Freaked Out People Share Their “I’m Outta Here” Moments

August 29, 2019 | Miles Brucker

Freaked Out People Share Their “I’m Outta Here” Moments

The world is full of interesting places, yet not all of them are places where anyone in their right mind would ever want to be! While some places can be fun and exciting, others can be creepy, sketchy, or even downright dangerous. Whether it’s a workplace, a party, an abandoned house, or anything in between, when one finds oneself in that kind of an environment, there is only one sane response—to get the heck out of there as fast as humanly possible. Here are 42 stories of instances that made people say “I’m outta here!”

1. Right Place, Right Time

When I was 16 years old, my girlfriend and I got wasted at a house party. We were sitting on the floor with our backs against the wall, right next to the front door, just watching the other people at the party. Then, all of a sudden, the door flew open and in came a huge stream of cold air and cops. They flew right by us.

We immediately wiggled our way out the door and ran off before any of them noticed us.

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2. Work-Life Balance

The moment my boss told me that family wasn't as important as my job, I walked the heck out of that office and never looked back.

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3. Ready, Aim, Fire!

One time, I went out to a bar to meet a friend of mine. She showed up with another friend—who promptly took her breast out of her shirt in the middle of the public room, and squirted breast milk at me for no apparent reason. I'm a woman, in case you’re wondering. I did not appreciate it and I immediately left. I don’t talk much to that friend anymore…

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4. Not Sticking Around for Round Two

One time, my father was delivering medical supplies to a hospital where he witnessed an employee getting fired on the spot. He continued to watch as the conversation turned into a yelling battle, where the fired employee started getting violent. He ended the yelling match with, "I'll be back in five minutes with a gun, and you better be ready!" 

My dad said he never dropped off supplies and left a place so fast in his entire life!

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5. Are Ya Ready, Kids?

At the 24th birthday party of a friend of mine, he and two of his best buddies were spending the whole time having a heated debate over which Spongebob episode they wanted to watch next. I was bored out of my mind. I quietly snuck out at the first possible opportunity.

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6. They’ve Got It in the Bag

One time, I tried to go out for a drink with some coworkers so we could unwind after a long day at the office. We just went to a quieter little bar and sat around talking. It was actually a lot of fun. It seemed like my kind of night. Then, about two hours into the evening, several little packets of white powder started coming out. 

That was my cue to leave.

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7. The Good Old Hockey Game

I once invited some friends to a Flyers game. I was the designated driver, as I don’t usually drink anyway. Once there, they all proceeded to get completely hammered and act like imbeciles. Then, they started treating me like crap for no reason. They were screaming at me, cursing me out, and calling me names. One even threatened to hit me.

So, I just walked out, left them all in Philly, and drove myself home.

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8. Not What You Had in Mind

Pretty much our entire office went out to get drinks one night, because it was our intern's last day and we wanted to celebrate. One of my coworkers is very attractive, and also has a boyfriend who was out with us. A casual night out with the office crew didn’t take long to turn into a spectacle of everyone getting hammered.

At one point, my drunk self goes up to said attractive coworker just to shoot the bull for a couple of minutes because we are pretty good friends. For some inexplicable reason, with her boyfriend sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME, she immediately starts to grab my arms and attempts to hold my hand as soon as I sit down, holding direct eye contact with me the entire time.

Her boyfriend was a pretty big and mean-looking guy who had just gotten back from active duty in the Marines. I got out of that situation so fast. I just happen to like my face not being punched.

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9. Baby, You Can Roll Out of My Car

A guy who I thought I knew pretty well offered me a ride home from a party one time. I was pretty drunk, but I could still think clearly enough. I kept noticing that he was only going about five miles per hour. It was so so slow. I told him multiple times “Hey, speed up a bit. Why are you going so slow? I’m tired and wanna get home.”

Then he tried to touch my inner thigh a couple of times. I was absolutely not having it. I said, “Hey, don’t you have a girlfriend???” Eventually, when he continued going slow and taking back roads to spend more time in the car, I literally jumped out of his moving car and called one of my friends who lived close by for a ride.

We were going extremely slow, so the jump wasn’t that exciting…

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10. Second Chance Denied

I started working at a new job last November. In April, they suddenly decided to have me split my hours between tasks I was actually hired for, and other stuff that was outside my job description. In June, they cut my hours in half. In July, I was away on my honeymoon when they emailed me to say that I was being laid off.

I was supposed to be back at work on Monday, and they laid me off on Friday evening. So, I got a new job and continued with my life. Then, just today, I had to go back to the old office to return their key and collect my personal items. While I was there, the boss asked if I would still be available for substitute shifts in the future.

Without hesitation, I screamed “NO!!!” and got the hell out of there.

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11. Domestic Violence

I was married for six years. That marriage ended when I got slapped silly dozens of times until my ears were ringing and I was dizzy. I was in a parking lot after a show, surrounded by at least 20 people who thought my suffering was amusing until I started bleeding from the nose and begging a “spectator” to call 9-1-1 while handing them my phone. 

I was still getting slapped about while she held my ripped shirt to get in a proper blow. When everything calmed down enough for me to drive us home, I did so, then slept on the couch and moved out the next day. The reason for our argument was that she wanted to go home "RIGHT NOW!"—though I wasn’t quite ready to drive yet because I was still evaluating my vision.

My glasses got ripped off in the mosh pit and I needed a few minutes to collect myself. I left her that day because it wasn't the first time this had happened and I was certain that, if it happened again, I would not be able to stop myself from hitting her back.

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12. Sometimes, Age Isn’t Just a Number...

I once got invited to a party on PlayStation. I then arrived at the party to find out that everyone else who was there was a kid. I did not stay at this party.

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13. Howdy, Partners!

One time, I was hanging out with a girl who I was in some college classes with. We both had our respective partners along with us. We all got back to her boyfriend’s place and, at one point, he left to go use the bathroom. As soon as he left the room, the girl from my class came up to my seat and started to straddle me right in front of my girlfriend!

We ran the hell out the door before the guy could even flush his toilet!

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14. Shop Around

I worked at a jewelry shop and had to take a day off for my uncle's funeral. My boss called me up that afternoon, fully aware of why I was not in the shop, and accused me of stealing a ring that we had sent out for engraving. It turned out the engraver had just lost it. I left that job for good the minute this issue was sorted out.

That lady was one of the most miserable pieces of human garbage who I ever worked for.

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15. A Cult Following

My first big boy job out of college was in downtown Clearwater, Florida. For those of you who do not know, Clearwater, Florida is the religious headquarters of the infamous and controversial group known as the Church of Scientology. I soon found out that about 99% of my coworkers were somewhere on the "bridge to total freedom," as they would put it.

I should have known better when my second round of the interview was a one-hour IQ test taken at a place called the L. Ron Hubbard Library. The “I’m outta here” moment was when one of the employees started trying to convince me to read Dianetics (the group’s holy book) during every chat, event, or meeting where I ever encountered them.

Nope, nope, and more nope.

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16. Beating the Record

My first job out of college was at a sewer treatment plant. The pay was supposed to be good. It was something like $20 an hour, with good benefits and good hours. Oh, and it was full time of course. I got the offer, accepted it, and showed up to start on my first day. I was immediately told that the local board of government or whatever didn't actually fully approve the funds for a new position yet, so the job had changed a bit.

It had now become part-time, $14 an hour (a 30% decrease in pay just based on hourly wage alone), and the work was less management based and more laborer based now. On the second day, I had to sift through a pile of garbage. I didn't come in for my third day. The worst part is that, on my first day, the other workers had told me about a guy they called “Two Week Jim” who quit after just two weeks.

I lasted only two days. I'm sure they're still talking about me, but screw that place.

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17. Cooking With Gas

I watched from across the street as some lady driving a station wagon at a gas station ran over a pump, destroyed it, and drove away. The gas pump instantly exploded into flames. Everyone began running towards the gas station to try and help. Meanwhile, I was literally the only one in my line of sight actively trying to get away.

Because gas stations do actually explode, and that can be super dangerous. I’m not taking my chances.

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18. Several Decades Too Late for This...

I was out with the guys from my work one time, when they decided that they all wanted to go across town to the local college bar. Their main goal in going there was to try and find some college girls to sleep with. Considering that we were all over 40, I found this creepy as hell—so I left and hit the gym instead.

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19. The Customer Is Always Wrong

A customer once screamed bloody murder at me over the phone and threatened to call the police and sue me because I accidentally wrote her up a receipt for the wrong amount. The clock turned five, so I just hung up on her because it was clocking out time. Somehow, my boss did not complain when I told her about it the next day.

Plus, it was the customer’s fault that the receipt was wrong in the first place!

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20. A Rude Interruption

One evening a few years back, my wife and I were out on our nightly walk around the neighborhood with our dog, when a guy suddenly burst out of his front door, flailing a sword around, and screaming "I'M GONNA KILL YOU, BRO!" We couldn't tell if the threat was directed at us or at someone else, but it was definitely shouted in our general direction.

Yeah, we picked up the pace and called the cops.

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21. More Than He Could Bare

This one is a little risqué. So, a while back when I was just a freshman in college, I was pretty introverted. I was going to a huge school, and I had just broken up with my high school girlfriend. Anyway, most people at the school went to the bars, but I didn't have a fake ID—so I was always desperate for things to do on a Friday night.

One night, this girl sends me a Snapchat from the bar. It was a girl who I had sat across from in one of my high school classes. We didn't ever really talk much, but I had always kind of liked her. The message said that she was having a party at her place that night and asked me if I wanted to come over at around 12:30.

So, I get dressed. I’m ready to go out and head on over. There was loud music playing and I was knocking on the door, without getting an answer. I figured "They probably just can't hear me, or maybe they think I'm the RA." So, I determined that it probably wouldn't be a big deal for me to just open the door and walk in.

I did just that—and was met with this girl, surrounded by four other guys, all naked. I got the heck out of there right away.

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22. Fight for the Right to Party

A girl once asked me to go to a party with her. We walked in and right away saw somebody doing lines of cocaine on the top of a piano. That was my first "something is wrong" moment of the evening. We then walked towards another area of a house where the kegs were. We were chilling in a small hallway and a door suddenly swung open.

A naked girl crawled out, followed by about four or five dudes. Less than five minutes after seeing that, my friend was ready to leave. I've never felt so out of place in my life.

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23. Barnyard Boogie

I once went to an unsupervised high school graduation party just outside city limits. They were having a huge bonfire out in the middle of a field. Dozens upon dozens of teenagers from all walks of life were there. My friend and I had just got there and were socializing in a barn when some girl in tears ran by towards the corner.

Apparently, her ex-boyfriend was brandishing an axe and chasing people around with it, clearly drunk out of his mind. A few seconds later, the guy came barging into the barn and screaming something unintelligible. As soon as we heard that, we got the hell out of that barn and made a mad dash back to our car to get the hell out of there.

We didn't even have time to say hello to the host of the party. I later found out that this guy had apparently still thought that he and his girlfriend were together, even though she had broken up with him several months before and was now dating someone else. I seriously thought that I was going to witness a murder that night.

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24. Not Such a Happy New Year for That Guy

I was once at a pretty wild house party for New Year’s Eve, when it was turning from 2009 to 2010. I got the hell out of there when we heard some loud noises (i.e. a fight) and screaming coming from the kitchen. It turned out that there was a disagreement of some kind over drugs or something, and someone had gotten stabbed.

We got out of the house just ahead of a huge rush of people discovering what had happened and bailing. We ended up just chilling nearby for a bit before heading off to another nearby party.

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25. Standing Up to the Bullies

I'd like to preface this story with the fact that I was mostly a reserved and well-behaved student. Most of the time. I never chatted in class, and I could answer any question that was asked of me. The class was German. The teacher had absolutely zero authority over the room. One kid (a bully) was always pushing her around.

He would get up in the middle of class and walk around or walk out without permission. He would pick his chair up, spin it around to face the students behind him, and sit there bullying them in the middle of the lesson. Our teacher would respond to him by saying, "If you don't stop that, I'm sending you to the principal's office."

Never did she actually follow up on the threat, so he kept doing it. One day, I got sick and tired of this guy's lousy attitude (he bullied me a lot); so the next time she threatened to send him to the principal’s office, I told her to "Just do it, then!" She then spent 10 minutes yelling at me that I was a bad student, said I was always disruptive, and that my grades were bad.

She was wrong on all three claims. I got annoyed, said "Alright, forget this!" and walked straight out of the classroom. Epilogue: I ended up socking that guy in the nose in another class because he kept putting glue in my hair.

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26. How Do You Say “I’m Outta Here” in Other Languages?

One time, I was hanging out with these two dudes who both seemed pretty cool—that is, until they suddenly started talking about how they were trying to learn a foreign language so that they could make racist comments to one another without the people around them understanding. They actually had a few sentences down already, and offered to give me a little demonstration.

Let’s just say I bailed on this get together pretty quickly after hearing that…

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27. Under New Management

Not a massive one as I'm generally quite level headed and slow to anger, but when I was a student, I worked in a restaurant chain in the UK called Harvester. They are basically a glorified McDonald’s with a bar, so really nothing particularly special. Nevertheless, they were hiring and I figured I could work behind the bar for some extra cash.

When I first joined, we had an awesome manager (who was the spitting image of a younger Goldie Hawn) and she was super chill about everything. She was really easy to get along with and everyone loved her. She unfortunately left after a short while, and we got this new manager who basically hid in the back smoking and bossing everyone around 90% of the time.

She was just generally a bit of a pain in the butt. Anyway, we used to book days off ahead of time when we knew we wouldn’t be available to work in this diary in the back room, so that we wouldn’t get scheduled for a shift that we couldn’t make. It was a pretty useful system and had always been a completely successful process until the new manager came along.

I had booked a certain day off for an important family event which I could not miss. I had even mentioned to the new manager at the time that I was booking it off, and she had said "Yeah, ok." Then, lo and behold, when I showed up for work at the beginning of that week, I immediately saw my name penciled in for the very slot that I had specifically requested to have off.

I called the manager out on this and she basically told me that if I didn’t turn up for that shift, I would be fired. So, I just went "Screw that, I quit!" She looked a bit shocked and said that I couldn’t quit until I submitted a formal resignation in writing. So, I walked over to the bathroom, reeled off some toilet paper, wrote the words “I quit” on it, and handed it to her before walking straight out the front door, never to return.

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28. Out of His Range

One time, I was at a shooting range and witnessed an extremely drunk father trying to teach his kids how to shoot. The kids were turning every which way with their rifles in hand, and the situation was getting super dangerous. The father proceeded to shoot the concrete overhang, because he was so completely off balance.

I promptly picked up my gear, had a few choice words with the range master, and left the premises. I’m not fully sure if I was more angry at the dad for being irresponsible or at the range master for not doing his job. Either way, screw that place!

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29. Wanted on the Phone, and in Jail

One time, I was out at a college bar when I saw some people having a shouting argument with one another. One of them stormed outside and said something along the lines of "Call up [so and so] and tell him to come here right away." The first thing I thought was that it sounded like he was gathering a crew to retaliate against the person who he had just been arguing with.

I told my friends we should go to another bar as soon as possible, and we did. About an hour later, the news broke that there had been a shootout right in front of that bar just a few minutes after my friends and I had decided to leave. If I remember correctly, no one actually died in the incident—but it was still scary as hell!

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30. Not as Abandoned as You Thought...

When I was a teenager, there was an abandoned mental hospital at the edge of town that we all used to go and mess around in. It was a well known party spot, but people mostly only hung out on the roof because the inside of the building was always pitch black. So, one day, we braced ourselves with flashlights and finally went exploring through the older parts of the building.

We had done this before, but the place was huge and we hadn’t seen all of it yet. The first red flag that we reached was a room filled entirely with children’s bowling shoes. So creepy. And then, in the shadows of the empty indoor swimming pool, someone had arranged a bunch of garbage to look like a broken human body. We should’ve gotten out of there right then. 

The final straw was finding a room filled with stained mattresses, a crack pipe, and graffiti covering the walls that said “NO NO NO” all over the place. It was starting to feel like the beginning of a bad horror movie. Needless to say, I left and haven’t been back.

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31. Money See, Money Do

I immediately left my job and never looked back as soon as I found out that a person who had just started the job and didn't know anything, who I was teaching the job to for crying out loud, was being paid a lot more than I was. I only made this discovery when a competitor called me up and offered me a better job, while happening to mention what she had thought I was being paid at my current job based on the other person’s salary.

I confirmed that what she had said was true, instantly sent in my resignation to my boss, and accepted the new job offer from the competitor. I am now making way more money than I was before. The old job sucked for many reasons anyway, but finding this out was the last straw. I am glad that I made the discovery and left.

I ended up with a much better deal.

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32. Picture Perfect

When I was about 11 years old, I was very much into photography. I rode my bicycle to a watering hole late one afternoon, planning to photograph the animals that came to drink. I propped my bicycle up against the steps leading to the spot, and lifted my eyes up just as I was about to climb them. I then spotted a leopard walking along the dam wall straight towards me, about 5 meters (16 feet) away from me.

I got such a fright that I jumped on my—very old and rusty—bicycle and tried to cycle away as fast as possible. Unfortunately, I was on sandy soil, and my bicycle chain came loose—so I jumped off the bike and practically carried it as I ran away like a madman.

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33. Leaving in a Flash

When I was 19 years old, I was on spring break with my roommate and there was this really cute guy sitting right across from us. So, I bugged my friend to secretly take a picture of this guy. The flash went off, and the guy immediately looked right over in our direction. I stood up and walked away, pretending that I didn't know my friend.

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34. Raise a Little Hell

I managed a Domino's while in college. I started out as a driver, but my car broke down after about a year on the job. I was a great employee, so they allowed me to work inside the store. Within a month, they were training me as a manager. For those not in the know, going from a driver to an insider involves a massive pay cut.

I was paid $8.00/hour plus tips, which averaged out to between $15-$20/hour. I was paid $8.00 until I had been a manager for 90 days. After that my pay was raised to $8.50/hr. During the time I was working there, I switched majors from Mechanical Engineering to Biochemistry. At all points, I was taking very work intensive classes.

Being an assistant manager at Domino's ended up being a full-time endeavor. As I transitioned into upper division chemistry and biology classes, the combined workload became too much and I had to make a decision. I decided that unless I was offered a raise, I would quit the Domino’s job and live off of loans so I could get out of that college in a reasonable time frame.

At this point in time, I was making $9.75/hr. I didn't want to screw over my employer, so I gave him several months’ notice. We were without a GM at that point in time, which meant that the GM duties had been spread out over the AMs. All I wanted was a small raise. A little show of appreciation. But I had too much pride to beg for one.

I always hit my numbers. Food cost and labor were, with few exceptions, always below target. I navigated projected sales like clockwork. I knew the city map like the back of my hand and sent great doubles and triples. The employees worked hard for me because I treated them well.

I was promoted from within, so I knew I had to go about it delicately.

My methods worked. All I wanted was a little smidgen of some damn appreciation. During the conversation, I was never offered a raise to stay. So I walked. And I wrapped up my degree in about a year and a half after that. During the two years that I worked almost every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, I lost an entire friend group.

Eventually, I stopped getting invites because the answer was always "I can't, I'm working tonight." I couldn't go on trips because I couldn't get the time off. Now, I finally had that option. The real kicker? I left at the same time as ALL of the good drivers. The owner finally realized that he needed stable leadership. He promoted one of the AMs to GM and raised his pay to $17/hr plus benefits shortly after. He raised the pay of all the AMs, too.

I like to think that I helped make that possible.

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35. Keeping the Faith

I got the hell out of my childhood home when my father threatened to disown me over our differences in religious belief. Then my siblings defended him. I haven't talked to my family in a few years now…

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36. Snakes and Ladders

I was playing Xbox one time when, all of a sudden, a snake slithered out from underneath the TV stand. I immediately dropped my things and ran out of the house. Almost died from the panic. I went back after like 30 minutes and pulled the place apart. I never saw the animal again. I still sleep with the lights on to this day as a result…

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37. Light My Fire

Walking home from night shift one time, I gave some guy a lighter and he invited me inside for a party. There was just sooo much heroin use in there. So, I had a beer out of politeness and then promptly got the heck out before I got stabbed or something.

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38. A Bronx Tale

I was once working late to finish up a job in a really bad part of the Bronx, when an armed police officer rolled into the site and asked "Have you seen any suspicious men walking around?" After I replied no, he said, "If you do, do not approach them. They are armed and dangerous." I left work early that night…

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39. Fostering Some Bad Vibes

A good friend of mine in middle school was a foster kid. His foster parents were…not very good. To him or to each other They were both raging alcoholics with foul tempers and a closet full of loaded guns. The mom once pulled a rifle out of the closet during an argument while I was over. My buddy and I immediately dipped.

He went back later to try and get some clothes from his room, only to find the house on fire and surrounded by emergency vehicles. His mom had doused the couch in cooking oil and lit it up—you know, to scare her husband. Like a normal person. My friend lived with me for a solid two years after that incident and now works at a major tech company.

He makes more money in a month than I do in six.

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40. When Leaving Was a Piece of Cake

When I was a senior in high school, I became friends with a classmate who later invited me over to her house for her birthday party. I knew that she lived in one of the "rougher" parts of town, which I didn’t see as an issue. So I showed up at her house and met her mom, who I’m guessing was about 450 lbs. and maybe five feet tall.

The house was totally trashed and smelled dirty. My friend didn't say anything about the state of the house or anything, so I just rolled with it. Anyway, there were probably about 10 of us at the party, and eventually, the time came for the cake to be cut. We all crowded into the dining room and waited for her mom to bring the cake out.

All of a sudden, we heard her mom yelling in the kitchen. The birthday girl and a couple of us ran into the kitchen, where the mom proceeded to tell us that a rat—or possibly a group of rats—had gotten onto the cake that was on the table. What she said next was what scared me off—“Oh well, I guess we can just cut around that part.”

Hell no. I got the hell out of there. Well, me and a few others to be precise.

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41. Mall Cops

I used to work security at an outdoor mall. It had an old abandoned tire shop on the property that we would check out every now and then. One night, the door was left open. So, I called my fellow supervisor to come and check it out with me. I had never been in there before, so I was kind of excited to see what it was like.

The top floor was just your standard auto shop. It was huge though. It was dark, but not dark enough to not be able to see thanks to the dim light coming in from the lamps outside. We did a walk through and checked some of the offices, but found nothing except a few old beer bottles and trash. We opened up one of the doors and found that it led downstairs.

I asked him if he wanted to check it out. He said sure. I yelled down the stairs just to see if we could startle someone down there, and we heard nothing. So, we headed down. It was pitch black down here. The darkness absorbed the light. The basement was just as huge as the upstairs. The smell of dust lingered everywhere.

Unlike upstairs, this was just one large rectangle, no offices or other rooms. There was one large machine in the middle. It was a conveyor belt that likely used to move tires from the basement to the upper floor. We started walking around the basement. We then heard some noises which we assumed were rats or mice running around. We checked all the corners, and behind some leftover cabinets, and behind the conveyor belt.

All we found was a few more beer bottles and, if I remember correctly, some needles. We had no idea who or what had made the sounds. We decided that we had better leave right away—but we couldn’t find the stairs. We lost track of time and didn’t know how long we had been down there for, or what direction we had come from.

Our radios didn't work. Our cell phones weren’t getting signals. My co-worker started to panic. He then started hyperventilating. I knew that nothing I could say would calm him down. I took a few deep breaths and began looking for the door again, until I eventually found it. Turns out it was right in front of us all along!

I grabbed my co-worker and shoved him into the doorway for the stairs. He bolted out like a madman, and I followed him right out of there. We got back to our vehicles and I did a quick radio check to confirm that it was working. I then go to check my phone and the clock on it says that we’ve only been gone for five minutes.

My coworker finally got ahold of himself being back outside, and we both agreed that the tire shop would be off limits for everyone from that point on. We also both agreed that the time didn’t add up at all. The mall was demolished just a couple of years later, so we never got an answer to any of our questions about that strange night.

We’re both just glad we managed to find the stairs and get the hell out of there before anything went seriously wrong.

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42. Sounds Like Someone Is Getting Chirped

I was doing a home cable installation at this one particular customer’s house, and he had a creepy basement that I needed to go into to complete the job. I absolutely had to go down there, or I would have had to rewire the entire house on the outside, which would look really trashy, and the customer definitely didn’t want it.

Anyway, it didn’t take me long to realize that this basement was completely infested with literally thousands and thousands of crickets, but they were like cave crickets or spider crickets or something else. Each one was extremely terrifying and I had never—and still haven’t ever again since—seen anything like them again.

I didn’t even know they were crickets at first. They were jumping and flying everywhere. They lined the walls and the ceilings and the floor; and I had to get through three entire rooms of them, as well as make three separate trips and then spend about five minutes trying to work on the wiring next to a noisy hive of some kind.

The basement also had no lights whatsoever, so all I had to see with was whatever little flashlight I had been carrying with me. The first moment that I opened the door down there and saw them all, I instantly said “Screw this!” and ran back upstairs. Unfortunately, though, I still had to finish the job. So, I came back a few minutes later with about four entire cans of hornet spray.

I emptied them. It barely phased the crickets. I hated that place.

I’m Outta Here FactsWikipedia

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