Messed Up Friends

July 4, 2023 | Derek Choi

Messed Up Friends

Your friends are supposed to be the few people in your life who would never do you wrong—but unfortunately, they're human just like everyone else, and humans do messed up things all the time.

1. Indoor Shoes

I was the only Asian kid in my neighborhood. A white friend invited me over to his house. When I arrived, I started to remove my shoes. He said, “What are you doing? Come on in.” I stepped inside with my shoes on and wasn’t too shocked at this point, as my parents and TV shows gave me a heads up that wearing shoes indoors was common in America. 

The big surprise was when my friend invited me to his bedroom and then jumped into his bed with his shoes on. He then ran to his sister’s room, pulling me along, and, lo and behold, she was playing in her bed… with her shoes on. I was floored by the shoes-in-bed, and still think about it to this day.

A boy playing at ukulele on the bed.Mikhail Nilov , Pexels

2. In A Horror Movie

I went with a few friends to one of their family's houses for a birthday party when I was like 15 or 16. We partied, swam, and had a great old time. After eating we settled in to watch a horror movie and at some point, I looked around me and I felt a chill go down my spine—everyone in that family was sitting in the same criss-cross-applesauce position and slowly rocking back and forth while watching TV.

Something about it was extremely creepy. They were still really nice, though.

Man is seating on the sofa and watching a movie.Andrea Piacquadio , Pexels

3. That’s Not How You Play!

I bought a bunch of Legos and set up a whole section in my garage for his kid to play while we hung out, I even built a bunch of small model things with the intention of him disassembling them and being you know, a child. His behavior was absolutely appalling —the dude made his child cry for taking apart one of the parts, and the little dude was terrified to touch the Legos after that and wouldn’t listen to me when I told him that's the point.

I don’t wanna step in and tell someone how to raise your kids but when I literally buy stuff for him to play with and destroy, don’t get mad at him for playing with them and destroying them.

Black man talking with a kid in the room.August de Richelieu , Pexels

4. A Deep Heartbreak

My best friend had just broken up with my brother—who had moved over a thousand miles and changed jobs to be with her, citing personal differences. My brother was devastated, but I tried to respect her decision and be a source of support for both of them, especially because they truly weren’t the best fit. But then she shared with me a horrible, life-changing truth (because she knew that I loved her and would be happy for her so long as she was happy)  truth—she’d been cheating on my brother for the past month and had found her soulmate.

The depth of my brother’s heartbreak, already immense, was further compounded by the infidelity. To my bewilderment, she truly couldn’t understand why I was ending the friendship, and seemed so distraught that I would end a years-long relationship over something so “small”. And I still can’t comprehend why she thought telling me would result in anything other than a complete door slam.

Woman yelling and pointing to a woman who is seating in the chair looking down.Liza Summer , Pexels

5. A Concerning Night

When I was in about 1st grade, my best friend at the time had a lot of temper tantrums. We were having a sleepover and I fell asleep in her bedroom. In the middle of the night, I woke up and immediately froze with fear—I was in a different bed. I was so confused, but he explained that she had a temper tantrum and her mom went to sleep in her bed with her so they moved me to the guest room. 

I was young and didn’t understand that’s not normal to be moved by another adult while I was sleeping. I told my parents when I went home the next day and they were EXTREMELY concerned. I was highly confused because my pure innocent mind didn’t understand the concept of that. Nothing else happened, but it’s weird.

Worried woman seating on the bed with a small girl playing.Ksenia Chernaya , Pexels

6. A Chunky Smoothie

On a night out, friend was sick, and decided the best place to throw up was into his pint glass. After the deed was done, he proceeded to say the most disgusting thing ever: "Waste not want not", and then downed the entire pint of what he threw up, lumps and all. It still makes me queasy to think about it all this time later. What an animal.

Close up photo of man drinking from glass.RDNE Stock project, Pexels

7. Keeping It Warm

15 years ago, I visited a friend’s house who lives in San Francisco around 3rd street. It was a bad neighborhood area. Upon entering, I passed by the kitchen and I came across a peculiar sight—the four gas stove flames were in full blast not cooking anything. There was no vent, and you could literally see a big burn hole in the ceiling all the way through to the 2nd floor room. His mom was upstairs in one of those rooms far away from the bottom floor kitchen, watching TV at full blast. 

Long story short, they were basically using their gas stove as a centralized heater for the whole house. I’m a certified fire safety director at my work. This almost gave me a heart attack.

Burning gas stove flames with nothing to cook.Honye Sanges , Pexels

8. Say Cheese!

I went to a sleepover at this girl's house and her mom was obsessively taking pictures of us all night. At one point, we were watching a movie and my friend passed out and her mom did the creepiest thing—I kid you not, pulls out a huge newscast-type heavy duty camera and starts recording her daughter sleeping for a solid 5 minutes. I have trouble sleeping, so that night when us kids were in the bedroom to sleep, I was on the floor just staring at the wall in the dark. 

I was facing away from the door, laying on my side. I hear the door creak... There were some footsteps and then the darkness of the room lit up with a sudden flash. I got up just in time to see the door close. I know it was her mom taking pics of us. The weirdest part to me is that it was about 3 am when that happened... Meaning the girl's mom either had an alarm or just stayed up that late waiting.

Woman filming a video with a camera.Darya Sannikova , Pexels

9. The Paper Route

I had a friend in high school; we're still friends today actually. His mom was a hoarder. There were little pathways throughout the house but it was filled from floor to ceiling with junk. I'll never forget the sight of the hallway to the bedrooms—she had stacked every newspaper she ever got. They were tied up in bundles. When you walked into that hallway, he would caution to not touch the papers because if a row fell, it would take a couple hours to dig yourself out.

Piles of bundled newspapers on the floor.Joe Gingerich , Pexels

10. The Break-In

Stayed at a friend’s house when I was probably 10 or 11, and we had a sleepover one night, and we were up really late playing games and just talking. Around 3 to 4am, his dad comes in absolutely frantic, saying that he heard someone breaking in upstairs, and that we needed to leave immediately. Anyway, we walk out of the house, and he tells the neighbor that they need to leave too. 

The neighbor looked extremely worried, and pulled her phone out. We drive to a place and he gets us some food, and eventually an ambulance comes, and so does the neighbor along with it, because apparently the father was schizophrenic and having an episode. There was really no break-in. Obviously, my friend NOW knows this, but back then, we genuinely believed him.

Frustrated man panicking.luis_molinero , Freepik

11. Always Christmas

Growing up in rural East England, I had a friend who lived on a working farm. They had the stereotypical big English farm house, a lovely old place with no flat floors or straight walls anywhere. Anyway, their downstairs area had a very interesting layout—they had a room that was almost hidden away that you could easily miss unless you knew it was there or noticed it from outside. 

So, this room, I only ever went in once, maybe twice, in many years of being friends and going over to their house quite a lot. It was their "Christmas room". It has decorations all year round, and during the year when they bought presents, they'd wrap them and just put in the room and leave them there until Christmas.

It was awesome in a sense though, a whole room for this is great, and often when it came to Christmas time, they'd forgotten what something was that they got for another family member.

Room with Christmas tree.Dima Valkov , Pexels

12. A Stuffed Couch

One of the first times I met my husband's family, I was over at their house and her husband gestured for me to sit down and be comfortable. Their house was very cluttered. Not quite hoarder cluttered, but close. They had a couple of couches facing each other and then some other chairs. Not knowing the 'rules,' I sat on one of the couches, which had a lot of stuffed teddy bears on it. This ended up being a grave mistake.

You would think I had sat down on live bears. There were probably 20-30 small to medium sized stuffed bears on this couch. The husband's mother and twin brother both visibly reacted as if I had damaged the bears. That was when I was told that the couch was for the bears, and only for the bears and that no one was allowed to sit on the bears' couch. Just the bears. The bears all had little beaded necklaces with their names on them to tell them apart because they were all the same brand and style.

Stuffed bears seating on the bed.cottonbro studio , Pexels

13. What’s In The Fridge?

When I was seven, I went over to play with a new friend and she asked if I wanted a snack. I said sure, and we went into their playroom. My eyes opened the widest they'd ever been—where there was a mini fridge just stacked with candy, full bars of everything, and she casually tossed me a pack of Rolos. Now, the house was a manufactured home— not a trailer per se, but definitely not like a usual house either. 

I know this doesn’t indicate how much money the family had, but this was not in an upscale neighborhood or house. I marveled at A) the largest amount of candy I have still to this day ever seen, and B) the fact that she and her siblings all just had free access to it at such young ages. She was surprised at my surprise and asked what I kept in my snack fridge. 

I told her I didn’t have one of those, and then it was her turn to be absolutely gob smacked at the idea that I didn’t have a mini fridge full of candy just at my disposal and whim.

Surprised kid standing by the open fridge.Kleber Cordeiro , Shutterstock

14. Spy Kids

I had a very close friend, and he absolutely hated his ex, the mother of his two kids. He would regularly use them as pawns against her, including spying on her for him. He was supposed to enroll their son in school one summer and he decided to defer that to stress out his ex. And that's not all—he also spied on his daughter's friends when she hit junior high and high school, making dozens of Facebook accounts to do so. 

He claimed she was hanging out with terrible people. He ended up getting charged against her and that's when I noped out.

Man talking with his son seating on the bed.Julia M Cameron , Pexels

15. An Unfunny Joke

We had this event at our college and my friend made a script for it. He was doing stand-up comedy, and at one point, he to the stage. The words that came out of his mouth made my heart sink. He proceeded to make fun of the way I look, the way I walk and the way I talk. Everyone was looking at me. I've never felt so embarrassed in my life. I told him multiple times that I wasn't comfortable with him talking about me but he didn't want to listen to me. 

I was just recently getting confident about the way I look and now I'm terrified of going anywhere because I don't want to be bullied or made fun of.

Man performing a stand-up on scene.Faruk Tokluoğlu , Pexels

16. The Leftovers Are Mine

My brother had this habit of forgetting leftovers in the microwave until they looked like a microbial garden. Fast forward to his friend comes over, and we offer him Thanksgiving leftovers. My brother opens the microwave and pulls out one of those aforementioned garden plates. He says, “My bad,” and goes to the throw the plate away.  

His friend then caught us completely off-guard—he immediately grabs the plate and polishes off the moldy food on it. Then, the guy gags a little and then says “yum” with a big smile on his face. My brother and I just stood there in horror... The guy genuinely thought he ate a nice plate of Thanksgiving leftovers instead of a botulism festival.

Man holding a plate and makes tasty sign.KamranAydinov , Freepik

17. I Hate Kids

A good friend of mine had declared herself "child free" when we were in our mid 20's, but gradually became very aggressively childfree, and very dogmatic about it. She was openly spiteful towards kids and parents, and took some joy in being confrontational with them in public. She had struggled with mental health for years, and when she was in an "upswing" and on meds, she would lighten up about it; still didn't like kids, but wasn't so vocally against them.

When I announced my wife was pregnant, she tried for a few months to deal with it. One day, she sent me a heartbreaking message—she told me that she was really worried that I wouldn't be able to provide enough for the kid, reiterated that it was going to destroy my freedom and make me miserable, and that we should consider abortion.

It was hurtful to read, but I knew some of it was likely her illness flaring up. I sent her back the most diplomatic message I could and she held her tongue for some time after. Then, I posted a picture of me holding our daughter, then about a year old, on the beach. My daughter had a huge smile and was laughing and happy. 

She sent me a scathing email, saying awful stuff about me—I'm a narcissist, I'm evil, I hurt everyone around me, my Asian wife is only with me for a green card, our daughter was going to grow up to be self-loathing and hate us, etc. There was other personal stuff in there, as well. Stuff about how our daughter was going to be a failure, would be ugly, would get the worst of my and my wife's personality traits and be widely hated by her peers.

She also messaged my parents and one of my sisters to tell them we were the worst family she'd ever met, and divulged critical things I'd said to her in confidence. Having someone who you've been extremely close with for years do a complete about-face and start actively trying to destroy any happiness you have and ruin your family, and use everything they know about you intimately to do so for basically no reason is awful.

I hope she's gotten the help she needs in the meantime, but I don't think I'll ever reopen the door for communication.

Young woman yelling and pointing.Keira Burton , Pexels

18. Not It!

I went to a friend’s house as a kid. I was sitting at the dining table for lunch, and the house phone rang. I jump out of my seat after seeing how everybody reacted. Everybody fell to the floor around me, including the mom and dad. I was the only one left sitting there. The dad informed me that I now must answer the phone. "Hello... Johnson's house". I held the phone out to the dad. "Ummm, it's for you". 

Everyone laughed, but I was so uncomfortable. The next time that phone rang, I was the fastest to the floor, I can tell you that. They’re such a fun-loving family. Loved going around there!

Small girl talking on the telephone,KoolShooters , Pexels

19. How-To For Dummies

I went to this girl's house in primary school. I'm ashamed to say it was because I felt bad that she was getting teased at school, and in hindsight, she had a learning disability. She was nice though; she just sometimes said uncomfortable things for an 11-year-old. Anyway, she had a 3-year-old brother and I saw her mom reading a book titled "How to be a good mom" or something similar. Out of nowhere, she just started losing it.

She started screaming at this toddler for not vacuuming his room and referencing the book. I was like what?? Ma'am? You expect this infant to vacuum his room?! To be fair, the toddler actually did end up vacuuming, but my mind was blown. Their family had a really weird dynamic.

Little kid using vacuum cleaner.Miljan Zivkovic , Shutterstock

20. A Scoop Of Ice Cream

My cousin once dated a guy who ate ice cream in the strangest way. We were at my aunt's house for a birthday party and when it was time for cake and ice cream, this guy refused cake and said he'd just have ice cream. I couldn't believe what he did next—he walked over to the table, popped the top off the ice cream carton, grabbed a handful of ice cream and was walking around with his handful of ice cream dripping all over the place like it was totally normal.

Man is eating an ice cream not very accurate but with big pleasure - on white background.Estrada Anton , Shutterstock

21. Not So Weird After All?

I celebrated Christmas with my HS girlfriend's family one year. It was her mother's turn to open her presents and she opened one from her daughter, then one from her other daughter, then finally one from her husband. Then, her husband started pulling tiny hidden gifts for his wife from everywhere: earrings from the couch cushions, necklaces, bracelets, a bag of candy, and flowers. 

He had at least a dozen presents hidden everywhere from behind the curtains, in a lampshade, behind the TV, in a closet... They just kept coming and he had the biggest grin on his face. Then came the weirdest part. When he was done, he wished her a merry Christmas, told her he loved her and kissed her right on the mouth in front of me. It was wonderful but extremely weird to me. 

It wasn't until that display of love and joy for his wife that I realized I had never once seen my own parents act the least bit affectionate towards each other. That I had never heard them say I love you to each other. That's when I realized it was my family that was weird. It wasn't until that display of love for his wife that I realized that it was manly to be romantic and to show love and affection. Her parents were wonderful people and I will always regard them as role models. I hope they're doing well all these years later.

Husband giving a christmas present to his wife and hugging her.Gustavo Fring , Pexels

22. A Quick Snack

My friend had this super thick callous on his heels. He was picking at it, and I watched him peel a big, long strip off from the back of his heel. It looked like a trimming off of a horse's hoof. Then, the worst part—he just ate it. The whole callous that he peeled off his foot. Like it was a piece of jerky. I was aghast.

Man laying in the blurred background and keep his feat up in front.freepik , Freepik

23. A Cruel Relationship

I was the photographer for a high school friend's wedding. His best man was gay, and he had a crush on him. The groom knew this all along, too. Not only did he have this man give him and his new wife the rings, but he crossed the line completely—he convinced him to get baptized, join his church, and pray the gay away. That was honestly one of the most awful things I'd ever seen. It really made me see this "friend" differently.

Man wearing white and brown shirt touching a man wearing light green shirt and glasses.Sangeet Rao , Pexels

24. Liar, Liar

My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was in high school. I was going through a ton with my biological dad and court on top of my mom being ill and the medical staff warning my brother and I there was a chance she wouldn’t survive the treatment. I was a mess and cried all the time. When my mom first started chemo, she didn’t lose her hair right away, and this girl I was friends with in elementary school made up the saddest rumor—that I was lying about her having cancer. 

Of course, everyone from a small town high school ate that up like wildfire. I was bullied every single day and called a liar while I was having to drive my mom to chemo after school and had to get a part time job to help support my mom. It was so horrendous. It got to the point where my mom had to come to a public-school function and take her sock hat off to get people to leave me alone. 

This girl had gone so far as to make up rumors about my mom, it took a cancer patient to go to a school function to prove her kid wasn’t lying. I’ll never forget the look on my classmates faces while I cried hugging my mom at the football game. The teasing promptly stopped, but no one apologized to me.

Sad girl wearing red shirt and holding a book in her hands , Freepik

25. The Absent Mother

In high school, I went to my boyfriend’s house for the first time. There was absolutely no food in the fridge and his house was so dirty. I asked where his mom was, and his response made me tear up. She just “lived downstairs” with her boyfriend. He only saw her every few weeks. Coming from a family that ate supper together every night, this was so sad. I always brought him leftovers after that.

Woman is giving food to a man laying on a sofa.Ron Lach , Pexels

26. A Strict Schedule

I grew up as a Jehovah's witness and my mom pushed me to be friends with people within the religion. One girl's family life totally shocked me. She was only allowed to talk to people within the religion, so she was homeschooled. She was allowed to watch one movie or one tv show a day rated G or PG with approval. Three of us, aged 16, watched The Lion King 2, then her parents made us go to bed at 7:30 in the summer when we had a sleepover. 

She also wasn't allowed to have any posters on her wall as that was viewed as idol worship. Her parents came in to "approve" our prayers for the night. I left feeling super bad for her.

Woman seating on the floor and watching a tv.Ron Lach , Pexels

27. Homewrecker

I didn't personally witness it, but I knew someone for six months and had already nailed them as a sociopath. I guess they happened upon an occupied homeless camp in the woods near their home and took it upon themselves to destroy it while they were away. Supposedly, they had gone back to see that someone had reset the camp a little further in and they chose to destroy it yet again. Things just got worse from that point on...

They said it became a hunt from then on, as the homeless people kept moving their camp to different parts of the woods and they would track them down to do it all over again each time. I don't know why this person thought that was something worth bragging about.

A tent from a homeless camp in Tokyo, Japan.Cory Doctorow, CC BY-SA 2.0 , Wikimedia Commons

28. A Blatant Lie 

My ex-girlfriend and I, about a year and a half ago, both worked at the same fast-food joint. Well, while there, we became close with another couple that happened to work there. We hung out pretty often after that. Later on in the relationship, she asked if she could spend some time at their place alone, saying that she “wanted some girl time” with her friend. Should have been a red flag—but I was so, so stupid.

I saw no issue with that, considering space is a healthy thing for relationships, so I’d drive her over and pick her up sometimes. She started to spend more and more time over there and I, being the clueless idiot I am, saw nothing wrong with it. Come to find out, she was sleeping with the couple behind my back. My girlfriend AND my two best friends were all screwing me over and lying straight to my face. 

It messed me up badly, and I wasn’t in the best mental state to begin with.

Sad man seating and thinking.Khoa Võ , Pexels

29. A Unique Toilet

This happened when I was like six. I needed to use the bathroom at a friend’s house, and he led me to his parent’s bathroom. I will never forget what I saw—the place was filled with stuff of all sorts. Boxes, magazines, an inflatable pool, lots of other stuff. You could barely get in there. He pulled out a drawer from the installed cabinet by the entry way and said to pee in there. 

I thought he was joking until he went ahead and peed in there himself. I couldn’t argue with that, so I too went right in there. Then, he shut the drawer and we went and played more ninja turtles. I have no idea what became of that drawer, house, or family.

Young kid having surprised face looking a side.Qamar Rehman , Pexels

30. Messed Up Dessert

When I was in high school, a friend asked me and two other friends to his house for dinner. His mom served homemade bean soup, which was very good. Toward the end of the main course, she brought out chocolate cake for dessert. To this day, I still can't wrap my head around what she did next. She cut each of us a slice and plopped it into our bowls... In which we each still had about an inch of soup. 

Us guests exchanged puzzled glances, but the family dug right in, so apparently chocolate cake soaked in bean soup was an ordinary thing for them.

Surprised black kid seating at table next to a girl.cottonbro studio , Pexels

31. Quiet... Too Quiet

I had a friend when I was 13 or 14 whose family didn’t speak at all when they ate dinner. The first time I ate there, I tried to make conversation and I got a super weird glare and shake of the head from the mom. After dinner was done everyone would just go back to doing whatever. I remember thinking at the time while I ate in awkward silence, “Why would anyone want to eat like this every day?” I come from a family of eight where dinners were chaos so maybe I was conditioned too far the other way.

Kid seating at dinner table next to a woman.cottonbro studio , Pexels

32. The Clockmaker

My childhood best friend lived with his grandparents, and his grandfather was a clock maker. His story was incredible—their large two-story house’s walls were covered in old, restored grandfather and cuckoo clocks. Each one had a small sticker with a number so he could keep track of them all, and the highest number I saw was over 700. I would say 25% of them were wound, so every hour you were treated to a symphony of clocks.

I didn’t appreciate it when I was a kid, but I realize now that those clocks were fantastic pieces of workmanship.

Old clocks hanging on a pink wall.Teddy Yang , Pexels

33. An Absolute Dumpster

I went to see a pal I had known since middle school six years after we graduated. He was living with someone, they had a kid, and all of them lived in a little two-bedroom place. I got there, and then the smell hit me at the door. The "carpet" had been some kind of shag, but was matted down to just stuff. The kitchen had a sheet over the doorway. 

I could not believe my eyes. All the surfaces in the place were just caked with dishes, glasses, boxes, etc. I couldn't and didn't look too long. I saw all of it was covered in thick green fuzzy mold. the sink had standing water covered with a blanket of mold. I was in there for all of four seconds. After I came out of the kitchen, I asked to use the restroom—big mistake!! 

The sink, tub, and toilet were black - sink due to hair dye, tub due to filth and black slime, and the toilet was the same. The area between the tub, toilet, and sink was jammed full of what I think had been towels, but they had sat rotting and growing slime, so it was just a big smelly lump of horror. There was no way I was going to chance something hopping onto me if I tried to do my business there.

Their poor kid slept on a mattress on the floor in a nearly bare room with just a sheet and blanket, and the hallway right outside the kid's room had a bare bulb that was being swarmed by bugs.

B&W photo of dark messy kitchen.Wallace Chuck , Pexels

34. Hurting Them Hurts Yourself

My friend’s dad convinced the kids that the butt of each loaf of bread was the best. He also outlawed hitting, but placing your hand on your siblings' shoulders and punching your own hand was acceptable. It was Noel's turn to get the end piece on the next loaf of bread, but he and I were playing when groceries came in. When Tony took the end piece, Noel went ballistic—but by ballistic, he placed his hand on his brother and was punching it.

Young kid taking piece of bread from the dinner table.freepik ,Freepik

35. Hit And Run

My wild mate went through an 'Italian' stage. In reality, he just watched too much Sopranos. At any rate, he bought himself one of those little Italian scooters, and a couple of weeks later after having one too many drinks, drove into some guy's BMW Bonnet. He went flying through the air, landed with a thump, and then sat up in the middle of the road shaking his head. 

The guy driving the BMW was out his car now screaming at my pal, and assessing the dent in his car. My mate calmly walked over to his scooter and whizzed off. Fast forward a few months, and my pal was out with his brother and dad in a pub watching the footy when who should spot him but the BMW driver. That's when things went down—he confronted him, much to his horror, as his dad was trying to work out what had happened. 

My mate denied it all, saying it must be mistaken identity, but I don't think his dad bought it knowing full well his son had a scooter. Madness.

Man wearing yellow helmet is driving a red scooter on the street.Nathan Salt , Pexels

36. The Nightmare Roommate

I lived in a house share. One dude would deliberately make a mess all over the toilet seat and leave it with puddles. He always got up before anyone else, and we all got up for a wee morning early. So, we confronted him a few times, but he was clueless. He said “Sorry, I’m half asleep.” Then after a while, it started to seem on purpose. 

This guy momentarily flashed this look on his face, and we all sensed something else. And it continues. His attitude changed to “I live here I’m a grown man, I pay my rent”. Like, he was getting pleasure or some feeling of dominance from it. Anyways, he got debt in my name at that address and disappeared in the middle of the night on my 21st birthday. 

He up and left, cleared his room, tip-toed and loaded the car that he bought with stolen money, and took off.

Man is holding a moving box in his hands.Ketut Subiyanto , Pexels

37. But What About ME?

My birth mother contacted me after 15 years and said she wanted a relationship with me. I was so happy. We had one phone call, and then a week later she texted that she changed her mind and didn't want to talk to me anymore. I was devastated and was having a borderline mental breakdown. To make matters worse, I lost someone close to me that day. I tried talking to my "best friend" about it, but she kept interrupting me to show me pictures and talk about the beach vacation she just had. 

This is the same "best friend" that just went through a bad break up with her baby daddy and I was her shoulder to cry on. I even moved in with her to help take care of the baby. If it wasn't about her then she wasn't interested. We don't talk anymore.

Woman is seating sad on the sofa next to another woman.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

38. Mom Of The Year

I have a friend that is currently and very openly trying to manipulate her husband into letting his brother move in so she can sleep with the brother and be with him on the side, despite having three children with her husband and living next door to her mother-in-law. Her claim when sharing this plan with me is that she feels like it would really expand her “village” to raise her children in and make her sooo much happier which in turn would make her a better mother? Somehow? 

It’s messed up—I haven’t spoken to her much since she confessed this to me because it just made my stomach turn. Her husband and mother-in-law do everything for her and she acts like her life is so miserable. It sucks to watch too, because I adore her kids and I think they deserve a much better mother than her.

Woman seating on the table with other woman and having a conversation.Christina Morillo , Pexels

39. The Disney Prince

I had a friend that lived on third floor apartment and he would take his dog out by hoisting over the balcony on a custom-made body harness, lowering it, and then hoisting it back up. The dog loved every bit of it. Sometimes, he would give him a good swing and the dog would spread its legs out like Superman. And yes, the dog would stand by the balcony door when he was ready to go out. But that's not all.

The same guy had a pet robin. When it was a baby, he found it injured and nursed it back to health. Eventually, he let it go back to the woods behind his apartment. For months, the bird would come back to his balcony. With a distinct whistle, he would summon the bird for meal worms. It was his go-to move with dates.

White, blue and black bird is seating on the metal frame of balcony.Philip Ackermann , Pexels

40. A Hair-Trigger

I was meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the very first time. He had told me they didn’t get along, but everything seemed okay enough until the morning of the second day. We were all getting ready to go out somewhere outdoorsy in winter and his dad was already ready and waiting, fully dressed, in the foyer. I remember the pom pom on the top of his toque. 

I was on the steps with my boyfriend and his mom and she was speaking to me warmly about something or other. Then the dad said something about leaving soon — a very mild comment, I didn’t even really hear it. Suddenly, the mom just totally snapped. She turns to her husband and shrieks at him at the top of her lungs! 

I don’t even remember what she said, but he’d made her suddenly murderously angry, just by mentioning that we should probably leave soon. The dude’s pom pom shakes a little, but he says nothing in response to her, zero, and she turns back to me and rolls her eyes, trying to get me to side with her over what a jerk her husband clearly is? I kinda just smiled nervously. 

Here’s the thing. Everyone went back to normal, as if Mom hadn’t just suddenly exploded. That man’s life must have been so awful.

Angry woman wearing reacting to problem.Stockbakery , Shutterstock

41. Saving On Toilet Paper

I went to a friend’s house when we were around 10 years old and I went to the bathroom. I couldn't believe my eyes—they had four towels hanging on a towel bar near the toilet with brown marks. I asked what it was, and my friend said they don’t have toilet paper. They each had their own poop towel and hung them up after each use. When I mentioned it to my mom, I was told I couldn’t go to Joey’s house anymore.

Towels hanging on a towel bar in the dark bathroom.Athena, Pexels

42. I Challenge Thee!

I had a friend in school whose parents had a very eclectic decorating design around the house. They'd been all over the world on trips so they had collected lots of unique, really cool pieces. Part of the collection included swords from different cultures. Being two 13-year-old boys, we decided it would be fun to have a sword fight with some curved scimitars. 

Of course, we were too loud and eventually his dad came in and caught us. Rather than get mad and yell that we had notched up the blades, he did the totally unexpected—he grabbed a longsword off the wall and started swinging at us like he was literally going to duel. We spent the next 30 minutes running around the house and deflecting blows from a grown man with a sword.

Man holding a sword on a black background.FXQuadro , Shutterstock

43. The Nasty Neighbor

This crazy batty lady was our neighbor when I was a kid. We lived in a small town that still had party lines even in the early '90s, and unfortunately for us, we were on her party line. She was rude and nasty and always hogged up the phone. Anytime she'd be on the phone—which was often—and you tried to pick up the phone, she'd yell at you to get off the phone. Yet, if you were on the phone and she wanted it, she'd barge in on your conversation and yell at you to get off so she could use it. That was already bad, but it gets even worse.

She also was crazy religious and didn't believe children should have any toys, and they could only play outside, never inside. Of course, that meant her son, who was in my school, would always come over to our house to play. We didn't tell on him. His mom was rude, not just on the phone, but even just going into her house you could tell she was a very rude and miserable person. 

I cannot ever recall a single pleasant word she ever said to anyone. No one liked her, at all.

Woman screaming and holding a telephone.Nataliya Vaitkevich , Pexels

44. Piles Of Junk

I remember going over to a neighbor's apartment once and finding out what a true hoarder's home looks like. It was a sight to behold—just piles and piles of junk, furniture, trash, filth, everywhere. There were apparently two gerbils I vaguely recall coming over to see, but they would frequently get out of their cage and wander lost amongst the mountain of... stuff.

The two brothers that lived there just shrugged it off, and would brush off as much stuff off the couch as possible so I could sit on something that resembled the couch's upholstery. I didn't really want to play Nintendo anymore after the initial shock of how hoarders live.

Hoarding living room full with piles of junk and stuff.Shadwwulf at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0 , Wikimedia Commons

45. How Low Can You Go?

A former friend got exposed as a tremendous piece of trash who took advantage of just about everyone they knew in some way, and had a mass exodus of friends and acquaintances abandon her, eventually including her spouse. In retaliation, she decided to act like total scum. She took thousands of dollars and much more from an old woman with mental issues who was infatuated with her. It was a real case of her seemingly taking her exile as a dare to see how much lower she could go, as if to say, “You ain't seen nothing yet.”

Upset woman with mad face wearing white coat.Hannah Bickmore , Pexels

46. A Convoluted Breakup

A no-longer-friend was not only racist, but manipulative. She thought that her boyfriend was cheating on her, and to prove it, she created a fake profile to catfish him. She made contact with him through social media, approached him as this other fake person, proceeded to flirt with him and encouraged him to send her saucy pics. 

After she got her “proof” that he was untrustworthy, she did the most despicable thing anyone in a relationship could do—she made up a story to her boyfriend about the fake person contacting her and telling her that he was cheating. She ended up dumping him, based on that he was untrustworthy and a liar. He never did find out that she was the catfish. And really… I just found this gross. He wasn’t a good guy, and she could have just dumped him normally in the first place.

Woman pushing back with hands a black man outside.Keira Burton , Pexels

47. For The Snakes

I spent a summer in Sweden once visiting a friend, and one weekend we stayed at his sister's house. She and her fiancé lived pretty deep in the woods, and when I first walked in, I noticed that they had a small stack of round, empty butter containers in each room. And when I asked, they told me, "Oh, those are for the snakes." Fear hit me like a runaway train.

Turns out they had two jerky cats who would bring in live snakes from outside and just drop them randomly in the house. The snakes were pretty small and non-venomous, and were mostly just desperate to get the heck back outside. During the day, if you saw a snake, you would just pick it up and put it outside, but at night, it was easier just to drop a butter container over it and deal with it in the morning.

Scared woman looking at man holding a small snake in the hands.MART PRODUCTION , Pexels

48. Every Dime

A friend's father-in-law passed in a horrible car accident that was his fault, and he was uninsured. He caused horrific, life-altering injuries to the driver of the truck he hit head-on. They pretty much knew that this kid the dad hit deserved every dime, so they went about closing up his estate, selling the condo, etc. Fast forward a few years, and my friend is telling me about all the upgrades and renovations at their house. 

I asked how they'd saved the money for such huge changes, and she responded, "Oh, Dad's estate settled and we got half." When I asked about the other person, her response chilled me. "Turns out he was just a contractor. His lawyer filed the wrong paperwork, so he gets nothing, since he doesn't really have a claim on the estate. And now it's too late."

Honest to God, I sat there dumbfounded. Okay, I'll give you that legally this guy's attorney messed up and missed the deadline. But morally? You KNOW he deserves the money. You know your FIL was uninsured. Jesus. Enjoy your house renovation with blood money. I have seriously scaled my friendship back with her. We quite simply don't have the same morals.

A couple enjoying while painting the walls.Blue Bird , Pexels

49. Fishy Revenge

I was over at a friend's house. Her younger brother was cleaning his aquarium and set his fish outside in a bowl near where we were hanging out. There were about a hundred fish. She got mad at him for bugging us, so she pulled the most cruel payback ever—she grabbed some nearby Windex and spiked the fish bowl. One by one, every fish went belly-up. 

He cried and screamed because he couldn't figure out what was happening or what he'd done to cause it. My friend laughed the whole time. We didn't hang out after that.

Small pile of fish inside in a glass bowl swimming.pvproductions , Freepik

50. New Fuzzy Friends

A guy I worked with was about to take his wife on a trip back to their mutual hometown in another state. They had a pair of delightful kittens and they asked me if I would watch them while they were gone. I had little experience with cats, but these two were just wonderfully playful. I gave him a call when he got back to arrange to return the kittens, but he revealed to me a blood-boiling development—he said they had picked up a non-cat-friendly dog on the journey and he would just drop off the kittens in the woods. 

Needless to say, I kept them and they were wonderful furry friends for me and eventually to my wife and kids. I still think about what would have happened to them if I had not been in the right place at the right time.

Man is playing with two yellow cats outside.Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz , Pexels

Sources: Reddit,

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