September 28, 2020 | J. Hunter

Online Classes Are Chaos—But These Are Next-Level Crazy

2020 has been a nightmare of a year, but at least we have the internet to keep us connected. The global disruption forced schools all over the world to move online, something no one was prepared to do. So, as you can imagine, there have been some hiccups along the way. And by "hiccups," we mean utter chaos. From snickering teenagers to people getting to see way too much, smoothing out the kinks of remote learning has led to some truly ridiculous stories—and where better to share them than online?

1. A Little Melt Down Time

My teacher was going through a rough time, and the class could feel it. We assured her that we’d done our homework and that she could take rest for the time being. She agreed and told us she would switch her mic off and sleep for a little, while we did whatever. Her husband was right beside her, and the mic wasn’t off.

She told him, "I am so lucky to have these students," and started sobbing to her husband. We all heard this but kept quiet to prevent her from being embarrassed. She slept well during that time, and we sent her a thank you gift collectively.

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2. What a Pleasure

I teach for an online university that requires me to conduct a weekly live session. One morning, I was teaching, and one student popped in late. I said, “Hello, (student name)! Thanks for joining us.” I guess she didn't realize her mic was on, because I definitely wasn't supposed to hear what she said next: “Don’t say my name, loser!” I just laughed it off.

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3. Parental Difficulties

Ironically, my IT teacher forgot to turn off his mic and camera and proceeded to get in a very heated argument on the phone with his ex-girlfriend with whom he shares a kid. Did I mention that she’s also a teacher at our school? Yeah, it was the most awkward five minutes of my life before he realized.

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4. In a Hotspot

During my English class, this one girl forgot to mute herself. While my teacher was talking, she almost deafened all of us on the Zoom call answering her mother's questions. Her mother, from a distance, shouted, "What class are you in?" She yelled back that she was in English class. We heard her ask, “The hot teacher?”

She went, “Yeah, that guy.” Even I'll admit my teacher is fairly attractive, but it gets weird when you involve your mother. Thankfully, my teacher is a cool guy and thought the whole thing was just kind of funny and gave a gentle reminder to us to keep our mics muted. She didn't say anything for the rest of the class.

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5. Tuning Out

In a math class last year, we were taking a test, and you had to keep your mic on; it was their way of trying to prevent cheating. A girl forgot her mic was on and started belting out "Stand by You" by Rachel Platten. It went on for the entire song, and she was still humming it when I finished the test and left the call.

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6. Nothing Dislike It

When I was doing an online algebra camp, the teacher forgot to turn off his mic while we were supposed to be doing some problems. He said, "I really, really hate math."

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7. Memory Storage Low

My teacher’s wife, who’s another teacher at school, scolded him because she needed to work and he hadn't fixed her computer. He was a computer technology teacher, and he just kept saying, "Sorry, honey, I forgot. I won't do it again. I promise. It will take two seconds to fix it,” on a loop while his wife was ranting.

She was going on about how he always forgot things. When he saw the mic was still on, he blushed, and after a moment of silence, just went on with the lesson.

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8. Whoopie Cushion Session

I just did 8-hour Zoom calls for 7 weeks training for a new project. On the second week, a man unmuted his call and passed gas for the longest time ever I’ve heard in my life. After he finished is when he muted. Others on mute starting laughing at his fatal error of thinking he wasn’t muted, which was probably when he realized.

I found this to be the highlight of the week, but the following week, the guy did it again! Honestly, the second time I laughed but then started to wonder if it was some kind of power move.

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9. Watch Your Mouth

I had a student give a smart-aleck response to a question that I asked, and before I could respond, his mom started chewing into him and hitting him with a flip flop—with his mic and video on for the whole thing.

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10. Breached Account

A college student's boyfriend reached into her shirt, pulled out her breasts, and did a little dance. She just laughed and playfully slapped his hands away. This was after I went through my whole speech of ensuring nothing in your browser history, Google search history, or names of folders be embarrassing or offensive.

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11. Why in Tarnation

One time in an art class, my dad knocked on my door. It was just silent at that point. Everyone was working on their projects. I clicked the mute button and yelled, "WHAT!?" Except my mic had already been muted, and I’d actually turned it on accidentally. I startled the whole class, and the teacher asked if I was okay.

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12. None of Your Beeswax

I was visiting my best friend during a lecture, and she had turned off her mic and video. She then joined a group discussion and unmuted when she’d contribute. After that, the class was supposed to present their results, so I’d assumed she muted herself again. I started venting about how wasps are considered wild bees.

I went on about how they had no business being bees because they're jerks, and suddenly, we heard laughter from her professor and her classmates. She’d forgotten to mute herself.

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13. Do This, Do That

A student's mother had the habit of standing off-camera and very closely observing him. One time the student "forgot" to disable the mic, and everybody heard how she was coaching the student how to behave, “Don't look my way, smile, pay attention.” It was next-level helicoptering, which was making me seriously worried.

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14. Need It Now

My son calls his tablet his “fix” because when I first got it and the battery would die, I said that I was going to fix it. Imagine his pre-k teacher’s surprise last spring when he asked me if he could have his fix now that he was done with school. I cracked up, held up the fix in question, and explained what he meant.

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15. Easier Said Than Heard

A student in my class forgot to turn off their mic, and we heard some background noise like doors closing and tapping, and because of a display bug, we couldn't see where the noise was coming from. The student started talking smack about the teacher, "This is useless, he's just writing on a tablet. Even I could do that."

Everyone heard that. The teacher had heard them just insult him. They didn't come back to the classes after that.

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16. Unknown Subject

We had a student in my class who was logged in on a smartphone using an anonymous login who never muted their mic once. They were outside, or near a window, every time. When their mic picked up sound, it would maximize their blank screen, minimizing the teacher’s lesson which was on a whiteboard. It would happen a lot.

The teacher didn’t know who it was, and despite us all begging them to mute, there was never a response, and the teacher couldn’t mute or boot them. The worst part since they had connected anonymously, their attendance was never recorded making them fail just for that reason. We suffered for a jerk who’d failed anyway.

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17. Sweet Mystery

During a lecture, our cat came into the room and jumped on my lap. I proceeded to tell him how very cute he is and how much I love him in the stupidly sweetest voice possible because he's the best boy. A full minute or two into the cat praising, a message came from a classmate saying I wasn’t muted. I almost had a heart attack.

I replied with, "Oh, haha. I was just talking to him," and sent a picture of my cat. It was extra awkward since I walk around with a resting mean face and barely talk to anyone in class, and I later learned that the only reason no one told me sooner was because they didn’t think the person with this sweet voice was me.

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18. Could You Repeat That?

During my English class Zoom call, our teacher was holding us 15+ minutes after the period had ended. She said something along the lines of, "Keep working arduously," and I responded with, "If she says arduously one more time, I'm going to flip a table!" I was not on mute.

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19. Going Swimmingly

I had to defend my thesis over Zoom, and many professors joined to watch. My thesis was on immune response in fish to parasites. A professor was late and hadn’t muted yet, so we got to hear this little gem, “Shh, Mommy is learning about fish parasites, which is what you'll get if you don't stop peeing in the koi pond."

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20. High Tolerance

I was attending my class, and my roommate who was in the very corner of the screen didn't think he was visible on my camera. So, he felt comfortable enough to take a really huge hit from his bong while I was sharing with the class. My camera was blown up on everybody's screen, so that they were able to watch him do it.

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21. On Today’s Menu

Last semester in college, there was a girl who placed an entire dinner order over the phone while her mic was on. The whole time, all of us were telling her that we could hear her, but I think she had us on mute. She was ordering Mediterranean food. I think she got a chicken gyro.

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22. Bot Speak

We were having classes as phone calls on this app named Teamspeak. I was using my phone to talk and my computer to work and sometimes to check Discord. At one point, we were supposed to do some exercise by ourselves, and I’d left my mic on. My friend sent me a message telling me about the fact that he got a girlfriend.

So, I sent him the message, “You did it, you crazy SOB,” but I wanted to add some emojis too, so I tried to edit the message, but I hit the text to speech button instead. The computer literally yelled, “You crazy SOB.”

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23. Can’t Answer That

I was taking a math and English placement test, and we had someone who would go between three different students. She joined my call, and all I heard was a loud sniff and, “man, why does it smell like coffee and bum cheeks in here?” And then she looked at the camera mortified when she realized she hadn’t muted herself.

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24. No Rewind Button

Our English teacher muted himself halfway through explaining what we would have to do for the day. It was a pretty long explanation, so when we told him, he had to start all over again. He took a deep breath and went on with the entire explanation once more even though we had already heard the beginning the first time.

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25. The D-Cipher

My professor turned on closed captions, and when he finally figured out what it was, he was like, “What type of communist Nintendo technology is this?”

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26. To the Wolves

Someone in my class had made pizza rolls before the lesson started, and as he was coming back, he dropped the entire plate on the floor. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life because he just sighed and couldn't even do anything about it because his dogs got to them immediately.

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27. Third Grade Level

My literary teacher’s 8-year-old son participated in our literary discussion on Paul Auster’s City of Glass, which was interspersed with his comments about how his, “Dad looks like and smells like my art teacher.” Also, he told us that his interpretations of the novel were better than ours but, “No offense,” of course.

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28. Mommy Needs Quiet Time

Some guy's mother started yelling at him, “Turn down the freaking sound. I am so sick of listening to your classes the entire day. Go to the balcony and continue from there or just bloody drop out of uni," along with a set of a few swear words. Our professor muted him, so the class didn’t know what happened after that.

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29. Deafeningly Obvious

My brother was in class while I made lunch, but it was my first time making rice on my own. So, I asked him if he could go and see if it was done, but he didn't hear me, so I screamed at him the same question. He then turned to face me and then screamed, "WHAT?! IT'S NOT DONE. WAIT A MINUTE," and looked back at his class.

When he did, his teacher was telling him to turn down the mic because he’d almost got an eardrum popped.

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30. B-Rating the Cat

In my second online class a couple years ago, one of the kids didn't realize his mic wasn't muted and then proceeded talking to his cat offscreen, who was apparently drinking out of the kid's water glass. He said, "You darn obese cat, you just sit there on your butt and eat all day; you don't even do anything for us."

Before any of us could react, our teacher, a devout environmentalist and the most aggravating teacher I’ve ever had, started lecturing the kid for being cruel to his pets. We all just sat and watched painfully. Then she actually made this kid apologize to his cat, which took him a long time to do because he was laughing so hard.

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31. Changing Perspectives

I had a seminar one afternoon, and when I joined the Zoom meeting, I was astonished to see my Oxbridge-educated, world-leading-expert professor lying horizontally in bed. It’s a Master’s course, and for some reason, the image of him giving utterly zero hecks just severely disappointed me.

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32. Vocal Lesson

Not even 2 minutes into our first online live stream class, we could all hear moaning noises from someone. Thinking it was a joke, the professor stopped and asked whoever it was to stop, but the noises kept coming, and suddenly, it got really loud. Next thing we knew, someone’s mom was screaming and yelling at someone. We heard crying sounds in the background.

We were all losing it at this point—but it got even better. Apparently, someone’s brother tried to watch naughty things online and accidentally connected to the speaker instead of his headphones. The professor continued on with class and tried not to laugh while we all listened to every word the mother said to her son in the other room.

The best part was after the mom had finally calmed down and stopped yelling. The kid whose mother it was got up and called from his doorway, "Mom, can you keep it down? I'm in the middle of online class right now." The mother came into the room two minutes later and apologized for the excess noise. BEST. LECTURE. EVER.

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33. Listening Cues

My teacher’s little dog ran to him during class. It would have been really cute, but it turned hilarious when his other dog, a Great Dane, ran over to him too as if he was jealous of the small dog. He bumped him out of his chair and started licking him for attention.

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34. Live Demonstration

One staff member’s audio cut in and out the whole time during a meeting on implementing online exams. Once, in the middle of a sentence when he was describing what to do if a student disconnected during an assessed skype meeting, right when he was saying, "and in case one of the students cuts off…,” his feed shut down.

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35. Seeing the Droll

One of the lecturers recorded a PowerPoint with voiceover—totally unaware that his webcam was also capturing video. He shared the audio, the presentation, and a one-hour closeup of subtle movements of his crotch to all his students. Apparently, the PowerPoint presentation didn't excite him much.

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36. Life with Kids

Before my first online class, I ran to get my phone from upstairs, and just as I left, my 11-year-old brother ran into the room blasting Minecraft songs while our dog was barking and jumping. I’d forgotten to mute myself, and 50+ people saw and heard what was going on live. Now my English teacher thinks we have issues.

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37. Perfect Example

We had a lecture on the different generations and how to communicate with them. It ended up with all of us just roasting each of the generations at least once and lots of memes.

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38. Close Call

I go to a small school, and we recently had the rest of the semester moved online. A couple of my good friends and I are in a class together, and our online classes are just like video conferences. My friend JJ went to vacation amid the virus, and he texted me to ask if his camera and mic were off, which was an option.

He also told me he was going to the store, so he got changed, and all of a sudden, his camera and mic turned on. He must've been doing the class from his phone because everyone in the class could see his screen and hear his audio. He was already busted—but then he made it so much worse. As he's walking out of the building where he was, he got in a car and said something.

“Man, I just dipped out of the stupidest online class in the world. That teacher is a complete witch.” I don’t know what happened to him, but we got an email the next day from the university president about online class manners and respect.

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39. Adding a Little Sparkle

My professor had allowed his daughter to use his device before starting the video chat. We were silent for a moment until we heard the My Little Pony song playing in full volume. My professor went from instant shock into anxiety.

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40. Say That to My Face

I'm a university administrator. I, of course, befriended the professors. This professor told me that, at the beginning of class, a couple students were saying just the worst stuff imaginable about their friend. Well, they didn't realize their mics were on and the class has begun.

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41. Bit of a Mess

I joined the Zoom meeting for my economy class. I was the first one to join and had the privilege to see my teacher sitting there with his one-year-old daughter who started puking all over him and because of that, we got to skip economy class.

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42. Where’s the Remote Control?

My religion teacher had his nose all up to the camera on the first day we used the program and then dressed like he was in Hawaii. On the same day during geography, I could barely hear my teacher over a chorus of students obnoxiously singing the teacher's name, which was mildly amusing, but there was some bad language.

They must've forgotten that all of the live sessions are recorded and viewed by administrations. I ended up missing a session by accident because I didn't know where the link was, but according to the teacher whose class I missed, there was a lot of screaming during quizlet live and kahoot. I'm very glad I missed that.

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43. Watching Out for Nature

My cat caught a coral snake during my first period Zoom right in front of me outside the window. It was a little disruptive. I ran out with a stick trying to separate the cat and the snake. Then after my cat was inside, I was afraid my cat got bit because I couldn't tell. I didn't know what to look for, so I went back.

I told my students that if my cat started having a seizure, I was going to sign off to go to the vet. In the meantime, I asked my students to look up and make sure the saying was, “Red touch, yellow kill a fellow,” and it was.

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44. More Than Necessary

This cute girl in my 8 AM class clearly woke up right before and was not wearing anything to cover up her no-no square. She flashed the whole class. My 31-year-old statistics teacher said, “Ashley, I did not know you were providing the entertainment for the class this morning.”

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45. Clip, Clop

My therapy group moved online. I was sitting outside on Zoom on the first day of it, and then my horse walked over to me and started eating my hair and licking the computer screen.

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46. Snooze Button

This was my last college semester, and it was hard when we first moved online. I had an 8 AM art history class that covered the Renaissance to modern art. One kid in class didn’t have his mic muted, and he was snoring hard. My poor professor tried to wake him but couldn’t. She also didn’t know how to mute him or kick him out.

We went on with the lecture. After about five minutes, she finally said, “I absolutely cannot teach to this,” and ended the Zoom meeting. We used voice thread instead for the rest of the semester.

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47. Giggling Ghost

Once during English class, I forgot to turn off my mic. I was browsing Reddit during class and giving out low laughs to memes, and everyone could hear me. I didn't stop until the teacher stopped and asked me what was so funny.

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48. Wrong Answer

While my professor was giving her lecture, a student started talking to their housemate and said, "This dork thinks I’m paying attention." When the lecture went completely silent, the student followed up with, "...unless you can hear me!!"

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49. Talking Things Through

We had a graduation on Zoom. Parents were invited to attend, and somebody's mother came on and, because she was the only one talking, became "center stage." She was looking down with the screen way too close and said, “Okay, I think I clicked the right button. I see the little man in the corner. Huh? What do you mean?”

“Well, if they don't want to hear me talk, tell them not to listen. Where is the mute button? Okay, okay, okay. Everyone looks like they’re laughing. I must have missed something," she said. She found the mute button, but it was still funny. It added hilarity to the tension and formality the event was supposed to have.

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50. Nutter Butter

My mom was yelling at my sister about how she did not feed the dog enough peanut butter and that he needed a whole jar of peanut butter after she fed him a couple more spoonfuls. My teacher just laughed.

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51. Quite Entertaining

My art teacher had her daughter with her on the camera. Right when the class ended, they started singing and dancing to a nursery rhyme. I wore my purple Dr. Seuss hat, and my teacher adored it and told me she had one as well. She was in the middle of a lesson, and I was holding up my phone to see how she was doing it.

I guess my phone was too high up because she asked me, while giggling, “Are you doing your 3 photos now?" My literature teacher said that we all needed our cameras on to make sure we were actually there and not just a poster or something. She said something like, "It’s okay if you look like poop. We all look like poop."

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52. In Closing

During one of my classes, our teacher asked, “Okay kids, how do I turn on Fullscreen?" A random guy went, “try ALT-F4."

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53. Examining Different Genres

I’m a film student, and one of my classmates asked our lecturer about a cinematography technique from the movie Dunkirk. He already had the movie on his laptop, so the lecturer asked him to share screens, and when he did, he accidentally showed that he was also on a dirty site.

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54. Nonverbal Communication

Someone created an impromptu Discord server, and without any communication, everyone immediately started uploading cursed images and memes.

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55. Unconscious Effort

I had stayed up until four in the morning doing art homework, and my mom woke me up at eight to attend a math class. I woke up, logged on, and then listened for only four minutes before nodding off. I woke up an hour later with my principal and teacher being confused by why I was still in the call when everyone else was gone.

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56. Immersive Experience

While a classmate started reading, his parrot started screaming in the background. So, here we were, Cristian reading I Am Malala, while his parrot continued to scream the whole time.

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57. Hustle and Bustle

I was in a Google chat room for a chemistry lesson in the dining room. The entire first floor of my house is open, so it was hard to find privacy. In the middle of the lecture, my brother decided to play soccer with my dog in the foyer. Everyone stared as my dog ran right into the front door. My parents made him leave.

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58. Behind the Scenes

We have online classes with video calls. In my first math class, our teacher was showing us the things we would be learning that day but then stopped five minutes in, looked right at the camera, and said, "Instead of this, would you rather me give a house tour?" We spent the rest of the lesson exploring where he lived.

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59. Strange Sounds

I take online classes with 20 students from all over the country once a week using Zoom. My teacher’s phone rang, and on full volume, we heard that his ringtone was the laughing baby one moms had back in 2011. He answered and muted the chat, and the whole class lost it, one kid even fell off his chair laughing so hard.

We could tell one student was up to something. The student’s phone rang "by accident," with 10 minutes left. Everyone lost it again because he had Katy Perry’s "Firework" as his ringtone. The only response was from the teacher, “Oh, I see. Hey, it’s not as good as mine," and we just talked about Katy Perry and ringtones.

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60. Baby Doll

We were all waiting for our lecturer to come online, but oh boy, when he did, he proceeded to unmute everyone. No one noticed. There was this chick who kept giggling to herself repeating the word, “Mama,” over and over again. She was so embarrassed once she realised, she went completely silent.

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61. Trick or Treat

My classmate was asking a question when his daughter snuck up behind him wearing a clown mask. His connection cut out right when he screamed, and it sounded like this distorted, robotic, looping shriek before his video ended.

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62. See What You’re Saying

My cousin posted a story on Instagram showing her professor putting a magnifying glass up to the screen to read the chat.

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63. Interrupting Scheduled Broadcasting

During my lecture, the lecturer stopped the whole class abruptly because my dog had come on screen and wanted to know what the dog’s name was.

Online Classes factsWikimedia Commons

64. Skill Demonstration

My teacher started playing Just Dance in the middle of a lesson. The song was the Mario one. I had ignored the lesson for the most part and could barely breathe laughing when I looked at the screen to see that.

Online Classes factsWikimedia Commons

65. Intruder Alert

I had a Zoom Call with my French class. Some girl in my class sent the invite code to two of her friends, and they joined at the end of the class. When the teacher was finishing the call, these two boys swore loudly into the mic. She started going off saying that it was a “breach of privacy,” and that she’d report it.

We got an email later stating that we weren't going to have any more Zoom calls because of this.

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66. Class Discussion

We were doing group work, so the teacher put us into our own chat rooms to work on the task. The teacher could go from room to room to see how we were doing. When the teacher joined our chat room, she showed us a dog and mentioned it was another teacher’s but then looked as if she kind of regretted telling us that.

After she discussed the work with us, she left. My group made jokes that the two teachers were sleeping together and that was it. The next day, she told the class all of the calls were recorded, and she could play them back and listen. Nothing else was said about that issue, and then she started the lesson like normal.

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67. Proving the Point

My friend got into an argument with my math teacher about how online learning was pointless and horrible. People were hyping him up in the chat. The argument lasted an hour.

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68. Odd Man Out

We were having a meeting on Zoom, and I closed the curtains in my room to make it dark then put on a gas mask and a hoodie and entered the online class session. Everyone on their cameras had normal faces, and then on one screen, there was just some guy in the dark with a gas mask looking like he came out of a thriller.

At first, the others were confused as well before they figured it out in the messenger chat. For several minutes, the teacher was completely baffled and was staring at the screen trying to figure out who I was. I turned my mic on randomly and played Cheeki Breeki audio and Bandit Radio from Stalker with creepy ticking.

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69. Scary Silence

Our history teacher had a cardboard cut-out of Phil Swift that he stood behind him, so carboard Phil was always watching and judging us. In the same class, someone wore a hockey mask because they didn’t want to catch “internet corona” from Zoom.

Online Classes factsWikimedia Commons

70. Sharing with the Class

My math teacher still hadn't adjusted to online classes very well discipline wise, and my class took that opportunity to be loud and disruptive. About 10 minutes in, the quiet art girl shouted, "Ay, can y'all shut up I'm trying to draw yaoi!" The entire class was silent for a minute before one kid asked, "what's yaoi?"

This girl then yelled over the teacher to explain it to a class of middle schoolers. To waste more time, I asked if she was drawing real people or characters. She smiled wide, and the teacher just gave up trying to teach at that point. This kid fully described her concept for a webcomic describing the setting and plot.

She got excited during what seemed to be her favorite part, which were the characters. She was flapping her hands and bouncing in her seat at that point. Most of us just wanted to waste time, but I was actually really interested in what she was saying. It was awesome.

Online Classes factsPixabay

71. Improper Etiquette

During my history class video call, we had story time where my teacher sat by a fire and read us a story. One dude said, "Hi," in the group chat and another guy sent back, "Bro, did you seriously talk during story time?"

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72. Literally Virtually Impossible

My school had an in-class punishment that put students who didn’t work on a list and were forced to a semi-secluded nook to do work. The teachers always convinced people to do work by telling them they were going to sit in there because usually it would take their lunch period away, but they still do this to us online.

Our teachers threaten us with being in separated even though we are at home and there is no place to go and no one to enforce it.

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73. Everything You Got

My friend had his online class going on while we were playing a game because he wanted to at least open up a tab and join the online class to seem like he was present. We had a suspenseful firefight for a while in the game. After we won, my friend noticed that his mic was on for his online class. Our game was recorded.

Everyone and his teacher had heard EVERYTHING as well as all of our call outs of where the other players were and out intense communication while playing. Imagine attending a class and hearing a 19-year-old talking like Captain Price in Call of Duty.

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74. International Infiltrators

I’m in middle school but have some friends in high school, and a few from Europe joined my class’s seminar. We’re from Idaho so the teachers weren’t only confused by who was speaking, but also why they had accents. I even told them what we were learning in case my teacher asked them any questions—the best prank ever.

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75. Got Lost

The other day, our teacher called the wrong class. We were supposed to have biology, and suddenly, she wrote us to join the video chat in class B4 even though we were class A2. We had to wait another 15 minutes before she realized what was happening and fixed her mistake.

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76. Being a Pest

I have a snake who I sometimes feed live mice. The other day, my dad brought in two live mice and said I could hold one of them. I got attached to the one I was holding, and now, I have a pet mouse. During my online class, I got bored of learning about whatever, and I grabbed the mouse out of her cage and let her play.

She was running around on my desk and in my hands, so, to others, it just looked like I had my hands cupped and was babbling and giggling at nothing. My teacher noticed and asked me to show him what was in my hands. I raised my hands up to the camera, and this tiny little mouse crawled out of my sleeve and on my hands.

The entire class including myself lost it, and the teacher just sighed. I could tell he was trying not to laugh. I just giggled and said, “I’ll put her back,” and he went, “Yeah, go ahead and do that.” I didn’t get into trouble, but it relieved my teacher who was clearly stressed out due to all this online class chaos.

Online Classes factsPxHere

77. Self-Love

The “quiet kid” thought he had his camera and mic off, got up, whipped out his willie, and pranced around, and at one point, started going at it. The class that was 75% female tried to ignore it. Eventually, he noticed everyone could see, and when the teacher yelled at him, he said, “At least I gave the ladies a show.”

Online Classes factsCanva

78. Bad Literature

My friend got bored listening to our stats lecture and started writing sensual fan fiction about him and me as well as two other friends in lecture. We used the private chat taking turns writing a line. For about 20 minutes, we got to one of us kicking open the door of an Olive Garden in a crotchless Care Bear costume.

That was when our professor told the class that she had a transcript of every chat conversation happening even if they were private. I wanted to disappear then and there. Some other students had been badmouthing the professor, so they were embarrassed, but not as embarrassed as me.

Online Classes factsCanva

79. Class Act

A volcano was active in my country and covered the roads and cities in toxic ash, and we had to cancel classes. The school tried to make up for those missed days by adding an online regular class on Saturdays. The English teacher was in the middle of discussing something, and then the students kicked her out as a joke.

When she was added back, she seemed a little confused and tried to brush it off. In the end, the trick wasn't that funny anymore when the poor woman started crying in the middle of class on Monday. Apparently, it happened again to her on the same day with a different class. She thought the students were angry with her.

Made Teachers Cry FactsPxHere

80. Truly Disappointed

A kid went into the Zoom call we had and screen shared himself playing Fortnite. When he lost, he let out a huge moan. He thought he was muted the entire time, so the teacher then kicked him out of the call.

Online Classes factsPixabay

81. Act Natural

I had just started my class, said hi, and thought I turned off my mic. I was sitting there three cups of coffee deep and let out, not only a loud, but a very long toot. It was the kind that vibrate your cheeks a little. I thought everything was good until a “bless you” popped up in the chat.

Online Classes factsPixabay

82. Want Something?

The principal thought he had turned everyone’s mics off, but the next thing we heard was someone ordering from McDonald’s. The principal jokingly yelled at him but then asked for a double cheeseburger.

Online Classes factsPixabay

83. Star Pupil

I have a large pitbull, and she fell asleep on my chest before class. We weren't allowed to have our mics on unless the teacher called on us, so our cameras had to be on to answer basic yes or no questions and to make sure everyone was ready to move on. The whole hour-long class, I had a large dog showing on my screen.

I was angrily asked if I could wake her, and the whole class supported the teacher’s demand for me to do so. Then he allowed my dog to sleep peacefully. She was no distraction and was well behaved even when she woke up. After class, she was the center of attention and was given lots of virtual pats and many good girls.

Online Classes factsPixabay

84. Racing to the End

I don’t know if the teacher noticed, but I was having a really boring time, so I turned off the video but not the mic, and I started playing a game. 10 minutes later, my friend messaged me saying that all my friends were hearing vroom, vroom in the background

Online Classes factsPixnio

85. Following Along in Song

I was in the Zoom meeting, and I forgot to turn off my mic. I started singing since I got bored, and the song I was singing was, “Are Ya Winning Son?” 13 seconds into the song, my teacher asked, “Are you done yet?” My heart dropped and said, “Sorry, I got bored.” My teacher asked, “So, my class is boring?” I sputtered.

Online Classes factsPixabay

86. Captivating Presentation

A guy in my online speech class struggled to wolf down a bowl of cereal, fruit snacks, and a sandwich before the class resumed. He didn't turn off the mic or the video. I was so enthralled that I forgot to take a break of my own.

Online Classes factsNeedpix

87. Bless You, Sister

I attend Catholic school. During one of our professional development sessions, we heard one of the nuns swear calling out someone obnoxious.

Online Classes factsPixabay

88. Appreciating the View

I saw this girl in my biology class onscreen, and she looked really good. I thought my mic was off, so I said out loud, “Man, (insert name here) looks good.” To my surprise, she then said thanks and then told me my poster behind me looked cool.

Secrets FactsPikrepo

89. Not My Problem

The teacher taught us a whole 40-minute lecture but had forgotten to turn on the mic. None of the people in the lecture let her know that anything was wrong with the mic, and the class ended without her knowing about it. I guess everyone was tired of her.

Online Classes factsPixabay

90. Poor Delivery

My friend bought drinks for me because the first few weeks had been stressful. During one of my classes, there was a knock on my door, and the FedEx guy yelled, "You have a delivery!" My face turned bright red because I knew my students could hear it since they’d heard my neighbors arguing, so I just ended class short.

Online Classes factsWikimedia Commons

91. Insider Secrets

I'm a student, and my teacher was talking to his wife at first. Pretty normal right? Just wait for it...She left, and then he got on the phone and said, "Yeah, honey, my wife just left, wanna come over?" The entire class went completely nuts, let me tell you.

Online Classes factsPxHere

92. Breaking It Down

I'm a tutor, and my student didn’t mute before leaving for a 5-minute break. She had quite the conversation with her brother about how big of a loser I was, how much I sucked, and how poor my house looked. But don't worry—I got my revenge. I record every tutoring session, so I finished like it didn’t happen and sent the clip straight to my supervisor.

She got booted off of the tutoring program as I was the only tutor advanced enough for her grade that is able to take her.

Online Classes factsPixabay

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