Horrified People Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Friends Were Monsters

February 19, 2019 | Miles Brucker

Horrified People Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Friends Were Monsters

When out and about in the world, we’re bound to meet all sorts of people. Some are nice, some are mean, some are quiet, some are loud—and some are just plain weird. At what point in a relationship with another human being does one come to the realization that certain people may be just a little too odd—beyond the line of acceptability and at the point where it’s probably best to try and cut the relationship short?

That’s the question that these Redditors were asked, and experience is the best teacher! Here’s how 42 people who have been in these scenarios decided that it was time to distance themselves from someone they knew.

1. Whose Blood Was He Donating?

I once went on a date with this guy I met who used to donate blood at my work. We went to dinner and it went pretty well. After dinner, we decided to continue talking in his car, we started making out for a while and eventually stopped it since it was getting a little too hot and heavy for a first date. We continued talking in his car and this is when he decides to talk a little too much about how he really enjoys sex and extremely violent sexual games.

Any time I tried to change the subject, it would always go back to that. He then tells me that he especially enjoys knife play and would love cutting me some time, and that he enjoys watching videos of people getting slowly cut. I played it off saying I wasn't into that kind of thing and told him it was getting pretty late and I should go. I haven't seen him since.

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2. Bon Voyage!

A month into a new job, I went on a vacation with my boyfriend. An older man I had spoken to just a few times made me a scrap box filled with gifts about my vacation. I distanced myself immediately because I found it so strange that someone I barely knew would make me a gift for going on vacation. Why does going on vacation warrant a gift? Now that I’ve worked there for years I’ve learned he is known as the office creep and asks all the new female interns if he can take their pictures.

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3. Not the Best Pickup Line Ever Heard

I was acquaintances with a guy who developed feelings for me. I told him from the beginning that I didn’t feel the same and everything seemed fine until he told me that he liked to cut out body parts of women from magazines and put them together into what he figured I looked like naked and would talk to it at night as if he was having a conversation with me. He actually told me this as if I was going to be flattered or impressed. I immediately got right out of that friendship.

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4. There’s No Place Like Home

In college, I was getting to know a classmate. He was awkward and twitchy, but I saw no reason not to be kind. We would arrive outside the classroom at about the same time, so we would chat for a bit. Maybe the fourth or fifth time, he was asking about where I'm from. I told him. I described it as an especially small town.

He seemed skeptical of how small I'd said the town was, so he grabs his tablet, opens Google maps, and brings up my town (several states away from our university, mind you). When he brought the town up, I saw my house. Being an idiot, I pointed it out. So quietly I almost didn't hear, he whispered, "Gotcha!" as he bookmarked my house's location. I honestly didn't know what to do and I went out of my way to never speak to that guy again.

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5. Read Any Good Books Lately?

When I was a young girl in my early 20s, I shared an office with an older man (40s-50s). He traveled most of the time so it was easy to share the space. One time he left me a copy of a book he thought I'd like. It was an erotic novel. I wasn't as friendly with him after that.

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6. Denial Won’t Get Her Anywhere

A girl I know likes to make people cry. Just that, she enjoys watching someone cry and she is trying constantly to lead people into it. I talked to her about it after a mutual friend lost his father in a car accident and she would start the conversation about it just to make him cry. She said she didn't think it was a bad thing and that "everyone does it." I told her she should get some help about it but she says it's something she enjoys so it doesn't need to be taken care of.

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7. Til Death Do Us Part

My high school boyfriend tried to convince me to complete a suicide pact with him so we'd be together forever. He talked about how romantic it would be if we died together. Because of other things he'd said, I distanced myself from him slowly. He legit scared me. He still kind of scares me even though I moved thousands of miles away and it's been years since we split. He's got some serious issues.

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8. Setting the Relationship Ablaze

Any time my ex-boyfriend and I would get into fights, he’d go into his closet, grab a gun and hand it to me, then he’d tell me to just shoot him and get it over with. I ended things with him after that.

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9. Social Conventions Exist for a Reason...

Dude would often get drunk and strip down to his briefs at social gatherings. He's currently awaiting trial for trafficking child porn.

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10. Time for a Bedtime Story?

Am a student nurse. Have recently had a placement on a ward that takes care of elderly women. I had this one lady in her 80s come in and she had her son about 50 or so come visit. Apparently, he lived with her. He seemed a little old to still be living with his mother but overall, he seemed normal enough. Later that day, another member of staff told me that he had told her the day before that not only does he share a house with his mother, they also share a bed. The whole thing freaked me out.

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11. That Poor Little Hamster!

Kid version of me learned from my mother that the girl down the block squeezed her hamster to death, so I was no longer allowed to go over there.

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12. Vengeful Neighbor

My friends and I in college knew a girl on our floor in the dorms who purposely kept her case of chlamydia untreated for months just to try and infect all of the guys that wronged her during her undergrad.

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13. Witness for the Prosecution

I met my ex-best friend, who I shall refer to as Jason, in 4th grade, and our friendship officially ended in 11th. From around the start of 7th or 8th grade he started acting real weird around me. I don’t remember which of the inappropriate things occurred first but the earliest memory I have is when myself and another friend were at Jason’s house.

We were playing Twisted Metal and some other games. At some point, we stopped and just started talking and throwing around action figures or something. At this point it was dark outside, so the only source of light was the overhead fan. Jason got up and turned the light out, which myself and our other friend found annoying.

We both started telling him to turn it back on. I suddenly hear someone get closer to me and feel someone’s hand go up my shorts, into my boxers, and start groping my private area. I naturally freak out and start swinging. I hit him a few times, he runs back over to the light and then turns it on and acts like nothing happened.

I leave and we don’t talk for a while. Being young boys who did a lot of stupid stuff (none of which was sexual), I end up forgiving him and chalking it up to his stupidity and to just trying to get a reaction out of myself and others. Fast forward to high school (10th grade) and we sit together during lunch.

Every chance he would get, he would reach over and grab my junk. I’d yell at him to get people to notice, but no one ever caught him doing it and therefore no one ever believed me. The teachers I told also didn’t believe me (super messed up now that I look back on it). One day a friend of the girl I’m dating is sitting to right of me, Jason is on my left.

I had told her to look out for my signal. I know it’s coming so I move my chair back a bit and crouch over the table and give my friend on the right a look. When I see his hand coming over I lean back and he once again grabs me. This time I have a witness and she gladly starts yelling that Jason is grabbing my you know what. That finally put an end to him doing that.

At that point, I had already made new friends and was trying to get as much distance from him as possible. When he saw me starting to mainly hang out with other people he went psychotic. He buddied up with my ex and tried to make me jealous, he took it out on another good friend of mine who he already hated by pissing on his truck (and other nasty, stupid things), and then just went around trying to do damage control by saying it was me groping him all the time.

I haven’t spoken to him since our junior year of high school, over 17 years ago. I did see him years later at college. We were on the same sidewalk about 200 feet apart, headed right towards each other. When he realized it was me he made a mad dash to his right toward an empty field just to avoid me.

From everyone I’ve spoken to about him over the years it was clear he had feelings towards me and didn’t know how to express them. He never ended up dating any guys, as far as I know. However, from the stories I was told, he was very abusive to the girls he dated over the years.

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14. Taking Advantage

Had a friend at the time who forced himself upon an intoxicated girl. We were around 17 and at a camping party. Drunk, of course. A girl he was digging passed out early and, as far as I know, he only put his hands on her once. But, it was enough for me to say something and he backed off. But, the look on his face was enough for me to instantly go cold. It ate at me until I got home. I promptly told my mom and called his mom and, later, I told her. They all just blew it off with a shoulder shrug. I haven't spoken to him since that night.

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15. A Series of Unfortunate Events

I used to play Dungeons and Dragons in high school with a group of friends. There was this really uptight guy who would always be very excited about the prospect. I was the DM and convinced my friends to try him out for a few sessions. Turns out he was just socially awkward due to very mild autism.

He was hilarious at the meetings and we all enjoyed having him around. Although he had a huge crush on my cousin who played, and was very socially awkward about it. My cousin found him attractive and actually dated him for a while and slept with him. On Halloween we are having a game and my cousin is dressed as a sexy zombie.

He was acting very weird and behaving very strangely the entire game. We all noticed it and my cousin was quite concerned when he looked like he was going to just explode on us in anger. She walked around over to him and he freaked out and she just said "OH my god!" She looked at us and said, "He is masturbating under the table."

He freaked out and stood up without zipping...walked out into the bathroom and came back trying to act all normal and wanted to continue the game. He legitimately did not understand the severity of what he just did. Removing him from group after that was the saddest thing I ever did. He legit did not understand why we wanted him gone.


16. A Blast From the Past

I just got out of the Navy and I was taking a few classes at a community college. I'm there for maybe a week or two when I get an email on my student email from a guy who says "Hey, you went to X School for first and second grade, right? We used to hang out." I see the name. I remember being friends with a kid with that first name back then, but last name? Who knows. Do you remember the last names of everyone from your second grade class?

But hey, cool, I tell him I'm at the library, come by and say hello. Dude walks up and I instantly recognize him. He's totally a guy I went to grade school with for a year or so. But he has this stoic, creepy demeanor. We exchange pleasantries but I begin noticing that he is generally parroting back to me whatever I say.

Him: "What have you been up to?"
Me: "Oh, I was in the Navy for six years, just got out. You?"
Him: "I just got out of the Navy, too."
Me: "Cool, how long were you in?"
Him: "Six years."
Me: "What was your rate?"
Him: "I don't remember." (Note to Civilians: This is a way we tell when someone is lying about being in the Navy)

All in all, just a creepy and weird interaction all around. Then I get home and I really think about it, was this guy just sitting at a computer near, but not in, the library punching in the names of everyone he knew throughout his life? He didn't pull my name off of a new student list. He found it by searching the directory. Never saw him again. Never really cared to seek him out. But definitely one of the strangest encounters I've had with someone.

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17. Three Strikes and You’re Out

I used to be friends with someone who was legitimately delusional about a sports celebrity figure, to the point where I was so creeped out that I couldn't stand being around her anymore. She committed fraud to get tens of thousands of dollars to move to the city he lives and plays in so she can go to every game.

She started learning another language so that they could communicate (he's not a native English speaker), etc. She even went so far as to live her life around the uniform number he wears (for example, the temperature is only ever set at that number, because it's his number...thankfully it's something vaguely reasonable).

She once held up a sign at a game and he saw it, and she was 100% convinced that he'd remember her forever. The sports figure is also married (to a supermodel, of course) and she was obsessed with the wife too. There were other awful behaviors, but she was so obsessed that I literally couldn't stand to be around her.

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18. A Dark Comedian

I’m a 24-year-old guy and the only person I ever tried to avoid is the guy that hosted the foreign exchange students while I was in high school. He was a normal looking 50-year-old guy that was single and lived by himself, but he always hosted foreign exchange students every year, and I was usually friends with them. I’ll give an example of some of the things he has done that creeped me out.

First time meeting him we were going to an amusement park with the German foreign exchange student, and as I get in the car he says "You're actually pretty ugly. From far away you looked good but you're ugly up close." I’m just like uhhh...that was the first thing he EVER SAID TO ME! Later that day while driving there, somehow they started talking about avalanches and he said, "If we were driving and an avalanche was covering us and we became trapped, I would just rape all of you guys. If I knew we were going to die I would hold each of you down and rape each one of you."

It was me, the German guy, and a girl, all around 16 years old. They all thought it was funny. But he didn’t smile when he said these things. It made me insanely uncomfortable. He asked if I was a virgin, and was making fun of me constantly about the fact that I was. Another time he randomly messaged me on Facebook and said "hey, if you ever come over and see me getting naked in front of the computer just don't worry about it...either that or you could join me."

Then he asked me if I wanted to come over and watch movies with him, but again noted that he might be naked. That was the last straw. I blocked him on Facebook. The strange thing is that this guy is loved by so many people. A lot of the parents at the school I went to loved him, and the teachers, and he was friends with a ton of people from my high school on Facebook. His sense of humor just didn’t sit well with me, pretty much everything he said made me uncomfortable.

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19. Ahead of Their Age

I stopped hanging out with a guy when it finally dawned on me that all of his “friends” were teenagers, most of them girls, and that I wasn’t just “so mature” for my age that a man in his early 20s found me exceptionally fun to hang out with. I tried to discuss this with some of my girlfriends that he was “friends” with, but none of them saw the issue.

I remember saying “What would a 21-year-old guy be getting from hanging out with a bunch of 13-15-year-olds?” and feeling like the answer was just so obvious, how could they not see it? And they were all so offended at the concept that maybe we weren’t just the coolest people alive. Amber even said, “Because we’re more mature than normal 14-year-olds.” But we’re still 14, Amber! Why is he not hanging out with people from his college?

So I just stopped going out with them when he was around. They eventually stopped hanging out with him after he “dated” and subsequently broke up with a few of them. Stuff like that makes my skin crawl now as an adult. If I ever have kids I don’t know how I’m gonna feel comfortable letting them ever leave the house alone.

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20. Creepy Larry

Creepy Larry (not his real name). Holy cow. My friend was dating this guy who had a pretty weird background. Parents did cult-y things, no one really knew where he came from, etc. I've never seen the warning signs of a serial killer so clearly exhibited. The dude would find half-dead roadkill, finish them off, and then hoist their bodies from trees until the flesh was gone so he could turn their bones into jewelry.

I only met him once, and I'm not especially good at reading people, but I'm not an idiot. The dude made all the hair on my neck stand up. He had a really flat affect and didn't really seem to understand how to interact with anyone. Just sat in the middle of a party silently drawing a picture. I think it was some sort of face, but the features were all wrong and distorted.

At one point in the party he brought out wooden swords and hit a kid so hard he passed out, and then didn't tell anyone what happened. Just left him there on the ground and went back to the party to keep fighting with people. He's not with my friend anymore but works at my local grocery store and has the coldest stare I've ever seen.

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21. The Notebook

A girl I was starting to be friends with at uni had some weird mannerisms, but I didn’t really care. Then she started talking all about how pretty I was and how different I was from all the other girls she knew (I think she was in love with me). I didn’t mind, but I’m not gay so I didn’t fuel it. Then I heard from somebody else that she started saying she wanted to grope me.

That was creepy enough, but then one day she sat behind me and left her notebook open. Another colleague read it (not out loud) and called me. On it was written a diary-like entry (?) addressed to God, saying that she feels so sinful for masturbating and describing how she wanted to kill herself. She also wrote that it was my fault and that I was leading her to hell. Like what the heck. Me and my colleague agreed to be quiet about it and just distance ourselves from her. I think she must have left the notebook open on purpose, because that was just too bizarre.

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22. Busted

I walked into my apartment that I shared with a roommate. Right as I walk in he had his girlfriend pinned down on the floor and her shirt was ripped. She’s crying and they both look up at me. She gets up and takes off running out the door and he goes to his room. Not a word was spoken. I kicked him out the next day.

Don’t know if it was a rapey situation or a domestic fight type thing but the look in his eyes said all I needed to know. I didn’t know the girl to reach out to her and this was pre-Facebook/everyone being connected online days. Police took a report from me but nothing came of it, presumably because she didn’t report it.

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23. Stalking is an Understatement

I had a "friend" who was so jealous of me and the person I was dating that she messaged him under a fake alias (pretending to be a Chinese female student when she was not), and told him via email that I was using him to advance myself. This high level of stalking and harassment was like nothing I had ever seen before, considering we were undergraduate students and not in high school.

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24. Start Spreading the News

After my significant other passed away, a "friend" of mine who would hit on me constantly, and knew my significant other, messaged me within a day or so of his passing to ask me if I had heard the news about my own boyfriend dying. He then began to pester me as if we were best friends, so that he could find an in to hit on me again. The final straw was when he told me a week after my boyfriend passing that I needed to move on, and "get my act together." I haven't spoken to him after that statement.

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25. What the …??

He thought childhood sexual abuse was beneficial. A former dear friend of mine was in a discord chat with my two other friends and just asked why CSA laws exist since it can only be good for a child to be abused. He was convinced that children need to be diddled in order to know if they are gay or straight and that it wouldn't be bad or do internal damage to a child of either sex. He said this in a group chat with three CSA survivors. He will never meet my children, which is a shame because we've been friends for 13 years, but I refuse to risk my children's safety just to keep a friendship.

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26. I Spy

I went to a conservative Christian college and my friend group included an RA. He was gay but we were fairly progressive guys (especially for a conservative Christian school) so we didn't care. Eventually, things started to get a little strange when it became clear that he had crushes on a few of us. Still, we liked the guy, didn't want to be homophobic and brushed it off.

It all culminated with him breaking into one of my friend's rooms (the RAs have keys) and hiding a camera in a sock with a hole in it. He hid the sock in the roommate's bed while he was out of town for the weekend and had it pointed towards my friend's bed. Fortunately, we found it and stopped being friends with him after that. Although it did suck that he betrayed our friendship (and the passive-aggressive Facebook posts and rumors he started about us were strange), we lived to drink another day.

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27. All Out in the Open

A girl I used to be friends with didn’t have the cleanest of homes. I’m not a snob and I generally wouldn’t judge anyone, but the house was particularly dirty (This isn’t the thing, I'm just trying to build a narrative). I went to her house after school one day and we went straight to her bedroom. There were at least five pairs of OVERLY-used knickers all over the floor.

I’m trying to put this politely but they were crusty and creased with actual skid marks over them and they were just out in plain sight. I tried to act like I couldn’t see it and I left pretty much right away. It put me off going to her house for a while but a few months later I returned with a friend. Same underwear on the floor, but more this time and even dirtier. It's not really CREEPY, it’s more just gross. But when I think about the fact that they were openly left on the floor and she didn’t care about people seeing it, that part does creep me out.

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28. And I Do Mean Anything!

We had this new dude in our unit and he was tasked to go to the motorpool with me. He didn't have a car so I was driving. I drove a coup. As I enter my side this dude folds the passenger seat down and climbs in the back, closes the door and pulls the seat up. He plants himself right in the center of the back seat. I tried to get him to get in the passenger seat and he wouldn't.

Ok, whatever. So on the ride to the motorpool he just kept saying he's a behavioral health specialist and I could come to him for "anything." He kept emphasizing it. Whenever my eyes looked into my rearview mirror he was staring at me through it. I avoided him at all costs after that. He eventually got kicked out after he began soliciting his soldiers for sex.

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29. When in Doubt, Spam

A guy that I was close with told me one night when we were drunk that he had a photo album on his phone just dedicated to me, like hundreds of photos of me. I noticed he'd been screenshotting my Snapchats then giving excuses when I called him up about it. I then found a post from his old page that was paragraphs long about me and he made up quite a few lies on it and said he was in love with me and he put a lot of my personal feelings on this post. Then when I distanced myself he started spamming me with messages and stalking me online, not good.

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30. The Party’s Over

My friend had her sister and her sister’s boyfriend and child move in with her. My friend’s house was the party house since she and her girlfriend had their own place while we were still in high school. Anyway, we knew that the boyfriend just got out of prison for what we thought was robbing a bank and we were in awe of this dude. We were still in our gangster, Scarface phases and thought he was just the coolest dude.

Turns out, he was in jail for child molestation—never mind the fact that he was living with his newborn son. We were all pretty shocked when we heard that and my friend group collectively stopped hanging out over there, at least until they both went back to prison (not for anything having to do with the child) and the child was remanded to state custody.

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31. All in the Family

My cousin always told me if we weren't related he would totally date me and that he's lucky that he has such a hot cousin. He would follow me around family functions, and would find any excuse to hug and poke me. Started bring my serious boyfriend around so he could meet family, and my cousin was obviously jealous.

He told my boyfriend that if he hurt me, he would stab him (thankfully my boyfriend is sassy and can handle himself). If he saw my boyfriend put his arm around me, or be near me in general, he would quickly walk away and wait for his next chance to be near me. Now he avoids me because I always bring my boyfriend around, and I'm sassier towards him.

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32. Pet Peeve

A guy I was renting a room from told me he abused his pets as a child. In tears as he was giving me a ride to my hometown for the weekend. When I got back from visiting my family, my pillow was missing, and he said he had let his mom borrow it when she was visiting, rather than letting her use one of the dozen that were his. I isolated all my belongings in my bedroom after that and moved out as quickly as possible.

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33. This Goes From Bad to Worse

I was friends with this kid I shall call Dan. He was a neighbor, and we used to be friendly at neighborhood parks and pools. He was in the same karate class as one of my best friends. This class used to have the occasional "bring your friend" day, and she always took me. Every time we went, Dan would try chasing us into the bathroom because he wanted to "See our socks." Hm.

Fast forward to high school, Dan comes out as gay. He also comes out as a Republican. Not the moderate kind, but something more akin to the extremist version of the Tea Party. He began saying very inflammatory things, and when a dear friend of mine killed himself he told me my friend deserved it. He started wearing trench coats to school, and when that wasn't weird enough he began wearing a leash and collar and would tie himself to tables.

I used to be nice to him, but I just couldn't do it anymore. So I started ignoring him. I thought I was good to go when I got to college, but in my sophomore year I found out he was going to come to my school!!! When he gets there, he starts doing A LOT of acid and other drugs. One of my friends thought he was cute and I told him to STAY AWAY. He didn't. So Dan drugged and assaulted him. Lovely guy. I hate Dan with every fiber of my being.

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34. Singing the Blues

Had a once close friend put his hand down my girlfriend's pants and squeeze her butt. He also was doing the whole "grooming" thing trying to score young chicks via social media messages, yeah he's been doing it for a long time. After he tried to feel up my friend’s wife in her house that he wasn't supposed to be in while she was passed out drunk, I stopped being wishy-washy about being friends and told him and everyone that I did not want to be friends with him at all and exactly why I made that choice. Scumbag. He's trying to be a musician now and has been pushing harder into the scene lately, so I hope he gets shut down sooner rather than later.

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35. He Didn’t Guard Every Life Equally

I was a lifeguard at a water park when I was 20 and, being older, I didn't hang out with the high school kids. Most of the people I hung out with were supervisors as they had been there for several years. I was never a fan of one of them in particular though, he was a little odd and aggressive in every interaction as if he always felt like he had to prove something.

I know he was one of the weirder kids in high school until he started lifting weights, which apparently made him overly obsessed with himself. Every photo of him on his social media is of him flexing in the mirror. I always assumed he was just an idiot. Turns out the dude has crazy anger issues, and he flew off the handle with us over some girl not wanting to come over because she wasn't feeling good. I stopped talking with him after that. I found out a few weeks ago that he was just arrested for the rape and murder of a 70-year-old homeless woman. You think you know a guy.

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36. Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I found out that my father cheated on my step-mother with a much younger woman. When he broke up with my step-mom, he blamed the whole thing on her. He said she was selfish and had no time for him. He later married the younger woman. Years later, when I stumbled upon the evidence of him cheating, I just felt sick to my stomach. He maligned an incredibly kind woman just to make himself look better. We don’t have much of a relationship today. However, I’m actually still really close with the former step-mom!

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37. Confessions of a Serial Thief

My next door neighbor in college. I wasn't really friends with him, but he was an OK guy I talked to a couple of times a week. Strange, but nice enough to have a conversation. Then towards the end of the year, he told a friend on our dorm floor that he secretly stole girls’ panties from the laundry room downstairs.

Not just anyone's, but specific girls’. He even showed him the collection. This friend told the RA and after about two weeks he was kicked out of the dorm. It took them two weeks because they didn't have proof, but all of the girls this guy said he'd stolen from mentioned they were missing panties. He came to me and asked if I'd put in a good word—naw dude, we're not cool anymore.

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38. Unwanted Attention

At a friend’s party, me and two friends were sharing a room and one threw up, so we told him to go to the bathroom. Once he left, the other friend started coming onto me real strong. As in stroking my face and arms and commenting on how nice a guy I am, etc. Even when I had turned around and had pretended to start sleeping he kept on stroking my back and getting pretty close which was making me pretty uncomfortable, but I was drunk. I was going to let it go that one time for the sake of the friend group, but after him doing something similar when I was driving him home I distanced him as much as possible.

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39. Rubbernecking to the Extreme

She loved misery. I was driving her to work (she lived on my couch) and she was sobbing hysterically in the passenger seat, she really hated her job and was an unbalanced person. We come across a horrible wreck, her tears dry up instantly and she gets this huge smile, I’ve never seen her so happy.

I ask what caused the sudden change and she starts laughing like a lunatic—side-splitting giggles. She says that it looks like there were some fatalities due to the wreck and seeing it just made her day. I was pretty disgusted/creeped out. She was absolutely chipper for the next two days.

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40. It’ll Take a Lot to Kill This Pain

I had a friend in college who I thought was just a friend. Always thought she was so cool because she’d do anything for anyone. Turns out it was just me and most of the stories were lies. She was prescribed painkillers for something and had no problems sharing them as we hung out and smoked often.

We’d drive outside of campus through the cornfields and get high, listening to music and talking. One day she picks me up at my dorm and offers me a drink. Cool, but it’s already open. At first, I really thought nothing of it but then I take a sip and think something is definitely off. I taste the painkillers. Oooookay, maybe I’m paranoid?

I ask her to take me home and she asks if we can stop by her place first. Ok, but I think it’s a bit strange. We walk in and it’s literally trashed, dishes piled up, a few bags of trash laying around. She starts GOING OFF about how much she cleans and her roommates just trash the place, how she just “did the dishes yesterday and took out the trash” (I’m seeing food dried to plates, trying hard to understand how four girls can make three bags of trash in 24 hours, no freaking way she was telling the truth).

Then I realized how she was cleaning—dropping it low, thong showing, flirtatious talking—and now I realize I’m starting to feel the effects of the painkillers; with every new bout of blurred vision and itchy skin I realize need to get the hell out of there NOW. Texted my brother to meet me in the middle of campus and to keep heading towards her place if I didn’t show up.

The last thing that I remember is hugging my brother and then waking up the next day. She never tried to speak to me again but made sure to ask everyone we knew why I was mad at her to see if I told anyone. You’re lucky I didn’t, JESSICA! If a girl is obsessed with horses, run far, run fast and don’t look back.

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41. Is He the Doctor or the Patient?

I'm pretty sure a friend of mine is dating a sociopath for various reasons I can't go into. He is the kind of guy that seems like he read a book about how to manipulate people. Creepy as can be. He was flirting with me right in front of her, but not in an obvious way where I could call him on it. My husband wanted to kick his butt. No one in our group likes him. We just feel bad for our friend.

Like anytime he would walk to go somewhere in the house we were hanging at, he would make effort to place his hand on my lower back, or shoulder. Even though there was plenty of room to not do that. He did that with everyone. Even the guys. At the end of the night when we were leaving, he touched my husband’s cheek. My husband told him to never touch him again, and he just laughed...He wants to work with mentally ill patients.

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42. Good Thing You Stayed Away

A dude a year younger than me in my sophomore gym class came out as gay and was basically ostracised. He was quirky and didn't have the best hygiene, of course, he was to be avoided. I decided to be nice to him and offered to be his gym partner because I have also been bullied for being different. After a few weeks, he turns into a nice guy and starts hitting on me hard.

Gave off really intense vibes. It was very weird and he admitted he lied about being gay to get sympathy. I avoided him like the plague. Next year, I'm in a trade school for my junior year. The whole school goes into lockdown because dude stole a gun, shot his mom six times, and was making his way to the high school with a hit list.

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