People Share The Scariest Things They've Woken Up To

March 21, 2019 | Carl Wyndham

People Share The Scariest Things They've Woken Up To

We’re never more vulnerable than when we’re asleep, and the inherent spookiness of the nighttime doesn’t really help. We’ve all been startled awake at one time or another, but there are those who have experienced an altogether different, entirely more potent level of fear upon waking up from their slumber; one that exists beyond the realm of mere loud noises and vivid nightmares. Granted, some turn out to be silly overreactions, but in many cases the fear is all too justified. See for yourself, as we delve into the most frightening things these Redditors have ever woken up to.

1. Lemme At Him

Woke up in the middle of the night to what I thought was my blanket all crammed up between me and the wall. It was uncomfortable so I went to move it but instead of a blanket, I touched human skin. Of course, I immediately freak the heck out and am now wide awake wondering what the hell to do as I lay in the dark with this...thing laying next to me.

So I gather up my courage, reach over and grab it and yank it up so I can see what it is. It was storming and lightning flashed very dramatically at the same moment while I realize I'm holding my own arm. I guess I'd been sleeping on my arm and it went so numb that I couldn't even tell I was touching it. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.

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2. The Little Devil

My almost-four-year-old standing at my bedside staring right at me. Once my eyes were open she said “I brought the monsters in here” then went back to bed. Thanks kid, I had you so they’d go in your room.

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3. Party Time

Was a teenager living in a pitch black basement room. Had a strobe light because...I don’t know, teenagers are weird. Apparently, the on/off switch was loose and moved to on. You don't know fear until you wake up in the middle of the night in a pitch black room with a strobe light flashing.

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4. Almost Asphyxiated

Woke up feeling oxygen-starved, "fluish," and "fuzzy headed" in pitch black. Got myself together enough to turn on my headlamp only to discover that I couldn't see through my tent. It had snowed so heavily overnight that my tent was covered thickly enough to blot out the moon and stars that were now shining. Likewise, so much snow had accumulated around my tent that it effectively sealed the rain fly. I was by myself in a one person tent and slowly suffocating. I opened the zipper, stuck my arm outside to move some snow around and flapped some air into the tent and instantly felt better.

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5. Well I’m Stumped

Woke up groggy, out of sleep paralysis. Went to push off the bed and realized my left arm is gone! There's no way right? Maybe my arm had just fallen asleep. Reach over with my right arm to feel for my left arm and freak out because all I feel is my torso! Genuinely freak out for a minute checking and rechecking, my arm is literally gone! And then I felt human skin above my head. My arm had fallen asleep over my head and behind the pillow. Apparently, my armpit had played a little joke on my brain and reported back as being a shoulder stump.

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6. The End Is Nigh

I'm a professional firefighter. When we are on shift at night we are allowed to sleep. It's pretty routine to get woken up for any kind of emergency that we respond to, from shootings to car wrecks to house fires with people trapped. When we catch a run the bunk room lights come on, and there's a very gentle beeping sound that is meant to wake us gently (instead of jolting us awake and spiking our blood pressure) before the dispatcher goes on the air to tell us where we are going and why.

A few weeks ago at around 3 AM, the lights came on and there was a different sound. It was an alarm that sounded like the world was ending. We all sprang out of our bunks, wide-eyed, ready for battle. Then the dispatcher came on the air to tell us that the National Weather Service had issued a WINTER STORM WARNING, effective two DAYS in the future, in a city that's no stranger to winter weather. We were very...confused.

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7. Busted

“OPEN UP! POLICE! WE HAVE A SEARCH WARRANT!” It was about 6 am, accompanied by banging that was loud as anything. Turns out it was for the apartment beneath my bedroom window but I sat straight up and my first thought was, “Oh no, they got me!” despite being one of the least shady people alive.

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8. Friends In Need

I had stumbled downstairs to get some water from the tap at about 2 am. I look out of the window directly in front of me and stare into pitch darkness (you can’t see anything more than a few feet). Turn the tap off, look up and there’s a dude’s face just staring back at me. He’s so close he’s practically got his nose to the glass. A face that makes Gollum look like a model. This guy is obviously a serial killer (at least that’s what my sleep-addled mind was thinking).

I crap myself and just keep staring, he’s also crapping himself and keeps staring. Until he starts pointing, he’s pointing at the outside tap. He’s pointing at the outside tap because he’s a homeless dude who is getting water for himself and his friends who have started living in the woods nearby. He smiles at me, this black-toothed grin so I smile back and nod.

He fills his water bottles and buggers off back to the woods. Over the next few months, I got to know them all and they were super nice. They’d come for water and I’d leave them little care packages of food until they moved on to somewhere else. Presumably to scare the hell out of someone else in the middle of the night.

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9. Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

My daughter had a Ring Around the Rosie doll when she was little. You put the doll's hands together and it would sing the song. Anyway, she left it out outside one night apparently and the dew in the grass shorted it out. I woke up in the middle of the night to this faint Ring Around the Rosie song playing over and over. It was creepy and we didn't have an outdoor light in the back yard so I had to go by myself with a flashlight and search the yard for this creepy doll.

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10. Intruder Alert

This is my favorite story to tell: I’m absolutely terrified of a home invasion type of situation, I’ll blame it on the copious amounts of true crime podcasts I listen to. So, when I’m home alone I constantly check the locks and sleep with a knife next to my bed.

Husband goes out of town for two nights, first night all is good. Second night I check the doors, lock my bedroom door and go to sleep. Well, I wake up at around 3 am to the sound of the door rattling a bit. My first instinct is that it’s one of the cats pawing at the door wanting out, but after I’ve fully woken up I realize it’s someone trying to twist the doorknob. I completely freeze, heart is racing, and I slowly reach for the light switch. I then start to think that maybe I don’t want them to know I’m awake by turning the light on, so that maybe I can hide or grab my knife.

Our indoor door knobs, if you twist them hard enough, will just pop open, so I finally hear it click and the door just barely opens about five inches. I can see the outline of a man standing there just barely lit from behind from moonlight coming in the living room sliding door. So I’m just sitting there in this frozen position with my arm halfway reaching for the light and the other half reaching for the knife for what feels like an eternity. He just stands there, staring in the door and I’m convinced I’m about to be murdered.

And then the door opens a little bit more, and the man's outline starts to become more clear. I manage to just barely whisper my husband's name, and hear back “Yeah, why is the door locked?” This jerk had decided that the friend he was sharing a hotel with was snoring too loud and drove home four hours in the middle of the night.

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11. Holy Smokes

Someone slamming on the door of the apartment across the hall screaming “your apartment is on fire.” It sounded like it was on mine. Woke up and immediately started choking on smoke. The fire alarm then went off. Everything ended up being okay (someone flicked a cigarette butt off their balcony, it landed on the one a few floors beneath it and set their patio furniture on fire, hence why someone saw it before the alarm went off). It was just so disorienting and terrifying to wake up to the pounding on the door, the screaming, and the smoke.

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12. Elmo Loves You

I'm sure there were worse things. But one time when I was a kid, my parents placed a full-body shaped Elmo balloon in my room while I was sleeping. Ever woken up to a floating body...?

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13. Jason Lives

Housemate coming home drunk after midnight from a Halloween party dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th walked into my room by mistake in his full Voorhees costume and just stood in the middle of the room looking around trying to work out where he was. Woke me up as my door opened and I was frozen terrified for a good 30 seconds. Bought a lock for my door the following week.

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14. Bloody Hell

I got up to go to the bathroom and didn't turn my bedroom light on so I didn't see that anything was amiss. When I got to the toilet, I suddenly realized that my hands were covered in blood up to my elbows. It wasn't dripping wet but it wasn't dry either. I didn't have any cuts or seem to have any injury of any kind. When I washed my hands I checked everywhere: no injury. What the hell was happening?

When I went back to my bedroom I turned the light on, and half of my pillow was covered in blood as well, almost exactly down the middle. It was then that I realised I'd gotten a nosebleed and been wiping at it in my sleep, and it must've stopped just before I woke up so I didn't have any clue left on my body as to where I'd bled from. I was living in a very dry area at the time, so nosebleeds were a common issue for me. That's the only time I've gotten one during my sleep though.

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15. Minnie The Merciless

Daughter had this Minnie Mouse baby doll that crawled on all fours when you touched a button on its back. Wife and I woke up at 2 am to the sound of the doll’s creepy laugh. Went out to the living room and the doll was walking straight into the corner. Each time it stopped it would just start right over again. The button wasn't broken or anything, so I'm not sure what happened. Donated it.

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16. Next Door Nuisance

My dinkus neighbor was drunk and thought my apartment was his. He broke the lock on my door. He then opened up the door to my bedroom and scared the crap out of me at 1 am. I screamed and he apologized profusely and asked if I wanted to drink Modelo with him and his wife at their house. There had been a baptism so everyone was partying it up across the way. I went because they're nice, and they had tamales.

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17. When It Rains It Pours

A few years ago, we had a pipe freeze and burst in the middle of the night. The smoke detectors went off (though there was no smoke), and I came downstairs to find that it was raining in our kitchen. Ultimately it wasn't a huge deal (though it caused about $50k in damage), but those two minutes that it took to understand what happened with all of the water and the noise, and crying kids was terrifying.

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18. Sounds Like Australia Alright

A spider crawling up my back in the middle of a 40 degrees Celcius summer night with no sheets on in Australia. Scared the living hell out of me. I felt a fuzzy thing move on my back, reflex kicked in as I jump out of bed and brush off the spider as quickly as possible. I don’t know what type of spider it was but I'm glad as hell it didn't bite me. Also, it's probably not a good idea for me to be writing this as I go to bed... oh well.

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19. Shake It All About

In college, I woke up to my glass closet doors violently shaking in my apartment. I 100% thought someone was IN the closet. My roommate was working a night shift on campus and wasn’t there, so I was alone. I basically sat in silent terror for an hour until I got enough courage to get up and go check. Nothing was there, and I convinced myself that I had a weird nightmare. That morning, I got up and was reading the news and saw that there was an earthquake. I realized that is what I heard and it made much more sense. I went to college on the east coast of the US, so it was really strange to have an earthquake.

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20. Sup Dog

I remember waking up to an intense pressure at the foot of my bed, like something heavy was just placed there. I thought it was probably just my school bag or something, so I didn't think much. Until it started moving. I remember hearing it start to breathe really fast, panting almost. I knew whatever it was, it was right at my face, so I opened my eyes so slowly. Only to see my 90-pound German Shepherd holding a tug of war in her mouth and her tail wagging. She wanted to play at 2:30 am. Bless her soul.

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21. Greet The Day With A Scream

I used to have a CD alarm clock. Every new album I got went straight in there so I could listen to it first thing in the morning while my mind was fully receptive in a half-asleep daze. I can't remember what album it was, but it started with a drunken scream. Scared the hell out of me as I was tugged out of a deep sleep expecting to be attacked by a crack-crazed tramp trying to take my lungs. I took that CD off rotation immediately.

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22. Lock Your Damn Door

It was scarier in hindsight. In college, I lived in an apartment with three other random people. I was the only one who spent much time in the apartment. The other guys had girlfriends or something and were rarely home. Anyway late one night, I heard noise in the kitchen. Walked out and there was a guy going through the freezer or something. I wasn't fully awake but said "uhh hi" or something.

The guy was like "oh uhh I was looking for the party, is this where it is?" I said "no" and he said "sorry man" and left. The next day it turned out he had eaten one of the roommate's breakfast sandwiches. But overall we had been really lax about locking the door, so from then on, I made sure the door was always locked.

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23. Spooky Little Sleepwalker

My daughter was a sleepwalker. There is something so indescribably creepy about waking up to a four-year-old standing at your bedside, just staring. She wouldn't make a sound; she'd let her stinky breath wake me up. Then once I recovered from the shock of her being there, she'd speak in tongues because she wasn't really awake. I'd assure her she was asleep and escort her back to her room to be tucked in, never taking my eyes off her for fear her head would swivel around fully and she'd laugh maniacally at me. Scared the bejeezus out of me every time.

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24. Easy, Boy

Woke up with it being colder in my bedroom than usual. My dog slept downstairs in his dog bed most of the time and rarely awoke from his sleep. That night I wake up, he is standing between me and the doorway, in full defensive mode as I could see him snarling a bit and ready to bark at any minute. I get up and turn the lights on, and went back to sleep with the door closed and him in the bed with me. Never have I felt more weirded out and strangely so scared in my life.

I checked the house upstairs and downstairs thinking it might've been a robber but nothing of the sort. Locks were secure, parents were sleeping soundly as well. This was about ten years back when I was in high school still living with mom and dad. I never was a big believer in ghosts or spiritual activity but this honestly scared the crap out of me, so much so my hairs still stand up when thinking about it.

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25. Love Thy Neighbour

When I was 18 I was in a house fire. Since then I've been terrified of fire. This story takes place roughly a year later when I was 19 and had just moved into my own apartment. As an incomplete quadriplegic, this was a huge deal. It was around 2 am and I'm dead asleep. I suddenly wake up to my dog howling and the fire alarm blaring.

I am terrified. I'm also only wearing underwear. I throw on a shirt, get into my chair as quickly as possible, and head to the exit. This is when I realize how screwed I am. I'm on the eighth floor with no way down. I'd taken so long getting into my chair there's no one around. I just started sobbing uncontrollably.

I feel a tap and see my two male neighbors standing over me. They ask if they can help and I stammer yes. Without hesitation one picks me up out of my chair and the other grabs my dogs collar (I forgot her leash in my panic). They carried me down eight flights of steps and held me outside in the 50-60 degree cold until they somehow found a chair for me.

They also got a blanket from somewhere to cover me up with. They consoled me, calmed my dog. After we were allowed back in one went upstairs and brought my chair back down. They walked me to my door and told me to come to them if I ever needed anything. They moved shortly after but that experience is one that will always stick with me.

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26. False Alarm

I awoke once to a strange, high pitched trilling sound and bright lights beaming through my window. For a second I seriously thought I was about to be abducted by aliens. Then I realized it was a toad doing its mating call in the front yard and car parked on the street with the headlights on.

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27. Midnight Boogie

My husband jumping up in bed next to me, screaming that a cockroach just crawled over his legs...then he continued shrieking while doing a strange jig on top of the bad, furiously shaking his arms back and forth. After the initial terror, shock, and confusion however, it was hilarious.

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28. Almost Broken And Entered

Somebody trying to break in. I was living alone at the time in a little studio flat in the city centre. It was about 3 am and I was woken up by some crashing sounds in the hallway, and then somebody started kicking hard at my bedroom door. Fortunately, my door at the time was a pretty hefty fire door with a good strong lock, so I had enough time to call the police before he did any damage to it. I was living pretty close to the police station so they turned up fast, with dogs, and caught him still inside the building.

As it turned out the guy was absolutely wasted and looking for somewhere to sleep, and from the outside, my place still looked like the empty nightclub it used to be before it was converted into flats. So my guess is he thought it would be empty, rather than actually attempting to rob/attack anyone living there. I was still very shaken up by it at the time.

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29. Burning Bright

I woke up to a bright orange window thinking it was just something strange or that I was just dreaming, went back to sleep. Woke up again sometime later in realization and ran to tell my mother. The neighbors' shed was on fire and our fence and cherry tree were catching fire as well. Still remember standing in the middle of the night looking at the fire and all the ash falling. The neighbors got a cool looking rebuilt shed now.

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30. From Beyond

My sister laughing. She had been dead for about a week. I was staying at my parents house and was just sleeping on the couch. My dad had passed out in his armchair on the other side of the house and my mom was upstairs in the bedroom. My sisters laughter came from the kitchen which was sort of between where we all were and sure enough we all converged on the kitchen because we all heard it.

Needless to say we were freaking out a bit. Her phone, which had died, was plugged into a charger in the kitchen. It had turned itself on and begun playing a video of her laughing and playing with her new puppy. We all just stood there and listened to it, then turned it off and went to bed without really talking about it. None of us believe in paranormal stuff and I’m a real atheist/skeptic, but it was really jarring tech-based oddity to wake up to.

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31. High Anxiety

I woke up in the middle of the night to a rustling sound at my bedroom window. I wasn't sure if I had dreamed the noise or not and stared sleepily at the window for a few seconds. Very slowly my window began to slide open, long thin fingers gripping the glass. My eyes widened. My heart pounded. My breathing froze. For a moment I was paralyzed with pure fear. Something was silently sliding my window open in the dead of night and coming into my room.

My fear soon turned into some kind of primal aggression. As quietly as I could I rose out of my bed and reached for the baseball bat underneath it. The dark shape was now climbing through my curtains, it's lanky arms reaching down to my floor, crawling, almost slithering in. I turned on the light and took a few fast steps toward the creature with the baseball bat raised ready to deal a crushing blow when I suddenly stopped...

It was my little sister high as a kite.

She had forgotten her keys, was locked out, and didn't want to wake my parents in the middle of the night while stoned. She thought all this was pretty funny and proceeded to go to her room and pass out. I laid in bed and stared at my ceiling for a while, adrenaline still pumping thinking about my almost confrontation with some sort of alien/monster/rapist/demon which turned out to by my stoned sister. Thankfully I turned the light on before I swung.

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32. Oh It’s You

Not quite the night, but early morning. I was lying there, in some hella deep sleep on a Saturday morning when suddenly there's a bang on my door. My eyes tear open, but I don't move. The bang hits again, and I don't move. I live alone, so I figured someone was breaking in. I lay there, accepting my fate. I was definitely being robbed and probably being killed.

Didn't matter. It was too early to fight. One final bang and the door opens a few inches. It lingers for half a moment before the person on the other side pushes it wide open. And I see the silhouette of my five-year-old waddle in and whisper, "Daddy, can I have some Cocoa Pebbles, please?" I'd forgotten I had the kids for the weekend.

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33. Paralyzed By Fear

I suffer from sleep paralysis. One night I was having an episode where I was "stuck" on my bed and I heard a loud noise in the dream. When I woke up, I looked out into my room and saw what looked like a man sprawled over my chair and the bang I heard I figured was him landing there from crawling in my window. Turns out the clothes arranged on my chair made the silhouette look like a guy. Took a while to fall back asleep.

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34. Incoming

I woke up to the air raid siren blaring from outside my window. It was like 5 am, it couldn't be any drill or test at this time in the morning. In my half-awake state I sort of freaked out wondering if this was it and could this be how I was going to die. Turns out some kid next door of my not-very-soundproof apartment was just playing with some sort of toy that came with the air raid siren as one of the sounds...figured that out cus a few minutes later while I was panicking the sound turned into a loud police siren instead, then an ambulance siren, then some other siren. I went back to sleep.

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35. There Goes My Hero

Banging on the front door of our family home at 2 am when I was six years old. My dad had a cricket bat at the ready, only to come face to face with a dog walker who kindly informed us that our backyard was completely engulfed in flames. Our neighbor had chickens and had been burning waste, thought the fire was out, only for a spark to catch and for a huge fire to steadily spread across both of our yards.

I also witnessed the bravest action I’ve ever seen a human being carry out that night. One of the firefighters asked my dad if there was anything flammable in our shed, which was completely encased in fire. There was—a small gas canister for barbecues. Without hesitation, the firefighter runs into the shed, disappears for a few seconds, then returns carrying the canister. One of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.

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36. It’s An Ill Wind That Blows

I experience night terrors when I'm feeling stressed. Some of the scariest ones I've experienced have included: hands appearing then disappearing on the window of my bedroom; a large (as in soccer ball sized) spider hanging above me while in bed; my partner's face sitting silently on the wall next to the bed (this one prompted screaming that he look at me immediately to make sure he still had his face); and shadowy silhouettes staring at me from across the room or on the ceiling.

But the scariest thing to wake me up that was REAL was actually pretty recent. We experienced incredibly strong winds overnight last week and my partner and I woke up to the house literally vibrating. A creak or two is normal, but this was constant shaking. It wasn't raining, no storms, no tornadoes expected, just insanely powerful wind.

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37. Unfamiliar Surroundings

I am still a sleepwalker to this day but when I was 17 I sleepwalked down two floors of my house into our concrete basement. It was all wet because it had recently flooded and we had rolled all the carpet up onto on side of the room. I tripped over the carpet while walking around down there and I woke up alone, in be dark, suddenly falling down onto the wet floor not sure where I was. I was terrified because I had been in my bed what felt like minutes before. I did it to myself but it the scariest way I’ve ever woken up.

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38. The Sinister Sound of Music

The one cat who rarely ever makes a sound (he’s more of an “I want attention so I’ll just sit on your lap, no point in asking first” type) started growling in the early morning hours. We woke, hubby went to check what was upsetting him. Small cat has a bit of a war going on with another neighborhood cat, so we close the windows at night to keep him in.

He took a while to come back so I went to check. Found hubby standing by the door mesmerized by something. Went to him and very softly I could hear this eerie music. We both just looked at each other and decided to go back to bed. Still don’t know where the music came from, and at least small cat hasn’t growled again.

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39. A Couple of Surprise Visitors

Woke up from a horrible nightmare about a skin peeling demon thing to see the shadow of a man in my room and something crawling on my arm. Was a cardboard cutout I was surprised with three nights prior and a freaking gecko just coming to say hi. I slept on the floor in my brother's bedroom for the rest of the night.

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40. I Shouldn’t Be Here

I was in the hospital a few years ago and needed anesthesia. I woke up later during the night and legit had no clue where I was or why I was there. I got paranoid and ripped out my IV and left my room intending to escape the hospital. I made it all the way to an exit when security guards stopped me. I freaked out, thinking I was being held prisoner, and nurses had to come down and give me sedatives. When I woke up the next morning there was someone in my room who explained everything that happened.

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41. Getting An Earful

I woke up to a cockroach that had crawled into my ear. I kid you not. Excruciating pain, tried to flush it out with water, no luck. I had to lie there for six hours before mum took me to the hospital while it moved around, scratched my eardrum and fluttered its wings (that sound is terrifying when it comes from IN your ear). My ear was bruised from how hard I was pushing in an attempt to stop it moving. They first tried to blast it out with a high pressured little hose, which hurt like hell and didn't work. So then they poured oil into my ear to drown it, then sucked it out with a little vacuum.

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42. Krazy, Kryptic Kim

I live in an apartment right by a playground. My wife was out of town for the weekend so I decided, what the heck, I'll have a few drinks and just call it a night! So when it hit about 1:30 I went to bed. It was a cool night out so I had the windows open. I woke up at 2:30 hearing a constant squeaking, like every other second there was a squeak of metal rubbing metal.

I got up and looked out my windows and saw nothing, so then I went to my patio door and looked out towards the playground and there was someone in a mask swinging on the swing set talking to their self. I proceeded to freak out a little and made sure all windows and doors were locked. I looked back outside to see if the person was still there and they were, so I was about to call the cops because that was a definition of a suspicious person.

Right as I went and got my phone there was a banging on my door. My gut dropped, I went and got a kitchen knife and looked through the peephole and it was a lady, so I opened the door slightly. It was the person from the swing set because as I opened the door I saw the mask. Come to find out it was the apartments' crazy lady, or Krazy Kim as we all call her. She said she noticed me looking out the window and didn't want me to call the cops and she apologized, told me a poem/riddle thing, then went back to her apartment.

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43. A Real Wake Up Call

We had a rooster who was pretty aggressive, but he watched the rest of the chickens. He was so aggressive though that only certain people could go near him otherwise he'd attack and spur. For a while, he had free reign of our yard, but we had to pin him because he'd attack people. Well, he'd figured out he could sort of halfway fly out and get back into our yard after we'd all gone to sleep.

One night we woke up to what sounded like a young girl screaming at the top of their lungs. We ran outside to see what it was and old Bach Bach (his name) was walking around decapitated. He'd picked a fight with a raccoon and lost, but that sound he made that night still haunts my dreams sometimes.

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44. Explosions In The Sky

I used to live a few minutes away from Buncefield oil storage facility, it was the fifth largest oil depot in the UK. On the morning of December 11, 2005, it exploded! The explosion threw me out of my bed, and the doors of our house burst open. I looked outside my bedroom window and the sky was engulfed by a giant fireball! 11-year-old me genuinely thought it was the end of the world...It still baffles me as to how no one died during that incident.

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45. Shots Fired

I was 11. Woke up to the sound of screaming and shouting. My cousin (who was living with us) was about 17 and in my room holding the door from being opened. On the other side of the door was my mother screaming to be let in. My sister was in the bunk under mine and she was crying. Suddenly my cousin comes to and opens the door.

My mom rushes in and asks my cousin and us if we were okay. There was a commotion in the hallway and living room but I couldn’t tell what it was. When I peeked out of the doorway I saw my stepfather holding a small 22 caliber rifle looking out the windows frantically. Suddenly cops show up and start arresting my stepdad.

My mom is yelling at the police and I’m sitting there with my cousin and sister completely baffled. We all notice the broken sliding glass door and suddenly realize there are large bullet holes all over our house, through the entertainment center, and above the couch where my cousin was sleeping just minutes before.

I guess what happened is someone was shooting at some people walking by our apartment and the stray bullets all hit our place. My cousin woke up and immediately thought people were inside shooting us so he ran to the kids room and kept anyone from coming in like a badass. My mom woke up and immediately thought to check on us but couldn’t get into the room because of my cousin. My stepdad grabbed his gun out of instinct. The cops showed up and assumed my stepdad was the shooter and arrested him. All in all a pretty fun night.

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