People Share The Moment They Instantly Hated Someone

March 26, 2019 | Christine Tran

People Share The Moment They Instantly Hated Someone

Love has limits, but so should “like.” They say we only have one first-impression, but there’s no limit on the amount of times a human can spoil that good will. From bigoted remarks to simply awful advice, these Redditors dwell upon the exact moment that their willingness to give people the benefit of the doubt reached its glass ceiling. Hold that tongue to these 42 stories about the exact moment people began to hate each other.

1. A Penny for Your Pettiness?

I’ve worked customer service for a long while, so I was under the assumption that I developed a thick enough skin, and nothing could ruin my day! Then I had a lady cuss me out (while yelling) over an expired 50 cent coupon. I’ve been cussed out several times before and I’m used to being a sounding board for pent up frustration, but this one got to me for some reason.

I just can’t fathom caring so little for your fellow man that you’re willing to publicly degrade them over less than a dollar. That, and she left in a Lexus.

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2. Thanks for the Memo

Direct supervisor at work: "Keep up the good work!" The next week, the manager at work: "I'm being told by your team leaders that your productivity hasn't been up to our standards, so here's a performance plan." I could have fixed this weeks ago if you had bothered to tell me something or even send an email.

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3. School of Hard Knock-Downs

I wouldn't say 'hate,' but this was the first conversation I had with my mother-in-law ever. I've always been kind to her, but still resent her for this bit...

MIL: So, what college did you go to?

Me: Such and such college

MIL: Oh.... what other colleges did you apply to?

Me: ... Well, I got accepted to such and such places, but got better financial aid at such and such and I'm happy with my choice.

MIL: Is your high school upset that you didn't choose one of the other schools instead?

Me: What? No, why would they be?

MIL: Oh my, did you go to public school?

So that, as they say, was that.

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4. I Didn’t Break a Sweat, But I Could Still Break Something

At Costco, after pushing carts in the 100-degree heat for 2 hours, the old dude who just stands there and talks to people about air-conditioning looks at me and says, "You must not have been working hard enough out there, you aren't even sweating."

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5. Ice, Not Nice, Baby

We had a huge snow storm the other day. After it was over, and the roads were plowed, it was still a mess outside, a lot of the roads were still icy. I was walking to the train station and I had to cross a road. But some guy wanted to take a left turn while I was on the cross walk. He pulled his car uncomfortably close while I penguin-walked slowly as not to fall. That jerk honked at me. My heart rate was through the roof for like an hour, I almost fell down. His car was like a foot from me, and he honked!

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6. Pet Cause But Not Petty

I was walking my dog around the neighborhood the other day, and four off-leash chihuahuas came running up to her barking. This isn't even the first time that's happened with these little yappy jerks. The owners are always in the house, nowhere in sight. She is not friendly with other dogs and will bite when they run up on her like that. I hate these people who think it's okay to let their dogs run around off-leash. The dogs clearly don't know boundaries and one of them is going to get hurt if they keep it up.

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7. Sick Thoughts

Friend of a friend once just casually said "I think cancer is God's way of weeding out the weak." He said this in front of my girlfriend, who at the time was battling cervical cancer. We stare at him and walked away. A few weeks later, after realizing what my girlfriend was going through, he said to me he wanted to apologize, but maintained it was his honest belief.

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8. The Mouth Does Not Discriminate

"I'm a vegetarian too! But I can't help myself when I see meat!" I then watched this person eat pork barbecue, fried chicken, hot dogs, etc. She also claims she is lactose intolerant and shoved a bunch of ice cream down her gullet. She cannot eat gluten, while she is chowing down on a loaf of bread. She does this at every gathering, claiming to have certain dietary needs then eats the opposite.

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9. An Inability to Love

Someone said to me, while at dinner at her house with my kids, that I should put my wheelchair-bound daughter up for adoption because I needed to focus on my healthy child and not her care. I never spoke to her again.

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10. One-Woman Firing Squad…She Thinks

When I was serving in a restaurant, a woman once told me I should be shot for serving her a bagel that she said was stale. When I told the manager what she said, he spoke to her for about 5 minutes or so and then walked away. She waved me over and apologized saying that she didn't mean I should be shot for serving it, she meant the chef should be shot.

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11. The Fatherly Odds

I was fighting an MRSA infection, blood infection, etc. Dropped from 175lbs to about 105lbs. Went from very tan to white like a vampire. During that time, I had a PICC line in four times. It was hell. Years of only getting two hours of sleep at a time because I had to take my medicine every four hours, and it had to drip for two. Painful, but the worst part was just watching your own body deteriorate.

My dad comes downstairs, sees me taking my medicine in my PICC line and says, “Why even bother taking it?... You’re already dead.” I finally managed to beat my infections, almost got my life back, and now we don’t speak.

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12. Personal Time Is Not Sympathy Time

My daughter was born with a cleft lip. We were living out of state and decided to take her to the hospital at our home town. I asked my boss for a few days off so I could be with her and my wife for a pretty major surgery. Our daughter was only 3 months old at the time of the surgery. My boss said no. “It’s not our fault that she was born with a cleft lip.”

It was so unexpected I didn’t know what to do, so I walked out of her office. After stewing about it at my desk for a few minutes, I went back and told her off. I got the time off.

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13. You Better Run

I’m a girl and my legs are pretty muscular. It never bothered me, and I never felt like I was not “feminine” or pretty because of it. In middle school PE class, a girl asked me how my calves got so muscular, and I told her it was because I ran a lot. She then turned to her friend and said: “Wow, thank god I don’t run, I don’t want to end up like her.” And then laughed and walked away.

Like actually, it sounds surreal when I type it, but it was exactly like those stupid cliché school bully movies. Thanks, jerk from school, because that one comment made me develop an inferiority complex about my legs to this day. One day I’ll kick you in the head.

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14. Designated to Drive Me Furious

A co-worker I have little to do with very proudly told me the story of how he got really drunk, then, after a smashing a beer bong, he spewed on himself. So, he jumped in his car to get some new clothes. He put a cool song on and was head-banging while not looking at the road. When he eventually stopped to look at where he was going, he realized he was on the wrong side of the road and a white SUV was half in the ditch to avoid a collision.

He thought this was absolutely awesome and then bragged about how hungover he was the next day. I told him I think he’s a freaking idiot and that he wouldn’t be sitting here bragging if he collided with a car and killed some innocent kids or something. His response was to call me a softie, then scoffed, and walk away.

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15. Big Boss Baby

This hate was more of a process. Lots of details I’m fuzzy on because it’s been a while. Just know that out of hundreds of people he supervised, not a one had anything good to say about him. One of my coworkers had a baby die. The girl was less than a year old. Her funeral was on a Tuesday around noon.  This is a slow shift for any restaurant, so the shift leader let anyone we could spare leave for an hour to pay their respects at the funeral.

Our supervisor came storming through, cheesed off that we were so understaffed. When we explained the situation, he screamed “I don’t care whose baby died! I didn’t approve any time off!” First of all, dude, we have two tables occupied. They’re ok. Secondly, one of your employees is dealing with her baby’s DEATH. Screw you.

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16. Intolerance Knows One Language

My cousin (Chinese) and her white husband were visiting my family in our home. My cousin is helping my mom out in the kitchen and they start speaking in Chinese. The husband, sitting in the living room says, "Honey, we're in America, we speak English here." My mom comes out, looks at him and says, "You're in my home and we speak whatever we want here. You can leave if it bothers you."

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17. You Can’t Fake Those Kinds of Manners

A girl I'd recently met was looking at my wedding ring and said: "Oh, too bad you got a fake one!" For the record, my wedding ring is 100% real and even has a flaw, because it's a real diamond and not manmade. And even if it was fake, I wouldn't care! You don't need to spend thousands on a piece of jewelry to say, "I care about you.” Anyways, I instantly disliked her. You don't just say that to someone!

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18. Baby on Board Doesn’t Mean Anything to These People

I’m heavily pregnant. Finished work last week and decided on my lunch break to take a walk down the mall and enjoy the sunshine. It’s been a high risk and stressful pregnancy, and I was feeling overwhelmed with handing everything over at work earlier than I had planned. So, I went out to clear my head and bought myself a nice juice as a treat and took a stroll (or rather, waddle).

It was pretty busy and as I was walking one way, a youngish group of people in their early 20s were walking toward me. I did that thing where you move slightly out of the way so everyone can easily pass each other. One of the guys in the group deliberately did the opposite, moved into my space, locked his shoulder into place and bumped into me with his shoulder, with enough force that I stumbled pretty badly. Then kept walking. One of the girls in the group turned around and looked me up and down. It was horrible. I nearly cried.

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19. Whatever Happened to Bros Before Hoes?

I have a good friend (now crush) that I’m very close with. Since I started doing more stuff with her, some of my friends started following along and became friends with her too. Now I’m no jealous guy, but ever since I sort of introduced her to my group of friends, these two guys in our group have become the biggest white knights in the world. Everything she does, they do.

She makes a point in an argument? They’ll agree, etc. It’s gotten to a point where I had a small fight with her about something I said in the past, no big deal. The thing is these two guys I literally considered “friends” started lying and chatting behind my back, which I found out about later. This was all done to score “bonus” points with the girl. I still see them and still consider them “friends” even after confronting them with it.

However, I can’t say it will always be the same. Literally talking behind someone’s back and denouncing me just for some “bonus points” with a girl honestly hurt me. It felt like a huge backstab for sure and it just reminded me that people can still be jerks, so you need to watch out who you trust.

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20. Monster vs. Animal

"One time I threw a rock at a cat and it hit it in the head, and it died." And then he laughed. Yeah, I'm not going to associate with someone who gets enjoyment out of hurting/killing animals for laughs. Sick jerk.

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21. The Word of Hate

Our huge extended family got together over dim sum for Lunar New Year the other day. My seldom-seen aunt brought along her husband. I've never met him before, so I approach him to introduce myself and welcome him, but he's already talking to one of my great uncles. He starts going on about how "the Chinese are 麻烦 (ma fan--troublesome/annoying)".

I give him the benefit of the doubt and ask why. He has the guts to matter-of-factly say "Because you guys don't speak English well. You're in an English-speaking country, you need to learn English. When I go to China, I speak Chinese. No one is going to speak to you in Chinese here. You all should honestly go back to China." It took everything for me to not express the anger and sadness I was feeling for aunt, who seemed to not understand how insulting he was being.

I honestly don't know how he could mention my family's English-speaking abilities when he could only utter five words max of barely understandable Chinese.

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22. You Don’t Need Those Parts to Nurture

"Oh, women who don't breastfeed their children are just lazy, and it's really a form of child abuse." This was said two weeks after I had come to terms with the fact that I physically could not breastfeed my child, and so was formula feeding my child right in front of her. Yeah, she no longer exists in my life. That bit of levity aside, this comment hit at a painful part in my life and made me realize the Mommy Wars have to stop.

Whether you formula feed exclusively, breastfeed exclusively, or supplement one with the other, FED IS BEST! Whatever you are doing, Mama (and Papa), you are doing great!

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23. Maybe Student Evaluations Aren’t Everything

It was my first week of college. I had just finished attending one of those mandatory orientation meetings. The presentation was about plagiarism and was given by one of the English professors. I was really impressed by her. Somehow, she even made a plagiarism lecture sound interesting. It's important to note that she had a slight lisp, it did not affect the clarity of her speech at all.

The next day I was at a mixer event, and one of the guys in the group I was talking with started to talk about the presentation. At first, I was interested, then he mentioned what he put on his evaluation form "Go see a speech therapist." I was astounded by the immaturity. Instead of saying anything to do with the presentation itself, or just saying nothing at all, he decided to rudely point out an aesthetic aspect that I'm pretty sure she's well aware of anyways.

I've had other interactions with this guy since and they've only ever reinforced my initial impression that he's a jerk.

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24. With That Attitude, Someone’s Going to Need an Animal Hospital…

There was a kid in elementary school who nobody liked, but I was friendly with him. He was a jerk to me in high school, but I ignored it. He ended up working at the same retail place as me out of high school and showed up at a party that my work friends were having. I had just found out I got accepted to veterinary medical school that day, and I was super stoked about it.

Somebody asked me what was new while he was in earshot and I excitedly told them. He pipes up, "Yeah but you won't be a real doctor though." It was just hurtful, and at that point, I completely gave up on giving him the benefit of the doubt.

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25. T-Time or Me Time?

With a group, I'm in booked in a club for a round of golf and a steak dinner afterward for doing a good job on an event we had earlier in the year. I had planned on playing with the rest of the guys, but the day before I got word that my grandmother's health had taken a turn. To be on the safe side, we should see her and say our goodbyes just in case. I figured I'd have to miss golf but would be back in time for steaks, so I went up, spent some time with my grandma and made it back in time for dinner.

When I got there, I got asked why I missed playing golf and everybody was understanding when I told them that my grandma didn't have much time left and I wanted to see her one last time...except for Mark. Here's the exact dialogue:

Mark: So, where were you that you couldn't play golf with us?

Me: Doctors told us that my grandmother's dying, and we should say our goodbyes just in case.

Mark: So, what you're saying is you're a wimp.

I've never hated another human being after that. He's the biggest piece of human trash that I've ever met. Screw you, Mark.

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26. You’re a Sell-Out for Refusing to Pay Me out

After 100% paying for their wedding, giving them the deposit for their first apartment together, paying their rent for four months while he looked for a job, giving them the down payment on a new car, etc. My son-in-law (21 years old) who called me a "sellout to the system" and a "corporate tramp" (amongst other things) for having a successful career.

I no longer provide financial support. There will no longer be any nice random gifts. No fancy lunches. Just hearing his name makes my jaws clench. I take my daughter out to nice lunches, get her nice little gifts, and so on. We all get together for dinner at my house now and then, or at family events and holidays. When it comes to the son-in-law, I just smile and be polite.

Now he's telling everyone I "hate" him, for no reason at all. That I am rude and judgmental. Oh, my goodness. He is completely incapable of seeing that he is the rude and judgemental one, and that being called names for being successful might have festered a small resentment from the mother-in-law. But he's very good to my daughter and they are indeed very in love. I'm pretty sure they will stay married.

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27. Love Is Not Enough…for the In-Laws, At Least

I went three months without a job last year. It was rough, and my girlfriend had to support me whilst I was looking. Both her mom and her grandma would call her nearly every day and tell her that I was bleeding off her and stealing her money. Every freaking day! It's been six months now, I still can't stand being in the same room as either of them.

I'm still dating the same girl, but it infuriates me to know that's how her family thinks of me. I'm 19, my girlfriend is also 19, so we're not adults, but we're learning. I currently have a job and was never actually leeching off my girlfriend. When I first lost my job, I told her that she was welcome to leave and I would just deal with the financial fallout as best I can, but she chose to stay by my side.

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28. Not Good Enough to Enjoy a Stay

Storytime. I am a plumber; our company designs and installs complex systems. A few years ago, I was overseeing the work on a spa in a very upscale resort. It was a difficult job, but I ensured that not only was everything done on time but to a very high standard of workmanship. As the resort was far away from the city, we had to stay up there during the week.

As the resort was closed for the season, we got to stay in the guests’ rooms, which were quite nice. Come opening day, the resort asked that each company send a representative for the weekend just to make sure that someone was on hand in case something went wrong. So, the girlfriend and I went up for the weekend, thinking that we would enjoy the time away.

Well, we get there and are told that we will have to stay in the employee quarters. I was a little miffed, but I figured that maybe all the rooms were booked. However, when we went to book a reservation at the restaurant at the resort for that night, the concierge said, "We don't want the help mingling with our guests." Never before had I been filled with such hatred not just for that man but for everyone at the resort.

I worked so hard to get it done and this is how I was treated? We left right then. I couldn't care less if our plumbing blew up all over their high and mighty guests. I was not going back to fix anything. A few months later, my boss asked if I would go up to fix some faucets that were broken. I told him the story and said that I would quit right then and there rather than go up to that place.

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29. Learning to Be Better Than Your Teachers

Back when this happened, I’d just recently lost three family members. My only remaining immediate family were my brother and sister, who didn’t get along well. I wasn't attending my classes and underperforming. I was diagnosed with depression. One of the head teachers in our department asked me what has been happening to me.

I told her everything though it was physically difficult for me to do so—like I'd try to speak but word wouldn't come out—I was crying, and I was a mess. All she said was that it wasn't an excuse and that she had the same experience, but she was able to make it. My classmate tried comforting me, telling me that she was probably just challenging me, like in a tough love kind of way, but it wasn't what I needed at that time.

I opened up and was told I wasn't doing enough. It was a horrible experience and I avoided her until the school year ended. Starting then, I promised to myself I would never be like that to my students, so now as a teacher I check up on my students from time to time how they're doing aside from their academics, and reassure them that it's better to talk about their feelings instead of bottling them up in fear of other people's judgment.

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30. Sports Is 70% Looks, After All

I was playing pickup basketball during my freshman year of college at the student rec center. When it came time to pick teams, two guys stepped up to do the whole team captain thing and pick from the lineup. One of the captains was a former third string walk on QB for our football team, who was extremely athletic, but was known for being aloof and having an overall bad attitude.

I had never met the guy, but knew he quit the team and had butted heads with some players and coaches in the process. I was still pretty small in college, but I was in shape and could contribute on fast breaks and defense. I had just come from running and was wearing running shorts and running shoes, so I wasn’t too surprised to be the last guy picked (to QB bro’s team, of course).

As I started walking towards my team, QB bro took a look at my shoes and started making a public scene how I’m wearing running shoes, loudly exclaiming, “Oh great, we get the kid that doesn’t even have any basketball shoes! Look at those shoes.”As an already self-conscious, undersized 18-year-old, this cheesed me off probably more than it should have.

But to this day, I wouldn’t piss in that guy's mouth if his gums were on fire. I’ve seen him a few times since (years later) and he has no idea who I am.

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31. Unhappy to Be of Service

There is a lady who comes to the store I work in who has a very small service dog. You wouldn’t even know she needs it by looking at her. The lady is super sweet and one of my favorite customers, and her dog is so well behaved and just the sweetest little thing. One day, she is in the store and another lady comes in.

While I’m checking the second lady out at the register, she looks over and asks me “do you know what disability that lady with the dog has?” In a fairly judgmental tone, like she was irritated by the idea of the dog being there. What the actual frick? How is that any of your business? She has a service dog; it’s wearing a vest and has a clear label that says, “SERVICE DOG.” And yes, I do know why she needs it, but it’s her business. Freaking people, man...

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32. Tact Is Only Skin-Deep

I went from having really beautiful skin to having the worst case of acne you can possibly imagine. I got really depressed about it, actually, and if it had been up to me, I would have just stayed home, away from anyone, because I just hated to be seen. One day at work, this woman walks up to me and says, "Wow...your skin is really ugly. You look so terrible. This is just awful. And I doubt it will even clear up because it is so bad. Sigh…you look so old and ugly." I walked away and went to the bathroom to cry.

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33. Dance out of Here

My best friend went through a stage where she was working as a stripper. She is one of the kindest most wonderful people I've ever known, and I absolutely hate to see anyone treat her poorly. My boyfriend at the time had cheated on me with a stripper a few months prior, and he had promised to never go to a strip club again. One night, he told me he was going to one for his friend's birthday.

I said, "Okay, no big deal, but can you please just not go to the one that my best friend works at? She would be so humiliated if she saw you." He looked at me with this arrogant, condescending expression and said something about how if she didn't want to be humiliated, she shouldn't be doing that. I just sat there watching his mouth move without really hearing anything he said after that. I realized at that moment that I hated him. I said, "This isn't working," gave him his house key back, and walked out the door.

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34. No Medicine Is the Best Medicine

So, I'm a type 1 diabetic. One day, my roommate burst into my room, talking about how his family had told him about how they knew a homeopathic doctor who had found a natural cure for diabetes, and insisted that I call them the next day. Nearly decked that guy in the face.

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35. Talk About De-Grading

My law school publishes a list of people who got the highest grade in each class. One girl told me that she wishes they published a list of the people with the lowest grade so she could laugh at them.

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36. The Father of Insensitivity

When I was 16, I was sent to an acute psych ward for monitoring after having a crippling anxiety attack at school. While I was there, they did a full body inspection and found I had been hurting myself. The people at the facility were great and I was actually sort of relieved to be there for the week. It was a nice break from my life to start re-evaluating.

Anyway, at the end of the week, they told me I was to have a therapy session with both of my divorced parents who were and still are absolutely hostile to each other. During this whole session, my dad kept talking about how I was overreacting and needed to suck it up. But the thing that hurt the most was when my therapist had to tell them I was self-harming.

My dad looked at me from across the table and said, "If you're going to cut yourself, you should have done it right the first time." I've never been able to look at my dad the same after that.

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37. Hate Stays in House

All the names have been changed. Quick background: I have worked for and known Mike for many years, He was is Army Combat Vet and I consider him a good friend. Both of us are in a Veteran Motorcycle organization that helps disabled vets, we donate mobility chairs and help them pay their bills. I started work at a small company that produced fire suppression systems.

It was so small that the managers were brothers (let's call them Jim and Lee). Jim was a felon and Lee was just a jerk. Everyone had some sort of connection before they got hired, even me. Mike got hired because he sold a gun to one of the office people, and Mike got me hired. I started in the shipping area, we got daily delivery and pickups from multiple companies.

On one instance, an older black man jumped out of his truck and Lee, right off the back, made a racist comment. I said, “Hey bro, you can’t say that, that’s quite disrespectful.” He shrugged and laughed. On and on. he made comments about race and me being a big guy (fat and slow). Quite frequently we pick up boxes that weight well over 75 lbs.—boxes of brass are heavy.

Mike hurt himself lifting and was on work restriction. Everyone except me turned a cold shoulder towards him. It was the day two days before Veteran’s Day and Mike asked if we have it off. Later Mike had to leave for a doctor’s appointment, and I asked Lee if we worked Veteran’s Day. He responds, “Yeah, who cares about veterans. We also work MLK (insert racist remark) Day.”

I stopped working, turned to his brother Jim, who was standing behind us the whole time and look at him to see if he would say anything. Jim shrugged his shoulders and smirked, I looked back at Lee and asked, “What the heck did you just say?” I stood up and walked away to stop myself from going off on him. I went to find our HR lady, but she was out of the office for a bit.

So, I talked to the owner’s wife and she then told her husband, the owner, and made Lee apologize. Lee tried to apologize by saying “I'm sorry, you can take it like a man or leave it.” I told the owner how he apologized, and Lee was sent home. The owner asked to talk to Mike outside to figure out how they are going to solve it.

That’s when Lee jumped in his car and did a massive burnout while he was leaving. Two days later, Mike was fired because we were “overstaffed,” So I walked up to HR told them they should have fired me. Mike and I were doing the same job, But Mike was there longer and did the job more effectively. Told them they made the wrong choice and walked out.

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38. Being an Ally Is Scary Work But Worth It

One evening, a couple of black men came into our restaurant to order food. They got their food, they left, everything was fine. As soon as they left, my coworkers went off about how much he hated black people, how they're all thugs, etc. Lots of racial slurs were used. I guess because I'm white he figured I'd be fine with it. The next day I pulled the manager aside and told him everything.

The guy got a talking to, but no disciplinary action was taken. The next time we worked together, he started going on a racist rant again then stopped himself, looked directly at me, and said (loudly), "Oh, sorry, I forgot I better watch my mouth because SENSITIVE PEOPLE might get upset!" Freaking piece of work. Every time I saw him my face got hot and I felt the anger and hatred just seething through my skin.

I still had to work with him a lot, and I freaking hated it. He sure watched his tongue around black coworkers, though! He was a freaking coward on top of being racist. Yes, I too was a coward for not confronting him directly. I was also a 17-year-old girl, and he was kind of a scary dude.

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39. Best Friend for Ego-Deflation

I was offered my first teaching job in a district I’d dreamed of working in. When I called my then-best friend to ask if she’d come in and help me set up my room, she spent the whole afternoon making negative comments about the public education system. The nail in the coffin was when she told me computers would be doing my job in the next 20 years anyway.

It didn’t necessarily make me hate her, and it wasn’t that comment alone that did our friendship in. It was just one of those defining moments when I realized that at every positive point in my life, she’d been there to either one-up me or cut me down.

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40. A Hate Triangle

My boyfriend, who I thought was maybe cheating on me, had been cheating on me for months and telling me it was all in my head. I should have dropped him there, but I was dumb and didn't. We decided if he blocked her on everything, worked forward, made it just us, and communicated openly, it could work. I wanted to help him with his issues.

Unbeknownst to me, he unblocked her the next day and told her that he dumped me so they could get into a relationship. He also knew that one of his best friends had a thing for that other girl. He openly confided in my ex for advice and he led him on and continued his behavior. Oh yeah, the other girl knew he had a girlfriend, but she didn't care.

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41. Facebook Has Sent Your Sidepiece Request

At a birthday party on Saturday night, a guy there who I’ve never met before starts chatting to me, seems pretty cool and fun, and spends the entire night with me as basically my shadow. He offers to walk me home (I declined), and then he kisses me before I leave. Next morning, I have a friend request from him on Facebook where it clearly displays his wife. Poor woman. People really can be outrageous jerks.

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42. Cutting You Down to Size

I think everybody who works customer service knows this kind of customer. The customer that wants to take their displeasure about the company's rules out on you. I work as a waitress and the other day, I had this lady complain about the portion size for our mac and cheese. She asked me if I felt like the portion size was enough for an adult. I thought it was, but I didn't tell her that.

Instead I offered to bring her a second side of it free of charge. She cut me off and said "No! If you think this is an acceptable portion size for an adult, then I will eat it!" She spent the entire rest of the meal visibly upset and giving me really curt one word answers every time I checked on her. When I asked her if everything was all right, she would say things like "I guess" or "sure.”

I offered her the extra side of mac and cheese again, but she still didn't want it. I later dropped the check and she left cash on the table, looked at me smugly, and walked out. When I went to the table to pick up the cash this witch made sure to pay exact cash right down to the cents and wrote "nope" in the tip box on the receipt. She wanted to make sure I didn't even make so much as a cent from her. Lady, I have absolutely no control over the darn portion sizes!!

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