on.

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64. Hooked

Way back in elementary school, when I was in Grade 1 or 2, someone hung a girl up by the back of her shirt on a coat hook in the girl's bathroom. By the time she was found (by her best friend, actually), she was non-responsive. She did not survive. I don't know if the person or people who did it were ever caught. I was too young at the time and they weren't going to give us details.

By the time I was older, it had just become the incident that you did not talk about.

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65. Talking Shop

We had a male shop instructor aggressively stalk a female student. Pictures of her were found in his belongings at the school, along with some VERY descriptive notes to her. He made appeals to her parents/friends as to why he was right for her, routinely cornered her and tried to kiss/touch her. If I recall correctly, he was let go but nothing further came from it.

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66. Hit the Deck

I went to school on an armed forces base and there was a stretch of time where people kept throwing simulation grenades on campus.

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67. Keeping It in the Family

A math teacher had a relationship with a student. It got exposed when he tried to have one with her sister six years later. He was dragged out of school in the middle of the day by the authorities. This was in middle school.

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68. It’s Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight…

This kid got suspended for hitting another kid. The next day, the dad shows up with his kid and starts trouble. My headmaster was this short skinny guy and people underestimated him. He quickly restrained the dad and marched him out of the school, then expelled his kid for good measure. He had a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of persecution and usually a couple of kids got expelled at the start of the school year.

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69. A Crushing Story

When I was in middle school, a lady had a heart attack while in the drop-off lane. She was in reverse, parking her van, when she went stiff and hit the gas. The van plowed through a group of kids and smashed into a brick wall. Unfortunately, there was a student who got pinned between the van and the wall. With the tires still spinning and spinning, one of my classmates managed to open the door and turn off the van.

We were all trying to get the van off the kid when the teachers started trying to pull us away. The assistant principal ran up and yelled "NO, WE NEED EVERYONE TO MOVE THE VAN!" We managed to move the van just enough for one of the teachers to pull the kid out, but it was no use. He was gone.

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70. Playing Ketchup

Countless books had to be thrown away in the library because one lone kid was taking condiment packets from the cafeteria, putting them between random pages of books, then slamming the books shut. This had been happening over the course of two weeks before someone got a desecrated book. The school reviewed camera footage and saw the kid who was doing it.

Fined him and threw him in in-school suspension for the rest of the semester.

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71. Emo v Goth: Dawn of Eyeliner

My final year of school the goth thing was pretty much over and the emo thing was at its height. A couple of the senior kids still considered themselves goth and did not like the emo kids. Anyways, there were these three emo girls, who were pretty much universally not liked by anyone. They seemed to be emo for the sake of the attention, and would actually call out other emo kids for not looking as good as them. They were pretty much the mean girls of emo.

As I said, the Goths hated the emos, and the emos hated the emo mean girls. Around Chrismas time, arguments were breaking out in front of everyone. One of the mean girls ended up getting jumped and left the school. She was one of the main reasons why a big group of friends no longer talked to each other anymore.

I think about month before the summer, these two emo mean girls were causing trouble and running their mouths at the goths. The goths got a hold of one of them after school and pretty much beat the living tar out of her. She was actually hospitalized and there was a rumor was she was thrown head first into a wall and had her eye socket knocked out of place. A bunch of goths were expelled from the school, the authorities were involved.

Of course, all the normal kids collectively said, "What the heck?!" It was all that was talked about during the final few weeks of the year.

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72. Some Things You Can’t Unsee

In year 10 media studies, we had to make a short film for assessment. One group of two guys and a girl decide to make a film where the girl gives birth to a live kitten. It was a very graphic depiction and once everyone found out about it, she didn't live it down until she eventually dropped out of school.

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73. Side Quest

Recently two people at my high school got into some drama. It ended up with one of them dumping a jar of baby powder that was supposed to resemble a white powdered substance on the other. One of our teachers called the authorities and got the dogs to sniff around. They very quickly discovered that it was baby powder—but then the dogs made another discovery.  

At least 12 other students had illicit substances in their lockers and they all got busted. Just like, 15% of the class in one fell swoop, gone.

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74. Hypocrisy in Action

I used to go to a Catholic high school. One day, one of the most beloved guidance counselors was very suddenly suspended without pay and fired. Like one day here, the next day gone. When I found out the reason why she was fired, I was heartbroken. She was let go because she's married to a woman. It turns out her sister-in-law got upset and forwarded some wedding pictures to my school.

They fired her because it "went against Catholic morals" or something like that. But, the guidance counselor is now suing my school for discrimination, not because they fired her for being gay, but because they haven’t fired any other teachers for "going against Catholic morals." There were divorced teachers, another gay teacher, a few who had kids out of wedlock, and one who got her naked pics leaked.

As a result, the president and principal were suspended by the archdiocese. The case is on its way to trial.

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75. Double Life

I had this girl start at my high school and joined up with our clique pretty quickly, named Fatima. She'd been in Australia for eight years, originally from Lebanon. Absolutely stunning girl—truth be told 16-year-old me was infatuated with her—and her younger sister Semra was a looker too. She always shied away from dating though, as did her sister, saying her old man was pretty strict. Not uncommon for the area I grew up in, very high concentration of Fundamentalist Muslims, so we left it at that.

What we didn't know at first was that Semra and Fatima would get to school uber early—dropped off by her father—go into the ladies’ toilets, remove her hijab and chuck her makeup on. We didn't think much of it, although we knew that was pretty taboo. We were just the stoners that hung out behind the gym, y'know? Anyway, one day we see her having a huge screaming match at recess with a bloke a year up from us.

He's stormed off as we came up. She was visibly shaken, it turns out the bloke recognized her from the local mosque and was incensed she didn't have her traditional kit on. Then lunchtime, I go to our regular spot just in time to see the drama. Fatima's dad is dragging Fatima to his car by the hair kicking and screaming. We never saw her again after he threw her in the car. Semra attended for another week, with her hijab on, before she disappeared too.

She wouldn't tell us what happened to Fatima, and this was long before the internet was readily available. I still think about what happened to her on occasion, and where she was now.

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76. So Much Drama

The drama teacher in middle school, who was also the English teacher, was very polarizing. For example, my seventh-grade year, the school play was Once Upon a Mattress. Some parent complained that there was a line about teenage pregnancy, so we cut it the rest of the run, but that wasn't enough for some parents. Even our home economics teacher had it out for the drama teacher. She accused the drama teacher of having had an affair with one of the special ed. teachers while she was cleaning out her classroom and got her banned from school premises.

Piled with some other misunderstandings, including a class analysis of a Popeye cartoon to understand stereotypes being taken as her teaching us to believe stereotypes, the teacher ended up “quitting,” (i.e. fired) halfway through production for the next show. She ended up coming out as a lesbian, divorcing her husband who also worked at the school, and moving to the beach the next year.

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77. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

One of the middle school teachers had a relationship with a high school student for a while. After they were discovered and on court orders not to see each other, he still hooked up with her like nine more times before he got his sentence.

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78. Life Lessons

At my high school, seniors had to do a senior project. Can be anything really. Just plan it out and follow through. A very popular and well-liked senior made an end of day announcement that tomorrow morning he would be in the student parking lot working on his project and needed as many other folks there as possible. Everyone showed up—completely unaware as to what would happen.

He drove into the student parking lot and set up a tripod and a camera. A large crowd gathered round, just about 30 minutes before the first bell. He hit record, thanked everyone for showing up, then reached into his car pulled out a weapon. He pulled the trigger before anyone could react. No one knows why.

He was a great guy with a bright future, but you never know what struggles others are going through. I think about it frequently and take that into consideration to try and be nice to others with random acts of kindness.

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79. That’s a Twist

A beloved teacher and coach got charged for hooking up with a student. The teacher had a wife. The kicker? The student was a guy.

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80. Pet Shop Boys

A girl came to school one day with five bunnies in her book bag, and by the end of the day had sold every bunny for $25 apiece. Every day, teachers would be stopping kids and looking through book bags and lunchboxes. It was chaos. And the bunnies were still being sold! Occasionally you'd see someone with a lump in their jacket with an ear poking out—bunny. A cracked lunchbox—bunny.

Eventually, this turned into a full black market bunny selling ring. The leader had recruited other sellers, and they had designated bunny-trading spots. Our school is infamous for gangs and dealing, so this was a pleasant surprise to most. Over time, the bunny selling trickled to a stop, but occasionally one still pops up.

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81. Cruel and Unusual Punishment

After two kids were late, one of the coaches made one of them do sit-ups…into the other’s bare butt. As a result, the school got hit with a huge lawsuit.

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82. Music of the Heart

A friend of mine does routes for a music company and drops off supplies and picks up instruments that need repairs. A teacher handed him a clarinet that was in a plastic baggie. When he found out why, he was utterly appalled. Apparently, a guy had...pleasured himself with a girl’s clarinet because he liked her.

The student now has to pay for the instrument because the repair guy won't touch it and the school is withholding his diploma until the family can buy a new clarinet.

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83. The First Rule of Student Fight Club Is…

I’m a teacher and one of my coworkers got fired one day. Then, an angry mob of parents turned up to beat the heck out of him on an ordinary, sunny Tuesday. When I found out the reason why, my blood ran cold. It turns out this guy was making his students fight in this sort of tournament. The winners would receive a perfect grade that semester. Some of the kids got hurt really bad.

He'll never be able to teach again and he had to leave town because everyone wanted to hurt him. Rumors say that the videos are online, but I haven't bothered to look.

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84. Forced Out of the Closet

We have a gay male student who was beaten up by a group of the tough jocks for telling all of his friends about having a crush on one of the top sports players in the school. But then, the truth came out. As it turns out, he had been secretly meeting this guy in parking lots and secret locations for months for hookups. After the jock let his friends beat him up for the "rumors," he posted screenshots of their conversations and NSFW pics on all social media platforms for the whole student body to read.

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85. The L-Word: High School Edition

My fellow teachers and I noticed that the female students had been highly interested in each other, and we joked with one another that we thought experimentation happened in college. Only later did we find out what was really happening. A parent came in to ask her daughter's teachers, principal, and counselor for advice on what to do with her child.

That’s how we found out that her daughter had not been coming home at night because she and all her friends were hooking up.

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86. Trial by Fire

At my friend's high school, a first-year teacher had a tile broken over his head. He had students who wanted to "act hard" in class, even though the school was in a fairly well-to-do neighborhood. So they would pull the fire alarms in his class—he was in a small temporary building outside—pour water on his computer, throw desks, etc.

Even with all of that, the principals never did anything for him: They never answered a disciplinary referral and they would never remove the worst kids from his classroom. All they would do is yell at him to "learn to control his class." From what I heard, they're now liable to see action in court since this teacher had multiple stitches in his head and a concussion.

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87. Art Star

Back when I was in high school the most dramatic thing I can remember happening is someone drawing an enormous—like a hundred meters long—dick on our sports field with weed-killer. The field was in a lowered area from the main school buildings; you had to take quite a lot of stairs to get to it, so you got a really good view of the whole thing whenever you were at the school and walking past.

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88. Don’t Stand So Close to Me

When I was a senior in high school, I noticed that the Latin teacher constantly looked at me like he liked me. I didn't even take Latin. The thing was that he was older, and not remotely attractive. One day I was home at my parents' house on a Sunday. The phone rang—I couldn’t believe it. The old geezer called me. He propositioned me.

I told him to screw off and slammed the phone down. I kinda felt sorry for him because he was probably terrified that I'd get him fired. I never told anybody. A while later, I saw him in a public place pushing his wife, who was in a wheelchair. We locked eyes and kept walking.

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89. Spice Up Your Life

Last year we had a girl start randomly pepper-spraying people in the library. It turns out she had snapped after she found out her ex-boyfriend had been hooking up with her mother during and after the relationship—a whole bullet was dodged there because he was 18 when it all started. At first, it was just a Twitter beef when she found out.

Then, it escalated to the point where she went to confront him over this, armed with pepper spray, and one way or another had a nervous breakdown, snapped, and then went to pepper spray everyone in the library. I heard that she had been told he was there. She ended up leaving the school after the incident and the guy got suspended, but it was a mess for the school's PR.

I honestly felt bad for her because I'd had a class with her and she was always really nice and it seemed like a super awful situation had just brought the absolute worst in her.

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90. Party of Two

Earlier this semester, a cafeteria worker who a ton of people loved passed on suddenly, leaving her two kids—one senior and one freshman—with their alcoholic dad. The mom's side of the family, last I heard, are taking care of them. Since then, our entire town has had a ton of fundraisers and still has a fund for them. I barely see the oldest son, who I assume doesn't show up because that's some seriously heavy stuff to deal with during that transition out of school.

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91. Disappearing Act

I had a close circle of friends. There was myself, Matt, Mitch, and a girl named Amal. Amal was Muslim, but acted like the polar opposite. Lots of makeup, black metal shirts, pot, and she dated Mitch. Mitch, while a great guy, was not a parent's dream. They dated for a few months, then Mitch texted me out of the blue freaking out.

It turns out that Amal's parents found out about Mitch and were not happy. I messaged her to see if she was okay, and she told me her parents were threatening to take her back to Pakistan. The next day, her Facebook was deleted. She had sent Mitch one last text, telling him how much she loved him, how her parents were kidnapping her, and how scared she was.

Mitch was livid and called her dad. Mitch said her dad told him to never speak to their family again, and that Amal needed to be punished for dishonoring their family. Mitch tried for months to get a hold of her. None of us ever heard or saw her again. Amal was wonderful and did not deserve whatever awaited her. I sometimes wonder if I could have done something different, but she was gone in a matter of hours.

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92. The Moment of Truth

There was this kid a year behind me who wanted to fight me for some reason. He'd come at me in the halls, at lunch break, etc. and try to start stuff. I avoided him as long as I could, but one day he pushed me up against a wall and wouldn't back down. So, without even dropping my books, I clocked him across the jaw. Hard.

He stormed off, talking smack. One of my friends said he may have been crying. Later that day, I was in shop class. One of the baddest kids in school was in the class. He came up and tapped me on the shoulder. What he said made my blood run cold. He told me: "I heard you punched out my little brother today."

Oh no. "Yeah," I stammered..."I kinda did." His reply blew my mind. He said: "Good...the little jerk deserved it."

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93. DIY Renovations

I work at an alternative high school in the inner city. My school is surrounded by eight abandoned houses/warehouses and a burnt down church. We serve 100% at-risk students in a 14-26 program, and at one point several students were older than me. My first year teaching our preschool program was shot up in a drive by, and to this day they still have to cover the bullet holes in the concrete with book shelves because the school won't pay to have them fixed.

You can see clear daylight through them.

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94. Hit List

He was a really strange guy, I didn't really know who he was before the whole thing went off, but people were always cracking jokes about him being autistic and a very open supporter of really bad, problematic stuff. He left school after completing his basic qualifications and nobody thought of him once he'd gone.

A year or so later, the news surfaced that he'd been found in the woods with a machete. When law enforcement went back and searched his home they found a diary of really detailed revenge plans for the school, including which order he'd take out the teachers and students. There were also weapons and materials to make explosives.

Videos of him throwing Molotov cocktails in the woods surfaced later on. This was all classified info because he was a minor but everyone found out about it through acquaintances and neighbors since he lived near to the school. There was a super injunction to protect his identity, so we used to talk about him in class and make sick jokes about it to wind up the teachers.

It was pretty funny to see the color drain out of their faces when you said his name, but I guess we were trying to make what could have been a horrible possibility seem less heavy. My terrible school should have looked after him better. If they had intervened, it might not have gone as far as it did.

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95. Fast Friends

In middle school, our quarterback had brain swelling and got brain damage. There were donation events held for him and his "friends" were very supportive…for about two weeks. Then his girlfriend broke it off with him while he was in the hospital and he pretty much disappeared. The guy was the "coolest": an absolute jerk, and had personally picked on me, but I don't think he deserved what happened to him.

After taking a year off of school, he comes back a completely different person. None of his old football or cheerleader friends talked to him or visited him anymore. He needed a special education teacher to accompany him in many classes and got genuinely depressed and angry in class because his brain wasn't what it used to be.

One day, he approached me and said “Hi” like we were old friends, knew my name and everything. I was a little thrown off by this because he used to call me names, push me around to impress girls, and physically threaten me. The guy standing in front of me wasn't that guy anymore though, and I could tell that.

It turns out he couldn't remember me well, but had the feeling we were friends. I lied to him and said of course we are. We chatted sometimes during school and I genuinely enjoyed his company. Soon after his return, however, he just stopped coming to school and I never heard what happened to him. I'm honestly afraid to look him up. I hope he's doing well.

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96. Third Wheel to the Rescue

After prom, we went to a friend's house to hangout. It was him, his girlfriend (my BFF at the time), and me. I slept on the couch while they did their thing. At around 6 am, they came running down to get me for help. When. Isaw what happened, I didn't know whether to laugh or barf. I guess they were so drunk that they intentionally sexually and/or jokingly peed all over each other and the bed, and were trying to use bug spray to clean. It was the epitome of a hot mess.

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97. Joy Ride Gone Wrong

This girl had a huge clique of friends. They would harass people they didn't like or wanted to "remove," as in they’d make them change schools. This girl would do things like find out information about you, send you fake love letters, or find out where you live and whenever the cool kids would drive by, they’d throw stuff at you. But her worst act ruined her.

One day, she convinced this freshman that they should film a fun prank-style video for YouTube. He was supposed to do a "Ghost riding the whip" thing where he was on the roof of the car while no one appeared to be at the wheel. She was driving it, and while the kid was surfing on the roof, she accelerated as fast as she could down the street, just to be mean. Meanwhile, the kid tumbled off...and fell into a coma.

She later said, "It was his fault. I mean, it was his idea after all!" No one was buying it. She was hated and only a few of her friends remained with her. I have no idea where she is now or how she is doing, and I'd like to keep it that way.

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98. Age Is Just a Number

Two students who happened to have been fraternal twins arrived at our school when they were both 15 years old. One looked older than the other, but that just happens sometimes. Then one day, a rumor started going around that they were not actually twins, but just ordinary sisters. I tell the Behavior Support workers, who look into it. As it turns out, one of the sisters was actually 22 years old. The parents had lied about her age to get her into the school, which they had needed to do in order to be allowed to stay in the country. Whoops!

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99. Work Hard, Party Hard

He always carried around a briefcase, but never opened it. Sat on the brief case during lunch, classes, etc. It was like the nuclear football, always in his hand or he was sitting on it. He carried it onto the stage during graduation, got his diploma, and right as he was leaving the stage, he opened it up. When he did, something amazing happened.

He dumped a bunch of confetti on the principal. I guess it was the long-con? No one questioned why he was carrying it on stage.

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100. Penalty Kick

Over Christmas break junior year (it may have been senior year, I forget), one of the star members of the football team disappeared. No one knew what had happened—but we eventually learned the chilling truth. Turns out he'd snapped and shot his father. His father turned out to be a Class-A jerk who resented his wife for getting pregnant when they were dating.

The father was apparently a huge high school football star and was set to go on and play college ball until his girlfriend got pregnant and he was forced to marry her. He tried to live out his athletic dreams with his kids, especially his oldest son, and treated his kids like garbage. He had recently forced the oldest son to break up with his girlfriend because she was a “distraction.”

Nobody blamed the son for what he did...he had been tormented mentally and physically for years and just…snapped.

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101. You Can't Unread That Note

Story from a friend who is also a teacher. I don't hold a candle to this one. Students were passing notes in class. This is 8th grade in the US. After about a month they become comfortable and it started to interfere with class, so it got to point where he confiscated one of their notes. The students panicked. And really panicked. He said they apologized and told him to just throw it away.

He said he'll decide later and kept it. He did read it. And a group of about eight students—half boys and half girls—would rotate partners for hooking up...but only doing certain things...only because they wanted to keep their virginity. This is their idea. He ended up having a conference with the parents one on one and it was a rough rest of the year.

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