Hard Pass: These People Lost Their Crushes In An Instant

November 6, 2020 | J. Hunter

Hard Pass: These People Lost Their Crushes In An Instant

When you have a crush on someone, everything about them is absolutely breathtaking. Every comment is hilarious, every text message makes you swoon, every glance is packed with meaning. But sooner or later, something will make you take off your rose-colored glasses. Get ready to cringe to these true stories of how a person's crush went from hot to definitely not.

1. Playing The Fool

We were out drinking. He got plastered and started fighting a guy who he thought had been harassing me. The guy said he didn't harass me. I said he didn't harass me. My crush still tried to “defend me.” I’ve never lost interest faster.

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2. Sharing Isn’t Caring

I worked up the courage to ask this girl to go on a date. She said yes. I was ecstatic! But on the actual date, she spent the entire time gossiping about anyone and everyone she could. I still remember feeling this sense of complete disappointment when it clicked that she wasn't worth having a crush on. She was just super shallow and mean.

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3. Concert Diss

She asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with her. I was thrilled—until I realized that she wanted me to pay for the tickets that I knew she got for free. I just laughed in her face and told her she could buzz off with some other idiot. It's funny how fast the ugliness on the inside can overcome anything good on the outside. She did me a favor that day.

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4. Unem-Pathetic

We were really hitting it off until he replied to something that I had posted on social media. It was about catcalling and the comments some people left on that post were saddening and frustrating, so I shared it to get support from my friends. One comment was, “Women always get so offended when we catcall them. If we give them compliments, is it that terrible?”

My crush replied by laughing at my post and saying that the people who commented were right. I quickly lost interest in him, and I’m glad that it happened before my crush went any further.

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5. Pretty Selfish

I was crushing on this girl for many, many months. But then I learned that at her last apartment, she took $1,500 and abruptly ended the lease. Her actions gave her two roommates barely any time at all to find new housing. One of her old roomies actually had to move back in with their mother...who was abusive, by the way. That's the day I learned my crush was just an inconsiderate girl.

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6. You’re Bugging Me

I was driving with a girl who I liked. We went through the drive-thru, and we sat and ate in the car. When she finished, she threw all the packaging out the window. I dropped her off at home and never spoke with her again. Littering is one of the things that I cannot forgive a person for. It's so unnecessary and gross.

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7. Paging Zoolander

He was acting like a complete jerk head. When I addressed his behavior, he told me, "I know that I'm a jerk, but I'm, like, really attractive so it's okay." Incorrect. After that, he wasn't attractive at all.

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8. Being A Goof

We met at this café where we were working, interacted a couple of times, and hit it off. He seemed like a lovely dude who was interested in me! I told my best friend about him, and he was happy for me and was excited to meet him as the three of us plus another work friend were all going to be going to the same event soon.

The event came around, and my friend met me at work as I finished, so we could get there together. My crush was incredibly rude the entire night. He made little to no effort to engage with me or my friend when we would try to chat with him. Aloofness is such a turn off, and I was so embarrassed that my friend had to witness it.

Nowadays, he’s always posting on social media about his expensive jewelry and lame outfits. Oh, and even though he stopped talking to me after we stopped working together, he always messages me right after I post a cute selfie. If I post anything with substance, he never says anything. Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t waste too much time there!

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9. Taking Too Long

My crush was going to a party one night, and I said, "You seem pretty unenthusiastic about going." She replied, "Don't use big words." Crush over.

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10. Bad Throw

When I went out with a girl who I really liked, she threw rocks at a cat because she thought it was funny.

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11. First Is The Worst

We slept together for the first time. After, she told me that she had slept with some other guy I hated just before we met up because she didn’t want to be "inexperienced" for our first time together. I thought losing our virginity together was going to be meaningful. Instead, she completely ruined it. Oh, and after we broke up, she got together with the other guy.

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12. Momma’s Boy

I met this person, drove from the Midwest to Dallas with him, and was stuck there for two days before my train ride home. We were both 22. He was mean to his mom and demanded money from her in front of me so we could go out. Then he called his grandma and pressured her to get even more money for our date. I was right there the entire time. It was very uncomfortable.

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13. Barking Mad

In third grade, I had a huge crush on a boy in my class. My dog had to be put down, and I came into class the next day so inconsolable that my teacher sent me to the nurse. When I came back to class, the kid's reply nearly made me burst into tears. The little jerk looked me right in the eyes and said, "It’s just a dog. Who cares?"

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14. Just A Number

Someone who had a crush on me asked when my birthday was, and I told her. She then calculated that I was younger than her by a week or so. She straight up said to me, "I used to have a crush on you, but now that I know you're younger than me, I don't feel the same." She was a strange girl.

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15. Didn’t Even Disgust It

I had a crush on a guy in fifth grade. He found out about my crush and made a really hateful nickname for me and teased me about my body. He got all of his friends to tease me too. Realizing he was a garbage person set me straight pretty quickly.

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16. That’s All, Folks

He never bothered to develop a personality since his looks and sporting prowess carried him through all of his interactions ever. Not caring for sports, when I finally got a chance to talk to him alone, I realized the truth: he was a complete void. He had nothing to say and never learned to ask questions since everything was always about him.

It was so bizarre. He didn’t really know what he liked, had no real opinion on anything outside of sports, didn’t have any hobbies, and was generally just dull as dishwater.

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17. Uncalled Her

I had a big crush on a girl in my junior year of college. But the way she made fun of other people was intentionally nasty, and I mean it could hit deep. It was to the point where I would say hi to someone I knew, then after we’d walk off, she’d have some ugly remark. I went from finding her attractive to not wanting to be around her fast.

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18. Driving Me Away

He drove like an idiot while I was in his car. It was genuinely scary. I actually thought he was going to get us and all the other people into an accident, and he was road raging the entire time. This was on the highway too. I asked him to stop, and he wouldn’t. That was when I decided that I was never going to go out with him again.

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19. It’s A Know From Me

I saw my crush hurt a housefly. That made me crush get a little less intense. Then he gave an oral book report trashing my favorite book for being boring. My crush decreased even more. But the final straw came when he started bragging about how he could have any girl in the school he wanted. Crush gone and not a moment too soon!

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20. Test of Intelligence

I misunderstood a comment, and he was a jerk about it in front of a few people. He laughed at my mistake rather than kindly correcting me.

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21. Missed Our Chance Away

We were five and had planned to marry when we got older with a pancake cake and everything. I was invited to his birthday party, and he and his friend were climbing a tree with him being higher up. Suddenly, he peed down on his friend. After that, my five-year-old self knew. This was not the man I was going to marry.

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22. Busy Day

I had known this guy for a few weeks and finally set up a date. I texted him a couple days before to say hi and asked him how his day was. His reply made my jaw hit the floor. He told me it was great because he’d slept with someone that morning, then he had a good day at work, and then had a date with another round of banging with a totally different person.

On the one hand, thanks for making it easy for me to dump you, and on the other hand, maybe work on not being a complete jerk.

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23. Bros Before Ammos

He was only a long-distance online crush/boyfriend. We were playing a game in the early 2010s, and we made the horrible mistake of playing versions of ourselves with the same names, ages, etc. Lots of stuff happened, but what had really made me feel awful was when I felt like a third wheel with him and his best friend.

We played in a survival setting and delegated chores to make sure we had supplies, fuel, and ammo by the end of the day. Every time, my boyfriend would decide to go with his friend for things. I didn't mind the first couple of times, but I did actually want a day where the two of us hung out since we only spoke online.

It never happened. The one time I forced the issue and said I was coming along with them; they just ignored me and did their usual thing. The joke’s on me, though. My boyfriend was deep in the closet and hanging out with his guy friend in game was him living out his "fantasy" of having a boyfriend.

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24. Two Things About Yourself

After I sent her a text that said, "Hey we still good for tomorrow?" I received, "Sorry my boyfriend wants to come over." It was a great way to find out that A) she forgot about our plans and B) she already had a boyfriend.

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25. Chain Reaction

I had a huge crush on this guy in middle school. During science class, one classmate threw up. He just started laughing at her and making fun of her. Then my friend, who had a severe phobia of puking, couldn’t handle the puking girl and ran to the corner and started to hyperventilate and cry. He then proceeded to laugh at her too.

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26. One Way Or No Other

She told me that she hated how much guys share their feelings and emotions now. She said if she dated someone, she would want them to be a “typical man” and not show any type of weakness. It’s one of those things like, “I don’t want to hear if a man is sad or upset. I just don’t care.” I thought that was weird, but let it go. In reality, it was a warning sign about her terrible personality.

She liked heavy music like prog metal. That was cool. However, she didn’t like anything else and would blatantly put down any other type of music and/or not give it a chance. She almost made you feel stupid for liking anything else. I showed her a friend’s artwork, and her response was, “Yeah, not impressive, it would be impressive if they did [x] and [y].”

I understand that you don’t have to like every person’s art, but her demeanor about it was so condescending.

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27. Missing Inaction

I had a crush on this girl who was dating someone else at the time. Once, while we were hanging out together, she kept checking her phone. Later, she was upset because her partner hadn't texted her first, so they hadn't texted at all. She had come up with this huge excuse for a fight over literally nothing. It was useful insight into what a relationship with her might have been like.

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28. Gender Rolling Away

She asked me to prom. I agreed. Then, two days before, she turned the tables on me. She said, “I actually don’t want to go with you, but I already bought the tickets. Since you're the guy, I expect you to pay me back for them.” I tried explaining the problem, but she just kept saying it was my responsibility. I asked her what she was on. After graduation, I never heard from her again.

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29. Impure Amusement

There was a married co-worker who I might be interested in if she were single. My coworkers had a pub crawl for a holiday party one year. We finished at one, so some of us went to the next one that was just down the street. My co-worker and I passed this store selling games like Magic and D&D, and she started laughing.

She half-joked that she was tempted to go in and laugh at the people in there. That rubbed me the wrong way for two reasons. First, she’s a school counselor and talked about how mistreating people is bad. Second, I’m the kind of person who might play those kinds of games, so she unknowingly said that she’d laugh at me.

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30. Yo Momma

My crush poked fun at my mother. I go to a mostly white school, and once day, my crush and a group of his guy friends started to make fun of how my mom dressed, how she spoke with an accent, and commenting on how short she was. Yes, my mom may wear goofy clothing, but no one makes fun of my momma. No one. My crush ended immediately after that.

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31. Way Outfield

He was a jerk to our teacher because he was going to play baseball in college. I looked him up and he’s definitely not doing it professionally. Oh, but it gets worse. It’s been over four years since high school ended, and he still hasn’t graduated yet. He’s just bounced around from university to university, so he treated our teacher badly for nothing.

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32. Tactless Intolerance

We went out to breakfast on maybe our second or third date and bumped into his friend who sat with us for a little while ordering a coffee to go. He was there just long enough to be very rude to the guy serving us. I just couldn’t get over the fact that he had friends like this, so I just let our relationship fade out.

I bumped into him maybe a year after that, and he opened our conversation by telling me that he’d written off that friend as a total jerk and that he should have stopped giving him the time of day after high school. I literally high-fived him, which he thought was funny, and we went out for a couple of years after that.

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33. Real Throwaway

I went on a date with a guy to a Chinese restaurant, and as we were leaving, he threw trash on the ground when there was a trash can only a few feet away. Then we went to his house to watch a movie, and he picked his cat up by the scruff of its neck and threw it. It was not a 'toss it gently to make it go away' kind of throw. It was legitimately a throw across the room.

I left right then and there and told him why. He called me a tease and other nasty names. He was yelling at me as I was backing my car out of his driveway. I got to the end of his road and blocked his number right there.

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34. Automatic Forfeit

On our second date, we went out for a few drinks, and she started flirting with some random guy just to see how I'd react. When I asked her what in the heck she was doing, she actually told me that she wanted me to fight for her. As in, she wanted me to have an actual fistfight. I paid my tab, told her to find a ride home, and then I left. I don't need that drama in my life.

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35. Different Perspectives

My dad had a stroke, and a girl I was seeing kept complaining to me that she was tired, feeling sick, stressed about school, had a hangnail (really), and a bunch of other stupid stuff. She'd send me these whiny texts complaining about every little thing while I was at the hospital watching my dad break down because he couldn't turn the pages while reading his newspaper.

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36. Not So Dinosaur About This

I'm a paleontologist, and she’d stopped me at dinner while discussing careers to ask, “Hey. So, this might be a dumb question but…” In teacher mode, I said, “No, of course not. There are no dumb questions.” She went on, “So, did Jurassic Park happen?” I assumed this was the age-old “Is Jurassic Park possible” question. I was so, so wrong.

I said, “Good question. No, we can't clone dinosaurs. DNA degrades over time…” She interrupted me, “No, I meant, did Jurassic Park happen, like did it actually happen, though?” Pausing, I asked, “What do you mean? Like did dinosaurs take over a Costa Rican island in the 90s?” She, an elementary school teacher, nodded.

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37. Ignorance Is Dish

We were at a company organized barbecue party. It was her turn to do the dishes since she hadn't helped with any of the cooking or preparation prior to that. I would have thought that, being an adult, she'd pitch in, but nope. She merely ignored everyone who did dishes, then when someone explicitly asked her to help, she slacked off, pretended she had to go to the bathroom, and left the party without doing anything. Unreal.

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38. A Mouthful Of Secrets

Freshman year of college, I was really, really into this guy even though I knew he wasn't good for me and he was more of the "bangin' chicks" type, and I wanted a relationship. He and I were friends, and there's no way he didn't know I was into him. All my friends supported my over-the-moon crush. One got close to him.

She would tell all about his thoughts and feelings egging me on to get with him. At a certain point, I accepted that I wouldn't be with him and told him that I was never going to pursue him. He accepted it, still wanted to be friends, and then told me that that friend of mine had been hooking up with him on and off for months.

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39. Just A Pretty Face

She took something from me when we were studying at my house. She knew I had a crush on her and that I would eagerly bend over backward to help her with her studies in high school. I had a Walkman back in the day when they were in, and she took it when I left her alone in my room to go and get us some cookies and tea.

I felt so betrayed yet didn't say a word despite knowing where it was and seeing it just before leaving the room where it magically was not anymore. It's been like 20 years, and I am still salty about it. Not because of what she did but by discovering that my crush was crooked and a faker, no matter how pretty she was.

It didn’t even matter how nice she pretended to be when anyone talked to her. Plus, if we had dated or even become close friends, I bet my dad would have bought her a Walkman for her birthday.

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40. Subtle Nudge

My crush's friends were tagging them in memes about seeing multiple guys, playing them off each other, etc. It made me lose any and all interest immediately. It didn’t help that her response to the tag was, “I know. I’m just awful but oh well it’s fun lol.”

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41. No Tips From The Wicked

My crush was very rude to the super-sweet and attentive waitress who was working our table. He complained about the drink selection, and then he complained that I hadn’t gotten my drink out fast enough even when I was satisfied with when it came. Incidentally, someone else invited me to the same place after, and the same waitress ended up serving us.

I apologized to her for the previous date's rudeness. She laughed it off, but my mouth hung open when she said that my crush ended up not tipping her on the bill either.

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42. Getting Off Track

I went on a first date with a girl. It went great, and she seemed pleasantly normal. Two days later after work while waiting for the train, she called me. I answered, and she didn't say anything except for, "Hi." After her not talking for a good ten seconds, I initiated the conversation. She just giggled back in reply.

I asked her why she was calling me if she wasn't talking, and she carried on giggling. I told her I had to go and was somewhat put off her by that. But I could deal with it. The next day, she texted me, "I miss you. I didn't want to tell you, but I really, really do miss you a lot." We had been on one date. No, thanks.

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43. Two To Man Go

We were getting to know each other, and I realized she hadn't asked me any questions whatsoever. Like if we're really going to go to the effort of going out for a coffee date, then I expect people to contribute to their half of the conversation and to make it easier for both of us to talk with each other and ourselves.

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44. Can’t Win ‘Em All

I developed my first crush when I was in third grade, around when Pokémon was first becoming really popular. At the time, I was completely obsessed with them. One day, I overheard the girl I had a crush on talking about how weird Pokémon was, and thus, in a flash, a young love extinguished. 22 years later, my wife also doesn't like Pokémon.

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45. Nerd, Out

In college, I tutored a hot guy who was ten years my senior. Back then, I was young and thought of this as an exciting time. This guy was incredibly attractive, attentive (he texted me all the time), and seemed into me (he bought me lunch a few times). But then he started trying to get me to actually do his homework, and I booked it on out of there like the good little student I was.

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46. 10% Off The Island

I liked this cute girl who worked at the mini-market. I caught her one time smiling at me, and I started a conversation and was talking to her. She asked me if I watched Survivor, the reality show. I answered her and said, “No, I don’t,” and that was it. The smile was just gone, and she lost any interest she had in me.

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47. Going Big For God

I found out the girl I liked was way into God, and I don’t mean church-going and having a faith. I mean she was really into Him. She ran cross country and said she’d talk to Him the entire time. If we were sitting next to each other and not talking, she was thinking about God. Then she went WAY too far. She even admitted touching herself to the thought of Him.

Yeah, so, I couldn’t compete with that. I went on a date with this girl, and while at dinner, she said that she decided that she wasn’t going to watch what she ate anymore because sooner or later, all our lives will end. I got this bad vibe that she didn’t care about herself much. I saw her again like eight years later.

She had put on about 200 extra pounds in weight, and her "I don’t care about anything" attitude was 1,000 times worse. I think I dodged a bullet there.

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48. Didn’t Plan On It

We were going to go to a festival, but she said something come up for her the day before. I told her my friends and I were going to hang out that day since she was busy, and she was fine with it. Then when the day we were originally supposed to go rolled around, her schedule cleared up, and she got mad that I was busy.

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49. Too Much Or Nothing At All

I dated girls that were really boring. It was always, "whatever you want to do," with no opinion or ideas of their own. They were just a pile of clothes that would talk to me but only when I initiated the conversation. One girl had put herself $10K in credit card debt and complained when her roommate wanted $50 more a month for heat.

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50. Hypocritic Oath

He was studying medicine, and during a casual conversation, he stated, “People who aren’t straight so unnatural,” and that he’d use whatever means he had to refuse service if he ever got, “one of those,” under his care. He was 20-something years old and on his second year of med school. I broke all contact right there.

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51. For Immediate Disposal

I got in his car for a date, and he rolled down his window and threw about five fast food cups out on the side of the road. He also made a comment about there being enough people who aren’t really supposed to be in the country around to clean up after him. Nope.

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52. Keep It Down

I crushed on a girl for a couple of years and didn’t ask her out because life was busy for me, but eventually, I was able to ask her out. I took her to the movies to see the most recent Star Wars movie. Before the movie had even started, she was slamming drinks down, with which I have no issue, but she was dang sloppy.

She talked throughout the entire movie and constantly looked at her phone. Funnily enough, she also made some mean comments towards other people for "disrupting her viewing experience." She genuinely didn't think she was being hypocritical. It was so cringey. Later that night, we drove to a gas station so she could get a pack, and she was being really rude to the cashier.

It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t understand what she was asking for in her belligerent state. She tried to convince me to stay the night with her, but any attraction I had for her was completely gone.

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53. Perfectly Curved

I went out and got dinner with her. We both had a good time and wanted to go again. She didn't have a day off for a couple of weeks, so it was going to be the next Friday she had off. She told her friend who told me that it was one of the best dates she'd been on and had an awesome time, but she canceled to help her mom.

She more or less ghosted me after I tried to set something up again, left me on read on one occasion, and sent me a shrug after I asked when she had time off next on another. She was wondering why I stopped texting her as much as I used to. If you act uninterested, I'm going to be uninterested. This wasn’t high school.

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54. Patient Chart

When I was staying in a psychiatric ward some years ago, I became friends with one of the people who was there to treat an addiction. The addicts and the general patients weren't supposed to mix, but I was in a really bad place at the time and became very attached to him, so I spent a lot of time with him when I could.

I’d sneak over to him when the nurses weren't looking. At first, he didn't want to tell me what he was in for, and like an idiot, I didn't question it. Eventually, he told me what he was in for…and it was very, very bad. He had been put in the ward because he had been caught with inappropriate pictures of kids on his computer. Yep, that ended my crush pretty quickly...

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55. Hot And Stinky Attitude

We went on our first date and were sitting outside a cafe. I was just people watching. She was pointing out what was wrong with everyone that passed us. She said she enjoyed picking out people’s flaws. She thought it was a great date and wanted me to go home with her. I was so disgusted by her personality and attitude.

So, I was just like, “nah.” She was incredibly hot physically and was a bikini barista. I couldn’t stand to be around her once I saw how she looked at other people.

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56. A Little Speedy

I was newly single and sleeping around a bit. I met this girl named Harriet. She was lovely, and we slept together a few times. She was really nice and always had loads of energy. Once at like 3 AM, she cleaned my kitchencute but strange stuff like that. Then I learned that she had a crippling addiction to pills. Nope, not for me, thank you.

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57. Watch What You Eat

We were on break eating lunch together. The way he ate literally made me nauseous. There was chomping, licking his fingers, and taking bites that were three times the size of his mouth. It was an instant turn off.

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58. Got A Spare

I was out on a second date with a girl I fancied. We went bowling and had a really great time. Afterward, she told me that a friend of hers really wanted a pair of bowling shoes, so she decided to just slip the rental shoes into her purse. It was silly and small but that still made me lose all in her interest immediately.

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59. Not So Unrequited Love

He asked me to help him hook up with my best friend. At the time, I thought he was indirectly rejecting me and asking for my friend's number. I asked her if she liked him. She said yes, so I became their matchmaker. They dated for three months and broke up. He later told me she wasn't what he expected.

He also told me some of his friends liked me, and the reason we never dated is that he didn't want to be a part of some “manly fight.” Well, we became good friends, and I still had a little crush on him. But I had to change schools, so I hid my feelings. We parted five years ago and I still wonder about him sometimes. It was a bittersweet crush. I bet he knew I liked him.

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60. Would’ve Gone Dutch Oven

She said, "Well, I'm definitely not going to go home with you after you made me split the bill at dinner! The last 14 guys all paid for my dinner." That’s an exact quote.

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61. Penalty Box

I went on a date to a college hockey game that didn’t have any assigned seating; it was just general admission to get to the bleachers. After the first period, my date went off and sat with some other dude. Then, at the end of the game, she came back to see me and tried to make me drive her home. She was incredibly entitled, but I got one good thing out of the date. I ended up marrying one of her friends.

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62. Seeing Things In A New Gaslight

I was seeing a dude for a few months, and we were feeling more comfortable with each other. I felt like every time I said anything, he had something snotty to say back that went a little beyond joking. I told him how I felt. He replied, "Are you kidding me? What made you think that? I literally never talk down to you."

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63. Biggest And Brightest

I had a crush on one of my friends in our group for about seven years. I'd asked her out and been rejected. No biggie, we stayed great friends. A group of us went camping, and at one point during the evening, she pointed at the brightest star she could see. That's when she said the dumbest thing I have ever heard: "Is that really bright one the moon?" Crush vanished.

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64. Bad Lip Service

Kissing her was bad. She really was one of the worst kissers I've ever kissed. It really weirded me out because she’s in her late 30s, good looking, and not naïve. But it was like she was trying to eat my mouth while shoving her tongue in and out. I stumbled back in surprise. I lost all attraction towards her. We're just friends now.

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65. Look Elsewhere

He constantly stared. Like, constantly. I'd be doing homework or reading a book, and I'd feel his eyes burning holes into me. At first, I chalked it up to a quirk that I could possibly overlook since he was attractive and seemed to be a decent person. But it got to be too much over time. Especially when we were in bed. He'd literally stare directly at my face the entire time. He wasn't even looking at my body or anything. It made me feel super self-conscious and weird.

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66. Early Success

Her New Year’s resolution was to “get messed up as many nights in a row as possible” and to try as many new substances as possible. Six months after we broke up, she was hooked on something, tried to steal money from a bank, and ended up behind bars. Yeah, looking back, I definitely made the right call when I broke things off with that girl.

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67. Nothing Good To Say

I had a crush on a girl all throughout high school but never pursued her due to confidence issues. While in college one time, I ran into her, and we struck up a conversation and exchanged numbers with plans to meet up for coffee. On our date, I realized the truth: she was the most vapid, childish, and basic girl I had ever dated.

But I really wanted to sleep with her, so I just pushed those details aside. Once, while we were out eating dinner, she casually mentioned that she had been seeing another guy and was interested to see which one of us could “win her.” I immediately lost interest and genuinely struggled to even finish the meal with her.

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68. Feel It In The Air

She’d dropped all interest in me, but it was worth it. I’m in the Air National Guard which means I work one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year. There is an active base nearby, and a lot of the women in town try to get with the airmen. We were together when she asked me, “So, what do you do in the Air Force?”

“Well, I work on power production equipment, and I have a Civilian IT job,” I said. She went, “Civilian job?” I nodded, “Yeah, I only work once a month or whenever the Air Force needs me,” and she asked me, “Do you get the same pay and benefits?” I said, “No, not really, only when I am activated.” She didn’t like that.

I saw the disappointment wash over her face when she said, “Oh.” Then it got pretty stale after that. She was a tag chaser looking to get out of town. I spoke to a mutual friend, and I found out that she was already with an Airman in Wyoming when we were in California. And she was banging some other Marine on the side.

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69. Safety First

It seems a bit small, but she refused to wear a seat belt and didn't see it as a big deal, even though she was a doctor. She even worked in Emergency Medicine and yet still disregarded me and a friend when we explained how dangerous it was to not wear a seat belt. I wasn't that into her anyways, and any interest I did have was instantly gone.

After I watched another woman who I had liked hurl a storm of anger at my friend just for saying her hairstyle looked “mature” as a compliment, it was incredibly eye opening. It was the first time I had seen her be despicable to somebody other than me. We broke up soon after, and I was very glad she was out of my life.

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70. What’s The Deal

The girl I liked knew I got high and dealt, and we’d been planning to meet up. But every time, she’d ask me to grab her some. I didn't mind as long as she paid me back, but she’d mention it in every other message. Don't get me wrong, I'd have loved a stoner girlfriend, but not if that was all the value that she saw in me.

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71. Cute As The Delete Button

I was chilling with my crush, and she said, "At least I'm cute. If I wasn't cute, I don't know where I would be. I'm so glad I'm not ugly. Being ugly must suck." Immediately, I wanted nothing to do with her. In my head, I was thinking, "Get me out of this car now." Thinking that you're hot stuff isn’t a really good look.

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72. Feigning Igno-romance

I’m a scout, and during the meetings, I saw this girl and thought she was very beautiful. A year after, she moved to my school. I studied in the morning and she was always headed into the library in the afternoon. We ran into each other every day and would say hi. But any time she was with her popular friends, she’d just look at me like if I was a weirdo and pretend she had no idea who I was. It was cold.

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73. Got A Lot To Say

I went out with a guy once, and we decided to become a thing way too fast. On our fourth or fifth date, when I told him that I also liked women, he kept asking these weird questions. He'd text me stuff like, “If you’re bi, then do you want a girlfriend?” “So, you just want to have a threesome with another girl? Did you have someone in mind?” My answer was, “No, I’m with you.” I went into more detail and tried to explain but he was so obtuse.

Then he decided to bring up politics on our second date! You could guess who he thought was the best thing to happen to America, and when I politely disagreed but said it’s fine that we didn’t have the same political ideals, he completely lost his mind. He would not stop trying to get me to change my mind and telling me why I should.

All of which were pretty flimsy. I kept saying I didn’t want to talk about it because it wasn’t important since we’d only dated for less than a week, and we weren’t that serious yet to consider all of our beliefs and how they differed, but he. Wouldn’t. Stop. It was ridiculous how much it mattered to him that I agreed.

After two days of silence, I texted him and said I wanted to break up and how sorry I was that I felt that this needed to happen, and he didn’t even try to apologize to me or anything. “Ok,” was all I got. I still think about how narrow-minded that dude was.

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74. Didn’t Sea A Thing

She told me that she and her sister had been in a hotel for a week in Greece and didn't notice until they left the hotel that they were actually by the sea. They didn't leave the hotel grounds for the entire week and never even took a walk around the hotel.

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75. Related To The Matter

My crush immediately ended when I found out that the girl I was obsessed with was...my cousin. We were in a college class together and had been lightly flirting for a couple of weeks. It was a complete coincidence and neither of us had any idea that we were related until a family member casually mentioned to me, "Doesn't (her name) go to your school?" It was awkward.

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76. Spring Off

I was on a date with a woman, and we really seemed to have the same interests. She was cool, a bit loud, and boisterous, which I happen to like. About a half hour in, she told me she needed to tell me something because she was really enjoying herself. What she had to tell me was that she had two sons under eight years old.

That in itself wasn't the problem. Her next words were so cruel. She followed it with, "Don't worry though. They live with their dad. I usually only have them one weekend a month. They won’t get in the way of anything." It was such a casual dismissal of her own children. As somebody who does eventually want children, that was pretty much it for me.

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77. Clean Up On Aisle Love

It was high school, and I had a crush on a girl. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I went to the birthday party of a friend’s friend partly because I knew she would be there. This could have been my chance at an overnight, mixed gender birthday party at a kid's huge house in the woods with maybe even a romantic fire.

I felt my opportunity was near when we were all gathered around the fire after hours of partying. We were all probably going to pack it in soon. But first, a little puff, puff pass. She didn't react well to that. For starters, she got really dopey really fast. Then, she pooped her pants. I don't mean it as a euphemism.

She was giggling excessively. Then there was some loud stomach gurgling. Then there was an incredibly loud toot. Then she laughed harder and said, "Oh my God! I pooped my pants!" She then laughed harder to the point of tears. After she stopped laughing, she wandered into the room where some folks were already sleeping.

She flopped onto her sleeping bag and passed out still with a load in her pants. As if this wasn't enough to eliminate my interest, she woke up the next morning and spent an hour getting breakfast, drinking coffee, and doing other stuff before she decided to clean herself up. Lastly was where she left her dirty undies.

She just dumped it in the little garbage can next to the sink in the bathroom that most of us were using. So, I was trying to grab a shower next to that. My interest was officially rescinded.

Lost crushesUnsplash

78. Can’t Get Too Close

I asked her out, and she said yes! Then, she dumped me after two weeks, saying she didn’t want to start anything new because she was moving next month and didn’t tell me. The time came for her to move and I nearly lost it when I found out where she was moving to. Girl was moving into my house!

She was dating my roommate who looks eerily similar to how I look and could be my twin. Like, we often did get mistaken for brothers. So, she moved in and started a committed relationship with him. There were some thin walls in that house too.

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79. Well, Look Who Decided to Show up

I had met this girl at a bar and we hit it off. We were making out and all was good. I got her number and we agreed to meet up later. I set up a date with her for a few days later and an hour before the date she canceled on me. A week later, we set up another date and she canceled that one as well just a few days before. At this point, I'm not about to waste any more time and I'm done.

Well, a couple of weeks later, she calls me and says that she is going back with her friends in a few hours to the same bar we met at and that she wants to see me. I say sure, so she asks me to text her before I leave for the bar. I text her and tell her that I'm on my way, and she says that she is too tired to go and is deciding to not go after all. I decide to say screw it and I just go by myself.

Well, guess who I saw show up at the bar a couple of hours later with her friends, just having a blast! That was when I instantly lost all interest in her. I sent her a text message calling her out on her BS and informing her that she was a piece of crap. I then blocked and deleted her number. I have not been back to that bar or heard from her since. Here is the really funny bit, though.

That first night, she said that the only reason she didn’t want to go home with me was that I seemed like a ladies’ man and like I probably took lots of girls home with me constantly. The truth is that I was a virgin at the time, but I had just lost a ton of weight and I was finally comfortable with my body and approaching women as a result. I guess I just overshot my confidence this time. Oh well, live and learn!

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80. Scroll on If You Dare

I had a huge crush on this one girl in my college English class back in my younger days. She was a bit religious and I wasn’t, but she didn't talk about it too much so I didn’t mind. We used to talk all the time and we even did a few projects together. Then I found out that she was no longer dating this guy she had been with for a while, so I decided to try and pursue her myself.

However, when I looked her up on Facebook, I found a whole bunch of weird posts she had made encouraging racism and violence against certain minority groups, as well as a post about how all of the school shootings in America have been happening because we no longer allow religion to be taught in schools. It took a few more scrolls to get to the homophobic stuff that I just knew would also be there at this point. Let’s just say that these discoveries were a major turn off and disappointment.

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