School’s Out Forever: These Are The Wildest Ways Teachers Got Fired

January 9, 2021 | J. Hunter

School’s Out Forever: These Are The Wildest Ways Teachers Got Fired

Teachers take on a lot of work educating the minds of the future. They prep engaging lessons, mark papers, and manage groups of students. When it’s 30 kids against one instructor, that can seem intimidating, but teachers still manage! Well, some teachers. As these stories prove, some teachers are more Miss Bulstrode than Miss Honey.

And for the bottom of the barrel, sosmetimes a school board has no option but to kick an instructor to the curb. Get ready for all kinds of weirdness: These are the wildest reasons that teachers got fired.

1. All Together Now

During the early 80s, I went to high school in a little Appalachian town that was 35 miles from the closest traffic light. We had a machine shop teacher who was caught making silencers for the friggin' mafia. This guy would have his students use lathes and milling machines to work on “class projects” when they were actually making the silencers. Insane.

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2. Another One For Me

In history class, we had a lot of random documentary and movie days while the teacher drank her tea in the back of the room. Once, there was a day she didn’t get up after the movie ended. She just sat there not moving with her eyes were closed. That's when we learned that she wasn't actually drinking "tea." An administrator came down and found her passed out; when they looked in her desk, it was jam-packed with bottles of booze. She got fired pretty fast after that.

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3. Extra Spicy Take

One day, our AP calculus teacher in high school had a mental breakdown. He ranted for an entire class period about some kind of nonsense and then drank an entire bottle of salsa! After he finished, he stormed out and just never came back.

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4. Do What You Love

My teacher was fired for being a chronic liar. Her most insane lie? That she was even qualified to teach us. She didn't have the right degree! Other stuff she lied about included her romantic relationship with Brad Pitt, her alleged gang connections, and even the fact that she was supposedly a multimillionaire. Despite her “millions,” she was still a teacher because she "enjoyed it." That lady needed help.

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5. Wide Spread

Someone found an old YouTube video of our high school art teacher painting with his butt cheeks. It didn’t take long for the video to spread all over the school. I mean, it was hilarious. But when the administration found out about the clip, they were ticked. The students held a protest to try to keep the teacher around. Unfortunately, they fired him anyways.

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6. Every Man For Himself

My teacher planned a canoeing day for gym class. He brought fifteen freshmen into the water channel that was by our school…without checking the weather. While on the water, everything went wrong. A severe thunderstorm hit, but instead of helping us, our teacher paddled to safety, leaving us teens in the water. We had to tie our canoes together and row back to school.

When we got to shore, our teacher was just standing on the dock without a care in the world. When the school found out what happened (AKA that our teacher nearly killed us because he was completely incompetent), he was fired two days later.

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7. No Rhyme Or Reason

My middle school history teacher used to invite me and some of my friends, all of us girls, into his room before class started. Since our only other option was to stay in the incredibly cramped hallway, we welcomed the invitation, especially when he let us play with the Cleverbot on his desktop. It was a nice gesture, but there was a catch.

He was pretty strange and only wore velvet suits with pocket squares. Sometimes, he would even randomly start crying in the middle of class. But that wasn’t even the weirdest thing he did. He made us listen to his love poetry that was supposedly dedicated to his late wife. We learned later that his wife had never even existed, which meant that the poems were probably for us 12-year-old girls.

The worst part of it all was that he had a favorite, my friend Ruth. She looked notably younger than average, and he would always tell her to write notes on the blackboard. While she did, he would stare at her the entire time. The rest of us knew Ruth was his favorite, but we didn’t think it was that strange back then.

Then one day, Ruth had gotten to school earlier than the rest of us. She went into our history teacher’s classroom, and I guess that he tried something; Luckily, I don’t think it got very far. He was put on leave, but then they brought him back a year later. Gross.

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8. The Old Tattled Tale

One teacher thought it would be fun to show the seventh-grade class videos of people explaining history while drinking. The goodie two shoes of the class went back home and told her mom about it. Then her mom called the school to complain about the “inappropriate teaching methods.” He was fired by the end of that week.

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9. You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

Back when I was in high school, our history teacher looked like Santa Claus and was pretty chill. He made jokes during class and kept it entertaining while still making lessons very informative for us. There was a time when a grade 9 kid was being loud and obnoxious in the hallway, and the teacher went out to ask him to stop. The kid didn’t listen.

So, the teacher stepped out of class to ask him nicely to stop talking so loudly in the hallway as it was disrupting his class. Now, I’m not exactly sure what the kid said to him, but whatever went down, my teacher absolutely lost his mind. He held the kid up against the locker and punched him in the eye. The kid ended up getting a broken nose and a black eye. My teacher was fired soon after.

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10. Messy Lunch Break

One day, during a busy lunch period, a teacher went over to another teacher (who was his wife) and just started to scream at her. We later learned that he had caught her getting it on with the janitor…during school hours.

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11. A Learning Process

We had a new grade 9 English teacher who liked three things: Jesus, medicating her autistic son, and Anne Rice. She was weird—but one day she went too far. During class, a couple students brought up another student who attempted to take their own life. The teacher responded by getting up and explaining how to properly cut your wrists to the whole class. WHY??

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12. Playing The Cards Right

When I was in third grade, Pokemon cards were all the rage. During recess, my teacher would confiscate cards from students. And then in class, she said we could buy them from her for a quarter each; we just couldn’t have them out during school hours. Somehow, the principal found out about her side hustle and fired her.

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13. Bad Press

One of the teachers from my school was involved in a brutal crime. She was the victim’s best friend and one of the last people to be seen with her. The media caught wind that she was a teacher and showed up at my school to try to get a comment from her. As you can imagine, it became a huge distraction for the students.

Eventually, it was such a huge scandal that the school had to let her go. It was sad because not only did this poor woman lose her best friend and become pretty infamous in my state, she then had to go and lose her job because of something completely out of her control. I still feel bad for her and I hope she's doing okay now.

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14. Sounds About Right

While I was in school, I was a pretty good student who got mostly A’s and B’s. But even though I went for tutoring after class, I was almost failing in my Spanish class. My classmates and I were talking, and we realized that most of us were performing way below average. I told my mom that, and she called the principal.

So, the next week in class, he came unannounced to just sit and observe her. He did this a few times. Then in the new school year, she was no longer a teacher but had another position in the school district. What we didn’t know was that our principal was fluent in Spanish and clearly realized that the teacher had absolutely no idea what she was doing.

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15.  All Chewed Up

We were taking a geometry test when the teacher caught someone cheating. He went up to the student’s desk and picked up her test. We thought he was going to rip it or something. Nope. He went to the next level. To the class’s bewilderment, he took a bite out of the paper right in front of her. It was one of the strangest experiences of high school and weirdest reason why a teacher had to be fired.

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16. Boom, There It Is

When I was in my freshman year in high school, we had regular threats that the school would be blown up. So, the school would have to evacuate for officers and dogs to check the building once a month. They finally found out that one of our long-term substitute teachers was behind it all. We all watched when officers took her from the school. It was nuts.

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17. Tragic Fall

There was a teacher from my high school who found a student’s notebook. When he opened it to see whose it was, he made a chilling discovery. He found a draft of a "goodbye" note in preparation for taking her own life. The teacher had been around for years and was tenured, so he tried to confront the student to get help. He tried to convince her to go to therapy, which she did want to try.

But she was a junior with parents who didn’t believe in mental illness. So, the teacher made the hard decision to give her his cell phone number so she could call him when things were hard and he’d be there to listen to her. However, her parents found out and told the teacher to cease communication with their daughter.

They said that if he didn’t stop, they would escalate the issue to his superiors. The teacher tried to explain to them that they needed to listen to their daughter, but they shut him down claiming it’s, “just how teens are” and “she won’t do anything.” They refused to get her some help. Well, the girl called him again.

The teacher had to talk her out of jumping off a cliff. When her parents found out, they went to the school. He was fired for having an “unprofessional relationship” with a female student. Without any of the details about what happened, the community shunned and vilified him because everyone had just assumed the worst.

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18. Location, Location, Location

I went to a Catholic high school where two teachers fell in love. They moved in together first and then later got married. But when they started living in the same house, the school board saw it fit to fire just the female teacher for “living in sin.”

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19. It Was A Hit

One Friday night, my gym teacher was brought in for purposely throwing a glass bottle out of his car window and onto the hood of an off-duty sheriff’s marked car. The bottle smashed, and my teacher got out of the car to fight the officer. He was not successful and was promptly subdued and tazed. We never saw him again.

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20. A Hairy Odd Collection

One of my school's most beloved teachers had a creepy secret. He had a bag of female student’s hair in his desk. I still don’t know what to make of it because I was around him a lot being in sports. I had never seen him being inappropriate, and many of my friends and classmates had only positive things to say about him.

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21. Playing A Strange Tune

My French teacher was a bit of a kook. So much so that when officers knocked on his door, he answered it obviously intoxicated. He wasn’t wearing a thing and had a plastic trumpet. He proclaimed that he was Jesus then somehow got away. He ran through his neighborhood while pretending to play the trumpet and be a deity.

Finally, officers were able to tackle him down and pepper sprayed him. He shouted out, “Jesus is blind!” right before officers cuffed him and brought him to the station.

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22. No Pleasantry

A teacher from my elementary school was known for paddling kids for smiling in class. He had to “retire” after throwing something at a student. He said that the student had provoked him, but the other students contradicted him and even reported that he had a bottle of Jack in his desk. A search proved that this was true.

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23. One Way To Look At Things

We had a long-term substitute for geometry class while our teacher was on maternity leave. To put it bluntly, the sub was not great in his teaching abilities nor being a person. At the end of the year, the class was watching a movie while the teacher was on his laptop. One girl went to the washroom and never came back.

Barely anyone in class, including the teacher, noticed her gone. When class was over, the girl returned with the principal. We were all wondering what was going on, but the principal made us leave so he could talk to the teacher in private. Later, the whole messed up story came out. It turns out that the girl had seen the teacher watching adult content on his phone with his hand in his pocket.

The principal fired him right away, and he was blacklisted from all the schools in the district.

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24. Big People Talk

One of my teachers got angry, swore at my classmate, and got fired. It doesn’t seem like the biggest deal or even a good reason to get let go (we all have bad days and lose our cool)--until you realize that this particular teacher was assigned to help a special-needs student...and we were in the first grade at the time.

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25. The Punisher

Just before Christmas while I was a sophomore, my chemistry teacher was reprimanded for inappropriate conduct toward a female student. After he was dismissed, he went home, armed himself, drove back to the school, and pulled the trigger at every person who was in that meeting with him. The superintendent did not survive.

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26. Get A Grip

There was an amazing teacher who we all loved because of the way he taught and how he interacted with everyone. The story goes that one of his classes was getting out of hand, which frustrated him. A student got up to ask him a question, and he saw red. He grabbed her ponytail and dragged her to her desk. He was gone the next day.

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27. In Too Deep

My high school history teacher was a Vietnam veteran who shared impactful insights on world politics and who they affect. He would go over to the window where there was a big poster of the locals who had served, point to three names, and say, “these guys never made it back…my friends.” His emotional scars were obvious.

There was shocking news that he was fired a few years after I graduated. Everyone wanted to know what happened since he had always been such a good teacher. The students in the class said that one punk student disrespected him. The teacher snapped and had him by the neck against the wall. It was quick, but it happened.

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28. Sudden Life Changes

There was a teacher at my high school who just didn’t show up one day. He was relatively young and healthy, so no one thought it was for health reasons. But for a little while, people were worried something had happened to him. Then we learned that he had left his wife and children to run away with one of his students.

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29. Share Your Feelings

My friend’s students were telling her about how the principal and another teacher really creeped everyone out. That night, she wrote a post about it on a private Facebook page. She didn’t name the school or anyone involved. Unfortunately, a friend of her friend saw it, printed it out, and sent it to the school superintendent. She was then fired.

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30. Don’t Hit That

Once after rehearsal, Mr. R caught me making out with my boyfriend and spread a rumor that we were actually hooking up. It put me in a mental downward spiral for the rest of the year since no one would call my mom to say that they lied. Mr. R was the young percussion tech who worked with our marching band. Students were really close to him.

Every year, he was allowed to have two female alumni to work for him as his assistants. The nasty truth came out two years after I graduated that he developed a relationship with one of his assistants while she was still a minor. Before he could get fired, he quit. I was so mad that he would have a minor girlfriend but yelled at me for kissing my age-appropriate boyfriend!

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31. A Shakespearean Tragedy

One of my high school teachers was going through a divorce. He wanted to get his wife back, so he came up with a plan to hire a couple of my classmates. He wanted them to break into his house to kidnap his wife. His plan was to rescue her and win her back. Well, it didn’t work out that way, and he was then later fired.

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32. The A-List

One day, a teacher at my school handed out a list of themes for his students to choose for their presentations. We heard later that the teacher had been drinking with his friends the night before, and the list was actually made up of adult stars. He’d apparently forgotten and passed it to a class full of 13-year-olds. We didn’t see him after that.

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33. Absolute Power

While I was in grade 11, my favorite English teacher rightfully called the superintendent of our school district a dictator to her class. Even though everyone agreed with her, small town gossip quickly got out to him. He proved her right and fired her. I was disappointed since I was looking forward to having her as my teacher in my senior year.

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34. Smarter Than That

We had a science teacher who was hilariously incompetent. And then she almost blew up the school when she forgot to turn off the gas in one of the labs. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. When administration confronted her about it, she claimed discrimination and resentment against her because she had a PhD.

The thing was every teacher at the school had at least their master’s degrees, and half had their doctorates too. So, the school lawyered up and threw the book at her after covering every possible contingency. It took a couple of months to get rid of her, and her classes learned absolutely nothing that entire semester.

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35. Naughty Or Nice

The computer teacher from my school ran an online blog. What about? In-depth analyses of each dirty video he watched – about 10-20 a DAY. These blogs were extremely thorough and went at length with plot analyses, character development, and believability. Then one student searched the teacher’s name online and found it.

Within a week, the teacher was fired from the school. Within two months, his wife divorced him. His last blog post was about him giving up his analysis venture. His reason was not because of his job loss or his divorce, but because the plot lines had started to blur together and made him lose interest.

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36. Casino Denying It

My calculus teacher was this young guy who was pretty cool and joked around with students. The weekend before our mid-term, he went on a Vegas trip with “his boys.” Then Monday morning, he didn’t show up to class. We waited for half an hour before the assistant principal came to tell us that our teacher had resigned to change careers and become…a professional gambler.

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37. Out With A Bang

My high school principal always hated my physics teacher but never had reason to fire him. That was until one day, my teacher performed an explosion as a part our of speed of sound lesson. He took all of the proper precautions; we were a mile from school, and he made sure we stood a safe distance away while we watched.

He also called the fire department to let them know his plans. Except word never got to the fire marshal. And when the marshal stepped outside that day, he was surprised with a loud boom coming from the high school. Then he saw the big gray cloud in the air. He immediately called the principal who jumped at the chance to fire my teacher.

He was allowed to stay for the rest of the year, and since he wasn’t coming back, he threw the rules out the window. And then his classes became even more exciting.

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38. Hole In One

My best friend and I were changing for gym class and noticed a hole in the wall. My friend swore something had moved behind it. We pretended that we hadn’t seen anything and came up with a plan to catch whoever it was. My friend found a stick and hid under the hole while I waited for some movement to give her a signal.

Something moved, and she jabbed the stick through the hole. We heard a gasp and a loud scream. We found out that a male teacher had made a hole in the boiler room to see into the female change room. The school taught students aged 12-18 years old, and he had been watching them get changed for weeks. He was subsequently fired but escaped to England.

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39. Forgetting To Unplug

The tech teacher lost his job when he synced his phone to the school computers not knowing everyone could see his inappropriate texts. The steamy texts were sent to another teacher in the school who was married. Obviously, the students saved the messages right away to mass text them to all of the classes in the school.

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40. Best That Money Can Buy

My high school chemistry teacher was teaching us particularly difficult concepts but would always offer extra help after class if we needed it. Most of my classmates never bothered to go. So, when we got our first chemistry exam back, the class average was low. While some of us took advantage of getting extra help, others just blamed the teacher.

A lot of my classmates were just used to always getting higher grades and told their parents about it. This was a pretty nice private school, so they went to the school board to complain. To appease these wealthy families, they agreed to fire my teacher just for giving their kids the grades that they actually deserved.

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41. Exiting Party

The girls’ basketball team had just won a big game, so the special aid assistant from our school threw them a huge kegger at her house. Even though she wasn’t technically a teacher, she was fired for having the party. The next day at school was really, really awkward for everyone.

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42. Acting Like A Teenager

We had a teacher in high school who was young and handsome, which of course meant that all of the girls were always fawning over him. Well, he didn't look cute for long. It came out that he was having an affair with his fresh-out-of-high-school student. But he didn’t get fired for that. He was fired for throwing a desk at a student who had made a snarky joke he didn’t appreciate.

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43. Breaking A Pair

My history teacher was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He was really laid back and allowed cheeky responses from us but would never let it get too far. As a jokester, he would tease us, but it was all in good fun. He used to call me slick because of how I gelled my hair. If you didn’t feel comfortable with something he said, you could always let him know, and he’d stop.

Then one day, he called a kid Harry Potter. The kid did not appreciate that at all. After class, he took off his glasses and snapped them in half as easily as you would a twig. He then threw the pieces in the garbage. When he got home, he cried to his mom who called the principal. The kid was permanently moved from the class, and my teacher was fired.

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44. Sit Still

There was a teacher who taped a girl to her chair while the rest of the students watch. When it was time for a break, the teacher left her sitting there. Why? The student was being too loud. She was seven years old.

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45. Take Me Out Of The Ball Game

Our school’s baseball team had won a state title the year before. The coach was under pressure to keep that title and trained his best players. It made sense, but the principal’s son was on the team and not as talented as his teammates. So, the coach limited his playing time. The principal wasn’t happy with that decision and went to confront him.

He said that he would fire him if he didn’t play his son more. The coach was having none of his threats and basically told him to get out of his face. The best part was that the superintendent’s son was on the team too. That meant the superintendent was right there and could hear the principal threatening the coach. The principal lost his job within the hour.

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46. Hot Take Off

Our Spanish teacher had immigrated from Peru just to work in our school. Except nobody ever respected her--they didn’t listen and treated class as a free period. It got so bad that the other teachers started to complain about how unruly her classes were. Then one day, the principal was walking by her class and saw students throwing paper airplanes…that were on fire! Our teacher was fired immediately, lost her work visa, and was deported back to Peru.

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47. Sucky Situation

When I was a student teacher, the class was watching a movie and a racy scene came on. There was just a bit of making out and the man kissed the woman’s chest. A kid made a comment, to which the young male teacher responded, “sometimes you just gotta suck on some big ones.” Most of the class thought that was hilarious.

But there were some students who felt his comment was inappropriate and told their parents when they went home. He was fired that week.

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48. Official Business

My high school would get extra funds from the federal government based on how well the students did on standardized tests. Then one year, the most unsuspecting, innocent-looking teacher was caught giving out the answers to boost the school’s results. It was pretty cool seeing real FBI agents come to investigate while we had our classes.

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49. Star Hazing

I went to a very small private college. There was an all-school message board where staff and students could discuss various topics. There was once an argument on the forum between my astronomy professor and a few students. It got pretty ugly. Everyone could see the professor was being a total jerk calling them morons.

He was fired less than halfway through the semester with no one to replace him. We spent the rest of our classes just watching movies, and we all completed the class with an A.

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50. Never The Same

My English teacher came back from medical leave a completely different person. She started drinking in class, dressed strangely, hung her all of her posters upside down, and only ate her lunch off her desk. It was so bizarre and for us to watch. I’m sure the school realized she wasn’t all there and let her go. She had been such a great teacher.

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51. Shut Your Trap

One day, officers came and took one of my teachers and the teacher’s assistant away. They had to do it because the teacher’s assistant was duct taping students to the wall over their mouths when they thought the student was talking too much during class.

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52. Feeling The Heat

Some girls at the school would light one up to pass around and hide in the washroom. One really creepy teacher caught them and tried taking the girl’s pack. But she was quick to put it down her shirt. Instead of giving up, he did something so over-the-line that he basically forced the school to fire him. This guy put his hand down her bra to get it back. Yeah, he wasn't at our school for long after that.

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53. Who Called?

During class in the sixth grade, my teacher’s cell phone rang. She stopped the lesson to answer it without trying to be discreet in any way. Rather, she shouted at whoever was at the other end and hung up. Then suddenly, she spat out her gum and stuck it on top of her head. That was when she grabbed a pair of scissors.

All of us were terrified and had no idea what she was going to do. She raised the scissors and then chopped off her waist length hair before running out of the classroom never to be seen again.

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54. Under Close Observation

In my elementary school, one of our fifth grade teachers held a lot of parties at his house. Well, it turned out that he had set up hidden cameras in his bathrooms to record students and their parents. He didn’t get caught until I was in middle school. It came as a shock to everyone.

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55. Feel My Wrath

I went to a school that only held Bible class for funding from the Episcopalian dioceses; everyone knew that the class was an easy A. One year, they apparently hired a Bible teacher who was more devout a Catholic than the school administration anticipated. A student confronted him when the whole classed failed an exam.

He called the teacher immature and an idiot, which must have struck a nerve because he stooped even lower. He began cussing out the class saying they had issues, were immature lunatics, and had no respect for God. The school let him to stay the rest of the school year since it was almost over, but he ended up quitting.

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56. Not A Good Sign

A student wore a Band-Aid on his middle finger and was eating candy from a bag. He kept his finger up when he’d get a piece of candy with his thumb and index. The teacher assumed he was flipping him off again and again and got angry. He started to yell, grabbed a chair, and then threw it across the room at the student.

There was just one problem: He missed and the chair hit another student. He was gone the next day. The rumor was that he had to be admitted to a psychiatric ward for burn out.

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57. Crossing Over

We had a very attractive high school teacher who was 24. She took advantage of a student and seduced him. He bragged to his friends about it, but none of them believed him. So, he had them watch from outside his bedroom window while she was over. His friends were really freaked out, and they all stopped talking to him.

Being isolated from his friends sent him into a deep depression, which led him to take his own life. The school fired the teacher after finding out, and she had to go to court. The prosecutor couldn’t prove the inappropriate relationship beyond a reasonable doubt despite the many eye witnesses, and she was found innocent.

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58. Inside Job

The principal of my middle school had expelled two students for dealing drugs. A thorough investigation uncovered that the students received their stash from the principal. When the detectives came to the school to apprehend him, they found him in his office watching inappropriate content online and wearing no clothes!

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59. Fresh Off The Press

I taught 6th grade English one year at a religious private school. Over the summer, a friend working for a free paper asked me to write an article. I was so excited about getting to write that I wasn’t as cautious as I should’ve been. The article was a little racy and, although it contained no curse words, a bit crude.

They wouldn’t publish it without my name. So, the parents read it and flipped out. There was a big meeting about me where about half the parents didn’t care and said I was a great teacher. But the other parents thought it was beyond the pale. I thought even the administration was a bit too eager to clutch their pearls.

I was offered the chance to quit, but getting fired meant I got paid a little longer, so I told them to fire me. I was a good teacher. I had my kids running circles around the other English teacher’s honors classes. Losing that job really messed me up for a long time.

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60. All Kinds Of Ways To Cheat

A substitute teacher at my high school was also a mom to one of the students. A scandal happened when the teacher took advantage and seduced her daughter’s boyfriend who was also in a student. According to their texts and emails, this all took place at the school. I had known the boyfriend since the third grade. Weird.

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61. Detailed Instructions

My high school had a chemistry teacher who went a bit Walter White and shared the recipe to make the drug from the show. Basically, he told them that all the necessary ingredients were in the lab closet and exactly the right order to combine them. Then one student of his was caught cooking and sold him out immediately.

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62. A Sad, Sad Situation

There was a PE teacher at my school who was going through problems with her marriage and took to drinking. After she threw up in the washroom from drinking too much on the job, the school fired her. She choked on her own vomit later that year. When people in my class found out, they cruelly made jokes about her online.

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63. Preach, Sis

There was this awesome progressive nun who taught religion at my small Catholic high school. She was really chill and even swore occasionally. Overall, she was a great person who was always there to talk about anything. But she had a huge deal with the school’s mascot being Crusaders and went out of her way to explain why it was so horrible.

She constantly complained to us students that the Crusaders committed heinous acts in the name of God. We didn’t really care either way, but our parents and the faculty cared. A lot. Eventually, the school couldn’t ignore pressure from the football team and alumni parents and had to fire her.

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64. Rubbed The Wrong Way

It wouldn’t be that shocking to many that my middle school gym teacher was caught playing with himself. But here's where things get crazy: the school didn’t fire him until the fourth time it happened.

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65. Heavy Hitter

I went to a high school in a small town where the history teacher also coached the girl’s softball team. He had this weird habit of adjusting a girl’s hoodie from behind her. The temperature in his class was always 62 degrees so everyone had to wear their jackets. Well, it came out that he was a real big gross pervert.

He had convinced basically all of the softball team to sleep with him and gave them better grades if they did. He was taken in and actually contacted one girl while on bail. He’s still in prison somewhere, but more victims came out. The numbers reached high double digits. He’d done all this while married with children.

Teacher firedPixabay

66. Using Your Hands

There was one time in sixth grade art class when all the students were being loud and disruptive. We weren’t listening to the teacher who was trying to dismiss us. She tried yelling, but it didn’t work. It just so happened that the loudest kid was right next to her, and, in frustration, she slapped him across the face.

The class fell silent immediately. She realized what she had done right away and tried apologizing, but nothing could help her. We didn’t see her after that day ever again.

Teacher firedShutterstock

67. Like What You See?

A teacher at my school worked out in the school weight room at the same time as when the football team did their lifting. She always wore really short shorts on purpose. This helped her seduce the boys on the team, and she even sent them inappropriate photos of herself. Her husband, also a teacher at the school, had a presentation about loyalty the day after she was caught.

Teacher firedPixabay

68. Time’s Up

My mom had a PE teacher in the 80s who didn’t want to come into work. So, he decided to call in a threat that there was going to be an explosion at the school. In reality, he had been drinking the night before but must have used that excuse too many times. His next best idea was the fake explosion. Well, officers discovered he was the caller, and the school fired him.

Teacher firedPexels

69. On The Razor Sharp Edge

My high school shop teacher walked into a staff meeting with a big kitchen knife in his front pocket. The superintendent was there, and others were shocked that my teacher would bring such a thing. He was seconds away from getting fired before he pulled out an orange from his other pocket and used the knife to peel it.

Teacher firedUnsplash

70. Pretty Sweet Deal

We used to have an “a la carte” lunch line along with the regular lunch line in high school. The a la carte lunch line was very different; it served juicy chicken tenders, crispy curly fries, and pizza. The line was so long that it went out of the lunch room. I used to count down the minutes so I could speed walk and get there before the hordes of other kids.

Every day, I ordered a four piece tenders meal with fries, Gatorade, and a honey mustard sauce. It cost a whopping $5.50 according to the lunch lady who’d say in an indistinguishable southern accent, “thank you, sugar. Enjoy now.” She always worked the a la carte line; it was strange if I didn’t see her there at lunch.

But near the end of the year, the lunch lady wasn’t there anymore. There was a new one. I thought that she was probably just sick, but she never came back. When I was walking to my bus one day, I passed some of the teachers and overheard their conversation. Their words blew my mind. They said that a lunch lady was taken in for embezzling money.

I told my parents about what I heard when I got home. Then when we watched the news, her photo popped up! She’d worked for the school for 15 years and went home with at least $500 a day. Investigators believed that over her time there, she got away with over a million dollars. She wasn’t caught for so long because there were no records of any transactions; the a la carte line was cash only.

Teacher firedPixinio

71. Sweet N Low Is Me

Whenever a student’s parents would buy a birthday cake or any kind of treat to share with the class, my teacher would bring all of it home. We never got any. She said she was a poor single mother who lived in a trailer with her 3-year-old son who had terminal cancer. The treats were to make his life a little better since she couldn’t afford his treatment.

It was all a big fat lie. She wasn’t poor, and her son wasn’t sick. They were actually living in a really nice house with her husband who was a doctor.

teacher firedUnsplash

72. Feel The Love

There was a student in my middle school who was born with a heart defect. She was really quiet and smart but wasn’t allowed to do anything because of her pacemaker. Her dad donated generously to the school and had a good relationship with the principal. Once in a debate club meeting, the teacher saw that she had bruises and pulled her aside.

She admitted to him that her dad was hurting her at home. He told the principal who didn’t do anything about it. So, the teacher said if the school wouldn’t do anything about it, he would. Later, the student told him that her father had hurt her badly the night before. The teacher waited outside for her dad to pick her up.

In front of the debate team, the teacher told her dad to get out of the car and just absolutely wrecked him. Immediately after, he phoned for emergency services. I’m not sure what happened after, but apparently the teacher was completely calm when officers put him in their car.

Teacher firedShutterstock

73. Play By Play

My history teacher was also the football coach and livestreamed a podcast on Facebook discussing football. One time, he forgot to end the stream when finished his episode. Apparently, all that talk got him going and he started going at it with his wife…while the stream was still on. And everyone caught their sweet sounds of lovemaking live.

The principal’s daughter recorded it and played it for her dad. The next day, my history teacher was walked out of the school.

Teacher firedUnsplash

74. You’re A Mean One

I had the worst teacher in grade 8. Not only was she rude, but she was terrible at teaching! Everybody in class hated her. Once, she forced me to take the textbooks from our classroom to another one because mice were falling from the ceiling. The last straw was when someone heard her say to a native student to, “go hunt some buffalo.”

Not sure if she was fired per se, but we never heard from her again.

Teacher firedPexels

75. Add Some Garlic

We were told halfway through the school year that our teacher wasn’t well and taking some time off. He never came back, and I never knew why. Years later, I came across an article about him. Apparently, he didn’t show up for a second time to a meeting with the principal, and staff went to look for him in his classroom.

He wasn’t there, but there was a weird smell coming from his desk. When the other teachers opened the drawers to check, they found tons of garlic and a lot of wooden stakes. My teacher must have had a nervous breakdown because he believed the other teachers were all vampires.  He’d eat the garlic raw to keep them away.

He would also throw them at any teacher who tried to come into his classroom. The woodworking teacher made all of his wooden stakes after my teacher asked him to make them for him. Poor guy.

Teacher firedUnsplash

76. On My Father’s Grave

My worst teacher asked me, “Didn’t your father ever teach you how to act?” I had to inform him that my father had died four years earlier. Two weeks later, my step-dad comes to pick me up for an appointment saying he’s here to pick up his child. When the teacher was over the phone with the office, he asked, “You mean the deceased father is here for pick up?”

All through high school, that teacher just kept doubling down and never showed remorse for what he had said. He would chase me into other classrooms because I had a hat on and I needed to take it off. This gave me motivation to become the compassionate, empathetic, and awesome teacher that I am today. My kids always get the benefit of the doubt and I respect them.

Worst Teachers Facts Shutterstock

77. A Poet Who Didn’t Know It

I wrote a term paper about violence in schools. I got an A on the assignment and then pretty much forgot about it. Sometime later, another teacher congratulated me for getting published. Huh???? Published? What are you talking about? I was then shown my own work published in a magazine—under my teacher’s name. She had never asked my permission to use my work, nor had she even informed me of these intentions.

She was forced to write me an apology letter.

Unprofessional Teachers FactsFlickr

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