Law Enforcement Share The Creepy Calls They’ve Received On The Job

December 5, 2019 | Simon B.

Law Enforcement Share The Creepy Calls They’ve Received On The Job

Whether we believe in them or not, everyone loves a good ghost story. There is something about the paranormal that captures our curiosity, perhaps because we are keen on the unknown—forever chasing the goosebumps that they instill in us. While we have all heard our fair share of transcendental tales, a large portion of them often originate from our friends in law enforcement. Who better to trust than the boys in blue, when it comes to abnormal anecdotes? Fear not, as we maneuver into the mystical with these spectral stories shared by perplexed police.

1. Children of the Walls

Mine creepiest call was from an old Cherokee lady, who would set legit Cherokee snares and booby traps around her house for the spirits coming after her. I was talking to her in her bedroom about the children who come through the walls. I was like, “What children?” She pointed next to me and said, “There’s one right there.”

Gave me a massive hit of the willies.

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2. Creepy Daycare

There is this abandoned daycare that we have to patrol and It’s VERY spooky. The temperature is different in each room. Sounds can be heard; toys are found in the roof panels. Sometimes those toys are seen moving from the roof to the floor in the rooms. Some rooms have more pressure than others like being at the bottom of a swimming pool. When you step inside all you want to do is leave. Some say a child died at that daycare.

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2. Doll Shed

A crazy old woman called because she heard someone repeatedly banging on her front door and garage door. It's after midnight when I get there, and the house is in the middle of the woods with nothing around for miles. I talk to the lady and she insists I check her large shed out back. So, I open the shed door and peek in with my flashlight, and the entire shed is filled with creepy large homemade dolls.

They're each probably like two or three feet tall and sitting upright facing the door. The hair on my neck went up for a minute. I didn't truly believe that something supernatural was going on, but dolls are just really freaking creepy.

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4. Calls from the Morgue

One time we were going to pick up a psyche patient from an ER, and when passing the hospital morgue during either late night or early morning, we heard loud sobbing coming from in there.  We flagged down a nurse and told them, who then called the hospital security to come to check it out and they found nothing.

The hallway the morgue belonged to had a few other rooms that were all locked and closed, but the sound had seemed to be coming directly from the morgue.

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5. The Girl in the Yellow Dress

ICU Nurse here. We had a patient that was dying. No family. Around 3 am the guy started crying and asking why the little girl in the yellow dress was in the hospital. We assure him there is no little girl. He cries even more, saying yes there is she is at the foot of the bed. I kid you not, the man passed in the next few minutes.

Myself and my partner blame the hallucination on the meds we were giving him to keep him comfortable. Next night. A new patient in the room. She’s completely alert and oriented. At about 3 am. she hits her call light. She wants to know why the little girl in the yellow dress was outside her room. We told her it was just her imagination from being in a strange place.

Not five minutes later the guy in the next room goes into full cardiac arrest and unfortunately, we can’t receive him. Of course, we absolutely freak. Two different nights. Two different patients see the same thing. All followed by death.

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6. Good Day, Mr. Director

Early in my career, the elevators in the older section of CIA Headquarters, known as the Original Headquarters Building or OHB, were known to have quirks. I think they still do. Occasionally, the elevator would stop and the doors would open at a floor with no one there, and no one on the elevator had requested that floor.

I heard second-hand that the “thing to do” when that happened was to say, “Good day, Mr. Director.” because it was assumed that the doors opened for the ghost of Allen Dulles. OHB was his project, as many know, but he never was able to move into his office, having been replaced as CIA Director just before it was ready.

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7. Who You Gonna’ Call?

I had a couple of weird things occur one night. I was working the night shift in a small town and received a call to the hospital. The call was from the lone security guard on site who didn't feel comfortable dealing with this on his own—the call was dispatched as urgent assistance. On arrival at the hospital, the guard stated to me that nursing staff had heard what they referred to as "blood-curdling screams" coming out of the then closed psychiatric unit.

There were no patients or staff in the unit at the time. The door to the unit was a clear glass door and there was nothing visible on the other side. I requested the keys to unlock the door, and after turning the key in the door and unlocking the deadbolt—before I was able to remove the keys from the door—something had forced the lock and re-locked the door, resulting in my hand, still holding the key, to be physically moved as well.

I was pretty creeped out myself, but based on the severity of the call I still entered the room and conducted a search of the entire unit with no result. Immediately after clearing the unit another call came in, but this time it was from a nurse walking to her car on the street. She had also heard loud screams. I ran down to the hospital parking lot where another unit met me and we searched the area.

I then came across a small park and could hear a very faint squeaking sound. I followed the sound only to come across a swing set of four swings. Three of those swings were absolutely still, as there was no wind, and the other was moving almost as if there was someone still sitting in it and pumping hard to gain momentum.

I stood there in awe for a good 30 seconds and the swing did not lose any momentum, What a weird night.

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8. Stalker

I’m not a cop, but I used to work private security. For a bit, I worked at a shopping mall. My partner and I already had a feeling this place was haunted, one reason being the homicide that happened right before I was hired. The very west section of the mall made the hair on my neck stand up the most and I don’t know why.

It’s also good to note that there is an animal shelter at this end of the mall. You can see the cats and dogs through the windows at night. They would bark and whine a lot. One night I was walking to that end of the mall and I started feeling like someone was following me or walking behind me. When I got to the shelter none of the animals were making noise, but I swear to god, all of the ones that were awake were staring at or behind me.

I got really bad goosebumps and a horrible feeling in my gut. I put my head down and walked as fast as possible out of the closest door. Once I was outside, all of the negative feelings went away.

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9. A Disorienting Disturbance

I am a police officer working on an emergency response team in a busy London borough. We took a call for a suspected domestic incident in a block of flats. The informant said that she could hear screaming and sounds of disturbance coming from the flat above her own. Once we arrived, my colleague and I knocked on the door of the flat the informant said the noise was coming from.

I had heard nothing on my way up and certainly couldn't hear any disturbance coming from the address. To be honest I heard nothing at all. After knocking twice, we had no response. My colleague left me to go downstairs and speak directly to the informant. I stayed by the door. I knocked again and after some time it was answered by an elderly woman.

She had clearly been asleep and was alarmed to see me standing outside. I told her that someone had called saying that they could hear a disturbance coming from within her address. I asked her if there was anyone else inside with her. She looked bemused and told me that she lived alone and had been sleeping. I asked her if I could come in to satisfy the fact that no one else was there.

She invited me in, and I walked into what was a small two-bedroom flat. The flat was in darkness apart from her hall light and her bedside lamp. I began searching through the flat. As I approached the final door to the living room, my colleague called me up on the radio. He told me that he was on his way and asked if I was okay. I told him everything was fine, wondering why he sounded so flustered.

He told me that he was with the informant and could also hear screaming and loud thuds coming from the flat I was in. I told him that he must be mistaken as I was almost done searching the flat and that I had heard nothing whatsoever. I have to admit a feeling of unease as I opened the final door. Like all the other rooms it was in darkness, but it was also freezing cold.

My breath misted immediately. There was no one in the room and no signs of disturbance. No window was open. I called my colleague and asked him to listen out for my footfall. He said he could hear my feet as I stamped them, but said that the screaming had stopped. This coincided with me opening the door. I left shortly after apologizing to the elderly woman for waking her.

I have no rational explanation for this at all. My colleague and I left feeling very creeped out.

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10. Door Whisperer

Another guard that I worked with and I became pretty good friends, and would often talk to each other over the phone and earpiece for most of the night while patrolling. One time, he found a door to the basement of the oldest building in our state or city or something like that. The building and the basement were also infamously haunted.

Now, he hadn’t said anything about what he was doing other than which building he was at, and we had been silent for a few minutes when I heard over the phone the word “door” being whispered/hissed in a drawn-out way with an audible inhale/exhale at the end. At first, I thought it was him and asked him to repeat himself and he was confused and said that he hadn’t said anything.

I didn’t want to freak him out, so I didn’t say anything until after he’d left the building about what I’d heard. He was pretty freaked out by it, and it would have been very out of character for him to have done that to mess with me.

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11. Phantom Bike

I’m a paramedic. It was a late summer night responding to a call in a rural area. My partner and I were driving down a winding two-lane highway in the middle of nowhere. No light of any kind other than the headlights and moon. We’re coming up on a sharp right turn when I see a man traveling across the grass from an area of brush.

He’s moving very quickly and smoothly as if hauling on a bicycle. No up and down motion like running. Obviously, I’m pretty confused about a hillbilly on a bike in the middle of the night but not surprised. He comes to a tree and stops. It’s about this time that we’re driving by him. We look out the window and see a man standing next to this tree with no bike or anything in sight.

Just standing there staring at the truck passing by. My hair is standing up. We continue towards the call and I ask my partner if he had seen that guy. His response is, “Man, I thought I was crazy.”

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12. Compelled to Stay

I responded to a call where a woman was being attacked. My partner and I got dispatched with nothing more than a possible domestic. We knock on the door and there's no answer. We start snooping around the windows to see if we can hear anything when I start to get a really bad feeling. My buddy said, “Man this might be a prank call.”

We can't go into the house because we have no idea if there's someone hurt, if this is indeed the correct house, or if a crime has even been committed, but something is telling me to stay. After pounding on the door for 15 minutes a woman comes dashing out of the house with wounds all over her. A man comes out behind her with bloody hands holding two knives, and we arrest him.

It was weird because normally we would just leave after someone doesn't answer the door. But something told me to stay.

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13. Naught but a Noose

A few weeks ago, I’d gotten dispatched to a 9-1-1 call that involved a female frantically screaming at the dispatcher, “She’s going to kill me, she’s going to kill me! Come quick, I’m at (address)!” Naturally, every unit within range of my sector had radioed in a response and we were all hauling butt to get there. Once we got there, we discovered the house was abandoned for some years now, so we set a cordon around with officers watching all exits, as my shift partner, myself and a female officer announced ourselves and made entry into the residence.

We cleared all of the first floor and proceeded to clear the second. As soon as we got to the top of the stairs, a slight movement spooked us and me and my partner immediately raised our weapons into a room where there was only a noose. Both he and I thought we saw a body on it at first glance, but there was nothing there.

We cleared the rest of the second floor and took a closer look at the noose; there was some dried-up blood and what I think was peeled off skin on it from an earlier suicide that occurred over a dozen years ago. We thought it might’ve been recent, but we didn’t know at the time. Anyway, immediately after we cleared the house, we determined that it was way too dead, for lack of a better word, to have been used recently, however, we called in some detectives.

But before we all stepped out, we all agreed we didn’t see what just happened. The reason why is because my service has a policy on what could be constituted as “paranormal instances,” where the second something like that happens you are immediately suspended from duty, have to give in your badge, your gun, your duty belt, and your vest, before being taken on the spot to a psychiatrist/psychologist, for a full comprehensive evaluation.

Needless to say, I immediately called my supervisor at the end of shift and told him about it and did the right thing by going in for evaluation. Something to be said about integrity. I’ve driven past that house multiple times in the past weeks and I’ve always sunk deeper into my seat as I’ve driven past. Something about it, it’s like you could actually feel there was something off about it.

The city seems to agree with me, as of three days ago the house is the #1 demolition priority in my sector and will be down by the end of the month. I’m just not happy that I’m going to have to go back inside next week to collect anything that might be of interest to both the city and my superiors. Luckily, I won’t be going in alone.

Also, the female who called in the 9-1-1 call was charged for Public Mischief under the pretext of misuse of 9-1-1 and misleading Peace Officers.

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14. The Stranger Upstairs

Late evening maybe a decade ago, I ended up running silent to a call with additional units in tow. The caller reported hearing "footsteps" on her second-floor when she was in the kitchen. She lived alone, was middle-aged, divorced, had no kids, and had not expected company. She was outside across the street when we arrive, obviously unnerved and being calmed by her neighbor.

Other units showed up almost as I did, and set up a perimeter at the corners of the property. We talk with her, get permission to enter, and decide we'll announce ourselves and clear the house. Three of us stack up on the front door, announce and make entry while the other officers are viewing the windows from a distance under concealment.

She was in the midst of making a really late dinner so the house smells really good. I remember how good it smelled. Anyway, we clear the ground level and make our way to the stairs when we hear it. Obviously, footsteps on the wood floors above us. Not a panicky, "Oh crap, I'm caught,” footsteps or a “running to hide or escape” type of footfall, no, these were calm, methodic and almost pace like.

We announce ourselves again with no response, except the pacing just starts to sort of fade away. Quietly, I make my way up the steps, adrenaline-pumping, and concentrating on the corner of the stairs at the top. I stop a few stairs shy of the corner, breathe, and proceed up. The hallway at the top was pitch black and after successfully clearing the top/corner we make our way down the hallway clearing rooms.

Nothing. Nobody. Not even a critter. Not that any critter would ever make what the sound that I’d describe as human footsteps on hardwood. After the initial search, a few of the other officers involved also checked every nook and cranny, bed, closet, rack, hell, even the washer, dryer, appliances and cupboards were thoroughly searched.

Nothing was out of order. Nobody was hiding anywhere. Eventually, we invite the lady back into her residence and reassure her that there was nobody in there and we equated her noise to maybe wood shrinkage or expansion in the home. None of the officers outside and after our initial search had seen anybody leave the top or bottom floors or windows.

The house had no indications that anybody tried to force open a window or door. I stayed behind for about 30 minutes once the other officers cleared the call and waited while her friend showed up to stay the night with her. I went over basic security measures with her and double-checked all her windows and doors were not compromised.

She fed me well-done lasagna as I waited, and to this day, I'm convinced that I interacted with another dimension of life that day.

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15. A Time Slip

I was a Met Police Officer serving with the Diplomatic Protection Group during the 80s. I was on night duty for protection of a government building in Carlton House Terrace in central London.  It was in the early hours of the morning, and I decided to take a walk around the outside perimeter to check that all was well.

I opened the front door to see a young boy standing about 12 feet away from me. He was wearing an Edwardian tweed cap, jacket and plus four trousers and long socks—he was also carrying a heavy old-style leather football. The property was used a great deal for filming as it is very cinematic, think Sherlock Holmes. I said, “Hello, what are you doing here?”

He smiled and bounced the ball. I realized that the ball made no sound upon striking the ground. I then saw standing behind him was a lady, late 30s, wearing a small straw hat with flowers and cherries on it. She was wearing a long cream cotton dress, Edwardian-style, with leg of mutton sleeves. She beckoned to the boy with her hand to come to her.

He smiled at me and waved and joined the woman. They turned away from me and vanished. I know that I was not dreaming, I requested a signal check on my radio to my control. Perhaps I had experienced a time slip?

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16. Guardian Angel

I’m a police officer working the desk from 15:00–23:00. The fire alarm signal goes off. Many, many years ago the police department offered alarm monitoring service, so we still had 10-12 places that were hard-wired and it would require pulling apart a lot of equipment to disconnect the system so we just kept it going. First shift dispatch is already punched in so she took it.

I’m headed out the door to the fire department when 9-1-1 rings from the same address, I answer it. No one on the other end, assumed they barely got to call before passing out, I bolt out the back door, hop in a squad car, radio in the 9-1-1 call on channel three that both police/fire can hear and that I’m going directly to the house.

I arrive just as another unit shows up. No signs of smoke...and no sign of anything. An older woman comes walking up the street pushing a wheelchair with an elderly lady (her mother). They live there and just went out for an early-evening stroll before dinner. I tell them what we have going on, and find out nobody else lives there.

As far as the elderly lady can remember, the alarm was disconnected from the house years ago during some renovations. They don’t have an alarm system either, just a couple of smoke/fire detectors. We do a walk around the house, get to the back door off the kitchen and you can clearly see and smell gas. We turned off the gas at the main, set up some fans to air it out and find a cracked gas line going to the oven.

The daughter said she spilled some coffee she was making for their walk and had to move the oven a few inches to clean, which probably broke the line pushing the oven back in. Nothing else in the house is disturbed and both phones are on the hook. The fire chief shows up about 15 minutes into the call. He goes over to the two ladies and gives them both a hug, he’s nearly in tears.

The elderly lady in the wheelchair’s husband was the fire chief 60+ years ago for our department. The daughter’s husband passed away a few years ago, and he was also a member of our department. I never believed in ghosts or spirits but that call made me think maybe people who spend their lives doing good are allowed by some power to look over their loved ones every so often.

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17. A Weird Coincidence

I have a story that was most likely just a weird coincidence—but you never know. We were transporting a psych patient from an ER to a psyche facility who was completely out of his mind, mostly unaware of everything around him, and verbal but not making any sense. He was in an almost sleepwalking headspace from his appearance.

The nurses had doped him up but said he’d been in the same mental state just more agitated beforehand, the antipsychotics had only really calmed him down. The first thing he does after we loaded him into the vehicle was turn to me—appearing suddenly lucid, and saying conversationally, “Well, you look like you’re ready to bury another dog.”

Anyone else might have written it off, but I was absolutely stunned. That morning I’d found my dog passed away in her sleep and had buried her. After looking at me expectantly for a few moments while I was a little confused and shocked, the appearance of lucidity on his face and eyes slowly faded away before he turned back to mumbling and rocking back and forth and trying to eat the bag of chips the nurses sent with him.

Not the chips out of the bag, mind you, but the bag holding the chips.

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18. Catatonic Possession

I was driving along and found a girl just standing in the middle of the road. My initial thoughts were to just tell her to pay attention, but it was clear that while the lights were on, nobody was home. During my whole time with her, she never uttered a word. I was left in a weird situation. She had done nothing and clearly needed help but medically nothing seemed wrong.

As I am pondering what on earth I should do, the girl suddenly starts spinning. Now spinning is not illegal and I'm starting to think this girl is one of those protesters that wind up police, so I think crack on, spin to your heart's content. Then she loses her balance and falls whacking her head on the side of the police car! Great.

So, I call an ambulance but she seems fine. Still not talking but she is looking up at the sky. It's a nice day so fine enjoy the sun. I do some writing and look back at her now bright red face and watering eyes, and realize she is trying to damage her retinas by forcing herself to look directly at the sun. That's a new one for me, so now I'm holding a book or something above her to shield her eyes...

The ambulance arrives and we get to the hospital, and now she has forgotten how to walk. Now I'm 99% sure she is a wind-up merchant but I get her a wheelchair. In the wheelchair, she strikes up an “I'm a little teapot pose” and keeps this up for the next hour, zero movement, just frozen with her arms out. So, I now have three potential situations.

She’s either pretending to be frozen in time, suffering from a mental health issue, or she’s been possessed. By now I’m convinced it’s the latter but I sectioned her and left her with professionals. A week later I call the hospital and they tell me she is still frozen.

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19. Night Swinging

My brother is a deputy, and at the time I worked as an EMT for a few small towns in northeast Colorado. I frequently went on “ride-alongs” with him while waiting for 9-1-1 calls to come in. This took place in Amherst Colorado. The town is very small, Amherst has about 50 people, a church, some houses, a grain tower, and a park.

It was about 3 am and we were about to call it a night. As we were making our last check on Amherst, we noticed movement at the park but couldn’t tell exactly what was going on because it was pitch black. We drove up and stopped alongside the dirt road and flipped on the spotlight. As we moved the light around the park it finally settled on the back of a young girl, maybe 13, sitting on a swing with her back facing us.

We left the spotlight on her, she wasn’t moving, she just sat there facing away from us looking down at the ground. Needless to say, it was a very creepy situation. We both looked at each other with that face you would make when something is out of the ordinary. I quickly suggested that we should call her over using the PA system. He agreed.

Then, when we looked back over, she was totally gone. I mean no signs of anyone anywhere. The park was in a wide-open area, she couldn’t have gotten out of sight in the amount of time that we had our exchange of words. I remember saying, “Should we get out and look for her?” Maybe she hid behind one of the park toys or something.”

My brother just looked at me and said, “No way” and drove away. It still creeps me out to this day.

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20. Possum Poltergeist

Not my story but my uncle's. Years ago, my uncle told us about a woman who would call the police station just about every night claiming that "fairies or elves" were breaking into her house and stealing her food. As is custom, every time she calls, they send a unit to check on her—my uncle gets it about two or three times per week.

Every night they stop by her house and reassure her that no one has broken in to calm her down. One night when he gets to the house, she has poured powdered sugar all over the floor to "record their tracks" and my uncle says he literally has to do a double-take. All over the floor of her kitchen are these little tracks, tiny like nothing he's seen before.

His partner starts taking photos and trying to figure it out. A few other officers come in, as most of them had gotten the call to her house too and want to see it. 10 police officers all completely baffled as to what these weird little prints were—but, as it turns out, there was a bizarre explanation. A possum had babies and they were sneaking into her kitchen for warmth or food.

The prints looked so foreign because most of the time baby possums are carried by their mother, not running around freely. Seven of them were rounded up and released in a less residential area.

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21. Lucy’s Mother

About four years ago, a lady who I'll call Lucy, called our non-emergency line and said she locked herself out of her house. I responded to take the report in case the fire department needed to force entry. I arrived first and immediately noticed a burning candle and some "Jesus-like" statues in the upstairs window. The light in this room was also on.

I can't explain it, but it seemed a bit odd to me. Anyway, I approached Lucy, who appeared to be about 65 years old, and asked what happened. She said she walked to her car to get groceries for her and her mother, but forgot her keys inside and the door had locked behind her. I asked if her mother was home and Lucy replied in the affirmative.

Lucy went on to say she technically lived alone because her mom died six years prior, but she still "lives" with her in the bedroom with the lit candle, and makes her presence known by turning on/off lights, opening/closing doors, and turning on the bathroom faucet. I then walked the perimeter of the home and found an unlocked window into the kitchen.

Since Lucy never actually left home and knew no one else was inside, I radioed dispatch and climbed in through the window with her consent. As my boot touched the kitchen floor, I heard an audible click. At the same time, the lights in the stairway and upstairs hallway to my left turned off. I quickly walked to the rear sliding door to my right and advised Lucy what had happened.

Lucy laughed and said that was just her mom saying hello. I told Lucy that although I genuinely believe what she told me was true, I still had to do my due diligence and ensure no one else was inside. I radioed for back-up and within minutes my buddy arrived. The first thing he asked about was the lit candle in the window.

While clearing the upstairs, we came upon the room where the candle was and immediately noticed it was blown out. There were no open windows, fans, vents, or other obvious sources that could've extinguished the flame. We just looked at each other with a bit of unease and went back downstairs to leave. Click, the upstairs lights turned off behind us.

We talked to Lucy for another five minutes and suggested getting a battery-operated candle just to be safe. Well, Lucy clearly thought "screw the police" because to this day, that candle burns in the open window most nights when I drive by. And every now and then I'll stop and talk to Lucy to see how she and her mother are doing.

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22. Guardian Angel pt. 2

This is my dad's story. He went to a call where a father had gone crazy and decided to shoot his family. He killed his wife and was looking around trying to find his five-year-old son to shoot him. The boy had run outside and was trying to hide on the side of the house behind the trash cans. The father eventually found him and point-blank emptied nearly a full magazine at the boy.

When my dad arrived, they found the boy in shock, hiding right where his dad found him, not a wound on his body. There were bullet holes in the side of the house all around the boy. When they finally got to question him about it, they asked him what happened when his dad found him on the side of the yard. The boy replied, "The angel was in front of me with a shield, and he saved me. He pushed the gun away from me."

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23. A Malevolent Ambiance

My least favorite building to patrol at night would very often have doors unlocked on my second and third patrols after I’d found them locked beforehand. Many times, they were bay doors that required a latch to be lifted from the inside to be unlocked. The building had alarms attached to every door that I’d have to disarm every time I opened one of the doors, so I knew they worked.

The building owners were not concerned in the least and simply said that the doors were like that, and that’s why they hired us to keep them locked. If it had been employees opening one of the entrance doors then I would have been able to see which employee, and at what time they’d been unlocked—which happened occasionally but I’d always been informed to expect that on the nights it occurred.

I’d also hear hissing noises, thumping from the roof, and the occasional bay door being shaken, as though by wind, but with none of the bay doors next to it being shaken. That place creeped me the heck out. The guard before me had quit at two in the morning, after ending a shift halfway through his patrol, a few weeks after getting promoted to lieutenant.

He drove straight back to the office and left his gear and letter of resignation and refused to return any calls. I had a friend who was good friends with that guard and asked him if he knew what happened, he just said that the guard refused to talk about it.

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24. Radical Rates

I'm a second-generation firefighter. My father spent the latter days of his career as a fire safety director at a massive mental asylum. Our state version of OSHA has to come and do inspections at all facilities. His was no exception, so the OSHA inspectors make their way to an abandoned part of the facility that used to house the criminally insane.

The absolute worst of the worst. Serial killers, rapists, cannibals, etc. My father left them with keys and a flashlight because the electricity didn't work. The inspectors were radioing back to my father that they kept hearing talking and footsteps which was impossible. Not even squatters could move around because each section is isolated with locked doors to prevent escape.

Eventually, the inspectors give up and actually flee without finishing. My dad decides to stick around and check the alarm boxes they didn't. As he is checking one of the alarms, he feels as if someone is watching him from down the hall. As he looks, a shadow forms with a head, shoulders, torso but no legs and just two holes where there should be eyes.

My dad got the heck out of there. Since the hospital has shut down, it has been on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and a myriad of other shows and movies. My dad has been in some of them. Jason from Ghost Hunters called it the scariest place he's ever investigated.

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25. The Room

Fire/EMS here. This is not my story, as it happened on a different shift, but the Captain working overtime with us one day told it to us, and it creeped me out. The Captain was on the first-due engine company that was dispatched to a residential fire alarm in the middle of the night. Our dispatch protocols require us to send the first-due unit emergency to a fire alarm, while the second due engine and ladder company respond routine.

We go to tons of fire alarms and 99% of the time they are caused by a faulty system or burnt food, so we usually don't get too worked up over them. Anyway, as they approach the neighborhood, they see the orange glow in the distance, and when they get on the scene they find a 4,000 square foot house with heavy fire showing on the rear and that had already broken through the roof.

The call was then upgraded to a working structure fire and more units were dispatched to assist. The Captain of the first-due stayed on the outside the whole time—he was incident commander until the first battalion chief arrived on scene and took over, and then he assumed the safety role. So, he's on the outside, in radio contact with crews that are inside fighting the fire.

After the bulk of the fire had been extinguished and as operations were winding down, the Captain sees smoke inside a second-story window and asks crews inside to go inside the room on the B/C corner to make sure the fire hadn't spread to the other side of the house. The crews search for a few minutes and radio back, "There's no room there, sir."

The Captain is a bit confused, as he is staring at what is clearly a window that is attached to a room of some sort. He relays detailed instructions of where the room should be to the crews inside, and they again advise that they can't find anything. Incredulous, the Captain asks the Incident Commander for permission to go inside of the structure so he can show the interior crews exactly where the room in question is.

His request is granted, and he goes inside, walks up the staircase, and walks towards the corner in question. There's no room there. Just a hallway with a corner. No doorway, no window, no room. Knowing that there has to be something behind the wall, they breach the drywall and crawl through to find a child's bedroom. The bedroom had a dresser, a desk, and a perfectly made bed that looked as if it hadn't been disturbed in years.

For whatever reason, the owners of the home decided to wall off the bedroom and leave it just as it was, untouched and inaccessible. The Captain said it was one of the strangest and eeriest things he had seen in a while.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsPxfuel

26. The Zombie

Cop here. My partner and I were dispatched to a welfare check. Elderly guy, nobody had seen him in a few days, mail overflowing in the mailbox, missed a doctor's appointment, the car hasn't moved, etc. We both know we are about to find a body.

We arrive on the scene and can't get anyone to the door, look through the window and sure enough, we can see his foot on the floor in the living room. My partner is a corporal and pulls rank to make me go first. The door is unlocked and as soon as we open it, we smell a mostly fresh dead body. Almost relieved, we both enter and he tells me to check vitals on dead dude.

He is obviously dead, with lividity, dried feces on him and dried saliva around his mouth. So, I go to stand over him and see if I can get a pulse at which point, he takes a deep breath, rolls over, and asks why we are in his house. At this point, we both start screaming as we both run out of the house. We called EMS and they transported him.

Said they couldn't get a blood pressure or pulse on him. I think he died a week later in the hospital. I still get jokes about raising the dead.

Heartbreaking Things FactsShutterstock

27. Transient Guests

A family member of a cop here. Where I grew up there is an abandoned factory that high school and college kids will visit, usually around Halloween, because it's scary enough in the dark. It also houses a decent amount of homeless people. So, once every few months the cops will come in, do a sweep, and force anyone there to leave.

One night my uncle is working and there's a call to the non-emergency line saying there's a lot of "movement" at the building, that the caller can see light on every floor but the first. My uncle and a few other officers respond. No more than 10 minutes have gone by when my uncle gets there. There's no one around, but there's plenty of light pouring out of the openings where the windows once were.

The officers all agree it looks more like fire than flashlights, so they call the fire department as a precaution. They walk into the first floor and start searching for the stairs. They find them and ascend to the second floor. There's no light anywhere. Same with the third, fourth, and fifth floors. They sweep the entire building, every nook and cranny, even the roof.

There's no light source and no one there that they can find. The fire department had arrived shortly after they went in and they couldn't see anything from the outside other than the subtle glow of flashlights, which was faint. Nothing like what my uncle and the others had seen. But my uncle said that what was even more unsettling was that none of the homeless areas, which were usually comprised of piles of trash along with cardboard boxes and blankets, were there.

Not that they didn't find any homeless people, but that there was no sign that anyone had been in there at all, ever.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsPeakpx

28. Helmet Head

I worked at the Naval Hospital in Camp Pendleton in 2013, and I was part of the transition team that moved the last of patient’s belongings that they wanted from their old location to their new one. Along with others on my team, we were part of the final “sweep” as far as cleaning up, waxing the floors and locking up some of the higher-level rooms within the old hospital.

It was a nice gig because there were a ton of office supplies that were just going to get thrown away along with some office chairs. I like to draw, so I took home two chairs, one for me and one for my roommate, along with a plethora of pens and paper. In my duty section, there was also a security role that pertained to watching over the barracks that were just outside of the hospital.

With the navy being the navy, they didn’t transfer anyone over to the new barracks until about a full eight months after the move to the new hospital. So, someone still had to stand duty there all the time, as well as patrol the old hospital to keep away any would-be vandals from a place they thought was completely abandoned.

Of course, I would end up getting that duty one day and would start getting people coming into the commons area asking to go look at the hospital. One time there was very clearly a light on, somewhere on the sixth or seventh floor, with a figure standing motionless watching outside. I put up a sign to say that I would be leaving the office and to call my personal number should they need anything.

Usually, people just needed to reset their key cards, but each room had 4 smaller rooms within it, so people just called their roommates to open the doors instead of waiting for the process of me resetting their key card. I searched the hospital and it was still completely locked all around. I checked to make sure that no windows were ajar but the hospital didn’t have any that opened.

I even tried to lift the back hatch that linens and new supplies came through by truck, and that was still secured. I had no other way of getting in myself, so when my chief came down around 2 am, as they seldom did but were required to at least once a night, I made a report of it. By this time the figure was gone, but the light remained on.

I was never told if they ever found anyone, or if it was even followed up on for that matter. But it was one of the creepiest things I remember from being there.

Creepiest Place FactsPixabay

29. Living Dead

Not really scary, but possibly paranormal, and a case I was never able to solve. Three years ago, I was called into an investigation of a burglary in a cemetery. When the forensics guys and I finally went out there—it was a slow morning—none of the responding deputies had actually gone inside yet. Four deputies and a sergeant were busy "securing the scene" from the outside because it was still dark out and they didn't want to go into the dark mausoleum that had been broken into.

Apparently, they felt much safer with us overweight non-sworn employees around, so we went inside together. The exterior door to the mausoleum had been forced open, and we started looking around for signs of anything stolen or vandalized. Eventually, we did find that one of the gravesites in the mausoleum, almost 15 feet off the ground, had the cement plaque shattered and the coffin was pulled out and left sprawling on the floor.

All contents of the coffin were missing, which including the cremated remains of three people, the last one who died in 2004. A person would have had to bring their own ladder to pull this out, or be at least 12-13 feet tall. According to the forensics guy, it looked like the plaque for the coffin had been shattered from the inside, due to water damage.

Still, it seems oddly coincidental that a plaque would simultaneously break on the night of a break-in to the mausoleum. It hadn't been accessed since 2004, so almost 12 years prior. The people in the gravesite had a single living relative. I called them, exchanged pleasantries, and then when I asked about the mausoleum they said, "No habla English" and hung up.

It's probably gang-related, somehow. But this is exactly the kind of thing that would happen at the start of a vampire or zombie apocalypse movie.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsPxfuel

30. Omnipresent Child

This actually happened to a friend of mine who isn't the cop in this story but a member of the family. About five years ago, my friend was in his mid-30s. He and his wife had a seven-month-old baby and a five-year-old son. The wife was a stay at home mom and the dad owned his own business and had a very flexible schedule. He would take his son to school in the morning and pick him up, etc.

So, it's about 11 am and they call the cops because they keep hearing a strange sound in the home—like feet or something and though they were sure it was nothing they wanted to make sure. The cop arrives and the first thing the cop says is, "Why isn't your son in school?" My friend is puzzled and says, "Huh?” The cop says, "Your boy is sitting outside on your lawn."

My friend again looks at the cop strange, looks on the lawn and says, "Officer, my son is in school, I dropped him off this morning." The officer looks back sees nothing and looks puzzled. At this moment my friend's cell phone rings and it's his son's school. Apparently, he has had some sort of allergic reaction to some finger paints that had egg base or something in it—he’s allergic to eggs—and became extremely swollen, throat swollen and couldn't breathe.

My friend rushed to the hospital. The cops give them an escort to the hospital so they can fly through lights and all. They arrive at the hospital and the son is doing fine and stable. The cop waits to see how the family is doing and wants to check on the kid. My friend is appreciative and lets the cop come up. He says that he had never seen a paler face in his life—the cop looked as if he had seen a ghost.

The cop says, "That's the kid I saw in your yard."

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsShutterstock

31. Basement Buddy

I was dispatched around 3 am to attend a house where the caller was concerned that someone had broken into the basement and was still inside. The caller was a very old lady and she lived all by herself. As far as she could tell, she woke up and noticed that the basement lights were on, and she said that she hadn’t been downstairs in years.

My partner and I get to the call, and the lady is standing at the front door with her walker anxiously waiting for us to come inside. My partner and I go into the basement and you can tell that no one had been down there for a while because as I walked, I kept hitting cobwebs that were dangling from the ceiling. Anyway, everything appeared to be in order, and eventually, I found the light switch further into the basement and turn it off.

We shut the basement door behind us and clear the main floor too since she was so adamant that she heard rustling and coughing in the basement. The basement was relatively empty, and I assure you no one was down there. As we are about to leave, she asks if we turned the light off. I said yes, and opened the door to show her, but the light was back on when I did.

I kept my composure and asked her if I could turn the lights on/off from upstairs as well. Negative. My partner and I exchanged looks and I went back down to turn the lights off again, then we promptly leave. We met up after the call and dug a little bit into the history of the house, and it turned out that a year ago on that day we attended to help paramedics because her husband had fallen down those stairs.

Not sure if he made it or not but... nope.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsShutterstock

32. Tiberius

I worked as a forensic nurse in a lock-up unit in the hospital, which housed both state and county inmates. We had this one older lady who swore she was being haunted/abused by a demon that she would call Tiberius. So many absolutely insane things happened whenever she was there. We’d go into the room, do normal care on her, and leave.

Seconds later she’d start screaming bloody murder. We’d run into the room to find her looking like she’d been in a fight with a boxing champ—bloody lip, black eye, markings all over her body—and no one ever saw her doing this stuff to herself. Things would get moved around the room by themselves—like at one point she was in protective restraints because the doctor thought she was hurting herself.

There was no way she could have moved or done anything to herself while in these restraints, but new marks would always appear or her tray/cart would be across the room. The room was secure so there was no way someone else was doing this. You’d ask her questions and she’d just say, “It was Tiberius.” After she was discharged, we always had trouble with that room.

If there was going to be a rapid response or code, it happened in that room. One of the guards reporting that lights were going on and off in a room? It was that one.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsShutterstock

33. A Visit From Dad

I am a CNA in a local hospital. One of my patients just had a quad bypass (open heart surgery) and I went in to check her vitals. The room was dim and the hall was quiet. I’m looking at her and in the corner of my eye, I see something drop from the ceiling out of nowhere. It makes a big clunk sound and I turn to see what it could be.

There’s nothing there. At that moment my patient looks up at me and say, “My dad's here.” Then he passes back out. I finish my job and leave. When I would go to that floor again as a floater I would hate to go into that room.

Nurses Worst Work FactsShutterstock

34. The Cell

I was a former inmate in a small county jail in Oregon. At about 2 am one night, the radio in the pod started squealing really loud, all static screeching. One of the COs came in and turned it down, changed the station, and walked back out. The next day when I was working in the kitchen, one of the nicer COs came in and was talking to us about what happened the night before.

Apparently, on the video of the pod, you can see something that looks kind of like a shadow come out of one of the cells and move to the radio. About a minute later, there was a flash in front of the radio before it got loud. Unfortunately, I ended up back in jail, and got placed in the cell the CO said the shadow had come out from.

Something about that cell creeped me out. It almost sucked the thoughts right from you.

Prisoners Adjusting Outside factsPixabay

35. Kitchen Ghost

I work in a pre-civil war town that has lots of antebellum homes that survived the war. Ghost hunters have been to the town on several occasions. There is this one antebellum mansion that is more of a museum, that gets alarm calls semi-frequently. Every time, the side door to the house is open and the kitchen has all cabinet doors and drawers open.

Every. freaking. Time. The caretaker says it’s been happening since she started looking after the place about 30 years ago. We don’t clear it without backup.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsShutterstock

36. A Ghostly Procession

My dad used to work as a CO (corrections officer) at a rural prison. He drove perimeter, which just means he made circles around the jail in a truck, checking empty buildings for runaway inmates and just generally being bored for eight hours every night. One night, my dad is parked on a hill just reading a magazine when he starts to feel a thumping in his body.

He described it as the feeling you get when speakers are playing a song with really heavy bass and you can feel the bass throughout your whole body. Anyway, he puts the magazine he was reading down and checks his rearview mirror, and he sees someone outside the truck. He grabs his pistol and jumps out of the truck, weapon drawn.

When he gets outside, he sees a procession of Native Americans walking through the truck—and directly through his seat—only to disappear at the exact spot he was sitting. He said it was clear they were ghosts because many of them appeared injured. This went on for a few seconds, and then the whole procession disappeared. He called the other perimeter guy on his walkie to try to explain, and the other guy almost immediately stopped communicating.

It turns out the other guy had seen this happen before but didn't believe in ghosts, so he wouldn't talk about it.

Abandoned Places FactsShutterstock

37. Crossing Over

Not a cop, but a leasing agent. We deal with a surprisingly high amount of deaths. I once found the body of a resident named Brant. I'll never forget him. He made sure of that. Brant was a weird resident but nice. He always chatted with me but you could tell he was hurting from his PTSD. Around Christmas, his packages sat too long in the office for pick up, but I figured he was on vacation.

Shortly after New Year’s, his parents called and asked to talk to me directly. The manager hands me the phone and they tell me they haven't been able to get ahold of him for weeks. They live out of state. I tell them to call the PD, since we’re not allowed to enter his property due to privacy laws, and I grab my keys and head to his apt.

His dog Rocky is barking, I check the front door and it cracks open, and the smell hit my face like a ton of bricks. He's dead and has been dead for a while. The police arrive. Brant had died by suicide ten days earlier. I had to ID him before they called his family. The residents neighboring him wanted out and we let them go.

At this point, I think I'm losing my mind because I keep seeing Brant out of the corner of my eye at work. Only at work. Sometimes I would see him walk by the office windows and I would yell for my manager, who believed me thankfully, but could never see him. About a month after we get his place cleaned up and turned over, and a pair of little Korean sisters move in next door.

The apartment shares a wall with his bedroom. At this point, no one in that area knows what happened, and because of Brant being a shut-in, no one knew him or who he was. One of the sisters comes in and asks me one day if someone died in their apartment. I tell her no. She says a man is around her apt and is distraught about not being able to cross over.

At this point, I ask her if she's seen him and she describes Brant. I tell her about what happened and she assures me she'll do a crossover ceremony for him that evening and also gave me a bit of sage later that day. I never saw or felt Brant again after that night.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsPixabay

38. A Shadow of a Doubt

A site I would patrol at night was an outdoor theater at the edge of town, and a body had been found on an undeveloped part of the grounds which was thought to be a victim of Ted Bundy at the time, however it was never proven. This place was creepy as heck, and I didn’t even know about the murder until after I’d been working it for a while.

Now I’m very used to being outside at night in a rural area, where there are no electric lights, but this place had this oppressive darkness that seemed to absorb any light. Even on nights with a full moon, I had to use a flashlight to be able to see anything, and even my flashlight seemed to have less reach and illumination there.

Apart from the weird darkness, there was only ever one unexplained incident. It was the first night I was patrolling there. I’d stopped halfway through my patrol to have a smoke break and turned off my flashlight because the battery was running low. After finishing my cigarette, I went back to my patrol and turned my flashlight on, and froze.

Alarm bells started to go off in my head but I wasn’t sure why. I hadn’t heard or seen anything, but I just had this strong feeling that something was off. Then I realized what it was, my shadow was being cast out in front of me, as though there was a light shining on me from behind. I yelped and jumped around, bringing my hands up, thinking there was somebody behind me, but there was nothing.

I didn’t see anything that would have cast my shadow in that direction, and I didn’t stick around to see if my shadow would keep on doing that. I turned my light off and returned to my car, using my much dimmer phone light to see because I didn’t want to see my shadow in front of me again. I never had that happen again at that property, and later tried to recreate it in the same position with no luck.

Other than it just being creepy and weirdly dark there were no more incidents that I couldn’t find a rational explanation for at that site.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsWikimedia Commons

39. Me and Mrs. Jones

I’m a P.A. and did a phlebotomy rotation. I followed a phlebotomist around and we had to draw blood from a patient late at night, I think it was like 4 am. Anyway, we walk into the room and it’s dark and then we realize the bed is empty. I took a peek in the bathroom, also empty. We were confused and started to leave when the door swung back.

I got so scared that I almost passed out on the spot. Standing behind the door was the patient, an 80-year-old naked woman with white hair down to her waist looking at us with pure hatred in her eyes. We almost had a heart attack, but the phlebotomist got it together enough to say, “Mrs. Jones, we are here to draw some blood, is that ok?”

The patient says, in what sounded like barely controlled rage, “No. Get out. NOW.” We got the heck out of there and told the nurse. The nurse told us when she walked into the room like three minutes later, the patient was dressed and sound asleep.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsShutterstock

40. Bad Spirits

My partner and I received a 9-1-1 call from an old woman having a dispute with someone. We get to the house and she says she’s alone. We say, “Who are you having a dispute with?” She says, “Oh just this spirit in one of my rooms” and immediately my partner and I look at each other and give the ole, “She’s elderly, it’s probably dementia or something along those lines.”

As we’re talking to her, she’s explaining how sometimes a “bad” spirit comes around her house and bothers her. She states that he’s in the backroom and, of course, the lights don’t work. We try to tell her that spirits probably aren’t in her house and we have to get to another 9-1-1 call. She insists we check it out. So, we do.

Now, the house and the way she was speaking about spirits, made me believe something was there. When we got the room and she opened the door, seeing a ghost wouldn’t have shocked me. She did say that it’s usually in the corner up on the ceiling. Well, that corner was dark and had the freakiest shadow that legitimately was terrifying.

My partner and I shine our flashlights on the whole room and thankfully, nothing was there. We told the lady, nope, your good, nothing going on here. I said to her, “If you feel there’s a spirit there the NYPD cannot help you, go to a local church religious institution of your choosing and best of luck.” We got the heck out of there.

Paranormal FactsFlickr

41. Cleaning House

Military policeman in the marine corps. While stationed at Camp Lejeune, a dispatcher got a call from a terrified wife that kids were trying to get into her house. It was a little after midnight. We thought this was just a drunken spouse call, so we didn’t respond on high alert, we just wanted to make sure the lady was alright.

We knock on the door and announce ourselves. The woman is obviously shaken still with puffy eyes. She tells us four children with red eyes rang her doorbell and asked to come inside, and when she refused, they got angry. The kids allegedly terrorized her for around five minutes. Her own child was put to bed and her husband was deployed at the time.

I decided to do a once over of the whole housing property and it was a whole lot of nothing going on. My partner and I then decided to do a little walking patrol of that housing area. In each housing area, there’s usually a decent size playground. As we were walking up to this one, we both see some kids on the swings. The curfew is 8 pm for young children unless accompanied by an adult on base.

I’m freaking spooked at this point and I know my partner is too. They look over at us and just stare. We started backtracking and then turned and didn’t look back. We didn’t talk about it for the rest of the night either. Later on, I looked up the incident online since Lejeune is famous for lots of paranormal activity, and it turns out the little red-eyed kids have been reported before.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsShutterstock

42. That’s Just Freaky

Paramedic/volunteer firemen, here. We covered a town in the middle of nowhere. Get a call from "Woodchuck City" as we call it, which is a trailer park with all of the chaos you'd associate with it. Call was FNRP (Found Non-Responsive, with/weak Pulse), so we rushed out there. These are usually overdoses or strokes, so time was important.

I get there and when I come in there's four or five adults, all wearing their church clothes (black pants, white shirt, women in blue or grey gowns) which threw me off because it was about two in the morning on a weekday (their Sabbath is Saturday, I think). I kneel down next to her and feel her wrist. Cold as ice. My guess is they're wearing their clothes because they knew she was dead, and the minister was on the way for last rites or something.

The paramedic with me asks if we should defib, I shake my head and try to verify there aren't any vitals. Nothing. Their dog starts growling at me, and I'm thinking he doesn't like me touching her. I ask them to get rid of the dog and he starts howling. Then the dog just stops. At the very moment the dog stops, a light blows out, and the "dead" person sits up, says "Make sure my sister gets the heck out of her place" and slowly lays down.

My partner and I are freaked out, as I was CERTAIN that woman was dead, but nobody else is. The partner starts going through, checking, to see if I screwed up. Nope, still dead, the skin is getting a little change. We call in the coroner, who has to come out from the other part of the county, nearly 40 minutes away. Sheriff radios in and say they'll be a few minutes, as a tree has fallen on a cabin a few miles away.

Later I found out that they had called the sister and she hadn't taken two steps out of her place when a tree had fallen on her cabin, totally destroying the bedroom in which she slept. I don't know if it fell directly on the bed, but, at that point, I didn't want to know any more about anything that happened that night.

Not that I think anything "paranormal" was at work here, but it certainly wasn't normal what I saw.

Police Paranormal FactssheKC lifestyle

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