People Share The Phoniest Cases Of “Playing The Victim” They Ever Saw

October 8, 2019 | Sammy Tran

People Share The Phoniest Cases Of “Playing The Victim” They Ever Saw

We all get in trouble sometimes, but not all of us are brave enough to face it head on. Some people will cry, scream, shake, and do anything else they can to get out of simply owning up to their mistakes—as these Redditors have seen first hand. Here are the absolute worst cases of someone wrongfully “playing the victim.”

1. I’m Getting Whiplash From Your Lies

I was in a crowded parking lot, driving around looking for a space. There was one car ahead of me. The car ahead of me stopped, so I stopped as well. I'm not sure why she stopped because there were no empty spaces and no one was pulling out, but whatever. Then, before I even had time to react, she did something that made my blood run cold. Her reverse lights came on and she came flying backwards towards me.

I didn't even have time to honk. She slammed into the front of my car, got out of her car, and started screaming that I hit her. When officers arrived, she was crying and shaking and complaining that her neck hurt. And cursing me for slamming into the back of her car. I was really worried and thought that I was done for. Thankfully, two people had been walking through the parking lot when this occurred and told the officer what really happened.

Later, the driver of the car that hit me tried to tell her insurance company that I knew the witnesses and that's why they lied. I didn't know the witnesses by the way, but you probably already knew that.

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2. Momzilla

My mom ruined my courthouse wedding, called me selfish, and made fun of my shoes on my wedding day, and made me swear to her that I wouldn't tell our family I was getting married until we had a big ceremony. Then proceeded to go behind my back and tell people anyway. She is now genuinely surprised that I am upset and she’s going around crying to all my aunts and uncles about how her only daughter will not speak to her.

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3. Bad Moms

My friend's sister is the absolute worst. She doesn’t feed her kids nor send the oldest one (who is seven) to school. Obviously, her neighbors reported her to CPS, and now she's posting statuses about how cruel people are for separating a mother from her kids.

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4. Constructing a Defense

An older lady walked into a construction area to snoop around when the workers weren’t there. Then she sued because she slipped on a plastic floor covering. That's when we learned the disturbing truth. She worked there. She knew the area was off limits. Did it anyway.

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5. My Sister, My Killer

I witnessed an accident where a lady blew through a stop sign without looking or slowing. Her mistake had awful consequences. Tragically, her sister, who was in the car, died from injuries sustained in that accident. She then tried to blame the other driver, who had full right-of-way, for going too fast, and that she had, in fact, stopped at the sign.

She basically tried to set up the other driver to take the fall for recklessly killing her sister. I came in to the arbitration and sunk that real fast.

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6. Need to Drum Some Sense Into This Guy

An employee was being fired for a multitude of infractions at a coffee shop. Management caught him calling customers things like “dumb” and “stupid” under his breath and several customers had also reported the behavior. He was constantly late or would leave early or beg others to cover his shift. Oh, but there’s so much more.

Instead of restocking or cleaning the area during down times, he would take out his drumsticks and “practice,” which annoyed the other employees and customers. During inventory counts we noticed whole pallets of sandwiches or baked goods were “missing” as well as bottled drinks, etc...We were mysteriously out of huge five lbs bags of the espresso roast. The numbers were not adding up.

The guy blamed all the issues on everyone else. Late to work? “I missed the bus." Leaving early? “I got a call for a gig." Food missing? “I didn't have money to eat and it's the company’s responsibility to ensure I'm fed while on the clock.” Calling customers names? "They misunderstood me.” All the other employees stopped inviting him out because at bars he would order drinks and tell the bartender one of us was covering, then skip out before the check was presented to us.

Great guy.

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7. Mother Knows Best

My mom called me 13 times on my wedding night, posted pictures of my dress on Facebook when I specifically asked her not to, got upset when she wasn't the one cutting the cake, and has been making up all kinds of details and scenarios about the wedding that are outright false or misconstrued and posting it on Facebook.

After my husband took my phone and told her to stop calling me every 10 minutes and to leave us alone, she sent him a long "boo hoo you don't have to worry about me ever contacting you two again" type message that I had to defuse before World War III started in my family. Same thing when we asked her not to post any pictures until we got the professional ones back.

Every time there's a family event, she has to try and divert attention to herself. I can't even have one day to myself.

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8. Daddy’s Not Home

Sometimes my children ask me why they've met my mother but never met my father. I tell them he died a long time ago when I was a kid. But that's not the truth at all. In reality, my dad used to be an abusive drunk, and my mother had to kick him out because he used to beat on us kids. We used to spend weekends at his new house, but not for long.

Around the time I turned 10, he told my mother to stop dropping us off and gave her a shoe box full of all the pictures he had of us. We tried calling him on holidays every now and again, but he finally just told us to stop contacting him altogether. Last year my mother passed away and he decided to reach out to me and expressed he had changed and wanted to make things up to me.

I told him it was OK, I filled him in on how I was doing in life and sent him pictures of my children...but I expressed I was already a man, and don't need a father anymore, but he was forgiven for the 20-year absence. He then proceeded to tell me that I'm horrible for pushing him away and abandoning him, that he was dying and just wanted to fix things.

So I just explained to him, it's already forgiven but he abandoned me and I had no time for his foolishness. I wish things would have been different, but he's too much of a bad influence to allow in my children's lives.

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9. A Heavy Issue

I lost a lot of weight (150lbs), and my overweight friend didn’t. I don’t care, she’s my friend, I love her. I tried on a pair of size 12 (size 8 US) jeans, but they were too big so asked for the smaller size. Before I could try them on, my friend stormed out of the shop and when I followed her, she screamed at me for rubbing my weight loss in her face. I lost the weight in 2015, I’ve been this size for four years.

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10. Paying the Piper

I quit my job and set up my own competing business with my ex-employer after he failed to pay me for two months, claiming non-payment from the clients. He had a massive go at me after I confronted him with receipts from the clients to show payment and he accused me of making him look bad in front of them. He said that he didn't owe me the money. I'll never forget his words:  "some people are bosses and some people are employees."

I also warned a few of my ex co-workers to be careful and not let him rack up debt with them because of what he did to me. They are nice people with young families and don't deserve to be taken advantage of, like he did to me. I took him to court to try to recoup the money he owed me for the work I completed. What do you know, the judge ruled in my favor for the full amount of just over £4,000. He then plays the victim card with everyone he knows and says that I made him and his family homeless despite the fact that he never paid me a penny of the money owed. £4,000 is like 5-6 months’ rent in a decent neighborhood in my city.

Honestly blows my mind every time I think about it.

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11. You Are NOT The Father (Anymore)

My brother-in-law is convinced that everyone conspires to be mean to him. All his substance problems are other people's fault. The government never should have taken his kid from him, because he's a good father. When his disabled mother got custody of his kid and then let him move in with them, she made up all those stories about him hitting her and the kid.

When the government (both APS and CPS) told us we had to protect them from him, we had no right to take his kid (that he hadn't had custody of for years). He lives off disability for back problems he's had since getting a beat down for running his mouth at the wrong people, despite the fact his doctors tell him he doesn't need a wheelchair and can work.

It's our fault he can't pay his bills, even though he's still living in his mother's house rent-free, and that surely has nothing to do with the fact that he blows his disability check on substances and junk food as soon as he gets it. In his mind, we "abandoned him to die" and are horrible people for not letting him live with us. He actually tried to get APS to force us to let him move in. Didn't work out.

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12. Hit and Run Your Mouth

I once witnessed a car accident where a lady blew a red light and another car (whose light had clearly turned green) didn't see her and hit her broadside. After the impact, witnesses stopped to help, and the lady who ran the red light tried to argue she was going through on a yellow and that her neck hurt. Suuuuuure, lady.

Apparently she had the nerve to attempt a lawsuit over it, because I was later interviewed over the phone by crazy lady's lawyer, who tried to trip me up by saying another witness claimed to be the same place I was. Too bad, man. I was right there, and there's no way in heck you can paint me as an unreliable witness for your client to steal money from an innocent for her own stupid mistake.

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13. Curiosity Kills

My crazy college girlfriend cheated on me and then blamed me for causing problems in our relationship by being "obsessed with the truth" as I figured out what had happened.

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14. I’ve Got My Eye on You

This guy got upset, saying we were always talking about him behind his back. He would creep up to the door in our apartment and stand there listening to our conversations. Plot twist: we had good reason to do so. He owed two of us over 600 dollars and refused to pay it. And then WE were the bad people because we would talk about it, in our own apartment, not knowing he is creeping around the door.

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15. Intolerant of You

My best friend’s ex-girlfriend got kicked out of her parents’ house when she told them she was a lesbian. She moved in with my best friend since they were dating at the time. At first she said that she was too depressed to find a job. My best friend was okay with that even if it meant she'd have to work more, which she did.

She even found a second part-time job. For the next six months, whenever my best friend asked the girl if she found a job she'd always get the "I'm too depressed" response. Eventually, she discovers the horrible truth: her girlfriend cheated on her. Her excuse for cheating was "You're always at work and never have time for me. I need someone who will be there for me."

My best friend kicks her out and then her ex blames her for having to move back in with her parents. The kicker: Turns out her parents never really kicked her out, she was just tired of them telling her to get a job.

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16. None of Your Business

Local business owner/friend asked a lot of his regular customers to invest in his new business in Atlanta by buying shares. I bought in, knowing we wouldn't break even for at least three years, but that he could sell religion to the Pope. Had losses for two years, broke even at three as predicted. But then it got bad.

Four years in, he closes the Atlanta store and opens in another town, but this time he's doing it all with "his own money." Um no, he's doing it with the inventory and proceeds from the Atlanta store. Even has a shiny new house, cars, the works for his new venture. He's shocked to the core, and hurt, I tell you, hurt and disappointed! when all the share holders took him to court.

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17. Spitting out the Silver Spoon

Our whole life my brother has blamed our middle class upbringing for him taking zero responsibility. He’s basically a 40-year-old version of “no one gets me.” He spends his money recklessly, has turned down opportunities to advance himself in lieu of making YouTube videos in his shed ranting about how “richies” keep him down. It’s pathetic.

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18. It’s Not Him, It’s You

When I was teaching, I had a student with some behavior problems. I did everything I could to support him. One day, we were taking a test and he was talking. I reminded him several times that talking during a test is not allowed, and I would have him go in the hallway if he continued. He continued talking, so I told him to go into the hall.

He called me autistic on his way out (his favorite insult) and so I wrote him a referral. I called his parents and they didn't answer, so I sent an e-mail explaining what happened, that he got a referral, and that I hope we can work together to help him manage his reactions. His mother responded. When I opened her e-mail, my jaw dropped. She said that my behavior was UNACCEPTABLE.

She said that she is done speaking with me and I will hear from her lawyer. She went all the way up to the district level to complain about me, telling all sorts of lies and making me look like a horrible person. I don't teach anymore.

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19. Gone for Good

My mother. She pulled the old "going to the store" routine when I was a kid. She called three days later from halfway across the country complaining because dad had shut off the credit cards. To this day, she tries to make my father the bad guy for her failed attempt at abandoning her family. They divorced shortly after, and I stayed with dad.

I've always been second-rate to her for being (in her words) "disloyal."

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20. Bossy Rants

My fiancé’s manager tried to strong arm her into staying at her current job instead of taking one that won’t destroy her mental health, then cried about how no one at work likes her.

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21. Mr. Wrong

A former friend and housemate—who I stupidly let live at my place rent-free and who I gave some pretty significant help towards lawyer fees—lost her mind when I started voicing my concerns over her new boyfriend. She was still technically married to another man, and the new boyfriend was into all sorts of cultish, New Age, Spirit Science craziness.

Oh, and they would do things like make these lavish meals in the kitchen and not clean up, or block my car in the driveway. Then she went on a rant in which she compared me to her abusive soon-to-be-ex-husband—because I had completely betrayed her with one cruel action: I hadn't put away a container of cinnamon immediately after using it. When I served an eviction notice to the b-bomb, she gave Academy Award-level performance for melodrama of her own making.

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22. Ex Hex

My ex-wife loves to do this. She had an affair, left me and our kid for the guy, got a DUI and the car I co-signed for was repossessed. Every time I hear from her, I get to listen to her complain about how she has to walk to work and how she has to borrow lunch money because child support took $129.00 out of her check.

She also complains about how our son never calls her and she hasn't seen him in over a year. I wonder why?

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23. Please and Thank You, Next

My ex cheated on me and I left him. He then said he cheated because he felt like he couldn't please me in bed and it made him insecure. Okaayyyy.

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24. No More Second Chances

My 50-something-year-old mom's very frequent non-sober calls in hysterics about how her life is ruined. This was after she turned our lives upside down with her alcoholism throughout our childhood, went to rehab five times and relapsed every time, was given literal COUNTLESS chances by my dad and family to start fresh.

These included an amazing job and housing opportunities. It nearly bankrupted my dad, forcing him to move and raise six children on his own, and eventually she lost relationships with all of her family and children except me. Up until two years ago when I received a call that she messed up again. Out of all her mistakes, this was the worst.

She got herself kicked out of her free housing arrangement and lost her job before it even started, forcing me to go pick her up on the side of the road and crash at my apartment for the night. I remember I was scrambling to hide all of the alcohol and pills in my place before getting her. Then picking her up and her crying that my dad was still ignoring her and wouldn't give her money anymore. That’s when it really hit me that I'd finally had enough. Victimizers, am I right guys?

Yep, they're crazy FactsFlickr Jared Goralnick

25. Driving Me Crazy

Family member who has a ton of tickets and warrants because of driving drunk is always mad about being arrested. Somehow blames the cops for "catching them?" Drives me crazy because other family members keep bailing them out. Oh, they have kid; oh, they will lose their job, etc. Really gets my goat, especially because it's drunk driving and we have a family member permanently hurt from a drunk driver. I just can't with them sometimes.

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26. In My Professional Opinion, You Suck

A colleague of mine whined about her job 24/7. She quit eventually, then she went to see a psychiatrist, because she needed to feel justified that quitting her job meant she had no regrets and she was actually mentally ill and couldn't cope, since it was a residency program in one of the best hospitals in the country.

Her psychiatrist, after evaluating her, had the best response ever. She straight up told her that she was a whiny brat.

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27. Getting Both Sides

Recently, I went out on a date with a guy. During the date, he proceeded to hit on someone and get their number in front of me. Apparently it was my fault because I'm bisexual, so clearly that meant I'd be interested in her too. I was just like ???

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28. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

My roommate kicked himself out of my condo. I didn’t know this before he moved in, but he turned out to be a pathological liar and attention/pity seeker. He fabricated and gossiped all kinds of stories that were easily proven false and then he’d backpedal and lash out if caught. I was super uncomfortable with it.

I privately started making plans to give him his 30 days’ notice at the end of his lease, but hadn’t told anyone. Well, one day I get some text messages from some mutual colleagues asking if it was true that I was kicking him out TODAY and I tell them that this was the first I was hearing of it. Turned out that roughly after the third or fourth time that I caught the roommate in a major lie, he noticed that I wasn’t as chummy with him anymore, and he started spreading a rumor that I hated him now and that I was going to kick him out on his butt.

He went crying to all of the prettiest ladies in the gossip mill at work about how he was getting kicked out tonight, and he got tons of attention. So that night, he comes home and starts yelling at me about how he’d heard that I’m evicting him. I told him nope, I had no idea what he was talking about. He starts ranting and raving. I tell him point blank that I don’t know what he’s talking about—but I was upfront about my intention to give him notice at the end of his lease.

He starts yelling WHAT DATE and then cuts me off and gives himself 30 days notice from today. Then he stormed off and updated his whole gossip train that he HAD been kicked out tonight and that the rumors were all true. I was pretty slack jawed at this point. The next day, he found a friend’s couch to sleep on and upped the gossip to “Billie hates me so much they kicked me out onto the street that night.” So he turned his own rumor that he created about himself into a quasi-reality. He did leave my home that day, but not on my doing. But joke's on him: my home and my life are 1000x more peaceful now that he is gone.

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29. Giving New Meaning to Getting Smashed

A girl I know who's a complete drama queen got extremely drunk a few weeks back and got into her car to go to her ex boyfriend’s to start stuff with him. She put the car in drive and passed out. It rolled forward and hit a vehicle that was parked in front of her. When the police showed up, they found her passed out behind the wheel, with her car in drive smashed into another car, and charged her with driving under the influence.

She wants to fight it because "she technically wasn't driving at the time" and because the police were bullies for arresting her. She's going to start a gofundme because she needs money for a lawyer to "go after the police" and "teach them a lesson." All she does is complain about how they were being unfair and should've let her go.

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30. A Not-So Clean Break

When I kicked my abusive ex out of MY house, he started playing the “homeless victim” card. Understand, when I kicked him out, it had been 10 months after we broke up; he strong-armed me into letting him live with me when I got a better place and he got kicked out of his friend’s house; and I was the only one working. He also refused to watch our child while I was at work, he would get aggressive and violent if I even talked to another guy, and there were multiple cases where my best friend and ONLY ally would have to basically “kidnap” me to get me away from him and keep me safe. Yeah, it was all just a mess, but HE started telling everyone I was this crazy horrible person.

He said I kept him from seeing our son, and how I was “being a witch because I was jealous.” For years afterwards, everyone believed him, and I lost every friend I had. Thankfully, this story got a happy ending! It’s been years since this happened, and now I’m in a healthy, happy, and really safe environment.

I met and married an amazing human being who held my hand and had my back when I started going to therapy to heal the wounds that were left. He is the father of my youngest, my son is now nine and is an amazingly sweet and strong boy, and I have an amazing group of friends who are the best support team one could ask for!

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31. Self-Hatred

This girl who was in my school made a hate account online. She had a truly sad secret: the account was against herself. Even weirder, she got super pissed if anyone insinuated it was her who made it. Then she'd say stuff like “maybe this person is right” when one caption was “The world would be a better place without this witch.” She needs a lot of help.

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32. My Own Worst Enemy

My cousin basically screwed up her own wedding by doing things like “firing” her maid of honor at the last minute because the maid of honor took her husband to the hospital rather than coming to the hair appointments. She also kept getting pissy with our grandmother for “not being helpful enough.” She's almost 80 and isn't the most mobile; what did my cousin expect?

She also forgot to make sure her brother wasn't still running errands for her when the ceremony started, which led to him missing the ceremony. And then she whinged for the entire reception and a significant period after about how her wedding didn't go the way she wanted. Hmmm wonder why that could be, hun?

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33. This Is Just Sick

I’m a nurse. The nurse I gave shift report to was later seen in a contact isolation room without a gown or gloves on. She claimed she had no idea because I did not tell her in report that it was an isolation room and she needed to wear isolation gowns. I was called and woken up and yelled at by my boss....because the other nurse was in the room.

Not me. Her. So I got in trouble and was told to “think of her kids, she has two little kids at home who you could have contaminated by not telling her to put gowns on!!!” But that's not even the worst part. There is literally a giant colorful poster in front of every isolation room that tells you to put a gown on before going in. Like you have to push this poster out of the way to even go into the room.

If that’s not the biggest phony point-the-finger, then I don’t know what is. And that was the moment I learned I couldn’t trust my boss because she was the head of that clique.

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34. Master Manipulator

My ex pressured me into a relationship, used every trick in the book. I tried to be honest and said I’d never been in a relationship before and I wasn’t sure I was ready. Looking back, I gave myself what I thought was the perfect out. Four days later, I broke it off. My ex's response was truly disturbing. I got threatened with suicide immediately. In a very manipulative way.

I’d pulled out all the stops, saying this was on me because I’d been right, I wasn’t ready, etc. Nothing I said mattered. I was suddenly responsible for a mentally unstable person’s life, or lack thereof if I left. Within a five-minute period, I became the most disgusting, hideous person in all existence and my partner was yet again the victim of empty promises of love and affection.

I read this to mean I wasn’t the first, nor would I be the last, to be caught up in their lies. I decided to leave them to their own devices. Last I heard they’re still around, still pretending to put their life in other people’s hands.

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35. Skimming off the Top

My mother stole $200 from my college fund and then told me I was bullying her when I confronted her.

Fire Me, I Dare You factsGetty Images

36. Nowhere to Turn

From my father's side, they thought me moving out equated to me abandoning them. I mean, I did choose to go no-contact, but when you deal with 27+ years of narcissism, you kind of need to get out of there. From my mother's side, she chose to ditch my high school graduation because I called her out on her needing to air dirty laundry about my father when I was in the middle of studying for exams.

My stepfather always took her side and would spend hours lecturing me, given the opportunity.

Worst Kids FactsShutterstock

37. Bad Romance

At my old job, we had a guy whose wife worked for the same company but in a different department. She was always coming around and meddling in his business. She always had an opinion of what was going on and was perpetually displeased by everything we did. Everything was a perceived attack on her husband and she was constantly criticizing us for things that she had no idea about.

Even sending him to break five minutes late because we got busy would be enough to be put on her naughty list. She was frequently late to her own area because she’d just hang around and watch us from a distance. She was taken to HR several times for this behavior. But did she change it? No, it just got even worse.

A couple years ago, they were eating lunch together in the employee break area. She got all worked up over something and took things too far. She actually hit him. Several people saw it and reported it. Later that day, she was pulled aside by security and HR about it. She not only denied it (despite there being several dozen witnesses) but she gave them a false name for herself, thinking they wouldn’t know any better.

She was fired on the spot. Now she goes around posting all over social media and review sites claiming that she was fired for having a disability. I’ve seen so many weird, completely fabricated stories from her all over Facebook about why she was fired. She goes on and on about how the company actively discriminates against employees with disabilities.

She eventually convinced her husband to quit. He had a severe limp at the time and now he’s in a wheelchair. I have a feeling she has something to do with that and she probably still plays the victim.

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38. Starving for Attention

Some Karen at a hotel I was staying at. She stayed too long with her kids at the hotel pool. Then when it was time to eat, she pulled out some "Kids eat free" coupon. The waitress told her the coupon was only good from 11 til 2. It was 3:30. Well, this old broad threw a fit like the world was coming to an end. And of course, she demanded to see the manager. The manager told her the same thing. Then she even got into name calling, accusing the woman of making her children starve just to enforce some arbitrary policy. "You're welcome to buy lunch to feed them just like everybody else. If they starve, it's due to you being late for lunch. Not us."

"I'm going to take this to the Better Business Bureau! And you're going to get negative reviews from me all over the internet." "Alright," the manager said, politely. "Be sure and tell them the whole story."

Worst Customer Horror Stories Factsphillyemploymentlawyer

39. (Don’t) Put the Blame on Me

My ex got a DUI and said it wasn't her fault. Literally blamed everyone else and took no responsibility for it.

Crazy Girlfriend Stories FactsShutterstock

40. Mama Goldilocks

My mom loves playing the victim. When dinner is ready, my mom always gets to the table later than the rest. Sometimes she's checking her blood sugar, other times it’s something else. Me and my dad then have two choices: Either wait until my mom is at the table as well and start dinner with the three of us, or fill our plates and start eating without my mom.

No matter which of the two options we go for, we make the wrong one. Either it's: "What are you waiting for me for? You're both grown ups, you don't need me to supervise you" or "No one ever waits for me in this household, guess I won't eat." This is followed by her waiting until me and my dad are done eating, and then she'll eat alone.

All the while, she’s naturally complaining that we don't allow her to eat hot food and we make her eat cold food. She refuses to ever ask for help with whatever, and then complains that no one ever helps her. Yet when we offer to help, she'll just ignore us or says something like "No, not like this!" I could go on and list at least a dozen more examples but you get the idea.

It was never that bad, but it has gotten way worse ever since she became wheelchair-bound. She tried going to see a psychologist but stopped going after a while. Any time she was offered help, she either refused or stopped going after a couple of sessions.

Disturbing True Story FactsShutterstock

41. Saint Mom

Pretty much anything my mom has ever done. She lives to be a martyr. One example: She complains it takes her a whole week to put all the Christmas decorations up. But I told her over and over not to and she doesn't have to. Nah, she gets a kick out of whining about it and playing the patron saint of misery.

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42. Whining on Lock

We were fishing on my family’s private property. My grandpa locked us in without telling us the code. After hitchhiking to an area we could get a signal, we got the code and hitchhiked back to get our car. We left the gate unlocked because the family of the other owners were having a birthday party there and we didn’t want to lock them in.

When my grandpa heard we left the gate unlocked, he drove 30 minutes to lock it again, and then had the balls to complain when people were calling him at 10 at night asking for the code so they could leave.

Student Driving Test Nightmares FactsFlickr,Ceyhun Kavakci

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I tried to get my ex-wife served with divorce papers. I knew that she was going to take it badly, but I had no idea about the insane lengths she would go to just to get revenge and mess with my life.

These People Got Genius Revenges

When someone really pushes our buttons, we'd like to think that we'd hold our head high and turn the other cheek, but revenge is so, so sweet.
April 22, 2020 Scott Mazza

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Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but few people know her even darker history.

Catherine of Aragon Facts

Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s First Wife

Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but very few people know her even darker history.
June 7, 2018 Christine Tran

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