Outraged Folks Describe The Most Entitled People They’ve Ever Met

September 3, 2019 | Miles Brucker

Outraged Folks Describe The Most Entitled People They’ve Ever Met

Most of us always try and do our best to work hard, contribute to society, and just be decent people overall. Then there are others among us who don’t. Some people just seem to think that everyone else owes them something—that they are more special than others, and that their “poop doesn’t stink” as the expression goes. Well, it turns out that most of the time, their poop does, in fact, stink. Just ask anyone who has ever witnessed their selfish behavior, and they will respond that there’s hardly any part of these people that doesn’t stink! Here are 42 shocking stories of some of the most entitled behavior that people have ever witnessed.

1. Cold, Cold Heart

I deliver appliances for Best Buy. We once had a woman call and complain that her fridge was not pre-cooled before it was delivered and that she had to wait for it to come down to temp. No one in the office was prepared for that one.

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2. Yea, Why Don’tcha?

I made some comment to my college roommate one time about how annoying the bus route I took to work was, and she turned to me quizzically and said, "Why don't you just tell your dad to buy you a car?" I was 22 years old at the time.

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3. Getting the Special Treatment

I went to high school with a girl whose father was the head of the probation program in our city. When she got wasted one night and hit a guy so hard that there was a hole in her windshield and then drove off, she barely got a slap on the wrist from the legal system.

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4. Fast and Furious

A very entitled lady once told me that I shouldn't work on my own car in my own garage during the day, because she didn't want my fast-looking car to influence her sons “to be hooligans like you.”

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5. We Can Work It Out

A woman once came up to me and told me that I needed to leave the gym because I was making her son feel like only fat people go to the gym.

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6. Civil War

When I was in the military, there was a private in my unit who once said to the first sergeant, "I'm not trying to pull rank or anything, sir, but my mother is a major." The guy literally thought that he could get away with bossing around the command team because his mother outranked them. Let’s just say he didn’t end up lasting too long in the military.

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7. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

I once had a coworker that all of us knew was sleeping with our boss. She only worked part-time hours, yet received full-time pay. She was awful.

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8. A Poor Choice of Words

I once witnessed my cousin refusing to take any form of public transportation because, and I quote, “it's for poor people and mopes.”

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9. Entitled Kid Phone Home

I once watched a 13-year-old kid break his iPhone on purpose because he wanted the newer model that had just come out. He had the model from right before it. He had a new phone the next day.

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10. Extreme Couponing...Taken to the Extreme

When I was working in the retail industry, this one woman once came into my store and had a big bag of coupons by her side. Most of them were unusable because they were either expired or they were duplicates. Nevertheless, she had every intention of being able to use every single one of them. She berated me over the fact that our system was rejecting most of the coupons.

She called me stupid amongst other names and insisted that I just wasn't doing it right. Then, as a typical entitled person would do, she asked to speak with my manager. My manager came out and asked what the problem was. The women ranted to her about how incompetent I was because I didn't know how to scan a coupon properly.

My manager looked at the coupons and confirmed that the coupons were indeed the problem, and not me. My manager then told off the customer for being disrespectful towards me and asked the customer to leave the store. I hated working there, but I'm so grateful that I had managers who totally didn't go by the "customer is always right" rule and weren't afraid to stand up for their employees when necessary.

That was just one of many such incidents.

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11. A Very Picky Eater

I used to work at a fast food place in a theme park when I was only 18 years old. An obnoxious entitled person held up the line because she was demanding that our staff assemble a particular dish for her daughter which we aren’t allowed to do, because we go by a specific menu. That doesn’t seem like a policy that should be at all controversial.

She was saying stuff like, “My daughter can’t have that!” “Well, what can you do for me?” “Do you want her to starve to death?” Those are just a few of the quotes from this woman in response to our refusal to accommodate her ridiculous request—all of which remain among the most irritating lines that I have ever encountered in any walk of life.

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12. Untraditional Gender Roles

My dad hasn't worked a real job in over 25 years. My mom has been working and providing for us that entire time. Nevertheless, my dad expects to still be fully in charge of everything in our household, including how our money is spent on any purchase more important than groceries—you know, because he still considers grocery shopping his wife’s responsibility.

Talk about entitled…

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13. A Walk in the Park

One time, I was at the park with my daughter who was three years old at the time. She and a couple of other kids started to play together. Then, she attempted to use the monkey bars, as she’s a very adventurous child. About midway through, she fell down. I didn’t do anything because she’s fallen before and I wanted her to learn to get back up on her own and not to be scared to try again.

Anyway, one of the boys was about to get on the monkey bars too, until I heard a woman run towards him screaming to stop. She picked him up and looked at my daughter. She told my daughter that it wasn’t “smart” of her to go on the monkey bars if she wasn’t fully ready because then others might get that same idea.

That’s when I got up and went to my daughter’s defense. I sternly told the woman not to speak to her that way, and that it was no fault of hers that she wasn’t scared to try something new. The woman took her kid and left the park.

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14. Well Now I Know Who He Is!

My grandfather thinks that the entire world revolves around him. He does the whole "Do you know who I am?" thing any time that he doesn't get his way, despite the fact that he is not, and never has been, anyone of note or importance. If he wants something, he expects you to drop whatever you're doing and help him, no matter what.

He once threatened to beat me up when I wouldn't get him a Pepsi. The reason that I wouldn’t get it for him is that he's diabetic and, therefore, not allowed to drink it. I've never met someone so far up their own backside in my life.

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15. Bloody Mary

I used to work in retail, so I have come across my fair share of rude and entitled people. They were a huge reason why I went back to school and no longer work as a cashier. Anyway, one day while I was manning the registers with a few other coworkers of mine, I had a massive nosebleed right as I was finishing a transaction.

I grabbed a tissue and quickly excused myself to run to the restroom so that I could try and get it to stop bleeding. This, of course, meant that I couldn't say goodbye to the customer I had been assisting, or give her the little spiel about how I was oh so grateful for her shopping with us. After about 10 minutes, I was finally able to get my nose back under control and headed back to the registers.

I saw that customer waiting at the side with a scowl on her face. Her arms were crossed over her chest—it was really the whole nine yards. She then proceeded to scold me about how rude I was for not saying goodbye to her and thanking her for shopping with us. After I apologized and explained that I’d had an unexpected nosebleed, she told me that I should have tried holding it in and that the customer always comes first.

My brain was literally melting after hearing that.

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16. Father, How Could You??

I went to a pretty upper class private high school thanks to the fact that my mom worked there. As you might expect, some of my classmates were extremely entitled. During my senior year, I saw a girl go into a full-on screaming, tear-filled public rant directed towards her father in the parking lot after he had surprised her with a brand new, fully-loaded BMW for her birthday.

It turns out she had wanted a Mercedes and straight-up would not accept the gift.

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17. A Case Study for the Ages

One time, a customer came up to my cash register and asked for the price of a protein bar. Every item in our store had a physical price tag on it, because we didn't have scanners at the register. I took it from her, flipped it over, and let her know that the price was $2.49 before tax. She asked me how much a full case of the bars would be.

Normally, we offered discounts for cases, but they had to be ordered ahead of time—so I started explaining that we couldn't do a discount unless…She then cut me off aggressively and hissed "I didn't ask for a discount." So, I typed in $2.49 x 12, added tax, and told her the final price. She stared me down for a few minutes before asking me to go and get my manager.

Once my manager arrived, the customer spent literally 10 minutes tearing into me, describing me as the least helpful person she had ever met, talking about my bad attitude, and complaining about how awful and rude I was to her. At that point in my life, I was working nearly full time at this store—35.5 hours per week, to be precise—as well as commuting to a school over an hour away from home four days a week.

This grown lady decided to take the time out of her day to break me down to the point where I started crying. Thanks, Madam. I still remember you. I hope you enjoyed your freakin’ protein bar. I’m sure it was worth the hurt you caused me.

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18. Mother Knows Best—Or at Least She Thinks She Does!

The most entitled person that I have ever encountered in my entire life is without a doubt the mother of a girl that I went to school with. This woman once came into the shop where I worked at 5:58 PM, knowing full well that we close at six. Our lights were already half off and our front door was closed. As if that wasn't enough to get the message across, the roller door was already half down.

Nevertheless, the woman walks in and goes "Hi (insert my name here)! I'm just running in to grab a few quick things before you close up!" Before I can even open my mouth to tell her not to come inside, she's already gone into one of the aisles. My manager comes over to me and shouts "What are you doing? We have to be done by six!"

He went searching the aisles to find her and discovered that she already had a basket full of items. She even had the nerve to approach him and ask where to find some of the groceries that she didn't see on the shelf. Now, my manager is literally the nicest guy ever and, therefore, agrees to ring up her items as long as she pays by credit card, since the cash has all been packed away into the safe for the evening already.

"No, that's ridiculous! I only have cash!" she shouted. She then called out my name and asked me to tell my manager that I only had cash and that we were friends so everything should be okay. So, I told her the exact same thing as my manager had said, that we literally can't access the cash once the safe is closed for the day.

"Oh. Well then, in that case, can you just pay for it on your credit card and I'll get my daughter to pay you back in school next week?" I told her that I could not do that, and she started shouting like a psychopath about how unprofessional we all were. She yelled that the shop is awful because half of the items are not even on the shelves.

Again, WE WERE CLOSED at this time!! I'm not quite sure what part of that she didn't understand. She then screamed out that she was "never coming back here again!"—thank God, she finally said something that made me happy! She then promptly stormed out the front door. Ever since this incident, she has always avoided me at all school events that we see each other at, and I honestly feel sorry for her daughter.

The stories that I hear about this insane woman are shocking. 

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19. Blinded by His Selfishness

My ex caused himself to become legally blind due to his own stupid and irresponsible decisions. As a result, he gets paid all kinds of disability grants from the government, and also receives plenty of money from various charities. Nevertheless, he has decided to use the injury as an opportunity to stand around on the streets with his hand out begging and looking for additional freebies from kind-hearted people who feel sorry for him.

That’s not only entitled—it’s just plain wrong if you ask me.

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20. An Apple a Day Keeps the Entitled Kids Away

I used to work at a call center doing tech support for Apple products, specifically iOS devices. I once had a 19-year-old girl tell me that she had cracked her fifth (yes, her fifth) iPhone and needed a new one as soon as possible. I explained that she would need to either mail it in to us or take it to the nearest Apple store so that we could replace it.

She literally said "Oh my God, you expect me to go all the way to the freakin’ STORE?? JUST GET MY PHONE FIXED!" I then explained that if she didn't want to go to the store, she could send it to us through the mail and get it back in about three days. She literally thought that I was joking to suggest that she wait that long.

The call lasted for another 20 minutes, because I think that she actually did not comprehend that there was no way for her to get exactly what she wanted immediately. I quit that job the very next week.

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21. Poorly Equipped

I used to work the graveyard shift at a gym. I would rerack the equipment every night at around one. Whenever people saw me doing this, they almost always helped put the weights back where they belonged. One night, I was re-racking like usual when this big dude came in and started using the heaviest dumbbells that we had.

When he was finished with them, he just walked away and left them lying on the floor instead of putting them back where he had taken them from. Some of the regulars then walked up to him and told him not to be a jerk. They suggested that it might be nice of him to put them back on the rack to make my life a little easier.

He said, "No, I will not do that. This is MY gym. I pay for a membership here. I'm paying for him to put that stuff away. If I wanted to re-rack my own weights, I would just work out at home."

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22. A Very Racist Request

When I worked at Home Depot, a customer once told me that she didn't want any African-American employees to be the ones to install her flooring. I was in charge of arranging her order and told her that we don't select individuals for jobs based on race. She proceeded to have a fit about it and demanded to speak to my manager.

I'm so glad that she did because my manager's name was Dwayne and he was a real big African-American dude. Funny enough, it turned out she didn't want to speak to the manager after all as soon as she realized that!

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23. Houston, We Have a Problem!

Last month, I was flying to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. The flight was canceled after multiple failed attempts to fix a mechanical problem. It sucked—but hey, we didn't die! Cue irate woman going off on the ticket agent who had nothing to do with the plane. This agent was doing her absolute best trying to reroute everyone that she could.

We were literally the last plane out of the Charlotte airport that night and this woman stayed past her normal shift to help all the stranded people. Nevertheless, the passenger from hell still went off on her. The worst part was when she made the comment "It feels like you don't even seem sorry." The agent replied, "Excuse me?"

The woman said, "Well, all our plans are ruined. We had a car rented and a hotel. Now, all our plans are ruined. And you don't even seem sorry." Once again, the agent said, "I'm trying to help you, I didn't cause this problem for you.” Back and forth it went until the ticket agent basically told this adult woman to stop acting like a child.

At that point, the passenger completely lost her mind. She turned around to the woman behind her in line and, I kid you not, said "Mom, are you going to let her talk to me like that? I'm 28 years old. I'm not a child!" I could not keep it together at that point. I was just laughing with tears coming out. Really, girl? You're asking your mom to defend you for someone telling you that you're acting like a child?

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24. Hands in the Air

I know she’s only a little kid, but my three-year-old niece has a serious attitude problem. She will regularly do dumb things like bite people, then stick her hand out sternly towards whichever adult instructs her to stop, as though they are the aggressor in the situation.

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25. I Believe I Can Die

I'm a flight attendant. One time, a passenger had a heart attack during boarding. We started CPR and were trying to revive him with the AED. All of a sudden, another passenger started yelling at us because he was going to miss his connecting flight. He told us that we should open the plane door and throw him out so that we could still take off on time.

Amazingly, multiple other passengers actually agreed with him and joined in with the yelling. Sorry, I forgot that your appointments are more important than this guy’s life…

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26. Fighting Back

A kid in high school once slapped my sister. I grabbed him and was about to slap him back in front of his friends when he said "Do you know who my father is? You aren't allowed to touch me!" So, I didn't slap him. Instead, I punched him in the stomach, then kneed him in the face. Then, I held him up so that my sister could slap him too.

None of his “friends” did anything. I found out later that they had all wanted to hit him previously, but they were afraid of his dad and the reprecussions. His dad did, in fact, try to have me arrested, but the school cop told him that if he had me arrested my parents could have his son arrested for slapping my sister.

He further explained that, while I would likely face no formal charges since I was coming to the aid of my sister, he would likely be charged with a series of crimes since he was about to turn 18 and she was only 14.

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27. Pack Your Bags

A customer at the hotel I worked at once asked me for my manager’s personal cell phone number so that she could call her up and complain that I—seven months pregnant at the time—would not carry a heavy refrigerator for her (that she had not paid for in the cost of her new room) up to her second-story room (for which we did not have an elevator), rather than just accept an upgrade for free.

Why? Because she had already unpacked her clothes and didn’t want to have to repack them all to move them to the new room. She refused to believe that we offered rooms without fridges, and she insisted that I was probably just being fat and lazy. When I refused to give her my manager’s cell phone number, she asked for our company’s corporate number instead.

I wrote it down on a sticky note with a smiley face. She came back down a few minutes later and asked to move rooms. This time, I made her pay the difference.

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28. Bad Reception

My cousin once wanted a new TV, so she threw her old one out the window. My uncle reacted by buying her a brand new flat-screen TV. She was 16 years old at the time.

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29. What Did You Just Say??

I met a girl once who felt entitled to be offended by literally every sentence that anybody around her said. She had a real talent for always finding a way to make a big deal out of nothing. I’d definitely say that she was the most entitled person I’ve ever met!

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30. Cheaper by the Half

When I worked at a bakery, a woman once came in, bought a chocolate cupcake, and then ate half of it. The woman then asked if she could return her half-eaten chocolate cupcake—not because she didn't like it, but because she wanted to exchange it for half of a vanilla cupcake, or, in her words "something less decadent."

Like most bakeries, we did not sell cupcakes "by the half." She became offended when I asked if she wanted to purchase one full vanilla cupcake as an alternative to this plot.

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31. Messing With the Wrong Cat Sitter

Not exactly a person, but I once babysat an extremely entitled cat, who would refuse to eat anything except treats. She just looked at the common cat food I had poured for her with disdain and almost with scorn. No matter how much time had passed, she simply would not yield and eat. The regular food was no longer to her liking.

So, I did the only thing I could in that situation—I took away the bowl, still full, and told her that maybe tomorrow she would find it more attractive after not eating all night. Harsh, I know—but screw that cat!

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32. I’ll Drink to That!

The first time I walked into my rich girlfriend's parents’ house, someone was asked if they wanted water. The response was, "What kind?" 

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33. Here’s Mud in Your Eye!

I was working retail one afternoon when in walked an entitled person with an item to return. At first glance it was no big deal, she was just coming in to return a shirt. She walked up to the register, handed me the receipt to start processing, and we exchanged a pleasant greeting. No problems so far. I then take the shirt out of the bag to examine it and it is beyond disgusting.

There were brown sweat stains all over it, from the armpits to the stomach to the shoulder. It looked like whoever wore it rolled it around in a pool of mud or some such nonsense. It was completely unsellable. I proceeded to tell this person that I could not possibly accept a return on the product because it had clearly been used to the point where it was damaged and that only unused and re-sellable items could be returned according to our store policy.

The woman then proceeded to throw a fit. She started screaming at me and accusing me of calling her a liar and what not. I held up the shirt, pointed to the brown pit stains, and said, “Madam, can’t you see this enormous stain?” Oh man, did that comment make the situation worse! She stepped her anger up, continued to make a huge scene, and demanded to speak to the manager that very instant.

News flash, lady. I am the manager, and I had no intention of budging. After 20 or so minutes of complaining and arguing back and forth, she finally left the store with a promise that she would be complaining to corporate head office and getting me promptly fired. Blah blah blah, the same nonsense that they always say when they’re angry.

Fast forward a few days. A guy walks into the store, finds the first store associate he can, and immediately asks for me by name. Uh-oh, here we go again. Anyway, my associate brings the guy over to where I’m standing and I politely greet him and ask how I can be of service. The guy proceeds to spend the next 10 minutes apologizing to me for his crazy wife, i.e. the lady from the other day, for verbally abusing my staff and myself a few days prior.

Apparently, the guy went to the beach and did some type of exercise training class in the sand. Hence, the giant stains. His wife knew all of this, as she was at the class with him! The guy ended up not liking the shirt for some reason, and his wife thought that she could pull a fast one on us by making a big scene. Think again, lady.

Better luck next time!

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34. Freedom of Speech?

A girl in my class tried to sue a local blogger to take down a story that mentioned her because it allegedly violated their privacy by commenting on a project that she was involved with. He had to waste his time going to an appeals court to get the cease and desist order lifted.

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35. Fantasy Island

My friend is a middle school teacher in a pretty wealthy area. The kids got back from summer break one year and he asked them how their vacations were. One kid said, "It was lame. We spent two weeks on our private island. It's so boring there!" Entitled? Yes—but at that age, you kind of just have to feel sorry for the kid. They don't know any better.

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36. Egg-zactly What You Should Not Have Done

Our local zoo hosted an Easter egg hunt a long time ago. The event started at 10 in the morning, and the line to get in was utterly insane. They hid something like 5,000 eggs, and there were an estimated 1,000 people there—so, they had to ask everyone who entered to just find five eggs and then leave. We saw this family come out with a kid, and they had a freakin’ garbage bag FILLED TO THE BRIM with eggs.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the kid was screaming and crying because he still wanted more eggs and did not want to leave yet. I then heard his parents promising profusely to take him to a toy store to buy more eggs as soon as they left. Sounds like a perfect solution, right? That kid will definitely learn the values of sharing and respect that way! Not…

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37. Dirty Laundry

A man once passed out in my dad's laundromat, right inside the doorway. As my dad was trying to take care of him, another customer repeatedly shoved the door open against the unconscious man's body, even as my dad was telling him to stop, and then walked OVER the body to go do his laundry without batting an eye. How can any human being act like that? It makes my blood boil!

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38. She’s Come a Long Way

My roommate during my freshman year of college was a super sweet girl, but she grew up insanely wealthy. She was so entitled, yet clueless as to how real-life worked for most people. To me, it wasn't so annoying as much as it was entertaining. One time, she asked me to go to the ATM with her because she didn't know how it worked.

She needed about $300 in cash to buy football tickets for her family. The withdrawal was declined because she didn't have $300 in her account. She looked at me and said, "Am I poor?" with the most heartbreaking face ever. It turns out she thought that her family's money was all in some big account that they all had access to, because she'd always had a credit card that had never been declined.

We had a lesson about personal finance and just the way that banks operate in general after that. She ended up being a pretty good roommate—at least after she learned that we did not have a maid and accepted the fact that she had to clean up after herself. She wrote me a sweet note when we moved out thanking me for my patience with her.

She was entitled and spoiled, but ended up being a lot less spoiled by the end of the year. It was nice to see her become more self-aware and change for the better.

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39. This Customer Is Always Wrong

Over the years, I have met plenty of entitled people while working in retail, but there's one individual who stands out in my memory more than any of the others. This particular woman had by far the most entitled attitude of anyone I've ever met. She was also a regular customer, so we had to deal with her crap at least twice a week on average.

This customer's favorite pastime would be to literally fill a trolley with clearance items. These items were always a nightmare for cashiers, as you would have to reduce the price on the till for each one manually. Our management was worried about scanning fraud, and so they had disabled the multiplication button on the till.

This meant that each item had to be scanned and discounted individually. Once all of her items had been scanned and discounted, this customer would always, without fail, kick up a fuss over the price, accusing us of overcharging her and demanding to see a manager. Some managers would give in to the persistent lady, which meant voiding the transaction and starting all over again from the beginning.

If they told the woman to get lost, she would complain about "never shopping here again" and storm out, leaving a full trolley of goods for us to have to go through and put back. Gee, thanks! How kind of you! Either way, the entire spectacle would usually take up at least an hour of our time when all was said and done. And, I repeat, this happened on a very frequent basis.

There was eventually a nice moment of karma for this person, however. One winter, we had an especially heavy snowstorm in our area. Our policy, in this case, was to clear the car park’s access to the spaces closest to the door. We would always do this as very few people come out when it's snowing, and it lets people park as close as possible if they do decide to make the trek.

Not this customer, though. Oh no. She pulled into the car park, drove directly into the uncleared section, and tried in vain to drive through a snowdrift, hitting a covered bollard in the process. She then clomped on into the store, demanded to see the manager, and proceeded to yell at him point-blank about the excess snow in our parking lot and the damage it did to her car.

Apparently, she was going to sue us and get every employee fired for "not clearing her usual parking space of snow." Our manager responded by permanently banning her from our store for being consistently abusive towards our staff. Good riddance!

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40. Lost in Translation

A woman once blew up at me for ignoring her dweeby son, who was trying to hit on me by saying “Konichiwa.” Not only had I never met him before, but I also am not Japanese. She called me a stuck-up idiot and insinuated that I should be glad that her son was worldly enough to try and speak “my language.” Again, I am not Japanese.

I just responded "Sorry, no English!" and walked away.

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41. The Road Less Traveled

When I delivered pizza to a wealthy area, I once had the following incident occur. I got to a big and fancy house, rang the doorbell, and waited around. No one answered. I then knocked just in case the doorbell was broken. I still got no answer. I called the house on the phone number they had ordered from; no answer there either.

As I'm about to call my boss and tell him what’s going on, my phone rings and it’s some lady who reveals herself to be the mother of the kid who had ordered the pizza. She said that her son would be right out in just a moment. So, I'm waiting for another five minutes, and there is still no one showing up. Then, all of a sudden, flying down the street and into the driveway comes a Mercedes G-Class.

A middle-aged woman frantically gets out, pays me—with no tip—and apologizes for the fact that she couldn't get her son to "come up from the basement to get the door, because he's watching a movie." In case you didn’t get that, this woman’s son ordered a pizza, but was too lazy to pause the movie he was watching to come up the staircase and answer the door to get it.

So, rather than that, he phoned his mother and made her drive all the way home to get it for him—and this idiot woman had absolutely no problem complying with that ridiculous demand! I hope the little brat enjoyed his pizza and breadsticks. Good luck to him in the future—he’ll be needing a lot of it some day if that’s his attitude towards life.

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42. Sticking It to Her

I used to work at a grocery store and a coworker once jokingly put a 99¢ sticker on my shirt. We were two of maybe five employees in total, so we were all good friends and everything is funny when you’ve got to pass time on a shift—so I just left it there. Some customer came through my line and asked me why I had a sticker on my shirt.

I just kind of laughed it off and said it was nothing. She asked if I thought it was funny and I was like, "Not really, but sort of." She asked if my coworker had put it there, to which I responded yes. She told me that she was going to speak to the store owner because it was "disrespectful" to behave that way at work. She told me to call my manager and I did, but he was a super cool guy and knew that this lady was a freaking idiot.

She talked to the store owner and to my manager about having me fired, but to no avail. She accomplished nothing and was a jerk, the end.

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43. Eat Your Words

A while ago I decided to treat myself to some Burger King. I was having a bad day and had a headache coming on. So I was waiting in line at the BK, when suddenly this woman comes in with a monster of a child. He was out of control, screaming, punching his mother, throwing things around. The mother didn't pay any attention to him and he continued yelling, "I want a PIE."

My headache turned into a full-blown migraine. I calmly turned and asked if she could please calm her child down. Immediately she got up in my face, telling me to mind my own business. I nodded and turned around, when the child cried out again how he wants a pie. I then decided to ruin their day in the most devious way I could think of.

When I got to the front of the line I asked the person at the register how many apple pies they have left. They told me and I bought all of them. I ate one and made sure the kid saw me throw the rest in the trash.

Epic Comeuppance Happen To A Spoiled Kid facts Grub Street

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