Mortifying Tattoos

October 2, 2023 | Sarah-May Oldfield

Mortifying Tattoos

Tattoos can be some of the ultimate, and permanent, forms of self-expression and creativity. While some no doubt look very cool, others are huge red flags. Here is a list of tattoos people found to be big turn-offs.

1. Imagine Being That Fan

There's this unusual situation where a girl decided to ink the lyrics from my band onto her skin. But wait, it gets even stranger. She went ahead and named her child after our lead singer, despite the fact that it's just a stage name and not his actual name. 

We're a punk band, so we don't really get mainstream radio airplay, but we gained quite a bit of recognition for being featured in a popular video game soundtrack. We've toured various countries and performed at major festivals, but let me clarify, I'm not famous, just relatively successful. 

I've actually come across at least five different tattoos dedicated to our band. It's just a bit unsettling to think that this girl named her kid after someone she's never met, solely because of our music. And if she actually knew our singer, she'd be aware of how much he dislikes it.

Woman with a lyrics tattoo on her left arm

2. There's Someone For Everyone

So, I had this interesting encounter at the gym once. It was a huge gym, one of those fancy ones with pools, saunas, and all sorts of cool amenities. Anyway, there was this guy I met there who had a unique habit. 

Whenever he went to the pools or saunas, he would take off his shirt and reveal a tattoo on his obliques that looked like the Unabomber wearing his classic hoodie and aviators. It's kind of strange, but I found it really intriguing rather than off-putting. 

However, as I got to know him better, I realized that he wasn't as interesting as his tattoo made him seem.

Tattooed arm of a man with big muscles in a dark environmentMatheus Ferrero, Pexels

3. That’s One Way To Settle A Tab

Once, in a moment of poor judgment, I consumed excessive amounts of alcohol and made a regrettable decision. I foolishly agreed to permanently tattoo my coworker's boyfriend's name on my buttocks in exchange for him covering my significant bar tab, which had become quite substantial. 

Over the years, many women have asked about this peculiar tattoo, but I must admit that none of them have been the least bit impressed with my explanation.

Person pouring tattoo ink on silver faucetcottonbro studio, Pexels

4. Interesting Location, Unsurprising Results

During my younger and less wise days, I made the regrettable decision to get a tattoo of a Jack Daniels bottle on my buttock. Unfortunately, the worst possible outcome ensued. As soon as someone laid eyes on it, they promptly ended their connection with me. 

For those who may be wondering, I must confess that the tattoo is indeed of poor quality—it's both crooked and, to my dismay, the artist responsible for it was clearly under the influence of alcohol.

Woman in Brown Sweater Sitting on Brown Sofa getting a tattoocottonbro studio, Pexels

5. Krusty Wasn’t Invited To The Wedding

During a period of time, I provided makeup services for weddings. On one occasion, I received a request from a bride's mother to conceal a tattoo. Specifically, she said, "Krusty is not coming to the wedding." 

Since I knew the bride from high school, I agreed to take on the last-minute job without a trial run. When the wedding day arrived, I couldn't believe what I saw. Krusty turned out to be an 8-inch by 8-inch tattoo, prominently displayed in full color. 

It was a poorly executed portrait of a woman wearing an even worse Mexican death mask, with hues of red, blue, and yellow. The dress failed to cover any part of it, and the tattoo seemed to eerily stare at anyone who looked at it. 

It appeared as though the face of the tattoo was peering over the back of the strapless dress. The tattoo was raised and scarred, and I had to explain that there were limitations to what I could do. While concealing "Krusty," I couldn't help but ask her why she had this tattoo in the first place. 

She revealed that she used to hang out with a strange older man who had bought a tattoo kit. He came up with the design specifically for her and spent a couple of weeks convincing her to let him tattoo her. Supposedly, the tattoo was meant to depict her wearing the mask. 

Hearing this story only made the tattoo even more unsettling. I did my best to cover the tattoo and advised her to avoid excessive hugging to prevent makeup smudges and to ensure that Krusty wouldn't make an unexpected appearance at the wedding.

Asian bride with a tattoo on her armTrần Long, Pexels

6. Nice Guy, Bad Taste In Tattoo

My former boyfriend, who was undoubtedly attractive, sported an unfortunate tattoo. Positioned on his chest was a depiction of a wolf, unfortunately poorly executed. The sketch featured crossed eyes, a peculiarly rotund face, and inexplicably included pine trees among its fur. It was truly an unfortunate sight. I couldn't help but wonder, why?

Man in a black tank top getting a wolf tattooFatih Doğrul, Pexels

7. It Was House Elf Bad

There was this guy I knew who had this tattoo on his chest that he referred to as a "wolf in sheep's clothing". Now, I use the term "wolf" loosely because, to be honest, it looked more like a strange interpretation of Dobby the House Elf from Harry Potter. 

Let me tell you, it was not the greatest tattoo out there.

Dobby the house elfJamesInOregon, Flickr

8. He Doesn’t Even Go Here

In 2003, I came across a gentleman who happened to work at the 7-11 opposite my loft in a rather run-down area of town. It was quite fortunate for me, or so I thought. 

This individual had a hairstyle resembling Kevin from The Office, and to top it off, he had the University of Michigan logo inked on his forehead. Yes, you read that correctly, it was on his forehead. And here's the kicker—he hadn't even attended that university.

Tattoo Studio

9. It’s Job Is To Sink

I encountered an individual with a tattoo of an anchor accompanied by the phrase "can't sink me." Frankly, it struck me as rather foolish. For those who argue, "well, an anchor's purpose is to secure a boat in place," there are two fallacies in that reasoning. 

Firstly, metaphorically speaking, it implies stagnation and lack of progress, making it appear senseless. Secondly, anchors can only fulfill their intended function by sinking, thus sinking is indeed central to the anchor's functionality.

Man with an anchor tattoo on hisMiguel Constantin Montes, Unsplash

10. History Hates A Strong Woman

I used to work as a paramedic. One day, while my partner, who is Chinese American, and I were grabbing lunch at McDonald's, we noticed a cute blonde standing next to us. She had a couple of Chinese characters tattooed on her upper arm. 

As we collected our food and prepared to leave, my partner approached the girl and asked her about the meaning of the characters. "They mean 'beauty and strength'," she answered. As we walked out of the restaurant, I jokingly said to my partner, "I thought you could read Chinese." 

His response caught me off guard and made me burst into laughter. "I can," he replied. "But she thinks those characters represent 'beauty and strength' when they actually mean 'dog' and 'woman'." 

It turned out that someone had unintentionally tattooed the Chinese equivalent of the "b" word on her arm. We found this hilarious and couldn't help but laugh as we enjoyed our meal.

Man writing Chinese characters with a calligraphic brushMarco Zuppone, Unsplash

11. Good Intention, Wrong Execution

I once had the pleasure of meeting a lovely older lady who sported a captivating tiger tattoo on her entire back. Curious about the story behind her bold choice, I asked her about it, and she proceeded to explain that it symbolized her and her sister being born under the sign of Leo, commonly represented by a lion. 

To commemorate their shared astrological connection, she had decided to adorn her back with a tattoo of a different big cat altogether. Not only did the tattoo feature the majestic cat, but it also had the words "Leo's forever" and their birth dates elegantly written at the bottom.

 Although she was in her seventies, she possessed a gentle demeanor, reflective of her life in the rural countryside. However, she seemed a bit bewildered at times, which only added to her endearing charm. 

It pained me to realize that her beloved tattoo also contained a spelling error, but I couldn't summon the heart to break the news to her. It truly was a bittersweet sight to behold.

Tiger Laying on a RockMuffin Creatives, Pexels

12. Never Annoy Your Tattoo Artist

During a university class, I was part of a group project. Among us, there was a person who had a tattoo on the back of their neck. When asked about its meaning, she mentioned that it symbolized "unity" or something similar and widespread. This is when things took a turn.

Interestingly, one of our group members, who happened to be Chinese, mentioned that it actually translated to "picnic table." They explained that it was a common prank played by tattoo artists on customers who were being a little too bothersome.

Man Tattooing Person on ArmDan Prado, Pexels

13. The Opposite of Cosmic

When I went to get a haircut, I immediately noticed something intriguing about the stylist. On one arm, she had a tattoo of the New Flyer Industries logo, while on the other arm, there was a mirrored Gillig Bros logo. Both of these logos are associated with transit companies.

 Curiosity got the best of me, so I asked her if she had a passion for public transportation. To my surprise, she appeared puzzled by my question and replied with a simple "No, why do you ask?" 

Unable to contain my curiosity any longer, I decided to be direct and asked her about the meaning behind the tattoos. She went on to explain that while taking a walk near the county garage, she stumbled upon two metal objects lying on the ground. 

Strangely enough, she found them to be deeply symbolic, almost like abstract cosmic symbols. The truth of the matter, however, turned out to be quite comical. As it turns out, those metal objects were actually the hood badges that had fallen off transit buses.

Crop hands with cosmic tattoo holding each otherTim Samuel, Pexels

14. How To Not Guarantee A Second Date

During my date with a guy, he waited until we were halfway through to reveal that he had 3 children and an Insane Clown Posse tattoo. Afterward, he asked if I wanted to go out again, but I politely declined. 

When he questioned whether it was because of his kids or the tattoo, I had to honestly admit that it was the tattoo.

Photo of Clown Holding TambourineNishant Aneja, Pexels

15. A Very Serious Fan

Years ago, I found myself in a cozy little bar out in the rural Midwest. As I sat there, minding my own business and trying to order a drink, I was approached by a friendly woman in her 40s who struck up a conversation with me. 

She was a much more pleasant companion than the older man who was shamelessly trying to hit on me. As the evening went on, we ended up discussing our favorite bands. Little did I know, I was about to witness something quite unexpected. 

Without any warning, she suddenly hopped off her bar stool, leaned over, and half-pulled up her shirt in the back, revealing a big stamp on her skin adorned with the signatures of all the members of the boy band... Hanson. 

She was positively beaming with pride as she recounted the story behind her unique tattoo. Apparently, a few years prior, she had attended one of their concerts and, determined to get up close, had splurged on pricey backstage passes. 

After successfully collecting each member's signature, she decided to commemorate the experience by heading to a tattoo parlor that was open all night. That very night, she proudly got their signatures permanently inked on her skin. 

The fact that she had done all of this in her 30s left me slightly taken aback. I finished my drink in a daze, unable to fully process what had just transpired. Without wasting any time, I made a hasty exit from the bar.

Members of the Pop Band HansonWilliam, CC BY 2.0 Wikimedia Commons

16. “Smile, Nod, And Back Away”

While I was at a pub, I encountered a man proudly displaying his large portrait tattoo of Steve Irwin's cheerful face. It happened a couple of years after the unfortunate stingray incident. The tattoo was undeniably well-crafted—but it left me quite astonished. 

Throughout our conversation, the guy kept referring to Steve as if they were the closest of friends. However, he eventually confessed that they had never actually met. He did, however, state that "Steve's dad" had given his blessing to the tattoo and had shown support when they crossed paths.

Deep down, I couldn't help but feel that Mr. Irwin Sr. probably showed his support in a more distant and reserved manner, perhaps with a polite smile, a nod, and a slow retreat.

Steve IrwinBernard DUPONT from FRANCE, CC BY-SA 2.0 Wikimedia Commons

17. Fool Me Twice

I have been working as a tattoo artist for approximately 16 years. One of my specialties is doing coverups, particularly challenging ones. More often than not, clients come to me with poorly done tattoos or tattoos that no longer hold significance in their lives. 

I frequently handle cases involving scarred tribal designs and subpar flower tattoos. Interestingly enough, in recent years, I've noticed a decrease in the number of name coverups I'm asked to do. 

It seems like people are finally learning from their mistakes. However, I still recall a funny incident involving a woman who wanted her ex-husband's name covered up within a rose design on her lower back. 

To address her request, I extended some leaves and reworked the tattoo to create a more balanced design. However, a few months later, she returned to my shop. This time, she wanted her ex-husband's name added back because, you guessed it, they got remarried. 

Reluctantly, I obliged, but I managed to convince her to get the name done in a small size, just in case. Unsurprisingly, about a year later, she came back to have it covered up again. 

Despite these repeat visits, she was a pretty cool lady, and we had many good laughs together, accompanied by a few "I told you so's". I haven't seen her since, or at least not for any more adjustments to that expanding rosebush tattoo.

Black and white photography of a heart tattoopeter bucks, Unsplash

18. Some Big Mistakes Were Made

One of my friend's dad had planned to have the phrase "Only God can judge me" written in Olde English font across his entire back. Unfortunately, the tattoo artist, who happened to be dyslexic, made a mistake and it ended up being tattooed as "Only God can Jude me". 

As a result, he had to get a cover-up tattoo over his entire upper back since the mistake couldn't be corrected. He's a big and tough guy, but he faced endless teasing and ridicule for years. To this day, people still refer to him as "Jude".

Black and white photography of a Tattoo artistMaxim Hopman, Unsplash

19. That’s One Way To Show Dislike For The Competition

There was a person I once knew who was employed by Coca Cola. Surprisingly, he decided to permanently adorn his body with a tattoo showcasing a depiction of the Calvin and Hobbes child urinating on a Pepsi logo. 

Reflecting upon this, I found myself contemplating the intriguing and often perplexing nature of human thoughts.

Calvin and HobbesJairus Khan, Flickr

20. That Relationship Is Definitely Over

Back when I was in college, I joined a speech and debate team. It was a pretty close-knit group, and we all got to know each other very well. One day, I noticed that one of the girls on our team started dating another member. We all thought it was sweet, but little did we know, drama was about to unfold. 

One night, we were all having a good time together, enjoying each other's company. However, things took a turn when the couple started arguing. It seemed like they were on the verge of breaking up. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the guy blurted out something that left all of our jaws dropping. He exposed a secret tattoo that the girl had on her butt cheek—a tattoo with her step-father's name! 

It was quite a shock for all of us, and needless to say, it made for an unforgettable and unexpected moment during our night out.

Woman Sitting with Hands Covering Her FaceMART PRODUCTION, Pexels

21. Perfect Way To End Attraction

During high school, I was in a relationship with a guy who later joined the military. As the time for our long-awaited reunion approached, I discovered that he had recently gotten a tattoo on his arm which read "Mamas Boy" (without an apostrophe). 

Surprisingly, this one word completely covered his entire bicep. Unfortunately, this somewhat diminished my attraction to him.

Woman Holding Boy

22. When Art Imitates Life?

Back in the day, I used to date a guy in high school who decided to get an interesting tattoo. He opted for a small stick figure holding a lawnmower around his intimate area. From what I gathered, this wasn't a common choice for tattoos at that time. 

Afterwards, he emailed me a photo of his new ink. Despite the unconventional subject matter, he tried to maintain some dignity. However, things took a turn for the worse when my mom intercepted the email. 

It was quite embarrassing, but surprisingly enough, my mom found it amusing.

embarrassed womanIvan Aleksic, Unsplash

23. Did Not See That Coming

I was once involved with a man who took great care of his body and had no interest in getting tattoos. He was in fantastic shape and dedicated a lot of time to working out, often strutting confidently without a shirt. 

During our entire relationship, he made it clear that he would never join the tattooed community, which was something he appreciated about both of us. However, as you continue reading, it will become apparent why our relationship eventually ended. 

Some time after our breakup, we had a phone conversation to catch up. To my surprise, he confesses, "You won't believe this, but I actually got a tattoo. It's really large." Curious, I inquire about the design, expecting something cool like a jaguar or leopard. 

But no, it turns out that he got a massive tattoo of his mother's cat stretching from his side all the way down to his buttocks.

Cat on a bookshelf facing the camera

24. Some People Never Leave High School

During my high school years, I engaged in casual encounters with a well-known football player who was a senior while I was a freshman. 

My self-esteem was remarkably low at the time, which compelled me to engage in another encounter with him when he returned to town a few years later, during my senior year. My intention was to demonstrate that his actions hadn't affected me emotionally. 

However, my perspective took a significant shift—one day, I noticed he had a fresh tattoo of our high school mascot. It was at that moment I began to question if my entire home state was truly the right fit for me.

Green dinosaur mascotLuke Wang, Unsplash

25. Not So Finger Lickin’ Good

My friend made a regrettable choice after losing a bet: he got a tattoo of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel on his buttocks, along with the phrase "Finger Lickin' Good." 

He later admitted it was the worst decision he had ever made, and I can't help but cringe at the thought of having to explain this to a partner.

Tattoo ink tray

26. A Really Big Nope

Working as a Drag Queen introduces you to a fascinating array of individuals. Among them was a performer who had a penchant for excessive makeup, yet his dance was utterly captivating. 

As my time was coming to an end, I had the opportunity to see him without his usual cosmetic embellishments, and suddenly everything became clear. To my surprise, he had three blue tear drops beneath his left eye, and two beneath his right. 

These tear drops held significant symbolic meaning. Traditionally, a tear drop near the left eye signifies that the person has taken someone's life, while a tear drop near the right eye signifies that they have experienced the loss of a loved one. 

Each tear drop represented a life taken or lost. I was taken aback, unable to process what I had discovered. It was a moment that genuinely shook me to my core.

Crying man with tears on faceaastock, Shutterstock

27. That’s A Lot On The Face

I found myself aboard a bus in West Hollywood, accompanied by an individual who boldly displayed a facial tattoo of Pickle Rick, a popular character from the TV show Rick and Morty.

 Additionally, the person had YEEZY printed on their forehead in the distinctive Supreme font. I departed at the subsequent stop.

Mascots of Rick and MortyAvivi Aharon, Shutterstock

28. Expectations Versus Reality

After consuming a substantial amount of alcohol, my neighbor made the decision to get a wolf tattoo. Unfortunately, the outcome was less than desirable. Not only were the intricate details smudged, but the wolf's muzzle appeared disproportionately small and stunted. 

It resembled a pug with a remarkably majestic mane.

Person Showing Right Hand With Black Tattoo

29. A Game Of Chicken

I know someone who got a tattoo from a friend who decided to become a tattoo artist. Although the artist had talent in other art forms, they had never done tattoos before. Despite this, their friends allowed them to practice on them because of their skill in other mediums.

 However, it turned out to be a regrettable decision. On a specific occasion, this friend wanted a Thunderbird tattoo, but ended up with what everyone humorously referred to as the Thunderchicken instead.

Chicken at Golden

30. What Did He Expect?

During my time in high school, there was a student who continuously tormented the only Chinese student in our grade. One day, this student approached him and asked for the Chinese characters representing "Legend," intending to get a tattoo. 

Unbeknownst to the student, the Chinese classmate mischievously provided him with characters that translated to "Bend Over" instead. The resulting discovery of this unexpected meaning brought quite a memorable moment for everyone involved.

Young teenager wearing casual red t shirt covering eyes

31. A Very Scary Meeting

I encountered a person I had never seen before, sporting a tattoo of my own face. An eerie chill ran through my body, as if I were face to face with the devil himself. 

However, it turned out to be someone else, though the resemblance to myself was so striking, it felt like gazing into a mirror.

Half shaved man looking at himself

32. That’s Some Serious Creativity

Once, I encountered an individual with an incredibly intricate tattoo. The design consisted of a massive cross embellished with a prominent leaf. Atop this leaf sat Bowser from the renowned game Super Mario Bros 2, donning a pair of sunglasses and skillfully strumming a double-necked guitar. And that's not all...

Meanwhile, Bowser effortlessly balanced on a surfboard as waves rose beneath him. Curving gracefully above the tattoo, elegant cursive letters spelled out the incitement, "Let's Party."

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser

33. Interesting Vacation Views

During our visit to a Costa Rica resort, we encountered a man who confidently strolled around shirtless, showcasing a distinctive tattoo that captured everyone's attention. It was one of those tattoos that elicit disbelief and amusement from onlookers. 

Specifically, the tattoo featured a monkey positioned on his abdomen, with its buttocks aligned with his belly button. Quite humorously, the monkey's hand appeared to be reaching around, seemingly poised to play a mischievous gesture. 

This unusual sight became a regular occurrence during our 14-day stay.

cute baby monkey

34. He Is Always Watching

After my girlfriend's father passed away, she decided to pay tribute to him by getting an expansive tattoo on her back. This artwork showcased her father's face skillfully merged with the body of Saint Peregrine, the patron saint of cancer. 

However, I must admit that during moments of intimacy, when a specific position allowed her father's gaze to meet mine, it became a significant deterrent. Consequently, I made the difficult decision to end our relationship shortly thereafter.

man closes his eyes with his hands

35. When Being A Fan Isn’t Enough

There's this guy I know who has a tremendous passion for Volkswagen. He went to the extent of getting both the small round logo and the company name tattooed on his shoulder and arm. With his love for Volkswagen, he decided to apply for a job at a Volkswagen garage. 

However, to his dismay, they didn't hire him, giving a reason that was equal parts amusing and disheartening. Apparently, company policy strictly prohibited visible tattoos.

Classic Green and white VW Camper

36. Muppets In Poor Situations

A peculiar lady entered my store today, expressing her desire for a tattoo. Her description blew my mind—she wanted Miss Piggy donning a leather outfit, alongside the unfortunate image of Kermit wearing a leather dog suit complete with a mask. 

To emphasize her point, she lifted her shirt to reveal her belly as the chosen canvas. Regrettably, I declined her request, explaining that it wasn't the type of tattoo I specialize in, and it turned out she didn't have the necessary funds either.

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy

37. Well, They Weren’t Wrong

One of my acquaintances, who had been to Korea, decided to get a massive tattoo on her back. She believed it symbolized "love my family" or something similar. 

However, I hesitated to inform her that another friend of mine, who is Korean, discreetly revealed that it actually translated to "foreigner."

Young student

38. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle?

When my sister was 19, she decided to get a tattoo of "Chrissy" on the back of her neck as a symbol of her love for her girlfriend. Unfortunately, their relationship ended a few years later. However, my sister continued to explore other romantic opportunities and dated several other girls. 

\Surprisingly, at the age of 35, she found herself marrying another woman named Christina and started affectionately referring to her as "Chrissy". Sadly, their marriage also ended in divorce after three years. 

\Even though she no longer shares her life with any Christinas, she still carries the tattoo on her neck. I can't help but wonder if she will pursue another relationship with someone named Christina, completing what could be seen as a "threepeat".

Woman in blue shirt with a tattoo on her neck

39. Multipurpose Tattoos

When I was 18, I got a tattoo of my boyfriend's initials. At the time, I thought it would be meaningful since our son also shares those initials. However, things changed when I married another man who ended up adopting my son. 

We decided to change our son's last name, and as a result, the tattooed initials now appear as random letters. Not only is it no longer significant, but it also creates an uncomfortable conversation starter for any potential future partners.

Tattoo artist creating a tattoo on a girl's arm

40. A Big Red Flag For A Guard

My uncle made the regrettable decision to get a tattoo on his forearm of a man in an electric chair. This idea is even more foolish than you can imagine, especially considering he was employed as a corrections officer at the time.

 It's safe to say it wasn't the smartest move on his part. As a result, he ended up losing his job, although I can't recall if the tattoo played a role in his official termination.

Business boss sending you're fired letterSuperOhMo, Shutterstock

41. If You Can’t Own Them, Tattoo Them

I once collaborated with an individual who proudly displayed the Champion logo, prominently etched in capital letters on his forearm. Surprisingly, the tattoo itself was well-executed and neat. 

On the other hand, his girlfriend had rather poorly done Louis Vuitton logos in pastel hues inked behind her ear. It was quite curious that despite their tattoos, I never witnessed them donning or possessing any items from either brand.

Studio photo of lovely glad couple

42. Not What They’re Supposed To Look Like

I once met a woman who had tattoos of "bullets" on the inside of her wrists that resembled male anatomy. She also had tattoos of firearms on her hips. 

When asked about them, she shared that her dad had given her a pistol, and getting it tattooed allowed her to hold onto that memory forever. 

There was this playful gesture she would do where she would tap her wrist "bullets" against her pelvis guns, then raise her fingers in the shape of guns and proclaim herself to be "locked and loaded".

shocked woman standing over blue background

43. Those Little Gremlins

I used to date someone who had tattoos of their children's portraits. It was a bit distracting whenever we were intimate because I would always end up looking at the faces of their kids.

And to make matters worse, the tattoos were not exactly the best quality, so I had a strange, distorted image of a baby staring back at me.

Headshot of funny girl with bob hairstyle looking away

44. Feeling Rapturous About This One

So, there's this friend of mine who was going through this super religious phase, right? And he had this idea to get a tattoo of the word "Jesus" in Hebrew characters. Well, he made a little oopsie. 

Instead of seeking help from an expert or something, he thought he could just use the internet to translate the word and then copy it. Can you guess what happened next? Yep, he ended up copying the word "Hebrew" in Hebrew characters instead of "Jesus". 

It's actually quite hilarious now when we talk about it every now and then. Good times, good times.

45. Riddle Me This

I once knew this guy named Maurice who received a green question mark as his symbol. It happened because of his coincidental connection to the song that goes, "I'm a joker, I'm a smoker". 

Being a comic book enthusiast, I felt compelled to correct him and inform him that the symbol he got was actually associated with the Riddler, not the Joker. In fact, the Joker's symbol, if any, would simply be his face. 

Maurice, feeling a bit downcast, nodded and said, "Yeah, I already knew that."

The Riddler villain figure

46. Real Life Pepé Le Pew

I used to work alongside a young woman who had a rather prominent Pepé Le Pew tattoo on her leg. Little did I know, she would later reveal herself to be quite obsessed with our supervisor, engaging in a rather troubling pattern of stalking behaviors. 

She would drive past his house, constantly call him, and even show up at various locations where he would be. It's worth noting that this was all happening in a time before smartphones, so her level of dedication was quite extraordinary. 

Eventually, things reached a breaking point, and a restraining order was placed against her. As a result, she found herself without employment.

Strangely enough, she never seemed to grasp the irony of having a tattoo featuring a rather uncomfortable skunk character known for his predatory behavior.

Skunk animal passing by a tree,

47. The Worst Kind Of Appropiation

I recently saw a guy of Caucasian descent at a waterpark who had a tattoo in Punjabi on his chest. My partner happens to be Sikh, and Punjabi is a language that holds great religious significance for them. 

Curious, I approached the guy and asked if he knew Punjabi. Surprisingly, he had no idea what the language was and even thought that the tattoo meant something in Arabic. 

It was quite a unique situation because not only was he unable to understand the meaning of his own tattoo, but it was also in a language he didn't even know existed. That language happened to be sacred to a particular group of people, of which he was not a part.

Happy man in turbanKetut Subiyanto, Pexels

48. She’s Really That Into You

So, this happened a while back. I kept running into this girl at the bar, like three times in total. And then, one night, we ended up going back to her place. The next morning, as I'm getting ready, I notice something freaky. 

She's got my initials tattooed on her ankle. Turns out, she was actually a friend of a friend on Facebook, so those encounters weren't just random. I mean, it was flattering and we had a great time, but it kinda made me realize I needed to get rid of my social media accounts.

Photo Of a Bare Feet Woman With Ankle TattooAnna Tarazevich, Pexels

49. I Wonder Why They Broke Up

I once knew a colleague who experienced a difficult breakup. Unfortunately, his reaction to it was not the best choice. He decided to get a tattoo on his forearm depicting a topless woman with a noose around her neck. 

Understandably, this tattoo was deemed highly offensive and he was instructed to keep it covered while at work.

Man covering his eyes with tattoo on his palmsAyo Ogunseinde, Unsplash

50. Not So Cute After All

My friend had a strong attraction to a charming goth girl adorned with tattoos. It was the first time we saw her wearing a sleeveless top, revealing the intricate ink on both of her arms. 

I was taken aback, nearly blurting out in surprise. On one arm, she had an image of Charles Manson.

Blond girl with many tattoos wearing tank topWellington Cunha, Pexels

Sources:  Reddit

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Madame de Pompadour was the alluring chief mistress of King Louis XV, but few people know her dark history—or the chilling secret shared by her and Louis.
December 7, 2018 Kyle Climans

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Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but few people know her even darker history.

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Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s First Wife

Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but very few people know her even darker history.
June 7, 2018 Christine Tran

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