These “Signs From The Universe” Were Way Too Eerie To Ignore

June 29, 2020 | Miles Brucker

These “Signs From The Universe” Were Way Too Eerie To Ignore

Who among us can honestly say that they’ve never once looked up at the vast, mysterious universe and wondered whether there is some grand force out there that cares about our mundane lives? Even though we’re all guilty of this, not all of us are fortunate enough to receive a clear answer to that question. Some folks, on the other hand, feel that they have indeed received “signs from the universe”—occurrences that they don’t feel they can explain in any other way. For those who have ever wished that there is something out there watching over us, these 50 stories might help you feel like maybe there truly is, after all!

1. Moose on the Loose

My then-girlfriend was having a really awful week. I felt terrible for her, which made me realize how serious our relationship really was, because empathy is not typically a strong suit of mine. She wanted to take a little trip to the Grand Tetons mountain range to clear her head. Naturally, I said sure and we headed down there when the weekend came.

She really wanted to see a moose on this trip, but it was August. In August, it’s very unlikely to see one since they tend to move to higher elevations at that time of year. Also, I had never once seen a moose in the wild in my entire life. Before we left, I thought "If we actually see a moose on this whirlwind 72-hour road trip, I will take it as a sign from the universe I should marry this girl."

Sure enough, right in the middle of the day, on one of the busiest trails in the park, we spotted a great big bull moose hanging out in the lake. We’ll be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this year.

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2. Hitting the Jackpot

My story is about a lottery ticket. I was always curious about lottery tickets but never wanted to indulge in actually buying any. Then, one day in a grocery store, I told the universe, "I am going to buy a lotto ticket now for the first time in my life. If I win a prize, I'll take it as a sign from you and never buy it again."

I bought myself a ticket for $3. Not one of the grand bumper ones, just a simple scratch one. As soon as I paid for it, I scratched it and won $500. I smiled and donated $250 of the amount to charity. I then enjoyed some good meals a few times over with the other $250. And I kept my promise to the universe. I never bought or looked at another lottery ticket again, and I never will.

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3. A Little Bonus Before You Even Start

I was driving to the first day of my new job and was feeling really nervous, like nothing was gonna go right and they’d figure out immediately that I was not the right choice. I figured I’d call up to play the morning quiz on my local radio station. I got through, so I pulled over and sat on the side of the road to play. I managed to win £100!

I felt like that was a bit of a sign from the universe that things would work out. And they did! I’m still in that job seven months later, and doing very well!

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4. Going My Way?

One time, I was walking down the side of the road. I was doing what would have been a four-hour drive, and I was walking it. Once I started to realize just how hard this would be, I straight up begged the universe for a car to stop and pick me up. Literally seconds later, a woman stopped who was traveling all the way to where I was heading. As in the exact same town. Four hours away. What are those odds??

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5. Love Letters in the Sand

All my life, whenever I went to the beach, I had always wanted to find a fully intact dollar bill in the sand. Don’t ask me why, it was just something that I had always thought would be really cool. I had found lots of little ripped up pieces of money in the sand over the years, but never a complete dollar bill like I had dreamed of.

Then, when I was in my mid-30s, I went to the coast with a group of friends one evening. After they had all gone home, I was walking alone along the beach in the moonlight. It was close to midnight by then. I was feeling very sorry for myself in the dark, and I was really lonely even though I was staying with my friends that weekend.

I had just started thinking the thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be a great sign from the universe right now to know that I really am loved if I finally found a sand dollar?" I had barely finished forming the thought in my head when I looked down. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right at my feet was a fully intact sand dollar! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a feeling I’ll never forget for as long as I live.

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6. Out to Lunch

I once had to make the excruciating choice between whether to have McDonald’s or Taco Bell for lunch. I couldn’t make up my mind, so I eventually flipped a coin and went with McDonald’s. Meanwhile, my friend got the Taco Bell for himself and ended up violently ill from food poisoning later that night. If that’s not a sign that the universe loves me, I don’t know what is!

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7. Cat Scratch Fever

My wife and I had been considering getting a second cat for some time, without reaching any conclusion. Then, as I was walking back to the apartment one evening, a young feline popped up out of the drainage beside the sidewalk. Basically, he just looked right at me and his facial expression seemed to say the following:

“Let's cut to the chase here. I'll be moving in with you now. You need a cat. I am a very cute, completely adorable little kitten. This is clearly a match made in heaven. Don’t bother fighting it. The only problem I see here is that you might not be smart enough to recognize this opportunity. Be your best self right now, dude. Take me home with you tonight.”

So I looked straight back at him and made a facial expression that said, "I can't make this decision solo, my new friend. Let me go and check with the wife." He just looked at me and nodded his head, as if to say, "Go on. I'll wait." Well, that was years ago. He might regret his decision now—it’s bath day, today—but I think it was definitely meant to be.

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8. More Than a Feeling

I had got a job at a retail store and went in for the orientation session and to do my training. The vibe was kind of off in the store, but I ignored it. I got to the back where the computers were but couldn’t shake the feeling of being uncomfortable. In my head I said, “Alright, universe. If I’m not meant to work here, show me some kind of sign. Make them send me home for the day or something.”

About an hour later, a huge storm rolled in and shut down all the power in the store. The manager came in and said for me to go home since their computers weren’t working and I couldn’t do my training. I knew right then and there that I should never come back. It’s a good thing I didn’t. Just a couple of months later, I began working at a new job that I absolutely love.

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9. Struck Down

My wife was insisting that I work the garden on my day off. I begrudgingly started to head outside, but said to her that if it rains I'm out. Right on cue, there was a huge clap of thunder and lightning struck up on the hill about two miles away from our house. I did a little robot-shutdown dance and moonwalked my way back into the house. Thanks universe!

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10. Guardian Angel?

I was in the depths of despair. I had just lost a great job and had to now travel for two hours every single day carrying heavy tools each way to a temporary job I was doing. At one point, I was sitting on the bus thinking that my world was over. It all kind of got to me at once and I began to tear up. Not wanting to ball my eyes out in public, I held it in as best as I could.

I asked the universe for something, anything, that could show me that life wasn't worthless. Just then, a lady who I hadn’t even noticed was there must have seen how bad I was looking. Before I could even see who she was, she whispered the words “Everything is going to be okay” into my ear before getting off the train. That moment saved my life.

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11. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

My mother passed away when I was a baby, so I have no memories of her. My dad rarely ever talks about her, as losing her was a very painful experience for him. I had a very troubled and difficult childhood as a result and I don't really speak to my family much anymore. I am very much an independent loner as an adult.

In a moment of weakness seeking support, I once asked the universe and my mother for guidance. I prayed that if she really is out there watching over me, then she should wake me up at exactly 3:33 AM that night as a sign. She proved she was there for me that night. I woke up randomly at exactly 3:33 AM. I found more strength that night than ever before in my life, and I continue to often seek ways of connecting with her.

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12. Something Seems Fishy

Once, while walking to work as a teenager, I asked God to show me a sign so that I would know whether or not I should get out of the toxic relationship I was in with my now-ex. Just as I finished the prayer, a fish came flying out of nowhere and smacked me right in the face. I fell down to the ground and blacked out for a few seconds.

When I came to, there were these three hillbilly men surrounding me, fanning me, and just generally freaking out. Apparently, it was their fish that had knocked me out and they were worried that I was seriously hurt. When they realized I was awake, they just started apologizing and said they swore they had put the strap on their cooler.

They gave me some ice for my eye and walked me down the rest of the way to work so that I could call my mom to pick me up. I broke up with my ex the next day out of fear of being smacked by a rogue fish again.

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13. A Dream Come True

I cried out to the universe to please give me someone to love. Two weeks later, I had a dream that I was sitting next to a very beautiful girl in one of my classes. She had incredible blue eyes, long dirty blonde hair, and glasses. Not long after that dream, I started a new class in which a girl who looked exactly like that sat next to me. Let’s just say I now love my new wife very much! Thanks, universe!

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14. Bookworm

I had been unhappy in my line of work for some time. Although I’m not religious, I had been reading some self-help books called Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. It talked about the universe reflecting your thoughts, words, and actions directly back at you. For example, acting like you want a career change results in a reality of wanting a career change.

There was a message about “Being” and not “Doing.” So I wanted to test this with an experiment, as it all sounded a bit like mumbo jumbo. I volunteered in a special needs youth club so that I could “Be” and act like what I wanted the universe to reflect back at me. This led to me receiving a job as a support worker for special needs students in a college.

That, in turn, led to me completing an additional degree, which led to teacher training, which led to being a graduate lecturer, which led to deputy management of a whole faculty, and ultimately a career helping hundreds of people each year. Through all that, I was constantly testing out what the book claimed about the universe, and it worked every single time. The number of times it worked for me cannot be just luck. I believe the universe is looking out for me and is using that book as a sign.

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15. Walking It Off

Years ago, I had lost my job. I was doing a lot of temporary and part time gigs, but there would be dry spells during which I couldn't find anything. I liked to go on long walks, just around the city or down by the lake, or maybe through a park. I liked to just be by myself thinking about life and what to do next. I'd talk with myself, and sometimes have conversations with the universe.

I'd ask, "Do I really have a shot at pulling my life together? Everything is so messed up. Will I find some meaning? Some direction? Or am I cursed to just wander and feel lost till I'm eventually hit by a car or struck by lightning or caught in a fire? If that's my fate, why not get it over with? Either that or give me some hope to believe in." Well, a few weeks, later I got my answer—in the most dramatic way possible. I was hit by a car...and survived. Now, I believe that the universe wants me alive.

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16. A Close Call

During a very dark time in my adolescence, I once made the decision that I was going to take my own life. I was only 13 years old at the time. Life sucked, and I planned to go home from church that night and end things if there was no direct intervention from a higher force. At the exact moment that I had that thought, seemingly out of nowhere, my aunt stopped me and said "I feel like you need to come home with me tonight." And I'm still here as a result. Thanks, universe!

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17. Man’s Best Friend

When I was a teenager I had bad problems with depression and anxiety that led to very self-destructive behavior. There were many times I imagined taking my own life and one night I was set on doing it. I came home drunk and sad and started intentionally harming myself, which was one of my methods for dealing with my emotions.

I sat in my bed crying, trying to find the courage to finally end it. Then, all of a sudden, my dog Snoopy hopped up onto the bed and put his head on my lap. Thanks to him doing that, I realized that I just couldn't do that to him or to my parents and friends. I believe the universe sent my dog along to save my life that night.

The next day, I decided to open up to my parents and ask them to help me find some help, which was a huge step forward. I started to see a therapist and she really helped me work through a lot of things. I still struggle a bit sometimes, but I'm able to manage thanks to the help I received and I credit that little loveable mutt for me being around today.

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18. Benchwarmers

I had asked the universe for a sign that good and friendly people really do exist in this world. I know, it's kinda stupid, but I have struggled with making friends that weren't toxic, and I felt like I just wasn't destined to have great friends. Then, about two days after I had asked for a sign, I went to my local park to do my daily routine of sitting down and reading a book.

For some strange reason, as soon as I sat down, a pair of strangers walked right up to me and introduced themselves. We ended up talking with each other for what felt like hours. Eventually, I asked them why they came up to me. The guy said “Oh, we made a bet to see if we could make any new friends at the park, and we did! You're our new friend!”

Afterward, we all went for a walk together and got some cookies and ice cream. We later chilled again, by the river this time. They are both now my two closest friends, and it all started only because I happened to be in the right place at the right time for them to come up and find me. I strongly believe that it was the universe's doing and I am so grateful for it.

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19. Text-ual Analysis

I once asked the universe if I should bother sending a text to my super-toxic ex. My cell phone responded by immediately discharging all of its electricity through the charger port and refusing to turn back on.. So, yeah, sadly this kind of stuff happens. It was a really awful relationship.But I was lucky to have supportive friends and family that helped me to get the heck away from her, and now I know what signs to look for and what lines should never get crossed.

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20. Moving Out

I was 18 years old, had recently graduated from high school, and was basically being forced to attend cosmetology school by my stepmom while also working a full time job. I was exhausted all the time. My stepmom and I were very religious for a long time, but I was starting to question my faith and stopped making church a priority.

I think this caused a lot of drama and resentment from her and my father, who worked outside of the country. While attending cosmetology school, I had made a few friends. I guess I was so starved for any sort of friendship and even affection that I would just tell them all the things I hated about my home life. They helped me start to see how toxic my parents and situation were.

I knew that I needed to move out. I tried to do so amicably, but to no avail. In fact, my attempts to leave peacefully just backfired and caused more problems. At the time, still being fairly religious, I prayed for a way out. But my prayers were rarely answered, so I quickly grew hopeless. A few weeks later, though, everything suddenly began to change.

After a rough few days between me and my stepmom, things came to a head one night and she called my father. They had threatened for years to kick me out of the house. I was a seriously well behaved kid and didn’t like conflict, so I was always the one to apologize for whatever they thought I had done that was so horrible.

This particular night, when the threat of kicking me out entered the air, I saw it as a sign from the universe and a fleeting opportunity that had come as an answer to my prayers. I quickly packed my things and was gone the next day. It's been four years since this happened. I am now living in a different state with my husband and daughter, and our second child is due to be born in about a month.

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21. Over the Rainbow

My sign from the universe came when I was planning on coming out of the closet for the very first time. I was really nervous, even though it was to a good friend of mine. Then, I suddenly saw him walking around with rainbow socks, and I took it as a sign from the universe that everything would turn out fine in the end. And it did!

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22. We’re in the Money

I was totally broke and shouted out loud to the universe that I needed to find some money. I started walking down the street and immediately noticed a five-dollar bill lying on the ground. My heart was racing. But when I went to pick it up, I realized that it was actually just a piece of garbage and not money.

But the story doesn’t end there. About three steps further, I found a real five-dollar bill! What are the odds of finding money when you just wished desperately two minutes ago to find some? And what are the odds of getting fooled into thinking you found money, only to find it for real a mere five seconds later? I still think about this incident from time to time even though it was more than ten years ago.

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23. Follow That Car

I was in a bad time of my life. I grew up quite naive and I'd like to say sheltered. So, when my first boyfriend broke up with me, it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. He was my first and I took it very seriously, which made it a thousand times worse for me. I already had depression, but this development knocked me into dangerous territory.

I wasn’t sleeping and I lost more than 20 pounds because I couldn't get myself to eat. I felt sickly, weak, and just didn’t wanna be here anymore. I felt like no one cared about me. I just wanted someone to hold me and tell me that everything would be okay. I like to unwind by driving around and blasting my music when I'm upset, and one day while doing so I decided that I was going to purposely crash my car into a line of trees and end things once and for all.

A few minutes before I was going to veer my car off the highway and into the trees, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw an ambulance driving right behind me. I had never seen an ambulance on the highway before that didn’t have its signal going. I immediately broke down and cried. The ambulance was just cruising behind me. I took that as a sign that the universe did care and that my life was significant.

So I drove home to my mother and told her that I needed help. I was taken to the hospital, put on medication, and went to therapy for my underlying issues and depression. A year and a half later, I am off of medication, I no longer need therapy, and I am currently thriving in most areas of my life! That ambulance truly saved me that day. Thanks universe!

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24. It’s All in the Game

I’m a really huge fan of the video game Borderlands. I wanted Borderlands 3 so badly but I couldn’t afford it and had to wait for it to go on sale. It was really darn expensive! I was discussing this situation with my mate and literally said to him “I need the universe to give me some kind of a sign that it’s okay to treat myself.” Ten minutes later, I got an email saying that the game was now 50% off.

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25. ‘Y’ Oh ‘Y’

This is going to sound really silly, but I was once visiting my nanny and she had just spontaneously decided to tell me the story of how she had been physically attacked. It just so happens that I was also physically attacked once, but I have always been too scared and shy to speak about it. I was shocked to hear my nanny tell this story and it got me wondering if I should finally tell someone mine.

So on the drive home, I half-jokingly told myself “If there’s a letter ‘Y’ in the next license plate I see on the way home, I’ll tell my boyfriend my story this very evening.” I figured it would have to be a sign from the universe if there was one. When I looked up, probably at least nine out of the ten cars in sight had a Y on them. I think it was just a coincidence. but at least I got to tell my story and I don’t regret it.

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26. The Sky’s the Limit

During a hopeless and awful time in my life, while I was walking home in the middle of the night, I asked for a sign from the universe that things would get better. Immediately, the sky lit up. A meteorite with a long golden tail briefly zipped across the horizon in front of me. The very next day, things really did start getting better. I'll never forget it.

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27. Perfect Timing

In January 2020, I expressed to a colleague of mine that it would be amazing to have a few months off to just do nothing but rest and recharge. He said that would be good for me, but not so good for my colleagues. I then said okay, I want us all to have a few months off to rest and recharge, without the shop permanently closing. That way, we can all come back when we’ve had a good rest.

Then the lockdown suddenly happened!

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28. Picture Perfect

I was feeling depressed and lonely after a rough breakup, on top of problems at home. I just asked the universe if there was anyone out there who could actually love a messed-up person like me. A few days later, I met my now-fiancé because he wanted to know what I was drawing in my sketchbook. We now live together and are still as dorky as the day we met.

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29. Can’t Help Singing

I had a really tough time during my first semester of college. I was doubting everything because I realized that music is what I really want to do and I couldn’t figure out a way to achieve it. I was on the train nearly weeping listening to music, when all of a sudden I heard the lyric “real fighters don’t give up on their dreams.” I had never noticed that lyric before even though I had listened to that song many times. I knew it was a sign.

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30. A Friend in Need

I was going through a lot and in a really dark place, like the kind of place I honestly wasn’t sure I’d survive. I was teetering on the edge of despair and genuinely going down the path towards doing something insanely drastic. I basically just asked the universe for help one day while in the middle of another crying episode. I suddenly had this strange, sunny feeling kind of leak into the darkness I was harboring inside of me.

The next day, by chance, I met the people that would become my new friend group on a video game I played regularly at the time. They lived in an entirely different city and had entirely different lives from me, but we all just sort of clicked when we played together. It took a month or two for me to settle into that friendship and understand that they were gonna stick around.

They’ve been my best friends for three years now. Some of my best memories are from that first summer that I knew them. I genuinely don’t think I would have survived that time in my life had I not met them. I was feeling incredibly alone and I was trying to come to terms with a lot of things all at once. I’m infinitely grateful for them, and I can’t help but think that the universe was listening that day when, as a last-ditch effort, I asked it for help.

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31. Tattoo You

A week and a half ago, I went to get my first tattoo. When the artist was about to start, my grandfather's favorite song started playing on the radio. He passed away almost exactly five years ago. I took this as a sign from the universe that he was there with me, looking down and supporting me the whole time.

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32. Driving the Point Home

During one of the lowest points of my life, I often drove around for hours listening to music, not telling anyone where I was or where I was going. On one of these drives, I was trying to motivate myself into finally seeking some help or at least talking to people I knew about how deeply depressed I was. I was also trying to convince myself to stop naively driving around without telling anyone where I was going, because it was reckless.

I was thinking something like, “I don’t know what to do anymore. God, please give me a sign or something.” Just then, the song “Snap Out of It” by the Arctic Monkeys came on the radio. I was driving through a side road in the woods at this time, and the road was getting really narrow and muddy. On a tight and very very muddy turn, I lost control of my car and was sliding off the road straight towards a huge tree.

Fortunately, my car stopped sliding just in time. I stared around, and after realizing how close I came to a possibly fatal accident, I broke down crying. I stopped disappearing on everyone after that night, because I finally realized that there were people in my life who truly cared about me and wanted to help me get better.

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33. A Star Is Born

I was looking up at the night sky one time and said to myself “Dad, if you’re up there, please show me a shooting star!” All of a sudden, one-shot straight across the sky. My father had passed away a few years earlier, and this was purely coincidental. But I really needed it at that time. It made me feel like the universe really did care.

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34. Prenuptial Agreement

I was engaged and the wedding was only about four months away. My fiancé was a severe alcoholic and I knew that marrying him was probably not a good idea, but I was scared to call it off for a lot of dumb reasons. The wedding was already planned, I had spent a bunch of money, I thought he could get better, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find anyone else, etc.

One night, we got into another huge fight about his drinking, so I ended up leaving him at the bar and drove off by myself. I pulled over and sobbed my eyes out. At one point, I just started screaming at no one in particular, "What do I do?? Someone tell me what I’m supposed to do!!" I must have looked like a crazy person, just screaming to myself in the car.

I regained my composure after a while and drove home. Cut to a few weeks later, and I find out I’m pregnant. Cut again to the morning of the ultrasound and, of course, he is so drunk that he can’t get himself off the couch; so I’m already furious. But because I’m a pushover, I let him get himself together and he comes with me to the appointment.

At the appointment, I find out that I’m actually miscarrying. But then, somehow, it got worse. The doctor tells me that before he can conclude that though, I need to go to the lab immediately to get my HGH levels checked first. And my lovely fiancé says to me "Can you drop me off at the bar on your way to the lab? I can’t handle this." It was right at that point that I realized this pregnancy wasn’t meant to be, and it was my sign from the universe that I had been wishing for.

The universe had heard me screaming like a maniac in my car that night, and was now screaming right back at me loud and clear. It was saying, "UH, DON’T MARRY THIS GUY YOU IDIOT! THIS is who you are choosing to be the father of your future children!! IS THAT REALLY WHAT YOU WANT??" I called the wedding off the next day and haven’t looked back since.

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35. Born to Be Mild

My niece was due to be born on the 15th anniversary of my best friend's passing. Two days before, I begged the universe for her not to be born on that day. I did not want her birthday to be forever associated with one of my most tragic memories. Less than an hour later, the labor process began...but my niece wasn’t born until after midnight. I am so thankful to the universe for that!

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36. Sonny Boy

20 years ago, I was married to a very bad man. On top of his poor treatment of me, he had all the symptoms of being both sociopathic and psychopathic. One day, he left the house. My child, who was only two years old at the time, was napping in the other room. I had a complete mental breakdown and wanted to end my life.

Just then, my son somehow wandered into the room. I have no idea how he got there, but I took it as a sign from the universe that I needed to stick around to be there for him. I took my son and left my husband a couple of weeks later. Now, I am happily remarried to an amazing man. My son is living with us, and both my men are doing well together. We have a beautiful old house with a massive garden, and we are all happy as never before.

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37. A Star Is Born

I was at a point in my life where I was trying to figure out my relationship with God. I was very spiritual, but not entirely religious. I decided to go on a weekend church retreat with a friend. We were in the mountains during the beginning of summer, so we were all sleeping outside and looking up at the stars at night.

It was “prayer hour” in the middle of the night, so we were all saying nothing while there was worship music playing. It felt very peaceful. I suddenly got emotional and silently prayed to the universe, asking if my cousin was safe “up there.” He had passed away when we were both very young. I immediately saw my first shooting star go by. It made me really emotional.

Now, every time I see a shooting star, I take it as a sign of my cousin saying “Hey, I’m doing good. Hope you’re doing good, too!”

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38. Ruffling Some Feathers

I’m not superstitious at all, but my uncle is very much so. When my Nan passed away, he went to see a fortune teller who told him that anytime our family sees white feathers around, that’s Nan's way of showing us that she’s there. I thought it was a load of nonsense and quickly forgot all about it. Then, a few years later, I went to a music festival.

Everything was coated in dirt and dust being churned up by thousands of people’s feet. Even the air was so thick with dust it was making it hard to see and breathe. I was on the edges of the mosh pit when I started to have my first panic attack. I’d never had one before in my life. I didn’t know what was happening to me and I was terrified.

I felt like I was being crushed and like I was the only person in the world at the same time. I remember desperately thinking “I don’t want to be alone, I don’t want to be here alone!” I crouched down in the middle of the dirty dusty crowd. When I looked down, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a single white feather on the ground right between my feet.

It was perfectly white. No dirt, not stepped on, or anything. In the middle of this crazy mosh pit. I stared at the feather until I could get my breathing under control and get out of there. I picked the feather up and to this day I still have it. That feather was definitely the sign from the universe that I needed at that scary moment.

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39. A Dog’s Life

I didn't know what to do with my life and needed to pick a career. I was thinking about going into nursing, but I didn't think I could deal with seeing poop. So, I asked the universe for a sign on what to do. Just then, my dog, who never once pooped inside in his entire life, took the biggest poop on my floor that I had ever seen. I was the only one home for the rest of the day and had to clean it up myself. The rest is history. I got over my fear of poop and I’ve been a nurse for 11 years now.

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40. What’s in a Name?

I once asked the universe for a sign to tell me whether or not I should continue with my graduate studies as planned, or whether I should switch to something easier. That evening, I went for a walk with my friend through the local cemetery. While off the trail, we walked past a gravestone. When I read it, I was utterly stunned. It had my professor's actual full name on it. I was so shaken that I didn't even say anything to my friend at the time. I stayed with my plans, and am now on schedule to graduate this summer!

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41. Small Talk

I was talking to this guy every single day for a while but wasn't sure if I should pursue an official relationship with him or not. So, I asked the universe for some kind of sign to tell me whether I should continue talking to him or whether I should slow things down. He broke his phone later that night. I took the hint.

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42. Cold Case

I used to be addicted to iced tea when I was a teenager. I'd buy soluble iced tea and drink about a gallon and a half of it every day. I knew it wasn't doing any good for my teeth and kidneys, but I couldn't help it. So, one night, I was walking home through a silent, deserted downtown street. I was thinking about finally getting into healthy drinking habits.

I asked the universe "Should I stop drinking iced tea?" I looked up and, on the building in front of me, there was a single big neon sign spelling out the word "Siva." Only the first two letters were lit up, though, so it spelled out the word "yes" in Italian. I quit my iced tea habit about a year or so later. In full disclosure, this comment was typed while sipping on my second Monster Energy Drink of the day.

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43. A Song That Hits Close to Home

I was walking to my car with some friends of mine and I asked the universe if this should be the last time I ever smoked. I turned on the car and Tom Petty’s song “Last Dance with Mary Jane” immediately came on the radio. What are the chances of that, right!!?? I took it as a sign from the universe that I should probably quit.

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44. We Have a Winner

I once had a pretty serious talk with the universe concerning my need to win the Powerball lottery the next day. I made quite a few promises as to what I would do if that were to occur. Lo and behold, I won the full jackpot the next day. Not only that, but I found out I was actually the only winner of that particular draw.

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45. Above the Clouds

When I first met my girlfriend, she was trying to decide whether or not it was worth it to keep up our long-distance relationship. Just as she was having this thought, she looked up at the sky and saw a cloud that appeared to spell out my name. She even sent me a picture of it to prove that she wasn’t making it up. We’re still happily together as a result.

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46. Say It with Music

When my best friend passed away at a young age, I was totally devastated. Throughout the funeral ceremony, I spent the entire time sitting in the funeral home asking him or God for some kind of a sign. When I got home right after the funeral ended, I turned on the TV and began to weep. His favorite song was playing on the music channel. I hope this sign from the universe means that his soul is doing alright, wherever it is.

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47. Saved by the Shoes

I was about to head over to the mall one day for some shopping when my sister suddenly shouted "Wait up!" I waited for her to get ready but, by the time she had tied her shoes and all, it had suddenly started pouring rain outside. At that point, I just felt that the universe was telling me not to go to the mall, so I didn’t. Later, when we turned on the news, my blood ran cold. There had been a shooting at the very mall we’d planned on going to that day.

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48. Phone a Friend

Many moons ago, I was sitting up at night, looking at the full moon. I asked the universe if I was on the right path in life. The very. Next. Day. I got a call from someone I had literally not heard from in over six months. I can’t even describe how much my mind was blown when he told me what he was calling for.

He said: "I know this is weird, but I have the strongest feeling telling me to tell you that you're on the right path. I don't know why I have to tell you this, but I do and it has to be today." Yeah, that was pretty weird. I dunno, I guess weird stuff happens sometimes…

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