All Then Nothing: These Popular Kids Had Swift And Brutal Downfalls

May 6, 2020 | Scott Mazza

All Then Nothing: These Popular Kids Had Swift And Brutal Downfalls

Being popular in high school is a total rush. As the king or queen of the school, they're adored by everyone and have all of the student body at their feet. But everyone knows that the higher you climb, the further you have to fall. These popular kids know the feeling, and their brutal downfalls range from hilarious to devastating.

1. Rebel Without a Cause

This one guy was popular because he was a rebel who talked back to teachers, and even insulted them openly whenever he felt like it. We all thought he was so cool and anti-establishment...until the one day he took it too far. He made the teacher everyone loved cry for pretty much no reason at all. He was an outcast forever after that.

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2. A Minor Problem

My school’s popular kid’s life fell apart, for sure. The reason was so scandalous. He had an affair with his best friend’s mom. The kid’s dad had passed a few years before. They got caught and the mom got detained for sleeping with a minor, as the guy was only 17 years old at the time. The friend and her younger siblings had to go live with another family for a while.

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3. All in the Family

There was one newish kid who had just entered one of the cool kid's groups when he was caught sleeping with his sister, yes his sister, in a school cupboard. He literally bolted out of the school naked, so everyone saw him running. He and his sister transferred after that. The cool kid's reputation also really suffered.

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4. The Green-Eyed Monster

There was a girl who was THE popular girl in school. She had all the friends and even put out an album; she was a total star locally. One day, we were taking standardized tests and she runs out of the room and doesn’t return. We soon found out the horrific reason why. When we left the class, there was green diarrhoea ALL over the floor just down the hall from the classroom.

Poor girl didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. She didn’t return to school that school year and moved to another town and school completely after that. She later married a famous NFL player and is one of these Instagram people now, so she bounced back from that situation pretty well. Still, to this day in our hometown, we remember…

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5. Dr. Do-Wrongs

For the senior prank at our high school, some popular guys kidnapped animals from a local petting zoo, where the animals freely roamed, and put them on the football field. The worst part is that they-spray painted them with staff names, and some had to be euthanized because of the harmful effects from the paint.

Now the animals are fenced in and there is a plaque above the enclosure explaining that our high school students are basically a bunch of jerks.

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6. For a Song

The most popular kid in my middle school was this big Samoan dude. Looked like he was 13 going on 25 years old. I remember he gained a lot of popularity when he serenaded this girl in class to ask her to the dance. He had music playing on his iPhone and he started belting out love songs while on bended knee. But we didn’t know the dark truth.

Later on that year, he went from hero to zero when we found out he’d been molesting his sister.

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7. Three’s Company

There was a lot of partying and alcohol at our high school, but every so often it would be someone's first time drinking, and it would go very badly. Well, one time the popular kid hooked up with two of his friends’ girlfriends at one of our wild parties. They all ditched him after that, and the girls' boyfriends also dumped them unceremoniously.

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8. All That Glitters…

There was an unpopular boy who set off every girl's “creep” instincts, until he came out as gay a couple years into school. He became funny and stereotypically flamboyant and enjoyed doing girly things, and he quickly became popular among the girls as their “gay best friend.” They felt safe with him. That is, until his lies unraveled.

One girl was sitting on his lap during lunch and he got a raging boner. From then on, it became clear that he'd faked being gay to get close to girls, and he had a major crush on the girl he'd poked on his lap. Girls were all creeped out again and he was dumped from their groups. Then he just dropped his persona. I don't know how he managed such a completely different personality for so long.

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9. Payback Time

The popular guy started picking on an autistic kid and wouldn't stop. Everyone would gather round and join in, as they knew he wouldn't do anything to retaliate. Then one day, the kid had enough and punched the guy right in the nose, breaking it and also breaking his jaw. The popular guy ended up crying his eyes out. He never picked on anyone again, and the rest of the school labeled him a wimp. To top it off, that kid who punched him........was me!

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10. Nothing Cool About This

Blech, the cool kid from my school grew up and got caught trying to take the virginity of his lifelong best friend’s 11 year old daughter. He spent months grooming her via text messages before her mother finally saw a message from him with his intentions clearly spelled out. So the mom acted out an ingenious revenge. 

She hogtied him the next time he came to her house, called the authorities with the proof, and broadcasted the whole thing on Facebook Live, including him fully admitting to his intentions. Believe it or not, the mom ended up getting briefly detained over the whole incident. Apparently, the local department “already had a file going on him” and felt that this “sort of thing doesn’t help the investigation.”

Fair enough, I guess, but it’s two years later and that jerk is still roaming free. He has daughters around the same age as the girl, too.

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11. America’s Least Funny Home Videos

This one kid at my high school was popular until he facetimed his girlfriend and she secretly screen recorded him putting a baseball bat inside his behind. Like, INSIDE his behind. She subsequently showed the video to all of our classmates, and it was hard for him to recover his "cool" reputation from that point on.

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12. Privacy, Please

One popular girl got really drunk on a night out and took a poop on some random family’s front lawn, right out in the open and in front of people. The family took pictures of it happening and they ended up on the front page of the local paper with a headline about teens going wild. They blurred her face, but enough people were there that word got around who it was.

Turns out, it’s hard to look someone in the eye once you’ve seen a picture of them pooping.

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13. These Bros Aint Loyal

The popular girl at my school tried to ruin the life of a really sweet girl because of boyfriend drama. When she realized people were standing up for the sweet girl instead, she lost her mind. She accused the other girl and her boyfriend of property damage, turning on anyone who didn’t “swear loyalty” (???) to her, screaming at teachers, it was a whole mess. But it didn’t end there.

The nail in the coffin was when she confided to me and two others that she was planning on putting laxatives in the pastries she baked for the class. Obviously I let people know, and she became completely ostracized from that point onward. She left at the end of junior year, and senior year was the most chill year ever.

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14. He Named Names

A kid back at my old high school was a big jock and extremely popular with everyone until he got busted for a DUI. Instead of just taking the hit, he betrayed us all. The kid agreed to go around town and help officers bust the places that were selling booze to minors. Blip, all of a sudden, in one weekend none of us could use our fake IDs or get beer anymore.

After some time, the word got out about who had helped get the places busted. The guy was literally treated like a leper from that point on, all the way until graduation. We were probably too spiteful about that, but he sold us out to save himself.

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15. Forget You

There was a popular cheerleader at my school who was in a bad car wreck and suffered severe brain damage. The day she came back, some of her friends, AKA the popular kids, sat with her at lunch. Every day after that, though, they sat on the other side of the cafeteria in their normal spot and she was with the other special needs students.

Even worse, they would walk past her without saying a word. As far as everyone knew, her entire group of friends completely abandoned her. I don't think she missed them though, so silver lining. She also seemed to be very happy most of the time after the accident. Not so much before. Every teen movie with a bunch of awful preppies pretty much depicts the popular kids in my high school.

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16. I Get Older, and They Stay the Same Age

This guy got an 8th-grade girl pregnant while he was a junior in high school. He eventually transferred out because everyone hated him so much.

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17. Losing the Breakup

She dated me. That’s how she lost all her popularity. We were in speech and debate together. Both did impromptu, and we would give each other random quotes and stupid cartoons to practice with. Spent a lot of time together because of it. We dated for about two days before people mocked her for it and she bailed on me HARD to keep her social status.

She never socially recovered from the sin of liking one of the nerds. Thing is though, she then lost all her nerd friends too.

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18. Get Your Head in the Game

At my old high school, we had a very popular 6-foot-tall football player who also happened to be a dealer and a general troublemaker. He got detained just two weeks before he was supposed to be going off to college. His family was really poor, but he had received a full ride scholarship in spite of his obvious habits and his various other scummy extracurriculars.

Somehow, his record got swept under the rug in time for him to still be able to go, much like his high school GPA. Halfway through his first semester, he got shot in the gut during a deal that went wrong. He survived the attack and, last I heard, he got picked up by another college. I have no idea how he graduated high school, let alone how he got away with the rest of it.

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19. Mother’s Day

This girl at my old high school was extremely popular and had a perfect life until she got pregnant at the age of 17. She had to drop out of school. But that wasn't even the worst part. During the pregnancy, the father cheated on her with her "best friend." 10 years later, I ran into her and discovered that she now has a great job and is the proud single mom of a happy daughter.

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20. Survivor’s Guilt

At my school, the popular kid’s life fell apart when he lost control of his car while he and his best friend were driving to Taco Bell late at night. He came out of it with a fractured collarbone, and his friend passed on the spot. He was really close with his friend’s parents and vice versa. He made a few posts on Facebook about how he was an idiot and how sorry he was.

The late friend’s sister and parents made it very clear that they didn’t blame him for what happened. It was winter, there was black ice all around, and he was 100% sober. Before this incident, he had been a stereotypical popular dude, but in the wholesome way. He eventually dropped out of school and became addicted to pain medication. So sad.

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21. Another Point of View

My stepmom was a jerk in high school. She always loved to tell us about how she was the popular kid back then. Then, when we went to her high school reunion, she started talking to a girl she used to make fun of as if they were good friends. The girl's response was perfect. She just said, "You made my life a nightmare in high school. Why on Earth would I want to talk to you?"

My stepmom never bragged about her high school popularity again after that…

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22. Happy Wife, Loner Life

All popular kids in my school were complete jerks who mistreated others. This guy, King of the Hill, starts dating a girl from another school who was friends with one of the mistreated kids. The kid told the girl what her boyfriend did in his school, so the girl threatened to break up with him if he didn't change his ways.

So he stopped socializing with the "cool" folks and even started getting harassed by them. Meanwhile, none of the other kids wanted to warm up to him. He was a loner at school, but he made his girlfriend happy and he was happy.

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23. Loose Lips Sink Friendships

He seduced a quiet girl in school. She was really soft-spoken but super nice to everyone—basically everyone's little sister. She was absolutely beloved by everyone in her year, and he was a year older. He was her first love, and he slept with her once, took her virginity, and then essentially abandoned her right after.

She was devastated by it, and it broke her for the rest of the time she was at school. She went right into her shell and barely spoke to anyone after that. But his response was disturbing. He then started bragging about what he did, and everyone really hated him. He even got beat up a few times because people we so angry at what he did.

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24. Daddy’s Little Girl

The known party girl at my school was texting while driving. She hit and killed someone who was just crossing the street. Well, her father was a sergeant in the Police Department. She got off really lightly: She went behind bars for 6 months but then just had to do probation/community service. Still, no one in school forgave her. The worst part? This was two days after graduation.

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25. The Odd Couple

This one girl did something that rightfully destroyed her reputation. Basically, this girl who was pretty well-liked asked out this boy who no one ever expected her to ask out. It was unexpected because he was less well-known, but in general everyone liked him. They had a cute relationship for about two months.

He started sitting with her friends at lunch and was becoming closer with them. Well, one of the girl's friends found out she was cheating on him. She told the boy and her friends, and he was really upset about it, as obviously anyone would be. Then when the girl found out people knew the truth, her reply was utterly cruel.

She said she was only dating him for answers on homework and that she never actually liked him. Once that got around, no one really looked at her the same. She tried to badmouth him and the friend who exposed her a few times, but she was either ignored or totally shut down. This year she's not at our school and no one misses her.

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26. It’s a Dog’s Life

She was hired to dog-sit for a neighbor when they went out of town. She decided to take advantage of the empty house and throw a party at the neighbor’s house. That party got way out of hand. Neighbor's daughter also went to the school and had to deal with a messed-up house. Pretty big deal, and the popular girl never came back.

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27. Snitches Get Stitches

Last year was my freshman year. At school, there was this kid who was literally as dumb as a pile of rocks, but he was popular. He was also selling Juuls and other vapes to the other underclassmen. But this dumby stored ALL of his stock in his locker, so when the school did their locker checks, the vapes and juuls just came POURING out.

We were all kind of laughing. He got called to the office and asked to explain what the fudge just happened. But they offered to lighten his punishment if he could tell them about others who might have vapes. Needless to say, this kid ended up ratting on a good 55 kids, who all got suspended in the "Great Vape Bust of 2k19" at my school.

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28. Born This Way

Robbie was a big huge antagonizer. I used to play football with him. One day, Robbie spit on a player, and the coach got so angry at him, he kicked his butt all the way across the field. The entire time, Robbie just mocked him, didn’t care at all about what he was saying or doing. When that kid hit you, it was like a freight train.

He was always very dumb, and angry, and rabid. He teased everyone for everything. Yet somehow remained pretty popular in the upper echelon because he hit like a beast and won football games. Then one day, something really weird happened. He came to school in a sweater with an un-ironed button-down underneath. He usually came to school in torn t-shirts.

He had an older brother, Ronnie, who never looked like any of that, so we knew he wasn't poor, he was just being Robbie. So this was a big deal, and it was bizarre, and when people asked him what was up with it, he would just say "I'M GAY NOW." It was so strange, he did not lose any intensity. But he kept saying "I'M GAY NOW. I LIKE BOYS OK?"

Then it was: "I WANNA BOYFRIEND. YOU WANNA GO OUT?" I saw him get genuinely upset with people laughing at him. He'd just scream "IT'S NOT A JOKE. I'M GAY YOU JERKS." Nobody knew what to do with it. We were a country school. We had a gay kid. A kid Robbie had picked on. Now Robbie was trying to hang out with him. Nobody wanted to touch that weirdness with a 10 foot pole.

The first time, we figured best case scenario, the dude had lost a bet. But then he did it the next day. And the next. For months he kept dressing like a Robbie version of "preppy" and proclaiming his gayness. Pretty sure he got an earring at some point. Then he later recanted all of this and screamed down anyone who brought it up. Maybe it was a legitimate attempt to come out, but he just Robbie'd the whole thing up until it was unpalatable.

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29. Lovers in a Dangerous Time

I went to school with a dude who was well-liked by just about everyone for the most part, though he did like to party. Well, he ended up trying to "end" a girl who told him she was pregnant after he slept with her at the senior party. He beat her so bad that her own parents couldn’t identify her in the hospital. He got 20 years. Good riddance.

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30. Pick on Somebody Your Own Size

This kid in middle school used to talk back to everyone and pick on them. He had nice stuff his parents got him and everyone thought he was tough and could fig. Then one day, he started on a special needs kid. At this point, nobody had ever actually seen the popular kid fight, he just was excellent at intimidation.

Now, a lot of the special needs kids in my area weren't just students who were mentally challenged, they had overall learning disabilities. Many of those kids came from very tough homes, and the special needs kid who the popular kid messed with was an absolute savage. He grew up in a pretty tough part of town but was really a gentle giant.

He could play football, he was muscular, he could do everything the regular students could do except speak properly. A minor speech impediment. The popular kid challenged him to a one-on-one fight. He soon found out his mistake. He his butt kicked by the special needs kid. I'm talking blood everywhere, his clothes got ripped, and one of his sneakers landed like 10 feet away.

To top it all off, he even tried running away after the first few punches. The special needs kid grabbed him and pulled him back. It was awful. The popular kid not only lost all of his influence, he also didn't even have the guts to come back to school for like a week. If I ever saw instant karma, it would have had to have been on this day, because he was quiet as a mouse the rest of the years throughout high school.

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31. Teacher’s Pet

This very popular, good-looking guy lied about having an affair with a female teacher…whose husband was also a teacher at the school. Literally everyone hated him after the truth came out.

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32. I Get by With a Little Help From My Friends

Nine popular kids actually, who all cheated constantly for four years to get flawless GPAs, and became the top 10 of our class. They also all got into prestigious universities. The high school I went to was extremely academically competitive, so needless to say when the top 10 were announced, everybody was livid.

Especially the kids who should have been top 10, including my friend who was the 15th ranked. Only the unpopular salutatorian earned her grades honestly, and she got the loudest applause at graduation. You may ask, did they ever get caught? No. We all saw them cheat—there was an underground "test answers" dealer at my school—but nobody took it seriously in all those years.

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33. Fast Friends

In middle school, our quarterback had brain swelling and got brain damage. There were donation events held for him and his "friends" were very supportive…for about two weeks. Then his girlfriend broke it off with him while he was in the hospital and he pretty much disappeared. The guy was the "coolest": an absolute jerk, and had personally picked on me, but I don't think he deserved what happened to him.

After taking a year off of school, he comes back a completely different person. None of his old football or cheerleader friends talked to him or visited him anymore. He needed a special education teacher to accompany him in many classes and got genuinely depressed and angry in class because his brain wasn't what it used to be.

One day, he approached me and said “Hi” like we were old friends, knew my name and everything. I was a little thrown off by this because he used to call me names, push me around to impress girls, and physically threaten me. The guy standing in front of me wasn't that guy anymore though, and I could tell that.

It turns out he couldn't remember me well, but had the feeling we were friends. I lied to him and said of course we are. We chatted sometimes during school and I genuinely enjoyed his company. Soon after his return, however, he just stopped coming to school and I never heard what happened to him. I'm honestly afraid to look him up. I hope he's doing well.

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34. Bon Voyage

He told everyone he was moving to Asia or something: "Oh my god guys, I'm going to miss you all so much." They even gave him good-bye presents and stuff. Turns out, he only went on vacation to Asia, so when he came back two weeks later, everyone was peeved.

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35. Gone Girl

I didn't attend school with her, but her fall from grace was reported in the news. Very pretty, popular girl from a very wealthy family. She would drive her dad's Porsche to school. Ended up getting into huffing those Dust Off cans. She would inhale this stuff while driving, and ended up slamming into a mother and child. This 7-year-old girl passed on impact, while the mother lost her arm.

It made the news because, just like that affluence case, charges were most likely going to be dropped. The neighboring town where this little girl was from formed together and marched the route from one town to the other in protest, all the way to the scene of the accident. I think she ended up getting five years, and ballooned to nearly 250 pounds last I saw.

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36. Pointing Fingers

This girl was a grade under me, and for the life of me I could never understand why she was so popular, considering she was on that edge of "witchy but funny, but also mostly just rude." Eventually, she let all of the high school games go to her head and she accused a guy in my grade of attacking her at a party. Sounds fishy, but let me explain.

Not only did this guy have a girlfriend, he was also with people and witnesses all night. Just couldn't have done it. Still, it was a huge deal, and the authorities got involved. Phones were taken. That’s where they found the worst evidence. They discovered text messages from the popular girl to her friends stating she was trying to ruin his life because he didn't want to be her boyfriend.

She moved away in the middle of the year and admitted everything. She's doing well now, but everyone who remembers doesn't like her.

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37. The Mile High Flub

This popular couple got REAL intimate in the elevator, but the girl left her panties in it. Don’t know how you forget that, but okay. The guy got kicked off his sports team and lost his scholarship and the girl got suspended, but I’m pretty sure she dropped out after everyone kept teasing her about the color of her underwear.

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38. The Plot Thickens

After we went to high school, he leaked one of our old classmate’s naked photos. It ended with him getting expelled, but then they did an investigation—it revealed even more scandal. Turns out, the whole hockey team had a group chat full of over 90 DIFFERENT GIRLS’ PHOTOS. All the dudes got kicked off the team.

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39. Turning the Tables

The popular kid at my school’s life changed when I made him cry. He had been being mean to me at school every single day for nearly three years. He mainly fought me about the two things that I had no control over, specifically my family’s poverty and my physical appearance. I badly needed braces, but my family could not afford them.

Anyway, after several years of this kind of daily torment, I finally decided that I’d had enough. I had somehow discovered that the kid was adopted, so I decided to use that information against him. I told him, in front of all our classmates, that his real parents probably wanted no part in his life because they could tell that he was going to grow up to be nothing but a piece of garbage.

I got in big trouble for making that comment, but it was completely worth it just to be able to see him cry for once. He left me alone after that.

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40. The Hormone Monster

He was really hot, until the puberty fairy said “I think the heck not.” They all said that he would be a looker in the future when he was younger. Yeah, no.

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41. Flash Photography

There was a guy on our middle school’s football team who was very popular in school. That is, until he decided to ruin his life in the grossest way possible. He sent naked and disturbing photos of himself to a girl, the entire football team, and a good portion of people in my grade. He got detained during class one day shortly after that incident.

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42. Car Trouble

The guy who had always been the popular kid back when I was in high school grew up and became a cop in our hometown. It could not have gone more tragically. Soon into it, he crashed his patrol car...and then faked a shooting to cover his responsibility for the crash. This spurred a county-wide manhunt for the nonexistent shooter.

After a few weeks, the truth eventually came out. My old classmate got caught, fired, and charged.

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43. Follow the Money

I'm not sure I would call this guy the popular kid at my old school per se, but in some circles he certainly was. He was a bit of an arrogant jerk in my opinion, but he had money and liked to spread it around. His dad was a wealth manager at a local bank. Lots of everyone’s friends, family, and community members were clients of his.

A few years after high school ended, the news came out that his dad had embezzled millions of dollars. Their family’s entire wealth had been taken from my classmates’ friends and relatives. This rocked the kid hard. Ever since his dad went to prison, he changed his name and became a completely different person.

I saw him one time after that, and barely recognized him. His personality and even his posture was totally different than the way I had always remembered it. I felt really bad for him, so I ended up having a really good and long talk with him that day. I can only imagine what he has gone through over the last few years since this took place.

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44. Arrive Alive

The popular kid at my old school once went out drinking on a Saturday night with a friend of his. He drove home and slammed his car into a brick wall at 40 miles per hour, if I remember the details correctly. His friend in the passenger seat barely survived. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the driver. He immediately passed on impact.

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45. How the Mighty Fall

A popular kid from my catholic elementary school often harassed other kids and even teachers. He was the typical mean, rich kid and extremely reckless. A few years back in middle school, I found out he got in an accident in one of those 4-seater ATVs with two of his friends. He was the only one not wearing a seat belt, and of course the one driving recklessly.

The ATV flipped over, ejected him, and crushed his body for several minutes. The friends weren't strong enough to get it off in time nor get neighbors to help fast enough. He ended up having severe brain damage and couldn't even walk. Fast forward to high school, I saw him in the hallway with a special ed assistant. He has no idea who he is, but he looked happy and he's finally able to walk. But all of his old friends don't even look at him.

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46. Teaching Him a Real Lesson

I know a big, popular high school mean kid who thought it would be funny to punch this male teacher in the back of the head when he was walking by in front of him. He picked the WRONG teacher. The teacher instinctively reacted and punched the guy back. The student went down hard. He got suspended and nothing else happened to him or the teacher. But this isn't the end of the story. 

About eight years later, the student came back to the high school and asked to speak with that teacher. He actually THANKED the teacher for what happened that day. The guy said to the teacher that his punch completely changed the course of his life. He had been running with a rough crowd and thought he was big and bad.

He had thought nothing of beating people up. But after the incident and getting punched by the teacher, he realized that he underestimated how quickly things can change when you go up against the wrong guy. He completely changed how he approached the world, got out of trouble, got a good job, and was about to get married. And he credits that incident with changing the course of his life: punching the wrong person.

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47. Crashing Down

At our high school, the popular kid got hit by a car. In an instant, she went from aggressor to paraplegic. She was a pretty cruel witch towards her peers, so I have nothing good to say about her. Nevertheless, that is a pretty rough end and we could all tell that she was never the same again after that. It completely ruined her.

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48. Vengeance Is Theirs

The popular kid at my old high school also happened to be a pretty vicious person towards a lot of the other kids in our classes. After several years of torment, the kids that he picked on finally decided they had taken enough grief and wanted to get their revenge against him, no matter the cost. So, they teamed up and beat him up. Except they took it way, way too far.

They pummelled him with as much force as they could collectively muster. The guy later passed from his injuries.

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49. Darned if You Do, Darned if You Don’t

He stopped playing football and started hanging around with all the “weird kids” and cutting off his old friends. He was actually one of the popular kids who would've secretly hung out with some of the weird kids outside of school, and while he didn't ignore them in school he stayed out of our way, and we sort of had an unwritten rule that we didn't approach him in school.

The thing was that a lot of the weird kids didn't trust him, so he was never fully accepted into our group. The fact he was good at football and used to be friends with the popular guys and go out with the popular girls made him a sort of pariah. Someone brought him to a party one time and from the reactions of some people, you'd have thought they'd shown up with Gary Glitter or something.

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50. You Did Me a Favor

He pulled out a knife and slashed another student. The kid with the knife went to outcast status, but meanwhile the kid who got slashed became super cool and had a scar. Everyone wanted to see it.

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51. Mother Doesn’t Know Best

This one is hard to hear and even harder to live through, I’m sure. This popular guy’s mom slept with the entire high school football team without him knowing. Well, those jerks recorded it and then tried to blackmail her. She wouldn't pay them, so they sent the video to everyone. He and his dad promptly moved. Poor guy.

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52. Puberty Hits Hard

In 7th grade, we had a group of girls primed to be the hot and popular girls, as much as 12- to 13-year-olds can be. They were confident, made their group of friends early and got into makeup and boys. They were all popular…until puberty really hit. You see, they all blossomed except one. She became blocky, stumpy, and manly, but desperately clung to her hot girl group and tried her best.

She still acted like them and was a complete witch to everyone, but she quickly became bottom tier popular compared to her friends, who barely kept talking to her...

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53. Close Shave

He got a bad haircut, was teased for it, and then threw a temper tantrum. He literally stormed out in the middle of class. He lost his spot as king after that.

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54. Not So Cheerful

It's a sad story. She was a cheerleader. She was beautiful, but she hid it beneath heavy makeup and platinum-dyed hair. She was smart, but she pretended to be vapid. She could be the nicest person on Earth as long as no one was around. If people were around and you were one of the "uncool kids," she'd harass the heck out of you. Then the most tragic thing happened.

Her mom got cancer. This girl started to self-destruct and started doing and selling pills and sleeping with any guy who would show her attention. Then her mom passed and this poor girl entered depression. Also because her mom was gone, her pill supply dried up. Yeah, she was taking and selling her mom's chemo pain meds.

She stopped sleeping with everyone, and she didn't have a supply, and suddenly none of her friends wanted to be friends with her anymore. And, because she'd mistreated everyone else, no one wanted to be her friend. She managed to last through the end of sophomore year before she just left. We're not sure if she dropped out, got expelled, started home school, or whatever.

I wish I had extended some goodwill towards her, but I was one of the people she hurt, and 16-year-olds are known for making bad choices and acting out of anger instead of empathy. I can't find her on social media or I'd send a message to check up on her.

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55. You Could Have Had It All

Young, pretty girl, let's call her Ashley. Ashley is a cheerleader and cross-country runner, and a really popular junior. Then you have Chad, who is pretty much stereotypical of a guy named Chad. Tall, baby blue eyes, star quarterback, good grades, nice to everyone. He’s a senior. Both were at a party and decided to sleep together. But there was one problem.

Ashley never mentioned she had a boyfriend who was in college. After the fact, Ashley didn’t want to lose her boyfriend, so she said it was assault. The authorities get involved and they investigate. Found out she was lying—really hard proof. Texting and conversations just before made it clear. Eventually, her boyfriend even broke up with her.

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56. Golden Girl

So this kid was dating the by far smartest and most intelligent girl at our school. She was in multiple AP classes every year, was extremely kind and friendly and actually seemed to understand how the world worked. She cared about everything, and because of this she was known by the smart kids, the popular kids, the shy kids, the new kids... everyone thought she was wonderful.

Mr. Almost-popular decided to break up with her and made it very well-known that his reasoning was that he "Just wanted to mess around with lots of girls. He didn’t want her nagging him all the time." Meaning he was tired of her caring about him getting Ds in easy classes...Well, he got what was coming to him.

This was his junior year, and he went from one of the “big name juniors” in the hallway to the senior who rarely left his friend group but still thought he was super popular. Kind of a sad thing to see, honestly. The girl was hurt for a bit, but got quite the senior glow-up and honestly it wouldn't surprise me if our first female president ends up being a Kaitlyn.

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57. Unholy Error

High school quarterback at my southern state high school. Popular, handsome, well-liked. Meanwhile, our sociology teacher was beloved and known for how kind, accepting, and funny he was. People who weren’t even interested in sociology took his class just for him. One day, the teacher was doing a lesson on religion and said something about Christianity.

Well, the aforementioned quarterback didn’t agree with it, so he reported the teacher and got him suspended. The entire school jumped to defend the teacher. Kids in the same class said the teacher didn’t even say anything offensive or a personal opinion, just talking about different religions and people who don’t follow a religion.

The popular kid played in the first football game following the incident, and he got booed off the field and didn’t play again. The entire incident was so dramatic, the hashtag #Free”Teachers name” was trending on Twitter.

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58. The Girl Who Cried Wolf

We sadly found out about her double life. She is a friend of mine, school sweetheart, boys fawning over her. Also a heartbreaker, since she seemed to always turn boys down. She had that good-girl-next-door persona, the type boys would love to introduce to their family. However, she also had money-spending issues. And that was just the start.

She borrowed money and never paid them back, became a habitual liar. The first and last time she conned me was for my tuition fees. She hitched a ride with me and saw the cash I was carrying to pay for the semester. It was my parents’ money and any change should have been given back to them. She BEGGED me to loan her an amount to pay off her tuition.

I kept saying no, and she gave me a sob story. This is my dear friend, but my red flag alarms were going off. I gave her some large amount but not all. She then IMMEDIATELY hopped out of the car, even though at that very moment we were heading to the enrollment building to pay our tuitions. Made some lame excuse about why she couldn’t do it right then.

She then dodged me for two years to pay off the loan, made excuses yet again. I paid back my mom and lied for her sake, as my mom would have raised heck about the girl. Eventually, I only got a fraction of the loan back. From there on, I saw signs of her double persona, sweet and charming yet conniving as all get out.

She borrowed money to buy things to live up to whatever fashion hype was cool at the time. She also bailed on major class project, almost causing her classmates to fail. I heard through the rumor mill that she also slept around in weird ways. Like, one of my family members told me that during one of our sleepovers, she tried to sleep with my cousin.

Around the time this all came to light, people politely kept their distance from her, being "That Girl." She then got pregnant, became a single mom, and used her daughter a few times to borrow money again. The sad part was, a few years ago, she legitimately got diagnosed with a type of cancer, and her treatments were expensive.

She got nearly zero financial help from friends and former classmates because we were all just so done with her and wouldn’t believe it. The good news: Her cancer was caught early and she is doing fairly well now. She is working and earning a decent living and seems to have turned over a new leaf since then. I’m happy for her, but still keep my distance.

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59. Becoming an Orphan

At my school, the popular kid was an only child, and his dad had passed when he was two years old. He was really happy-go-lucky, and was popular because he was outgoing, supportive, warm, and kind to everybody without fail. Although he was friends with the kind of kids who were mean to people, he was the first person to tell them to knock that garbage off if he ever saw it.

When we were all 16, his mother, who was one of the nicest ladies I had ever met in our small town, was crushed by a semi-trailer that drifted into her lane. He was never the same after that. He dropped out of school, he stopped talking to anybody, and he refused to let anyone visit him. I have no idea what became of him. Sorry, Jay. I hope your life has gotten better since then.

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60. Losing Her Mind

When I was in junior high, this popular girl got badly injured in a car accident. She wasn't a paraplegic or anything like that, but she had severe brain damage and totally lost her mind. She suddenly had some huge cognitive deficits, no social skills, and was unable to complete elementary school work. Nevertheless, her parents insisted that she return to the same school and classes that she had gone to before the accident.

Back in seventh grade, I completely hated her guts. She was annoying, mean, and physically violent towards other kids. She is still like that in many ways now, even more than a decade later. But now, looking back, I can't even imagine the horror show that her life today must be. Imagine knowing all of your friends still, but having them basically abandon you and not really understanding why.

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61. Sweet Justice

Big football star jock on his way to a college scholarship. He got his girlfriend pregnant, then beat the daylights out of her to make her miscarry. She miscarried. Lost his scholarship program and soon developed a massive infection from steroids. He had that infection when the authorities eventually picked him up.

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62. The Day the School Stood Still

I don't know that his life really fell apart, because it turns out his home life was terrible all along, but this story definitely shifted how people looked at the popular kid at my old school. And I went to a small school, so there weren't too many divisions between people. When you only have 40-something kids in a grade, "popular" is kind of relative...

Nevertheless, the kid's mom decided to leave her husband, the kid's stepdad. The stepdad, who was known to faculty and was considered a "good guy," stopped by the school one afternoon to deliver something to his stepson. Cool, cool. The secretary gave him a pass to drop it off at the stepson's class, rather than call him down to the office. But this "gift" was incredibly sinister.

The stepdad actually had a gun on him and had no idea where the stepson was during that period, so he was roaming the halls looking for him. Luckily, a friend of the stepson (who knew the truth about what a dangerous guy the stepdad was) happened to be in the office and alerted everyone. We all went on lockdown until the authorities arrived.

We were stuck for a couple of hours as they swept the school. Then, it came out that the kid had been mistreated for the entire time his mom had been married to the guy, and she was now only leaving him because he had started hitting her. It was a whole huge thing and, while everyone had pretty much always liked the kid, he suddenly just had everyone feeling sorry for him.

Teachers let him go back and redo assignments to boost his grades. People gave him stuff to "start over." He just kind of got really closed off and stopped joking around from that point on, and only hung out with like three people. He was now known as "the poor kid with a stepdad who was going to shoot up the school," and that's hard to get over.

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63. Candid Camera

I’m a high school teacher. The popular kid from one of the grades I taught had been the school’s football star for years. Then, he was caught on video yelling some racist remarks towards another rival school’s player while stopped at a traffic light. He did not realize that the rival guy was recording him. The video was later posted on Twitter.

You could clearly see that it was him. The Twitter world attacked. The guy soon went from star quarterback and team captain with several offers for D1 schools to absolutely nothing. I’m sure he’ll still eventually go to college or do something with his life, and hopefully he can learn from this mistake and change his outlook.

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64. Good Riddance?

Back when I was in the eighth grade, there was a really popular kid in my school who was the head of the football team. He was also a huge aggressor, and would beat "nerds" up for no reason at least twice a week. One day, he got wasted and jumped off a bridge as a prank. Only he had forgotten one crucial, tragic thing.

I'm not sure how he didn't know that the lake he jumped into was riddled with underwater trees, as you can see the branches during the daytime. He probably wasn't paying attention. Either way, I don't think his body was ever found. Our school held a huge memorial service for him, and I do feel bad for him despite his actions.

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65. Double Standards

When I was a kid, my best friend had a popular older sister who was a junior in high school on the varsity cheerleading team. A party got busted that the whole team was at. When it came out, the school kicked every girl off the squad and banned them from extracurriculars, but took no action against the boys from the football team.

Well, the cheerleader’s dad was a lawyer and sued the school over it on behalf of all the girls. They didn't even win, but the rest of the school hated her for trying to get the football team in trouble. It was a small community and there was a lot of bad blood over it. Her dad ended up moving so that she and her brother could go to another school.

By the time I got to high school, it had blown over, but the separation was hard on her family and her parents got divorced. My high school sucked.

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66. Ratting Him out

In the fifth grade, our terrible teacher at the time told the entire class that the reason the popular kid acted out was because he didn’t get enough attention at home. She did this in front of the entire class, and he left the room sobbing. My entire perspective of him changed that day, and his behavior completely changed, too. We all already knew that the teacher was a terrible person, but that moment just solidified it in all of our minds.

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67. Self-Imposed Exile

I was best friends with the most popular guy in school for a couple years back in middle school. He was great. But the rest of the popular kids...Meh. They were all "cooler" than me in my opinion, but he saved me a seat at lunch everyday and we had our own lame handshake and all that. But that whole group never felt like it really fit me, aside from him obviously.

So one day at lunch, I decided to sit with the nerdy kids who played Magic. I never expected the consequences of that small act. I was never popular again after that one moment. I think I hurt my friend's feelings, too, because he was never the same to me after that, either. Never got a chance to reconnect with him, unfortunately...

Cancer is evil and it took him a few years later. We left him an open chair at high school graduation. On the plus side, I'm still friends with some of the nerdy kids, and we're in our 30s now. Magic isn't my thing, turns out, but those nerdy kids were great. They taught me that it doesn't matter what others think of you if you love yourself.

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68. Future Planning

I actually ran into one of the super popular kids from my old high school at a local bar when I came home from college. She would never give me the time of day in high school and I for sure thought she didn’t even know I existed, but she approached me at the bar, super drunk, and said “Hey, didn’t I go to high school with you?”

She then proceeded to tell me all about how she wishes she had been nicer to more people in high school, because her life had fallen apart immediately after graduation when she realized she had no idea what she was going to do with her life. It honestly feels good to know that she’s thought about how badly she treated people back then.

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69. Party Pooper

There was a guy who was pretty popular. He got really smashed at a party and totally didn't know where he was. So he pulled down his pants, squatted, and totally started to poop. He then moved away immediately after. He was a senior and I was in 8th grade, and that was well over 25 years ago. But there was recently a twist.

He friended me on Facebook a couple months ago and I kind of recognized him...I racked my brain and it came to me...the guy who pooped at the party. Poor guy.

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70. Seeking Forgiveness

I never saw him again after high school, but a popular guy who had always bullied me once told a mutual friend of ours to pass along apologies for the way he had treated me. He had come down with cancer and was desperately trying to cope with it by making amends for all the mistakes he had made in life. He passed sometime later, though I wish I could have bought him lunch or a drink before he did. It takes a big person to make that kind of apology.

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71. A Tragic Fate

At our school, the popular kid’s dad passed. It was really awful. Before that, he was popular, but also smart, motivated, a great athlete, and actually a great guy and person; or, at least as much of a great person as you can be when you're not even 15 years old yet. Then, his dad passed right before he was going to have a football game.

He had a heart attack in the shower before they were going to head over to the field. From there, everything unraveled. He became angry, as you could expect. But he just spiralled deeper and deeper and never seemed to come out of it. We didn't see him at all for a while. When I did catch up with him later in high school, he'd been so into substances that his brain literally seemed fried.

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72. Hitting the Gym

So, I went to high school in a somewhat rural area in Alabama. During my junior year, the county’s District Attorney was coming to give a speech about drunk driving or something like that. It’s been a few years, so I don't exactly remember all the details. Well, an hour before the assembly, everyone was called to the gym and told not to bring anything with us.

We get there, and there are dogs and officers searching students as they walk into the room. Everyone was freaked out, but we had assumed they just moved the assembly from the auditorium to the gym and wanted to be careful because the speaker was a high profile public figure in the area. After he spoke, the principal told us that we couldn't leave the gym yet.

Everyone was confused, but we still didn't think too much into it. After an hour or so of waiting around, lunchtime had come and gone with no update. People were starting to get rowdy, so the principal told us we were going to be escorted to the nearby elementary, intermediate, and middle school campuses for lunch.

This is when we all started to panic and ask what was going on, but no one would give us a clear answer of any kind. Grade by grade, we were all escorted by at least a dozen officers across the school parking lots to each of the other school buildings. All four school buildings were on the same property.

We were given 20 minutes to eat, then promptly escorted back to our own building. We were extremely confused. Another few hours had gone by and everyone remained on edge and concerned, but still no one would tell us what was going on. The principal had asked to see a handful of students privately, then left us there again.

We couldn't do anything but sit there this entire time. We couldn't leave the bleachers at all. If we had to use the bathroom at any point, we were escorted by an officer. We were also told that we couldn't leave for the day, and no one was allowed onto the property. So, we couldn't even call our parents to have them pick us up and take us home.

Well, it eventually came time for school to be over, and they still wouldn't let us leave. At this point, students were getting mad and upset. People had jobs to get to and siblings to pick up. A few students tried to leave but were immediately returned to the bleachers by the authorities. One guy had to be escorted out because he tried to fight an officer for not letting him leave.

Finally, the principal told us what was going on. A student had apparently left an explosive threat in the girls’ bathroom, and there was a SWAT team and squad searching every inch of the school building. We could not leave the building until the threat had been cleared, and until the authorities found out who was behind it.

This immediately sent the whole gym completely silent, and everyone just sat that way for a few moments trying to take in what we had just been told. We were all terrified and just looking around at one another in shock. After about another hour, the principal called a student down and took her outside, where she was promptly detained. When we saw her, we gasped.

It was one of the "popular" girls, and everyone was completely shocked. But they let us go home just as this was happening, so we all knew it was her. The next morning, we found out why she did it. Apparently, she had disliked the District Attorney who was coming to speak to us because he handled one of her family's cases poorly.

So, she made a very poorly built explosive device out of clay and bullets and hid it in her backpack. She was planning to set it off during the assembly. She was banned from all Alabama public schools. From what I last heard, she is still behind bars and will be for a very long time. She instantly went from one of the most popular kids in school to completely out of our lives.

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73. The Sporting Life

He gave up an interception for a touchdown that led to a loss in the big game. The entire school hated him. His football career never recovered, as he was so shell-shocked by that moment, he couldn’t throw right anymore. He wasn’t like a top prospect or anything, but he did get the attention of some state colleges.

He ended up with a scholarship to a school that hadn’t won a football game in at least a decade at that point. He stayed there for a year before leaving college and coming home.

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74. A Firsthand Account

This is an appropriate time for me to tell my own personal story. Back in high school, I was the popular kid whose life fell apart in seconds. I was a good student, athlete, and all the other typical things, but I also got into selling substances to my classmates. Then, one day, I walked into class a little bit late and immediately got detained in front of my entire AP history class.

I was escorted out of the school between class periods, so every single student was in the hallway and saw what was happening. I got permanently expelled from school, kicked out of my parents’ house, and started consistently getting in trouble with the law.  As far as everyone who I had grown up around was concerned, I ended up behind bars.

In reality, my life just spiralled out of control for a little bit. Eventually, I joined the Marines, which definitely helped me for a while, but then I got badly injured and had to fight the Veterans’ Association for over 10 years in order to receive the benefits that I had been entitled to. It was a rough 15 years for me, but at least I managed to survive it all in one piece. Don’t ask me how.

Then, one day, I decided to try to learn coding, and I quickly realized that it was the most fulfilling thing I had ever done. I now write software for banks and live by the beach in Southern California. My life today is incredible, yet everyone I went to high school with probably still thinks I’m rotting in the clinker. Still, a happy ending.

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75. In the Big House

The guy who was always the popular kid back when I was in high school ended up becoming a second grade teacher and attacked a bunch of the little girls in his class. Now, he’s behind bars for an incredibly long time, and rightfully so. I think it’s safe to say that this was the thing that ruined his life, but he absolutely deserved it.

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76. The Call No One Ever Wants to Receive

When I was in the fifth grade, back in the 1960s, there was a very popular kid in our class named Lawrence. He was the best student in our class. He always finished math tests way before anyone else, and he was easily the best athlete in the entire school. Naturally, he was always picked first for whatever team sports we would be playing.

One day, during class, a lady from the principal's office came in, whispered something into our teacher’s ear, and then the two of them escorted Lawrence out into the hallway. A few minutes later, our teacher returned and told us the truth.  Lawrence's father had been shot down in Vietnam. Lawrence never returned to our school after that day.

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77. A Horrifying Vacation

My best friend, who was always a very popular guy back in high school, was slain by a man while he was on vacation in Thailand. The predator befriended my friend, and then offed both him and his mother. He also took and used their credit cards after. The story still makes me tragically sad to think about to this day.

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78. Not Even Once

At school, this popular kid had been a baseball player and had a scholarship to the University of Hawaii for that. He was a good looking kid. Then, one day, he apparently smoked a substance that had been laced with harmful chemicals. It immediately fried his brain, and he was never quite the same again. Some real after-school special stuff, honestly.

I bumped into him a few years later when I was working the night shift at a suburban Bay Area 7-Eleven. He was the guy that would be standing out in front of the store at 2:00 in the morning talking to himself. It was extremely sad to witness. I later heard that he had fallen off of an overpass and passed from his injuries.

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79. When It Rains, It Pours

This popular kid was one of the most well-liked people in my school. Literally everyone loved him. He even showed up to the funeral of some kid he never hung out with outside of school when the aforementioned kid passed. He had the perfect life back then and seemed to have everything going for him. Then, it all seemed to change as soon as high school ended.

His dad got really sick after his freshman year of college. After his dad was hospitalized for months, it turned out that he needed an extremely serious procedure to be done in order to save his life. The kid took the next semester off from school to care for his dad. This kid also lost one of his best friends to addiction. Life just started to kick this guy non-stop.

He’s still a great guy, but after experiencing so many serious things like that, it all takes a toll on a person. He’s a lot more quiet now than he ever used to be, even though he is still the same great guy at heart.

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80. Parental Struggles

The popular kid at my school completely changed when his parents got divorced. He started acting out from that point on. Almost overnight, he went from a well-behaved kid with good grades to a juvenile delinquent who spent all his time on substances, hanging out in clubs, and failing his classes. It was a very sad thing to observe.

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81. A Story of ups and Downs

The popular kid at my school was mean to me in elementary school, but when we got to middle school and high school, we ended up bonding and becoming pretty good friends. He transferred to another high school eventually and we grew more distant, but we still talked from time to time. Mostly about politics and current events.

We could not possibly have been more different in terms of our viewpoints, but I'll always feel a special connection to him as a friend. I give him credit for bringing me out of my shell in middle school and helping me build a social life. Sadly, his life all fell apart when he got into the nasty habit of using substances.

He passed in September of last year. He was set to go to law school in November to become a family lawyer, which he told me all about last time we spoke. He was very excited about this, since we were both children of divorce. Rest in peace Nick, the whole town still misses you every single day. Especially me.

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82. An Innocent Man

There was a kid in my grade who was extremely popular until a girl in our class falsely claimed that he had attacked her at a party. He had to spend a year in a juvenile detention center. That happened during our sophomore year. Then, during our senior year, she admitted that she had lied. It was too late to do anything about it, though.

By that point, the poor kid’s life had already been completely and permanently ruined by the saga. He went from a star athlete, literally one of the most naturally gifted young men I've ever seen, to a hopeless addict with a record and a terrible reputation. The whole thing was really just extremely sad, and I've never been able to forget it.

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83. Unsolved Mysteries

The popular kid from my high school ended up behind bars as an adult. He was initially caught for drunk driving. Soon, officers found out the whole heartbreaking story. At the time he got caught, he'd just slain a classmate’s entire family. Also, his older brother vanished and has never been seen since that same time.

Officers found his truck with all of his clothes folded neatly, shoes and all, on his seat. His cell phone and the entire inside of the truck had been wiped down. There were a few footprints nearby, but nothing else. This was 10 years ago, and the mystery of why and how it happened has still never been solved. The whole thing is very strange.

To make matters even scarier, a skull was found in the nearby forest about three years after the incident. Also guys, this popular kid had been a bodybuilder since we were very young. He was one scary dude. I guess being a popular kid when you’re still in high school does not mean that you’ll actually have a good life as an adult. His brother was a nice guy; I hope he’s resting in peace wherever he is and that justice will eventually be done.

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84. Highway to Heck

At my old high school, the moment that the popular kid’s life suddenly fell apart forever was when he hit and killed a state trooper on the freeway while the trooper was out of his car trying to remove debris from the road. No matter who you are, there is no easy way to get over the feelings of guilt that come with a thing like that.

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85. Hush Money

Rumor went around at my school that the popular kid’s parents paid a hefty amount to get a family to ignore their daughter’s allegations against him and keep him on the football team. Sadly, as scandalous as it was, it never ended up on the news. I'm not 100% sure of the truth behind the rumors. Nevertheless, there's a whole lot of people who seem convinced that it happened, and the guy’s reputation has never been the same since then.

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86. There’s a Lot of Pain

The captain of my old high school’s football team was the most popular kid in school, but underwent a major surgery during his senior year. I was 13 years old at the time, and playing on the middle school team. His younger brother and I were very close friends, so I was around the guy a lot all the time and I had always looked up to him like an older brother.

He would often drive me to early football practices, and was a great guy all-around as far as I could tell. He was very smart, dated a very pretty cheerleader, and did not appear to have a single mean bone in his entire body. He really had it all. As a 13-year-old, he was my greatest hero and idol without a question. After his surgery, everything changed.

he tragically got hooked on pain medications. He then went from that to hard and dangerous substances, as so many victims of this crisis unfortunately do. He was subsequently detained multiple times throughout his adult life for various charges. This vicious cycle went on for years and years. It only got worse, too.

I would always ask my friend from middle school how his big brother was doing every time that I spoke to him. Sadly, the responses he gave never got better. He passed last year. If you or anyone you know is struggling with an addiction to anything at all, please ask for help from someone. Believe me, it will be worth it. I miss my hero.

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87. An Unexpected Tragedy

One of the most popular girls in my high school had a sudden and unexpected blood clot that killed her in her sleep one night in the middle of the school year. To this day, nobody understands what caused it and it completely and utterly shocked everyone at our school. It just goes to show that anything can happen to anyone at any time…

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88. The Consequences of Living on the Edge

At our old school, we had this cliff that was really dangerous. To keep kids away from it, the genius locals spread around the rumor that it was haunted. Naturally, this made the cool kids want to go and hang out there pretty much all the time. One time, a group of those supposedly cool kids (four in total) went over there, and no one really knows exactly what happened.

All we know is that only three of them came back. The other kid allegedly jumped to his tragic end, though the details of how and why did not quite pan out in any clear way between the group’s various stories. Each one had a totally different version of what happened. The three survivors became depressed and eventually spiraled out of control.

One passed from an overdose two years later, one was in a car accident, and one committed suicide. It was like they were actually cursed.

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89. He Met His Match

One kid at my school became popular only because he liked to start fights with everyone. So, most people wanted to be "friends" with him just to avoid becoming a victim. One day, he tried it on the wrong kid. He got beat up badly in front of everyone, to the point where he started crying. Honestly, I think it was a win for him in the long run because it gave him a pretty good wake up call.

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90. Game Over

The stud quarterback from my high school, who was about two years ahead of me, has been addicted to pain meds ever since graduation. I was not aware of this having been a problem for him while we were in high school, but I heard he definitely had the nasty pain pill habit by the time he was in college. He may also have transitioned to harder stuff from there.

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91. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Well, most of my classmates from high school turned out well enough, but there was one guy who ran into some serious trouble after graduation and whose life was taken completely off course. He was the "hot guy" of the class. Girls loved him because he was gorgeous, blah blah blah. You know the type I’m referring to.

Anyhow, he wound up having a kid at a very young age and then eventually came out as being gay. Apparently, he accidentally broadcasted that information to the wrong person. The consequences were absolutely devastating. After an old man aggressively came on to him, my former classmate proceeded to strangle him and discard his body in a ravine.

He was later caught. From what I understand, the old man had forcefully tried to attack him on a back road. Either way, my classmate is now doing time for it. I actually got along really well with the guy back in the day. It's unfortunate that this happened to him, especially considering that he has a daughter. It’s funny how life can change in such a short amount of time.

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92. When Patience Would Have Paid off

The most popular boy at my school constantly got made fun of by everyone because he wanted to wait to sleep with his new girlfriend (the popular girl) until they were married. Eventually, the taunting and peer pressure became too much for him to handle, so he caved in and did the deed. It was the worst mistake of his life.The result was a teen pregnancy.

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93. And Then There Were Two

At my school, three popular kids went swimming in a quarry. Only two came out. It sucks, because the one who didn't make it was popular for all the right reasons. He was a genuinely good dude. I was the weird kid, but his locker was right next to mine and he was always friendly every single day to every single person. I miss him.

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94. Safe and Secure

The downfall of one of the popular kids at my school came when he was doing substances in the school bathroom and got caught by a female security guard on his way out. Instead of just accepting his punishment, he decided to put her in a chokehold. He then was shown how huge a mistake he made when that security guard turned out to be a trained gymnast. She easily saved herself and got him thrown behind bars.

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95. You Get What You Give

This girl harassed everyone. I went to school with her from first grade to third and then later again from 7-9th grade. She was very, very popular in middle school. She was rich, wore designer clothes, and had a big house. In a town full of middle or working class people that made you special, at least if you were a kid anyway.

So this girl, let’s call her Karen, was a rude witch, even as a child. She constantly looked down on the other girls in class for not wearing designer or not owning the latest tamagotchi. I remember Karen having a ring of girls around her, showing off her latest things at recess. I was a bit more tomboy as a child, so I hung with the dudes, mostly so I could watch people worshipping her from afar.

I also thought this might make Karen ignore me, but I was wrong. Me hanging with only guys was weird and me not wanting to look at her new handbag was weird and so on and so on. She loved making comments about me to her group. First it was mostly behind my back. It escalated quickly, though, and soon she said it to my face in that nice but condescending way.

One of the boys I hung out with, let’s call him Skate, was nice but slightly overweight. Well, Karen loved picking on Skate because of his very low self-esteem, mostly about his body. This brat knew how to pick where it hurt. It was so bad that Skate almost cried nearly every week because of something Karen had said to him.

The thing I remember most was when Skate had his birthday, which for kids is almost a holy day. We had PE and were in the woods playing some sort of hide and seek. Suddenly, I hear a loud cry and Skate screaming. Everyone found him very quick because of the noise—lo and behold, there he is with none other than Karen.

She had apparently pushed him over the edge and he had a full-blown melt down. Not hurting her, but crying so hard. I think he even said he wanted to die because of the things Karen said. He went home for the rest of the day and my hate for Karen grew. I know she was mean to everyone, but this is what I remember best.

Again, she was a bratty child. Just mean. She hurt me many times but I can’t list them all, it’s too much. Fourth grade, though, I moved to another school and Karen left my mind. I liked my new school better, I was happier, and best of all, Karen wasn’t there. But my town is small, and there weren’t a lot of middle schools. Which means I encountered Karen again in 7th grade.

At first, it looked like nothing had changed. She hadn’t. Still a witch. But I slowly came to see the dark truth. Fewer people talked to her. More and more people started making mean comments about her. I even joined in because I was angry at that age. But Karen went from being praised for her new shoes to people trying to throw mud on them.

Her mean comments were suddenly answered with 10 more about her. Grade 9 rolled around and she had almost no one. I had French with her, and while I still actively hated her, I remember her coming into class soaking wet. Someone had bombarded her with water balloons. I remember she just looked absolutely defeated.

I did feel a tiny bit sad for her, but again I was still angry so I didn’t care. We graduated grade 9 and she had no friends at that point. It was a long way down, but she crashed hard enough in her own time. Last I heard, she has anorexia, which really sucks and I hope she gets better, but I don’t think anyone from our school will ever forgive her.

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96. A Grim Diagnosis

In my school, the popular girl’s mom was diagnosed with dozens of brain tumors the beginning of our senior year, and passed before Christmas. The girl went from stable, well-off, and beautiful to a complete wreck, then she disappeared completely off the map. We have no idea where she went or how she is doing today.

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97. A Sad Waste

At my high school, seniors had to do a senior project. It can be anything really. Just plan it out and follow through. A very popular and well-liked senior made an end of day announcement that the next morning he'd be in the student parking lot working on it and needs as many other folks there as possible. The next day he drives into the student parking lot, sets up a tripod and a camera.

A large crowd gathered round, just about 30 minutes before the first bell. He hit record and thanked everyone for showing. Then he reached into his car, pulled out a piece, and ended his life before anyone could react. No one knows why. He was a great guy with a bright future. Never know what struggles others are going through.

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98. Bless You

Sneezed and pulled out a large red snot. Everyone watched as it seemed to never end. His arm stretched out until it was no longer bent, and the snot was still running from his nose to his hand. It then proceeded to fling out of his nose and across the classroom onto a desk. One kid threw up.

Buffet Workers Horror Stories FactsShutterstock

99. Joy Ride Gone Wrong

This girl had a huge clique of friends. They would harass people they didn't like or wanted to "remove," as in they’d make them change schools. This girl would do things like find out information about you, send you fake love letters, or find out where you live and whenever the cool kids would drive by, they’d throw stuff at you. But her worst act ruined her.

One day, she convinced this freshman that they should film a fun prank-style video for YouTube. He was supposed to do a "Ghost riding the whip" thing where he was on the roof of the car while no one appeared to be at the wheel. She was driving it, and while the kid was surfing on the roof, she accelerated as fast as she could down the street, just to be mean. Meanwhile, the kid tumbled off...and fell into a coma.

She later said, "It was his fault. I mean, it was his idea after all!" No one was buying it. She was hated and only a few of her friends remained with her. I have no idea where she is now or how she is doing, and I'd like to keep it that way.

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100. Post-Secondary Disappearance

A little over 10 years ago, a popular kid from my school went missing, they've never found him. Apparently, he was at a party just before graduation, got into a fight with his girlfriend, and left to walk home. They've extensively checked all the nearby woods, dredged the rivers and lakes, it even caught the attention of some TV "psychic." They found his car, abandoned, but no other sign of him.

The creepiest part is how everyone in my hometown still talks about it; My psych teacher in high school used his disappearance as an example when we discussed dissociative fugue states; the town is still plastered in MISSING signs; every year they go out and search again. I always wonder if it was suicide, an accident, foul play, or if he just took off across the country.

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