Insufferable Coworkers

October 2, 2023 | Violet Newbury

Insufferable Coworkers

Every workplace has one. That one employee who is so terrible, so insufferable, they make going to work torturous. From arrogant jerks to thieving liars, these people are so bad they make getting fired a truly happy occasion.

1. Tired Of Dealing With Perry

While working in car sales, I received a call from Perry on my day off, insisting he wanted to sell the demo car I was supposedly using. However, I didn't have a demo then. Fast forward two weeks, he rang me again, claiming I had a key reserved for a car he was looking to sell. 

I knew it wasn't checked out, so I had to make the trip to the dealership just to prove I didn't have the keys. Despite the inconvenience, he brazenly requested that I prep a car for him, brief the clients, manage the test drive, and even handle the sale paperwork on his behalf because he wanted to attend to another client.

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2. Hostile Takeover

Our company went through a major transformation when Matt, the new VP of Operations, took charge. Unfortunately, this meant significant changes in my role, team, and work processes. 

These new methods were extremely detailed and restrictive, which had a significant negative impact on our productivity. To make matters worse, Matt placed a junior team member in a leadership position, leaving me feeling isolated and marginalized. 

It became evident that Matt's intentions were to push me out, and ultimately, he succeeded.

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3. Trapped In The Twilight Zone

I went through an extremely difficult and nightmarish experience for the past two years due to a coworker who was absolutely terrible. She would say hurtful things to me when we were alone and then completely deny it when confronted by management. 

She would also create strange situations to make me look bad or crazy and consistently try to turn my other coworkers against me. Not only would she mock me openly in front of everyone, including customers, but a lot of the mocking was aimed at me for being a guy and for being "too sensitive." 

She would tell me that I should be able to handle whatever she said, which was incredibly frustrating. I felt completely lost and didn't know how to deal with everything that was happening. 

Although I had managed to overcome a difficult childhood and give up drinking a long time ago, I had no prior experience or tools to handle a situation like this. It felt like I was trapped in a bizarre parallel universe. 

To make matters worse, she successfully manipulated management into thinking that I was the problem and that I had made up everything that was happening for a very long time. This left me feeling completely defeated and hopeless. 

Eventually, I reached a breaking point. I decided to confront management and threatened to take legal action if they didn't address the situation. They initially brought in a mediator who facilitated a series of discussions between us. 

I wasn't informed of the mediator's opinion on the matter. However, I had a strong sense that the mediator had conveyed to management, "Yes, there is a problem that needs to be addressed," because the company then hired lawyers to investigate my claims. 

The investigation took around six months, but it turned out that several of her own employees (we both held supervisory positions) supported my side of the story. The lawyers informed my company that they were in serious trouble due to the evidence gathered. 

All the women I worked with, without exception, stated that I had always been kind and had never been mean, snapped, or been rude to them. Some of them even mentioned that they enjoyed working with me, and a few had witnessed some of the incidents. 

Throughout the investigation, I was kept in the dark about the progress and timeline. However, one Friday, I finally received vindication. Management walked in and informed my terrible coworker that she needed to gather her belongings and escorted her out of the building. 

It was an overwhelming moment, and I couldn't hold back my tears. Not just because it was finally over, but also because I couldn't understand why any of this had to happen in the first place. 

Even now, I still don't know the reasoning behind why she targeted me, and I don't think I ever will. However, my stress levels have improved tremendously since then.

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4. Attitude Is Everything

There was this man, in his sixties, who always tried to assert his dominance in the office, almost like he was back in the days of his youth. He would say offensive things, make fun of others, show his disapproval through scoffs and eye rolls. 

One day, he started complaining to us about his grandson's love for Star Wars, expressing his concern over him becoming a "nerd." That was annoying enough, but he continued to make things worse.

Interestingly, in the same conversation, he proudly shared his deep passion for baseball, boasting about his collection of books filled with statistics dating back to the 1950s for every team. He even mentioned owning five game-worn Mickey Mantle gloves. 

With a sense of superiority, he confidently declared, "I could tell you anything you want to know about the game." It makes you wonder, who is truly the nerd here? Finally, there was a gathering to celebrate his forty years of service at work, where the boss presented him with a nice award in recognition. 

However, instead of showing gratitude, he repeatedly sighed and rolled his eyes, as if he would rather be anywhere else. Witnessing a grown man acting too cool for a gesture of appreciation is truly embarrassing.

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5. Two Bosses, No Brains

I have two bosses at the moment who I find rather foolish. It's frustrating that they frequently ask me questions that should really be directed towards someone lower in the hierarchy. They want advice on running metrics and handling client interactions, for instance. 

I suspect they do this out of insecurity because they fear being judged by their higher-ranking colleagues. However, being insecure doesn't necessarily make them bad people. The real problem is that they burden me with an overwhelming amount of work that should be assigned to at least five people. 

And then, they have the audacity to complain that I'm not meeting the required metrics. It's worth mentioning that I never had any trouble meeting metrics under my previous boss; if anything, I consistently exceeded them. 

Little do they know, I have a plan in place. In the event that I'm unjustly terminated, I have gathered all the necessary screenshots to support my case for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

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6. Bungling Bonuses

I used to work for a company where they compensated employees for using their personal cars by paying for their mileage. Unfortunately, it was discovered that someone was falsely recording hundreds of unnecessary hours per week just to receive more payment. 

I made sure to accurately log my own time, but made a mistake by accidentally swapping the last two digits, resulting in me cheating myself out of 11 miles. The manager wrote a report about it, documented the incident, and forwarded it to the company's headquarters. 

However, the company did not make any effort to reimburse me for the lost mileage. In addition to the mileage compensation, I was also receiving monthly bonuses for being the top sales representative. 

The manager decided to dismiss the other sales representatives and contacted the home office, claiming that I didn't deserve my bonus because there was no competition. 

In doing so, he ensured he received a bonus every month by keeping the sales hours low and eliminating any potential competition.

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7. This Alpha Male Was No Myth

I used to work in an industry where most of my colleagues were men. Among them, there was one person who proudly proclaimed himself as the epitome of masculinity. One particular day, he really irritated me, and I couldn't help but express my frustration out loud. 

In response, he turned to my boyfriend and asked, "Can't you manage her behavior?" Needless to say, this comment only fueled my anger further. However, on the positive side, after that incident, no one dared to bother me anymore.

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8. He Boggled The Imagination

I used to work at Starbucks for a year, and during that time, I had a coworker named Eric. I remember the day when Eric came into the store with his resume, and I was the one on the register. 

As I glanced at his resume, I noticed that he had titled himself as the "Architect of Imagination". It turns out Eric had dreams of becoming a writer, but he struggled with constructing coherent sentences. 

Because of his limitations, Eric couldn't operate the coffee machine properly or remember the recipes for various drinks. He also struggled to fulfill support roles since he had difficulty understanding and meeting the needs of the other staff members. 

Even on the register, Eric had trouble marking cups correctly, leading to frustrated customers who would occasionally lose their patience with him. It was tough to witness the distress on Eric's face as he seemed on the verge of tears—and things just kept getting worse for him.

I felt torn between anger and sympathy for him. He added an extra level of difficulty to an already demanding job, yet I couldn't help but feel sorry for his lack of abilities. I had never encountered anyone quite like him before, and haven't since. 

On a particular night, I found myself reflecting on a particularly harsh comment I had made in response to one of Eric's bewildering actions. In that moment, I started pondering about Eric's life beyond our store. 

Did he find the world to be a scary and confusing place? Did he feel like life was happening to him rather than being in control of it? I imagined him standing amidst traffic, appearing vaguely surprised and confused, as if he had forgotten how he ended up there. 

Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to look him up on Facebook. What I discovered on Eric's Facebook profile was quite unsettling. He appeared confident and fashionable, with styled hair and photographed alongside beautiful women wearing expensive clothing. 

His wall was filled with posts from people who had recently spent time with him, often mentioning their enjoyable "writing sessions". It felt as though I had entered a different world altogether. This prompted me to question the real identity of Eric. 

Among my colleagues at the store, the prevailing theory was that Eric was merely playing the role of a method actor, conducting research for a book or screenplay. I almost summoned the courage to ask him about it on a few occasions, but I was afraid of being mistaken. 

I kept envisioning myself awkwardly inquiring, "Are you truly this stupid, or is it all an act?" Taking such a risk was something I couldn't bring myself to do.

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9. A Matter Of Importance

Whenever someone entered David's room, he had a habit of making them wait until he deemed it appropriate to speak with them, the duration of which depended on their perceived importance. 

As expected, his boss was spared from any waiting time, while his colleagues and secretary had to patiently wait until he finished articulating his sentence. Being the new employee, there were instances where I found myself waiting for as long as ten minutes. 

If I attempted to excuse myself and leave, he would promptly intercept me and extend my waiting period even further.

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10. State Farm Was Never There

We nicknamed Jake as "State Farm" during his time here. He possessed a remarkable talent for being extremely lazy and had a remarkably negative attitude. In his early days of training, he casually mentioned to his trainer that he needed to grab something from his car quickly, which was no big deal. 

However, after 20 minutes had passed and he still hadn't returned, we discovered him in the breakroom. On another occasion, instead of working in his assigned position, our supervisor caught him hiding in the training room with the lights turned off. 

As a consequence, he was sent home that day, but he harbored a strong resentment towards the situation. He firmly believed that he never held a job for more than a month due to discrimination based on his orientation as a gay person. 

In reality, nobody in our workplace had any issue with his orientation, as there were others who identified as gay as well. Fortunately, he was eventually dismissed from his position in about a month's time. 

This one-month stint joins the already extensive list of short-lived jobs on his resume.

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11. Joey, The Mean-Spirited Tool

When I first began working in the steelwork industry, my boss was a really great guy who taught me a lot. Although I'm not the best in the world, I've received plenty of respect and praise from different crews I've encountered for my knowledge and ability. 

My boss actually learned the steelwork trade in a family business owned by someone who treated him and everyone else poorly. Once he gained enough experience, my boss decided to venture out on his own and start a successful company.

However, the owner of his previous workplace would often badmouth him, call him a traitor, and even go as far as showing up at his job sites just to stare at him from a distance. Eventually, my boss sold his company for a good profit and pursued a different career path.

 Currently, I work for a company we had previously done some work for. When they found out I was looking for a job, they immediately hired me. Then, there was Joey, the son of my boss's old workplace boss. Despite his age in his 60s, I tried my best to get along with him.

 Unfortunately, he was a spiteful older man who took every chance available to badmouth me to my coworkers, bosses, and anyone who would lend an ear. 

Although my coworkers and bosses would brush it off and claim they didn't pay attention to him, I found that anytime I made a suggestion on a job, even as simple as saying "Let's start at this end," he would quickly call someone on the phone to insult and belittle me, referring to me as a boy and an idiot. 

Sometimes, our disagreements would escalate into full-blown arguments, but overall, I remained kind to him. I knew he struggled with reading, so I would assist him with forms and other documents to prevent him from feeling embarrassed about his reading difficulties. 

There were moments when we got along well, and I genuinely liked him. However, he had a tendency to abruptly become nasty without any apparent reason. 

I suspected it was because he believed that my old boss had taught me everything, and acknowledging my skills would somehow offend his family or something along those lines. 

One day, he misunderstood a situation and wrongly believed that we all received six-packs as a reward for completing a job. His reaction was completely unhinged. He outright accused me of being a liar and then abruptly quit the company. 

Later on, I heard that he had a cancer scare and wanted to talk to me since I had previously dealt with the same type of cancer before joining the company. In an effort to be kind, I called him to have a conversation. 

He admitted feeling remorseful about the past incident but didn't offer an apology. We reconciled and he returned to work, but it didn't take long for him to resume his previous behavior, constantly engaging in nonsense whenever he had the chance. 

At that point, I simply gave up on trying to win him over. I've always believed that it's possible to win anyone over, but this man was just immature, petty, and consistently showed a mean-spirited side of him.

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12. The Gaslighting Genius

Somehow, I found myself in the position of being my former boss's second-in-command. I worked extremely hard for him and contributed a wealth of excellent ideas. This person was completely consumed by their own self-importance. 

They had a talent for manipulating situations in such a way that you didn't realize it until later. Additionally, they possessed a great deal of charm and knew exactly how to get under your skin. I was constantly doubting myself while working for them. 

Their favorite book happened to be The 48 Laws of Power. It would have been wise for me to read it just to keep up with their tactics. They used self-help books as a resource to figure out how to control others. Working for this individual was absolute chaos. 

They frequently changed their opinions, leaving everyone in a state of confusion. They would even have these wild mood swings during our shifts. I managed to endure for about a year before deciding to resign. 

They constantly made promises they couldn't keep, and when reminded of these promises later on, they would belittle you. Employee retention was terrible, and I was constantly struggling to persuade my team to stay. 

Towards the end of my time working for them, I finally had enough. I had a face-to-face meeting with my boss and expressed that the excessive meetings we were having were a waste of time, designed solely to please their ego. 

I also pointed out that promoting their best friend to the top management position was detrimental to the team. I addressed all these issues in the most professional manner possible. 

My boss had the worst response—he accused me of using my college degree to manipulate and make them feel bad about themselves by using fancy jargon. 

Following that meeting, I was placed on administrative leave under the pretense of needing a mental break, only to be let go before I was supposed to return. Ironically, I did learn a great deal about management and leadership from this experience. Quite unexpected, isn't it?

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13. The Big-Talking Braggart

There's this guy in the accounting department who doesn't seem to have a filter when it comes to sharing his personal expenses. 

He absolutely loves talking about how much he spends on various things, like his fancy new truck which cost him a whopping $90,000, his extravagant new pool that drained $130,000 from his pockets, and even his medical bills that added up to $30,000. 

He proudly mentions that it's not a big deal for him because he can write it all off on his taxes and get all that money back. But honestly, I don't think many people in the office are interested in hearing about his spending sprees. 

Most of us just tune him out or find someone else to chat with. Just the other day, I overheard him discussing what kind of vehicle he plans to buy for his son as their first car. Surprisingly, he seemed adamant about splurging on a brand-new sports car.

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14. Being Competent Was Foreign To Her

Once upon a time, there was a teacher who did not want to acknowledge the ESL students in her second-grade class. She would pretend that she didn't understand the students who were already quite fluent in English. 

Even though I tried to show her how to use Google Translate to communicate with their parents, she never made the effort to do so. It was really disheartening. But things got even worse. 

She purposely ignored the adjusted grading scale that was meant to help new immigrant students who couldn't speak English. It was almost as if she wanted to sabotage their progress. 

What's more, she consistently mispronounced their names, using anglicized versions instead. For instance, she called Juan by the name John. It was incredibly disrespectful. Soon enough, after the spring break, she never returned to work. 

And honestly, it didn't really make a difference because she didn't contribute anything of value to the students or the classroom.

Teacher in front of a  board  asking  students  questionsKaterina Holmes, Pexels

15. Great Expectations

I spent approximately six years working under a manager who rarely acknowledged my efforts, only giving positive feedback on a few occasions. Despite this, I consistently put in a significant amount of effort, taking his suggestions seriously and striving to improve. 

However, my ex-manager had unrealistic expectations of perfection and never rated me higher than "good" on my annual performance reviews. Despite these challenges, I persisted because I genuinely liked the company and the people I worked with. 

Fortunately, my perseverance paid off when my ex-manager retired. Since his departure, my new reviews consistently exceed expectations, despite no notable changes in my work or attitude. 

I continue to work just as efficiently as before, but now my new manager truly acknowledges and appreciates my contributions.

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16. Sunshine Brought On The Storm Clouds

There was this person named Sunshine, who unfortunately didn't quite live up to her name. She turned out to be one of the most unbearable control freaks I've ever come across. I work in the tech industry and due to the demands of a particular client, I ended up working at their office five days a week. 

And guess what? Sunshine insisted on being on a video call with me the whole time I was there. It was such a hassle because if any of the users needed my assistance and I went to their desk without informing Sunshine beforehand, I would receive a message from her saying something like, "Where were you? I needed you and you abandoned me." 

It became so frustrating that I started being excessively specific about my whereabouts. I would inform Sunshine about every little thing, even going as far as saying, "Hey Sunshine, just a heads up, I'm going to the restroom. Hopefully the dryer isn't slow so I'll be back in two minutes."

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17. Keep Your Germs To Yourself!

One of my colleagues was diagnosed with pneumonia, and it was really tough on him. He would have these severe coughing fits while working at his desk each day, and it sounded like he was really struggling. 

Surprisingly, even though he had more than four hundred hours of sick leave available to him, he refused to use any of it. The situation became even more concerning because the woman in the cubicle next to him was pregnant, and she definitely didn't want to be exposed to any illnesses. 

But what made it even more frustrating was that our management claimed they couldn't do anything to make him stay home.

Mature Businessman At Office Desk Blowing His NoseAndrey_Popov, Shutterstock

18. Not The Norm

There was this colleague named Norm. On his first day, he declared he'd be leading our team in no time, exuding immense arrogance. He'd cherry-pick tasks that made him shine, often leaving the bulk of the work for the rest of us. 

Most unsettling was his penchant for bragging about his romantic escapades. Whenever a female contractor was present, he'd uncomfortably hover over her, making overt and poorly-executed flirtatious comments. 

Norm also had a knack for trying to outdo anyone's story with a "better" version of his own. Though the team expressed our distaste for his behavior, he brushed it off as playful teasing.

Later, when new, higher-paying roles opened up in another department, both Norm and I applied. He arrogantly mentioned he'd negotiate a higher salary than me just for the sake of it. However, the tables turned. 

The hiring manager of that team was someone I'd collaborated with earlier, and we shared mutual respect. When he inquired about Norm's suitability, I provided an objective yet candid assessment. 

In the end, I secured the position, while Norm did not. I was more than content to progress without him in tow.

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19. The Know-It-All Nuisance

I once had a colleague who was quite difficult to work with. She had a tendency to act like she knew everything and would often repeat the same point multiple times in a single sentence. 

Even if she wasn't right, she would confidently assert her correctness and say "I told you so" whenever things went the way she predicted. Furthermore, she believed she could do no wrong and always placed the blame on others for any mistakes or issues that arose. 

It was particularly frustrating because she would frequently remind everyone that she didn't actually need to work, as her husband provided financial support, and she would constantly acquire new things because she easily grew bored.

Unfortunately, her behavior didn't make her very likable among our colleagues. Even the cleaning staff couldn't stand her and would ask her to leave due to her excessive arrogance.

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20. Leave Politics At The Door!

There was this guy named Bill who joined our crew. On my first day working with him, he proudly announced that he doesn't discuss politics, doesn't gossip about people behind their backs, and has no interest in being in charge. 

However, it didn't take long for those claims to prove false. Bill turned out to be an ultra-conservative who made everyone else's life miserable. Personally, I don't mind working with people who hold conservative views as long as they are decent individuals. 

I've encountered staunch conservatives who are great colleagues—but Bill was an exception. He would lose his temper at the slightest mention of anything he considered liberal. I remember witnessing him go into a rage on the job site just because someone mentioned Kamala Harris.

Bill even got into a shouting match with a homeowner who had hired us to paint his house, all because of their differing political beliefs. Throughout the day, he would constantly try to pick arguments with me. 

To make matters worse, despite having 30 years of experience, Bill was one of the worst painters I've ever seen. It's important to note that we specialize in high-end residential jobs and take pride in the quality of our work, something Bill completely disregarded. 

He would slap paint and caulk without proper preparation, resulting in frequent failures. His inability to cut a straight line was astonishing; it seemed like he either lacked the skill or simply didn't care. 

I vividly remember spending almost four full days redoing caulking on tall windows, spot priming, and repainting baseboards that he had carelessly painted with a much darker floor color. 

Bill was also notorious for claiming he had applied two coats of paint when it was clear he had only done one, all so he could boast about how fast he worked. And then, his behavior took a dangerous turn. 

One day, Bill nearly started a fire while working on an exterior project. He carelessly dropped the embers of his cigarette into dry leaves, and when we returned from our lunch break, we found the cedar shingles engulfed in flames. 

It was only a matter of minutes before the situation would have become uncontrollable. Eventually, Bill got fired from our team. Let me tell you, he was by far the most unbearable and miserable person I've ever had the displeasure of working with.

Cropped image of handsome businessman in formal wear holding a box with his stuff and leave after being firedGeorge Rudy, Shutterstock

21. Gretchen The Snack Swindler

I used to work in a small office with four other colleagues. In order to save some money, I stored all the ingredients to make a sandwich (such as bread and cheese) in a specific drawer in the office refrigerator. 

Strangely, these items started disappearing even though I hadn't used them. Eventually, I discovered the missing package in Gretchen's trashcan and decided to confront her about it.

Gretchen became extremely upset and immediately went to our boss to complain about the situation. As a result, we were called in for a meeting to discuss the issue. During the meeting, our boss stated, "Gretchen felt really offended when you accused her of taking your food." 

I ended up having to apologize directly to Gretchen for jumping to conclusions. When we sat down to talk, Gretchen explained that she got upset because she had been falsely accused of taking things since she was a child. 

However, the truth was that she did take my food, despite her denial.

Man Taking Water Bottle From Fridge in Pantry Room During Break, Shutterstock

22. Coming In At All Costs

John used to be my boss. He had perfect attendance and expected the same from everyone else. Even when he was sick, he still showed up, although he would just lie down on the floor behind his desk. 

On a day when there was a massive snowstorm, he walked all the way to work, even though it took him an hour. He was upset when I informed him that my car had spun out of control while going down a hill near my neighborhood, but I managed to regain control and return home. 

It seemed like no matter what I did, he always found some reason to criticize me. He never understood why he never got promoted, despite all the ways he was an unpleasant person to work with. I was extremely relieved when he finally left the company.

Red car on the side of the roadOleksandr P, Pexels

23. Why Wasn’t It Barry?

Barry, unfortunately, ended up inheriting his father's business but struggled to keep it afloat. Due to mounting debts, he found himself working for the company I was employed at. 

However, it became evident that Barry lacked motivation as he disregarded the needs of our customers, leading to their dissatisfaction. 

Even during wintertime, he preferred to hide away in the heated bays and would become unpleasant whenever someone utilized the smaller forklift. Barry's co-workers were constantly frustrated by his behavior, making it difficult for anyone to collaborate with him. 

We had to frequently double-check the orders he handled since he had a tendency to make mistakes. Whenever there was a termination within the workplace, it seemed like everyone wondered why Barry hadn't been let go instead.

Angry employee with lifted hands yelling at the cameraKues, Shutterstock

24. Power Was His Mistress

I used to have a manager who had a very obvious complex of needing to control everything. I had a feeling that he would be quite interesting when, right before the Fantasy Football competition, someone made a joke about having team names related to quarantine, like "Quarinteam". 

Without any delay, he immediately registered with that name for his team, and only changed it when he faced pressure to do so. Whenever I dared to ask someone else a question, or even just have a casual conversation with anyone other than him, he would completely lose his composure. 

He would get angry when others, including the CEO, would seek my opinion on something and demanded that I get his permission first. And that's not even the craziest part.

To add to the absurdity, when I started bombarding him with messages after his request, he responded by sending me a job description and questioning if I fit the role! The funniest part was that he accidentally sent me the wrong job description altogether.

Shocked employee looking at e-mail he got on his laptopfizkes, Shutterstock

25. The Chanel Bandit

At the office where I used to work, a rule was put in place that prohibited wearing scented products. There was one woman who was already quite difficult to tolerate, and she took great offense to this policy. 

In secret, she would sneak in her collection of perfumes and go around spraying them in empty offices or cubicles when nobody was around or before everyone arrived in the morning.

 This went on for a considerable amount of time, perhaps more than a month or two, and none of us had any clue as to who was behind it. My colleagues and I started jokingly referring to this mysterious individual as the "Chanel Bandit". 

However, things took a turn when we finally caught her in the act on camera. She had no idea that security cameras had been installed after a previous break-in, as she had left for a three-week vacation. 

Some of us already had suspicions about her, especially considering the fact that the Chanel Bandit had mysteriously stopped spraying while she was away. As soon as she was caught, she decided to quit her job. 

Needless to say, none of us were particularly sad to see that person with an obsession for the scent of cedar leave our workplace.

glass perfume bottleKarolina Grabowska, Pexels

26. His Operating System Was Not For Me

Josh ran a modest computer store, which also provided on-site support to local businesses. Notably, a significant portion, about 40%, of his clientele hailed from his church community. 

Unfortunately, he was a sneaky guy—he had a habit of overcharging, misbilling, and offloading outdated equipment on unsuspecting customers. He often pressed his staff into being dishonest with patrons. I chose to leave after half a year, unwilling to be complicit in his dealings. 

Surprisingly, one of his employees has remained with him for over 15 years, earning a mere $11 an hour.

Upset man in casual wear holding box with things and leaving the officeBAZA Production, Shutterstock

27. Cheaters Never Prosper

At my previous job, I had a boss named Marty. Marty had a habit of bragging about being unfaithful to his wife. It seemed like every time he went on a business trip, he would engage in infidelity. As expected, his wife eventually divorced him, and he was devastated. 

He spent months crying over the loss. We tried to reason with Marty, telling him that he couldn't have it both ways. Loving his wife while also indulging in affairs with every possible opportunity was simply not fair. 

In response, Marty made a decision to improve himself. He focused on getting into great physical shape, taking care of himself, and becoming a better person. However, it appeared that his efforts were merely a disguise for his ongoing pursuit of romantic relationships with our female colleagues. 

He constantly approached them, attempting to engage in conversations about his new workout routine. In due course, Marty met a new woman and they began dating. Eventually, they got married, but unfortunately, the pattern of infidelity continued. 

Both Marty and his new wife cheated on each other frequently. As Marty's behavior towards others became increasingly problematic, he was eventually fired from his job for harassment. 

In an attempt to defend himself, he went to the Human Resources department, claiming that he would not have been dismissed if his colleague had slept with him like everyone else supposedly had.

Man crying in officeShotPrime Studio, Shutterstock

28. The Hungry Life

When I was in my early 20s, I used to handle rentals for events, such as large tents and similar things. Most of my colleagues were also in their early 20s, except for one older guy, who was maybe around 30. 

We nicknamed him "Hungry" because he always had one hand filled with food—whether it was pastries, a soda, a hot dog, or something else. Not only did he work with only one hand occupied, but he was generally quite slow in his tasks. 

Whenever Hungry was part of our team, the rest of us had to work even harder to compensate for his lack of productivity. But the cherry on top? He had this unwavering rule of taking his lunch break precisely at noon, regardless of our location or how close we were to finishing our work. 

He would simply stop, sit down on his cooler, and eat. We could be just five minutes away from wrapping up and enjoying a proper meal at a proper table back at the shop, but it made no difference. For Hungry, lunch time was always NOON! 

It was apparent that Hungry lacked the experience of working for someone other than his parents, who owned the small gas station in our town. Unfortunately, his performance reflected this, and it ultimately led to his termination before the end of the season. 

And I must say, he definitely deserved it.

Employee  sitting and having a  break, eating  sandwich and drinking  coffee.Standret, Shutterstock

29. The Silent Treatment

The woman I worked with at the front desk of a hotel was really difficult to deal with. She would get upset with us for no reason and then completely ignore us. She wouldn't give any work-related information or tell us anything we needed to know. 

Instead, she would make it clear to everyone else that she was intentionally not talking to us. It was really exhausting because there was no way to anticipate what would trigger her. One time, a bunch of boxes of magazines were delivered before my shift. 

When I asked her about them, she didn't say anything and I had no clue what they were for. Later, a manager from another department asked me about the magazines and if they were for the rooms. So, I turned to her for clarification. 

Her response was incredibly frustrating. She took control of the situation and then complained to the supervisor that I had refused to handle it and made her do all the work. This wasn't true because I had simply asked her a question about the magazines. 

If she had just given me the information I needed, I would have been more than willing to handle it. Instances like this happened constantly because she refused to communicate like an adult.

Employee at front desk of a hotel welcoming guestsAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

30. Tired Of Teenage Scare Tactics

I used to have a manager named Joe who wasn't the easiest person to work with. Joe was in his 60s, had thinning hair, and didn't have the healthiest lifestyle. In fact, his health deteriorated to the point where he had to take a month off work. 

I felt sympathy for his situation, but that didn't excuse his behavior. Joe had a tendency to micromanage the entire store and treat the teenage employees poorly. He would frequently yell and berate them, creating a hostile work environment. 

Unfortunately, I experienced this firsthand when a customer wrongly accused me of something. Joe called me into his office just to unleash a ten-minute tirade. Even when I tried to defend myself, he threatened my job security with comments like, "Don't test me, you're playing with fire." 

It was clear he was trying to intimidate me, despite the fact that I performed better than 70% of my co-workers. Fortunately, I no longer have to endure that work environment, and I am incredibly relieved to have moved on from that job.

Angry manager  yelling and pointing at the cameraWillyam Bradberry, Shutterstock

31. Spy Tracking

I once had a bossy project manager who acted like he was in charge of everyone. He always snooped around and would report to our actual boss if someone was not working or away from their desk for more than five minutes. 

Whenever he decided to leave his desk, he would walk down every aisle and peer into each cubicle to check if people were present. It became a regular habit for him. There was no logical reason for him to take such a long route except to annoy us. 

It became so frustrating that I started keeping a record of his actions on the whiteboard in my cubicle. Each time he walked by, I would make a tick mark. Eventually, I transferred this information to a spreadsheet on my phone on a monthly basis. 

I continued this tracking for four years. It became a lighthearted joke within our department, and I even created various graphs based on the data. Surprisingly, I still have that spreadsheet even after more than 10 years.

People in an office walkingXiXinXing, Shutterstock

32. Poor Little Rich Boy

The person I currently work with is a 23-year-old guy from Chicago who came to Kentucky for university and ended up staying. He got a job as an engineer at my factory. 

Unfortunately, he often makes derogatory comments about us, calling us inbred, poor, and stupid, constantly referring to it as "Kentucky education". But here's the thing—he has never experienced any real struggles in his life. 

Everything has been taken care of by his wealthy parents. He doesn't have any college debt, no car payments—they probably even send him money for rent. It really annoys me that he feels so superior to all of us just because he's a privileged rich kid from the city. 

The truth is, he has no understanding of the real world or what it's like for the rest of us.

Rich man throwing money in officeGround Picture, Shutterstock

33. Stuff It, Mikey!

Let me introduce you to Mike, or as I fondly referred to him, "Food Mike." His true passion in life revolved around discussing all things related to food. Mike worked in outside sales and had a knack for smooth-talking, even if he often resorted to telling little white lies. 

Surprisingly, he managed to secure some significant accounts, but unfortunately, his lack of effort in truly understanding what he was talking about often led to botched deals. And of course, he never hesitated to shift the blame onto others.

One of his favorite tactics was making "drop-ins," which essentially involved him showing up at a client's location, signing in, leaving a business card, and promptly departing without accomplishing much else.

He would then conveniently claim the miles and time spent on these visits. I remember him once bragging about the impressive number of miles he had successfully claimed. Since our company didn't provide cars or trackers, it was a rather simple feat for him to achieve. 

Additionally, Mike had an aversion to eating alone, always preferring to dine out. He had a way of pressuring others into joining him for meals, often resorting to guilt trips if anyone declined his invitations. 

It has been five years since I last worked with him, and during that time, he seems to have changed jobs multiple times, perhaps five or six. I'm uncertain whether he keeps getting fired or if he merely jumps ship before people catch on to his tactics. 

Every now and then, he reaches out to me when he's on the hunt for a new job opportunity.

Dirty plate with leftover food on floor.Salman Stock, Shutterstock

34. Overstaying His Welcome

Jean-Marie was a rather unpleasant individual who always seemed to be on the lookout for a verbal altercation. If you expressed something as black, he would swiftly counter with white, and if you then adjusted to white, he would insist on gray. 

He possessed a lazy demeanor, only doing what he wanted and frequently attempting to correct his colleagues or managers in front of others, which inevitably irritated everyone around him.

I happen to work in a governmental office that employs civil servants under non-breakable contracts, obtained through competitive entrance examinations. Jean-Marie was one of these civil servants, and he joined our team when he was nearing retirement age.

However, his transfer to our office was a result of disciplinary action taken against him in his previous fieldwork. Due to the nature of his contract, he couldn't be fired, so the decision was made to reassign him as an "assistant to the director." 

Interestingly, his former colleagues in the field were so thrilled about his departure that they organized a farewell party without inviting him.

In the office, he was placed in the records and land registry departments, where he was required to collaborate with the person in charge of the land registry.

Although he wasn't directly under her command, he consistently disregarded her instructions and even attempted to correct her reports. 

It seemed as though he had a personal mission to be a nuisance to everyone, as he openly declared, "I will stay for as long as I can to cause trouble."

Unfortunately, our nightmare didn't end there. Even after his retirement, Jean-Marie continued to visit the office for nearly a year, using the printer for an association that actively worked against our organization and even making unauthorized copies of confidential documents.

This behavior persisted until we finally had a new director who threatened legal action against him.

Mature Man confused sitting at desk in front of a computerAndrey_Popov, Shutterstock

35. Dictating Dictator

In the family business where I was employed, there was a sales manager who happened to be one of the brothers. However, his behavior was far from pleasant. He would constantly scream at everyone, displaying a clear superiority complex. 

This created a fearful environment where everyone was cautious and careful not to upset him. One of my main responsibilities was to transcribe and type up his emails to clients exactly as he dictated. Unfortunately, even with my utmost effort to accurately capture his words, he would often berate me and label my work as "low class." 

Demanding revisions, he would meticulously instruct me on how to redo it. This process would repeat itself multiple times, and somehow, it always became my fault that he was dissatisfied with his own words. Ironically, if I dared to make any improvements to enhance the content, he would yell at me for making changes without his permission.

It is important to note that I was not even his administrative assistant. Eventually, I reached a breaking point and decided to quit after a few months. It was perplexing to see the company wonder why they struggled with high turnover rates.

Angry Boss screaming at employee in officeNew Africa, Shutterstock

36. This Boomer Pushed My Buttons

There was this mid-level manager, much older than me, who seemed completely inept at his job. With a mere click of a button, he would complete his tasks without giving them any real consideration. 

Any matter requiring his approval would be swiftly granted without even a cursory review. Whenever someone posed a question, he would promptly pass it on to me, expecting me to provide the answers. 

He functioned more like a transparent window, allowing everything to pass through him without adding any value to the company. In fact, he became more of a liability than an asset. And that's not the worst part.

To my dismay, his own manager appeared unconcerned about his incompetence, and as a result, I ended up bearing the brunt of the consequences. Any errors or missed deadlines were automatically attributed to me, while I never received any recognition when tasks were successfully completed.

After enduring this for a year, I made the difficult decision to resign. I simply refused to subject myself to the torment of essentially performing his job on top of my own responsibilities.

Angry Old boss  yelling at  young male employee in the officeElnur, Shutterstock

37. The Nonprofit Nightmare

In a small, random nonprofit organization where I once worked, my boss held the dual roles of HR and finance. She had a tendency to put in long hours, often stretching her workweek to 60-70 hours. 

Perhaps she believed this demonstrated loyalty and diligence, but in reality, it only showcased her ineffectiveness and lack of competence. My time there was short-lived, lasting merely three months. 

During that period, she adamantly refused to provide any training, instead opting to hand me outdated written instructions. Despite being hired to alleviate her workload, she consistently withheld tasks from me, leaving me with nothing to do but sit idly and stare at a wall.

To compound matters, she displayed a disparaging attitude towards women. Considering that the office was predominantly female, it was disheartening to witness her habit of referring to anyone under the age of fifty as a "little girl."

Little did she realize that many of these so-called "little girls" possessed advanced degrees in policy and business. The atmosphere within the organization was one of sadness and oppression, as it became evident that everyone lived in constant fear of being berated by her.

When I finally found a warehouse job that paid slightly less but offered a way out of this toxic environment, I made the decision to quit without any notice.

Young ambitious female boss yelling at new unhappy female employeeIvanko80, Shutterstock

38. Stuck In Misery

During my teenage years, I found myself pregnant and in need of employment. I managed to secure a temporary job at a plastics factory, where I was assigned to a small separate room, away from any potential exposure to chemicals or machinery. 

Unfortunately, the tasks I was assigned were both mind-numbingly mundane and undeniably the worst imaginable.

One particular job that pushed a co-worker named Don into a state of raging hostility involved placing tiny orange stickers on parts for Honda locks.

Due to a glitch in the glue, we had to meticulously inspect each individual part out of thousands to ensure proper adhesion. Don's caffeine intake was off the charts, as he guzzled several oversized Big Gulp thermoses of coffee throughout the day. 

I'm convinced that at some point, he must have replenished his thermos with something stronger, perhaps from his car. He was constantly wired on either caffeine or who knows what, spending hours hovering over our shoulders, checking these stickers. 

His face would turn red with anger, and he would erupt into fits of screaming if we dared to utter a single word or if our pace was not up to his standards. It seemed as though he was perpetually on the brink of a coronary episode. 

Having to approach him for anything only intensified the already dreadful job. At around 27 weeks into my pregnancy, I experienced a severe kidney infection that required hospitalization. To say that Don's reaction was unhinged would be an understatement. 

He completely lost his composure and sanity when he learned of my need to take time off. His response was utterly deranged, displaying a complete lack of understanding or compassion for my situation.

Woman holding her pregnant bellyGisele Seidel, Pexels

39. Bad Things Come In Threes

I can recall three individuals who made my work experience quite challenging. First, there was Laura, who possessed an incredibly competitive nature coupled with an unpleasant attitude. She was willing to throw anyone under the bus in order to advance her own career.

 Additionally, she struggled to control her emotions, often breaking down in tears right in the middle of the office. She also had a tendency to raise her voice when someone challenged her know-it-all personality. 

Thankfully, she still works at my company, but in a different department, which is truly a relief.

Next, there was Angela, a perfectionist who made everyone's life a living nightmare if things weren't done exactly to her liking. She displayed rudeness, extreme criticism, and a condescending attitude towards others.

While she portrayed herself as an angel in front of upper management, she terrorized her colleagues and those in lower-ranking positions. She insulted me and several others multiple times. Although I no longer have direct interaction with her, I still harbor negative feelings towards her.

Lastly, there was Christina, who was undoubtedly the worst of them all. She held a power-hungry managerial role and imposed outrageous demands on her team. Under the guise of "elevating" our roles, she would belittle and scrutinize us relentlessly.

This resulted in increased workload, stress, and conveniently, no additional compensation. If you ever sent an email that she didn't approve of, she would summon you to her office and berate you for perceived "unprofessional behavior." 

Fortunately, management was aware of her difficult nature, and several employees resigned under her leadership. HR even became involved due to some scathing exit interviews. As Christina was on a work visa from another country, the company decided not to renew it.

 Although I still encounter challenging individuals in my workplace, these three individuals truly took the cake.

Demanding female manager leader angry standing over and employee sitting at her desk watching her workYURII MASLAK, Shutterstock

40. The Sierra Chronicles

Sierra was undeniably a know-it-all, always possessing the answer to every question, better ideas than anyone else, and a longer list of accomplishments. It seemed as though she had tried everything one could think of and encountered more challenges than the rest of us combined. 

Her insufferable nature made it difficult to work alongside her. She insisted on everything being done precisely as she desired, regardless of whether it truly necessitated such precision. 

Sierra had a tendency to micromanage everyone around her, leaving little room for individual autonomy. Needless to say, I felt a surge of happiness when she eventually transitioned to a different job.

Annoyed female office worker  screams at the cameraWAYHOME studio, Shutterstock

41. Pretty Doesn’t Cut It

I had the experience of working alongside a young woman who had a penchant for singing loudly, seeking attention, and inserting herself into any conversation whenever possible. 

She held a position in our front office administration and performed adequately at her job, often presenting her work as the best she could do. It became apparent that she relied on her attractiveness to navigate through her responsibilities.

As time went on, I began hearing stories from my coworkers, which shed light on her erratic behavior. It seemed that she had a tendency to consume excessive amounts of alcohol, needlessly stirred up drama, and even wandered around in her pajamas at 2 a.m.

It was during this realization that I made a connection to a character from "The Office" named Andy Bernard. The resemblance between her and Andy's personality traits was uncanny.

To this day, I still have a strong visceral reaction towards Andy's character, as it serves as a reminder of the unpleasant experience of having to spend 40 hours a week with a person like that in real life.

Angry annoyed woman yells at the cameraCast Of Thousands, Shutterstock

42. Cut Off At The Start

One of my colleagues tends to start conversations but interrupts frequently, leaving little room for others to respond before continuing to talk. Consequently, he often ends up engaging in conversations predominantly with himself. 

Additionally, he has a habit of modifying my paperwork prior to submission, resulting in numerous spelling errors as he attempts to enhance the document's overall appearance. 

Thankfully, all the revisions made are electronically documented, indicating who made the changes.

Closeup portrait of upset man  lifting his hands sitting on a chair in officepaulaphoto, Shutterstock

43. Some Old Timer Suffering

Charlotte was the quintessential long-term employee in the office who resisted accepting newcomers. I experienced a cold shoulder from her until someone else joined the staff, relieving me of the title of the newest member. 

One of her habits that caused a great deal of discomfort was microwaving fish for lunch, permeating the entire staff room with an unpleasant odor. She would also frequently make comments about my vegetarianism, seemingly finding amusement in it.

During our morning staff meetings in the winter, Charlotte would sit there, blowing her nose, coughing loudly, and emitting various sounds of illness. Despite clearly being unwell, she adamantly refused to go home or call in sick, believing that taking time off was a sign of weakness.

This became particularly concerning given that we worked in a kidney dialysis unit, where her germs coming into contact with patients posed a significant risk.

Adding to her insufferable behavior, Charlotte would mock me for standing with my hands on my hips while conversing with a patient. She even went so far as to laugh at me because my scrub trousers were apparently too short.

All in all, she proved to be an overall unpleasant individual to work with.

Woman in gray blazer is having a meeting at office.Tima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

44. This Manager Was Pure Trash

During my time at the mortgage firm, I encountered a manager who, on my third day, decided to dump trash on my desk. She claimed that it was a way to remind me that taking out the trash was part of my job description. But she was so, so wrong.

This was not the case at all, as I was working as a research assistant, not responsible for such tasks.

Boss yelling at her employeeKaspars Grinvalds, Shutterstock

45. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

During a company-wide virtual training session, we were informed about the updated anti-corruption guidelines. On one particularly warm day, as some customers walked in, my manager approached a colleague of mine. 

He asked if he could assist him in moving a shelf from one of the garages to his vehicle. In return, if he cleaned it up first, he could head home early if he chose to. My colleague agreed enthusiastically, unaware of what was unfolding. 

The subsequent week, to our shock, he was dismissed. The manager labeled him as a dishonest employee, having failed his so-called "test". It's disheartening to see someone who had been with us for nearly eight years be treated in such a manner.

Man getting fired and packing office things to leave job carrying belongings in flannel shirtDC Studio, Shutterstock

46. Fit-ing Time Frustration

A colleague I collaborated with on a cabinet door production line was rather challenging. One evening, we finished our tasks about 30 minutes ahead of schedule, and he became highly upset. 

He voiced concerns about not being able to cover his expenses if they let us leave ahead of time. Yet, just two nights later, when we had to stay an extra 45 minutes, he was even more agitated, lamenting about the unexpected overtime.

Employee works on cabinet door assemblyAleksey Kurguzov, Shutterstock

47. Sweet As Sunshine, Dumb As Rocks

Lisa, a middle-aged lady with a rich Alabama accent, seemed straight out of a southern movie scene. She joined our IT support team after the company parted ways with some highly skilled individuals who sought better compensation or growth opportunities. Lisa had no technical background.

Instead, she heavily relied on her interpersonal skills, often leaning on the team to address her tasks. She would shuffle from one ticket to another, often complicating matters further. Even after years with the team, she consistently sought assistance for every ticket she managed, showing little recall for previously addressed issues.

Often, we found ourselves referencing her past queries where the same problem was discussed and explained to her months before.

Older female employee asking younger colleague for  help with her tasksfizkes, Shutterstock

48. Java Jerk

I used to be employed at a group of eateries named Austin Java located in Texas. It was a place filled with enjoyable moments, delicious food, and amazing individuals. However, everything changed when the owner decided to hand over complete control to his nephew.

In just a matter of months, all the employees decided to quit, and unfortunately, the restaurants had to close down. Let me tell you, this nephew was the most unpleasant and disrespectful person I had ever encountered! 

He had a tendency to act superior and belittle others, as if he had something to prove. It was almost as if he aspired to be like Gordon Ramsay, but ended up being nothing more than an imitator. 

The worst part was that he would publicly yell and curse at the staff, even in the presence of families enjoying a brunch outing. I genuinely hope that deep down, his own family feels ashamed of his behavior. It is my wish that he leads a brief and miserable existence.

Angry chef with   hand in front of the face yelling at the cameraShotPrime Studio, Shutterstock

49. Taking Credit Where Credit Isn’t Due

In my previous job, my boss would assign me challenging tasks from demanding clients. Each step of the project required the person working on it to sign off. Upon completing a project, she would go into the system, remove my initials, and add hers in their place. 

Later on, she would proudly approach her supervisor and boast about her achievements, claiming them as her own. Once I discovered her dishonest actions, I realized I had to take action.

From then on, I stopped informing her when I finished a task and personally submitted my work directly to her supervisor. He was impressed by how easily I seemed to handle the workload "as if by magic," and as a result, I was promoted.

resolving conflict between coworkers with  computer and documents working late at nightGround Picture, Shutterstock

50. Mindless Or Mean?

I had a colleague, Jane, who repeatedly complained to our manager about me supposedly sharing my dislike for certain colleagues. It caused trouble for me, but the frustrating part is that I never actually said any of those things. 

Turns out, Jane had her own issues with those colleagues and was attempting to convince our boss that others felt the same way. I can't decide if she was oblivious to the fact that her actions would result in trouble for me or if she was simply being malicious.

Business colleagues having an argument in the officewavebreakmedia, Shutterstock

8.Sources:  Reddit

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