These "I QUIT" Stories Are SO Satisfying

November 19, 2021 | Eli Artman

These "I QUIT" Stories Are SO Satisfying

There are few things that are as agonizing as being stuck at a job you absolutely hate. But not everyone is willing to put up with their status quo—as it turns out, some things are more valuable than a paycheck to many of us out there—and some bad bosses have had to learn that the hard way. Here are 50 incredible examples of quitting stories that people out there have experienced.

1. Food For Thought

Back in the day when I used to work at Taco Bell, I was also moonlighting as a bar back. To be honest, the bar job paid well enough. I stayed at Taco Bell part-time just for that little extra on the side. I usually didn't take time off, but I was clear about needing the Super Bowl Sunday off. I even reminded them monthly.

What they decided to do made me LOSE IT—they scheduled me in for the day regardless. I made it clear I couldn't come in, and wouldn't show up, yet they wouldn't budge and left me on the roster. On the game day, rather than working, I walked in to place an order for food. They were all, "Wait, aren't you scheduled today?" I replied, "I actually quit. I'd like a Mexican pizza combo, don't forget the sour cream."

The manager grudgingly cooked my food and handed it over. She didn't look too pleased, though.

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2. Exit Survey

A few years back, I decided to quit my job in the field I'd studied, after a decade at a truly horrendous and negative work environment. Barely a month in, I realised how dreadful this workplace was, but due to the specialised nature of my role and the fact that I'd relocated across the country, I was hesitant to just up and quit.

It took nearly three years, but finally I found another job in the same field and the same city. The new job was reputed to be markedly different from my current employers – a healthy workplace, well-respected in the industry. In my mind, I was trading a nightmare for greener pastures, without having to relocate.

Feelings of relief surfaced when I accepted the new offer and was set to serve my notice at the old place. Around this time, my current workplace was undergoing a management restructure with new heads for every department. Employees were required to have meetings with their new bosses to discuss operational issues. Surrounded by apprehension, most of my colleagues were cautious about voicing their concerns about the workplace. I, however, was not.

I eagerly seized this chance. During my meeting with the new boss – who, like most managers there, contributed to the toxic environment – I strode in confidently. At first, he had this smug grin on his face, picturing a tailor-made report of everything's dandy. He had no clue what was coming.

This grin faded as I spent the next hour sharing my honest opinions about the place, its employees and work culture. Staying composed and assertive, I laid everything on the table. Realistically, I knew it wasn't going to enact any changes. But with my forthcoming departure, I took the liberty to voice the concerns of those still stuck in this grim situation.

After an hour-long critique, he just stared with a notepad filled with notes. His only question was if there was more to add. I rose, shook his hand and said, "Actually, there is, I've accepted a new role elsewhere. Consider this my two weeks’ notice." Walking out of that office gave me immense satisfaction.

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3. Thinking Inside The Box

A friend of mine has me this wild story from our high school days. He worked alongside this guy at a supermarket. The store was located in a less-than-pleasant neighborhood, just off the highway, which kept it really busy with people from out of town. The guy wasn't too fond of his job or his bosses, and he was soon leaving for college.

On the dude's last day, this lady approached his register trying to get him to accept a pile of expired coupons. He told her he had to check with his boss, but instead, he did something absolutely bizarre: With a slow, deliberate motion, he pulled out a Jack-in-the-Box toy from beneath the cash register and placed it on the scanner with this really eerie grin on his face.

As the toy popped open, he locked eyes with her and said, "Yeah, he said no." She lost it and demanded to see the manager while he just burst out laughing, removed his apron, and strolled out of the store.

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4. Let’s Not Point Fingers

Back in the '90s, there was a guy I worked with in a warehouse who had unfortunately lost his middle finger in a construction mishap years ago. Therefore, when I met him, he sported a prosthetic middle finger. We were rather unlucky in the boss department. Our boss was someone who seemed to enjoy finding any excuse to shout at my colleagues, even when the matter was out of their control or scope of responsibility.

One early morning, the boss requested this colleague to operate the massive forklift to retrieve some materials stacked high above. The guy politely declined, explaining he didn't hold the required license to maneuver it. Operating the forklift without proper certification could leave him responsible for any incurred damage. The boss absolutely exploded. The guy just stood there, his face expressionless while he endured the onslaught. As the boss's rant eventually faded, he calmly took off his prosthetic and presented it to the boss.

The boss, now holding the prosthetic finger, asked what on earth he was doing. In the most composed manner, he responded, "I’m giving you the finger," and without another peep, he calmly exited the space. That legendary coworker was never seen again.

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5. Long Term Goals

Eight years back, I walked out of my job while in the middle of my review. It felt incredible. While employed at a sprawling automation firm for a decade, I secured my mortgage broker's license. I dabbled in mortgages part-time and established a one year exit plan if things were going fine. Five months in, I was hitting my stride.

I ended up having a solid month, although I had no plans to leave my day job. But on the day of my subsequent performance review, my boss praised my work and asked about my future aims. Suddenly, I blurted out an unexpected answer: “Frank, I've gotta be straight with you. I don't intend to be here in six months.”

His surprised face made me explain my part-time venture, but he was surprisingly really supportive. I conveyed to him how I didn't see things slackening there, and that going full time might have even have made me enough to quit already. His retort was simple: “Well, why don’t you?” So I took his word. I expressed my gratitude for his understanding and support.

To cover my notice period, I told him I'd use my remaining vacation days and emailed my formal resignation the next day. After shaking hands, I headed out, dialing my wife on my shaky hands from the parking lot. Shockingly, she was wholly supportive, despite me making this big leap without discussing it with her first.

Kudos to her for being such a rock! Fast forward eight years, and quitting was the best thing I ever did. I find deep satisfaction in helping people, crunching numbers, and devising ways to reduce bank payouts for clients. Moreover, I now have greater financial freedom and control over my schedule. While I had a cordial relationship with my ex-boss, I know now that I made the right move.

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6. Breakfast In Bed

A while back, I worked for a stingy software company during the early internet era. If you remember, these were the days when dot-com employees were showered with amazing perks. Unfortunately, this company wasn’t one of those. We were required to pull crazy hours, with the only extra benefit being a vague promise of a year-end bonus.

These bonuses felt like a joke, equal to less than minimum wage for the overtime we put in. Eventually, management concluded our weekly status meetings in the middle of our workday were slamming productivity. Their bone-headed solution? They decided to hold our weekly meeting on Thursday right before work began!

We all grumbled, but faithfully showed up on Thursday mornings, hoping for some bagels or donuts at the very least. Nothing. After a month of feeling overlooked, one of my colleagues hit his limit. The following Thursday, we arrived for the 8 am meeting to find a big tent in the parking lot decked out with tables and an inviting breakfast buffet.

My coworker was beaming, inviting everyone to grab some food and kick back. We all rejoiced. Management didn’t join us but also didn’t comment as we ended up being half an hour late for the meeting. After the meeting, this coworker waste no time -- he went straight to HR to hand in his two-week notice. They promptly escorted him off the property.

As he left, he bellowed a thrilling Braveheart style "Freedom!" echoing through the hallways. It was epic.

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7. That’s Not What I Ordered!

During my college years, I ran a sandwich shop for a pretty grumpy owner. However, he did let me handle hiring. I hired this guy who was quite heavily tattooed and had a few piercings. He was a relaxed guy, lived close by, and had previous experience at a deli. He ticked all the right boxes for good job performance, making it an easy call for me to hire him.

But the owner didn't see things the same way, and he was wary of this new guy from the get-go. On his first day at work, the owner made a shocking claim — he accused our new recruit of stealing a Gatorade from the fridge. The new guy was having lunch and made himself a sandwich, which was completely okay. But the owner confronted him about the Gatorade anyway.

That was it for the new hire. He tossed his sandwich at the owner's feet and marched out. He texted me later saying, "You're cool, but that other guy's a complete tool. Don't tell him, but I dumped my stuff in his gas tank and peed before I left." As outrageous as this was, I decided to keep that part to myself... till now, that is.

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8. Chain Reaction

I used to work for a company that organized a massive annual event. One day I was asked to take over for a retiring colleague. It seemed like a simple job—but it turned into a disaster. She left me with badly organized instructions, and an illegal task list, all because she didn't want to upset anyone. I kept receiving warnings for not completing tasks quickly enough and for asking too many questions.

From that point, I became the office scapegoat. If the power went out during a storm – warning. If the building needed repair- warning. If it was a high pollen count day - warning. You get the picture. So, I explained, with as much professionalism and calm as I could muster, that the job wasn't what I signed up for.

It was supposed to be a Human Resources job. I suggested that the best course of action would be to part ways. I gave my two-week notice and documented all the tasks I had been working on. I tried to teach everyone my duties but they didn't take me seriously, thinking I was incompetent because I couldn't control nature.

On my last day, I packed up my things, said goodbye, and had a few drinks at home to unwind. But, the tables turned. Within a month, my colleagues gradually resigned because they realized they couldn't handle my tasks without me. The scrambled instructions I was given by my predecessor were too complex for them to decipher.

I passed on all the original hand-scribbled notes I was given. It was clear as day that I had been handed a disaster. Soon they were called out for not finishing their tasks on time. They saw the writing on the wall, called it quits and moved on. The company's owner was so stressed out, she sold the company out of frustration.

And that's how I indirectly brought down a business by simply quitting in a dignified and professional manner.

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9. Just Before The Deadline

I used to work for a big American firm that really struggled with effective planning and commitment. My job was in IT projects but because of a staffing hole, they tried to push me into a sales role. I said no. They made it clear that wasn't a request, but an order. They gave me until Tuesday to adjust my response. However, they didn't realize one HUGE detail: I was already negotiating terms with a new company, which luckily got squared away on Monday.

Come Tuesday, a fuming boss summoned me into his office, accusing me of not responding within the deadline and being in deep water because of it. Then, like something out of a movie, I had the chance to quietly slide my resignation letter across his desk as a response. This just riled him up more, but I guess that's how it goes…

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10. Too Little, Too Late

I used to work at a landscaping firm. The boss was thrift-conscious, and had a knack of taking on bigger projects than he could handle with the resources available. My supervisor and I often saved him from penalties due to project delays. The last straw was when he brought in a hefty homeowner's association deal.

We were already struggling, and this dropped like a bombshell on us. In only two weeks, we found ourselves trapped in this challenging homeowner's association contract. It didn't take long for us to see that this wasn't viable. My supervisor and I put in our resignations with only two days between us, and swiftly moved on to another firm. But, it doesn't end there...

The interesting twist was, a month later, he dialed us, pleading for us to return. His projects were seriously overdue and he was losing clients at a rapid rate. We both declined, reminding him that he ought to have heeded our advice on hiring additional manpower. He burst out with profanities and hung up. That's your loss, Brad.

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11. This Train Is Bound For Glory

I was significantly underpaid and spent two years attempting to address this with the management team. However, my efforts yielded no improvement and ultimately, I was left feeling rather unhappy about the whole situation. When I finally gave in and handed my two months' notice over, they asked me, "What can we do to make you stay?" My response made me feel so brilliant. I told my boss that the trick would be going back two years with a time machine and finally hearing me out.

Shortly after, the company tried to pin me with a hefty bill claiming they'd covered my training costs. They were demanding thousands and even threatened to deduct this sum from my remaining paychecks. I tentatively agreed to this until two weeks before my departure, at which point, I requested written documentation of these expenses.

Sadly for them, they couldn't provide such proof. The icing on the cake was during my exit interview, when I took the opportunity to suggest to the HR manager to revisit their procedures on training program funding. They went ahead and noted it down.

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12. Name-Ception

I work in recruitment, which is all about finding people the right job and companies the right employee. Each time we secure a job for someone, we have a bit of a celebration - we ring a bell, write the person's name on a whiteboard, and everyone gives a round of applause. This one colleague of mine took it to a whole new level. Believe it or not, he actually found a job for himself! And you won't believe what he did next - he rang that bell, wrote his own name on the board, and then literally dropped the marker as if it was a mic, as he confidently strolled out to start his new role.

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13. I’ll Check My Schedule

After months of asking for a pay increase and receiving nothing but excuses, I finally handed in my resignation letter. My decision was hinged on one thing - the much-needed salary bump we'd been discussing was nowhere in sight. Two weeks flew by and management responded oddly to my departure. They sent a company-wide email full of pretense, hiding the real reason for my exit.

My initial reaction was to hit the reply button, lay out my grievances for everyone on the email list, but I decided on a more devious approach. Equipped with my company email and a decent grasp of how email scheduling works, I strategized. I arranged for an email from my account to be dispatched a day or so post my departure, revealing the genuine reason behind my resignation along with highlighting the prevalent low-pay issue at the establishment.

No surprises here, the email triggered quite a reaction from the higher-ups. They were so perplexed that they accused one of my colleagues of sending it on my behalf. They were blissfully unaware of how email scheduling operates, something that I found amusing. The whole episode unexpectedly turned out to be deeply satisfying.

In the aftermath, their eyes were forced open to the wage-related concerns, leading to a revision and improvement of many employees' salaries. A successful outcome by my estimation.

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14. You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit!

This story certainly is entertaining from the boss's point of view. A long time ago, I was employed in a hospital. We had this one terrible nurse who was a legitimate threat to her patients. But because of union protection, firing her wasn't as straightforward as you'd imagine. The management and her colleagues, well aware about her dangerous tendencies, spent months filing official warnings and reports.

Eventually, we reached a point where even the union agreed it was best for her to leave. She'd receive a few weeks of paid vacation and a decent severance check. But she showed up at the final meeting with a shocking twist - a letter of resignation, adamant about having "the last say." Ecstatic, the manager immediately signed the letter to make it legit.

Subsequently, they voided her notice period and she was seen for the last time, walking out. The real kicker? She was paid for only the last two weeks instead of several months' worth of dismissals.

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15. You Had That In The Bag

So I headed over to give the store manager my two weeks' notice. Funny thing, before I could even spill the beans, he told me they'd mistakenly been paying me a cashier's wage instead of the bag boy wage for the past year. They were planning to adjust my pay (by shaving off around a dollar per hour) starting from the next pay period. I responded, "Well, while we're on the topic, here's my two weeks' notice. See ya!"

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16. What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks

One of my buddies had his first gig at a fast-food drive-thru. He decided to quit in a...memorable way. He orchestrated a hilarious scene with another mate of ours who had a car. This friend, acting as a customer, ordered from the drive-thru and pulled up at the window. My friend who was working started his line, "Do you want any ket-," his voice cracking on purpose, then pretending to break down in tears halfway through the question.

His friend in the car then reached through the window and said in a soothing tone, "No worries, mate. It's okay. Just, come on, hop in." And that's exactly what my friend did. He peeled off his name tag and headset, clambered through the drive-thru window into his mate's car, and off they raced. They'd thought through every last detail, and according to my sources, it all went off without a hitch when the moment arrived.

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17. The Power Of Love

Switching gears a bit, I have a lady friend who harbored some romantic feelings for her boss. She kinda thought it was a two-way road, although he never said or did anything to suggest so. They made a good team for almost a year before he dropped in his resignation. The day after his farewell bash, he rang her up and asked her on a date.

Cool move, right? Here's where it gets amazing—they're now husband and wife. I see it as a unique and satisfying resignation tale. You could say, in a way, he traded his job for love. He seems to be quite content with his decision too.

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18. No, For Real!

I genuinely enjoyed the company of my boss, but unfortunately, I wasn't fond of my job. The fact that he was there was the only thing that made it tolerable. In time, I got another job and gave him my official two weeks' notice. Wouldn't you know it, it was April Fool's Day, so he didn't think I was serious. For the rest of my time there, I’d let him know each day how much time I had left, but he never really believed me. I heard he was shocked when I finally stopped coming in!


19. Teaching Them A Lesson

I was working at a private academy when I got bumped up the ranks and inherited a ton of extra duties. I was expected to train staff and juggle assessments along with all the stuff I was already doing. To make up for all the extra work, I asked for a €200 raise per month for the last 12 months of my contract.

But my boss shot down my request, blaming it on budget issues. Instead, she threw me a lowball offer of just €100 more a month. It was an obvious slap in the face and I wasn't going to take it. What bugged me was that I was earning less than some unqualified staff she had hired, simply because they were pals. When I decided to head back to my homeland, she wished me luck. I returned the favor by wishing her luck in finding a replacement, knowing it would cost her upwards of €2,500 to fill my shoes.

What was really satisfying was my subtle jab, wishing her the best of luck finding someone who'd be willing to work as hard as I did for such tiny pay. I knew she wouldn't manage it. They had to fly out three different candidates, costing the school over €1,500. The person they finally hired ended up bouncing after six months, sending them back to square one.

In the meantime, I scored a much better gig at another school right across town that came with a hefty salary boost and a much more manageable workload. So, hats off to my new boss!

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20. Back So Soon?

Back in high school, I briefly worked at a local Burger King. My manager lacked any hint of respect. He was notorious for berating employees on a regular basis. On my third day, he went on a rant about a trivial matter. I can honestly say I can't even recall what it was about-- it was that unimportant. I decided to stand up for myself, told him exactly what I thought about his behavior, removed my name tag, and walked out.

Just one snag I hadn't considered—my ride. My best friend who also happened to be a fellow employee drove me to work that day. So, I found myself planted on the curb on the other side of the street waiting for hours until he finished his shift. The manager shot me lethal glares through the window all night, but my buddy lightened the mood, treating me to laughing fits and clapping displays whenever the boss' back was turned. In retrospect, I'd do it all over again, no second thoughts.

Honestly, what sort of person gets a kick out of bossing around high schoolers working at a fast-food place?

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21. Be Careful What You Wish For

Back in 2019, I scored my first gig as a product designer for a small company in New York City comprising of just the owner and twenty other employees. I was earning 42K a year - a sum that doesn't stretch far in a city as pricey as NYC, but hey, it was a living.

Despite the low wage, the thrill of my first job, new routine post-college, and chance at new friendships kept me going. I pulled out all stops to make a good impression, taking on extra tasks even in my free time. I would juggle roles from different departments while keeping up with my own responsibilities.

Fast forward to 2020, the global lockdown hit our business and everyone was furloughed for about three to four months. When work resumed, there was a significant reduction in hours leading to a cut in my salary from 42K to 36K - pre-tax! As some did not return, my boss nudged me into picking up the slack. I thought, well, why not? This could be a solid experience, right?

Not long after, my boss wanted me to manage the workload of a fellow worker who operated a heavy-duty machine. This would chew into the time reserved for my primary duties. Whilst expressing my concerns about being untrained for such a task, my boss brushed it off as a minor issue and insisted that it wouldn't be too much of a hassle. I politely refused, standing my ground about the potential hazards. Then he lost it.

My refusal was met with an onslaught of hurtful comments in a meeting. He berated me in front of a co-worker remarking how I should appreciate my job, how I lack critical thinking and how insignificant I am to the company. Feeling insulted, I sought a confirmation on his sentiments, to which he unhesitatingly agreed.

The following morning, I tendered my resignation and handed over my equipment. The boss was soon blowing up my phone with desperate pleas for reconsideration, full of hollow threats about not providing a recommendation letter for lack of a two-week notice. I remained firm, thanking him for the opportunity and walked away.

A standout moment in all this was when he called me after hearing my resignation news from HR. He was dumbfounded and asked if I was serious, to which I affirmed, reminding him that he had seen me as replaceable. Isn't it funny that he said he had been trying to teach me humility? Well, life has a way of teaching us all.

Fast forward one year, I have a new job where I'm earning double what I earned previously, with excellent benefits, a supportive team and an incredible boss. Looking back, no regrets here, not one.

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22. Worst Employee Ever?

Previously, I was an employee of Sports Authority. Occasionally we would welcome aboard seasonal staff members. One particular guy joined our team to work in the storeroom, dealing with stock straight from delivery. Unbeknownst to us all, he had dark intentions. Before long, merchandise totalling over $500 was missing. In addition to this, he became involved with a cashier coworker, causing further complications. After their off-duty rendezvous in his car, he unexpectedly resigned the next day after a heated exchange with our store manager regarding using his phone whilst on duty.

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23. A Hockey Fight

I had a job as a cook and runner at an NHL arena, alongside the boss's son who worked as a cashier. He seemed to think he was privileged to have his customers served before others and would berate you if you thought otherwise. One time, during the second break in a Game Seven playoff, he hit me quite hard when I delivered an order to a different cashier before his.

That didn't sit well with me. Feeling the impact of his hit, I spun around and punched him square in the face. Since he's a pretty big fellow, his head reeled back hitting the concrete wall. Put simply, I returned the favor and knocked him out cold, in front of an audience of over 100 spectators. Next thing I knew, I was headed to the arena’s holding area, being told by the supervisor that I would face charges for assaulting her son.

But then, security footage surfaced, displaying repeated instances of the son hitting me and other co-workers throughout the playoffs. This led to charges being dropped. It was obvious I wouldn't be working there anymore after being released, and as I left the building for good, my co-workers gave me a resounding round of applause.

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24. Out Of This World

My dad couldn't stand his job anymore. So, one lunchtime, he strolls into his boss' office and delivers the funniest line: "The mothership has called me back. I need to get back to my home planet. Thanks for the job and educating me about human ways." He then shook his boss' hand and walked out. He never heard from them again.

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25. Gone Without A Trace

So, a buddy of mine at a big multinational firm had a rough day and decided to just up and leave. He totally ghosted his job - didn't go back, didn't even call. He was waiting for at least a word from his boss, but nada, nothing came.

Fast forward four months, his manager came up to me and asked if I'd seen him. I replied none, and I told him I figured he had quit. Now, here's the crazy bit - it took this company another two months to stop his paycheck. And just so you know, this happened in Ontario, Canada. Turns out, there's no law there demanding you to give back cash if the company mistakenly keeps paying you after you've left.

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26. A Match Made In Heaven

I kicked off my career working as a copywriter for a digital marketing firm. It was a small operation and I was curious, so my responsibilities expanded quite a bit as the business took off and made its way onto national 'fastest-growing companies' lists. Frustratingly, my salary remained the same, even though I was the sole analyst for over 200 clients. At some point, the president confessed to me that they couldn't hire anyone else to do even one part of my job for less than a six-figure salary.

Feeling this wasn't right, I decided to cut my working hours in half. Eventually, the company caught on and told me I needed to resume full-time hours, or we would need to go separate ways. But, I didn't go back to my previous schedule. When a disgruntled client cropped up and the company found themselves without anyone else to turn to, I was put in charge of their project.

After accepting this role, I took off for a two-week vacation and then gave them the news that I was going to join that client permanently. Thanks to a loophole, I even managed to collect three months' salary from my former employers upon resignation. It felt like a monumental win.

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27. Getting The Message

I put in my resignation at my last job. I was just biding my time until my final paycheck cleared. My plan was to keep my head down, carry on as usual for a couple more days, and leave amicably. But one Friday afternoon, I received an unexpected text message from my boss's son, "Before you head home, swing by the office. We need you to sign a write-up for extending your break time."

Really? Who does that? I replied that I had already reached home and would see him on Monday. At that point, I was convinced my choice to leave in the coming days was the right one. So I waited until Sunday night—coincidently, Valentine's Day—just before the regular time they sent out the week's work schedule.

A few moments before the schedule was about to go out, I texted my boss's son, "By the way, no need to schedule me in anymore." He didn't respond directly, but a little while later, he sent a company-wide message: "Somebody just decided to quit, messing up this week's schedule. Every one of you, please come to the office ASAP for rearrangements."

I can only imagine how annoyed everyone must have been - being called in at such short notice, and on a Sunday evening. Apparently, he had forgotten that I was still part of the group chat and I had front row seats to the chaos that ensued. Quickly after, I sent a laughing emoji and thumbs down to the group chat, then exited the conversation.

The company was a family-run business that habitually promised bonuses and raises (none of which ever materialized). I waited a year before requesting a pay increase, given that I was a reliable employee who always gave notice before taking leaves and never showed up late or left early. I was hands down their most diligent worker and this was common knowledge.

Throughout my tenure there, I never received a single complaint from a customer and always had all essential tools and materials handy. So I hold no remorse about leaving them, especially after they told me to "wait another three months and we'll see," but then disciplined me one day for taking an additional 15 minutes to recoup during a strenuous task.

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28. Mamma Mia!

My buddy once had a job at a neighborhood pizza joint— and the owner, oh boy, he was a real piece of work! He had a nasty habit of tweaking the staff's timesheets just so he could cut corners and save a few bucks. Sadly, my friend really had no other job options back then. Plus, he was squirreling away every penny to buy farrier tools since he was training to be a farrier, which required his own equipment.

After months of hard work, he finally had enough cash to get his tools. That's when he decided to make his memorable exit. My friend strode into the pizza shop, snagged a can from their fridge, chugged it down in one go, and then dramatically crushed the can against the floor. Then, with a straight face said, “Consider this my two weeks’ notice.” After that, he just carried on making pizzas as though it was just another day at the office. Nobody dared to say a word or challenge his audacious act. It was absolutely comical.

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29. Over The Counter

I felt really gratified when I resigned from my previous job. My boss presented me with a higher salary offer; she was aware of my ambitions towards better-paying roles, and she probably believed I'd accept it. But without a second thought, I declined, leaving her quite surprised. It's noteworthy to say it was the first time in my professional life that I turned down a raise.

Even so, it wasn't a difficult decision, considering the excellent opportunities awaiting me at my next destination. I was more interested in the long-term benefits. Not to brag, but it was evident, they were going to face a tough time without me. I had this feeling prior to leaving. Their reactions made it crystal clear.

A couple of days post-resignation, I got a call from the head of the entire department. She tried to lure me into staying, with a better financial offer. My boss had promised an extra £1,500 yearly, which is what my new job pays already. The department head was vague about the exact amount she was willing to offer.

Just to clarify, she held the budget hence had the capacity to spend freely (within certain limits). This unexpected turn intrigued me a bit, but unless she offered at least an extra £4k, it wouldn't make a difference to me financially. Our firm had unnecessary expenses; I could see where the money was going.

My role allowed me to see the financial misuse in the company, which was shocking. We're talking about wastage of tens of thousands annually. Given the scenario, I could have demanded a completely new role for myself with a higher pay package, but what I wanted was respect and attention to my concerns. Unfortunately, during my tenure, these issues kept being ignored.

Bottom line - I value myself. I strongly believe I deserve to rely on a higher professional standard, and not put my livelihood at the mercy of such inefficient management.

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30. This One Is Just Unhinged

Somewhere in the previous century, a young tech was in a meeting that's been long since forgotten. The IT director in the room was a positive chap who began with the earliest stage of mainframes. The tech likely started his career around the same time. At some point, the director got hot under the collar over a remark made and essentially warned the tech, in a rage, "If you keep this up, you can show yourself out!"

The next thing the tech did could've only been described as remarkable. In complete calm, he folded his paperwork, got up, took the door off its hinges, and with a gentle, dead serious tone, asked the director where he'd like the door. It was side-splittingly funny, but also immensely uncomfortable and just made you wince. I've never wanted to get out of a meeting so much in my life!!! I ended up switching companies shortly thereafter, for reasons best known to me...

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31. On The Road Again

While driving to work one day, I found myself trapped in a traffic jam. I promptly phoned my boss to inform him about the delay. Although he initially seemed understanding, his demeanor completely changed once I arrived — he began shouting, threatening to terminate my employment if I were to ever have a similar tardiness episode. Unfairly, he dismissed my excuse about a significant accident causing the jam, despite it being a prominent story on the news that day.

Coincidentally, the very next day suffered the same fate — another accident on the same road. Quick to recognize another hefty delay, I made the swift decision to simply turn around and head home. Upon receiving a call from my boss, berating me once more by questioning my whereabouts, I informed him that I was stuck in traffic yet again. I quickly reminded him that he had threatened to fire me if I was late a second time.

His tone then shifted: “Wait, I wasn’t serious! Could you make an effort to come in?” My response? No thanks. Goodbye!

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32. Next Time, Try “Sorry For Your Loss”

I once came across a tale where a fellow's dad had passed, and he let his boss know that he couldn't do overtime that day. Mind you, he didn't even take the full day off, he just decided to use the rest of his day to mourn rather than do extra labor. Unexpectedly, he received a text from his boss, accusing him of "playing the victim" and "failing his team."

Reading that message was the breaking point. He shot back a message without delay, "Please send my paycheck and avoid contacting me in the future. I quit." It feels pretty gratifying just to recount the story.

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33. Getaway Car

About three weeks into the onset of the first worldwide quarantine, I encountered a 24-year-old, who looked utterly exhausted and wrecked. He was a McDonald's worker who handed me my food at the curb-side. Struck by his appearance, I asked him if he was alright. His blunt response was that his life at the franchise was a nightmare.

Apparently, he with two other staff members and a very critical manager, were responsible for the entire restaurant. This was before the salary hike and the start of government financial assistance, so he was earning a meager eight dollars per hour with no other options to make any money.

Just as he passed me my meal, the manager stormed out, berating him with harsh words and asking him to hurry up. The sight was too much to bear and I knew I had to step in. I offered him an easy security role at our factory for $14.00 per hour. Unfortunately, he didn't have a way to get there.

I kindly offered him a ride, saying that I was already heading to work and we could use another employee. Without hesitation, he jumped into my car as if it were a scene from a '90s action film. We left without him notifying his boss. I managed to get him hired that very day, and he started his new job the same night.

After settling in, he returned to the McDonald's to call the two others he had worked with. Now, they’re all security personnel, and they can mostly relax on the job, provided they ensure all doors are locked every night.

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34. One Thing At A Time

At one of my past jobs, the higher-ups decided to bring on a new manager for our division. On paper, this guy seemed like he'd be a real catch. But in real life, let's just say he wasn't winning any popularity contests. He came up with the bright idea that we should all stay in our lanes and not chime in on stuff outside our job description. Sound good? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Having been there for a long time, I'd worn a lot of different hats in different departments. This meant I ended up having to tell my fellow supervisors that I had to sit out on helping them with whatever issues might pop up. Fast forward to when one of our old-as-dirt machines had a major malfunction.

Everyone was twiddling their thumbs, waiting for an outsourced company to come fix it. Then someone mentioned to Mr. Unpopular that I was the usual go-to for fixing this specific rickety old machine. He hunted me down and told me to get it up and running again. But my answer? A big, fat nope. I shot back at him, "According to your rules, we're only supposed to focus on our own job, and my job is to oversee this other department."

His response? He gave me an ultimatum: "There's a rush order. Either you fix the machine or you can clock out." I playfully asked, "Can you send me that in an email before I head out?" He huffed off and quickly sent an email stating I was suspended for not following his orders. My reply? "Thanks for making it official. Consider this email my formal resignation." I made sure to CC human resources and the top brass on my response, then headed home with a smile on my face.

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35. A Parting Gift

One day, I strolled into my job and gave my boss a "Sorry for your loss" card. Puzzled, he asked why I'd given him this as he hadn't experienced any recent losses. I responded with, "You're just about to," and passed him my two weeks' notice. His facial expression was priceless. That's a day I'll always hold in my memory.

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36. Having Some Fun With Them

A guy who's like a distant friend of a friend hit the jackpot and won around $10 million in some lottery. Great for him, he couldn't stand his job. But instead of just tossing in the towel, he decided to confront every annoying character at work, trying to receive his pink slip in some grand, internet-breaking way. But the folks in HR were clued into his antics—they ended up realizing how some of his colleagues were the real issue and gave them the boot instead.

The mood in the office honestly improved after that, but there was a gap to fill when one of those fired managers left. So, they offered the dude a step up. He turned it down and basically stormed out, peeved that no one was willing to fire him. I guess the takeaway here is that when you hit the lottery, don't play the hero trying to get fired.

Just be the grown-up in the situation, give your two weeks’ notice, then let loose about your former employer on Glassdoor or any review platform online.

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37. Reading Material

In the past, I decided to leave one of my workplaces. Before I left, I gathered several pages of evidence — screenshots and thorough explanations — detailing how a coworker's unwelcome actions had been targeting me and others on a regular basis. This coworker manipulated us, causing strain and significantly impacting our mental wellbeing. Due to the bulk of this happening over Slack, I was able to accurately document his detrimental behavior on our workload.

I gave this evidence to HR, also forwarding copies to his supervisor and other relevant individuals. Unexpectedly, my actions spurred multiple high-level meetings. Six months down the line, the coworker resigned, stating his "freedoms" were curtailed and he wasn't able to bear being scrutinised for his misbehavior. Though it might not be the best way to leave a job, it certainly was my most satisfying exit.

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38. A Long Vacation

After a few years of working diligently at Walmart, I had managed to accumulate a two-week holiday. So, I decided to request my leave, telling them I needed time to visit my family. On my final day before the holiday started, I handed in my two weeks' resignation notice. The manager seemed perplexed for a moment as it dawned on her. She hesitantly asked, "So... you're not coming back then?" To which I replied, "Nope. I'm afraid not. Take care!"

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39. Earning His Bread And Butter

After wrapping up high school, I spent a number of years working for Panera Bread. My roles were diverse, ranging from running the line, handling the back of the house, inventory duties, and managing truck deliveries - you name it, and I probably did it, apart from being the manager. Even though they had me training new employees, they were reluctant to increase my salary that usually accompanied that responsibility. I reached a point of frustration and put my foot down, refusing to train anyone else unless I received at least a 25¢ raise.

They finally relented with a nonchalant, "Fine, whatever," and tacked on an extra dollar to my hourly wage for my inventory tasks. It looked like a positive step at first until I found out a rather stunning fact - new hires, with zero experience, were starting off at $14 an hour for entry positions, while I was stuck at $12.

When I confronted my boss about this and requested a raise to match the newcomers' salaries, I was told bluntly that I wasn't deserving since I didn't work hard enough. That was the last straw. I took a breather near the dumpsters out back, prepared some complimentary food for my brother and myself inside, knocked on the office door, and delivered my parting words to the boss: "Hey, how's it going? Thought you should know, I'm done here."

I never once regretted my decision, even when the boss tried coaxing me back a week later. My response was a firm, "Apologies, I'm struggling to hear you over the sound of my new $17 per hour wage."

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40. Creative Energy

In her free time, an ex-colleague of mine came up with a vendor tracking solution. When the boss discovered it, he suggested, "Why don't [so and so] oversee your work on this project you started?" Her response was, "How about I resign?" And she did, right that day.

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41. A Taste Of His Own Medicine

I used to work for a pretty awful boss. He brought me on board as his right-hand man after his kids abandoned the business. He was notoriously disrespectful to everyone, but initially, he managed to be somewhat nice to me. Still, I knew it was only a matter of time before he showed me his true colors. I had accepted the job for half of what I used to earn due to the harsh economic climate of 2008. Eventually, I found a better opportunity and was ready to resign.

One morning he strolled into the office and announced, "Your six-month review is due tomorrow, be ready." I calmly responded, "Actually, boss, I think it's time for your six-month review right now." His face flushed beet red. I firmly voiced my grievances, tossed my keys at him, and decisively left, vowing never to come back. There was a certain satisfaction in standing up to him as he listened to my unfiltered opinions.

I doubt anyone had ever given him such an honest reflection of his behavior like I did on that day.

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42. No Time Like The Present

My father was employed by the phone company. I'm not sure exactly what his duties entailed, but it involved hands-on work with the actual call connection switches in the office. He was a real early bird, always one of the first at his desk. It seemed the phone company was a great place to work, where employees typically stayed for their whole careers.

Despite his 25 years of service, my dad didn't get first pick when it came to choosing vacation dates. To top it all off, this was a union job in a deeply conservative state. One day, a co-worker had incorrectly labeled some wires on a switch my dad was repairing. That mishap resulted in thousands of phone calls being dropped, which landed him in big trouble.

He got a summon from the boss who, instead of listening to his side, abruptly sent him home. This seemed unfair since the union rules stated that a warning should have been given for the first mistake. Disheartened, he returned the following morning and decided to retire right then and there. It was a classic "I've had enough, I quit" moment.

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43. Seeing The Bigger Picture

I submitted my two weeks' resignation at a call center. My boss, a fantastic guy all through my stay there, surprised me with his offer: "You know what, let's just call this a two week paid vacation. I can tell you've had enough of this place. Given your resignation, I'd say it'll take an hour before you'd label the first rude customer you encounter as an idiot. Enjoy your time off, my friend, it has been a pleasure working with you!"

Wherever life has taken you now, Chris, well-played! You hit the nail on the head. I'm glad to put that workplace and its customers behind me!

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44. Staying Ahead Of The Story

I used to work in the Dallas branch of this pretty well-known business that had recently gotten a new CEO. One day, the new boss sent out an email to the whole company. It was one of those harmless "pep talk" messages about how we're going to smash our goals and so on – you get the idea. No big deal, right? But then, something totally unexpected happened...

This lady from the accounting department, who's normally super quiet and honestly, pretty church-going, replied to all of us! Her message was far from sweet. "Like we're going to trust a single word that self-important fool has to say." She had been with the company for over a decade and a half and had come in super early that day to do some work on the accounts, so by the time the rest of us arrived, it had already gone down.

According to the early birds, right after she hit 'reply all', she let out this small yelp when she realized what she'd done. Then, without losing her cool, she grabbed an empty box from the mailroom, packed up her stuff from her desk, silently walked out to her car without acknowledging anyone, and drove off. She vanished into thin air just like that. We never saw or heard from her ever again.

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45. You Should Be Dancing

The best story about me quitting a job? Once, my boss sprung on me that we'd be using our breaks for compulsory Zumba workouts. I just stared at her, and matter-of-factly said I'd be heading home instead.

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46. That’s A Wrap

I popped into a Taco John's and asked for a super burrito, specifically without tomatoes or black olives, packed to travel. It wasn't exceptionally crowded, but there were a handful of orders ahead of mine. I found myself near the counter, watching as they put meals together, and noticed they'd begun preparing my burrito. The chef was filling it with every ingredient. It was in his right hand while he also tried to clear the order on the screen with his left.

In a brief moment of pause, he realized his mistake - he'd added all the fixings to my burrito. I could tell he getting ready to explode. Once he'd seen me, he pivoted and chucked the burrito at the wall with the force of a pro baseball pitch. He then retreated to the back room, switched his Taco John uniform for a regular T-shirt, and slipped out the back exit.

Just half a minute later, the woman managing the drive-thru was searching for Brian. I directed her gaze toward him, as he was by then traversing the parking lot in the direction of the city center. I explained that I believe Brian just gave his resignation, in an unconventional way. After she mumbled a few surprised phrases, she inquired about my order. Well, Brian sure didn't hold back!

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47. Starting A Tradition

During my college years, I worked at Subway where a colleague of mine quit during one of the busiest lunch shifts. Midway into making a sandwich, he looked up at the customer and said, "See ya later, dude." He then up and left, never to return, not even for his last paycheck.

When it was time for me to head back to school the following semester, I had a bit of fun. I scattered 100 sticky notes throughout the store, each bearing the message "See ya later." It seemed a fitting way to give my notice after witnessing such a dramatic exit! Somehow, I have a hunch I wasn’t the only one to make a memorable exit from that place...

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48. A Slam Dunk

I was once employed at a family-run electrical business. The owner's brother had a habit of continuously hurling insults at me throughout the day, constantly criticizing everything I did. One fateful day, he assigned me the task of fetching breakfast for the team from Dunkin' Donuts. He mockingly questioned, "Can you manage to bring us donuts without messing it up?" That was the final trigger for me.

Instead of bowing to his whims, I drove his van to the donut place, treated myself to a delicious sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich, and called my girlfriend to come to get me, leaving his van right where it was. He frantically called at around 11 am, demanding, "Where on earth is my van? Where are you?" I calmly replied that I did as he instructed and got breakfast, but he forgot to instruct me to return. So, I went home.

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49. Golden Parachute, or Golden Arches?

I used to work at a ritzy restaurant that wasn't great to its employees. A co-worker, one of the chefs, decided to quit and gave his two weeks' notice. Instead of appreciating his heads up, the management kind of punished him by not allotting him any shifts for his last week. So, on his final rostered day, he turned up dressed in complete McDonald’s attire. The bosses were totally stunned.

He stood his ground and chose not to remove it. And the management was in a pickle because if they asked him to leave, they wouldn't have had enough manpower for the evening crowd. So, there he was, slogging through his full shift of eight hours at this swanky restaurant, dressed head-to-toe in a McDonald’s outfit. And the cherry on top? Anytime the manager instructed or queried him about anything at all, he only had one response, "Would you like fries with that?"

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50. Egg On His Face

My cousin once ended his job dramatically by launching an egg right at his boss's face. He was an employee in a restaurant, and one day, he decided to bring me along, just a small kid back then, to see his workplace. While I was there, his boss started berating him for bringing me along. The boss carried on an extended outburst about me being too young to be in there and needing supervision.

At one point during this rant, the boss used a regional swear word that's so shocking it could lead your family to disown you - I'm not even kidding. This really ruffled my cousin's feathers. Eventually, he had enough, ripped off his nametag and uniform, grabbed an egg from the restaurant kitchen, and with a powerful hurl, he splattered it straight into his boss's face. And just like that, his job was history.

Petty vengenancePixabay

51. In Hot Water

I used to work at a popular plumbing company in Australia, handling job bookings in the call center. Once, a desperate single mother called in. Her hot water system's pilot light had gone out, leaving her without hot water for over a week. She was really struggling financially and had just been managing somehow. Coincidentally, one of our technicians was at her neighbor's place.

The technician did the right thing by directing her to call our center, assuming we might waive the $150 call-out fee, considering he was already nearby. At least we could check the issue and give her a repair estimate. But here's where things went south: my operations manager refused, citing company costs and such. And then, it got even worse.

The woman on the phone was now in tears, completely upset. And my ops manager, with a smirk, said, "I guess she'll have to decide what a hot shower is worth." That was the last straw for me. I packed my things and walked out.

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