Frustrated People Share The Strangest Things That No One Believes They’ve Really Experienced

March 4, 2019 | Miles Brucker

Frustrated People Share The Strangest Things That No One Believes They’ve Really Experienced

Sometimes, it’s hard to know who to trust. With so much misinformation out there, it's often wise to take everything we hear with a grain of salt. But what if someone tries to share a sincerely bizarre experience? Should we believe them? From creepy brushes with the supernatural to wild events that just seem too impossible to be real, people have had all kinds of weird experiences to talk about—whether or not anyone believed them. Here are 42 people’s unforgettable stories about experiences so strange that hardly anyone believed them.

1. Bloody Murder

One time, I had a nightmare in which I was somehow brutally murdered. It ended with me in the bathroom bleeding out into the sink. When I woke up in the morning, I went to the same bathroom to brush my teeth. The sink was covered in dried up blood.

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2. The Super Ball

I once walked into my own living room to discover a football that I had never seen before lying in the middle of the room, vertically. A few seconds later, it fell down onto one side when I guess it “noticed” me, and it then proceeded to roll into the kitchen and behind the counter until it was completely out of view. After standing still there for a little bit from the utter awe and confusion, I finally went over to try and look for it. It wasn't there. I never saw it again, and nobody believes me when I try and tell them about it.

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3. Couch Potato

I live alone, yet I came home to my apartment one afternoon to find that the big leather couch in my living room had been completely ripped apart. It had a massive gaping hole right through the middle of it, and it would not be inaccurate to say that it had been ripped to shreds in some parts. To this day, I have no explanation as to how this could have happened with no one around to cause it. And if someone did break in and cause it, why would they just destroy the couch and leave without even stealing anything? It still freaks me out every time I think about it.

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4. Stereo Sound

When I was a teenager, I used to keep the remote to my stereo on the lip of my bed frame. One night around midnight, I woke up to my stereo playing static at me. It was getting louder and louder. I could see the volume number moving higher and higher. So it's pitch black and this static is getting louder and louder. The remote wasn't in its usual place for some reason. I had no choice but to jump out of bed to turn it off. I turned on the light and, freaking out, I found it—under my bed. Like, deep under my bed at that middle point that's super hard to reach even if you’re trying. No explanation.

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5. Panic

I was maybe four or five years old. We lived in a somewhat questionable neighborhood at the time. Looking out the window late one night, I swear I saw a neighbor from a nearby apartment out there with her son. He was on one of those plastic trikes. I believe she ran inside to grab a jacket. Within the three minutes that she was gone, a vehicle pulled up, snatched the kid, and took off. His mom came back and was passionately looking for him. I tried to tell the adults in my apartment that this was going on, but no one believed me. It is still the scariest thing that I’ve ever seen and it haunts me to this day.

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6. The Ghost of School Days Past

My friends and I used to frequently visit the abandoned Joseph P. Ladd school. It was rumored to have been haunted, but most of the time I had simply assumed that the strange noises that came from it were just other people on the property. I had never experienced anything supernatural there, or anywhere else for that matter. At the same time, I was still a bit on edge and nervous due to the rumors and from just imagining what could happen if they were all true.

One of the last times that I was there, I brought my crowbar along with me because the state had started boarding up and welding the doors shut. I knew that I could get in if I could wiggle a small space free in the door, as I had done a few times in the past. After a few tries, I started to get pretty aggravated, saying to myself “Is this even really worth the effort?!”

It was a pretty well lit night. The moon was really bright, so I didn’t need my flashlight unless I was inside a building. I also generally preferred to use it as little as possible, so as not to alert any security people to my presence. So, I’m peering through these two doors down the empty hallway with my flashlight, and about 50 feet down the hallway, what appeared to have been some light dust suddenly came into view.

The dust entered the area that my flashlight was aimed at, and then it suddenly turned around. I could now see the cloudy, barely visible outline of a chest, shoulders, and head. Nothing else. As it turned around, I can still vividly remember seeing what appeared to be the ghostly, misty outline of shoulders and a head moving towards the flashlight. At that point, as any sane person would do, I ran away and started screaming. I have never been so scared in my entire life.

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7. Stairway to Heaven

Many years ago, I was driving to South Dakota to visit my family. After driving all night, I was extremely exhausted by 7 am—but I was still about 45 minutes away from my destination. Around that point, I happened to glance off towards the east where, suddenly, deep in the plains, the silhouette of a huge golden bridge structure appeared. Mended with the clouds and the sparkle of the sun in the distance, it almost looked heaven-esque.

I rubbed my eyes and it was still there. I just remember thinking that I must be tired as hell from all the driving, because I had driven this same road countless times and had never seen anything but grassy plains along the way. Fast forward maybe a year or two, and I'm back in South Dakota working for the summer with my family. One day for work, we had to drive down this same road early in the morning again.

As we’re driving, one of the guys goes, "Remember the time we were driving down this same road for work, and this huge golden bridge looking thing appeared on the horizon over there?” He then pointed to the east, the exact same direction where I had seen the same thing years earlier. The second I heard him say that, it all came back to me. I freaked out because I thought I had been hallucinating, but they described exactly what I had seen. This is South Dakota, and there ain't no huge golden bridge looking object anywhere in that state. Good luck trying to get people to believe that there is! It still baffles me to this day.

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8. Hit and Run

I was staying at my grandmother’s house for vacation when I was about eight years old. I went for a walk in her neighborhood, and the area there has a hill that goes into the sea. As I was walking, a car going at a tremendous speed flew off the hill and landed in the sea. I was terrified and ran to a nearby house to ask them to call the police immediately. The people who answered the door didn’t believe me. They said that they would call the police, but they never did.

A week later, my grandmother was telling me about how a person had gone missing in the area recently and the police had been unable locate his whereabouts. I mentioned this incident that I had witnessed and my grandmother quickly contacted the police. They investigated and, lo and behold, the body of the missing man was found inside the car that I had seen crash in the exact part of the sea where I had been walking the week before. The police ruled it a suicide. If that old lady who answered the door had believed my story, who knows if the guy’s life could have been saved!

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9. Grin and Bear It

While at a stoplight on a mountain road in Pennsylvania, I saw two black bear cubs come out of the woods and roll down a hill onto the street. They started approaching my car, when the mama bear came down and chased them back up the hill with her paws. It happened, mom!!!!

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10. The Highway to Hell

I graduated high school in 1991, and right away I got a contract job with the Forest Service. We traveled all over the West Coast doing gopher control in re-planted clear cuts. The gophers would often eat the tender roots of the newly planted saplings, and we had to control them in order to give the trees a chance to get started.

We were returning to our hometown after a long job in Oregon, driving across the desert near a government lab. It was about 3 in the morning and we were going about 80 mph in a 55 zone. All of a sudden, totally out of nowhere, a completely blacked out semi truck with absolutely zero lights on at all goes flying past us on this stretch of highway. They were going so fast that it almost felt like we were standing still in comparison.

A few moments later, two army style trucks fly by in a similar fashion, also completely blacked out. It scared the heck out of us. When we got back to our hometown, we told several people what we saw and no one would believe us. I still think that the government is doing some secret freaky stuff out there in that desert lab. If we would have tried to chase them or anything, we probably would have disappeared.

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11. Snaked

At the park one afternoon, I saw a snake approaching an elderly man who was walking his dog. To my utter shock, the old man proceeded to pick up a snake, call it a "bad boy" and give it a verbal scolding. He then guided it back into its hole in the ground and continued along his walk as if nothing had ever happened.

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12. Night of the Talking Dead

Back in my high school days, I briefly dated a goth chick whose idea of a good time was to hang out (and yeah, occasionally make out) in the old graveyard out on the edge of town. Not my favorite thing in the world to do, but she was cute and I was 16 years old so I often went along with it anyway. One night, she told me to meet her there. As always, the place was dark and empty when I arrived.

I had my phone flashlight turned on and I was poking my way through the headstones to get to the tree that was our usual meet-up spot. As I was making my way over, I suddenly saw some movement in my peripheral vision. I turned my light towards where I thought it was coming from just in time to see a silhouette move behind a headstone about thirty yards away.

I was sure it was her trying to scare me, which she sometimes did, so I started calling her name out. In response, I then heard a strange female voice which sounded nothing like hers start calling the same name back out to me. It was almost as if the voice was trying to mock me. Freaked out, I immediately turned and sprinted back to the road. I texted her from my car and told her what had happened. She told me that she hadn't even left her house yet. I canceled on her and drove home as fast as I could.

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13. When the People Are Away, the Cats Will Play

I live in a condo complex where a lot of people, including myself, have cats. I know that my cat sometimes mingles with the other ones outside, and very often they fight. One day, I was walking back home from school in the afternoon. I was just about to walk inside my house, when I heard a familiar "meow" sound off in the distance. It sounded like my cat.

I followed the sound until I reached the porch of a vacant condo. I kid you not, I saw about a dozen cats having a meeting. An actual human-like meeting. They were all sitting in a perfect circle, including my own cat. They were each taking turns meowing and were all acting very polite and cordial to one another. There was no hissing, licking, or fighting whatsoever. As you might imagine, few people believe me when I try and inform them that I once saw the neighborhood cats having a meeting...

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14. Walking Towards the Light

One time, I was alone on a forested, snow-covered mountain when, all of a sudden, a mysterious bright light appeared off in the distance and just sat there in the middle of the trail. It remained there for the entire night. When I went over to try and investigate the next morning, there was nothing there.

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15. Window Shopping

When I was a little kid, there was one unforgettable night during which I saw a white, smiling face right at my window as I was laying down to go to bed. I screamed like crazy and my mother came in to check what was going on. She looked all around, but there was nothing and nobody to be found. Nevertheless, I would be willing to swear on my own life that I saw this happen and that it really was a person. My mom thinks I must have just imagined the whole thing, and she still teases me about it from time to time.

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16. First Degree Horror

Multiple times, I had seen a mysterious man hanging around outside our garage late at night. It was always around midnight each time. Of course, everyone I told about it just thought that I was lying and trying to scare them. Years later, I discovered that someone had committed a murder there.

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17. Lightweight Training

A dude asked me how to get to Planet Fitness one time. I told him that it was just across the parking lot. I look down at my phone as he starts walking and, after answering a text in about ten seconds, I look back up and he's completely gone without a trace. The distance was about a quarter mile of empty parking lot. There were no cars nearby or driving away, so it didn't look like he got in a vehicle or anything like that. I looked all around, but as far as I could tell he was really gone. Fitness ghost, I wish you many gains!

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18. The Wolf of That Street

In college, I had a summer internship at a national park that had just ended a wolf reintroduction program. A number of interns were housed in an area of cabins that were all clustered together on a one-lane gravel road. I was staying in a different area of the park, and had decided to go over to the cabins for dinner one night.

I left pretty late. It was close to midnight and I was really enjoying the quiet walk down the road back to my car. It was a clear night with a full moon, and the conifers growing on either side of the road shaded it almost entirely. As I was walking, I suddenly started to see a light-colored shape on the other side of the road coming in my direction.

I kept walking, slowly, and as we drew closer towards each other, I saw that it was an ENORMOUS canid animal of some sort. It was far too big to be a coyote but, as far as we knew, all the wolves had been relocated. The creature had the color and general characteristics of a light-phase coyote, but the bulk and size of a very large wolf. It was far larger than any Great Pyrenees I've ever seen.

We each kept our pace as we passed each other, and it never even turned its head or anything; it just kept walking on. I somehow managed not to pee in my pants from the fear. However, by the time I made it back into my car, I was shaking so hard that I could barely get my key in the ignition. Everyone I've told this story to thinks that I am exaggerating, but I was stone-cold sober and less than ten feet away from it, and the animal's back was literally up to my waist. It was easily the biggest dog-like creature I've ever seen, by a longshot. Looking back, despite how terrifying it was in the moment, it was definitely a benign encounter. Just two mild-mannered folks out for an evening stroll, passing each other on the street!

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19. No Headshots in Wrestling!

Two squirrels were wrestling in a tree, when one suddenly fell out and landed right on my head. It quickly jumped off and ran away. I went to check my head for any injuries and only found a small wet spot. There is no other evidence that this ever happened. At the same time, it was one of the scariest moments of my life.

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20. A Star is Born

Some friends and I were hanging out one summer’s evening when we were around 15 years old. It was a clear night, and we were all lying on my friend’s trampoline in the backyard. We were just chatting and looking up at the stars. Suddenly, we all jumped up at once. Turns out we all swore we had just seen a formation of stars trade places with another one. They sort of left a tail, like a shooting star, before resettling in their new positions. They had all moved at the exact same time. It was very strange, and all three of us seemed to have seen the same thing.

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21. Do Not Adjust Your Set

I was watching Degrassi with two friends at one of their houses. During a commercial break, the screen abruptly cut to static. We had the black boxed, white font subtitles on, and they started saying things like “Help me” and “I’m trapped.” It was back in 2006, so I can’t remember exactly what else was written, but it freaked us out to say the least and we shut the TV off. No one believed us afterward.

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22. Sounds Like Someone Gets to Use the Carpool Lane!

I was approaching a stop light while driving home from work one night. All of a sudden, I heard a scratching sound on my roof—similar to the sound that dogs make on wooden floors. Then my passenger window started rolling down by itself. Next, the outer portion of my passenger armrest breaks off, as if someone had put too much force on it. Finally, my passenger airbag light changes. All of these things seemed to suggest that someone (or something) was sitting in the passenger seat, even though I know and could clearly see that no one was there. Demons, I tell you!

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23. Jumping Jupiter!

Nobody believes me when I try to explain this, but I swear it’s true! I’ll often fall asleep and then have a dream about some randomly specific event, such as a really weird sentence that just sticks out in the dream, and then later that day after I wake up, I’ll find myself in that exact situation. One example that has really stuck with me was the time when, in the dream, I could see myself in a marching band in the middle of some unfamiliar location, and we were playing a song that I have never heard before in my life, but I really liked it.

Despite the song having no words, I was somehow able to infer that the song was called “Jupiter” and that it was composed by Gustav Holst. It was almost as if someone or something within my dream was communicating this information to me in some mysterious way. When I woke up, I was able to remember the part of the dream where I understood what the song was called, and so I looked it up and listened to it. I was in utter shock and almost freaked out when I realized that it was the exact melody and song that I had been playing in the dream. I swear, had never heard that song before in all of my years of living and I have no idea how I figured out the title. I also swear that this was not the only time that something like this has happened to me, it’s just the most memorable one in my opinion.

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24. The Final Game

This story happened to my uncle. I can’t possibly imagine him making this up—he’s a veteran and now a politician, so a pretty serious and respectful guy. A few years ago, he had a dream that he and my dad were kids again, playing in an open field. While they were playing, my dad started running off into the woods. My uncle started calling his name, but my dad just kept on going until he wasn’t visible anymore. At exactly that point in the dream, he was suddenly woken up by a phone call. It was my grandma calling to tell him that my dad had died in the middle of the night.

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25. Free Falling

I saw a blue heron fly by with a live snake hanging from its mouth. The snake was still wiggling and trying to break free. It finally was successful—only for the heron to then catch it with its foot and, somehow, throw it back up into its mouth while in mid-air. I did not get any photographs and people think I’m crazy when I try and tell them that I witnessed this.

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26. It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

I saw a UFO with my mother in Oregon one night. We were traveling down the road when I spotted a triangle shape in the sky, being formed by five very bright lights. We stopped the car and got out to look. The object was just hovering there in place, completely silent and with no movement. I should have taken pictures or a video, but I was just so caught up in the moment because I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was trying to process what was going on. Then, out of nowhere, this thing shot off past the horizon, going way faster than any man-made machine I’ve ever seen in my life. We both remember this incident as clear as day. Nevertheless, very few people believe our story.

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27. One Last Visit

It was the night before my stepmom died, after a long battle with cancer. I was 22 years old and was spending the night in bed with my nine-year-old half-brother, cuddling him and telling him that everything was gonna be okay. Suddenly, at about 3 am, he immediately sits upright in bed, smiles, and says “I promise to be a good boy, mommy. I love you.”

Now, my stepmom had been bedridden for the last month, so she was definitely not moving anywhere. Nevertheless, my little brother and I swear on our lives that, for a split second, we saw her standing in the doorway, wearing her big giant fur coat and just smiling at us. She looked relieved. My brother fell back asleep about two minutes later. I went over to my dad’s room and he told me that she had died about half an hour ago. I genuinely believe that she “stopped by” on her way to the other side to check in on her two kids and to make sure that we’d both be okay without her.

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28. That’s It, No Tip!

While working in Lagos, Nigeria, I was sitting in a bar on one of the lagoons, when a body washed up naked except for underwear. I called the waitress over a bit frantically and pointed at the body. She made a face and went back into the bar, where I was expecting that she would call the police—but no! She returned with a long stick and started stabbing the body repeatedly! She then pushed him back out into the sea! When I tried to tell my fellow travelers about this, they all thought that there was no way this could have actually happened.

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29. Bye Bye Birdy

I saw a shark yank a seagull down from a kelp bed. I was a child and laying in the cabin of a fishing charter, staring out the window. It was early, about six in the morning. I distinctly remember the seagull floating, the boat idling, and then the shark just popping up out of nowhere—and just like that, birdy was gone. No one believed me afterward.

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30. A Deer Old Friend

I was out hiking and stargazing one time, when I saw a deer wandering across the trail I was on. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I could immediately sense that there was something wrong with this deer. It wasn’t visibly hurt or anything like that, but the longer I watched it for, the more uneasy I felt. I could not shake this bizarre feeling, and I’ve never felt anything quite like it before or since. It was as if I was looking at some kind of dreadful monster that was just disguising itself as a deer to try and fool me for some reason. I barely even know how to explain what I experienced to people, let alone how to get them to believe my story.

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31. Great Balls of Fire

I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Washington state. Way out in the sticks, as they say. One night, my cousin and I were outside late at night playing basketball. We both saw it. Out behind my house, which is straight swamp and trees as far as the eye can see, rose a giant ball of light. We immediately stopped playing. It was huge and sort of diamond shaped.

It appeared to have been right behind my house, but, accounting for its size, it was probably further away than I had initially thought. We both screamed and started to freak out. When we started running to the house to notify our parents, we watched it take off in practically a blink. We ran inside frantically and tried to explain what we had just seen. Our parents just wrote it off as childhood paranoia. I can still remember it clear as day.

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32. I Can See It in Your Eyes

My boyfriend’s younger brother and I were taking a bike ride down the street to the shops late one afternoon. As we get onto the main road, we notice a dude across the street heading in the opposite direction. He is walking with a limp, his head is bowed, and he’s got a plastic bag in his hand. We're only a few metres away from him when he crosses the street onto our side.

As the bro rides past him, this stranger lifts his head up and smiles in his direction as they pass each other. I'm a little while behind, so I don't pay too much attention to this—that is, until the bro stops, turns around, and gives me a funny look, just as this guy is passing him by. I still don't think too much of it at this point, assuming that he had just stopped to let me catch up.

As soon as I myself passed the stranger and made eye contact with him, I realized that this was not the case. When the stranger looked over and nodded at me, I saw nothing in his eyes. When I say nothing, I mean like black pits where his eyes should have been, or just an eyeball that looked entirely black. I don’t know how else to describe it.

When I finally catch up to the bro, we stop around the corner and he says to me "Did you see that???" "You mean his eyes?!" I asked. "Yeah, it looked like they weren't even there!" he replied. We then kind of sat there for a while processing what we had both just seen. Had the bro not related the same feeling and experience to me as I had felt when the stranger looked at me, I doubt I would have ever thought anything of it.

I probably would have just assumed it was the light angles playing tricks on me or some such thing. It was a sunny afternoon, so glare certainly could have played a part. He could've been wearing contacts, I don't know. But none of those explanations feel like they fit. We got home later on and told everybody what had happened, but no one believed us. They still don't to this day.

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33. Birds of a Feather Fight Together

I used to be a junior lifeguard at a small beach in California. When you were old enough to be responsible, you had to help out with the younger kids in the afternoon. It was my day to help out and we were leading the kids in stretches. The leaders were facing away from the water and the kids were lying on their backs, hugging their knees. At one point, I happened to turn and look at the water.

I immediately saw two seagulls dive bomb out of the sky. It looked like they were wrestling with each other. They landed on the shore where the water isn't more than ankle deep. One of them got the upper hand and started to hold the other one's head under the water, drowning it. Seagull two then breaks free, rears its head back, screeches, and STABS THE FIRST SEAGULL IN THE CHEST WITH ITS BEAK. The first seagull then takes off real quick, and the second one flies after it. Not a single person believed me.

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34. Time to Face the Music

We were gathered at the dinner table with some friends and I had been offered a glass of wine, despite not having been 21 yet at the time. I took it and casually turned to look out the window while drinking it. As soon as I looked out, I suddenly felt a weird sensation as if someone was staring back at me. I then spotted a man with no face standing on the sidewalk outside, way off in the distance. He was tall and very thin, but he had no face.

There was just a blur where his face should’ve been. I obviously freaked out and let out a scream. When all the adults turned to me, I stammered trying to explain what I had just seen. Of course, nobody believed me. They all said I was probably drunk off of the small sips of wine I had taken, but I know what I saw. I still get this acute sense of dread whenever I think about it.

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35. Let’s Not Go Down This Rabbit Hole

When I was between the ages of six and 11 years old, I started to regularly experience what I later found out is known as “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.” My blanket would suddenly start to feel like it was six inches thick, my room would grow longer as I looked down across my bed, my stuffed animal would get smaller, I would hear exaggerated echos of pretty much any little sound around me, and sometimes I felt like I was shrinking.

People always thought I was imagining it or making it up. I'm not sure why it stopped, but I'm definitely happy that it did.

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36. Loyal to the End, and Beyond

When I was little (no more than seven or eight years old), I woke up one night to find a white dog sitting in the doorway of my bedroom. This was weird, because we didn't have a dog or any other indoor pet. As I watched, the dog got up and walked down the hallway towards the living room. I got up too, looked down the dark, empty hall it had headed down, and decided to go in the opposite direction to my parents' room. I woke my mom up and told her that there was a dog in the house.

She got up and we looked around for a bit, but didn't find anything. She thought I must have been dreaming. Then, at some point when I was older, I found a picture of the dog that my parents had when I was a baby. I learned from my mom that the dog often slept in my doorway, guarding my room. That dog had died by the time I was two years old. That dog in the picture was also the dog I had seen that night.

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37. Stay in School, Kids

When I was sixteen, I skipped school one day to stay home and play video games. I set up my PlayStation and made some hot pockets. Right when I get good and comfortable, I suddenly hear footsteps coming towards my room. I glance outside and see that my parents aren't home yet, but I was still afraid that I was about to get busted. Seeing no place to hide, I just froze.

All of a sudden, the door was flung open and I heard a blood-curdling scream echo throughout the house. I must have sat there petrified in my room for half an hour before going outside to see what was going on—only to find everything exactly as it was before. I tried to explain what I had experienced to my friends later, but they all thought I was just pulling some prank from the internet.

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38. Friends in Low Places

I accidentally once gave a ride to a wanted fugitive, without realizing who he was until weeks later when he got caught. To give some context, I don't watch the news. Like, at all. I don't read the paper either. I only have Facebook because people don't answer their phones when you call them, so Messenger is unfortunately a must have these days. And I've only just recently become more active on Reddit and other social media. In other words, I am very disconnected from any awareness of what’s going on in the world 99% of the time.

Anyway, I picked this hitchhiker up and he seemed super normal. I just thought he was some kind of an addict who needed to get himself clean. The dude looked super rough, but he was also very friendly and nice. He chatted with me about a lot of different things, and I even got him a sandwich and some water at one point.

Then he said that he's been clean for a week and was thinking about killing himself or turning himself in. I thought he was just talking about drugs the whole time. Then he went on a rant about politics and how everyone is so crooked these days. I tuned him out after a bit because he was just going on and on. I eventually dropped him off and went on with my daily errands.

A few weeks later, I was out to eat with my friends when one of them brought up this article about that very guy being caught. I knew it was the same guy because of how close he got to me when he was going on his rant. None of them would believe me when I tried to tell them.

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39. Smile and Say Cheese!

Back in 2014, I was sleeping over at my cousin’s house for New Year’s eve. It was just my three cousins, my brother, and myself. We all decided to sleep in the same bedroom for the night, as we had just become old enough to stay at home on our own and our parents were staying out all night, so we were a little nervous. My point here is that we were all 100% certain that we were the only people in the house that night, and we all slept in the same place together.

I woke up the next morning and was getting in the car to leave, when I just happened to take a look at the camera roll on my phone from the previous night. To my absolute horror, I discovered that there were five photos of all of us sleeping. Every single person who was there was in the photos, fast asleep, so there was no way that any of us could have taken them ourselves. My aunt showed the photos to the landlord shortly after, and he had no explanation. To this day, nobody has any idea who took them—or how. My friends have even accused me of making the whole thing up.

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40. Knocking On Heaven’s Door

One night, my wife was staying overnight at my parents' house while I was still away at college wrapping up my last day of work. I was woken up by a very loud knock on my dorm room door. When I went to open it, there was nobody there. I see that it's 3 o'clock on the dot. I'm not superstitious at all, but it spooked the hell out of me and I basically slept with one eye open for the rest of the night.

I come home that day and see my girlfriend. We get to talking and I mention the knocking incident, trying to just laugh it off. She instantly freezes up and then tells me that she had also woken up last night, to find herself in front of my bedroom door at my parents’ house after having sleepwalked there—at exactly 3 AM. To this day, even we don't believe it.

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41. Oh, You Beautiful Doll

I was out on a service call to an apartment one day, and the lady who lived there seemed to have an obvious obsession with dolls. Specifically, she seemed to really like those 15-inch tall pioneer style dolls. Anyway, she was not home on the day that I had to go over there, so I just went about my business as I normally would. I had no clue why, but I was feeling very uncomfortable from the moment I first set foot in her apartment.

When I entered her bedroom, that feeling quickly escalated at least ten times more. She literally had more than 300 dolls sitting all over the room. On some of these dolls, the heads had been removed and were hanging by strings from the ceiling. There was also a small little altar of some sort in the corner of the room, with a severed chicken head on it as well as a gargoyle-like statue and several pictures of children.

There was a pig's hoof hanging from a red cord in her bathroom, too. When I finally made it into the dining room, there was a Ouija board sitting there, along with multiple dolls, which were all arranged around a dismembered doll that was drenched in what appears to have been real blood. I think I broke the top human speed record that morning. To this day, no one believes me about this experience.

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42. A Dear Abby Column for the Ages

When I was about three or four years old, I had a best friend named Abigail. The two of us did everything together. We played in the sandbox, in creeks and rivers, in playgrounds, you name it! We were sidekicks and everyone knew it. I even drew her portrait one day and told my mom to save it somewhere safe so that I could give it to her as a present on her birthday.

I drew a girl with dark, shoulder length hair and a red bow in it. She was wearing a blue, jumper-style dress, with a long sleeved red shirt under it and a brown pair of shoes. I still have it somewhere and could show it to anyone who wanted to see it. I just remember that I really, really loved playing with her.

And then one day I just never saw her again. I never received any warning or clue as to where she went, and no one else around me seemed to even have any memory of her at all. It was more than as if she had just disappeared completely without a trace, it was almost as if she had been retroactively erased from existence.

Now, if this were my mom telling the story, she would probably just say that, at this age, I was a highly independent little girl who liked to play and be by herself. She just thinks that Abigail was nothing more than an imaginary friend of mine all along. Then one day when I was about 11 or 12 years old, the local historical society posted a researched historical article detailing the events of a tragic farmhouse fire that happened about 75 or 80 years prior on the property that our subdivision was built on.

The fire was a devastating one, in which an entire family of six, including two parents and four kids, were all killed. One of those kids just happened to have been a four-year-old girl, and her name was Abigail. A black and white picture of the family was included in the article, and you could clearly see that the little girl had dark, shoulder length hair with a bow in it. She was also wearing a jumper and a long sleeve shirt underneath it. To this day, my mom still refuses to believe that my childhood best friend was probably a ghost. Needless to say, I feel otherwise.

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