Identical Twins Share Their Horror Stories Of Utterly Awkward Mix-Ups

January 8, 2020 | Scott Mazza

Identical Twins Share Their Horror Stories Of Utterly Awkward Mix-Ups

It's a perfect comedy trope: a set of twins involved in some sort of hijinks where they make use of their identical looks to get away with all sorts of stuff, or getting involved in some sort of ridiculous mix-up. Well, for these real-life identical twins, the truth is stranger—and more hilarious—than fiction. Whether it's accidentally getting a smooch from your sister's partner, or getting mistaken for your brother (and almost getting sent to jail!), the life of a twin is constantly at risk of getting stuck in some sort of crazy predicament. Read on for tales of the wildest and weirdest mix-ups that identical twins have ever experienced. 

1. Oldest Trick in the Book

I was walking with my girlfriend at the time during my freshman year of college when another girl I'd never seen before approached me and said, “Ohhh, so this is why you didn’t want to call me back.” I didn’t know this girl at all, but it also didn’t register at the time that she was referring to my twin—who I assume had ghosted her.

I told this girl she must be mistaken, and she says, “No I know it’s you—we met in the dorms.” And then it clicked for me. So I explained that she was confusing me for my twin brother, but the most awkward part is that she didn’t believe a word I was saying and thought I was just using the twin story to try to get rid of her. I had her call “me” at the time and show her that my phone wasn’t ringing and that she was calling my twin.

My girlfriend was upset at first, but then basically realized the humor in the situation as it was unfolding.

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2. Just Go With It

Twin friends from high school and I all went to the same college. I was eating lunch outside the cafe with one of them and this guy comes up and starts talking to him. Solid couple minutes of conversation and the guy walks away. My buddy says "I have no idea who that was, must know my brother" and continues eating like nothing happened.

They both are the type who can talk with anyone so they messed with people all the time.

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3. Not a Role Model

My twin and I are both in the same major at the same school. I’m told we stand out a bit and are quite recognizable cause people see us all over and never realize we’re twins. Anyways, on one of my trips to college a couple months back, I had a guy come up to me and confess how much he looked up to me about how I always sit in the front, show up every day and seem smart and always do well.

He was talking about my brother, cause I didn’t show up to class too often.

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4. Avoidable Mix-Up

My grandparents were getting us ready for kindergarten. They put the wrong nametags on us but we did not notice. I was just sitting in class and all of a sudden the teacher goes "[my brother's name], you're in the wrong class"—we had different teachers. She brings me to my brother's classroom and takes him to hers. I was so scared I didn’t say anything, but I felt like I did something wrong.

After a few minutes, I was so freaked out about being in an unfamiliar place and seeing all the strange faces I started crying. My brother’s kindergarten teacher figured out what was wrong and sent us back to our real classrooms. The worst part? My twin and I are fraternal and look nothing alike. This was like the third week of class.

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5. Getting to Know the Family

A while back when I was in middle school I went over to one of my good friends' house. His mom comes in, we start talking about random stuff, and then she asks my name...I had known this woman for five to six years at this point so I was pretty damn confused. The conversation continues for a very awkward minute or two, and then my friend’s mom walked in.

Didn't even know she had a sister til that day.

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6. Magic Hair

I had very long hair in college. My identical sister had a pixie cut. When my sister visited the campus, I had to explain to my neighbors and friends how I managed to grow back two feet of hair and no it's not a wig. In another instance, we made one of my neighbors question his sanity when he saw "me" walk down the hall twice, one minute apart, without ever having walked the other direction.

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7. Almost Got Away With It

Oh, I've finally got a decent story to share! In eighth grade, my twin and I decided to go to a football game because they were playing against the old school we used to attend. My sister—who we will call Ham—was sitting at the table with her boyfriend, while I was walking around with my aunt, who was home schooled.

Everybody was walking around, watching the game, etc. just having a good time. Then the principal came up to us and told us we needed to sit down. Being the rebels that my aunt and I were, we didn't listen. Of course, they couldn't do anything to my aunt so she got away with it. I, on the other hand, decided to get in trouble.

Principal: “You're in trouble! Which twin are you?” Me: “I'm Ham.” Principal: “I'll see you in my office on Monday morning!” Lo and behold, come Monday morning they are calling Ham to the principal’s office. They actually had to pull her boyfriend in there for them to finally believe it wasn't her. By the time I got to the office, the principal was so mad that she just sent me straight to in-school suspension.

Good times.

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8. Please Don’t Spit in the Food

Not my most embarrassing moment but something close. I frequent a bar every week. All the servers know me and know my husband, who doesn't come every week but comes enough that our regular waitress knows who he is. One evening my husband's identical twin brother and eight-month pregnant wife go to the bar for dinner. Cue several servers giving them some intense side-eye and pretty terrible, downright rude service.

Brother-in-law says something like: “Huh, that's weird, my brother always says they have the best service here, pretty sure he comes every week” to his wife. His wife starts laughing and comments to the server, “Hey, I think you know my husband's twin and his wife, they come here every week!” The service greatly improved after that.

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9. It’s Not What It Looks Like

So, this happened to me about a year ago. I currently live in Singapore and was out for dinner with my girlfriend at the time. My girlfriend bends over and quietly tells me there is this woman walking around taking pictures of me, so I look over and she is trying to be very discrete about it. She sees me notice her and comes over looking very angry, and angrily asks me what the hell I'm doing and how I could cheat on my wife.

I'm completely dumbfounded and I have no idea who this woman is, or who she is talking about, so I just tell her that I've never been married. She proceeds to just stare at me, and then asks me, "Wait, are you [name of my twin brother]?" Me: "No, that's my brother..." At which point she proceeds to turn red and start apologizing profusely. Turns out this woman was on holiday and works with my sister-in-law.

My brother was also on travel for work in China, not Singapore, and she assumed that he was lying to meet up with my girlfriend and cheat on my sister-in-law. It was an awkward as hell experience but made for a good laugh at least.

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10. We’ve Been Through This

My twin brother and I were counselors at a summer camp. We were in different huts so we led different aged kids for a week. Whenever I would pass the kids he was counseling or vice-versa, they would get confused and ask a bunch of questions. It became a daily debacle.

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11. Coming and Going

My favorite story was when I got a job at a grocery store near home. The main entrance and side entrance were relatively close to each other and I took groceries out with a customer and disappeared behind a wall that leads to the side door and only that side door. Within seconds of me being out of view, my stepdad and twin walk in the main entrance door.

I drop off the customer’s groceries at their car, say goodbye and come in the main entrance door, and one of the cashiers is looking at me like he's seen a ghost. I have no idea why, so I ignore and go back to work. 15 to 20 minutes later, my dad and brother show up at the register, and I say hey, we talk for a minute or two and I take the chance to "help them to their car" because they won't say no and I can get away for a few minutes.

When I come back in, that cashier—Taylor—pulls me aside and goes, "You’re a twin?" and proceeds to tell me what just happened and how confused he was. Six months later, my twin gets a job at the store. We have people start conversations with one of us and try to finish with the other. Sometimes due to workflow we'll both bag for the same person but not at the same time and they don’t notice the difference.

Eventually, people start to figure it out, but some laughs were had.

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12. Always Close By

My twin and I went to the same university but on different campuses. One day she was at my campus for a lecture and one of my teachers spotted her. He went up to her and tried to convince her to go to his office to discuss one of the projects I was working on. She obviously freaked out and said she wasn't me. I ended up receiving an email from him saying he met my sister and accidentally scared her.

We also used to work for the same company but different floors and departments. So many random people would say hello to me. I have major resting mad face so they would always say that my sister was in a foul mood. Took them a while to figure out there was two of us.

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13. May I Have This Dance?

I am an identical twin and my brother and I were at homecoming. Both wearing basically the same outfit because there is really only one kind of blazer and white button down. It was dark at the after party, my brother’s date thought I was him and tried to start dancing with me. Had to awkwardly say "wrong person."

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14. Costly Mistake

Not me, but I’m best friends with identical twins and we hang out a lot. Well, we made plans one time to go see a movie, but when I got there, one of them wasn’t there. I thought the one that was there was the one who stayed home the entire time we were together. When we were saying bye I addressed her as the other one and she was like, “Bro, what the heck, I’m Emily.”

I don’t think she has ever forgiven me for that.

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15. Should’ve Worn Name Tags

I'm the brother of older identical twins and during the eldest's wedding—J—his twin—P—and myself were his groomsmen. As part of this, we were greeting guests as they arrived, shaking their hands and saying welcome, etc. It didn't take long for guests to start congratulating P on his wedding, causing him to laugh and correct first.

A lot of J's wife's family were from overseas, so they certainly hadn't met P before and may not have even known that J had a twin, so once they started arriving, it became a constant stream of people congratulating P on his wedding. Eventually, he stopped correcting them and just slightly, awkwardly started saying "Thanks."

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16. Date Night Mishap

So I have a twin sister—let’s call her K—who is engaged to T. One night I went on a Tinder date to the movies. Throughout the movie, this guy and I were getting close and snuggly and what not. The next day a server at the restaurant T owns asked to talk to him. She proceeded to tell him she saw his girlfriend K at the movies last night with another guy and that she thinks K is cheating. He told her that was impossible as K was with him all night the night before.

He then realized that she must have seen me at the movies and explained to the waitress the whole twin situation. It’s one of my favorite stories to tell.

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17. Two Places at Once

I worked with twins and a couple times one was in the back window working cash and the other was in the front window handing out food so people would get to the next window only to be greeted by the same person and freak out a little.

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18. Unintentionally Throwing Shade

I got my identical twin brother in trouble with a girl in college. My brother was in a class with this girl and they talked a lot but she didn’t know he had a twin. They were interested in each other but not dating. One day I’m in the record store—they were a thing back then—flipping through records looking for something good.

This girl sees me from the other side of the record rack, apparently makes eye contact with me, and I completely ignore her. To me, she was just some random stranger in a record store. She was mad at him for weeks—until she finally found out he had a twin.

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19. Color Coordinated

My younger brothers are identical twins. When we'd go to extended family events my mom would dress them in different colors, X in blue and Y in red. Once everyone would learn who was who for the day, they would go and switch clothes and insist they were who they were, so Y in blue and X in red. Confused the crap out of everyone.

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20. Wrong Twin, Wrong Time

Senior year I got partnered up with twin B for a class project. Both were in the "It crowd" and twin A had just started dating a jock. While we were walking to the other side of the building and talking about the project, the jock boyfriend comes out of nowhere and tries to punch me. I dodge it but still took a 50% glancing blow to my ribs.

He was yelling the whole time, "That's my girl!" and other related comments. Twin B jumps in between of us and Yells "I’M TWIN B" while pointing to twin A 20 feet down the hall, with two teachers behind her.

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21. Too Many to Keep Track of

My wife is a Ukrainian triplet, so I had never really spent any time with her family. One of her sisters came to visit and was doing her makeup in the bathroom, I came up behind her and squeezed her side, she turned around red in the face and I realized I had squeezed the wrong sister. It could have been far more awkward and I'm glad it wasn't.

Then once while visiting her family in Ukraine we were at her father's house and her brother lost the keys so we were all looking around the house for them. I start following her sister around who speaks no English and realize she's not speaking to me so I keep asking "What's wrong? What's wrong? Why are you mad?" and she's ignoring me because she doesn't know what I'm saying.

Then my wife walks in from another room and her sister asks her to tell me to stop bothering her she doesn't know what I'm saying and I just look at them both dumbfounded for spending so much time thinking I'm speaking to my wife.

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22. Stranger Danger

Freshman year of college, I was walking on campus and waved to this woman who I thought was in my English class, just to be friendly. Got a weird look back. A few weeks later I see her and her twin together and was not only surprised that they were twins but finally realized why I got a weird look for waving at a complete stranger.

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23. Trust Issues

When we were in school, we would always trade places. I would take her art class and she would take my science class. The kids in our class were in on it, so they knew it was happening. One day we were both in our appropriate homeroom classes when we got pulled out for switching classes. Some of the other kids had said we were in the process of switching classes, even though we weren't.

We kept insisting that we were in our actual assigned classes, but they didn't believe us. They couldn't prove anything, however, so there were no consequences.

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24. We’ve Actually Met Before

When I was in high school, I guess my twin sister had achieved a perfect or near-perfect score on one of her exams. Shortly after marking the test, her teacher—who I was actually scheduled to take the same class with, but the next semester—found me in the hallway one day and proceeded to loudly congratulate me on "my" work.

I've always been shyer about correcting people on not being my sister, so in this instance, I just smiled and said thank you. Flash forward a few weeks, when I walked into that same teacher's classroom, I had to awkwardly explain who I was versus who he thought he had been so excitedly speaking to before. Made for an uncomfortable first official introduction, to say the least.

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25. Not a Hugger

I was grocery shopping with my husband, who was about 10 feet away down the aisle. All of a sudden behind me I hear, "Hey, [twin sister's name]!" Before I have a chance to react, there's a pair of arms around me giving me a tight bear hug and pulling me back. I screamed like I was stabbed, which caused my husband to run over.

The arms finally let me go, and I turn around to see my sister's former coworker who I have seen exactly once. He saw I wasn't her, and backed up so fast he nearly fell. Thankfully, my husband saw the humor in the situation and laughed until he nearly peed himself.

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26. It’s Not You, It’s Me

I have, on multiple occasions, very loudly said hello or waved at my own reflection, thinking that it was my sister. We work in the same place but in different buildings, so we will occasionally run into each other, particularly when crossing the skywalk connecting the buildings, which have lots of reflective windows.

Depending on who’s around to witness it I either get weird looks or laughed at.

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27. The Same but Different

Parent of identical twins here. One of my kids’ homeroom teachers who was also his counselor in high school called me because she saw him at the grocery store and he was behaving strangely when she said hello and it was totally not like him—she was really concerned! I immediately asked if she knew he was an identical twin.

It was a big, new school, and they were at an age where they were trying to be more independent, so I think they were downplaying the twin thing/not actively telling people. After I told her she asked how I tell them apart. Honestly, sometimes if they’re just watching TV or not talking I can’t, but as soon as they start talking, I know who’s who.

There are pics throughout their childhoods that I’m not 100% sure who’s who.

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28. Celebrities Are People Too

So this one actually involves a celebrity. Jon Heder—from Napoleon Dynamite—goes to my church. This was about 10 years ago. We have a good chat one-day, share some back and forth and the following week I see him again, and he looks at me confused as I tell him hi. I continue to talk to him as he nicely and nervously listens…and then I see someone walking behind him that looks just like him.

I didn’t realize I was actually talking to his identical twin brother.

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29. Hate to Say I Told You so

In middle school, my twin’s history teacher saw me walking down the hall one day and called me into her classroom to talk to me about a test result or something. She called me by my sister’s name, and I told her I wasn’t her, but was actually her identical twin. She scoffed and told me I was lying and that my sister didn’t have a twin.

I insisted she was mistaken, and she got very irritated and insinuated I thought she was stupid enough to fall for such a transparent lie. Not wanting to cause any trouble, I just followed her into the classroom, let her talk to me about the test, nodded a bunch, and skedaddled. A week or so later, my sister and I were walking down the hall together and I spotted the teacher.

As we strolled by, I waved and smiled. I’ll never forget the look on her face! We’ve never been much good at tricking people on purpose, but accidental trickery is far more satisfying. I’ve got so many good twin stories. Taking my sister to a college party—we went to different schools in different states—and unleashing her without telling people that I even had an identical twin, let alone that we were both at the party.

Sending her out for the “first look” as a prank at my wedding was a particular highlight. The fun never ends!

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30. Didn’t I Reject You Already?

I am not a twin but I used to work in an emergency room. There was an EMT who kept telling some of the nurses that he wanted to ask me out. I had no idea who he was or what he looked like until he finally did and I kindly declined. Then a few weeks later, another nurse told me an EMT had a crush on me and pointed him out.

I told her he had already asked me out and she was really confused because he was trying to work up the courage to talk to me. I was super confused until I found out they were identical twins and were both EMTs. It was super awkward that they apparently both were attracted to me without the other knowing. It was weird.

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31. The Troubled Life of a Twin

Two stories. One was with my twin sister and my roommate who is also a twin, but they're different races so they look nothing alike. They were at a store and some lady had twin babies. My sister and roommate were like, “Are they twins?" Lady says yes. Then they both say, “We’re twins, too!” Lady looked at them like they were INSANE. They finally realized why and were like, “Oh, not with each other.”

Second story. My sister’s professor saw me hanging out in a quad at college. He started yelling at me that I was supposed to be at some lecture. I was like no that’s my twin. He didn’t believe me until I showed him my student ID. Also, in general, people thought I was constantly changing clothes throughout the day and that I was a jerk that didn’t say hi back because they’d say hi to my sis and she’d ignore them.

I’d get mad at her and say, "Dude, say hi back to people even if you don’t know them!" Also, people I really didn’t know that well would get mad to find out I was a twin after chatting a few times in class or something. What am I supposed to do say, “Hi I’m so-and-so and I’m a twin, what’s your name?” It doesn’t always come up naturally bro.

Sorry, that’s more info than you requested.

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32. Trading Places

My brother and me, identical twins, like to pull pranks like switching classes on April Fools—something everyone thinks twins do—and the way he got caught was super embarrassing for him. When I went to his class, everything was so proper and everyone said, "Good Morning, teacher!" and stuff like that. It was in French, but that's beside the point.

I was asked to hand in an assignment and I said I left it at home, which the teacher was strangely understanding of. My brother though, had a different time. Everyone in the class was just chilling and talking until the teacher finally got their attention, and she asked my brother—super convinced that it was me—to commence his oral presentation on a news article of his choosing.

He went up and said some random crap about some geological thing, which the teacher didn't choose to verify since she said you could choose any news article from the past. The way we were caught was by the laughter in my class when my brother finished his "report" and I got caught by some really loud kid nobody likes that just screamed out my name whilst others were telling him not to.

Good times.

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33. Staying in Character

I wasn’t the twin but I was a part of the awkward. So back in college, I see my girlfriend walking out of class after a test. I go up to her and give her a hug and kiss her, as I knew she was freaking out about that test. She kind of acts weird at first then kisses me. Later on my roommate and I find out that my girlfriend—who is a twin—had her sister take the exam for her, and when she saw me, she kissed me because she was still pretending to be her.

My roommate—who is dating the twin I kissed—wasn’t too pissed but we laughed about that for a long time. There was another story with them when we tricked him into thinking I was making out with her, but it was the twin, before she transferred to the school and we weren’t together. He tackled me out of a chair and dislocated his shoulder.

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34. Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions

I am not a twin, but I am engaged to one of an identical set. I've posted this story before, and it's a long read, but I think it fits. So, first off, I—almost—never mistake them. To me, they look completely different, and I know "mine" is the one with the attractively shaped head. However, maybe once or twice in the past, I got mixed up.

The worst time happened in the school library freshman year of college. I had been dating my guy, who we'll call Brent, for four months. His identical twin, Ron, had been dating this girl Sarah for just a couple weeks. I'm walking into the library to meet Brent for dinner when I run into Sarah. We say hi, have a chat, and just as she's turning to leave she mentions that she saw "my guy" in the second-floor computer labs.

So I head up the stairs and see "Brent" sitting at one of the computers, when all of a sudden I'm hit with a revelation. Brent is not nearly as good looking as I remembered. I get a bit of a sinking feeling, and as I get closer, my fears are confirmed. I am no longer attracted to Brent. His skin seems more olive in hue, his haircut is strange, and his head is oddly asymmetric.

Four months is a long time, and I figured the fire had died in me since I saw him last. But whatever, I tell myself to suck it up. Brent is a great guy, and I shouldn't be so shallow. Looks aren't everything, right? Brent sees me, I give him a little wave, and he kind of just...stares back at me? Weird. I pull up a chair and start talking with him about his day, being all friendly and girlfriend like, but Brent is giving me nothing in return.

All of his answers are short, and he seems almost confused by our interaction. He also doesn't seem to remember that I had a big test that day—that I had been stressing about all month—because he didn't even ask how it went. I start to get a little upset. Sure, I can handle dating a guy with a potato head, but not a guy who can't engage with me socially.

I figure maybe he's having a bad day, so I ask if he wants to go for a walk around the library. He says, "Uhhh, I guess, but that's kind of weird." At that response, I think "WTF, Brent!" We've been dating for four months. This is not a weird thing to do together! I decide I need a second to collect myself because his behavior is really off-putting. I tell him I'm going to return a book on the first floor.

And so, I do what any girlfriend would do when she's about to leave...I put my hand on his knee and kind of lean in for a kiss. Brent's eyes go big and he starts slowly leaning away from me. I stop and have a second horrible revelation. In high school, I dated a guy who happened to be gay—he didn't really know it yet—but I figured it out when I went to kiss him and he leaned away from me. Just like Brent did. Oh God.

I am very flustered at this point, so I get up and immediately head downstairs. This is all just too much for me. In 10 minutes I went from dating a great guy to having to break-up with a socially awkward and potentially gay man with a misshapen head. I am lamenting my terrible position when I see Ron sitting in a chair on the first floor.

He's reclining with a book in his hand, leisurely leaning back and stretching out his long legs. A whispered thought crossed my mind. Ron looks really good today. I shake it off and decided to talk with him. Maybe something happened to Brent that I don't know about. Maybe Brent is upset about something, and that's why he's being so quiet. Or maybe he was hit in the head with a baseball, and that's why his personality is different and the left side of his head is a little flatter than the right. Ron sees me and enthusiastically says hello.

Now, I don't remember exactly what happened next, but we started talking. I remember thinking how much easier it was to talk with Ron, and wondering why Brent wasn't like that. At some point, I mention that Brent is on the second floor. Ron suddenly looks confused. He stops and says, "But I'm Brent!" I look at him and laugh. I think, how can that possibly be? Ha ha ha!...wait...wait...oh my God. That's when I have my third horrible revelation.

I swear, what happened next was like a special effect in a movie. Ron's face almost transforming in front of me. His cheekbones come into clearer focus, his eyes become rounder, the peach-ness returns to his cheeks, and his forehead becomes a nicely formed rectangle. I think I had been mentally overlaying Ron's features onto Brent's face, allowing my eyes to trick my mind into believing the I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

I realized that this "Ron" was actually my Brent, and that Sarah had mistakenly told me "my guy" was on the second floor. I started laughing because I couldn't believe what just happened. I told Brent all about the strange conversation I had with Ron when I suddenly remembered that I had tried to kiss him. Oops. I got up and ran to the second floor to see Ron.

He was standing in the computer lab, bag in hand, ready to go on the most uncomfortable walk with his brother's crazy girlfriend. Ron looked a little nervous and he said that he was willing to go on a walk with me, but that he'd prefer to stay in the school's library, presumably because there were many people who could help him if I tried any more moves. I laughed, and said, "I have a boyfriend," and left.

Anyway, Brent and I just got engaged, and I haven't confused them since. Side note—Ron and I are best friends, and I did eventually explain what happened. I like to mess with him though because he's technically Brent's younger brother. Ron recently married my best friend and college roommate, and Brent and I were their best man and maid of honor.

Ron and his wife will be the peeps of honor for our wedding as well.

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35. No Speak English

Do I have a story for you all. My twin brother and I look exactly the same but act very differently and we have fun sometimes when we manage to get on the same page. We’re both Hispanic and use this to have fun. So, whenever I make a new friend at college I have my brother mess with them and he does the same in turn.

One time he had made a new friend, specifically a girl who he liked, and wanted to mess with. He plans a night with her and he tells me to dress super Hispanic, with chanclas, a poncho, and various other clothes we have from Guatemala. So, he’s on the date and tells her to go get seats for them while he gets the food. As he passes me he gives me the look and the plan is put to work.

I head over around the area and she grabs my arm out of confusion and begins to ask me questions to find out if I am my brother. We both speak very good English with no accent, but once we speak Spanish our accents are as heavy as possible, especially with slang and other very Guatemalan lingo. So as she went on I stayed silent and confused and as she finished I just gave her a rant in the most Spanish anyone has ever spanished.

I bring up how I got here through hard work, dedication, and I have a family—all lies. It was just to mess with her. As I continued, my brother finally came over and sat across from her. He then goes, “Que pasa hermano?” to which I reply, “nothing much bro, just ranting” in perfect English, with no problems at all, to him all nonchalantly before I continued.

At this point, she was so confused until my brother and I just died laughing. We then explained it all to her and I properly introduced myself. And that’s how I made a really cute blonde uncomfortable by speaking Spanish and then later befriended her.

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36. It’s Real, Not Fake

I got diagnosed with alopecia at a very young age. I wore wigs to school. One day, I missed school because I was sick and my sister was wearing her hair similarly to the way I wore my wig. A boy we both knew yanked on her ponytails and yelled at her to take the wig off. He was shocked when she turned around and it wasn't me.

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37. Pass It Along

We were in middle school and I was on the school bus when I heard someone call my twin brother's name. I turn and see his girlfriend extremely upset, and she slaps me right across the face. I was just dumbfounded and didn’t say a word as she walked away. I passed the message along to him later with a much harder slap. Good times!

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38. Show Within a Show

This was my dad’s story, but he and my uncle look EXACTLY alike, to the point where their wives of two-plus decades have confused them. When they were in college, my dad was the lead in a show and my uncle came to see it opening night. My uncle saw his chance and—while my dad was in the bathroom—burst through the curtains and said, “That’s it! I’ve had it! I can’t work with these people anymore” and stormed off.

The director was basically losing his mind because nobody knew that my dad had a twin until my dad came back and—once he saw everyone’s faces—basically said, "Yeah, my twin is coming tonight. He messed with y’all, right?”

Twins FactsShutterstock

39. To Get to Him You Gotta Go Through Him

My twin and I went to different high schools for our junior year—that's another story. We lived in the same city so we were only 15 minutes from each other. We always got together on the weekends and went to parties and such. We were at this one house party with a bunch of our friends. This dude comes up to me and gets right in my face asking if I had a problem.

I had no clue who this guy was. I told him I don't know him and to back off. He keeps going on asking if I have a problem with him. My brother walks into the room, gently moves me aside and says, “I have a problem with you, leave my brother out of this.” Dude was confused, to say the least. A fight was avoided that night.

I guess it started during school where they bumped shoulders in the hall and my brother didn't apologize—dude was a senior and we were juniors. Petty crap.

Twins FactsShutterstock

40. A Little Higher

I will always remember this day. First day of middle school, a person (who I later found out my twin befriended) came up to me while I was putting things in my locker. He then proceeded to rub my back in circles and say, “Yo Alvin (my twin's name) I didn't know you changed clothes.” I was so dazed and confused but I still managed to tell him, "I'm not Alvin."

He then stops rubbing my back, and is also dazed and confused with eyes wide open and says, "Oh. Dude. I'm so sorry." Then walks away. Never to be forgotten.

Vegas factsGetty Images

41. Time Traveling Twins

My sister worked at Walmart for a few weeks before I started working there too. We had a few fun moments. The first one was my first day. She had an earlier shift and just as I was going to go in the back door she was coming out. So no one knew she was a twin, and here was an identical person trying to go through the door at the same time.

Without thinking I yelled, "We are never supposed to be in the same place at the same time!" then ran away. Everyone was freaked out. My other favorite thing to do was to mess with people she had just helped in electronics. They would ask, "Hey, didn’t I just see you?" And I'd answer, " No, I've been here all day."

It was fun.

Twins FactsShutterstock

42. Seeing a Ghost

I went to the funeral of a friend’s father, I had no idea that the deceased had an identical twin. It felt really strange to see the guy in the coffin sitting in the front row of the church.

What Is My Life FactsShutterstock

43. Mirror Image

I was going down an escalator at a casino. I looked across, and saw my brother! I got excited, and yelled: “HEY BRO!” Then, I start waving for his attention! That's when I realized my idiotic mistake. As it turns out, I was waving to myself in a mirror.

Identical Twin Stories FactsPexels

44. Cheaters Never Prosper

I'm not a twin, but I dated one of two twin brothers in high school. The other twin also had a girlfriend at the school. One day, someone in my class pulls me aside to nervously tell me he thinks my boyfriend is cheating on me...he was fairly new at the school and didn't know yet that they were twins. It gave us all a good laugh when the story got around and the guy was pretty relieved to hear there was no cheating going on.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Eddy Van 3000

45. Facebook Mistake

My husband has an identical twin. When my husband and I got engagement photos done, Facebook automatically tagged my husband's brother in a bunch of our photos, and I posted them without realizing it.

Rest My Case factsShutterstock

46. A Case of Mistaken Identity

I tried to date this girl from my class, and we were going out on dates and everything, but out of nowhere, she stopped talking to me one day. I found out it was because her friends saw me with another girl (my twin sister) at the movies. They thought I was playing her, but they didn’t know that I had a twin sister.

Stories Of Real-Life Heroes factsShutterstock

47. Cutest Couple Award

My identical twin brother, my wife, and myself all went to school together, and got jobs at the same place after passing boards. Since there are some rules regarding family working together, I was not hired to the same unit as my wife. But my twin was. It was a lot of fun, taking lunches together, etc. But there was one social worker who just couldn't grasp that my brother and wife were not the married ones.

She'd compliment me on how cute they were together, comment on social media about how great a couple they were, even talk about how much my kids “take after their dad” (referring to him). It's all benign and we laugh about it, but she really laid it on thick.

Craziest Things Admirers Have Done To Impress factsPexels

48. Do You Know Where Your Wife Is?

My wife and I found out that her identical twin was an exotic dancer when a bunch of my fraternity brothers went to the club and all started calling and texting me to ask if anything was wrong, and if I knew where my wife was.

Burial Customs FactsShutterstock

49. Just Takes Some Teamwork

My dad and uncle are twins. Two to three times a year they’ll show up to dinner or they’ll be at each other's houses wearing the exact same outfit, only different brands. At first, it was funny, but now we know it just happens. People mix them up all the time, multiple times a month they’re telling people they’re not the other.

But that's not the worst part. Acquaintances and work associates have thought they’re having an affair. My dad was confronted once and had to explain to the guy (who was a couple of drinks in, apparently) that he’s not his brother.

Identical Twin Stories FactsPexels

50. Double the Star Power

My girlfriend told me about a production of Twelfth Night that was able to cast identical twins for the main role. At one point one of them walked off one side of the stage, and the other walked on from the opposite side in a different costume seconds later. Most of the audience just thought they were doing really fast quick changes.

In the version they used for the DVD, a guy in the audience near the camera very loudly said, “what the heck?!” when this happened.

Whole Class Laughed FactsShutterstock

51. Looking Fine

My ex was once scrolling through Facebook and said, “You look really hot in this photo.” It wasn't me.

Not Right in the Head FactsShutterstock

52. Exposed

My friend went to see a play at a university with her identical twin. His sister said that there was a shortcut to the theater by cutting through some class building. My friend didn't think that made sense, but her sister seemed confident about it, so she followed along. Then suddenly her sister opens a classroom door and says, "Let's go in here."

My friend goes inside and freaks out when she sees a bunch of paintings of what looks like herself, completely naked. It turns out her sister had posed nude for an art class and thought that would be a fun surprise.

Identical Twin Stories FactsShutterstock

53. Let Me Show You Something

My sisters are twins. Their favorite story is when one of their boyfriends tries to show the wrong twin this weird freaking mole on his butt cheek. Both of my sisters are extremely squeamish. So the boyfriend thought it was just her being grossed out. Unfortunately, my dad walked in on him chasing the wrong twin around the kitchen with half of his butt hanging out.

My dad just turned around and walked out.

Strange Family Traditions FactsPxHere

54. Big Mistake

There was a messed-up story about the twins in my country. Two baby girls were swapped at the hospital, and one twin came back home with another family, and their daughter stayed with her “twin sister.” Girls were completely different, but the family just thought they weren’t identical twins. They found out the truth when all three girls were in high school.

The real twins were constantly called different names, and strangers would approach them and say hi. They lived in a relatively small town, so finally, some common friends organized their meeting. Although they look identical, they are completely different people, e.g. one of them likes metal music and wears black clothes.

The story didn't end up well, although they sued the hospital, and both families are devastated by the whole story.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Russell Harrison

55. Twins Do Everything Together

My dad’s friend is a twin. The friend lives in Chicago. His twin brother lives in Boston. This isn't a mix-up story, though—it's way more disturbing. On the same day, both twins fell off a ladder and broke the same leg.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Amtec Photos

56. More Than Just Friends

My twin sister is dating a guy that friend-zoned me. I really liked this one guy. He was super nice, funny, smart, and he was pretty cute too. I confessed that I liked him, and got friend-zoned. It hurt, and he stopped talking to me after that, which totally sucked. A month or so later, my sister told me about the same guy, and how they both liked each other.

I was pretty sad about it, not going to lie, but they’ve been dating for almost three months now and they’re a cute couple. It does sting when she tells me how great they’re doing, and now he is always at our house, but she’s happy, so it’s okay. I’m not mad at my sister. I love her! I’m so happy she found someone that likes her for her true self and her uniqueness.

Sometimes things happen, and it can suck, but that’s just how life is y’all!

Yep, they're crazy Factsshutterstock

57. Bad Proposal

My identical twin sister was dating the president of a fraternity on campus, and during one of the frat's "date night" events, she went with her boyfriend, and I was set up as a date for one of his brothers. Toward the end of the night, I got separated from my date, and my sister's extremely drunk boyfriend put his arm around me while my sister was in the bathroom.

Her boyfriend leaned in to kiss me—the venue was super dark so I think it was an honest mistake—so I backed up to set the record straight. Then, he asked if I was down for a threesome. With my own twin sister. I still feel bad for ditching my date but I had to get out of there ASAP.

Lion King factsShutterstock

58. Mr. Clark the Friendly Ghost

I grew up in a small town where if you were walking down the road, and your neighbors were outside, you definitely smiled and waved. For many years, I would take walks as a kid, and smiled and waved all the time to a dear old gentleman, Mr. Clark. I was sad when I learned he passed away, he was well-liked in the community.

A couple of weeks after he passed, I went for a walk as I approached his house, I saw a familiar face that made my bood run cold. It was Mr. Clark. But Mr. Clark was dead. A chill went through me, I felt frozen but yet able to walk. I felt sheer terror. In that second, it was confirmed. GHOSTS ARE REAL. But no one would believe me, so I kept it to myself.

For a couple of weeks, I saw Mr. Clark in his yard a couple of times, and I hurried on by his house as fast as I could. That feeling of sheer terror always at the surface, Mr. Ghost Clark was a little off. He didn’t smile, he didn’t wave. I couldn’t take it anymore so I mentioned Mr. Clark to my best friend’s mom who lived three houses down from Mr. Clark.

It turned out, Mr. Clark had a twin. The happy twin passed, and the curmudgeon Clark was still alive and kicking. I will never forget the feeling of nearly losing my bowels the first time I saw Ghost Clark after he passed. I will also never forget the laughter my friend’s mom couldn’t hold back when I told her my "ghost" story.

Identical Twin Stories FactsPixabay

59. Mix and Match

I was with my twin brother at the supermarket this one time, and judging from this story I’m guessing that obviously, we look the same from the back, but not exactly the front because I’m a female. My brother’s girlfriend was shopping at the same store as us that day, and comes up behind me, and smacks my bottom saying, “Hey love.”

Jokingly, I turn around and say it back. The look on her face made me regret what I did...

Online Friends FactsShutterstock

60. Then Who Was in The Play?

I used to do musicals. Like singing, and dancing musicals. My brother came to a performance and was at the greeting line afterward. He goes up to the lead actress in the show and says, "Great job, congrats, what a show," to which she responds, "Oh, I wasn't in the show actually, it was my twin sister. But you were fantastic," To which my twin brother says, "I wasn't in the show either."

And that's when the actual lead actress and I walk up wondering why they both look so damn confused. I've been laughing about it for years

SO Said in Sleep FactsShutterstock

61. What’s Up With the Cold Shoulder?

On my last day as manager of a restaurant, a new girl was hired. I continued to drink there, and she and I got to know each other a little. We mostly just drank and smoked together, and I'd give her a ride here and there, we texted sometimes, and so on. This went on for a year. Then, I started seeing her fairly frequently at a new place. She’d always hug me and seemed genuinely happy to see me.

It was nice. I could feel real affection in her hugs. One day I saw her, and everything seemed like usualbut I didn’t feel anything when we hugged. I was confused but, I figured maybe it was my imagination since I hadn’t done anything wrong. To be honest, it really bothered me, I thought about it all week. Then the next week I saw her with her identical twin.

I was surprised and very relieved. Turns out it happens all the time and her sister plays along as if she knows any stranger who greets her because it’s faster than explaining.

Nicest Compliment FactsShutterstock

62. Promise Not to Tell

I got pranked by my girlfriend, an identical twin, a few months ago. There is no point where a guy is more vulnerable than immediately after a, shall we say, satisfying and intimate moment. Everything is just drained. Knowing this, my girlfriend awaited this moment one morning. Immediately after I finished, she looked up at me, took a deep sigh, and said something that made me blood run cold: "Don't tell [her name]" while mimicking her sister's mannerisms.

I freaked right out, pulled away from her, and flipped out of the bed in what I can only describe as an emotional clustercrunch. It was only as I came to my senses that I noticed my girlfriend giggling helplessly. It was then that I knew that I am dating the evil twin.

Correcting Experts FactsShutterstock

63. What a Trick!

My mom is an identical twin. She and her sister were always dressed alike, and they hated it.  So, one year for Halloween my grandpa took my mom costume shopping, and my grandma took my aunt. When they got home they were so excited to show each other their costumes, but when they came out of their room they were wearing the same thing.

Identical Twin Stories

64. Think Alike

Years ago I dated a twin out of a set who often didn't get along. They went to the same college, started out in very different majors, both ended up in electrical engineering. By graduation, they were dead set on leading separate lives, so they didn't tell each other where they were interviewing. The first day at his new job several states away, the twin I dated was shown to the cube where his desk was.

Six feet away sat his brother.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Jorge Andrés Paparoni Bruzual

65. Stand In

My grandma and her sister were twins. Her sister was going to be a nun, so couldn't be involved in any affairs. Some guy asked the sister out, so she sent my grandma in her place, who was tasked with ending the date poorly.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Cindy Richardson

66. If You Can’t Stand the Heat

My mum and aunt are identical twins. As they’ve gotten older, I think they are more distinguishable, but from behind most people think they look exactly the same. My aunt and uncle were around for dinner, and my aunt was in the kitchen preparing some food when my stepdad came in, hugged my aunt from behind, and kissed her neck.

All my aunt said was, “Wrong sister.” Everyone thought it was hilarious, but my stepdad was very apologetic and embarrassed for a long time lmao. He says that the reason he thought it was my mum, was that my mum and aunt had the same haircut at the time and my aunt had put on my mum’s jumper. Take what you will from that.

Caught Lying FactsShutterstock

67. Check Yourself

My dad was dating a woman for a while that was a twin, and the first time we went to her house for a family gathering on Mother’s Day, the twin was standing by the door. When we walked up, my dad hugged her and said, "Hey, babe," and was about to kiss her. She put a stop to it fast, and was like "WOAH. WRONG PERSON."

Online Friends FactsShutterstock

68. Caller ID

I dated a twin on and off for a while. In middle school, I would get a call from my boyfriend. We'd chat for a bit and then he'd have to go so his brother could have his phone time (these were the days before cell phones). Then we'd hang up, and I'd get another phone call a minute later. From my boyfriend. Turns out, the first call was from his twin brother.

My boyfriend would get so angry at his brother. He tried that a few more times. Then I learned to tell their voices apart.

Luck Was On Their Side factsPixabay

69. What Did You Pick

My twin and I went shopping for eyeglasses. We were in a store that had multiple massive rooms filled with different brands of eyeglasses, so we spent roughly three hours picking our ideal frames, independently of each other. We sit down to pay and the teller says, "Oh, that's so awesome you chose the same pair," and sure enough, it was an identical model, one in white, one in silver.

Identical Twin Stories FactsMax Pixel

70. Two for the Price of One

My grandpa has a twin brother, and they look nearly identical even now that they're in their late 70s. My mom told me that when I was a toddler we were at a family reunion. Apparently, my grandpa was holding me and talking to my parents, and then his twin brother walked up to us, and my reaction was to say, stunned and wide-eyed, "two Grandpas!!"

I must have been really happy to have not one, but two amazing Grandpas to interact with.

School Trips FactsShutterstock

71. Mr. Grabby Hands

One of my good friends in college, we'll call her Ellie, has a twin sister. Sister had a boyfriend, while Ellie was blissfully single. We were all over at Sister's place, making dinner together, and having some beers. Ellie went to grab something out of the fridge, so her back was to the room. Sister's boyfriend walked by, gave her a casual but firm butt grab, and went on his way to the counter to, I don’t know, chop something.

Ellie gasped and turned around. The room stopped. We all just stared and waited for the boyfriend to notice he'd grabbed the wrong twin. You could see the exact moment he realized Sister, his girlfriend, was not, in fact, at the refrigerator. She was on the other side of the room. He slowly looked back down at the cutting board; he couldn't even process the shame.

He apologized profusely. Ellie was horrified for a second, but after she realized it was an honest mistake, she thought it was funny. He literally could not make eye contact with her for a week.

Nicest Compliment FactsShutterstock

72. You Big Faker

Me and my twin brother (identical) went to Disneyland California. At the time he had severe Plantar fasciitis and Sesamoiditis, so he was in a wheelchair. A fun fact about being in a wheelchair in Disneyland is that you get to skip lines with your group, so we went on Pirates of the Caribbean first, due to it having the largest line.

After we got off, I went to find a washroom. At that moment, the operator must have taken a break because they saw me walking around. They assumed that I was faking my issue because they thought I was my brother. I had to take them to him to show that I was serious!

Walt Disney FactsWikipedia

73. Gold Star for Effort

My girlfriend is an identical twin. They’re a pair of twins who will wear the same clothes and stuff, just to mess with you. The only thing that you could use to differentiate between them is a few small scars on my girlfriend’s wrist that her twin doesn’t have. So anyway, I was over at their house, watching TV, and snuggling with my girlfriend when she gets up to go to the bathroom.

I thought nothing of it, but she was gone for quite a while, she comes back 15 minutes later, and sits down again, and I ask her a question about the show we were watching. She looks panicked, and confused for a second before letting out a very shaky, “Uhh, I don’t know.” I thought that was weird, as we were watching her favorite show, and she knew just about everything,

I take a glance at her wrist, and I notice that she doesn’t have any scars. I immediately realize what has happened. I’ve been subjected to this MANY times. I say, “Nice joke Tara, where’s Jess?” That’s when my girlfriend jumps out from behind the wall laughing her butt off, and I notice that her sister Tara is cackling next to me as well.

Jess says through her laughter, “it took you less time than it usually does to realize, good job!”

Twins FactsShutterstock

74. Twin Dating Trouble

I am a twin (fraternal). I have dated an identical twin twice before. This first time his twin developed a sixth sense for "incoming romantic attention" and would hunch his shoulder before or whenever I walked up behind him. The other guy claimed he couldn't possibly date just one woman, because he had just found out his twin was gay, and he needed to "make up" for it.

Yeah...we didn't date after that. Both times our parents thought it was "SOOO PERFECT."

Strangest Thing Caught Doing FactsShutterstock

75. That’s My Sister

It was always the most embarrassing when people would often mistake us for a couple, because we’re fraternal twins, and don’t even look like siblings. The one that stands out the most is when we were volunteering at a nursing home, and an old man gave me a quarter while gesturing to my brother and said, “What a cute couple! Go and get yourselves some soda pops...Or maybe just one!”

After letting him laugh, and feel clever for a little bit, we told him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dying man want to die so badly. He let us keep the quarter, though.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Stuart Richards

76. Call and Apologize

Alrighty so, I am an identical twin (female). One day my twin, her husband, and I went over to our mom's house. Our older sister was there visiting with our two nieces and nephew. This was the day my brother-in-law finally mixed us up. A little extra back story: my brother-in-law had just finished working a 32-hour shift.

So, he was very tired and "slap happy" at this point. Also, without planning it my twin and I were both wearing red T-shirts and jeans. So, my twin and I are chatting with our mom, and my twin is holding our youngest niece. My brother-in-law steps out to use the restroom. Well, in that time our niece decided she wanted me to hold her, so I take her from my twin.

My brother-in-law comes back from the bathroom and puts his hands on my waist. I lean to the side and ask, "What are you doing?" He says, "Nothing, you ok?" And I respond, "Yeah, I'm fine." With a very puzzled look on my face. He then proceeds to kiss my cheek and smack my butt! Mind you, my twin is standing four feet away from us. She looks at him and goes, "Babe?" He walks over next to her and says, "Yeah?"

All of a sudden a look of horror spreads across his face, he smacks his hands to the sides of his cheeks (like the cover of Home Alone) and screams, "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" He runs outside while my twin and I fall to the floor laughing. He comes back eventually and starts rambling saying he needs to call my husband and apologize for kissing me and smacking my butt. While he is frantically calling my husband, we are still rolling on the floor trying to catch our breath.

Moral of the story, double-check which twin you are approaching, or else you will make a very funny mistake.

Twins FactsShutterstock

77. On The Wedding Day

My cousin married a twin and accidentally groped the wrong tush at their wedding reception in front of both families. No alcohol involved, but there were some tempers and some tears.

Identical Twin Stories FactsPixabay

78. Put That in Private

When my twin and I were younger we shared a laptop between us for school work, and such. One day, I put the computer down to do something and when I came back the slide show screen saver was on. This is how I found out that my twin was into gay dirty videos. The idiot saved a lot of erotica to the photos library of our computer, and the slide show screen saver displayed it to our entire family in all of its glory.

It was an awkward dinner that night.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Rafiq Sarlie

79. Twin Grades

I had a pair of twins in my French class. One was quite bright, not perfect. Say in the B+/A- range. The other not so much. The other twin was failing by a large margin. Parent's night. As a student teacher, I didn't have to go. But I figured it was best to keep up appearances. So the twins' mom comes in and we all talk about the first twins' grades.

Mainly saying that they do this well, and this, and that they need to work on this to get past the B+. As for the other twin, we list our concerns: they are good at this, but they really struggle with that, blah blah blah. Just your standard feedback that would help both twins do well. However, the mother gave one of the stupidest responses I'd ever heard. Both the teacher and myself were speechless. You'd think her comment was a joke, but she was serious. Dead serious. And I bet it's not the first time she's said it.

"But if they're identical twins, shouldn't they have the same grade?"

Infuriating Parents factsShutterstock

80. Brother Beware

I was dating a twin and one time, we were being intimate in his room while his brother was asleep on the couch. He had one of those bathrooms with two doors, one going into the bedroom, and one going out to the living room. After we finished I went to the bathroom, you know, as ladies do. I was still completely naked.

His twin brother came into the bathroom from the living room. I didn’t realize it was his twin at first, and I grabbed him. He should've explained who he was and laughed it off, right? Well, he didn't. He didn’t stop me at all. In fact, he pulled me more toward the living room door to go out of the bathroom with him. That’s when I realized it wasn’t my dude. I told him to stop, and pulled away and went back into the bedroom.

I told the guy I was dating the next day that his twin brother followed me into the bathroom, and tried to get me to go with him, while still completely naked, out to the living room. He acted shocked and was bothered that his brother did this, but I still can’t help but think this might be something that they do, like take turns with girls. I don’t date him anymore.

Lost Crush FactsShutterstock

81. Road Rage

My mom used to babysit a set of twins, a boy and a girl, One day, they were playing together in one of those kiddie car things. They were maybe 4 or 5 years old, and suddenly she shouts at him while he's inside the car "YOU’RE DRIVING IT WRONG, WOMAN!!!!" I’m guessing she picked up the exact phrase from her dad.

Kid's Home Life FactsMax Pixel

82. Take a Hike!

A long time ago, my grandmother Joan was dating someone and he wanted to take her hiking. But when the time came, she really just didn’t feel like it. So, her sister Jean took her place for the afternoon and went hiking. Their younger sister Kathy started taunting the boyfriend when he got home with Jean—she kept singing “I know something you don’t know.” I think she eventually gave it away.

Tipping Point in Relationship factsPixabay

83. Double Standards

When I was about 13, my dad took me aside one night and apologized for putting so much effort into supporting my twin brother and so little into supporting me. I didn't quite know what he was talking about, but as he kept talking, my heart shattered. I always assumed my brother was just smarter/physically more gifted. Turns out, my parents had actively and knowingly neglected me in order to encourage my brother’s achievements.

Happened all through my schooling. They paid thousands for his sporting trips and when I had the same opportunities, they just didn’t have the money. Still kills me inside now. I am doing well now and it really only made me a more resilient person. Was a big oof when it happened, but it made me who I am. Surprising how many twins are in the exact same situation.

There was no real reason given in the explanation from Dad and nothing really changed after. At 13 it was the norm, and even now it’s pretty standard. I still love my Dad and my brother. Dad gave me more than most have and he did it as a single parent, so I don’t hold it against him.

Die A Little Inside factsShutterstock

84. Who’s Your Mommy

After my grandmother, Joan, got married and had a few kids and her sister Jean had become a nun, they tried an experiment on my uncle, who was a toddler at the time. They switched clothes so that Joan was wearing a nun habit, and Jean was in regular mom clothes, then they both went into my uncle’s room after he woke up from his nap.

He stared at them for a few seconds and then reached out for Joan, his mother, in the habit. He somehow just knew.

Sailors Unexplainable Things FactsMax Pixel


85. Out of Hand

I was friends with this girl who had an identical twin sister. They were impossible to tell apart. They always dressed the same, had the same haircut, or style, everything was the same. The only difference is that one was the sweetest girl you could ever meet, and the other was basically Satan. So one day at school I thought that Satan wasn't there that day because I didn't see both walk in that morning, so I go up to the "sweet" one to ask how her day was going.

Next thing I know, I get slapped in the face as hard as she could. I was like, "what the heck did I do??" Then she started laughing her maniacal laugh when she is pleased by hurting someone, that's when I realized that it was Satan the whole time. Later that day, I told the sweet one what happened, and she just starts laughing like I was joking, then she tells me that she is really sweet, she's just mean to guys she likes.

Needless to say, that was the last time I ever got those two mixed up.

Zsa Zsa Gabor factsShutterstock

86. Age Is Just a Number

Two students who happened to have been fraternal twins arrived at our school when they were both 15 years old. One looked older than the other, but that just happens sometimes. Then one day, a rumor started going around that they were not actually twins, but just ordinary sisters. I tell the Behavior Support workers, who look into it.

As it turns out, one of the sisters was actually 22 years old. The parents had lied about her age to get her into the school, which they had needed to do in order to be allowed to stay in the country. Whoops!

 School Rumors FactsShutterstock

87. Twin Troubles

I had identical twins in class with very similar names (like Jimmy and Timmy level similar). One was doing great and had friends, the other was pretty disruptive and a bit isolated, but their grades were more or less the same so I couldn’t tell their files apart either. I could not remember which one was which. I had to try and figure out from the parents’ body language if my guesses were on the right track.

Parent-Teacher Conference FactsShutterstock

88. Cut Off

The real reason why half of my dad's side of the family doesn't speak to us. My twin and I were always told it was that they just weren't that close and also had some mental health issues but we learned the truth after my dad passed on, because no one on his side of the family came to the funeral; they opted to have their own.

It turns out that my parents had trouble conceiving. This I knew. I also know me and my twin are IVF babies and that we were born very premature. I'm talking one-pound baby premature. Shortly after, my mom developed breast cancer. What I didn't know was that during this time my dad was also taking care of his sick mother (my paternal grandmother) as well as looking after his sick wife and two newborn preemies.

He ended up asking his brother to help look after their mother since he'd been the one doing it so he could care for his family more. Well, soon after my dad spent more time with us instead of his mom, she took a turn for the worse and passed. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, my father's brother blamed him for “abandoning” the family and blamed my twin and me for the death of our grandmother.

Because if we weren't born, my mother wouldn't have gotten estrogen-positive breast cancer and also, they were all very Catholic and IVF was a sin. I never met my grandmother. I'm named for her. But apparently an entire side of the family thinks it's mine and my sister's fault that she's dead.

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89. Bad Suggestions

My twin brother died in a car wreck and my family suggested that I should date his girlfriend because...grief, I guess? REAL FREAKIN' AWKWARD, MOM.

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90. At Ease Soldier

My twin had recently joined the Navy and was at boot camp. I, on the other hand, was walking around the grocery store when a man came running up to me in a panic. He began to shout, "What in the hell are you doing here?! You're going to go to federal prison!" A bit shocked, I assumed it was just some crazy person, and started to back away but he followed.

So, I said, "Sir, I don't know what you're talking about." He then proceeded to say my twin's name and then I started laughing. Still very panicked and now angry, he asked why I thought this was funny. I explained I am such-and-such's twin. He didn't believe me until I finally pulled my ID out to prove I was who I said I was.

He then apologized and explained he was my brother's enlisting officer and was very concerned when he saw me.

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