Friends For Never: Chilling Moments When "Friends" Revealed Their True Selves

March 15, 2020 | Phillip Hamilton

Friends For Never: Chilling Moments When "Friends" Revealed Their True Selves

Sometimes a person isn’t who you think they are. This can come as a real shock when long-lasting relationships suddenly turn sour, leaving you with one less friend and a ton of memories that won’t go away. These Redditors know the feeling. They all went through some truly shocking situations where "friends" revealed their true selves. They cut the toxicity from their lives and came out on top with a story to tell and a lesson to teach.

1. A Thief in Our Midst

Had a really great friend in high school. He was cool but he’d always be trying to sell stuff to people in the hallways, like video games or pocketknives or sunglasses. After over a year of being friends with him he came over to my house to hang out and when he left a bunch of my favorite video games were missing.

I realized what was happening, and I had plans on forgiving him if he just fessed up and apologized. Instead, he got super defensive and angry, and I instantly lost any respect I had for the guy.

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2. The Ol’ Switcheroo

I lived in an apartment with my best friend. It was going fine for almost a year, no fights or anything. One day, his dad had a stroke. He could no longer work or pay his bills so he needed a place to stay and my friend was adamant that his dad moves into the apartment, meaning I would have to leave. After some arguments (I was trying to make the case that I shouldn't be the one to move out because it wasn't fair on me—he should find a place with his dad) I finally decided to be the bigger person and move back in with my parents so that his dad could move into the apartment.

Weeks later, I see a Facebook post about how happy he is that his girlfriend is moving in with him. The whole thing was a lie to get me to leave so his girlfriend could move in. The stroke was real, and I think his dad was struggling to find a place, but in the end, he found somewhere to stay. My friend just decided to keep the lie going so that I'd leave.

Haven't talked to him since.

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3. Amateur Ghosting

I have a story where I lost all respect for three people at once. Late high school years. A “friend” in our group had invited everyone to hang out at his parent’s house. We were supposed to agree on a time the day of, but people weren’t answering my calls or messages or were really vague. It was almost 7:00 pm, which was a couple of hours later than I’d figured, so I decided to drive over. When I realized what happening, it broke my heart.

I sent one guy a message saying no one’s really answering so I’ll just go ring the “friend’s” doorbell. So, all of a sudden, the “friend” calls me and says he was caught up in something and the whole thing might be off, he’ll let me know. Thing is, he called me when I was just parking in front of his house and had a clear view of almost everyone in my group in his house.

I let the call go on for several minutes watching him motion people to be quiet, doing the talking hand “yadda yadda” gesture etc. without letting him know I was watching him, until the dude finally spotted my car. He then—very obviously—told everyone to hide because he thought I’d just pulled up, and one guy who also pretended to be my friend actually hit the ground together with his girlfriend to avoid being seen from the window.

So those three people—two “friends” and the gf of one—I have absolutely zero respect for. Also, I have nothing to do with any of them anymore, so that’s nice. Then again, I also very clearly saw one real friend tell the “friend” off. He also called me immediately and said to wait up, he’d rather hang out with me than those jerks.

20 years later we’re still very close and effectively formed a new group of friends. So big silver lining.

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4. How to Stay Miserable

A really close friend of mine posted this long rant about how miserable she was with her life. Being one of her best friends I leave her message letting her know that I'm always there if she wants to talk or something. Two days later she answers with; "I'd rather gouge my own eyes out with a spoon. Screw off." Okay, what? I ask her if I had done something to tick her off and she tells me, "No, my problems are my own, just screw off." Haven't spoken to her since.

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5. All About the Money

Gave my roommate an envelope with a money order for bills in it to drop in the mail. Then one day got apprehended by the cops. While looking for some of his documents to take to him I found the opened, empty envelope in his closet. Peace out.

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6. Wanna Chill?

Had a very close friend I’ve known for 10+ years. He was always in a bit of a depressive state about his life and I often was the person he could talk to about it all. Spent countless evenings listening, being supportive, etc. He was not full-time depressed, we also shared a lot of laughs and simple-minded/happy moments.

Then for the first time in ten was me who got depressed. Went through a very emotionally abusive relationship and got lied to about a fake pregnancy for weeks (because she didn't want to lose me). The experience sent me into an existential crisis and a deep depression...but somehow, it was about to get even worse. When I tried to talk about it with this friend of ten years... after five minutes, his words were: "Shut the eff up, you're annoying!"

He went on to say good night and left. A week later he wrote a message: "Wanna chill?" I told him to find a new best friend. Never heard from him again.

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7. Stepmothers, Am I Right?

I worked for my stepmom with the intent that I would take over the business when she retired in a few years. I took more than a 50% pay cut and left my career of 10 years of managing and leading organizations to come work for her. Those few years came and went with her unable to even talk about a timeline for retirement. I spent years trying to fix processes and procedures around the office to make her life easier and to make the general workflow easier for all employees, but she was completely resistant to any change from the status quo while simultaneously always complaining about how busy she was and how we just didn’t have any good processes in place.

I finally confronted her about her retirement timeline and putting it in writing that I would be her succession plan. She balked at even putting together a plan for her retirement. I let her know that I really couldn’t hang around if there weren’t any prospects for advancement or pay increases. My wife secured a job in a new town and I gave my stepmom a six-month notice that we would be moving. I explained that I would be more than willing to help hire and train my replacement and finish formalizing all of the procedures I had developed in my time there.

She fired me the next business day. Screw that woman.

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8. Partners in Partying

I got sick of the partying, the susbtances, and the constant "bros" hanging around the house all day. Once I quit toking weed, I realized it was the only thing we had in common.

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9. Something Fishy

I had a best friend who had just gone through a bad breakup and needed someone to move into her apartment to help her with rent. My boyfriend and I moved in and we all had a blast together for a few months. She and my boyfriend were close, but I never suspected anything. I'd painfully come to regret that. I worked six days a week and they were both unemployed, so they spent a lot of time together.

After a while, it was clear she and my boyfriend had some kind of a falling out because they both started to talk smack about each other when we were alone. It got to the point where we basically had to move out because the vibe in the apartment was pretty sour and I was stuck in the middle. He vehemently denies anything weird went on, they were just friends and then she started to hate him.

Soon after we moved out, my boyfriend was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was basically the only person other than him that I knew in this city at the time, as I'm from the other side of the country. She was my only support, and I called her to let her know what was going on. Her response was that she didn't want to deal with it, and she never spoke to me again.

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10. Fattist

I became a “weight traitor.” We’re both fat and met as fat activists. I decided I didn’t want to be fat anymore (and realized how destructive and dangerous FA/FAs can be) and lost a number of “friends.” One I thought would stick it out with me, but after I lost “too much” she decided I wasn’t a good friend and that my being a “good fatty” wasn’t something she could abide.

It hurt, but it’s for the best. She’s using a cane to get around now (at 29) and I’m going on a solo trip to Europe this fall, so she can screw off.

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11. Used

My mother was an alcoholic growing up. I used to take her side in all the fights she had with my dad. When I was at an older age, I realized she was using my dad. She had no job and my dad who was 64 was working his butt off to pay for my sister, me, and her. Then my dad said we didn't have enough money for something and basically my Mum said: "So... We're poor?"

My parents later split up and she found another boyfriend almost instantly. She still didn't have a job. So I figured out that she used my dad, then was using her boyfriend. Yeah, it was messed the up.

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12. One Up, One Down

The guy was (probably) a pathological liar who always, always, ALWAYS felt the need to one-up everyone. It got to the point where he even tried to one-up negative things, it was ridiculous. If you were into some sport, he was a world-class athlete. If you were into writing, he wrote a book for which he was complimented by several important and famous people. If you had the flu, he had friggin’ cancer (not making this up, he actually lied about having cancer).

I was gullible at first, then I realized he was full of garbage, but I decided to try to ignore all the idiocy and still be his friend. But finally, I snapped. I got sick of the constant humble and not so humble bragging. Sometimes I feel bad about it, because in hindsight he clearly wasn't doing well if he craved attention and praise that desperately, but then I remember how bloody irritating being around him was during the last few weeks.

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13. Weird Sympathy Move, But Okay

Friend at a bar tells some people we just met how her mother passed on, later in the night I express my sympathy—now she's without parents. She'd told me hush-hush a few years prior about how her father had passed. "Wait did I tell you back then my dad passed? I thought I told you it was my mum! No, both my parents are still alive; when we were in university I just read in a book that telling people a parent has passed is a good way to get sympathy. Ha ha!"

Freaking sociopath.

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14. The Inner Circle

Knew some guys for about three years. Then I get invited to a party of one of the guy's girlfriends. I don't know her well, but I accept as I hadn't been invited to any previously. The party was me and my friends and some girls. I go to sit down with a circle of kids and my friends start to act like they don't know me and ask me to leave.

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15. Money Walks

I was in a serious car wreck and was hospitalized for a month when I was 19. During this time I had given my 27-year-old sister my bills and debit card so she could pay them since I was unable to (my parents were too consumed with looking after me to be able to handle my finances at the time). She decided to help herself to about $1,000 of my hard-earned that I'd saved up for college by working full-time...while I was bedridden in a hospital and unaware of whether I'd walk again.

She might still be my sister, but I definitely don't consider her my friend anymore.

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16. What is This, The Dark Ages?

Hung out with a kid most of my senior year. Then one day, towards the end of the year, we were having a discussion and he started talking about how much he hated homosexuals and thought that we should eradicate them all. Noped my way right out of that friendship.

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17. No Vacancy

My, at the time, girlfriend had a little sister. She was graduating from college, and her college was not close by. It was a few states away, and at least a five-hour drive. We both loved the sister, but we weren't going to make it to her graduation. We couldn't afford a hotel for the weekend, and we couldn't take off from work to get there on time.

She FREAKED out on us. It was the biggest tantrum I've seen an adult make. My GF and I both assumed it wasn't that big of a deal, but seeing how much her sister freaked out, we re-evaluated the situation. So, we packed up quickly, and drove through the night to get there. She told us we could sleep in her apartment that night, but that we'd need to get a hotel the following night. That was fine, we found something online for like $100/night.

We got to her place in record time. It was not even midnight. We felt like heroes for making up so quickly. We get to her apartment—and she won't let us in. She says she's already in bed, and we should have gotten there earlier if we wanted to take her up on her offer. So, we're both exhausted, and we have nowhere to stay. I wanted to just turn around and go back home, but my GF was a better person than me. Luckily, we had other friends in the city, and one was nice enough to give us their couches for the night.

It's been like 15 years, and I assume the sister was getting one last lay with a college hook-up, because I could not imagine any other scenario where she couldn't simply walk down two flights of stairs to open the door for us. I ended up marrying the GF, and still bring up this situation anytime she gets in a fight with her sister.

It's usually, "I can't believe how selfish my sister is being..." and I go, "You can't!? Remember that time we drove to her college grad..." and she cuts me off. Of course, she also remembers it.

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18. Who Wants a Cashless Card?

I have a friend who is known to be stingy. You can't split a bill with her at a restaurant because any way you do it, it's wrong. She bought her girlfriend a pair of sunglasses, and when she gave them to her she said, "I only got you these because they're buy one get one free and I got one for myself." (Don't ask me why they're still together.)

She has a well-paying job, a car, and her parents paid for college. There is no absolutely necessary reason for her to be this way, she just is. But even then, I had no clue how much of a real piece of garbage she truly was. Eventually, I found out that, for her entire college career, she scammed her parents into both paying for her apartment so she could pocket the extra money.

Her parents are divorced. She would call her mom up and ask for that month's rent money plus some other expenses. Then she'd call her dad and do the exact same thing. She knew they did not communicate with each other about her college expenses because she would ask when she needed money. Her parents are financially sound but not "rich" by any means, but they provide for their family.

I have no respect for that friend anymore. Side story: Her mom sent her a hallmark card for Halloween with a nice note, and her exact words after reading it were, "I'm going to have to call her, there's no money in this card."

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19. Maybe They’re Just Roleplaying

I had a friend a while back. Neat guy. Liked video games, anime. One of the few people willing to go in on a pen and paper rpg. Didn’t interact with him outside of these sorts of events. One time, a bunch of us went to grab dinner before seeing a limited-run anime movie. This guy special orders absolutely everything. Won’t pick something on the menu (standard grill fair).

He doesn’t just ask for a special order, he DEMANDS it. Calls the waitress names and is just a total jerk. When I confronted him about it, he started shouting and making a huge scene in the restaurant. The rest of the night was massively awkward. After that, I just ghosted him. People who treat others poorly like that have no place in my life.

You can tell the character of a person based on how they treat someone they don’t have to be kind to.

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20. Lookers Only

I was once at a club with a guy I had known for about six months at college, and our respective girlfriends. We were quite a close group and he seemed like the most genuine guy you could know. Anyway, he gets into an argument with his girl and they both go outside to settle it in privacy, kinda ruined the mood but I thought little of it.

He came back to say that his girlfriend had gone home in a bad mood and they had essentially broken up. I remember he slyly said something like, "She lost her looks now anyway." A few days later I ran into his girlfriend—and I couldn't believe what he'd done to her. She had a swollen lip and a black eye. Never talked to that garbage human again.

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21. So High School

Had made some plans with the gf at the time for Valentine's Day. This was back in late HS. Had called her on the phone a few hours before to re-confirm details, and she abruptly canceled because supposedly her parents were going to be having a date of their own later that evening, so she was being assigned to take care of her grandma for the day (Her grandmother needed constant care, so it wasn’t especially unusual for one of her parents to be taking a day to stay with her).

She was supposed to leave pretty early in the afternoon and be with her all evening. So, I decided that the least I could do was maybe drop off some flowers and chocolates in basket and stuff, so she’d have something nice waiting when she got back. Spent a bunch of money on getting something nice, showed up at her place around five, expecting just her parents to be there, and not only was she the one to answer the door, I could clearly hear both her parents chatting away in the background and there was no grandmother to be seen.

Turned out, she just didn’t have the guts to bite the bullet and properly break up with me, she was just going to keep canceling until I got the picture or something.

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22. Making an Alibi

I found out a friend got drunk and tried to drive home. He ended a man and a pregnant woman’s lives along the way. He never stopped. He dragged the bodies for over 100 yards. He went home, slept, came over the next morning with his murder vehicle and planned on going camping with us that day. He said he was planning on taking his car to another state to get it fixed so his parents wouldn't know about it.

He ended two people’s lives and was trying to get out of it. He left the house with his brother to turn himself in but didn't actually go to the police station. We called the authorities and told them everything. He has posted bond and is awaiting trial. Technically he hasn't been proven guilty in a court of law, but I saw a face print on his windshield.

If you read this Curt, screw you.

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23. Speak Up!

One-year friendship with this girl. I invited her over to my new apartment. She came over and wanted to gossip about her coworkers. When she paused, I tried to add into the conversation (make a joke, give reassurance, add a comment, etc.) but she would immediately raise her voice and start talking over me.

I kept getting angrier every time it happened until I was actually loathing her internally. She was so self-absorbed that she didn't notice I went from smiling and engaged to frowning while staring off into space. After two-plus hours of not being allowed to talk, I made up an excuse to kick her out of the apartment and then vowed to never see her again.

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24. Birthday Abandonment

My "best friend" led a decision with my "friend group" to kick me out of said group on my birthday because I was focusing on my new job. Turns out he was power-tripping—doesn't make what happened hurt any less though.

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25. Golden Bye

My childhood friend lived pretty close to me and seemed like a nice dude...until he took my Goldeneye and moved to Minnesota. Screw you Derrick!

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26. A Major Sign

A guy I was pretty close with joined me and my friends to trip to the woods for drinks and pot like we often did in our late teens. One night we're all reminiscing about stupid things we did as kids—but when he started to speak, everyone went chillingly silent. He explains how he and some of his friends used to buy cheap animals from the pet store purely for killing them.

The most disturbing involved baby mice and a shoebox full of thumbtacks...sorry for the NSFL imagery, but I've never been so quickly disgusted with someone. Completely changed the way I looked at him, he pretty much treated it with an "Oh, we were kids back then" attitude and laughed about it all.

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27. Pranked!

One summer back in high school years, I had a crush on this girl, and we'd hang out when we weren't working together. A friend of mine would keep insisting that I should just ask her out. So, I mustered my courage and asked her out. Yeah—it was a glorious fail. I still remember when she smiled and told me the brutal truth.

That was when I found out that they had been secretly dating for a year and thought it would be a "lark" to just screw with me. 100 to 0 in a few words and a vicious smile.

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28. A Dark New Light

My grandma got my grandpa to put his wife in an insane asylum and get some kind of dissolution of marriage, they married, and before they moved to America, she forced him (they had six kids by then, two boys and two girls, and his son and daughter by his first wife) to give his firstborn son up for adoption when he was 11.

A few years pass in America, and my aunt (not my grandma's), who is now 14, is given up to the state by my grandpa. I then found out that before this, the first several years in America, my aunt lived a total nightmare. My grandma got my mom/aunt and uncles to pee on her bed, on her while she slept, she wasn't allowed to eat until everyone was done, and even then she had to eat what was scraped into the trash.

My mom didn't let me read my aunt's memoir, I'm assuming because she was a horrible person to my aunt (she did similar things to me growing up). It made me look at my grandma, grandpa, mom, aunt, and uncles differently. The only family I talk to are some cousins and my uncle who my grandpa gave up. He still lives in Europe and I speak to him using Google translate, but I cherish our friendship (my aunt too, but she passed on a few years ago.)

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29. Never Trust a Dog Hater

Went over to a buddy's house to play some cards. The guy mentioned in an offhand sort of way how he hated his wife's dog. He said he put it out front and beat the tar out of it with a broom to make sure it ran away. Then the psycho laughed.

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30. Selfish: An Ugly Color

Girl I was besties with for nearly ten years. I kinda knew that she was one of those emotionally needy types, but I just didn't really think it would end up aimed at me, I guess. She got laid off from her job around the same time my husband's annual checkup indicated possible prostate cancer. I posted on my journal about my worries and fears for him.

Friend replies to my post with a long public comment tearing me several new holes for being so selfish and self-absorbed, and how I only talk about me, me, me on my journal, and I'm not being there for her when she's going through the struggle of being laid off. I lose my mind and stop speaking to her (Husband turns out not to have cancer btw).

About a year later I get an email from her confessing that she realizes how insensitive and inappropriate her reaction was, we cautiously take up being friendly with one another again. A few months down the road, her brother-in-law's GF is pregnant and they make a painful decision to give the baby up for adoption for various family reasons.

She posts on her own journal boasting about how she tore the GF several new orifices because her and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for a few months, and the GF was so selfish and self-absorbed that she made these arrangements for her child's adoption without first consulting friend and friend's husband to see if they'd like to adopt the child themselves.

After a few more incidents like this I just kind of realized this woman was not the person I thought she was, and I distanced myself. When she realized what was going on, she lambasted me verbally and disconnected from the friendship. Thank god.

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31. Sweetheart Turned Sour

My ex-girlfriend. We were childhood sweethearts. Dated from 17 to 25. Found out she was cheating on me with her boss, who was more than twice our age. Then proceeded to find out there were many more occurrences and she was a very different person than the person I'd been dating. Shattered.

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32. Just a Couple Bucks

My maid of honor threatened to quit my wedding and alienate me from her friends because I refused to pay $600 to fly her daughter home for the big day. I politely [initially] said no, that wasn't possible. She persisted and listed all her money problems (she and her husband make at least $160 grand a year, have two kids and are JUST FINE) that included paying for the new car they just bought her aforementioned daughter.

I less than politely refused and said I didn't appreciate the guilt trip. She exploded and "couldn't believe I was saying no to her." SCREW THAT nonsense. So much for mature, meaningful relationships. I never knew she was that shallow or manipulative.

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33. Where’s Santa When You Need Him?

Was at my wife's family Christmas gift exchange. My wife is estranged from her direct family, so this was all of the uncles, aunties, and cousins. There were multiple nieces and nephews running around having a good time. We all agreed to a white elephant exchange for the adults so we didn't have to buy a lot of gifts. We did that the night before and did the gifts for the kids in the morning.

Morning rolls around and all the kids are opening gifts...except my son. None of those entitled jerks got him anything. He sat there and watched everyone else open multiple gifts and it broke my heart to see him sitting there with nothing. Screw those people.

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34. Ms. Hogan

A girl I used to date, who is now in a relationship with a mutual friend, gets too drunk. One night she, without warning, kicked her boyfriend in the groin so hard that he doubled over. She then kicked him again in the chest. He ran out the door and back to his place, while she loudly announced to everyone at the party that she didn't give a darn, then left with some friends for a different party.

A few days later I saw her again. She, probably not even remembering what had happened, gave me a hug. Coldest hug I can ever remember.

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35. The Worst Timing

He posted one of those old Facebook memory pictures of me underage drinking from eight years ago, publicly, during my federal background investigation. Then had a conversation in the comments about the drinking. I texted him and told him to take it down. He deleted it and said don't ever ask him for anything ever again. I thank him for removing it and we haven't really spoken since.

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36. Dropped

Was best friends with a guy all throughout middle and high school. We did almost everything together—we were both in theater and speech and debate, had a lot of the same classes, and he lived nearby so I would always give him rides and such. If I had to choose one person to stay in touch with from high school and never talk to anyone else again, it would have been him. That made what was coming next even more painful.

Flash forward to a few weeks into freshman year of college. I notice I am no longer his friend on Facebook, so I text, then FB message, then finally call him and leave him a message demanding to know what the heck was going on. He texted me back saying, "I don't want to be friends anymore." I replied, "I don't understand, but if that is what you want, fine."

Barely spoken to him since. We both go help our high school speech and debate competitions, and don't say more than "Hi" or "Bye." He spread rumors that I was overreacting and that he tried to convince me it was a joke, but I was being a jerk. I lost friends over this. I pretty much don't talk to anyone from high school but three girls who never really interacted with him. It has been two years, and people still bring it up to me and ask me what happened...

Sorry for the long post. Just a couple of days ago I ran into some people from high school and they asked about it. All I want to do it forget, but every time someone brings it up to me, I get upset again.

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37. Joey Fakename

A few years ago I was in the passenger's seat of my friend's car when he hit someone in a crosswalk. He didn't want to stop, but I yelled at him till he eventually pulled over. When we went back to see if the guy was okay, the guy said he thought he should go to a hospital. I took my cell out and called an ambulance while my friend was talking to the guy.

When the guy asked what my friend's name was, he looked at me, looked back at the guy and gave him a false freaking name. Right after I called the ambulance, I also called the authorities. I never spoke to him again after that incident.

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38. Thinking with the Wrong Head

Had a male bestie for more than 10 years. One night, I was upset and crying because I witnessed my friends die at the beach a few weeks earlier. He stays over to comfort me and suggests he sleepover so I wouldn't be alone. He promised he wouldn't do anything. I believed him. So, he held me while I cried myself to sleep. I wake up to him touching me...without my consent, obviously.

I lost my mind. And told him off and kicked him out of my house...he came back a few days later to apologize but I was so disgusted with him I told him to frig off and never talk to me again. I blocked him. I felt so disgusted and betrayed...

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39. Daddy’s Never-Ending Money

A group of friends I had loved to go out to lunch, yoga, bars, etc. Everything they did required spending (their parents') money. I frequently turned down their invitations to go out since my budget could not handle that kind of spending. Plus, I was trying to pay my own way through school.

Well, one day, they sat me down and said that I should stop spending so much money on food and get my parents to pay for things. I was also told to try harder at picking up another job so I could afford their lifestyle. I already had two part-time jobs and went to college full time. They stopped speaking to me not too long after.

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40. Always Keep the Receipts

Best friend in college for about four years. We were roommates. When her fiancé came home from basic, he moved in with us. They had a joint bank account. When I paid my half of the rent, I just made the check out to him (per her request). Yeah...he was cashing my checks and not telling my friend I had paid. This made her more than a little hostile towards me and wouldn't even speak to me.

I had no idea what was going on until I came home to an eviction notice and ALL of my stuff was put into black trash bags and sitting by the door. When I confronted her she accused me of never paying for rent/utilities and mooching off of them. Shut that down really quick with the copies I had of the checks written.

She stood there open-mouthed while I put my stuff in my car. Tried to apologize months later and wanted to be friends again. Told her I forgave her but didn't need "friends" like her in my life and to have a good one.

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41. Gotta Ditch ‘Em All

I loved (still love) playing Pokémon and I had no female friends with the same interest. Found out about this group of guys that played it after school. Got really excited and made plans with them. I waited for hours and they never showed day I overhear my best childhood friend laughing about how annoying I was and that they had to hide from me to play in peace. That really hurt.

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42. Pursuing My Passion, See Ya

He decided he was gonna become a professional twitch streamer. We used to play Dota in a tight-knit group of five friends, then he started his twitch thing. He would then only play with his 6/7 viewers and started playing "Stream friendly" games. I realized he cared more about his lame stream than his friends and bailed.

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43. Trust is Overrated

Talking to my then gf about her cheating on me. Explaining I couldn't ever possibly trust her again, and she replied, "But do you really need to trust me?" Clearly had different ideas on what's required for a healthy relationship. For context: our relationship was six years old. We had been talking about marriage. We owned a dog together.

This was the second instance of cheating. This conversation was what pushed me over the edge into the territory of self-respect. Broke up with her the next day. Much happier since.

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44. Just Sugar Baby Things

Once I had a friend named Ashley; two of my friends dated her. She kept telling her boyfriend at the time (my friend Jon) that she had to go out of town on business trips. He would take her and drop her off and pick her up from the airport like any good man would do for his girl. After months of this routine, another mutual friend of ours joined a website called and was looking for a chick to get with on there—but he couldn't believe who he found on there.

Turned out that Ashley was on the website, the so-called business trips turned out to be trips out of town to sell herself for money and gifts, while dating my friend the whole time! I have never spoken to her after finding this out, it disgusted me and wrecked my good friend for a long time.

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45. A Grim Look into the Future

Years ago had a roommate. We were pretty good friends before rooming. I walk into the living room and he's on the phone. Says, "I miss you man; I love you too," and gets off. Immediately turns to me and says, "Man that guy is such a loser." It was his best childhood friend who was going through a rough time and apparently was kind of mentally impaired.

He called because people tease him at his warehouse job and just wanted someone to talk to.

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46. He Needs Some Karma

A friend of mine was telling me a story and he was laughing so hard as he told it he was almost in tears from laughing. Then, he saw this man walking down the street who had cerebral palsy, so he asked him for a light for his cig. My "buddy" mimicked the poor guy shaking trying to get the lighter out of his pocket and was just laughing and laughing...

He thought it was the funniest, most hilarious thing he ever saw. I never talked to him again. And I hope he gets the same exact thing as the poor man he was laughing at. What an absolute jerk.

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47. Bad Guy, Worse Timing

I was doing online dating which really sucked. But I met a guy who I really liked. I was cautious and tried to be careful and take it slow. We dated for a few months. No whoopy. Lots of making out, but as yet no doing it. I finally felt safe enough to start thinking about doing it with him. He was very good to me and I felt like we could be a good fit—I've never been so wrong.

One day, he asks me to take the afternoon off and meet him for lunch. Fun! I say. So we have a lovely lunch and he asks if I'd like to get a hotel room. I was caught quite off guard by this, but eventually agreed to it. We hope to the room and things progress nicely. He's very sweet, gentle and loving. I felt very happy.

We start doing it and he's on top. He starts talking to me saying how this is going to be the best revenge on his girlfriend. WHAT?? I froze up. I literally froze. I couldn't move or respond or anything. I know I should have just thrown him to the floor, but I was just numb. He finished his business. We got dressed and left. Never spoke to him again.

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48. What…You Don’t Cosby?

I had a friend in college from some classes. Didn't know him too well, but I started dating a new girl and they were friends. So, one night, the three of us went out for drinks with three other girls. The four girls all went to use the restroom together (Women...) and he and I stayed at the table. He broke out a little plastic baggie of pills and dropped one in the drink of one of the girls.

He didn't even bother trying to hide what he was doing from me; he just kind of grinned. When the girls got back, I poured the drink out and loudly announced what he had done. I never saw that guy again.

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49. Lose One, Lose Another Free

Uh, I have a two-for-one deal here: Walking in on my now ex-boyfriend doing it with my ex-best friend in my own room on my birthday party. Here are some FAQs answered: It was my 19th birthday. I did throw the bed out afterward just because it reminded me of it daily. When I walked in, I was shocked, told him that it's over, kicked both of them out into 2°C weather while they were still half-undressed, and then did shots with my other, non-jerk friends.

I don't know what happened to them, but I really don't care. It took some time to trust people again but I'm much better now.

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50. Leaving Without Stutter

I have a severe stutter and it’s always hard for me to make friends because if it. Luckily, I had a really good friend. She never got impatient or mocked me, right? Wrong. I'm normally very quiet and when in a group of people, it’s easy for people to forget I'm there. My friend (we'll call her Julie) had a small get together at her house.

During dinner, conversation was going on and someone asked my opinion on some random topic and I gave it, despite my stutter making it hard for me to say what I wanted. Later in the evening, I was sitting in the living room, sipping my scotch while Julie and some other guests were mingling in the kitchen. That's when I heard it—I could barely contain my tears. Someone casually mentions me in conversation, and Julie said, "Ugh, why did you ask her that question? I can't stand it when she stutters everything. Like, just shut up and let the normal people t-t-t-t-talk."

I sat there and listened to them laugh and make Porky Pig jokes and grew more and more hurt and angry. Someone said something alluding to my stutter meaning I was less intelligent and how Julie was such a good person for tolerating me. I got up, walked into the kitchen and they stood there with a look of horror on their faces.

Julie softly said, "Oh god, I thought you left." I left immediately and haven't spoken to her since.

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51. Last Ride

Last Friday my friend, riding in the passenger seat, wanted me to drop her off at her boyfriend’s so she could live there...while her husband was in the backseat with their child literally crying because he is genuinely scared he will be unable to provide for their baby. Like I had to give him 20 bucks for food because this chick did not care what happened...

The mother did not care as she was heading off to get with her new boyfriend.

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